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Twitter: QuestingQM
Note that Twitter currently is down because I forgot my password.

Character Sheet (Full!):https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jI0aGxA_2h3SAcPYri-1fdgskbK3IbtfEzSLJ7VY9gU
Character Sheet (Renexizious Only!): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xgNKMzLUZS9L05DUCxmsvuYs-bGPIRpQsFv5k7oaBBk

Last time on EDQ we were about to deradicalize the Draconia Firma, got angry at Gwynevere as Elizabeth, nearly ate Serbia... That sort of thing.

However, in world news...

The military in France, combined with the Swedish Military does little to prevent the French Partisans... Many riots are held overnight, and the family of a Swedish officer was killed by a mob... The next day Swedish military officials responded by firing into a protest, killing twenty-four, and sparked a street-wide firefight between the French République Guard and the Swedish military...

France seems on the brink of another revolt, certainly.

Your son, Prince Dan of Denmark was caught highly intoxicated and groping multiple women in a bar, stumbling out, running into a old woman who's had her purse stolen, and went on a sort of drunken barbaric rage against the thieves, and in a fit of rage breaking their spinal cord with one hand before going back into the bar and passing out after getting into a brawl...
This has gotten the public to regard your son Dan as a bit of a drunkard barbarian.

Persia has been claimed by China as a protectorate.

Some of your citizens have begun to protest your rule at universities, being that of a war-monger... Particularly the more liberal students.


The Church of Spain has broken ties with the Catholic Church, and has declared a new pope, that of Franciscio Alverez Martinza. His abode is now in the Sevilie Cathedral, the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world... The new schism of Catholicism, calling itself the "Cierto Iglesia", or the Cierotes.

The Cierotes believes are extremely conservative, and have outlawed non-human marriages, nationalism in Spain, and outlawing any non-human preachers...

This has sparked an extreme amount of controversy, and the Cierto Church seems quite strong in France, Spain, South America, and Italy... But has sparked a lot of unrest in Spain....

In Sweden, the Cierto Church is about 8% of the Norweigan, Swedish, Finnish, and Danish population. It is 30% of the population in France, and 60% of the population in Spain has converted to it...

A counter-schism church however, based in Hansodr, calling itself the Sterk Kirke, or the Sterkites, led by the Lycanthrope Archbishop Steinar Fjerstad, has arise... It's a rather benign philosophy, believing in stoic values, strong and militaristic government, and obedience to the rule of law... Though it does believe that actual church is a waste of time believing it would be better to work, and of course, willing to serve in the army or a crusade...

The crusader order of the Knights Templar, has had it's Grandmaster proclaim a reformation from a group of mostly British nobles looking to "roleplay" and reminiscence about the "good old days", to a dignified knighthood order of old... Of course, the reformations are... Extraordinarily expensive, and the Knighthood Order of the Templars has called on you to fund it...

It's main changes is actually having the knights serve a part in crusades and holy wars, wearing enchanted armor to protect against bullets in traditional steel and plate, wielding shields with bulletproof enchantments that the Yuan-Ti once used...

Of course, this "Knight" of course is quite expensive to arm, train, and send out, but makes your commanding officers extremely powerful, not to mention granting you quite a bit of prestige and respect from Catholics, and making the Templar Knights more powerful and might cause more wealthy grandmasters to follow suite...

The knight is also capable to shield other soldiers and allies, along with being powerful in melee and very hard to kill...

However, due to being partially Theocratic, you are FORCED to choose a Catholic ideology...

>Sterk Kirke (Led by Archbishop Steinar Fjerstad.) This ideology grants bonuses to production and manpower, not to mention supporting larger government, but demands the government expand more and more, along with being diligent in conquest and warfare, along with showing plenty of zeal and crusading...
>Cierto Iglesia (Led by Franciscio Alverez Martinza), France, Spain, and Italy will calm down significantly, your nation will also have mostly Spanish-appointed priests and you will no longer be Pope. This will increase relations with Spain, Italy, France, and most traditional Catholic, and you will relinquish control of the Inqusition and Crusader Houses... You'll also gain a +1 to National Actions for having the church controlled by someone else and you not having to deal with it.
>...Try to make your own ideology.
>...Try to talk to God?
>...Reform the government away from a theocracy. (Greatly lowers opinion of the Clergy and Catholics, along with increasing civil unrest greatly.)
Can we pull off a more slow pulling away from theocracy?

And how is thing with human racism going?

I assume also that allowing the Cierto's as head of church will have an effect on our laws considering the fact that we allowed inter-racial marriage?
>...Try to talk to God?
>Sterk Kirke (Led by Archbishop Steinar Fjerstad.) This ideology grants bonuses to production and manpower, not to mention supporting larger government, but demands the government expand more and more, along with being diligent in conquest and warfare, along with showing plenty of zeal and crusading...

Oh yeah werewolves are basically socialists.

Anyways let's support this guy for now and talk to god.
We needed to thank him anyways.
>Cierto Iglesia (Led by Franciscio Alverez Martinza), France, Spain, and Italy will calm down significantly, your nation will also have mostly Spanish-appointed priests and you will no longer be Pope. This will increase relations with Spain, Italy, France, and most traditional Catholic, and you will relinquish control of the Inqusition and Crusader Houses... You'll also gain a +1 to National Actions for having the church controlled by someone else and you not having to deal with it.
The Cierto church will try to pressure you to change your laws, yes... And all changes you have done to the church will likely be revoked.
Going to wait for one more vote or for thirty minutes to go by.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

Since it's been thirty minutes, I'll be rolling.

2= Sterkite
You let the Ciesto ideology be adapted...

Of course, by taking this ideology anons must step down from pope, and be the first pope to do so...

What do anons?

> Step down...
>...Order a cardinal election.
> Chose the Sterkites...
>...See if any of your kids would want to be pope. (If you want, you can also take them out of your succession...)
> Make your own ideology of the church.
> Write In
> Step down...
You decide to step down from the papacy position.

Spain's opinion of you has massively increased, along with Italy's.
France's opinion of you has slightly increased.
Most catholics opinion of you has slightly increased.

You have also gained one national action...

Other news...

A Swedish farmer has been caught hiding your escaped slaves from nearly a year ago as farmhands, and he was exposed after one of his "farmhands" did a opinion piece in a newspaper, which got sent to you for seditious behavior...

You could stop him from hiding your property, though it does reveal to you that public opinion is a bit... Against slavery, so to speak.

What do anons?

>...Ignore the farmer and the escaped slaves...
>...You know, you feel like being nice. Send the farmer a well-written letter on why he should give you your property back.
>...Oh hell no. No one HIDES your property. Go down personally to see this farmer...
>Just send the military to recapture the slaves...
>This just leads to a bigger issue... People think you beat and torture your slaves! You need to get some pro-slavery PR going on. At least, pro-dragon only slavery.
>Just send the military to recapture the slaves...

Send the nazi yiffs, canis mortem or whatever they're called
Waiting for one more vote.
>...Ignore the farmer and the escaped slaves...
Honestly we don't need them and I see no reason for us to try and reclaim them.
And sending the military will just cause a fuss I'm not in the mood for.
>...Ignore the farmer and the escaped slaves...
((Just a thing I noticed, but the full character sheet says that we're 30 stories tall, but the one focusing on Renexizious says he's 80 stories. Which is the right one?))
We're actually 50 stories tall iirc.
Same as liz.
And the char sheets have a few errors so yeah.
So I gotta ask how two seperate sizes were shown, one smaller and one larger than his actual size? And when can he grow ever more?
That ties into how the char sheets don't get updated very often.
And we can get bigger the next time we get a mutation.
Actually we could move into the next size class if we do.
All we need to do is complete some major goal. Like technological innovation or upgrading our kobold civ.

And now that I'm thinking about char sheets
I'm still fucking triggered about how I'm CERTAIN our wisdom should be higher than it is.
Sorry about the long delay.

Renexizious is technically 60 stories, Liz being fifty. I haven't gotten time to update the char sheet yet, sorry. Also, I'm going to roll for what's decided...
Rolled 2 (1d2)

1=Send Mortem
2=Ignore it.
I know it's pointless to point out.
But isn't the vote
1 for send the mortem
2 for ignore it?
You decide to ignore it...

Your son Michael (as he prefers to be called because it's easy to say) seems to be going through a growth spurt, and seems to enjoy eating quite a bit, finding it therapeutic, and seems to be putting on weight. Though he does seem to try and attempt to exercise, along with enjoying sleep and relaxing.

Aulus's first day at school is planned for tomorrow, and seems nervous and unsure, not to mention uncomfortable... He seems to want your advice...


>Try to give Aulus some draconic advice...
>...You should bond with your son. How about instead of a chauffeur driving him, that you take him to school?
>...Try to be best dad. Go to school as a responsible dad, maybe Elizabeth can come along...
> You never went to school... Pass him to Elizabeth.
> Bribe your son to leave you alone.
> Write In

By the way, all of this is taking place before Elizabeth goes out to the Draconian Firma.
>...You should bond with your son. How about instead of a chauffeur driving him, that you take him to school?

Talk to him about normal stuff.
Ease his nerves.
All he needs to be is calm and he'll be fine.
Also, do anons want Elizabeth to go with Aulus to go to school, or leave him alone?

Keep in mind this will affect your sons stats, skills, and personality.
We'll do it.
Liz should relax.
She deals with alot of the parenting stuff.
You decide to take Aulus to his first day of school...

You order a slave to wake you up at seven while you get comfortable on Chrysoula's fine... Pillows, so to speak... So much jiggling...

You eventually wake up, with Elizabeth already up and you smell the sweet, sweet sound of tea being made while you head to the kitchen... And... Singing.
It seems Elizabeth and Gwynevere are humming a song together and you must admit, it's rather beautiful to listen to...
After being enchanted by her melody, you go in to see Elizabeth making a large packed lunch in a cardboard box...


She turns around, as you come up behind her, putting your arm around her shoulder.

"Oh, I didn't know you were up darling... Did you want some breakfast with me and Aulus?"

"Oh, I'd be delighted..."

"Yes... I heard you were driving him and me down... I wasn't too sure honestly..."

"Oh... Your going too?"

"Well, I mean... Of course! Besides, he can't carry his lunch around. Besides, what if he gets lost, or a werewolf tries to eat him? Or worse yet, what if he's bullied?"


"Oh, yes. That's why I intend to bring him lunch and go with him for today... And maybe the next day... Oh, I do hope he gets plenty of friends..." She relaxes in your grip, hugging you sweetly...

"He'll have plenty... And I don't think you need to follow him.."

"Well, I was planning to check up on him every fifteen minutes or so... That isn't much, right?"


"Oh... Well, you know. Fly overhead... Maybe drop down, give him a kiss, talk to his teachers..."



"That's a bit... Well, excessive."

"Oh... Do you think twenty minutes is good?"


She seems a bit worried...

"Ren... Ok, fine... How about twenty two minutes? And every nap time? Oh! He'd be so sweet... I can barely get him to sleep you know, or take a nap... Maybe sing him a lullaby, bring him a snack..."

She hugs up to you, clearly worried about Aulus... She seems determined to go with him for the rest of the day, and seems a bit deluded in trying to fit seeing him every twenty minutes into her schedule...


>...Take Elizabeth and Aulus down...
>...You need to get Elizabeth off Aulus's case... She's way too over-protective and maternal for her own good right now...
>...Maybe you can drive Aulus down, and distract Elizabeth by "passing the time" so to speak... (Shrewd-Minded+Lustful)
>...Maybe you can get someone to check on Aulus for her. (Shrewd-Minded)
>...Elizabeth... Why don't I make you breakfast?
>...Elizabeth, how much are you feeding Aulus anyways?
>...You need to get Elizabeth off Aulus's case... She's way too over-protective and maternal for her own good right now...
>...Elizabeth... Why don't I make you breakfast?
Roll me a 1d20+4 to see if you can get Elizabeth to relax.

+3 if you can be a loving, sweet, and only slightly lustful husband.
+2 if you can tell her what is so excessive about her policy.
+2 if you can mention how she's a bit over-maternal and over-protective of Aulus.
+1 if you can mention how Aulus will excel at school... (+1 if draconic superiority can play a part.)
+2 if Renexizious can promise more children. Soon. (+1 if he can remind her of the ones she already has.)

If everything is done, and Renexizious comes up with a way for Elizabeth to still check in without being too disruptive, it will be an autosuccess.
Pull her down to sit next to us on the bed.
Pull her close.
>Look liz you can't keep checking in on him every 20 minutes. It'll smother the boy. Plus all the other kids might judge him for it. You're worrying too much about this and being over protective. School is a place where he grows and learns. Let him handle this. He'll excel. He's a dragon and my son. I'm sure there's nothing he won't be able to handle. You should worry more about the kids at home. Both the ones we have now and in the future. Like michael, and odah, and elisif. She craves attention. Now look. If you're still worried how about this. I'll drop him off in the mornings. You can check in on him during his lunch time and you can go pick him up after school. That way you can check on him every so often and it won't be as disturbing. But try not to make too much fuss okay? You'll embarrass the boy.

Fuck we should take renexizia to the D&D dimension now.
There's no bed nearby.
Then bridal carry the woman.
Give her a kiss.
And talk to her in a soft caring tone.
You pick Elizabeth up, holding her nice... Bottom in your arms... Giving her a kiss, and you talk to her in a nice, soft... Caring tone...

"Look Elizabeth you can't keep checking in on him every 20 minutes. It'll smother the boy. Plus all the other kids might judge him for it. You're worrying too much about this and being over protective. School is a place where he grows and learns. Let him handle this. He'll excel. He's a dragon and my son. I'm sure there's nothing he won't be able to handle. You should worry more about the kids at home. Both the ones we have now and in the future. Like Michael, and Odah, and Elisif. She craves attention. Now look. If you're still worried how about this. I'll drop him off in the mornings. You can check in on him during his lunch time and you can go pick him up after school. That way you can check on him every so often and it won't be as disturbing. But try not to make too much fuss okay? You'll embarrass the boy..."

"What's wrong that? He should love his mom... Besides, what if another woman goes there with a similar idea and coddles THEIR child more?"

"I don't think anyone would do that."

"Ren, what if Aulus thinks a random woman would be a better mom or something..." She nuzzles up to your neck, worried...

"That's unlikely..."

"I-I don't know... He needs me though... He's only a small child... Besides, no one would make fun of him for being with his mom..."


>Elizabeth, you can coddle him all you want at home... Just not school...
>..Why don't we ask Aulus?
>..Fine... You can coddle him at school. But only for today.
>...Elizabeth, are you worried about your children leaving you or something?
>...Come on Elizabeth, it'll all be alright...
>...Come on. Why don't we tumble a bit when I get back? It'll put you at ease.
>Elizabeth, you can coddle him all you want at home... Just not school...
>...Come on Elizabeth, it'll all be alright...
And if she is for some reason still unsure
THEN we offer a tumble.

>Mfw we're the one using sex to get things now.
"Elizabeth... Come on. You can coddle him all you want at home, just not at school... It'll be alright, ok?"

She cuddles up to you...

"Ren... I-I don't know... He's not ready to go off by his lonesome, he still needs his mom..."

She seems convinced, but still really does want to see him, not to mention take care of him, coddle him...

"I don't know... I just don't know. I mean, Ren... He's my child, my little dragon child... He's so small you know... Besides, what if the other mothers go there? I'll look so terrible..."

Her competitive nature seems really annoyed by the prospect another mother could be possibly better then she is.

"Please? At least today?"

She squeezes up to you, her breasts squeezed tightly... God, they feel great...


>Fine. But only for today...
>...How about a tumble, ok? You love those... You do need to relax...
>Convince her that it's good as it is.
>Try to find more time for her to see her son...
>Try to promise even more children. She'd adore you after that...
>Look how about this. We'll take him to school and drop him off into the classroom personally. So you can tell him goodbye. Is that enough for you? Trust me if anything you're a better mother for letting him do this then coddling him.
Eh. Not going to convince her, but your awfully close to if you can give her more time with her child.
>How about we have more family outings okay? You can take aulus and the other kids out on weekends. There's always weekends and after school alright liz?
Aw crap...this is what I get for being gone most of today, missed out on my chance to bring back Reinhold and make him pope.


Come now, Elizabeth, unless you wanted to start homeschooling our children they need to go to school. If nothing else, it's good for them to get socialized with other people. Alone, without his mother to correct all his mistakes.
Reinholds dead
I think he wanted God to resurrect him like he did us
"How about this... We'll take him to school, and drop him off into the classroom personally. You can say goodbye there, alright? Trust me, your a better mom for letting him go by himself rather than coddling him... We can have even more family outings if you want, ok?"

She seem awfully tempted.

"W-well... I suppose... I'll go tell him the news."

Good... You begin to make breakfast for your beautiful wife... After a while she comes out with a nervous looking Aulus, who's in his short half-dragon form, going up to your chest... He'll probably be bigger then all the other kids, smarter...

Aulus does seem nervous though, sticking close to Elizabeth, who of course, picks him up, and tells him how cute he is, how everyone will like him...

Of course, in your opinion you think Aulus should terrify the class, take control, maybe enslave a few of the other classrooms to do his work for him... That's how school works, right? Yeah, he should be taught slavery while young. You did make him kill one person after all, and he's no doubt old enough to learn how to enslave properly...



"Are you ready? We're going soon."

"Oh, right, right..."

You begin to drive Aulus down, Elizabeth holding him in her lap and calming him down, holding him tightly and trying to reassure him.

Roll me a 1d20+5 to see how well dropping him off and going inside for a minute will go...

+2 if you can think of lustful thoughts about Elizabeth...
+2 if you mention your expectations for Aulus.
+1 if you can think what another dragon would think of being this engaged in your child's life. You most likely have broken the rule of tradition and abandoning your child to an absolute tee.
+2 if you can remind Elizabeth of the potential of more children if she doesn't go in or act too maternal.
+1 if Renexizious can miss his own mom a bit.
Rolled 18 + 13 (1d20 + 13)

The soft supple feeling of liz's curves.

>Look aulus this is your first day so I won't be unfair to you. All I expect from you is to make a clean entrance into school and have a successful first day. So let's talk about how your day went when you get home alright?

Most would call our children weak and how we're breaking tradition by doing this. They'd probably hold contempt and disdain. and jealousy

Spending time with her is nice every so often. It's a nice break from being a emperor. And father. To 15+ kids.

Good Success

You drop Aulus off, and go inside... He seems to have a rather nice human female as a teacher, willing to help him learn and read... Though of course, he already knows how to read, and already knows basic algebra, so that's taken care of...

He seems to stay close to his mom, and he gets quite a few stares from most people in the classroom... After a bit of talking to another mother (which Elizabeth gives a semi-death glare to), apparently most half-dragon children are sent to private school rather than public school, and that it's rather strange to see one here.


After a bit, you decide to leave with Elizabeth, but she seems to want to stay for a bit longer... Only a minute... Or two.
Or three.

Elizabeth of course, looks towards Aulus playing with drawings, worried that he might hurt himself or something...

Roll me a 1d20+5 to see if you can drag Elizabeth out of there.

+3 if you can try to either bribe her, or try to be loving towards her, and reassure her that Aulus will be fine.
+2 if you can be a bit lustful. Subtly though.
+1 if you can take pride in your kid knowing way more then almost everyone here...
+1 if you can try to calm Elizabeth's rather competitive spirit coming to parenting and other parents.
+1 if you can try to mention the other kids she can coddle and love back home.
If the bribe is especially good and everything is done, it will be an autosuccess.
Rolled 5 + 13 (1d20 + 13)

What grade is aulus in?

And of course our kids a genius. It's genetic. He was born strong.
Hug her from behind and whisper in her ear.
>Liz come on give aulus some space you're a great mother don't we have other things we could be doing? Don't you have other children to coddle and husbands to spend time with. Intimate time with?

I assume the bribe is obvious?
Aulus is in his first year of school... So in American terms probably first grade.

You give her a hug from behind...

"Come on Elizabeth. give Aulus some space... You're a great mother. We have other things we could be doing... Other children to cobble... Husbands to spend intimiate time with..."

"Oh, Ren... Well..."

She seems to enjoy the last part.

"Well... I mean, what about Aulus?"

"He'll be fine... But honestly, I can't help but look into your nice, reptilian eyes... Beautiful."

She smiles, sharply.

"W-well... I mean, I'm busy..."

Roll me a 1d20+7 to get her distracted by intimate time back home...

+3 while walking out to the car you can be a bit intimate and lustful towards her. (+1 for lustful compliments)
+2 if Elizabeth can show off to Renexizious.
+1 if Elizabeth can try to self-justify being bribed with tumbling.
File: Spoiler Image (36 KB, 486x405)
36 KB
>First grader
>Knows algebra
Well shit he's going to skip a ton of grades at this point.

Wrap our arm around her waist.
Pull her close.
Grope her a bit
Liz can wrap her arms around his and press her chest against it.

I've hit the realization that liz wants to have sex with ren more than ren often has the urge to have sex with liz. How the roles reverse.
Rolled 19 + 13 (1d20 + 13)

Forgot to roll.

And it's not bribery. It's healthy intimacy between a married couple.

Amazing Success!

You wrap your arm around her waist, pulling her close up to you, and you grope her a bit... She wraps her arms around your chest, pressing softly up against it...
You barely take her back to the car before lust overtakes you, making out furiously in the cramped limo... Luckily the windows are pitch black.

Roll me a 1d20+5 if you can try to deescalate the situation so you can get home to avoid people thinking somethings going on, so to speak.

+3 if you can find a way to calm her down, and yet be extremely lustful.
+2 if Elizabeth can be lustful towards Renexizious, and intimate.
+1 if Renexizious can compliment Elizabeth's assets. (+1 if you can mention how they're better than Chrysoulas or any other woman. +1 if you can compliment all of her assets.)
+2 if Renexizious can be a bit happy at Elizabeth wanting to tumble a bit more often.
+1 if Renexizious can compliment Elizabeth's beauty.

If everything is done, you can get back home and avoid a scandal.
Alternatively, you could just do it here and get a +10 to opinion with Elizabeth, and in which case trying to deescalate it bonus will become trying to hide the tumbling.
>Tumbling in the car
Every time we do this another car gets totaled.
Think about the mechanics that have to fix our cars and the people that drive them.

Let's try to deescalate to cuddling and lewd groping.

And all the affection is nice.
>Elizabeth your eyes are beautiful, your eyelashes stunning, your lips soft, your curves are perfect, and your assets a gift. The best gift. Better than all those other random women in the world. They do not compare.

elizabeth can hug ren back.
The lewd kind where our face ends up in her chest.
You deescalate it barely to cuddling and lewd groping, and complimenting... Not to mention hugging... You get a face-full of Elizabeth's cold, soft, supple breasts, the scales so smooth and soft, not to mention so comfortable... You can't help but play with them for a minute...

You begin to drive back with one hand, the other groping her breasts wildly... You nearly crash twice, but luckily your fast eye coordination allows you to get home in one piece, just enough to barely get out of the car and lustfully make out and undress while getting to the lair.

Roll me a 1d20+8 for tumbling.

+2 if you can mention in great detail how much you love Elizabeth and what your willing to do for her.
+2 if Renexizious can think of ways to have fun with her frontal assets. (+1 if he can also compliment them even more.)
+2 if Elizabeth and Renexizious can be lustful towards each other.
+1 if Elizabeth can try to tell Renexizious how much she loves him. (Which is enough to put up with other wives, his womanizing, slavery, and other things.)
+1 if things can go from extremely lewd and sexual to mostly sweet, cute, and romantic.

If everything's done, Renexizious gets +5 Opinion from Elizabeth.
Additional +5 Opinion if the write-in is of great quality.
Rolled 13 + 8 (1d20 + 8)

I am the anon that wanted to ask God to resurrect Reinhold.

Also can't think of anything for lewd write-ins. Sorry, QM.


You give Elizabeth a great tumble, and cuddle together in bed for a bit...

"Dear?" Elizabeth says, cuddling up against you, in her pristine, naked form with her bright white scales... A beautiful smile, naturally attractive eyes...


"...I just wanted to say I love you."

"I love you too."

"Well... I love you more."

You chuckle slightly.

"Really? Are we getting into one of those arguments?"

"Well... I just wanted to be cute about it, I suppose."

She cuddles up to your arm, her assets surrounding it, and her head laying by yours, as she puts her hands around your waist.

"Well... Both of us are tired of tumbling now, I guess..."


"For now, I should say." She says, giving you a slight wink and a kiss on the cheek.

"Just for me?"

"Well, yes. And for no one else. But not now, ok?"

"Did you want to talk?"

"Did you?"

"Eh... This was mostly a bribe for you, you know. I'm surprised you took it up. Aren't you trying to be more chaste?"

