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You are Gu....
Huh you know what, you aren't actually anybody today! You are just you, a random anon this time!

Please enjoy these complimentary short stories as well as feel free to use this time to Q&A.
File: Suzie.png (232 KB, 410x542)
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>The First meeting of the Gurie Fan Club

“Ahem, welcome friends to the first official meeting of the Gurie Fan club.” Suzie said, the zipper teethed Banette perched atop a bag as Planny and Mimikyu looked uncomfortably at each other, Gurie slumbering in the bed above them.
“Um Suzie?” Planny raised her arm. “Is this really necessary, its 3 am we need to sleep.”
Gurie tilts her head, the red bead eyes of the puppet pokemon softly glowing. “Oh? But we are comrades right? We are here to keep Gurie safe RIGHT? We can’t let our diligence waver for a moment RIGHT? Because I can’t help Gurie while keeping her company at night RIGHT? So you are always awake at this hour RIGHT? Because if you AREN’T and something happens to Gurie I couldn’t live with myself. And as fellow comrades if I won’t be able to live with myself you certainly won’t be RIGHT?”
Planny blinked, her hand lowering. “Right, how silly of me.”
Suzie nodded and continued. “Excellent, now our first item on our agenda is one of some serious urgency.” Suzie frowned as if weighed by the severity of her task.

“Friends. Our trainer may be too cute.”

“Weedle?” Begbug, having been shaken awake by Suzie earlier, questioned to the ghosts fervent nodding.
“Exactly! Just earlier this morning while enjoying her heated cider along with her berry dogs, Gurie had to blow on it because it was too hot. That’s incredibly cute! Dangerously cute!”
Mimikyu blinked. “Well, sure Gurie is cute but I don’t think it’s dangerous.”
The bannette leaned over Mimikyu? “NOT DANGEROUS? Does charm not lower attack? Cuteness has been weaponized for years. What if her cuteness attracts predators? Dirty people who want to… hold hands with her! And go on romantic dates like that old man!”
Suzie grabbed Ralts and Mimikyu, wrapping the fairy pokemon around her arms. “Rest assured, as the Gurie Fan Club we must do whatever we can to prevent Gurie from going on any dates with anyone who is not me!”
“What was that last part?” Planchett asked.
“What last part?”
“Well…” The Ralts began. “The part where you said other then me, what does that mean.”
“Don’t know,” Suzie shrugged. “Never said it after all. You must be hearing things.”
File: Mycutelittlebrother.jpg (41 KB, 1280x720)
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>Because your sister is unpopular, you are worried.
“And that, student’s, is why the Galactic incident was an inside job.” Mr. Grankin, the local teacher of pokemon history, concluded to his bored class before the ring of the bell sounded. “Oh, that looks like all the time we have today. Remember to turn to read chapter 3 and write a paragraph on dark pokemon discrimination in the league.”
Sebastian sighed as he put away his text books. He had to hurry, there was a sale on Beedrill honey and Gurie would
Oh, right.
Well he could get to dusting, knowing G…. no she’s not here… he could go get a movie to watch. Alone.
Man, Sebastian thought to himself. It’s boring with no one to take care of. Even if she is 13 years older than him.
Sebastian looked outside as he got his shoes, ugh rain. He brought his umbrella but rain was always a pain.
Spreading out his Ludicollo umbrella, he stepped outside in the rain.
Same streets, same buildings, same sparkling lake… granted the lake was a lot less majestic as it rippled in the rain but the point was nothing really was different. And nothing will be different for 3 more years till he finally got his adventure.
“Purr.” A small mew echoed from the streets, stopping Sebastian as he looked into the alleyway.
(Cont 1/3)
File: espurragain.png (36 KB, 800x450)
36 KB
Sitting in a Pechabox, dripping from the rain, a Espurr stared at him, eyes unblinking. “Purr, Es, purr.” The Restraint pokemon noted, not that it meant anything to Sebastian.
Sebastian looked around, seeing if anyone else noticed the drenched pokemon. He wasn’t really allowed to own any pokemon. Sighing, Sebastian placed his umbrella inside the box, wide brim of the umbrella keeping the box dry… well not as wet.
Sebastian walked away, the rain dripping down his face. It wasn’t ideal but it was the best he could do.
“Purr.” The sound of soft footprints caused Sebastian to look behind him, the Espurr, following him, Umbrella held over it as it walked as fast as its tiny feet could take it. Was it trying to return the Umbrella.
“No really, you can keep it, it’s a gift.” Sebastian started walking faster, he wasn’t going to be pitied by a cat, especially now that he was already soaked in the rain.
“Purr.” The Espurr started walking faster.
“No I insist.” Running a little faster.
“Es, es.” Now it’s gaining on him.
Well Seb wasn’t going to lose to a little pokemon. The next two blocks are a dead race between the student and the pokemon and his house is almost in sight, the wind blowing back against your face as the storm picks up.
“Puuuur.” Ploosh, Espurr’s umbrella, caught in the wind, sends the poor cat flying backwards, the kitten clutching for dear life as it’s dragged through puddle after puddle. “Puuuuuuuur.”
Damnit, Sebastian turns around chasing after the Espurr.
Several feet away Mr Meer hummed as he did stock, things were quieter with his biggest customer gone but life goes on. Mr Meer hums as he pours himself a cup of herbal tea. Yes the days might not be exciting but they sure will be peaceful.
Oh look Gurie’s little brother is chasing a flying cat. How quaint.
Hastily putting on his coat Meer scrambles after the drenched duo.

(Cont 2/3)
File: espurr.png (437 KB, 1203x919)
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437 KB PNG
“Purr~” Espurr hums happily in the bath, hot water pouring over her as Sebastian pulled out the shampoo.
It was lucky Meers caught the poor pokemon before the wind picked up anymore, but they certainly couldn’t leave it in the box.
Unfortunately Meers is already at the legal limit of resident pokemon so it has to live in Sebastians house for the time being, the student adjusting the showerhead to prevent water from getting in the pokemon’s eyes as he scrubbed it down.
“Purr?” The cat questioned as the lather quickly picked up, the pokemon quickly turning into a white bubble pile as Sebastian sighed. He didn’t know the first thing about raising pokemon.
Rinsing the Espurr off, Sebastian brushed its hair, blow-dryer in the other hand. Sure he knew the basics of cooking but psychic pokemon can be quite diffic-oh look a knot-ult. Just cause their father used to be a psychic doesn’t mean he actually knew how to handle psychic pokemon.
Espurr opened its mouth as Sebastian slipped a spoonful of Berry jam inside it. The pokemon humming happily as Sebastian fed it another bite, he’d have to adjust his budget, and grooming costs. Not to mention the fact that psychic pokemon are the 3rd most difficult pokemon to handle.
Sebastian carried the pokemon upstairs, wrapping it up in a blanket off Guries bed as the Espurr fell asleep.
Well he’d have to let it stay the night but he’d have to start looking for a new owner. He didn’t know a thing about caring for pokemon.

