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“Yo Jace man, its me Burter. Look man I know that you like your home and say that you have a family to protect, but this time things are different! The military is rolling full blown tanks through the street, headin’ to the university to fight off some kinda ‘terror attack’ while enough fireworks can be seen in the sky across the city to make it appear like something out of a movie man! Not only that, but we got some sorta... monsters roaming the streets that can tear jeeps apart with their bare hands man, and from the vids I’ve seen from other people they ain’t too fussy about usin’ them on people! Little Peep won’t fuckin’ kill you because pretty soon he gonna be dead too, especially when dem motherfuckers are gonna head to your area! The military is gettin’ torn up out ‘dere so please, PLEASE tell me that you don’t actually plan on fendin’ them off yourself.”

You close out the single smartphone you found in the floor of this building, the owner having left it behind when everyone moved out of the building. Big Ezay was right about just picking a building and moving into it, as when you combed through the building yourself there was only a scant handful of families here, either too stubborn to move out as this is where they’ve always lived or just wanting to take their chances in their own homes.

“This place’ll definitely work, but it...” Marina says looking at the peeling wallpaper in the hallway itself.

“Is a shithole?” you ask her.

“I’d use the term ‘in need of a good fixer upper’.” Marina replies going over to open a nearby door, finding the handle stuck before pulling the entire thing off with a small tug before carefully trying to put it back on. “Besides why can’t we use the place my friends offered us?”

“Never hurts to have too many safehouses. We’ll just keep this one on the backburner.” you reply putting the phone down in the end table of the room you were looking in before heading back out into the hallway.

“Well well well! If it isn’t da ninja girl herself, Shinobi!” Big Ezay says as he notices you from down the hall.

The very second you hear his voice you immediately close the faceplate of your armour, Marina doing the same in return to hers.

“And... Woah who’s dis bigass motherfucka’ with you?” Big Ezay says approaching Marina with his armed guards. “Someone with an armour like this must be some badass mercenary motherfucka whose been all over the world!”

“W-What me? I-I barely left Versino in my life.” Marina says as the eyes displayed on her mask visor turn a light shade of pink.

Big Ezay and his guards eye’s go wide upon hearing Marina’s voice, expecting someone like Marina to be anyone than a high school student. “...OK I’ve seen some bigass girls in my time, but daymn.”

“Commando, this is Big Ezay, he’s the one that lent us the safehouse.” you say to Marina.

Marina’s own visor displays a ^^ symbol for the eyes. “Oh it's a pleasure to meet you! Thank you so much for giving us a safe place to stay!”

Marina reaches down to grab Big Ezay’s hands, shaking them up and down happily before immediately taking her hand back after seeing Big Ezay’s pained expression with a O_O displayed on her visor. “O-Oh sorry! I-I don’t realize my own strength at times!”

Big Ezay immediately makes a motion to his men standing next to him not to act, but you can see him making a small wince as he flicks his wrist several times. “Its aite, we cool, accidents happen ya dig.”

“What made you decide to visit us?” you immediately ask Big Ezay.

“Oh come on! Can’t a man stop to visit the saviors of his fine neighbourhood block!?” he asks in a grandiose fashion.

“Not when they expect something in return from me, no.” you reply to Big Ezay while staring straight at him. “My chance run in with your gremlin problem was just that, a chance run in. Neither me nor my allies will be running anything else for you, and certainly not anything with questionable legality or morality. If you’re looking for someone to explore down that slippery slope than it won’t be us.”

Big Ezay appears to be taken back by this, pulling down his shades to look at you before putting the back up. “Yo wat da fuck!? Look I toldja man, I ain’t gonna deny that we as a group have done some shady business, but since dis’ shit broke out me and my crew have done EVERYTHIN in our power to make sure this area ain’t overrun as the police and military surely don’t give a fuck. I was even comin’ here to talk about a few things that could benefit not only us, but the people outside and in their buildin’s cowerin’ in fear! So why don’t you avoid accussin’ me of shit I ain’t even try to do yet!?”

- “Apologies, I’ve just seen the worst of what humanity has to offer as of late so I’ve been more cautious as of late.” (Apologize)

- “Get to the point.” (Don’t apologize, strictly business)

- Other
>What is this quest?

Alchemical Blade Prequel Quest, a quest set in the Modern version of Creation from the Exalted setting, focusing on how the robotic Alchemical Exalted came to be within the setting. If you love hints of Cyberpunk and high action quests, then you may enjoy this quest.

>Who are we?

The quest is mainly going to be played out in flashbacks, in which during the flashbacks we take control of the Moonsilver caste Alchemical Exalted Junpaku Hibiki, while in the current time you play as “Anonymous”. The game will take place within the city of Versino within the central continent of Creation Meruvia. Labelled as a dangerous and murderous science experiment gone rogue, you need to evade forces of the mightiest army within Creation sprinkled with the powerful Elemental supersoldiers known as the Dragonblooded, trying to find out who is responsible for what you’ve become and how to escape their clutches once and for all.

>Alchemical? Moonsilver? I don’t know anything about Exalted, much less Modern Exalted...

I’ve made this quest to be as friendly to newbies as possible, and I also see it as an introductory guide to the World of Modern Exalted. You can google “1d4chan Exalted” for information on the general vanilla setting, but what I’ll be using is the Modern Version of Exalted as shown in “Shards of the Exalted Dream” book, in where its Alchemicals are quite different than those of Vanilla Exalted. Feel free to ask any question about Exalted in the thread and I will do my best to answer it.




Dicepool system. When performing an action, everyone rolls a number of d10’s based on what the action is (I will list the pools for most actions, but if you want to have a roll for an action, ask and I’ll make the dicepool for it). The first roll is the one that’ll be used, but if someone makes another roll for a different action and more people vote for that, I’ll be using that one instead.

>This seems hella complicated, is there any way you can boil things down for me?



Favored Attributes cost 4 XP per dot to increase (Underlined on stat sheet when released) while non-favored ones cost 5 XP. Abilities themselves cost 3 XP per dot to increase naturally. All charms cost 6 XP per purchase with Dedicated slots costing 4 XP each and General ones costing 6 XP each. At the end of every “mission” (In game objectives set by either me or some goal the audience desires) you will be presented with a possible acquisition list of charms. Experience can also be gained by developing the character, learning about the world, or just in general things people find interesting.


>- “Apologies, I’ve just seen the worst of what humanity has to offer as of late so I’ve been more cautious as of late.” (Apologize)

You take a deep breath before looking back at Big Ezay. “Apologies, I’ve just seen the worst of what humanity has to offer as of late so I’ve been more cautious as of late.”

Big Ezay’s face goes back to being lighthearted again, giving both you and Marina a slap on the shoulder. “Its cool! Hell I doubt dat if I pissed either of you off that I wouldn’t be able ta do a damn thing about it, but it's more about the principle of da matta ya dig.”

“I dig!” Marina replies with a chipper voice. “But what are some of these issues you have trouble with?”

Big Ezay reaches into his pocket, taking out what appears to be a smartphone. “Ya see its a twofold problem. First, one of my crew found these nasty motherfuckers down around the north side.”

As Big Ezay digs out a video and plays it, you can see through blurry images what appear to be gremlins running across the street. They appear to be Patchwork, but a closer look at them appears to show that they have red splotches all over their body while leaking red fluid behind him.

“Are those Patchworks? I’ve never seen any like those before.” Marina replies.

“Nor have I, then again we’re hardly experts on Gremlin biology.” you reply.

“Those are not the only ones. More of my crew say that people have been going missing in the surrounding area. Sound famila?” Big Ezay asks.

“Yea it could be another nest all over again.” You reply to him.

“Right, but I ain’t askin’ for yer help just cause. Before you arrived we ghosted dese motherfuckers all the time. But with what my crew been tellin’ me? These guys ain’t normal.” Big Ezay replies. “I want to ask your help in this as even if ya know shit about gremlins, you know all about how ta kill them which is really all dat matters in my book.”

“Oh! You’ve fought Patchwork gremlins before!?” Marina says with her visor making an !_! Emoticon.

“Yea, but just Patchworks. Ya see my crew here.” Big Ezay gestures to the guys behind him, who open up their coats to show submachine guns and pistols beneath their jackets. “We have some weapons like this, but I learned pretty damn fast the other day that such weapons do shiet to gremlins such as those cat motherfuckers. We want to hold onto the neighbourhood, but we’re going to need some heavier hardware if we’re actually gonna hold on it.”

“What kind of hardware?” you ask.

“Automatic rifles at the minimum, rocket launchers and anti-tank rifles preferably.” Big Ezay replies.

“You want military spec hardware? When we’re dressed like this?” you ask Big Ezay.

“If we go anywhere near the military they start shooting us. The bullets bounce off my armour, there’s this ringing everywhere and I hate it!” Marina says pouting.

“Doesn’t have to be military, any sort of hardware can work aite.” Big Ezay says. “I mean we know how to smuggle and... acquire shit. Food, water, fuel, drugs, liquor, I can get all dat. But without some means of fighting these motherfuckers I don’t see us lasting long. Hell even somethin’ like dose Linebacker suits? Those’d go a long way. As really would any sort of armour plating we could put on our cars and weapons to fit with them. A few Nacro tanks would seriously up our chances.”

“I’ll see if I can keep an eye out for them.” you reply. “Is there anything else?”

Big Ezay just shrugs. “Na man, I just want to kill that fuckin’ nest before something worse crawls out of it than those cat bastards, ya dig?”

- “Can a few of your crew show me around the general area where they’ve been spotted?” (Go with Marina and handful of Big Ezay’s men)

- “I’ll check out the area myself, you’ll slow me down otherwise.” (Go byself)

- Other
>- “Can a few of your crew show me around the general area where they’ve been spotted?” (Go with Marina and handful of Big Ezay’s men)
>- Take into account the two encounters we've had with with these gremlins, both below the base and the recent one, so we don't trip their stealth-detectors.

“Can a few of your crew show me around the general area where they’ve been spotted?” you ask.

“Yea, no sweat.” Big Ezay says turning around to one of his bodyguards. “Go get Otis and da rest of his crew, tell ‘em they’re bringing our special guests out on a guided tour.”

“The second is that do you have any remote drones?” you ask.

“A few, why?” Big Ezay asks.

“Send them ahead and see if they can find any Hawkeyes, those things that were pointing me out in the courtyard yesterday. If they spot anything they’re capable of calling for reinforcements while keeping an eye on us, it’d make getting away very difficult if there’s any on the path.” you warn.

“Yea, and if its a civilian model they probably won’t sound the alarm.” Marina says.

“Aite cool, we’ll do a sweep in the air before headin’ out on the ground. See ya in 15 girls.” Big Ezay says with a small wave as he goes to leave.

“...He seemed nice.” Marina says as Big Ezay leaves.

“Many girls exactly like you have said the same thing and now look where they are. Don’t let it go to your head.” You reply to Marina as you continue to explore the floor until your ride is ready.


The streets continue to be empty and barren as Big Ezay and his men drive you through the city. Even in this section of town where the under poverished and poor may dwell within the city, one could sense a certain life on the street. In between the abandoned cars and broken and looted shops that line the street one would say an intimidating part of town is preferable to an outright hostile part of town.

The vehicle you’re in comes to a stop slowly, directly in front of the street that appeared to be in the video. “Aite, dis ‘ere be the area where we say them, like right over there.”

“The two of them walked out of that alleyway over there.” The second one in the vehicle points out.

“They must’ve surely noticed you, I wonder why they didn’t attack.” Marina thinks loudly.

“They may be animals but they’re still somewhat intelligent. They wanted someone who wouldn’t fight back or be easy prey.” you reply before turning back towards the drivers. “Any large buildings in this area? One with a lot of basement space? Gremlins tend to like bigger buildings that give them a chance to grow.”

“Osvald said that Gremlins also really like places with lots of tools or old machines as well.” Marina adds in.

“Hm... Well there’s dat high in construction as you head into the richer part of the city.” One guard says.

“No too open. They’d avoid that area like the plague or would’ve been blown to bits by the military.” you reply. “Anywhere else?”

The thug sitting in the front seat seems to think very hard for several moments.

“Yo what about the abandoned hospital we used to smoke dope in?” the one sitting next to him says.

“Worth a look.” he says as he drives the vehicle towards the hospital itself.

- Take the vehicle in view of the hospital but not close to it, have Marina use her eyes for ranged recon in an effort to make a quick getaway.

- Tell the vehicle to wait around the corner while you go on ahead, have Marina come up to the roof for sniper support cover.

- Other
>- Tell the vehicle to wait around the corner while you go on ahead, have Marina come up to the roof for sniper support cover.
>- Do this carefully, try not to get spotted by Hawkeyes.
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“How far are we from the hospital?” you ask.

“Not far, just two blocks.” the driver replies.

“Good, park behind the building and wait there. I’ll go on ahead and have a closer look. Marina, head up to the top of the roof and see if you can provide any sniper cover.” you order her.

“What about Hawkeyes?” Marina asks.

“We’ve been in touch wit da crew and they’ve said nothing about dose Hawkeye things.” the passenger says.

“Just don’t shoot them unless they see me. We’re here for scouting, not combat.” you say hopping out of the vehicle. “You two stay here in the meantime.”

