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File: Lamia Legacy Colored.png (2.27 MB, 1600x1800)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB PNG
Thread LXXIV:
Treading new ground. Half expect the pace of this to be significantly different. We'll see.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Lamia%20Legacy%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LamiaLegacy
Opening Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCQmQwKEEOM
Story Thus Far: http://pastebin.com/v15SABfr
Season: Late Winter

Money: 975
New Backpack - (Sealed)
Kozak Bladesx2
Repeater - Unupgraded

Sasha: Skill list
Ranching +4
Scholar +3
Marsksmanship +5
Natural Ability (Lamia) +3
Intrigue +4
Casting (Draconic+4 Roc+2 Leviathan+3 Troll+1 Elemental+1)
Falconry +1

"You sure about that?" You say, letting the link between the gateway room and your house close and turning back to the old snake.

"Not as much as I would like no. However, it is just as good a reason as any and accounts for what we have found." Veles admits, turning back towards the warmer areas of his lair

Following him, you call out. "You said the Leviathan slept under the mountains, right? Could they be there now?"

"The direction the portal was pointing was away from where Tanak makes his lair. Even if it was part of the same cavern system, they'd have to make it to the mountains from the coast. No mean feat, besides..."

"Besides what?"

Reaching the main cavern of the lair, he turns to you. "There's the biological defenses to worry about. Even sleeping a Leviathan is deadly." Looking at your perplexed face he continues. "The leviathan blood is what gives us our dominion on toxins, I would not doubt Tanaks resting place would be exceptionally poisonous, even the air."

You pause for a moment, "So you don't rate their chances?"

"They don't have a sliver of one."

>Why not tell the Nitor? I'm sure they'd be able to do something.
>I need them gone, so long as they are here they are a problem.
>I suppose we've got a breather. Shall we continue with my magic lessons? (specify what you want to work on.)
>I need them gone, so long as they are here they are a problem.
But as we dont have any specific leads at the moment...
>I suppose we've got a breather. Shall we continue with my magic lessons? (specify what you want to work on.) I forget what we showed a propensity for before, besides fire. I think I remember Illusions? maybe we could leverage that somehow into being able to shoot better. or make other shoot worse.
Roc Magic and Draconic Magic were the two major ones you had aptitude in.
Leviathan abilities and Troll magic you had a minor affinity.
Elemental magic you had no strong affinity toward.
>>I need them gone, so long as they are here they are a problem.
"So long as they are here, they are a problem, Veles." You say, anger slipping into your tone. "Don't forget what they did to my mother."

"Understandable, but I suspect they will be poisoned themselves. Fitting, I say." Veles says as mollification.

You sigh. "Lets continue the lessons. Working on illusions before I collapsed, yeah?"

"Yes. Though as I said before I don't know how much I can help with that. Roc magic is not my speciality."

"But you've probably got a better understanding of it now that you've gotten to play with the phoenix stuff, yeah?"

He pauses, before grinning. "Yeah, the mechanism they used to make that barrier in the mouth of the cove was heavy roc magic."

"How'd they manage that?"

"Full masking of the senses, but one way. Any observer on the outside would see, feel, and smell a sheer rock wall. You could sprint through it were it not for common sense telling you that you couldn't."

"I saw Keel hammer on it when he went through the first time. Wouldn't he have went back through?"

"Were it the only part of the device, certainly. However they had some foreign means of repulsion as well. Reminicent of land spirit magic, if I had to guess. Shame your nitor took it into their possession. Would have loved to tinker with it." He says, before clearing a space out, like he did the last time you tried to do magic. "Where shall we begin?"

>Work on the image illusions you were doing before your incident.
>Work on the Sensory Illusions
>Work on incorporating illusion magic into your marksmanship
Gonna need a 1d20+2 roll for any of these.
Rolled 5 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

>>Work on incorporating illusion magic into your marksmanship
Rolled 2 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

>Work on incorporating illusion magic into your marksmanship
Might help is only for by making more defined target. or just an indicator for where the bullet will go.
or not, with these rolls
Rolled 3 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

File: Complications.gif (1.54 MB, 385x291)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB GIF

Magic is all well and good, and it isn't to say that setting things alight in a torrent of flame isn't satisfying, but you will always fall back to your rifle. It was the first thing you were really good at, and even with these newfound abilities you'd rather make them work with what you have already.

