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Previous threads:
Last time, our god-hero Alagos faced off against Baal, the demon lord. After getting knocked down a pit and receiving encouragement from a bunch of reference ghosts, he defeated Baal, had a foursome with his harem, and departed for his home, Syreth (without Krystal, sadly). Now he has been confronted by Baal again, reborn from the chaotic energies of the Void...
You're currently dodging Baal as he somehow swings a shard of darkness at you, launching homing projectiles at him as you do so.

What's your plan of attack?
>[]Go for the big glowing eye.
>[]Chip away at him, then move in for the kill.
>[]Grab his weapon and stab him with it until he dies for real this time.
>[X]Chip away at him, then move in for the kill.
You keep dodging the flames and shooting at Baal. You get in a little closer, deflect the shard of darkness with your sword, and stab the demon lord in the face, ripping your blade down through his abdomen.
Baal disappears, revealing Demon collapsed on the ground.
He grunts and melts into the darkness before you can do anything more.
The darkness melts away, and you resume your journey to Syreth...
You step out of the portal, immediately greeted by a man with a greatsword, trying to cleave you in half.
You yelp and kick him in the chest, sending him flying out a window.
You take a look around. The room you're in is pretty nice, with pillars and gold engravings. A cluster of people stand in the center of the room, laughing at the greatsword man's misfortune. You assume their pointed ears and... unique appearances make them your siblings, the other gods.
"That was pretty good." one of them remarks. "Not too many people have kicked Ruin through a window."
Aeneth pats you on the shoulder.
"Welcome home, son."
You decide to introduce yourself.
"Hi, everyone. My name's Alagos. I... brought some people over. This is Sasha, Pris, and Krystal--wait."
Krystal stood behind you with a duffle bag over her shoulder. She waved at you and the other gods.

>[]Wait, I thought you were staying behind.
>[]Aeneth, I think you need to work on your portal targeting...
>[]It's someone disguised as her! I know your tricks!
>[X]Aeneth, I think you need to work on your portal targeting...
>Wait, I thought you were staying behind.
"Uh... Aeneth? I think you made the portal a little too big..."
You look around. Nobody else has been sucked through...
"She didn't screw up. I stepped through all by myself."
You give Krystal a weary look.
"You'd better not back out after a week. I'll seriously slap you."
"I don't doubt it. But hey, I can't pass up the chance to learn magic or whatever's going on over here."
Aeneth steps forward.
"You'll be in the mortal world?"
"Uh, yeah, probably. Not all the time, I don't want to leave Sasha and Pris all alone up here."
"Well... in that case, I'll have to fix your ears."
A few minutes later, Krystal's ears were pointed, and all was right with the world. Sasha had cancelled out her human illusion as well. Not like she'd need it.
Aeneth leads you out the door.
"You can socialize with your siblings later, right now we need to discuss a few things. Might as well do it on our way to your palace..."
She pushed open the doors, revealing a landscape of silvery liquid. The sky was dark and filled with stars, and you can see a blue-and-green planet up in the sky. It's most interesting feature were the rings surrounding it.
"Yes, I suppose I forgot to mention... for convenience, the gods have made the moon their home for the time being. We'll obviously relocate when the mortals invent space travel, but it's certainly an interesting place, isn't it?"
You set off across the silver sea. The liquid was pliable, but thick enough to walk on. It was more like jelly than liquid...

>[]I get a palace? Do I also get to choose how it looks?
>[]How do we get down from here?
>[]You mentioned I could form my own order. How does that work?
>You mentioned I could form my own order. How does that work?
"Well, I suppose the first logical step would be to find a suitable mortal to represent you on their plane. A hero, priest, prophet, that sort of thing. Next would be to gather followers and build some temples, and then to perhaps train an army or organize some sort of group to act in your name. In exchange for following various tenets, you grant your followers some sort of boon, like increased combat prowess, or simply somewhere for the unwanted to live. For instance, I've gathered healers and sent them to the harsher places in the world... the ill and dying deserve some small comfort, at least."
You can see a mountain in the distance. You're getting close to your palace.
Really, this silver stuff is pretty amazing for walking.

