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As you push your wheelchair through the door, you’re greeted with a large featureless white room all around you, a row of observation windows at the top of the room while a single table in the center the room contains a brilliant red gem.

You wheel over to the gem in the middle of the room, grabbing the large red jewel in your hand and slowly looking over it. It appears as a flawless ruby about the size and shape of a hen’s egg in a flawless opal. It feels warm to the touch as you roll it around in your hands, holding it up to the lights near the top of the room so the distorted red light shines down on your face.

“Is this a jewelry show or are you trying to fix my back?” you ask the people who are no doubt listening. “I appreciate the multi-million dollar gift, but I’d rather get my back fixed than see the world’s biggest ruby.”

“That’s actually the scanning device. It's a high tech-solid type computer that’s able to quickly and efficiently map out your entire nervous system.” a male voice in the room calls down to you.

“Really? How does it work?” you ask looking over it in your hands, for all intents and purposes appearing to be a normal ruby.

“Just place it against your forehead and it will automatically start the scanning process. It should only take a few minutes.” the male voice replies. “Once we have a map of your nervous systems, the nanobots will know exactly where they’ll need to connect to form the artificial synapses.”

“Any other steps involved? Do I need to get out of my wheelchair and onto the table?” you ask.

“That’s for the nanobot section, you can remain in your wheelchair, makes no difference for the scan.” the male voice replies.

You take a deep breath at the Ruby in your hand, your hopes for not only your old legs back, but a return to your old way of life. Way from this damned prison you’re forced to roll around upon. The lingering second thoughts you have about this are squashed as you close your hand around the ruby.

“This had better work.” you reply as you place the gem against your forehead.

For the slightest moment you are confused to why the gem is ‘stuck’ against your forehead, this confusion is replaced by blinding pain in the next second, the inside of your head feeling as if something inside is spreading around inside of it before racing across entire body.

The male in the observation room says something, but you don’t pay attention to it. Your entire flesh feels as if it's being torn away piece by piece, lit on fire and then grafted back onto your bones. You collapsed down on the ground, kneeling over in pain and blind screaming.
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An endless series of words scroll across your sight as it feels like someone is tearing your heart out from your chest, your screams stop as you no longer can pull air into your lungs. Panic sets in amidst the pain that if you do die, than it will be experiencing this unending hell for the rest of your life. A small mercy being granted to you as your senses and eyesight slowly grow dim.

“Wow, she’s actually taking.” you hear a voice say as you black out.

“That means we won’t need to subjugate her. Prep the Ghoststalker armour immediately, we’ll put it on her then assign her to group 14.” another female voice says before you finally black out.


“And that’s what I remember of how I became an Alchemical. The rest I already covered with you during the institute escape.” you finish up talking to Maggie while cloaked in the middle of the park bench.

Maggie can be seen furiously writing down what you said word for word on her pen and paper, before finishing up. “Here I was thinking you wouldn’t live up to your promise for that interview! What a difference compared to Exigents! Most of those say they often feel fulfilled with some new sense of purpose or duty after receiving their gift!”

“I envy them, I was only filled with pain, confusion, and more questions than I got answers for.” you say seeing the slowly turning fall leaves in the park over the view of the lake. The park right now is empty as a ghost, the only things here are the geese in the center of the lake, ignorant of all the problems you face.

“I wonder if that’s because you were a manmade Exigent of sort. I mean until Dragonblooded the only people capable of fighting off the elemental courts were friendly elementals. It's only with the developments of recent technology and the Dragonblooded that they were pushed back.” Maggie says gazing upon the lake with a big smile on her face.

“I know I know I read the reports, something about when becoming an Exigent the god’s goals has a massive impact on their behavior, etc... They often want to change the world, and here I am just trying to escape an island.” you reply to Maggie.

“Well no you shouldn’t think of it this way. In a sense this... this is your call to a higher power after you can no longer live in your home. It's a form of catharsis.... A spiritual Laxative if you will.” Maggie says.

You give her a hard stare even though she wouldn’t be able to see it. “Can’t you say anything that isn’t vulgar in a conversation for once?”
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Maggie laughs as she waves her hand.“Na! That shit ain’t me! If I can’t do something to both inform and shock or disgust someone in a conversation in one way or another than I have failed as a journalist. Besides even if you don’t believe what I just said you can’t deny your talents right? Have you seen any improvements lately?”

“After many life or death struggles, I have actually.” you reply to Maggie.


Whenever Hibiki completely learns a martial art style, she’ll have the ability to learn a Mastery bonus! Style bonuses are powerful buffs to the charms of a particular martial arts and generally towards encouraging a particular playstyle. Be careful with your selection, because once you decide the effect is permanent!

- “When my enemies are unaware of my presence, many will fall.” (Vanishing Ninja: Hibiki becomes able to use the style from stealth far more effectively. Liquid Steel Flow does not end if one uses it to make a decisive attack and KO’s the opponent while Shining Star Execution gains the mute keyword and doubles 10s on damage rolls when made from stealth.)

- “Battle may be chaotic at times, but so long as one is patient and moves at their own pace to the eb and flow of battle, you will be victorious.” (Patient Master: For the daredevil. While Single Point form is up Hibiki may pay 2i to delay her action on purpose, waiting to be attacked. If she is than she the turn she delayed to clash that opponent with +1 automatic success to the roll and rerolling all 1s on the damage roll. Additionally if Hibiki just manages to parry an attack (meaning the opponent misses by 1 or less) and Hibiki may activate Horizon-Swallowed Star Flash as a special form of counterattack (and still gains the +1 bonus for winning a clash). This is called the “Just Guard” technique.)

- “I realize that I now live in a world where I pit steel against mystic arts, so I have learned how to rend those arts asunder.” (Slayer of Magic: For those who use to crush magical support an opponent has. If the opponent is crashed than Hibiki may activate Six-Demon Scabbard Binding for a special effect. By succeeding at a gambit at a special difficulty Hibiki is able terminate ongoing non-permanent charm or sorcery spell the opponent has once per crash. In addition Void Slicing Wind can be used in conjunction with a clash, allowing Hibiki to teleport up to extreme range [Roughly the horizon])

- "My skills are overall better, but I've yet to decide an area of focus." (Decide later, can do so at any time)
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>What is this quest?

Alchemical Blade Prequel Quest, a quest set in the Modern version of Creation from the Exalted setting, focusing on how the robotic Alchemical Exalted came to be within the setting. If you love hints of Cyberpunk and high action quests, then you may enjoy this quest.

>Who are we?

The quest is mainly going to be played out in flashbacks, in which during the flashbacks we take control of the Moonsilver caste Alchemical Exalted Junpaku Hibiki, while in the current time you play as “Anonymous”. The game will take place within the city of Versino within the central continent of Creation Meruvia. Labelled as a dangerous and murderous science experiment gone rogue, you need to evade forces of the mightiest army within Creation sprinkled with the powerful Elemental supersoldiers known as the Dragonblooded, trying to find out who is responsible for what you’ve become and how to escape their clutches once and for all.

>Alchemical? Moonsilver? I don’t know anything about Exalted, much less Modern Exalted...

I’ve made this quest to be as friendly to newbies as possible, and I also see it as an introductory guide to the World of Modern Exalted. You can google “1d4chan Exalted” for information on the general vanilla setting, but what I’ll be using is the Modern Version of Exalted as shown in “Shards of the Exalted Dream” book, in where its Alchemicals are quite different than those of Vanilla Exalted. Feel free to ask any question about Exalted in the thread and I will do my best to answer it.




Dicepool system. When performing an action, everyone rolls a number of d10’s based on what the action is (I will list the pools for most actions, but if you want to have a roll for an action, ask and I’ll make the dicepool for it). The first roll is the one that’ll be used, but if someone makes another roll for a different action and more people vote for that, I’ll be using that one instead.

>This seems hella complicated, is there any way you can boil things down for me?



Favored Attributes cost 4 XP per dot to increase (Underlined on stat sheet when released) while non-favored ones cost 5 XP. Abilities themselves cost 3 XP per dot to increase naturally. All charms cost 6 XP per purchase with Dedicated slots costing 4 XP each and General ones costing 6 XP each. At the end of every “mission” (In game objectives set by either me or some goal the audience desires) you will be presented with a possible acquisition list of charms. Experience can also be gained by developing the character, learning about the world, or just in general things people find interesting.



>Where can I yell at you and your players?

>- “When my enemies are unaware of my presence, many will fall.” (Vanishing Ninja: Hibiki becomes able to use the style from stealth far more effectively. Liquid Steel Flow does not end if one uses it to make a decisive attack and KO’s the opponent while Shining Star Execution gains the mute keyword and doubles 10s on damage rolls when made from stealth.)
>- "We're not invincible, but we can make the difference. What they did to us was inexcusable. Many would have signed up, despite the pain. Many would proudly and openly serve. There was no reason to torture and kill in this manner. The phrase mad-science comes to mind."
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“When my enemies are unaware of my presence, many will fall.” you reply to Maggie.

“Oooo! Still living up to your archtype shinobi? Slaying those from the shadow in the name of some noble cause?” Maggie replies.

“Ninja served their lord first and foremost, but I see the joke you’re trying to make.” you reply to Maggie. “Being serious for a moment, we're not invincible, but we can make the difference. What they did to us was inexcusable. Many would have signed up, despite the pain. Many would proudly and openly serve. There was no reason to torture and kill in this manner. The phrase mad-science comes to mind."

“My guess is that they’re testing something.” Maggie replies.

“What can you accomplish by torturing civilians?” you ask.

Maggie cocks her eyebrow as she looks in your general direction. “If I knew that then do you think I’d be interviewing you for information? I’d be attempting to broadcast it all over the island, or at least as far as the jamming signal lets me. Besides, the only feasible suggestion I heard so far was how this was actually a plan to counter the Dinosaur Empire’s plan of the Dragonblooded.”

“That’s the most feasible?” you ask in sheer disbelief. “The Dinosaur Empire? The tabloids that say evolved dinosaurs disguised as humans are taking over Creation?”

“Oh yea! BBBIIIGGG news source in the South! Gotta cover all my readers ya know!” Maggie says standing up taking a big stretch.

“Suddenly I regret giving you that interview.” you reply to Maggie with a flat tone of voice.

“Too late! On paper now! Anywho I got more places to be today, sayonara ninja girl!” Maggie says making a half hearted wave as she walks away from the park bench.

As Maggie’s footsteps become fainter and fainter until they disappear completely, you continue to lay on the park bench watching the geese on the water swimming peacefully. “You can come out now.” you says as you uncloak yourself.

As if on cue, the Dryad you were with the night before steps out of the reeds near the edge of the lake, wearing a Versino Hawk’s football T-shirt on her. “Are humans always that nosy master?”

