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Previous threads:

Last time, our hero Krystal stormed a stronghold to repurpose as her Order's headquarters. She gained some interesting slime powers, trained a few adepts, and unlocked the vault in the basement. She is currently trying to perfect her dimensional rift spell.

Roll 1d20!
Rolled 4 (1d20)

You physically pry the dimensional rift in front of you open. What you see is a strange imitation of the room you're standing in. All the colors are clashing, the furniture is knobby and warped, and there seems to be a version of you staring back through the rift. It's blond snake hair raises and a xenomorph-esque head pops out of its mouth, rasping.
"¿uoy era kcuf eht tahW"
You close the rift. That's all you needed to see.

>[]Give Faervel the axe you found (optional seduction, roll 1d20)
>[]See about producing some guns in the city. Surely someone can help you.
>[]Keep trying at the spell. The warp hasn't completely taken hold yet. (D20)
File: IMG_0922.jpg (749 KB, 1000x1307)
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749 KB JPG

"Bikini armor was originally developed by a perverted blacksmith for his fiancé, but it was soon found that kinetic shielding enchantments could make even these fetishistic garments a viable choice of armor. It became popular with Salamandria, whose denizens reject heavy armor in favor of mobility, partly due to lack of mineral resources. It's ease of conceal and complimentary nature make it a favorite amongst the Sylph nobility as well, who believe that the female form should not be squandered beneath puffy dresses or baggy robes."
Open the rift again, for I believe we haven't seen nearly enough!
(Okay, roll a d20 to see if something weird happens or not)
Rolled 2 (1d20)

(It must be fate. Krystal is not fated to learn dimensional magic)
You open another rift.
It's completely dark inside. You lean forward to take a closer look...
A pair of glowing purple eyes snaps open. You feel malevolence radiating from whatever you've just woken. It's gaze fixed on your holy symbol, and a slowly amplifying roar emanates from the creature. You close the rift before it does something you'll regret.
You're pretty hungry now. You've gotten better at limiting spell drain, but this many unfamiliar, failed spells... well, it's lunchtime anyway.
You go down to the mess hall to grab some food, handing Faervel the axe you found in the vault.
"Here. It's shiny and blue, so it's probably better than yours."
She looks pretty happy.
"This is star quartz! Where did you find it?"
"There's a vault downstairs. All that's left is money, I think."

>[]Can I get a kiss? Favors for favors.
>[]Fucking dimensional bullshit Cthulhu doppelgänger ancient horrors fuck my ass.
>[]Well, let's get lunch.

>[]Fucking dimensional bullshit Cthulhu doppelgänger ancient horrors fuck my ass.
>[]Can I get a kiss? Favors for favors.
You mutter something about 'faggot-ass H.P Lovecraft daemons from /b/' while thinking back to your magical mishaps.
"Is something wrong..?"
Faervel looks kind of worried.
"No, just failed a bunch at casting a spell." you reply, turning to go do something else.
"Actually... Faervel, would you mind giving me a kiss?"
Faervel turns red. "What? No! I'm into women..."
"It's just a quick kiss. It was hard work, opening that vault, walking in, and nonchalantly picking up a valuable axe lying around like trash."
Faervel bites her lip and looks around nervously.
"Its star quaaaaartz~"
"...fine. But not here."
You take Faervel into a storeroom on the other side of the stronghold. Nobody really comes in here, due to it being pretty hard to find and nowhere near any convenient places.
"This isn't any better--"
You chuckle.
"Relax. I was nervous my first time, too."
You put your arms around Faervel, pull her in, and give her a big kiss. She stiffens, but slowly relaxes and gives in a little. You end up tongueing for a little before you move back for some air.
Faervel is blushing furiously now and wiping her mouth.
"Krystal, I never knew you were so... passionate."
"I'm full of surprises."

>[]Here, let me show you. (Slimy rape mode)
>[]That's all. (Go off to do something else)
>[]I'm not done yet, Faervel.
File: IMG_1085.jpg (423 KB, 900x1227)
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423 KB JPG

"Most major gods have patron cities. The city of the old storm god Bôr, Diluvuim, was flooded just after his death. While the gods tried their best to reign in the storms, the perpetual maelstrom Bôr kept around his favored city could not be contained in time. Thousands died, tens of thousands fled. The entire region was abandoned, and has not been ventured into since."
>I'm not done yet, Faervel.
>I'm not done yet, Faervel.