>Story 2 done.
File: hungrydebbie.jpg (158 KB, 800x450)
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>The Knife Toungued Sister

This is dull. Debbie said sitting at a barstool at the closed Le Wee, her head bouncing against the bar as the girl groaned. In humanely done, unethically dull. All consuming, soul wrenchingly, dull.
Julie sighed, from the other side of the table, polishing the glass as she listened to her sister’s whining. “Didn’t you almost die yesterday? How are you already bored.”
That was the past, look to the future sister. Hope for new times, just cause you aren’t going to get a boyfr-ow. Julie smacked the young trainer with the flat of her hand. A slight thwack heard as Debra rubbed her head.
Violence is the path to self-destruction Julie, you need to focus your energy on more constructive paths in life. Like improving your cooking so it doesn’t taste like-ow.
Debbie sighed, a small lump visible on the top of her head. Rude. If you have to answer with violence for everything you won’t make any friends.
Julie snorts. “I have my restaurant and my pokemon that’s all I need. What about you? You don’t seem to have any friends.”
Debbie frowns. Your words can not affect me. They are just leaves in the wind. Besides I have best friend Gurie. And Mr Chop Chop.
Debra lifts up a pokeball And my newest friend Mr Smalls. Tomorrow we are going to get the gym badge and beat Gurie for real this time.
Julie rolled her eyes. “Sure you are. Gurie isn’t that weak, she bet me earlier today.”
Debbie blinked. Wait she was here? And you didn’t tell your beloved and cute younger sister that her best friend was over. You know if you don’t learn any tact soon you won- ow.
Debbie rubbed the second bump on her head. Anyway, did Gurie actually beat Tim? Alone?
Julie frowned. “Nah I just used Slowpoke, Tim’s a bit, unfriendly for restaurant matches. And she wasn’t alone she had a date.”
Debbie patted her sisters hand. Gurie with a date? Sis dear you have gotten delirious in your old a-ow.

>Story 3 done.
I answered all the questions people had now. If anyone wants to see a specific character focus for the next story post.

Right now I just look senile.
File: 1481216390324.png (802 KB, 651x1441)
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802 KB PNG
Espurr a cute!
What's going on with Fly G?
Maybe a story about how her clothing line got so popular?
File: confusedg.jpg (77 KB, 1020x760)
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"Yo it's been twen-T fo hour when dis bitch gonna call." Fly G paced over his gold plated pokenavi. "Dis ho, I tell her to sleep on it but her skinny ass must be snorlax or some shit if she think gipping me the whole day counts as gettin some sleep on it."

"Cuse me G? Why are we waiting on one white ho anyway?" One of the G's honeys yawned, examining her rainbow painted nails. "We got talent enough anyway."

"Ho if the G was not a gentle pimp you will be seeing the back of my ring hand." G seethed. "We can't be running top of the line real shit if we settle for enough ho, we got to have all the finer things know wha im sayin. She's got a alolan pokemon THAT talks! An she's got that shy humble origin story pre baked in her. G can't find prime competitor like that if he woke Jirachi and sucked his metal fairy cock."

G paced around the room. "Alright he's the realness. We give her one more day, if she don't call, we make her answer."

"But Fly, what if she says no." G's second honey asked, relaxing on the liepold print bed.

"If this hoe don't want to play with the G... well then not much G can do. Sides, if a bitch don wanna be with a original G then least she won't be scooped up by some shrivled up sellout like the Vid guys. If she won't accept the best, then the rest aint even a threat."

G looked out the window. "Though fo sizzle, she'd make great tv."
File: anal top.gif (1.93 MB, 400x268)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB GIF

>mfw you didn't properly announce this on twitter
File: fml.png (2.2 MB, 1706x998)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB PNG
>mfw I didn't see the twitter post because you had already started complaining about no responses
File: guzma.jpg (92 KB, 600x1029)
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(After this i gotta go to bed. If anyone still has prompts we'll go over them)

"Yo yo yo, we're team Guzma and you best remenber. Give us your berries yo gonna be dismembered."

"Stop." Guzma said pulling away the grunt. "Yo, you know your my boi Grunt C, and yo know I got mad love for my bois, but this just ain't working." Guzma pointed to the man. "Look at those raggy pants, faded pink sports t, an yo got a buzzcut that looks all wrong. Ain't no one gonna fear yo or the rest of our boys when our threads be rags. We got to get some new bling. Get Plumeria and the rest of the crew."

Several hours later in the hive of po town, the newest threat to pokemon society hastily scrolled through fashion boards.

"Yo what about those suits Flare used? They looked classy." Big sis grunt brought up, the pink haired girl prying the computer from her cousin's fingers and showing it to Guzma.

"Yo, Guzma got something to say. Ain't no way in hell we are wearing some suit like we corporate tools. We're team skull! We got to look tough not like sell outs."

"What about those suits Gala"

"Boy if you finish that sentence you gonna be uglier then a feebas when my boot don with you." Plumeria interrupted. "Ain't no body going to dress up like some broke spacemen."

"Hey, hey guys look!" Grunt A jumped up, waving his phone. "I found a hat in Kalos."

Big sis grunt looked over. "Hey its like a beret but its a skull. Thats cool."

Guzma plucled the phone from the grunts hands. "A Skull? If there is one thing the best fighter in the world likes more then beating people down, its skulls." Guzma flipped through the images. "Aw yeah, Guzma got one of his million dollar ideas coming through. We buy these. Ain't no one going to disrespect a bunch of tough guys with skulls! No, million dollar idea two, we change our name. Yo boi don't need his name on everything. Lets switch things up. From now own Alola going to remenber the name of Team Skulls!"

The room breaks into cheers. "Team Skull! Team Skull!"

"Yo, shut up! We still got 3 days shipping simmer it till the uniforms arrive." Guzma says fiddling with the order. "An... sent!"