>[]Great idea. Krystal, you want to spread word of my glorious mercies?
>[]I'll have to think about this... I wouldn't want to put some scumbag in charge of a bunch of innocents.
>[]Ha! Why would I ever want to do that? I'm just gonna add to my harem and hang out at home.
>Great idea. Krystal, you want to spread word of my glorious mercies?
Krystal looks over at you.
"You can't be serious."
You are. Isn't she going to be screwing around on the mortal plane anyway? And you trust her to at least do a mostly decent job.
Krystal mulls it over.
"...could be fun. Sitting on a big Inquisition-style throne and passing judgement on infidels. That's as good a deal as I'm gonna get here. Well, I suppose marrying you could make me a goddess, but--"
Krystal burst out laughing.
"Yeah, no. No way!"
Thanks a lot, Krystal.

>[]So yeah, about that palace...
>[]Uh, Krystal? I don't think they have a lot of ammo here...
>So yeah, about that palace...
"Ah, yes. The palace. It'll function as your home, obviously, as well as serve other functions. We will add a portal to the mortal plane for convenience, and you will be able to employ some domestic help, if you so wish. Your siblings have many demigod children in need of jobs, after all. The details will be to your specifications, and you will be able to make renovations in the future. All thanks to the god of architecture. He's just happy to build things, really."

>[]Cool. Could he rebuild my fortress from Pride?
>[]Huh. How about something like this? (Write-in)
>Cool. Could he rebuild my fortress from Pride?

Also nice fucking get my dude
Just poppin' in to say good job on the 1,100,000 post Stormy

>Cool. Could he rebuild my fortress from pride?
File: IMG_0901.jpg (29 KB, 480x360)
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(Had to go somewhere, I didn't realize I got quints until just now. There goes the peak of my 4chan career... thanks, guys)
"Indeed, he can. In fact, he should be working on that right now. Thavron has a sort of ability that allows him to visualize a person's dream structure, as well as any improvements that could be made. Here we are."
You walk up a path to the top of the mountain, nodding in satisfaction as your fortress looms into view.
It's a lot more solidly built, with reinforced masonry instead of straight up stone, refined materials, and probably a few new rooms as well. A man with a hard hat stands at the gate.
"Ah, Alagos. Pretty nice place you built, considering the tools at your disposal. Improvements all around, let's take a quick tour."
Thavron placed his hand on the portcullis, which raises itself and closes behind you.
"I've replaced the carpets, furniture, etc. with refined materials. Just to add a little more comfort. Over here, this door leads straight to the top of a mountain on the mortal plain. It's home to a few dragons, and I took the liberty of setting up some warding spells, so don't expect many visitors from that way. I've added an armory onto the forge, which will store your weapons and armor when not in use. The biggest change, however--"
The god clears his throat.
"--would be the bedroom. These are always the most fun to set up around here. You should find anything you need in there. Ropes, collars, fetish outfits, and a god-sized bed, of course. I also completely redid the piping for the bathroom and added a closet. There's also a few magical things in the baths now. Mostly salts and bubbles, some soothing lotions."

>[]Whoa... what about security? I don't want that guy I kicked out the window getting pissed and ruining everything.
>[]Thanks, Thavron! Would you and Aeneth mind leaving? I need to test out this god-sized bed.
>[]Sniff the bath salts.
>[x]Sniff the bath salts.
You walk into the bath, taking a look around as you search for the salts.
It's pretty nice. Gilded taps and whatnot. Ah, there it is. You grab the container, pour a decent amount into your hand, and begin sniffing.
Krystal speaks up. "Uh, you know the drug isn't *actual* bath salts, right?"
What? Really? Bah. Maybe you can threaten a drug lord for some later. You pour the remaining salts back in and sneeze. Gah, this stuff was ruining your nose.
Thavron and Aeneth wave goodbye.
"We should get going. If you have any questions, just ask, and I'll hear. It's like prayer. Enjoy your new palace!"
They teleport away, leaving you and your harem standing there.

