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Other Slasher Quest: http://boards.4chan.org/qst/thread/751298#bottom

Now featuring further experimentation with the "Slasher Skirmish" rules. Instead of beginning with the Slasher team we begin with the Survivor team, and unlike with the Cenotaph Slayer you begin with all possible survivors and more cannot be created.

The survivors are camp counselors for Camp Red Water, a children's summer camp built off Louisiana's Red River. Its purposefully "back to nature"-there's an emergency phone, but other than that you're isolated from civilization. You'll have to drive one of the cars a couple of miles to the small town of Whitefield if you want internet access.

Camp Red Water is quiet, secluded, and peaceful...for now.


First, for added Halloween fun, choose your favorite QM to be the model for one of the survivors. Then choose from the following list of slasher movie stereotypes to determine stats and potential special ability. You may select a stereotype more than once.

JOCK: (Not actually in a lot of slasher movies...)

HORROR NERD: Never go in a room alone, its a death wish!

MARTIAL ARTIST: Take your best shot motherfucker.

WORRY WART: Come on Franklin its gonna be a fun trip! Tppppbbbb! Tppbbb!

TOUGH GUY: Hey Mikey, happy fucking Halloween!

QUEEN BEE: (Actually not in a lot of slasher films either..)

SHY GIRL: Guys think I'm too smart...

PRANKSTER: Classic Shelly.

DUDE WEED: Hide the weed!

THE DEAD FUCK: The computer doesn't lie.

PARTY BRO: Do a kegstand!

SURVIVALIST: Eagle scout and proud.

NERD NERD: (Another of those stereotypes that everyone says is in slasher films but itsn't)

CREEPY AND KOOKY: Also mysterious and ooky and altogether spooky. Would wear more black if it wasn't so damn hot.

SERIOUS SAM: We are here to run a camp, not to party!

>Remember, select a QM and a stereotype to create a character. We need six of them.
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129 KB JPG
>Martial artist
Don't go on here often so sorry for asking you this, but what is a QM?
Quest Master. The guys that run the quests basically. The OP.

What's their quest?
Beat the hell of out of slasher team/become the slasher.
>Creepy and Kooky
>Skelly from Modern Necromancer Quest
I am sorry dude, i'll make it up to you with fanart
I mean garou's quest.


"You know some say Jesus Christ was the first necromancer..."



Shelly knows more than a few things about the occult and macabre. He finds the horror around him more fascinating than unnerving. He never takes nerve damage and is never spooked.

Five more (Four if I can figure out who Garou is) to go!
Renexizious from EDQ in his human form.
Will Slashy be making an appearance in this one too? I like the little bastard. He still a faggit, tho'

Also, i figured out the twist
Velo is both the killer and one of the counselors
Not a QM, but sure, I'll take someone based on a quest character.

"Aw come on, what's a headlock between buds?"



Ren is a monster on the gridiron. The killer has -2 speed when he attempts to chase Ren.

Shelly doesn't get a passive rank by the way. Its to balance out how powerful OCCULT INTERESTS is.
Slashy is the official mascot of Slasher Skirmish.


Naw, that's too obvious. And I want to save "one of the survivors is the killer" for another game.

What's his stereotype?
>What's his stereotype?
Wouldn't know, outside of the memes i've neven heard of him

Serious Sam or Worry Wart, i guess. Whatever is more controlling
>Nerd Nerd
Mary from audit quest.
>Velo is the camp manager

This is too good not to use

"Remember we all voted I was the one in charge?"



Val is the guy in charge. When he is in a group his group has killer rerolls equal to the size of the group. When he is killed or his nerve fails the killer gets survivor rerolls equal to the size of the group.


"I wish I was home building my dungeon..."

Passive: 1
Health: 1
Nerve: 1


When in an encounter with the killer the killer fails all cunning rolls until Mary is killed.

So far who got


Anyone know who Garou is? Even with him we need one more.
Basically a stronk as hell martial artist.
Got salty he was unpopular and started to hate heroes
Then he started beating the shit out of them because he wanted to become a monster.

Maybe Somnius from DBZ quest
>Serious Sam
Even if this Garou doesn't become a councelor, he has to become part of the story in some way now
>Quest Guy from Joker Quest
>The dead fuck
"I didn't vote for you..."



>Slashy the Pumpkin says: I know what you're probably thinking, but I'm the leader doesn't stack. You can however put both leaders in two groups to give both groups rerolls equal to their size...

You mean the OPM guy? There's a OPM quest?
I'm pretty sure there isn't.
Kayaba from jumpchain quest
>Party Bro
File: F13 NES Victims.jpg (404 KB, 1456x536)
404 KB
404 KB JPG
"I want to be with you like the gilded sun wants to bathe the land in blazing golden rays of solar sunshine"



The computer doesn't lie Johnny. But look on the bright side, your chivalrous instinct means that you have to die before the killer can target anyone of the opposite sex in your group.


Who names the big bad after a Wuthering Heights character?

"No worries bro! Think of the great outdoors like a virtual forest..but its a real forest instead!"

Passive: 1
Health: 3


Kenny is a bro's bro. He may transfer damage from a killer's attack to himself.

Bumping the limit up to eight, which means one more. Garou won't be a counselor because no quest, but he might sneak in an appearance...
>His SPECIAL is not called "Such defiance!"
You failed us, HorrorHost
I was hoping Ren would get barbaric for his skill but no such luck.
I had to reference the scene, I had to!

He'll still have the "overgrown kid" attitude of EDQ


For team survivors to answer: One, Two, or Three killers?
will we get flames too?
I pick two.
Two leaders and two killers.
This be okay
Two killers

This is going to be fun!

Still need one more counselor.
Oh, and I thought of a way to solve a couple of problems-how to get another chick and get garou in-sort of.

Add Awoo/Lin from Hero Guardian Quest

Anyone want to do this?
>Get flames

As in romance or fire?
"I just don't get along with people, okay?"



When Lynn is in an encounter with the killer that killer takes damage when they score a failure on a ferocity roll, not just a critical failure.


VAL: Game of Thrones fan and the leader.
SAMMY: DBZ fan and also the leader.

MARY: Shy nerd girl. Wishes she was back home DM'ing.
LYNN: Antisocial martial artist with a love of wolves and nature that she hopes to instill in her young charges. Has a secret about her hair that she's very sensitive about. Unironically wears THAT shirt.

SHELLY: The weirdo camp cook.
JOHNNY: Horny, loveless guy with a chip on his shoulder. Writes very bad poetry.

KENNY: A troll online, a bro in real life.
REN: Friendly jock and overgrown kid.


Survivor team, determine where you want the counselors to "spawn" during the killers' attack.









Just as in the CLASSIC Friday the 13th video game you got to keep the kids safe. You have 20 kids-10 girls and 10 boys. If you lose more than half of them its GAME OVER and KILLERS WIN. So you'll want to keep counselors around the kids in the cabins.

HOWEVER, The mess hall, the utility shed, the docks, the garage, and the abandoned cabin all have resources that the killers and survivors can use from gasoline and harpoon guns to hunting rifles and chainsaws.

The mess hall is also where the emergency phone is. Its highly important to keep an eye on that.

The docks and the garage also provide escape routes for evacuating kids and survivors.

Val: Girl's cabin The weirdo
Sammy: Mess hall
Mary: Utility shed All alone, like god intended. But she isprobbly running some D&D for the non-christian kids
Lynn: Boy's cabin. Roughousing with some troublemakes
Shelly: The abandoned cabin, looking for the lost spice rack of old.
Johnny: Utility shed, stalking Mary and her gaming group Nerdy girls should be easy. Why isn't she paying attention to me?
Kenny and Ren: Mess hall, having a competition of who can eat the grossest food. Ren is currently winning because he ate a whole serving of Jack-style bean salad

Mary sighs as her internet connection suddenly dies. She was hoping that she'd be able to update her rpgcafe group before hitting the dead zone.
"Oh well..." She mumbles to herself. "It's only two weeks"

She's here as a favor to her friends. Sammy wanted another girl to help with the kids and she didn't want to be THAT GIRL. She worries that she's THAT GIRL way too often.

