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>December 4th, 2016
>Defendant's Lobby #5

(OH Boy, You are not feelin' good right now, today is your first day as a lawyer and you're sweating bullets, not only did you sleep through your alarm, but you had absolutely no chance to read over the case file! You hope you don't embarass-)

Hey there!

You look up from the floor and see it's your boss...

>What was his name again?
File: Ace_attorney_logo.png (441 KB, 2787x1807)
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441 KB PNG
>Welcome to Ace Attorney Quest!

>You play as a young and upcoming lawyer in a cast full of wacky and interesting characters, most of the time anyway...

>In Ace Attorney you have to listen to witness testimony and then cross examine them to find any discrepancies and capture the true culprit of the crime!

>When you're not in court you're doing some investigation, finding evidence as ammunition to use in your trial to beat back the rival prosecutor

>but let me not keep you waiting you still have to answer the boss!

>But, what was his name again?

Be as punny as you can
sorry not good with puns
>Mr.Yung Un.

Because puns
changingin my vote to this
Oh! Mr. Yung Un!

>Woah there, haha, no need for Mr. just call me Yung or Boss okay um ? sorry what was your name again?

Oh my name?

>It's ______
>Mr. Fo Pas
pronounced Faux Pas because we make lots of them
Tom Ato
I will switch to this one.I like it.
changed my mind
we kind of posted at the same time and this pun is better
well fuck
File: download.jpg (6 KB, 219x230)
6 KB
Ok then I guess we're doing mines then.
>going with this
As funny as this is we gotta keep the names relatively law related for lawyers. Something like that is better saved for a witness name I hope you understand

It's Fo Pas, Mr- I mean Boss!

>Fo Pas? My that's certainly a weird name. I hope it's not representative of your abilities in court Hahaha!

hahah yeah
(I don't either)

>Anyway where's your client? Shouldn't they be here by now?

Hm? Oh yeah, they're normally not this late what was their name again?


witnesses can be either male or female unless specified by the pronoun
clint eli
Ms. Spring Rain
i like it now watch him say the same
Going with this
Cheeky fuck

>Wait, wait I'm here!

Oh Rainy! Er-Ms. Rain how are you?

>I'm okay Fo! I know you'll get me out of this

>Hello Ms. Rain

>Oh hello there sir! I'm sorry for ignoring you

>Haha! It's fine, I'm not your lawyer he is! But I have to ask what are you in for Ms. Rain?

(I'm curious about that myself, man I really wish I had read the case file)

>Oh well um...

Hey! will the defendant and her lawyer please enter the courtroom?

>No time for that now unfortunately let's head in okay?

(Oh boy time to step into the frying pan let's see if we can avoid the fryer!)
Just a short intermission here before we start up how are you guys enjoying this so far?

Comments? Complaints?

Have you played an Ace Attorney game before?

Plus what do you think out Characters look like?
Maybe put names before what they say so we know who's talking?
>Have you played ace attorney before
Does Godot love coffee?
>What do you think our character looks like
A 20 something year old with scruffy hair and a suit that is somewhat untidy looking.

I also imagine our boss's as a 19 year old that looks like a 14 year old.
I was thinking that too
>Have you played an Ace Attorney game before?
>What do you think our character looks like?
I love the idea of the boss looking younger than we are but I don't think we'd join a firm with a younger boss

What about the lovely Ms.Rain
i have played the firs game before but no others
i think our looks schoold be decided later
and two tips when assining a roll to a choice only have us roll afterwards also when you have multiple boxes of text with no choices be shure to prepare all of them also dont be afraid to go of the rails
I haven't assigned any rolls just yet but i'll keep that in mind

Prepare the boxes, got it

And buddy this is an Ace Attorney Quest, shit will definitely go off the rails soon enough, the first case is always slow
Anyways just give me a little bit guys and I'll start up the trial strap in, it might be the first one but I hope to male things at least a little interesting.
*make things
can you archive this on http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/
The thread's not dead yet though

And I don't know how
I imagine her in lots of floral clothes.
Probably a sunhat and a watering can she carries everywhere.
File: gallery.gif (29 KB, 240x160)
29 KB
I agree but we have to be careful, I don't know if you've played DD but I don't want to make any of the characters clones from the actual games and she sound like Juniper Woods right now

>Courtoom Number #5
>December 4, 2026

>Judge: The court is now in session for the trial of Ms. Spring Rain

>Is the Defense ready?

