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Past Threads - Read here to understand - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Pokemon%20civ%20evo

In this CivQuest:
You, the players, are in control of the great nation of Valornia, a state founded by the Skorupi and the Yanma. Your main goal is to ensure the continuity of the state, prosperity of its people and the security of its force.
It has, by this point, through politics and conquest, blobbed the northern half of Root Island, which is starting to be called "Ostrov of Srdnatosti" or Isle of Valor by the populace. Own the whole island and it will be renamed officially. Your main goal as of now, however, is to unite the Haven Isles under your banner.
Participation is encouraged. Feel free to chime in whenever you want with ideas where the nation should be heading, what should be researched, plans that should be made or whatever little things you would like to see happen.

Recap: Talks and preparations have been made to offciate a royal marriage between Belvin and Valornia, after the war of course, a rebellion in Zureis has made a new nation named Agedern, a new war is raging on south of the Valornian border and Zureis is now on its last legs, the allied armies now descending upon the captial.

---Current Orders/Actions/Research---

TECH -| Steam - 1
TECH -| Two-Deck Ship - 4
MILITARY -| Revolvers - 2
MILITARY -| Zebstrika Training - 1
POLITICAL -| Envoy to Kyogre - 4
POLITICAL -| Set-up for Royal Marriage and Alliance, Belvin - 4
SOCIAL -| Promote Health and Safety
ESPIONAGE -| Instigate Unrest, Karovia - 1

(1/2) Sorry it took so long. Captcha ate my post. Had to write a new one.

Forgot to add the stat pages.

General Civ. Stats - http://pastebin.com/B4bgBxNn
Military Stats - http://pastebin.com/K5ydbEM8


As the allied armies approach the Zureisian capital, Hasglow, all is slient. There are no wild or feral monsters to be found. No civilians, farmers, merchants and the like are seen. The towns and villages along the were quiet and still, as if everyone had been whisked away without a word.

The closer to the city walls the armies get, the worse the feeling of loneliness and dread becomes apparent. Something evil has descended upon this land and has clearly done its damage. As they get closer, passing through the hills, soldiers can sometimes see faint glowing eyes in the distance, only for it to vanish quickly, as if never there but the effect was lasting. Most soldiers wanted to leave- they felt this area was now cursed with the damned, that Yveltal had done unholy things to the people of this land and that they should just leave.

Most would agree but the Muinal Knights and the Valornia 2nd Army are not afraid, having faced the demons en masse before and feeling confident that they are able to beat them but Yveltal is another matter. It has been said that only three beings may defeat him:

Arceus, Mew and Xerneas.

None of the three are available. One cannot peg belief that the Guardians can defeat him in battle, even with the armies helping out, the battle would be a losing one- there are possibly billions of demons at the God of Death's disposal. These thoughts are at the back of every soldier, officer and the like.

Some though, like Renáta Marek, now a Captain for her valor, are anticipating a battle that will be unforgettable and wish to participate. Others like, Peter Janda, a Lieutenant now, wish to try and call upon the gods before hand. And there are those like, Nicol Klima (Scorupi), a medical officer and decorated for sacrificing herself to save others, at the cost of one leg and her pincers, wish nothing more than for this whole war to end.

In any case, the armies are now camping outside the walls of Hasglow, shrines have been built, prayers have been made and the watch element is strong.

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 13 (1d20)

File: PCE1.png (66 KB, 1500x1500)
66 KB


The guards notice something walking about on the top of the wall. Dark shadowy figures are crossing back and forth in a hurry, as if they were desperately trying to do something. Whatever it is, it has to be the enemy. Thankfully, while the main camp is close to thew wall, it's still a good 800 meters away so whatever the Zureisian's are planning, they have a long shot to make.

The guards on the ground can either take aim and fire, send a messenger back to camp or pull back.

Which do you choose?
Sorry for not replying, I didnt know when you were gonna make a thread and I've been busy today
-send a messenger
-take aim and fire/using cannons or explosives if we have them
This sounds good.
File: PCE2.png (383 KB, 1500x1500)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
I should state that to make up for the lack of questing last thread, I'm going to be doing events with a lot more text. As well doing more flavour stuff for both the Haven War and the War of Karovian Aggression. Interesting things are planned with the latter. The former is almost over.


