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Previous threads here:
Last time, our god-hero Alagos built himself a fortress and acquired a masochistic sexbot. He is currently sitting in the main hall, staring at a flyer for Hell's Got Talent. Whoever wins the competition moves onto the final level of Hell to fight Lucifer's right hand, Baal.

What do you do?
>[]Go to the competition.
>[]Stay here, we need to ______.
>[X]Go to the competition.
Dance battle pls
You pick up the flyer, and are instantly transported to a large auditorium. Three demons are seated at a desk some ways back, each with a big red button.
"Now, with our last contestant's arrival, we can begin!" a demonic voice announces.
"First contestant?"
A short man gets up on stage and starts singing about how this mailbox is his. The old guy judge gives him an X, and he leaves. Second was some screwbag with a half-full water bottle. He made a motion to flip it, got X'd by all three judges at once, and was immediately vaporized by a laser.
The rest of the contestants go through their respective routines, getting X'd or vaporized. A few receive no X's and leave the stage happily.
It's finally your turn. You walk onstage...

The judges stare at you for several minutes. They're about to wave you off when someone in the audience shouts 'HOLD IT!'
A man dressed in golden spandex leaps onto the stage.
"I challenge you to a dance-off!"
"Er, this is highly irregular--"

How do you answer the challenge?
Thread related
first time crosslinking, no idea if this works
And don't forget to rip off our shirt revealing our chiseled divine abs and conjuring some sick shades on your face.
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336 KB PNG
You laugh at the man, throwing off your shirt and jacket and stealing someone's sunglasses.
"Let's dance!"
You start doing a break dance routine, using your strength and agility to your advantage. Mr. Spandex starts grabbing his crotch and pumping his finger in the air.

>[]Go out of control, start kicking Spandex in the face with your spin move.
>[]Call it a tie.
You start pushing yourself, using wind to increase your momentum. Spandex can't keep up.
You can't stop spinning.
Someone please help.
Your spinning and wind magic has created a miniature cyclone. Every loose object/person is getting sucked up and hurled around the auditorium.
The judges start panicking.
You hear a small popping noise, and are dumped unceremoniously onto the carpet in the great hall, surprising one of your maids.
"Wha! Sorry!"
You sit up. Why's it so..? Ah, the sunglasses. You take them off and put your shirt back on.

What do you do now?
but take a bow and send a kiss to them all
You retroactively bow and throw kisses to the panicking crowd.
You pat the maid on the head.
"You can go about your business." you say before walking over to the bedroom.
Pris sits up with a start.
"DON'T do that--you won? That's great! I'll get my stuff."
You barrel out the door, smacking into Andrew.
"I won. Get the maids and villagers ready. Which way's the elevator?"
Andrew points off to your left, congratulating you.
You carry Pris over your shoulder and leg it. You reach the elevator and hear an electronic voice drone at you.
Pris *is* personal property.
The voice remains silent.
«APPROVED. you nasties.»
You both board the elevator, which automatically begins taking you up.
Last minute battle plans. You give Pris some of your less OP guns for defense.

What do you do with your power armor?
>[]Give it to Pris
>[]Use it yourself.
>Give it to Pris
You give your armor to Pris. You have your sword, that's enough to keep you alive.
The elevator doors open into a long, tall tunnel. You're almost out of this place. First things first...
You walk over to the elevator access panel and type in 666.
You sigh. "Time to do this professionally."
You take the butt of your Mosin Nagant and start smashing the panel. It timidly beeps in acceptance. You enable all-floor access for all prisoners and jack into the elevator's broadcast system.
«Hello? This is Alagos. I've just hacked the elevator, you can all come up and help me fight Baal. Disabling turrets... all clear!»
You stand back and wait as the elevator brings up load after load of prisoners. The villagers from Pride (armed to the teeth with what they kept from Wrath), the militia from Wrath, some gas-masked gimps with machine guns from Lust, and your old squadron back from Gluttony. They looked rather sickened, but still willing to fight. Several hundred people stand before you, ready to follow you out of Hell.