Yes Your Honors

>Is the Prosecution ready?

>Payne: But of course your honor

>Yung: Oh Winston Payne is residing over this case?

>This should be a walk in the park

How so?

>Mr. Pas He's lost to rookie defense lawyers since 2008 he's hardly a threat

Well hey that's good for me

>Payne: Hehehe, don't look so confident rookie, I may not be the rookie killer but I can still handle a fresh chicken lawyer like yourself

Oh okay then?
(Fresh chicken? does he mean spring chick?)
File: (a)confident.gif (15 KB, 256x192)
15 KB
>Judge: Regardless, Mr. Payne please give your opening statement

>Of course your honor.

(Here we go let's hope it's nothing too bad!)
>The victim in this case is one Ms. November Rain, at approximately 3:15 PM a local witness called the nearby police station in order to report what they described as a bloody murder.

>Said witness claimed that the body was stabbed with a fruit knife and there was a large amount of blood spilled onto the floor. She was found in her home kitchen leaning up against the countertop. Not only that, but the murder weapon had the defendants fingerprints on it proving her guilt, how about that your honor?

[Crime scene photo added to the court record]
[Fruit knife added to the court record]
>Judge: Goodness this certainly seems open and shut!

>Judge: Fingerprints on evidence is certainly hard to disprove!

>Well Mr. Pas do you have an objection?

>(Do You?)
we do everyone deserves a fair trail no matter how guilty they may seem or be
Hold on this evidence seems very circumstantial.
The Defendant having fingerprints on the knife of a relative doesn't hold that much weight.

And there is still the lacking of a motive.


Already looking forward to our designated Lol- I meant Sidekick.
I'll combine both of these, they're fantastic


(Do you have an objection? Hell yeah you do!)


your Honor, this evidence seems very circumstantial! The Defendant having fingerprints on the knife of a relative doesn't hold that much weight.

>Judge: Hm... that is true, why just a few months ago this one lawyer solved a seemingly shut case himself

>What was his name again? Well anyway I would like the prosecution to call their witness to the stand

>Payne: but of course your honor
Payne: Witness state your name and occupation!

???: Hello I'm _________

Go for it, try to make the name as obvious as possible
Try to make up your best first witness name guys
whitney ester
or guy lety
Guess some dudes don't wanna guess I keep it to a minimum in future threads

Going with Whitney Ester
In front of you stands an average looking man he's dressed in a gray suit and black bowtie he's holding a black briefcase in his right hand

>Ester: My name is Whitney Ester I'm a wandering newsreporter.

>Judge: Very well, er.. Mr. Ester

>Judge: Could you please describe to the court what you saw?

>Ester: But of course, reporting the facts is my job right?

(Oh boy, this guys seems pretty straight faced let's hope the testimony even has contradiction)
Hope you guys like Apollo Justice music

~What I Saw~
I was wondering around in the area in order to gather info a current news story

As I was approaching the Rain residence I noticed the defendant Ms. Spring Rain walk out of the building looking mildly upset

I approached the house paying no mind to the mood of the defendant

She had left the door open and as I went inside to ask about the story I saw the victim knife in chest leaning up against the kitchen counter

She was also sitting on the floor if I recall correctly

>Judge: Hm... well Mr. Pas begin your cross examination

Y-yes your honor
(This looks bad but I'm not gonna get anywhere by complaining about it)

>So what should I do first?
>Press a specific statement
>Present evidence on a contradiction
/q/ what news story excactle and why did you not ask the defendant
>Press a specific statement
>Press a specific statement

Rule of thumb is to always press a statement when you can.
(That's fine)

Ester: Oh nothing big really I was doing a report on the trial of Will Powers from a few months ago

I was trying to get the people opinon on what they thought of the whole ordeal

As for why I didn't ask the defendant, she clearly seemed like she wasn't in the mood to speak is all

(Hm, that didn't seem very relevant)

Yung: Hey Pas.