She sighs as she watches the forest speed by. She doesn't want to take out the 3DS she smuggled, not in front of the kids. It was risky enough trying to update on her phone. Camp Red Water is supposed to teach kids how to live without technology. No phones, no gameboy, and no internet. So she sits and stares out at tree after tree after tree and waits for the bus to arrive.

"What the hell does Lynn see in all that?" She wonders.

After awhile she grows desperate for something to do-even if that something is talking to another person. She's that desperate. She looks around and sees one of her fellow camp counselors sitting by himself. He's a skinny guy with messy hair and for some reason he's wearing a black shirt with some weird symbols on it. "So he's so into metal he's going to run around the woods in dark colors." She mumbles to herself. "Oh well. Its not like you don't get carried away with fandoms" She thinks moving into his seat, but only to the edge.

He turns his head on his neck and stares at her. "Camp Red Water has quite the history." He smiles in what she...thinks and hopes is a friendly gesture. "Do you know about it?"

"H-Hi...my name is Mary...I'm a counselor here to..." She mentally kicks herself. "Stupid Mary! Stupid stupid stupid! Of course you're a counselor, what are you, one of the kids?"

"It wasn't always called Camp Red Water." The teen continues without missing a beat. "It wasn't always a camp. Back in the 1980's they had a place here called the Ecumenical Order of Syrinx. It was a big ass compound for this cult of Satanist weirdos. Think like, Branch Davidians and shit."

"Uh...hi-hi...my name is Mary..." She tries to smile through her nervousness.

"I mean it was CRAZY! They had all these pentagrams and goat heads. But they kept it all out here away from people...and then rumors started to come out." He leans close to her. "You know the big "satanic panic" thing back in the 80's with all the allegations of day care abuse?"

"N-no..." Mary stutters. She knows a little about the satanic panic from her dungeons and dragons hobby. But she doesn't think she ever wants to know the details this guy knows...

"It was a thing. Look it up. A lot of innocent lives were ruined in a big witch hunt...so when people started leaving the Order and saying all this stuff about blood sacrifice and black masses people today tend to think it was just another part of the witch hunt...but here's the cool part..."

"C-cool part?"

"Yeah. You see this place was big enough and the things they people that left said were wild enough that they brought a couple of SWAT
"-teams out here. It was gearing up to be this huge bloodbath! Think Waco but even crazier! But get this...the cops kick in the door and no ones home. All gone. And the place is spotless. No pentagrams. No upside down crosses. Not a single shred of evidence..."

Mary just stares.

"Now some would say that what happened was the guys were kooks, but good people. Think Addams family. So to avoid the trouble of the Satanic Panic they cut down all their cool stuff and booked it. But you know what? We'll never know for sure. Building got torn down, case got closed, and the land sold...but I like to hope they might have left something out here in the woods. A shrine, a temple...and if we're really lucky maybe even a body!" He grins.

"Uh...I got to uh...talk to uh...others." Mary scrambles out of her seat. She makes her way to the front past roughhousing boys and chatting girls.

"Hey...Val? She says tapping a blonde, scruffy faced young man on the shoulder. "Hey Val?"

Val sighs as he shoves a map and pen he was struggling with to the corner of his seat. "What IS IT Mary? I'm trying to map out our nature hikes, and don't tell me you're siding with Lynn's whole idea of "just take them in the woods and show them around". That takes far too many liberties with the time table."

"A-Actually...that guy back there in the black..." She points a shaking finger back at him.

"What? Shelly? What did he do now, make another kid cry with one of his morbid little factoids?"

"He said that there used to be a...a... Satan thing on this land, before it was Camp Red Water."

"Oh god damn it." Val slaps his head. "I TOLD him if he started telling that crap to one of the kids I was going to PERSONALLY kick his ass..."

"Wait wait wait! He just told me..."

"Huh. Well in that case what's the problem?"

"Is it true?"

"Come again?"

"The stuff about the Satan cult..."

Val shrugs. "Who cares? Its all in the past anyway."

"Val, please...did it happen?"

"Look. They never proved anything. Give it a rest. Now I got work to do. Can you PLEASE not let something that MIGHT have happened in the past effect your performance here?"

"Y-Yeah Val..."

Val jerks forward as his seat is bumped form behind.

"Oof!" Kenny shouts as Ren tackles him into the seat. "And you see kids, this is how you tackle someone in football."

Several boys cheer.

"And this is how you grab someone in a headlock!" Kenny springs up and wraps his arms around Ren's head and they start to wrestle. Val bounces as he fumbles with his pen until it flies from his grip and lands someone in the bus.

"Can you two PLEASE control yourselves?" Val angrily shouts. "You two are supposed to mind the children, not BE one of them!"

"Typical Val." A spiky-haired teen clad in a t-shirt displaying a muscular cartoon character with even spikier, blue hair shakes his head. "Guys start having a little fun and you got to lose your cool."

"Oh great." Val turns and looks past Mary. "Now I have to deal with you."
"Deal with me?" Sammy smirks. "Val since when have you ever "dealt' with anyone?"

Their eyes lock...

"Knock it off you two." Lynn says calmly putting a hand on Sammy's shoulder. "Everyone knows that neither of you are the alpha dog. That would be me."

"With a shirt like that who can argue?" Sammy gestures to her t-shirt, black with three silvery wolves howling at the moon. You think Lynn is the only person on Earth to wear it without irony.

"Hey Mary?" Lynn asks. "Come sit with me."

Mary nods and walks to her seat.

"I really need you to make a map for the nature hike Lynn!" Val snaps.

"Yeah yeah yeah..."

"I mean it Lynn! Pick a path for your group and submit it to me to check, the deadline is coming up and I am NOT going to accept "lets just take them into the woods" as an excuse!"

"So how you holding up?" Lynn ignores Val and asks Mary as she sits down next to her.

"Pretty good..." Mary smiles sheepishly.''Or rather I was pretty good..."

"Yeah I heard. Creepy Shelly bothering you?" She punches a fist into her hand. "Want me to give him an MMA lesson?"

"Lynn! No!"

"Ah hey, I was just joking around Mary." She musses Mary's hair playfully.

"Well you weren't playing around with Samantha or Harriet..."

"Those bitches deserved it." Lynn turns her head. "What they did to you in the locker room...punching them in the face wasn't near what they deserved..."

"But it got you expelled! And your scholarship-"

"Can go hang. I know dad really wanted me to follow him into veterinary medicine but...that's just not as important as standing up for you. And besides..." She looks at her fist. 'I'm going to start my amateur record soon. I do good enough maybe I won't have needed that scholarship anyhow...."

"You get in a lot of trouble because of me, don't you Lynn?"

"Naw. I get in trouble because I'm an idiot who doesn't think things through."

"You know..." Mary sighs. "...Looking at all these little girls takes me back to when we were kids. Even then I felt like I didn't do enough to help you..."

"Oh." Lynn rolls her eyes. "The water cooler incident. One of these days you're going to believe me when I tell you that you didn't do anything wrong."

'Sure I didn't do anything wrong. But I didn't stand up for you like you did for me. I just watched as they poured it all on your hair and laughed as you cried..."

Lynn touches her dark black hair as she remembers.

"You took me aside and played tea party with me until our moms came to pick us up."

"Yeah. After all the other girls left..."

"Mary come on." She punches Mary in the shoulder. "Those girls were older than you and would have killed you."

"You would have shoved them, knocked them down..."
"Yeah, because I'm an idiot! Look, one of these days you're going to learn I'm not one of the little dudes in one of your board games. I'm not a knight or a hero. I'm just reckless, and reckless isn't always the right thing to do." Lynn smiles. "You're my best friend in the world Mary. The dice girl and the wolf girl, that's us."

"Hey, what you two ladies talking about?" Johnny sticks his head between Mary and Lynn and grins like an idiot.

"Uh...hi there Johnny..." Mary says.

"Hi yourself! Haven't seen you since you got on the bus! No fair hiding back there all by yourself. I mean for us. Because you're so cute."

Mary struggles with her frown becoming a grimace...

"It is like the Shinto myth of Amaterasu hiding away her radiant beauty from the world-" Lynn grabs his face and pushes him back.

