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Finale Edition

You are Subject 108—"Whirlpool", sent with advanced technologies to fetch water for an isolationist civilization (on Earth, mind you). However you ignored the objective in favor of having your own adventure and you stumbled into exactly that on Cymbio IV. Since your arrival you've done nothing but wade deeper into the plot that seems to uncover the conspiracies behind the luxurious establishment of Resorcinol and the history of the "tribespeople" nearby. Within the span of three days you're already close to finishing what you started. Just a little more, it's time to finish this before retiring peacefully.

>Twitter: @guardtemp (rarely used)
>Discord: https://discord.gg/6ghrHTc ()
>Dice: Using 1d6 with modified Roll to Dodge rules (from 1-6: Failure with Mayhem, Fail, Partial Success, Adequate Success, Improved Success, Excessive Success)
>Note: Rolling 1 and 6 isn't always bad, depending on the situation, but it isn't always good either.
>Updates Frequency: Every few hours (it's best that you just stop by ever three hours)
>Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Whirlpool%20Quest


The battle with the twin robots wasn't as difficult as you thought, thankfully. After dispatching them, Hamilton revealed his findings about Petroleum's past involvement and the history of their destination: the R&D District. The information prompted Betelgeuse to tell her side of the story, regarding her people's history. Upon arrival they were greeted by Petroleum and his two cohorts, somehow managing to arrive there earlier than your group. The situation was stacked against your favor as Petroleum has taken someone hostage: a long-lost relative of Errai's. Fortunately, you managed to save him by way of a clever gambit and his two cohorts (along with much of Grant's robots) were driven back on the defensive. Now all you have to deal with is the man who started this whole thing, and he just managed to activate his secret weapon. Once you've dealt with him, you can begin cleaning up after his messes

File: 421.png (41 KB, 500x2580)
41 KB
Your RIOT GUN-TONFAS are non-lethal but somehow you managed to destroy the remaining drones in the area. Luck must be on your side or something, some of those look like they are meant to fight entire tanks. Petroleum is distracted by the sight of his remaining forces simply fall apart, causing him to pause from whatever he's trying to do.

>"Alright cat-lady, if you keep this up you'll get a penalty, I just gotta...huh...this is harder than I thought."

Nicotine asks Elisabeth why she is working for Petroleum as the maid tends to the wounded one.

>"Uh, I'm not Elisabeth, I'm someone else. However I would gladly answer your question. We were hired to be maids for his private estate in the Management District. However he made it very clear that he preferred those with lots of miscellaneous skills. It just so happened that all of us have fighting experience one way or another. This lady here once fended off a horde of zombies from her household."

>"Okay, so does she actually like the blundering palooka?"

>"No, it was strictly business for her, and now she has more of a reason to not even bother."

Sheng Hua Nan, carrying an unconscious Grant, rushes past the others and diligently avoids their attempts at catching him like an all-star football player.

Meanwhile Petroleum successfully activates the platform he's standing on with a forceful kick. The first thing it does is deploy a small turret to shoo him off.

>"Woah, looks like my superweapon has some attitude."

Afterwards it deploys into a ginormous machine with tons of weapons.

>"There we go, and just in time for the others to arrive."

File: 422.png (40 KB, 500x2580)
40 KB
>>727729 Rolled 2 (1d6)
>>727809 Rolled 6 (1d6)
Hamilton: Go to the security hub with betelgeise, errai, and your smartest colleague who is here and available. See if you can activate any ancient security measures put in place here - Lockdowns, turrets, robotic security fabrication lines, whatever might be available. If there are any offensive security measures, see if you can get them to target NONHUMAN ENTITIES, with priority on ARMED AND DANGEROUS NONHUMANS.

For the duration of this post, you are now Hamilton Cooper.

Whatever tricks Petroleum has to offer, you don't want to be caught off-guard again. You tell the others to follow your lead and turn towards a different hallway shortly before arriving at the atrium from earlier.

>"Wait! Grant and the other guy went that way back to Petroleum, why are you leading us through here?"