Announcing your intention, Veles digs out a petrified stick, worn smooth. You look at him questioningly and he just says he found it in the Casimiran wastes a long time ago. Shouldering it, you focus on something to help you shoot. It's nothing like a real rifle, and that's part of the problem.

You first try to focus on creating a glass, or an optic of some sort. It sort of works, but instead of being a fixed position, it's position is relative to your hand, and it doesn't magnify anything, in fact the small flat oval you create is almost entirely opaque, and glows bright enough that you'd give yourself away in broad daylight. Even if it weren't, you'd have to make sure your hand was in the same spot every time to be accurate.

Next, you try to create an indicator, maybe see where the bullet will land. Even less luck there, the illusion fading before the beam can even hit the far side of the cavern. Not to mention it being too wide.

All other attempts are met similarly, either the illusion is too real to be of much use, or it is invisible to you and not to your outside observer. Veles looks on sympathetically as you put the stick down in disgust.

>Keep trying?
>Work on something else?
Will still need 1d20+2 rolls if you want to keep on this particular field of magic.
Rolled 4 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

>Keep trying?
Rolled 12 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

>>Keep trying?
Couldn't get any worse, right?
File: lamia43.png (1.1 MB, 1800x727)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG

You press on, unwilling to quit trying until you make some headway. You go back to the glass, trying to contort the image, maybe interlace invisible and visible parts of the illusion. It takes a good deal of concentration, but you eventually are able to create a mishmash of visible and translucent parts, the lines of which form something of a spiral until it converges on a dot. It isn't pretty, and if veles can be believed, you're the only one that can see through it, but it seems to at least be able to be used as a sight of sorts. It definantly needs work.

You go back to stick, projecting the illusory sight when you hear your stomache grumble. By your watch, you can see its far later than you expected

"Spent too long on that damnable thing." You complain.

"Decent enough progress for one day. If you can see through it."

"Yeah, but it's just a dot. I'd have to zero it every time I fire, and it all depends on where my hand is."

Veles murmurs something, before retreating to one of the benches in the far corner.

"Something wrong?" You ask

"Not quite, but I may have one solution." He says, digging out a small gem. "The phoenix illusions weren't powered by a person, but a device. Clever application of runic principles really. They can make paper that can house potent magic."

"Paper wouldn't stand up to the elements though." You say, doubtfully.

"No, but look here." He says, pointing out the rough crystal structure. "With care one could inscribe and imbue the magic into one of the faces. Then mounting it on the device would let you access a rune keyed to each face. Just a matter imbuing and activating then."


He grimaces. "Rune inscribed in a gemstone has to be right the first time. Wiping one would wipe the rest, so you'd have to set it proper in a single go."

>Try and work with the gemstone here.
>Try and work with the gemstone at home, it is late.
>Call it a day and head home.
>>Try and work with the gemstone here.
What he said
File: adrinktowarmthebones.png (866 KB, 747x1200)
866 KB
866 KB PNG
"Mind if I stay late? Kinda want to fiddle with this some more." You ask. Veles nods, taking the gem from you and working etching something into the faces.

"I don't know how many you need." He says, handing the etched gem back to you, along with another stone. "Practice on the rock first, I'm not certain how many times one can wipe a gem of such a spell before it loses the capacity."

So that's what you do. Transcribing a spell into a rune is not something you are familiar with, but with Veles oblivious to rifles and their workings, the nuances of one of those expensive sights you've read about are probably well beyond his abilities as well. It takes some doing, but you are finally able to imbue one of the illusory projections into the test stone. The gem is likely a whole different mess, but at least you have the basics down.

Veles comes back with some dried meat. Meager fare, but with all the help he's given, its more than enough. Besides, you're hungry enough that it tastes amazing anyway.

"Can't put the illusion into the gem right yet." You say, finishing your meal.

Veles responds with a half audible grunt through his mouthful.

"I'll have to properly sight in the gun, that means setting up a range. In the cold."

He swallows "I don't envy you, but be careful with the gemstone."

You nod, and bid the old snake farewell. Leaving Daisy on her perch, you slip through the gateway, back to the ranch. You can see the sun just dipping below the treeline, and you duck inside the house before the cold makes itself known.