Guzma smilled as he looked at the picture, man, skulls, so cool. Whoever this Alluring G person was, they were going places.
File: gardevoir evolutions.jpg (167 KB, 700x2264)
167 KB
167 KB JPG

Can you elaborate a bit more on school in the pokemon world? Also, what is Espurr's origin story? Can Psychic pokemon communicate with their owners?

Suzie is... a little bit insane, just a little. What mellows her out besides being with Gurie? Does she have anything that she likes BESIDES Gurie? Was she created before the Rocket incident or is that what made her come alive? Gurie's Dad was a Psychic (who's fate I currently forget) did he know Suzie was real?
It was a hour of no responses. At some point I was getting worried the mods will shut it down as some deranged man just spamming page 1.

Now we actually have people to make this a thread and not a blog post I can actually continue this. Granted I'm going to bed, but tommorrow is a later day.

For the record all of these stories are canon. Hence why none of them take place the day after Gurie bet Julie, all of the day of or earlier.

In fact all of these take place around the time of thread 4 besides your "Why is Alluring G popular."

TBF this story >>918341 was hinted at since thread one.
File: endmimishaming.png (607 KB, 1094x1466)
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607 KB PNG
I wrote a little on the PTC so let me get that.

Tell us Proffessor Mimikyu!: The PTC
z( *@w@*) Hello boys and girs! It’s the great and wise Mimikyu! I’m wearing swirlglasses to show intelligence.
z( *@w@*) Today we are going to talk about what the PTC is! Since it is mentioned a lot!
z( *`w`*) To put it plainly, the PTC is the Pokemon Trainer Circuit! It’s the pokemon league! All of them!
z( *0w0*) Kanto’s, Johto’s, Honnen’s, Sinnoh’s, Unova’s, Kalos’, and now finally Alola’s.
z( *OwO*)7 Each one works as a combination of education system and military armistice. The PTC after all controls the most important thing in the world! Mimikyu!
z( *uwu*) I mean pokemon…
z( *@w@*) The PTC was put in place shortly after the Great Holy War. Roughly a hundred years before, when Mimikyu was just a little shadow in Alola, there was a war.
z( *umu;) And what a war it was. Johto called the Unknown to send Honnen into a nightmare where Groundon reawaken. Honnen called upon Jirachi to make a entire generation of Johto stillborn, which prompted Kanto to retaliate. It was nasty, culmulating in Lugia’s holy temple being burnt to the ground, killing three of Lugia’s wards.
z( *@w@*) Ho-Oh revived them but Lugia still wasn’t happy. And the end result was that all the legendary and mythical pokemon left. The unknown sealed themselves in a ruin and the sacred birds flew away.
z( *owo*) So when the gods abandon you, most people take that as a sign. So a treaty was written.
z( *`w`*)=3 Why send hundreds to war when some pokemon were one men armies? One trainer could easily beat hundreds weaker ones. So let this champion war instead!
z( *@w@*) This was the first pokemon league and the war was finally over.
File: Look its me!.jpg (591 KB, 1610x1616)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
z( *?w?*) That lead to this and that and ultimately guidelines were in place to regulate humans use of pokemon. To make sure people are ethical and that pokemon battles don’t devolve into something lethal.
z( *@w@*) So the PTC circuit eventually developed, they run the pokemon centers, they assign the gym licenses, they are the ones who say how many pokemon can be at a daycare at any time. And all of that other stuff!
z( *@u@*) This is important cause some people don’t like the PTC having so much power over their region. But more importantly it explains how leagues work.
z( *@w@*) To sum it up, at around 10 years you are expected to go around the world and challenge all 8 or so gyms. A region can have more gyms but not less. Once you do that you can go through victory road, challenge the elite four and the champion!
z( *uwu*) Most don’t get that far. Only really strong trainers can raise their pokemon up to levels high enough to get the eighth badge. The rest go home. However you are still supposed to TRY all the gyms. This way you can see the region!
z( *@w@*) After that… you go home! Then take Training school to learn the skills needed to do whatever you want to make your living in! Construction, cooking, psychic stuff you name it!
z( *@w@*) The more badges you have the more opportunities are available. Though someone who didn’t get many or even any can still make a living doing something not pokemon related! However breeders and ace trainers have to have atleast 6.
z( *@w@*) Finally what about champions? Why isn’t Serena or Red the pokemon champion. Well if you reach champion you still go to training school! Who would leave the running of the country to a kid? However as a young champion you can apply to be the Official Champion or gym leader and are basically set for life. However other then getting inducted into the hall of fame you do not get the authority of the position due to age.
z( *^w^*) This is why Wulfric is the current Kalos champion and not Serena. Why Ethan isn’t Johto’s.
z( *^w^*) But… Gurie ISN’T a kid! She’s an adult with a diploma from trainer school, meaning that if she successfully beats the league she CAN be champion and the official leader of Kalos’ pokemon trainers.
z( *?w?*) Not that she would though. Can you imagine?
z( *@w@*) Well that’s all for today folks, join us next time as we uncover the wonders of Gyms!

So to simplify. Until you are ten you get basic school, math, writing. Things you need to surive.

Then you get sent on your adventure, when you go back you go into a vocational school on whatever class you want to take. The higher you go the better your prospects. This also explains how im working game mechanics in.
Yes and it's amazing.

Will team Skull have a role in the story?

Nice dude.

So at this point, is Red an adults?

What are the relative ages in the pokemon world, I know that in S&M he's about 17/18 but I know that you're purposefully trying not to pin us down to any one timeframe.
File: guriedressedassuzie.jpg (298 KB, 510x879)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Team skull breaks up in Sun so no.

However Team Meanie is very similar to them, with the exception being that Team Skull live in a calm region that tolerates them if belittles them.


On the contrary this is 2 years after X. But I don't know when S&M Takes place. However doing math... So Red's 21. Weird.

However Red's not the strongest pokemon trainer cause he lost to Ethan, who is of course, the trainer in Gold.

Finally Guries parent's fates never been mentioned. You do know that they haven't been around for 7 or so years.

Suzie been around for awhile, shes one of the reason Gurie used to play in Santalune and never got attacked by wild pokemon. Shes a guardian.
However Ghost pokemon are one of the Five troublesome types, the most difficult pokemon to raise.
The five being of course, Dragon Ghost Psychic Fairy and Dark in that order. Ghost has no real fear of death or injury, and tend to be derivative primarily off negative emotion. Suzie's actually a incredibly tame Banette as the race normally exists to revenge themselves over abandonment. However Gurie never abandoned Suzie so their relationships different.