"...To be fair, that did get me far with your attentions. If anything, I should do that more often." She remarks, with a sarcastic grin on her face, as she cuddles up to you a bit harder... You of course put your hands around her waist, feeling her back curve, which feels shockingly great...

"To be fair... I must say this is a great stress reliever."

"Stressed much then, Elizabeth?"

She sighs, a bit frustrated.

"...You have no idea, honestly... It's so hard taking care of fifteen children... Then dealing with the "others", then with my fans, then with dealing with England... Oh, and taking care of you..."

"You don't need to take care of me, Elizabeth."

She kisses you on the cheek,squirming a bit more into your grasp.

"...Well... I just want to help my Prince Charming, so to speak."

"Prince Charming?"

"...Prince Charming with biceps with biceps, I should add. And a most wonderful smile."

You give her a kiss, and boop her on the nose.

"Really now? You have better teeth then mine."[r/ed]

"...Well, that's because you eat so many people. When was the last time you brushed them?"

"Erh... Never?" You say, a bit concerned about your dental health.

She shrugs, and she gives a more intense hug, with a bit of her assets in your face... Probably unintentionally... But still...

"To be fair, I never brushed much either. Now it just smells nice naturally, I suppose. A great boon."

"Yeah... How did we go from talking about why your stressed to dental health?"

"...I don't know honestly."

She presses tightly against you, and you narrowly can put your head above the assets Elizabeth is charming you with.

"...But this is actually quite relaxing... Honestly, this is the only "us" time we get in the day anymore."


"...I miss you, you know..."


"...Well... I feel like we should do more then occassionally go out for dinner, or say hi and kiss... Maybe we should take a trip by ourselves somewhere. To Italy maybe... The two of us, being together... Like when we were a bit younger."

"When it was just the two of us?"

"...When there were just two of us, and I wasn't so sexualized, yes."

"Come on. You aren't sexualized... Your just stimulating." You say, in an excuse.

"...Stimulating to your groin, maybe. And I don't mind it with you, you know... It gets you around me more, I hope."

"Well... I'll admit, it's hard not to stare and want to fondle them."

"...I know... And it's hard to not accidently do things others might consider lewd or sexual. If I even bend down to pick something up..."

You can't help but give a warm smile at thinking about that.


"Yeah... I kind of can."

"...You know... Ren?"


"...I'm... Well... I just want to... Ask a question, and excuse if it seems a bit brash..."

"What is it?"

She sighs, worried, giving you a kiss.

"...I feel like the two of us kind of... Changed a bit, you know... I try to be the best mother I can, and that leaves almost no time to be your wife... Hopefully the best wife, I should add, and I just... Well, I miss when it was just us..."


"You know.... Ren... You should do something romantic soon. Like... A poem or something. Or make the gardens bigger. Something... I just...Well, I don't want to sound rude, but just orbiting each other and occassionally talking and going out is..."

She takes a breath...

" Ok, fine. I want more excuses to see you. Nothing inbetween... No children, no other wives, no slaves... Just the two of us, together, doing something romantic... Like your underground gardens! I love that so much, you had no idea... I miss that."


"Yeah... Well... I suppose I'm asking we step away from sex and lust for a while... And try to be more... Loving. Not just sexually in love, but just... Generally too."

"...Sounds a bit creepy."

You look down at her faces, and see she's embarrassed extremely, to the point it's hard for her to breath. She's probably shocked she's even saying this.

"...At the very least I want to see and talk to you more... I miss how connected we were... Now I feel like we're both busy all the time..." She sighs out...


>...Well, we are busy all the time, to be fair... We rule an empire, have so many children...
>...I think we need to destress a bit more. Both of us have way too much on the mind.
>I love you. I'm willing to lower the casual sex a bit... (Ren becomes loving rather than lustful to Elizabeth.)
>...Can I at least slap your ass a bit? It's cute. (Ren becomes a bit of both.)
>...I mean, I'd rather just have sex and not favor you... (Ren remains lustful.)
>...Can I at least slap your ass a bit? It's cute. (Ren becomes a bit of both.)
"Well... Can I at least slap your ass a little?"

"Ren, in all honesty you probably get hard from looking at me, if you'll excuse my French. Also, its embarrassing for God's sake..."

You can tell she enjoys it, but is loathe to admit it.


> Don't you like public displays of affection?
> Come on, I can tell you like it.
> I will cede to the point of being turned on by you...
> Eh...I'm not turned on by looking at you.
> Become Loving.
> Remain Lustful.
> Write In
> Come on, I can tell you like it.
>Don't worry. I'll show you I can be as loving as we are lustful.

We can desu.
Just need some uh.
More space underground.
And uh.
Bugs and plants.
These bugs are preferably butterflies.
"Come on. I can tell you love it."

"I do not..." She says with a brief growl.

"Oh, yes you do. But I can show you how loving I can be. Almost as I am lustful. "

"Well... Thank you Ren."

She gives you a tight hug, briefly choking you as she accidentally puts your face into her assets...

Of course, being crushed by Chrysoula has taught you a lot how air is for mere plebians. After a bit, her hug resides, oblivious to the lewd accident.

Judging from the way she's still cuddling with you, she seems to want to go for a bit longer...

You check the clock. It seems to be about ten in the morning.

What do?

> Tumble her a bit more.
> Maybe bring someone else in for s bit.
> Hold off on it. You had enough time...
> You know, there's a pool you can go to with Elizabeth... Does she even know it exists?
> Write In
> You know, there's a pool you can go to with Elizabeth... Does she even know it exists?
Also, forgot about this...

> Lewdly cuddle for a bit and talk further.
"Why don't we go to the pool?"


"Well, yes..."

She seems a bit surprised at the mention of a pool.

Roll me a 1d20+5 anons

+3 if you can give her convincing arguments...
+2 if you can lovingly mention how you and her would love it.
+2 if you can mention how comfy it would be.
+1 if you can be lustful to Liz.

By the way, if you succeed this roll Elizabeth will likely be happy from spending time with you and give you an opportunity for more opinion.

Autosuccess if everything happens and anons can get into a lewd accident again. And of course, if anons can embarrass Elizabeth heavily because of this.
Rolled 5 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

Rolled 8 + 10 (1d20 + 10)

>It'll be you and me taking a nice relaxing dip in a cold pool together. Doesn't that sound relaxing? Plus it's a wonderful way to de-stress not to mention swimming is a fun physical activity.

Minor Success

"Come on, the water will be cold, it'll be a good way to relax..."

She warmly cuddles with you, and you give her a kiss.

"What, want to see me naked more Ren?"


"...What time is it though?"

"Oh... It's ten."

"Well... I should probably go take him his lunch... And check on him..." She says, a bit worried.


> Come on. We have two hours...
> Liz, stop being so caring and maternal. You said so yourself thst your stressed.
> Why don't you go get dressed while I make A ulus lunch, beautiful. ..
> Bribe her further. (May increase relations if its good.)
> write In
> Why don't you go get dressed while I make Aulus lunch, beautiful...
And we can both check on him.
"Come on... We'll both go down, and bring him food. Now, get dressed please. "

Roll me a 1d20+4 for how well A ulus does.

+2 if A ulus can think of fun things to do with weak human children.
+2 if he can miss his mom, dad, and family.
+2 if Elizabeth can come up with a special way to coddle A ulus.
+2 if Renexizious can think lu stfully about the pool and naked Elizabeth. (+1 if he can channel this to destress Elizabeth.)

If everything is done, Aulus will have a so far great day.
>Things to do with other kids
Talk about his parents, Read, Attempt to climb trees. He's always done that.

He'd miss the fact he can't mess around with michael, or his cool older siblings, or his nice mom and his awesome dad.

She could stop by a pastry place on the way.
Get some fancy ones and have the driver help carry them out.

Think about liz in a nice form fitting piece of swimwear.
Then stroke liz's head and wrap our arm around her.
Eh, a bit more coddling and something a bit new in the lustful department please.
Liz can shoo away some of the other kids to try and get him a table for himself and his friends.
And bring more food.
Basically a feast to aulus's first day of school
Forcefully ripping off her swim clothes and taking her by the poolside.
You barely contain your lust as Elizabeth and you buy tons of food for Aulus...

It's not long before you get there and hold a mini feast for Aulus, who suddenly seems to have a lot more friends... Elizabeth of course lovingly picks up her baby boy, giving a suspicious look towards the rest of the kids, and seems to want you to make sure they're upright and proper...

Their lunch room supervisor seems a bit shocked at the massive feast, and slightly protests this, the poor man. Elizabeth seems to ignore him though. She also makes sure to give most of the food to Aulus, which a few kids calls unfair...

Roll me a 1d20 for the quality of friends Aulus has gotten.
+2 if Elizabeth can embarrass Aulus.
+2 if Elizabeth can scare the lunch room supervisor away for protesting herson's lunch. (+1 for scaring him with the time you once ate people.)
+2 if Elizabeth can explain to the small children why they don't get as much as her Aulus. +1 If you can be maternal yet claim your child as superior.
+2 if Ren can rationally explain the overly maternal half dragon coddling her baby and think on who's eligible to be Aulus's friend...
+1 if Ren cannot just scare, but terrify the supervisor for staring at his wife. And if he can be loving and protective of her.

If everything is done, Elizabeth will be more happy and Aulus's friends won't likely be leeches.
She can bring up his night light and how she's proud he doesn't use it anymore.
>Leave now sire. While I usually refrain from eating people I think I can make an exception one more time if you refuse to leave.

>Children this food is something I got as a gift to aulus to commemorate his first day. I understand you might be jealous but simply put my child is in a better position than all of you. I'm sorry but it's true."

>Well she missed aulus and she's never had a child go off to school before so it makes sense.
Anyone loyal. Loyalty is the most important trait a friend of aulus can have currently.

Cast fear on him.
Grab him by the scruff of his shirt and lift him.
>So two choices. You can keep staring at and harassing my wife or you can leave.

Then use shock hands on one hand.
and let him down.
Rolled 4 + 9 (1d20 + 9)

forgot to roll
Eh. If anons csn be a bit more scary and coddle their son even more and embarrass him more. Also, maybe a bit more clarification on why your son is superior.
*You can samefag

Fuck my life. Already today is shit-tier and it just got a bit worse.
Rolled 12 + 9 (1d20 + 9)

Just shift into a dragotaur form.
That intimidates everyone.
>Embarrass him more.
How about something else.
Liz can start going into detail about his sleeping habits.
And Ren can get her to shush to salvage his reputation.

>Well you see aulus is stronger, smarter, and more resilient than all of you are and comes from a much superior family then all of you.
About who's sleeping habits? Renexizious's?

Also, topkek if it is, and if you can embarrass Renexizious thoroughly as Elizabeth it'll be an autosuccess... If you can somehow link from Aulus's nightlight to embarrassing Renexizious. Also, Critical Autosuccess if you can do that, reassure him of Elizabeth's love, counter-embarrassing Elizabeth and coddle Aulus even more.
>Aw aulus it's so nice you got over your nightlight. I'm proud of you it's so nice you don't toss and turn anymore in your sleep. Much better than your father. I swear he can be like a brute sometimes. So restless and the noises. I'd swear you think his stomach bottomless with all the growling he does. And the talking too.

Liz can rub aulus on his head and start to feed him.

>Liz please you aren't any better. You constantly try to grab me and everything on the bed. I swear it's almost like you can't handle being alone and you talk in your sleep just as much as me if not more. I can't try to get out the bed without you reaching for me. It's a good reason I keep a plushie around. It gives you something to cuddle. So needy.

And we can whisper in aulus's ear an apology about liz being so clingy and how we'll make it up to him later and that she's only like that because she cares.
Even if it's a tad bit too much
"Oh Aulus, it's so nice that you got over your nightlight. I'm proud of you! So nice that you don't toss and turn anymore in your sleep... Far better than your father. I swear, he's so brutish at times. Restless... Not to mention the noises! I'd swear you'd think his stomach was bottomless! Not to mention all those late night journeys to get food or a snack, only for him to come back with a steak and eat it in the bed! In the bed!"

"Hey! I bring a plate. Sometimes."

"...Sometimes isn't good enough... Oh, and don't even get me started on his talking... Keeps us all awake, you know."

She rubs Aulus on the head, and puts him on her large lap, feeding him entire loaves.

"Well, Elizabeth, you aren't any better. Constantly grabbing me and everything on the bed! It's almost like you can't handle being alone, and you also talk in your sleep too, you know... If not more. I honestly can't get out of the bed without you reaching for me! There's a good reason I keep that plushie in bed, so you can cuddle it, you know."

"...I've been... Cuddling a doll?"

"Yes, yes you have."

Both of you look a bit embarrased.

"Well, at least I don't eat steak in the bed..."

"...You feed the kids steak in the bed. What's wrong with steak in the bed anyways?"

"You might choke or something. Not to mention you tend to use me as a table."

You blush quite a bit.

"I erh... I thought you didn't notice."

"...Like how I wouldn't notice how you maneuver to be in the minotaur's chest?" She says this, bitterly and enviously.

"Come on... It's the only place I can sleep."

"I can barely reach around her to you!"

"...So does that mean you cuddle a minotaur in your sleep."

She gags.

"Don't even start! She smells horrendous around the armpits, or worse yet, hugs us hard enough where it's hard to breathe!"

"Ah. So you do cuddle up to her?"

"Oh, blast it you. Shut up..." She growls out, cutely. You of course laugh a bit, giving her a kiss on the head... And giving a glare to the lunch supervisior. And nearly think about electrocuting him.

After a bit, Elizabeth finishes feeding Aulus enough bread and other pastries, and he seems quite full, and a little bloated. Elizabeth and you leave and get back in the car...

"What was that all about? I do not talk in my sleep, you know!"

"Yes you do."

"I do not cuddle up to a minotaur!"

"Yes, you do."

"...Well, I do not eat steak in the bed..."

"You ate people in the bed. And don't forget those times you were pregnant..."

"That hardly counts!"

"Ah... I see."

"At least all those poor children of flat-chested mothers have been graced by our presence..." She sighs out.


"It's sad really... I mean, when you think about it, having small assets is pitiful...."


You begin to drive home...

File: Sides.png (296 KB, 717x436)
296 KB
296 KB PNG

I guess now we should go home.
Prepare our rocket for launch.
And take renexizia out.

Then a few other pet projects for liz and maria.
You drive back, and begin to change to swim wear... She chooses rather revealing and cute red swim wear, which goes well with her white scales... Though certainly not strong enough to hold her breasts for long....

You meanwhile, settled for finding some shorts.

"So... Why don't you show me this pool Ren? I'm curious... I never got to go swimming really."


"Too cold in England... Now it just feels comfortable here, where's its cold..."

You nod, and head to the pool with your wife...

It seems amazingly well decorated, and you see the mosiacs throughout the room seem almost life-like, and you see Marcus attaching more tiles to a wall... There seems to be mosiacs of you, Elizabeth, Chrysoula, and Frankizka...


The water of course feels ice-cold, and comfortable to the touch, so you help Elizabeth in and begin to swim a bit... Both of you are about waist-high in the water, being quite large...

Hey... Do you think we can get Chrysoula to come? Maybe Vasura.... Or Frankizka...


Yeah. Let's do it! Please?


>Enjoy some quality time bathing with your wife?
>...Try to get another wife to join in... (May increase or decrease your headmate's opinion)
>...Embarrass Elizabeth more. You aren't finished yet.

Mind if I ask what was kek tier?

>Enjoy some quality time bathing with your wife?

Well, did my quest. Worked out pretty good. Only one "OP you done fucked up." Message
I will be laughing about this for days to come.
Seeing the more comedic side to their relationship can be nice too.
>Enjoy some quality time bathing with your wife?

"Flames no. We should spend quality time with each wife individually sometimes. It's nice and good for a relationship."

Reminder that renexizia is almost at meltdown levels from a lack of causing property damage.

I think when we reach the next milestone we should ask khorne to remove her chaos taint.

Or see if we can invent videogames to calm her.

Greetings chaos mcsirman

Anon, good to see you.

Nice. I was so fucking nervous when I did my first quest.
Though I do have a quest that I may reveal a bit later, as I got inspiration from the archives from the dead quests that haunt /tg/

You semi-swim around. Your a bit too big to properly swim, but you try your best anyways...

"So Ren?"

"Hm?" You say, looking downward.

"Ren? Hello?"

"Yeah?" You mumble out, looking downward.

"...Ren, you've been staring at them for a... Really long time now."

"Come on. It's just... I'm getting used to it."

She waves her hand in front of you. When that doesn't work, she kisses you on the snout

"Ren, honestly. You should stop looking at them. You might cramp or something."

"...It's fine, ok?"

"...Ren... Your looking at your feet."

"What? Come on."

She sighs, as you wiggle your toes a bit. It feels strange to be in your half-dragon form, in water. Not to mention you can see through this water!

Elizabeth sighs and hauls you along to swim for a bit...

"So... Why did you build a waist high pool?"

"Reasons... I mean, we are pretty big."

"Pretty big? Aren't I bigger than you?"

"Please. I'm bigger than you."

"...I'm bigger than you."

You growl softly.

"If anything, I'm bigger than YOU."

She crosses her arms, under her chest.

"Really now? Well, I have bigger tracks of land, you know." She says.

"Really? Is your tracks of land Europe-sized?"

"Dear, it's so big that the sun never sets on the Empire."

"...That's what you call your boobs?"

Her face goes pale white with shock.


"You were talking about your boobs, right? Tracks of land?"

"Ren! Not at all! I was talking about the Empire!"

Your a bit confused.

"Your tits?"

She sorely lets out a sigh.

"I do not call my tits the British Empire, Ren."

"...It's cute tho-"

She splashes cold water in your face, with some small chunks of ice in it.

"Did you just... Throw water in my face?"

"Yes. Yes I did. For thinking I was talking about my breasts when it was clearly about my land!"

"...Your tracks of land?' You give her a charming grin, and she splashes you with water. Again.

"Keep on going. I dare you. Make one more joke about them."


"...Or else I'll give the minotaur plushie to Aulus." She says, confidently...


>...Worth it. Make a few more jokes about the British Empire and how big it's tracks of land are. (Increase relations with Flames. And secretly increase relations with Solaire)
>Try to talk seriously for a minute...
>...Splash water in her face.
>...Grab her and take her under water. That'll surprise her.
>...Boop her on the nose. Boop contest.
>...You wouldn't touch that plushie. I know you love it too much. I mean, you get all over that thing at night...
>...Please don't. It's actually kind of cute and comfortable to sleep next to.
>...You wouldn't touch that plushie. I know you love it too much. I mean, you get all over that thing at night...
>...Splash water in her face.

>...Worth it. Make a few more jokes about the British Empire and how big it's tracks of land are. (Increase relations with Flames. And secretly increase relations with Solaire)

The british empire's tracts of land have some really nice curvature.
The Empire is also pretty fertile too.
"You wouldn't touch that plushie. I know you love it too much. I mean, you get all over that thing at night... Besides, come on. The British Empire's tracts of land has great curvature. Not to mention fertile lands..."

You splash water pre-emptively in her face. She does it back to you.

Roll me a 1d20 to see who wins this and if you have a fun time.

+1 for every joke about tracks of land and fertility.
+2 if you can find more ways to have fun with Elizabeth.
+1 if you can make fun of her cuddling the minotaur plushie, and being cuddled by Elizabeth a bit at night.
+1 if you can make more innuendo jokes.
Rolled 8 + 3 (1d20 + 3)


"You always get wet because of me don't you Liz? And I think Gwyn is starting to have an effect on you, minotaur plushie and all!"

By the way QM, I know a show that I think you might like
Rolled 1 + 7 (1d20 + 7)

>Your land may be fertile but you need mines to sow the wild oats.

>And with how fertile it is we always get a bountiful harvest.

>Ya know I didn't think the 'British Empire' would get mountains like those

>Honestly with the layout of it you shouldn't be surprised how often I get lost in them

>I bet you're as surprised as I was at the way the british empire had such an 'aggressive expansion'.

>Honestly no matter how fertile your land is you still need me to plow it.

>Little known fact. 'The british empire' is the number one importer of minotaur plushies.

>And liz please try not to hug me so tightly at night. You hold onto me harder than britain tried to hold on to the colonies.
File: image.jpg (70 KB, 790x345)
70 KB

Well. Fuck.
Speaking of Hunter S. Thompson, I really want to meet him and make sure that glorious bastard doesn't kill himself
Do anons want to use barbaric?
Oh, also...

I'm going to wait thirty more minutes anons.
Well, I assume anons would want to use barbaric, today's barbaric.

"You know Elizabeth, you always get wet because of me... I'm starting to think Gwyn is also starting to have an affect on you, Minotaur plushie and all... Though your lands may be fertile, but you really do need my lands to sow wild oats, and with how fertile it is... The two of us always get a bountiful harvest... I didn't really think the British Empire would have mountains like those though. Easy to get lost in, with the layout and all... I'm honestly still surprised the Empire had such an aggressive expansion. Though no matter how fertile your lands are, you still need me to plough it..." You say this all lustfully, and seductively move up to her...

She seems however, not appreciative of your comedy. Especially when you tell her that she's the number one importer of minotaur plushies.

"Ren! I do not, and would not cuddle up to a minotaur! Especially Chrysoula of all things!"

"I see you doing that when you sleep though."

"I. DO. NOT. Period! The fact that you even ATTEMPT to justify this is false! I'm not even homosexual, and why would I cuddle up to her?!"

She seems quite angered.

"...Because it's cute?"

"IT ISN'T CUTE!" She yells.

"Come on. I think Gwynevere's just getting to you."

"I do not, and will never like another woman, Renexizious! Especially not a cow!"

...Well, she's heavy in denial. Going to bet on repressed feelings.

"Really, and why are you so adamant about denying any feelings for her?"

She gives you a semi-death stare.

"I do not. And will not. Ever like her."

You twist your head, a bit amused by this.

"Really? Why are you so adamant about this?"

"...Besides Gwynevere's constant desire for attention from her, lewd thoughts, or envy of her breasts?"

"Tired of her?"

"Not to mention she fantasizes about yo- I mean, she has the tendency of flights of fancy, and it really annoys me..." She growls softly...

Roll me a 1d20 to see if you can recover anons.

+1 for each innuendo joke about her tracks of land.
+2 if you can be playful and loving towards her.
+1 for each joke about her liking Chrysoula or the plushie.
+2 if you can joke a bit about more aggressive expansion in the future.
Rolled 9 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

>Liz, I'm sorry about calling your tracts of land the British Empire. They are clearly more akin to the Alps.
>Besides, you know I'm only playing. You wanted me to be more loving and less lustful, not every loving joke is going to be a zinger. Now, let me see the Empi-I mean the Alps, I need to test new joke material on them.
>Besides, just wait. The Empire AND the Alps combined will not rival the size of the mighty Swedish Empire! *flex muscles and strike bodybuilder pose*
Allowing samefagging if you can do more jokes and be loving.
>"Now, float the Royal Battalion over here, and let me adore Her Majesty's Ship, Them Titties. Unless you think they cannot handle these mighty waves!" Bounce up and down in the pool to make waves and splash Liz with.
>"Now, come on over here, you English still christen your ships by breaking a champagne bottle on them, yes? How about we just skip that part, and get to drinking the champagne?" Give her a chaste, quick peck on the cheek when she comes over, pour two small glasses of champagne, and just hold her while the two drink the bottle.
Rolled 2 + 5 (1d20 + 5)


Forgot to roll
Do you still want to do one more anon?
I do, give me a few more minutes
Rolled 8 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

>"What do you say to a nice meal out after this, just the two of us? Or I could get the kitchen slaves to pack us a picnic basket, maybe another bottle or two of champagne, and we could fly to the mountains somewhere and enjoy a nice evening under the stars."
>On the way back, stop in Holland or Denmark or whatever European country is known for its tulips, I forget which one, and let her pick out a couple dozen bulbs, and call it a small sampling of what's to come.
Apparently Dice Gods disapprove of my write-fagging.
Well, due to the quality of these write-ins, I'm willing for this to be an autosuccess if you can poke a bit more fun at her aggressive expansion or liking Chrysoula. Or her cuddling a plushie.
>So, what would you say to a cute, cuddly plushie of me to go with the Chrysoula one? That way, you and Gywnevere won't have to share anymore. Each of my sweety's heads can have what their little hearts desire!
"You know Elizabeth, I'm sorry, ok? About calling your tracts of land the British Empire... They're honestly more akin to the Alps. Besides, you know I'm playing. You did say you wanted me to be more loving, less lustful... Well, not every loving joke is going to be a zinger, you know... Now, can I see the Empi- I mean, the Alps. I need to test some new joke material on them... Besides, the Empire AND the Alps combined will not even rival the size of the mighty Sewdish Empire!"