>[]Ok, Krystal. We need to talk about your duties as... Inquisitor? Warmaster? Whatever your position is gonna be.
>[]I'm kinda tired. I'm going to bed. I had to fight Baal again, by the way.
>[]Ok, Krystal. We need to talk about your duties as... Inquisitor? Warmaster? Whatever your position is gonna be.
File: IMG_0909.png (41 KB, 512x512)
41 KB
"Yeah, we really should do that... I'm gonna need to train with some kind of blade or magic. I'm assuming they don't have much ammo down there, nothing that'll work with my guns, anyway."
«I knew there was something I forgot...»
A white sword appeared in the air before Krystal.
«The least I can do to reward your courage.»
Aeneth's voice fades away. Krystal picks up the sword and spins it around.
"...I have no idea what I'm doing. You can teach me about this stuff, right?"

>[]Sure. Let's go practice right now.
>[]We should talk about what you'll be doing down there first... (write-in)
>Sure. Let's go practice right now.

>[]Sure. Let's go practice right now
You walk Krystal over to the training area and take a defensive stance.
"Okay, so if you want to get past someone's guard, a thrust is your best bet-"


You sigh and wipe the sweat off your face, filling a cup with some water. You've improved a lot, going from knowing nothing about swordplay to actually being able to block someone's murderous intent, if they telegraph it. Alagos isn't the best teacher.
You frown at your sweat-soaked body. You need a shower.

>[]Go take one, then.
>[]How about a bath? You deserve a bath.
>[]Go talk to someone (Alagos/Pris/Sasha)
>>[]How about a bath? You deserve a bath.
Treat yourself a bit.
>How about a bath? You deserve a bath.
Yeah, you just got here. Might as well use the baths before going out to preach the word of Alagos.
Speak of the devil... he was sitting on the floor, hitting a spoon against various metal objects and listening to the ring.
You peel off your clothes and walk through the door into the bath.
Pris was already here. Yeah... her. Something about Pris kinda puts you off. It might be the fact that she's a robot, or that she seems a little enamored with Alagos, or maybe the collar she never takes off.
Well, it's not like you're shy or anything. Plenty of room in the bath.
You sink into the warm water and sigh, feeling your weariness ebb away.

>[]So what, you're his pet or something? I feel kinda left out, but I'm not much of a switch...
>[]Start masturbating. You don't care, she probably gets off on this.
>So what, you're his pet or something? I feel kinda left out, but I'm not much of a switch...
Pris blushes and sinks lower into the water.
"W-well, uh..."
She sighs.
"I find pain to be a pleasant experience. Me and Alagos did some experimenting, and... I guess I *am* a pet now."
You notice one of her hands sliding in between her thighs.

>[]You little slut. I'm right here.
>[]Meh. I don't judge. I'll be going now.
>[]I always wanted a pet... you think Alagos would be willing to share?
>I always wanted a pet... you think Alagos would be willing to share?
"Uh, m-maybe. You'd have to ask him."
Pris's blush got even redder, and she sank even lower, practically blowing bubbles at this point.
You laugh.
"I didn't think you'd be that kind of girl. I guess we all have our kinks."

>[]I don't need anyone's permission. (Walk over to her)
>[]Well, take care. Don't turn the temperature up too high... you get used to it. It's not a great way to feel pain.
>I don't need anyone's permission. (Walk over to her)
Easier to ask forgiveness than permission.
File: IMG_0876.jpg (188 KB, 512x1536)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
You stand up and walk over to Pris.
"But you know... I never ask for anyone's permission."
You press her face into your crotch.
"Shh... just let it happen."
Despite her hesitance, Pris eagerly starts eating you out.
"You're good at this. Get up here, you deserve a treat."
You push Pris into the ledge next to the bath and sit on her face, leaning over to lick her clit. Before you climax, you change positions and give Pris a long kiss as you both cum.
"Well, there we go. You're shared, now."
Pris pants and humps your leg slightly.
"I... I'm yours as well now, Krystal."
You scoop your cum off your thighs with your fingers, before making Pris suck them clean.
"I'm glad we got to know each other better. This was nice."

>[]Wear a vibrator tomorrow. As for me, I gotta go.
>[]Let's get Sasha in here. We don't need Alagos to have fun.
>Wear a vibrator tomorrow. As for me, I gotta go.
"Pris? Wear a vibrator tomorrow. I have to get going."
Pris gives you a kiss on the cheek.
"I-if you say so..."
You swim across the bath, cleaning off all the sweat and cum you got on yourself, before getting dry and dressed.
You walk out into the bedroom and sit down. What should you do now..?