You explain to Rigel that you're heading towards the SECURITY HUB in another room. Although you haven't seen it in action, you're sure this place has defense systems on the off chance that something might be happening. Eventually you reached the aforementioned room and, predictably, no one's there. Wow, a lot more hazmats went upstairs than you thought. You consider getting Betelgeuse to help out but it's possible that she never had any experience due to living somewhere else for most of her life. She could try to learn now but you don't have that kind of time. Lucky for you, Flubber is familiar with this.

>"Don't worry, I think I'm familiar with this."

The two of you figure out how to prime the facility's security systems, setting the filter to prioritize HIGH-THREAT NON-HUMAN ENTITIES. Switching the screen to look at the security camera footage, you see Petroleum's contraption finally unleashing itself. Damn, just in time too.

As you finish punching in the requisite commands, the footage shows the weapons platform retaliating against its surroundings. Betelgeuse is mortified at the sight.

>"No! Our objective! Hamilton, you must disable the defense system and protect the facility from critical damage!"

Hmm, this is tough to consider but she does raise a point. The autonomous weapons platform is destroying the laboratory (or at least, that one room in particular). Turning the latter off would protect it from further damages but then it means you'll have to fight Petroleum and his forces again in person.

>>729727 Rolled 1 (1d6)
Whirlpool: Slow down time again, and electrocute the machine and Petroleum again

You are now Whirlpool again.

You could do that, but all your TASER DARTS would do is make the weapons platform attack you in defense.

>>727819 Rolled 6 (1d6)
Should that not work, just use spatial distortion and get out of dodge.

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Using the watch, you escape through the nearest puddle.

File: 603.png (22 KB, 550x400)
22 KB
Nice that I managed to squeeze all that in the character limit. Hopefully I can make more than three updates this day. Feeling kinda excited.
Look for a screwdriver, hammer and chisel, and a blowtorch.
File: 423.png (19 KB, 500x500)
19 KB
A screwdriver? Hammer and chisel? That sounds like stuff Stoddard has, and he opted not to go any further than the Management District. You look around and you don't see those things either. You're back in your REPAIR MODULE it seems. Good that the puddle has yet to fully dry up.

At least you remember integrating a blowtorch into your suit, but it's reconfigured into a wrist-mounted flamethrower. You doubt it's capable of cutting through a (possibly military-grade) giant weapons array.
Whatever the robot is made out of, it is likely not meant to be heated to its melting point. If possible, roast it using the flamethrower to the highest temperature the flamethrower is capable of. Even if it doesn't melt, the circuitry should fail dramatically.
Rolled 6 (1d6)

See if you can't just happen upon a container of flammable liquid by teleporting around, then try to cover both Petroleum and the weapon platform in it before setting them both aflame.
File: 424.png (18 KB, 500x1020)
18 KB
As a machine of war, it's probably built to handle direct fire than melting temperatures. However the weapons platform is a tough nut to crack and you'd rather not spend two weeks of your life trying to take it down without getting hit.

You go back to your puddle and go on a scavenger hunt. Since you have upgraded your SPATIAL DISTORTION to the maximum, the range of your SPATIAL TRANSPORT is significantly increased. This gives you just enough range to reach into the Transport District.

How convenient! You find a container of SPACECRAFT FUEL and place it into your inventory. This is probably the fuel storage room, and there's a lot of puddles on the floor. Propane ought to fix that, this could be a disaster! You then return to the elevator near the R&D District and start heading towards the atrium earlier. On your way, you encounter Nicotine and two maids, none of which are Elisabeth.

>"Hey Wis, good to see ya. Why don't ya stick around, I was kinda worried about you."

>Apologize and go past them
>Stick around
>Ask where the others are and meet up with them

Pardon the budget updates
>Ask where the others are and meet up with them
We need to gather up and take stock of whatever weaponry we have left.
>Ask where the others are and meet up with them
File: 425.png (25 KB, 500x1540)
25 KB
You ask Nicotine where the others went, you can't find them at the elevator and it's unlikely they're going back to face Petroleum.

>"Oh yeah, them. I believe they went that-a-way? Although..."

She leans her head to get a better view of the next corridor.