“Reporters are one of the kinds of people that ask too many questions.” you say with a sigh. Tempesta himself summoned the Dryad here to Versino in order to take care of you, but as of right now the Elemental has no way back to her own home with the entire island on lockdown. Frankly you don’t know what shocked you more, the utter lack of care Tempesta had when saying it was of no concern that the Dryad had no way back home, or how you immediately fronted yourself to taking care of her. “It's going to be awkward for me to keep calling you Dryad. What’s your name?”

“Dryad.” The Dryad.

“Of course it is.” you reply with a sigh, rubbing your forehead.

“There are many elementals in the Elemental Court of Wood. Only those who have distinguished themselves are worthy of having a name.” Dryad replies.

“Well you’re going to be taking care of the forest so that’s pretty distinguished.” you reply. “Besides, I can give you a much nicer name.”

- Sakura (Means “Cherry Blossoms”)
- Shizen (Means “Nature”)
- Haru (Means “Spring”)
- Other (Insert)
The setting equivalent of Yukimura Sanada, because I picture Hibiki being a cultural dork.

“Hm... Let’s go with... Yukimaru, named after the famous Samurai Yukimaru Yoshihide.” you reply to to the Dryad.

“Who is this Yukimaru Yoshihide?” the Dryad ‘Yukimaru’ asks.

“Yukimaru Yoshihide was one of the famed Samurai who lived through the Clashing States period in Coralese History and right into the Unification Wars. He was the one of the warriors who led an army of nearly a thousand ships to subjugate Wavecrest in the name of the newly unified Coral. One of the greatest swordsmen who ever lived.” you tell the Dryad.

“I have no such skill in swords.” Yukimaru replies.

“It's more of the significance of the name that counts. It means a great deal of respect is placed upon you.” you reply.

“I see... Thank you for giving me a name master.” Yukimaru replies with a bow.

“I find it's less awkward that calling you Dryad. Are you sure you’ll be alright in this forest? I took you out here on a whim.” you ask.

“Any place that is close to nature is fine with me master. I am positive I can live comfortably here for the time being, however it is rude to intrude upon this forest without asking the Forest God first.” Yukimaru replies.

“Yea... he was likely ejected a long time ago or is in hiding.” you reply to Yukimaru, looking down at her to see that her t-shirt is wet. “That... doesn’t bother you?”

“Yukimaru looks down at herself then back up to you with a confused expression. “What does bother me master?”

You give a small shake of your head as you sigh. “Nothing, go back to the forest doing... elementally things. I’m going to head off in a bit.”

“You will come back, right master?” Yukimaru asks in a slightly worried tone.

“I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d protect you. If you need this forest to survive in the long term than stay here for the current while. With all this wood around I doubt any Gremlins will want to come here. If you notice any military, gremlins, or Alchemicals setting up around here, don’t hesitate to contact me using the public terminal.” you instruct Yukimaru.

Yukimaru gives a deep bow as she hears this. “As you wish master, I shall begin aiding the health of the forest immediately.”

The Dryad is a very fast learner, your crash course on Coralese manners already bearing fruit. “...Oh and one more thing. Call me... Junpaku-sama instead of master.”

“As you wish Junpaku-sama, please have a safe journey.” Yukimaru says with a bow as she disappears in a nearby bush.

Your mask seals shut as you turn around to walk out of the park, maybe having an elemental servant won’t be so bad after all.


“Moshi moshi.” you reply as you pick up.

“Big sis... I got some bad news about your bank account.” Shouko replies.

“The money is gone isn’t it?” you ask.

“No its there but... in some kind of legal limbo from hell! I’ve spent two weeks trying to get at it but kept getting delays and every which turn!” Shouko replies.

“It's a national emergency, I’m surprised the banks are still operating at all.” you reply to Shouko.

“Yes but for how much longer I don’t know. At this rate I think the bank is going to close before I can get your money out.” Shouko replies.

- “I gave you access to all my passwords and security phrases. I highly doubt mom wants my money so why the holdup?”

- “Did you actually go to the bank? What kind of security do they have there now?”

- “What about your account? Do you have any leftover money?”

- Other
>- "Have you contacted the bank or asked anyone to do an investigation? The last thing that this nation needs is a run or a bank to collapse right now."
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"Have you contacted the bank or asked anyone to do an investigation? The last thing that this nation needs is a run or a bank to collapse right now." you reply.

“How can they contact anyone when all outside communication is cut off?” Shouko replies. “Besides even if the Versino banks were nuked, I doubt the banks are going to be significantly impacted by this.” Shouko replies.

“Ragara Bank will recover yea, I’m just more concerned about the integrity of my assets.” you reply.

“We have the record of part of your money, the three million Meruvian dollars being moved here to this bank yea, but with communications cut, bankups being forced to be within the city, and all the violence? I won’t be surprised if it becomes lost in the chaos.” Shouko replies.

“I moved most of my money here before the operation, in case I wanted to rent a yacht or have that dream vacation. The only source is my investment fund, which is back home.” you reply.

“It may as well not exist right now ye- Wait three million? Big sis isn’t that excessive even if you wanted a yacht?” Shouko asks.

“Was probably gonna buy it after then sail it back to Coral. Mom has her and 18th birthday just passed so I figured it’d be a good gift.” you reply.

“That’s the 20th not the 18th!” Shouko yells into the other end of the phone. “All I know is that your cash is on a Platinum credstick in the bank. If you’re going to get it out fast than your only real way is doing a heist or something...”

- “A heist? ...You know I’m a super powered cyborg ninja now right?”

- “Did you actually go to the bank? What kind of security do they have there now?”

- “What about your account? Do you have any leftover money?”

- Other
>- “Did go to the bank? What kind of security do they have there now?”
>- “What about your account? Do you have any leftover money? Are you alright?"

“Did you go to the bank? What kind of security do they have there now?” you ask.

“I was there about a week ago, but haven’t been since because of how dangerous it is outside. They took the security pretty seriously there. Heavily armed PMC soldiers on the inside with Linebacker suits, the additional odd Dragonblooded scattered around the building. Last time I was there some Doctor Dragonblooded visited and was doing something, there was a big deal about it at the bank during that time.” Shouko replies.

“Ledeel...” you groan in pain as you hear this.

“You know her?” Shouko asks.

“We’ve crossed paths once before.” you reply. “What about your account? Do you have any leftover money?”

“In the bank account? No. I withdrew it all and I have it stored safely within our headquarters here.” Shouko replies.

“Did you put the credstick in the office safe?” you ask.

“No, in my slipper under my bed.” Shouko replies.

“Good girl.” you reply.

“As for the amount... It's about a few million, but hiring the mercenaires I got protecting me isn’t cheap. I don’t know how long I’m going to be here either.” Shouko replies.

Well there goes the idea of asking your sister for cash. “Good, keep it. We may be here for a while. Plus the mercenaires should know who they’re protecting, we can afford any extended contract.”

“I’m sorry Big sis, I tried.” Shouko whimpers in the other end of the line.

“Don’t be. You did your best and there is no shame or dishonor in that. Let me worry about the rest.” you reply to Shouko.

“...You worry about the rest? Big sis you’re one of those robots, they’ll shoot you on sight and the military will be there long before you’d be able to get to the safe.” Shouko warns. “I don’t care how powerful you or your friends are, you’re not taking on the entire Meruvian military.”

“Let’s just say I got a friend who specializes in plans. Stay safe Shouko.” you reply as you hang up your connection with Shouko.


“And that’s what I think we should do over the course of the next few days.” you say to the group back at the hotel.

“I like it.” Mochire states holding a beer in his hand.

“Wait just a second. You’re suggesting that we actually rob a bank?” Wendy replies.

“Technically something like this would be a full blown heist dear Wendy.” Dexter says as she leans against the wall.

“It's still robbing and attacking a bank. This isn’t something I can condone.” Father Marcellius says crossing his arms.

“Its Hibiki’s money! We wouldn’t be stealing a thing!” Marina immediately interjects. “Just because Hibiki was declared dead doesn’t mean her money still shouldn’t belong to her!”

“Legally that isn’t the case. The proceedings to have the funds transferred to Shouko just haven’t been finalized yet.” Osvald interjets.

“Shouko has been even trying to get the money out for me. The bank’s bureaucracy is just slowed to a crawl because of the disaster happening right now.” you reply.

“Still you’re attacking a bank in order to get the money inside of it! We’d be breaking the law and would be no worse than criminals!” Wendy protests, anger clearly showing in her face.

“We’re criminals just for existing right now.” Mochire taps the gem in his forehead.

“I meant breaking laws in place for a reason, but bullshit ones! Besides, Osvald himself said that soon money will be worthless here!” Wendy says pointing to Osvald.

“Clarification: I said money would be useless eventually. A sum of three million Meruvian dollars will go an extremely long way until the point where money is considered irrelevant by most of the people here.” Osvald replies.

Wendy’s eyebrows rise up in shock. “You’re taking their side now as well!?”

“I am merely stating factual information.” Osvald replies. “For a sum of three million dollars, a heist to take Hibiki’s money back is certainly within acceptable risk/reward ratios.”

“Father Marcellius, surely you can’t go along with this madness!?” Wendy seems to cry out in shock as she looks towards Father Marcellius.

After a few seconds of deep thought, Father Marcellius replies. “...I am against stealing and violence, but if we’re stealing something that belongs to Hibiki and we have her consent, than we are not actually stealing anything. So long as harm is kept to a minimum I see no reason why I wouldn’t go along with the plan.”

“This is insane, suicidal, and stupid! No! I am applying a veto to this idea right now!” Wendy says pointing her finger to the ground.

“Excuse me, but I think you need to know your place here.” Mochire calls out Wendy.

“What?” Wendy looks at Mochire with an ice cold stare, smoke slowly seeping off of her.

“You heard me.” Mochire says tossing his beer bottle away on the floor, walking up to stare at Wendy no more than an inch from her face. “We’re not all friends here Wendy, some of us are in the group because we have a mutual interest to remain alive and you amongst everyone in the group have the best knack for staying alive. However you are not our master and you are not our boss. In battle I will listen to you or hell even Osvald without a second thought. But don’t think for a second that you are the one completely in charge of group decisions like this.”

“I hate to admit it, but the kid’s got a point Wendy. Six vs one, majority is willing to go along with it. All the threats in the world won’t work when I also know that you won’t try to stop any of us from going along with this plan by force.” Dexter says giving a sharp stare to Wendy.

“If you do not wish to take part in the plan, than you do not have to.” Osvald replies.

Wendy continues to stare down Mochire, appearing as if a blood vessal is about to burst on her head while smoke continues to silently fume off of her.

It appears she’s about to explode, you’d best choose your next words carefully.

Marina, Osvald, and Father Marcellius agree to this mission due to a sufficiently high relationship with Hibiki!

Pick one conversional choice:

- “Wendy, I’m not interested in any other money aside from my own. There are no police there nor any police coming since when we’re found out the military is going to be coming, not the police. The only thing we’re doing is an express withdrawal.”

- “Wendy I know how you feel about crime and criminals, but we’re not even stealing. We’re going to break in, rough a few people up who try to stop us, and run out. I’m sure your revolver can also load rubber bullets as well.”

