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Hello everyone, welcome to Fate/Broken Destinies.

I had to make a new thread because the other went into autosage. Sorry for the inconvenience, my IP keeps changing. I also had to use a new picture for the new OP.

If you happen to be a long-time reader or just someone who happened to drop by, have no fears, I'd be glad to answer. The jargon can be hard to understand, so the offer stands for that too.

For future references, this is my Twitter:

You will probably also need the Status Screen, as in the original VN, although not exactly as flashy

We'll begin next post.

If you're just joining us, here are is the previous thread >>51273

Felt like I left this out. I will post the actual continuation just after this post.
You decide to draw closer the girl painting.
She’s so immersed in her job that breaking her concentration feels almost like a sacrilege.
She has a disinterested look on her face, almost defiant. Her red hair is cut short, probably for practicality’s sake.

Her sketch seems to be abstract and somewhat monstrous, although not necessarily malignant.
“Hm… excuse me…”, you attempt to ask her.
She turns around, looking at you without a trace of care in her big, green eyes.
“Ah no thank you, I already had breakfast. I don’t need soup”, you stutter.

“No I mean like, what’s up?” She leans forward to look at Saber, then back to you. “Where have you been all this time? Who is your friend?”
“Oh, I… I am a transfer student”, you lie.

She nods slowly. “And do you know what’s his issue? Maybe his problem is in his pants?”, she presses on.
It’s clear she’s not interested in you in the least.
Saber realizes she’s talking to her, and attempts to respond.

“No, not at all… he’s got… he’s got… autism, I think he’s got autism?”
“I’ve got autism?”
“Yes, you’ve got autism”, Saber concludes.

The painting girl doesn’t look convinced.
“What kind of autism does he have?”
“Uhhh… sword autism… which means he can’t stand swords”.

“R-right!”, you jump on the opportunity and on the carefully crafted lie. A mental disability can’t be easily detected, unlike a physical one. “I am terrified by swords. I never want to see one close to me!”
The girl still looks unimpressed.

“Are you sure about that? Yamaku doesn’t take students with mental disabilities. Besides I think that’s the name of an anime”.
“The name of an anime?” Saber wonders.
“What’s an anime?”, you ask.

“Yeah, like, a cartoon”, the girl says. “A picture that moves. I think I’ve heard of something called ‘Sword Autism Offline’, so I kinda got the gut feeling you’re fooling with me”, she delivers her analysis in her deadpan voice.
“N-no! You’ve got it all wrong! He has a serious problem!”, Saber interjects, as you nod vigorously.

“Fair enough”, she says, giving up. “I am Rin, by the way. Hope we get along. Hope your penis works fine”.
“I-it sure does!”, you state firmly.
“Oh, one more thing!”, adds Saber. “Can you tell us where our class is?”

Now that, by and large, was a stupid idea. If she barely believed you before, she surely won’t believe any more of your words now…
“3-3. You better hurry before homeroom begins”, she surprisingly responds.

“A-Alright, come on Sa…Sara. We’ll be late. Bye Rin, thanks for the talk”, you babble, as you grab Saber and try to get away.
Saber is waving at the girl, painfully oblivious to the fact that the girl can’t reciprocate the gesture.

‘What do we do now?’,you find yourself thinking. You’ve got a few options.

>Go to class
>wander through the school
>wander through the dormitories
I wasn't expecting that, to be honest.
>Wander through the school.
>wander through the school
We're looking for masters and servants so his should be fine

“Saber”, you lean in and whisper to her, “let’s dodge class. We have to search for clues”.
She nods. There’s hesitation in her face, probably she preferred examining the classroom or the dormitories.
Anyway she seems ok with the decision, so you push forward.

As you walk through the school, you cast an eye-diversion spell on you Saber, just to facilitate exploration.
There seems to be feeble magical traces pretty much everywhere. A girl wearing a bloomer and leg prosthetics is running through the corridors, and you dodge her just in time.

A faint trace of magic is coming from room 3-3, where you were supposed to have class.
You move closer and benefit from the door being slightly open to take a peak inside.
An unmotivated, middle aged teacher is having class in a half-empty classroom. Curious to say the least.

A starker magic trace was coming from the infirmary, but the door was closed. You deemed trying to get in too dangerous, and decided to give up. After all, if there’s a Master here, you know where he or she is, while your presence here remains unknown.

Moving around, you also get a chance to see the outside facilities dedicated the track and field group.
No one is using them, of course, but you assess there to be a wide variety for such a small school.
As you wonder, you run into an empty room with a table, two chairs, a chess set and a tea set.

Moving in to analyze these objects, you notice a thick layer of dust over all of them.
“Saber, care for some tea?”. you ask her.
“Sure”, she responds.

You move towards the sink to clean the tea set and put some water in the tea machine. Your clothes will have to get a bit dirty, but you don’t mind. You really just want to sit for a while.
There is not a lot of choice for tea in the cupboard: it’s either french vanilla, french vanilla or french vanilla.

“Guess we’ll go for french vanilla”, you conclude.
“Oh, I don’t mind”. Saber is in her focused mood once again. Her energetic personality is more of a thin layer, that disappears after a while or once she doesn’t need to interact with people.

You pour water in both of your cups from the machine, then add the teabag.
“It feels like we’re going nowhere”, you comment, a bit dissatisfied.
“Relax, Master. There are traces around. I can feel them too. We just need to keep looking”.

While you talk, a bell rings. It’s the Big Ben tune.
“Lunch time”, Saber says. “Now it’s our chance. Let’s go, Master!”

>Visit the Library
>Visit the Cafeteria
>Visit the school rooftop.
>Visit the school rooftop
>As you walk through the school, you cast an eye-diversion spell on you Saber, just to facilitate exploration.

*you and saber.

Sorry guys.
>Visit the school rooftop
>Visit the rooftop
A high ground vantage point should be useful
>Visit the school rooftop.

I hope we'll meet a banchou master on the rooftop desu. I've heard they like that spot.
What is the fourth Sorcery? I know what the First, 2nd, 3rd and 5th are. But not the fourth.
nothing is known about the fourth magic.
“Alright. Let’s go to the rooftop”.
“The rooftop? Why, Master? That’s a place for delinquents, not a place for investigations!”
“Is it? Even better, if this school has a master, then it has to be a delinquent”, you conclude.

Saber looks perplexed and follows you hesitantly. As you get there, you see the armless girl and the legless girl that almost run into you walking together. While the latter is paying no attention to you, the eyes of the former are fixed onto you.