"Take five Romeo. We're having girl talk right now."

"Thanks." Mary says. "Johnny's not a bad guy, its just that he's..."

"Such a joker, right?"

"Yeah...so how have you been Lynn? I've been so concerned with this silly maybe-a-Satan-cult from decades ago nonsense, I should've asked..."

"Ah, I'm doing okay." Lynn puts her hands behind her head. "Just sort of worried about the kids."


"Well...today's kids are so high-tech. I'm hoping I could do for them what my mom and dad did for me-give them an appreciation of the country and nature. But after hearing how many complained when we confiscated their gameboys and cellphones..."

Mary pushes her 3DS deeper into her purse.

"Hey. Do what you can. I'm sure you'll convert some of them into scouts." Mary smiles to herself as she looks into her purse and sees the dungeon and dragons red box she brought. "And I'll take care of the rest..." She thinks.

"I just...don't want them to think I'm a weirdo is all." Lynn frowns. "My past experiences with kids aren't exactly great."

"That was years ago."

"Yeah, but kids are still kids. Except now I can't punch them in the face..."



Killer team, in this quest you will control two killers, members of the Order of Syrinx. Your goal is to sacrifice at least half of the children to Pan or kill all the counselors.

To create a killer, select an archetype to determine special ability and a mask to determine stat priority. Stats are prioritized in the list from greatest to least.


THE TRAPPER: (Sound of bells ringing)

THE SHAPE: (Silence)

THE FREAK: (Killer jerks awake stinger noise)

THE AMBUSHER: (Sound of rustling bushes)

THE PSYCHO: ("Why hello, can you help me fix this tire?)



Goat Skull: (Ferocity, Speed, Cunning)

Archaic Pan Mask: (Ferocity, Cunning, Speed)

Sack: (Speed, Ferocity, Cunning)

Skeleton Mask: (Speed, Cunning, Ferocity)

Jack-O-Lantern: (Cunning, Ferocity, Speed)

Hillary Mask: (Cunning, Speed, Ferocity)

>Goat Skull: (Ferocity, Speed, Cunning)

>THE PSYCHO: ("Why hello, can you help me fix this tire?)
>Hillary Mask: (Cunning, Speed, Ferocity)
I'll second those
A simple truck pulls up to a simple bait shop, tires kicking up dust from the dirt road.

The man who steps out of the truck is anything but simple. His hair is shortly cropped and a frosty blonde. His clothes are a blue shirt, white jacket, and white slacks. His black shoes shine in the sunlight. He looks like he belongs in a business room, not the countryside.

The door to the shop rings a little bell as he opens it. He looks at it and smiles at its quaintness. The old man at the counter eyes him curiously as he chews on a wad of tobacco. "Hello there." He says. "You...going to do some fishin' today?"

"Oh yes." He says in a quiet voice. "I quite enjoy fishing." His smile is broad."Now..." He claps his hands together. "...Can you please tell me if this is the correct road to get to Camp Red Water?"

"Oh...so that's why you're dressed. You the manager of the camp of something? Yeah you're on the right road."

"Why thank you. That will be all." He spins on his heel and begins to walk away.

"That's uh...an interesting necklace you got there friend..."

"Indeed it is. It symbolizes merit."

"...You one of the Satanists?"

He stops as anger wrinkles his face into primal expressions.

A pity, he thinks. He will have to change clothes now.

When he turns around his expression is even and calm. "Sir..." He holds up his necklace. The light from the rotating fan above shines on the golden goat skull. "...This is a goat skull. This is a symbol, and symbols have many, many meanings."

"...Issit an Indian thing? Sorry, I uh, don't know much about religions..."

He blinks his eyes slow in disgust. "Satanists aren't real, sir. Those that claim to worship Satan do so for attention or out of a sense of irony. No one would worship a defeated deity."

The old man nods. He's not sure what else he can do as the man continues his monologue.

"Satan is a combination of many ancient symbols filtered through a Judaeo-Christian context. The cloven foot is from Hephaestus, the wounded, crippled god thrown out of heaven. The association with Venus and the morning star comes from Ishtar. He being the enemy of all mankind and all goodness comes from Angra Mainyu...and the goat horns come from Pan, the great god Pan." He says admiringly. "And this is his symbol. This is Pan unalloyed with lesser, defeated deities. This is Pan of the hunt, Pan of pan-ic...."

"You uh...want anything mister?"

"Yes actually. Can you please tell me where you keep the fish hooks?"


Switch the sign to closed, lock the door, visit the bathroom, trashbag and go. The blonde man walks out of the shop with a new change of clothes.

"I apologize brother." He says as he climbs into the driver seat. "That was unnecessary.":

"But fun, wasn't it?" A voice growls from the back seat.

He shrugs. "I suppose. Now we'll be at the camp soon-"

"I can't wait! I can't wait!"

"Calm yourself little brother. Now you must remember that the children are the goal

"The threads of their lives are long and unfrayed. That is why the ancients favored using their souls in Necromancy. You can cut them-"

"Cut them! Cut into them like veal! Break their bones!"

"-Yes. You may do as you like. But you must make the cut that I taught you on their bodies before they breathe their last. Otherwise their soul will be lost. And you know how trouble it is laying ghosts, especially vengeful ones..."

"I know I know I know you told me all this already brother!"

"And I will tell you again, because this is very important." The blonde man produces a black wand encrusted with red and white gemstones from his jacket. "There are only two red stones now. The rest are empty. We have delayed revitalizing our life force long enough. And to have this camp of children open on the very grounds of the old compound...truly Pan himself is sending us a sign that now is the time for action."

"If I'm a good boy, and if they have older girls watching the children, can I have one of them for a pet brother? It's been so long sense I've had a girl for a pet!"

"Yes brother. You may have your pets if you are good."



SPECIAL: I'm just another person like you...

The first time John encounters a Survivor he may pretend to be a normal person instead of psycho killer with a cunning roll. He may drop the disguise with a sneak attack that uses CUNNING instead of FEROCITY at any time.



SPECIAL: I like it when they bleed a lot!

Luke is a monster, inside and out. The mooncalf recovers 1 Health for every Survivor he kills or witnesses killed. The sheer thrill and pleasure of the kill helps keep him alive.

Now that we have our characters we can begin in earnest, I just want to make sure these choices for starting locations are okay with everyone.


Also, how is everyone liking the story so far? Who are you hoping lives? Who are you hoping dies?
I hope Psycho dies and Maniac lives. Maniac should have unrequited love for one of the counselors and he doesn't handle the rejection very well.
Haha, I'm hoping it goes the other way.

I want the psycho to just slip into the background with a little 'I'll be back'. All slasher movies end on a cliffhanger.

As for the counselors, I'm open to any of them living or dying. They've all got their little quirks, but I'm waiting to see a big moment from each of them that really defines their personality.
As for spawn points, I'm confirming >>769896

Where do we put the Syrinx brothers?
John at the entrance, making his way to the mess hall, Luke towards the girls cabin?
I'm okay with this, but it's a bit hard for me to visualize where the different areas are in relation with each other.

Girls Cain---Boys Cabin------------Old Cabin

Mess Hall------------------Docks

Utility Shed---Garage
Cool, thanks

I think we should start with the outlying buildings, classic style.

So I'd say John to the garage, Luke to the Old Cabin and they converge on the docks.
Well, I can't really vote for mine again so we'll have to wait for a 3rd person to come or you could roll to tie-break it. I have to go to the gym, so I won't be posting again for an hour or two.

Good luck Anons!
Alright, I'm cool with switching to that.
>John to the garage

The lock snaps easily with a twist of the pliers. Time to see what's inside...

Some weed whacking equipment, some gasoline, a chainsaw, a tractor, and a truck. The bus is parked just outside.

>EQUIP STRONGER WEAPON? (+2 Ferocity, -1 Speed)
Don't want anyone escaping.
File: camp.png (129 KB, 989x1002)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
There, now with this map in posession of the counselors, and far away from the eyes of the killers, they are sure to survive!
>Someone actually drew the map

Have I told you that I love you anon?
Just the bus and the truck. We'll hold onto the tractor key, so we can smash it through a cabin if we have to.
Let the air out of one of the truck tires so you can isolate someone leaving the camp.
You cut the transmission in the bus and truck but hold on to the tractor key. It might come in handy.