>Gained a +2 on your roll when you finally decide to zero the gem-sight due to the extended time spent with Veles working with the runes.
Get some chow and take a nap
speaking of food and sleep, I had probably do the same. One benefit of being on here though is I don't see us falling off the board any time soon, so a continuation tomorrow is for certain. That said, I'll try and field any questions folks have in the meantime.
I'm good for now, have a good night.
This. Make sure there haven't been any fires in our absence.
Get a report from everyone, eay, then get some rest. Better to practice the runes more in proper light.
thats supposed to say eat
You catch McCain waiting for you in the dining room. Wordlessly, he slides a plate off the stove towards you. Digging into yet another one of Tai's excellent leftover meals. Between mouthfuls, you talk with McCain on the ranch. As far as he knows, no issues of note. The beastfolk have been largely subdued since their burial ritual, going about their business and keeping to themselves. Artyom is antsy, but McCain figures that's just because the Hussar hasn't been in a good fight in some time, but Tatiana's got him under control. Marie and Tai have been taking care of their relative duties without issue, and Serrak's contractors have been preparing for the thaw emboldned by the lack of news on the phoenix front. Lastly, Keel's men have been keeping watch on the area, but haven't turned up anything of note. Worryingly, the faux McCain is still unnacounted for, but Keel's been sending parties into the woods to look. Thanking McCain for the status report, you finish your meal and retreat up to your room, curling up beneath the blankets and drifting off to sleep.

The next day finds you sitting in your late father's office, sorting through the latest pile of paperwork. Making some headway, you idly turn the etched gemstone in your hands, watching the light reflect off the surface. You look between that and your rifle, still sitting against the wall after you turned in early. It's still bitterly cold, but if you want the illusion to be adequate, you'll have to take the rifle out sometime.

That said, Keel's due in today, and he might be interested in Veles' suspicions regarding the phoenix motives. Not to mention the question of what to do with that cavern.

You sit there, trying to figure out what you want to try and accomplish today.

Why dont we grab the rifle and take Artyom out hunting with us?
We can work on our illusions while we're doing that.
File: centaurlancer.jpg (194 KB, 597x960)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
You figure you had knock out a couple birds in one go. Grabbng your rifle and bundling up, you head out to the bunkhouse. Inside, you find Tatiana changing the bandage on Artyom's shoulder. The both turn to look at you when the door opens.

[Something the matter?] Tatiana asks.

[Nothing important. Was just seeing if Artyom was free to go out some place, wanted to do a quick scouting of the area.]

You watch Tatiana purse her lips disapprovingly. [Well,] She says at last [I cannot stop him, and it may do him some good, his wound has all but healed. He may be tender still though.] Behind her you can see the burned hussar roll his eyes.

Heading back outside you let Artyom get his equipment, and it isn't long before he emerges in full armor, heavy layers and leather barding keeping out the elements. Eager to be doing something, Artyom falls in behind you as you head out of the compound. Checking in with McCain, you announce your intention. As per expected, he doesn't like it, but bringing the hussar with you aleviates some of his worries.

"Which way you headed? Just in case you don't come back we can know where to start looking."

>Following the new road
>Heading along the river
>Heading along the far ridgeline
I'll go with the go out hunting bit.
>Following the new road
The recent changes might have gotten some animals out.
>Following the new road
File: ErrandsAndUpdates.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x1112)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
Rolled 18 (1d20)

"Planning on heading along the new road. Should be open enough, and the work may have changed how some of the wildlife moved."

"Just be careful, that whelp's still out there."

"I don't think the fake you will hazard a go, against me any time soon." You say with a smile.

"Just the same, be careful."

Heading out, Artyom insists on the lead when you cross the new bridge. A few of the workmen in the camp greet you as you start following the road.

[Do you expect trouble on this outing?] Artyom says, finally breaking his silence for the first time today you realize.

[Not as much, but better safe than sorry.]

He grunts in response, rolling his injured shoulder.

[Are you feeling alright?] You ask in concern.

[Well enough. The princess keeps poking at the wound. Says something about how the claybreaker splintered and is working its way out.] He responds. Clearly less than thrilled with extended medical care.



He doesn't seem too willing to talk after that and you proceed in silence for a few minutes.