“‘Ey trust me man, we ain’t goin’ nowhere.” the driver says as he crouches towards the dashboard, eyes darting around the empty streets.

As you and Marina leave the vehicle, your own form fades from view as you walk around around the corner, seeing what appears to be an ancient looking white building with years of grey residue marring the sides of it. Broken windows are just as common as the boarded up windows as you slowly approach the building itself. The pavement in front of it can see small plants growing in between the sidewalk as you dodge the broken glass from windows and beer bottles on the ground.

“I don’t see anyone on the outside.” Marina radios into you.

“Radio silence!” you immediately hiss back to her.

“Oop-!” Marina says before cutting her radio.

As you head inside to the reception area and poke your head inside, you don’t see anything at first, just an abandoned desk with an old monitor on top of it behind a metal mesh window. As you slowly continue your way inside.

As you continue to explore the hospital inside, the top floors appear to be fine. The waiting room, cafeteria, and the emergency room appear to be littered with things such as used needles and cardboard beds, but nothing to terribly out of the ordinary. As you head towards the center of the building towards the elevators itself in what appears to be a central atrium you can see what appears to be two Gremlins standing in front of an elevator. They appear to be Patchwork gremlins with metal spikes protruding out, but instead of metal skin they appear to have flayed muscles outlined with scabs all over their bodies, one of them even having a human head.

“Hibiki! I see them from the roof! They like... have no skin and are hopping off the roof to head into town!” Marina cries out over your radio in total shock.

(Hibiki rolled 2 successes on 16 dice for her stealth roll!)

As she says this, both of the gremlins turn towards your location, their red eyes burning a hole right through you.

(“Marina you idiot.”) you mutter in your native tongue.

- Stealth is gone, crash through one of the boarded up windows and run like hell before the other, potentially nastier gremlins show up.

- Attempt to restealth yourself and hide for longer (11d10, may add up to +6 dice for 6m)

- Other
Rolled 3, 7, 9, 5, 1, 8, 6, 5, 6, 10, 5, 7, 7, 6, 10, 10, 3 = 108 (17d10)

>- Attempt to restealth yourself and hide for longer (17d10, 6m)
Oh, and WP. Really need to stop forgetting to use it.
“Keep an eye on them and the vehicle! I’m going to stay in here for a little longer!” you reply as you immediately run down the hallway as the gremlins seem to give a metallic screech that echos throughout the hospital. “Next time when I say radio silence KEEP IT!”

“Wwaaah! Sorry!” Marina says before cutting off her radio again.

You run back down the hallway away from the elevators again, quickly ducking into the cafeteria behind its upturned tables and other assorted clutter. You quickly roll behind a nearby table as your cloak re-establishes itself once more, just in time to hear what sounds to be a cascade of footprints echoing behind you.

You don’t dare to peer around the table, instead looking at a nearby reflective stainless steel fridge that was dragged out of the kitchen. In the reflection you can see nearly a dozen of those fleshy Patchwork gremlins, either appearing to be made out of a mechanical base with flesh crafted onto them or a fleshy base as electronics are hastily stuck inside of their ribcage.

What makes your heart stop however is the appearance of two gremlins you see in the reflection itself. One of them is what appears to be a Lynx, its own hands now holding claws of razor sharp bone that seem to scrap the floor with how sharp they are while the hind legs seem grossly disproportionate to the amount of muscle on the bottom of them. The second appears to be another creature, a great wobbling mound of fat with rusty metal spikes bursting from the stitched skin itself. You need to fight back the need to gag just upon looking at such a hideous creature.

You’ve learned quite a bit here, but now real dangerous gremlins are starting to show up. You feel as if you could match these two gremlins here, but given the size and complexity of these gremlins, you feel that Big Ezay was right in his suspicion that these are no ordinary gremlins. They’re definately organized and have a backer. Attacking head-on right now would be suicide, but the possibility of gaining additional intelligence is almost too tempting...

- The stronger gremlins have vastly improved senses in addition to combat ability, staying here is just too risky. (11d10, may add up to +6 dice for 6m)

- If you plan to assault this place, knowing more information could very well save lives and be worth the risk. (9d10, may add up to +6 dice for 6m)

- Other
Rolled 4, 4, 1, 4, 4, 3, 6, 6, 10, 5, 10, 1, 10, 4, 7 = 79 (15d10)

>- If you plan to assault this place, knowing more information could very well save lives and be worth the risk. (15d10, 6m, WP)
File: Charactersheet1.png (31 KB, 787x721)
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Being forewarned is forearmed, and with this being the most dangerous gremlin nest yet you definitely want to map this area out no matter the cost before heading back out. If you assault this area with your group than the last thing you’d want to be running into is either an ambush or a slaughter.

You duck out around the table ever so slowly, advancing on the ground past the influx of gremlins as you head back out towards the main atrium and up towards the upper floors.

As you progress towards the upper floors you confirm your own fears. A bird's eye view of the central atrium down below, dozens upon dozens of those flesh covered Patchwork gremlins can be seen below rushing towards the cafeteria. The upper floors appear to have barricades made from hospital beds or cafeteria tables all over, above for shooting down and even faced in both ways as if to expect incoming attackers. Worst yet this central atrium covers nearly all entrance points, so anyone walking in here would essentially be sitting ducks.

What you see next makes your own blood turn to ice. A single figure walking down onto the floor, covered in the slick remains of muscle pulled apart from human beings while a golden mane can be seen around his head. You know this person, this is the same Gremlin that ‘helped’ you escape the military in Sub-Basement 8 when the breakout occurred. This isn’t a gremlin nest, this is a gremlin nest managed by an apostate.

“Oh my! It appears that we have a potential patient in our midst!” the single Apostate says walking out onto the floor, casually looking around as the other Gremlins around him continue to search. “...But! She appears to be a shy one. Regrettable, most regrettable...”

He turns his gaze directly towards you, his slitted glowing green eyes locking place with your own. “But a good doctor always knows his patients!”

(Lion Apostate scored 9 successes to search for Hibiki!)

“Shit!” You immediately mutter, taking a quick step back.

“I know why’ve you come here! You want answers! Answer to your condition! Well worry not! Doctor Trepes has all the answers for you! See you’re more like us than you realize, far more than the copy program that some other Soldat did a shitty job at no! You... You’re... unique your visit with the good doctor.” Trepes says down below, pointing a finger at you as he casually walks towards you.

- You’re not taking an Apostate on in addition to his army, let him babble and run.

- “...You said the same thing when you first saw me. Do you know exactly what Doctor Trine did to me? Us?”

- Other
>- You’re not taking an Apostate on in addition to his army, let him babble and run.

You’re not fighting an Apostate in top form in addition to his own army. You quickly vault over the side of the railing before leaping in the air, sailing on over towards the exit itself. You quickly attempt to run there before two Lynx’s cut you off, sliding to a halt in front of you as their claws scrap against the ground.

(“Shit!”) you exclaim in your native tongue before turning back around towards Kreber once again.

“Come now child, there is no need to be afraid. I would never dream of harming such a... potentially perfect specimen.” He says with a literal ear to ear smile as his hand in front opens up, exposing a large batch of rusty surgical tools only with more jagged edges than you remember. “I’m just going to finish what the good doctor began on you.”

Just as he takes another step towards you, a single object can be seen flying towards his hand, catching hold in one of the gears before a small explosion engulfs it, causing Kreber to howl in pain as he clutches onto his now stump of a hand. “WHO DARE’S!?”


As Kreber roars loudly a single figure can be seen leaping down from the third floor above landing directly in front of you. Dexter slowly stands back up, wearing a thin black night dress in high heels as she gracefully holds several scalpels in her hand. “Hibiki, are you alright?” Dexter asks.

“Y-Yes.” you quickly reply as to see the scene in front of you.

“Who the hell are to interrupt my time with a patient!?” Kreber roars at Dexter.

“It's been a while Kreber. Still up to your twisted experiments I see.” Dexter replies back at Kreber, this time using his male tone of voice.

Kreber’s own eyes widen considerably upon hearing the voice. “Dexter!? You’re still alive!? Oh my this is a rare treat indeed! I’ll overlook you destroying my hand for now, so please come on in! I can fix that back of yours along with Hibiki’s!”

“You’re nothing more than an Apostate now Kreber.” Dexter replies back in her female voice again. “Normally I wouldn’t even give you the time, but for you I’ll make an exception and give you this!”

Dexter reaches back and throws a single blue object high up into the air before quickly turning around and starting to run. You don’t need encouragement to quickly follow her suit, turning around just as the flashbang explodes in midair, a roar of pain erupting from both Kreber himself and the gremlins in the room.

“AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!” Kreber as his eyes are burnt out from the flashbang, quickly leaping back deeper into the hospital ruins once more. “KILL THEM!”

As both you and Dexter jump out of the building, a small batch of Patchworks which the Flashbang didn’t work on run out after you.

As both you and Dexter jump out of the building, a small batch of Patchworks which the Flashbang didn’t fully work on run out after you, weapons firing on behind you but still going wide due to the flashbang

“Do you have a plan!?” you quickly ask Dexter.

“That was a spur of the moment thing! Marina called and said she was worried about you after she spoiled your cover and I was the closest one!” Dexter says as she runs alongside you. “We’re going to need to get rid of these gremlins before we can make a real escape!”

You quickly make a ducking motion, allowing Marina to shoot at the gremlin that was tailing directly behind you. “If we fight them here then we’ll never see the end of them! Get in the truck around the block! I know just where to go!”

- Hide into the car and head into a military controlled zone, put the military’s big guns to use for a change.

- Get into the car and tell them to head back to Big Ezay’s territory ready for a fight.

- Other
>- Hide into the car and head into a military controlled zone, put the military’s big guns to use for a change.

“We’re going to be heading to the military controlled zone in that car!” you tell Dexter.

“Can you repeat that!? I thought I heard something unpleasant!” Dexter says as she too ducks under a shot coming from Marina.

“Truck! Military Zone! Now!” you say as you turn around the corner quickly piling back up into the pickup truck.

“MOVE!” you immediately tell as you throw open the door to the pickup truck, tumbling inside along with Dexter as she too also cloaks herself.

The tires screech as the pick up peels out, a surprising amount of acceleration as the machine quickly begins to speed down the road.

“What did you fin-WHAT THE FUCK ARE THOSE!?” the driver cries out in the rear view mirror.

“Something we don’t want to fight here!” Dexter immediately replies.

“Head towards one of the military bases in the city! We’ll let the military blow them up for us!” You break the rear window of the pickup itself, scraping the sides in order to make a smooth opening for those in the back. “Those in the back, get in the hatch! We’ll need the back seat!”

“The military! Hibiki they’re going to blow us up along with the gremlins!” Marina says in a terrified tone of voice.

“Not if you’re hidden from sight! Lift the backseat up and lay under it! Dexter and I will lay next to you and use our cloaking to make it appear as if you’re not there when looking at the side!” you quickly reply.

“Oh~, clever girl!” Dexter applauds you.

The gang members in the back seat quickly make their way towards the hatch, leaning down for cover as they exchange fire with Gremlin vehicles in hot pursuit after you. Marina’s own strength is more than sufficient to tear up the back seat of the pickup, allowing her to lie down below the seat. You lie down on the floor while Dexter lies down on top you.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone about this part.” you say to Dexter as she lays down on top of you.

“Hehe, no promises~.” Dexter exclaims to you, not being able to see her face but figuring it must be pretty smug by now.

The rest of the ride becomes a series of hard bumps and tire screeches and bullets wizz on by directly overhead. Panicked shouts and screams from civilians are head at first before the entire truck rattles from the thunderous sound of a tank cannon followed by a loud explosion. The pick up slows down to a crawl before the sound of gunfire can be heard off in the distance.

The military is a bit rough on the gang members as they’re taken out of the vehicle with loaded weapons pointed at them, but they don’t open fire at least. You don’t even breath as you can see the military soldiers peering into the window of the pickup briefly before waving out an all clear sign. At the end of the ordeal two gang members are taken to a MASH center for gunshot wounds while the rest of you head back to the ghetto safehouse.


As you head back to the ghetto safehouse, several dozen gang members are already on the outside of the building standing guard. As you head up to ‘your’ designated floor, Big Ezay is already waiting for you at the top of the stairs.

“Yo what da fuck happened!? I heard two of my homies got shot!” Big Ezay says as you climb up the stairs to the last floor.

“Boss, that was some pretty fucked up shit we saw.” one of the gang members who was in the pickup says as he comes up behind you.

“It won’t be the last of it either. It was a gremlin nest alright, but there was an apostate in it.” you reply as you step onto the floor.

“Wat da fuck’s an apostate!?” Big Ezay says in a clearly confused tone of voice.

“Um... Think someone like us, whose only stronger, insane, and has an urge to kill anything living.” Marina says to Big Ezay.

As soon as Marina says this nearly all the colour drains out from Big Ezay’s face. “Oh... Shit.”

As soon as Dexter walks up onto the floor, nearly every single gang member in the hall has eyes that immediately dart over to her near flawless body, eyes going over every curve she has despite having blue skin. “Oh don’t worry, our little group just happens to be a specialist in getting rid of such things~.”