What do you say to them?
"Lets fuck shit up, yo"
File: IMG_0842.jpg (193 KB, 1325x1000)
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193 KB JPG
The makeshift army cheers, and you begin leading them down the tunnel.
You stop at the entrance to a large cavern. On the other side, what could be none other than Baal sits in his throne. You can feel power radiating from him, in more vast quantities than even Lillith.
You get the feeling you've finally met an equal... this will be a tough battle.
"So, you've come." the demon muses. "And you've brought all the other prisoners."

>[]That's pretty obvious, isn't it?
>[]No bantz. Let's just get this over with.
>[]You don't look so dangerous.
>That's pretty obvious, isn't it?
Baal shrugs.
"I suppose it is."
He stands and picks up a very painful-looking battleaxe.

What's your strategy?
File: IMG_0844.png (483 KB, 859x647)
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483 KB PNG
Double bump.
File: IMG_0556.png (201 KB, 500x272)
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201 KB PNG
(I wondered when I'd get to use this picture)
You charge forward, duck under Baal's swing, and smash your fist into his sternum, knocking his breath away. He stumbles back, drops his axe, and hurls a punch back.
You're forced to remain defensive throughout Baal's onslaught. You can't seem to find an opening. You're distracting him enough for your army to begin surrounding him, though.
The demon lord smacks you backward and roars. The room lights up with red symbols and demons begin teleporting in. Your army is forced to deal with them, and aren't able to get any shots off at Baal.
"No interference. This is between us." Baal growls, picking up his battleaxe again.

>[]Put all your power into a single strike.
>[]Gauge his fighting style, and exploit the first weakness you find.
>Gauge his fighting style, and exploit the first weakness you find.
Kick him in the dick?
Baal collapses the ground around the both of you, creating a circular area floating above a chasm. You keep on the defensive, letting the demon lord attack you. You deflect the axe blows with ease, but they still carry an immense amount of force behind them. You wouldn't want to get caught in one of those, immortal or no.
There! Baal raises his axe high into the air, allowing you to begin a flying kick straight toward his--
The demon lord grabs you, twisting your limbs into uncomfortable shapes. You can't move..!
He laughs at you. "All too easy." he says, blasting you with dark magic as you struggle in vain. He steps to the edge of the chasm...
File: IMG_0811.jpg (104 KB, 761x1051)
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104 KB JPG
Through the intense pain of dark magic, you can feel something stir in the darkest recesses you your mind. It's a strange feeling, you can't quite put your finger on it... it's similar to what you felt as Uriel was about to send you away from Earth for good.
Baal throws you off of his shoulders and down into the chasm below.
The spell he had cast on you still rolls around in your body, keeping you from concentrating and using wind magic to fly back up.
You can faintly hear someone screaming your name from up above...
Eventually, you smack into some kind of pile, bouncing off and tumbling to a halt near the bottom.
Everything hurts. You can't work up enough energy to move, much less go back and fight.
It's hopeless. Sorry, Sasha... you won't be back for that helmet.
You are a soul, sentenced to eternity of damnation in the pits of Hell.
It's a miserable existence, seeking some form of energy to siphon away in order to survive.
Today, something different happened. A man fell down here.
This in itself wasn't unusual in the slightest. There were countless bodies down here. No, it was the amount of energy stored within this man that was unusual. It was... limitless. You and your kin gather around him, gorging yourself on his magic. For this first time in millennia, you all fill yourselves.
You stare down at the man. He was in a pretty sorry state. Roughed up, covered in blood, and subjected to some sort of torture spell. From the scraps of memory you gathered, you learn that he had been fighting Baal before being cast down here...