- Other
>- Use insight to see what appeals to Wendy more at this point.
>- Remind her that this money will be used to help the group and the citizens of the island.
Also, state that we're not going to kill or maim anyone there or take anything that isn't Hibiki's property.
>- “Wendy, I’m not interested in any other money aside from my own. There are no police there nor any police coming since when we’re found out the military is going to be coming, not the police. The only thing we’re doing is an express withdrawal.”

(Hibiki used a Read Motivation check against Wendy and gained six successes!)

The fact that Wendy is still a cop at heart may have something to do with it. Years of holding to the law and now being asked to do something like a heist would be taboo for a cop or anyone with a strong value towards the principle of law. Right now Wendy feels betrayed that you all agree to do something like this, and in response is angry at being in a corner right now. She did say earlier that she didn’t ‘go along with laws that are bullshit in the first place’, so that could be the way past her exterior. Mentioning that you’re using your money to help with your own survival and those of the island will do the most to win her over, as would taking a more minor part in the action such as a getaway driver or spotter.

“Wendy I know how you feel about crime and criminals, but we’re not even stealing. We’re going to break in, rough a few people up who try to stop us, and run out. I’m sure your revolver can also load rubber bullets.” you tell Wendy. “As for the money we’re planning on using it to aide our escape and help those in need.”

“Unlike you or Marina, the rest of us actually need to eat, and Marina eats enough for all us combined.” Dexter says jokingly.

“Hey!” Marina says pouting.

Wendy continues staring at Mochire for a few seconds before bringing off. “Fine, I’ll go along with your plan. However I don’t have to enjoy it.”

“So Osvald, what’s the plan?” you ask, knowing by now he probably already has several.

“Exact details of the plan are going to vary greatly depending on information. Ledeel’s visit, the composition of the Dragonblooded, the composition and the morale of the PMC’s guarding the bank, the nearest available military reinforcements, and most importantly of all the location of the main safe the security inside that.” Osvald explains.

“I assume you have general overviews at least.” Mochire says looking at him.

“One of two yes. First is we sneak into the bank itself. Even for Hibiki, Dexter, or I this is very difficult. The ventilation shafts will likely have pressure sensors that will detect that we are coming or on the floor the area. Ledeel placing her own sorcerous magic on the area is also a concern, as that can do anything from function as another alarm to some sort of trap.” Osvald explains. “This is also discounting that there is a 98.743 percent chance that the military has directly upgraded the security programs and locks by now.”

“I can handle sorcerous traps, you or Dexter can handle physical locks.” you tell Mochire.

“There is also the matter of hiding the others close enough so they’ll be there in time to support versus them being out of sight of military patrols. Given that the military also has access to the Sub Basement Eight scientists, there is a very high possibility of core detectors being within the vicinity, with mobile ones also being a slight possibility.” Osvald explains.

“God damnit! I hate those things!” Dexter spits out.

“What are core detectors?” you ask.

“Exactly what it sounds like. They detect your Alchemical core, and they can do it directly through walls, smoke, anything up to nearly 250 feet. If you get within a certain distance of those things than all the stealth in the world won’t save you.” Dexter gives a soft sigh as she calms down again. “My recent upgrades allow the chance to remain hidden from them, but if anyone else gets close to one it's going to be like stepping outside the jamming area over Versino, they’re going to instantly know where we are.”

“Any reinforcements then are going to be a long time away.” Wendy mutters to herself.

“There is also plan.” Osvald adds. “We let Hibiki simply walk in and take the money out.”

“With a giant red gem in my forehead, right. I’d be lucky to get within a block of the building if I tried walking up to it, let alone anywhere near it.” you reply.

“That is why you disengage your Alchemical core and go in as a human.” Osvald says.

“What!?” you go wide eyed in shock.

“Excuse me Osvald, but what the fuck are you thinking?” Mochire asks him. “Hibiki is a wanted woman, if Hibiki isn’t able to walk a block up to the building than she’s going to be sniped a mile away from it while inside of her wheelchair!”

“Correction, the military is after Shinobi, they are not after Hibiki Junpaku. Hibiki’s death was a cover up for her transmutation into an Alchemical. Only the higher ups will know of this and the information reaching their ears means military response time will be delayed significantly.” Osvald explains. “If Hibiki strolled inside and is able to give DNA verification then we wouldn’t need to falsify anything nor worry about the safe’s security. She’d be able to walk into the safe with disabled security and grab her money from her safebox.”

“Delayed, but not stopped. All it takes is anyone with a gun to be within line of sight with human Hibiki as she’s dead.” Dexter points out.

“I’m not exactly the most mobile of people inside of my wheelchair. I’d be a sitting duck if anything happens.” you add.

“Plans can be made to get Hibiki’s soulgem to her. Dexter alone should be sufficient enough to protect Hibiki until we can bring her Alchemical core to her.” Osvald explains.

“Should be?” you ask.

“Every plan has a margin of error.” Osvald warns. “The risk is high this plan, however it is also the one with the least resistance.”

“From what I remember at the bank, they’ll do a visual confirmation using their own computers. A DNA test is what they’ll do at the safe, and that’s likely the only place the military will be watching other than the Core Detectors.” Wendy adds

- Go with the sneaking plan
- Go with the plan involving heading to the bank as a mortal
- Ask Questions (Which?)
- Other (Insert)

(I'll start posting again tomorrow at 7 PM EST!)
>- Go with the plan involving heading to the bank as a mortal
>- Ask questions (Can we physically detect what these core-scanners look like? Is there anyone who could scout the bank without without alerting them, or a non-alchemical who could do it? Can we get a set of ID for Dexter to set up him as someone my sister hired to take care of me, I'm sure my sister will agree to this? Do we have a general layout of the bank? Do we know anyone who might be able to give us information about the improved security? Can sorcerous traps be removed without some flashy work?)
File: 1455479876320.jpg (63 KB, 596x600)
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Conferm the going in as a mortal. As that plan has the least likely chance of causing any major disruption.

Their is way too much chaos currently and anything drastic could complicate it more and have far more reaching consequences. Besides Wendy i think would appreciate this approach far better.

You take a deep breath as you make your decision. “I’ll go as a human. Its definitely the path of least resistance. With all of the chaos outside right now anything more drastic could have far more longer reaching consequences.”

“I agree, if we’re going to do this than we might as well make the smallest impact we possibly can.” Wendy replies.

“Still there are some other questions. Do we know what these Core Scanners look like?” you ask.

“Its either a special goggles they put on people or something like an upside down tuning fork.” Dexter replies.

“Why didn’t they have Core Detectors ready and waiting by the time we got out?” Marina asks.

“The production of Core Detectors was not a high priority in Sub Basement Eight. Most likely due to our obedience training, security protocols in place, and the tracking device we have in each one of us.” Osvald explains. “Now that we’re out and the primary tracking system is down, there is a 99.998 percent chance that they focused all their efforts into completing that project.”

“Is there anyone that can scout the bank without alerting those inside? Do we have a map of the building?” you ask.

“I can map out an entire building so long as I can touch it.” Wendy replies. “Getting close enough to the bank in order to do that shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Do we know anyone who can give us information about the improved security within the building?” you ask.

Dexter gives a predatory smile in the corner of the room. “Let me go to a bar and by the end of the night I’ll know everything our little ‘volunteer’ could possibly know about.”

“That’s creepy in more ways than one.” you say looking at Dexter. “Aside from that, we’ll have to get you a set of new ID’s for you to work as my bodyguard then.”

“Hacking a government database to create new identification is easy enough at this stage. I could ask some associates to help so long as they’ll be compensated.” Osvald suggests.

“Do it. Its three million, I’ll have more than enough to spare.” you reply to Osvald before looking to Mochire. “Can sorcerous traps be removed without any sort of lightshows?”

“Yes, but I’ll need to be fairly close by them. I won’t be able to do it at ground level or anything like that.” Mochire replies. “Honestly they’re going to be the biggest worry outside of the military for this operation and the sky's the limit when it comes to sorcery like this.”

Marina has a confused look on her face as she listens to this. “...You know, with all of these TV dramas and heist movies they show and how trivially we’re bypassing most of the problems here, it almost feels... anti-climactic of sorts?”

“As the kids these days say, ‘we have hax skills’.” Dexter says with a smile. “Escaping may be a problem though, as once Hibiki gives into the DNA test we’ll be on a timer until the military finds out.”

Remembering what you go the other day, you open a small compartment on your wrist and pull out the small vial. “I think I may have a solution to that as well.”

“Wait! Is that a spell Vial!?” Mochire says as his eyes go wide.

“Yes, it contains the spell ‘Impenetrable Veil of Night’.” you reply.

“Using that spell will create an sphere of magical darkness with a diameter of one mile and snuffs out any light source. Using that will greatly reduce the complications of escape.” Osvald replies.

“We could walk out the front door run under their noses!” Mochire replies.

“Seeing is going to be a bitch to anyone without mapping software of enhanced eyesight.” Wendy replies.

“Oh! I should be able to see in that stuff! My eye programs say I can!” Marina says eagerly holding her hand up in the air.

“But are you sure you want to use that Hibiki? That’s a really rare item.” Mochire warns.

“Mochire has a point. This vial can be used to save our lives in the future by making a quick getaway.” Wendy states.

“It is Hibiki that owns the spell vial. While I can say that the plan will become exponentially easier, it will be her choice whenever or not to use the spell vial in the plan.” Osvald replies.

- Make the plan to use the vial of darkness to escape

- Plan so that we don’t need to use it, but keep it as the emergency button.

- Other

(See >>860312 for spell of darkness detailed information)
>- Plan so that we don’t need to use it, but keep it as the emergency button.
>- "Anything else that I haven't thought of? Emergency escape routes, watching for patrols and bases nearby, maybe having a spotter on the route in-between?"
Seconding this dude
“Let’s keep it as the emergency escape option if it's that valuable then.” you say putting the vial back into the compartment on your wrist. “What about anything else? Emergency escape routes? Watching for patrols? Spotters?”

“I shall take care of such eventualities and give the best possible time for us to begin this mission.” Osvald explains.

“The only concern now is how to give Hibiki her Alchemical Core if she’s human. If both her and Dexter are heading into the building, Hibiki won’t be able to take her Alchemical Core with her on the way to the safe.” Father Mochire says. “If the bank security system is going to send a message to the military that we’re at the bank that we’re there, we only have a finite amount of time.”

“Ten minutes, two minute margin of error.” Osvald clarifies.

“So how am I going to get my soulgem then in case of an emergency?” you ask.

“Outside of you or Dexter, I am the one with the greatest stealth capabilities.” Osvald replies. “If you give your soulgem to me than I am sure I can get to you quickly in case of an emergency.”

“I can also turn into smoke and move through the vents. I’d be able to bypass the alarms inside of them and easily move through them if necessary.” Wendy replies. “Otherwise it seems you’d have to give it someone else and hope they get you fast enough.”

Choose two companions to take with you for your party!