The blood that left Big Ezay’s head clearly goes to another location in his body upon seeing Dexter. “Daymn gurl... I thought you’d all be behind metal and shit but now I’m glad you ain’t.”

Dexter smiles as she leans in close to Big Ezay. “Let’s just say I was also elected to become an Alchemical due to my *other* talents.”

“Dexter do you know what the others are doing?” you ask him.

Dexter gives a small smile towards you, letting her finger trail along a gang members chin as she walks on by him. “Last I heard was that Osvald was getting people to search and destroy jamming stations and listening towers around the city, I was doing it myself before Marina darling called me.”

- *Sigh* “Dexter’s actually a man. Moving on.”

- It was spoiled for you, let Dexter have her fun this time.


- An intelligent apostate is a major emergency, recall all your team.

- Call Osvald/Wendy to report an emergency with only needing them as backup. Osvald makes no sense at times but he’s hardly wrong about such things as matters of importance (Pick Wendy or Osvald)

- Other
>- " 'Dex' can change...her...his...their gender. In case that bothers you.
>- An intelligent apostate is a major emergency, recall all your team.

“Dexter can change his... her... whatever gender by the way.” you say as you begin to patch your way through to Osvald.

Tons upon tons of glares of both shock and disgust are now directly aimed at Dexter herself. “Hibiki! You ruined it!” Dexter fumes behind you.

(“Hibiki.”) Osvald replies on the other end of the line.

(“Osvald, recall everyone to the ghetto safehouse. We have an emergency.”) you tell him over the communication line.

(“We can spare a Wendy, Mochire, or Father Marcellius but not all of us. If we don’t do this now than its going to become significantly harder for other Alchemicals to communicate within the city.”) Osvald replies to you.

“Big Ezay, let me see that phone with the video again.” you say asking him for the phone, hooking it up to the Omnitool and uploading the video to Osvald.

(“You see that? That’s a Patchwork gremlin covered in flesh. We found a hell of a lot more in an abandoned hospital near here, including Lynx’s, Juggernauts, and an insane Apostate doing all of this.”) you warn Osvald.

(“We’re on our way.”) Osvald immediately replies before closing the link.

“They’re on their way.” you reply as you look back towards the others.

“...So do you actually have a dick down there?” one of the gang members asks Dexter.

“Does it look like it~?” Dexter replies lifting up her own dress to show him a pair of lacy panties.

“Dexter please!” Marina begs covering her eyes.

“...So is she/he a-”

“Yes, yes to whatever you were going to say.” to reply to Big Ezay. “The rest of my group shall be here shortly.”


As the time goes on, each team member comes into the building one by one, introducing themselves to to the gang members and Big Ezay. Father Marcellius warms up to gang members quickly, talking to a few of them in Varangian in order to pass the time. Osvald himself is curt and frank with many of them, but once you mention potential upgrades he’s quick to talk to the mechanics about how to efficiently upgrade their vehicles to stand a fighting chance. Mochire himself comes to the entire thing very overdressed, giving a polite introduction before standing off in the corner and sipping a beer, generally staying away from everyone. Dexter manages to continue flirting with a select few gang members who seem driven by curiosity towards the possibly of getting into her panties. Marina herself continues to play consoles on the television while you sit down in meditation.

“I’m sorry I’m late. I had to take the long way to avoid military pat-” Wendy stops as soon as she enters the room, her eyes darting around it before locking gazes with Big Ezay.
File: Charactersheet1.png (31 KB, 787x721)
31 KB

“Ah hell na!” Big Ezay says as he immediately draws a gun on Wendy.

“That’s my line!” Wendy says as she immediately draws her massive revolver, pointing it directly towards Big Ezay in the span of a heartbeat. Another heartbeat later virtually every other gang member now has guns pointed at each and every one of you.

“Oh no...” Marina says sinking down into the couch.

“Wendy, explain yourself.” Osvald demands, not even flinching with the gun pointed between his eyes.

“Wendy Schwer, the Incorruptible Bitch herself.” Big Ezay says still pointing the gun towards Big Ezay.

“Edward Manson, I had wished to never see you again.” Wendy coldly replies despite the dozens of weapons pointed at her.

“...I feel like we are missing some context to this conversation.” Dexter says sitting in the corner of the room with a gun pointed on each side of his head.

“This bitch here was personally responsible for puttin’ away at least two of my crew in the morgue and about a dozen more in the slamma!” Big Ezay says gritting his teeth.

“Clearly I missed some cockroaches when I raided your nest.” Wendy replies back to Big Ezay.

“...Wendy, you are not a police officer anymore. You have no reason to hunt these men down anymore.” Father Marcellius tells her.

“Tell that to the corner store clerk these gang members murdered to get 72 dollars from.” Wendy coldly replies.

“Fuck you! Did you even know why Ray and Lux did that!? Their own family was starving and their sister would’ve died without medication!” Big Ezay replies. “Yet this stone cold bitch killed both of them in the shootout!”

“If they didn’t try shooting at a police officer then maybe they’d still be alive.” Wendy snaps back.

- “Father Marcellius is right Wendy, you have no reason to go after these people. They may have done questionable things even a week ago, but if you let the Underworld Judge’s sort them out now the people of this neighbourhood won’t last long against the gremlins.”

- “Big Ezay, Wendy is a bitch but she’s and understandable bitch. Drop your guns and she won’t shoot you, nor is she capable of even taking you in as she’d be shot and killed as well.”

- Other
>- “Father Marcellius is right Wendy, you have no reason to go after these people. They may have done questionable things even a week ago, but if you let the Underworld Judge’s sort them out now the people of this neighbourhood won’t last long against the gremlins.”

“Father Marcellius is right Wendy, you have no reason to go after these people.” you say sitting up from your meditation. “They may have done questionable things even a week ago, but if you let the Underworld Judge’s sort them out now the people of this neighbourhood won’t last long against the gremlins.”

Even as you say this, Wendy continues to stare at Big Ezay, revolver still pointed at his head.

“Wendy please. We need them, you know this.” Father Marcellius seems to plead with Wendy.

“...Fine.” Wendy says after several long moments of inner deliberation, putting the gun back into her thigh holster. “Tell your men if any of you try to make a move on either me or one of my associates than your lives will be forfeit.”

“And I hope I don’t see you trying to stop my men when they’re just tryin’ to survive again.” Big Ezay says putting away his gun, followed by everyone else in the room.

“So exactly what kind of Gremlin emergency do we have?” Wendy asks entering the room looking at you, Marina, Dexter, and Osvald.

“From what I summarized from the video on display and the accounts of everyone who was present at the hospital, it appears that the Apostate inside of the hospital has been creating upgraded types of gremlins inside.” Osvald summarizes. “I’m unsure of what their capabilities are exactly, but hearing stories I can ascertain that their parameters are upgraded overall.”

“I thought the gremlins made of machines were really creepy, but this was just something straight out of a horror movie!” Marina says with a feeling of fear in her voice.

“Amen to that. Those motherfuckers chasin’ after us appeared to be some sort hyper cyberzombie or some shit.” a gang member next to Marina says.

“Hibiki, you were the one who went inside to scout, did you find anything out about their leader?” Father Marcellius asks.

Dexter raises her hand from the back of the room. “I’ll answer that. His name is Kreber Trepes. He was a ‘freelance doctor’ I encountered working for the Haltan’s. He was just as fucked up before I encountered him, often cutting people to bits in a vain attempt to ‘search for perfection’. It was only when the Haltan’s found him tearing apart and ‘modifiying’ their Ata-Beasts with some sort of sorcerous occult voodoo magic that the Haltan’s themselves not only gave me his location but the keys to his door.”

“We should be thankful he never got the chance to summon and cut apart elementals then.” Mochire replies sipping his beer.

“We also need to be careful with him. He’s a mercenary doctor, but also a mercenary. He knows full well how to fight and can be considered extremely dangerous.” Dexter warns.

“I can confirm that. When I was scouting around on the upper floors in the atrium, nearly all the upper floors were converted into cover to allow someone to fire at someone on the floor or below with relative ease.” you warn. “Worst yet there’s not many main entryways into the hospital itself. The main atrium covers nearly all entryways.”

“Na man, there’s still the parking garage. I mean it's boarded up but it's still there if ya wanna go through it.” a gang member says.

“Kreber is also going to be near one of the lower floors, more cover in case of military attacks.” Osvald says. “If we gain access to any elevator shaft we’ll be able to access the floor Kreber is on.”

“There are a few ways I see about approaching this.” Wendy says as she walks towards the window, glancing outside of it towards the direction of the hospital.

- Approach from the roof, be the ones to gain the upper floor advantage as you sweep thoroughly downwards.

- Approach via the front door and take the Atrium. It’d be a trap, but at the same time you’ll make sure no gremlins escape into the city.

- Send a team as a distraction while another force attempts to circle around or behind for a pincer attack or attempt to attack Kreber in his lair.

- Other


- Bring Big Ezay’s men inside as an additional support unit.

- Leave Beg Ezay’s men outside the hospital, open fire on any gremlin that attempts to leave.

- Big Ezay’s men will just get in the way, tell them to remain behind.
>- Do another recon of the exterior before approaching, just-in-case.
>Talk about the pros and cons of a frontal assault in this case. Can we realistically succeed and make sure that they wont escape without losing people?
>- Leave Beg Ezay’s men outside the hospital, open fire on any gremlin that attempts to leave.
“Hold on, I have a question.” Marina says raising her hand. “Wouldn’t the most effective way be trying to storm all the entrances at once and then sweep from there so that no gremlins can escape?”

“A frontal assault is an option, in fact it provides the strongest assurance that all Gremlins in the area will be eliminated. However we will be walking directly into a trap, and the difficulty will become substantially more difficult.” Osvald explains.

“But we’ve beaten Gremlins before!” Marina protests.

“Not ones led by Apostates. Kreber himself was involved in heavy marital conflict, so the chances of him having augmentations related to commanding his troops more efficiently are 95.156 percent.”

“Kreber is going to make us fight through his army before us keep in mind, so we’ll already be worn out somewhat by the time we get to him.” Wendy then adds.

“I hate to be gruesome, but its not like Kreber cares if those gremlins in the hospital die off either. He has plenty of raw resources in terms of flesh and metal, so he’ll just make more of them.” Mochire then adds.

“We’ve verified the types of Gremlins and the terrain, but we’re still not sure of their numbers.” Osvald replies. “A pincer attack carries the highest element of speed to safety ratio, while approaching from the roof will be quite safe for us it also takes the longest to execute and with no one on the ground floor than the exits will be exposed.”

“At the very least we know that the gremlins inside of the building will be more akin to incests in a hive than to people. They won’t likely split unless they know they are going to lose or if their King Kreber dies off.” Wendy adds in.

(Repeating the choice in X as clarification on the options were given)


X being the choices in >>782586 . I'm so, so sorry for brainfarting like that.
>- Send a team as a distraction while another force attempts to circle around or behind for a pincer attack or attempt to attack Kreber in his lair.
>- When we engage, try to focus on faster minions, anything that can escape easily first.
File: Charmssheet.png (270 KB, 820x5592)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
“We’ll go with the pincer attack. Split into two teams. Team A will be the group that heads in by the front to pose as an assault group. Team B will sneak in down through the elevator shaft and attack them from behind.” Wendy says.

“What about us?” Big Ezay asks.

“You’ll remain on the outside of the hospital, encircle it as best as you can and take out any gremlins that attempt to escape.” Osvald replies.

“Do you think we can get some drones to scout the place out before we head in?” Dexter asks.

“Yes. Don’t use anyone else as if we get too close and spotted too soon than the trap will be ruined.” Wendy replies.

Select two people you want on your team!

- Dexter (Adamant caste, High social and stealth based skills)

- Osvald (Starmetal caste, Light combat ability, but extremely knowable with computers, machines, doors, medicine, and everything else)

- Mochire (Starmetal caste, devastating magical powers and long range capabilities. Extremely knowledgeable about the occult)

- Wendy (Soulsteel caste, no-nonsense tactical agent type that is proficient at ranged combat and specializes in fear based tactics. Good leadership ability)

- Father Marcellius (Orichalcum Caste, high powered combat unit that specializes in close combat. Good at social)

- Marina (Jade caste, extremely high defenses render her nigh-unkillable and has potent range and melee options. Somewhat slow speed)
>- Osvald (Starmetal caste, Light combat ability, but extremely knowable with computers, machines, doors, medicine, and everything else)
>- Father Marcellius (Orichalcum Caste, high powered combat unit that specializes in close combat. Good at social)

“Osvald, I want you take both Father Marcellius and Hibiki down with you through the parking garage entrance in the back. Everyone else will form the frontal assault team in order to serve as a distraction.” Wendy says.

“Acknowledged.” Osvald replies.

“We shall do our absolute best.” Father Marcellius says with a nod.

“Edward, tell your men to use the drones to begin scouting the area before we head in.” Wendy orders him.

“Excuse me! I said I’d cooperate with you, not bend down and spread my cheeks for every little thang you say!” Big Ezay retorts to Wendy.

Wendy looks back at him with a glare that could melt ice. “Yes, you will do exactly as I say here Edward, otherwise we’re going to have a lot gremlins coming out of that hospital followed by a lot of dead men afterwards!”