Suzie, when not obsessing over Gurie, enjoys fawning over Gurie. Somewhere down the line of subtle differences her favorite hobbies to do with Gurie tend towards singing and cooking. Granted the food Suzie knows how to make are pure dreamstuff but she likes making them. Maybe if you could access dream world that can be abused?
File: Team Meanie.png (63 KB, 800x768)
63 KB
I didn't finish a sentence apperantly.

Team Meanie was formed after a event that's not dissimilar to if Microsoft was caught trying to do nine eleven and still got one trade tower.

Team Meanie fears the PTC that let a terrorist be one of their elite four members and head of Kalos media (Malva) and believe the sooner Kalos becomes a independent region like Orre or Almia the better.

So they are much more angry and thus more of a threat. You'll see them when you hit Lumiose.
So which team is the most "villains with a heart of gold" or "villains that are bad at being villains"?

No matter how I look at it, Team Meanie just looks like a bunch of Anarchists.
Nothing wrong with that, mind you, but
> Anarchy
Is something everyone involved with Pokémon should know.
Also, if you modify the logo of the deckers, you can make it appear as a certain fossil-Pokémon.

If you catch my drift.

I'm still wondering why the team leader decided on such a name.
It sounds childish.
But I'm not judging.
File: Larry Large.jpg (349 KB, 703x574)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
That sounds like a you decide question doesn't it? Moral compasses are relative. Each team has their own goals and strictly speaking not all of them are bad.
None of the teams plan will end in a holocaust. Though some can make things very different.

Even Team Rocket has their own moral judgements, they are thieves but their loyalty to Giovanni is the real deal. If Giovanni was a crummy person to his team they wouldn't work to get him back, but they idolized him. Plus as stated before, I will not stop you from actually goining any of the teams.

But the most comic relief ones that's easy. Team Great Rocket. They are a group of kids in school that steal the other kids pokemon cards. They think they are hot shit and force people to play to get the cards back because otherwise no one will play with them cause they are weenies.

If you wanna add a helix I will let you. Hell I can have the other symbols gussied up to.

Team Meanie however derives their name from a very specific legacy:


That's right Team Meanie! The feared neardowells from Mystery Dungeon 1: Rescue Team! Lead by the duplicous cursed human Gengar, they achieve power through dirty tactics and save the day cause it pays them.

Gengar is also cursed for abandoning those in need but you never talked to Team Meanie yet, how far the metaphor goes is unknown.

Why Larry Large picked the name is unknown but just remenber:

He is by no means alone.
File: o_shite.jpg (37 KB, 558x800)
37 KB
O shit.

Have we met any human turned pokemon?

Have we met any pokemon turned human?

Are those pokemon famous in this area? If so, how famous are they?

Is it known by humanity at large how many humans turned pokemon there are? Do they understand how it happens?

Do any of the teams already know about us?
On an unrelated note, have any legendaries been keeping an eye on us? and what is our lil bro up to now that he has his own pokemon, a psychic no less.
Mystery dungeon is a video game in universe.

People going to Pokemon land or vice versa has never been documented cause if Gurie got turned into a Espurr how the hell would anyone else know? Its just that the Mystery Dungeon series is basically THE fantasy dungeon crawler genre in the Pokeverse.

HOWEVER Yamasks have been proven to be former humans though the reverse is not yet true. Pokemon can mimic human skills, pokemon can even fake human form like Zoroak. However these pokemon can also undo that so the change is temporary.

There are stories though.

As for teams i answered this before. All the teams know OF you in some form, but no one actually knows Gurie.

But Alluring G IS famous, and Suzie can't do what she did and assume no one will hear about it. There are legends, there are witnesses.

But as for legendaries. Pfft, no. Legendary pokemon are legends for a reason. They are practically/are objects of worship. And you spend most of your time making dolls.

Tapu Bulu vaguely wonders why its damned site is less haunted but I mean, what's he going to do? Go there? Himself? Meh. The Kahuna will look into it eventually.
So are you waiting for us to pitch people to write about to you or are you just going to choose at random?

Because I'd love to hear more about lil bro.
This is a combination short story request for bonus scenes and a QandA because i got finals then a family vacation so 5 might be a time coming.

All that aside Sebastian already has a story so i dont know what else to do for now about him.

What's the story behind Planchet wanting to be a swordswoman?
It might be good if you did it in CYOA format so people could vote on what they want to hear most based on whatever you're willing to reveal more about right now.
File: Old Ben.jpg (232 KB, 1280x905)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
"Again." Benkai stats, the aged Farfetche'd tapping his stalk impatiently in the ground. "If you are expected to serve a trainer, and you ARE, you must be able to fight. What happens if your trainer gets in danger? Stand up."

Planny stumbles up, the young ralts swaying from the blow of the false swip as she hastily tried to toss a confusion at Ben, the duck swatting the attack out of the way.

"Enough, get your wind up and we'll try again." The Farfetch'd sighed, walking away and leaving Planny alone in the Battle Chateu. The ralts stumbling her way to find her handler Datura.

"Oh you poor dear." the Proffesor assistant frowned, potion in hand.
"Old Ben did a dosy on you." The man said, rubbing the ralts on her head. "But don't worry? He's a good sort. "

"Raal" Planny trilled worriedly, the healed pokemon wandering around the halls of the castle, sure she was supposed to help a trainer and be courteous but... in this castle? Just watching over trainers who already have plenty of pokemon play with each other and make sure things are still tidy? Is that really such a big deal.

Oh hey whats this picture?
File: SwordsofJustice.jpg (43 KB, 600x315)
43 KB
It was... is that a goat pokemon? And hey that one's a deer, and a bull.
That's weird. This picture is weird.

"Oh so you found the portrait?" Old Ben walked into the room, small teapot dangling at the end of his stalk. "They are called the Swords of Justice, in Unova they are the gods of heroes."

Planny turned to the duck pokemon, head tilted. Heroes?

"You see most legendaries rule, or keep to themselves, but the Swords serve. They come to pokemon like us in times of need and they save them. " The Farfetch'd quacked softly. "I saw them once you know. My trainer was a idiot who thought Terminus cave would be a fun trip. We weren't prepared, and a horde of Durants surronded us. I could only do so much and then, there they were.
And the Durants fled before they even had to use a single move."

Ben poured his teapot, filling a small pair of cups. "Rawst tea?" The swordspokemon continued as Planny sipped the brew. "Anyway the point I am bringing up is, with duty must be skill. We are responsible for our trainers, but we don't rule them. All we can do is whatever we can to see them through their idiocy. Likewise these beings of great power have chosen to take responsibillity with it and help us. They even saved their land from a dragon one time."