- Dexter (Forced)
- Wendy
- Osvald
- Other
>- Osvald
>- Wendy
>- Wendy

The QM posted things in a way that suggests we can have two choices, when one is already made up (we're taking Dexter as one of them.

Yea probably shouldn't have done that in hindsight.
Sorry for the delay, next part is fairly long

“I’ll trust Wendy it then. She’ll be able to get it to me quickly in case things go wrong.” you reply to the group.

“Very well, that frees myself up to act as the intelligence for the heist.” Osvald says. “I’ll probably need all my time to make sure I don’t get caught when I hack into the cameras.”

“No seriously! This appears far too easy!” Marina protests.

“You say that as if it's a bad thing.” Mochire says with a smile on his face.


As the days leading up to the heist tick on by, all the pieces fall into place piece by piece. You help Osvald by placing cameras around the city at various places to keep an eye on military patrols over the next few days, Wendy makes a map of the entire banking skyscraper (Except for one part of the map which oddly appeared as a large blank square), your sister getting a spare limo for you, Dexter getting a new ID and becoming Diana Williams, leaving Father Marcellius and Marina to find an escape van just in case things go completely south.

The morning of the heist finally arrives, you, Dexter, and Wendy sneak into a hotel room. Calmly removing your armour and putting on your civilian clothes before letting go of your Exaltation core, the red gem falling into your hands, a bit of regret as you pass it off to Wendy before she escapes out the window.

Dexter wheels you downstairs and into the limo waiting outside, helping you into the car before getting in herself. On the way to the bank you look down at your legs for a half second, a heavy sigh before looking out the window once again.

“What’s wrong?” Dexter asks you.

“I was able to walk again Dexter. I was able to walk, run, and practice my art once again. A part of me hoped my legs would regain function when I was human, but no they’re still useless.” you say looking down at them.

“Its doubly painful for you as you’re the prideful sort.” Dexter says with a sympathetic smile.

“You have no idea.” you mutter bitterly at the window.

Dexter’s smile widens. “Actually I do. I’m also a para.”

“Nani!?” you say in shock.

Dexter gives a nod. “Shrapnel in the back, country cut all ties to me so I couldn’t afford the cyber legs. I did make the most of it with some cute nurses however.”

You crack a small smile as you hear this. “You’re unbelievable. Also a suit?”

“I thought it made me look professional. I couldn’t find a skirt however.” Dexter says looking down at her pants.

“Don’t worry about, I think you look sexier in the suit.” you say with a smile.

“Oh-ho~, is the ice queen herself hitting on me?” Dexter says with a smile.

“Maybe~.” You say with a smile back.

As the limo approaches the bank and Dexter helps you into your wheelchair, you look at the area surrounding the bank. Light tanks can be seen surrounding the bank with sandbag, mercenaries standing behind them with heavy weapons. Several urban striders can be seen standing by as well, their sensors snapping towards you as both you and Dexter exit the limo. Dexter carefully wheels you up the stairs and into the building.

“Hello and welcome to Ragara International Bank! How can I help you today?” a woman in a workers uniform says walking up to you.

“My name is Junpaku Hibiki, the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I’d like to speak to your manager about clarifying the legal paperwork involving my wrongful death and a withdrawal of the money I have placed here in your bank.” you reply to the worker.

A sense of fear goes across the worker's face as she hears this. “O-Oh... One moment please.”

As you watch her run off, your eyes dart across the room going from place to place. While the back area of the lobby still appears as a normal bank, the front end of it is litter with automatic sentry turrets and even more armed guards in ballistic armour.

“Excuse me, thank you for waiting!” a middle aged man says immediately running out towards you, his face wide in shock. “Oh my... Ms. Junpaku it is you! W-What happened with you!? I remember hearing about your death on the news just the Heptagram Disaster!”

- “I was at the Heptagram when the disaster started. I was buried under rubble for days, forced to crawl along the ground for any food I could find before the military saved me. I've spent the last few days recovering at the J&P building downtown.” (Half-truth)

- “It's still a difficult experience for me, I’d rather not talk about it.” (Dodge the question entirely)

- Other
>>- “I was at the Heptagram when the disaster started. I was buried under rubble for days, forced to crawl along the ground for any food I could find before the military saved me. I've spent the last few days recovering at the J&P building downtown.” (Half-truth)
>- “I was at the Heptagram when the disaster started. I was buried under rubble for days, forced to crawl along the ground for any food I could find before the military saved me. I've spent the last few days recovering at the J&P building downtown.” (Half-truth)
>- "Even better, the company's promises...well. Not exactly trustworthy." Gesture to our legs and the wheelchair. (Completely and utterly true)

“I was at the Heptagram when the disaster started. I was buried under rubble for days, forced to crawl along the ground for any food I could find before the military saved me. I've spent the last few days recovering at the J&P building downtown.” you say before gesturing towards your legs and the wheelchair. “The Heptagram’s promises however are not exactly trustworthy.”

“Ah, very sorry to hear that Ms. Junpaku, but I am glad that you are alright.” the bank manager says. “My name is Phillip by the way.”

“Good to meet you Phillip. As I said to your previous employee, I’d like to make the withdrawal of my personal credstick here of three million Meruvian dollars.” you reply.

“Do you wish for us to give a new credstick with three million on it in exchange for the old one?” Phillip asks.

“No, I just wish to withdraw the stick myself from my own personal box. I assume there is going to be some paperwork due to a wrongful report of death?” you ask.

“Our bureaucratic measures have been slowed to a crawl as of late, even with the Government of Meruvia loaning us some of their Dragonblooded to help with the paperwork things are still scattered around here.” Phillip says with a small sigh. “For now we’ll be satisfied with a DNA test and a simple search.”

Crap, Dragonblooded are actually here in the building. Things suddenly became a lot more complicated.

“Fair enough. This woman behind me is Ms. Diana Williams, she’s my bodyguard and assistant for the day, so pay her no heed.” you say motioning to Dexter.

“Very well.” Phillip says as he calls over two mercenary guards, both of whom begin scanning you and Dexter for items. Dexter hands over her pistol when it is detected, while the metal detector the guard is holding constantly beeps as he runs it over your legs.

“You want to check the chair?” you ask him with a cocked eyebrow.

“We’ll just take you through the next area then. Over here please Ms. Junpaku and Ms. Williams.” Phillip says walking over to what appears to be a metal corridor planted on the ground itself. Wires run out of it and onto nearby computer monitors with a few people in military uniforms can be seen sitting at the monitors.

“Fancy metal detector.” you comment as Dexter pushes you towards what you presume to be the core detector.

“Yes, the military has volunteered to help us with some security measure. Needless to say this is the last check you make before you’re allowed in the building.” Phillip replies.

“I understand, difficult times and all.” you reply as both you and Dexter slowly go through the machine.

You maintain your strongest poker face as both you and Dexter head into the machine. You can swear you can almost feel Dexter’s hands shaking on your wheelchair grips. Struggling to keep your own face straight and to avoid breaking out into a cold sweat. As you reach the other side, the bored military guards look at the screen for several seconds before lazily waving you through.

You give a deep exhale of relief through your nose as you see how you’re waved through.

“This way please.” Phillip says as he brings you to the elevator itself, heading up to the 15th floor of the building.

As the elevator stops, you can see see what appears to be office workers plunged into paperwork hell. With the internet down for them and the database being too risky, much of the office has shifted back into paper, each overworked employee having a small mountain of paper on their desk as they feverishly work through their assigned work. A single man with short blue hair can be seen walking through the isles, a shimmering blue aura surrounding him as if one is looking down at the bottom of a pool from the top.

Upon getting in front of the single large safe, you take out your thumb and place it on the tester machine. A small prick on your finger and about a minute later, the machine verifies that it's you, the safe becoming unlocked as it hisses open.

“Do you need any other assistance?” Phillip asks.

“No thank you, I know where my safety deposit box is from here.” you say as Dexter opens the doors for you and you wheel yourself inside.

“Very well, please remember there is a 20 minute time limit.” Phillip replies as he watches you go in.

As you wheel into the safety deposit room with Dexter directly behind you, you approach your safety deposit box #8008 and open it up with your own biometic thumbprint. As the box slides out, you take it out, pull off the lid, and in the center of the box sits a white and silver credstick, about as long as your hand and as thick as two fingers.

“And here it is.” you say pulling it out of the box.

“That’s... really three million dollars on there?” Dexter asks in some small amount of disbelief.

“Yea, you can hold it if you want.” you say passing it to Dexter casually.

Dexter looks at it from all angles, as if hoping the credstick is a fake one but to no avail. “How do you do it Hibiki?”

“Do what?” you reply.

“Be yourself and so calm about this.” Dexter says pointing the credstick towards you. “There’s three million dollars on this credstick right now, and you’re acting like it's no big deal and even letting me hold it. I’ve dealt with people who have killed one another for a lot less, I’ve dealt with people who were willing to betray those close to them at the drop of a hat for such money.”

“My family are literal billionaires.” you clarify for Dexter.

“That’s my point! Here you are stan- sitting in front of me, basically uncorrupted and untempted by money itself. I’m curious, how do you do it?” Dexter says, leaning against the nearby table.

- “I don’t let it control me. Money is a means to an end, not an end in itself.”

- “My father ran a dojo and was a fisherman before meeting mom. He beat it into both Shouko and I that material wealth cannot bring you inner peace.”

- “That money wasn’t given to me freely. It was given to me by my mother as a test, she wanted to see how responsible I’d be with it before I took over the company for her.”

- “I don’t know, I never really thought about it when I was surrounded by courtesans and drugs every night.” (Joke)

- Other
>- “I don’t know, I never really thought about it when I was surrounded by courtesans and drugs every night.” (Joke)
>- “I don’t let it control me. Money is a means to an end, not an end in itself.”
>- “That money wasn’t given to me freely. It was given to me by my mother as a test, she wanted to see how responsible I’d be with it before I took over the company for her.”
>- “My father ran a dojo and was a fisherman before meeting mom. He beat it into both Shouko and I that material wealth cannot bring you inner peace.”

“I don’t know, I never really thought about it when I was surrounded by courtesans and drugs every night.” you reply to Dexter.

Dexter gives a small smile, hanging her head in a few chuckles before sitting up. “I should’ve seen that coming.”

“In all seriousness though, there have been a few times where my sister and I did blow some of our money. I remember going crazy on buying weapons one year while my sister nearly wanted to kill an ex after she found that he was just a gold digger. Point is money is a means to an end for me, not the end itself.” you reply to Dexter. “For years my mother has taught me that money itself has no real value, but rather the value itself comes from which you get from it. Money must not be your master, you must be the master of money.”

“...Have people ever told you how you live up to the Coralese stereotype?” Dexter asks you.

“What’s wrong with a traditional upbringing?” you ask Dexter. “It seemed to instill some strong morale codes in me compared to sleeping around with anything that moves.”