There's no love lost between you and that *thing* up there. You offer encouragement to the man. (Write-in)
"Bro, limitless energy? Use that shit. Banish those that are unworthy. You are the ONE. Beat the fuck out of Baal, for all of us. We will lend you our spirit. Become the best and KILL HELL.
File: IMG_0717.jpg (148 KB, 685x767)
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148 KB JPG
The man--Alagos, you gather--looks up at you.
"Who even..? What do you know. I tried, I couldn't do it. I can't even stand because of one little spell..."
The soul on your left walks over to Alagos and pulls him to his feet.
"You've a strong arm, strong faith, and most importantly, a strong heart. I am in awe, really. Surely, you're able to overcome such a trivial obstacle."
Alagos wobbles a little, trying to keep his balance. He frowns.
"Even if I get up, how am I gonna make sure I'm not knocked down again?"
The soul on your right scoffs.
"You lost a little momentum on your way up, so what? You'll just have to regain it! If you can't believe in yourself, believe in the souls that believe in you!"
Alagos still looks unsure. You step forward.
"All those people up there are counting on you. If you can't do it for yourself, do it for them."
Alagos looks at the three of you, then firmly nods. He closes his eyes, and breaks the torture spell with a burst of energy. The floodgates open, and a suit of armor forms around Alagos, complete with shield. He picks up his sword and looks at you.
"Thank you. It's time I got out of here now."
The god of storms looks up and leaps, flying up the pit and back toward Baal.
"Lead them to the surface, Alagos! Pierce the heavens with your limitless energy!"
"If only I could be so grossly incandescent!"


You are Pris, and you just watched your only friend/lover get thrown down a pit.
This would've been the main focus of your attention if there wasn't an army of demons trying to tear you to shreds. As it was, tears stream down your face as you blast the creatures to bits with a railgun.
This was it. Your last stand. Without Alagos, the army had little chance of surviving this fight.
What was that noise..?
A man in medieval style armor rocketed out of the chasm, changing course in midair to collide with the demon lord.
I-it's Alagos!

How do you react?
Loose spaghetti all over floor
File: 1000 suns.jpg (125 KB, 1090x743)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
ejaculate with the force of a thousand suns
You can't exactly ejaculate at the force of a thousand suns, but you're definitely wet down in your lady bits.
You try calling out Alagos's name, but you can't seem to do so. You turn back to the demonic army, desperately hoping nobody heard your slip-up.
Alagos smashed his sword onto Baal's axe over and over, shouting at the demon lord.
"Satan said a reliable source called you a threat!"
"Yes, it was! Enough talking, it's--"
Alagos hurled Baal into the air and kicked him into the cavern wall.
Alagos shattered Baal's axe and began mercilessly gutting him.
The demonic army stared at him as he did so, then quietly began to teleport out of the cavern.


You are Alagos. And you've decided that it'd probably be a good time to stop hitting Baal now, seeing as he's been turned into little more than a stain on the floor.

>[]Well!? Where's the way to the surface, Satan? Do you want me to come over there and kill you, too?
>[]...we did it.
If you don't let us all out right now you're gonna look like you fucked a landmine
File: IMG_0748.jpg (127 KB, 1024x724)
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127 KB JPG
Well, he must've heard you, because the chasm in the middle fills up with some sort of silvery liquid. A monolith rises out of the liquid and a whirlpool opens up in the center of the lake. You and your army fall through, landing on dry, arid ground.
You look around you, and yeah, this is definitely Earth. You can see the sky, and there's what looks to be a highway next to you. In the distance is a city, probably Los Angeles, where you first woke up. Your army is cheering and giving each other hugs. Andrew smacks your shoulder.
"Well, you did it! You got us all out."
Yep. You did.
Eventually, everyone calms down and goes their separate ways, hitchhiking or wandering off into the wild. They'll be fine. You call Krystal (your cellphone STILL WORKS!) and ask her to pick you up. She can borrow your car, you left the keys hidden above the back left wheel.
You and Pris sit on a rock, watching the cars go by.

