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Thread LXXV:

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Lamia%20Legacy%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LamiaLegacy
Opening Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCQmQwKEEOM
Story Thus Far: http://pastebin.com/99BErZ9r
Season: Late Winter

Money: 975
New Backpack - (Sealed)
Kozak Bladesx2
Repeater - Unupgraded

Sasha: Skill list
Ranching +4
Scholar +3
Marsksmanship +6
Natural Ability (Lamia) +3
Intrigue +4
Casting (Draconic+4 Roc+3 Leviathan+3 Troll+1 Elemental+1)
Falconry +1

Puttng thoughts of trade on the wayside, you leave Marie and the Casimiran to their own devices to hunt down McCain. You find him over by the shadow's camp, talking with Liama. He tilts his head towards you as you approach. "Somethin' up Miss?"

"Just curious on what you found out from Captain Keel." You say, as Liama excuses herself and begins bellowing orders to her subordinates.

"He was just gettin' reports from the boys he's got stationed here. Could have done with a courier, but I suspect he wanted to get out of the towns for a while."

"What makes you say that?"

"He spent more than a little time grousing about the current status of the war."

"Its going well though, isn't it? Been some time since we've heard from the Phoenix."

He nods, "That's the problem. Reservists aren't too happy about not being a part of that raid, and with no sign of the bastards, high command has started pulling 'non-essential' units back. That major you ran into runs the show there now. That and the reservists ain't exactly making themselves welcome here. We weren't the only ones who've had run-ins with them."

You think back on the reservists that tried to steal your cattle, and the intensely stern major who took charge once you brought them in. "Why are they having this much trouble?"

"Reservists don't do subtlety, and countering a guerrilla war ain't in their bag of tricks. They provide a decent living for the bottom of the barrel, but higher military capability is more the remit of the Nitor. Reconciling that is proving more than a bit of a problem to Keel's boss."

>Veles says he suspects what the phoenix are after, should we go to the nitor with that?
>If the problem with the phoenix is all but solved, couldn't we ask for some help on the casimiran side of the mountain?
>And told you all of that?
>>And told you all of that?
Or is this past experience talking?
File: TheManWithNoCrossguard.jpg (91 KB, 736x1040)
91 KB
"He told you all of that?" You ask, taken aback by the level of detail McCain went into.

"He didn't give me a troop deposition report, no, but the paper's have been doing a good enough job at that." He says, producing a rolled up tube of newsprint and lightly slapping it into his other hand. "He was sounding me out on what the guerrillas might do, offered what advice I could, but these buggers are a whole different animal."

"Any news on your situation?" You ask, worried that with the reservist unoccupied, they might start looking in on the delicate issue.

"Keel's assured me that the Colonel is amenable. While a full pardon ain't on the table, I doubt they do something so rash. Especially what with the help we're giving them."

"I take it we aren't gonna get help from them in dealing with the Casimiran issue."

"Not until they get their mitts on the kingfisher, or they pose a clear and present danger." Noting your huff in frustration he continues, "The LSID berthed in Snakes Landing, and they are pouring through the stuff. Keel'd keep me posted on anything new."

"Veles says he might know what they are after."

McCain perks up, "Oh?"

"He wagers they aren't just interested in the great beasts of this continent, he wagers they are more interested in stealing its power."

McCain nods, "I think the penny's dropped on that for the Nitor as well. The schola at least, if Keel's gripes are any indication. No idea where they'd find one though."

"Veles says that a Leviathan sleeps under the mountain range, and has done so since he was young. Hinted it was his dad. Also says Casimir was a troll, but was long dead."

Liama, returning from whatever orders she was given, butts in. "If I wasn't so busy, I'd love to pick that bugger's brain. Imagine the schola's prolly chomping at the bit too. A lot of learn."

>Anything in particular you'd ask Liama?
>What do you think our next move should be, McCain?
>Anything I should be worried about?
>What do you think our next move should be, McCain?
Also, what should we do about our foxy guests? All for letting them stay here as they like, but theyre going to need something to do.
File: lamia9.png (976 KB, 900x643)
976 KB
976 KB PNG
What do you think our next move should be, McCain?"

"Batten down, wait for spring thaw. Get back to work as usual. Hunting down the phoenix won't do any good if they've gone to ground, and they haven't got many friends left I imagine. And I don't much relish the prospect of traipsing through the centaur's lands in the snow." He says, causing you an involuntary shiver.