Hm? What is it boss?

Yung: When it comes to cross examinations focus on details that matter, remember that.

(Guess that wasn't right)

>Should I press something else(If so what)?
>Or do I present(If so what and which statement?)
>Should I press something else(If so what)?
>She had left the door open and as I went inside to ask about the story I saw the victim knife in chest leaning up against the kitchen counter
This will do.
We will more or less end up pressing almost everything.
Hm... How did you see her if you just went inside

>Ester: The way the house is structured it's a straight line from the entrance to the kitchen

>As for the knife it was easily visible with all the blood on the floor and countertop

(Hm... That seems strange)

Your Honor I'd like that statement to be added to the witnesses testimony!

Judge: Very well Mr. Ester if you please

Ester: very well

>I knew she was stabbed with a knife due to the blood on the floor and the countertop

Well Mr. Pas is their anything wrong with statement?

>You bet there is
>You bet there isn't
>You bet there is
If she was leaning up against the countertop how did she bleed onto it?
Wouldn't she need to be lying on the countertop.
Check the court record!
>>You bet there is
she was propped up with her back against the wall with a knife in her chest how didi you not notice that?
He got it

Wait a second



If you just walked into the house there was no way you could've seen blood on the countertop!

Especially if she was passed out on the floor!

>Ester: Hgnh!

>It appears I made an error allow me to correct myself

You better watch it with those errors you wouldn't want people getting suspicous

>Ester: Of course, p-please just let me restate what I saw

Judge: Very well you would do well to remember all the details this time Mr. Ester

>Ester: Of course your honor, now let me take it from the top
~What I Truly Saw~

Okay in truth I didn't simply step into the house

I had walked inside in order to find someone to interview for the story

As I stepped into the kitchen I noticed Ms. November with knife sticking out of her and blood pooled on the floor and countertop

I can only assume Ms. Spring had stabbed her before hand and she got blood on the counter as she fell

These are the facts of the case I only report facts after all


Judge: Well Mr. Pas do your thing, as it were

You got it your Honor,
>Press a statement
>Present evidence(on which statement?)
>Press a statement
>I can only assume Ms. Spring had stabbed her before hand and she got blood on the counter as she fell
>Press a statement
>As I stepped into the kitchen I noticed Ms. November with knife sticking out of her and blood pooled on the floor and countertop
He got it

Wait a second, you know the defendant?

>Ester: Hgnh! U-uh no of course not

Then how did you know her name was Spring?

Ester: That's, I, um..

Out with it!


(Yikes! Looks like I pushed a nerve!)


Oh Yeah? Cause You've been delivering nothing but lies since you walked into this courtroom!

Ester: How dare you?! Can you prove I've been lying to this court?

Payne: Hold it right there!

Ester: ?!

(Payne? What does he want?)

Payne: I was choosing to sit back and watch but you've pushed me this far

Judge: Payne what are you talking about?

Payne: Your honor I would like to submit to the court...
the autopsy report.
(I knew something wasn't right here)

Judge: Why of course! I can't believe we've partaking in the trial without it!


[Autopsy Report added to the Court Record]

Time of death 2:30
Cause of death: stab wound to the chest followed by bloodloss
Murder weapon: Fruit Knife that bears the prints of the Defendant and two other unidentified pairs of prints
There's a reason for this don't shoot me yet

! Wait a second! The knife has more prints on it than just the defendants?!

Payne: What?! I wasn't informed of this beforehand!

(Wait what? Payne knew about the knife, but not the prints on it? Why?)

(Regardless. it's time to strike while the iron is hot!)

Your honor!

Judge: Yes Mr. Pas?

I want to (What else!)
>Identify the unknown prints
>Identify the unknown prints
Time for a far fetched accusation!
Whitney Ester I choose you!
Judge: Very well, Baliff get these prints analyzed!

Baliff: Yes Sir!

~A few minutes later~

Baliff: Your Honor, the two unidentified prints belong to The victim November Rain and the Witness Whitney Ester!

Ester: No! NO!