You decline taking anything from the shed. Your sacrificial dagger won't slow you down and will be enough to dispatch any teenager in your way. The chainsaw is tempting, but you don't want to indulge your baser instincts too much, especially after the bait shop. You don't want to end up feeling like your brother.

>Luke to Old Cabin

This is an old place. You feel Pan within the walls. Big brother says there were many old places like this a long long time ago. Now there's only this. Bad people made Pan's people leave.

There is an intruder here, walking among the ruined stones. He wears a huge smile on his face as he pokes around, pushing aside bookcases and tapping at the walls.

He is an intruder. This is not his place....

"Luck be a lady tonight!" Shelly shouts as he giddily scans the area around him. "Come on hidden pentagram, come on hidden pentagram..."


>He has a cute butt, pinch it bloody with pliars.
>ROLL 1D20+5
Rolled 12 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

>Critical Success
>2 Damage


Big Brother gave you several tools to use to cut up the sacrifices. You like the bolt cutters. They fold back and forth. They're fun to use.

They're especially fun to use when something is stick between them and you have to pull it loose.

You hate the noise he makes at first. Its too loud and scratchy You almost want to cover your ears. But when it dies down to a gurgling burble its sort of funny. You keep playing on him with the bolt cutters until he stops moving. You want to stay longer and play pinata with him, but big brother will be mad if you take too long.


>Slashy the Pumpkin says: Remember, loners always die like punks, especially when they don't have a passive debuff score to tone down good old fashioned ultra violence.
>MANIAC: His screams polluted the auras. Play a catchy panflute song.
Johnny to the Utility Shed, to hit on Mary some more.

Val and Lynn move between the boy and girl cabins. They're planning to take the kids on a woodland walk.

What time is it?
His nasty screaming probably polluted the auras. Pan wouldn't like that. Fortunately you know what to do.

You blow into the reed pipe hanging around your neck. A hauntingly calm tune echoes through the empty ruins of the cabin and out into the woods.

The notes echo longer than his screams did. The auras are purged.

>What time?

6 PM.
>>6 PM.
Good, that's just late enough to be spooky for the kids but early enough that it follows camp rules.

Is it summer in the quest or are we closer to Halloween?
This is okay.
The world building, background information, and character content (as in the fullness and liveliness of their personalities) is solid. This is amazing, OP. I fucking love you.

>2 Survivors, 4 kids

"Alright." Mary says with a smile at the natural 20. "You plunge your knife into the rust monster's skull! It falls over dead with a squeak!"

"Yes!" One of the boys around the small wooden table Mary cleared off in the utility shed for a game of dungeons and dragons pumps his fist in the air. "See? I told you I could kill it without a spell!" He says to a boy next to him.

"Yeah yeah." His playmate replies. "Just make sure to check the area before Sir Henry gets out of cover. There's probably more of them.

"Oh! I think I can help with that!" A young girl with red hair and freckles excitedly raises her hand. "Grey-Eyes has a bonus to listening checks!"

"I think you're right Tina." Mary shifts through a stack of papers and graphs. "Just let me double check the racial bonuses-"

"Ah, so there you are!" Johnny opens the door to the shed. Mary squints at the sudden light. "Johhny! Watch it! You'll ruin the candlelight ambiance!"

"We're supposed to be a deep dark dungeon cave." Tina explains. "We're hunting troglodyte bandits for the duke."

"Ah, and you're good with kids too I see! Your charm grows the more I see you Mary."

Mary starts to blush. "So uh...what brings you to the darkest dungeon? Don't tell me you're interested in playing with me and the kids?"

"I was just worried my Amaterasu was by herself in this dark cave. I wanted to make sure you were doing alright."

"I'm just playing a game with the kids."

The boys whisper among themselves. "He's got 0 charisma!'
"Negative Charisma you mean!"

"Would you mind if I joined?" Johnny asks.

"We're sort of in a middle of a quest right now Johnny..."

"Such defiance!" Johnny sits himself down next to Mary. "I can sit here and roll up a character until you're done dungeon crawling. Just have me show up at the pub."

"You know how to play Johnny?"

"I've played a few video game RPGs. Do they have bards in this game?"

"Yes." Tina says. 'But you can't be one. You have to multi-class to be a bard and you can't multi-class at level one."

"Why would you play what you are in real life?" One of the boys whispers to his friend.
"I guess to try doing better at it."
"Wouldn't be hard!"


>2 Survivors, 16 Kids

"Now. I hope this is the last of it." Lynn holds up a super soaker in front of a line of guilty-faced boy against the cabin walls.

"Gee Lynn, we said we were sorry..."

"You still aren't getting them back." She says. "You all know better than to go around spraying the girls."

"You aren't going to make us miss the nature hike are you?"

Lynn smiles. "You guys really want to go on it? You didn't sound like you wanted to go on the last one."

"But that was before we actually went on it!"

"Yeah!" Another one adds. "You showed us how to find badger tracks and how to tell different kind of trees apart!"

"We thought it was just going to be walking in the woods but you showed us that bird's nest-"
"Please don't make us miss the nature hike Lynn!"

The rest of the trouble makers nod and join in a begging chorus of "pleaseeeeeee?"

Lynn beams with pride. "Well...alright. But you're taking over the girls' kitchen duty till further notice.You'll be reporting to Shelly tomorrow after breakfast."

The line explodes in cheers of thanks. "Thank you Lynn! You're the greatest!"
"Do you think we'll see wolves?"
"Can you show us that rabbit burrow again?"

"We really are sorry about spraying the girls Lynn." A boy ways tugging on her jacket. "Its just so boring being cooped up in the cabin so much."

"I'll talk to Val about heading out into the woods some more." Lynn promises. "Maybe I can see if he'll let me teach you guys how to make snares?"

The trouble makers nearly tackle Lynn to the ground. "Thanks Lynn! You're the greatest!"
"We promise we'll be good!"
"We promise!"

"Well you guys better be...or I'll show you guys where the wolves' den is...and leave you there!" Lynn roars as she starts romping with the boys. She lifts them up and spin them and tosses them on the beds. They giggle and roar with laughter as they hurl themselves back at her.

"Ah! You little cheats!" Lynn says as she starts to catch flown pillows out of the air. "UFC has rules against illegal objects!"

"Ahem." Val interrupts the play as a wayward pillow smacks him in the face. "I said AHEM!"

"Oh hey Val, what's up?" Lynn asks.

"I swear Lynn, you're almost as bad as Ren and Kenny. You should know what's up. The evening nature hike? I got the girls all ready."

"But that's not until fifteen minutes right?"

"Lynn, the nature hike STARTS in fifteen minutes. We do not get READY for the nature hike in fifteen minutes."

"Well you heard the man guys! Everyone get ready! Hustle! Hustle!"




Its summer.

Thank you anon.
>Thank you anon.
I might reverse engineer your game for a three way between Slashers(Werewolves), Slashers(Hunters), and survivors(Townsfolk)
A leader and a warrior? Together? Far away from them i hope

Move brother dearest, the crazy one... The criaziest one, to the tool shed to purview the toys. The kids aren't alerted to their presence, so there is no need to rush it.

Have the saner brother check out the docks, and see what he can do with the boats.

Also ,i'll update the map, because i forgot the Old CAbin
>The docks

You take a deep breathe and enjoy the sunset staining the waters bright orange. Pan's creation. You can't forget to enjoy it.

There are a couple of boats, most are cheap jon boats with oars. There are two painted canoes. There are a couple of motors-you can get rid of those...


>COLLAPSE THE BOAT DOCK? (Takes 3 turns)
>Tool shed

That would be the utility shed with Johnny and Mary.

Sabotage Motors, you don't know when you could need a boat

Have him stalk them, Johnny may leave the session if his demands are not met
Tie the boats to the motor boats, start the engines and let them run across the lake

There's not enough motors to fit on all the boats, but you attack what you can to the larger ones and send them skimming across the lake.