It’s more an absent-minded kind of staring, one that belongs to someone who tends to space out. You don’t really believe she’s looking at you.
The girls are complaining about how the rooftop is not a viable choice for lunch anymore, which increases your curiosity about the situation.

You expect the rooftop to be full of students enjoying the last days of warmth, but as you get there, you see there’s only one girl looking through the fence, with her back turned to you.
She’s just standing there without talking, not even wearing the school uniform.

She seems to have short black hair.
The silence and the fact that you can’t look into her face bother you more than you imagined.
“I don’t know who you are”, she starts talking. “I just heard you coming from the door”.

Of course. The spell works on images, not on sounds. You didn’t plan for this.
“No one comes up here anymore, not since I came to this place. I think they just can’t bear with my regrets. I think they hate me. After all, I am not disabled like them. They believe that only if you’re disabled you can feel sorry for yourself. And I feel sorry for them, some of them won’t live for long. But I have scars in my life too, mistakes I can’t undo, and… I am sorry. I am rambling. Can I ask you to leave, please?”

Saber gives you meaningful look. This time you’ll let her decide.
You take your leave, and you can hear a feeble “thank you” coming from the girl once you close the door.

As you make your way downstairs, you notice a beautiful, ginger girl walking towards you with the help of a cane.
Unlike the readhead, this one is staring directly into you. She even winked at you.
“Oh, we have a new student”, she says.
“I didn’t expect him to be so handsome, however”, she adds, leaning towards to you.
“Perhaps we’d spend some time together, you know… I like seeing boys sweat, if you catch my drift”, she goes on, placing her hand on your chest and coming close enough to whisper in your ear.

“I… I….I…” you’re at a loss for words. This is too much, too fast.
“Leave now, Master of the Ainsworth”, she murmurs. “this is not your place. So get out”.

>If you know who I am, you should know better than threatening me
>OK [lie]
>OK [Actually leave]
>Why would I?
Nothing is known about it. I am exploiting this 'hole' to give a more central role to it in my quest.

I think I've written a bit about it in the last thread. Would you like me to copy and paste that for you?
>>If you know who I am, you should know better than threatening me
>If you know who I am, you should know better than threatening me
I would also like to add
>No reason why we can't be civil about things, don't you think? And throw the kind of smile that says "you failed to scare me".
I'll vote this >>75695
I want to think that Fred can't deal with forward girls because he's young but can deal with cocky enemies because he's Ainsworth.
Would make sense
Your confidence returns to you as the girl moves off you.
“You know who I am, so how dare you threaten me?”, you respond, flashing her a smile.
The girl looks at you with a perplexed expression. “Threaten? That was not a threat. That was an advice”.

“How thoughtful of you. You will find that I am an extremely reasonable person. So if you have anything to say, watch your tone, watch your tongue, and we’ll get along”.
The girl is getting visibly irritated.

“What are you gonna do otherwise?”
“That’s what I was thinking of asking you”, you retort.
“Do you think you scare me, Ainsworth? Do you want to kill me? I am not afraid of death. We’re all dying, just at a different speed. You could say I am the Emi Ibarazaki of dying. I am telling this for your sake: get out of here before it’s too late”.

“Yes, I suspected as much”, you continue. “There’s more than one Master here, isn’t it so? I will find what I am looking for, even if I have to burn the school to the ground to do it”, you confidently claim.
The girl looks at you with pure disgust. “I expected nothing less of an Ainsworth. People and tools, you really see no difference, do you? I pity you.”

Saying this, she takes her leave, continuing down the corridor.
“I have one last thing to tell you. I’d avoid going around the town at night… when the full moon is on the sky, the monsters come out of their hiding”, she nonchalantly concludes.

You watch her go away with the same defiant look you had all through the conversation. Saber, however, looks positively dejected.
“We have no time to lose, Saber. Let’s continue the inspection”.

Wandering through the school, you notice that all the traces of magic seem to have disappeared. “Somebody is hiding them… that girl…”
You grind your teeth. Has this all been in vain?
No. There’s something fishy going on in this school. At least you know this much. That girl could be a Master too, and she’s certainly a magus.

You can’t shake the feeling of being followed, but you can’t exactly tell if it’s your paranoia or some form of magic at work.
The sun is setting, and you decide that withdrawing would be the wisest thing to do.

“Our position has been compromised. We better leave”, you tell Saber.
She nods. Her morale hasn’t improved.
As you get to the gate, you see black car parked right in front of it.

A man with short blond hair is leaning on it, his eyes closed.
As he sees you coming forward, he opens them. They’re red, much darker than yours.
“Yo, kid.” he calls to you. “Do you want a ride to town?”

>No, thank you
>Ignore him
>Yes, please
>"Oh? And with whom do I have the pleasure to be sharing a ride with?" Said in a polite tone.
Ugh, now suddenly everyone got the jump on us. Battle soon coming, I suppose. Would it be reasonable to asume this guy is related to the family? Maybe one of the cadet families that we are supposed to be suspicious of?
I have half the idea of leaving this up until tomorrow before continuing.

People have literally disappeared from the quest.
I will give it 20 minutes, if no more votes are casted I will take a break and we'll continue tomorrow.

I've been rather forgetful of my trip, have I not? Thank God my IP stayed the same.
Probably for the best to do that, yeah.
basically this >>76224
Should I cast your votes more leaning on the no or on the yes?

feel free to elaborate
Yes, but be careful. Question every movement.
On the yes because I don't wanna be overtly confrontational, just cautious. That girl just got our brand of Ainsworth pride because she started it.
“Oh? And with whom do I have the pleasure to be sharing a ride with?”, you ask politely, but with a hint of suspicion.
“Why? A fine lass like myself, of course”

Did he just say… lass? On a closer inspection, there’s something androgynous, nay, feminine about him.
He might actually be a she.
“Oh. Well I am afraid you’ll have to be more specific than that to convince me”

“Playing hard to get?”
“No, just playing it safe. I have no idea who you are, why would I trust you?”
“Are you a kid that’s been told by his mom not to take candies from strangers?”, she asks, mocking you. “Just hop on”, she continues, this time a little less politely.

“I have no idea who you are or what you want. So have a nice evening, miss”, you say as you take your leave.
“Fine! Then we’ll do this my way”.
You try to move, but you can’t. You’re rooted in place.