"Any the our beastfolk friends? I'm fine if they wanna stay here, but I neither want to take advantage of them, nor have them be idle mouths."

"I'll find 'em work. Easy enough. Have them on the ledgers as seasonal help anyway, deducting language and other lessons from pay. They'll get paid, same with Tatiana and Artyom. Just waiting for them to know how to use money right." McCain says.

"And thats it? Just let all the issues sit for a few months and hope it doesn't go wrong?"

"Can't rightly see anything else we can do." McCain says simply.

"As much as I hate to agree with him, there's not much else we can do." Liama says, turning towards her tent. "I'm on Serrak's dime until the trade route is up, after that I dunno. That said, I figure its in your best interest to get the trade route up quickly. Spring'll bring in folks trying their luck now that the roads finished. They come back with bad news? Well..."

"You think Serrak will pull out of the venture?"

She shrugs, "Lest you can magic up something good."

You thank her for her time, and leave her to her job as you head in with McCain. "Veles asked something that might be important."

"About the Phoenix?" He asks, following you in.

"No, about the cove. Karath owned it. Serrak suspected he was paying the fake you to hit our land. Faux McCain was working with the phoenix. What're the odds we could get it out from under him?"

"Well, suspicions like those would prolly make it very easy. Though you'd prolly have to talk to the nitor."

>Go see Keel about the cove.
>Go check on the rest of the ranch (Specify what.)
>Go see Veles

>Timeskip: Y/N
>Go see Veles
Ah, and
>Timeskip: N
File: centaurlancer.jpg (194 KB, 597x960)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
"Well, so long as you figure everything's fine. I'm gonna go see a snake about a gemstone." You say, parting ways with McCain and retrieving both your rifle and the gemstone sight. Best you show him what you accomplished. Items in hand, you duck back behind the house and through the gateway. All but racing through the portal room and the rookery, you enter the main lair and catch sight of Dahz gnawing on a hunk of something. Looking around, you don't see Veles anywhere. You're at a loss, and almost about to leave when you see the old snake slide out of one of the lower tunnels.

"Something the matter Veles?" You ask, noting the troubled look on his face.

"I'd say so. Follow me."

Confused, you follow the old snake back through the tunnels, and up into the portal room once more, and end up in the chill of the second level.

"Look into the valley, what do you see?"

Fighting the cold, you look down into the valley and you see dark mounds, even now being swallowed up by the drifting snow.

"What am I looking at." You say, dreading the answer.

"Earlier this morning, some centaurs were driven into the valley by their bretheren. It's happened before, usually Kozaks driving bandyta away from the szlachta homes, but today was different. Szlachta hussars with yellow heraldry."

"House Krasick?"

"Yes. After the battle I went down and inspected the bodies. Could have been Bandyta, more likely they were Kozaks. What is more worrying is that a southern szlachta house is operating this far north. Especially that one."

They're the ones we're suspecting to be manipulating the troll-spawn, yeah? That's not good in the slightest. . . We should go back in there soon, but by the Light I don't want to go in there until spring.
Oh, yeah. This isn't the best time to bring it up, but I think I've figured out my magic scope.

We should inform Titania, McCain, Keel, and Liama once we're done here and hold a strategy meeting soon.
File: lamia43.png (1.1 MB, 1800x727)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
"They're the ones we're suspecting to be manipulating the troll-spawn, yeah? That's not good in the slightest... We should go back in there soon, but by the Light I don't want to go in there until spring."

That elicits a mirthless laugh from Veles. "It's been a century or more since the Casmiran have mobilized as such. I suppose peace couldn't last, but it is a shame."

You shake your head, talking with someone who uses centuries like it was a year or two back is odd, to say the least, before you are reminded of why you came in the first place.

"I managed to work out the gemstone sight." You say, producing the faceted jewel from a pocket. "Still gotta affix it to the rifle, but I managed to do something interesting."

That grabs the old snakes attention. And with a little murmured 'Oh?' He takes the profferred jewel. Handling it with care, he brings up one of the images.

"Managed to set it up so that it can be adjusted. Can set each to a different range. Sighted it in roughly, but can't do a proper sighting until I can mount the gem to the rifle properly."

"And how do you plan to do that?"

You shrug, "Call a metalsmith?"

