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It hurts to open your eyes. Once more you wake up on the metal slab of iron somewhere deep in the sprawling depths of Sec Maegra. Ashton comes to your side and unplugs cables from your cranium.
>How did it go this time?
You cough, then spit out stale filth from your mouth.
>Same as the last dozen times I tried it. We get massacred. This time even worse, we barely made it in past the first levels. Just one lucky warrior was enough to decimate all of us. We need something else. A new plan. Maybe something to distract them or to give us an edge.
Ashton smiles.
> We can run simulations all we like, but sooner or later we will have to act. And Kabal's haven is a fortress. I heard you Astartes had some sort of Codex or something. Like a warrior bible, where allegedly there is an explanation on how to deal with any military situation. We were told that you, I mean Astartes, are drilled to memorise it by heart. So what do you think we should do now? We have men and xenos alike whom you managed to convince to follow you, but what do you want us to do?
We need a full recon of the outside of the kabal's spire. It's obvious that we can't take on the entire kabal alone. We need some way to make another kabal attack them. Then we can infiltrate during the chaos.

Ask Xynthia what she things. If she could benefit from Xoelanth's kabal being attacked, and what kabal's would want to attack them.

Would proof that he was beaten to death by his own arm by an angry astartes be enough to make him appear weak and vulnerable?
It is a manual for many things. Most about it is really made so marines from different chapters can fight together. I suggest something more unusual.

When in a pinch the unexpected tactic usually wins the day.How does your armor react to flash grenades?
Stun grenades?
Retreat a bit and use flamers in ambush? Caltrops?
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+Current situation+
You are a space marine trapped in Commoragh, the capital of the Dark Eldar. You entered this foul place trying to save Judith, a sister of battle who was captured by the Dark Eldar during one of their raids and is now kept by the Kabal of the Dying Sun.

You have planned to break into their fortress and you gathered a group of mercenaries.

Team A (assault)
+Ashton Grey(Sergeant, bolt-pistol + mono-sword)
+3 Kroot mercenaries(gun-axes)
+4 Elysian stormtroopers(jumpacks, lasguns)
+Tarellian merc(repeater gun)
+3 Tau fire warriors(splinter rifles)
+2 Squat fire support team(shoddy melta guns)
Team S(support)
+5 Specialists(Auspex, Radio, Demolition, Medic, Techpriest)
+2 Kroot scouts(knives, silent power-crossbows)

+Dying Sun+
Approx. 800 warriors are manning the Tower where their headquarters are located. It's roughly 200 floors in height. About half of the warriors leave during the raids. Kabal is currently at war with a few other Kabals, especially with the Kabal of the Falling Moon. The Tower is located in area known as Pinnacle of Disdain, which is located in Lower Commoragh. Leader of the Kabal is Vorl-Xoelanth, an infamous Archon even among the Dark Kin.
Do we know where in the tower the Sister is being kept?

Because then we can blow the fuck out of the rest
>a sister of battle
sister hospitaller

I think best bet is to wait for when half the kabal is on a raid, induce another kabal to attack, and infiltrate during the chaos.

What about the prisoner we took? Anything useful from her? Should we let Czakshek have a go at torturing her?
800 warriors?
Do we have anything to bribe them with?
Fake free entry cards to the arena maybe?
>I think best bet is to wait for when half the kabal is on a raid, induce another kabal to attack, and infiltrate during the chaos.
Might be difficult to keep her from being killed then though

Have we tried a peaceful approach yet?
You know, going up to them to talk?
or pose as a travelling merchant to get one or two of the kabal outside and captured....
How much is a sister worth on the market?
A sister hospitaller? Probably quite a lot.

I wonder how many rival kabalites we'd have to capture to trade for Judith....
differs greatly
availability, heritage, status/rank/importance.

I guess Judith aint worth much, she is a mere rank-file nurse, not head of something or anyone likely to be missed by many.
However askin for her might raise her price rather high. We could sell some of our 'allies' for her maybe
>I wonder how many rival kabalites we'd have to capture to trade for Judith....
I don't think the number matters with sufficient time and manpower, does it?

Consider the movie Gone in 60 Seconds, if nicholas cage can steal dozens of cars in one night we should be able to take quite a lot of prisoners in one week with proper preparation and the right band of mercenaries
And judging from the sitrep I think we have the latter handled

We shall take them in their beds, we shall take them on the streets, at night and during the day, we'll be what they look under their bed for at night and the legend they tell their kids to get them to shut up

Montus shall be Legend
Xynthia is more than happy to help you sow conflict and strife among the Kabals.
>Well, everyone knows that Kabal of the Falling Moon has a really bad itch to shove a razor blade into old Vorl's backside. They would be the easiest to provoke, but others Kabals would join the fray as well if they saw a benefit. However Kabals rarely risk attacking each other's lairs directly, too dangerous. My guess is that easiest way to provoke a conflict is to make them appear weak or to show that there is something valuable to be gained from attacking the Dying Sun. If you would somehow provide such proof it would certainly humiliate him and possibly force him to come out and defend his honour. Do you have such proof? If yes, you could potentially slip it to the Falling Moon, they will use it to the best effect... But then many might think that it's a forgery. Or you could distribute it in the underground, making him the laughing stock of the whole city, which would make his warriors trust him less and possibly initiate an internal power struggle.