You turn around to face her. Blonde hair, red eyes, pale complexion: the signs of albinism.
This means that the nerves in her eyes are altered, resulting in…
“That’s right. Sis’s got the short end of the stick: she’s blind. But I, I’ve got my Mystic Eyes”.

As she says that, she seems to notice Saber, no longer hidden by your spell. She winces, but keeps her focus.
“Listen up laddie. I don’t give a shit about people in this school, but my sister does. So if you want to kill the enemy Masters, be my guest, turn them into a pulp. But don’t you ever talk about burning the whole thing to the ground. Keeping the innocents out is the first rule, remember?”

You nod. There’s nothing you can do, this time she’s got you. She’s given out her status as Master, so you will make sure to repay her kindness.
The constraint is dissolved around you. You can move freely now.

“I will keep that in mind. Have a good evening”, you say, waving her goodbye.
Saber has been silent all this time. She looks profoundly sad, so sad that you don’t even dare talking to her.
Besides, you still feel like you’re being followed.

“Master… I don’t want to go back to that place anymore”, she says hesitantly. “I don’t like it. Please don’t bring me there anymore”.
The pleading tone in her voice makes you feel profoundly guilty. You’ve ignored her all day, that probably made her uncomfortable.

“That’s alright. We’ll look somewhere else. I will buy you a dessert to make up for this, ok?”
She nods and smiles feebly. “Thank you, Master. Sorry for being always such a bother”
“Oh come on, you help me out a lot! I am grateful to have you by my side. Let’s just get to the Motel now, shall we?”

“Denied. Eliminating Saber-class Servant priority. Engaging conflict now”.


We'll continue tomorrow lads. It's pretty late anyway, and I think I've lost my players here and there. I will try to co-ordinate better next time.
Alright dude, have a nice evening and thanks.
Just a reminder that we will be running today as well.
The emotionless, almost robotic voice coming behind you makes you turn instantly.
In front of you stand two figures, a girl and a man.
The girl is clad in the Yamaku uniform, she, too, walking around with the help of a cane. Her heterocromatic eyes seem dim, as if she’s acting on ‘autopilot’.
The same lack of lucidity can be seen in the guy’s eyes. He is wearing ancient clothes, and his hollow face is contorted in a painful grimace. His left arm ends in a stump, rather than in a hand.

Saber’s demeanor changes instantly: she reaches for her sword and readies it, although it seems to be still clad in its scabbard.
“Master, what kind of enemy are we facing?”
You shift your gaze from the girl to the man. It seems he is the Servant after all: his stats were so low that none of you could detect its presence.

The girl, on the other hand, seems to be emanating no magical energy. She’s surrounded by it, but she’s not the source.
The Servant in front of you is a mistake. It has no class skills and it is entirely unfit to be a Servant. Yet you can clearly perceive him as one, through the powers of clairvoyance granted by the Grail to every Master.

His Servant class, Monster, is irregular, yet he looks so human. The night has fallen onto the town, an implicit green light to fights between Masters.
You’re nervous, but excited to put your Servant to the test. This enemy seems to be the perfectly fit for a warm-up battle.

“Saber, it’s a third-rate irregular class Servant. You should have no problem hacking him to pieces”, you claim, brimming with confidence.
Saber, on the other hand, is much more tense. “Master, there’s something wrong here… Please watch out”.

“Monster, our Lord commands you to proceed. Do not leave any of them alive”, the girl comments, in a flat tone.
Only a deaf grunt can be heard coming from the Servant, as he takes a few steps forward.
Then, his eyes devoid of sanity, he screams at the top of his lungs.

Powerful magic overflows from his girdle, as a monstrous transformation takes place: where there used to be a man stands a werewolf, with grotesque proportions and a canine head, upright on what used to be his legs.
“His Noble Phantasm…”, you mutter.
Saliva drops from his mouth, as he furiously rushes towards Saber.
His only paw, large as a human torso, swipes in an arc from right to left, and Saber expertly dodges it jumping further on the left, and readies to counter-attack.
But that brings her exactly where Monster wanted. Monster’s left arm, ending in a stump, produces a phantom paw out of thin air, and with a nimble movement it grabs Saber.

“Saber!”, you call out to her. The phantom hand seems to be slowly eroding her Magic Defense, and you don’t know how much she will last. Her Counter Guardian skill is next to useless against anti-heroes and monsters, so it’s now up to you to take a decision

>Trust Saber, she can get out of this alone
>Attack the enemy Master
>Attack the enemy Servant
>attack the enemy Servant
>Attack the enemy Master
>Attack the enemy Master
>Attack the enemy Servant
>Attack the enemy Servant

I bet caster is behind this.
>Attack the enemy Servant
With quick movements, you trace a symbol in the air: the rune Sowilo, representing the sun, looks like two snakes.
A beam of light hits the werewolf, that immediately drops Saber.
Without hesitation, she grabs her sheathed sword once again and dashes against Monster.

The werewolf blocks the attack with his paw, before flinging Saber away once again. Roaring in rage, he gets on all four to pursue his target.
It’s a fight that Saber can’t win: while they’re equal in strength, Monster is faster and sturdier.

Saber gets back up and dodges Monster’s furious charge, ready to counterattack.
The phantom paw materializes one more, blocking Saber’s attack, then Monster leans in attempting to bite her with his sharp and cruel teeth, his eyes a blazing fire in the night.

Saber is clearly starting to get fatigued, while Monster looks like he could go on all night long.
You touch your Command Spells. Maybe you could order her to use her Noble Phantasm, then it’d be probably over quickly.
But that’s a reckless move, you don’t know what her Noble Phantasm is capable of. It’s a shot in the dark that could harm you severely.

Saber jumps backward, dodging the creature’s bite. Her black armor seems to be intact, but the small figure inside of it is breathing heavily.
As Monster raises his fearsome arm once again, ready to deliver a fatal blow, the noise of somebody clearing his throat can be heard.

“Enough of this pathetic farce. Slayer, take care of this”, an imperious voice commands.
Out of the darkness, a black-clad figure dashes to intercept Monster’s paw, blocking it with what seems to be a sickle.
It’s a red-haired knight with a defiant look on his face.

“No hard feelings, Saber. This is just what I do best”, he says, before cleaving the enemy in two with his scythe.
That enormous creature has been torn apart by a feeble-looking weapon, one that doesn’t even seem fit for battle.
Monster’s body vanishes in a golden haze, the crippled girl faints, and the Servant that killed him turns to face Saber.