>[]...is that a computer on the desk?
>[]Still need to discuss Inquisition stuff with Alagos.
>[]Fought Alagos, had sex with Pris... what physical activity can I do with Sasha?
>Fought Alagos, had sex with Pris... what physical activity can I do with Sasha?
Arm wrestle?
You walk out of the bedroom. Alagos is still smacking his spoon against metal stuff. He looks up at you.
"Krystal, I found B flat!"
"That's nice, Alagos."
You find Sasha in the kitchen making some cookies.
"Oh, hi Krystal!" she smiles at you, placing her tray in the oven.
"What can I do--"
"Arm wrestle."
Sasha looks surprised.
"Er, you want to..? Okay."
She sits down and you lock your arms together.

>Roll 1D100 (some nonsense in the email field, can't remember)
Rolled 97 (1d100)

Bless me, dice gods
Sasha is surprisingly strong (succubus, after all), but you easily slam her hand down.
"Oh! Nice one, Krystal!"
Sasha smiles at you again. She's too nice.
"I guess your exercise routine is pretty good. I always thought about making my own, but--"
She shrugs. "Sex always kept me from getting too fat. Everything I ate just kind of went to my boobs, anyway."
She giggles. Those are some nice boobs...
No, you're not jealous.

>[]Those cookies look pretty good. I think I'll wait here for some.
>[]I think Alagos is more into butts, personally.
>[]Nice talk. I need to go make sure he doesn't swallow that spoon... I swear, he's like a kid sometimes.
>Those cookies look pretty good. I think I'll wait here for some.
"Good idea."
You talk about nothing in particular for the next few minutes. It'd be pretty boring if detailed in, say, a quest thread.
Your conversation is interrupted by the beeping of the oven.
"Ah! It's done!"
Sasha pulls the cookie sheet out with her bare hands and places it on the counter.
"This thing's got some fire magic in it. I don't know how it works, but it's pretty nice."
She hands you a cookie. Crunchy on the outside, chewy and chocolatey on the inside. Mmmmmm... all you need is some--
Sasha opens the fridge. "Want some milk?"
She just read your mind. Yes, please.
Alagos pops his head around the corner.
"I smell chocolate."

>[]Sasha made cookies.
>[]It's your imagination. What even were you doing with that spoon?
>Sasha made cookies.
Still ask about the spoon tho
"Sasha made us cookies. Also, what exactly was that spoon about?"
Alagos crammed a cookie in his mouth and swallowed it.
"You never know. I might want to play a song, but I don't have any proper instruments. Or maybe an alien comes around and if I play a specific note at a specific frequency, it's head explodes. Although... I guess I wouldn't need a spoon. I REEEEEEd a guy's face off once."
Well... he's certainly got an interesting thought process.
"I was mostly just bored, though. Pass the milk."
He drinks straight out of the jug, as well... you suppose god germs would be most likely to give you superpowers, so whatever.

>[]I kinda dominated Pris, by the way.
>[]Aliens? Are you a conspiracy theorist?
"Can you teach me how to REEEEEE a guys face off too?"
check 'em
"Well... no. You'd need an immortal respiratory system and 500 MPH winds, or LRAD."
Ah. Well, that's disappointing.
"Yeah, sorry. I called a guy over to help you learn magic."
That's good--wait, when?
"While you were in the bath. There's a big message board for all the gods to yell at each other."
That's certainly convenient.

>[]What kind of magic do you think I should learn?
>[]Can you tell me more about 'this guy?'
>What kind of magic do you think I should learn?
Some sort of weather magic, probably
Alagos shrugs.
"Whatever you want, I guess. I heard that everyone's soul naturally gravitates toward a specific type of magic, some more than others. Mine is supposedly so attuned to storms I can't use any other elemental stuff. I can't really give you any evaluation on other types of magic, but... electricity is good against armor and grounded things."
A chime rings out from hidden speakers.
"Pris! The gate!"
Pris, half-dressed and flushed, hurries past you.
A few moments later, a humanoid stone figure marched into the room.
"Which one of you is Miss Tassoni?"
You tentatively raise your hand.
"Take this."
The golem holds out its hand. A small pill is nestled inside.
"It will determine your magical affinity. You may choose to study a different form of magic, but it would be 20-75% more inefficient to do so."
You swallow the pill down with a glass of milk. Your blood vessels begin glowing a few moments later.
The golem nods.
"Light magic, it seems. Possibly due to Aeneth's intervention with your physiology... may I request a DNA sample?"