You flex mightily in the pool, posing greatly, and make sure to make your biceps bulge a bit.

"...So your getting breast implants?" She says, trying to politely contain a laugh.

"What? No!"

"You did say your tracks of land are bigger..." She says, giggling helplessly... You can't help but roll your eyes.

"You know what I mean... Now, why don't you just float the Royal Battalion over here, and me adore Her Majesty's Ships, so to speak... Unless you think they can't handle these mighty waves..."

"Oh, really? Britannia rules the waves, you kno-"

You begin to splash the water, sending a small tidal wave, covering her entire face and body in water.

She blinks her eyes slowly.

"Oh, I see... You want to challenge England's navies then, eh?"

"You could say that..."

She seductively moves up to you, her great naval armada getting closer...

And she throws water straight in your face, blinding you.
You hear her laugh a bit, as you smile and rub some of the water out of your eyes. You exchange the favor back to Elizabeth, and wrap your hands around her, pulling her towards you, and her armada up to shore, so to speak.

"Now come on... You English still christen your ships by breaking a champagne bottle on them, yes? How about we skip that part... And get to drinking the champagne?"

You give her a kiss on the cheek, and hold her gently by waist to help her come ashore, as she nuzzles your bare chest.

You order a slave to bring you the finest glass bottle of champagne... For Elizabeth and you.

"You know, what would you a nice meal after this? Just the two of us... I could get the slaves to pack us a picnic basket though... A few bottles of champagne... Fly to a mountain somewhere, and enjoy a nice evening under the stars."

She warmly smiles, enthralled by that.

"...I would love it, Ren... Your so charming and thoughtful when you aren't your usual lustful self, you know."

You pat her on the head.

"Because I love you just that much."

"And not the armada?"

"Well... That too."

"...Well, at least there's no Spanish armada in these waters, you know. They'd be unable to stand up the might of Sir Francis Drake..."

"Sir Francis Drake?"

"...Well, Sir Drake."

She cuddles up to you...

"...Sir Drake. Not a half bad name."

A bit of cuddling goes by, and eventually you drink some wine... You can't help but gag at the taste of it. Mead tastes far better. Elizabeth seems to like it though.

"You know Ren... Speaking of ships, did I ever tell you how I wanted to be a pirate when I grew up? You know, when I was a child?"


"Oh, yes. I grew up hearing about Henry Morgan, Francis Drake, not to mention Captain Kidd..."


"Yeah... Well, I grew up. Though ships have always been interesting... You know, what did you want to be when you grew up?"



"Well, the biggest dragon around, so to speak."

She smiles.

"Well, I'm bigger."

"I'm sixty stories. I had the slaves count."

"Oh, dear, that's wonderful... But if it wasn't for the fact my legs a bit... Stubby because of you, I would be on equal terms." She says this a bit bitterly.

"Sorry, sorry."

"...Why the bloody hell did you do that anyways? It seemed so... Well, random."

You decide to change topics.

"Anyways... What would you say to a cute cuddly plushie of me to go along with the Chrysoula one. That way, you and Gwynevere won't have to share anymore... Each one of my sweety's heads can have what their little hearts desire..."

"I'd only settle for the real thing... Though it would be nice if you laid next to me rather than ontop of Chrysoula." She says this warmly.


>...Well...Unless you want to get Chrysoula to be a bed for all of us, I don't know...
>Is this an elaborate excuse to be ontop of Chrysoula, Elizabeth?
>...How about we start getting ready? I'd love to take a picnic with you.
>More innuendo jokes. More.
>Is this an elaborate excuse to be ontop of Chrysoula, Elizabeth?
Laugh after saying this, so she knows its a joke.
>...How about we start getting ready? I'd love to take a picnic with you.
"Is this an elaborate excuse to be ontop of Chrysoula, Elizabeth?" You try to hide your laughter as Elizabeth's face reddens from embarrasement.

"Stop it, come on..."

"Sorry... Couldn't resist."

You give her a kiss, and her cheeks feel like they're on fire.

"So how about we start getting ready to go?'

"Really? Well, I don't want to put on make up or get dressed again..."


>Come on. If you want, I can help you get dressed... I wouldn't mind.
>...You know, before we do that, we have to take a bath to get the smell of chlorine out... Maybe a bath together. Just saying.
>I can wait for you, I suppose.
>...Just saying, your armada is beautiful...
>...Seriously though. Do you want a plushie of me?
>...Just saying, your armada is beautiful...
>...Seriously though. Do you want a plushie of me?
>Write-In: Well, if you'd prefer, I can wait for you to get ready, go and pack our picnic while you dress, but I highly doubt that anyone is going to bother us over your appearance on a mountain peak.
"Just saying, your armada is beautiful. But seriously, do you want a plushie of me?"

"Why can't I just have you as my cute muscular, handsome plushie?"

"Because I'm not made of plush."

She sighs, hugging you tighter.

"...I want you, not a doll... Thank you for the offer though."

"Well... If you prefer, I can wait for you to get ready and go and pack our picnic... But I doubt anyone is going to bother us over your apperance on a mountain..."

"...Well... I'd still like to be dressed for the occasion..."

You give her a kiss and decide to get up to get the picnic basket ready...

Roll me a 1d20+5 to see how high quality the picnic will be...

+3 if Renexizious can think what to put in it.
+2 if Renexious can think lovingly of Elizabeth...
+2 if Renexizious can find excuses to peek on Elizabeth dressing.
+1 if he can think how to shill for her getting a plushie of him. (+1 if he can think why Chrysoula's plushie she gave him is so cute and comfy.)
+1 if Renexizious can think who'd be more comfortable to sleep on... Chrysoula or Elizabeth, and think why they both like it. Especially Chrysoula's "asset touching" thing.
+1 if Renexizious can find more innuendo jokes to tell to Elizabeth.

If everything is done, it'll be an autosuccess.
Critical Autosuccess if anons can think of something romantic to put in the basket as well, symbolizing either their family or love, or something close to that.
Rolled 14 + 13 (1d20 + 13)

>Some steaks, cooked rare and sliced up and ready for sandwiches. A jar of mustard, some pickles and other condiments, all ready to be assembled at the picnic site. Cut a small triangle out of the top of the bread so it sort of resembles a small heart. Some chips (crisps), so that Liz can laugh when he tells her he packed chips and brings out a bag of crisps. Strawberries, they're red and sweet and kind of look like hearts. Scottish eggs, for the sake of teasing her. Champagne and wine. And some butter cookies, for dessert.
>"This reminds me of our first date, going somewhere alone, just to be together. She's changed since then, but it only makes me love her all the more."
>"I better go check on Liz and ask if there's any special food she wants in the picnic basket. It's totally innocent and NOT peeking!"
>"Well, you like the minotaur one so much, I was thinking of maybe branching it out into a business of selling them. Cute, cuddly, plushie toys are beloved by children everywhere, and would help my PR. I really, really need to work on that, since most of the world thinks I'm a warmonger, for some reason."
>"Liz has more assets, and superior scales, but Chrysoula is fluffier, and there's this gap between her breasts that's perfect for snuggling in...Chrysoula definitely likes it because it keeps her large and heavy breasts from getting sweaty and having something keeping them propped apart gives them room to breathe, and I think Liz likes it for the same reason she likes sleeping with all of her gold and children, a mixture of dragon possessiveness and her mothering nature."
>"Are you ready, honey? I know that I've packed the pickles, and some of your favorite sausage."

>Add in an egg carton, with hardboiled eggs dyed the color of her children's scales, with a couple of slots in the egg carton missing to symbolize her desire for more children, and some flowers from sending a slave to either the florist (assuming any are open) or the gardens on the castle grounds.
You of course, make sure to get a proper amount of inspiration for later,

Eventually the basket is prepared, and after getting into an argument on who's breasts are better with Flames; with Flames supporting Chryoula for having the largest breasts with extreme weight, while you supported Elizabeth's for being more well-shaped, not to mention pleasant and weighing less than a ton, being easy to grab...

After a bit, Elizabeth comes out in rather nice clothes which surprisingly enough, don't show off her top assets... Though her "buns" so to speak, and her clothes are simple for once.

"So, ready?"

"Well, yes... So where are we going anyways?"


>Well, there's plenty of stars to see... And maybe we'll see the northern lights at the ice caps... How does Antarctica sound?
>Let's just head to a nearby mountain in Norway. It'll be comfy there too.
>...Let's actually head south... To the Mediterranean... Maybe we can relax on a beach, or visit the Alps...
>...Let's actually head south... To the Mediterranean... Maybe we can relax on a beach, or visit the Alps...
>...Let's actually head south... To the Mediterranean... Maybe we can relax on a beach, or visit the Alps...
You decide to head south, to the Mediterranean...

The two of you fly into Italy after circling around France rather then going through Germany, and you see the nice, cold Alps, high above the world... Alternatively, there seems to be a nice sandy beachline if you headed north into Tuscany...


>Head to the Alps. A great, freezing place to have a picnic at.
>...A Tuscan beach? Sign yourself up! Fly towards it, no doubt it'll be comfy.. Though there might be tourists there....

>Head to the Alps. A great, freezing place to have a picnic at
You land in the Alps, high above the mountains, and the two of you shift to your half-dragon form...

You of course show her the egg carton, dyed to each one of her children's scales... A few are missing, and she seems a bit confused about the gift.

"It's about our family. You know, I know you wanted more children... But I thought you'd like it."

She smiles brilliantly, and caringly.

"Ren, this is so cute... But you didn't need to make me anything..."

"Oh, well, I did anyways... Also..."

You take out of your pocket some flowers... Tulips, roses... You name it.

Her smile becomes far larger then it once was, and she hugs you.

"Ren! I can't believe you... I mean, you didn't have to do this..." She hugs you tightly, and you give her a kiss.

"Oh, come on now. Of course I did. Your my wife."

"I'm just... Well... It's been so long since you've been this romantic, it's just so endearing..."

"Oh, don't worry... I also brought you some pickles and your favorite sausage, you know."

"I can always count on you, can't I?"

"Yes. I'd be surprised if you couldn't."

"...So is it cannibalism if we eat the eggs? I mean, well... I know they're supposed to represent my children, but at the same time, I haven't had hardboiled egg for so long, delicious... Erh..."

You give her a grin.

"You know what's coming next."

"Please don't..."

"Well... For now. But I suppose we can, yes."

"...God, now I don't want to. Not because of you ,because I just remembered that I erh..."

"Lay eggs?"

"Well... Yes..."

She looks at the eggs...

"...Though it would be delicious, it just seems a bit... Well, ironic, I suppose. Besides, biologically speaking, how did my children even begin to be born through eggs? From babies to eggs... So strange..."


"Let's uh, move on. This is a... Strange topic. How about we erh... Let's eat some sausage, yes?"

The two of you romantically lay in the snow, eating assorted foods, that sort of thing... Elizabeth cuddles up to your arm, and seems happy.

"You know, this has been the best day I've had for a while... Thank you Ren."

"Yeah, no problem."

"...You know... I'll be sad when I have to head back to England. The palace is almost done."


"Well... It will be in a month. I can still come over to help you... But I'm not sure about visiting much besides then..."



>Well, either way... I'll love you forever, you know...
>...You should stay here. Please... I love it here with you...
>...Come on. If you stay, I can put in a good word with Chrysoula, maybe...
>...Oh. Well... Please don't go back... (Act a bit sad. That's a major weakness in her character!)
>...Well... I'll miss you...
>...Did you want to have some children before you leave, Elizabeth? I'm curious.
>...Make a joke about cannibalism to Elizabeth. (Slightly increase opinion with Solaire and Flames)
>Well, either way... I'll love you forever, you know...
Can we talk to khorne for a second.
By this I mean renexizia and removing her chaos taint.
"Well, either way, I'll love you forever, you know..."

You attempt to talk to Khorne, but it seems that his secretary picks up. Apparently Khorne's busy and will likely get back to you in a while.

Flames says that apparently he had to deal with a "rogue daemon" or something.


You begin to drink quite a bit of wine with Elizabeth, who seems unable to handle much liquor. She's on her second cup, and already a bit intoxicated... She's a lightweight, that's for sure.

"So Ren, I was wondering..."

"What were you wondering?"

"...You know, I have to admit, your policy of... Well, eliminating nobles is a... Good one... You know? I mean, besides you making me eat them."

"Oh, right. That thing."

"Yeah..." She drinks a bit more champagne, and continues.

"But what I was saying is that there is a LOT less complaints... Like... A lot less. Wish I could do that to Parliament at times... But noooooo... They're a bunch of high-trot fancy pants who... Who..."

She burps a bit.

"You know... They're a bunch of crooks... You know?"

"Right, right. Do you want more?"

"Sure..." You pour her a bit more, and she seems a bit inclined to rant.

"So, got anything else?"

"You bet I do... You know, I hate all those damned Africans... You know, the Dutch Africans... The uh... Boers, you know... They want independence, again... Why doesn't everyone want to be part of the British Empire?"

"No one wants to become part of your tracks of land, Elizabeth."

She rolls her eyes.

"Come on... Low taxes... A great king and husband... The best queen since Elizabeth the Second..."

She cuddles up to you.

"...Oh, and a dog. Right? Don't we have a dog?"


"Oh... Yeah... Hey, you know... I kinda just realized... Who's last name should we use for Charlemagne?"

"Charlemagne's last name?"

"Well... Yeah... I mean, there's your last name and my last name, Windsor..."


"And technically Charlemagne inherits both of our countries if we pass away..."

"What's got you thinking so morbid?"

"Well... I mean, what if we get sick or something? I don't know..."


>I think Charlemagne should probably have the last name Thorsonn...
>...How about Windsor? Sounds nice enough.
>Honestly, who cares? He's our child...
>...How about... Thorsor?
>I think you've been drinking a bit much...
>Give her a bit more to drink!
>Write-In: How about we hyphenate it? Thorsonn-Windsor? I know that traditionally, you're supposed to take my name, but I know you don't want to give up a name so rich in history.
"Well, how about we Hyphenate it? Thorsonn-Windsor? I know traditionally you're supposed ot take my name, but you probably don't want to give up a name so rich in history."

"Oh... Well, that's a good idea Ren... You should be honored to be a member of the Windsor family!"

"I don't think that's how it works."

"Of course that's how it works!" She drinks a bit more.

"Liz. That's not how it works at all."

She shoos with her hand.

"Oh, come on. Your being so humble."

You can't help but smile at your wife's aptitude at drinking. As in, her lack of aptitude.

"You know... I don't drink much you know. Not much of a drinker... Though it's nice once in a while! Especially with your loved ones..."


"...Hey... Renexizious?"

"What, Elizabeth?"

"...You have a cute tail. Just saying."


"Yeah... It's so cute. Swinging all over the place..."
She cuddles up to you, being quite clingy.
"...You know, I wonder h-" She's interrupted by a hiccup.


"Well... Can you pass a bit more champagne for Her Royal Majesty, Renexizious?"

"Well... If you really want it."

She sips a bit more, hiccuping a bit.

"But anyways... You know... You remember that uh... Bet?"


"Oh, yeah... That bet about space or something..." She hiccups at the end of her sentence.

"What about it?"

"...If you do that you should... Really play Britannia the... Brave? That's what it is, right?"

"I think it's Britannia Rules the Wvaes, Elizabeth."

"...Eeeh... Something patriotic! Rousing! You know... Monarchic!"


"Oh, yes... Besides, your people really d-" She hiccups again, jolting and giving her assets a jiggle.

"What were you saying?"

"...Something about making Britain great or something... I think... Have you ever tried British food?"


"It might have a bad reputation, but it's patriotic! Besides, I can cook good, you know..."

"I brought some crisps."

She smiles.

"Great! Can I have a few?"

You pass her a bit, and she begins to chew.

"So anyways... We could go for a bigger bed..."

"Your telling me."

"Well... You know... Mostly for us. A bed that small just doesn't benefit the... Erh... What was it again?"

"Thorrson-Windsor family." You predict. She nods in agreement.

"Yeah... You know, it's fun being taller then most people... You know... Makes one look important... Regal! And cute, in your case..."



She hiccups again, and grabs the bottle and chugs the last bit.

"...You know... We should make... Dragon angels. That's erh... What it's called, right?"

You listen to hear, entertained at this point.

"...But you should do it face first in the snow. Your butt would be like... Super cute. Have I ever told you that?"


"Well, it is... Boop."

She pokes your buttock, clearly drunk.


She pokes it again, cuddling up to you.

"...You know, I wonder... What would happen if the two of us were the last few nations?"


"You know... I reunite the British Empire, her lost colonies of America... You conquer Asia and Europe... Maybe a bit of Africa... What would you do anyways? It's like a... Hypothetical question... I guess. Kinda..."


>...Well, I'd probably try to merge our two countries together...
>I'd leave you alone, Elizabeth.
>Well... We'd be ruling as Emperor and Empress...
>...I'd probably try to conquer you...
>...How would the United Empire of Britannia and Sweden sound?.
>Why don't we move on?
>...How would the United Empire of Britannia and Sweden sound?
Liz's country can have the top billing. Because we love her. And then it would be alphabetical.
>Well... We'd be ruling as Emperor and Empress.
Also, forgot to include this one.
"How would United Empire of Britannia and Sweden sound? We'd be ruling as Emperor and Empress..."

"Aw... How sweet... Though we'd both need a bigger form. I don't think just merely human size will suit us in the... Longrun, you know? How about... Dragon sized thrones?"


>...Why not just a giant hoard of money?
>...I like that idea, actually.
>And dragon sized beds? With dragon-sized pools?
>...Would we have a dragon-sized armada though?
>...You know, your butt is cute too. (Will increase relations if you can compliment her butt well.)
>...I like that idea, actually.
>...You know, your butt is cute too. (Will increase relations if you can compliment her butt well.)

Clearly we will need a throne most royal for the most regal and well-shaped of butts. With plenty of cushioning so Her Majesty's majestic ass does not hurt after a long day of co-governance. And a long, flowing set of drapes to go along the arms, lest the petitioners be struck blind by it's glory.
>I like that idea, actually.
Liz holds alcohol as well as Britain held America
"I like that idea, actually. A throne for you, for the most regal and well-shaped of butts... Plenty of cushioning so Her Majesty's majestic ass won't hurt after a long day of co-governance, and a long flowing set of drapes to go along the arms... Lest petitioners be struck blind by it's glory..."

"...Oooh... Drapes... You know, that would be nice. Maybe one of those fancy coat of arm banners... But my butt isn't that big... I think. Is it?"

"It's just... Very bouncy and..."

You bite your lip, and slightly cut into your palm to not slap it.

"It's well... Very well-rounded."

She giggles a bit.

"Heh... Well-rounded... Butts..."

She lays down in the snow.

"...You have nice abs. Like... You know... I never seen a person with a eight pack before..."

"Oh, yeah. Feel free to touch."

She pokes your stomach.


You have learned that Elizabeth is easily intoxicated. Very easily. Not to mention that she tends to get a bit... Easily distracted and tends to be a happy drunk, If a bit.. Stupid.


"...Yeah.... You should exercise more... I mean, you'd look good bouncing... Or jogging. Your butt."


"...You know... I kinda thought a bit about the whole boob thing... Why do you guys like boobs?"


"You know... In a sense it's kinda gross... I mean, we breastfeed babies from them. I mean... Well... I don't know if I can. I'm a reptile now, I guess..."


"...I mean, butts are cuter... But it's like... I don't understand..."


"...But you think petitoners would really be struck in awe of my dragon butt?"

"Of course they would, Elizabeth."

"...What about the tail? Is it cute too?"


She pokes you on the butt again, and seems to found another glass of champagne.

"...We should of brought more... I don't know why people say I get weird while drinking..."

"People say that?"

"Well... Dad said that... He said I got happy while drunk or something..."


"But anyways... About butts..."

Elizabeth goes into a mini-drunken rants about butts, while you sit around, trying your best to not daw over the intoxicated Elizabeth.

"...But anyways... What were we talking about again?" Elizabeth says, with a slight slur.

Elizabeth seems happy that you've complimented her buttocks.


>Well... I think you were ranting about ass, dear.
>...I was going to talk about how wonderful your dragon butt was, Elizabeth... (Make Elizabeth even more happy by complimenting.)
>...Why don't we talk about something else?
>...I think you've had a bit too much to drink, dear.
>...We should probably head back...

Elizabeth is close to upgrading anons.
>...I was going to talk about how wonderful your dragon butt was, Elizabeth... (Make Elizabeth even more happy by complimenting.)

"And how nice and curvy it is. Not to mention how fun it is to smack. It's adorable like you are and smooth. Almost as smooth as I am."

So elizabeth has a thing for butts.
>The more you know.
"Well, I think your dragon butt is nice and curvy... Not to mention fun to smack it... Adorable and smooth. Almost as smooth as I am."

"Oh, thanks... Boobs are nice I guess... But Gwynevere LOVES them. I don't know why... Always wanting to play with my boobs or Chrysoula's... Of course she never gets to unless she's a good head..."


"She's so weird about them... She always wants me to show off to other women since they're my greatest asset or something..."

"Right, right."

"Honestly, she's so... You know... She's so boob-absorbed. If that's a word. Is it?"


"Well... It describes her perfectly... Not to mention she thinks flat-chested women are far inferior..."

"Really? Why's that?"

"I dunno... Kind of makes sense when she says it, you know... Hard to not have pity for the lesser women who'll never get to know what it's like..."


"Not that I enjoy having amazing boobs... But eh... I don't get why people like them..."

"So you... Why don't we talk about something else?"

She giggles a bit, and chugs even more alcohol. After a bit, she has a large burp and her words being quite slurred with a hint of a Scottish accent... Aw.

"It's kinda funny to see them bounce a bit... My dad loved them I think... Aye... I miss my dad..."


"...Honestly... I don't get how a minotaur has larger boobs... Do they have to be milked or something?"


"Ugh... That's kinda gross you know... Why does one minotaur have to out-breast me..."

"Why are you thinking about your assets anyways?"

"Eh... I dunno. I just thought of your butt... But sometimes I think you kinda just have me around to look at them..."

"No, I don't..."

"...I dunno. You look at them a lot... It's so nice though that your taking your mind of sex once in a while though..."


"...Do we have any more crisps?"

"Yeah. A few more."

She chews idly on them.

"...So anyways... Enough about cute things... How about we talk about..." She hiccups a bit.

"About what, Elizabeth?"

"...You know... I think I saw a cheesecake shop not far from here... I'm still a bit hungry... You?"

"A little..."

"Yeah... You know... We should fly in, demand cake... Eat the cakes... Do dragony things... Not regal stuff... I want to relax a bit... Maybe get some money..."


>Elizabeth. I think you'll want something greasy when we get home. Trust me.
>...Elizabeth, we should get going.
>Wait for her to continue.
>...You know, that would taste good... Raiding a factory wouldn't hurt business too much...
>...Try to favorably talk more about her butt and breasts. (Will make Elizabeth very happy and upgrade her.)
>So... I'm curious. What would you think about aggressive expansion, so to speak?
>...How about we head to the beach now? Just you and me...
>...Try to favorably talk more about her butt and breasts. (Will make Elizabeth very happy and upgrade her.)
"I enjoy your breasts because they're soft. Very soft not to mention fun to touch. Plus they make just make you look better in everything. With your boobs and butt it makes your curves all the better."
>Maybe we can take a vacation again someday liz. To the D&D dimension. Just have a few things to wrap up. Have a rocket to launch.
>...Elizabeth, we should get going.
Dragony things are for the D&D dimension.
"I love your breasts because they're soft. Very soft... Fun to touch... They make you look good in everything too. With your boobs and butt, it makes all your curves better! But one day Elizabeth we'll head to the D&D dimension. Just have to wrap a few things up..."

"...Oh... Can we eat a few cakes?"

"No, dragony things are for other dimensions."

She seems a bit frustrated.

"...Damn... I am their queen..."

"Yeah... Come on, let's go home..."

"...But it's comfy here..."

Roll me a 1d20+5 to see if you can get drunk Elizabeth to come home with you.

+3 if you can bribe her even more.
+2 if you can be loving and lustful towards her.
+2 if you can talk about how glorious the future will be, and how the two of you will live in the lap of luxury.
+2 if you can do some more innuendo about Her Majesty.
+1 if you can mention how cute she's being.
+1 if you can think how good her butt is in actuality.
+1 if you can also comment on Gwynevere playing a bit with her own breasts.
+1 for arguments on leaving.
Rolled 9 + 11 (1d20 + 11)

Her butt is 9/11
>Gwynevere plays with her own boobs? That's...kind of adorable actually. Almost as cute as you're being right now.