>[]Kiss her.
>[]Let's never do that again.
>[]Krystal better hurry up. The interdimensional police are trying to deport you back to your timeline, and you need to grab Sasha before they find you again.
Baal fight was disappointing, it was easier than Lilith.

Did we leave anything important behind? Like the maids?
>[]Let's never do that again.
Carry her in our arms and walk to the nearest city or gas station.
(I'll keep that in mind...)
You look at Pris.
"Let's never do that again."
Pris nods. "If we ever have a choice in the matter, that is."
You stand up. Screw waiting around, you could at least meet Krystal halfway. You scoop Pris into your arms and look around. Anything you missed..? Nope. Well, the maids were gone. But you could always just hire more. Besides, you didn't have a place big enough to justify having domestic help.
You begin running toward the city, taking care not to drop Pris or jostle her too roughly. After about fifteen minutes, your car pulls onto the side of the road. Looks like your ride's here.
Krystal rolls down the window.
"Hey. Haven't seen you around for a while."
She looks at Pris.
"Ah. I see you've managed to pick up another one... welcome to the club, lady. Get in."
You get into the car. Krystal pulls onto the highway and starts toward downtown L.A.
"You came back just in time. Sasha was getting... antsy."
You spend the rest of the trip telling Krystal about your adventures in Hell. She keeps quiet for the most part, besides telling you she *really* didn't need that much detail on the fight with Lillith.
You pull into the garage underneath your apartment building and get into the elevator.
A bored-looking man with a camera gets in with you, pressing the buttons for the fourth and ninth floors.

>[]How'd you know we were going to the fourth..?
>[]Nah, let's leave this guy alone.
>Nah, let's leave this guy alone
I wanna fuck our harem first then we can deal with him
>Nah, let's leave this guy alone.
Whatever. Maybe he knows Krystal lives here or something.
You step out into the hall and walk over to Sasha's apartment. You begin unlocking the door and look over at Krystal.
"Uh... you can go, if you want."
Krystal waves her hand.
"Nah. I wanna see this."
Well, that's not creepy at all... you open the door and step inside the apartment. Sasha emerges from the bedroom with her hand down her pants.
She looks up, sees you, and starts crying.
"M-master...I knew you'd make it back!"
She pounces on you and starts frantically removing your pants.
"I'm sorry I'm really really really sorry I haven't done it for so long, master."
Krystal pushes Pris inside and shuts the door.
"There she goes. Hey, you're kinda cute... how do you feel about women?"
The next hour is spent writhing on the floor with your harem, trying to satisfy three women at once. Eventually, you all collapse on the bed, Pris on your right, Krystal on your left, and Sasha lying on top of you.
"W-welcome home, master..." Sasha mumbles.

>[]We should probably take a shower...
>[]Hey, Sasha. Watch this. (genderswap)
>[]How about both? (Lesbian foursome shower sex... hold on, I need to go search something on Google real quick)
>How about both?
File: IMG_0667.jpg (25 KB, 303x312)
25 KB
"It's good to be home... hey, Sasha. Watch this."
You transform, pushing Sasha up slightly as your breasts run against hers.
"Oh..." Sasha looks flustered.
"That's interesting, ma-mistress."
You get out from under her and walk toward the shower.
Krystal whistles.
"Man, if I weren't bi already... you have no idea how lucky you are."
You get in the shower and turn on the water.
"We should get cleaned up. Everyone in, it'll save water."
It's a little cramped, but not uncomfortably so. You spread soap all over your body and start rubbing up against your harem, while they do the same. You all start kissing and licking and grinding against each other, taking much longer than any regular shower would've.
Eventually, you've all been satisfied. Krystal gets off your face, and Sasha licks your juices off her lips.
"Plegh! Tastes like soap."
Pris wipes off her crotch, wincing as she brushes her clit.
"That was fun. We really should get clean, though..."
You clean up and start wiping yourselves dry. You change back to male form again, cause somebody's gotta cancel out all the estrogen in this place.
You hear a knock at the door just as you've finished pulling your shirt on. You open it up to see Uriel and a white haired woman standing in the hall.
"Mr. Alagos. Sorry for the... incident earlier. We'll discuss that later, but please allow me to--"
"Uriel, please. I can introduce myself just fine."
The woman walks forward and gives you a big hug. She smells like fresh cookies for some reason.
"I'm just happy you're safe, my son." she sighs, patting your head.