Big Ezay grumbles as he walks out of the room after listening to Wendy.

(“Are you sure he won’t double-cross us?”) you text Osvald.

(“93.719 percent chance that he will not. As much as he hates Wendy, he also realizes that cooperating with her is for his benefit as much as hers.”) Osvald replies back in text.


You, Father Marcellius, and Osvald wait behind a building leading up to the hospital for the others to begin their own distraction tactics.

“Everything appear good on the drones?” you ask Osvald.

Osvald then displays a small holographic display of the drone he borrowed from Big Ezay’s men earlier, hovering it just behind a radio tower so that the Gremlin on the roof cannot see it. “Currently I see four organic Patchwork gremlins on the rooftops. I do not detect any other gremlins within the area.”

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say he’s actually waiting for us.” Father Marcellius says.

“That is an extremely accurate assumption. I believe he didn’t attack us as Kreber wants to engage us on his own territory.” Osvald states as you can see Big Ezay’s vehicles roll up to the front.

The Gremlins take notice almost immediately, two of them heading inside while the other two open fire on the roof. The sounds of gunshots can be heard out around the corner, but are quickly drowned out once Marina and Wendy open fire, immediately destroying the Gremlins on the roof with two well placed shots.

“Let’s go.” Osvald says as he immediately closes the screen, all three of you rushing around the corner and heading towards the parking garage.

Heading around towards the back, you go down the ramp that heads into the parking garage. Osvald takes out his own multitool out from his hands, a small tendril sneaking into the rusty padlock before it opens up a second later. As the rusty door swings open loudly the sound of gunfire fills the air above you.

“It sounds like the assault team has encountered the enemy.” you reply looking up at the ceiling.
File: Charactersheet1.png (31 KB, 787x721)
31 KB

“We need to move quickly!” Father Marcellius says, running towards the stairwell, literally ripping the door off of its hinges then dashing up the staircase.

You and Osvald are not far behind him, quickly ascending the stairs in small leaps and bounds before you reach the top of the staircase. Once you reach the top you can see Father Mercellius remain behind a nearby corner as a trio of gremlins rush out towards the balcony.

(“Hibiki you and I will go in first to make a stealth attack against the enemy. Once we make our assaults, Father Marcellius will join in shortly after.”) Osvald texts.

(“Any preferred targets?”) you ask.

(“That is up to you. The Juggernauts are a prime target considering how tough they are normally, but this army itself appears to be abnormally aggressive and the Lynx’s unusually fast. I’ll leave the opening attack to your own discretion.”) Osvald states. (“Also attack from the ceiling, the Juggernauts have the ability to sense via vibrations in the ground.”)

You give a small nod before turn invisible and leap up towards the ceiling, slowly crawling towards the shooting gallery.

Kreber set his trap up to function like shooting fish in a barrel as just by looking at the setup you can see how this is working nigh flawlessly. Marina, Wendy, and Mochire are down below, being pinned down by the near constant firing of gremlins from the upper levels, their skeletal jaws lit up almost in the sheer joy of laughter as they rain bullets from high above with impunity. Several Juggernauts line the main exit points from the atrium, cutting off nearly any sort of retreat for those down below. Lynx’s seem to constantly harass Marina down below, darting out of way of her punches before immediately making a leap towards her as their claws of bone actually create sparks as they fly off her armour.

Forcing any one of these elements to focus on you instead should provide relief to the beleaguered allies down below, and once your choice is made you reach for your weapon and prepare for your attack...

Hibiki: 9i (Charge: 0)
Organic Patchworks: 6i
Organic Lynx 1: 9i
Organic Juggernaut: 6i

- Pow: With (Liquid Steel Flow, Single Point Form, Kaarashin, may add up to +6 dice for 6m, 16m 1WP, 17d10) Assume Single Point form and attempt to destroy them as soon as possible!

- Eff: With (Steel Devil Form, Liquid Steel Flow, Kaarashin, 14m 1WP, 17d10) “Settle into Steel Devil Form and start attacking with mind focused on the long haul!”

- Other: User Input

Choose target:

- Organic Patchworks (Can use Blitzkrieg Assault system for 3m to use a reflexive attack)

- Organic Lynx

- Organic Juggernaut (Can use Blitzkrieg Assault system for 3m to use a reflexive attack)
Rolled 7, 9, 2, 3, 10, 10, 8, 7, 6, 2, 10, 9, 7, 4, 2, 9, 9 = 114 (17d10)

>- Pow: With (Liquid Steel Flow, Single Point Form, Kaarashin, 16m 1WP, 17d10) Assume Single Point form and attempt to destroy them as soon as possible!

You forgot to choose which target to attack first
Bah, targetting the Lynx, sorry.
File: 1459886438345.jpg (885 KB, 1000x723)
885 KB
885 KB JPG
I was thinking of attacking the gremlins firing on the forces below as being shot at relay makes it hard to fight someone else in meele.
The Lynxes are nasty melee combatants, but it could definitely be useful to take down the ranged attackers first, I agree. And, Blizkrieg Assault system could put up a reflexive...too bad I didn't notice that earlier.

You take deep breath as your leg muscles contract, waiting for the right moment to strike at the Lynx down below as it continues to harass Marina. Once it skids to a stop from a previous pounce, you waste no additional time in leaping off the ceiling leaving your footprints in the concrete. The twin blades erupt from your side as you streak towards the Lynx as a electrified flaming tempest, smashing into the Gremlin with a cross smash from your blades as soon as you land.

(Hibiki’s sword attacks the Organic Lynx dealing 10 initiative damage, crashing it! Hibiki attacks the gremlin and deals 4 initiative damage!)

“Hibiki!” Marina says, her face lighting up with a ^^ symbol on her visor.

“Was waiting for the right time.” you say giving a small flick of the blades, a gout of flame being briefly spilled off of them as you get back into your stance.

“Be careful, these gremlins are a lot stronger than the other one’s we’ve fought so far!” Marina warns you.

Just as she says this, one of the Juggernaut’s who was blocking the way earlier focuses its attention on you, the massive lumps on its chest expanding grossly before finally a scream rips from its mouth so strong that a concrete pillar just touching it is instantly demolished. You immediately leap out of the way from it in the nick of time while Marina herself digs into the ground, slowly begin pushed back by the force of the scream but still holding on.

(Organic Juggernaut attacks Hibiki and misses!)

The real problem quickly becomes apparent once the gremlins from above lock onto both you and Marina. Cover is sparse as the hailstorm of bullets coming from the gremlins is incredibly accurate. You’re unable to parry all of the bullets as you can feel several of them bouncing off your armour in non-vital areas.

(Organic Gremlins attack Hibiki for 6 withering damage!)

The Lynx you hit earlier quickly spins up from the ground, roaring towards you with a bloody skull and outstretched claws, paying no heed to the fire currently consuming its flesh. A storm of white bone and red/blue jade fill the air as you engage your high speed dance with the Lynx, bullets nearly slowing down to a crawl as nearly all your focus is applied towards keeping pace with the Lynx alone.

(The Organic Lynx attacks Hibiki for 4 withering damage! The Organic Lynx attacks Hibiki again dealing 5 withering damage!)

(“Fighting pattern analyzed. Attack here.”) Osvald texts to you, highlighting a certain part within the Lynx’s own chest on your HUD.
File: Charactersheet1.png (31 KB, 787x721)
31 KB

Following Osvald’s advice you immediately make a wide parry against the Lynx, forcing its arms high up into the air before thrusting your blades directly at the spot Osvald pointed out, the smell of burning flesh filling the room as the Lynx itself screams in pain, immediately pulling back and using a claw to cover the now burning hole in its chest.

(Osvald used to his turn to give an automatic attack to Hibiki, Hibiki deals 14 withering damage to the Lynx, crashing it!)

As you glance up towards the upper level, you can see Father Marcellius now joining the fray, tearing through the gremlins on the upper floor like a golden meteor, parts of wet flesh and mechanical bits and pieces falling down on the first floor before dissolving into dust.

Hibiki’s Sword: 21i
Hibiki: 21i (Charge: 3)
Father Marcellius: 13i
Marina: 11i
Organic Patchworks: 6i
Organic Juggernaut: 6i
Organic Lynx 1: -8i

- Pow: Des (Blinding Nova Flare, Fatal Stroke Flash, 21d10, 1m 1WP) Finish off the Lynx with everything you’ve got before moving onto the next target!

- With: Des (Normal decisive attack x2, Karashin, 1m) Attempt to finish off the Lynx while conserving resources!

- Other
>- With: Des (Normal decisive attack x2, Karashin, 1m) Attempt to finish off the Lynx while conserving resources!
>- Ask Marina to keep them firing on her, you can devastate them once this Lynx is gone.
Btw, if you want suggestions for combat and so on, I give you some basics.

I'm also here as well >>

I generally try to give options that even if people don't know mechanics, the description alone should be "...Yea this seems the best thing to do in this situation."
File: Charactersheet1.png (31 KB, 787x721)
31 KB
“Marina! Grab the attention of those Patchworks!” you call out to her as you deflect several more bullets heading your way.

“R-Right!” Marina replies, quickly taking out the light grey rocket launcher before firing it up on the second floor, an explosion of pink mist following half a dozen gremlins being flash frozen in an instant.

You instead begin to focus your own power, channeling it through as clouds of dust on the floor begin to swirl up and coalesce around the wind blade in your left hand. The Lynx doesn’t even have a chance to defend itself before you burst towards it in a singular blur of speed, separating its head from its body completely. The Lynx harassing Marina then falls to the ground, body lifeless before it explodes into dust once more.

“Didn’t even have to use the other blade.” you say flicking the blackish-red residue off your blade before turning back to the combat once again.

Marina herself is now heading towards a nearby pillar to cover, scrambling to reload her rocket launcher as she’s under constant barrage. “Owowowow please not the head!”

Dexter himself is currently engaged with the Juggernauts off towards the left, stabbing what appears to be his own hands directly through their flesh and into their necks. Wendy herself is trying to provide assistance, but with the constant barrage of fire coming at her and the Lynx currently bothering her, she’s under some duress.

On the upper floors Father Marcellius appears to be doing rather well for himself as he crushed the head of a gremlin in his own hand. However you see it isn’t taking long for him to quickly become mobbed, and if he doesn’t have help soon then it won’t be long until he’s swamped in those disgusting organic gremlins.

Hibiki: 21i (Charge: 3)
Father Marcellius: 13i
Marina: 11i
Organic Patchworks: 6i
Organic Juggernaut: 6i
Hibiki’s Sword: 3i (Action already taken)

- Pow: With (Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, Liquid Steel Flow, 9m 1WP, 17d10) Attempt to go full out once more against your opponent

- Eff: With (Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, 4m) Conserve your resources while still remaining offensive.

- Other: User Input

And select your target:

- Help Father Marcellius deal with the Gremlins up top

- Help Dexter and Wendy by taking on one of the Juggernauts
>- Eff: With (Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, 4m) Conserve your resources while still remaining offensive.
>- Help Father Marcellius deal with the Gremlins up top
>- Direct Marina towards Dexter and Wendy. If she needs to use charms, so be it.

I assume dice are 17d10?
Rolled 2, 3, 5, 1, 10, 10, 9, 3, 7, 9, 10, 3, 6, 10, 6, 9, 10 = 113 (17d10)

I Agree with this.

if father marcellius was not on the balcony i would have asked maria to level the balcony with her AOE rocket launcher.

“Good, now help out Wendy and the others again!” you say to Marina as you run towards the wall then directly up it.

“B-But you told me to get the gremlins off of us!” Marina says with a small pout as she watches you run up one of the support pillars in the atrium.

Bullets fly towards you as you run up and around the support pillar in the atrium, leaping off the pillar as you hurl yourself towards the gremlin army on the above steps. Once you’re within close range of the Organic Patchwork gremlins they become far easier to fight, dodging the spray of their weapons as you use one sword to tilt up their weapon while slashing with another, using them as human shield, all the usual tactics that work as you continue to tear into them.

(Hibiki double attacks the Organic Patchwork gremlins for 16 damage, reducing their effective size by 1!)

As Father Marcellius sees how you have the second floor under control once more, jets activate on his back as he bursts up through the third floor, a golden light filling the entirety of the floor above before he bounces off the roof. Cement, hospital equipment, and gremlins body parts raining down from above as a blast of golden essence goes off on the floor above.

“Hibiki, these gremlins are far more tenacious than the ones we encountered back at the junkyard, be careful!” Father Marcellius says over the radio.

“Yea I noticed!” you reply to Father Marcellius as a group of them directly ahead of you pounce directly at you, their ranged weapons folding back into their arms as they pounce towards you directly as a group while the ones directly across the atrium shoot at you. Spin of your swords allows you both deftly knock away the pouncing gremlins while deflecting the bullets pouring at you at the same time.

(Organic Patchwork gremlins attack Hibiki, dealing 4 initiative damage to her and 1 to Father Marcellius!)

During your spin you can see the single Juggernaut down below, its widening maw slowly opening wide to show six barrels rapidly spinning, all of them pointed at you.

