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File: You.png (78 KB, 611x485)
78 KB
"Um, I kinda feel like I missed something"
Maybe this!

The floor of the kitchen is leveled in wood planks so the haremhorns can reach the higher things in the shelves without worrying about slipping from the ladders or the tiny chairs they use for a lot of things, since there's not enough space sometimes and going from room to room is tiresome and slow.

You don't want to lift your gaze from the floor; you just want another second, just another second again.

You don't feel ready to face reality, but a powerful blow on the door the musclehorn and the haremhorns are blocking with everything they reminds you mercilessly that you are here, now; and that there's no running away from reality, not for long, not now.

You clench your knife with strenght.
File: you.png (26 KB, 228x245)
26 KB
You are an old himehorn, a very tall hornmother; a former Leader that abdicated due to mental illness.

Sometimes you get paralyzed and start dreaming instantly, warping your perception of reality; sometimes it’s very hard to notice.

Time flows on as you sleep, but you are ready; the contraption attached to your left hand will wake you up should you press the tiny central wire.

It hurts a lot.
(At any time during the quest choices you can use the
in order to wake up. Beware; each use makes it less effective, and it may take more than one stab to bring you back. You can use the Pathfinder alongside other choices as well; but the pain is numbing and may make things harder.)
Strip, enemies will be confused
File: anotherhandymap.png (66 KB, 1162x777)
66 KB
It seems the Templars have gained on you; they could come from the food warehouse below at any time, and as the explosions resume behind the door (you briefly praise your hindsight in making them hard and sturdy, much to your hornmothers anger (it was still was funny watching them team up to open them)) you realize you don't have the luxury of time anymore.

Battle still rages on elsewhere in the caves. You bite your lip with a newfound rage, and decide you neither have nor deserve the luxury to mourn; there will be a time for that later. You'd rather mourn as less than now... it still takes a lot of strenght.

You walk up to the panicked hornmother crouching in a corner, her head hidden on her knees, sobbing slowly coming from underneath, smallhorns shaking on her arms.

Right now, your group can either head straight to the nursery or go trough the bathroom first, just in case anybody else survived. You could go to the deposit to the west, but as of now it would be a brutal, pointless waste of time, were not for the food and resources.

After all, you rushed from the kitchen to save as many smallhorns as you can; to save the future of your herd. Leader stared at you; your lip is bleeding. The hornmother rises her eyes at you, smallhorns shaking on her arms, as the door behind you speaks loudly.

>"We made it this far. Let's go! The nursery is right after this tunnel!"
>"Leader, we should head for the bathroom. We would not be wasting too much time; there could be others."
>"We should head to the deposit. We won't last much anywhere else without food."
>We made it this far. Let's go! The nursery is right after this tunnel!"
File: thankyou.png (47 KB, 625x746)
47 KB

you say as your hands struggle with the arms of a hornmother almost stuck to the floor like furniture; you quickly take the smallhorns from her arms and that seems to put a glimmer of life back into her in the form of a gasp and a blank stare.

The musclehorn lifts her with powerful arms without you even asking, and soon one musclehorn, three haremhorns and three hornmothers are running straight for the nursery, gasping and shaking but looking ahead, your knife hidden in the sleeve of your robe as you hold it backwards with your hand while the smallhorns hold on to your robe with all they can muster.
You soon stumble upon a crossroad; just in time for the sound of pots and chairs falling to echo from the door right to the ears below your horns.

You don't turn around.

The choice is simple now.


Not the quickest way to the nursery. But now I'm paranoid about followers so I almost want to go right then left to confuse the dickheads chasing us.

Going in a straight line to the nursery would be, if not dangerous, straight insane against the long ranged templar magic devices; this way they won't be able to look at you until they reach you, the sound of their heavy greaves bouncing hard againt the caves painted with white letters right to your musclehorns feet as she runs in front of you and Leader. You are now faced with four paths, but either going to the second hornmother's den or the bathroom is nothing short of suicide by now.