The guards choose to take aim and fire whilst sending a messenger back to camp. Due to the soldiers with rifles being a priority to whomever is upon the wall, they failed to notice the singular soldier running back to the main camp.

As he ran back, the guards fired with their rifles, knowing that their shots may miss easily but firing none-the-less. Their bullets slap the walls and parapets, leaving large and small indents alike. Without cannon fire, the camp guards cannot do much else but it does help distract and incite the enemy to panic.

The guard watch as they quickly scatter from the portion of the wall in front of them but they know they'll be back- likely with reinforcements to fire back at them.


The messenger got back to the main camp to find most were awake, having heard the gunfire nearby. The messenger soon found one of the general's, the commander of the 2nd Valornian Army, Denis Machán.

"Sir, the enemy have been spotted on the wall!" the messenger said, once his breath came back to him.

The Denis quietly thought for a moment. "If that is the case, then I presume that they wish to fire at our camp. The distance may be large but with the wall as high as it is, any cannon fire will reach a fair distance. Or only hope is too make that portion of the wall unusable but not to destroy it. We don't want whatever is in the city to be let out." he looked around to his soldiers, along with others from the other armies as well standing around. "You heard me! Get some cannons to that wall and destroy the top piece!"

"Yes sir!" the soldiers exclaimed, getting to work on bringing the artillery to the wall as fast as possible.


Back at the wall, it was silent once more. Of course, it meant one of two things: either their enemy fled and stayed that way or they were planning something.

The answer came hurtling down towards the camp watchmen.

"They're throwing down Fire Blasts! Get out of th-" A soldier yelled before exploding in a maelstrom of fire. "AHHHHHHHH!" he screamed before a fellow soldier, thankfully, a Water-type, put him out and dragged him away.

There are only two options:

Call to retreat but be open targets for the attacks [Roll 1d50]
Counterattack with Water-type moves [Roll 1d20]
Rolled 10 (1d20)

Let's try Counterattack.
Rolled 4 (1d20)



The guard try to counterattack but fail to stop a good portion of the Fire Blasts from reaching the soldiers. The only solace is that the counterattack was good at being a decoy, helping most of the watch move out of the way. Some even fired back their own attacks as well, as well as bullets for added measure.

For now casualties are low but thankfully, the forces needed have arrived with artillery- cannons.

While blowing out the top of the wall is sufficient at stopping their enemy, the tactic of doing this is unorthodox and has never been tried since most armies try to fell walls whole, not a portion of them. Because of this, no one really knows where to shoot the cannons or how effective the shots will be.

A plan of action is needed and quickly, what will you do?


The immigration laws are quite successful. Large groups of Pokemon from Rulona have come to Valornia- especially Poison, Dark and Ghost types, having heard that the all types are treated equally and with merit in Valornia. Most are escaping persecution from zealots, especially Mewists.

This all doesn't mean other types are not coming as well. Most others are nominally atheist and swear piety to no god at all but are generally not a nuisance.

These populations have increased due to immigration:

Scorupi: 55
Sneasel: 40
Purrloin: 45
Dustox: 25
Deino: 30
Murkrow: 20
Spinarak: 30
Ariados: 40
Misdreavus: 40

These species have been introduced through immigration:

Mightyena: 55
Sableye: 40
Scraggy: 20
Shuppet: 35
Haunter: 45
Lampent: 20
Beedrill: 30
Stunky: 35
Golbat: 15
Smeargle: 20
Meowstic: 25
Flaafy: 15
use concentrated towards the upper portions of the walls, if they sail over, no big deal, they might take some of the enemy with them. Test with regular shots and then use HE and carcasses. If we have any, have flying units go high in the sky and drop tnt into the city, trial and error is acceptable
*concentrated fire
also, begin construction of light fortifications that surround the city (trenches, foxholes, earth walls)
have our ice types construct ice walls and water types to create pools of water for nearby troops to douse themselves
-flying artillery will bombard them from on high
File: PCE3.png (368 KB, 1500x1500)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
Had dinner and installed a nice new PC monitor.


The soldiers are ordered to concentrate their fire on the upper portions of the wall, testing different types of ammo as well. Flying-types are ordered to try and see if they could drop TNT on the wall. Trial and error is key.