“First, to use your own phrase, mastered the art of barcrawling and do not let barcrawling be my master. Second I enjoy every bit of it, I tell my partners beforehand, and so long as everyone has fun then there’s no harm to it. I mean there was a few pregnancy scares a while back bu-” as Dexter continues to talk, the sound of softly grinding metal can be heard in the background.

Both you and Dexter head out to the central area of the safe room, only to find out that the safe itself has closed in on you, the locks engaging as you see metal struts lower from the ceiling into the safe door itself.

“...I don’t suppose you can bench press a building like Father Marcellius.” you say to Dexter.

“No, it all went into my charming personality.” Dexter says in a hushed tone using a finger to touch his ear, waiting nearly a minute in response. “We got a problem.”

“The military is here this fast!?” you exclaim in shock.

“No, we weren’t the only ones planning a heist it seems.” Dexter says with a small sigh.

“What.” you say with an icy tone of voice.

“The situation it developing according to Osvald. A few of them have broken past the main entrance and are making their way up here. Wendy just left in the ducts and is heading towards us as we speak.” Dexter says as he remains in contact.

“Well then how much longer do we have until they get up here!?” you yell at Dexter slamming your fist on the armrest of your chair.

In front of you, the safe begins to make loud creeking sounds, the reinforced cement around the wall starting to give way.

“Hide the Credstick.” you order Dexter, your hand going over to the necklace on your neck. The single spell vial on your neck made into what appears to be a simple necklace by Osvald shortly before you left. Taking a deep breath, you let it drop as turn to face the crumbling face door.


As the safe door is torn out from the very wall itself, a single golden main in heavy armour, bald head, and a facemask covering the lower part of his face can be seen holding the wall, tossing the safe wall to the side where after large vents open up on his back, ejecting golden exhaust high up in the air around his back.

“Ah... You know I don’t know why we didn’t do this sooner if it was this easy Etor.” a man with a glowing red aura enters the room, holding what appears to be red hot rifle in his other hand.

“That. Is. Because. It. Was. Not. Possible. Until. Now.” the large golden man speaks with what sounds to be laboured words. “Too. Much. Mili-”

The large golden Alchemical stops speaking as soon as he notices you, his body quickly unfolding into a literal fortress of weapons such as miniguns, laser cannons, rocket launchers, and even a flamethrower all pointing down at you.

“I am not fighting that.” Dexter tells you, her voice a little intimidated.

The Red man turns around, his eyes spotting the both of you through his green visor before his eyes go wide in shock. “I didn’t expect people to be here!”

“I didn’t any Alchemicals were stupid enough to rob this bank, but here we are.” you reply to the man. You know this guy, he was the one who wanted to kill the scientists back in Sub Basement Eight just before you left.

“Wait... That voice... That voice sounds familiar...” The red Alchemical says, using his free hand to tap his upper lip as he goes deep into thought.

- “My name is Junpaku Hibiki, and if you think you’re going to get anything out of taking me hostage then I got bad news. My sister is broke and you can’t even get the ransom note out to my mother.”

- “We met before when you tried to kill those scientists, but last time I was in Alchemical form with my face covered. My codename is Shinobi.”

- “Everyone from the West sounds the same to you Meruvians.” (Dismiss who you are completely)

- Other
>- “We met before when you tried to kill those scientists, but last time I was in Alchemical form with my face covered. My codename is Shinobi.”
>- "We met before. A few weeks ago. But the walls here have ears."
Switching my vote to this.

"We met before. A few weeks ago. But the walls here have ears." you reply as you look up at the Red Alchemical.

“Huh? What the hell are y-” The Red Alchemical stops for a few seconds, as if realizing what you meant before it clicks in his head. “Oh wow! So that WAS you back there!”

“Who?” Etor asks.

“The bleeding heart chick who talked us out of doing a stupid thing.” The Red Jade Alchemical replies.

“Oh. Her.” Etor replies, his weapons still trained on you.

“So is there a reason why your friend has enough weapons trained on us to level a small country? Mister...” you ask the Red Jade Alchemical.

“Ryker, Ryker Williams.” The red jade Alchemical says giving a small bow towards you. “In fact, I should thank you for what you did to us back there. You saved us from doing a very stupid thing.”

“Slaughtering a bunch of innocent civilians?” you ask.

Ryker guffaws upon hearing this. “Oh hell no! I still think they’re all guilty as hell for letting it slide for that long, but that’s neither here nor there! What you saved me from back there ninja girl is getting caught up in the endless cycle of revenge!”

“Endless cycle of revenge?” you ask.

“Damn straight! Ya see...” Ryker says sitting down in your lap on your wheelchair, his smug face looking up at your own. “If we had happened to kill those scientists in there then we’d want to finish off the rest, then the military would come after us, then we’d have to swear revenge on them for getting in our way... the entire thing would just never end! We realized that during our little talk, and after our little group did a little soul searching... you know looking for the truly important things in life with everyone trying to kill us.”

“And what did you find?” Dexter asks.

In the blink of an eye Ryker zooms off of your lap in a red blur to directly in front of Dexter, his hands gently cupping her chin. “Life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest! We at the bottom know it, those at the top know it, we all know no matter how shit things are going to be we may as well make the most of it!”

“And you’re doing that by robbing a bank?” you ask skeptically.

Ryker looks back down at you, a smile spreading across his face. “No, we’re robbing a bank because... we shit I’ve always wanted to give it a shot and so far it's been a blast! The second reason is because those at the top want to keep all of the fun to themselves, than 10 percent and all that. So I figure, why not share the wealth before we all die on this hellhole because let’s face it! Our lives mean absolutely nothing on his damn rock! Isn’t that right Etor?!”

“That’s. Right.” Etor replies keeping his guns trained on you.

“I can’t believe you got our message so wrong. Then again, I suppose it's a small miracle that you want to help others now in the first place.” you reply.

Ryker replies by holding his energy weapon at your head, the small ‘vvrreee’ sound coming out of it as the weapon powers up. “Oh piss right off! I asked around and found out who you were after we escaped ‘Miss Junpaku’! What the hell do you know of hardship!? Your family has enough money to buy out a small country if they so choose and had probably everything you ever had when you growing up! Etor and I had to crawl through the fucking streets in order to get what we want, even when we begged people told us to piss off! You have no idea what it means to truly suffer down there! So what did you take out?!”

“What do you mean?” you ask without skipping a beat. You have confidence that Ryker’s threats are only a facade, he won’t kill you.

“You know damn well what I mean! This is the vault where all of the rich people keep their belongings, so you must’ve taken something out! So what is it!? Credsticks!? Jewels!? Deeds!?” Ryker says before his eyes catch the necklace around your neck. Reaching down he takes a piece of the string and slowly pulls it up so it comes out from your shirt and into his hands. “Well then... this looks pretty valuable.”

Looking in the reflection of Ryker’s visor you can see black smoke foaming around one of the vents behind you. You’re certain that’s Wendy and the only reason she hasn’t made a move yet is because Ryker has a plasma cannon trained on you.

But when she has a free shot... oh boy is she going to be pissed...

- “Ryker, all the money in the world can’t bring back what you have lost. For years I had trained myself to be the best athlete I could be, even a chance to compete in the Olympics. Now look at me.” (Be truthful)

- “Yea... It’s pretty valuable, but not the most valuable thing my mother gave me.” (Be deceitful to get him to lower his weapon)

- “I suggest you get that gun out of my face Ryker. The military isn’t what you should be afraid of, but rather the Soulsteel behind me who's a cop, hates criminals, and has a mother bear complex. I’d best start running if I were you.”

- Other

(I'm heading to bed early due to a volunteer event I have tomorrow, but I'll be posting at 7 PM EST tomorrow!)
>- “Ryker, all the money in the world can’t bring back what you have lost. For years I had trained myself to be the best athlete I could be, even a chance to compete in the Olympics. Now look at me.” (Be truthful)
>- "If you do this, the bank will screw over all of the little people that are just-barely scraping-by and cause the devaluation and destruction of the economy even sooner. It seems to me like you wanted to let go, enjoy yourself, but more than anything, to really live life to its fullest. I don't think you need money to do that anymore, but if you're looking for some action, I can connect you with the right people."
(Sorry this took so long, had some writers block)


“Ryker, all the money in the world can’t bring back what you have lost. For years I had trained myself to be the best athlete I could be, even a chance to compete in the Olympics. Now look at me.” you say gesturing to the wheelchair below you.

“Yea right! Like I’m going to fall for that!” Ryker laughs. “With all that money you had, getting cyber legs would’ve been a trivial thing for you!”

“Cybernetic legs would’ve gotten be banned from the Olympics. The entire reason I signed up was to regain functionality of my legs.” you reply to Ryker.

Ryker shakes his head. “Nope, not buyin’ it. With all the money you would’ve been able to do something.”

Giving Ryker a glare, you reach down pulling your skirt up so that the thigh of your legs can be seen. Ryker first gives a smug expression and a raised eyebrow of interest, but that’s before you take his hand holding the plasma cannon and slowly bring it down to your leg, pressing the hot barrel against your flesh. You look back up in his horrified eyes as you don’t even flinch from the pain it causes. After you sit back in your chair, resting against the back as you show the burn mark on your leg. “Satisfied?”

Ryker himself appears more horrified than anything else, eyes darting back and forth between your leg and your face. “D-Damn... OK maybe you are telling the truth.” He says in an impressed tone.

“I. Like. This. Girl.” Etor says behind you.

"If you do this, the bank will screw over all of the little people that are just-barely scraping-by and cause the devaluation and destruction of the economy even sooner. It seems to me like you wanted to let go, enjoy yourself, but more than anything, to really live life to its fullest. I don't think you need money to do that anymore. Given our skillsets, I don’t think money actually means much to us anymore either.” you reply.

Ryker takes a few steps away, looking up to the ceiling with a sigh while pointing his finger towards you. “Bullshit! Money is what gets you anything you want in this world! You may not see the big deal of it, but it’s the one thing that all the nations in the world want! Money is power, and you cannot deny that! In fact, I’ll even take this off your hands, since you can just afford another!”

Ryker reaches down, pulling the necklace out from around your neck, wrapping it around his wrist before looking to admire it. “This looks really nice... so tell me? How much is this worth?”

“Not as much pain as you’ll be in right about now.” you reply to Ryker.

“Oh?” Ryker asks with a raised eyebrow.
File: 741680riffe.jpg (56 KB, 960x544)
56 KB

“I’m fine, go help Wendy.” you reply to Dexter.

Dexter gives a small nod, pulling out her tie and giving it a small swing so that it hardens up just like a steel sword before heading off after Ryker. Wendy walks into your view out of the corner of her eye.

“Ballsy move back there.” Wendy says reaching into her trenchcoat pocket.

“Got him off my back. Little help please?” you ask holding out your hand.

Wendy takes your red exaltation core and tosses it into your hand. “Transform and suit up, we’ll hold them off until you can join us.”

With a small nod, you grip the gem and will yourself to transform once again. A bright silver light engulfs you for a moment, a thought coming to your mind wondering if you’re a super sentai or a magical girl at this point, but it quickly slides as you focus on more important things once again.