>Press Artyom for information
>Focus on practicing illusion magic (1d20+4)
>Focus on the surroundings (1d20+3)
Also need an additional 1d20 roll.
Rolled 14 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

Sounds like the bullet fractured and the shards are being pushed out via regeneration. Sounds unpleasant
>Focus on practicing illusion magic (1d20+4)
Cuz I really want this to be worthwhile somehow.
Rolled 13 (1d20)

Focus on the surroundings
File: lamia5.jpg (243 KB, 1215x717)
243 KB
243 KB JPG

You busy yourself with the illusion magic, trying to figure out the optimal place you'd affix the gem, conjuring the illusion. Artyom looks back at the commotion before shaking his head and moving forward. You try and work out composition as well, since the spiral they you formed last night was more than a little distracting. Eventually you're able to concentrate the lines into three, converging towards the center. Satisfied you have a proper reticule, you go back to figuring out where it would be best fit on your rifle. That's when you bump into Artyom. Looking up, you see the man looking left in the woodlands proper.

[Something wrong?]

[Movement in the woods. Crunch of snow.] The hussar says, unsheathing his blade

[Did you get a good look?] You ask, sighting down your rifle, not wanting to risk the illusion before you've got it refined you use your irons and scan your surroundings.

[No.] He says, remaining still.

For a good five minutes you sit like that, scanning into the treeline, hoping to hear anything. Silence reigns until it is broken with a muted squawk from behind you. Jumping, you swing your rifle around and bring it to bear on a crow.

[You sure it wasn't that?] You ask, half sighing, half laughing in relief.

[It came from the left. Not the right.] The hussar says simple, lowering his blade.


Need another 1d20 roll if you would.
Rolled 4 (1d20)

Get low to the ground and try to feel it out. let Artyom hang back, hes not exactly subtle
Rolled 15, 10 = 25 (2d20)

Just checking a thing
File: HomeIsWhereTheHeatIs.jpg (55 KB, 640x480)
55 KB
Crouching low, you scan the woods, motioning Artyom to hang back. Wordless, you lie there, focusing as much as you can on any noises you can hear. Still nothing. The silence is almost oppressive. Eventually you tire of the inaction, the cold slowly seeping through your clothings. Straighting yourself out, you motion for Artyom to move forward.

[Snow tends to mess with sound. Might have been the bird, might have not. Either way, keep your eyes open.] You say, as the two of you move on.

[I am sure I heard something.] Artyom protests.

[I'm sure you did as well, but sitting there won't help whatever it is is either more patient than us, or long gone.]

You make it a quarter of a way to the the tunnel before you figure its time to head back. Artyom is still on edge, especially when you get to the area you heard the noise, but nothing happens. In the meantime however, you're rather confident in how much progress you've made refining the illusion. By the time you enter the compound proper you wager you can probably have a go at trying to zero the rune.

In the compound proper, you see Tai, Tatiana, and the beastfolk doing errands, with Marie doing her usual lazy orbit around the cattle. How the harpy doesn't freeze up in the winter air, you have no idea. Heading toward the house, you see the familiar sight of Keel's horse lashed to the hitching post. Keel and McCain are having a discussion on the porch, but judging from the polite tip of the head they gave, nothing too particularly important. Artyom head back towards the bunkhouse, possibly to avoid Tatiana.

>talk with Keel
>get to work zeroing the sight
>get to work zeroing the sight
Ignoring everything else for the time being, you hurry and move your gun and ammo to the impromptu firing range you had set up before. This time however, instead of snow structures to act as targets of your frustration, you drag out five unused bundles of straw, ignoring the looks the help give you. From your firing position, you drop a bale every twenty tail lengths placing a row of snowballs to act as targets. Effectively set up, you produce a talon, and with some regret, burn small contour into the guns furniture using your venom. From that contour, you produce your refined illusory sight, and line it up on the target. The first is dead on, but you do note that you were using your irons more than your new sight. Thinking quickly, you align your irons and the sight and line up on the next ball on the bale. Dead on.

With a small drafting pencil, you mark the relative position of the illusion to your sight for the first interval. They'll serve as references for when you assign the illusions position into the gemstone. Confident in your methodology, you line up on the second target and set to work.

>Need a 1d20+5 roll for zeroing, and then a 1d20+4 roll for translating that into the gemstone. For expediency you can probably just roll a 2d20 and apply the modifiers after.
Rolled 2 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

Rolled 20 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

File: How about that.gif (1.27 MB, 296x160)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB GIF
I know, right? It's perfectly done, but won't hit shit.
Rolled 5 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

why not
File: IllusoryScopeBullshit.png (603 KB, 1000x1200)
603 KB
603 KB PNG

You aren't pleased with the results of the zeroing, but you have to make do with what you have. So you focus on translating what you have into the gemstone with as little obstruction as possible, keeping the energies as well contained into the miniscule etching as possible. Finishing the first one, you activate it. Looking at the projection, you absentmindedly run your thumb along the face with the insignia. The entire illusion shifts along with your hand. Your heart drops into your stomache as you think you've messed up somehow, and slide your thumb back up. The projection moves back up. Keeping your thumb on that facing, you move it along and the image moves along with it. You move it back to its original spot.