>[]I'm not done yet, Faervel.
Gona use that handle of your axe
"Oh, Faervel. You thought I was done?"
She jumps a little. "Wait, I--"
You gently push her onto some old crates and grab her axe.
"Just relax and--okay, this is heavy."
You sigh and lay the axe down on the floor. The shaft would've probably given her splinters anyway. You kneel in front of Faervel and start pulling her armor's bottom off.
"Krystal, I don't think I can--"
"Don't moan too loud."
You start out with a long lick, trailing your tongue up toward her clit.
After a few moments, Faervel's back arches and she can barely keep herself from crying out. You take advantage of her exhaustion by giving her another kiss. With her cum still in your mouth.
"Blech--! That's disgusting!" she says, despite licking her lips clean.
You pull her up and take her place, taking off your pants.
"Hope you paid attention, cause it's my turn."
Faervel nervously glances toward the door and slowly leans in towards your crotch.
She's a little clumsy, but learns quickly. She gets to her feet and wipes her mouth off.
"...the taste. I don't really hate it."
You take off your shirt and help Faervel out of her armor top.
"See? I just wanted to make you feel good."


Fifteen minutes later, you're wiping yourself off with an old tapestry depicting Bôr holding a hammer aloft.
"Krystal, I don't think that's--"
"Fuck Bôr, he's dead."

(I've been considering a timeskip... no less than a month forward. If there's anything you want to do before then or anything specific you want to work on during the time skip, let me know)
go for it
You groan and feel about your surroundings, picking the gunk out of the corner of your eyes.
You sit up and look around. Faervel and Jaylen are fast asleep next to you. Oh, yeah. You finally managed to get her into a threesome. Too bad you can't remember all that well.
You get dressed for PT, throwing the distinctive blue cloak of the Order around your shoulders.
You've organized a mercenary army from what you could gather around the city. Jobs protecting caravans and shit have kept the coffers from emptying completely, and you even have enough to experiment! Speak of the devil.
You grab the idiot trainee by the shoulder.
"You do not hold your rifle with one hand." you growl. "But don't let me stop you. Fire it if you want."
The trainee gulps nervously.
Kunzom, a blacksmith who happens to be part of the Order, had helped you design some primitive firearms. Making barrels with rifling was pretty easy, and so was making bullets out of scrap via transmutation. The hardest part was securing the projectiles and hooking the explosive rune to the trigger, but you figured something out with Alagos.
The trainee smiles weakly and places his other hand on the rifle.
"Sorry about that, Krystal--I mean, ma'am. I mean--"

What's your title?
>[]High Priestess
>[]Queen Bitch
Gloria Supremus Imperator

>[]Queen Bitch
(Flipped a coin... Supremis Imperator it is)
"Good. You remembered."
You leave the trainee and survey the training grounds. Guns are great and all, but that brought a new danger.
You've noticed a trainee slowly getting farther away from his group. The next time you turn around, he's gone.
You tell the guards to secure the area and set off after him. You catch up pretty quickly and give the bastard a kick to the back of his knee.
"I-imperator! What is--I was on my way to the lavatory!"
"Yeah, I've heard that before. From literally all your friends. Come up with something a little more believable, at least! What were you taking the gun for, are you scared of the toilet?"
You shoot the spy in the foot, grab his rifle and walk back to the training grounds.
"Don't be such a baby, they cut off hands for stealing in some countries."
You let out a deep sigh and hand the rifle off to the quartermaster, sitting back down in your Imperator lawn chair.
«Oh, Krystaaaaal!»
"Ah, fuck... Rolland, bring me some alcohol."
"I hoped you'd last until lunchtime, at least..."
"I did, too."

>[]Go away, Alagos. I'm busy.
>[](monotone) Yes Lord Alagos what may I do for you.
>[]Internally scream.
(I've got a dentist appointment today, btw. I'll probably be unable to reply for a while)
>(monotone) Yes Lord Alagos what may I do for you.
File: Spoiler Image (700 KB, 640x880)
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700 KB PNG
«Yeah, I love you, too. Anyway. I've got some pretty important stuff you should hear, so I'll be giving it in person. Clear everyone out of the chapel.»
You sigh and stand up, taking a bracing shot of alcohol from the bottle Rolland has provided before handing it back to him.
"I'll be praying in the chapel. Please tell Faervel and Jaylen if tether not be disturbed."
"Yes, Imperator."
You shoo the chapel maiden and several zealots out of the chapel and close the doors. Alagos appears almost immediately, grabbing you in a hug from behind.
"Hi, Krystal. I should really get you some toothpaste, your breath smells like cum and alcohol."
"My favorite things. What the hell do you want?"
Alagos releases you and sits in a pew, rubbing his eyes.
"Can't even give you a hug without you bitching. Fine then. I've got a little crusade for you to go on. Thought I'd give you something to do besides shoot spies. But before that... well... I'm pretty sure I got Sasha pregnant."