(“Are you kidding me!?”) you retort back in your native language before you attempt to dart out of the way of the oncoming barrage. Countless bullets fly through the air as concrete seems to literally just melt under the ceaseless barrage. The sheer volume of bullets makes it literally impossible to parry even half of them. Your armour seems to be holding up and absorbing the damage for now, but not for long under this kind of torment.

(Organic Juggernaut uses its Minigun on Hibiki dealing 2 damage! Organic Juggernaut attacks again and deals 5 damage to Hibiki!)
File: Charactersheet1.png (31 KB, 787x721)
31 KB

(“I shall assist.”) Osvald texts, in which a short second later the floor above you seems to explode, causing debris to fall down directly in front of the Juggernaut’s onslaught. Osvald bought you some time here, but that cover isn’t going to last cover with the amount of metal coming out of that thing’s mouth.

Hibiki: 17i (Charge: 3)
Organic Juggernaut: 15i
Father Marcellius: 12i
Marina: 11i
Organic Patchworks: 6i (Battlegroup)
Hibiki’s Sword: 3i (Action already taken)

- Pow: With (Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, Liquid Steel Flow, 9m 1WP, 17d10) Stick to the original plan, attempt to finish off the remainder of the gremlins, with Father Marcellius helping there’s only about half left now.

- Eff: With (Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, 4m per attack, 17d10) You have cover now, so you can afford to fight with the bit of breather room that you’ve now been given, so use it to fight the Gremlin Army.

- Either of the above, but use it instead to engage the Organic Juggernaut (12d10 to attempt to disengage from Organic Patchwork gremlins)

- Other: User Input

Small mistake, sword action is NOT taken, as this is a new turn
Can we use Void-Slicing Wind to ping the whole Goblin unit then swing at the Juggernaut(s)? Would this be an effective strategy?

You could very well do that yes, however the only con would be that you'd have to go at the lower of either your sword's turn or your turn, meaning the gremlins would also get one more hit off.

Also its a decisive, so Hibiki's initiative will go down to 3 after.

>- Eff: With (Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, 8m, 2 attacks, 17d10) You have cover now, so you can afford to fight with the bit of breather room that you’ve now been given, so use it to fight the Gremlin Army.

Lets ask Osvald to support us or Father Marcellius, whichever will deal the most damage to the Gremlins.
Rolled 5, 8, 1, 8, 3, 6, 3, 1, 5, 9, 8, 6, 10, 2, 4, 10, 1 = 90 (17d10)

Rolled 6, 2, 4, 2, 10, 7, 4, 5, 4, 6, 9, 2, 4, 8, 9, 3, 9 = 94 (17d10)

Second attack.
>- Be ready to use Defensive charms if/when that thing attacks us again.

Seeing as how you actually have some sort of cover to actually speak of now you begin to assault the gremlins in full, moving low to the ground before springing up towards the hanging piece of the ceiling to block the Organic Juggernaut while deflecting the shows that come from a small squad of Organic Patchworks on this floor, you leap down with a gout of flame, severing the heads off the gremlin squad as their bodies turn into dust.

(Hibiki attacks the Organic Patchwork gremlins dealing 2 damage!)

Just as you finish off the group of gremlins the cover near your location explodes in a shower of concrete, the Organic Juggernaut below quickly regrowing several large spikes on its arm before it slowly lowers it back down.

“Chill out!” Marina says as she opens fire near the group of Juggernauts, the ice blue explosion engulfing all of the Organic Juggernauts below in the blast as ice now hangs off their flash-frostbitten flesh.

(Marina attacks the Organic Juggernaut for 6 initiative damage!)

“Father! The only enemies on the second floor are the ones directly below you!” you exclaim.

“On it!” Father Marcellius says, immediately kneeling on the ground and slamming his fist directly into it. Cracks race throughout the entire third floor while the ground directly below Father Marcellius’s feet collapses directly on top of the gremlin group across the atrium from you, but also causes several other gremlins to fall down below on the spike traps originally set up to detur intruders.

(Father Marcellius attacks the Organic Patchworks and does 12 withering damage, crashing them!)

As you’re about to capitalize on Father Marcellius newfound goal, you’re immediately pinned back to the wall as the Organic Juggernaut and Organic Patchwork gremlins open fire on you once again.

“Even though we reduced them to nearly a fifth of their size they’re still a giant pain!” you cry out as you quickly take cover begin a rapidly dissolving pillar.

(Organic Gremlins attack Hibiki dealing 7 withering damage!)

As soon as you say this an crossbow bolt lands near your location, the area around you rapidly filling up with a thick and noxious gas.

(“You have cover, go now.”) Osvald texts you.
File: Charactersheet1.png (31 KB, 787x721)
31 KB

You were already on your way up as soon as Osvald texted you, jumping towards a piece of hanging ceiling before vaulting yourself up at the top of the floor. One of the last remaining dozen Organic Patchwork gremlins now rushing you as soon as you land on top, to which you immediately counter flying past all of them in a flash burst of speed, their bodies exploding into dust behind you.

(Hibiki attacks the Organic Patchwork gremlins for 6 withering damage! The Organic Patchwork Gremlins are nearly destroyed!)

Marina: 19i
Father Marcellius: 18i
Hibiki: 10i (Charge: 3)
Organic Juggernaut: 9i (Status: Frost 1 [-1 soak])
Organic Patchworks: 6i (Battlegroup)
Hibiki’s Sword: 5i

- Pow: With (Kaarashi, Double Attack Technique, 4m per attack, 17d10) Tell Father Marcellius to head down below to attack the Juggernaut while you finish off the remaining Patchworks.

- Pow: With (Kaarashi, Double Attack Technique, 4m per attack, 17d10) The Patchwork gremlins are nearly defeated, refocus your efforts on the Organic Juggernauts now.

- Other: User Input
Rolled 6, 6, 6, 7, 9, 2, 8, 7, 1, 8, 5, 10, 1, 10, 8, 3, 3 = 100 (17d10)

>- Pow: With (Kaarashi, Double Attack Technique, 4m, 1 attack, 17d10) Tell Father Marcellius to head down below to attack the Juggernaut while you finish off the remaining Patchworks.
>- Thank Marina for the save.
>- Pow: With (Kaarashi, Double Attack Technique, 4m, 1 attack, 17d10) The Patchwork gremlins are nearly defeated, send your sword to the Organic Juggernauts now.
Rolled 5, 9, 10, 6, 4, 8, 9, 8, 3, 3, 8, 4, 9, 1, 3, 3, 7 = 100 (17d10)

Alright I need to head to the library. Not sure how long that'll take but I hope to start updating at 7 PM EST.

Alright back from that minor disaster. Typing the next part now.

“Thank you Marina!” you say briefly looking down towards the bottom floor before staring down the final two Gremlin groups rapidly approaching you. “Father! I’ll take care of the remaining Patchworks, you go and help Marina on the first floor!”

“I’ll leave it to you!” Father Marcellius says hopping over the side of the railing.

“Let me warm you right back up!” Marina says dropping her bazooka and clasping her hands together, vents open alongside her arms, the blue sparkling exhaust now blasting behind her like a blowtorch, her own hands now engulfed in flames. “INCINERATE!”

As massive pillar of fire then roars out from Marina, roaring towards the Organic Juggernaut before it slams into it, the Juggernaut roaring in pain as the flesh on top of it melts like wax exposed to a blast furnace. A second later Marina slowly powers down, gasping as the trail leading to the Organic Juggernaut is now melted stone, the Juggernaut himself roaring in pain as most of the flesh on it now begins to melt off from it, pain only amplified by how the spikes through its flesh are now red hot.

(Marina attacks the Organic Juggernaut and does 7 lethal damage!)

Jet’s on Father Marcellius’s back open up, a full force blast or white exhaust tinged with yellow activate as he descends towards the Organic Juggernaut below, a massive crack in the area shattering the windows above him from the sound barrier as he crashes into the Organic Juggernaut with supersonic speeds. The entire first floor cracks as a large impact crater is formed upon impact, the study Juggernaut torn apart like paper as Father Marcellius lands on the ground, vents opening up on him to vent out a brief burst of steam.

(Father Marcellius attacks the Organic Juggernaut for 24 lethal damage, destroying it!)

With the remaining Patchwork’s now the only ones remaining, you simply wait for them to approach, swords by your side as their metallic screeching fills the air. As the gremlims make the motion to both pounce at you from two directions at the same time you're immediately whirl into motion, swords flying through the air in a flash of wind and flame. As you kneel down on the ground below, piles of dust now collapsed on both sides of you.

(Hibiki attacks the Organic Patchwork gremlins dealing 13 damage, destroying them!)

You give a small breath of relief as you look out down below, seeing Wendy below off the remaining Juggernaut head, leaping down the several stories afterworks and landing right before the main group.

“That went better than I expected.” Mochire says casually strolling up to the group.
File: Charactersheet1.png (31 KB, 787x721)
31 KB

“How are we all doing?” Wendy asks, opening her revolver and shaking out a few spent casings. You can tell like before she’s been shot up heavily.

“Too a small hit, but I’m still fine.” Mochire says showing his shoulder, sparking while leaking out a purplish black sludge.

“Hibiki and I are also fine, however these were definitely no ordinary gremlins.” Father Marcellius replies. “Not only were they far more intelligent, but fought with a zeal I’ve never seen in any other gremlins before.”

“That’s because those gremlins have found an apostate leader.” Osvald says, heading over to Mochire’s arm to begin treatment. “Gremlins like these tend to build nests, and when that nest either makes something strong enough to be considered its leader or someone strong enough finds them then you’ll see considerable behavior changes in addition to unique adaptations.”

“So you’re saying gremlins change depending on who the boss of them are?” Marina asks.

“Precisely. It's quite possible that you’ll either see adaptations like we just witnesses or brand new gremlin types never before seen.” Osvald states as he cleans Mochire’s wound. “In theory if the gremlins escaped Versino, then they’ll likely mutate and adapt to whatever environment is currently dominate in that area.”

“If the gremlins follow someone strong, than why don’t I disguise myself as an apostate and order them around?” Dexter asks.

“Short term you can, long term no. Gremlins have some sort of innate sense which can tell if someone has gremlin syndrome after spending a significant amount of time around said person. If they find out they’ll kill you, but doing something like impersonating a leader would certainly work.” Osvald says as he finishes treating Mochire’s wound.

“Enough of the small talk.” Wendy says as she closes up her revolver. “Everyone take a short five minute break, my healing systems need to complete themselves. Once that’s over we’ll be heading down to finish off our good Doctor.”

“Thanks... I need a breather after that...” Dexter says as she walks towards the wall, leaning up against it and nearly collapsing from exhaustion.

Select a companion to talk to:

- Osvald
- Father Marcellius
- Marina
- Wendy
- Mochire
- Dexter
- Use an E-Tank S to recover 20 motes before the big fight (2x remaining)
>- Thank Osvald for the cover, thank Marina for helping out so much, then Talk to Mochire
>- Save the tank, we can always use it in combat.
>Use an E-Tank S to recover 20 motes before the big fight (2x remaining)

and Talk to Osvald

Seeing as how you have such a dangerous fight coming up ahead, the best you could possibly do for yourself is to refill some of our motonic reservoir. Popping out a needle from your arm and twisting the side, you press it against your suit, but no matter how you try to can’t just seem to get it past.

“Slam it against your arm as hard as you can.” Osvald instructs as he sees you fiddling with your E-Tank.

“Won’t that damage the needles?” you ask him.

Osvald shakes his head. “Only for heavier armours like Father Marcellius or Marina. Your armour is light, so if you strike it in the same area as the synthetic muscle fibers are than it should go directly through it. The suit won’t be damaged by the injection of the needle, so do not worry.”

You give a small nod as you turn your arm around, biting your lip before slamming the E-Tank down as hard as you can on your forearm. You wince a bit from the pain as the fluid inside rapidly rushes into your system, your body shuddering as you feel the effects almost immediately.

“That was like taking a dozen espressos at once.” You say removing the needle, slowly opening and closing the hand to see if you can feel any ill effects.

“It was designed as a quick boost to your systems, so that is the intent.” Osvald replies.

“I need to thank you covering for me back there. You saved me quite a few times back there.” you tell Osvald.

“Your thanks are not needed. Your continued existence benefits us both.” Osvald replies.

You raise one eyebrow up in response to this odd answer, but let it slide for now. “Osvald, to say that you’re a man of many talents is an understatement. You make complex plans for both military and society, know how to do complex surgery on prototype war machines, how know to repair or upgrade a vehicle with limited resources, and can maintain a wide scale informational network. What exactly was your job before you became an Alchemical again?”

“Reporter.” Osvald replies.

“A reporter?” you ask in disbelief.

“Yes, a Reporter for the Meruvian National.” Osvald immediately replies.

“...You wanted to do a story of what was happening down at the Heptagram didn’t you?” you ask him.
File: Charactersheet1.png (31 KB, 787x721)
31 KB

“Correct. Since I was down there I’ve been attempting to formulate ways to figure out how to send the story of what has been happening to not only us, but all Alchemicals out to the world.” Osvald replies. “However the uploading ban has made that quite troublesome. I’ve never seen such an advanced security net before.”

“It must be quite something to hold you back.” you reply to Osvald.