Playing with it some more, you find that you can lock and unlock the projection at will, moving it where you please so long as you focus on it. You repeat the process with the other four faces. Soon you have five different adjustable reticules that you can activate and deactivate at will. You debate staying here and properly zeroing your new magical scope, or running off to show everybody what the hell you just did.

(This new insight gives a permanent +1 bonus on all roc magic illusion rolls, having a properly sighted gemstone scope gives an additional +1 bonus to firing at range.)

>As its still a weekday, gonna call it for the day here. We still don't hit autosage until ~ 4:30 PM Saturday, so I'll try and run on and off then as well. Not to mention the glacial speed with which thread fall off the board. Way things appear, it looks like threads are gonna be a weeklong affair. That said, the tradeoff is obviously that updates will be slower as sitting next to the computer for a whole week trying to knock out an update every hour is not viable. What are folks thoughts on this?
I say we zero the rifle in properly, then head in.

>I think that this is fine, though, if you have time to, and don't mind it, then it would be nice if you would periodically spend some time on here instead of simply updating the thread once or twice a day. It would also be nice, I think, if you would announce when you are going to sit around and provide updates on your twitter.
Rest assured, if I'm gonna update, It'll be more than once or twice each day. I'll try and make an announcement though, for sure.
Zero the rifle, clean her out, make sure we have plenty of cartridges in reserve. Been shooting more motherfuckers than we are used to, I am guessing. Also, need to double check the sidearms.
We have a knife. We have no pistols.
We are obscenely good at Pyromancy, though, so we DO have an internal flame thrower.
File: lamia7.png (180 KB, 700x900)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
First priority is to zero the rifle. Trying to contain your elation at your discovery, you put round after round downrange, tweaking and fiddling with the gemstone until it is to your satisfaction. You'll have to find a proper way to affix it to the rifle, but for now it fits snugly enough into the groove you made in the furniture of the gun.

You're just about finished zeroing the sight when you realize you have an audience. A couple of the younger beastfolk have been attracted by the gunfire and are now peeking at you over the ridge. You smile at them and the pair run off, whether they were screaming or giggling you can't rightly tell. Either way, you safely stow away your gemstone and get to work cleaning your rifle. The monotony is relaxing in a way, and before you realize it, you've all but disassembled the thing. Giving the parts a good wipe down, you reassemble it and wipe it down, using the last of the little tin of gun oil you brought with you. Finished, you police your brass before packing up and heading toward the house.

Clearing the ridge, you notice Keel's horse is gone. McCain can be seen relaying orders to the beastfolk through Tai. Near the herd, you can see Zhou and the two younger beastfolk standing guard, apparently having relieved Marie, who you catch a glimpse of inside the bunkhouse. Getting food you wager. Slithering inside, you store your gun in your office and take count of the remaining ammunition. While less than you'd like to have, you've got a more than adequate supply. Firearm supplies in Enos' store in South Fork has been sold out or spoken for for some time, and while you can buy stuff from Snake's Landing or Riverport, the markup is far higher than the Minotaur's place. Rifle business taken care of, you head downstairs.

Eat, Talk to Marie. Hope shes cooled down a little on her old grudges.
STRONGLY consider making a little of your own ammunition by hand. Imagine if we could adapt our new runic know how to make some kind of illusionary marker thats visible to everyone else as well! our enemies would have a much harder time hiding with a big arrow pointing to them flashing ' CRIMINAL!' over and over!
Ah, we'd probably better show what we've made off to Veles. He probably will get a kick out of a new(?) magic usage.
>Eat and talk to Marie

>Make hand-loads
We don't know that much about Chemistry, as far as I know, and I don't think we have an ammo press or any other equipment we may need for that.

If there's time, I agree.