If anyone does make it out here to use the boats they're going to have to paddle...with their hands. You toss some of the oars into the water and hide pair for yourself. There's no telling what might happen out here. You might need a boat yourself.

>Utility Shed

You thought that shed was empty. People are supposed to turn the light on inside places they're inside. But the guy walks into it and starts talking. If he's talking he must be talking to someone. That's how it is for normal people. Big Brother sometimes talks to himself though, so you creep up alongside the window to make sure there's more than this one guy inside.

Praise Pan! There are children inside! You see them sit around a table with two teenagers, the boy from before and a girl. They play some sort of game with rocks, tossing them on the table and watching them bounce.


You have three debuffs to allocate along Luke's stat spread.


Ah crap, I misread the response.


You begin tying the jon boats to the larger motor boats. It times some time to cut the rope and tie it and fill the motors with gas-lazy teenagers didn't do it for you.

But before long all the boats here will be in the center of the lake. If someone wants to escape you across the water they better be a hell of an athlete...

All in Ferocity
Go play California Girls on Panflute outside the shed.
>Play panpipes

"So treasure gives you experience?" Johnny asks.

"And you can buy new weapons!" Tina adds. "But you can't buy the good stuff if you don't have the right kind of class. I can only get studded leather..."

"Hey, be quiet for a second everyone..." Mary asks. "...Do you hear that?"

'Hear what?" Johnny asks.

"Shhh! Listen!"

The entire shed goes quiet as the faint stirrings of a pan pipe sound through the walls.

"...It sounds very pretty. Like fairy music..." Tina says.

"Is this part of the game?" One of the boys asks.

"No....who's playing that?" Mary looks out through the window only to see the fading sun and the long shadows of distant trees.


"Anyone want to go ask who it is?" Johnny asks.

"No. It's probably just Shelly doing creepy stuff." Mary says. "As long as it sounds pleasant I don't see any reason to interrupt him."

Far away in the treelines a misshapen brute of a man nearly crushes his instrument in his hands. He was hoping they would come out. Its fun when they try to run away like rabbits or birds.

Oh well. Big Brother did say if he was good he'd have a girl of his own to play with for as long as she lasts...


Choose which survivors to move where.
Val and Lynn take the kids off for a walk. They'll be back later.

Sammy and Kenny prepare the dinner.

Ren gets sent to do something useful, like fixing the lights in a dorm.

D&D kids keep their game going, for now.
>Take the kids for a walk

Interesting strategy. It takes the kids off the board for now but also removes two powerful survivors.

>Ren sent to do something useful

Want to send him to the utility shed to get light bulbs or have him fix up the dorms with what's in the closets?
>Sammy and Kenny prepare the dinner.
They also start wondering where the kooky chef is
>Interesting strategy
We are prisoners to RP

>Utility Shed
Given how handy "Oh Shelly's probably off doing his usual spooky shit" is I'm wondering if I shouldn't make that part of the ability for some archetypes. Like people may get worried if a SERIOUS SAM or QUEEN BEE goes missing, but not if they're a SURVIVALIST or PRANKSTER

>Utility Shed

Ren is unaware that he is being watched by large, red eyes peering out from calcified sockets as he approaches the utility shed.

"Oh hey. So this is where the nerds hang out huh?" He teases good naturedly

"We're not nerds, we're adventurers!" Tina says.

"You tell him Tina." Mary says. "I don't suppose you're here to play with us as well. I'm starting to run out of character sheets!"

"Naw. Val and Lynn are taking the other kids out on a walk so I'm taking the opportunity to fix up the dorms a little. I don't suppose you guys much care you're missing out?"

"I'll rather stay here where its safe." One boy says pushing up his glasses. "The only thing I have to worry about here is paper cuts."




There is
>Oh, i am so worried about X!
And there is
>Where is that slacker? He should be here by now!

>Wait, he is going to come out sooner or later
>MANIAC: Try to acquire some paper to make shiv out of with cot
>PSYCHO: Go make some pit traps along the hiking route.
Doesn't he already have a knife?
He is a maniac MAAAANIAC on the floooor.
And his life got flipped upside down
That one guy's tempting us with that Paper cuts comment. Ooh, we could also hit him with a rulebook over and over.
We should let Ren leave, have psycho 'help' him with the lighting or ask him for a lift, since our truck was broken down.

Then we can go back to waiting for Johnny. Once he's gone, there's nothing stopping the maniac from bursting in and killing everyone. But two survivors (three at the moment) is a bit much.
John the psycho is spending the turn finishing up the boat sabotage. Luke the maniac can attempt to make traps if you want, but will have to make a composure roll to resist attacking.


To avoid having the game become too much of "move survivors here, move killers here" whenever a killer is in an encounter with 3 or more survivors they will be tempted to attack and kill and must resist the urge if they want to do anything else.

Killers with high cunning are able to better resist the urge the kill.

John has a knife. Luke has a really big knife, but he's enough of a giant mutant freak that he can kill with pretty much anything.





Ooh, Psycho can be the red herring and a wolf and sheep's clothing, I gotcha.
So you want to have Luke wait for Ren to leave and move John to him when he's free next turn?
Yeah, but I don't know how they'd communicate that. Maybe he can see him across the camp.
"Just happen to walk into scene" is good enough. Or maybe they planned to meet by the utility shed when John was done with the boats?
Yep. The longer Luke waits, the angrier he gets and I love it.
Rolled 10 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

I wanna go hit Papercuts Guy with a big, heavy rulebook.
Ohhhhhh....you want to kill them. It's like they're taunting you by being alive! They don't even know you're here!

....But Big Brother would be mad. And you must be good to get your reward.

You vent your frustration by chopping into a tree, your knife taking chunks out of the bark with every strike.


Ren to the boys cabin.

Kenny looks to see where everyone has gone.
File: FACES.png (36 KB, 362x345)
36 KB
I might turn these into tokens to put in the map, if only because it is kind of difficult to follow where is everyone
Can we make our own nymphs if we drown/impale the girls? Pan loves partying with nymphs.
Like, impale them on branches.
>We shrike now
>Kenny looks to see where everyone has gone

Where does he go specifically?
I don't know where the hell Kenny is at the moment but we should send him to where someone is. His passive demands it. But maybe he looks for Ren?
A little boring but maybe Kenny last hears that Ren is heading to the utility shed and so he that's where he goes in hopes of finding the boy. Or bro.
Or we could have Sam sent him to the Abandoned Cabin (assumed by him that that's where he may be considering his occult interests) to find Shelly. I like this one the best.

Luke shakes with anger as he watches Ren walk up the path to the dormatories, He's so close...he could tackle him to the ground and be done with it...but then they would all run, and children are so hard to find when they hide, and Big Brother would be mad.

"Ah. There you are." The elder Syrinx brother whispers behind his monstrous sibling. "Good. Keep your sated. We watch for now. I've removed any chance they have of escape. Time is now a weapon we can use."

"I want to cut them brother! I want to cut them and make my hands slippery with their insides!"

"Be calm sibling. That will come. Believe me, that will come..."

>Ren heads to the children's cabins. Kenny goes to the abandoned cabin to find Shelly.


Both move to the Abandoned cabin to plan their next move

"Hey! Shelly! You still in there man?" Kenny shouts as he approaches the abandoned cabin. "Hey I know you really like treasure hunting for secret passages and stuff but its getting late. Val is going to be pissed if we don't have the kids' dinner ready when they get back from their nature hike."

The cracked windows and hole covered walls give no reply.

"Come on man, don't tell me you fell asleep or something in there." The floorboards creek as Kenny walks into the cabin. "Its creepy enough you like stuff like this so much. Don't be trying to live in it now."

Kenny looks around and sees only dust coated wooden furniture and a fireplace with long-rotten wood.

"Shelly!" He cups his hands and shouts. "Shelly! Time to wake up!"

He sees Shelly's head peeping around a corner, slumped against his arm.

"Come on sleepy head." Kenny walks over nudges Shelly with his foot. "It's time for work."

And then he sees it.

The pool of drying blood.

He wants to say something, to scream something, but all action freezes in his throat. He falls to his knees and turns Shelly over.