>also, begin construction of light fortifications that surround the city trenches, foxholes, earth walls
The doctrine of Trench Warfare hasn't exactly been invented yet sadly. Most they could do is re-purpose buildings for defense.

>have our ice types construct ice walls and water types to create pools of water for nearby troops to douse themselves
This however can be done.

Ice types are ordered to create makeshift walls of ice to stop the rain of fire while Water types create small pools of water here and there to douse ones self from being on inflamed.


Some of the air units are having the poor luck of being shot at, sometimes getting and falling to the ground though thankfully Psychic-types exist to stop them for becoming pancakes on the ground.

A pair, a Ledian named Nina Sarka and a Yanma named Vavrinec Sykora, were doing the best of the lot, dropping TNT on the poor sods below and damaging the upper portion of the wall in numerous places.

Roll 1d20 (Perception)


Back on Root Island, the War of Karovian Aggression was heating up. By this point, there was an estimated 30,000 Karovian soldiers now engaged in the fighting and no end in sight. They were slowly slogging through the southern lands of the Nuzleaf, know to them as Cvelinz. Their were putting up an incredible resistance and had even thwarted the landing in the northern lands, Zacter. While they had no castles, forts or other such and their towns, villages and cities were mostly nothing more than houses, they made use of the natural heavy forest and mountains to keep back the Karovians.

The downsides to this were that eventually, the fighting might spill out into Valornia, and both sides know this would be bad, depending on which side angers them.

So imagine the surprise when a Valornian patrol element on the western border catching a group of 30 Nuzleaf in Karovian uniform, armed with Karovian weapons sneaking towards the nearest village.
Once captured, the opportunity presents itself like a massive golden egg gift wrapped in the sweetest chocolate.

Because they were representing Karovia, technically, this would be perfect casus belli against them, despite knowing they aren't Karovian. It would be the perfect time to strike against the only other kingdom on Root that could defy Valornia but not without a fight.

On the other hand, calling out the Nuzleaf for their attempted transgression against Valornia is the perfect oppurtunity to smash them apart and sweep up Zacter for Valornia, which could possibly hold resources Valornia needs.

Thirdly, Valornia could sweep this away and act rationally and stay neutral.

What will you do?
Rolled 15 (1d20)

bring this to light to both sides, intrusion into Valornian territory will not be tolerated. Take them as prisoners of war. We are open to trading them back as prisoners. If another incident like this happens, let both sides know that we WILL consider it an act of war and no mercy will be shown.
(dont wanna start another war too quickly, we'll also allow each side to tire themselves out and if an opportunity comes again, ore if we feel like it, we'll swoop in)
Supporting this.
Do we have a department of archeology, by the way?
You have an Explorations Guild, so you sort of do.
So Artic, have you heard the latest pokemon news with the Aloha forms?
Yup. All it makes me want is more variants of older Pokemon and is probably going to spur more of it fan-wise. But all I want is Ledian to actually be usable, come on GF.
if we can, let's send the exploration ship on a trip east, tell them to return when their supplies are at half so they dont die. We can always retry expeditions
Back to more serious things now-



The pair notice light coming from a church on the street running along the wall. Faint but noticeable.

They drop back for orders, should they investigate or continue their runs.

The 30 were taken to the capital as POWs and were to stand in trial for their incursion while contact has been made that Valornia is open to trade them back.

Through the national newpaper, Zprávy První the word was spread fast that the Nuzleaf were using treachery to bring Valornia to Karovia's doorstep- angering both Karovian's for the dirty tactic and Valornian's for planning to massacre a town on purpose.

An official decree was made that Valornia will not tolerate any incidents like this past this point and mercy will not be shown if this were to happen again.

Every three rounds of events/battles/and other such from now own count as one turn for orders/actions/research to speed it all up.

The research of STEAM has been finished. You may now build/research STEAM ENGINES. This is the final step towards the STEAM AGE.

The training of Zebstrika for the military has been a success. Zebstrika Cavalry units can now be made.