She immediately raises her sword, but the knight keeps the guard down.
“I am disgusted”, continues the voice from the dark. “I was expecting much more from the heir of the Ainsworth”.
A man clad in a black suit takes a step forward into the light.

You can clearly seem him: he looks foreigner, his eyes and his hair are pitch black, and there’s an coat of arms woven into his jacket.
You recognize the symbol right away: it is the Harway’s, one of the largest Cavalier Families in Europe.
“How do you dare speak like that to your liege lord?”, you admonish him.
“Liege lord? A lord gains his right to rule by birth. That isn’t the case for you, and on top of that, you’re not even capable of maintaining your overlordship by force. Let’s not waste our time, Slayer, we have to look for the sword that killed the unicorn. Count yourself lucky, Frederick: you’re next in line”

After saying this, both him and his Servant dematerialize.
Saber rushes to the girl’s side, who is having a rude awakening.
“Where am I? Who are you?”

>Kill all the witnesses, it’s the rule of the War
>Keep her and question her
>Leave her alone

Status screen: updating
>Keep her and question her
>>Keep her and question her
cripple waifu get.
>Kill all the witnesses, it’s the rule of the War
we need to prove our vassal that we are capable of maintaining our overlordship by force, so we should do that. War is war.
>Keep her and question her

We can still pull a Tohsaka and erase her memories by repeatedly hitting her in the head after that, right?
Yeaaaaaah about that, it feels as if Saber will be miserable if we continue being a douchebag.
who cares about the feelings in the war?
I don't know about you but my goal is to romance saber
I am going after saving the universe from heat death
“Are you ok?”, Saber asks, helping her up.
The girl nods. “My head spins. I don’t remember what happened since last night. I was with Zaida, and then everything got dark, and…”
Saber puts her hands on the girl’s shoulders. “Don’t overexert yourself. Can you get back to school on your own?”

The girl nods, and Saber smiles.
“No”, you interject. “She’s coming with us”
“What? For what purpose?”, Saber asks.

“She probably knows something about the real Master. She doesn’t have half a magic circuit, she couldn’t have possibly supplied enough mana to maintain that beast. So we’re bringing her with us at the motel and questioning her”

“Saber”, you interrupt her. “The rules of War say that witnesses must be eliminated. I have no intention to do so, but the enemy Master has no problem manipulating the innocents. Keeping her under our protection might be for the best”, you conclude.

You can see your Servant nod. Lifting the girl’s arm over her shoulders, she bows her head towards you, as if to say that she’s ready to go.

Once at the motel, Saber lets the girl lay on the bed. She’s so tired she immediately passes out.
“Master, there is something I must ask you”, Saber says. “it’s something I’ve been meaning to ask before we were attacked”
“What is it, Saber?”

“Is it true? For the Ainsworths, there are no differences between people and tools?”
“Oh, there are. But a human should strive to be as tool-like as possible”, you reply.
Saber gives you a profoundly sad look. “Why, Master? That’s not the way a human should live”

“Probably not, I concede you. And yet sacrifices must be made for the greater good”.
“The greater good of whom? So far you’ve made everyone miserable, and I could overlook that, if just you weren’t miserable yourself. I know I am in no place to give you orders, or to judge you. But I’ve lived a life full of regrets, and I wouldn’t want you to be another”.

She really looks on the verge of crying, so you just place your hand over her head.
“I’ve been pushing you around, haven’t I? Master-Servant relationships aren’t always easy, but let’s do our best”.
You move past her and reach for the wardrobe. You rummage through it, and finally find a futon.

You lay it on the ground, right in front of the bed.
“You can sleep on the bed, Saber. It wouldn’t be appropriate for the heir of the Ainsworth to share his bed with a maiden”
“But we have already shared this bed, Master”, she replies.

Tired from a day of investigation, you lay down on the futon, and you hear Saber moving on the bed.
“You don’t see me as a woman, don’t you? You see me as a tool, too”
‘That’s what Servants are’, you are about to respond. But you know it’d make her sad again.

In the end, you fall asleep before you can answer her.

The room in which Zaida Tanaka is sitting is richly decorated and adorned with the finest pieces of furniture.
It’s the glamorous lifestyle an Atlas Alchemist can afford, the maximum luxury with the minimum effort.
He laughs. “Just like the war. The best result, the minimum effort”.

He had brainwashed a schoolgirl he seduced, with the plan of using her as Master apparent.
He also built a mannequin, a puppet just like him, with his same skills, his same features and his same powers for the same purpose, but in the end he decided to keep it as a bodyguard.
In a way, it was his own best friend, and he didn’t want to part from it.

“Of course”, he mumbles to himself. “I enjoy no company better than my own. Other simply wouldn’t understand”.
Zaida leans forward on the table, grabbing a bottle of expensive wine. He pours some of it in a glass, and then sips it slowly.
“The best things in life should be savored bit by bit”.

The noise of something rolling on the ground grabs his attention.
The object making that sound is coming towards him from the open door in front of him.
Standing up, Zaida moves towards the object and picks it up.

Then, with a scream of terror, drops it. It’s his own head.
Scarred, slightly tanned and with brown hair. Even his glasses are there.
“WHO DID IT?”, he screams. “WHO KILLED HIM?”

A man steps forward, holding his left arm with his right hand. His face is drenched in blood, and he’s limping
“Harway…”, the alchemist mutters.
“It’s a good puppet you have. Almost killed me. Almost. But now I am here to finish the job”, the newcomer says confidently.

The man called Zaida laughs coarsely.
“You’re a dead man walking, Julian. I will finish what my clone has started. You will pay for this.”
The alchemist produces a vial filled with a strange liquid and throws it at the man.

“Flatus mei spiritus!”
Quickly reciting a spell, the Harway magus dematerializes,causing the vial to pass through his body.
In the bat of an eye, the alchemist has outstretched his left arm, which seems to be made of wood.
The arm generates a spiritual projection, holding the magus by his throat.

The Alchemist then raises his right leg, projecting the kick right in the magus’s stomach, who coughs up blood.
“That was very impudent of you. I don’t know how you survived the Terror of Bedburg, or my clone, but your life ends now, Julian”
Right before he’s able to deal the final blow, a scythe cuts his head.
A red-haired knight appears, clad in a black cloak and a silver armor
“Took you a while, Slayer”, the magus comments.