Also, how much do we owe our hands once we sell our herd, anyway?
>>Make hand-loads
>>We don't know that much about Chemistry, as far as I know, and I don't think we have an ammo press or any other equipment we may need for that.
I figured. Thats why I used the word "consider" there, because I figured we wouldn't be able to do it immediately anyway. But theres always time to learn!
Brillitite(or whatever those things were called) bullets they might not be, but we could probably work our way up to something good, eventually.
About 70-80% of expect herd profits goes back into the ranch to handle seasonal wages and expenses to keep the ranch at parity. The remainder is pure profit.
While it would be nice to be able too, I think it would be more trouble than it's worth. I mean, we don't have a ready source of the materials needed to make high quality munitions, so we'd have to ship them in, and then we'd also need to get lead and brass for it as well.
If we were only using a mussel loading rifle, then we could do it, as you can use stone for those, but we're using a repeater.

(Admittedly, we could get sulfur rather quickly if we just kill some people and dump shit onto them.)

Okay. Thanks.
Well, for Sulfur, isnt there an underground Hot springs on the land we own?
Isnt there a good chance we could get sulfur there?
Oh, and I was really only talking about like, buying the powder and stuff and making the shells and casings, but then again, I dont know shit about munitions so...
Sulfur can easily be grown, and buying the powder would be too expensive. Also, if we were to take sulfur from the spring then we wouldn't be able to turn it into a resort/way-station into the -Cassocks-, er, Centaur land.

The possess for growing sulfur is a bit more complicated than what I said, but not by much.
It also doesn't take that long.
Well, saltpeter, at least. Corpses can be mixed with grass and piss and that will create a mound of saltpeter after a year or so.

A less gruesome way is to follow the fourth option in acquiring saltpeter on here.
We would still need a source of Sulfur, but I say that the spring is a no-go
File: lamia2.jpg (294 KB, 881x1000)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
It's been a minute since you've had a talk with Marie, and you know that the harpy has had some issue with Liama's crew. Heading over to the bunkhouse, you see her in the middle of working with Tatiana. The centaur and the harpy looking at one of the early grammar books leftover from your youth. Noticing you, she leaves Tatiana to her work.

"Something the matter Miss Masterson?"

"Just been a while since we've caught up, not had a chance to speak since the cavern. How are things?"

"Never better, got Tatiana working on pronunciation. She can handle reading well enough, but the actual talking seems to be a sticking point."

"Any issues with Liama and her crew?"

She frowns, "They've been scouring the woods for the bastard fake McCain, so I've not had to see them. Just as well."

"You know, I can't rightly judge the matter, but aren't you being a little unreasonable here?"

"Doesn't matter, the fact the guys would work under her after what happened to the shadow company is outrageous." She huffs.

"Wouldn't her helping them make a living kinda count as making things better by them? Even if it wasn't her fault to begin with?"

She makes to reply, but then pauses. "You may have a point there. I still don't like it."

You laugh, "Aping McCain now are we?"

Leaving the flustered harpy sputtering, you check on Tatiana. [Doing alright there?]

[These words make enough sense written, but out loud not so much.]

[She's doing better than expected.] Marie says, having composed herself and rejoined the conversation, [Artyom's proving difficult, but he'll come around. By the way, what was all that shooting over the ridge? Had a few folks nervous.]

Producing the gemstone, you show off the illusory scope. [Working on making my rifle better. Not sure how useful it'll be if the war continues. The reserves and the nitor are buying up all the ammunition, and powder is in short supply. Not to mention keeping Liama and the shadows stocked.]
File: lamia9.png (976 KB, 900x643)
976 KB
976 KB PNG
[Well, you could probably make it, given the right supplies.] Marie responds.

[Probably, needs saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal.] You say, quoting the little booklet on firearms you studied from as a kid. [Sulphur's found around volcanoes and hotsprings and the like. Probably got a good amount of it in the mountain. Charcoal's easy enough to make. Real issue is saltpeter.]

[Saltpeter?] Tatiana asks.

[Yeah, its a sort of salt. Dissolves in water, usually found in deserts or caves that don't get much rain.]

[Giant crystals that melt in the rain.] You hear Artyom's voice and turn to the hussar, standing in the doorway. [I remember some Kozaks who lived near my szlachta speak of them. Bandyta caves in the badlands are rife with them. Hard to get to though, fallen everywhere.]

Making good gunpowder is pretty damn hard. Making uniform grain size is pretty tough. Do we have much loose powder?
Rolled 89 (1d100)

>rolling for knowledge: Chemistry
>Do we know hoe to make it saltpeter
As I said earlier, we wouldn't be able to use the powder we made with our current rifle. We would need to use a mussel loader.