>[]Is this your mom..? Oh no hide the harem quick
>[]Lolwut who are you why do you smell like cookies.
>Lolwut who are you why do you smell like cookies.
The woman steps back. On closer inspection, you notice she has pointed ears, just like you.
"Yes. Well."
She clears her throat.
"My name is Aeneth. I'm the goddess who created Syreth--and you. I suppose that would make me your mother. Do I really smell like cookies..?"
Aeneth looks at Uriel. He refuses to make eye contact.
"We are here to retrieve you, and we've made sure nothing like last time will happen. So if you'd kindly--"
Krystal pushes Sasha out into the living room. Sasha sheepishly holds out your army helmet.
"Uh... you forgot this, master."
A vein bulges in Uriel's head.
"Thanks, Sasha."
You take the helmet and place it on your head.
"Oh, yeah! Get Pris in here, I need to introduce you to my mom."
"Wait, your mom!?"
Krystal looks over your shoulder at Aeneth.
"Ma'am, I swear I haven't done anything with your son."
Aeneth smiles.
"It's fine. As long as he's with someone who cares about him, I wholly approve."

>[]Hey, could you tell me a little about Syreth? All I know is that it's different from here.
>[]Am I allowed to bring some people with me..? It'd suck if I left them here. And I kinda made two of them my slaves... they're into that, you see.
>[]Invite the nice lady in for some food or whatever.
>Invite the nice lady in for some food or whatever.
>Am I allowed to bring some people with me..? It'd suck if I left them here. And I kinda made two of them my slaves... they're into that, you see.
You invite Aeneth in. Is she hungry?
Uriel, too, you guess.
Aeneth politely declines.
"No thank you. I wouldn't want to trouble you any."
You take a seat. Sasha, Krystal, and Pris take their own seats as well.
"So... tell me about Syreth. I haven't heard much, just that the people have pointy elf ears."
Aeneth nods.
"It would be good to acquaint you with where you'll be living. Besides the pointy-eared folk (known as the Sylph), there are also the Imps. They're rather short, with gray skin, red eyes, and fangs. It's mostly due to them that Syreth has begun its Industrial Age."
Huh... if the world's existed that long, why are they just now getting a god of storms?
"We had problems with the old one... he became a bit too egotistical for his own good, and was rather sore about his electricity being harnessed for the mortals' use. No amount of lecturing corrected his behavior, so I took his powers and left him in the wilderness. It's a kinder date then he deserves, I assure you."
Uriel's vein looks like it's about to burst.
"Surely, Alagos's education would be expedited were he to actually *be* on Syreth?"

>[]Oh, fine. It sounds like a great place, let's get going. Do my girls get any sort of benefits, by the way..?
>[]Patience, Uriel. Me and my mother have so much to catch up on.
>Patience, Uriel. Me and my mother have so much to catch up on.
Uriel sounds like a dick
(Well, I wasn't trying to make it subtle)
You look at Uriel.
He opens his mouth, but you interrupt him.
"Shhhhhhut up."
Uriel sighs and stands.
"I had somewhere to be, anyway." he grumbles, disappearing in a flash of light.
Good riddance.
Aeneth seems happy he's gone, as well.
"I suppose you'll want to bring these three... I don't see why not. None of them were likely to change this world's history in any significant way."
Krystal almost chokes on her soda.
"I suppose I should inform you as to what your duties are... you'll be put in charge of weather patterns, of course. It's a very passive thing, won't be any trouble. Your religious sect, however, probably will be. If you choose to gather followers, you'll have to initiate them, organize rankings, and specify any particular mortals you would like to give powers to."