TECH -| ---
TECH -| Two-Deck Ship - 3
MILITARY -| Revolvers - 1
POLITICAL -| Envoy to Kyogre - 3
POLITICAL -| Set-up for Royal Marriage and Alliance, Belvin - 3
SOCIAL -| Promote Health and Safety - 3
ESPIONAGE -| Instigate Unrest, Karovia - 1
Investigate, could be survivors (doubt it) or something else important
-research steam engines boi
-military: update the laska-starek (multi-shot magazines, bolt-action, whatever else)
File: Rulona9.png (486 KB, 2880x1920)
486 KB
486 KB PNG
I'm assuming you mean past Rulona?
wait, sorry meant west
>cant believe I mixed this this shit up, fucking weast
File: azelflogo.png (11 KB, 1519x757)
11 KB
carrying over from last thread, let's experiment with cherri berries. We can (finally) make spicy food and can incorporate them into our carcasses (essentially capsaicin ie. tear gas)
-also this (kinda shitty) thing I made. It represents the lake trio religion. three red circles for each gem on them and for each of the trio, blue background for azelf
I'm new to civ style quests, would it be possible for a nigga to join after it's already started?
Sure. This isn't one of those where every participant is a competing player like in the risk-style civ quests. Here, everyone controls this one nation and we discuss and decide what the next actions are while interacting with the other QM-controlled nations.
Feel free to join. As >>445931 said, this isn't the risk-style quests where you all compete but a slightly different version of the usual CivQuests where you all cooperate.


You give the order to the Exploration Guild (and any exploration ships) to sail west to try and see if there's more out there. This action is passive for 10 turns as they chart out islands and continents to the west. At the end of the 10 rounds, a map will be shown.


The order is given to search the church for anything important. The duo make it over with no problem, most of the enemy element having been eliminated already and the wall starting to sag badly up top.

Once at the church, a rather small, depressing, dinky building that is clearly in disuse, the head inside to find the source of the light. What it could be is anything.

Roll 1d20.

You research Steam Engines, wanting to actually be able to utilize steam power in some way after having researched it.

The Láska-Stárek is already a fine rifle having proven itself during this war but with the new tech that's been discovered, the military decides to contract out the development of improving it with a multi-shot magazine, bolt-action and other such to help improve the rifle.


You experiment with Cheri berries and find that spicy food is possible now (for those zeisty feista nights) but also capsaicin- a compound that burns likr fire but is somewhat easy to make with the proper tools. The military thinks this can be used in their weapons (the sadistic bastards) and the police want to use it in a way, mostly to disperse crowds. The research of Tear Gas and Capsaicin production is available.

The 6-shot revolvers has been invented and may now be built.

Unrest has been instigated in Karovia over the war, something that wasn't hard to do due to certain past events involving the Nuzleaf playing the dirty game. As it turns out, the war is not as popular as first thought, with an approval rating of around 65% in Karovia, a number that will certainly plummet with the recent endeavor Valornia has done.

TECH -| Steam Engine - 10
TECH -| Two-Deck Ship - 2
MILITARY -| Update Laska-Starek - 4
POLITICAL -| Envoy to Kyogre - 2
POLITICAL -| Set-up for Royal Marriage and Alliance, Belvin - 2
SOCIAL -| Promote Health and Safety - 2
alright cool, I'll just lurk for a bit before I join in
Rolled 12 (1d20)

Military: Research tear gas.
I think Capsaicin would be tech rather than military due to pharmaceutical and pest control uses.

Be warned though, this one's kind of slow. Still enjoyable in my opinion.
File: PCE4.png (523 KB, 1500x1500)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
That's fine. I think there's quite a few doing that already. At least, that's what I assume.

And it is quite slow as >>446102 says. I also go to work at 8 so there's that too.


The pair enter the church to see a small mass of orbs floating around inside large cages, which seem to be glowing a slight purple around the bars. As the pair get closer, the orbs seem to get more energetic, trying to get past the bars only to be stopped by the purpleish light surrounding them. It seems that a force of some sort is keeping them there.

You could free them by shooting down the cages, which would likely break them in the fall but what are the orbs?

Is it worth the risk or opening the cages to find out or should they be brought back whole?

You start researching Tear Gas.

>I think Capsaicin would be tech rather than military due to pharmaceutical and pest control uses.
It is Tech, it's just that the military wants to try it out first. Doesn't mean its strictly a military thing.