>Now come on liz. If you come with me I'll make you something really nice for when you have to go back to britain. I know you like flowers after all.
Holy shit. Elizabeth's ass did 9/11

Allowing samefagging if you can continue some innuendo or bribe her more. Or just think how good her butt is.
Rolled 15 + 13 (1d20 + 13)

Dragon ass.
The number 1 cause of terrorism.

>I'll even get some of the kids together to have a going away party. There will be cake and everything. The cake will be just as good as our future together will be. Amidst a mountain of gold in a grand palace in the world of tomorrow. A world of innovation that we shall usher in."

Good Success!

"Gwynevere plays with her own boobs? That's uh... Kind of adorable actually. Almost as cute as you are right now."

"I don't get boob guys..."

Gwynevere's head grows.

"...I heard my name... Wow. It's uh... I feel dizzy..."

"Yeah... We were talking about you and your boob thing..."

"Boobs are great... Hey, why don't you show off a bit, Elizabeth? To Ren?"

"...Why? I'm comfy..."

"For me? Please?"

"No... Your taste is shit."

"Well, your taste is shit."

"At least I don't fondle myself."

"You do though!"

"I do not, you fuckin'... You fuck."

"Your just jealous my boobs are way better."

"We share the same boobs."

"Mine are way better!"

The two of them get into an argument over this, a rather comedic, drunken argument.

"Ren, dear... Tell this harlot that her taste is absolutely the pinnacle of... Shit!"

"Hey! Tell Elizabeth what she's missing out on! Besides, who likes the back end anyways? That's where literal shit comes out of."

"Like you?"

"Oh fuck off you ballbag..."

"Ladies, ladies. Come on. Let's get back home..."

"My taste is better..." Both of them mutter.

Elizabeth is happy enough that she's upgraded!

Choose one anons.

>Stable Mutation.
>Unstable Mutation
>Ultra Unstable Mutation
>Upgrade Mutation.

And yes, the meme-mutation assets can still be upgraded.
>Upgrade Mutation.
Let's just upgrade her ice aura
Elizabeth's ice aura is even more cold, capable of freezing metal solid and freeze people solid if they're close enough for a long enough time. This can be toggled on or off.

Elizabeth seems to have gotten in a drunken argument with Gwynevere as you fly over Germany... About ass and tits.

Roll me a 1d20+5 to see if you can avoid your drunk wife going off and doing something bad.

+3 if you can settle their argument without taking sides.
+2 if Elizabeth and Gwynevere can try to show off to Ren while drunk. (+1 if they do this stupidly, or just extremely blatantly.)
+1 if Elizabeth and Gwynevere can equally make fun of the women below them for being inferior in everything. (+1 if they can scare them a bit and try to bond from being superior.)
+3 if Elizabeth can drunkingly think what she'd do if she was a taller and bigger dragon ruling over the world with her husband... But with her being far bigger then Ren.
+1 if you can think if accidentally getting Elizabeth drunk was worth it.

Autosuccess if everything happens.
Critical Autosuccess if Elizabeth's drunk thoughts are very well done and everything else is done. Or her thoughts of being bigger are amazingly done.
Rolled 18 + 12 (1d20 + 12)

>Ladies, ladies let's just come to the conclusion that ass and tits are both amazing and wonderful things.

And yes it was worth it. We have a new story to embarrass her with.

Liz could try to fly ahead to try and show off her dragon ass the number one cause of terrorism But end up drunkenly careening through the sky. Muttering about "God save the queen." and "Let them eat cake."
Want to go for the critical autosuccess? Elizabeth will receive another mutation.
Give me a minute.
But just for this I'm upgrading her meme assets.
You rustle in your seat, slightly uncomfortable. You swear they must have made some mistake when they made this, maybe you should have hired something else. Making a seat for a 100 story dragon can't be THAT hard after all. You look over at your husband a graet 60 stories. Not great as you but still great enough you suppose.

Servant:Queen elizabeth it seems a catastrophe has struck the colonies again. America to be more precise.

Elizabeth:Well then we shall head to deal with it at once. Now where is my cake?

A cake is rolled out with alcohol following. The cake is massive with 100 candles in all.

Elizabeth:To my 100th story!

(An assortment of literal who's and other unimportant people):God save the queen!

Elizabeth proceeds to consume the cake and the alcohol in a single gulp. The crowd cheers and ren looks on in mild concern.

I didn't really have an extensive idea for some multi paragraph epic about liz's rule.

What do anons want to upgrade?

>Stable Mutation
>Unstable Mutation
>Ultra Unstable Mutation
>Upgrade Mutation

I assume anons want... Assets?
I think so.
Elizabeth has gotten +2 Charisma.

As you get home, Elizabeth nearly throws up on a farm, and seems quite sick to her stomach... Eventually you land, and Elizabeth stumbles off to the restroom...
Eventually she comes back, looking a bit green, and you carry her to the lair.

As you lay her down, in bed and give her a kiss... You notice something a bit... Interesting happening...
Her bra seems a bit strained. Hm.

Well, it was earlier... But now it seems like it's holding on for dear life...
In fact... It seems to be growing a bit...

Interested, you lay down next to Elizabeth to observe... After a minute of what seems to be aggressive expansion.. Elizabeth's assets are... Well... She'll need a special bra now. Not to mention you could lay on them like Chrysoula's... In fact, they're almost the size of water melons at this... Wait, they actually are.

You also note her thigh is a bit... Well, noticeably larger to accommodate for the weight, and her body has changed a bit... Not to mention her... Well, buttocks have... Let's just say that it certainly looks quite attractive. You give it a bit of a pinch, and it certainly feels quite soft... Softer then before...

You cuddle up to your Elizabeth, who after a moment, seems to have finally gotten the alcohol out of her system... And probably heard the snap of her bra.

"Ren? Are you... Undressing me?"

"Huh? I'm not!"

"...Why's my bra..."

She seems to have noticed it now. Meanwhile, your quite amazed by this.

Roll me a 1d20+5 to see if Elizabeth freaks out now.

+3 if Elizabeth can try to calm herself, while Gwynevere can be over ecstatic.
+2 if Renexizious can try to play with her new assets. (+1 if he can compliment her body's changes)
+2 if Renexizious can make up reasons why this is happening to her body (+1 if he can tie it to her very maternal nature, and tell her the advantages it might have as a mother.)
+1 if Elizabeth and Gwynevere can enjoy starting to get on equal grounds with Chrysoula (+1 if Gwynevere can think on how to get women even more envious and what to do with the assets.)

If everything happens, Elizabeth will remain calm.
Rolled 11 + 16 (1d20 + 16)

>Okay. Deep breaths. Really deep breaths.

>*Squealing like a little girl*

>"Gwynevere can you please sto-"


Ren can cuddle with liz and slowly fondle her boobs while he laughs happily.

>Looks like britains tracks of lands have had a bit of a renovation. An improvement if I do say so myself.

>I think this happened because you got maternal. Alot more so.Biologically speaking if you were a mammal this would be a good boon. Also it makes you more attractive then all the other women.

Well now they are on par with chrysoula(for now).
>How to get women more envious
Literally just exist around them.
At this point they'll notice how blatantly unfair this is.

And now we can sleep with liz in the middle.
Switch between liz and chrysoula now.
If anons want to get a higher success, have Gwynevere be even more ecstatic, and make the reason somewhat scientific. Also, if Gwynevere can think about how to actively get women more envious.
>So I was thinking that we could try out going to all the department stores. Malls and things like that. Then we complain about the lack of larger sizes and poor quality of the material this is going to be so much fun just think about it. They've gotten EVEN BIGGER. We're a bombshell, A legend, the most amazing woman in the world. Can life get any better than this I THINK NOT. I think we should hold a celebration, ren still owes me a cake no? This is the PERFECT occasion for this.

>Well liz it's a hormonal shift caused post pregnancy. It might be that this is or was a series of growths caused by your pregnancy. And considering the amount of children you had and how long you carried them this is makes sense.

Hopefully we leave and do something productive.
Besides stare at boobs.
You were the one who wanted to do the meme.

You decide to... Fondle her soft breasts... They feel almost like flesh, and you can press into them a fair ways... They jiggle as you let go too...

"...Looks like your tracks of land have had a renovation... Probably because it's a hormonal shift caused post pregnancy... Or a series of growths by your pregnancy. Probably because of the amount of children you've had, and how long you've carried them... This really makes sense."

"Ren... I don't know..."

You can help put press your face into the soft scaled breasts...


"Just... Give me a minute."

You can't help but fondle and cuddle with them, laughing happily...
Not to mention her tail's grown longer and thicker... Though you do note her body may not support additional growth in the future...

Elizabeth's assets will not be upgradable until she gets a size mutation or more strength.

You remember something though... Wasn't Elizabeth supposed to... Pick up Aulus?

Oh. Shit.

You look at the time, and it seems to be about five...

Well. Great. You left a child unattended...

"Elizabeth? I need to go get Aulus, ok? Want to come?"

"Well... I don't know... How can I hide this? I don't want Aulus seeing my... Bare skin, so to speak..."


"Come on, let's just get ready to go..."

The two of you get up, and she begins to get dressed... You note that her thighs make her pants a bit unable to fit, and her breasts are... Well...
Jesus. It's hard to not want to grope her...

Roll me a 1d20+5 to see if you can keep it together while you go to get Aulus. He's been waiting for hours now!

+3 if Renexizious can think on why he has to focus away from Elizabeth's amazing new assets.
+2 if he can think extremely lustful thoughts about her assets. All of them.
+2 if Elizabeth can find a way to cover up and try to look a bit more proper.
+2 if Renexizious can point out ways this makes her even more maternal and sweet... And how cute she is now.
+1 if Elizabeth can worry about being a bad parent for getting drunk and forgetting about her son. (+1 if she can think how far this will go and what size she's at. +1 if Gwynevere can be point out why this is amazing.)

If everything's done, Aulus will be picked up and anons can go to back to Civ Mode.

If everything's done and anons can make Aulus's teacher hit maximum salt as Elizabeth with her new assets; along with making remarks about the teacher being bare-chested, boast about how many children she'll have in the future, and how she's clearly inferior but pity her in great quality, Aulus will have had an extraordinary day and have a high chance of good grades in the future. Basically agitate the teacher to the point she might quit and a male teacher might take over. And totally not rule in favor of Elizabeth.

Keep in mind, if Aulus does get good grades, his stats and skills will be better in life and Elizabeth will be more happy.
Rolled 13 + 15 (1d20 + 15)

>Focus, think about your son's future, and remember, Liz is all yours, and all of Liz is yours. The luscious, wonderful boobies can wait until the kids are squared away.
>But the second she climbs into bed tonight, I might try sleeping in her boobs tonight instead of Chrysoula's...need to test the new waters, so to speak...take the improved Royal Battalion on its maiden voyage. Mmmm, maybe get some ass groping in too, while sleeping in the boob pillows, tickle her thighs with my tail...oh I can't wait.
>Grab the nearest wall hanging or drape and do a makeshift toga out of it, as it is likely the only piece of cloth large enough at the moment to provide anything remotely like proper coverage.
>"Honey, you look so motherly wearing that, like a mother who's had a rough day and is looking forward to her son's glowing smile and happy face more than anything else. It looks sweet on you."
>"Oh Ren, this isn't sweet, this is awful! I'm a terrible mother for neglecting my duties, drinking to excess, forgetting about my innocent baby on his first day! I'm inept! Awful! Oh, he'll never forgive me!"
>Go back into civ mode.
Can we not?
We have some things to get done.

>Oh hello miss. Nice to meet you and thank you for aiding in the education of one of my dear children. Sure you're an inferior, flat, normal, peasant but someone has to start somehwere right? It's not easy to be this well developed, talented, or gifted as I am. Such is the unfairness of life. And I'm sure despite all your lackings you make a some what...Decent teacher. I may consider sending my many future children to you. Not too many though a tenth of them. So one or two. Wouldn't want to overwork you. After all. Everyone has their limits to progress and ability. Even if their limit is only a few steps from the starting line. Now if you'll excuse me I need to take my son and find a tailor. If you have the wealth for custom made clothing why not?
Since he handled the last part I'll just handle the salt.
Wait I have to ask.
Will there be a press release for computers?
Want that fame.
Eh. Not enough to get her really salty enough anon.
She's at least near the edge right?
Give me a second
>Honestly what could you expect from a mere commoner? A school teacher of no note, living in obscurity moving from day to day with minimal effect in life. Merely one name in a crowd. Merely a unsubstantial person, living an unsubstantial life, with, and this is the worst of all, an unsubstantial body. Hopefully you may find some comfort in your life, a life as bare as your chest is, for none should have to suffer due to such a cruel turning of fate. But I hope that comfort isn't in the hope that your appearance would improve. That is a cruel denial. You shall always be inferior this is merely a fact, but I hope that you can find some modicum of happiness in your life. I think you need it. Badly.
I'd say that she's quite literally at the breaking point at this. I'd say that showing her why your far superior to her should be enough, along with a bit of boasting.
>I am more attractive than you. Of a higher breed, Happily married to a amazing man, and I have bright children ,one of whom you already know, with many more on the way. Not to mention my taste in clothing is far better. Simply put the gap between you and me is as wide as the heavens and the earth. A gap that would take more than your little mortal lifespan to cross.

Well we can literally point to things relevant to each point we bring up
(Us,Ren,our clothing)
for comparison.
Remember when liz used to call herself a human?
After saying that many things to the teacher on arrival, she slaps you... This of course, is enough to get her fired... Allowing for a male sla- You mean, male teacher who surely won't falter to your appearance...

You go back from a agitator to a worried mother, and immediately begin to coddle Aulus in your toga, which shows your still amazingly large assets..


"Oh, sweetie. I'm so sorry I was late!"

"You seem different..."

"Oh, don't worry about that baby! Come on, mommy will take you home along with daddy..."

You begin to take Aulus home... He seems to have had an amazing day but the teacher was a bit harsh on him...

Too bad she's fired. You would of taken care of her if she even dared harm a single hair on your child or grade him harshly... All your child deserves is As, no matter what. Even if a few peasants might give it out, it's better then nothing...

You are now Renexizious, and your driving home with your wife who's wearing a makeshift toga, and Aulus.

"Daddy? What happened to mom?" He says. Elizabeth seems to be coddling him to the point where he's slightly squished by her...

"Oh... Well... I'll tell you when I get home."

You try to explain it the best you can as you drive home...

A week goes by, and you are back to the current moment, so to speak.

You are now Elizabeth, and you are trying to deradicalize the Draconia Firma with Renexizious and Chrysoula... You even got yourself into a meeting, but attract many stares towards Chrysoula...

Roll me a 1d20+5 to see if you can get through without getting too much attention or being stopped by the Draconia Firma.

+3 if Elizabeth can charm the males, get the women insulted and belittled for their inferior nature, and be a loving wife to her husband.
+1 if Gwynevere can slightly influence Elizabeth to be sweet to Chrysoula, and defend her a bit.
+1 if Gwynevere can still express shock over the assets... (+1 if she can try to show them off to Renexizious.)
+3 if Elizabeth can continue to think about getting bigger and better then her husband and how great her reign and family, not to mention her massive hoard and how many slaves she'd own would be... (If it's done well, you'll get a +1 from focusing in meeting the Draconia Firma. +1 if Elizabeth can self-rationalize wanting to be bigger and wealthier, with more slaves to her husband. +1 if she can still be extremely sweet and slightly maternal towards him. +1 if it can branch into her wanting even more children.)

If anons can do the fantasizing scene amazingly, it can be an autosuccess on itself.
Critical autosuccess if the fantasizing scene is amazingly in-character and impressive, along with doing all the bonuses.
File: Les.jpg (21 KB, 440x332)
21 KB
Rolled 1 + 11 (1d20 + 11)

Cling to ren's arm.
A warm smile for the guys and some waving.

Give smug smiles, snickers, and tell them how maybe, just maybe, one day they will be 1/10 the woman we are.

>Come on liz defend chrysoula. She's a friend isn't she? We've talked about important things. She's trusted us with personal info. The least we could do is defend her.

>This is the best thing to happen yet! I don't know what to say. I don't know what to do. Wait I know JUST what to do.

Hug ren and smother him in the embrace os the bosom.
Going to wait for the other anon if he's still here.
Just noticed it's a one.
Unless anons want to do the critical autosucces, I suppose interesting things will happen.
Give me a second.
I don't like your definition of interesting.
I will be back in about 20 min, finishing something quick. Feel free to go on without me until I get back if you want to.

>*A sea of gold. Coins and jewels twinkling in the light. Two dragons amidst it. One double the size of the other. One cuddling up against the other.

Liz:"Ren dear are you awake? Ren?"

Ren:*Annoyed growling*

Liz:"I'll take that as a yes. I'll go to the kitchen and have a slave fetch it for you. You know after this we should take a trip. Renexizia is finally out of the lab, Aulus has a break from college, and Revenaris is coming to visit soon at this rate I'd say we could have something nice. Of course it'd be nicer if we had more kids to bring with us but that's something we can work on right."

Ren remains unmoving. Ignoring his tail. Which slaps liz's ass (of course.)

Liz(Blushing):I love you too dear. Now if you'll excuse me there is breakfast to prepare and slaves to read stories too. It's so nice having an audience when I do it. I'd never thought I'd read to thousands. It's a nice feeling."

Ambition is a healthy thing.
It helps people aspire

Now I really want to find out liz's deal with being bigger than us
So... Liz? Why exactly do you keep thinking about being bigger all the time?

Oh... Bigger then Ren?

Well, yes...

...Oh, besides me being defacto the best wife? Or being able to claim I'm bigger? It's a joke between us, you know.... Also because he turned my legs short. My legs! Besides, then I can cuddle up to him, and he won't be able to leave... At least, it'll be harder to leave politely...


It's a friendly competition, honestly. Besides, he'd be so cute being smaller then me...

If anons can do more with this and slightly hit upon her having more children, it'll be a critical autosuccess.
>Harder to leave politely
>Implying we care about politeness
Tbh if we need to leave we'll leave.
It's not like ren is that classy anyways.

*Stomping down the hallway, floor trembling underfoot a slave approaches*
Slave:Madame the fifth wing to the nursery is complete and the children have been moved in without problem.

Liz:Good, good now if you would be so kind please get designs ready for a sixth wing.

Slave:A sixth?

Liz:Yes you heard me a sixth. It never hurts to plan for the future.

Slave:Yes madame we'll get on it right away.
Also as a side note when we get back to ren we must turn the tables on liz.
We cuddle her and keep her trapped.
Could be better.

Critical Autosuccess!

You manage to get more women a bit salty, and head inside confidently with your husband... You give some glares to some people staring at Chrysoula, and you eventually find the meeting room...

Of course... It seems the Draconia Firma's in a meeting right now... And locked the door...

Oh dear... How will you ever get in? It's not like you have an outrageously buff minotaur, a loving barbarian as a husband, and you and your amazing charismatic abilities...

Oh dear. This could be rather hard, getting past a locked door. What ever shall you do?


>...Lock pick the door? You have claws. And besides, maybe you can open it?
>...Have Chrysoula kick the door open. Though it's a bit harsh and might get the wrong message across...
>Find someone with the keys, and charm him/her into opening the door for you...
>...Knock politely.

>...Lock pick the door? You have claws. And besides, maybe you can open it?

I make no assurances to quality while I'm half awake.
You decide to lock-pick the door.

Roll me a 1d20+4 anons.

+3 if Elizabeth can think of how to get through the lock more easily, yet subtly...
+2 if Elizabeth can show off to Renexizious.
+1 if Elizabeth can think how well this meeting will go!
+1 if Gwynevere can still be ecstatic about boobs. (+1 if she can also mention Elizabeth's better thighs and other things.)
+2 if Renexizious can do even more innuendo about Elizabeth.
+1 if Renexizious can still be a bit shocked at her breasts increasing. (+1 if he can think what would happen if it grew again.)
Rolled 17 + 16 (1d20 + 16)

>forget picking it. use your claw to bore through the locking mechanism one with one well-placed piercing jab.
>"You may be able to brute force this lock with ease, my dear, but watch how do to it with poise!"
>This can only go well. They positively adore Ren and myself, they'll surely change their minds and see things our way with a little gentle encouragement. And if that's not enough, Ren and Chrysoula can give them some not-so-gentle encouragement. But I hope it won't come to that, the poor dears just need to be shown the proper path.
>"OR, or or OR, you could go full dragon form and beguile them with your new, more bountiful bouncing breast mountains! Show off your thick, shapely thighs and those hourglassy, baby-bearing hips! The ass so large, you could serve your full British tea service on it!"
>"Liz, my dear, that's not the only thing you do with poise...do be careful not to blot out the lightning in the meeting room with your new assets, though. We still need them to see us."
>Seriously though, they grew AGAIN? Why can't -I- grow anymore? I haven't grown in ages! ...If she grows any more in that department, she may not be able to stand without the aid of a back brace or something, her ass is formidable, but it still can't counterbalance those massive, near gravity defying breasts.

Amazing Success!

You lock pick the door open, and the door creeks open slowly, as you take your claw out...

There seems to be a large meeting going on, and the speaker half-dragon seems to pause, a little confused at the door opening.

"Erh... Who are you three? And what's with the minotaur?" Someone says.

"Wait, who let them in here?" Someone else says...

Roll me a 1d20+7 to bluff.

+3 if you can use your upgraded assets. (+1 if Gwynevere can be ecstatic about this!)
+2 if Elizabeth can think how nice it would be to be bigger doing this... How powerful she'd be...(+1 if she can think how comfy she'd be with Renexizious if she was far bigger. +1 if Gwynevere can go a bit mad with the power of her assets and think what she could accomplish with them if she was bigger.)
+1 if you can come up with an excuse why your in here.
+1 if you can explain the minotaur, and try to introduce her.
+1 if you can be maternal and caring to everyone. Save the weaker women, and make them a bit salty about your general superiority, such as your breast size, for example.
+1 if Renexizious can still be salty about being equal in size with Elizabeth..
Rolled 15 + 15 (1d20 + 15)

>Fold arms maternally under massive assets, to give them some lift and make it quite plain that they are larger than some of the half-dragon's heads. "You GO, girl! Bedazzle them with your bazongas! Mesmerize with your melons!"
>Just think, if only the building could hold my dragon form...I could literally crush them under my royal battalion. They can't disagree if they can't gasp out dissent! And who wouldn't want to be buried in my bosom?
>"Why hello sweeties, don't mind us, go about your business. Nothing unusually here."
>"The minotaur is here in case things get a wee bit rowdy. Please don't make things get rowdy. You won't like it."
You fold your arms maternally under your massive assets.. It's hard to actually lift them up at this point...

"Hello sweeties. Don't mind us. Just go about your business... Nothing unusual. The minotaur's just here in case things get a bit wee rowdy... Please don't make things get rowdy... None of us would like it." You say this as passionately as you can... The speaker coughs a bit.

"Erh... Well... Could you take a seat?"

"Oh, sure. Come along Ren."

You take a seat at the table, with a few sweaty men taking a look at your assets, which have a hard time fitting... It's rather uncomfortable...

Chrysoula sits next to you, along with Renexizious...

It seems people can't help but stare, a little confused, but seem to be trying to pay attention to the speaker... Rather then you.
Oh. That won't do at all.

>...Do this the nice way. Try to be nice to the speaker and calmly and caringly ask him to be quiet while his better is speaking.
>...Well... You can always be alluring. Most eyes are on you anyways... (+2 Bonus)
>...Get Chrysoula to get everyone to pay attention.
>Try to get your dear husband to get everyone to pay attention... Though it might be a bit hard, with the fact that he's protective of you and all, and the slightest glare towards you can set him off..
>Your the queen of England! Order some tea brought to you and wait your turn. You are a guest after all!
>...Well... You can always be alluring. Most eyes are on you anyways... (+2 Bonus)
Roll me a 1d20+7 anons.

+3 if you can continue to draw attention to your assets.
+2 if you can try to get comfortable as well. (+1 if you can show everyone else who's in control too. As in you.)
+2 if you can also try to get Chrysoula's assets to help somehow.
+2 if you can kindly and maternally get everyone to focus on you with words... (+1 if Renexizious can do a few innuendo jokes to you.)
+1 if Gwynevere can continue to be excited and encourage you. And still a bit power mad.
+1 if Renexizious can be a loving husband to Elizabeth. (+1 if Elizabeth can find a way to cuddle up and show off to him a bit.)