Rolling his eyes, he leads you back down into the lair. Gingerly taking both the gem and the unloaded rifle from you. You watch as he takes a few strips of metal and plies at them with some tools, creating a firm harness from the gemstone that leaves the facings exposed. Then, with the same care, he affixes to the banding holding the barrel and the furniture of your rifle, taking the edge of his blade and running it along the seam where the two metal pieced connect. There's a flash and the a metallic burning smell, but he hands the rifle back to you. The sight is a bit closer that when you were holding it, so you'll have to re-zero it again, but the sight is clear, and completely out of your normal grips reach.

"How'd you manage that?"

"Casimiran metallurgists have a few tricks I've gleaned off them."

Nodding appreciatively, you sling the rifle back over your shoulder.

>What now?
I need to stop hanging out with you. You keep showing me cool things that I want to learn about while I need to be doing other things!

>what time is it right now?
If there is time before lunch, and we don't have anything else that we need to do, I say we get some more lessens in Roc magic.
Not much time to do that and still catch lunch, unfortunately.
Then we go and tell McCain, Liama, and our Casimir about this, have lunch, then go back up for afternoon lessens.
File: lamia50.jpg (5.9 MB, 2250x1800)
5.9 MB
5.9 MB JPG
"I need to stop hanging out with you. You keep showing me cool things that I want to learn about while I need to be doing other things!" You exclaim. "I am going to head home for a bit, grab some food and let folks know about what's going on. Figure out what we need to do. I'll try and be back to study more magic after."

"I'd accompany you, but I have something just about finished myself" He says, gesturing to the cauldron bubbling over the fire in the corner.

Leaving Veles to his stew, you makoe for the gateway. Arriving at the ranch, you grab McCain and Liama and bull the two into the bunkhouse, ignoring their protests as you call Tatiana and Artyom out from their dorm. You explain what you saw, and what veles told you. Liama and McCain look grim as an increasingly worried Tatiana soaks in what you say. Artyom, however, keeps a hard set look from the very first mention of Krasick. It takes some time, since you've got to translate the events twice, and by the time you're finished Tai's ringing the lunch bell. You opt to let the group mull over what youve said and head inside to grab food, which also turns out to be stew. Tai doesn't question you ladling five portions out and scuttling back out with the bowls rattling on the tray.

Passing them out, you ask the group their thoughs.

"Obviously something is going on, and little doubt that it isn't good." Liama says, "If its enough to get the Nitor to act? That's another story. Concrete evidence is needed."

McCain, ever predicatable, has his own view on the matter. "Not much we can do until spring anyway. Be a month or two before the thaw and we can make an real headway into their lands. I don't fancy running across them in their own land in the winter."

You turn to the Casimiran for their feelings.

[I have no reason not to put the Krasick to the sword for what they've done. Whenever you wish it to happen. I will be ready.] Artyom says, to no surprise.

Tatiana on the other hand, has more to say on the matter. [I fear this is what my uncle the Ataman sent me here for. My heart bleeds for my people, and I wish I could be of some help, but how I do not know.]

You look at the group, each of them looking at you expectantly, wondering what you will do.

Well If there are possible Casmiran busybodys coming into the region, maybe we can at least have something for the reserves to do while theyre out, other than holing up in town getting into trouble. They can hole up by the pass and keep watch instead.
Other then that, we should probably get our phoenix guys set up for the cold. I wouldnt want to just be out in tent and plain clothes when the snow really picks up.
I agree with McCain that we need to wait for spring, but I'm not really sure what we would even do once we get there. . .
We would need to make friends with the >inster Casimir word for cities< before we could really do too much, if any of them could be trusted, at least. Being friends with the >nomads< would also be useful. We don't have much information to go on still. . . *sigh* This would be a LOT easier if we had an army. . .

First thing is first. We need to gather information I will need someone to check out the remains soon, to see if we can learn anything from them.
The beast-men aren't in tents. We expanded the bunk-house.
Oh. well, the clothes thing probably still stands.
I'm pretty sure that their fur and normal clothes is taking care of it. They haven't said anything so far.
They probably wouldnt, even if they were having a problem. As well as the fact I dont think they have Fur that thick.
It's at least as thick as a normal animals, so as thick as a normal persons hair, but only growing out to about two inches.
"First thing we gotta do is check the bodies. I'm not keen on going back until spring, but we need to know more about what is happening. Having who know about them look at the bodies now might help."

Artyom immediately volunteers. As does Tatiana after a time. McCain grimaces and says he'll come to, to round off the group. Unfortunately, the two centaurs would be hard pressed to navigate the twists and turns of the tunnels down from Veles' lair to the cross, and its too late to get there and back until the next day. So you table that for now.