“His defenses were better than expected. Rather than aiming at revealing me, they aimed at making me reveal myself by forcing me to be ready to counterattack. A rather smart way to dodge Presence Concealment”.
The magus nods. “Well done nevertheless. I think I will need a break before we go for the Boglander”

The Servant called Slayer smiles at him warmly.
“All the time you need, Master”


Status Screen updated.
That night, the dream is even more vivid.
Asphalt, blood, pain, rejection, faithlessness.
You can’t tell which hurts the most. But you slowly get out of the futon.

Saber is already awake, while the girl is still asleep.
“Good morning Saber. Did you sleep well?”, you inquire
She nods smiling. “But now I am hungry!”

Her mood seems to change in an instant, as her smile turns into a pout.
“Go buy something to eat, Master! For all three of us!”
“I can’t do that, Saber. I could be attacked by other magi”

“But magi only fight if no one is around!”, she clinches.
It’s too much effort to explain her that some magi just don’t care about the rules, and that the Association is hunting them down.

“Why don’t you come with me?”
“I must look after the girl!”
“I put a special lock on the door, people won’t be able to come in”
“But, but, but! What if she wakes up and is all sad?”
You sigh. This is a lost cause, so you elect to just grab something from a store nearby.

Resigned, you head out of the room and of the motel.
It’s a sunny day outside, and taking a walk feels better than you expected.
As you’re traveling through the maze of streets and alleys that make up Saitama, you run into a man dressed in rags, a hood covering his head.

He appears to be old and sickly, and he’s begging for money.
Some of his skin his exposed, revealing that he is somewhat tanned.
“Please… just a few coins… I just need a few coins… please”

People are pretty much ignoring him, and he’s coming closer and closer to you.

>Ignore him as well
>give him some alms.
>>give him some alms.
Being charitable is important in any situation
>give alms

You inspect your pockets for some dimes, and pour them in the man’s outstretched hand.
For a brief instant, you can look through his hood: he has ocean blue eyes, vivid and resplendent like the sea.
For a second, he looks much younger to you, but then you see his long white beard, his wrinkled and his balding hair, and you realize you were just confused.

“Thank you, my man, I never forget someone who’s done me a good turn”, he says, walking on.
You doubt that you’ll ever see him again, but you remember that saving the world comes one person at a time.
You continue to a small bakery shop, where you buy something to eat for everyone, you including.

Coming back to your room, you see the girl has woken up and Saber is talking with her.
“Good morning. Do you feel any better?”
The girl rubs her head. “A bit, I think. But I still can’t remember much from the past day”.

You drop the bag with the food on the bed, and Saber eagerly digs in.
“Save some for the rest of us who have a stomach”, you scold her.
Not even your harsh words seem to have an impact on her.

You turn to face the girl.
“Can I ask a few question about the days before the last, then? Have you met anyone suspicious?”
The girl turns pensive, but then snaps her finger as if she suddenly remembered something

“My dear Zaida, of course!”
“Zaida?”, you press her on.
“Yes, Zaida Tanaka. He is such an interesting boy! I was so glad when he asked me out”.

You sigh in dejection, putting an hand on her shoulder.
“Zaida Tanaka is a scoundrel, an Atlas Alchemist specialized in puppet-making. My idea is that he manipulated you to use you as an ersatz Master, then had you attack me”.
“I… attacked you?”

“Yes”, you say, waving your hand as if to dismiss her concerns. “But it’s ok. I know it wasn’t you. I think you were being brainwashed”.
The girl, however, keeps looking horrified. She must feel the weight of the world on her shoulders.
“How did he brainwash me? Did he drop drugs in my drinks?”
“I guess it’s easier for you to believe that. You answered much of what I wanted to know. If Tanaka is acting as a Master in this war, we’re all in trouble, you more than anyone else. But he won’t try to kill you, not as long as you’re useful to your plans”

“So what do you plan to do?”, asks Saber.
That’s a good question.

>Keep the girl here
>Erase her memory and let her go back to school
>Let her to decide for herself between the two
I would also like to give a brief announcement.
Rather than going for sessions, I will try to keep this quest up episodically and answer when I can.

I think this will suit better everyone and fit into everyone's time schedule.

Thanks for attending, don't forget to cast your vote.
>let saber decide.
I literally don't care about the girl but I'm assuming that our relationship with saber will be affected by the choice so we better just do what she wants.
It is paramount that we have a good relationship with Saber if we mean to survive this. You know the history of the grail wars and I don't mean you anons, I mean you as an Ainsworth. Those goddamn wars tend to kill everyone and be rife with betrayal, that's why I think the early anons were cautious. But we're also Magus, from a distinguished family, and I think that matters something regarding our roleplaying.
But perhaps we jumped the gun with the girl that "warned us" after the rooftop scene. I suggest we try to lean to the noble/polite persona, as befit of our family, when we deal with strangers.
That's just my opinion, tho'
Oh also:
>Other option
"He's most likely going to try to keep using you, do you think you can deal with him appropriately? And I mean, not provoking him and him still having the idea that you're useful to his means.
Otherwise you'll need protection, and I don't think I'll be able to provide it, seeing at how I need to try not to get killed myself"
noob question, but is there an archive for /qst/?
also, i feel saber is being really difficult and uncooperative. i dont know what her deal is. she should be apologizing to us, not the other way around
I appreciate the fact you're not metagaming

I archived part 1, you can read it here
>Let her to decide for herself between the two
>Let her to decide for herself between the two
“I will let her decide. It’s up to you what you want to do, but please understand that I cannot let you go before I erase your memories about me, which means you could fall prey to Tanaka once again”.
The girl is visibly torn between the two options.

“I don’t wanna die… I don’t wanna die… I don’t wanna die…”
She’s repeating those words like a mantra, almost as if she believed that repeating them will make her problems go away.
Saber steps into the bed once more and hugs the girl.

“You can stay if you don’t feel safe. I will protect you”, she says. “And I believe Master Frederick is a good person, so he will protect you too, right?”, she inquires, turning her attention to you.
You sigh. ‘Saving the world one person per time’ is a sound philosophy, but the Holy Grail War has the priority. Better to make that clear.

“Yes, I will do my best. I won’t compromise my chances of victory, however. The stakes are just too high”.
Saber nods, but the girl seems still scared. While your Servant understands the importance of the concession, the girl is still afraid for her life. You would probably be as well, if you were her.

“Can’t you just let me go without making me forget about this?”, she asks.
“I can’t, for our sake. If I let you go with your memories intact, I can’t exclude the possibility that Zaida will torture you to extract information about me. I can’t risk doing that to you”, you conclude.