If everything's done, it'll be an autosuccess.
I'm going to give a few more minutes until I pass out.
Give me a few more please, got caught up in a show.
I'll try anon. Just really tired.
>Sigh heavily, to see just how long your breasts can ripple before coming to a stop.
>Place one arm around Ren, and draw him closer, planting a quick kiss on his cheek.
>Nudge one of the legs of Chrysoula's chair with your foot, causing her to almost lose her balance and flail her upper body (and breasts of her own) around to regain said balance. And give a small, shy squeak of terror.
>"Now truly, dears, a perfect specimen of both motherhood AND dragonhood is here before you, and you'd rather listen to that old codger? I think that it's high time you listened to me instead."
>"Yeah! Knock their socks off! With your boobies! Give them a little swing, and watch everyone's eyes follow them as they sway through the air, with a mixture of longing, jealousy, and...and...AND LUST! Work it, they're eating out of the palms of our claws!"
>Ren hugs her back, and lets Liz have her moment in the spotlight. Liz moves off of her chair and onto his lap, and positions herself just so, affording him a beautiful view of the Royal Battalion.
Eh. That wouldn't be enough on using your assets to draw much attention. But really nice job on everything else.
Can I change it to
>Stretch heavily and roll your back, making the assets 'pop' more, so to speak, as they roll about like Sweden's snow-capped hills.
You give a heavy sigh, Stretching out and rolling your back while putting an arm around Ren and drawing him closer, giving him a quick kiss...

You also decide to quickly nudge one of the legs on Chrysoula chair, causing her to go face-first into the table, breaking a large chunk of it... You rush over to check that she's fine, and she seems perfectly fine, but you swear you heard a squeak of terror for a second.

But of course, when you look up, everyone seems a bit focused on you.

"Now, truly dears... A perfect specimen of both motherhood AND dragonhood is here before you. So would you rather listen to that old codger? Because I think it's high time you listened to me... I have great ideas, you know..."

You feel Renexizious hug your back, so you decide to get off your chair, and lean into his back, positioning carefully to give him a nice view of the Battalion... Though you think you did gain some weight, judging from him straining a bit.

Everyone's eyes are on you, with most of the males being visibly sweating, tugging at ties, or nervously trying to find something else to look at besides you and Chrysoula...


>Try to get them to get rid of that horrid slavery thing... Everyone knows that only you, Ren, and your family can have them...
>Try to get them to be more nationalist. You do so love nationalists.
>...How about a bit less... Well, there's... A few good races besides humans and dragons. Like minotaurs. They're law-abiding citizens... Try to see about increasing their tolerance to other races.
>...So my dear husband here wants to take over. Is there any problem with this?
>Write-In for other things to change about their organization.
>Try to get them to get rid of that horrid slavery thing... Everyone knows that only you, Ren, and your family can have them...
>...How about a bit less... Well, there's... A few good races besides humans and dragons. Like minotaurs. They're law-abiding citizens... Try to see about increasing their tolerance to other races.

As much as I'd love to go for all 3, I think working on those two would be best for now.
You decide to get rid of that slavery thing and try to promote working with other races...

Roll me a 1d20+3 to see how well you can do this.

+3 if you can use your assets to make them more uncomfortable more likely to want to go. And since they're locked in here with you...
+2 if you can point to Chrysoula as a cut- You mean, good example of hard working minotaurs. (+1 if you can slightly slip out a small attraction to her. +1 if you can get Chrysoula to do something cute.)
+1 if you can try to get the few people trying to not pay attention to you to look at you to become dominated. (+1 if you can reassure everyone who's looked that it's fine.)
+2 if you can bring up good maternal arguments why only you and Ren should be allowed to have slaves. (+2 if you can also mention why only dragons should have slaves. +1 if your inner hoarder can think of comfy numbers of slaves and money.)
+1 if Gwynevere can know only happiness from this. And if she can suggest lustful things to do with Ren as a celebration. Or with Chrysoula. Or both.
+1 if Elizabeth can be loving and sweet towards Renexizious. And show off a bit more. (+1 if Renexizious can be lustful towards her.
+2 if Elizabeth can show the Draconia Firma why she's a perfect specimen of motherhood AND dragonhood. (+1 if she can justify no longer really consdering herself human and more of a dragon. And enjoy being a dragon... +1 if she can wishfully mentions to Ren that she'd like a few more kids. And if he refuses, to embarrass him a bit in front of everyone.)

I need sleep now anon. Sorry.
>Continue bouncing breasts by utilizing your shoulder muscles as you regally walk about the room, as an excuse to strut your stuff. Alternate moving shoulders up and down to see if you can get them to bounce independently of each other.
>"You see, not every non-dragonic race is inherently inferior. Take the mighty minotaur, for instance. As you can see, she's got a couple of great asset-I mean she's got a pair of great qualiti-I mean there's some nice things about her too! Like her near-indomitable strength! Chrysoula, be a sweetie and pick up that chair Ren is sitting in with one hand, will you?"
Chrysoula: "Um...Ren, if you don't mind, would you please...um...get out of that chair?" She sort of rubs one hoof against the back of the other one, clasps her hands together and and hunches her shoulders up, so she looking upwards into Ren's face as she asks this.
Liz: "No, no! I meant with him IN it!"
>"Now, I would like your attention, please! All eyes on me, if you would! ESPECIALLY YOU, in the back! I see you back there, face redder than a cherry pie, trying desperately to look at the floor! It's quite alright. You may admire them, but from a distance, or else Rennie gets jealous, and has to stress eat to calm down again, and I just got him to agree to exercise more with me."
>"Now, onto that whole slavery bit. Really, dears, only the royal family should be allowed slaves. We know what's best for them, and since we're already used to housing and caring for large numbers of people, we're equipped to handle their needs much better than the common folk. After all, knowing how to properly care for and maintain slaves is a skill in a full-blooded dragon's DNA, and therefore only full dragons should be allowed them. Why, I bet you don't even read yours bedtime stories, or, or pack them sack lunches! It's quite simply barbaric. It is imperative that you hand over any slaves you have, forthwith and immediately." They'll go so nicely with my other slaves, I obviously need two hundred at least JUST to tend to mine and Ren's thrones. We're just so majestic, our majesty will dent those poor solid gold thrones so much, the slaves will need to constantly hammer them back into shape. Maybe a total of....two thousand personal slaves, just so I always have someone to read to in case I get lonely counting my pile of gold larger than me and Ren combined, studded with all kinds of beautiful gemstones, and maybe some paper money as well. Just to add a matte splash of color here and there.
>"For example, look at my dear husband Renexizious here. He is an equal opportunity employer, the good dragon, and he treats his slaves with dignity and humanity, as is befitting their station. He's such a good husband, and a shining example to us all!" Kiss Ren again, sit in his lap and continue speaking. Ren then tickles her ass a little and slides his hands up and down her thighs.

Continued (holy crap there's a character limit?)
Rolled 15 + 22 (1d20 + 22)

>"And finally, as the sole progenitor of our glorious species, if nothing else, I deserve your respect and obedience in these two simple little matters. Why, if it weren't for me, Renexizous would still be the only other full-blooded dragon here, and there would be no one else to bear new little darlings. So, truly, if you consider my dear Renexizious and his brilliant mutation medications like your father, then I am like your mother as well, and you should listen to your mother! She only wants what's best for her little scaled sweeties." Liz looks up at Ren from her spot on his lap. "Speaking of scaled sweeties, dear, we really should see about filling up the rest of that carton when we get home. Aulus is getting so big, I won't be able to pick him up soon!"

Good night, QM
Rolled 5 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Night QM

I have to say I really do like the way you do write-ins anon. I'm just a disappointed I can't see them more

You strut around the room, using your shoulder muscles to make your breasts bounce a bit... You must admit, since you lack an actual bra, it proves a bit easier..

"But first, I wanted to point out that not every non-dragonic race is inherently inferior. Take the mighty minotaur, for example! She's got some great ass- I mean, a pair of fine t- I erh, I apologize.... I meant there's nice things about her too! Like her near indomitable strength. Chrysoula! Can you be a sweetie and lift the chair Ren's standing in with one hand?"

She nods a bit, nervous.

"Um... Ren? If you uh... Don't mind... Would you um... Get out of the chair? Please? She wants me to pick it up."

You see her rub one of her hooves behind her other one, and is haunched up...

Poor thing.... Wait, did she say with him out of it?

"Chrysoula! With him in it!"


Renexizious seems a bit entertained, and she easily picks up his chair, a bit starined though. She sets him down after a minute and sits back down.

"Now, now.... I would like your attention please! All eyes on me! Especially you! In the back! Face redder then a cherry pie, trying to look at the floor! It's quite alright to look... It's fine to admire them, but from a distance. Or else Rennie gets jealous, don't you?"

Renexizious growls softly...

"See, sweetie? But anyways, everyone... Onto that whole slavery thing..."

You give a rather convincing argument. to them... Eventually your legs feel tired and yoy sit down in Renexizious's lap... He tickles your ass a bit, sliding his hands up and down your strong thighs...

"And finally, as the sole progenitor of our glorious species, if nothing else, I really do deserve your respect and obedience in these two simple matters... Why, if it weren't for me, Renexizious would still be no other full-blooded dragons here... So if you consider my dear Renexizious can his mutation medications like your father, then I'm like your mother as well, and you should listen to your mother. She only wants what's best for her scaled sweeties..." You turn to Renexizious...

"...Speaking of... Why don't we see about filling up the rest of the carton when we get home? Aulus is getting big you know!"

"...Elizabeth, he'll be fine...
A few hands are raised, particularly from the large intimidating foremaster Sith.

"Yes sweetie? What do you want?"

"Erh... I think you misunderstand. We're quite alright with the government having unpaid workers, but what we want to see is the royal family use them for things besides personal hygine."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes... We have a lack of farming jobs been taken up since most of the youth joined the army. And erh... Your like our mom? I don't think how that works..."


>...I see what your talking about... I suppose you make a good point!
>Oh, I'll certainly look into it.....
Actions continued.
>...Well, you see, it would be so immoral to have slaves working outside of the palace...
>...Oh, well... I didn't mean that in the literal sense! Being called you mother's clothing...
>...Oh, don't worry about it! Sweden's changed of it's time at the age of thrity.
>Oh, I'll certainly look into it.....
*Large intimidating foremaster sith

Holy shit. My schedule of sleeping for only three hours had me subconsciously put in the sith.

Jesus Christ, never type while sleep deprivated.

I suppose I meant "Large half-dragon who seems red with embarrasement"
"Don't worry, I'll certainly look into it!"

"Thank you... But also, your erh... Queen Elizabeth, right? And Emperor Thorson?"

"Oh, I'm delighted you know of us sweetie! Though I would be surprised if you didn't."

He gets out a few papers.

"Well... We just think that compared to other citizens half-dragons should be paid more and have a subsidary income... As you can see here on this graph, you'll notice that half-dragons tend to consume at least four times that of a human, not to mention their fast growing children...

"So this is for Chrysoula, correct?"

"We don't have anything against other races, but we think that our race should have economic backups, and that psyhological evaluation should be given before taking the mutagen, as a few people have reported of taking it multiple times rather then once, or be unable to take care of their dietary needs and turn to robbery and thieving or worse, cannibalism...

Apparently they're defending the whole concept of draconic superiority...


>...Try to convince them that it's not hyped up to what it is...
>...Try to pull a maternal, caring mother act, and appeal to everyone to pleaes not wander or stay out of sight...
Also, third of all.

>Cede to them the idea of maybe in the future trying to take care of half-dragon subjects more...
>Use your assets to distract them from making counter-arguments!

Also, what the fuck I'm writing shit that doesn't make sense. Second option is supposed to be that you appeal to everyone that half-dragons aren't as hyped up as they are and calm them like a parent would.
Becoming a half dragon is entirely optional. I can support the idea of psyche evaluations for people before they become half dragons but if they really can't support themselves maybe it'd be better to give them the chance to turn back to humans rather than start instituting unbalanced wages.
You give them a counter point... They however give you a counter point, and claim that the cost of living is so high that their wages are effective sliced in half for most of them, and that many wouldn't mind going back to being human, along with many people's wives who've been reported of "laying eggs", which is enough of a shock that most women check into a psych ward!



>Fine. Maybe you should try to raise the budget and increase wages...
>You might want to take care of women being shocked at their bodies.
>Firmly deny increasing their paychecks for them!
Thanks, QM. I'm actually the lurker anon from threads back that you asked why I never really posted despite having followed since really early on in the quest, and I said that I didn't think I had anything worthy to contribute. So I'm glad that you think my write-ins are good quality.

>...Try to convince them that it's not hyped up to what it is, and calm them like a parent would...
"Dearies, being a half-dragon isn't all that you're hyping it up to be. For starters, you're just so hungry, all the time, and no matter how much Ren and myself work on improving yields from various meat animals, it's never enough to fill all of you up. And I do so hate my beloved subjects going hungry. Maybe we could allow for half-dragon children to be allowed to waive out of mandatory military service if they agree to raise meat animals for a decade or so, what do you think Ren?
>Use your assets to distract them from making counter-arguments!
Continue to walk about the room as you have been, but add a bounce to your step and a swish to your tail to draw attention to an under-viewed attraction: the shapely half-dragon ass.
>Write-In: "Well sweetie, I can definitely see about making sure that people won't abuse the mutagen by taking it multiple times, Rennie is already looking into that little issue, actually. So soon there will be nothing to worry about! In the meantime, we can probably issue a little moratorium on not selling excess dosages to those who are already have dragon."
Late by minutes again!

>You might want to take care of women being shocked at their bodies.
"Well, when I started laying eggs, I was shocked too. But really, it's the better way to go about things, you lay the egg, go about your business, come back home and it's hatched a few days later. It's so convenient, you can even request off work for the hatchday of your new bouncing bundle of scales and have it approved before hatchday!"
>Firmly deny increasing their paychecks for them!
"I'm sorry sweetie, but we can't force businesses to pay you more for your work. All that that is going to do is get you poor dears laid off in droves, so that they can replace you with cheaper workers, and that'll just make the problem worse! But we can look into seeing about lowering the costs of living, certainly. Can't make any promises at this stage, naturally, but I can proudly state that we will do our utmost!"
>Decides to become a lizard
>Surprised they are laying eggs
Guess we have something else to deal with.
We'll actually look into the life-style of half dragons to see if it really is cutting into wages as much as they say. If it is we'll look into driving down the cost of wages though we should also ask her what kind of job half of them even have.

And we should probably work on a reversing agent for them.
Oh ye quick questions.
Can only half dragons be officers in our army?
That seems like a pointless rule to make.
Oh and as a reminder.
A good way to fight our lack of funds is to go into unexplored business like airlines.

Also when will legate san get back his job?
I'd like to go and tackle DnD world for resources like gold and other precious metals, timber, etc but unless we can find a new way to open the gate without needing to commit a war crime and risk getting camped the next time we go through, I'm hesitant to advocate for it.
It's sort of a meme from my old DMing group.

"Dears, being a half-dragon isn't all that your hyping it up to be... For example, your all just so hungry! All the time! No matter how much REn and myself work on improving yields from various meat animals, it's just never enough... and I do so hate my beloved subjects going hungry. Maybe in the future cute little bundles of scales can be waived out of mandatory military service if they agree to raise meat animals for... Oh, say a decade or so. What do you think Ren?"

He seems content just to be hugging the back of you and feeling your backside... How nice.

"But anyways, when I started laying eggs, I was shocked too! But really, it's the best way to go about things. You lay the egg, go about your business, come back home, and it's hatched a few days later! Extremely convenient! Why, I'm almost certain you can request off work for the hatch day of your new bouncing bundle of scales, and no doubt have it approved! But I'm so sorry... I don't know if I can force businesses to pay you for more work... It'd just get you all laid off!"

You decide to get up and walk around the room, adding a bit of a bounce in your step and swishing your tail... Drawing more attention to your nicely-shaped half-dragon lower end.

Of course, they're a bit too busy looking over you to really question you too much... Though a few of the females are sadly not tempted.

You ask them what jobs they have, and most answer with being lawyers, doctors, small business owners, and the occasional noble...

Roll me a 1d20+5 to see if this deradicalizes them.

+3 if you can give good arguments against slavery and why it's moral and good if done by you and Ren. (+1 if you can dispute the fact you might of eaten slaves a lot and enjoyed it at one point.)
+2 if you can argue about why certain races should be given a chance. Like minotaurs. (+1 if you can slip up a bit more, and +1 if Chrysoula can be shy.)
+1 if Renexizious can be lustful towards you. (+1 if it's enough to be embarrassed. +1 if you can try to come up with an excuse. +1 if Gwynevere can show off heavily to Renexizious. And slightly to the people at the meeting.)
+2 if you can also continue to mention the benefits of having half-dragon children and laying eggs, and how to deal with the shock. (+1 if you can hint a bit towards Renexizious.)
+1 if you can also try to be nice to the half-dragon women here and mention how they can be as successful as you are.

If everything's done, the Draconia Firma will be very willing to listen to you.
The legate will get his job back in a week or so, around the time Charlemagne is coming back.
Any anons still alive?
Well, yes it is. This does make your officers a bit more smart and much more tough in battle.
Jesus. It's like everyone died at once.
Well, final bump. I'll be back in a hour or so.
Rolled 3 + 13 (1d20 + 13)

We should take over nazi and warhammer dimension.
I also had an idea to restructure the kobolds social system.
thread is saged.

>Simply put me and my dear husband are better able to provide for our slaves. We understand they dislike the drudgery and try to make sure their living conditions are somewhat decent we care about our slaves. I even read stories to them occasionally. Honestly I don't know why anyone would think I'd harm any of them. Simply put if we allowed this we'd have to watch over and made sure rights weren't being infringed upon and simply put that would overextend us. Not to mention that each of the races have something to bring to this glorious empire and everyone in it and that making them slaves would be a waste of talent. Think of how it would stifle so many people that could rise so far stopped by being trapped in a station they didn't choose. We have an imperative to try and nurture talent when we can. And while you argue that we simply use our slaves for hygiene that isn't entirely true. They deliver messages. Aid our children, and most importantly are used in the renovations of our palace and labs. The same labs where the half dragon mutagen originate. Now that I've explained that bit of concern I'll move on to your concern about children and birthing. Laying an egg is simply much safer than birthing live young both for you and the child not to mention that half dragon children grow much faster easing the burden on the parents it can make having children a much nicer experience that (some) people would enjoy doing a bit more often.

Give him a sidways glance that starts at the parenthesis word.

>And any of you here can be successful like I am. Aren't you all draconic creatures? I assume you were gifted with some of the intelligence it brings. If so put in some ingenuity. I am sure you are bright minds with great potential. Go forth and put your talents to work. You have the potential to be artists, scientists, people of legend. Just reach out and take it. We liv ein a world with a myriad of possibilities, secrets, potentials, dreams, hopes, and plans amidst all this you have the innate talent and god willing the wherewithal to use it to your own ends. Think about what you can do and do it. You have a wide open future for you to explore.
Huh. I got back as soon as you posted.

Allowing samefagging if you can continue to try and lessen the shock of laying an egg over a pregnancy. Also if you can shill extremely to Ren for more kids and mention the likelyhood for having more then one child and come up with theories why.
Also if you can show off to him and the other people at the meeting after he does something lustful towards you and explain why certain races should be given a chance and if you can slip up a bit for a bigger bonus.
Rolled 18 + 21 (1d20 + 21)

>Think about it. Elves are great at woodworking, dwarves being master craftsmen, orcs are perfec for the military, a well taught minotaur makes a wonderful teacher and barring that are a strong hardworking race, Werewolves are also perfect as hunters and trackers, each race has a myriad of uses and putting many of our civilians up as slaves takes away that talent.

>And laying eggs isn't that awful. Eggs are adorable in their own way not to mention you get downtime inbetween laying the egg and the actual birth of the baby to rest and recuperate. Honestly it can be nice. Sometimes even I wish that my husband would give me more children so that I can enjoy the experience of mother hood. Though sometimes you may get more than one kid. That may have to do with the reptile genetics causing you to bear a clutch instead of one egg something akin to other reptiles.
Ren reaches a hand under her shirt and starts playing with her bra while liz sits down.
Liz stands up a little too fast and the bra *Nearly* breaks. Of course ren pulls her back down before this happens.
And of course gwynevere takes this chance to press up against ren.
>A-Apologies my husband has been restless so to speak so he's occupying himself in a sense. Even then though he still won't give me some nice children.

>Y-Yeah every race should be given a shot. It's fair I think, so yeah...Listen to liz. *Attempts to back into a corner*

Ultra Success!

Every pays attention to your speech, and even the women have to look when you nearly break your bra in front of everyone, and Ren seems a little too passionate... Playing with your already tight bra, trying to slip under it... You press up against him, which lets him sneak his hand into your bra.

"R-ren, come on, stop it... We're in a meeting.'

"...Just a little bit of a touch..." He gropes your breasts and you relax a bit at this... You know, you could just let him do it... It'd be so romantic in a sense, ignoring others just to do what feels natural...

Erh... You need to pay attention though...

Everyone seems to murmur in agreement, and Chrysoula kind of backs away... She seems to kind of want Renexizious to show her some love too...

Aw. Poor dear...

Most of the high members of the Draconia Firma seems quite convinced, and a small break is called... Many males retreat to the restroom for a bit, as a few women try to look away...

After a few minutes, they come back, still looking sweaty, and envious of Renexizious... Poor dears, having no doubt second-rate wives...

Roll me a 1d20+7 to finish deradicalizing them

+3 if you can be quite maternal and tell them good things about their party and how great it is to see so many of Renexizious's half-dragon mutants working together. (+1 if you can be extra maternal.)
+2 if you can use any of your assets. (+2 if Renexizious can increase in being lewd and embarrass Elizabeth even more slowly. +1 if she can get progressively more nervous and embarrased. +1 if she can try to get Chrysoula over here and maybe have Ren focus on her or equally on the two of them.
+2 if Elizabeth can try to play on the males tryin to hide lust for her to get them to listen to her. (+1 if anons can also think on how to get them even more uncomfortable, and try to mention why it's alright for them to look...)

If everything's done, it'll be an autosuccess.
Rolled 6 + 16 (1d20 + 16)

>Ignoring others just to do what feels natural
H-How heretical.

>Telling them to look
This is a trap.
It has to be.

>t's nice to see that you are all working together. It's warming to see you all unite in pride about your race. It's so heartwarming. You should all throw a party. An actual one. with cake. I'd cook a good one too.

Ren would attempt to grope her ass too.
And bypass her underwear of course.

Struggle a bit (our chest shakes when we do this.) and start to stutter more and more asking him to calm down a bit.

>Chrysoula p-please come over here and help. I-I'm not sure I can handle this. It's a tad bit embarrassing.
Allowing samefagging if anons can be extremely maternal to the half-dragon Draconia Firma, and if Ren can be even more lustful, and if Elizabeth can use her assets a bit more...
Rolled 12 + 17 (1d20 + 17)

>Honestly I'm proud of you taking initiative like this. It shows some real maturity on the part of all of you. You should all be proud of yourselves.
Liz will break away from ren succesfully for a minute to pat all the party members on the head.
Ren will reestablish the hold and start graping her a bit more roughly. Both above and below.
She doesn't even need to try to do anything to make them jiggle.
Actually ren could take over with that. He's already doing well enough.
Liz could just.
Give up.
Eh, one more try anon.
I'm bad with smut desu.
And what is it lacking?
It'd be helpful to know what gap I need to close.
Eh. Well, I guess Elizabeth protesting it and Renexizious being loving, I guess.

Alternatively if you want, you can try to be Renexizous and calm Elizabeth down as you get more lustful and just compliment Elizabeth a ton.
>Liz it's fine. It's not wrong that I'd want to enjoy my adorable, beautiful dragoness right? You're soft skin, adorable eyes, beautiful hair, wonderful voice sure I can have this much at least can't I? Please? Everything about you is wonderful. you're well kept claws, the gorgeous white teeth and you're soft caring personality. Someone so nice as you should relax for a second. Enjoy themselves. It's not that harmful is it?
Renexizious goes as far as to put his hand under your skirt, past your underwear, and gropes it hard. You feel your face going red as Ren grabs your squishy behind, and strokes your thick and long tail, which feels quick smoothing...

You try to break away, but his grip's too tight and he causes your breasts to jiggle for a bit, and he lovingly squeezes on both ends... You try to hide a giggle. It's always wonderful when Renexizious feels up for a bit of fun... Though it could come at a better time.

After a bit, the meeting ends and most people leave as you escalate to making out lustfully, and Renexizious nearly removes your bra and puts you on the table...



"I erh... I uh... I don't think you should be doing that." Chrysoula says.

"What? This?"

You sigh. You were so close too...

"Well... I mean... We gotta get home... I mean, also this is kind of their meeting area..."

"Chrysoula, come on..."

"Ren, what if they w-walk in? I mean, I don't know why you find this fun..."

He sighs, jiggling your assets lovingly.

"...Fine. Maybe we should go."

You are now Renexizious, and you were about, about to tumble Elizabeth. Almost... You head out to the car, happy about your wife's... Asset upgrade.