“Not only me, but other informational technology Alchemicals such as me and even ones more skilled than I am. We have no idea how they’re doing, but it's almost as if they know what we’re doing ahead of time, but the possibility of a spy leaking that information is 2.114 percent. Do you not encourage the free exchange of information?” Osvald asks you.

“Pardon?” you reply to him.

“I asked whenever or not you support the free exchange of information.” Osvald replies back.

“Like whenever or not the public has the right to know?” you ask.

“Precisely.” Osvald replies. “I am merely curious to your stance on the issue.”

All that time Osvald spent attempting to establish a solid communication and informational network now makes a lot of sense.

- “I think a well informed public is the greatest weapon against atrocities and ignorance.”

- “Knowledge is power, but I believe the media needs to think what the right thing to do is at times rather than what it has the right to do.”

- “Information can be powerful in the wrong hands, so I can understand why it must be protected.”

- Other
>- “Knowledge is power, but I believe the media needs to think what the right thing to do is at times rather than what it has the right to do.”
“Knowledge is power, but I believe the media needs to think what the right thing to do is at times rather than what it has the right to do.” you reply to Osvald.

“Interesting answer.” Osvald replies.

“Was it not the one you were looking for?” you ask Osvald.

“No. As I said there were no right or wrong answers, I just merely wondered what your standpoint on the issue was.” Osvald replies to you.

“Alright everyone, time to head back into the oven.” Wendy says as she stands back up.

“Kreber hasn’t attempted an escape?” Marina asks in a confused tone of voice.

“No. Not a single gremlin has been spotted outside.” Osvald replies to Marina.

“That’s because he’s waiting for us.” Dexter replies peeling herself off the wall. “Considering his temperament that’s not a good thing.”

“Are you kidding? It just makes it easier for us to kill him off.” Mochire snorts. “We even gave the dumbass time to escape and he’s not even making use of it?”

“...I believe he wants to see me.” you reply. “He expressed an interest in knowing something about me, about what Doctor Trine seemed to do to me, but I brushed it off as I think he was just as insane as Trine was.”

“He could know something.” Osvald replies.

“We’re not keeping him alive.” Wendy says to Osvald as she calmly reloads her revolver.

“Agreed, but I shall be going through his lab after we are done.” Osvald replies.

“Do we have a plan on how to proceed?” Mochire replies.

- “Same plan as before, Father Marcellius, Osvald, and Hibiki will head down as the advance team while the rest of us act as a distraction decoy.”

- “He knows we’re coming and the same plan isn’t going to work twice. This time we’re going down guns blazing.”

- Other
>- "He's seen me try to be stealthy, so I'll go in first, then you'll rush in 30 seconds later."
>- Try to ask Osvald something else as we prepare.

“He’s seen me try to be stealthy, so I’ll go in first, then you’ll all rush in about one minute later.” you reply.

“Are you sure that’s a wise move?” Mochire asks you.

“It allows us to get ahead to attempt and destroy Kreber. Once we get to him we’ll need the rest of you to cover the rear to make sure the fight is uninterrupted.” Osvald states.

“I’ll rush on ahead join in with Hibiki’s assault on Kreber, so w-”

“Just cover me Father Marcellius, I want to take him alone.” you tell him.

“Alone? Hibiki are you sure about that?” Father Marcellius asks.

“The kid’s trying to redeem herself after Doctor Ledeel got away.” Wendy clarifies, seeming to target the issue directly on the nose.

“I need to know that I’m at least capable of doing this.” you reply to Father Marcellius.

Father Marcellius looks at you for several seconds before giving a small nod. “Very well, but if you need me for anything just remember then I’ll be directly behind you.”

“Let’s go.” you say to Osvald, both of you engaging your cloaks before heading down towards the elevator leading towards the basement.

As you and Osvald ever so slowly walk down the walls towards the basement, the bottom of the basement appears to be incredibly dark, only the flickering lights down below showing the cancerous growth of both flesh and machine down below.

As you slowly step off the elevator and crawl along the ceiling, the constant flicking of LED lights in the ceiling show the groaning and twitching masses of flesh directly below you laid admist the piles of bones that can be seen scattered around. Rusty hospital operating tables caked thick with blood can be seen in the dark corners of the room, fighting back the urge to gag from the extremely repulsive smell that permeates the air all around.

You give your head a small shake to recollect yourself before heading deeper into the hellish maze, the walls seeming to pulse with life on both sides of you, slowly continuing through the halls until you reach the operating theatre’s in the back, just the place you’d expect someone like Kreber would go towards.

You push past the blood filled surgical prep sink filled with human limbs and augmentations, heading into what appears to be a large operating room, the floor covered with blood and rust. But as you gaze upon the center operating table in the middle of the room, it is then you notice something.

“...That table is clean.” you say to yourself in horrible realization of what you just walked into.


The lights to the room suddenly shine bright, both you and Osvald’s forms brightly lit up by two Hawkeye’s that stand in the viewing room high above alongside multiple other Organic Patchwork gremlins that stand above, all of them wearing doctor’s coats in some sort of twisted mockery.


“Welcome my dear patient! So glad of you to join us!” Kreber says with a large smile, standing atop of the station while wearing a doctor’s coat himself. A large smile of joy spreading across his face as he notices the two of you. “You didn’t have to bring your friend with you, but don’t worry, we have a ‘no patients turned away’ policy.”

“Your hand... You fixed it that fast?” you ask in a small amount of amazement.

“Yes! It was quite irritating that your friend blew it up the first time, but don’t worry. They won’t be bothering us in here.” Kreber says, hopping down from the observation level down to the ground, landing on all four of his feet, at the same time the door behind you slamming shut with a heavy steel plate.

- “Patients? Doctor? You call this butchery helping people?”

- “Get to the point Kreber. What exactly do you know about my relationship with Doctor Trine? How could you tell with just a glance at me?”

- “From what I heard about you, you were long beyond saving even before you became an Alchemical Kreber. I’m here to put you out of your misery.”

- Other
>- “Get to the point Kreber. What exactly do you know about my relationship with Doctor Trine? How could you tell with just a glance at me?”
>- Tell everyone to rush now, tell Father Marcellius that the door is closed and attempt to estimate the layout from how you got here with Osvald's help.

“Get to the point Kreber. What exactly do you know about my relationship with Doctor Trine? How could you tell with just a glance at me?” you spite towards Kreber as you hear the sounds of gunshots and explosions in the area behind you.

“How? Oh that’s simple. You are one of the of the people that move like us, think just like us.” Kreber says with a smile on his face.

“I am nothing like you.” you immediately retort. “I don’t torture or kill innocent people.”

“Oh? Is that true? Then why is it that you are able to even have the capability to even hurt the others back at Sub Basement 8?” Kreber asks.

“That’s because Doctor Trine altered her programming. We all share the same modified code that Hibiki uses now.” Osvald replies.

Kreber raises his finger, shaking it back and forth. “Ah ah ah... See that’s where you’re wrong. Hibiki, and several others just like her, are special in a sense. They’re the ones that contain the potential for true freedom. While I am freer than both of you, there is still something within Hibiki I wish to see... Before I upgrade her of course.”

“Upgrade? Don’t make me vomit. I’ve had enough upgrading for a lifetime.” you reply back to Kreber.

“Then in that case why don’t we move onto acceptance?” Kreber asks you, his own eyes narrowing into a glare. “Tell me, when you cut down that innocent man the other day, what exactly did you feel?”

“W-Wa!?” you make a surprised gasp, wondering how Kreber is even able to know such a thing.

“It must’ve felt terrible for you, but that feeling is quick to fade. No, if anything you feel more alive after you kill don’t you? The relentless slaughter of those defenseless soldiers back in Sub Basement 8, the itty bitty part of you that felt relieved when you actually killed that man? The same thing you used to justify those killings, that’s just the seed into something that can make you into an even greater being.”

(Kreber attempted to instill an intimacy of “Am I a monster?” into Hibiki, Hibiki resists by using “Act Like a Man, Not a Beast!” intimacy and one willpower!)

“No! I am never going to be something as vile as you!” you reply by getting into your stance. “I’m going to prove that right here, right now by putting an end to your vile practices!”
File: Charactersheet1.png (31 KB, 787x721)
31 KB

“Haha! Yes! That’s what I wanted to hear!” Kreber says throwing off his doctor’s coat, his two arms opening up with a sickening crack to form another pair of arms that branch off his own. The top pair of his arms grow a pair of golden claws from the wrists while the lower pair of organic arms slowly begin to grow a long pair of black nails, glistening with some sort of disgusting liquid. “Creations! Take care of the uninvited guest, I need to give our patient her check up!”

“Father Marcellius is going to take some time to arrive here Hibiki, you’ll be on your own.” Osvald says leaping away from you, a cloud of smoke appearing where he lands as the Hawkeye’s dash over to meet him.


Turn Order:
Kreber: 15i (Distance: Short)
Osvald: 14i (Distance: Short)
Hibiki: 12i (Charge: 0)

- Pow: With (Liquid Steel Flow, Single Point Form, up to +6 dice for 6m, 17d10, 15m 1WP) A full force charge made directly at Kreber himself!

- Eff: With (Liquid Steel Flow, Single Point Form, 17d10, 15m 1WP) Attempt to move back towards Osvald, moving into the cover of the smoke cloud before attempting an attack

- Other: User Input

Oh, you can add Kaarashi and Double Attack Technique with Pow option as well.
File: ixvjhk8.jpg (208 KB, 1200x877)
208 KB
208 KB JPG

I assume he is stronger than us. I think we should go with the Eff option. try to stay within support distance ally.

Try to figure out what his capabilities especially what type of toxin he has and try not to get hit by whatever toxin he has.
Rolled 1, 2, 8, 10, 10, 5, 2, 7, 4, 9, 2, 9, 2, 9, 9, 8, 4 = 101 (17d10)

>- Pow: With (Liquid Steel Flow, Single Point Form, Kaarashi, Double Attack Technique, 17d10, 20m 1WP) A full force charge made directly at the Hawkeyes.

Those Hawkeyes have us made. We need to take down his support before we take him down.
Oh, and an additional 4m to get our Sword to Double Attack Technique the other Hawkeye.

As clarification he told the Hawkeye's to stand down, thus they're not even being used right now. They were used to point you out initially, but after Kreber's order they stopped highlighting you.
That's interesting. He's overconfident, we might be able to use that. Can my attack count against him instead?
File: 1448909400560.jpg (148 KB, 1024x603)
148 KB
148 KB JPG

Can i change my vote to killing the hawk eyes? forgot about the hawk eyes and they will trash our defense in left alone
Supposedly they're not attacking yet.
File: 1449201812618.jpg (107 KB, 750x600)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Oh the hawk eyes have stood down? part of me is screaming attacking him full force is what he wants. However it would be thematic.

Screw it lets just attack him full force. Will rely on the other posters for exact mechanics. however is it possible to inflict combat penalties onto him?

Combat penalties? Such as situational penalties?

Its possible to make attempts to try and enrage him, bait him into destroying the door, etc...
File: portfolio_centaur.jpg (132 KB, 800x792)
132 KB
132 KB JPG

anything flammable? like alcohol disinfectant? Setting an enemy on fire tends to distract them

With an inhuman burst of speed, Kreber himself blasts towards you, the operating light above swinging back and forth swinging light to dark, where even Kreber’s own metallic main seems to shimmer in the darkness itself. But as the light seems to shift from the darkness back into the light, Kreber suddenly appears to be far closer than you originally expected, his two bottom hands lashing out towards your neck and slowly beginning to crush you.

“I know you’re a high speed fighter, so I’m just going to end it by making sure you can’t move at all!” Kreber says.

(Kreber has landed a grappled gambit against Hibiki, successfully grappling her!)


Grapples are a special form of gambit you can land against an opponent, where after a series of rolls (One to hit, one gambit roll to see if the grapple works, and another to see who wins control of the grapple [I do most automatically]) you may grapple a similar sized opponent for an amount of turns as shown on the status bar. Each action taken while in a grapple reduces the amount of control you have by one as does getting hit (not damaged, just hit) by an attack. Those who are grappled however have their defense turned to 0 against any attacks the grappler wishes to make on his grappled victim (Meaning attacks automatically hit), meaning those who are grappled are in for a lot of pain.

You gasp for air you feel Kreber’s hands around your throat, the sound of metal warping as his grasp remains centered on his neck.

“Hibiki, breathing as an Alchemical is only a psychological phenomena, you do not need air to survive.” Osvald says calmly as you as he takes out a crossbow, firing a bolt directly towards Kreber before leaping off the wall to avoid the hailstorm of bullets coming from the Organic Patchwork gremlins now firing upon him.

(Osvald attacks Kreber, dealing 2 initiative damage and reducing the duration of Kreber’s grapple!)

Taking Osvald’s advice immediately into your mind, you cut your own breathing as you eject the two blades from your hips, catching them in midair as wrap your legs around Kreber’s own head. Kreber uses his last two arms to try and stop your own, the twin swords of fire and wind just barely an inch away from Kreber’s own eyes.
Our twin-sword special allows us to keep a penalty on him that wont come off at the end of his turn as normal. You can always ask the QM for info on combat, and I'd suggest you read the charms section.