“Ok… but then there’s not a lot I can help you with. I don’t know much about him, nor about what’s going on.”
“I don’t expect that kind of assistance from you. Albeit maybe you can tell us more about this town and your schoolmates”.
She winces. “Are they involved too? Are you going to… kill them?”

You shrug. Honesty is the best policy.
“I sincerely hope not. But if I have to, I will”.
“Why? What is going on? Why are people killing each other?”

You look at her puzzled. “Isn’t this what people have been doing since the beginning of time? Except this time there’s much more at stake, the possibility of having one’s impossible wish granted. My family desires the salvation of this world, and a few casualties are acceptable if the end result is victory”, you remark.
"But that way you won’t save the world. Those who are killed will not be saved”, the crippled girl points out.
“Yes, unfortunately. Saving a person always comes at the price of not saving another. That’s something someone who wants to be an ally of justice can’t forget”.

The girl nods, with a contrite expression.
She’s probably processing this fact of life, wondering if she’d be willing to trade her life for her classmates.
“I won’t ask you to tell me about them, if it makes you distressed”, you concede her.

“Is it okay if I just tell you about the town, then?”, she asks hesitantly.
“Sure”, you reply. “suit yourself”.
The girl smiles faintly. “Thank goodness. Then, may I treat you guys? For saving me, I mean. I know a tea shop not far from here, called Shanghai.”

>No, that place is dangerous
>Yes, we can use her as a shield, if the waitress knows her she won’t attack us.
>How can you be still hungry? Wasn't what I brought along enough?
>Yes, we can use her as a shield, if the waitress knows her she won’t attack us.

Self-preservation is for the weak. And leads to Bad Ends.
>>Yes, we can use her as a shield, if the waitress knows her she won’t attack us.
>How can you be still hungry? Wasn't what I brought along enough?
>>Yes, we can use her as a shield, if the waitress knows her she won’t attack us.
I'm assuming that we won't say this out loud though.
No you're not, I should have made it clear
>>Yes, we can use her as a shield, if the waitress knows her she won’t attack us.
If the girl knows the tea shop, she probably knows the waitress too.
If she knows the waitress, there are less chances she could attack you.

“Perfect. I was exactly in the mood for some tea”, you comment feigning enthusiasm.
Saber looks at you with a quizzical look. She’s probably surprised by your quick change in mood, however she nods and smiles, indicating that she’s also just happy to see you act more natural towards people.

You remember how to get from the motel to the Shanghai very well, and you’ve taken a great care to avoid that place.
The girl however is walking there without a care in the world. Ignorance truly is bliss, you think.
What is more unfortunate? Living a life as a magus, aware of powers well above and beyond human limits, or a life like that of a commoner, distant from the dark and painful world of magecraft, but subject and impotent to the whims of magi?

The jury is still out on that. Probably the best thing to do is make the best out of what you’re given, magic circuits or not. The girl in front of you, for example, seems to be dealing well with whatever condition she has.
“This place is popular among students in Yamaku”, she says. “A waitress here worked as a librarian in our school, but then she quit following the incidents”.

‘The waitress, huh?’, you think. For once, things might be going in the right direction.
The girl opens the door and you’re greeted by the waitress you were hoping to meet.
Curtsying at a neck-breaking speed, she welcomes you to the local.

The air is pervaded by a powerful magic aura. Whoever, nay, whatever this girl is, her power is not natural.
Her right hand is bandaged, a fact the girl is quick to catch up to.
“Hello, Yuuko, nice to see you again. What happened to your hand?”
“N-nothing, thanks for asking, Natsume”, she stutters.

‘She’s a Master’, you instinctively feel.
“L-l-let me show you to your table”, she hesitantly suggests.
Natsume and Saber merrily follow her, while you stay a bit behind, examining the environment to the best of your skills.

The place is mostly empty, just as a few days prior. You start to believe this is often the case, no matter what time of the day it is.
Your table is close to the window, but you notice there are no menus around, unlike last time.
Yuuko is nevertheless waiting for your ordination, notebook in hand.

She’s looking visibly distressed, but Natsume puts her at ease by ordering three portions of ‘the usual’
“Coming right up!”, she answers, before bowing and disappearing.
“Now”, Natsume asks, “what would you like to know?”

>Tell me about this city
>Tell me about the incidents in the school
>Tell me about the waitress
I would prefer to just ask all three but if we have limited time

girl > school > city.
>Tell me about the waitress
We already know about the waitress way more than this girl could tell us, and questioning her about random waitress would be suspicious.

About the city is too much of a general question.

So, let's ask about incidents at school. Preferably pretending we actually care about them, and want to help.
Kinda need a tiebreaker here
Just do waitress.
How about: "What happend with Yuuko? Why she's no longer a librarian?"
“You said she used to work as a librarian. What happened?”, you ask.
She leans in on the table conspiratorially, looking left and right before starting to talk.
“She is the cousin of a former student. She quit her position as a librarian right after her cousin left”.

“I guess something serious must’ve happened. Would asking you about your former classmate be a violation of our agreement?”
Natsume shakes her head. “She’s back in South Africa anyway. Lilly was what you would expect a foreign girl to look like: tall, beautiful, blonde, with amazing blue eyes. She was blind, unfortunately, but that was precisely why her friend Hanako trusted her more than most people. Anyway as with all the problems that occurred in our school, it all begun when the transfer student arrived…”

She cuts her talking immediately, as she sees Yuuko approaching.
The waitress is carrying a teapot and three portions of bavarian cream.
She leaves the teapot at the center of the table and distributes the desserts to each one of you.

Bowing again and almost risking to hit her head, she once again thanks you for being customers.
‘Either this local is doing worse than I think, or she is in a bad need for tips’ , you conclude.
The three of you start eating, waiting for Yuuko to be far enough to resume the conversation.

“Dang it, it’s not this either!”, comments Saber, dissatisfied.
“Huh? You don’t like it?”, Natsume inquires, but Saber shakes her head.
“It’s not that. I like it, but it’s not my favorite. I am looking for my favorite, I can no longer remember what it was”

Natsume nods understandingly, sympathizing with her plight. Then, noticing that the waitress is away once more, she resumes explaining.
“You see, this guy caught…”
She stops mid-sentence. It’s her who’s been caught now.