The choice, again, is simple,

>Take the left way to the nursery.
>Take the right way to the nursery.
>>Take the left way to the nursery.
It's behind a bend. Templars shouldn't be able to see the horns running.
Agreed with >>54434
File: thiscantbe.png (25 KB, 301x228)
25 KB

"Don't turn yet, keep on moving!" As you head to the pathway up front you quickly glance at the one on your right.

And you almost freeze.

Two musclehorns, two haremhorns, three haremhorns...? Hornmothers? You fail to scream as one of the musclehorn quickly lunges at you before noticing the horns; instead of braking he lifts you on his shoulder and keeps on running.

It seems this wasn't your idea only.

You lift your horns; in front of your now shiny black eyes a fraction of your herd, but a bigger fraction is running trough the tunnels straight to the nursery, nobody saying a word; you don't even hear a "my eggs!" from any of the hornmothers.

You let your old bones rest on those big shoulders, as the musclehorn drifts into the darkness and everyone follows. You lower your gaze a bit; in front of you Leader is staggering, breathing fast and moving her tiny white hands back and forth fast as she tries her best to keep up the pace; but she lifts her horns at you, tears under her eyes.

"Old Leader! I can't hold on for much longer!" And it seems she's not alone in this. Already some haremhorns are carrying hornmothers on their back, their sleeves crossed at the haremhorn's neck.

...Then you lick your lips; they don't hurt. Your eyes widen.

>"Keep going! We almost made it! Keep going!"
>"We should stop then!" After all not everyone is on a musclehorn's shoulder; a musclehorn would go to the back in case the herd needs time to escape.
>"Keep going! We almost made it! Keep going!"

It's just a little further! They can hold out!
It seems we are a bit stuck, anonhorn!
alrighty then. We continue then!
>"Keep going! We almost made it! Keep going!"
>"We should stop then!" After all not everyone is on a musclehorn's shoulder; a musclehorn would go to the back in case the herd needs time to escape.
No horn left behind!
File: enemy.png (27 KB, 195x192)
27 KB

"Put me down! PUT ME DOWN!" you yell as you hit the musclehorn's back with your white hands clenched over and over, and you are now running alongside Leader, your feet burning and you stomach stinging hard, one feet moving after the other; if your old bones can handle this, they have no excuse not to survive! You run, and you run... trying not to think of the pain, just focus on the musclehorn's back... in her hard, wonderful muscles...

The musclehorn drifts; when you do so, you are faced with four new tunnels branching, poorly illuminated by the tiny holes on the roof, the musclehorn nowhere to be seen, the haremhorns nowhere to be seen, the smallhorns not to be heard.

Your mind goes blank. Maybe you forgot to use the pathfinder this morning; maybe you should have left it stuck in your hand, burning your flesh from day to night so you wouldn't drift from reality any longer.

Maybe Leader's face wouldn't be buried next to yours, still biting your neck; as you feel her fuzzy hair fall in your shoulders you lift your eyes to the Templars rising their weapons, you hold Leader and bend your knees...

And you hear a shot.
We failed the little ones...
What have we done?

Use the pathfinder. If it's not too late. Please let this be a dream!

You are in the floor. You lift Leader and run; and keep running. You run, and you run.
And you run.
And you run, trough the main tunnel going from the kitchen to the nursery. You don't even notice you already got to the door; it's one of your fortified doors, one of those the hornmothers couldn't budge. It's closed. You carefully drop Leader on the floor; your hand is red. The next thing you know you are tackling the door over, and over, and over again until it opens with a loud bang and you fall facefirst into the floor, you quickly rise; you don't feel your right arm, and you can't move it. It doesn't even hurt. You return to Leader and kneel next to her.

"Leader! Grab my arm!"

...She doesn't move.


She's not moving. You close your eyes shut.