Not having the time to manually don your entire armour, you open the panelling around your torso, your armour bursting out over your torso, tearing the shirt you’re wearing in the process. Ejecting the claws you have out on your feet and hands, you rush back out onto the bank floor.

On the outside you’re met with a hail storm of flaming papers scattering around the room like a hurricane. Dexter lands on the back of Etor himself attempting to stab the tie she has into a chink on Etor’s armour while Wendy unloads on Etor blindly behind cover. The flamethrower mounted on Etor’s shoulder just spins around to sprew its flame towards Dexter herself, almost unaware that Dexter’s assault just happened in the first place. As Dexter attempts to leap off away from the flamethrower, Ryker zooms out from behind a cucible wall, blue energy bolts heading towards Dexter before she turns into what appears to be mist for a brief second, the shots phasing through her complex.

Wendy growls from begin the office desk as it's ripped apart into splinters. “Hibiki! Get Ryker!”

“With pleasure.” you say as the claws from your hands come out, each of them being nearly a foot and a half long.
File: Charactersheet1.png (33 KB, 787x759)
33 KB

“What? You!? Beat me!?” Ryker laughs as he looks at you, spreading his arms out wide as the very outline of his body appears to be blurred somehow. “I’m one of the fastest Alchemicals there is and you’re going to fight me at close range! You’re never even going to catch up!”

“There’s another thing you don’t know about me...” you say to Ryker, ripping the dress you have so that your legs have a slit going down the side of them before you get down on the ground on all fours. “I love a good challenge."

Etor is a tough bastard, but it appears Wendy and Dexter should have a handle on him for the next bit. So long as you get Ryker off their backs, and your necklace you see dangling from his wrist, then you should be fine.

Ryker: 16i (Distance: Short)
Hibiki: 12i (Current form: Tiger)
Etor: 10i
Wendy: 9i
Dexter: 3i

- Pow: With (Crimson Leaping Cat Technique, Striking Fury Claws, Wind Dragon Speed, 14m, 18d10) “Leap off the cubicles wall by wall and slam into him at full speed before he can run away from you!”

- Eff: With (Crimson Leaping Cat Technique, 4m, 18d10) “Run low on the ground using the debris of paper as cover as you approach Ryker!”

- Other: User Input
Rolled 6, 5, 9, 5, 10, 6, 10, 5, 2, 3, 9, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 8, 10 = 120 (18d10)

>>- Eff: With (Crimson Leaping Cat Technique, 4m, 18d10) “Run low on the ground using the debris of paper as cover as you approach Ryker!”
Lets use Crimson Leaping Cat Technqiue
Rolled 3, 10, 3, 4, 2, 3, 4, 7, 5, 6, 3, 5, 1, 7, 1, 8, 10, 8 = 90 (18d10)

>- Pow: With (Crimson Leaping Cat Technique, Striking Fury Claws, Wind Dragon Speed, 14m, 18d10) “Leap off the cubicles wall by wall and slam into him at full speed before he can run away from you!”
Rolled 1 (1d2)


Hate it when two opposite votes are made at times >>
File: Charactersheet1.png (33 KB, 787x759)
33 KB
“Normally I don’t strike at women, but being a knife wielding bitch bypasses that!” Ryker says as aims his cannon directly at you and unleashed a hailstorm of blue plasma pouring down on top of you. You bound across the ground, racing towards him as fast as you can. Shots narrowly dodging over your head as a few even bounce off your skin, your reinforced Alchemical flesh easily accepting and dispersing the heat)

(Hibiki activates Celestial Tiger Hide in response to be hit! Ryker attacks Hibiki dealing 3 initiative damage!)

You speed on Ryker suddenly increases nearly tenfold as afterimages of you running out along the ground can be seen, immediately darting all of the other plasma blasts coming out from Ryker. Ryker tries to retreat back before you pounce on him. He only barely manages to leap back in time, from your assault, then bend like a reed backwards when you make a handstand kick towards his own head.

(Hibiki successfully rushes Ryker! Hibiki deals 9 initiative damage to Ryker!)

“W-What the hell!? How are you moving so fast!?” Ryker yells in shock as this booster jets engage, sending him flying backwards across the floor. “And on the floor no less!?”

“Tiger Style was developed to counter those who operation from range.” you say as you get back down on the ground, your eyes giving off a predatory red glow. “This outcome was decided from the start Ryker.”

Hibiki: 19i (Current form: Tiger)
Ryker: 11i (Distance: Short)
Etor: 13i
Wendy: 7i
Dexter: 3i

- Pow: Gam (6m to add +6 dice, +3m to increase grapple turn chance, 9m, 19d10) “Ryker is going to go nowhere so long as you literally on top of him then let him REALLY have it!”

- Eff: Wither (Crimson Leaping Cat Technique, 4m, 17d10) “Use your speed to your advantage, run around in circles using the papers for cover and harass him more!”

- Other: User Input
Rolled 9, 10, 10, 2, 7, 5, 4, 9, 8, 8, 5, 9, 6, 9, 9, 7, 10, 7 = 134 (18d10)

>>- Pow: Gam (6m to add +6 dice, +3m to increase grapple turn chance, 9m, 19d10) “Ryker is going to go nowhere so long as you literally on top of him then let him REALLY have it!”
File: Charactersheet1.png (33 KB, 787x759)
33 KB
Digging your fingers into the ground, you arch you back just like a cat itself before springing towards Ryker. His plasma cannon firing at you but only just hitting the tail end of your afterimages. You can see the fear in his eyes as you land directly on top of his chest, your hands around his neck as you stare directly into his eyes.

(Hibiki makes a grapple attempt at Ryker and succeeds with an 8 turn duration!)

“Lets see your friend help you with those heavy weapons when I’m directly on top of you.” you say to him.

“I’m more than capable of dealing with you myself!” Ryker says as he fires his plasma cannon, aiming for a nearby mirror bouncing the shots off the mirror and heading towards you once again. You barely manage to dodge the attack Ryker makes at you by flipping over his back and landing behind him.

(Ryker attacks Hibiki for 6 initiative damage!)

“Got you!” Ryker yells as the vents on his back opens up, glowing red hot exhaust being blasted directly into your face.


Several ports on your body open up, taking the superheated exhaust directly to the face as your body harmlessly absorbs the superheated anima blast and dispells it inside of you.

(Ryker attacks Hibiki and misses!)

“That trick won’t work on me either!” you yell as you take your claws and jam them directly into the exhaust ports of his body. Ryker screams out in shock as sparks fly out of his back.

Hibiki: 16i (Current form: Tiger, Grapple Duration: 6)
Ryker: 11i (Distance: Short)
Etor: 11i
Wendy: 5i
Dexter: 5i

- Eff: Gambit (Disarm, 16d10) “Rip away Ryker’s weapon and force him to surrender!”

- Pow: Wither (6m for +6 dice on attack) “Does it hurt Ryker?” *Twist claws inside of his own body*

- Other: User Input

(I did advance a turn, but the options there were 'punch' and 'punch harder' so I just advanced it)
Rolled 2, 5, 9, 7, 6, 4, 7, 3, 10, 2, 9, 4, 2, 2, 3, 3 = 78 (16d10)

>- Eff: Gambit (Disarm, 16d10) “Rip away Ryker’s weapon and force him to surrender!”
Rolled 7, 7, 10, 5, 8, 2, 7, 7, 6, 2, 3, 6, 10, 8, 3, 8 = 99 (16d10)

>- Eff: Gambit (Disarm, 16d10) “Rip away Ryker’s weapon and force him to surrender!”
+ WP
File: Charactersheet1.png (33 KB, 787x759)
33 KB
With Ryker flinching from pain, you’re quick to react by twirling your body around, your feet flying out to give Ryker’s Essence cannon a solid kick to send it flying across the room, clattering against a nearby oak desk that bursts into flames as the cannon rests against it, vents on the weapon opening up as it cools down.

(Hibiki has successfully disarmed Ryker!)

“No!” Ryker says trying to reach for his weapon, only for him to topple onto the ground.

You’re quick to roll on top of Ryker, one hand wrapping around his neck while the other hand holds three bladed claws pointed directly at his eyes. “It’s over Ryker. I win.”

“Like hell it is!” Ryker says trying to reach for his weapon, only to be quickly stomped on by your foot.

(Ryker is unable to attack without his weapon!)

“I’ll be taking this back too.” you say using the claw on your foot to snap the necklace string around Ryker’s wrist.

“Alright look! I know we have our differences, b-but you’re not gonna kill me over this right?” Ryker asks in a panicked expression. “I-I mean we’re both Alchemicals after all!”

“I take it you’re admitting I’m not bad for a rich girl hm?” you ask him, voice full of snark.

Hibiki: 12i (Grapple Duration: 4)
Ryker: 11i (Distance: Short)
Etor: 13i
Wendy: 7i
Dexter: 2i

- Pow (Pheromone Regulation System, may add up to +3 dice for 3m, 3m, 11d10) “I tried being nice. Get out of here and never let me see you near a bank again.”

- Eff (Many rolls, 0m) Pummel Ryker into unconsciousness, give him a headache he won’t forget in the morning.

- Other
Rolled 7, 10, 10, 6, 3, 6, 6, 1, 9, 8, 6, 2, 10 = 84 (13d10)

>- Pow (Pheromone Regulation System, +2 dice for 2m, 5m, 11d10) “I tried being nice. Get out of here and never let me see you near a bank again.”
Also insist on making him answer
>“I take it you’re admitting I’m not bad for a rich girl hm?”
“I take it you’re admitting I’m not bad for a rich girl hm?” you ask, a smirk spreading across your face as you slightly shake the claws in front of his face.

“Y-Yea! Definitely! I thought you were lying about being in the Olympics and holy shit do I ever see that’s true now!” Ryker says, visibly shaking on top of you.

“Good. Now, I tried being nice with you before. Get out of here and never let me see you near a bank again.” you say making a feint of jabbing the claws towards his face. “If you even think about grabbing that gun a-”

“N-N-N-No we’re crystal clear! Perfectly clear! I plan to live through this island however I can!” Ryker says as sweat drips down his face.

“Good, now get out.” you say slowly getting off top of him.

You don’t have to wait long before Ryker nearly pushes you off, racing towards his gun and grabbing it. “Etor! We’re leaving!”

“But. The. Mo-”

“SCREW THE MONEY LET’S LEAVE WITH OUR LIVES!” Ryker says jumping out the nearby window.

“It. Was. Only. One. Girl. Ryker.” Etor complains as he folds his weapons away, jets roaring out of his back as he blasts across the room and out the window.

“Oh damnit...” Dexter says collapsing onto the floor, her own suit in various bits of rip and tear while half of it appears to be burned off. “That thing just wouldn’t die.”

“I heard about Etor and Ryker at the facility. They have a high degree of teamwork between the two of them, but all the teamwork in the world won’t save you from being an arrogant dickhead.” Wendy says as she steps out of cover, casings falling out on the floor as she reloads her weapon.