A guy with ruffled hair, glasses as thick as bottle bottoms and a ridiculous scarf donned around his neck has gotten a hold of your informer’s shoulder, and is holding it tightly.
His smile is somewhat disquieting, but he also looks like he wouldn’t be able to smile normally if he wanted.
In a way, it might even be genuine. You notice he’s wearing the Yamaku uniform.

“Hello, Natsume! Long time no see. I see you’re cutting school just like me, but fear not, I won’t tell on you”
The girl looks flabbergasted. She barely manages to swallow and bow in assent.
“Who are your friends?”, he goes on.
Well it had to happen sooner or later.


“Ah, they… they are tourists visiting the city”, she lies.
“How wonderful”, the guy comments, his smile growing even larger. “We don’t see a lot of them around here”
He now turns to you and Saber. “Our town is small, but cosy, and I am sure Natsume here will show you the best places around. Just… for these days, if possible, avoid visiting our school, or coming nearby. Is that alright?”

You unconsciously nod. After all you made half the agreement with Saber not to get back there.
“Very well”, the guy comments. “Oh, one more thing. May I sit here? I was just in the mood for some tea, and I wouldn’t want to take a table all for myself.”

>Let him sit
>Make him go away
>Ask if he is going to pay for his share if he sits here.
Let him sit
>>Let him sit
Make him pay
this guy is pretty cheap.
>See if Natsume wants him here
>Let him sit
You point him to the chair next to Natsume. “Please, go ahead”, you invite him.
“Thanks!”, he says, before quickly turning to Natsume. “You don’t mind, right?”
“N-no”, she stutters. “I was just telling them about the town”.

“Oh, of course. How long have you been here?”
“A couple of days”, you vaguely suggest. You decide to reveal the guy the least possible amount of information.
After all there’s something seriously strange with him. He appeared almost out of thin air in the middle of the conversation. His glasses are extremely thick, suggesting severe disturbs to sight, yet he didn’t have problems spotting a classmate and two strangers.

You have an idea, and decide to go through with it.
You extend your hand towards the new guy, attempting to introduce yourself in a western fashion.
The guy falls for it and grabs your hand.

“I am Frederick, nice to meet you. My friend here is Sa…Sara”. Right, let’s not give away your Servant class while another Master is not too far away.
“Nice to meet you, Frederick, I am Setou. Oh wait, that was probably your first name, right?” he laughs in embarrassment. “I guess it’s only fair to give you mine. You can call me Kenji”.

“Nice to meet you, Kenji.”
All through the conversation, Natsume seemed shocked, as if something otherworldly was going on right in front of her.
Well, she wouldn’t be wrong, except the strange phenomenon capturing her attention is Kenji, not the Holy Grail War.
Saber, too, seems focused on your new acquaintance.
“So you attend school together?”, you ask, trying to break the ice.

“Oh, yeah… although I don’t usually, like… how can I say, I mean…” The girl fumbles with her words, which causes Kenji to laugh heartily.
“You have to forgive Natsume, here. I used to be a lot more anti-social and pretty much borderline paranoid. What she’s trying to say is that she never saw me around nor did anyone see me hanging out with anybody else.”

He scratches his head, an apologetic yet smiling look on his face.
“I am kinda ashamed of the way I used to be, I would like to blame it on hormones and adolescence, but that excuse expired for me a couple of years ago. Yep, I have no excuse anymore. So please forgive my childish behavior”, he says, mostly referring to Natsume.

“No, it’s ok…” she replies, smiling faintly. “I am sure you’ve changed, plus you were a good friend for him, right?”
A shadow of sorrow passes over Kenji’s face, but it lasts for a second only. Then he’s smiling once again, maybe with a hint of bitterness this time.
“How was the meal? Can I bring you anything elsAAAAAAA!”
Yuuko approaches your table, then emits a shout of surprise. Apparently she, too, is acquainted with the guy.
She takes a few steps back, holding her notebook with both hands.

“W-what are you doing here?”, she inquires.
“Oh hello sweetheart. I didn’t feel like going to school today, so I decided to pay you a visit”, the guy replies.
Natsume’s mouth is agape. Saber seems to be intrigued, and so are you.

“Th-that’s not good! That’s th-th-the same excuse you used yesterday!”, she yells, half-angry, half-startled.
“Oh come on, cut me some slack. I already studied this part of the program, I’ve failed this year so many times now”
“That’s even worse! It means that you cannot absolutely fail, this time!”
“I know, I know, I won’t, I am telling you!”

Looks like you’ve been caught in a lover’s quarrel.

>Stay and watch it unfold
>look for an excuse and leave
Watch it unfold

watch it unfold.

damn, I'm really getting excited with this story. At first I was skeptical of the KS element, but this story is reminding me how much I liked the game when it originally came out.
>Stay and watch it unfold
>Stay and watch it unfold
I am glad you feel that way, I think the setting alienated most of my readers.

Would you believe that /ksg/ had 3000 threads and counting? They sure are resilient.

Anyway not to make this a blogshit/spam post.
As you've noticed I am publishing updates anytime 5 or more votes are casted, so I am waiting for one more
Stay and watch
Possessed by some sort of weird curiosity, you decide to stay and watch through the altercation.
“Look, now that you’re not working anymore at the library I barely see you, I am just trying to spend more time with you, that’s all there is to it”, Kenji continues.
“Well I…” Yuuko stops, blushing. She seems to have acknowledged your presence at the very last moment.

Yet again, she takes a mad dive forward, seriously putting at risk her own safety.
“SORRY! I didn’t notice you were there and I was just surprised that I found him and I think he shouldn’t come so often, and… oh God”, she pauses, her face twisted in an expression of abject terror. “I am a bad waitress, isn’t that so? I am going to lose my job for sure!”

Kenji holds her, trying to make her calm down.
“Hey, let’s talk about this somewhere else.” He turns towards you all, smiling apologetically once again. “Sorry for the inconvenience. I enjoyed our short chat. I will settle the bill for this one, if you promise to come by again”.
“Oh, we will for sure”, Saber replies with a huge grin.

You sigh as you watch them leave. There’s no time to lose.
“Let’s get out of here”, you tell them, standing up as fast as you can and heading for the exit.
The girls follow suit, trying to catch up with you.

You get out shortly before them, and produce a handkerchief from your pocket. You wrap it on the hand you’ve shaken with Kenji, then put it back in the pocket.
You hear a squishing sound under your shoe. Lifting it, you wince in disgust noticing that you accidentally killed a multicolored scarab.
“Hey, are you in such a hurry? It’s not very polite to leave a lady behind”, Saber remarks.