We would need specialized equipment to make powder for our repeater.
The basics of refining potassium nitrate are known to you, but the you lack the equipment to do it in any large scale.
(Though, I should have added a +3 for our Scholar trait. Oh well.)

I suppose we ask if Saltpeter is used for anything by the Casimir.
We don't need Potassium Nitrate for Saltpeter if we're doing it naturally, by the way.

We just need to dump shit into a barrel with a spigot on the bottom, piss into it, fill the rest with water, cover it with a loose lid, and we'll have our saltpeter in about 10 months.
(It would be better with a metal barrel, but whatever.)
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[Do the Casimiran use it for anything Artyom?]

[The koazaks say that the Bandyta use it to work themselves into a frenzy before raids.] Artyom says, disgusted.

[The Szlachta looked into that, Sigismund's advisor found no such qualities in the substance.] Tatiana responds.

[The bandyta doing damned fool things to trick themselves into a fury does not surprise me.]

[Who are these bandyta anyway?] You ask, puzzled, [Haven't run into them yet.]

[Wasters. Those that roam the wastelands inhabited by the Fallen. Outcasts of the Kozaks and the Szlachta.]

[So, outlaws then?] You say, as Artyom nods vigourously.

[They will try to loot anything that looks weak. I am surprised you did not run into any when you found me, I'm sure they are picking through my old home even now.]

Judging by his reaction, you figure its best to change the subject. [Well, you can also get saltpeter from waste. Though the process would need a lot of land, but if you let it sit long enough it'll form.]

Marie speaks up, "There was a nitrary near the slums, the smell was something fierce. If you build something like that, do it far away and downwind. Would have to be a big thing too if you wanted to make anything approaching a reasonable amount."

Tatiana looks between you and Marie, [Is this substance valuable?]

It's used in the creation of the explosive powder -gunpowder- used in firearms to launch the bullet.

(Slings also use bullets, just a different kind. So long as they know what a sling is, they should know what a bullet is.)
>Treading new ground.
>implying our scales aren't made of millions of tiny feet
"It is. It can be used as a preservative, a fertilizer, and one the main parts of gunpowder."
[Its one of the main components in gunpowder.] You say heading over to where McCain keeps ammo for his pistol. Grabbing a round, you hold it out for them too look. [Not sure on the ratio, but its something like three quarters saltpeter to sulfur and charcoal. It's the main fuel.]

Noting the lack of reaction, you head outside, taking the round with you and gesture for them to follow. Wrenching the casing from the bullet you explain. [This powder here is what I am talking about. Its what sends the bullet flying.] You say, dropping the lead tip into Tatiana's hand to inspect. In the middle of the compound you empty the casing in a small line. Walking back into the bunkhouse, you grab a match and, with care, ignite it.

As the two centaurs watch, you ease the match into the line of powder. It doesn't even touch before the line combusts, a spark of fire moving down the length as it rapidly burns the powder.

[The part that might be in those caves is useful for this, but is also a decent preservative and fertalizer.]

[So it would be of some value to you and yours, yes?] Is what Tatiana says, as Artyom stares at the line burnt into the ground.

[Yes. Though if I would have to put a price on your goods, I still believe the most valuable commodity you have is the silk.]

This seems to put Tatiana in a thoughtful mood, and you take that as your cue to leave them to their lessons. Heading back into the house, you process this new information. The centaurs have a natural reserve of saltpeter, something they aren't using. It'd be another good thing to trade with them. Other than cattle, you've not much to trade with them, but given they have never seen the animal before, its likely you can get a fortunes worth of silk in exchange. Just a matter of getting a buyer for the silk to make it worth it.

>Speaking of commodities, you haven't had a good look at those blades you bought.
>Enough talk of trade. See what McCain and Keel were talking about.
>This is all academic until we deal with the war brewing there. We'd best deal with that first.
>See what McCain and Keel were on about
Aaaaand goddamnit, my internet has finally decided it's had enough of me for the month and has throttled itself. A bit of an unceremonious end to the thread, but altogether I'd say a successful first trial run. As always, thanks for participating, and I hope you enjoyed it.
Thanks for running, Chem!
>>Enough talk of trade. See what McCain and Keel were talking about.
>>This is all academic until we deal with the war brewing there. We'd best deal with that first.
Thanks, Canid!
Thanks for running.

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