Renexizious has upgraded from happiness!

Choose a mutation

>Stable Mutation
>Unstable Mutation
>Ultra Unstable Mutation
>Upgrade Mutation
I'm back

>Upgrade Mutation
>Upgrade Mutation
We should upgrade shrewd mind.
What do anons want to upgrade?

>Huge (2/3 upgrades!)
>Shrewd Mind
>(NEW): Muscular
>Ice Breath
>Laser Breath
>Fire Breath
>Acid Spit
>Shapeshifting (1/3 upgrades needed)
>Choose something else.
>Shrewd Mind
We should take some people and go to the D&D dimension soon.
And get lorriana started on studying the damn things
Anons sure about Shrewd Mind? You can upgrade your size, I believe.
>Huge (2/3 upgrades!)
Fine I guess.
We can do shrewd mind next time.

We're 60 stories now.
We'll be even bigger.

Upgrading the kobold civ should net us something nice.
Renexizious is now 80 stories large, and gets +2 to Body and a -2 to Dex. He also gets a +1 to Intelligence for having more brain matter...

You feel a bit... Bulkier, on your ride back with Chrysoula and Elizabeth... Eh. Might just be some back pain or something.

As you begin to drive back, Chrysoula shyly sits next to you.

"So uh... Ren?"


"...I was wondering if you kind of wanted to uh... Well, hang out..."


"Well... I mean, I was just thinking about buying us dinner... I kinda wanted to uh... Well... Get something."

"What is it?"

She nervously stutters.

"It's erh... Nothing. Just a cake culturally from home, I guess."

Elizabeth cuddles up to your arm.

"You know, that doesn't sound like a half-bad idea... A cake would be good... Oh! We should get a cake for Charlemagne!"

It seems your wives are a bit hungry.


>Ok, ok. If the two of you want cake, we'll get cake.
>...Chrysoula? Did you have any specifics in mind?
>Chrysoula, why are you being so vague with what cake you want? It's just a cake.
>...Come on... I kind of want to get home...
>Ok, ok. If the two of you want cake, we'll get cake.
>...Chrysoula? Did you have any specifics in mind?
>Ok, ok. If the two of you want cake, we'll get cake.
>...Chrysoula? Did you have any specifics in mind?
"Alright, alright. If the two of you want cake we'll get some... Now Chrysoula, did you have any specifics in mind?"

"Well... I was kinda wondering if you have cheesecake. Do you?"

"I erh... I think?"

"Really?" She seems quite excited now, stomping a hoof into the floor of the limo, slightly leaving a dent.

"Erh... Yes?"

She gives you a massive hug.

"Great! Have you ever eaten cheesecake? With blueberry syrup? If you want, you should try it!"

"You erh... Really like cheesecake."

"I was nervous you didn't have it here or something. The blueberries make it delicious, not to mention it's quite creamy, you know!"

She seems extremely happy.

"Erh... Do you have good memories about it?"

"Well... I only remember Spartan Cheesecake. It's erh... Really bland, honestly... But one time, my dad brought me back a slice of Athenian cheesecake with blueberry syrup..."

Her smile increase even more just thinking about it.

"By Zeus, I never got to try it again... I hope it tastes delicious..."


>...You know that cheese is a dairy product, right? And that cheesecake is by extension, also dairy?
>...Hug the minotaur.
>...So do you have a sweet-tooth? Now I'm curious.
>Do you like blueberries, by any chance?
>...What's the difference between Athenian and Spartan foods anyways?
>...Come on, I'll take you down to the nearest bakery serving stuff like that.
>...Why can't we get some steak or something?
>...What's the difference between Athenian and Spartan foods anyways?
>...Come on, I'll take you down to the nearest bakery serving stuff like that.
>Write-In: Liz, I hope that cheesecake sounds good to you as well? I want both of you to be happy and well-fed.
>...Hug the minotaur.
>...So do you have a sweet-tooth? Now I'm curious.
and >>1248495 too
"Come on, why don't we all get cheesecake? To the nearest bakery!"

The driver begins to drive you...

"So what's the difference between Athenian and Spartan foods anyways?"

"Oh... Well, honestly... I don't know. I only had Athenian food once. Spartan food is really salty though, and tastes like rations..."

You give the cute minotaur a hug.

"So you do have a sweet tooth?"

"I-I mean... Well..."

"Do you?"

"...I erh... I mean, I've never really eaten sugar much..."

"No red licorice? No chocolate?"

"I mean... No? Now I'm kind of curious though."

Aw... She might actually have a subtle one.

Eventually the car stops outside of a bakery, and you prepare to get out... You head through the front, to a very, very shocked human waitress.


"Table for... Six, please."


"Well, two for each of us. Booth please."

"I uh... See..."

She takes you to a side of the bakery labeled "LARGE ORDERS"... It certainly smells delicious in here, and it seems to double as a quaint little coffee house as well...

You feel your back stiffen up, and your feet feel a bit... Well... If it makes sense, squished in your shoes...

Roll me a 1d20+5 for how well ordering goes.

+3 if you can try to subtly hide your slow size increase, or try to time it just right to look cool, maybe in establishing domination over the coffee-house/bakery or something else...
+2 if you can make fun of Elizabeth for being a bit shorter then you now... (+2 if you can promptly be lustfu and lovingl towards her.
+2 if you can do some innuendo to Chrysoula, like you do to Elizabeth. Oh, and be lustful and loving. (+2 if Chrysoula can make a mistake and do something cute and embarrassing.)
+1 if Ren can decide who's lap he'll probably have to sit on... Chryosula's or Elizabeth's...
+1 if Ren can still be amazed by Elizabeth's asset growths and think lustfully about them.

If everything goes well, you'll have a great time here.
Rolled 9 + 14 (1d20 + 14)

Who's lap we pick depends.
Do we want a warm cozy seat or a cool soft seat.

I'll say liz because we sleep on chrysoula nightly

We could excuse our selves to the bathroom to grow in there and come out bigger than before.

>"Aw liz look at you. You're getting smaller than me again. You're so cute."
Pull liz close and start rubbing her head and her chest

(Inner ren thoughts.)
>"They grew again? This is impressive actually. Maybe I can get to 'test' them out soon. For science and all that."
Allowing samefagging if you can continue to make fun of Elizabeth for being smaller then you, and continued to be amazed by her other growth... And also be lustful towards her.
What form are we in?
Rolled 12 + 14 (1d20 + 14)

>My little, tiny, dragoness. So small but big in all the important ways.

She's grown to chrysoula's level naturally. All by herself. That's actually quite impressive. and we are a very lucky person.

Start snaking our tail up her leg to her more *private* areas. and start 'playing' around in there a bit.
You want to do one more anon?
Yea I was just doing something.
Rolled 19 + 14 (1d20 + 14)

>"So liz it looks like you're falling behind again."
Then our tail starts circling up her legs to do *it*
>"Keep this up and you'll just be a tiny little drake compared to me. I'm almost double your size after all."
Then we start groping one of her boobs.
>"Honestly it's so adorable when you're smaller than me. Maybe you should stay like this. I think it suits you better anyways."
Then we grope the other boob.
>"My little woman, My tiny drake, My small treasure. Forever destined to stay that way. But you are big alright. and soft too. Like a little pillow. Maybe I should sleep on you tonight."

This work?
You decide to sit on Elizabeth's lap while you wait... You suddenly excuse yourself to the restroom, and carefully take off your clothes while you grow...

You note that your half-dragon form is about equal size with Chrysoula, and your head bumps up against the ceiling after a minute... You'll certainly need new clothes...

Thanks to your shrewd mind, uou order Blondi to go next door to rip some curtains out and bring them to you, while you try to knit them together using nothing but your claws...

After a bit, you make a makeshift robe for yourself, and put it on... It's a bit covered in dog saliva, but you manage... You'd try to shift to a smaller size, but for some reason it just isn't working right now.

You head out, and sit down on Elizabeth's lap.

"Ren? What happened to your..."

"Oh, don't worry about it... Now... It looks like your beginning to fall behind again."

Your tail begins to circle up her leg, under the skirt...

"Keep this up, and you'll just be a tiny little drake compared to me... I'm almost double your size after all... Honestly, you should stay like this... Suits you better anyways..."

You begin to grope both breasts at once, your tail heads up her skirt... And panties a bit.

She certainly has a bit of a shock, and turn dead red. Chrysoula seems a bit confused, and Elizabeth is a bit too stunned to say anything...

"Anyways... My little woman... My tiny drake... My small treasure... Forever destined to stay that. But you are big, alright? Soft too. Like a pillow... Maybe later I can sleep on you..."

You hear a bit of a sad sigh, and peek to see Chrysoula's shoulders slump down a bit, in disappointment, and seems a bit hurt. She seems to shy to say anything though.

Elizabeth meanwhile, is beginning to recover from her just realizing your tail is dangerously close to her... Privates, so to speak.

"R-r-ren? C-can you stop? This is a public area?"

"What? I thought you liked it out here..."

She goes red again...


>...Wait patiently for the cake and grope your wife...
>...Fine. Maybe stop trying to have your tail doing kinky things
>...Maybe you should apologize to Chrysuola?
Wisdom check to see exactly why she's hurt?
Roll me a 1d20+3 anon

+3 if Renexizious can take guesses.
+2 if Renexizious can continue to be lustful towards Elizabeth, and consider maybe extending that out to Chrysoula.
+1 if Renexizious can mention knowing how Elizabeth enjoys doing it out in public.
+1 if Renexizious can feel bad for hurting Chrysoula's feelings a bit.
+2 if Renexizious can try to comfort Chrysoula a little. +1 if Elizabeth can try to help even if she's extremely shocked.
+1 if Elizabeth can think why the hell Renexizious is doing this in public right now and why he doesn't have any clothes on and only a toga and why he's bigger. (+1 if Gwynevere can be excited by his advances.)
+1 if Elizabeth can be competitive over being smaller. (+1 if Renexizious can mention how cute she is when she's so small...)

Autosuccess if everything is done.

Is lurker-anon ded?
Rolled 9 + 17 (1d20 + 17)

She's hurt we are ignoring her and not doing lewd things to her.

>So liz I swear I remember you enjoying more 'public' displays of affection no?
Continue groping liz. Begin moving under her outer layer of clothing.
Send our tail to get to work on chrysoula. The same way we did liz.

>Oh chrysoula did I forget about you? I'm sorry I can't believe I forgot that you need 'attention to'

And it's a shame we forgot about the cute minotaur (who we now match in height). She's been for nice. In more ways than one.

And as per liz's response.
>Chyrsoula please do not fret I assure you this is not as nice as it looks. Please cheer up
And as per gwynevere's response
>"It is as nice as it looks. Feels better and he Should continue. Preferably advancing as well. Ya know maybe being smaller isn't that bad."

>"It IS that bad and we will get bigger again. Why is he even doing this now of all times? Why did he suddenly get bigger? and why is he wearing a toga made from curtains?"

>"I'd think a better question to ask is why my wife gets so much more adorable the smaller she is? It's like a 8th wonder of the world. Better than the hanging gardens."

Maybe he fell asleep?
Or he's busy with something.
Well, it's a minor success... If anons can continue to think how cute she is while small and be more lustful with Elizabeth. And if Elizabeth can be extremely embarrassed with Ren trying to calm her.. And if Gwynevere can egg Ren on.
*If anons can continue to think on this, the minor success will become a Great Success and all of Chrysoula's motives will be revealed.
Liz is cuter when she's small.
More innocent, more helpless, and her assets are still massive to boot. It manages to combine her sex appeal and her cuteness. Plus with liz's lewd, slightly submissive nature it's cute.

Slip underneath her outer clothes, and her bra and get right to the 'heart' of the matter.
Then blow a little frost breath in her ear.

>R-Ren what are you doing. This is a place of business. Show some d-decorum. It's not the time for this.

>But it's always the time to show love to my adorable little woman. There's no such thing as a bad time for that.

>Exactly! it's bonding and intimacy and all the fun parts of marriage. Ren I think you should keep going. You know how liz is. She can't speak her mind. So I'll do it for her. Continue. Please.

This work?
You slip underneath her clothes and her bra, and get to her heat of the matter...

"R-Ren, what are you doing? This is a place of business! Show some d-decorum! Right now isn't the time fo-"

"But it's always time to show love to my adorable little woman. No such thing as a bad time for that, you know."

"Exactly! Bonding and intimacy! All the fun parts of marriage! Come on Ren, keep going! You know how she is, always unable to speak her mind... Oh, you should also rip off the bra. It's really tight... Maybe caress the thighs a little... Oooh! Maybe you can even... Nah..."[/i]


"Oh, you know. Undress Elizabeth, play with her assets. The standard fare! Make them jiggle!"

"W-why are you doing this Gwynevere?"

"Well, mostly so you stop thinking about children or being bigger. Honestly, this is way more fun."

"...Bigger, eh?"

"Oh, yeah. Always about size, having hundreds of kids... Really boring stuff."

"Don't you enjoy public displays of affection, right?"

"Always exciting! Also, it makes her so embarrassed..."

You feel your tail in the ready position to strike Chrysoula... You think that she's just sad that you won't be sleeping on top of her. Probably because she likes having you on her and near her, and just having something to cuddle with at night.


>Comfort Chrysoula now...
>...Move onto making Gwynevere happy, and Elizabeth a nervous wreck. (Gwynevere's opinion of you increases quite a bit!)
>...Just show your love to both of them.
>...Calm down a bit, and just relax.
>Chrysoula you know even if I don't sleep on you this night we will the next night right? I'd never purposefully neglect you.
We could uh work on a bigger bed.
Chrysoula on our left. Liz on our right, frankizka on us. That way everyone can have a piece.
>...Move onto making Gwynevere happy, and Elizabeth a nervous wreck. (Gwynevere's opinion of you increases quite a bit!)
>...Calm down a bit, and just relax.
Remember, more loving, less lustful.
I'll be 100% honest.
My #1 reason for doing this is because I enjoy making liz blush too much.

Each wife has a appeal and this is liz's
What's Chrysoula's and Frankizka's then?

Anyways, do anons want me to combine with Ren escalating and calming down from there?
Chrysoula's is being a shy gentle giant and very mundane/down to earth

Frankizka's is she's the quiet, undemanding, morality chain that's always good for spending a nice relaxing time indoors on a rainy day.

Liz is the kind maternal, somewhat regal one that if we hit the right buttons can make her blush and stop functioning.

Each has it's own merits.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

Well... Rolling.

1= Calm down.
2=Move onto making Elizabeth a nervous wreck.
Roll me a 1d20+6 to turn Elizabeth into a nervous wreck and try to get Chrysoula alright with the idea of sharing cuddling you.

+3 if you can extremely lustful to both of them. (+1 if you can also be loving to both.)
+2 if you can cheer Chrysoula up by compliment her assets and personality, and why sleeping on her is great.
+1 if Gwynevere can show off to Ren, and a little bit to Chrysoula.
+2 if Elizabeth can hit maximum nervousness in a public area and try her best to defuse the situation.
+1 if Renexizious can come up with excuses for being so lustful.
+1 if Renexizious can use his new-found size and strength to intimidate everyone else watching to stop doing it. Now.
+2 if Renexizious can question why Chrysoula wants cheesecake if she dislikes cheese for being dairy.
+1 if Renexizious can make fun of Elizabeth for her size and wanting more children...
+2 for other embarrassing comments to Elizabeth.
+1 if Chrysoula can wonder what's gotten into Renexizious.

If anons want, Chrysoula can try to defuse Ren's lust after Elizabeth is extremely embarrassed. Though she'll have to find a way.
Rolled 4 + 22 (1d20 + 22)

Let out a deep, loud roar then puff out our chest and glare out anyone that's still watching.
>Come on chrysoula cheer up you're a woman that's well endowed in both mind and body. You're a tolerant woman with a big heart, almost as big as your chest. You make days as pleasant with you as pleasant as nights on you. Your pretty soft to sleep on and warm as well.

Pat them both on the head and give them pecks on the cheek.

>I love you both.

Then begin working our way to their chest. Also use our tail to snap liz's bra.
Gwynevere can now use this situation to loosen the bra a bit to 'show off' I guess.

>Honestly liz. It's just so much fun seeing you blush. I'm surprised honestly. You want to be a big strong dragon but you're also a easily embarrassed dragoness that wants to be a mother to many. It's cute really. Not to mention you enjoy public displays of affection but get embarrassed by them? Do you enjoy being embarrassed?

>And chrysoula don't you hate cheese? I thought your stomach would be turned by the thought of cheese cake. Seemed like the logical conclusion.

And after finally breaking out of a daze of embarrassment and blush.

>R-r-ren this is going too far. S-stop this now. T-there must be a limit to these kinds of things. W-we came here to eat so let's just c-c-calm down for a second.

Chrysoula's (inner) thoughts
>I know ren is lustful and he can be a bit out of control but this is just extreme. What in hades has set him off like this?

Yes chrysoula should try to defuse this. I recommend food. Like getting the waters to get here. ASAP.

Maybe try to tempt him with some weird buttery cheese cake.
Rolled 2 + 18 (1d20 + 18)

>"Aw Liz, the things I would do to your cute, little, adorable body...well, I guess that you're feeling some of them right now..." Ren's tail begins to slither Liz's spine and tries to wiggle underneath the strap and pop her bra. He gently and rhythmically drums the scales on her inner thighs with the fingers on one of his hands. "So, how are the other children doing? Got anyone in particular you want to give a little brother or sister to?"
"And Chrysoula, come on over here, I know that you want in on this. Come let me rest my head on you." Ren lays his head down on Chrysoula's ample chest pillows, nuzzling his way in towards the center, and wraps his other arm firmly around her chest, and drums his other fingers along her breast. "That's just what my tired head needed, thanks Chrysoula."
>"See Chrysoula, that's what I like so much about you. You've got these great, comfy pillows built right in, and you're so shy it's damn near impossible to not want to pick you up, put you in my pocket and take you home. You're like a plushie and a waterbed that I never have to wait for it to warm up in one."
>"R-R-R-Ren, s-stop this immediately! Th-This is im-improper, and unseemly! Please, my love, sa-save it for l-l-later, when we can be in private!"
>"Hey, I just hit a new growth spurt, you know how those growing pains get. EVERYWHERE has grown, if you know what I mean, and I'm just itching to try it out."
>"And for the rest of you looking on, it is NOT OK, and I WILL make you stop watching, brutally, if you don't stop it yourself!" Ren stops drumming his fingers long enough to crack all of his knuckles in unison while growling at a pitch that sounds like two rocks grinding against each other.
>"By the way, Chrysoula, why are you such a fan of cheesecake if you hate cheese so much? There's a good amount of milk in cheesecake, you know."
Allowing samefagging if you can be more loving and lustful to both your wives, along with Renexizious trying to appeal to Elizabeth's desire for even more children.
Rolled 15 + 18 (1d20 + 18)

I am also bad at smut, but shall try my best
>Ren buries his face a little more into Chrysoula's breasts, motorboating them a little, and hugging her tighter to him. His drummingg fingers begin a steady march towards Liz's panties as his tail draws her closer to him as well. "God I love you both so much, this was a great idea."
>"So, honey, what do you say we try to get some new eggs on the horizon when we get home? I'd love to help give you a new baby to love and fuss over. Were these children long enough for you, or want me to try to keep them babies longer?"
Rolled 15 + 22 (1d20 + 22)

Rub their shoulders let's try to work out the stress on their bodies.
Caress her thighs.
Pull them close so their chests press against us.
>Didn't you want more children liz? Surely you know how that goes? I didn't think you would mind working on that...
"Oh Elizabeth... The things i would do to your cute, little, adorable body... Well, I guess your feeling some of them right now..."

You pop her bra off...

"So how are the other children doing? Got anyone in particular that you want to give a little brother or sister to? I say we try to egt a some new eggs on the horizon when we get home... I'd love to get you a new baby to love over, you know... Surely you know how that goes, right?"

"R-R-R-Ren! Stop this mmiedately! Th-this is improper! Unseemly! Please, daer, save it for when we're in private..."

"Hey, come on... I hit a new growth spurt. You know how these pains get... EVERYWHERE has grown, you know... And I'm itching just to try it out..."

You glare up at everyone.

"And for the rest of you, it is NOT OK to watch! And I WILL make you stop watching, brutally, if you don't stop it yourself!"

You grab Chrysoula...

"Can you lay down over here? I know you want in on this.."

"R-Ren, I just wanted to get some food..."

"Come on!"

You press your face into her boobs, and she... Pushes you out of it.

"Ren... C-calm down, ok?"

"Come on..."

You caress her thigh, and she looks worried.

"Ren... I just wanted a cake... A-a-and the two of you shouldn't... Go at it in public like this..."

You can't help but growl.

"I haven't even gotten to test anything yet..."

"R-ren... I'm worried..." She says this, a bit upset, with sincere eyes...You can feel your urge already starting to slow down from Chrysoula being so cute and wanting you to calm down...


>Try to calm down... (Gwynevere's opinion is decreased!)
>See if Elizabeth wants to have a good tumble now.
>...Try to calm down for a minute...
>Come on Chrysoula, it'll be fun...
>...Try to calm down for a minute...
By the way, the "calming down for a minute" means that Ren will contain his lust until he gets home.
>...Try to calm down for a minute...
You are now Chrysoula...

Roll me a 1d20+4 to see if you can calm Renexizious down...

+3 if you can be really worried about his lustful behavior, and genuinely concerned.
+2 if you can try to help Elizabeth...
+2 if you can guess why he's acting so lustful...
+2 if Renexizious can act lewd towards you so he won't be too lewd towards Elizabeth.
+1 if you can be a bit shocked at him suddenly... Motorboating your erh... Breasts...
+1 if you can be nervous, and apologize a lot. +1 if Chrysoula can be quite innocent. +1 if you can worry if he might not like you interrupting this.

If anons can be very creative in this, it might become an autosuccess.
Rolled 10 + 11 (1d20 + 11)

This might be going a tad bit too far. Just a bit. Maybe we should stop him. Hist lewdness is going too far.

Gwynevere. A mixture of enjoying torturing liz and gwynevere egging him on.

Grab him. Hug him tightly to deprive him of oxygen and drown him in our bosom I guess.

Maybe the lack of oxygen will calm him down.
Allowing samefagging if you can be really worried about him and shocked at him motorboating you! And also be innocent and nervous, as Renexizious tries to be lustful towards you.
Rolled 9 + 17 (1d20 + 17)

>What's wrong with him? He normally doesn't do that in public. Sure he's a bit lustful but he tends to keep it somewhat private.

>R-Ren don't be mad but please stop this? It's weird I-I don't think this is a good idea. I don't want you to be mad but we shouldn't be doing this here. I-I apologize for interrupting you but I just wanted to get cake. I didn't want this...Any of it.
Rolled 6 + 13 (1d20 + 13)

>"Ren, I've never seen you act quite this badly in public before. I know that you're worried about your image, and...and indecency like this is only going to tank it more, no one wants their kids to learn about the facts of life like this!"
>Chrysoula stands up, knocking Ren off of her, and vaults over the table and tries to help Liz stand up.
>"Liz, is...is your second head driving him to do this or something? I mean, even when he wants stuff like this, he normally doesn't just DO it...in public...this openly."
>"And Ren, how...how could you just..DO that, to my breasts, so...so suddenly?? I never wanted that, I just wanted some blueberry cheesecake...it's horribly embarrassing, why?"


"Ren, I-I've never seen you act this badly i-in public before... I mean, I know your worried a-about your imagine... And... And indecency like this is only going to tank it more! I mean, no one w-wants their k-kids to learn about the facts of life like this..."

Judging from him being face-first in your breasts and holding tightly, he seems to be at ease, but distracted where he doesn't even hear you... He squeezes your breasts, and you feel a bit frustrated...

"Ren, i-it isn't a good idea... W-we shouldn't be doing this here... I'm sorry for interrupting you, but I just wanted cake... I mean... Why did you do that to my breasts? I never wanted that... Just some blueberry cheesecake..."

You say this a little sad... Today hasn't been a really good day. Renexius however pokes his head out and looks up... He looks a little guilty...

Honestly, you just wanted a cake to cheer up a little, remembering Greece... Ren's been really obsessive over Elizabeth... Not to mention Frankizka's gone off on an adventure... Not to mention how you barely learned how to use a dryer and washer and ended up making some of your clothes unwearable or purple and pink after mixing clothes... Or how your going to explain everything to Dad... Not to mention trying to fit in at work and everyone just staring or scared of you... Why is everyone scared of you? Just because you the slight tendency to bring armor to work to prevent head injuries and carry a few weapons you've made to show off or sell while at work... Not to mention how you were nearly arrested for not having licence for the weapons... Not to mention you had to go to a meeting and just kinda sit there with everyone staring at you...
You miss home... No one here even speaks Greek or Latin...