TECH -| Steam Engine - 9
TECH -| Two-Deck Ship - 1
MILITARY -| Update Laska-Starek - 3
MILITARY -| Tear Gas - 3
POLITICAL -| Envoy to Kyogre - 1
POLITICAL -| Set-up for Royal Marriage and Alliance, Belvin - 1
SOCIAL -| Promote Health and Safety - 1
Take one cage outside, away from the other cages, and then open it. Check first, before opening everything.
they're most likely captured souls/demons
+1 to this, make sure to inform the main camp
-espionage: set up businesses within karovia, have some double as info/recruitment centers
do we know if all mewists are like this or is it only a certain sect
>Mewism is a religion of peace!
-gotta harvest dem resources, stunky spray (to militarize of course) and flaafy wool. Pay them for their time. Stunky's keep their spray in their tails and flaafy's loose their wool when they absorb too much electricity. Can be passed off as "grooming"
File: PCE5.png (246 KB, 1200x1200)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
Working the weekend really takes a lot out of me. I should really limit these sessions to just Monday and Tuesday. Maybe I will but the next new thread will start Monday.

Should also mention that I like the flag and that I'll use it when necessary.


>do we know if all mewists are like this or is it only a certain sect

Arceusism is like an alternate Christianity. Spritualism would sort of be like a denomination of that, Orthodox and such. Same with Palkiaism and Dialgaism only those would be like Arianism and Nestorianism- that is to say, seen as heresay. Same with Giratinism only ten times worse.

Mewism is sort of like a mix between Judaism and Islam (yes I know, that is one unholy offspring of a religion.), only without the mass conquering and beheading and other such. They're good at war but even better at Je-Mewing you out of your money.


The duo take one of the cages down and outside to a secluded spot before doing a bit of arguing to determine who goes back to inform the camp of the discovery. Vavrinec Sykora, sadly lost the argument and went back on the basis that he's faster and harder to hit. Nina Sarka decided to open the one cage in the meantime.

When she opened the cage, the balls of light swarmed around her, flitting about and filling the area with light. While this was a beautiful sight to behold, she knew this was something that would attract attention, especially bad when in enemy territory.

"Please stop! Oni mě najít!" Nina quietly yelled. The balls of light, seemingly understanding, stopped and clumped together to make one smaller but brighter mass right underneath one of her hands. If one were to only take a glance, it would seem as if she were holding a lantern. "T-that's new..." she lamented.

While it would not seem suspicious, a Ledian in Hasglow would definitely arouse suspicion considering they are not natural citizens of the country but she gets away with it due to the fact that the city is under siege and no one is watching inside the walls for enemies just yet.

Will you go back to open the rest of the cages or wait for Vavrinec to arrive?

>espionage: set up businesses within karovia, have some double as info/recruitment centers

Valornia, ever the pragmatic of countries (who can blame a country where Dark types are a majority?), decides to set up a spy network within Karovia with a bunch of businesses as fronts to hide this fact.


The design for the Two-Deck ship has been finalized from the drawings found in the ruins. Valornia may now build Two-Deck ships, ships which have two decks that can house cannons- quite a lot of firepower. This ship replaces the Galleon.

The envoy to Kyogre has met some issues in southern Laronn. Storms off the coast have made travel out to sea hazardous. If you wish for them to continue, you must make a choice,

>Head out to sea now (Roll 1d20)
>Wait for the storms to calm [5 rounds]

The plans for the royal marriage between Belvin and Valornia are now in place. All that needs to happen now is for the war to finish.

The promotion for health and safety has finished. The effects are not immediately obvious but a general drop of mortality rates in infants and workplace deaths has been noticed. Hopefully, Valornia will grow ever faster from this.

TECH -| Steam Engine - 8
TECH -| ---
MILITARY -| Update Laska-Starek - 2
MILITARY -| Tear Gas - 2
POLITICAL -| Set-up for Royal Marriage and Alliance, Belvin - 1
SOCIAL -| ---
ESPIONAGE -| Spy Network/Recruitment - 4
Rolled 19 (1d20)

try to stealthily open the rest of the cages
hmmm, head out to sea now. It's possible we could miss an opportunity, kyogre being the god of ocean/storms
-tech: research smokeless powder
-social: survey the surround oceans for water/ice types
Nice roll, and supporting. I guess we'll research capsaicin in Military when a spot opens up.
Let's also look for some cloth to help hide those lights and not be targets.

I'll be continuing this in a new thread at 6 PM. This thread's about to be archived.

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