And as much as he wants to believe this is somehow a joke he knows it is not. The blood is too viscous, too real. And he can feel the holes punched in his body...

Rolled 10 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Rolling to not spill spaghetti
Rolled 19 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Maybe I can do better
Kenny covers his mouth tight with his hand.

An animal did this. A wolf or something.

Or...someone acting like an animal did this...

Either way he knows he should not make any noise and should be very, very quiet.

He feels like he's in a dream as he walks out of the cabin.

He has to get back to the Mess Hall. He has to get to the emergency phone. Mess Hall. Emergency phone. Mess Hall. Emergency Phone. He repeats the words again and again to himself in his mind.

He glances here and there and sees only the trees and their long shadows, hears only the wind rustling through the leaves.

He does not know this camp anymore. Every shade and every shadow is now a danger. His instints start to take over and he begins to break into a sprint...


"Another one brother! Another one! See how he violates the sacred spaces!"

"I see my brother. I see."

"Let me bash his skull in! Let me bash his skull in for Pan!"




No-one must know, not yet.
Craziest will move to intercept
Less craziest will move ahead so he can ambush him if he escapes
He won't trust John, whatever his persona is to trick Kenny at his current state. And following him bears no fruit. Do not let him absolve our element of surprise.

>John runs to cut him off if he escapes

>Luke attacks


Their feeble attempts will not obstruct the will of the Wild God!
Lukes speed



Purge the filth
Rolled 18 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

I forgot how to roll. Fuck.
Rolled 20 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Praise the sun. Actually, fuck the sun. Praise the moon. May she pay witness to our divine judgement.
Suck it, Slashy. I rolled a critical the right time this thread.

>Slashy the Pumpkin says: YAY! You aren't a compelte failure! Go you!

"HA HA HA HA HA! FUN TIME!!!" Luke bellows as he charges down the dirt road, sun catching on the edge of his dagger.


Kenny turns around and stares in petrified horror at the humanoid tank who hides his misshapen behind a bleached goat skull.

Will the hollow eyes of an animal's skull be the last things he sees?

>ROLL 1D20+5
Rolled 5 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

I REALLY shouldn't push it and roll again. Someone else, please. Three 17+s have a row sound a little absurd. But oh well.

Shit. Dice gods don't approve.
The knife comes down and leaves a scratch on Kenny's cheek but no more.

The sudden shock of pain jolts him back to his senses and he sprints down the trail for his life.

(If Lynn was here Luke would take a point of damage)

Luke throws his head back and roars. "RUN! RUN! I WILL CHASE YOU AND I WILL CATCH YOU AND I WILL KILL YOU! KILL YOU!"

Rolled 18 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Rolled 8 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

I hope Pan's Daddy blesses our feet.
He runs with all his might. Adrenaline and fear pushes him past his limits.

But the one that chases him is only barely human. He runs like an animal, head down and horns forward...

I think his daddy is Hermes or Dionysus, I forget. But I guess it's Hermes seeing this
Wine gods don't run.
Rolled 2 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

I'll try again.
Rolled 14 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

This never happened.

(quick, delete your post anon lol)
>Slashy says: Sometimes the guy running away from you is just better, in every way possible.

Kenny's being quite the MVP here. Someone should tell KayabaQM.

The mess hall appears on the horizon, a tiny toy house but getting larger with every step, every thundering heartbeat.

Kenny feels the hot breathe of the monster-man behind him but does not turn around, he dares not turn around. He feels air blast against his back from a blow mere inches from landing but dares not turn around. He keeps running. If he can just make it to the mess hall, and the phone. If he can just make it...

Rolled 15 (1d20)


2 damage

1 Health remaining

The sight of a normal sized man in smiling Hillary Clinton mask is strange enough to slow Kenny's pace just enough for the knife to stick him under his ribs.

But the pain, the ancient instinct that he must escape or he will DIE, spurs him to keep running. His mind burns with fear and his body aces with pain. Pure survival instinct leads him on to put one foot in front of another.

And behind him the man in the Hillary Clinton mask chases, knife wet with blood that pools in the blades artistically shaped grooves to create crimson fauns.




>Go poke Maniac in the eyes, knock on his mask and ask him if anyone's home
>Apologize for getting upset, pat Luke on the back and give him something to busy himself with, like pointing him in the direction of fresh meat.
The wisest would be to cut the lines. But I feel a bit risky today. Are the options set? Otherwise
>Pursue him
Dude these threads are dope

Your little brother sulks up the path. High on bloodlust you let your anger get the best of you and angrily storm over to him. He cringes at your approach.

"Ow!" He shouts as you poke him through the eye holes of his skull mask.

"Anyone home in there?" You ask knocking on his mask. "Hello? You were supposed to catch him you oaf!"

"I'm sorry big brother! I almost had him! I almost had him!"

You sigh. No point in getting upset about it now...

"I'm sorry. The excitement of the moment has made me...forget myself." You pat him on the back. "It has been a long time sense we hunted together. We should enjoy it. Now, I'm going to start looking for wires to cut. You finish what you started inside the building."



Now that they've witnessed the Hillary Mask, we can use that. If we can capture another counselor, we can put the mask on them, and that will confuse the remaining survivors.
Beautiful. Glue it on the flesh of their face --after subsequently gluing their lips tight.
Man, if only we had a George Herbert Walker Bush mask...
I just want to point out that you're a tad bit wired for spelling his whole name. And yes, that would be pretty cool. But Darth Vader is at the top of my list.

>I am your father

Before unceremoniously ripping his, or her, throat out. Or Hell Rider. The irony.
Undercover police act?
Makes no sense. They didn't call for help. And Kenny doesn't even trust the camp (the physical location) anymore. He's in a high alert state of doubt and denial. The Mess Hall will provide him some semblance of comfort, along with the company. But duping them--him, now is a bit risky.

Since no one wants to play survivors, I'll bite this time.
Assuming I didn't miss anything and the cabins haven't left yet
>Kenny's just a bro. I would expect him to rush Kenny to the nearest semblance of civilzation in his fit of intense fear--the cabins. Have him blab for help and murder and killers and his close death while frantically looking back from where he came.
>The boys and girls cabins should be ready for the nature hike. Have them just about ready to leave. Actually, just exiting and making headcount as Kenny spots them and sprints for his (imaginary) checkpoint.
>Mary's just about done with her game. They get leave and get ready for Mess Hall. So does Ren.

This will ultimately lead to everyone bunching into the Mess Hall in a cacaphony of panic and fear. Chaos will ensue, though they will be same as no two killed are inane enough to attack the entire flock with their shepard dogs. Or the next survivor phase, after we killers take our turns.
>no two killed
No two killers
>Shepard dogs
Sheep dogs? Dunno. The canines that guide the flock of sheep on their travel from plain to pen. Mate oh or for the guidance counselors (if I wasn't clear enough).
>Mate oh
I'll support this then.
Forgot the phone! Forget the phone! You scream inside your head. The police won't come until its too late and everyone is DEAD.

You got to tell them. You got to save them.

The kids...

You hunch over and breath. One breathe, two breathe, it feels so good-but you stop yourself. You can't stay here. You got to move.



Rolled 15 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

Here we go!
Rolled 7 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

And another!

The booming footsteps behind you tells you that you need to go NOW, forget about the pain in your chest.

It hears you as you bolt through the mess hall.

"COME BACK HERE!" It screams. "COME BACK HERE!" You hear the sound of wood splintering. It's furious with you.



You've done this before. It's all a matter of finding where the ground wire-

-Ah. There it is.

You pull the wire taught with your foot and saw it apart with your knife.

There's no escape. And no way to call for an escape.

There's just you, and the children, and the handful of teenangers between you and the children.

...And there goes one of them now, out through the back door and shrinking in the distance.

You are reminded that your brother is here as well.

Pan bless him, he does try his best. You can't be too mad at him. He's probably just a little rusty. He'll get into the swing of things when he's killed a few more no doubt.


We cool with just having Kenny run to the cabins?
I guess Kenny should.

I'll give the walkers a few more turns to return.

Maybe the mess hall gang should look to see what the noise is about.
He is actually in the mess hall, I didn't realize...