>"...I think the masked gunsel ran away back to Petroleum, dragging Grant with him. You gonna do anything about that?"

You tell her that they're already dealt with, judging from the fact that Sheng had to retreat in the first place. You part ways and head down towards where they could be. A brief flash with your X-RAY SCANNER shows a congregation of people in some other room.

Upon arrival you see Hamilton being hassled by Betelgeuse while Fomalhaut and the vendor assess the receptionist's well-being. You are about to ask what's going on but Errai alert's the others to your presence. The hazmat commander immediately asks for your permission.

>"Whirlpool, right? Listen, since you're the catalyst to this whole change and everything, do -you- think I should disable the security system? It's the only thing keeping Petroleum and his things back at bay."

The woman tries to sway your vote.

>"The machine is acting in self-defense, if the security system is disabled, then it will become inert with no additional threats nearby. Additionally, the infrastructure's integrity should not be compromised any further."

So that explains the sudden fire on the weapons platform.

>Keep the security system running
>Disable it, save the facility

You lean to your side a bit and see Sheng Hua Nan getting perforated on the ginormous screen.
>Disable it, save the facility
Alright, shut it off.
on a different note, ask them how one should extinguish starship fuel that is burning. We don't want it to burn a hole in the facility when the machine is done being rekt, after all.
File: 426.png (9 KB, 500x500)
9 KB
You tell Hamilton to disable the security system, siding with Betelgeuse.

>"Alright, you're the boss."

He gestures at Fomalhaut to return to the large mainframe console. The duo punches in some commands and you see the defense system

Starship fuel does sound super-flammable but luckily you know just the man. You approach Halon and ask him if he has any experience with dealing spaceship fires.

>"Don't worry, I got experience in that. Namely because of some occasional accidents back when the Transportation District was getting established. What do you have in mind anyway?"

Alright, that's great. So, uh, you're feeling a bit aimless again. What's next?

>Head to Petroleum now
Rolled 6 (1d6)

Tell him the plan, have him get ready to extinguish shit while you go plant the fuel. And light that shit up.
Rolled 6 (1d6)

>time for true maid cameo
Elisabeth shows back up armed with 'cleaning tools' for the inevitable 'cleanup' afterwards
File: 427.png (29 KB, 500x1020)
29 KB
You tell Halon that you plan on dousing Petroleum and his trump card with your stash of spacecraft fuel before setting him ablaze. Then he extinguishes it before the place burns down to the ground.

>"Sound spicy but I'm up for it if it means I'll get to see another tomorrow. Just try to be careful about this."

Don't worry, you tell him, you can handle it.

>"I have returned, Nicotine and Celia is currently bringing the chainsaw maid to the Medical District. Shall we proceed?"

Oh wow, Elisabeth is back, and looking much better, too. She even has the bandolier and headband.

>Gather everyone and let's go
>Not yet

Pardon the delay, I got distracted by a Discord conversation
>gather everyone up and get going
Rolled 1, 2, 2 = 5 (3d6)

>Everyone with guns: lay down a contained barrage of suppressing fire before Petroleum can start his BBEG speech about ending the world. Focus on the man himself and avoid his shiny new death-machine
Elisabeth: Activate Maid-Tech in order to isolate Petroleum from his machine/partners and deliver a both metaphorical and literal smackdown on the cocky bastard, before stealing his wallet (as payment, of course)
>Whirlpool: Use the cover fire to close the distance, before activating the watch, tossing the fuel, and lighting the fire.
Rolled 2, 3, 5 = 10 (3d6)

Rolled 6, 1, 6 = 13 (3d6)

>Petroleum: Actually TRY to fight, this is serious!
>Sheng Hua Nan: Healing Factor activate!
>Grant: Be alive
Rolled 3, 1, 4 = 8 (3d6)

Well, this update has become much bigger than anticipated. I'll have to sleep for the night and resume it tomorrow.
File: 428.png (72 KB, 500x3100)
72 KB
You have the plan, the equipment and the contingency to help smooth things along. Hopefully you can beat Petroleum before sunrise.

