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New-ish name but the somewhat same old quest- for now that is.

Quest Summary - http://pastebin.com/PuEDV5Ac

Thread Archive - Read here to understand - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Pokemon%20civ%20evo
General Civ. Stats - http://pastebin.com/B4bgBxNn
Military Stats - http://pastebin.com/K5ydbEM8
Twitter - @Artic_Kobold


TECH -| Electricity - 2
TECH -| Light Steam Cruisers - 8
MILITARY -| Glider experiments - 1
SOCIAL -| ---
ESPIONAGE -| Spy, Feran - 5
ESPIONAGE -| Unrest, Karovia - 1
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148 KB PNG
All Techs researched so far (Incomplete): http://pastebin.com/fbNuApJf
Tech research tree: Under Construction


>be a little greedy, mark up the price 20% (along with arming their ships with outdated, to us, weaponry)
>trade, diplomatic relations, and the current happenings in this peninsula during it."
forgot to ask kova about this. what things do they have to trade besides foodstuffs

"Just a bit under 15,000 actually."

"Oh my..." Mihael thought for a second, making it look like he wouldn't accept. "That's doable- not much else we can trade with your nation. I accept what's been proposed."

"So do I. Onto other things, I'll let my colleague, Krištof, take over."

Krištof stepped forward and shook Mihael's hand.

"My name is Krištof Dvorak. I represent Valornia in matters that involve politics, This peninsula is quite interesting in multiple ways- constant strife between neighbors even through there are nations far more threatening just beyond the mountains- how did it come to this?"

"It's a long story. Want a short version or a the long one?"

-political: take in the 'mons expelled from Scanio-Taska and warn our allies to be wary of this typist crap.

Stepping forward to assist the monsters expelled from Scanio-Taska, Valornia promises to give them a place to stay as well as warning the coalition and the allies in Rulona about this. Most are dismissive, having seen this happen time to time but the Muinal Knights were not pleased.

Naturally, Scanio-Taska- or really, the clergy as not pleased... which meant the people weren't either, considering how the clergy were the educators of a sort. The queen herself was also angered by how a nation small as Valornia would dare interfere with religious matters and official denounced the nation and all those on Haven Isle as well,

It will take 30 days for the ships to carry over the exiled. It may be a short-term loss as it will strain resources but the new population will be a boon in the future.

-political: continue our dealings with Crokal

Marta and Žofie were lead, with a large escort of Fighting and Ground soldiers watching them over as they're taken to the palace in the city. It turns out that Kralj Točka is the king's summer vacation destination away from the capital in the heartland.

Walking through the castle, all eyes on them, the duo had noticed the suspicious lack of Ghost or Dark types around and the only Poison types look miserable.

Once in the throne room, the two can see a Gallade along with a Medicham next to him. They both looked highly impatient and were rather annoyed. The second they saw the two diplomats, was the second the king's look grew far darker, as if he was geting some nasty thoughts in his head.

Once in front of him, the royal herald decreed them to kneel, which they did. The two were still kneeling when the king spoke."
Wouldn't mind the long one
>all this specism, gonna need more allies in rulona
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455 KB PNG
Here's a religion map from long ago that will help envision what my be wrong. The Scanio-Taska problem is far more pronounced than one thinks.

"When they said that a couple of descendants of nightmares and death arrived on our shore, I was expecting barbarians- not diplomats. Rise you two." he commanded.

Marta and Žofie stood back up, only to feel the tips of spears behind them. A small glance back gave away the truth.

They were being held at spear point in a throne room.

"I am King Sanel Zorić of Crokal. I have driven out those who stand in the name of Dialga, son of Arceus and ruler of Time... yet here they are, standing before me. What is your purpose here today? To spread chaos and corruption. Speak lightly our feel the tip of those spears more closely to your hearts.

Marta was practically shaking in place, looking paler by the second. Žofie assumes that the only reason she hasn't fainted yet is her oath to her duty as a diplomat and would never dare make Valornia look weak in the face of other rulers.

Žofie stood in for her co-hort, considering she wasn't really in the best of ways to speak.

"Our purpose here was nothing more than to introduce our state to talk with your's, your Benevolence. We, as diplomats, would never think to try and do such as you said. Especially as mere guests in your land.

King Sanel pondered for a moment. He looked unsure about something before he shook that thought away.

"And how should I believe you? What stops your kingdom from coming over here and taking over?"