>[]Uh, okay...
>[]Hey, didn't Alagos say he was calling in a god?
(Also specify the school of magic you would like to practice. I'll default to light if nobody has any non-troll suggestions)
>Uh, okay...
Yea I'm down with light magic. Ain't nothing wrong with that.
File: IMG_0916.jpg (432 KB, 840x560)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
"Uh, okay... if you want."
Some sort of pneumatic thing appears in the golem's hand. It places it against your arm and sucks out some of your blood.
"Much obliged. Your school of magic?"
"Light. Wouldn't want to trigger you for being inefficient."
"Your considerations has been noted. Here."
A tall stack of books appears in the golem's hands. It gives them to you.
"My purpose here is done. I can only pray you are able to understand the intricacies of the magical arts. Farewell."
The golem disappears, leaving you with a teetering stack of magical tomes that would probably sell for a LOT of money.

>[]Well, no time like the present. Let's get studying.
>[]I don't much like your brother, Alagos...
>Well, no time like the present. Let's get studying.
We're a hard workin gal
(That you are)
"Well, I'm off to study."
You make your way over to the fortress's library, carefully balancing the ridiculous amount of books you've been burdened with. You make it without incident and settle on looking through the magical theory book first.
"All magic stems from our surroundings, an all-encompassing superdense 'dark matter'... I'm too dumb for this."

Roll 1d100 for learning magic.
Rolled 52 (1d100)

Readin' sho is tuff
You press your face into the book, making a noise halfway between a groan and a death rattle.
The meta is real. This book just has so many topics you can't seem to wrap your head around.
You've learned that dark matter is magic, and it's able to 'edit' matter, but you have no idea how it does so or how you can harness it. Meme magic is easier than this...

"...Krystal? You okay?"
Wha? Taff off...
You sit up. Ah. You must've fallen asleep in the library. Either that, or someone erased your memories and put you in here. Pris is standing next to you and shaking your shoulder. You notice a trickle of liquid making its way down her leg...

>[]Carry me to bed, I think my joints have calcified.
>[]Magic is hard. Why can't I just use guns? It's like magic already, you point and shoot and people die.
>[]I. Am. Starving. All I've eaten yesterday was cum and some cookies, and that does *not* help my morning breath...
>I. Am. Starving. All I've eaten yesterday was cum and some cookies, and that does *not* help my morning breath...
"I see."
Pris helps you out of the chair.
"Just walk. The soreness should subside in a few hours."
Agh... yeah, that smarts. You sit down at the kitchen table, getting the cricks out of your neck as you do. Alagos was sitting at the table and eating... clouds.
"Hi, Krystal. There's this machine thingy that fabricated whatever you're craving. I guess we'll use that whenever we can't be bothered to make an actual meal."
Great. You grab a plate and return with some pancakes the machine made. Pretty decent... Pris doesn't get anything, for obvious reasons.
"Where's Sasha?" you ask.
You lean under the table and see Sasha casually blowing Alagos.
"...at the table?"
Alagos keeps eating his clouds.
"It's what she eats. This stuff is great, by the way. You should try it."

>[]Pass it over. What is this, like actual clouds..?
>[]I'm good. Do you think I should use some other kind of weapon along with my sword..?
>I'm good. Do you think I should use some other kind of weapon along with my sword..?
Like a big stupid gun
Alagos drums his fingers on the table.
"Well, you could use a knife. Small, concealable, plenty of other uses. Plus you can use it to help block attacks or parry--GKH!"
Alagos jerked, nearly spilling his clouds. Sasha got out from under the table, wiping her mouth off.
"Thanks, master."
"No problem. Anyway... you could also use a shield. It's heavier, but has more surface area to block and bash things."
He clears his throat, taking a drink of milk.
"For your guns, I'd recommend picking enemies off before charging in. You'll want to conserve your ammo until you can manufacture more or find some kind of substitute."