How do you respond?
File: IMG_1102.jpg (19 KB, 225x240)
19 KB
Alagos sighed.
"I should've guessed that would be your reaction."
You get over your initial surprise and give Alagos a disappointed look.
"As a wise man once said... Jesus tap-dancing Christ. Stop talking to me and go get parenting lessons from whoever's in charge of that up there. I'm not raising it."
"I guess that's a good idea. Crusade mission first, though. You know about Diluvium?"
Yes. You've been approached by at least nine offers for funding or property rights and shit, but accepted none, due to your distaste for wandering into a flooded region filled with Aeneth knows how many revenants and brigands.
"Well good, because you're going to reclaim it. Ruin's sent his Death Pauldrons or whatever to go occupy it, and that's just not right. He can't have two cities, that's cheating!"

>[]As you command, my lord.
>[]Just smite those fuckers and tell them to piss off.
>[]Yeah, that's great, but why don't we get back on the subject of what you're going to do with a FUCKING KID?
File: IMG_1103.png (1.64 MB, 1143x1295)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG

"Ruin's Death Pauldrons are the military force of his Order. They are well-trained and well-armed, as well as manditorily strong, having to wear full plate whilst swinging their great cleaver-like swords. They have mages, in the sense that a knight who can cast a fireball is technically a mage, denoted by the flames on their armor. The Pauldrons like spikes a little too much, making their armor a major obstacle for both their enemies and themselves. They have also trained their minds to never, EVER, scratch an itch."
File: IMG_1104.jpg (245 KB, 838x1100)
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245 KB JPG
(Wrong image. Whoops)
>Just smite those fuckers and tell them to piss off.
File: IMG_1109.jpg (59 KB, 500x500)
59 KB
"Oh, believe me, I'd love to. But apparently it'd cause a big stink all around and give everyone conniptions. Something about being unfair. As it is, I can kill a few on the way there, and anyone who enters my holy ground with hostile intentions is free game."
"That'd be the whole city, right?"
"Nope, I have to get a certain Imperator over there to consecrate it for me. Everyone's just sort of sitting back and waiting for the sparks up there. You've got a dragon-summoning whistle, at least--OH NOES, how could I go and let that slip?"

>[]I guess I'll go retake your city. I get a mansion or something, right?
>[]How does anyone make the gods abide by rules..?
>[]Let 'em have the place, I just got comfortable where I'm staying now.
>How does anyone make the gods abide by rules..?
"With very stern warnings, pain, and should disobedience persist, Bôr's fate. I'd rather not end up like that, and I'm pretty sure you'd rather not end up like that guy you killed."
Well, he's right about that.
"Anyway, I better go and figure out how to keep Sasha in good spirits for nine months. I will most likely fail. See ya."
Alagos turned into a bolt of lightning and sort of awkwardly felt his way around the chapel until he found a way out.

>[]Well... better get ready. (Is there anything specific you want to take on your crusade?)
>[]Let's wait until dinner.
File: IMG_1118.jpg (36 KB, 800x800)
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"Clover Isle is an experimental penitentiary off the east coast of Diubes. It's name is derived from the thriving clover flowers that may be found there. It's population consists of criminals, social outcasts, and degenerates of all kinds, as well as a large number of monster girls with high libido and rape fetishes. This would seem more like a reward than punishment, if the monsters didn't happen to have an inclination toward human flesh. As soon as the poor victim loses their stamina, they are promptly devoured, dissolved, or vore'd in gruesome ways. Of course, nobody outside of Clover Isle knows about the existence of these monsters, so as to keep poor fools from going there themselves. Nobody knows why the catgirls never seem to progress past the age of thirteen."
>Let's wait until dinner.
Yeah, might as well save yourself some trouble and tell everyone at once.
In the meantime, you're kind of hungry, so might as well pay the mess hall a visit. Jaylen and a guard are standing outside the door whispering to each other, and clam up when you approach.
"Hey, you mind moving? I'm hungry."
Jaylen and the guard look at each other, then back at you.
"Oh, I'll get you something, just a minute."
Nobody's ever gotten food for you like this.
She slips into the mess and returns a few moments later with a sandwich of sorts.
"Here you go!" she says, handing it to you.