Planny turned to the Farfetche'd eyes sparkling. "They beat a dragon? Who? How?"

Ben chuckled. "Curious huh? Well why not? I can spoil my pupil for a little while. It all started a scant two years ago in a land called Unova..."

Planny listened enraptured.

>Honestly I dont know what anyone would want a story of after this! So I think thats it for the thread! Q&A is still a thing. Ask me stuff, you will get answers. Or talk among yourselves.
File: cute weedle.png (85 KB, 699x511)
85 KB
What decisions have we made so far that you didn't expect?
Hmmmmm... I expected Fly to have been called and Alder to have been turned down.

Um lets see what else. I expected pansear to have been picked rather then you rerolling to get Bedbug. OH and Suzie originally not picked over a sketchpad. In fact i dont really know what to do with the sketchpad! So it so far only increased how popular the G line is and lowered the difficulty of your craft checks. Then I gave you Suzie anyway, which is pretty quantum ogre but if no one calls me out on it I get away with it.

But the thing is... I don't know what IM doing. As in, you think I PLAN these? I don't prewrite or anything (Hence the spelling errors). So I don't really go in with expectations. A few things were planned, like the teams were devised by 3 and Fly G and Suzie by thread 1.

But Resturant Le Wee, which was a very long scene, did not exist until Alder asked you out, who only is around cause you did really well on a search roll, which you only made cause you failed a training roll. Which you didnt necessarily have to even do if you wanted to instead hunt for a flabebe or try to be a Coordinator.

Speaking of Contests are going to be a little different from how they are in the anime and incredibly different from how they are in the game to make things both simpler and more distinct from just fighting gym leaders.
OH and the only reason we HAVE teams is cause people were so hyped for them when G was introduced. (Brother cant even buy a hat without bitches tryna pin him for some crime, y'all racist fuckers) So tada we now have a plot.
File: cant wake up.jpg (298 KB, 736x2351)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Does our little bro have his own circle of friends or has nobody wanted to befriend him since his big sister is weird?

What was our hometown famous for?
You live in Aquacorde town, it's famous for absolutely nothing besides being near that this one town where the former young champion lives whose also just so happened to save the world. And be the daughter of a champion rhyhorn racer.

Sebastian is popular since hes capable. Gurie would have developed a complex about it if she well, noticed.

Instead Gurie was busy running away from his classmate who thought she was funny.
File: link gardevoir.png (309 KB, 1024x711)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
I know you've mention the top 5 types that are difficult to control, but what would be the top 5 pokemon that are the most difficult to control (excluding legendaries)?
Thats a lot more dependent on specific temperments.

But the pseudos are notoriously independent. Part of the reason why most trainers raise them from the first stage. That way you are at least good friends.

What's up with bedbug's parents. Do they miss him? are they looking for him?

Will they be mad at us or accept that we could show him the world like they never could?
File: bedbugusesrest.gif (1.22 MB, 600x600)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB GIF
You don't know why, but Santalune forest is five ways of fucked right now. For some reason people thought it was haunted by this ghost, and now people say the pikachus are glittery and you can hear frantic buzzing from route 3.

But that probbably has nothing to do with you.
Not that you know that.
So if Bedbug is a baby how can they understand Gurie's commands?
File: bedbugisinsulted.jpg (48 KB, 510x330)
48 KB
Maybe you got baby weedle shikamaru? Maybe rugrat laws? Who knows? All you know is that Weedle seems to know speech, they just cant do it. Or have developed strong poison.

But even baby pokemon get stronger if their level goes up and Weedles gotten a lot of attention since you found him and it shows.
File: women of skull.png (708 KB, 1280x979)
708 KB
708 KB PNG
Does Suzie like lil bro?

If lil bro was in trouble and Guries wanted to save him, would she intervene on her behalf?
File: suzieisstrong.jpg (72 KB, 960x643)
72 KB
There is only one living member of the Niamc family Suzie hates and you haven't met them.

And its not Passie.

But ho boy is it a doozie.

If Gurie wanted to save Sebastian from a hypothetical hostage situation chances are Espurr would handle it before Gurie shows up.
But if he couldn't Gurie will be on her own and Suzie will only step in if Gurie herself ends up in danger.

Suzie's a parachute they only work if you are falling.

I'm just going to wait for us to catch a Human turned Pokémon.

> expecting Anon to NOT row, row, fight da powah
Giving Alder a date, while it's not a date, is the most hilarious thing anyone could do.
Not calling Fly... I'm just having my fun NOT calling him until we remember it.
Or just stand in front of their doorsteps... if we knew where he lived...

Item wise... how about ALL of them? Suzie, Draft board AND the 3DS? I really wonder what the 3DS would have been useful for...

Lastly, a question.

Is there an interesting history behind Fly G becoming the Leader of Coordinator-League?

> Insert top percentage X joke here

There is a great history in Fly G's ascension to MC Supreme that's called the third season of Sinnoh National Coordination League 2005. (Or 5 years after Pokemon Red) You should really watch it but as stated before all Gurie watches are magic girl and sentai shows.

As for the items, they were supposed to be like the flute, just some useful tool you could access frequently.

Suzie was a repel that let you have to roll to Search for pokemon rather then do what you did in the forest and roll random encounters. She also had her own plotline as your best friend who will never hurt you.

The draw board was mostly "Hey this is something as a seemstress you can use." Maybe I'll let you use it to sketch pokemon to attract vain ones.

The 3ds is a game system. Using it you can play video games. It also accesses wonder trade which would have been a dice roll to swap out a pokemon.
Status Update: According to the pokedex, Gengar are human turned pokemon as well and will kill people to try to make them ghost pokemon.

So there is that.
How would evolution from Haunter>Gengar work then? Does that only apply to wild Gengars?

What effect does using pokemon pharmaceuticals have on humans?
File: Team Rocket.jpg (1.11 MB, 1584x1080)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Shrug, its on the pokedex, but my fan theory is all pokemon are reincarnations of humans and you reincarnate as what ultimately defined and consumed your life so there is that.

As for how herbs and potions work. Snacks like Lava cookies are edible for humans and in fact usually are eaten by them, the fact you can share them with pokemon to alleviate status conditions is a bonus.
Berries can be eaten by people and often are, and can be medicinal like vitamins. Chesto is used in coffee for instance.

Herbals are made from dehydrating berries or grinding Revival herbs which can cause migraines in humans from overdosing.