>[]I'll definitely carry a knife, might as well learn some stuff to do with it. (Dual-wield dexterity build, basically)
>[]Shield. Just hope nobody has any GEP guns... (STR tanky build)
>[]Stealth, for sure. I don't think I'd survive long in close combat. (Fantasy S.T.A.L.K.E.R)
>Shield. Just hope nobody has any GEP guns... (STR tanky build)
Time to get SWOLE
File: IMG_0921.jpg (130 KB, 736x1104)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
"Sounds like I'll be needing heavy armor..."
Alagos nods.
"Yeah, mortals are pretty fragile. I mean seriously, some of you die from falling down the stairs..."
Alagos gets up and leads you to the training hall.
"We better get you in some armor, then. Might as well get weight training and swordplay at the same time."
You feel slightly disappointed that he didn't even *try* to direct you toward a chain mail bikini. Slightly.
"This one looks good... Pris!"
Pris hurried into the room.
"Help Krystal put on this armor. I need to go find a shield."
He wanders off. Pris begins the laborious process of dressing you.
"I-it shouldn't be too heavy... you're pretty fit."
Pris keeps rubbing her thighs together, making a point to never bend over.

>[]I was joking about the vibrator thing...
>[]Lift up her skirt.
>[]Pay her no mind. This armor stuff, though.
>Pay her no mind. This armor stuff, though.
You can let her wait a bit longer.
She's fine.
You're liking this armor, though. It's not as heavy as you expected it to be. Sure, your movements are impaired, but it's not like wearing a small building. All this extra weight would definitely play a factor in fighting from now on. And those gauntlets... you kind of want to get disarmed so you have an excuse to punch someone with those.
Pris finally hands you your helmet. Fortunately, it wasn't one of those weird ones with the plumes. Just kinda rounded with a visor. You keep your hair in a ponytail, so that isn't a problem, either.
Visibility's limited, but that's the price you pay for not getting your eyes gouged out.
Alagos comes back and hands you a kiteshield.
"Here. Just strap it on like this... it's better for defending against bashing weapons, but you should be okay if anyone tries to stab you. The armor's been reinforced with magic, so I'm pretty sure it could deflect a 9mm easy. Still, they've probably reinforced their weapons as well."
You take your places on opposite sides of the arena.
"Ready when you are."
"I'm so gonna kick your ass."

Roll 1d100!
Rolled 48 (1d100)

Rolled 92 (1d100)

Beat his ass
Alagos must've let his guard down since yesterday, because even with your sore muscles and new burdens, you knock his first strike away and slam into him, shoulder first. Alagos nearly falls over from that.
You continue through the exercises, learning how to parry with the shield, about blocking from various directions, surprise attacks from the right, etc.
End-of-session duel. You dodge several swings, counterattack, parry, and slam into him again. You manage to use the armor's weight more efficiently this time, knocking down a literal god.
Well, you fell on top of him as well, but still.
"Gah, you're heavy." Alagos groans. "I'll get you next time."

>[]Kiss the fool.
>[]What are you, a cartoon villain?
>[]I forgot to *actually* kick your ass...
>[x]What are you, a cartoon villain?
File: IMG_0924.png (53 KB, 934x720)
53 KB
(Couldn't find the original image... template still works)
You sit up and lift your helmet's visor.
"Justice will always prevail, vile storm god!"
Heh. It's pretty nice up here. While you can't *actually* rape him... you can dream, can't you?
"Uh, Krystal? You're drooling."
Wha-? Oh, you were. You wipe your mouth off and start unbuckling your armor. Not all of it, just the stuff getting in the way.
You unzip Alagos's pants, grinning as you grind against him.
"Hey, Alagos. I've kinda wanted to try this for a while..."
You steady your breath in and slowly slide his dick into your ass.
You half moan, half curse as you do so. You now realize all those 'I'm being split in two!' girls weren't overreacting. Much.
Still... it was good. You start moving your hips, unconsciously sliding your cold, metal fingers into your pussy.
You don't last much longer after that. Alagos still came before you did, though. You're either really good, or really lucky.
You slide off, rolling onto the ground next to Alagos.