>UPDATE OF LOCATIONS (I need to do this every Survivor turn)

Ren: Walking toward cabins to fix some lights while the kids are out
Lynn: Preparing the boys for their nature hike.
Val: Impatiently waiting for Lynn
Kenny: Running to the cabins

Shelly: Dead in the abandoned cabin.

Sammy: In the mess hall doing his best to fix dinner, wondering where everyone is.

Mary: DM'ing in the Utility Shed
Johnny: Rolling characters and trying to woo Mary in the Utility Shed.

We probably ought to debuff his speed while he's chasing Kenny. So maybe -2 speed.
>John the Psycho

You mightttt be able to catch him. He is wounded. And your brother has harried him enough that he hasn't had time to catch his breathe.

>Attempt to chase down Kenny?



You angrily stir some eggs into a bowl. Where the hell is everybody? Shelly was supposed to do the prep work a good hour ago. At this rate you'll still be cooking when the kids get back from their walk...

And then you hear Kenny screaming. And you hear...someone...roar like an animal.

You hear wood breaking. You hear someone with a voice like a howling wolf bellow that he wants to kill someone.

You grab a knife. You have no idea what you're doing...

Rolled 8 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

>Nah, your brother knows his way in the dark.
Man, I really gotta stop believing in Luke.
You hold the knife close to your chest as you hear the maniac thrash about, overturning furniture and smashing glass.


>Stand perfectly still. Maybe he'll go away?

>Get the hell out of there. You got to find Kenny.
>Get the hell out of there. You got to find Kenny.
We've had a pretty good TRACK record!
>>>Get the hell out of there. You got to find Kenny.
Killers are 2slow
>John the Psycho

...And there goes another teenager out the door.

Well, he's not killing them but he is herding them and that's good...


Make sure Luke does nothing stupid.
We need to retreat and reorganize ourselves. Rather attack the unawares. Like Mary. But I want Like to do so. Her passive counters John's primary stat.
>John the Psycho

Your little brother sniffles as he exits the mess hall, knocking the door off its hinges with an angry swipe of his arm.

"I couldn't catch them big brother. I couldn't catch them..."

"There there." You pat him on the shoulder. "Pan will reward your persistence. They can run but they cannot escape. I have seen to that. And they cannot be helped. As if I have said, time is now a weapon we can use."

I see my grammar stupidity is contagious.
>Luke: This sucks, go beat that nerd over the head with those rulebooks of his.
>Send Luke to Utility Shed?

>Send John to stake out cabins?
Sounds good. Should I wait for someone else to give their opinion, or is it first come first serve?
I actually want both Luke and John told the utility shed. Johnny and Ren are there as well. We need all the help we can get.
I try to wait to see if we can get a consensus. Looks like we're tied for now.
I agree with this one, we may even get a chance to take one captive and put the Hillary mask on them.
"Back to the utility shed brother." You say as you motion for Luke to follow you. "They are running to the children. No doubt they will try to hole up with them. Getting the brats under control will take precious minutes from them. And we can use that time to take care of the ones in the shed. Time IS our weapon."

"I won't mess up this time Big Brother! I'll skin them all alive! I'll break all their bones!"

"Just do not forget. The letters must be carved on the children before they expire. Otherwise my wand will not catch their spirit and I'll have to chase it down, and you know how cross ghost laying makes me..."


Well, Ferocity and Cunning should go down, I think.
>Slashy says: Don't waste points on debuffing cunning moron! Mary causes all cunning actions to fail around her as her special.

We will double team Johnny because his passive prevents the death of the opposing gender, and therefore, Mary's. But Mary needs to go. Her passive is a huge impediment in my perspective (I see through John's eyes, Luke is more of a blood hound)
Fine, Jeez, all on ferocity then.
I'm assuming its all on Luke's Ferocity?
Yes, we don't want the fa/tg/irl kicking the bucket

You don't call out to Kenny when you see him. You don't know how many psychopaths there are or where they could be listening. Fortunately it isn't hard to overtake him. He's about to just drop dead.

He nearly collapses in your arms. The blood from his wound stains your shirt.

"A monster....kill everyone....killed Shelly..." He gasps between breathes.

Oh god. Shelly's dead...

"Breathe man! Breathe! We're alive...."

"Oh...Oh God..." he sobs. "The kids! We gotta...we gotta..."

"Come on." You say supporting him on your shoulder. "We're almost to the cabins. We can stop them before they leave, get everyone inside..."

"No! No! Leave me...I'll slow you down..."

"Bullshit. You aren't that fat. Come on. No one else is getting hurt tonight."


"We can capture the dragon though. We don't have to fight it." One of the boys around the table observes.

"Yeah!" Tina adds. "The climbing ropes we got could be used to bind it!"

"There are rules for subduing dragons. You can sell her later for money." Mary says. "Just let me find the spot in the book..."

"I don't want to sell her though. I want to make her my pet." Tina says.

"But its sapient." Johnny says motioning for everyone to listen to him. "It'll violate most of our alignments to enslave her, won't it?"

"But we aren't enslaving her." Tina says. "We're making her my pet."

"I kind of want to ride it though." One of the boys says. "Maybe if we're nice to it after we beat it up it'll let me?"


>Go get some gasoline from the garage or docks and set the shed on fire.

>Kick the door down. No survivors.
Why not both? Burn down the house and kill the stragglers, not forgetting to sacrifice the children's souls to Pan of course.
Its a matter of priority. You can attack the stragglers after burning the shed down, but you can also choose to attack all out.
Aaaah. That's a hard one in that case, on one hand the fire would be very natural and inconspicuous, but would alert people if it was big enough, but going all out probably has a higher chance of failure.
You could do the crazy option by setting it on fire and having Luke attack WHILE its on fire...
I like this. Then John cleans it up, slaughtering the stragglers, those who try to escape. Make Luke go for Johnny first. Let the kids brings chaos and a distraction preventing swift evacuation.
Does setting the house on fire file under cunning?
They'd know its happening and get a chance to flee because of Mary's special, but they'll only have that chance.
Okay, how about John ties the guy by the neck, and Luke takes Mary and drowns her in the lake?
"Wait here." You say to your little brother.

"Where are you going?"

"Their garage. I'm going to get some gasoline and chains."

"We're going to cook them? Don't we need to cut the thingy on the kids before they die though?"

"Its to frighten them, and to get them to leave. Or rather try to leave. You'll be going in there while its burning to kill the young adults and grab the kids."

"Ohhhhh I get it. It'll be like that time in Arkansas."

"Remember to hold your breathe. Try not to breathe in the smoke. That means none of your usual er...banter."

"I'll be quiet Big Brother."


"So you all are ready for the nature hike?" Lynn marches in front of the assembled children.

"YES LYNN!" The children respond.

"Now remember if you see something interesting like a deer or rabbit don't shout. You'd just scare it away."

"Ahem!" Val steps in front of Lynn. "Yes yes yes...remember to stay close to Lynn and I and don't wander off. The forest can be very dangerous at night."

The color drains from his face as he sees Sammy and Kenny trudge up the path.

"...Oh my god what happened..." He whispers.

"Kids! Kids...get them inside!" Kenny coughs.

"Val, Lynn, get the kids inside and lock the doors NOW!" Sammy yells.

"Guys what the hell happened? What's going-"

"NOW!" Sammy interrupts Lynn.

Lynn motions the kids now grown quiet and worried inside the closest cabin and does her best to keep them calm.

"I think Kenny had an accident." She says soothingly. "Don't worry about him guys. We'll get him patched up..."

"Was it a wolf? Did a wolf get him?"
"Then why do we have to stay inside?"
"Are you sure he's going to be alright Lynn?"

"Simmer down everyone, simmer down! I'm sure it's nothing too-"

Val opens the door. "Lynn." He says with a slow, serious wave of his hand. "Come on."

"I'll be back in a second." Lynn bends down and hugs several of the smaller and more frightened kids. "We're just outside that door alright."

She walks out of the cabin, the children only half believing her words of comfort. She looks over her shoulder and forces a smile to meet their increasingly worried expressions as she walks away.