...You feel a powerful grip on your arm. Then another; Leader is slowly climbing on to you. Your teeth start shaking as you notice the pool of blood below her, but you shake the feeling as fast as you can and RISE.

You drag Leader into the nursery.
File: ...stop.png (31 KB, 393x348)
31 KB
The nursery is a beutiful field, toys laying everywhere in the grass, the walls painted roughly a few feet above the ground in white, some ropes laying around, some cards for the smallhorns to play and cheat and blame.

All that's missing is the smallhorns.

You feel a warm hand pressing on your arm; Leader is smiling at you. "Stop".

>You stop.
>You keep moving
>You stop

What does Leader need?
>You keep moving
use the pathfinder
Maybe they made it out alive?

>Leader is smiling
I don't trust this.

>Use the pathfinder

You close your eyes and pull your thonge back as your left index finger nears the tiny wire; you clench your teeths hard, as a searing painlashes your left hand. You turn your head to your left slowly as you open your eyes; you are meet with the black eyes and a bright smile, right next to your face. Leader starts to slowly slip from your arm and you catch her as she falls.

It feels like eternity, staring at her pretty black eyes and smile, your hands warm-too warm, feeling a flow like a waterfall. You just stay there, staring at her; she's looking at you like she just heard a good joke.

The charm is broken by another powerful bang; you lift your gaze, suddenly feeling very tired, and manage to smile as one musclehorn, three hornmothers and three haremhorns stroll in from the second door. You turn your eyes again to Leader's childish smile; you don't want to see the look on their eyes yet.

>"Leader, I don't recall raising you to give up that easily."
>You notice the pool of blood. And nod.
>>"Leader, I don't recall raising you to give up that easily."

We aren't out yet.
>"Leader, I don't recall raising you to give up that easily."

We need you, Leader. It's not far now

You are reminded that your right arm isn't moving as you attempt to lift up Leader, then she rises before your eyes and you turn around to see her peacefully lying in the arms of the musclehorn.

The secret exit of the nursery is hidden under a big rock that it's actually almost hollow; it was splitted in two, carefully emptied and then put back togueter, the first ten tries failing and the eleventh one crushed by a hornmother who sitted over it. This is the thirty two try, and twenty years after you asked it to the haremhorns it's finally paying off; even a hornmother could lift it.

The musclehorn goes first; and soon everyone is inside, walking the dim, dark tunnel filled with tiny rocks that hurt the feet, and no horn complains. It's completely and utter dark.

Lights then flicker, somewhere. Somehow. You are in a lit room, almost alone.
File: odd.png (9 KB, 199x263)
9 KB
You glare at the odd figure on the ground; it’s an image you are familiar with, it usually tells you things you don’t like. You consider wheter or not this will be worth your time.

>Keep going
My Leader Plus?

Keep walking, but
File: oddly.png (16 KB, 199x263)
16 KB
"Kill Leader."

You stop on your tracks; so hard you feel your flesh turn into stone. And slowly, your body shaking from feet to toe, you turn around to the odd image.

"You are being selfish. And she is suffering. She is not going to make it, there's nowhere to go now, no way to heal her."


Your shout echoes in your dream, and the walls around you collapse and fall into nothingness along with the roof, breaking the floor around you and the odd thing in one crushing waterfall of rocks. The odd looking image closes it's eyes; "I've got nothing more to say."

You use the pathfinder.
File: choices....png (38 KB, 279x403)
38 KB
The rest of the group didn't notice you stood behind, but it doesn't take you long to catch up with them. Thanks to your size you watch above the haremhorns head and horns, and you notice a big, powerful beam of light clashing on an open space in the distance.