"Well for one, we have no king per say and two, Valornia is far away- a good 3 months by boat. The surprise of invasion would be hard pressed if it takes but 3 months to get here. Plenty of time for you to shore defense against us. We have more pressing matters military wise anyways."

The king took in the words. He wasn't completely convinced, nor was the Medicham they assumed was queen.

"I'm not convinced by your words... but at least unlike those I've caught and personally slain." he looks straight at Marta. "You know when to cower in fear. Humility is something I don't ever see from you darkies or ethereals. At the the toxic ones decided to give in when they could."

What will you say past this point? I'm going to start being more open end more with the text. Letting players actually write dialogue- would you all like this?

-social: instate environmental protection laws against pollution, overhunting/gathering, and excessive deforestation or biome degradation

Grass and Water types within Valornia have been petitioning for the government to at least enact some laws against overhunting, water pollution, biome degradation and deforestation.

There was no guarantee that these laws would pass through the council considering the nation had a need for resources and that meant getting them anyway they could but a try is passing through now. Some compromise might be needed.

Sure? But personally, im not too good at writing complex dialogue
-King Zoric, what would allow you to trust us? We would like know about Dialgism and Palkism. Why have you driven out and are prejudiced against dark. ghost and poison types? In Valornia all races are treated equal and get along. We are also open to other religions and cultures.
Did we ever finalize our trade for the elemental stones? Fire,grass etc
Doesn't have to be crazy or complex. Simple responses are best. I'm doing this because I feel I'm pulling entire conversations without input.

>any updates with karovia's war? the new colony?

Karovia's war is currently at a stalemate. Trapped behind a river in the southern lands. The new colony is underway- I should have mentioned it would 4 months to get there with all that's needed. It's been 3 months. Just two more turns. I should really have added an OTHER action slot but that would be pretty unused.

also, what boost did the new growing technique and army reserve program give us?

Whoops, forgot to say something about it.

With the new army reserve program, enlisted soldiers will be trained for a month in basic training, command structure, how to take commands and so forth. Commissioned officers will be sent to school for 6 months on how to command troops and such. Once the time is up, they may go back to society. In exchange for their choice to reserve service, these people will be given government subsidy when purchasing land- especially when it comes to new colonial land once it's all set up.

To form a reserve unit, just order the training of a unit as usual but with the added tag of "Reserve". These units will not accrue maintenance and can only be called on during war- current ones non-withstanding.

The new growing technique, when used on a province, will make it so any farmland in the that province will produce 3x more food. Maize for example provides 1000 stock naturally on a large plot but when the technique is used, it will provide 3000. There is a cost (45,000 KYR) and can only be used once a year, 25 rounds.

-military: incorporate shaped charges and smokeless powder into our artillery (rockets included)

Some eggheads have decided to play surgery and splice multiple components together: Shaped Charges, Smokeless Powder and Rockets and shove whatever they come up with into artillery cannons and fire it.

They estimate a good 2 months before a result is shown.

TECH -| Electricity - 1
TECH -| Light Steam Cruisers - 7
MILITARY -| Experiment, Artillery Ammo - 4
MILITARY -| Glider experiments - 0
POLITICAL -| Accept Exiles - 2
SOCIAL -| ---
ESPIONAGE -| Spy, Feran - 4
ESPIONAGE -| Unrest, Karovia - 0

Unrest has boiled over in Karovia. Peasant revolts all over the northern provinces has started up and have taken over town halls, police stations and even an army fort.

Rumor is that the king has detached an infantry platoon and have sent them to Czeladź to quell the source of the revolts.


It hasn't been finalized- only agreed upon. An official agreement needs to be done- but one must remember that Slveria has no port and Kova may not be so willing to help- unless you wish to convince them to play kiss up and make up with their neighbor.
Lets recruit 3 gi's reserve
Start utilizing more incendiary and tear gas at the siege to smoke the zuresians out
Use the new growing technique on 1 corn field
Produce 2 steamboats for faster transportation (of troops and foods in valornia)
Social:catalogue all known 'mon "moves"
Espionage:leak this information and possible troop movement to the rebels while arming them with older weapons that cant be traced back to valornia
And I forgot to add the Social action.

TECH -| Electricity - 1
TECH -| Light Steam Cruisers - 7
MILITARY -| Experiment, Artillery Ammo - 4
MILITARY -| Glider experiments - 0
POLITICAL -| Accept Exiles - 2
SOCIAL -| ---Environmental Laws - 4
ESPIONAGE -| Spy, Feran - 4
ESPIONAGE -| Unrest, Karovia - 0


"King Zoric, what would allow you to trust us? We would like know about Dialgism and Palkism. Why have you driven out and are prejudiced against dark. ghost and poison types? In Valornia all races are treated equal and get along. We are also open to other religions and cultures."