And potions... do nothing. If it did you wouldn't be able to buy it on the open market. Atleast not in aeresol form. If the top is broken and you apply it directly it can lead to a pseudo sugar rush.

High grade medicines like revives and elixers have been doctored into drugs but what kinda pricks would do that?
Why was Alder in the classroom that day? (I know he had just finished teaching a class but why was here at there, in the region, in that city specifically)
File: grandpaandfriends.jpg (39 KB, 500x333)
39 KB
Alder is a wanderer remember? He's in Kalos to see Kalos.

As far as he said at least.

However Kalos is in the deepest shit of all the nations right now so its a bit of a odd choice of venue.
So do the Elite Four and Champion have some actual political power? Are there elected officials? Do the Champ and E4 get their power just because of their strength? What's the military for the Kalos region anyway?
File: grandpaandgrandson.jpg (201 KB, 500x463)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
The champion does, the young champion, aka any kid who actually reaches champion on their journey, does not (Beyond being considered prodigies). To be official champion you have to go through training and be appointed by your regions board of gym leaders and be approved by the PTC's evaluation committee (Which as the anime revleals, is nurse joy and she has a goddamn Latias don't play) before getting the job. Prodigies can fast track this because thats how animes are, (see Iris). Alder as stated in the game, got the job cause the PTC begged him to like how tsunade became hokage. It is customary for pokemon champions to retire after awhile, hence why Steven and Alder dropped (as well as why Red and Blue never took it back up). The elite four are composed of senior gym leaders who act as advisors. Even a gym leader as serious clout in the field but only pertaining to pokemon matters. Taxes and the like are handled by regional ballots.

The PTC and its positions are in charge of all thing pokemon, which as we all know, happens to be everything, but enough of a support system is in place they rarely need to involve themselves.

Hence why Giovanni could use his gym to launder and never shows up, also why gym leaders can and often do have extra jobs.

As for military, Kalos region and most of the others demillitarize when joining the PTC, relying on the power of their champions instead to disuade people. Lt Surge and the others are relics from a past that they are frankly glad is dead and gone. However being in a post Lysandrecoup world has caused police to be authorized increasingly higher level pokemon and that can be considered a alternative.

However the "military" power among the current regions, if based on the power of their champions, Diantha used to be but resigned due to her failure in predicting or stopping Lysandre. She is now simply Grand Duchess of the Battle Chateau. Replacing her is Wulfric, who while not as powerful or proficient in mega evolution, regularly has tea with Mewtwo so doubt him at your leisure.

With Diantha out Cynthia of Sinnoh is considered the most powerful by a good margin, something thats considered almost a necessity given Sinnoh's powerful pantheon.

Clocking in at number 3 is Iris, with Wallace trailing close behind. Wallace is more upset about losing to Fly G then he is about being weaker then Iris. Iris is considered to be able to surpass Cynthia in a few years once she becomes more mature.

At the bottom of the list is Old Lance who has been beaten three times and has been trying to hand off the title for ten years since Blue beat him in 2000. Unfortunately both Red and Blue turned down the offer to "Run a tree."
How does the pokemon world championship tournament play into all of this? Can just anyone qualify and try to become the world champion?
The PWT is a public video taped event, the championship tournament allows anyone who ever got Champion or YC to attend.

Winning it gives you props and points to buy trinkets and usually goes to charity.

Its like any televised celebrirty contest. Whoever is PWT WC gets to hoard it over whoever lost but its not a event that is actually enforced by the PTC so it doesn't give extra authority. If someone could be said to effectively RUN the PTC it would fracture because the other regions would feel marginalized.
Who has the most wins? I want to know which champion has the most bragging rights.
I imagine that there is a lot of prestige on the line too for the winner to be able to say that she or he is the best

How about pokemon contests?
I imagine that there is a whole cutthroat industry centering around pokemon coordinators and contests where IMAGE is everything, it does not matter if you are a weak trainer or have a crap pokemon, rather its more important that you and your pokemon give off the just the IMAGE that you need in order to win contests.
Fun fact, contests aren't simple pagents, no vanity like that is for different shows. A pokemon contest is about passion, about being the best and not only winning but decimating with grace.

It has a lot more to do with WWE then Black swan.

Currently there are two leagues, Honnen and Sinnohs, with Fly G trying to set up one in Kalos.

The contests aren't sponsored by the PTC either, its just big business like a sport.
File: aww.jpg (447 KB, 500x7672)
447 KB
447 KB JPG
Being that I'm a Gen 1 fanboy, I'd love to hear more about what happened to Red.

Did he train even harder after Ethan beat him and is now the stereotypical "ludicrously OP cool as fuck silent guy" of the Pokemon world?

Did he fade into legend? Does he still keep in contact with friends and family?

I know that at the end of Gen 1, his fans started to get pretty rabid, is that still a thing or what?

Also, Fly G is a motherfucking League CHAMPION!?! Why in the hell didn't he use that as clout to get us to join up with him?
Hes a contest champion, not the same thing, and hes not after you as a champion but as a talent scout.

Fly G respects himself for being the G, not for titles other give him.
And Red once he won, caught a mewtwo and sat in a cave for three years just training.

Lance offered him a apprenticeship to be the next champion but Red just walked away. He didn't say no he just left the room.

In a interview, which was conducted by asking red and then asking pikachu what red said and asking a chatot what pikachu said, Red said what amounted to. "I can't be champion, I have to finish the pokedex". When it was brought up he had all 151 he pulled out a Johto dex. Ethan bet him while he was finishing that dex.

He then proceeded to go around trying to finish the other dexs and was convinced by Blue to help him buy the Battle Tree since that way the pokemon will go TO him and he'd be able to stop looking everywhere.

Red's got every current pokedex filled out and is the only one to do so.

He still hangs out with Bill and the others but... he still never talks, he just kinda stands around Figi's house, pat Cubone on the head and feed him candy.

Red's still considered the strongest trainer of all time, having beaten the PWT multiple times and then leaving. The only people to beat him is Rosa and Ethan and neither of them worked with the fame really. He's got that mysterious allure that makes fans like him.

What's your story on how the grunts from the various orgs got their pokemon? Were those the only ones that were weak enough to catch? Are those just the "standard issue" pokemon they're assigned? Or is there some other reason they only walk around with what equates to mooks.
File: slowpoke-facts.jpg (20 KB, 642x350)
20 KB
For the relevant teams you'll have to find out yourself.