“Right. Well sorry, I needed some fresh air”, you lie.”Can we go to the motel now? I need to do something”.
Both girls nod, and you lead the way to your temporary base of operations.
Once there, you set up your ‘portable’ workshop: vials, ampoules and fluids are laid on the table, and you prepare to conduct your experiments.
“What are you doing?”, Natsume asks.
“Something I should have done a long time ago”, you respond. You take out the handkerchief you cleaned your hand with and pour some concoction on it, then grab another handkerchief.
“Could you please rub this against your hand or forehead?”, you ask her.

“S-sure”, she hesitantly replies. She rubs her forehead gently, then passes it back to you.
You thank her, then pour the same concoction on the new handkerchief.
The two of them begin changing color.

“Look at this: the handkerchiefs are changing color because they’ve been exposed to magic. This means that guy Kenji is a magus too, or he knows someone in Yamaku who is one”, you ascertain.
“I think I will conduct some more analysis on these evidences. The trace left by Yuuko on our garments is too feeble to research more on it, but it doesn’t really matter. I don’t need more proof to assess the threat level of a monster like that”.

Natsume stifles a laugh, and you look at her askance.
“I am sorry”, she mumbles, still trying to contain her laughter. “It’s just very hard to imagine that big klutz of Yuuko as anything more than a clumsy waitress”
“Oh believe me, if you knew what she were capable of, you’d be crying instead”.

The day passes by with Natsume trying to catch up on her studies and you analyzing whatever little clue you have.
Saber spends her time bothering you and the girl equally, claiming that she’s bored.
“We’re sort of in a mortal combat here, Saber. Sorry if it’s not as fun as you expected that to be”, you retorted.
She pouted in annoyance, and then she continued annoying the both of you.

Finally you exhaust all the methods you had at your disposal.
It’s dusk outside, and you still have some things to do: talk with Ruler about the irregular class Servant you observed, and analyze the leylines running through the town center.

>Talk with Ruler
>Take a walk to the city.
Take a walk to the city.
>Take a walk to the city.
>Take a walk to the city.
>Take a walk to the city.

Sorry guys, noticed just now that I am having problems with my trip, other than with my IP.
I can confirm I am this guy
>Take a walk to the city
“Saber”, you call out to you Servant, who is acting like a restless dog. “We’re off to the town center, I need to continue my investigations”.
“Oh, finally!”
“What about me?”, asks Natsume.

“You’re coming with us”, you promptly respond. “We can’t leave you here”
“Well what if Yuuko came? I’ve heard that there are magicians powerful enough to… No, nevermind, no point in scaring you with stuff like that. Just come with us, it’s for your safety”.

Reluctant and trembling like a leaf, the girl nods.
She gulps, and Saber encouragingly pats her on the back.
“Cheer up, cheer up! Master Fred is very competent. Nothing will happen to us, I am sure”.

The girl smiles faintly, somewhat heartened.
You grab a few things from your portable workshop, wait for the others to get out and then seal the entrance with your command.
As soon as you’re in the streets, Saber’s attitude changes once again, and she puts on her ‘serious face’.

She seems prone to emotional change, like from very happy to very sad and viceversa. However, as soon as it’s time to fight, her cold demeanor is that of a relentless knight.
The sky is still lit by a full moon, while it’s somewhat harder to take a good look at the stars because of luminous pollution.

You curse under your breath: astronomy is one of your strongest fields. You still have a couple of tricks up your sleeve, anyway.
As you walk further into the city center, you notice how the leyline lies almost entirely on a straight line on which plenty of houses have been built.
Surely that land used to belong to an ancient family of magi that grew smaller and smaller as time passed.

“Saber, what’s your mana level?”, you inquire.
“Right now, pretty high. I am recharging thanks to the mana in this leyline”, she replies.
Satisfied, you walk on.

Then, suddenly, you turn around and point your index finger, lifting your thumb, on a distant figure.
“Gandr shot!”
A black bullet the size of a tennis ball travels all the way to your target, a bird painted of all the colors of the rainbow.
The creature makes a squealing noise and falls to his death.
Your hand is stuck in a pistol-like shape, with smoke coming from your finger.

“What was that? What did he shot at?”, you can hear the girls wondering as you walk towards your victim.
Before you can move in to take a closer look, however, the bird dissipates into colored powder.
You take a handful of it. It feels like poster paint in your hands.
You drop it and clean your hands, then you walk back to where you were.
“This will come as no news to you, but we’re being followed. So keep your eyes open”.
You start to recall to mind the shape, the name and the power of each rune. In case someone attacks, you must have one ready.

By the time you’ve finished, you’ve reached the central square of the town.
Saber stretches and emits a satisfied moan. “Very well, my mana is at its peak. I feel like I could take on a whole army!”, she shouts, putting on a defiant face.

“Oh, really? Then let’s put you to test”, says a familiar sarcastic voice in a challenging tone.
The noise of footsteps and a cane can be heard echoing through the alleys leading to the square, and the girl you talked with during your last visit in Yamaku appears.

“You have something that doesn’t belong to you, Ainsworth. Give it back to us”
“If you mean the girl, she’s under my protection. I won’t give her to you”
“We weren’t asking permission”, she answers resolutely.

You can hear one more sound: hoofs hitting the asphalt.
Turning around, you see a blue, yellow and brown bolt approaching your position at a breakneck speed.
It’s clear that it is some device other Masters have set up to snatch Natsume.

>Use the Ehwaz rune [halts the movement of the horse it is used against] (against the approaching enemy)
>Use the Raido rune [severely impairs the movement of the target] (against the approaching enemy)
>Use the Kaunan rune [causes a blot of acid to form in the body of the target] (against the girl challenging you)
>Use the Raido rune
Use the radio rune
Posting only to confirm if we're on autosage or not
kaunan rune
>Use the Raido rune [severely impairs the movement of the target] (against the approaching enemy)

Thread went into autosage, continuing here >>106207
>You will probably also need the Status Screen, as in the original VN, although not exactly as flashy

In the next thread can you make a post after the first one that is a screenshot of Status sheet as of the start of the thread?

I'm having trouble getting the google doc to size correctly. (it's far to big/zoomed in so I can only see a few cells of the spreadsheet at a time [I'm on a computer with a big monitor not a cellphone])

Also it may help people on phones

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