The king was at the least, stunned, but at most...

"Allowing other monsters to 'get along', especially your kind, ethereals and toxics! If that's true, I'm amazed your land has survived for so long. And allowing worship of other religion... your ways leave me speechless- and not in a good way. Is this a joke!?"

Before he could continue, the Medicham held him down.

"Husband... I thinks it's best to stay calm. If the reports we have received from the north is correct... then where these... Dark-types, is a fairly strong nation. They have stated they wish not to invade and only wish to talk. Although I have as much hatred as you do over our lost child, it's better to stay out hand lest we lose our land next."

Zoric was quiet and so was the Sneasel duo- the cat now out of the bag.

"They lost a child?" Marta whispered to Žofie. She softly nodded; she can she the look in the king's eyes- they're not weary just from fighting but from anguish. It must have been recent.


"The long version?" Mihael said. He put a hand to his chin. "I guess you're interested in history."

Krištof smiled. "I pride myself on being a historian first and diplomat second. It's why I volunteered to come here."

Mihael laughed heartily.

"I like you Valornian's. Always willing to cooperate and very curious. My queen loves history as well- which is why I know of the history of this peninsula and indeed this continent as well."

Mihael gestured them to sit down at the banquet table, which held no food for now. Once seated, he started.

"The history of strife on this peninsula starts far back- back when our time of petty kingdoms did not exist, only empires, nomadic hordes and tribal states.

Mihael smiled.

"Did you know that the Haven Isles were once one island? And that your island was recently discovered for a reason?"

Just thought of this, shouldnt the amount of money we make from trade increase due to having more trade partners?
Yeah, I haven't updated that yet.
Forgive me asking, but what is the state of your alliance with Sylveria? We've heard it's quite shaky as of late. We have good relations with them if that helps at all. (You Didnt reply about dialgism and palkism)
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>(You Didnt reply about dialgism and palkism)
I know. I was getting to it. Eventually.

"Forgive me asking, but what is the state of your alliance with Sylveria? We've heard it's quite shaky as of late. We have good relations with them if that helps at all. And... what is Dialgism?"

Zoric was quiet for a moment. He was clearly taking this all in when he finally decided to speak.

"Let me do something first. Guards, stand down."

The guards looked at each other for a moment before pulling back.

"Let me first say that I still do not trust your kind. Dialgism... it is the worship of the passage of time by the god of time himself, Dialga, son of Arceus. While Arceus is himself, the creator of all, I, and our land's people, believe that the passage of time is highly important and is valued in our land. One of our traditions is time-keeping. We have many versions of calenders, something that shows the disunity in our world. The main calender we keep is the Rumenian calender- an empire that started where Albrinn currently sits. If you must know, the current year is 3413 A.S.R.


"After the sinking of Rumenia. The reason why is lost..." he paused for a second. "Onto your other questions."

"Yes, of Slveria's alliance with your kingdom. We have heard that has been quite shaky recently."

"...it has been a month and I still cannot trust them after what has happened. But they are our allies- I will reconcile soon."

"What did happen so recently?"

Zoric's look hardened.

"Me and my wife, Ana... we recently lost our son- not to illness or an accident. Someone murdered him in cold blood. Slashed his stomach open and gouged out his eyes. Then they left the mark of the type of chaos. This is what it looks like- although you may have seen this before. Our son was only 11."

Marta and Žofie were shocked- it was the symbol that designates Dark-types.

"We believe it means a Dark-type killed our son."
I'm thinking about whether or not to have kova make up with sylveria. They're pretty different but I think we might be able to work something out. Kova gets some stones in return for trade cooperation and cutting Laronnian influence. The big picture is that I hope we can have the peninsula work together to protect themselves from take over by laronn or karyzan. I'm willing to wait on this until we have everything set up
>can you tell us more about marks/mark of chaos
maybe you can phrase this better but, "This could just be criminals or assassins but we believe this is either a plot by a powerful foreign entity Laronn, Karyzan, or radical Arceusism. Another thing we can't rule out is Yveltal. (procede to tell him of what happened in Haven and demons). *cough* We are also interested in time keeping... and would be humbled if you teach us of these calendars.
*plot to break up your alliance with sylveria and weaken your countries/the peninsula
-If you are willing to work with, we we willing to provide you with military supplies and support to help defend against the machinations of these large empires.
This post
Sorry for cut and running so suddenly, had to go to work.

