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Ogres of the Swamp, the strongest and proudest family on the plains

Quick rundown available upon request for easy introduction.

~24hr turn, except I'm lazy and shy, d'aww. So I usually post less than that

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Army: Reminder that Thrith will be taking 300 ogres and the mountain ogres. Apparently, if 400 ogres are donated, the mountain ogres will be left with their armor and weapons.

Last second negotiation rolls will be made if no player decision is made

Gnolls are spotted near the Northern Encampment

They are becoming more and more visible, some are seen fighting each other by the hunting parties. 2 are captured (17/100)

One such hunting party was being slowly approached by some nervous acting Gnolls, when they suddenly sniffed the air and bolted. These ogres report the long tall grass began stirring after the gnolls shortly after. Gnollish screams and howls could be heard not long after. The grass monsters were not spotted.

Now that another ogre mentioned it, some of the hunting ogres do recall seeing some strange tracks but hadn’t thought much of them. They are wavy and push the grass to the side.

Other Animals:

Capturing has gone well! 92/100!

2 gophers, a badger, a bobcat and a buffalo have been captured!

They are all wild and need to be constantly tied down. Especially the buffalo. He mad.

Naturally, the badger is mad. But that’s just because badgers are hateful creatures.
In a whirl of inventive reasoning, Dong-Key invents new games! CULTURE BONUS. Improved sneak, fighting, throwing etc.. Construction Bonus: children play with the small rocks from the rocks that are made squarish. They learn basic architecture

Now that infection control and cleaning wounds has come into play, you only need something to help make wounds better. Zonir likes the Ogres of the Swamp and has decided to help with something not directly related to his favorite things. Dong-Key dreams of a concoction. He awakes with a fervour and sets about mixing, harvesting and cooking. HEALING JUICE DISCOVERY. It comes in two parts, one you eat, the other you apply on the wound. A prayer to Zonir is required as well. Those who are healed in this manner are claimed by Zonir.

Inadvertently, the healing juice also works as food. By drying it, you can even make rations!

Northern Excursion:

Population 140, continues to grow from migration. The town has few weapons
Walrus population: 75, continues to grow from migration

Fortifications begin with a wall construction, rocks are stockpiled just in case

Due to the lack of wood, boat construction isn’t going very well, but the ogres are playing with different types and shapes of boat via glueing pieces together.

Wood Extraction: The first wave of lumberjacks have brought wood back, more ogres are sent north. Next turn there will be a steady and useable supply of wood in the North. A turn after, the rock trade with the main village will include wood.

The Elder walrus departs. There is much honking and walrus fanfare. The confused and happy ogres participate as best they can.
Population: ~1140 (45 injured) (counting is for chumps and hoomies)
Population growth: +40/turn (steady growth again)
Weapons: 75 gnoll weapons, 100 human spears, 2 human swords, 7 human bows, 75 rock warhammers (90 more at home), Ranged unit (rocks), 50 armor at home
Tech: Above abysmal, you’re above normal stupid! ROCK WARHAMMERS, clubs, big rocks, sticks
>jooce rope (lassoes), glue (infectious), bricks. Farm learning. Juice nets, primitive bowls, fancy juice bowls, armor, pure juice, pure juice, healing juice
Food Supply: Hunting, spoils of war (dead bodies), fishing (requires juice nets, boost from walri), farming (Spreading into more land) :
>Food issues imminent
Housing: quality brick foundations, scattered walls, decent huts, Mediocre huts, some use poorly made huts, very few use holes beaten into the ground.
Temple construction, able to praise Zonir inside of it now - set to ongoing. Walls. Approaching splendor
Zreck house begun, pieces of brick, wood, bone decorations and hide organized- set to ongoing. Walls. Approaching splendor
Magic: Rubbing yourself produces interesting juices of questionable qualities, juice rope/glue, primitive bowls, juice bowls, juice bricks, juice nets, infection, pure juice, healing juice
Research - interspecies breeding set to ongoing
Sneak + hide - gained: general skill level: Good - ongoing - slight division in skill from normie to trained. Normal population interest spike, army trains separate.
RAGE: Ogre no lik trik
Armor copying, Armor (+10/turn), juice additives - set to ongoing - CULTURE BONUS
Dry moat complete
Wall construction at ~3/5 completion
Zonir’s attention has been gained, he is pleased with the Ogres of the Swamp: the strongest and proudest family of the plains
Human slaves: 17 (~18 soldier slaves not at home) (Treatment: pleasant-ish, gentle rapes occuring, farming/building, growing into position, slight dependence on ogres due to addictive juice (becoming used to their lifestyle))
Human slave growth: +<1
Gnoll slaves: 9, strong dependence on ogres due to dog-morph hierarchy and addictive juice (Forced to build. Gentle rapes occuring)
Gnoll slave growth: +0
Culture: Hats (hat armor), higher, bigger and fancier houses, fancy eating, money greed. Class structure: army creation, farmers/building sects, (husbandry set to ongoing with Northern animal contact). WAR GAMES. BUILDING GAMES.
>Wall construction at ~3/5 completion