However note that all teams grunts tended to be strong enough to cast fear into the average trainer, you as a player just aren't average.

Besides skull, which are just a gang of losers.

For Rocket the grunts are weak because they are weak trainers. Giovanni's vision is to use his organization to acquire strength for everyone in it. This is why Giovanni doesnt work solo. For some reason Giovanni truely believes in the power of friendship and the community and that he can make other trainers stronger and rule through crime. The people who are attracted to such an ideal are the type of people who have the most to gain, aka weak trainers.

It works to a degree, but Giovanni lost when two kids managed to systematically defeat all its members one by one and Giovanni vanished to find himself and be a leader worthy of what he wants to lead.

Team Magma and aqua's teams as ecoterrorists, aren't actually originally a fighting force and are thus similarly wanting.

Galactic is actually one of the more powerful organizations with the ability to defeat and imprison legendary pokemon.

Team Plasma were weakened by a focus on "Liberation". Aka they didnt try to GET strong pokemon, just make strong trainers lose theirs. Post plasma had a similar issue, with a focus on superweapons and sneakery instead of raw power.

And finally Flare is entirely composed of rich people who spent all their money to join the team. Most of them are just idiots or rich assholes.

And Team Skull is weak because Guzma formed the team of rejects who weren't good at fighting for a strength in numbers deal and sense of community in a region that kinda thought they were jokes. Success varied.
Which regions are rivals with one another and which regions are very friendly with one another?
File: Gurieintrouble.jpg (111 KB, 894x894)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Johto and Kanto share a pokemon league, which is signifigant because it means both regions believe the other will back them up in all matters. This actually weakens their combined pokemon threat since it means one less elite four and champion, but it helps in other ways.

Its also signifigant cause they used to have a holy war a long time ago.

To a lesser extent Johto and Kanto are allied with Sinnoh.

Honnen and Kalos are strong allies as well, founded likely under the bond of mega evoltuion which was caused by AZ and discovered by Rayquaza. However Kalos and Unova do not get along at all.

Hence why Dianthia was not at the PWT.

Sinnoh and Honnen also are against each other, partly due to stuff mentioned in the big war that formed the league also cause of differences in their dragon cults.

Unova gets along okay with everyone besides Kalos, with pokestar studio productions available everywhere, but no ones really their friend. They do however have a strong bond with the Oblivia, and many Rangers visit the region to study abroad.

Alola as a tourist spot that has only recently tried to get inducted, has made great strives to befriend kanto which has the most pull in the PTC, especially since Alolans are mostly descended from Kanto.

However they do not get along with Almia, Fiorre and Oblivia who think Alolans sold out.

Almia and Fiorre get along with Sinnoh and get most of their goods from Sinnoh traders.

And who gives a crap about Orre that region doesnt even have wild pokemon anymore. Sites been blighted. Only people who live there are researches and the support groups that grow around these research labs.
File: baiterino.png (1.22 MB, 1183x3143)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
What is the structure of the research system? Does Oak head the whole thing and all labs report to him? Do they act independently and rarely communicate? Is there a society they're all a part of? Are any of the professors corrupt?

How separate is the research from the mysticism of legendaries? Is it like DOOM 4? Are they different fields of study entirely?
I've always been curious about the relationships.
Labs are just labs, they don't organize, however the requirements to be one can be stringent.

But while some are a part of the PTC, not all are, Proffessor Kurkiri for instance is a official proffessor but is not liscenced to distribute pokemon, instead that is done by the Islands Kahunas (partially cause at the moment they are only trying to get the job).
However there are plenty who are corrupt, most notably the Flare Scientist team.

Some of the proffesors have clubs and the like, but its not like a cabal.

And legendary pokemon research is almost null. Legendaries don't like to be looked it, its ended badly at least 3 times.

Proffessors are exclusively Scientists who work on pokemon studies, but there is many branches. For instance Kurkiri's wife studies Ultra Beasts, Kurkiri studies pokemon moves and Elm specializes in Pokemon Breeding (And surprisingly, founded the field since no one else in several thousand years found a pokemon egg, pokemon are very secretive about their origins)
How are the magnemite evolution line and the porygon line used in computers?
File: IM IN.png (256 KB, 845x436)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
Porygon can enter the data stream with greater finesse then Rotom can. Porygons can simply physically enter computers and control them like some hacker in the cheeriest cyberpunk youve ever seen.

In fact porygon are so commonly used this way they are very hard to find! They don't really bother going out.

As for the Mags... well...

(When did this become a pokemon general thread)
We gotta know the lore and how the world works!
Worldbuilding is fun.
I've been making shit up that's what I've been doing.

The PTC doesnt even officially exist in canon, all we know is the Universal Police does. I make shit up that makes sense in my head because I'm the author and that means even if I am wrong I win.

Read: Me giving Mimikyu a movelist that doesnt have a SINGLE move he actually learns.

Granted I'm still going to answer them, just dont expect to actually, use this knowledge.

Now since I actually expect this to be a future question since I brought it up:
Pokemon, Pokemon Ranger, Pokemon Colosseum, are all canon and their place in the Pokemon Timeline as written in bulbapedia is canonical, with Pokemon red occuring in 150PL (Post League) and HM occuring in 160PL.

Pokemon Conquest is canon as well, in the same way Sengoku Basara is canon to Japan, with Ransai being a megacontinent that several legendaries (And one mascot pokemon) were alive around. Frontier is primarily for post adventure trainers to relieve the rush.

Battle Revolution exists in that Poketopia is a theme park like the Battle Frontier, but for all ages thanks to its rental pass.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon TCG both exist in game form, and the others aren't really worth mentioning.
How united are the rangers?

Are there any active malicious groups that use pokemon from capture styluses?
The Ranger Union is one unified group primarilly operating in non PTC countries that, with the lack of PTC presence, does not have pokeballs and instead rely on mostly... asking pokemon nicely.

Many go to countries like Unova and the like on tour to provide charitable aid and for abroad training, in these instances they are legally required to have pokeballs but for the most part all pokemon in Union areas are "Wild" which is a sore spot between them and the PTC.

The Stylus is benign. All it does is use telepathy programs to project the uses own calm and nonhostillity to the pokemon, forcing it to calm down. The calmed pokemon usually chooose to join voluntarily.

All a malicious group can do with that is stop pokemon from attacking them, and can resort to other means to do so. Like illegally smuggled pokeballs.
File: Daa-ddy?.jpg (41 KB, 640x480)
41 KB

So, to get back on track:
Can you tell us more about Debbie, and especially Daa-ddy?