Heading inside you complain to McCain "We would need to make friends with the szlachta before we could really do too much, if any of them could be trusted, at least. Being friends with the kozaks would also be useful. We don't have much information to go on still..." You sigh, "This would be a lot easier if we had an army."

"Beggin' your pardon Miss," McCain says quietly, before gesturing over your shoulder. "You kinda do."

You turn and look at what he's pointing at. Tai's handing out food to the beastfolk. As of late, they've begun harvesting some of the wildlife, and as the meat has been going into your stores or being used directly to feed them you've not been too concerned by it. They seem to be curing the hides, and improvising together heavy furs. You feel a twinge of guilt for cladding them in cold weather gear, but they've neither complained nor seem to have shown any ill effects from the cold. Either way, you fail to see McCain's point and tell him thus.

"Tai said those guys worked as mercenaries. Or at least their sort. You've got at least a dozen of them. Only real issue would be the trolls, and that's solved with fire. Its no country sized battallion, but its a regular hunting posse."

File: big-12023426e5.jpg (263 KB, 570x858)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
So, they just have ears and tails, or are they actual beastmen like pic related?
The former, eyes and carnivore dentition as well, possible biological differences, but no aspiring scientist has cracked one open yet. Used beastfolk because they aren't limited to fox or wolf specifically, and they are persona non grata among the phoenix, so a distinct racial name isn't particularly well known.

Just to pull from an older thread:
>One of the taller of the figures has moved towards McCain and the hood of the robe has fallen back. The facial shape, the hair, that's all fine, but you don't know any humans that have animal eyes, or ears.

Apologies if it was unclear

Also, prolly gonna pause for the night here. Pick up tomorrow.
>they were mercs
. . . I should probably have asked them what their skills were. So, we have a platoon of beastmen plus the rest of us. Well, if they had weapons other than just hunting bows and farming equipment, that would be quite lovely.
I'll ask them about how skilled they are at fighting soon enough, but I don't think we're going to have that much to arm them with until the cattle are sold, and even then. . .
>Do we know how much it'll take to arm them with single-shot rifles with bayonets?

I am disappoint.
Rolled 6 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

The roll didn't show up, for some reason
(I'm using scholastic, but re-apply whatever mod you think fits better.)
Thanks for running so far Chem. See you tomorrow!

File: lemanruss.jpg (205 KB, 800x700)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Its actually the result of the advancement of the world state back when I started this thing three years ago.
Remember that one significant problem regarding races becoming more human in the UFK towards the end? Now imagine you're a race of beastfolk in an empire that is very aggressive in its assimilation, and no counteracting effect exists. At least the harpies only had beaks become rare.

Also you guys have played rather conservatively, and I've not had too much not already accounted for, plotwise. And there's still more to come.
We should pose the question to our retainers, see if they are up for an incursion.
...i'll freely admit that I've never played this, and probably never will.

But even back on /tg/ I've seen you make thread after thread, with only one or two players, continuing on enthusiastically where most QMs would just silently leave and let the quest die.

That's pretty goddamn awesome, in my opinion.
File: ]k] News.jpg (68 KB, 640x360)
68 KB
Just because it makes sense doesn't mean that I have to like it. I was thinking: "Army" of bipedal wolves 'n foxes 'n shit ripping our enemies apart while we tossed fireballs as support artillery.

I really liked that idea. I wanted to make them into what essentially amounted to followers of Khorne, but no. They're the fucking moe versions.

Oh well. This is fine too.
Starting a cult of Khorne would have been a retarded idea anyway.
Thanks for the kind words. The way I see it, I've been on the receiving end of quests dying prematurely and I'll be damned if I kill one so long as SOMEONE has interest.

In all honesty I should probably shill the threads more, but its one of those things where I'd rather it stand on its own merit.

In any case, thank you again and I hope you give it a shot, the archives look daunting, but the updates are fairly condensed.
File: Zhou.jpg (400 KB, 1200x1132)
400 KB
400 KB JPG
You gaze speculatively at the assorted beastmen. If you had to guess, you've got maybe ten that are fit to fight, not counting the younger ones, and those still wounded from the phoenix incursion on the ranch.

"Do we know how much it'll take to arm them with single-shot rifles with bayonets?"

McCain huffs through his mustache as he looks over the group. "Properly kitted out? Prolly seven hundred. Not to mention ammunition and time to get them trained. If we didn't have an active war going on, prolly cheaper."