Also, updated the Civ Stats and the Budget Formula. It now includes the military budget considering those guys have to be paid somehow. The other ministries will be added after the revisions are done- the Ministry of Defense is the most prominent in Valornia though, so it got the exception.

Now how did I miss this?

You recruit 3 Infantry platoons in reserve, it will take 1 month(s) to train them.

The Hasglow wall may have fallen and the attack may be underway but a brutal street by street, house to house urban fight is wearing down the allied armies. In a bout of sheer luck, a shipment of grenades was accidentally shipped as a shipment of tear gas canisters.

At first, this was a small set-back until an enterprising unit of soldiers, the 3rd Platoon, 45th Infantry, used them to clear our buildings with speed, using a combination of tactic and tear gas. These actions are a precursor to modern special operation tactics.

Deciding to experiment with the new technique learned from Groudon, the government approved the use on a large corn field outside of Jakoelfton.

With the cost of labor, it comes to 45,000 KYR but it was definitely outweighed by the increased food production of 3000 stock of corn.

The Chrabrost Shipyard has been chartered to build 2 Steam ferries for 10lk KYR. They will be done next round.

>Social: catalogue all known 'mon "moves"
I'll queue this.

>Espionage:leak this information and possible troop movement to the rebels while arming them with older weapons that cant be traced back to valornia
The SG work hard to get this info to the rebels. Hopefully, they make it on time.

TECH -| Electricity - 0
TECH -| Light Steam Cruisers - 6
MILITARY -| Experiment, Artillery Ammo - 3
POLITICAL -| Accept Exiles - 1
SOCIAL -| Environmental Laws - 3
ESPIONAGE -| Spy, Feran - 3
ESPIONAGE -| Critical Info - 1

The glider experiments have failed to produce something that can actually fly, citing the heavy steam engine as the problem. If a fan large enough to propel it was made, it may work but more would have to be done besides this, like actually being able to build such a fan in the first place.
On the flip side, the experiments have given the military a look into better plane/glider design.

Electricity has been researched in full, with cooperation with Electric-Types in the city of Jakoelfton. It has been found that it propel a motor through a complex series of components. For now, the ability to make this components is fairly difficult and the motor sizes will be small for some time. The current itself is called Direct Current by the researchers at the university.

military:start designing our own steel hulled ships (nonsteam but making sure to have ready made versions with different designs for when we finish our steam cruisers, which will also be heavier)
-military: develop the gatling gun (it's literally multiples guns in a circle with a magazine+crank)
-political: check in on how our allied countries are doing on haven
shit, steel ships should be tech, as we'd need to research designs on making them able to float
And I did it again.

"Did you know that the Haven Isles were once one island? And that your island was recently discovered for a reason?"

Krištof was shocked, this was the first time anyone spoke of Haven Isle's history.

"No... I did not. All records I could have ever made only go back 300 years."

"Well, it's the truth. The same reason why Haven is two, is why our peninsula has such distrust for one another. The land you call the Haven Isles, was once one large island called Rumenia. On it, it's people crafted an empire that stretched all they way from their humble land to our peninsula. But they had become arrogant and turned away from the Original One and his children. Furthermore, they had committed the most foul of blasphemy."

"Did they... kill one of them?"

"Yes. Even worse, they made their own god as well. The name has been lost but it was a mechanical one. The god they had killed by the way, was Phione, the Princess of the Sea."

"Why had they killed her? Out of spite or ego?"

"Records say it was disagreement. Purportedly, they had broken treaty made with her brother, Manaphy, on how they could use the sea. She had decided to take matters into her on hands and was killed, never to be found again."

"By Azelf's name, that's horrible and foolish. Were they mad?"

"No. Confident. They believed their mechanical god would win- which it did not. The end result can be seen. The gods, with word from the Original One, sank Rumenia, hitting their capital city the hardest. It still under the sea to this day, in between Haven Island and what you call Root Island."

"That explains a lot..." Zlata said to herself.

Mihael continued, not having heard the Yanma.

"When they sunk the homeland of the empire, they essentially destroyed it. Many lords and nobles of the former empire sort control for themselves and created a mass of petty kingdoms in eastern Rulona that fell to the tribes and hordes of the ones they call now, the bringers of chaos."

"Dark-types." Krištof said darkly, knowing what Mihael meant.