“Wait... Do you hear that?” Dexter says as she raises her hand in the air, the distant sound of ‘wudda wudda wudda’ filling the air.

Wendy turns around towards the direction of the sound, spending a few seconds staring at the wall. “That would be the military. Please tell me you got the credstick.”

“We do.” you reply to Wendy over the rubble.

“We need to get the hell out of her now. Does Osvald have the escape vehicle ready?” Dexter asks.

“Yes, but airborne drones are going to be a problem.” Wendy replies.

- “Wendy, go back down and pull out with the others. Dexter and I can remain behind to attract their attention away from you. We mute our animas, you can’t.”

- “Let’s get to the escape vehicle as fast as we can!”

- Other
>- “Let’s get to the escape vehicle as fast as we can!”
File: Charactersheet1.png (33 KB, 787x759)
33 KB
“We need to get to the escape vehicle as fast as we can!” you tell the others.

“Osvald, get the vehicle out of the parking lot, we’ll meet you outside.” Wendy says to Osvald.

“Why are you telling our getaway vehicle to go on without us!?” Dexter asks in confusion.

“You can run along walls! Use that to your advantage!” Wendy yells as she heads for the window.

Following Wendy’s own advice you run towards the window still on all fours, pouncing out of the building just as you gravity manipulation device snaps alive, pulling you towards the glass walls of the building itself.

Down below on the first floor, the last remaining PMC’s open fire on you as you all race down the building, you reacting by barely having enough time to dodge out of the way behind a banner hanging off the side of the skyscraper. You’re amazed they’re still have numbers left for a fight after Etor and Ryker tore through the bank.

“These guys really don’t know when to give up do they!?” Dexter yells.

“They’re probably going to want to stall us until the military arrives.” Wendy says taking a few shots with her weapon as she runs down the side of the building. “They’re probably on the parking garage too. Hibiki, Dexter, take care of things up here while I help them down there and hold off as long as possible!”

“Got it!” you yell as you continue running down the side of the building.

Seeing the total forces below, being a two Urban Assault Striders standing on their bipedal legs and their chainguns spinning up to face you, two heavily augmented cyborg soldiers with a riot shield and stun rods can be seen eying you, before finally the two dozen or so soldiers themselves. Quite a full house, but you’re not here to beat all of them today. Just enough so you can get away safely before the military arrives.

Hibiki: 12i (Grapple Duration: 4)
Urban Assault Strider 1: 12i (Range: Short)
Sword and Shield Cyborg Fighter 1: 8i (Range: Short)
Sword and Shield Cyborg Fighter: 8i (Range: Short)
Urban Assault Strider 2: 5i (Range: Short)
Sword and Shield PMC Rifleman: 4i (Combat Group, Range: Short)
Dexter: 2i (Stealth)

- Pow: Wither (6m to add +6 dice to attack roll, engage all defensive charms in response to enemy attacks, 6m, 24d10) “Brave the hail storm of bullets to pounce on the first Urban Assault Strider with everything you’ve got!”

- Eff: Wither (Standard attacks, 18d10) “Start dispatching the PMC soldiers so we can drive in the streets!” (Can do unarmed/non-lethally, but damage will be less)

- Eff: Wither (Standard attack, 18d10) “Those Cyborg fights have got to be the commanders. If I take them out first than the infantry should scatter!”

- Other: User Input
Rolled 3, 9, 7, 2, 7, 6, 10, 9, 4, 4, 8, 2, 1, 1, 6, 9, 4, 7, 5, 4, 6, 5, 6, 8 = 133 (24d10)

>- Pow: Wither ( 6m, 24d10) “Brave the hail storm of bullets to pounce on the first Urban Assault Strider with everything you’ve got!”
File: Charactersheet1.png (33 KB, 787x759)
33 KB
Your synthetic muscles in your legs glow brightly as increase in speed, close the gap between you and the Assault Strider it what only appears in a heartbeat, crashing down on top of the Assault Strider with both claws embedded directly the machine, the pilot inside screaming as the claws break through to his cockpit, the dual miniguns firing wildly in the air beside you.

(Hibiki clashes Urban Assault Strider 1, dealing 8 withering damage!)

“Lucius Mal! Kill that thing!” The Sword and Shield Cyborg yells out to his men. “Get her off of our mech!”

The soldiers immediately double down on his orders, opening fire in your general direction. Bullets sail through the air and off the first Urban Assault Strider, dodging all of the shots as you backflip through the air, sailing high above them and their bullets. Even the second cyborg fighter tries to take a shot at you with his shotgun, only for you to twist your body around in the air to avoid it.

(Sword and Shield PMC Rifleman attack Hibiki as she barely dodges! Sword and Shield Cyborg Fighter 2 attacks Hibiki and misses!)

“Got her!” The second Urban Assault Strider says as he immediately opens fire on you the second you land, only for you to see it coming, landing on your hands and backflipping behind cover at one of the soldier statues standing in front of the bank.

(Urban Assault Strider 2 attacks and Hibiki barely dodges!)

“How!?” The man in the assault strider cries out as his bullets tear the statue apart bit by bit.

“She’s cornered now! Ever-” The first Cyborg Fighter stops speaking as a sharp object appears to be stabbed directly through chest, gurgling for a second just as you see Dexter’s image shimmer in front of you before she fades away once again.

“Fuck one’s in stealth!” a PMC soldier says stepping away from the body of commander.

“Shit! Uh... K-Keep going for a little while longer! The military will be here soon!” The remaining Cyborg Commander says as his eyes begin to start everywhere around him in a panic.

Hibiki: 21i
Dexter: 16i (Stealth)
Sword and Shield Cyborg Fighter 2: 8i (Range: Close)
Urban Assault Strider 2: 5i (Range: Close)
Urban Assault Strider 1: 4i (Range: Close, Clash penalty -2 defense)
Sword and Shield PMC Rifleman: 4i (Combat Group, Range: Close)

- Pow: With (6m to add +6 dice to attack, 6m, 24d10) “Don’t let Dexter show you up! Tackle the remaining Cyborg Commando and tear him to pieces!”

- Eff: With (Normal Attack, 0m, 18d10) “These men are about to crack, just a tiny bit more pressure and they’ll be sent running.”

- Pow: With (Shin Doto, 3m 1WP, 18d10) “Those Urban Assault Striders have devastating weapons, take out one of them before the escape vehicle comes out so you can run away more quickly!”

- Other: User Input
Rolled 3, 10, 3, 1, 8, 9, 2, 5, 9, 4, 7, 7, 10, 10, 6, 10, 4, 8 = 116 (18d10)


>- Pow: With (Shin Doto, 3m 1WP, 18d10) “Those Urban Assault Striders have devastating weapons, take out one of them before the escape vehicle comes out so you can run away more quickly!”

In order to make a safe getaway, those Urban Assault Striders need to go. A hail of rifle bullets is a lot less devastating than a high caliber weapon tearing it to pieces.

Leaping high up into the air on a nearby flagpole, you swing around and up on top of it before using it as a springboard to leap onto the Urban Assault Strider below, your claws digging into the ceramic plates of the Assault Strider as if it were tinfoil. Shredding it apart before you finally see what you recall to be the fusion core on these things.

(Hibiki deals 11 withering damage to Urban Assault Strider 1, crashing it!)

“The reactor core is exposed!” The pilot inside cries out.

Taking your claws you plunge both of them deep inside of the reactor core, small sparks flying off the machine as you can see the reactor core glow red hot. You backflip off the machine after, landing on the ground in a pose as the Strider falls to the ground.

(Hibiki activates Shin Doto, gaining another action! Hibiki attacks Urban Assault Strider 1 and deals 17 lethal damage, destroying it!)

“It's going to blow!” The pilot inside cries out as the hatch for the Urban Assault Strider comes off with explosive force, the pilot inside running scared away from the machine as you see the rear section of the machine start to glow red.

Almost in perfect tandem you glance behind you to see the second Urban Assault Strider falling to the ground as Dexter cuts its legs off, her shimmering form stabbing the tie sword directly into the reactor core in on its back in one smooth motion. Dexter reappearing in the air once more, her blue skin arcing electricity off of her skin and damaged suit to the metal objects around her.

(Dexter attacks Urban Assault Strider 2 and deals 13 lethal damage, destroying it!)

“They took care of the Assault Striders in like two seconds!” A soldier cries out as he sees this.

“Fuck this! Let the military handle this!” another guard.

“P-Pull back into the building!” The Cyborg Commando cries out as he rushes back into the building alongside the rest of his men.

You barely have a chance to cool down though, for out of the parking garage a white van soars out of it, Wendy in the driver’s seat as Marina leans out the window firing a rocket down in the garage, Father Marcellius roaring out of the garage just after them and slamming an Urban Assault Strider against a nearby building which falls limply to the ground after Father Marcellius pulls away from it.

“Ah! Our allies!” Dexter says as she places her tie back around her neck.

“And none too soon.” you say looking up in the air, noticing the military attack helicopter incoming down the street.

“Get to the van!” Mochire yells out from inside the van as it zooms past you, the rear doors of the van wide open.

Mochire doesn’t need to tell you twice as you put everything have into your speed, running on all fours towards the van itself as you vault over the assorted debris on the street. Dexter running alongside you while Father Marcellius roars like a comet towards the van itself, stepping inside after hanging on the door for a brief second.

“Uh... Winter’s come early!” Marina says as she fires her bazooka down the street where you’re at, the rocket racing past you and hitting the intersection behind you, coating it in a slippery coating of ice.

Rapidly catching up to the speeding van, to make one more leap towards the back of the van, rolling to a stop inside of it as you turn back around to see the military helicopters. “What about those drones and attack helicopters!?”

“Plan C.” Osvald replies as he looks at the helicopters dead ahead.

As soon as Osvald says his, a large unmanned drone flies directly over your van, just barely skimming the room before it sharply pulls up, accelerating towards one of the helicopters before it crashes into it, their flaming wrecks tumbling to the street below. At the same time, a convoy of APC’s and Humvee’s come out around the corner, punching it now that they have a clear street, only to hit the ice and start sliding out of control. Many of them start crashing into the helicopter wreck as it tumbles to the ground.

“...There is no way you planned for that.” Dexter says to Osvald.

“Plan C.” Osvald casually replies as he closes the doors to the van. “The rest of the helicopters should spread out in fear of more drone attacks.”

“Didja get the cash!?” Mochire asks like an overeager child.

Dexter smiles as a small compartment on her wrist opens up, pulling out the credstick and showing it Mochire’s glowing face. “Like taking candy from a baby. No touching for you though! The last thing we need is your electric fingers to fry the data inside!”

“I got the rubber gloves when we get back home.” Mochire says with a large smile on his face.

“Wow! We could do so much with three million! I could go to a buffet and not get kicked out!” Marina says as he eyes begin to glow with glee.

You raise an eyebrow at Marina’s suggestion. “That’s actually happened to before? Seriously?”