Val grabs her arm and pulls her out of the cabin. "Don't scare the children. Shelly's dead."


"Shelly is dead." He holds her gaze with his own. "There's a psychotic man in a deer skull mask running around and he killed Shelly in that creepy cabin."

Lynn looks pass Val and sees the blood running down Kenny's leg and Sammy keeping pressure on the seeping wound with his hands.

"Lynn. Lynn!" Val jerks her gaze back to him. "Lynn stay with me. There's a slasher out there and he killed Shelly. He chased Kenny when he found Shelly's body and Kenny got cut by another crazy, some guy in a Hillary Clinton mask."

"I just...This can't be..."

"This is real Lynn. As real as the knife wound in Kenny."

"Oh my god Mary! She's out at the utility shed with the other kids!" Lynn jerks in Val's grasp.
Oh boy, we need to do this quick. Priority is Johnny's death. Mary NEEDS to go.
"Lynn. Don't." Val says tightening his grip. "We got to stay calm about-Lynn!"

"Let go of me Val! I got to go get them!"

"Oh shit I knew you were going to-" With a shove of her shoudler Lynn pushes Val off of her. "Damn it! Kenny! Sammy! Someone!"

"Lynn calm down!" Sammy firmly grabs her shoulders, stopping her in her tracks. "We need to come up with a plan or something!"

Lynn rolls him over her shoulder with a judo throw. Sammy lands on the ground flat on his back kicking up a small cloud of dirt.

"Screw you guys! If yall are too chickenshit to help them I'll do it myself!"

Kenny, one eye shut from pain and one hand covering his wound, places a shaking hand out in front of Lynn.

She stops. She's not going to fight him. She can't.

"Get out of my way Kenny...please." She pleads. "Please...Mary needs me..."

"Lynn...don't. Please calm down. We have to think of something. These aren't just thugs, alright? One of them I'm not even sure was human. He was built like a gorilla, all his proportions were wrong. And the Hillary Clinton guy...he ambushed me. He knew what he was doing. He's killed before. These aren't thugs you can beat up with your MMA. You go out there by yourself you end up like me or worse and no one helps Mary."

Lynn looks away and chokes down a sob. "Shit..." She says shaking with anger. "Shit..." She storms over to a nearby tree and begins punching it like a practice dummy. "Shit! Shit! SHIT!"

"Lynn stop!" Kenny grabs her in spite of his injuries. "You aren't going to help anyone by busting up your knuckles."

Lynn wipes the fresh red blood on her jacket. "Guys...guys what do we do?" She leans against the tree and wipes the tears from her eyes. "What do we do?"


Things are picking up.

Next turn Ren arrives at the cabins and John gets back to the Utility shed with chains and gasoline.

The Survivors can choose to move Ren back to the utility shed. Perhaps he forgot something he left there? They can also send someone from the cabins on their way to the shed.

They can also try leading the children on a long nature hike to the highway. But that will make them a slow moving group in the dark woods where attack could come from any angel...
Fuck. I don't like playing for the survivors.

>Everyone herd the kids to best-fortified structure there is. I will presume that is the Mess Hall.
>Where can we find weapons? Where the Hell is Ren?
>After the children are in the Mess Hall, guided by ALL present counselors, have Lynn and Sam or Val arm themselves (kitchen cutlery if we have access to no better without traveling) and head to the shed to retrieve Mary.
Take knives from the mess hall and go to rescue the others. There's no time to find a chainsaw or anything else.

Lynn, Val and Sammy go. Kenny stays with the kids and tells Ren what happened when he comes back.
If Lynn goes to the shed she can't die unless Johnny does first, send Lynn! Is the best plan we can possibly make
>Send everyone to hunker down in the mess hall and get weapons or send Lynn on ahead, running to save the day?
I don't want to send Lynn without a weapon but the others can't really stop her
Hunker down and get weapons. It's harsh but it's wiser.
So far 2-1 in favor of sending Lynn off Commando, unless >>787504 is for her to chill.
Send Lynn
"A wolf got Kenny. There's a pack of them out hunting, and that's why we're moving you all to the mess hall." Val explains the lie to the children as he marches in front of them, but they look back to Lynn guarding the rear to tell them everything is okay.

"Nature is dangerous. And sometimes very ugly." You say with a forced smile. "But I hope this won't make you guys afraid of it."

"For real." Kenny says as he walks hunched over with support from Sammy. "Wolf just got hungry and I had to do the stupid thing and walk up to it when I saw it." Sweat beads on his pale white face. The paleness almost makes his cracked lips grow as he forces them up into a trembling smile. "Don't be an idiot like me kids. You see a wild animal do not approach it. This is their home and we're the guests."

"You guys don't be scared okay?" Lynn whispers soothingly. "Think of it as a big party. We all sleep in the mess hall."

"I'm not scared. Not why you're around Lynn." A little boy says.

"You got that right." Lynn squeezes his hand. "I'm going to keep everyone safe. I promise you that."

"Where's Tina?" A little girl sobs. "Has anyone seen Tina? I can't find her..."

Val picks the girl up and dries her tears. "Tina is...with Mary at the Mess Hall." He picks her up and puts her on his shoulders. "Come along children. Everyone is going to be safe in the mess hall tonight."

"Are they really okay Lynn?" Another child asks her. "...The wolves didn't get them, did they?"

Lynn looks toward the direction of the utility shed, then toward Kenny and Sammy, then back toward the utility shed.

She bends down and kisses the boy on the forehead. "No honey, no. I told you no one else is going to get hurt by the wolves and I meant it. I promise you. No one is going to get hurt. Not while I'm around..."

Lynn stops in her tracks and takes a deep breathe.

"Hey Lynn?" Sammy asks as he and Kenny trudge by. "Everything okay?"

"Take care of the kids guys. I'm sorry about the judo throw earlier Sammy, I'd like to give you a free shot later if I can..."

"Lynn...don't..." Kenny sputters.

"And tell Val he's not the jackass I thought he was. He's alright."

Without another word Lynn breaks into a furious sprint, dashing off into the distance and putting all thought of what she's left behind her out of her mind as best she can.

Still, hot tears roll down her cheeks as the cool evening air blasts her in the face.

>Run into Ren
Fuck me, this makes everything harder




If anything this has shown that time and distance need to be elements of the game. Next installments will include distances between location. Maybe some sort of stamina system where you can move 2 "spaces" per turn but get stamina counters and when the counters equal your SPEED stat you're fatigued and go at 1/2 space per turn. Any thoughts?
You can use the same movement principle as in D&D. Each character will have a "speed" stat (ex. 30 ft). This stat will determine how far they can move in one turn when travel is concerned (and not chase as a chase involves obstacles, other variavilities such as how the chased chooses to flee, and YOUR, QM's, speed stat). Solid?

>Ren does NOT explain the situation thoroughly bur instead provides brief ideas that only just explains the situation enough. But perhaps not the entire gravity of the sutuation. She will then briefly tell Ren that he can follow or go back to the Mess Hall with the rest because Ren's character thus far does not indicate she is selfish enough to beg another to his peril, even if her friend is in danger. Ren will accept as hes a big dude and willing to help a friend. Also, he believes he can successfully help due to his physical prowess as an athlete--which he fosters pride in.

Sounds like a good idea. Maybe next quest I can divide it up into "evasion" and "speed".

The idea of choosing how to flee and fleeing in different ways is very interesting. Some characters sprint, some focus on hiding, some run like chicken's with their heads cut off and make a mess.

Next Slasher game after Camp Red Water wraps up (is clear we're going to need another thread) is going to be carnival themed and basically be a glorified workshop. There will be a little plot, but it will mostly be playtesting the "final" mechanics.

The killers run a carnival. You got to show your guests a good time.

I also have this idea based on comments in Cenotaph Slayer for a "goals" system to break up packs of survivors. Survivors will have things to do-have sex in a private place, spy on the suspicious neighbor, decipher the ancient book, etc. And when they do them they remove either extra lives the slasher team has or "advantages"-little things that give slashers an edge like phone service suddenly dropping or the car not starting or a cat distracting everyone.

Sounds cool
Sounds fun.
We have to get the kids

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