You grimace, that's the better part of what you've got saved up. The two of you approach the group and call in Tai to translate.

"Ask them how they'd feel about putting their combat skills to use?"

Tai pauses then relays the message to Zhou, who stands up ramrod straight and responds.

"He is eager to prove himself useful Miss Sasha." Tai says.

You look over to McCain, "How do you think they'll do?"

"For scouting? Well enough. Just avoid any and all conflicts bows even against the centaurs."

Did we retain any of the weapons from the phoenix raiders?
File: bayonetchucker.jpg (292 KB, 1366x768)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
Blades enough for everyone, maybe 3 repeaters, in a phoenix empire caliber. Not much spare ammunition.
>Have Zhou pick out eight men.
>one four man group for the day, one for night
>the scouts should never venture farther than half a days travel away.
>they should stay as close to the tunnel as possible.
>If they run into trouble, they retreat.
>if they see any Casimir, they make notes of where they were, what they were doing, and what they looked like. (heraldry and such)
>avoid any fights that they can't win without a casualty on their side.
>If they see any troll-kin >insert description of troll-kin<, they are to make a note of where they are and what they're doing.
>avoid troll-kin at all costs.
>Tell why.
Working through Tai, you relay your instructions to Zhou. You detail the tunnel, the possible war, and the need to hard intel on the area. You let them know about the dangers of the casimiran lands, the degenerate trolls that regenerate, the wildlife. You see Zhou perk up at the mention of the giant cougar you ran across. Outlining your plan, you instruct him to pick eight of his best to scout out the area in groups of four, you mention the rule of four and how it should be observed. The beastman seems to readily understand the concept of 'no engagements'

Once finished, he you see him call over his 'tribe' and pick seven others out and begins relaying information, dismissing the remaining eight. The group follows you and McCain to the house where McCain grabs the leftover phoenix guns, which are split amongst three of the beastfolk. Surprisingly Zhou doesn't take one, but the three that do check the weapons, showing enough proficiency that McCain gives an impressed whistle. Of the remaining five, only one takes a bow, the others, zhou included opting only to bring their blades.

You ask them why, through Tai.

Zhou begins a long diatribe to the young phoenix man who, once finished, says, "They want to leave as little footprint as possible."

"That all he said?" You ask dubiously

"Pretty much, yeah."

You turn to McCain, "Well, your thoughts now?S"

"Might be better off than we think. That said, its a bit lat to head out and be back by nightfall. Might want to start tomorrow."

>head out and set up the scout camp tonight
>wait for tomorrow
>Wait for tomorrow

How long until Supper? If it's at least a few hours then we go up to Velee's and get some Roc magic lessons.
> Wait for tomorrow
Was there an ammo dump at the phoenix boat? We might be able to beg the ammo out of the powers that be
There was a gunpowder store in the bottom of the ship in the cove... you detonated it.
Worth it.
(Though, that was for the canons, not their rifles.)
File: SetItAllAblaze.jpg (719 KB, 2480x3508)
719 KB
719 KB JPG
"May as well wait then." You say, relaying the info to Tai.

Your new squad breaks and falls back in with the rest of the beastfolk and you head in. Its fairly late, but you figure you can squeeze in some training with Veles before dinner, so you make for the portal once more.

You find the old snake mid meal when you return. He grumbles out a muffled greeting through a spoonful of his own stew as you enter. <Everything go well on your end I take it?> He hisses out.

"Pretty much, yeah. Going to have some of the beastfolk set up camp near the tunnel on this centaur side of the mountain. Have them scout out into the badlands and see if they can't catch sight of any troop movements." You pause, noting Veles' frown "Something the matter?"

"I doubt you'll catch sight of any troop movements, to the Casimiran there are nothing of value this far north. They only drive the bandyta into the mountain ranges to prevent escape. If that"

"Well, we wanted to get more info on what's happening."

"Ah" He acquieses, "That makes sense. Beats us going out there I suppose."

You wait for him to finish his meal, and watch as he slithers towards the workbenches in the far corner, rolling his shoulders before he turns to you.

"Now, what did you want to study?"


>wat do
Roc Magic.
Study Roc magic.
Give me a 1d20+3 roll if you would.
Rolled 17 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Rolled 3 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

File: MoreBrownThanGreen.jpg (52 KB, 550x412)
52 KB

You spend the rest of the afternoon and evening with vels practicing your affinity with Roc illusion magic. Since it is outside of Veles' particular skillset, he can only provide help on theory and the basics. You've managed to create the illusory sight, and the projection of your father on accident, but you've not yet tried to disguise yourself.