Alright Ester let me tell you how it really happened

For whatever reason you walked into the residence with the intent of commiting a crime

Thinking Rainy- I mean Ms. Spring was now out of the picture you attempted to infiltrate the house!

Once inside you attempted to commit your suppossed crime only for Ms. November to catch you in the act

Unable to hide yourself, in a panic you killed November Rain using Spring as a scapegoat!

Whitney Ester! IT WAS YOU!



>In a fit of Rage Ester threw his briefcase in the air screaming at the top of his lungs

>It proceeds to fall directly onto his face knocking him out
Judge: Well that was certainly a strange trial I'm especially concerned about the fact that the prosecution had no knowledge about the prints on the murder weapon

Payne: But-But!

Judge: Regardless I'm prepared to hand down my verdict

Judge: Oh and Mr. Pas?

Yes your Honor?

Judge: Excellent job on your first case!

Thank You
(I did it! I actually did it!)

Judge I hearby find the defendant Ms. Spring Rain ...

>Defendant lobby #5
>After the trial


Yung: Mr.Pas that was incredible! You didn't even need my help for the whole trial! What a spectacular defense

Thanks Boss! It actually wasn't to bad!


Spring proceeds to jump onto you in a crushing hug!

Spring: ThankYouThankYouThankYou! You totally saved my life!

Ah well you know... hehe *you rub the back of your head*

Yung: You know something's bothering me though..

Oh yeah me too...
>Ester's crime
>How he knew Spring
>Ester's real job
>>Ester's crime
>>How he knew Spring
>>Ester's real job
all of it
>How he knew Spring
We never did find out why Ester knew about Spring.
What reason would there be for him to know her.
Especially when to our knowledge spring doesn't know him.
All or nothing coming up

Well to be honest boss That guy just seemed odd

We don't what he wanted to do why he was doing it and...

Hey Spring did you know that guy?

Spring: No, I don't think so I don't remember seeing him before this trial


Yung: Ah let's not worry about it for now! You won let's celebrate!

Yeah... Yeah Ok! Let's go!

(I didn't think much of those questions at the moment but as time would move on I would come to realize just how deep it all goes and how important my friend Rain truly is...)

~The Spring Turnabout END~
And that ladies and gents Is the end of the first case AKA the Spring Turnabout

I'm gonna be around so any

Also, maybe we can decide what all our characters look like?
we need a way to somehow archive this
Maybe our boss is a 30 year old that appears to be around our age?
Now what would he wear...
I know how to archive things on suptg

What do you think our bosses preference should be?
Formal or casual?
i say we all wear suits
also question qm what time do you usuqly run?
Then I'd say he'd wear a clean red suit.
Nice and classy.

And for Spring maybe she wears a flower wreath instead of a sunhat.
Well he >>902526
knows how to archive so we're good there

The boss looking as young as us despite being 30 sounds good and I imagine him being more casual despite calling us Mr.Pas sounds good

Now for the details of everyone I didn't get a chance to mention

Fo Pas: Us/ A young defense attorney who tries his hardest to get the right verdict

Yung Un: Our mentor a famous defense attorney, looks much younger than he is

Spring Rain: Our childhood friend, she lived with her Mom November and has a knack for gardening and yardwork a lot stronger than she looks

Full Disclosure, this only my second quest and my first one was basically cancelled cause of classes

Now that I'm going on break however, I should have more time as for when I usually post I would say wait until next saturday but if time allows I might post during the week

I like that

How do we look though without making ourselves a Phoenix or Apollo clone

Also I see that there's five posters but only two people answering. It's okay guys I don't bite
Also I'm from America, I just don't grammar check when I type which is why it looks like I don't even speak english.
I'd say we should have brown hair (that is never tidy and refuses any attempts.)
A black suit (for some reason it's always unkempt looking)
And in general we seem to fail at being fashionable or looking tidy.
So like lawyer Gumshoe but good at our job?
We also don't live in perpetual poverty.
I hope
Well we're not trying to run a law office by ourselves since spoiler: the boss doesn't die next case

So yeah I'd say we're not poor
If there's no more questions I guess it's a good time to archive
Many thanks for any updates follow my twitter @JimenezMega

Stay cool everyone!

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