But now Renexizious doesn't even want to sleep with you... You thought he liked being warm and laying on you... It was nice too. It made you feel important.

You briefly think he just thinks of you as an accessory... You are Flames wife after all... Not really his... Not that you mind being that... But he's the only person you can talk to in Greek...

Roll me a 1d20+7 to get him to calm down...

+4 if Chrysoula can act cute, innocent and pure, and try to get Renexizius to feel guilty.
+2 if Chrysoula can be a bit upset at thinking how Renexizius might just think of her as just a second and get upset at how bad her week's been so far.
+1 if Chrysoula can miss home and worry what her dad might think...

If anons can really, really guilt-trip Ren, autosuccess.
If anons can get Ren to a master-tier guilt trip and reflect on bad things that's happened and worry about what people might actually think of herself and get really upset as Chrysoula, Critical Autosuccess.
Oh, also...

+1 if she can still be shocked he's just being that lewd and be slightly upset about it, but apologetic about getting upset...
Rolled 8 + 17 (1d20 + 17)

>"C..Come on, Ren." Tears well up in her eyes. "Please, let's...let's just eat our cake, nice and quiet, with you on one side of the table, m..me and L-Liz on the other, and...just go home. Th-Then you and her can go tumble, and I'll just...do something by myself, like usual. Like smithing. That...that always makes me feel better." Her voice starts out even at the beginning, but slowly cracks and stutters as she speaks.
>"I-I-I mean, I know that I'm not as...as important as Liz, I'm...I'm just your second head's wife, and honestly, I'm even sure if he still li-likes me anymore, I ne-never get to see him anymore, and my week's been just aw-aw-awful and all I wanted was some cake that reminded me of happier times back home!"
>"M-Maybe I...I should go back home and see Dad ag-again, I m-m-miss him so much, but..." Chrysoula looks down and gestures at her body. "I d-d-don't even WANT to think about what he'll say when he sees what I look like...what you've had me become. He wouldn't even recognize me as his daughter anymore..."
Rolled 17 + 11 (1d20 + 11)

>"Ren? Please? I don't know if my opinion means much but can we please go?I just wanted to have a nice time out after all that mess with that party or whatever. I'm sorry about getting so aggravated about this but I just wanted to have a nice time. Can we please go back to that?

>Frankizka went off on another adventure
We know where she went right?
She isn't in any risk right?
Well, she's gone off to investigate your governor generals. So she's in a slight amount of risk.

Also, anons aren't too far away from a critical autosuccess if Chrysoula can worry more about being just Flames wife, get even more emotional and try to hide it and apologize, and get Renexizious to feel even more guilty about this... And if she can mention how outcasted she feels at times.
>"I-I'm sorry to just drop all this on you at once Ren, bu-but it just feels like I'm something comfy to lay on, and t-tumble when you feel like it, even if I don't...I ju-just kinda feel like a third wheel, you know? I'm just Flames' wife, Flames will t-take care of her, except Flames is never around, and and and and!" Chrysoula, eyes streaming with tears and nose running like a faucet, grabs a fistful of napkins from the dispenser and blows her nose like a bullhorn. "I'm sorry, I...I don't want to upset you, but...I can't speak English that well, even though I've been trying really, really hard, and no one here speaks Latin or Greek but you, and it's almost impossible to go out and make friends if you can't talk to them, and I just feel so alone..."
Do you mind giving me the funding levels for the ranks of our intelligence apparatus?
I know 5 million a month is very minor?
How much before frankizka starts managing and stops being a field agent?

>What if ren really doesn't care for me?I..I said I loved him. What if...What if he doesn't care for me like I do him? What do I do then? What does that mean between us two?

>"Ren? Ren! Please don't ignore me! I don't want to be alone again. I don't want it to be like before I met you. Please.."
Well to be fair, a few months. But she's likely to remain doing it anyways.

"C-come on Ren... Please. L-Let's... Let's just eat our cake, nice and quiet, with you on one side of the table, m...me and L-Liz on the other and... Just go home... Th-then you and her can go tumble and I'll just... Do something by myself, like usual... L-like smithing. That... That always makes me feel better..."

You can't help but think and have some tears in your eyes slightly come out, and your voice cracks a bit...

"I-I mean... I know I'm not as... As important as Liz... I mean, I'm just your second head's wife and honestly... I-I'm not even sure if he still li-likes me anymore..." You sniffle a bit, and Renexizious seems clearly turned off and uncomfortable.

"I-I ne-never get to see him anymore, and my week's just been aw-aw-awful and all I wanted was some cake that reminded me of happier times back home... I-I'm sorry to just drop all this on you at once Ren, bu-but it just feels like I'm something comfy to lay on, and t-tumble when you feel like it, even if I don't want to...I ju-just kinda feel like a third wheel... I-I mean... I-I don't want to be mean or claim you haven't been nice... I...I don't want to upset you, but...I just... I just kind of feel like that at times... I can't speak English that well, even though I've been trying really, really hard, and no one here speaks Latin or Greek but you, and it's almost impossible to go out and make friends if you can't talk to them, and I just feel so alone... All I have here is you and sometimes Frankizka... Not to mention people probably laugh at me b-because of my accent or bad english..."

You are now Renexizious, and you have a highly upset minotaur who sadly didn't want to tumble... And sort of turned you off...

Chrysoula seems quite upset.

"I-I just wanted a normal outing... Just a cake and maybe talk a bit, then head home... I-I-instead this happens..."

She sniffles, snot coming out of her nose... She grabs box full of tissues, blowing out her nose loudly... Not to mention her eyes streaming with tears....

"I-I'm sorry for bothering you... I-I just had a hard week and a-a lot's been on my mind and n...now you want me to just g-get out of your way I guess.."

You... Well... You feel really like a piece of shit, and aren't really sure what to say...


>...Promise that you'll try to pay more attention to her and be... Well, romantic... (Renexizious will try to be loving towards Chrysoula)
>Just go up and try to calm her down...
>Apologize about making a scene and making her think you wanted her gone...
>Write-In on how to deal with the emotional minotaur.
>...Promise that you'll try to pay more attention to her and be... Well, romantic... (Renexizious will try to be loving towards Chrysoula)
So she's just going to go off on field missions whenever she can regardless of how big this organization grows?

And will increasing funding increase the effectiveness of the apparatus?
>...Promise that you'll try to pay more attention to her and be... Well, romantic... (Renexizious will try to be loving towards Chrysoula)
>Apologize about making a scene and making her think you wanted her gone...
"Listen... I promise to pay more attention to you and try to be more romantic, ok? I'm... I'm sorry for making a scene, ok?"

She nods her head.

"I-It's not your fault... We probably shouldn't o-of stopped for cake..."

Roll me a 1d20+5 to see if you can calm the minotaur.

+3 if you can feel bad for her and try to cheer her up and be loving.
+2 if you can apologize about your behavior and lust.. (+1 if you can think when you'll get around to tumbling Elizabeth...)
+1 if you can think about how sleeping later tonight will go.
+2 if you can reassure her that she's not just Flames wife...
+2 if you can reassure her that she's not just someone for you to tumble and lay on, and that she isn't a third wheel!

Autosuccess if you can find a few amazing ways to cheer her up and be the best husband you possibly can be while she's sobbing...

+2 if you can think what you would of done next in being lustful to Elizabeth an how much fun that would be.
Rolled 20 + 15 (1d20 + 15)

Hug her.
>Aw. I'm sorry for acting out like that. I shouldn't take that playing around too far. You aren't just flame's wife and you aren't a third wheel okay? There's more to you than just a comfy pillow.

Let's use our expert knitting skills to decorate the table a little better.
Force our way into the kitchen.
And make her the best damn cheesecake ever.

And I guess we could sleep on chrysoula this night too.
Couldn't hurt to indulge her.

So frankizka gets back in a few months?
That'll be a nice reunion
Getting some sleep anons. When can I see you guys tommorow anyways?
Early mornings and a few hours(4)after midday.
I'm normally a night owl, but I'll try to be around in the late morning.
Aw shit, gotta love waking up and realizing you didn't set the alarm/

Critical Success!

You give her a hug.

"Aw... I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry for acting out like that, and I shouldn't take playing around like that too far... Just... Well... There's more to you then just being Flame's wife, and you aren't a third wheel, ok? There's more to you than being a comfy pillow."

"...I don't know..."

"Why do you even think that?"

"W-well... I-it just feels like that sometime I guess..."

"How so?"

"I kinda felt... Well... You know.... U-u-unnecessary at t-the meeting... N-not to mention now y-you just want to sleep with Elizabeth..."

Her tears grow a little bit.

"I-It's hard to sleep without hugging you or something, ok?"

"You like cuddling up to something?"

"I-It just makes me feel safe and re-reminds me of... Of home..."

"I see..."

She cheers up slightly.

"A-also it's cute to hear you snore on me... I-It kinda reminds me of my dad a little how h-h-he sleeps with me when I'm scared..."

"...He sleeps with you?"

"W-w-well... Only when something was s-scary."

She seems to calm down, remembering nicer things...

"Like what?"

"W-well... Lightning storms... They're terrifying... O-or when m-my stepmom grounded me..."

"I see."

"...I-I just l-like having someone there, I guess..."

"Well... I'm sorry..."

"I-It's fine..."

She snifles a bit, and blows on her arm, running out of tissues.

"I-I'm sorry for causing a scene... C-can we just get the cake? I-I'm sorry for this... I didn't mean to, but you just kind of..."

"Hey, hey... Come on now..."

She gives you a hug, being a little upset... Some slight snot from her arm gets onto your clothes.... Gross...

"Chrysoula, calm down. Everything will be alright, ok?"

She nods a bit...

"I-I just want to go home a-a-and... And sleep or something..."

"Yeah... Hey, why don't you wait out here a minute?"

She hugs you tightly.
"R-really? I-I kind of want you to just... Stay here..."

She seems upset enough that she's hugging you intensely, and quite a people look on, confused and wondering if they should help or not...

Roll me a 1d20+5 to see if Chrysoula will let you go or want to hug you for longer and want more comfort...

+3 if you can try to say comforting words to Chrysoula and be extremely loving.
+2 if you can mention how cute she is when the two of you cuddle.
+1 if you can mention to her how comfortable she is. (+1 if you comment on her desire for cuddling.)
+1 if you can mention how delicious your cheese-cake will be.
+! if you can promise on not making a scene. (+1 if you can promptly get the bystanders to be intimidated.
By the way, I do not mean that her dad has sex with her.
Anons? I'll be making a new thread soon, I promise.
Rolled 19 + 10 (1d20 + 10)

>Aww there there Chrysoula it's okay. I'm sorry if it feels like I neglected you sometimes. I'm busy doing alot of things. You're never a third wheel. Not once and I like cuddling with you too. It's cute.

I'll I'll be honest but once we get home we should take Chrysoula and Renexizia to the d&d dimension.get some things done.

Good Success!

"Aww... There there Chrysoula... It's okay. I'm sorry if it feels like I neglected you sometimes, I'm busy doing a lot... But you're never a third wheel, ok? Not once. I love cuddling with you, okay? It's cute..."

"T-thank you..."

She wipes some tears from her eyes and is still a bit upset, but calms down quiet a bit after some hugging...

"B-but honestly, it's hard to not laugh when you cuddle with me... You know, I'm ticklish around there..."


"Y-yeah... Wow... I just kind of realized your almost as big as me..."

"Well, thank you for noticing me."

"C-can you get smaller? I mean, I don't know how you can cuddle ontop of me anymore..."

"Oh, I can indeed..."

"T-that's adorable... I-I forget you could do that..."

You give her a kiss and get up to make her some cheesecake. The best cheesecake... You take her into the kitchen while Elizabeth just is sprawled out on the floor, ruins of her chair, and begins to stand up, still a little embarrased...

Of course, once she stands up, her bra falls off down her dress, and her large cleavage, barely contained by the dress, suddenly expands greatly in her dress, and pokes out, bursting through the dress's buttons to the crowd of people.

She stutters a bit, completely unsure of what to even say, and her face goes completely red and she attempts to mutter something out, just to flee to the bathroom and lock the door. You hear quite a bit of cursing in there, as everyone is extremely confused at this.

Meanwhile, you head into the back to make a cake for Chrysoula...

Roll me a 1d20+5 for cooking a cake.

+3 if you can think how large it should be, if you should add anything onto it, etc... (+2 if you can be loving while you cook, and think if you should write anything in blueberry syrup... +1 if you can be slightly lustful too.)
+2 if you can reassure Chrysoula while you cook and mention how sad you felt when she got really, really sad.
+2 if you can try to get comfy while cooking.
+2 if Renexizious can take pride in taking her bra off and her not noticing... And the sight. Oh boy, the sight... (+1 if he can think extremely lustful and loving thoughts about her...)
+2 if Renexizious can terrify the kitchen staff with threats and physical violence so they stay out of his way. (+1 if his rage can extend to the customers outside. +2 if Chrysoula can try to be nice to the customers and staff and try to explain why he's angry.)
Rolled 3 + 18 (1d20 + 18)

Add blueberry sauce on it of course. See if we can find some chocolate shavings too.

And make it massive. I'm talking a diameter of 20".

Turn down the temperature in the room.
Maybe turn on our ice aura if needed.

Heh. That was a nice trick.
This was a wonderful idea. No regrets whatsoever.

>"It's okay chrysoula. Everything will be fine. I wouldn't neglect you and you know that. If I didn't care I wouldn't have felt the way I did when you were sad.

Rub her horns
Oh and we could draw a hammer and anvil with the syrup.
Allowing samefagging if you can continue to get comfy and think how cute Elizabeth was with that whole event.
Rolled 7 + 18 (1d20 + 18)

The best way to relax is to have something to snack on.
Find some butter to nom on.

It was an experience.
Her face was red, she couldn't talk, and I bet her knees were weak.
It was adorable.
She was so helpless and confused.
Rolled 9 + 18 (1d20 + 18)

Bring chrysoula in so we can fondle her.
That always makes ren comfy.

You know what'd be nice?
If we could make her blush like that more often.
It's adorable.
Liz is too much fun to bully
Well, I'll let you succeed if you can terrify the kitchen staff and if Chrysoula can be nice. Also if anons can be more happy about embarrassing Elizabeth that much.

Also, if you want to make Chrysoula more happy, think of more things she'd like.
Make the cheesecake and top it with blueberry sauce.
Take apple slices and make enough to put them in a circular fashion around the cake.
then take chocolate sauce and drizzle it on the apple slices.

After putting the sauce on the cake take powdered sugar and put it on the cake for a light snow of sorts.

Roar at the kitchen staff.
Any time we see one hit them with our spoon.
If we know japanese yell at them in the language and chase them out.

Then yell at all the customers out side and throw the odd pot or pan at them.

>"Sorry, sorry he hates being interrupted when he's working on something. He means well so please forgive him for this."
Chrysoula can go around picking up the assorted things.

And embarrassing liz should be a past time. Something we do to brighten our day.
Not every day.
Such a wonderful event should be saved for special occasions.
You terrify the staff out of there and try to force the customers to leave, but many protest... This results in you throwing them out literally.

You begin to make Chrysoula wonderful cheese cake while eating some butter and making it as big as possible... You of course get Chrysoula in there and relax and slump up against her assets as you work... You try to go for a fondle, but she smiles a bit and politely tells you to not tickle her, and pats you on the head.

You know. You've rarely ever had a woman say no to you fondling her...

You know... Do you think she thinks that we're just tickling her while we fondle her?


Think about it... I mean... It's possible.

Huh... Maybe.

After a minute, you think you've finished it, and take it out... You make sure to cool it down...

"So, Chrysoula... I thought you disliked dairy."

"Well... Ok, I do..."

"Yeah... So why are you eating this?"

"W-well... I-It reminds me of home..."

"I see.."

"Y-yeah... I-I mean, it's be gross if I actually e-e-enjoyed the dairy part. Y-you know... T-t-that'd be like if a chicken liked eating it's own eggs or something... I mean, kinda..." She says this, nervously...


"...Ok... And maybe Elizabeth erh... Well, she kind of tried to get me to drink it... And maybe it tastes great..."


"J-Just don't tell anyone else. Promise... P-please? I mean, I heard it's healthy... And the taste's good..."

"Ah... And cheese?"

She looks very guilty...

"I-I can't help it... I-it's delicious, ok? Cheese is great... Especially that spicy cheese." She slumps down, extremely guilty.

She prepares to take a bite... You notice out of the corner of your eye, a few customers have come back to get their food...

Roll me a 1d20+7 to see how much she likes it.

+3 if you can comfort and be loving towards her, along with being maybe a tiny bit lustful.
+2 if you can think what Elizabeth might be doing in the restroom to her wonderful assets... (+1 if you can think lustfully and hopefully...)
+2 if you can terrify the rest of the customers physically...
+1 if you can make fun of Chrysoula for secretly liking dairy or just comfort her for liking it. (+1 if you can think what else she'd probably like.)

If anons want to make Ren happier, think of more ways to embarrass Elizabeth when she gets out. He'll be very happy if it's lustful.
Rolled 16 + 17 (1d20 + 17)

Summon the panty stealing doggo to get liz then follow up with an attack from our tail.
Liz is probably fiddling with her dress trying to hide her chest and keep it contained.(Hopefully she's failing miserably at this.)

Rub her on the horns while she eats.
And experiment.
If fondling them makes her ticklish try pinching them.
Is there a difference?

Any time a customer stares too long use ice shard.
Miss of course.

>Heh. It's okay to like dairy. I eat eggs and technically dragons lay eggs too.
She'd probably enjoy wheat cereals with milk.
And potato chips.
Milkshakes too.
You want Blondi to go after Elizabeth?
Remember how blondi likes to steal panties?
Position blondi near the door to ambush her while she's unaware then lure her here for the kill.
Are you sure?
Nevermind then.
Just spank her with the tail.
No need for chaos dogs to get involved.
I mean, it would embarrass her heavily to maybe a point you wouldn't of seen before, but I mean, do you really want to do that to your own wife?
Nothing bad will happen of it, but I mean, just from a moral standpoint.
Nevermind it.

Good Success!

You rub Chrysoula's horns while she eats and you decide to... Experiment a bit... You decide to pinch her assets.

You do that, and she laughs quite hard, some cake falling out of her mouth.

"Ren, c-come on..."

"Just a bit more of a pinch..."

She seems a bit uncomfortable, but she laughs quite a bit...

"Hey... Well... Anyways... It's alright to like dairy. I eat eggs and technically dragons lay eggs too..."

"Oh... Right..."

Your pinching seems to cause her to shuffle a bit, and her laughing subsides...

"Ren, it's kind of painful... C-can you stop please?"

You stop, and see your claws have slightly cut into her. Hm...

"Well... How did you like that?"

"I mean, I'd prefer you not do it in the first place... I mean, it's nice and all, but it hurt a bit."


After a bit she eats the rest of the cake, and seems extremely happy and satisfied... You go to get Elizabeth from the bathroom...

"Come on you piece of shit, f-fit..." You hear from inside... She sounds quite nervous and a bit... Well, shaky..."

"Elizabeth? We're going..."

"W-what? C-C-can I have at least a... A few more minutes, darling? I erh... I have a wardrobe malfunction!"

"Come on, please? I want to get back..."

"Darling! This is serious! W-what if someone sees me! My... My breasts are hanging out of my dress! My buttons snapped off!"

"I know..."

"They just won't stick on... God... I'm not going until I can get something to cover this up..."

She sounds quite embarrased...


>(Shrewd Minded) Embarrass her until she realizes that it would be better to go back home...
>...Alright, alright. Wait a while...
>...Enter the woman's restroom?
>Try to convince her to go already?
Can we do for her what we did for ourselves?
Make clothing from curtains and shit?

You used most of curtains. If you can come up with something, go ahead.
Do we have enough to make a strapping to hold down her boobs?
Well... Roll, I guess.

Roll me a 1d20+7 to see if you can make something to strap her breasts down.
+3 if you can come up with what can hold such a mighty powerful force down.
+2 if you can think on how to embarrass Elizabeth even more... (If it's good, Renexizious's happiness will go up.)
+2 if you can experiment a bit more with Chrysoula. (+1 if you can mention how it's alright for you to be doing this...)
+1 if you can make fun of her for the slight... Bra incident. (+1 if you can also make fun of her for being shorter now.)
+1 if Gwynevere can complain about Elizabeth wanting to cover this up.

If Renexizious can embarrass Elizabeth extremely and do everything, autosuccess.
Rolled 20 + 15 (1d20 + 15)

Try pinching chrysoula in different parts of her boobs. See which parts are more sensitive.
Also shift into human form when we do.
No need to hurt her.

>This is fine chrysoula. I'm a scientist, and a doctor, and a dragon.
>So liz that was quite the show you put on? You may be small but that was no small incident. I guess something had to slip on this trip but for it to be your bra? Unexpected. You'd think that since your so small your bra would be able to take it but I guess not.

We need to use curtains tied around small metal rods in a intricate manner.
Maybe in a manner similar to a corset.
Rolled 6 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

Critical Success!

You of course pinch Chrysoula in different parts...

"Don't worry Chrysoula, I'm a scientist, a doctor, and a dragon..."

She laughs a little from your pinching... It seems the areas around the tit is the most sensitive, causing her to have to resist laughing from you just touching it and moving a bit... Pinching it seems to certainly cause her to burst into laughing and attempting to move...

"So Elizabeth... That was quite the show you put on... You may be small, but that was no small incident... I guess something had to slip on this trip.. It's quite unexpected... You know, I expected that since you were so small, your bra would be able to take it..."

You find some metal rods and use some tableclothes in a sort of corset manner... You toss it in, and hear Elizabeth try to put on...

"It hurts..."

"Come on, just put it on."

After a minute, Elizabeth comes out... Her breasts well-concealed.

"Great... Now, come on. Let's get out of here."

You begin to leave...

Ignore my roll.
You leave and head home with Elizabeth...
You can't help but really... Just want to be with her, so to speak...
In bed...
Maybe give her a few new children...

God, you can't help but think that around her... The way she looks, the way she smells...


>...Act on your lust when you get home. (Renexizious's happiness greatly increases.)
>Try to get Chrysoula involved as well... (Flames opinion increases quite a bit as well!)
>Try to contain it... (Renexizious becomes quite unhappy.)
>...Try to find other ways to relieve it... (Renexizious becomes a little unhappy...)
>>...Act on your lust when you get home. (Renexizious's happiness greatly increases.)
We tried
>Try to contain it... (Renexizious becomes quite unhappy.)
Waiting a bit longer anons.
Rolled 2 (1d2)


1=Act on your lust.
2=Contain it.
You decide to try and contain it.

Roll me a 1d20-5 to see how Renexizious feels about this decision and how unhappy he is.

+3 if Renexizious can try to get some lust out of his system with Elizabeth. (+1 if he can think how cute she was with her bra coming off, and how she fled into the bathroom...)
+2 if Renexizious can be more lustful with Chrysoula. (+2 if he can be experimental.)
+2 if Renexizious can self-justify this.
+1 if Renexizious can bide his time.

If everything is done well, Renexizious will still get the happiness bonus next time they tumble Elizabeth.
Rolled 20 - 5 (1d20 - 5)

Rolled 12 + 6 (1d20 + 6)

Cuddle with liz and fondle her gently.
It was adorable.
The blush and look on her face. The shock.

Try pinching her directly on the teat.
Will she laugh even harder.

This is a simple plan to bide our time and wait. There's no way liz will be down to tumble right now.
So we wait.
For that right moment.
Critical Success!

You cuddle with Elizabeth, fondling her gently, while you pinch Chrysoula directly on the teat... She laughs enough, so sensitive that she bangs her fist into the cushion, denting it extremely...

You however, don't feel angry about not getting with Elizabeth... You can wait as long as you want. She's not going anywhere...
Besides, it's fun watching as she gets slowly more desperate to tumble with you...

You eventually get back home with Chryosula and Elizabeth, and Elizabeth heads to bed, taking off the corset...

"Hey, Ren?" Chrysoula says to you...


"I well... I kind of was wondering if you wanted to watch a movie together? I-I thought that might be fun..."


>Well... I got something else I want to do...
>...I'm getting some sleep, Chrysoula.
>...I don't see why not. I suppose I can...
>I'd be happy to, Chrysoula.
>...Well... Maybe that and a little "more" tonight, hm? (Make Renexizious happier.
>Well... I got something else I want to do...
"But if you want you can come with me. Your presence would make it easier."

I guess we could mess in the lab.
We have some things to get done
"Well, I got something I want to do.. But if you want you can come with me... Your presence would make it easier, certainly."