“We could also use it to buy Hibiki some new clothes.” Father Marcellius suggests.

“Why? The hotel has all the clothes I need. I’m in my armour most of the time anyways, and I plan to be until we get off this island.” you reply.

Marina looks at you, her face giving a deep blue blush before looking away, using one of her fingers to casually point down towards the ground.

Looking straight down you can see all the embarrassment run to your face. Your lower half is completely exposed.

You quickly cross your legs and put both your hands down below, immediately attempting to activate your invisibility.


Why now!? “When did this happen!?”

“Oh your clothes were vaporized when Ryker tried to incinerate you with his exhaust ports.” Dexter casually says.

“I fought... all those men out there while...” your levels of embarrassment and anger hit their critical peaks as you glare at Dexter. “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THIS!?”

“Served as a good distraction for the guards at the entrance.” Dexter says with a smile.

- *Come to the horrible realization of what Maggie would do if she found out about this* “...Maggie must never learn of this.”

- “How does this make any sense!? Dexter was nearly hit by a flamethrower and her clothes only have a few burns on them!"

- “Osvald, do not EVER repeat this to anyone else!”

- Other
>- “Osvald, do not EVER repeat this to anyone else!”
>- “How does this make any sense!? Dexter was nearly hit by a flamethrower and her clothes only have a few burns on them!"
>- *Come to the horrible realization of what Maggie would do if she found out about this* “...Maggie must never learn of this.”

“Osvald! Do not repeat this incident to anyone else!” you immediately tell him.

“I can do that, but when attempting to destroy evidence of your identity the fact that you were half naked will make information easier to f-”

“DO IT WITHOUT THAT INFORMATION!” you immediately bark at him before looking at Dexter, her tuxedo burnt and torn in some areas but still largely intact aside from one incinerate sleeve. “How does this make any sense!? Dexter was hit with a flamethrower and her armour is barely burnt!”

“My little martial art young Hibiki allows me to make whatever fancy clothing I’m wearing into the same strength and durability as metal armour.” Dexter says with a smile on her face.

“Meanwhile your mastery of Tiger Style is impressive Hibiki, but remember it strengthens your skin. It does nothing to improve the durability of mundane clothes.” Father Marcellius explains.

You can only stare down at the ground of the van, the multi-coloured swirling and mixing of many animas at once as turbulent as your current emotions.

“W-Well... Don’t worry Hibiki! At least you’re still alive! If the price you need to pay is showing your hoo-ha to a mercenary group then that’s a fair trade!” Marina says.

“I’m going to die of embarrassment. If anyone else finds out-” you face freezes in fear as you come to a realization. “No one mention this to Maggie! If she finds out than she’ll have the entire city learning about it come the next day!”

“I’m not sure Hibiki, my silence is pretty expensive...” Dexter says leaning against the back of the fan. “Say... About three mil-”

You stare at Dexter with your head slightly cocked, a wide smile appearing across your face as your embarrassment threshold slowly reaches its peak. “Finish that sentence and you’ll wish to remain a woman for the rest of your life Dexter. For the night you turn back, you’re going to lose something very precious and dear to you.” After you say this, the claws on your hand eject out.

Dexter herself has a horrified expression come across her face, the normally strong and unflappable poker face torn apart in an instant by what he sees in front of him.

Father Marcellius and Mochire begin to laugh loudly upon hearing this however, even Wendy in the front driver’s seat chuckles to herself.

“T-That’s not funny! No really that’s not funny!” Dexter protests in horror as she witnesses their reactions.



“...So... If you wanted no one to learn this... why are you telling me now?” you ask Hibiki sitting next to you.
File: communications.png (35 KB, 788x1100)
35 KB

Hibiki can only be seen staring down at the floor, eyes slightly wider upon realization of what she just said.

“No seriously, I mean if you wanted to keep it a sec-”

“Dexter’s offer can extend to you as well if you’d like.” Hibiki coldly says.

“OK, so you had a good time at the bank. In fact despite how rough the surface seemed to be you and your group are doing pretty well right now.” you tell Hibiki.

Hibiki takes a second gulp down her drink. “That was probably the lighthearted bit before things turned bad. For you see after this we decided to go after the scientists.”

“What happened there?” you ask.

“You ever see a train wreck? Something so horrible but at the same time you couldn’t help but keep staring? That’s what happened with me and what I learned when trying to save the scientists. It was when the first puzzle piece was truly put into place, and even my own will was tested with what I had learned.” Hibiki tells you. “Not only that, but this is when the degradation of Versino started to be kicked into high gear. New more powerful gremlins, new military toys, and worst of all they were all after me and a few others.”

“Oh now this I got to hear.” you reply.

“Well sit down, because the story’s about to get a lot stranger from here on out.” Hibiki tells you.



Gained +10 Normal XP!

Gained +10 Alchemical XP!

Gained +1 Alchemical XP for increasing relationship with Dexter!

Gained +1 Alchemical XP for increasing relationship with Wendy!

Gained +1 Alchemical XP for letting Ryker go!

Your current Normal XP values are:

Available/spent/Total = 10 / 110 / 120

Your current Alchemical XP values are:

Available/spent/Total = 13 / 130 / 143

Since there is only one mission left, Rescue the Scientists! has been chosen automatically!
ADA recommendations:
Recommended Normal XP Purchases

- Optical Shroud Submodule “Dynamic Cloaking Module”: Able to move at much faster speeds while cloaked, extending the range one can move while cloaked (Slow speed -> Normal Movement -> Running speed -> Any distance), in addition each additional purchase lowers the penalty of moving while cloaked by 1 (3 XP each)

- Optical Shroud submodule “Sense Countering Upgrades”: Firmware updates and layers of sound absorbing material make the sounds that come from normal operation produce far less sound overall. This third and final installation of this submodule renders the Alchemical immune to all exotic forms of sight [EX: Thermal, X-Ray, Core Detectors, etc...] unless they come from a supernatural based source or if some form of Essence Sight (4 XP per purchase, Essence 3 means it will need to go into a Overdrive slot)

- Omnitool Implant Submodule “Advanced Lockpicking Toolkit”: The Omnitool implant gains a series of tools that allow it to open nearly any sort of door. First an Alchemical never has to damage a door to open it. Mundane doors are automatically opened without need for a roll while against magical doors the Alchemical may always at least try. (6 XP)

- Optical Enhancement “Recording Systems”: Record and store up to (Essence days) of things you see and hear. Can download what you see to external storage devices of stream it via Uplink Node. (1 XP)

- Optical Enhancement “Diagnostic Overlay”: Tell the health of a subject with just a few seconds scanning them, listing all health problems and issues. Can also tell the exact health levels of all opponents. (6 XP)

- Optical Enhancement “Thermal Vision”: See in Infrared spectrum, allowing you to see heat of the target. (6 XP)

- Advanced Stalker Protocols “Maximized Damage Processor”: When making an attack from stealth, up to [Appearance] threshold successes on the roll are doubled while on a decisive attack a likewise amount of threshold successes are added to the damage. That’s right, the prettier you are the harder you hit. (6 XP, Essence 3 means it requires an Overdrive slot)

- Charm “Impenetrable Repulsor Field”: If struck with an attack that does actual health level damage, you may engage a force field that ablates the damage based on initiative spent, possibly nullifying the attack completely. Alternatively, Hibiki gains the ability to parry attacks which cannot possibly be parried or gain 100% protection from attacks with arbitrarily large damage sources such as nuclear blasts or supervolcano eruptions. (10 XP including slot)

- Charm “Impact Dispersion Module”: Gain (Essence or 3, whichever is higher) Additional soak against withering attack or four hardness against decisive attacks. Basically you gain a small toughness boost. (10 XP with slot)

One more mission until Reactor Stage 3! Ganbatte!
Recommended Alchemical XP Purchases

- Strength Up (5 XP per dot, maximum 5) [Suggested for Tiger Style]

- Perception/Wits Up (4 XP per dot, maximum 5)

- Athletics (3 XP per dot, maximum 5)

- Steel Devil Style “Triple Attack Technique” (8 XP): Upgrades Double Attack Technique, where if you gain enough successes over the opponent's defense the damage of your attack has the potential to greatly increase.

- Steel Devil Style “Seconds Between Strife” (8 XP): When making a rush towards an enemy, may convert charge into automatic successes on the rush attempt. If the Rush is successful, the charge spent on the Rush is refunded. Meaning it makes you really fast.

- Steel Devil Style “Sonic Slash” (8 XP):If the automatic move action happens due to a rush action you make activate this charm to make an immediate decisive attack in a line out to medium range with a base damage equal to your current charge. This does not reset you to base initiative. Meaning this lets you fire out wind blasts from your swords from running fast (Must know Seconds Between Strife)

- Air Dragon Style “Breath Seizing Technique” (8 XP): Steal the very breath of life from the opponent themselves. If an attack does a certain amount of damage than the opponent is faced with a penalty to all actions which can be stacked. If this penalty is higher than the opponents stamina then they begin to suffocate until they pass out. Alchemical opponents are immune to suffocation, but the penalty still remains with them.

- Air Dragon Style “Air Dragon Form” (8 XP): Surround yourself with a small personal tempest, providing small boosts to your speed and dodge. All attacks are wreathed in electricity slightly increasing damage, unarmed attacks can be made out to short range while any attacks using Chakram’s turn all aim dice into automatic successes. [Requires Breath Seizing Technique and Shrouding the Body and Mind]

- Tiger Style “Iron Claw Grip” (8 XP): Pounce on an enemy and to grapple them, gaining a possible increase to the amount of turns a target can remain grappled. Targets who are grappled cannot defend against your attacks.

- Tiger Style “Raging Tiger Pounce” (8 XP): A fierce attack knocks the opponent prone, forcing them pay resources in order to actually stand up and forcing an action to do so. Attacking an opponent knocked prone by this style results in a small damage boost.

- Tiger Style “Stalking Cat Movement Meditation” (8 XP): Enemies become fearful of running away from Hibiki, forcing them to disengage in order to move away from her in short or medium range. Stealth attacks apply a -1 penalty to the opponent’s defense.
So, apparently the final level of Sense-Countering Upgrades could have allowed us the chance to avoid detection from those Core-Detectors OR let us hide our Soulgem...

Because of that, I'm torn between
>Sense Countering Upgrades 3 (10 - 4, 6)
>Advanced Lockpicking Toolkit (6 - 6, 0)
>Impenetrable Repulsor Field (10 - 10, 0)

Also, I really wish there was 1 xp laying around for Recording Systems.

>- Tiger Style "Raging Tiger Pounce” (8 XP) (13 - 8, 5)
>- Perception to 5 (5 - 4, 1)
After some careful thought, lets go for
>Sense Countering Upgrades 3 (10 - 4, 6)
>Advanced Lockpicking Toolkit (6 - 6, 0)
>- Tiger Style "Stalking Cat Movement Meditation” (8 XP) (13 - 8, 5)
>- Perception to 5 (5 - 4, 1)

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