You, Halon, Hamilton and Fomalhaut motion to gather everyone in the room and move back into the atrium from earlier. Along the way you explain your plan to everyone. They all agree with you, partly because they're getting too tired to do otherwise.

Upon arriving at the atrium, the plan is enacted but...where's Petroleum?

>"He's over there!"

Hamilton points at the man crawling from under the weapons platform and everyone fires their weapons at him. While he's still running away, at least this time he's being separated from his death machine. Elisabeth leaps into action and carefully evades the gunfire before using her LEVEL 5 MAIDTECH: WORLD FOR TWO to isolate him.

As for you, it's crunch time. You activate your CHRONO-WATCH and start soaking the entire machine in STARSHIP FUEL with the container you stashed earlier. You then set it alight with your WRIST-MOUNTED FLAMETHROWER. The ensuing fire doesn't immediately roar into an inferno but your sensors slowly pick up its temperature rising.

File: 429.png (144 KB, 500x2060)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
For the duration of this update, you are now Elisabeth.

You have used your WORLD FOR TWO to isolate Petroleum, preparing to take him down piecemeal. He halfheartedly compliments you for your maneuver.

>"That's a fancy trick you got there."

You move in to engage and begin attacking him, but he surprises you with a strong punch to your face, breaking your glasses.

>"Did you honestly think I'm not willing to fight back? I can always just get another body. Y'know, I'm done with theatrics."

He starts fighting back with uncanny skill. You defend yourself from being thoroughly beat but you know you're on the losing side. He performs an unexpected martial maneuver that floors you, dispelling your MAIDTECH. At least he's exposed to the high-intensity flames.

Sheng Hua Nan remains unmoving, the facility's defense systems have utterly slayed him. Surprisingly, he doesn't seem to bleed. Instead, the crackling of his internal robotics are seen from the gaping

Back outside, Grant opens his eyes and returns to consciousness with a gasp for dear life. However, with almost none of this drones at his beck and call, he's just there.

>"Yeah...fuck this."


I'm going to be dragged away to visit my dead mother so I'll be out for several hours...again. Y'know, Nov. 1 and all.
Rolled 4, 1 = 5 (2d6)

Everyone else: draw the weapon platform's attention away from Whirlpool
Whirlpool: help out Elizabeth beat up Petroleum
Rolled 2, 4, 2 = 8 (3d6)

There's a second chance for everything; rolling for Maid-Tech and this >>777334
Rolled 1, 4 = 5 (2d6)

>Try not to get rekt
>Accidentally blurt out a secret
Rolled 2, 3, 4 = 9 (3d6)

>>777474 >>777334
Rolling for all 3
Rolled 5, 5, 5 = 15 (3d6)

File: 430.png (87 KB, 500x4140)
87 KB
Halon picks up on how Hamilton keeps mentioning the words "self-defense", "retaliate" and "counterattack".

>"Hey Hamilton, do you think it needs to stay still to attack?"

>"Yeah I noticed, I think it needs to brace itself to fire all of its weapons."


He calls out to everyone near him while Petroleum is busy dealing with Elisabeth.

>"Everyone with a gun! Shoot at it and draw its attention! We gotta keep it there long enough to get roasted! I won't extinguish the flames until we're sure that thing is DEAD!"

Havelyn takes the initiative and barges into the fray. Strafing around the weapons platform with his twin crossbows. Meanwhile the others spread out and join as well, trying to divert its attention to the various direct threats. The melee combatants and civilians try to stay behind cover and avoid getting hit.

Now it's a race against time in the opposite direction. Hold the line long enough for its internal workings to malfunction from the sheer heat.

You are now Whirlpool again.

It's a blazing inferno here but luckily the area of the fire is nowhere near the walls or anything important that shouldn't be burned. Elisabeth's not feeling good from the heat of the situation. She uses her LEVEL 3 MAIDTECH: SUPER-EVASION to "evade" the blazing inferno into a safe spot and readjust her bearings.

>"Whirlpool! I'll cover you from here with my machine gun!"