>[]What are you doing behind my back?
>[]If you tell me what happened, I promise I won't be mad.
>If you tell me what happened, I promise I won't be mad.
A bead of sweat runs down Jaylen's forehead.
"Well, one of the cooks set up a trap for a certain moocher, you see... someone keeps sneaking in and stealing food. We know who it is, and he's not due back until this afternoon, so we're making sure nobody enters and gets ensnared until then."
The guard nods to Jaylen's words. "Yeah, there's a bucket of water ready to be dumped on Richard. Then the cook'll smack him over the head with a ladle."
Hmm. Wouldn't it be easier to just tell him to stop?
"We thought it'd be best to make an impression."

>[]Heh. I'd like to see that... carry on.
>[]I'm not buying it.
>[]Fill the bucket with piss instead. Nobody steals from the Order.
>Fill the bucket with piss instead. Nobody steals from the Order.
The guard salutes, placing his fist over his heart.
"Yes, Imperator. As soon as we're able."
You nod and make your way through the stronghold. Gareth pokes his head out of his office as you pass. 'Fiscal Advisor', the sign on the door says.
"Profits are increasing steadily! That pyramid scheme I set up didn't hurt either... we should be able to standardize armor enchantment soon."

>[]Put that off. We're going on a crusade to retake Diluvium.
>[]If that pyramid scheme is ever found out, I swear to Alagos...
>Put that off. We're going on a crusade to retake Diluvium.
"...is this another one of your 'memes'? Like when you get drunk and start talking about 'Jerusalem'?"
Shit, that was real? No, this isn't some meme. Alagos gave you explicit orders.
"Well, I'll arrange for the proper equipment..."
Oh, yeah. The Death Pauldrons were going to be involved. Would that be a problem?
Gareth runs back into his office. That answers that question...

>[]Stick around to talk about the mission some more.
>[]Where's Faervel? You haven't seen her since you woke up.
>[]Go experiment with slime powers. You recently figured out how to add more slime to yourself.
>Go experiment with slime powers. You recently figured out how to add more slime to yourself.
File: IMG_1125.png (31 KB, 350x127)
31 KB
You go back to your room, strip off your clothing and step into the shower. It had taken a fair sum to install, but you are not willing to part with hygiene. Plus it's fun to have sex in.
You plug the drain, turn into a slime, and reach a tentacle up to turn the faucet.
The secret to growing in slime form is fluid. Cum, blood, water, it just gets sucked in and used to make yourself larger. You've only really used the ability to make your tits a little bigger (kind of vain, but you always thought they were a little too small), but you're ready to go farther.
You've formed a two-foot deep slimy cube in the shower now. You turn off the faucet and slowly start shaping yourself.
Hey, it worked! Two Krystals, linked together by a handhold. It's weird, staring at yourself from two sets of eyes. You alter one Krystal's hairstyle just to distinguish who is who.
Interesting. But this extra slime is kind of cumbersome. You'll have your fun with this later. You cut yourself off from the clone and unplug the drain. Might as well clean off the post-slime film covering you--
As you reach to turn the faucet back on, another hand grabs it at the same time as you. You look to your left to see yourself staring back at you.

>[]Kill the clone before she tries to take your place.
>[]Time to fuck yourself. Just like so many people have told you to!
>[]You go be the Imperator, I'll stay up here and sleep. Deal?
>time to fuck yourself.
File: IMG_1128.jpg (283 KB, 1600x1226)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
There was only one logical conclusion to this. You grab your clone, she grabs you, and you start making out.
"I love you..." your clone mutters, sliding her hand toward your crotch.
"I love you, too." you reply, pushing her away and pressing yourself against the wall.
"I've been with women plenty already. I need a dick inside me."
Your clone obliges, growing a slimy cock and sliding it into your ass.
Things go on like this for about three hours, ending with you both licking slime off each other.
"Damn, you're amazing. But what am I supposed to do..?" you clone sighs.

>[]We can say we're twins. You can be Crystal with a c. It'll be glorious.
>[]We can just glob ourselves back together and turn the excess into a little slime, maybe have it go rape Alagos.
>[]Dive for your gun.
>We can just glob ourselves back together and turn the excess into a little slime
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We've reached page 10. Pretty quickly, too... new thread!

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