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Your name is Norman Fusilier.
You are a quiet, manly, and intimidating guy. You are very strong, and make a living chopping wood. You are not very booksmart, and in fact can barely read.
Your wife was recently executed after it was revealed to the village elder, in a vision sent by god, that she had been infected with the horrific satanic disease of magic.

You have been depressed as of late. Her death hit you hard. You know she was a criminal, but...
Any man would be saddened by the loss of their wife, you reckon.
Anyway. You have a problem.
Today you woke up, got dressed, sat at the table to enjoy a meal of porridge and water, intending to head off to work right after.

And then.
You saw it.
Right under your health bar.
A mana bar had formed overnight. And indicator of magical energy.
Despite your stoic nature, you cannot help but feel a bit panicked. What did you do? Is this punishment for feeling sympathy for a criminal? What do you do? You have magic now, so that means that by merely existing, you are breaking the law. Oh god help you...

You don't know what to do. Your friends, family, and god himself would want you to turn yourself in.
But to be honest, the executions in your village are a little... Painfull. and by that, you mean that they burn out your ears, eyes, nose, and fingertips, rip out your tongue, then tie you up and let you starve to death.
You still remember her screams...
You can't... Can't just let yourself die...
But if you stay much longer, the elder will sense your newfound power, and heave you killed whether you like it or not.

What shall you do now?

You are in your house. There is a table with a cup of water and a bowl of hot porridge atop it. To your south, west, and east are doors leading to other parts of the house. To your north, is a door leading outside.
File: 2.png (3 KB, 400x400)
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Bigger version of image. Sorry, didn't realize how small that would look.
Eat the food
Aye, might as well eat up, gather your things, and head out.
Sorry for the wait, my parents offered to buy be Taco Bell out of the blue and I wasn't about to pass that up. Next part of the story will be up in a minute or two.
File: 3.png (9 KB, 400x400)
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You open your inventory, and toss in a few items. Your woodcutting axe, your wallet, a leather canteen of water, and a few apples.

You eat your food and water, and set out!

You are outside your house. your neighbors houses surround you. to the left is the market, you could buy some stuff if you wanted.
Also to the left is the lumbermill. You are expected to be there fairly soon. You could take a risk and spend a day or two working there for some extra cash. But every day you spend here is another day you could be found out...

To the right, houses slowly become less common, fading into wilderness. It's filled with monsters, some of them are pretty tough, but your nothing to sneeze at either. Also this way is the library. All the books teaching magic were burned before you were even born, but you may be able to glean some insights as to how to use your powers from the few things that may or may not remain...

You have 677 values stored in your wallet. Values are this town's currency, one value will buy you basicly nothing, one hundred would buy you about three apples, your metal axe costed about five thousand values...
One day at the lumber mill earns you about 200 values.

Where shall you go?
Let's see what the market has.
Go to the Library and learn about how to be a druid/shaman.

If civilization doesn't like you, leave and become a forest hermit.
I feel like we shouldn't stay long enough to learn, but we might grab a library book on wilderness survival and skip off with it. Definitely one with pictures, due to our trouble reading and all.
Yeah, that's fine. Maybe grab one on native peoples and folklore too.
File: 4.png (9 KB, 400x400)
9 KB
You head to the market.
Many stalls are open, you head to one at random and ask what they have. The far-too-cheery merchant spouts off a bunch of stuff...

Dagger 3000
Sword 7000
Axe 5000
Sturdy boots 500
Leather gloves 200
-Red 200
-Green 200
-Blue 600
-Purple 1000
-Brown 100
Brown pants 100
-with pockets 200
Sewing kit 1000
Spool of string 20
Spool of copper wire 2000
Copper ingot 500
Iron ingot 1000
Silver ingot 5000
Book "How to eat not stupidly" 50
Book "The hero's" 50
Book "Help on the horizon" 50
Pumpkin seed pack 1000
Beet seed pack 500
Carrot seed pack 500
Turnip seed pack 500
Wooden shovel 400
Pot 6000
Pan 6000
Set of wooden cutlery 500
Set of wooden bowls and plates 500
Set of silver cutlery 7000
Set of ceramic bowls and plates 5000
Bottle of mystery soup 300
Carrot 20
Apple 30
Pumpkin 100
Beet 20
Turnip 50

You guess that's an option, lots of apple trees and wild animals to eat, and you can chop trees pretty easily.

I have decided to change it so working a day at the mill earns you 700 values instead of 200.
If we work for a day, we can afford boots, gloves, and a shovel. These would help if we plan to go into hiding within the woods. Can we inquire about a map?
Also I'm not sure if we can trust the "Mystery Soup" this guy is selling.
We can work for a day, buy some supplies, check out some library books and then bug-out.
Rolled 15 (1d100)

You decide to spend one more day in the village...
Rolling for result.
File: 5.png (9 KB, 400x400)
9 KB
You spend most of the day at work. You chop wood, you sell wood, you make some money. 700 Values to be exact. You now have 1377 values.
You go to bed.
You wake up.
You eat.
You head to the market.
Perhaps this isn't so bad. It's not like you had any real ties here. Your friends are more like acquaintances, you have no living family, and sure leaving your old house hurts but...

Well you've gone through worse.

The merchant is still here. You buy a pair of sturdy boots, leather gloves, and a wooden shovel.

-1100 values. Leaving you with 277.

You equip your new clothing, taking your old shoes and putting them in your inventory. The shovel only barely fits, luckily it seems that an items outline isn't considered to be taking up space.

You ask about a map, and he says that he doesn't sell any. You might be able to get one at the library though.

Alright, so current plan of action:

Go to the library.