The tl;dr is that it's basically WoD's system, where you roll a d10, 7+ is a success, you want successes to meet or beat defense score, extra successes turn into damage.

Initiative in this case is both who acts first, a health pool, and a pool for dealing damage to an enemy. 3e did some interesting stuff to the combat system. It's not perfect, but it seems to work.

We could also attempt to back ourselves near the door, then dodge out of the way with charm-use.
File: Charactersheet1.png (31 KB, 787x721)
31 KB

(Hibiki’s sword attacks Kreber, dealing 2 initiative damage and reducing the duration of Kreber’s grapple!)

“You want to play chicken!? Very well! Let’s dance!” Kreber says as he slowly begins to pry your arms apart.

This is bad, very bad. Kreber is using the same Martial Art Father Marcellius is using, Tiger Style. You saw how it turned a poorly defended Organic Juggernaut into paste upstairs, and with your defenses wide open by Kreber any attack from him means that you will seriously feel it.

Turn Order:
Osvald: 16i (Distance: Short)
Hibiki’s Sword: 13i
Hibiki: 12i (Charge: 0)
Kreber: 12i (Distance: Close, 3 rounds of control remaining)

- Pow: With (Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, +6m to add +6 dice, 23d10, 11m) “Force all the power you can to drive the blades into Kreber’s eyes! You do not have the armour to take such a hit!”

- Eff: With (Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi) Ask Osvald for more help despite him being attacked by the various enemies in the room, Kreber only needs a second to rip all the limbs off you.

- Eff: Gam (+6m into excellency, 20d10) Use your sword to snatch a bottle of alcohol from the table, smash it against Kreber's head, then ask Osvald to use a fire arrow to set Kreber's head on fire.

- Other

The charm section is very long, I don't expect people to memorize it.

The only things I encourage people to know are what's listed in the pastebin near the OP (Which are how the turn order works, how 'successes' work with rolls, and what the difference between withering/decisive attacks are)

Otherwise than that I try to make it so the choices explain the actions themselves rather than needing to rely on crunch. Knowing the crunch helps, but its not a "memorize this or die" thing.
Rolled 5, 3, 10, 6, 4, 1, 4, 7, 9, 9, 5, 4, 9, 2, 2, 10, 7, 5, 4, 10 = 116 (20d10)

>- Eff: Gam (+6m into excellency, 20d10) Use your sword to snatch a bottle of alcohol from the table, smash it against Kreber's head, then ask Osvald to use a fire arrow to set Kreber's head on fire.

I second this motion!

You’re not going to be able to get Kreber off yourself before he pries your arms apart and can land a hit on you, that much you know. Seeing the bottle of alcoholic disinfectant on the operating table below, you wrench your arms apart using Kreber’s own force against him, hooking the blue wind blade into the handle of the alcohol before smashing it directly on top of Kreber’s face.

“...Alcohol? That’s your plan to stop me!? That doesn’t even phase me!” Kreber says removing his hands from your neck.

“OSVALD! FIRE!” you immediately call out to him.

As if on cue, Osvald reacts by leaping in the air, firing a bolt directly at Kreber’s head, the explosive bolt landing on top of his head and immediately catching it ablaze.

“GGGAAAAHHH!” Kreber screams in pain and fear as he immediately lets you go, using all four of his hands to rub out the fire on top of his head very quickly. The smell of burnt flesh fills the room as Kreber’s hands are burnt from attempting to put out the fire. It may’ve not done much damage, but you are thankful that you’re out of his grasp now.

(Hibiki successfully rolled a gambit, reducing the amount of turns she had left in the grapple by 3, immediately breaking out of it!)

Not giving Kreber a chance you immediately spring forth from your current stance, bringing your blades up high as you swing them both down upon Kreber with all your might. Kreber’s two bottom hands immediately react by moving up to protect him, a bright flash of sparks spilling off the claws as he moves to defend himself.

(Hibiki attacks Kreber, dealing 3 initiative damage!)

“I was going to be nice to you, but now you can forgot about having any anesthetic!” Kreber roars as he throws all four of his arms open wide as a blast of golden light pours off of his form, forcing your own body to be thrown wide open. You barely manage to dodge the claws rushing towards your head as the claws wizz by, just millimeters from your head.
File: Charactersheet1.png (31 KB, 787x721)
31 KB

(Kreber attacks Hibiki for 12 withering damage!)

“Hibiki! Hold on!” Father Marcellius says from the other side of the metal door that is filled with screeching and gunshots, large indents on the door forming as Father Marcellius attempts to batter open the door.

Turn Order:
Kreber: 22i
Osvald: 11i (Distance: Short)
Hibiki’s Sword: 9i
Hibiki: 4i (Charge: 1)

- Pow: With (Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, Precalculated Evasion System, 9m, 17d10) You know what’s coming next... Just try to survive it until you get some backup!

- Pow: Des (Horizon Swallowed Star Flash, +6m to add +6 dice, 20d10, 14m 1WP) You know what’s coming next, but he who dares wins! Abandon your defense! Attempt to outspeed him to nullify his own attack and damage him!

- Eff: With (Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, 4m, 17d10) Swing around the operating table for cover before attempting to stab him across from it!

- Other

As a reminder, Decisive attacks are the attacks aimed to cause actual, physical harm to the opponent.

On the bright side even if Hibiki is hurt, Kreber's own initiative will go way down.
Rolled 7, 8, 9, 9, 6, 2, 8, 7, 9, 6, 4, 7, 4, 10, 4, 3, 8, 3, 1, 9, 1, 4, 8, 3, 9 = 149 (25d10)


- Pow: Des (Horizon Swallowed Star Flash, 26d10, 20m 1WP) You know what’s coming next, but he who dares wins! Abandon your defense! Attempt to outspeed him to nullify his own attack and damage him!
Rolled 7, 5, 9, 4, 3, 3, 9, 7, 3, 2, 3, 1, 1, 5, 5, 5, 3, 9, 2, 4, 1, 10, 6, 10, 8 = 125 (25d10)

Whoops, meant to roll 26d10 for that

Usually rerolling isn't needed. Often I'll just lop off however many dice are rolled over at the end of a roll or roll the remainder of too few dice myself.

“Now die!” Kreber roars out as his upper hands now rush towards your body, as if homing in towards your chest as soon as you land.

With barely a grip on your weapon you instead rush towards him, using the same move that you executed on Father Marcellius. Five other silver copies split off from you, each making a seperate attack on Kreber. Kreber’s face goes wide in fear for only an instant before all of the copies smash into him at once. The cuts not as deep but still enough to cut open deep wounds all over Kreber’s own body, golden sludge now leaking out from each cut on his body.

(Hibiki CLASHED Kreber dealing 9 lethal damage!)

“W-What!?” Kreber cries out as he sees his blood fly in the air before him.

“I’ve defeated someone far better than you in Tiger Style before. I barely won against that man before.” you state as you slowly stand up behind Kreber and flicking the blood from off your sword. “Someone’s whose mind is as twisted as your can never gaze upon the state of the flawless mirror.”

“NOW WHO’S THE ONE SPEAKING IN METAPHORS!?” Kreber roars, turning around with two outstretched hands as a barrage of claws heads directly towards your head.

Reacting like a bolt of lighting, you bring your twin swords around making an attacking motion before using both of your weapons to bring Kreber’s own claws to a dead halt as your copy’s blades gaze along his own wounds, just enough for a nick to get your point across.

(Hibiki attacks Kreber dealing 1 damage!)

“I will never lose to someone like you Kreber!” you then yell, wretching your blades apart to throw Kreber’s own guard wide open, bringing both of your blades down upon his body once again, harsh winds biting into his flesh while burning flames burn the bleeding flesh below.

(Hibiki double attacks Kreber, dealing 10 withering damage!)

Kreber himself screams as he takes a leap back from you, his bleeding body panting heavily as he attempts to regain his composure.

Just as this happens the door leading into the arena is sent sailing across the operating room, embedding itself in the wall.

“Hibiki! Are you a-” Father Marcellius stops as he enters the room, just staring at how you are facing down Kreber himself, as if amazed you are still in one piece.

Osvald himself still appears to be hanging on, but slowly losing ground bit by bit. A few trails of dust can be seen on the wind, but the Hawkeye's seem to constantly highlight the single copy amongst his splitting selves so that the Organic Patchwork's always have a steady target to hit.

Turn Order:
Hibiki’s Sword: 14i
Kreber: 8i (Clash penalty: -2 defense)
Osvald: 8i (Distance: Short)
Hibiki: 5i (Charge: 1)

- “Come Father, we will end this quicker if both of us join in.”

- “Osvald needs your help, go. I’ll take care of everything here.”


- Pow: With (Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, Liquid Steel Flow, 9m 1WP, 17d10) “Kreber is on the ropes, overwhelm him by tipping over the surgical tool table to make multiple copies of the items on there before hiding your sword strike inside.”

- Eff: With (Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, 4m, 17d10) Kick the surgical table over before giving a quick slash at Kreber

- Other
Rolled 7, 7, 2, 10, 6, 10, 7, 7, 2, 10, 4, 8, 10, 2, 10, 2, 2 = 106 (17d10)

>- “Osvald needs your help, go. I’ll take care of everything here. Prioritize the Hawkeyes, if you can.”
"- Pow: With (Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, Liquid Steel Flow, 9m 1WP, 17d10) Kreber is on the ropes, overwhelm him by tipping over the surgical tool table to make multiple copies of the items on there before hiding your sword strike inside.
File: Charactersheet1.png (31 KB, 787x721)
31 KB
“Osvald needs your help, go. I’ll take care of everything here.” you say as you maintain your stance.

“Right!” Father Marcellius nods as her leaps up towards the observation level.

“NONE OF YOU WILL BE LEAVING HERE ALIVE!” Kreber roars as he takes a step towards Father Marcellius, intending to give pursuit.

In the critical moment of weakness Kreber exposes himself to, you dash towards him with all of your speed, taking both of your weapons and making a mighty horizontal swing across Kreber’s own side, a spark exploding into a cloud of flame that washes over him in an instant as the flesh on Kreber’s body slowly begins to slough off.

(Hibiki’s sword double attacks Kreber, dealing 8 withering damage and crashing him!)

“No! It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this!” Kreber says as he gazes down upon your form in horror.

“No! It never is!” you say reserving the grip on your blades, making another rapid swing that fans over him, engulfing his body against and and causing thick slabs of cooked, rotten flesh to splatter on the walls behind you. “Every single one of you types always take joy in assaulting those weaker than yourselves, but the very second someone comes up capable of opposing you the only thing you can do is run and hide!”

(Hibiki double attacks Kreber, dealing 11 withering damage!)

“You idiot!? Do you think this about me!?” Kreber roars as he brings all four of his claws down at once on top of, forcing you to block with both of your blades before narrowing dodging a bladed kick aimed at your face. “This goes far above both us! I’ve been attempting to continue Doctor Trine’s own work! The work to makes gloriously perfect beings! The weak rabble that lines the streets are unfit to be even called humans! What I only did was make them greater than the pathetic sacks of meat they once were, and once I cut you open not just me, but every Alchemical will be greater as well!”

(Kreber attacks Hibiki, dealing 10 withering damage!)

Turn Order:
Hibiki’s Sword: 23i
Father Marcellius: 15i (Distance: Short)
Osvald: 8i (Distance: Short)
Hibiki: 7i (Charge: 1)
Kreber: -1i (Distance: Close, Crash duration: 3 turns)

- Pow: Decisive (Kaarashi, 1m, 14d10) Swing down both of your blades at once before drawing the Kaze no Ken to slice him in half

- Eff: With (Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, 4m per attack, 17d10) Press your advantage further before the killing blow, burning off those extra arms of his to make the final attack more devastating.

- Other: User Input
- Pow: 2x Decisive (Kaarashi, 1m, 14d10, ) Swing down both of your blades at once before drawing the Kaze no Ken to slice him in half.

Gotta make sure he goes down, so two decisives here.
Rolled 8, 6, 10, 4, 9, 5, 5, 8, 5, 6, 10, 8, 2, 10 = 96 (14d10)

Rolled 9, 2, 6, 7, 7, 4, 2, 3, 5, 10, 4, 4, 8, 7 = 78 (14d10)


“I’ve had enough of you Kreber!” you cry out as you bring down both of your swords at once on top of him, forcing him to use both pairs of arms to catch and hold onto your own blades, grabbing them both in his hands. Before he can even celebrate his face twists into horror as he sees you reach for the last remaining sword by your side, a single metallic slash ringing through the room as your copies repeat the same slash made against him over and over again. Kreber’s face goes wide, jaw dropping as his torso collapses onto the floor behind him, your single stroke striking true and cutting him clean in two.

(Hibiki attacks Kreber and deals 14 decisive damage, killing him!)

Even as Kreber lies on the floor in front of you, sparks flying out from both halves of his body as his circular reactor core has a huge gash in front of it, the only thing Kreber can do is simply laugh while on the ground.

“...What’s so funny?” you ask him.

“What’s... funny here is that you think you are actually the hero here...” Kreber says, his last words pained and laboured here. “What you did to me... I was trying to help you, help our kind...”

“I thought you would’ve learn from Sub Basement 8. No experiment is worth the human suffering the experiments at Sub Basement 8 caused, nor were your twisted experiments here.” you firmly reply.