Wall construction at 4/5 completion - ongoing. Finished next turn
>Last second negotiation rolls will be made if no player decision is made
When is this happening?
I was planning to kill Thrith when we get back home and have the numbers advantage.
Up to you, he'll be staying for a turn to rest his troops and then fucking off, so you'll have a chance to kill him
Hm, last turn you said it would take one more turn of marching to return home, so I guess that means they're home now?

Anyway, don't give up on me. I'll devise a plan and be back shortly.
>Continue fratenizing with the mountain ogres, goblins and trolls.

>Begin making a steady supply of juice rations

>Research: Human Bows
Get slaves to show us how human bows work (safely of course, they can use sticks to demonstrate arrows) and try to imitate them.

>Side Research: Charm Juice
Not only is ogre juice addictive, but it can also be modified to make the target calm and suggestible.

>Rivertown: Spears
Begin making spears from some of the new wood. Either sharpen the wooden tip with your teeth or find sharp rocks to glue and lash to the end.

Half-ogres when?

Coup Plan:
At night, after the gobbo king retires to his quarters, some of our ogres are still partying with his army.
Meanwhile we have our best armed and armored ogres and a large group of rock throwers hiding behind our wall to be ready just in case.
Then have the snekiest arges snek up to gobbo king's tent and bludgeon it thoroughly to make sure he is ded.
Then they bundle up the tent with the king inside and hold it in the air shouting "Thrith Stobbed Brething! Anidoby gots a probwem wiff dat? Join Us as Zonir's Nue Chozon Peble!"

The mountain ogres and goblins will look at our party ogres who give them a thumbs up and a smile, and then jump for joy.
The trolls will look confused and then shrug, not caring who they work for as long as they get to rape and kill things occasionally.
The hobgoblins may put up a fight, in which case our hidden warriors and throwers can attack from one side while the party goers and friends can attack from the other.
Whatever the case, the hobgoblins will be enslaved and kept separated (one hobbo given to each household as a new rape toy) and closely supervised until they are broken.
I didn't feel like writing it. It'll happen next post
Cool. Let's conquer some gobbos for the glory of Zonir!

Will we need an action to start the funeral rituals or will it be automatic?

Also, will the different types of half-breeds have different stats or just look different?
I hope that doesn't become a pain-in-the-neck to keep track of.
ANyone alive?
You do this

and it is excellent.

everything works according to plan

But then

Oh no

But then
Sorry. I'm bored

And hungry

But not for food, if you understand

I think. I will allow this to die. Perhaps, the next time I allow myself to make a civ thread. I will use it accordingly.

Thank you for your time and support. I wish you all the best good sir.
Or madamme, or whatever
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I live, but sometimes sleep.
Did you just get burnt out?
Or did the lack of participation hurt your ego?

At any rate, here:

RIP I dunno who tho. You provided me with new perspectives into ogre culture.
I'm sorry this didn't make you a popular and famous QM, but I shall immortalize these ogres in my own future writings. ;_;

We were only just getting established as a true civilization. I'll forever wonder how the half-ogres would have changed things and if we ever stood a chance against the gnolls,gobbo empire and hoomies.

if you see this, I can try to advertise this for one last try to get things rolling

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