Right on. You set your sights on Petroleum and brandish your BREACHING HARPOON. As you begin to swing at him, he tries to defend himself but he gets cut off by the head maid's cover fire and you get to land some solid blows onto him. There's something odd in his movements, it's like he's not even trying. Maybe he realized that he's outmatched now that it's 2-on-1. Whatever, if he's tricking you into actually killing him then you fell right into it. With a couple of good swings and some more gunfire from the maid, he is knocked around and falls onto the flames, roasting him.

>"Oh woe is me! I have been defeated! All the money I spent for this body! Wasted! All of my machinations..."

Strange, normally final villains were to panic and flail as they die but this one seems uncharacteristically okay with burning alive, if rather cheeky about it. He snickers, maintaining his arrogance...that causes him to hint at his rationale.

>"H...hehehe, I'm not really dying. I'll just come back...after a century...this isn't my final form..."

So he sounds like he's still hiding something. All he can do now is give you a bemused look before smirking once more. At least it's over, you think, he's done for. All you have to do now is clean up after his mess and you can FINALLY live happily ever after with Errai.

Last update for the night, pardon the delay but I have to make it big.
Rolled 3 (1d6)

Hamilton: Get to tracing the wireless signal that was almost definitely being eiter sent to or sent by your former employer. You are almost certain that a completely digital copy of petroleum must exist by now, perhaps created in secret. No man acts that way in the face of death unless they know a separate version of themselves still exists.

I mean...maybe he was just fucking with everyone. But you'd rather not take chances and should look for that shit anyways, before he fully expires.
Rolled 4 (1d6)

Regroup, assess injuries, and deal with the aftermath. Lots of people now lack employment and will expect answers now that a Boss has expired. Rolling for how severe Elisabeth's injuries from Petroleum were
Rolled 6, 1 = 7 (2d6)

Rolling for these two things
Rolled 1 (1d6)

You should probably deal with the real threat before starting to relax completely; i.e. the weapon platform.
Rolled 6 (1d6)

File: 431.png (34 KB, 500x1540)
34 KB
For the duration of this update you are now Hamilton Cooper.

You don't even need to trace his wireless signal, there's literally only one possible place Petroleum can hide in and that's from his safespace inside the Management District. You know, what Whirlpool and her friends were probably about to handle before they got sidetracked into here? Yeah, that.

However you won't ignore the possibility of him trying to back himself up. Consciousness and Memory transfer technology has progressed a lot since he received that artificial body.

Oh yep, this place is gonna need a lot of TLC especially once it goes into full swing. Much of the incident seems isolated though, it's not like the public automatically knows that there's been an explosion down here. The other District Heads are in league with each other so they could take over. However the need for a formal main manager is still needed but you decide it'll be something to tackle later on.

You spot Whirlpool dragging Elisabeth away from the soon-to-be wreckage. The head maid seems a little banged up. You ask her about her injuries.

>"...Nothing to serious, just a few broken ribs, some bruises, maybe some first-degree burns..."

Right, you tell her, she needs to head to the Medical District.

Meanwhile the weapons platform is beginning to break down. Its internal components are failing left and right and some of its armaments refuse to work anymore even though you're sure Karina is still shooting at it. Some of its parts are warping from the heat or fall into pieces. You're pretty sure you saw one of its turrets exploding from the sheer heat detonating its ammo reserves. You turn to Halon and give him a wordless gesture he quickly understands. He goes down to the fire and uses his equipment to lower the surrounding temperatures below the flammable liquid's ignition point, hopefully avoiding permanent damage to the infrastructure.

Woah, did a chunk of its armor plating fly past you right now? It's breaking down alright, things are getting catastrophic. You wonder why this place doesn't have any sprinklers active.
Rolled 5 (1d6)

Check what Grant and Sheng are doing
File: 432.png (10 KB, 500x500)
10 KB
You are now Whirlpool again.

Sheng Hua Nan is most definitely dead, his cybernetic systems are destroyed by the laboratory's security systems. You're sure of it, even his central bits and bobs are ruined. No surprise comebacks ever.

Meanwhile, Grant is captured by Caffeine, his cocky attitude finally melting away.

>"Okay guys...you win...I'll go home now...to Earth."

