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File: Inquisitor.jpg (90 KB, 564x1037)
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Rolled 29 (1d140)

Rolling for interrogation.
You mean
The inquisitor seems to be making pointed questions that you deflect easily, his calm seems to crack for a moment and he grinds his teeth. You do a good job of not revealing anything without being antagonistic.
"Done. Here."

"Gram. Stays. You. May Stay." While free to go initiates can show you to quarters for the night. Gram will be wheeled in.
Am I waiting for something, or can I go ahead and exacerbate my situation?
On the fence for waiting for Arthur, when wheeled in they give you something to wake you up.

Up to you if you want to wait or not.
Rolled 77 (1d100)

Guess I'll go ahead and get it moving.

Break out if I can.

If not, tell him his mother is a bitch, and his father was a heretic for fucking a dog.
Rolled 137 (1d140)


You wake and waste no time thrashing and shouting into your gag.

The inquisitor watches for a moment, before gesturing to the Paladin -- who turns pressing a loose stone of the back wall.

A small gap appears, which Gram is then taken through leading to a small cell.

"If. You. Leave. You. Talk."

He shuts the door, leaving you in suffocating silence. The only noise: the beating of your heart.
A deafening crack resonates from the interrogation room, then the door blasts open screeching on unoiled hinges.

The Paladin and Inquisitor rush forth, the Inquisitor curses under this breath.
"Damn. Cultist. Teleported. Away."

>Zoot knows he is lying.

>What do you all do?
Rolled 60 (1d100)

Rolling to be able to do my action
Rolled 19 (1d110)

I step in front of them both, trying to stall them, and distract them. I'm getting a bad vibe about this...

"Oh, hey, what's going on? Did something go wrong? What cultist are you guys talking about? Was it a member of the group from outside, in the forest? How did they manage to get in?"

Major: T1 Inner Light [1/2]
Rolled 49 (1d100)

All right while Arthur distracts the Spaniards sneak into the room they came out of and try to find Gram.
File: dow).jpg (8 KB, 259x195)
8 KB
Rolled 19 (1d100)


Rolled 34 (1d100)

Try struggling to break free if I can.
At this point we seem pretty much fucked.

Bless me from the future, Cake!
Rolled 98, 72 = 170 (2d100)

Rolled 85 (1d120)

They are unfazed,

The Paladin moves -- a silent monolith blocking your path.

"Cultist. Rescue." He glares accusatorily, before relaxing somewhat. "You. Not. Know."

>Beat roll to know he is lying (other than Zoot)
>You all have the option to either stay the night or leave now.
Rolled 8 (1d100)

Roller skating
Welp shit seems like I need to take a minute to sit down.
Can't do an action this turn buds, its up to you guys now.
Rolled 14 (1d100)

Probably still can't do anything, but keep trying to break free.
Cake give me strength!
Rolled 99 (1d110)

I will stay the night. Can't exactly leave our good buddy Gram here to just rot, can we?

>Request that they let Gram go. I promise that I'll ensure that he does not cause trouble.
>Stay the night. I propose to James and Zoot that we should take shifts.

Rolling for convincing to let Gram go, I'm assuming the staying the night action doesn't require a roll.
Major: T1 Inner Light [1/2]
Zoot begins contemplating existence. After this fades the effects will fade.

With nothing better to do you struggle, it doesn't work but you feel like you might be able to make progress. (This action takes place over around an hour.)

To be clear, Arthur would have no way of knowing that they lied. Even if he did know he wouldn't know what about or why -- only that they did.
Arthur does know that Gram was injected with a drug, though, and that Gram was not currently with them, so it was a logical conclusion to conclude that the Inquisition was holding Gram against his will.
Fair enough, I'll give a circumstance +40 bonus to see if they are lying. Let's see a roll.

It is still entirely possible Arthur believes Cultists came and took Gram, where the inquisition would see a rescue he might see a kidnapping. I'll let you hold onto that nice roll from before though if you manage to see if they are lying.
Rolled 52 (1d110)

"Woah dude what if all of this is just a game, and we're players in that game."
After some deep thinking I get myself together. Being no longer high I formulate a plan.
>DO: Cast time slow and walk around the Spaniard into the room to look for gram. Heh silly Spaniards I know your lying and you can't just stop me by standing in front of me.
Major: T1 time slow
Rolled 96 + 40 (1d110 + 40)

Alright, rolling to detect lying, +40 bonus.

Major: T1 Inner Light [1/2]
[Devin Hines]
After deciding that a bit of healing magic would probably serve you well in the exams, you go and walk towards the healing class. It seems that the class is really full today. You then realize it’s because of the many people who probably have the same idea as you do. The professor goes over the basics, and you listen carefully.

>You learned Basic Healing Magic Theory

You go and attend Ice Class. It’s pretty cool, and the professor is quite chill.

>+1 Ice Theory

[Matthieu Faust]
You begin practicing your banishment spell. All it takes is an extra somatic gesture, or a syllable or two, but you manage to get some work in.

>You learned Banish Summoned Creature

You prepare the ritual again, and summon your spirit mentor, Bruce Lee. He appears in front of you, ready to teach. He puts you through a brutal training regimen of his own fighting style, Jeet Kune Do. He teaches you a fundamental technique that can open up a lot of opportunities for defending and countering.

>You learned Defensive Stance

You study the Water Elemental Core. It’s a strange thing. It’s clear and fluidic, yet solid and amorphous. It’s like trying to hold onto some very runny putty. Regardless, you run some tests on it, and manage to devise what you think might be a Water Elemental Beacon.

>1/3 turns until you complete [Water Elemental Beacon]

You practice your diplomatic arts. This involves you talking to others in front of a crowd. You have a couple flashbacks to your embarrassing display in the hot springs, but otherwise, you do well.

>+1 Diplomacy
>Reduced [Stuck in the Moment] by 1.

[Ean Hawthorne]
You go visit Isabel in the infirmary. She isn’t looking too hot. Well, technically she is, her chart says she’s about 1 degree F above normal. That vacation didn’t end too well for her. At least no one came back as half the person they left as. Putting your little tangent to the side, you sit next to Isabel. She tries to say something, but you can’t really make sense of it. Seems they just gave her some pain meds. She’s still lucid enough to recognize you though, and smiles. You keep your questions simple, asking if she’s okay, does she need anything, things of that nature. From her nods, she seems to be okay as far as someone in the infirmary can be. She seems happy just to have you here.
+2 Relationship with Isabel

>Garden Fey Favor used.
To be processed by the next QM.
>Posting an update in the wrong thread.

Fucking kill me. Sorry about that.

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