“Hahaha... HAHAHAHA!” Kreber roars loudly in laughter, the reactor core sticking out from him now growing brighter and brighter. “You think the lives of these maggots around us, these worthless bags of flesh that die if we even so much as touch them are worthy of protecting!? The only thing you’re trying to do is improve your own tiny ego by making these creatures hail you as a hero! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day!”

“Goodbye Kreber.” you say flicking the blood off your weapon before resheathing it.

“Goodbye!? Hardly! I’m happy I’m the first one to die, as I’ll be the first one to see you in the Underworld! Enjoy a fate worse than death itself Ms. Junpaku!” Kreber roars in laughter as the reactor core near him begins emitting bright white godrays of light.

You quickly leap back just as all of the augmentations begin blowing up in Kreber’s body piece by piece, his entire body laughing loudly before he finally explodes in a bright yellow explosion. You cover your eyes upon seeing this, shielding them from the bright light. Once you look down where Kreber once lay, you can only see a pile of dust scattered on the floor, a pair of gloves and boots laying on the ground along with a single brilliant green emerald.

“...Hibiki, I’m certainly impressed.” Father Marcellius says walking up to you.

“It took everything I had... but I beat him.” you say walking over to the area of the explosion and picking up your twin elemental katana’s again. “Where did the rest of the Gremlins go?”

“Fled towards the others.” Osvald says gesturing towards the open door where gunshots are still ringing out. “It is highly improbable that many, if not any, will escape to the outside.”

“Hearing Kreber’s last words I doubt that he was a madman.” Father Marcellius says, walking over to pick up Kreber’s soulgem and staring at it through the light in the ceiling. “He may’ve known something, and even tried to help us, but his mind was so utterly gone that he could only see the light at the end of the tunnel, not even capable looking around to see what else he could’ve done.”

- “A man who covers up his end goals with lies will only be consumed by those lies in the end, no matter how noble he may’ve been.”

- “I think he knew something we didn’t as well. His knowledge may be in the grave now, but it is not too late to recover it.”

- Other
>- “Kreber was a madman, but I'm not going to ignore it if he knew something that we didn't. His knowledge may be in the grave now, but it is not too late to recover it.”
“Kreber was a madman, but I'm not going to ignore it if he knew something that we didn't. His knowledge may be in the grave now, but it is not too late to recover it.” you reply.

“I agree with Hibiki.” Osvald replies. “Father Marcellius, please conduct a sweep of the area alongside with Wendy. I wish to comb this hospital for any evidence to what Kreber was talking about.”

“I’ll come to.” you volunteer.

“I don’t think so Hibiki.” Father Marcellius says, giving you a small push with a single finger but nearly making you topple over. “You’re exhausted physically and mentally. You’ve done your task here today and have redeemed yourself. Head back with Marina and rest up.”

“...You’re right. I’m in not condition to fight right now. However...” you say walking over to the pair of gloves and boots on the ground, picking them up. “I’m taking this as trophies.”

Father Marcellius laughs as he hears you say that. “By all means, collect your trophies!”

“Gremlinism doesn’t spread to weapons, so you’ll be fine for using them.” Osvald adds.

“Right, now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be heading up to one of those hospital beds and see if I can grab some shut eye...” you mutter as you leave the room.



Hibiki gained a new artifact: Fangs of Wrath (Orichalcum/Moonsilver Tiger Claws) [Yet to be renamed]

Hibiki has learned Shin Doto (3m 1WP, upon crashing an opponent make an immediate reflexive attack against them and count them as having retreated. The WP point for this charm can be used in place of the Willpower needed to activate Flowing Kata Form to activate Tiger Form)

Hibiki can now learn Tiger Style charms

Hibiki has learned Crimson Leaping Cat Technique (Steal a point of initiative from an opponent upon successfully rushing them and if you attack someone while rushing them in the same time, your attack roll gains a number of bonus dice equal to the threshold you beat the opponent in the rush)

Hibiki has learned Striking Fury Claws (Up to [Strength rating] extra successes that would be added to raw damage are added post soak instead, allowing one to blow past even the mightiest of armour. If the opponent attempted to disengage last action, these post soak die are converted into automatic successes)

+10 Normal XP gained!

+10 Alchemical XP gained!

+10 for learning a new martial art!

+1 Alchemical XP for soloing Kreber!

+2 Alchemical XP for boosting Osvald relationship!

Your current Normal XP values are:

Available/spent/Total = 16 / 74 / 90

Your current Alchemical XP values are:

Available/spent/Total = 23 / 80 / 103
File: Abilitysheet.png (137 KB, 856x2843)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
ADA recommendations:
Recommended Normal XP Purchases

- Accelerated Response System Submodule “Live Wire Writhing”: When Accelerated Response System is used and the enemy matches your defense, the attack misses. (Normally it would hit) (6 XP)

- Optical Shroud Submodule “Dynamic Cloaking Module”: Able to move at much faster speeds while cloaked, extending the range one can move while cloaked (Slow speed -> Normal Movement -> Running speed -> Any distance), in addition each additional purchase lowers the penalty of moving while cloaked by 1 (3 XP each)

- Optical Shroud submodule “Sense Countering Upgrades”: Firmware updates and layers of sound absorbing material make the sounds that come from normal operation produce far less sound overall. This third and final installation of this submodule renders the Alchemical immune to all exotic forms of sight [EX: Thermal, X-Ray, etc...] unless they come from a supernatural based source (4 XP per purchase, Essence 3 means it will need to go into a Overdrive slot)

- Omnitool Implant Submodule “Advanced Lockpicking Toolkit”: The Omnitool implant gains a series of tools that allow it to open nearly any sort of door. First an Alchemical never has to damage a door to open it. Mundane doors are automatically opened without need for a roll while against magical doors the Alchemical may always at least try. (6 XP)

- NEW Charm Advanced Stalker Protocols “Maximized Damage Processor”: When making an attack from stealth, up to [Appearance] threshold successes on the roll are doubled while on a decisive attack a likewise amount of threshold successes are added to the damage. (6 XP, Essence 3 means it requires an Overdrive slot)

- Charm “Impenetrable Repulsor Field”: If struck with an attack that does actual health level damage, you may engage a force field that ablates the damage based on initiative spent, possibly nullifying the attack completely. Alternatively, Hibiki gains the ability to parry attacks which cannot possibly be parried or gain 100% protection from attacks with arbitrarily large damage sources such as nuclear blasts or supervolcano eruptions. (10 XP including slot)

- Charm “Impact Dispersion Module”: Gain (Essence or 3, whichever is higher) Additional soak against withering attack or four hardness against decisive attacks. Basically you gain a small toughness boost. (6 XP, 10 with slot)
Charm “Parabolic Leap Overcharger Device”: Able to make larger jumping distances trivially and without the need to roll, automatically parkour over hazardous terrain. (STRENGTH 3 REQUIRED) (10 XP including slot)

- Charm “Optical Enhancement”: The Alchemical’s eyes are replaced with a high functional optical sensory suite, allowing everything from zooming into microscopic objects, zooming in hundreds of times off in the distance, recording everything the Alchemical experiences, X-Ray/Thermal/UV vision and more depending on the submodules installed (10 XP including slot)
File: communications.png (23 KB, 788x828)
23 KB
Recommended Alchemical XP Purchases

- Strength Up (5 XP per dot, maximum 5) [Suggested for Tiger Style]

- Perception/Wits Up (4 XP per dot, maximum 5)

- Presence (3 XP per dot, maximum 5)

- Athletics (3 XP per dot, maximum 5)

- Dodge (3 XP per dot, maximum 5) [Suggested for Air Dragon style]

- Steel Devil Style “Triple Attack Technique” (8 XP): Upgrades Double Attack Technique, where if you gain enough successes over the opponent's defense the damage of your attack has the potential to greatly increase.

- Steel Devil Style “Seconds Between Strife” (8 XP): When making a rush towards an enemy, may convert charge into automatic successes on the rush attempt. If the Rush is successful, the charge spent on the Rush is refunded.

- Steel Devil Style “Empty Mind Strike” (8 XP): Upon a successful use of Double Attack Technique or Steel Devil Strike, make an immediate decisive attack that deals damage based on the charge you currently possess, and if all charge is used the attack gains bonus damage. Additionally once this charm is learned, Steel Devil Strike restores a point of Willpower on a successful hit so long as Hibiki is in Steel Devil Form.

- Air Dragon Style “Breath Seizing Technique” (8 XP): Steal the very breath of life from the opponent themselves. If an attack does a certain amount of damage than the opponent is faced with a penalty to all actions which can be stacked. If this penalty is higher than the opponents stamina then they begin to suffocate until they pass out. Alchemical opponents are immune to suffocation, but the penalty still remains with them.

- Air Dragon Style “Air Dragon Form” (8 XP): Surround yourself with a small personal tempest, providing small boosts to your speed and dodge. All attacks are wreathed in electricity slightly increasing damage, unarmed attacks can be made out to short range while any attacks using Chakram’s turn all aim dice into automatic successes. [Requires Breath Seizing Technique and Shrouding the Body and Mind]

- Tiger Style “Tiger Form” (8 XP): Emulate the ferocity and power of the Celestial Tiger with this form. Fight while prone at no additional penalty and have the potential to greatly increase the damage of your withering attacks in proportion to your strength and how well you rolled. Lastly, gain a speed bonus to any attempt to go faster or catch up to your opponent.

- Tiger Style “Celestial Tiger Hide” (8 XP): Decrease the amount of withering damage you take for the scene in proportion to your strength. Ranged attacks that come from Long range or further are less effective against you. Lastly decrease the raw damage of a decisive attack against you by terminating this charm. [Requires Tiger Form]

Forgot one more charm

- NEW Tiger Style “Iron Claw Grip” (8 XP): Pounce on an enemy and to grapple them, gaining a possible increase to the amount of turns a target can remain grappled. Targets who are grappled cannot defend against your attacks. [Requires Tiger Form]

Lastly, vote on the missions you wish to complete for next thread.

1) Locate the Missing Scientists! (Story mission) - Bell’s scientists were the ones who helped you out of the lab, but there are still many more questions left to be answered, questions which only they know. (Reward: Story progression, New main and side missions)

2) We Broadcast coast to coast! - The group has helped you defeat a massive gremlin attack, but now its time to repay the favor and set up communication networks. (Reward: New Alchemical contacts, can be combined with 4 or 5)

3) Who wants to be a Millionaire? - Shouko has some bad news about your bank account... (Reward: Gain access to personal Resources [AKA: Money])

4) Extra Extra! Machine man has motivations! (Osvald Mission) - Osvald wants you help in tracking down other Alchemicals and... interviewing them? (Reward: ???, can be combined with 2 or 5)

5) I am the Soul of my Sword... - The military’s jamming stations are making it problematic to get touch with people from the outside, maybe taking one down will let you get a hold of someone interesting? (Side Mission, Reward: New expert Contact. Can be combined with 4 or 2)

6) Pool Time - You know what helps after beating a egomaniacal mad robot doctor? Swimming pools, and Marina’s friends have lots of them. (Repeatable Side Mission, Reward: Complete restoration of Willpower)

7) Other - Want to do something else or in addition to the above? Drop a line and we’ll see what we can do!
Since moving while cloaked gives us a penalty, lets grab two points of Dynamic Cloaking Module for 6 xp (since Sense Countering Upgrades are apparently locked for right now till more people vote for it).

For the rest, either Maximized Damage Processor or Optical Enhancement for 10xp (I assume with the former option that one of the charms currently in our Overcharged slots can be moved to a Favoured Slot).

Awareness x2 (6xp, 23 -> 17)
Presence x2 (6xp, 17 -> 11)
Stealth Specialization: In armour (3xp, 11 -> 8)
>- Steel Devil Style “Empty Mind Strike” (8 XP)

2) We Broadcast coast to coast! - The group has helped you defeat a massive gremlin attack, but now its time to repay the favor and set up communication networks. (Reward: New Alchemical contacts, can be combined with 4 or 5)
4) Extra Extra! Machine man has motivations! (Osvald Mission) - Osvald wants you help in tracking down other Alchemicals and... interviewing them? (Reward: ???, can be combined with 2 or 5)

Oh I forgot to mention last night, Pool Party can be combined with anything. That was a last second addition and I was very tired when I wrote it.
>>6) Pool Time - You know what helps after beating a egomaniacal mad robot doctor? Swimming pools, and Marina’s friends have lots of them. (Repeatable Side Mission, Reward: Complete restoration of Willpower)
>4) Extra Extra! Machine man has motivations! (Osvald Mission) - Osvald wants you help in tracking down other Alchemicals and... interviewing them? (Reward: ???, can be combined with 2 or 5)
5) I am the Soul of my Sword... - The military’s jamming stations are making it problematic to get touch with people from the outside, maybe taking one down will let you get a hold of someone interesting? (Side Mission, Reward: New expert Contact. Can be combined with 4 or 2)

Is the Pool Party going to be, dare I say, fanservicy?

On a scale of one to ten?

Lets go for Optical enhancement for now instead of Maximized Damage Processor (although it'll probably be next).
I'll support going to the Pool instead of going on mission 2.

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