Yeah, no. You're not going anywhere but jail.
Rolled 5 (1d6)

A Nazi come and befriend Whirlpool telling him the glory days under Hitler. And fellow him on the journey.
File: 752.png (35 KB, 550x400)
35 KB
My apologies, but I disregard commands that are impossible to happen, no matter the dice roll. While I try to accept as many inputs in a batch as possible, I also disregard ones that contradict another accepted command.

Besides, we're at the part of the quest where dice rolls are no longer needed.
Huh, I guess that wraps up pretty much everything. But for assurance, let's see what the other characters that were missing in action were doing.
File: 433.png (41 KB, 500x2580)
41 KB
Aspirin and his brigade of field medics are still trying to clean up after the battlefield mess.

Saccharin and Hayley are resting in the latter's dorm room. Sue is still held captive but at least she's not restrained like a bondage masochist.

Mu Cephei and Decrux are chatting it up in the Medical District, waiting for the others to recover in the meantime.

Propane and Stoddard are investigating a GINORMOUS HOLE in Resorcinol's infrastructure.

Aramid, unaware of what transpired in the R&D District, continued her investigation of Petroleum's hideout in the upper Management District. She resorted to using brute force to simply get to the center of the matter. There, she encountered some alarming discoveries and called Caffeine to bring her group to the location.

File: Spoiler Image (24 KB, 500x1540)
24 KB
Almost an hour passes on your way up, you notice that it's going to be sunrise soon while you look through a window.

Following Aramid's trail of destruction and torn-down walls, you are now in PETROLEUM'S PRIVATE OFFICE.

>"I knew I can count on you, take a look at what I've found."

She points to a battered bookshelf, which she promptly tears down. Behind it is a metal barrier that is immediately circumvented with your BREACHING HARPOON.

Inside the secret room is a large preservation chamber that contains Petroleum's real body — a malformed, emaciated humanoid that is barely alive in its preservation. Its sole occupant speaks through the nearby loudspeakers in a pleading, desperate tone.

>"W-Wait, holy shit! Okay! Okay! You win! You got me!

Well look who comes crying for mercy. Seeing him squirm (figuratively) makes you feel a bit better.

>"I'll do anything you want! I've lived too long to die now. What do you want? I can get it for ya, I have all the contacts I need. Do you want money? Do you want fame? I have all of Resorcinol's resources at my beck and call! G-Grant told me that you wanted to look for water, well, I can give you enough to fill an ocean! I'll pay your wedding expenses for your girlfriend! In fact, I can make anything free just for the two of you! All of her relatives get the best suites in the Residential District! Free T-shirts! Minions! Immortality! Just...just...don't hit me...I never thought you have it in you like that..."

You don't know how you should respond, it does feel somewhat good to get some karmic justice but another part of you wants him to go head over hells in your demands.


I've been wanting to show this plot twist but I don't know how to get to it. Might as well get it over with.
Jam any signal on any band. Destroy all of the electronic equipment. Dismantle the life support, and remove the body. Cut the body into parts, making sure to thoroughly destroy the brain. Once done, burn any organic matter.

We don't want any chance of Petroleum coming back ever.
I mean, if he's offering all that, there's no reason for you to not take whatever he gives, but also go for a paid for honeymoon, double everyone's salaries, and medical bills.
Disable everything EXCEPT the life support. Seal the room up tight and leave him there forever. Fate worse than death
File: 1117.png (26 KB, 550x400)
26 KB
I'm just gonna announce it now.

Although my quest is winding down as it reaches conclusion, my real life is picking back up with a vengeance. I cannot update as often as I wanted to so my apologies. It's a bit late in the night and I have to race against time for something more important.

Please understand.
place petroleum into inventory to test how it reacts to organic matter.
Leave him there, indefinitely.
Since we seem to be opposed to murder despite having just killed scores of men, changing my vote to this
No, I will not let this die without closure.

I'll try to wrap this up within 24 hours.
[b]one more time[/b]
File: 435.png (7 KB, 500x500)
7 KB
Fuck it, no text formatting then. Book ends, why not.