>[]I love you, dammit... and I hate myself for it.
>[]Pris, we need cleanup! And an ice pack...
(Need to sucker more players with fetishes)
>Pris, we need cleanup! And an ice pack...
Pris comes around the corner with a rag, spray bottle, and ice pack.
"Y-yes, of course."
Her legs seem to be shaking, and the rag was already pretty wet...
You clean yourself up and apply the pack to your behind.
"Thanks, Pris. I think I'll take my lunch in the library... I really need to cut down on the muscle strain."
You take off the rest of your armor and waddle over to the library.
"Call me!" Alagos cries out.
You toss the ice pack onto your favorite chair and take a seat. Much better...
Oh, yeah. Magic. You sigh and pick up the theory book again. Monkeys and typewriters.

Roll 1d100! (Possible sex bonus)
Rolled 100 (1d100)

reedin iz fun
oh fuk
Well damn. Knowledge is power I guess
File: IMG_0672.jpg (57 KB, 361x473)
57 KB
It all clicks into place. You can see the lattice of space, shimmering and dancing before you, able to grant all your wishes and desires with only sheer willpower.
You hold your hand out in front of you. A light appears in your palm. You snuff it out, looking around the room.
You look around the room. For a brief moment, the nature of matter is revealed, but the epiphany subsides. The lattice is gone, but you can still feel it and its effects on the world around you.
Your sword... you unsheathed it, stand, and thrust it forward. A beam of light pierces the air in front of you.
>You've become magically proficient! Simply spend enough time with a spell, and you will learn it.
>You've learned: Light, DS3 ripoff spell.

>[]Look for some kind of muscle soothing spell. Spacetime manipulation's great, but your butt still hurts.
You get up and stuff the cold pack down the back of your pants, running back over to the training hall.
Alagos looks at you in a confused manner. "Uh, they're all fixed to the--"
SCREW IT you run outside, staring down at the wobbly, silver surface of the moon.
You fire your laser at the surface of the moon. It ricochets off, speeding toward the planet in the distance...


The man sat up in bed in the middle of the night.
Of course. That's it!
He hurriedly dresses himself and bursts out the door of his home.
The perfect form of government! Share the wealth equally, and nobody will want to hurt each other! There's nobody to be jealous of, after all.
The man notices the area around him getting brighter. He looks up, seeing beams of glorious white light descend from the heavens.
"This must be a sign from the gods!" he cries, falling to his knees.
"Truly, I am chosen. I will be the one to usher in the era of commu--"
The man was cut off as he was vaporized by a laser from space.


You stop firing lasers. The chances of anyone being hit down there were low, but the chances of a hit doing anything good were even lower...
You're kinda hungry, now that you think about it. Maybe you should get some f o o d...
You collapse.

You open your eyes. Sasha is looking down at you with concern.
"Krystal! Are you okay?"

>[]Yeah... what happened?
>[]Please tell me I didn't get some kind of disease from anal.
>Yeah... what happened?
"You collapsed outside, almost fell down the stairs. You used too much magic at once."
Ah. So that's what happened.
You take a closer look at your surroundings. It appears to be the bedroom, your head is lying on Sasha's lap.

>[]*stomach growls*
>[]Sasha... I can fire lasers. It was glorious.
>[]Why are you so nice to me? We barely even know each other.
>Sasha... I can fire lasers. It was glorious.
>Why are you so nice to me? We barely even know each other.
Didn't we try to kill each other when we first met?
"I know I shouldn't overuse magic, but... lasers, Sasha."
The succubus nods.
"Yep. But... why are you being so nice? You were kind of antagonistic, then you tried to kill me, then we just sort of... coexisted."
Sasha chuckles and lifts you into a hug. Her tail curls around and starts stroking your hair.
"Master loves you, silly! And if he loves someone, I love them too."
"Mmmblmm." you mutter. She'd pressed your face in between her breasts. The maternal instincts are strong in this one.