Ashton thinks for a moment:
>Sounds reasonable. No plan survives contact with the enemy, you have to always improvise. My armour? My visor is flash-proof, so it's not too bad. Or do you mean Dark Eldar? It depends. Many of them are proud enough of their latest hairstyle that they don't even wear helmets when not on a raid. Both stun and flash grenades are good against them. Flamers are great, can't dodge promethium, motherfuckers. Caltrops are an interesting idea, but only to slow them down. And we would need a lot of them - those bastards can jump a few meters from a relaxed stance, they are agile as hell.

Unfortunately we do not, but we suspect where their prisoner quarters are located and where the palace spire of the tower is. Questions is whether she's being used as a playing already or do they keep her with the prisoners.
Do we have the helmet cam footage from when we beat xoelanth to death with his arm?

If so we should send it to Falling Moons. If not we should spread the rumour as far as we can. Eventually it will reach the higher levels and people will ask xoelanth questions. If he doesn't keep his cool he could basically end up admitting it himself.
File: 9osq4DYMMEU.jpg (117 KB, 554x926)
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117 KB JPG
Csvakshek seems to be pleased at the proposition, he hisses:
>I can... Make her ssscream all night long without touching a hair on her ssscalp. Just let me have her after I finisssh questioning her... Deal?
[auto-success on any torture tests if you want to give the prisoner for the ex-Haemonculus to interrogate. If you decide to do this, please list your questions]

All of them? No. You could try to bribe some of the officers, but you would need really bright and valuable or numerous souls to make them look other way.

No, you haven't yet. Kabal keeps it's gates open and there's a Bladeless Door, where lower clans and slave guilds come to pay their respects and tribute. You could try sending someone to speak with them there... But Bladeless Door tradition is more enforced by custom rather than any legal obligation, Dark Kin might still skin you alive after you leave the shade of the Door.
Hmm questions. Don't go full torture murder yet, just use threat of it for now, make sure she knows we have haemonculi.

Those kabalites we killed on the sled. They can't respawn because we absorbed their souls into a soulstone.

Ask her if they had any family in the kabal.

Maybe we can get them to help us in exchange for the soul of their loved one, since they need it to respawn them.
A living, healthy sister of battle or hospitaller (who are basically part of the same greater organisation) is a rare and delicious morsel for the Dark Eldar.

That is possible, however bear in mind that if you will start praying in sufficient numbers on the pureblood Dark Eldar, Razorguard might get interested, as well as Kabals.

It's rather likely. Let's say 80%, please roll. Alternatively you could do a souldraw on yourself and get Csvakshek to copy some of your memories and distribute them for common consumption. This will have more effect as it's a lot harder to counterfeit memories than digi-recording.

She's scared enough that after some cursing she agrees to talk. However she's asking you to release her.
>Look, yes, Aion'kier had two older brothers in the Kabal, their bond is strong, he is their blood, their property. If you let me go, I can convince them to help you in exchange for his soul...
Rolled 29 (1d100)

>That is possible, however bear in mind that if you will start praying in sufficient numbers on the pureblood Dark Eldar, Razorguard might get interested, as well as Kabals.
So we might have to pull it off in quick succession before they can get terribly alarmed and then lay low for a while.

>Let's say 80%, please roll.
Rolling in case we want that

How many mental problems will that give us?

>Look, yes, Aion'kier had two older brothers in the Kabal, their bond is strong, he is their blood, their property. If you let me go, I can convince them to help you in exchange for his soul...

Smile back. "Good try. Thanks for the name. I'll ask around and see if you're telling the truth before I commit to anything."

Remember the name Aion'kier.

Does bitchy mcgee know anything about where important slaves are held?
Tell her that if we find out she's been lying then we'll let the beastmasters use her for relieving the stress of their creatures.
You have digi-recording of the battle sequence. It's of relatively good quality and you can clearly see Vorl-Xoelanth's face in it.

Csvakshek is skilled, so most likely minimal, but he'll be cutting off a bit of your soul/memories. He'll stich it back together once he makes copies, but it's your essence we are speaking about. However there's a threat of Insanity, not Corruption, if that's your question.

She confirms your suspicions, that slaves are held primarily in levels 160 - 180, cause that's where their craft have hovering ports to unload new captives.


So, I guess we need to finish here tonight. Just a short session, but it allowed me to get back into stride a bit. I will continue running CQ until I get more time to read up on everything for CMQ. It's been a long time and I need to know EVERYTHING in order to run a proper game, which means extra 6 - 12 hours of reading threads, wiki and fiction. but I will get there eventually. Thanks for playing tonight!
>Thanks for playing tonight!
Thanks for running

(and fuck you for making me read through another quest to be prepared)
Thanks Skarg.

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