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You step out of the portal. You take a look around, finding yourself at Kagutsuchi Port. Bystanders walk around nonchalantly, paying you little to no heed.

"Hey, Ryouma!" A familiar voice echoes throughout the air, courtesy of a communication ars.


>"Yes, mother?"
>Ignore her.
>"Who are you, again?"
>Yes, mother?

Now it's all good :P

Actually scrap that I'm going for lulz

>Who are you, again?
"Sensing some hostility between you and the loli."

Then proceed to keep and eye out for Tsubaki.

Lol, all good then. I picked it and then thought to myself "what is going to be the fun choice" XD
"Excuse me, but... who are you?" you wryly ask.

"I'm not going to justify that with a response," the professor replies in a raspy tone. "You think I don't keep track of my coworkers? I equipped you with a GPS long before I sent you to Kagutsuchi. You've been transmitting your position ever since I prepped you for work in the lab."

You hear her hesitate before uttering "coworkers."

"And Rachel always does this kind of thing," she goes on. "I could tell you the other people she's been using..."

You internally scoff at her for having the nerve to treat people like tools, then get upset at others for using them for their own reasons.

"...but that'd take too much time. I've got way too much stuff on my hands right now. In fact, it's kind of convenient that you wound up where you are. Keep your eyes out for a redhead. I'm going to need you to stall her as long as you can. Her name's Tsubaki Yayoi. She's also an associate of Hazama's."

>"No, for real: who are you?"
>"Yes, mom."
>"'Other people?' Whom else have you been sending out on life-threatening missions?"
>"You do know trying to take Noel into custody was pointless, right?"
>"Just wanted to make sure you know Rachel's my primary Observer now."
>Keep an eye out for Tsubaki.
>"Sensing some hostility between you and the loli."
>>1005367 Sorry; had to delete that. I was hoping I'd be able to delete the RP post afterwards (like a dumbass). Here's a repost, in case anyone cares:

"Don't worry about that other choice; I'll be sure to use it in the (slightly less train-wreckish) fanfic."
Ah don't worry too much about it.
"I'm sensing a little hostility between you and the loli," you reply.

"Yeah; it's a long story," Kokonoe responds. "Just stay alert, alright?"

>Quietly keep watch.
>"I'm getting some reality-warping vibes. There might be a Causality Weapon here."
>"So... are you ever going to teach me how to use the Azure Grimoire?"
And, for the record, I know Kokonoe meant "dignify." Just wanted to accentuate what little thought she puts into interacting with others.
> Quietly keep watch and wait for Tsubaki to show herself.
Forgot to use my name there :P
You feel a faint distortion.

You stay on the lookout, scanning back and forth for her.

It gradually intensifies.

Eventually, the disturbances symptomatic of the unusual concentration of seither become too extreme to pretend to ignore.

You look around and find none other than the fourth Causality Weapon, Nirvana, accompanied by a kid in a ridiculous magician-esque outfit.

You don't feel sick from the Nox Nyctores–Nirvana's seithr-nullifying claws have yet to make physical contact–but the kid's ludicrous bunny hat makes you cringe.

Then you catch sight of Tsubaki.

Apparently a Lieutenant of the Wings of Justice.

On cleanup duty, no doubt. That much is made evident by the way she marches around, carrying...


The Sealed Armagus.

It feels like it's been ages since you last saw or heard of it, but, from what you can remember... this could end very badly.

>Walk up to the kid.
>"Hey, Tsubaki. Fancy meeting you here." [impersonate Hazama]
>Leave them alone, and let their stupidity pan out.
>Notify Kokonoe.
>>Notify Kokonoe.
> "Hey, Tsubaki Fancy meeting you here." [impersonate Hazama]

This will be perfect, if we can play this off right. We could be the Hazama now and become THE ONE TRUE SUSANO'OH!

This is amazing.


You cut yourself to draw a communication ars with your own seithr-laden blood. It's difficult to do it on such short notice, but, thanks to your butterfly knives, you manage.

"She's here, Kokonoe. There's also a dandy tween stomping around with Nirvana. I'm going to intercept Tsubaki and discuss her motives," you remark. "She's apparently a member of the Wings-"

"The Wings of Justice," Kokonoe finishes. "Go figure."

She's got to be getting her intel from someone with inside knowledge of the NOL.

But why is she in a town as modest as this?

Your stream of consciousness flows back around Tsubaki as you quite literally run into her.

"Sorry!" you exclaim. "...oh. Hey, Tsubaki."

You consider commenting "What brings you here?" as you connect the dots, realizing that Hazama likely already knows fully well.

She was sent here to mindfuck Noel into submission.

"Ah! Apologies, Captain Hazama!" she remarks.

>Get the hell away from dandyboy.
>"I should be the one to apologize."
>"By the way, about your orders..."
>"So, what do you understand about your mission thus far?"
>"By the way, about your orders..."
>"So, what do you understand about your mission thus far?"
>By the way, about your orders
"No need to apologize," you comment. "I know fully well how hectic your day must've been."

"By the way, you know your mission?" you add.

You wait expectantly, looking down at her as if it was an honest question.

"Determine the whereabouts of Major Jin Kisaragi and First Lieutenant Noel Vermillion and termina-" she adamantly recites.

"Yeah; that. You can forget about it."

"But those were the orders of the Imperator!" she protested.

You think carefully, answering "Who do you think told me to call it off?"

"Well, then..." Tsubaki comments.

"And I just got here!" she mutters. "Would you mind showing me the official edict, with the Imperator's seal?" she requests, looking for reassurance.

"I'm afraid I don't have that document with me right now," you comment. "I must have left it in my office."

"...I see."

She wanders around, looking perplexed. "Does Zero Squadron do this hazing thing to all of its newcomers?"

"Hell if I know," you reply.

The blond tween wearing magician's apparel wanders up.

"Good day, Tsubaki," he comments.

"Oh; hey, Carl!" she replies, evidently recognizing him. "...We were worried about you when we heard you dropped out."

"We?" you interject, curious.

"You mean you didn't know?" Tsubaki asks, apparently astonished. "Carl was in the same class as us."

"...neat." you muse, fascinated.

"Ehe..." he replies, waving his arms as if to brush aside Tsubaki's statement. "Would you happen to know my where my dad is?"

"Well, I saw him with Captain Hazama before I left Iwasu," she turns, facing you as she mentions it.

Nirvana turns and faces him.

"...I see."

>"Get lost."
>"Well, it was nice getting to know you."
>"Anyways, you're currently on leave,Tsubaki. Go wherever you want."
>Carefully scan the premises.
>>"Get lost."
>Carefully scan the premises.

*protests, stammering.
You think quickly, looking for an excuse to defuse the potential hazard.

"I heard he's been hanging around the Cathedral as of late," you helpfully comment, hoping his association with Hazama might justify your assertion.

"...Thanks," the kid replies. "C'mon, Sis," he adds as he departs.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I really must be going," you add, warily scanning your surroundings.

You don't find any pressing danger, but you fear what might happen if Terumi gets his hands on Tsubaki.

"Well, what am I supposed to do?" Tsubaki inquires as you try to walk away.

"You're on leave. You're free to do whatever you want 'til one of us contacts you. If you really want to get assigned another mission, go back to Iwasu."

"If you say so..." she reluctantly responds.

"I suppose I'll just wait for the flight back, then."
>>1006447 That's it for today.

There'll be another chapter tomorrow; it'll begin at about the same time. "Guess I'll just wait, etc." just didn't have a Tsubaki-ish ring to it, btw.
>>1006491 Sorry if it sounded a bit redundant.

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