>[]So I get paladins? Cool.
>[]Nope. Not for me.
>[]I think I'm ready to go to Syreth now.
So, uh, do the girls even wanna go? At least ask Krystal, cus I think she actually has a life on Earth.
Oh. That's a good point. You didn't think of that.
You turn around and look at your harem.
"I wouldn't really want you to go somewhere against your will... do any of you want to stay behind?"
Sasha smiles.
"I'll go anywhere you go, master."
Pris thinks about it for a little while.
"Well, I suppose I *did* swear to be your slave. And being around deities is definitely an interesting proposition."
Krystal sighs and rubs her temples.
"Why do you have to ask the hard questions... I'm--"
She groans and drums her fingers against the table.
"I'm staying here. There's my parents, and my job, and all this modern stuff I probably couldn't live without... and really, we aren't all that close. We just had sex and played some video games."
Aeneth doesn't seem too concerned about your two slaves. She's probably seen worse.

>[]Ah, well. It was nice knowing you, Krystal.
>[]Get all emotional and start crying all over her.
>Get all emotional and start crying all over her.
>Get all emotional and start crying all over her.
But respect her decision all the same
You sniff and grab Krystal in a hug.
"Ga--can't breathe, can't breathe!"
"I understand, Krystal, but... you found me in that warehouse and if it weren't for you I probably wouldn't have met Sasha and Pris and you're one of my best frieeeends!"
Krystal pats you on the back.
"It'll be okay. I'm a terrible person, anyway. Please stop crushing me."
You grudgingly let go of her.
"Thank you... I don't really like goodbyes, so I'll just go home now. Maybe we'll see each other again."

>[]Let's get this over with.
>[]We still have to ______
>Let's get this over with.
Goodbye, cool world.
You stand up and nod.
"Well, I'm ready to go."
Sasha and Pris grab some bags of extra clothes and other necessities. Sasha leaves a note taped to her apartment door, telling the landlord she had to leave, free stuff inside for all.
The hallway twists into a vortex, leading into a white void. You walk down it, eventually losing sight of everyone else.
Pure darkness sweeps across the Void, surrounding you in a matter of moments. This is natural, right..?
You can see a shape approaching...
A giant figure waist deep in shadow looms over you. It looks as if it's been sewed back together with some kind of black sutures. One of its eyes glows purple.


Baal's glowing eye emits a laser which circles you, explosions following in its wake. You're thrown into the air, but you recover from the shock, your god armor reappearing on your body.

What do you do?
Kick his dick in, AGAIN
"If Aeneth had wanted you to live, she wouldn't have created ME!"
You run up to Baal and deliver a roundhouse kick straight to his balls. You laugh maniacally as you feel something pop underneath your foot.
Baal groans and fall onto his face. That was even easier than--
The demon began smashing his fist into the ground, sending pillars of hellfire roaring up throughout the surrounding area. He began smacking the ground with his other fist, too, causing purple tendrils of flame to run across the ground toward you.
Judging from the way the purple stuff makes your atoms feel like cancelling out their own bonds, it's not something you want to get hit by.

What do you do?
Jump away and shoot him with second biggest weapon we have
You leap back and whip out your second-smallest gun (it's how you use it, after all), which happens to be your homing bullet thing.
You pull the trigger, firing a large blue energy sphere which floats slowly toward Baal.
Before hitting Baal, however, the sphere bursts into ten separate projectiles, which home in on Baal's weak points.
Baal roars in pain and smashes at the floor, breaking off pieces of the darkness and revealing the Void behind them.
He takes a particularly jagged piece and begins swinging at you with it. You do your best to dodge and continue firing at the demon.

>Roll 1d100
Seems we've reached autosage. The thread's been archived, a new one will be up soon.

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