... I'm not really creative.
I'm sorry for that.
Your dad or Datura?
Now that you mention it...
I WAS going for Datura...

But now I'd rather want to know more our Guries Father.
File: Mr Niamc.jpg (69 KB, 731x718)
69 KB
Aaaaah Roger Niamc, such a woesome tale.


The Niamics are exorcists, using psychic skills and old techniques to calm and incapacitate restless and vicious pokemon. They have a old friendship with the Cots, known for their Apricorn smithing skills.

(Pokeballs develpoed from Apricorns because a property of them make it hard for pokemon to leave or pierce a apricorn. They used to be simply carved into jars and incense burners to help seal pokemon. )

The Cots incidentally, are currently lead by Carl Cot, Debbie's grandfather.

Roger married a member of the Pokemon police and raised Gurie with her, however roughly.... 5 years ago he went missing trying to figure out some ominous signs around Geosenge town.

Mrs Niamc picked up the badge and went on the case trying to find him... or atleast his ghost pokemon. You've been under Carl's stewardship ever since who mostly left you to your mourning out of respect.

He gives you money and keeps you out of trouble but most of the personal touch of raising Seb was sadly you.

He also had his own hands full cause around the same time Carl's father died in a Galatic attack on Valley Windworks. Leaving custody of his two daughters, Julie and little Debra to him. Julie basically rushed the adventure as fast as she could to get it over with and get back to Debbie.

But that was okay cause Best Friend Gurie was around to play with.

It all makes sense now.
Of course!
There is a reason why we are so good at being stylish after all!

And suddenly I can't stop thinking about all the possible disguises we could make...

So is this a thing.

Our father was literally Robbie Rotten.

Who was Spartaflop then?
Its really hard getting image refs that I know I will have several pictures for, I use whatever face claims I can.

As for Sportacus, well I have great plans for Contests.
Can you give us any more background on Espurr? (where they came from, what they were doing in the alley etc.)

How much are they going to be able to walk all over lil bro?
File: Espurrasacat.jpg (18 KB, 400x300)
18 KB
I think this image is all you need to know about Espurr's character, but you might need to do research for it to make sense.

So... We established that the Niamic Family is that of exorcism and other occult things.
There wouldn't be any records of any "mystical" artifacts, would there?
Like stone tablets, or anything else related to some such.
File: Hmmm.png (348 KB, 720x405)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
Not sure what you are talking about. Going to have to be a little more specific.
So the whole Arceus cult of Alchemy doing well?
Arceus worshipers are actually quite low. Dude doesnt do much and the means to ask his services in Sinjoh are quite demanding.

Alchemy is mainly done by psychic, fairy, or ghost uses, the trifecta of "ooooh magicy".

As always the most prominent cult is the Dragon Cult which are in divides over Rayquaza or the Sinnoh Trio as the ONE TRUE DRAGON.

Unova, despite actually knowing the one true dragon is Kyurem-BW, doesn't have a cult because to them the Dragon has died to human arrogance. What would have been a cult has mostly urbanized to political families such as Drayden.
I think he means "are there any precious family heirlooms that may or may not have supernatural properties to them?"
I think I answered that question honestly.
Oh, I might just be dense.

Is that a picture of the artifact?
Let me do you a favor.

The Prison bottle is a family relic. Also belonging to the family is some Incense and a few Old Balls as well as trinkets that happen to be in the Cot storeroom.

But these aren't really items you can just get. You aren't in the family business after all.
What are the primary ways of getting electrical power?
File: Spoiler Image (1.34 MB, 525x493)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB GIF

My apologies in advance.
I got "several" questions.

Question number 1:
Does Gurie have any aspects or characteristics other Hex maniacs don't, which sets them apart from others? Examples are [HNNNNNNG] Glasses, clothing, build, etc.

Question number 2:
Each of the leaders, their second in command and other officers.
Either now, or at a later point in time, if ever.
Personality, how they look like, maybe the uniforms.

Question number 3:
How good are our chances of meeting our parents, or them having any connection with out story?
Can we have some specifics about mom?
Can we also have more details on the entire family, as in other relatives?

And that's about it, I'd say.
Have a picture of some young chap, going for a nice walk on the beach.
Power was originally aquired through plants that hired pokemon to charge the stations, getting permits from the PTC to have more pokemon on premise then staff and having them use moves on machines. This technique is imitated by Rocket in Rage Lake. This has been around since Violight of the Ransei supercontinent.

However moves have been made to use energy independent of pokemon, with Kalos's solar plant, Sinnoh's valley windworks, and of course Alolan's geothermal plant.

Only the Geothermal plant is effectively endless in juice and boy are the other regions jelly about it.


Gurie has no identifiable characterstics because if I DID i wouldn't be able to use pictures of her anymore. It'll really be annoying.

The big breasted lewd Hex maniacs are Passie, Gurie is the normal ones and there are no other hex's that will be seen this story so no one will get confused.

As for the pokemon teams...
File: Big C.jpg (205 KB, 1200x1200)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
For the record these guys are really hard to get face claims for but im doing what i can with my limited skill at knowing characters.

Team Smogogo is lead by Big C, people haven't seen him but he suuure sounds spooky don't he?

His team tends to mostly hide in shadows, being a actual criminal trade lord rather then terrorists. But they use the Ranger sprites.
File: MeaniebossLarryLarge.png (415 KB, 706x524)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
Team Meanie is lead by Larry Large, the baddest biker around. The organization is more of a gang so they use punks and delinquents as face claims.
File: AZpreacher.jpg (18 KB, 236x314)
18 KB
The Sons of AZ fervantly believe their mission is divinely mandated but no one really knows why. Most people join because as they pointed out, the worlds almost died so many times and maybe we SHOULD chill.

The congregations are lead by preachers. Like this guy. But the groups by no means centralized.
Weirder though is that unlike the other groups which redoubled efforts, the Sons... came outta nowhere.
Wonder what started that?

As for your parents... your mom MIGHT get involved, shes not a BAD person shes just really busy on this case that now seems to be a team flare job.

Your dad's gone.

Outside of Kalos the Niamcs have a role as a sort of mystical support, in touch with the sprout tower elders and the guardians of Mt Pyre.

Roger was good at what he does but you arent some ancient superclan. Rather the artifacts are things Robbie himself got from working alongside the other mystic groups.
These groups are holding on to the trinkets for his successor, which isn't necessarily their bloodline. If no one emerges to carry Roger's banner they will be left alone to honor him.

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