As you reach it, you almost use the pathfinder again; a single haremhorn, one of the teachers, is sitting by the dim light by herself with a big, big basket; and as you draw near, little horns start popping from inside; and a lot of multitude of tiny eyes is now staring at you, at the musclehorn, at the frozen hornmothers, one of which is riding a haremhorns back... and then to Leader. The musclehorn draws her near to them; they are so small. The haremhorn teacher looks at Leader, and notices her wet robe; she doesn't say a word. The musclehorn kneels and soon Leader is face to face with the smallhorns. You quickly swallow as you finally cry your heart out... but before you break, you know there's still a big choice to be made.

>Head to the surface.
>Head deeper into the caves.

And either way...

>Bring Leader.
>Kill Leader.

The smallhorns are shouting "Leedah!! Leedah!!" and Leader is laughing as feet of the musclehorn get wet.
File: confused haremhorn.png (41 KB, 322x267)
41 KB
Quest is over for today, I'l leave this choice open until next time!

I'm starting to think anonhorn loves tragedy like a musclehorn loves meat.
>Head deeper into the caves.

Keep the pact

>Bring Leader.
There is still hope.
Thanks for running. This is an emotional ride. I may weep unmanly tears.
It's only so because anonhorn keeps poking at choices just to see what happens! ;w;


"Not the quickest way to the nursery. But now I'm paranoid about followers so I almost want to go right then left to confuse the dickheads chasing us."

It was a straight run! The templars were coming from 5 to 4, of course you were going to run into them!

"You are now faced with four paths..."

There are only 3 paths in front of you, anonhorn! And you left old leader in a crossroad with templars coming from below!

"...You bite your lip with a newfound rage, and decide you neither have nor deserve the luxury to mourn; there will be a time for that later. You'd rather mourn as less than now... it still takes a lot of strenght."

"...Then you lick your lips; they don't hurt. Your eyes widen."

I should have just written "Anonhorn, you are dreaming! This is a clue!"

You would all laugh if you looked at me saying "Mean mean mean mean mean mean!!" with the smallhorns looking at me wondering whats going on. Im certain. ;w;
Also I quoted wrong. >=(

And I think the pact is pretty broken anonhorn, there are templars running into your cave and shooting at everything.
With the pact broken, I think the surface is completely overrun with bullies.

>I should have just written "Anonhorn, you are dreaming! This is a clue!"

Anonhorn is not always very observant. Also its hard to get used to a character whose perception is unreliable.

I like how small the clues are. Anonhorn really needs to pay attention.
Also, please archive for future herd.
File: tegaki.png (5 KB, 400x400)
5 KB
>Head to the surface.
>Bring Leader

Maybe there's stuff on the surface that can help Leader? Anonhorn doesn't know whats down below.
File: writingaquest.png (46 KB, 551x536)
46 KB
Maybe I'm being to harsh on anonhorn.. after all, it hasn't landed a single good choice ever since the quest started, I can't read it to the smallhorns like this!

Oh, and I think the underground is also overrun by mean nohorn bullies by now. Bullies above, bullies below... think this choice very carefully, anonhorn! I've given enough hints.
File: himes!.png (219 KB, 1070x656)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
More herds! Herds don't really like each other, or talk at all except for pacts or wars; they just mean less resources. A new herd is usually bad news, so it's quickly razed before it can become an issue; that's why the Southern Witch Apostle makes sure herds are a bit far from each other.
Herds are mean! Except mine.
>hasn't landed a single good choice ever since the quest started

I thought we were doing so-so in a really hard quest. Its a bit of a relief to know that we're just bad at this.
>it hasn't landed a single good choice ever since the quest started
maybe if you didn't run exclusively while I'm at class I could change that >:(
File: tegaki.png (6 KB, 400x400)
6 KB
Ugggghhhh it's like Valen quest but with more death. I want to go topside, but there's no information on what can actually be expected out there.
Going down below means herds and that means that we'll have those guys AND the T's coming after us. Going above seems like the least worst option.
It's the Devil you know vs the Devil you don't argument.
cruncher save us

You are alone in this one, anonhorn.
Alone and cold.

I actually really like the faces for some reason.

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