"Yes. Sadly true despite how you and your people are now, the happenings of then have crafted a rather poor look on the ones already there. Anyways, these invasions pushed the remaining Rumenia's south and soon, the remains of the Rumenian Empire was but just a rump state called the Kingdom of Halzae. Here is where things get interesting.

Kova and Slveria may distrust each other but the queen and king of each respective kingdom are siblings. The King of Slveria forcibly took over in the equivalent of a child gong, 'I'm better and I'm going to prove it!'

"This could just be criminals or assassins but we believe this is either a plot by a powerful foreign entity Laronn, Karyzan, or radical Arceusism. Another thing we can't rule out is Yveltal." Žofie commented.

"Laronn and Karyzan are not the usual suspects. There's not much to gain from killing my son."


"What about the radical elements? And what is the mark of chaos?" Marta meekly asked.

"Yes, there is radical elements from both major traditions, the worship of the Original One and the First One. Of course, the most likely perpetrators still are Dark-types, or at least, those who wish to destroy our culture- these Dark-types identify themselves with the brand of chaos, a mark that was commonplace in the hoards that destroyed the empire of yore.."

"Before we continue, there is one other possible suspect. Have you ever heard of the Bringer of Death, Yveltal. He commands a massive army of... the unholy." Žofie explained.

Zoric appeared interested, as did his wife.

"No... I have not. He is a god? I have never heard of him."

"No, apparently, he had been banished by the Original One himself. He only recently found his way out of the Voidlands."

"Interesting... what else do you know of him?"

"As long as you teach us about your calendars, your Benevolence."

Zoric laughed.

"Throw in those rifles your nation has been producing and I might teach you."

"To keep this region independent, I think the government would be willing to support and help your defenses."

"I may not trust your kind and the majority of your nation but... I can accept the help."

I'll wait till you finish before replying again
I would be done sooner but my laptop keeps crashing. I knew I should've wiped it and installed something else sooner

>military:start designing our own steel hulled ships (nonsteam but making sure to have ready made versions with different designs for when we finish our steam cruisers, which will also be heavier)

Yeah, you need iron ships first. Just a heads up, I updated the pastebin on the tech and added a can be researched portion.

-military: develop the gatling gun (it's literally multiples guns in a circle with a magazine+crank)

-political: check in on how our allied countries are doing on haven
No need to take an action slot, which ones do wish to speak to?

TECH -| ---
TECH -| Light Steam Cruisers - 5
MILITARY -| Experiment, Artillery Ammo - 2
MILITARY -| 3 Infantry Platoons, Reserve
POLITICAL -| Accept Exiles - 0
SOCIAL -| Environmental Laws - 2
ESPIONAGE -| Spy, Feran - 2
ESPIONAGE -| Critical Info - 0

The exiles have been shipped over to Valornia and have been given a stipend of 400 KYR to start up a new life in the nation.

The new arriving pops are:

Umbreon - 50
Poochyena - 60
Mightyena - 140
Absol - 60
Purrloin - 170
Zorua - 30
Zoroark - 45
Murkrow - 75
Sneasel - 155
Houndour - 65
Sableye - 35
Weavile - 80
Nuzleaf - 45
Stunky - 55
Misdreavus - 45
Shuppet - 25
Banette - 75
Mismagius - 65
Haunter - 75
Gengar - 15
Lampent - 50
Phantump - 45
Yamask - 35
Nidorana - 45
Nidorino - 45
Zubat - 55
Croagunk - 65
Toxicroak - 75

Integration might be tricky but reports are stating that they are learning Arcahnael quickly and adjusting to their new home.

With the info given to the rebels in Karovia, a swift defeat of the platoon sent to sort it all out has quite efficiently thrown the whole kingdom into chaos. The king has no choice but to pull back troops from the war effort to pacify the populace.

This is the perfect moment to knock Karovia down in the name of peace-keeping but Valornia only has minimal troops. You may ask Becari to do the deed instead and let them have the land they conquer.

We accept. (give them slightly outdated rifles)
-work together with the rebels to have our soldiers occupy the norther lands in the name of "keeping the peace"
-in the meantime, let's train 5 more gi's
brigandine/.577 Láska-Stárek Bolt Action/razor-fang/goggles and 3 more artillery
tech: iron ships
>are only the northern realms rebelling?
espionage: help spread rebel influence through karovia
-for the countries, a summary would be fine. "talk to them" but only give us any important information
>continue any conversations
>political:talk to the leaders of kova and slveria about forming an agreement
political:contact the central haven alliance on the basis of trade
also, what was the alliance that we put on the table but didnt finalize? it was molkasia right? or karoslav?
[5/5] Sorry for the delay.