You first attempt was laughable as the human you tried to disguise yourself as only covered up the front part of you, leaving an ever so conspicious lower body trailing out the rear of the illusion. Try as you might, you are unable to cloak the rest in a convincing illusion. Veles, trying poorly to conceal his mirth, suggests that you try a new tactic.

Thinking on the illusory wall that the phoenix did, you wonder if you can do the same for yourself, and project the surrounding stone in a capsule covering you. According to your mentor, the illusion appeared as a giant dome bubble, very conspicuous in shape, but a fairy decent translation of the stone beneath it. You figure its better than nothing, and work on trying to shape the illusion. Soon you're able to cast a camoflague covering around yourself. It'll not hide you from a thing on open ground, but in wooded or grassy areas it'd probably do well to conceal you, provided they don't look too closely. You're tempted to further refine it until Veles mentions that it has in fact been six hours.

Cursing, you thank him for his time and head back home. Everyone already has turned in, but upon entering the house, you can see a covered plate that Tai has left on the cooling stove. Giving silent thanks to the kid, you retreat up into your room and devour the leftovers, before turning in for the night. The next day, bundled and braced for the cold, you lead the eight beastfolk to the pass between the mountains. With Tai, Liama, and McCain in tow, you go over the plan once more with Zhou and his people, and show him how to operate the hidden hatchway. Should they find anything interesting, a runner will report to directly to Tai.

>Let the beastfolk set up, head back to the ranch.
>Head out with the first patrol, since you're already here.
>Let the Beastfolk set up
>Head back, get Titania and Artyom, because we didn't bring them for some reason, and go to the battle sight.
Supporting >>718082
File: hussars3.jpg (157 KB, 800x532)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
You leave the beastfolk to their business as Zhou and three others begin traipsing off into the snow. The rest begin stripping some of the dead underbrush and clearing out a spot in one of the few wooded copses on the ridgeline. Looking back to the scout party, your surprised to see, or rather, not see them anymore. Shaking your head, you send Tai back on Greenbriar to go get Tatiana and Artyom as you and McCain start the dirty business of inspecting the bodies.

Soon, the activity draws Veles out of his lair, wondering what you are up to, and the old snake opts to give you a hand as well. Already frozen stiff, the best you can do is tie a rope to the dead and use traveller to haul them out of the open for closer inspection.

You're on the second to last of the dead when Artyom and Tatiana finally arrive. The burned hussar giving a cursory look at the dead before scanning the horizon. Conversely, Tatiana went to each one, lying by each as she inspected the wounds, and their personal belongings. Finally, apparently satisfied by her inspection, she comes up to you.

[Kozaks. Maybe recent exiles, clothes are not well kepts. Not been dead long enough for them to get that ragged. Easy to mistake for Bandyta, though somehow I do not suspect it was a case of mistaken identity. I believe my Uncle is having a bad time of it.]

Do you know of a way that we may be able to contact him?

Slightly relevant:
Sabaton Delivers
Supporting >>718190
File: hussar5.jpg (77 KB, 600x430)
77 KB
[Think you could contact him?] You ask her.

She shakes her head, [Even if I knew were Ursus had move to, getting from here to the kozak city would be going against both his and my fathers wishes. Even being here is approaching the limit.]

You frown, and look over the bodies. You're not sure if its the death process or what, but the dead centaurs look lean, half starved. You're thoughts are torn from the dead as McCain nudges you, and in the distance you can see, if not movement, at least the illusion of movement. It takes you longer than you'd care to admit to realize its Zhou and his group returning, all but slithering across the rocks and cover of the valley.

He approaches Tai, who's helping set up the beastfolks camp, and carries him over his should to you, before speaking very low and quickly to the surprised man. Recovering, Tai turns to you. "Zhou says he found some of the 'metal horse men'"

"Already? Did he get a good look at their heraldry?"

"No. He says they were too busy fighting amongst themselves."


"Two groups of them at the very least, fighting. It seemed to be approaching the beastfolks position so they fell back, as per your orders."

Prepare an ambush near the entrance. We'll take a closer look. If we engage them we'll lead them back to you. Some of them may not be our foes, though.
>get our asses over there
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Alright, its about that time again, gonna pause again until tomorrow. Will try and get going roughly the same time as today. Again, thanks for reading.
Thanks for running, as always!
Thanks for running.

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