Steal some books about survival, native people (what's that mean? Like, people who don't live in your village?), and folklore. Also steal a map. Try to find ones with pictures.

Leave the village to go live in the wilderness as a hermit.

Anything we should add or change?
>what's that mean? Like, people who don't live in your village?
Yeah, like old historical uncivilized people with totem poles, vision quests and ancient temples. I'm just fishing for something related to druids/shamans for insights into magic tbpf.

>but you may be able to glean some insights as to how to use your powers from the few things that may or may not remain
Something like this
Just some clarification. By stealing are we going to have to roll for stealth, or are we just checking out some books with no intention of returning them?
Probably the latter.
I think we're good to go, but we should also use whats left of our money to buy pants with pockets to carry all of our books.
File: 7.png (4 KB, 400x400)
4 KB
Rolled 3 (1d3)

You spend 200 value on a new pair of pants, leaving you with 77 left over. You stuff your old pair into your inventory, that of which has been expanded by two slots.

You find the books easily enough.
"Sandstone and sundials, the ancient folk"
"Why nature is bullshit"
"Old stories and stuff"
"Don't eat that you goddamn moron"
All of these books, according to the bespectacled librarian, are of decent quality.

The map however... Is a bit harder to find.
File: 8.png (23 KB, 400x400)
23 KB
You find a map!
Luckily, the bespectacled librarian is able to find you one under the shelves, and agrees to let you check it out as if it was a normal book.
What a shitty map.
You are in Apaca village, Denta village can be found easily by following Parka path.
You don't know much about Denta, aside from the occasional merchant, you don't often see people from it. Parka path will be a fair bit safer than untamed wilderness, though you will have to deal with a few more people on occasion.

So where in the wilderness will you want to live?
Or perhaps they won't have a village elder who receives visions in Denta and you should just move there?
Or maybe you should try and find a way to keep living here?
And you could go buy a little more stuff before you leave?
Basicly, this is your last chance to adjust your plans.
Parka Path seems like something to avoid. When you leave all of a sudden, given your wife, they'll probably assume you're a wizard or something. As far off the beaten path as we can. Maybe straight north.
Go buy a spool of string, that's always useful.
Leave a note at your house saying that you are going on an extended vacation.

Then go to Denta village just to see what it's like.
We might be able to trade furs there or something. And we can see if they have any different maps & books in their library.

Finally, head west from Denta village for about one day's hike and set-up camp in a nice place next to a stream or in a cave.
I would have us work for one final day at the mill, get the 700 from working and but a few spools of string, the turnip seed pack, a few beets and turnips and see if we could sell anything to get more inventory space.
this sounds good.
we should also remember to save the seeds from our apples.
Plus we could always steal from people's gardens for more seed stock.
Rolled 73 (1d100)

Sorry about that day of no posts whatsoever, time to get back on track...
Rolling for the result of staying one more day...

You work another day at the mill. You go to buy a pack of turnip seeds, three turnips, spools of string, and beets... But your one inventory space short! You had to store the map in a different slot than the books... So you could drop an item, or just not buy one of those things.

What do you drop/not buy?
Oh, I meant get more inventory space as in get a backpack or something to increase the number of squares.
Tie knots in the legs of the old pants to create a bag for more storage.
Or just sell our old pants to buy a backpack/satchel/extra inventory space mcguffin.
Can we exchange two turnips for a pumpkin?
I think that would be better since we already have turnip seeds and can easily save the seeds from the pumpkin when we eat it, just like the apples.
File: 9.png (10 KB, 400x400)
10 KB
You toy around with your pants a bit, and manage to turn them into a sort of backpack, gaining four inventory slots! It's a little hard to see from this 2-D perspective, but you have equipped it.
After watching you fumble about with your pants for a bit, the merchant tells you that you might be able to put the turnip seeds in the same slot as the turnips.
Ugh. NOW he tells you...
You still want the pack though. four extra slots is pretty decent.
Oh shit, you shouldn't have even bought them. The seeds that is. You turn to the merchant and ask if you can exchange them for a pumpkin.
He tells you all sales are final. And his grin gets even wider.

You know, you are a pretty intimidating guy. You bet you could get him to do the exchange if you try...
Punch him for the shit eating grin.
>The seeds that is.
nah mang. Keep the pack of turnip seeds.
Exchange the grown turnips for a grown pumpkin.
You can't get seeds from a grown turnip, but you can from a grown pumpkin.

Just give him an intimidating wink and flex at him.
Keep everything the way it is. We might need everything later, anyway.
>Just give him an intimidating wink and flex at him.
This, make his asshole tighten a little
Rolled 1 (1d3)

File: 10.png (10 KB, 400x400)
10 KB

"All. Sales. Are. FINAL. " He says still grinning.

Actually, his smile seems to sort of be stretching off of his face a bit, so that's kind of creepy.

Anyway, you think you kind of blew it. It was a good plan, but it seems that the far-too-cheery merchant is used to people intimidating/flirting with him. Oh well...

You can't really put it off any longer. You think it's time to leave.
You write two notes, one you attach to your front door, the other to the stall you sell wood at. The notes simply state that you will be taking an extended vacation.

You don't know why they would assume that. Magic is hereditary sure, but your wife and you weren't related. Your village isn't THAT small. So it should be fairly safe to go an the path if you wanted. So... What will you do?

You can head to Denta. Who knows, you might get lucky and have found a town WITHOUT a magic-detecting elder. Perhaps you could make a new life there.

You could head into the wilderness. You never really liked people anyway, and your wife was kind of the only exception. You won't ever need to worry about being found out...

Or, you could always just turn yourself in. Maybe you can convince them to give you a quick and painless execution...

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