Issue 125, Autumn, Year 189 from founding of Valornia

Rebellion in Karovia!

The Kingdom of Karovia, our neighbor to the south, has been sent into chaos as the corrupt dealings of a local lord has come forth and with his death at the hands of rebels, the king has no choice but to quell the fighting to our south. There are worries in the Zlatý Prostý, our southernmost region that fighting might spill over the border. The government has promised more guards and word of sending in a peacekeeping force is making rounds.

Official comment for the Council and Grand Councilman themselves has been silent but hopefully, they respond soon.

Explosion in Albrinn Capital!

The Albrinn capital city, Riel, has been hit hard by a rather peculiar explosion early yesterday evening.

Reports state that the explosion destroyed an estimated 2 city blocks and has badly damaged the St. Kalens Church, a main Taoist church in the city.

An estimated 37 are dead and 500 injuried. Investigation has ruled it foul play at this point and may be the work of Felsian seperatists but a few witnesss claim that a strange looking monster, with bright red eyes was seen leaving the area only moments before the explosion.

Pirates Spotted!

Pirates have been reported off the eastern coast, around 10 km from the coast. Thr group of 5 ships have been reported as Zureisian in design and are presumed to be former navy of the Zureisians.

The Coast Guard have warned ships to travel in packs and to carry small and heavy arms and to practice their abilities in case of boarding.

Their main recommendation is a Fire-type amongst your crew. Setting fire to their ships is a great way to deter future attacks.

The Coast Guard are separately preparing to deal with the problem and will most likely close off the area within the near future. Make sure to get the latest marine info at the closest Marine Info Office provided by the Coast Guard.

Molkasia, if only because of Laronn.

>develop the gatling gun (it's literally multiples guns in a circle with a magazine+crank)

The military eggheads are definitely out of heir minds when a couple of researchers state that they can make a gun, or really, a bunch of guns, that fires faster than anything a mon could be able to do.

Of course, they gave themselves an estimate of whole 4 months for a prototype.

>iron ships

The Navy, having heard of the windjammer's being made by Feran, want to copy this idea but with a warship. Initial designs are rough but soon they'll have they're prototype ready in about 3 months.
>are only the northern realms rebelling?
No but it's where the rebellion is the heaviest.

espionage: help spread rebel influence through karovia

The Secret Guard have been ordered to work alongside the rebels to spread their influence. In 2 months, it's effects will be known.

>Work together with the rebels to have our soldiers occupy the norther lands in the name of "keeping the peace"

Oliver had a choice to make- take out their final annoyance on the island or help them out and claim denial on any involvement in Karovia.

He made his choice and announced it to the Council and in 10 minutes, they will vote yay or nay on whether to continue the motion and set forth the last step to a full takeover of Root Island.

I pray to the Three Sisters that this measure makes it through- it was work getting to this point subverting Karovia.

All he could do now is go to his study, get a good book and drink coffee, a favorite of Oliver.

>Train 5 more GI's w/ Brigandine/.577 Láska-Stárek Bolt Action/Razor-Fang/Goggles and 3 more artillery

Okay, so this is getting a little annoying, and I don't mean the constant orders but the fact that the MIL slots are being used for two things...

RECRUIT slot added!

That'll make things easier to deal with instead of using a slot designed for research for building as well.

With Halzae the way it is, public opinion on Rulona itself is apathetic about it and most kingdoms see nothing but a bunch of useless states.

Valornia sees potential allies.

A good start has been decided with Kova and Slveria- the two don't really despise each other more than distrust each other. Another thing is that the rulers of each kingdom are siblings.

A plan will be drawn up in around half a month for talks between the two.

TECH -| Iron Ships - 6
TECH -| Light Steam Cruisers - 4
MILITARY -| Experiment, Artillery Ammo - 1
MILITARY -| Gatling Gun - 8
POLITICAL -| Talk to Kova and Slveria, Form Agreement - 1
SOCIAL -| Environmental Laws - 1
ESPIONAGE -| Spy, Feran - 1
ESPIONAGE -| Help Rebels - 4
RECRUIT -| 5 GI's w/ Brigandine/.577 Láska-Stárek Bolt Action/Razor-Fang/Goggles - 1
Oh shit, warn the albrinns about demons and how to combat them along with yveltal. Tell them to spread this info. We cant allow this to spread.
>any continuing political talks?
If not, we'll finally start talks with aljierni

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