"Well... I kinda wanted to watch this movie with you..." She seems a bit disappointed...

Roll me a 1d20+6 to see if you can convince her to come with you.

+3 if you can think of what to do in your lab...
+2 if you can try to let some more lust out on Chryosula. (+2 for more experimentation.)
+2 if you can try to be loving towards Chrysoula and mention why she should come down with you...
+2 if you can appeal to what she thinks makes you cute.
+1 if you can think lustfully about Elizabeth... (+1 if you can think how big all her assets are now compared to something...)
+1 if your lust can turn to love.

Autosuccess if everything happens.
Rolled 20 + 15 (1d20 + 15)

Guess we could try our hand at making some primitive phones.

Try both teats at once.
Might as well see how extreme her reaction can get.

Rub her on her horns
>Please chrysoula? It helps with morale. Very important when I want to get things done. Makes things easier and less dull.
Well, I assume you did both teats all at once last time. Can you change that?

Also so I have some time to think for the critical success.
Her tail.
Test out how sensitive that is.
Critical Success!

You rub her on the horns...

"Come on, please Chrysoula? It helps with morale... Very important when I want to get things done... Makes things easier and less dull... I mean, I could try my hand at phones..."

You feel her tail, which doesn't really seem to react... It seems mostly vestigal.

"Well... I could never s-say no... Thank you for letting me come along..."


She cheers up a bit, and gives you a hug.

"I-I can cuddle you, if you want..."

"Well... I won't say no..."

"...Hey, Ren? You know... I kind of remember that one time Elizabeth was mad at you..."


"...And how you kinda hid down my shirt..."

"Yes... I did."

"...Well... It'd be like mobile cuddling... That'd be nice... I need to cheer up anyways..."

"Really? Your willing to do that?"

"W-well... I mean, I just want a hug... A long hug, really..."



>...Accept. Why not? It'll help you... Focus better. Yes. (Renexizious gets a +2 instead of a +1 when Chrysoula's down there providing "morale support" when she's in a good mood. Though being extensively lustful actions without any excuse may cut the bonus short.)
>Decline... You probably shouldn't... Besides, you can do it better not inbetween Chrysoula's... Assets.
>...This is the best idea of all time. Hug the minotaur!
>...Accept. Why not? It'll help you... Focus better. Yes. (Renexizious gets a +2 instead of a +1 when Chrysoula's down there providing "morale support" when she's in a good mood. Though being extensively lustful actions without any excuse may cut the bonus short.)
You decide to accept the offer.

You head downstairs to make rudimentary non-dial up phones...
Roll me a 1d20+8 anons.

+3 if anons can choose a good small form so they can get comfy with Chrysoula... (+1 if she finds the form adorable and cute.)
+2 if Renexizious can think how good this deal is and how sweet it was for her to offer her it.
+1 if Renexizious can try to be sweet and loving. (+1 if he can be only slightly lustful and think why he shouldn't try to take advantage of this station... Too much.)
+1 if Renexizious can fall prey to Chrysoula being so adorable and innocent.

Autosuccess if everything happens and a "lewd accident" happens as well.
Rolled 20 + 14 (1d20 + 14)

Kobold form.
It's a very good deal.
We get a nice comfy position to work and think in.
It's nice she doesn't mind having us down her shirt.

Also wait.
Shouldn't it be +9?
From large giving us a boost to int for some reason.
Oh, right. Sorry.

You go into your kobold form...

Within the hour, you easily invent telephones and innovate towards cellphones... Mobile ones. Smaller then the bricks you use today...

Roll me a 1d20+9 for SCIENCE!

+3 for lewd incidents in your kobold form. (+1 if they're for SCIENCE!)
+2 if you can find a way to stay standing in Chrysoula's large assets, or at least not move as much...
+1 if you can come up with ways to get comfy in her shirt.
+1 if you can mention how nice it is down here...
+1 if you can be cute to Chrysoula!

If everything's done, Chrysoula will be even happier, and if you can find an extremely comfy stable location, you may even get an additional bonus.
Rolled 8 + 18 (1d20 + 18)

Considering how mobile phones apparently don't come out till a couple decades later.
Yea this will be a interesting innovation to throw in.

Start travelling through her shirt tickling her where we can.
Gotta find all the sensitive areas.

And let's burrow in between her two orbs.
Should keep us more stable and be warm and comfortable.
Maybe move down a bit to get closer to her center of gravity.

Let out a low cutsy growl once we settle in. Like pets do.
>This is nice. Warm, quiet, soft. You could take a nap in here.
Allowing samefagging if you can be cute and do a lewd incident.
Rolled 20 + 18 (1d20 + 18)

Nuzzle against her neck.
That's a cute thing as well.

Wait if chrysoula moves we'll swing around too.
Cling to one of her orbs.
And ride it out.
Guess we skip the bricks they made in the 70s and get to the fun stuff.
Flip phones?
Critical Success!

You create a much smaller version of the normal phone... A "pocket" phone... And not a brick sized one either! You even try it out by calling up Viktor and mentioning your recent "tumbling attempt" on his mom, and he hangs up after sighing and slamming the phone down. Of course, you flip the phone down. Ha!

Heh. Never gets old...

Of course... Not as good as the 2016 phones...
You can make it work.

You accidently trip inside her shirt though, burrowing into her two massive orbs... Which you decide to stay in. It's quite comfortable...

You even see her cute little belly button if you look down, the size of well... Two thumbs for your current size...

You cling tightly, a little afraid of swinging around.

"Ren? A-are you comfortable?"

"Yes... I am. Are you?"

"Y-you feel... Really nice right there, actually... Though your tickling me a l-little..." She says, with a bit of a smile as she looks down...

"Oh, sorry."

"It's fine, ok?" She pats you on the head, slightly making you go deeper...

You decide to innovate to... Well, maybe those "smartphones"...

Roll me a 1d20+7 anons. (-2 from difficulty)

+3 if you can further channel the powers of lust and science with Chrysoula's orbs... (+1 for experimentation.)
+2 if you can make Chrysoula relax and comforable...
+2 if you can tell Chrysoula how comfortable you are, and how good she is as a bed...
+2 if you can come up with a creative name for the "smartphone" that's semi-dragon like.
+2 if you can be cute to Chrysoula even more...
Rolled 7 + 19 (1d20 + 19)

Maybe take a quick nap.
Snore softly.
Curl up.

Call the phone the Scaled Interactive Media phone.

SIM phone.

Try to climb around and rub her back.
Kiss her on the neck to see if she's ticklish there.

Then move back to her orbs and try tickling under them.
And how sensitive they are there.
I just realized.
Now that the internet is a thing doesn't that mean people can bypass the churches ban on erotic content?
At least unless we make laws to try and censor internet traffic in our empire.
Allowing samefagging if you can channel the power of lust and be cute to Chrysoula and get even more comfy.
Rolled 11 + 19 (1d20 + 19)

Ask chrysoula if she can swing by the kitchen so we can get a drink while we relax in our new temporary home.

We could mess around a bit.
Pop out the hem of her shirt and smack her on the ass.
Then climb up and fondle her on the chest.
Then pop out of her shirt and
boop her on the nose
Rolled 5 + 19 (1d20 + 19)

Then while we enjoy our drink.
Fondle some orbs.
Listen to a minotaur heartbeat.

Perfect way to relax after a long day.


You call it the SIM... It's currently just a design, but has the potential to be so, so much more...

Of course, you decide to be a bit mischevious... You pop of the bottom of the shirt, and slap her ass, startling her a bit... Fondling her soon after ward, and you pop out of her shirt...

And boop her on the nose.

She giggles, being tickled by you moving all over the place, and when you go to tickle her right on her armpits and breasts, she falls over on the floor, unable to stop you from tickling her, and she rolls around, laughing...

After a bit you stop, and ask if she can get you a drink... She however, seems to want to cuddle with you, giving you a hug.

"Ren, come on... P-please don't tickle me while your working... I-I don't w-want to break your stuff..."

"It's fine... But I'm thirsty... Can I have a drink? Plwease?"

You look up to her with large reptilian eyes, and she gets up... Her every step jiggles with you a bit, and she giggles a bit, with you tickling her a bit...

Eventually you get to the kitchen, as you hide in her shirt from any prying eyes... She gets you some delicious mead as you listen to her heartbeat, and fondle some orbs...

"R-ren? Your massage is kinda... It-it's really hard not to laugh..."

You notice she's getting a bit sweaty from all your tickling and laughing, making her fur smell a bit...

"Oh, really? If you want, I can tone it down a bit..."

"I-I mean, i-it's fine... I-I j-just think that it's kinda hard to breathe..."

You drink some of your mead... Something wonders if you should give the offer of alcohol to Chrysoula...


>Hey, Chrysoula? Why don't you get some alcohol? (Potential for a bonus in science if she gets really drunk, but if you fail a science roll she might break something...)
>...Nah... You shouldn't give her any...
>...Hey, Chrysoula? I think you should take a bath...
offer for us and chrysoula to take a bath.
We've made a good chunk of progress on phones that I don't want to jinx.
"Hey, Chrysoula? Why don't we just take a bath? Together?"



She remembers last time.

"W-well, ok... But l-less tickling, okay? I don't want to d-drown..."

"Alright, I promise."

She takes you to the pool, and to the private bath you've had installed... Marcus waves to you, almost done with his massive mosiac of you...

Chrysoula closes the door behind her, the fine stone walls and floor, decorated with eastern mosiac art really makes the place feel warm and comfortable... And you of course, make sure to adjust the bath's heat to be hot and comfortable for her... You like warm baths too, but she loves them. Probably. She's a mammal after all...

"H-hey uh, Ren?"


She picks you up out of her bra, and you notice your covered in minotaur fur...

"T-thanks for being here for me today... Even if you were a bit crazy earlier."

"Yeah... No problem."

She sets you down carefully into the bath, as she begins to undress...

You know, you have never really had the time to admire her lower end, which is... Well, it's not amazing, but very muscular... You note from earlier that it wasn't bouncy and soft, but rather hard and firm... Not to mention muscular...

You of course crawl into the bath as Chrysoula strips down to her underwear and loose fitting bra... She carefully dips one of her hooves in, and backs out.

"I-it's really warm..."

"Yeah... Hey uh... I don't want to rush you, but I can't exactly stay in here forever. I'd rather not dehydrate..."


Wait! Remember that bubble bath I did for Chrysoula. Kept us moist and bubbles everywhere. Make some!

You realize that with the assistance of Flames, that your able to stay in the bath for much, much longer... You put the bubble bath solution in, and crawl into the bath... It's really new... Though Chrysoula does dominate one side, and that interesting idea you had for a waterfall instead of a normal pipe system is great...

Man, investing a lot of taxpayer's money is always a great idea.

So of course, you relax in your kobold form... You must admit, it's much easier to get the dirt and blood out from under your scales.

"Hey, Ren?"

Chrysoula says, stretching her hooves out across the bath, and slumping down; with her bra descending as well...

"That's my name. What?"

"....Well... I was sort of wondering... And I really don't want to be j-judgmental or anything to you... B-but I was kind of wondering if you could... You know... Not beat up people who look at me?"

She taps her fingers, a bit nervous.

"Really? You tolerate that stuff?"

"H-hey... Come on... I-I just don't want people beaten up because of me..."


"I-it's fine if you want to be protective of me... I-I just don't want you to punch someone..."


>...Fine... I guess I can let you decide it... (Renexizious will become less protective...)
>No. I'd rather deal with it.
>...Fine... I guess I can let you decide it... (Renexizious will become less protective...)
We won't murder anyone for looking.
If they try anything though...
"Fine... Well, I can let you decide it I guess."


She relaxes, and slumps into the bath.

"...Hey uh, why did you go so crazy over Elizabeth?"



"I just really wanted to test her assets out... I couldn't help it."

"...I don't get you sometimes... I mean, I kind of do..."

She slumps down , to the point her hoof pokes your leg.

"...Hey uh... You know, your really cute when your shorter then me... I meant in the... Defenseless way, I guess."

"I'm not defenseless."

"I-I know... I-I just meant your so small that it's hard to believe you'd even hurt me a bit..."

She reaches out to pat you on the head.

"...It's cute..." She smiles nicely towards you, while relaxing.


A few minutes go by, and Chrysoula gets quite comfy, along with you... Though your entire body save your upper face is concealed by heavy bubbles.

"...Hey Ren?"


"...Why do girls have to wear bras? And why don't guys?"


"I-I honestly don't know why... Dad just said that it's to make one look self-respecting..."

"Well.. Erh... You see..."

"...I mean, honestly... I don't get the idea behind them... And people look at me weirdly for not wearing them..."


>Well... I mean, I don't have any problem with it.
>...It's a cultural thing, alright?
>Well, it's supposed to keep your breasts from sagging, actually...
>Guys don't have boobs... Girls do.
>...Because well... Breasts are a sexual thing...
>Well, it's supposed to keep your breasts from sagging, actually...
>It helps hold them down and keep them from moving about too.
"Well, they're actually supposed to keep your breasts from sagging, actually? It holds them down and prevents them from moving too."

"Oh... Huh. Thanks Ren."

"Yeah, no problem."

She thinks for a moment... And picks you up, and brings you over to her side... And puts you to the side... She wraps a muscular arm around you, and hugs you.

"...Hey Ren? Thanks for taking a bath with me... It kind of can get lonely in here."

"I bet..."

"It's nice looking though..."

"It sure is."

She cuddles up to you...

"Hey... You know... I was wondering something..."

"What is it?"

"You know my dad's supposed to be here in two days, right?"


"Uh... Yeah. Yeah. I do."

"Oh... Great."

You cuddle for a little bit...

"Hey uh... I'm wondering... How did you like being in my bra?" I uh... I hope it didn't smell bad."

"Your bra?"

"Y-yeah... Was it tight? I mean, it always feels tight for me..."


>Well... I loved it. I simply adored it.
>..Hey... Why don't you do that right now? That sounds comfy...
>...I wish Elizabeth could do that as well...
>Your my favorite bed, you know that, right?
>...Well, honestly, if I could I'd stay there as long as I could...
>Can I live there?
>It's alright.
>...Maybe i should just walk arond...
>Write-In (Good compliments about it increases her happiness!)

>Well... I loved it. I simply adored it.
Going to post the new thread up in a hour or two anons.

"Let's see... I absolutely loved it."

"T-thanks... Hey uh... Next time could you not tickle me as much? I mean,... Well..."

She shyly looks down and has a bit of a blush on her face.

"...I-I mean... Well, you know...If someone saw you moving around it'd be kinda weird... A-also it's hard to think when you tickle me..."


"I-I mean, if you don't want to you don't have to... I-I just don't want people to find out next time..."

"Next time?" You give her a sly grin...

"W-well..." She blushes a bit more, uncomfortably moving her legs...

"So you do like me in your breasts..."[/red

"R-r-ren!" At this point, you can see some slight sweat on her face.

"Oh, come on. That's not so bad..."

"W-well... I don't like it when your so lewd... I-i mean, it's kinda taking advantage of me..."

"Hey... Come on. It's not."

"A-also... Why did you slap me? That was... It kinda hurt, you know..." She looks a little upset.

"It's a show of love, ok?"

"H-how's slapping a form of love? I-I mean, it didn't hurt but that was strange..."

You sigh... She's rather oblivious to many lustful things you do. Which is cute and adorable, but sometimes gets in the way...

"Hey... So you don't want me to do lewd things? I mean, it helps me focus."

"I-I mean... Well... I kinda know that... B-but I don't know if it's appropriate..."

"Appropriate? Besides, what lustful things am I doing while in your breasts?"

"W-well... I think the tickling? I-I mean, I don't know what... I-I think that's lustful... I-I just think that y-your a bit too e-extreme at times in them... S-s-s-sorry.." She seems uncertain, and seems to be taking a guess... She says the sorry about quite softly and you can tell she feels bad...

Roll me a 1d20+5 to see if you can avoid her catching on to your lustful antics.

+3 if you can reassure her about the tickling of her breasts and that it's totally not lustful. (+2 if you can bring up how she enjoys it when you touch her breasts. A lot.)
+2 if you can apologize about the whole "slapping her ass" thing. (+1 if you can try to explain it as a form of love. And try to hide the lustful connotations with it. +1 if you can have an opinion on her extremely muscular and firm buttock anyways in your head.)
+2 if you can be loving towards your minotaur (+1 if it's adorably loving.)
+3 if you can be upset at her not wanting you inside her breasts if you do lustful things.

If anons can do all of this and get extremely upset at not being allowed to do "lustful" things and do all the bonuses, it'll be an autosuccess and Chrysoula will be feel bad about being "mean and demanding" to you.

If the roll fails, you may potentially lose all your bonuses from Chrysoula.
Rolled 17 + 20 (1d20 + 20)

>"It's not lustful. I was curious as to whether or not you where ticklish there. And I think I got my answer considering how much you seem to enjoy it and I'm sorry about slapping your ass but that's just how some people show love. I do it with liz all the time. It's just a thing some married couples do."

It's different.
Not bad.
But different.

>"Is what I'm doing really that bad? If you don't want me to act so intimate I guess I could stop. I don't see why. I was just trying to be close. I understand I guess. I don't like it but I understand."

Let's help wash each other.
Both of us in our minotaur form of course.
Maybe we can play with the bubbles too.
That's part of the appeal of bubble baths

Good Success!

"Hey, it's not lustful. I was curious as to whether or not you where ticklish there. And I think I got my answer considering how much you seem to enjoy it and I'm sorry about slapping your ass but that's just how some people show love. I do it with Liz all the time. It's just a thing some married couples do... Is what I'm doing really that bad? If you don't want me to act so intimate I guess I could stop. I don't see why. I was just trying to be close. I understand I guess. I don't like it but I understand."

"W-well... I mean, I just..."

She sighs..

"I guess it's alright if you were just curious, ok?"

"Thanks, Chrysoula."

You cuddle up to her... And of course, shift to your minotaur form... Your a little smaller then her still in this form, but your starting to catch up...

You begin to wash each other, and it's clear that Chrysoula's quite thankful for this, and seems to enjoy how considerate you are.

Roll me a 1d20+6 for how much opinion you gain with Chrysoula.

+3 if you can find a good way to wash through all her thick fur.
+2 if you can be even more loving towards Chrysoula.
+2 if you can find a way to relax once it's her turn to wash you.
+1 for each loving comment about Chrysoula you make to her.

Renexizious will be more happy if you can do something subtly or blatantly lustful while cleaning Chrysoula.
Rolled 1 + 11 (1d20 + 11)

We need to brush her hair apart then pour water down it.
Basically it's irrigation channels but we're using the idea to wash a thickly furred minotaur.

While we're washing her it would be a really kind and loving gesture to try and shine her horns.
File them out a bit too.

While we are brushing we could brush her chest a little.
It's ticklish sure but this is a important part of hygiene.
Well... Do anons want to use barbaric?


New thread up after this bath scene.
Roll me a 1d20 anons.

+3 if you can barbarically show off to Chrysoula in your minotaur form. (+1 if you can flirt a bit with her.
+2 if you can try to figure out who has the best strength... You or her.
+1 if you can attempt to EXERCISE while in the bath with Chrysoula.
+2 if you can be barbarically loving somehow.
+3 if you can be barbarically lustful towards her at the same time.
+2 if you can do some barbaric and uncivilized activities while in the bath.
+1 if you can find an excuse to drink alcohol. (+1 if you can extend the offer to Chrysoula and mention why she should maybe have some.)

If everything's done, Renexizious will be happier.
Rolled 11 (1d20)

Rolled 4 + 7 (1d20 + 7)

Rise up out of the bubbly pit and take a deep breath.
Let out a yell as we shake the bubbles off of us and move into a sweet flex pose.

And it's a close competition. probably us.
For some reason our muscles are more tightly packed than normal creatures..

We should challenge her to a arm wrestling competition.
We can use that as an excuse to drink and offer one to her.
Can't have a nice friendly competition without alcohol of course.
and leaving us alone to drink would be rude.
Allowing samefagging if you can be more barbaric and somehow barbarically loving. And maybe show off a bit more to her and flirt.
Rolled 8 + 15 (1d20 + 15)

Cast the tried and true bull's strength.
While we drink let out plenty of belches.
And be way to handsy with her and her chest.
Standard undignified barbarian stuff.

But also make sure she was washed properly ask about her day and if there where any assholes we need to threaten for her.

>"So chrysoula now that I'm as strong as you are care wrestle? Arm wrestling now. Full body 'wrestling' later."
If anons can be more lustful, extremely barbaric and uncivilized, and barbarically loving, the minor success will turn into a great success.
Just chug the drink containers everywhere.
Make out with the minotaur.
Rub her horns and whisper her barbaric compliments.

Also make some crude jokes at her expense and in general tease her.
Well, if you want to get the great success, just provide an example for barbaric compliments and crude jokes, ok?

I feel like I've been making successes a bit too easy. I might turn down the amount of bonuses I give anons in the future.
>A bit too easy
>>too easy
Maybe we should spend more time training and practicing on our own.
And less time socializing.
Seems we could be stronger.

>"You know I feel like farming. Mind if I plow you right now."

>"Chrysoula have you ever thought about going on a trip with me to go fighting? I think you'd look great. Axe in hand. Blood in your fur. A true fighter. It'd be cute."
Great Success!

You of course, rise up out of the bubbly pool, making sure to flex and cast bull's strength on yourself... You shake some bubbles off, and flex as hard as you can...

"Hey, Chryoula? Let's wrestle... ARm wrestle... I'm as strong as you, so maybe later we can do... Full body 'wrestling' so to speak... I feel like farming anyways. Particularly plowing you..."

Her voice creeks and she timidly says no to the plowing patr.

You of course, sigh... And order a slave down to get you a few mugs of mead. And her some too...

Before you wrestle with her though... You rub her adorable little horns, while making sure to fondle her breasts... And make out with her against her protests while fondling her plush, soft breasts... So easy to squeeze...

You almost move to tumble her, but hold off... You need to after all, find out who's more tough... Not before you drink a bit first though...

After a bit of fondling her soft, easy to manipulate breasts, you decide to be nice...

"How was your day anyways? You washed properly? And is there any assholes I need to take care of you? I bet there's a few.."

"O-Oh..." She's a bit shocked you got off her, and stopped making out with you... Of course, you nuzzle against her breasts, and boop her on the nose.

"Come on..."

"W-well... I've just had a bad week..."

"Really? Assholes I can beat the shit out of? You can come too... You'd look great. Fighting. Axe in hand... Blood in your fur... A true fighter... It'd be cute."

"I-I don't know... I-I mean, I was trained to fight but... Well... I don't know..."

"Don't know about what? The rush of battle? Hearing the lamentations of the enemy's women folk while you plunder their lands? It's a good hobby of mine."

"E-erh... Well... I-I mean, I never got in a... Real fight before. You know... To the death..."

"Oh. Really?"

"Y-yeah... I mean, I trained to be a tactician and warrior you know... I-I just don't know if I'm suited for it..."

"Well... Of course you would be! Your body's practically made for it!"

"I-I don't know... I know my dad wants me to be... If he dies... I-I mean, I'm his only heir...'"
She uncomfortably moves and shuffles..

"I-If he dies I have to rule... I don't know the first thing a-a-about it..."

"Come on... One day I'll teach you how to actually fight. Now... Do you have any assholes? I heard you have had a bad week..."

"I-I mean... I have, I guess..."

"What happened. I'll make sure they fucking pay for doing anything to you..."

"R-Ren, come on... Calm down, o-ok? Your kinda scaring me a bit..."

"I am? Well... That's good! That'll show the assholes who did this their proper place!"

She of course, grabs you and drags you to a hug... And cuddles.

"C-come on... I don't want you to over-react... I-it's nothing..."

"Really? It's nothing? You cried earlier!" You growl out, extremely protective...

"R-ren... Come on..."


>Press further. You need to know. (Satisfy Renexizious's protective nature of his wives. Gives you a upgrade if revenge is fulfilled. Increases Flames and Solaire's opinion of you. Due to Chrysoula being in love with you utterly, you'll suffer no opinion loss from her.)
>...Calm down. Relax. You aren't getting into a rage over this. (Calm down and become a little unhappy, and lose opinion with Flames and Solaire.)
>...Vent a bit of your anger out doing something else that either may be more or less productive. (Get no bonus or side-effect, but Renexizious's rage might bubble up throughout the rest of the week or month.)
>...At least tell me who did this, Chrysoula...)
>Press further. You need to know. (Satisfy Renexizious's protective nature of his wives. Gives you a upgrade if revenge is fulfilled. Increases Flames and Solaire's opinion of you. Due to Chrysoula being in love with you utterly, you'll suffer no opinion loss from her.)

nice choice of words
Thanks senpai.

Posting new thread now.
Thread here.


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