>[]I'm hungry. Please bring me food.
>[]He does..? Too clingy. Good thing I'll be out of here soon.
>[]You don't need to say anything. Just let Sasha keep your face warm...
>[]Grope her.
>You don't need to say anything. Just let Sasha keep your face warm...
You relax and let Sasha happily go on about how everyone's gonna have lemonade and gather around the table and play Scrabble blah blah blah. Boobs...
"--remember, you should probably knock before opening the door--"
You take your face out of Sasha's chest long enough to take a look. Alagos was apparently showing around some maids of... interesting nature. That one's got scales.
You allow Sasha to continue assaulting you.
"...case in point. Now, the training hall might require some specialized cleaning--"

>[]Okay, now you can grope the succubus.
>[]Enough of this. Let's go follow the tour group.
>[]Fall asleep.
>Enough of this. Let's go follow the tour group.
Get those maids to make you a sandwich
You push Sasha away from you.
"That was nice, but I'm *really* starving."
"Oh, if you want, I can--"
"No, I'm good."
"Aww... come back sometime, okay?"
Maybe later. You run over to the kitchen.
"--and that concludes our tour. Questions..? No? Okay, your first assignment will be to--"
"MAKE ME A SANDWICH!" you shout, bursting into the room.
Alagos blinks. "Don't mind her, she's got some issues."
Ha ha. But seriously, you're suffering from magic deficiency and you've had nothing to eat for... many hours. You NEED a sandwich.
One of the maids speaks up. "What kind would you like, er, mistress?"

>[]Grilled cheese.
>[]I don't really care.
Club sandwich master race
File: IMG_0932.jpg (105 KB, 614x409)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
You give the maids crash course Gordon Ramsey instructions on how to make a club sandwich, and they begin to do so. It's mildly chaotic, due to about ten maids trying to make a single sandwich. One of them just kept sucking up to Alagos the whole time. Brought her own maid outfit and kept dropping things. You suspect from Alagos's shifty eyes that she doesn't have any panties on, either.

>[]Start yelling something about idiot sandwiches or lamb sauce at the slut. You don't want to have to compete with other girls.
>[]You don't really care. He's probably going to have sex with every one of these girls sometime, anyway.
>You don't really care. He's probably going to have sex with every one of these girls sometime, anyway.
File: IMG_0934.jpg (47 KB, 480x318)
47 KB
I-it's not like you care or anything... WHERE'S YOUR SANDWICH!?
The maids manage to reach a consensus and place your club sandwich before you.
"H-here you go, mistress!" they nervously chime in unison.
You slowly take a bite. The tension is palpable...
You swallow, stare deep into the maids eyes, and start to speak.
"...this sandwich is acceptable. Dismissed."
They sigh in relief. Alagos gives them their assignments. You don't pay attention, you're too busy trying not to wolf the entire thing down. It's a pretty good sandwich.
Alagos sighs and sits across the table.
"Those were some pretty dank lasers."
Dank isn't really how you'd describe it, but thanks.

>[]Enjoying the view, earlier?
>[]You need to take a day off. All the training and pseudo-rape's done a number on you. You don't want to tear a ligament.
File: IMG_0650.jpg (63 KB, 303x322)
63 KB
>[x]Enjoying the view, earlier?
Alagos looks uncomfortable. He pulls on his shirt collar a little.
"It wasn't an unpleasant experience. But..."
He frowns and steeples his fingers.
"I'm detecting ulterior motives from that maid..."
"She just wants to have sex with you so she can brag about it, it's not really complicated."
Alagos raises an eyebrow.
"I doubt it's really that simple."

How do you respond?
Hell, that's why I did it.
File: IMG_0834.jpg (95 KB, 476x546)
95 KB
Alagos stared blankly at you.
"...is that what I am to you, Krystal? An achievement? Why can't you just love me for who I am?"
"I don't love *you*, just your dick. And the fact that you'll give me free combat training, room, and board for having sex with you every once in a while."
Alagos smiles at you.
"Don't be so tsundere. We both know you're gonna miss me."
He stands up and grabs a handful of cookies.
"Well, I'm off. Someone's trying to strike me down with some ghetto ritual, I'm gonna go smite them."
He walks away, leaving you alone with an empty plate and a (still) sore butt.

>[]Muscle soothing spell. This is interfering with your concentration.
>[]Back to Sasha's boobs. Maybe she'll let you grope them.
>[]You smuggled modern technology here in the form of a PS5. Set it up, get some ice cream from the magic food device, and be a lazy bitch for the rest of the day.
File: IMG_0902.jpg (176 KB, 995x657)
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176 KB JPG
Thread's been archived. Stay tuned for the next one!
(This is my new end of thread pic I guess)

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