Petroleum really has it coming, but you're not sure if you wanna go through that idea. Maybe if you get someone else to deal with killing blow, sure. Still, if no one else is going to be hurt anymore...

But on the other hand, he's at the very bottom now, compared to earlier where he was taking Fomalhaut hostage. It'd be nice to get some overdue compensation for everything you've been through, and he might have some secret loot hidden that you wouldn't otherwise find.

However there's nothing stopping you from just simply -taking- his shit. It's not like he rightfully owns his assets anyway. If he doesn't want to die then that's fine, he'll live forever and that's exactly what he'll get.

You remind yourself that you never really killed any of Hamilton's men, merely injuring them. Although whether or not your friends finished them off, that's another story. The only things in your kill count include an ambush predator, possibly an alien tree, and several of Grant's drones.

Back to the matter at hand, there is still a non-zero chance that someway, somehow, Petroleum will escape if you leave him in this room. It's still on the physical plane after all. Although...that does give you an idea.
File: 436.png (21 KB, 500x2060)
21 KB
You extract the BATTERY from your Repair Module, some kind of heavy, multicolored rod that sucks the light out of the room. This means that you'll need to connect your Repair Module to an external power source (preferably the wiring within the infrastructure) next time you'll use it. That won't be much of a bother though, it's not like you'll be using it again anytime soon.

With Hamilton's assistance, you hook up the battery onto the LIFE SUPPORT CAPSULE. Next you dismantle any external connections he has. It's not like he'll need it where he's going.

>"H-Hey...don't touch that...what's goi-"

You figure that preserving an ageless corpse takes a lot less power than reconstructing your suit. Judging from the sheer amount of matter he's going to take up, you literally dump all your items. Aramid should be able to help you with carrying your PORTHOLE.

Now that you have enough space, you dump him into the empty abyss that is your INVENTORY. He's completely safe and isolated in a place where absolutely nothing will happen to him, for better or worse. You're not sure if there are any effects on living beings but you're confident that he's "safe" because he's encased in a protective shell.
Put the capsule in a Faraday cage
File: 437.png (6 KB, 500x500)
6 KB
You are Subject 108, "Whirlpool" as you are designated, but your real name is Wisteria Palmer. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, you are sent to fetch water by an isolationist civilization (from Earth, mind you) that has mastered spatial distortion. However you ignored the objective in favor of having your own adventure and you stumbled into exactly that on Cymbio IV. To think that, within three days, you managed to save an endangered civilization of exiled scientists, uncovered a shadowy conspiracy behind this location, gain a lot of new friends (even a girlfriend) and become a much better person.

There are still a lot of things to do, like obtaining water for your objective or making do on that promise for Gertude. However you'll deal with those at another time, you could use a break. Right now you're sitting on the rooftop with Errai, watching the sunrise that's as beautiful as the woman beside you. She leans onto your shoulder, exhausted after staying up for an entire night. You follow suit, it's only fair since both of you have been through a lot. For the next few minutes, you forget all the worries in the universe just to enjoy this moment of tranquil happiness.

Sorry about that, I already had the update shelled out.

>VERDICT: "Adventure is contagious, yo"

Lemme see if I could squeeze a few more things
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Back then Splash couldn't show up, despite promising that she would set some time for you, because she was busy with tasks and orders out of the blue. You had to spend it by yourself, eating a very sad birthday cake. You hoped that this would change someday, and that you would have lots of friends. It was an experience that drove you to volunteer for the program.


Precisely one year has passed, just a few days after the whole scuffle in Resorcinol. You're spending your birthday beside Errai in her house. Despite looking like a post-apocalyptic scrap bunker, several visitors arrive anyway. It is nice of Hayley to make a custom banner on the night before. That's not all, Saccharin is providing the birthday cake from her own cash. It's very flattering to be treated like a celebrity, not that it's a bad thing, you don't mind getting a little spoiled. You have a long life ahead of you and you look forward to spending it well.
Did you have fun, GT?
Yes I did, things didn't turn out like I initially wanted but I did get a learning experience.
Good to hear. Thanks.

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