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Welcome Dragonball: Blue Star Quest! Taking place in the world of Dragonball, This quest will differ in that it is set many years after the Buu saga and the Z-Fighters are nothing more than legends now. You, the Readers/Players, will control the destinies of Nodal, Mallow, and Roni and their adventures of exploration and growing stronger as fighters.

>>Previous threads



I will update the story. At the end of the update I will either give story progression options or you will battle against opponents with dice rolling based attacks. After an undetermined amount of time I will tally up the decisions and continue the story based on your choices. Battles/Dice Rolling events will be the best roll out of the first FIVE rolls (First roll, first served). Lets have some fun with this.

>>Current Saga

Senzu Stalk Saga
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Welcome back Caff.

Roni didn't have time to run before the energy blast was hurling towards him. He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth in fear. As he waited for unimaginable pain, he realized that it wasn't coming. He opened his eyes to see Mother Senzu standing in front of him with her arms crossed, deflecting the blast.

"H-How?" Roni wondered out loud.

"Ki manipulation. Stick around and I can show you." Mother Senzu leaned forward and ripped her arms outward causing the energy blast to dissipate.

"ENOUGH!" Captain Tall Tide had grown disgruntled from the blasts outcome. "No more of this. lets end this, Fox."

Mother Senzu nodded and dropped into a fighting stance that Roni had not yet seen. Captain Tall Tide began to run, getting faster by the second, towards Mother Senzu. The fox took a deep breath, ignoring the impending danger. Before the pirate captain could reach her she stood up and clenched her hands into fists.


From the middle of her forearms down to her fists rippled with a golden, fiery energy. Mother Senzu ducked as the Captain swung his hook towards her face. She stood up, bringing her fiery fist across Tall Tide's face sending him backwards from the hit.

"Roni, gather your friends. This fight is done." Mother Senzu ordered.

1. Gather Nodal and Mallow

2. "Not a chance." Attack Captain Tall Tide While he is down

3. Write in choice
>1. Gather Nodal and Mallow
Don't argue with the flaming fox lady
Roni shook his head yes and ran to join up with Nodal and Mallow. Mother Senzu turned her attention back to Tall Tide. "You arm cannon cant even compare to my Blazing Fox Fists. If you leave now you will not be harmed further. Your men can not say the same."

"OVER CONFIDENT ANIMAL!" The Captain jumped to his feet and released a barrage of energy shots in rapid succession at Mother Senzu. She readied herself and began punching the blasts out of the air with her technique. As she punched the Captain's blasts, she began to move towards him.

Roni, Nodal, and Mallow each stopped at the Senzu Stalk and watched as each blast Tall Tide fired was punched out of existence.

The Captain backed up as Mother Senzu got closer until she was close enough to grab him. "AAAAHHHHH!"

Captain Tall Tide brought his hook down in a thunderous swipe cutting the unsuspecting Mother Senzu down the middle of her body.


Mother Senzu flew back in a heap as the pirate fired another blast straight to her wounded chest. "Who needs to leave now?" The Captain laughed.

1. Roni enters the fight and attacks Tall Tide

2. Nodal enters the fight and attacks Tall Tide

3. Mallow enters the fight and attacks Tall Tide
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Been searching online for pictures to represent Nodal, Roni, and Mallow. Ive been trying to get a picture of Mallow drawn up on a few drawthreads. Here is a picture to represent Roni for now.

Also next time be sure to link your the new thread on the old one (with a sage to not bump the wrong one)
How do I sage on the previous thread?
Nevermind, I got it.
Nodal took advantage of the gloating Captain and charged him from his right side. Just as Nodal approached, the pirate noticed him. Nodal dropped to his knees and slid under the swinging hook slash and popped back up behind Tall Tide. He grabbed a hold of the Captain and yelled to his friends.


Mallow charged forward with Roni by her side. The two split into opposite directions and then came back together with two sharp punches across each cheek of Tall Tide. Nodal struggled to keep the large man held.

"No mere boy can keep me held!" Tall Tide flexed and ripped apart the hold sending Nodal stumbling backwards. He turned around and laughed in the boys face.


The energy blast erupted into the chest of Nodal leaving him in a smoldering pile.

"NO!" Roni screamed as he erupted into a fit of rage and strikes against Captain Tall Tide. The Pirate tried to block as many hits as he could but Roni was too fast for his to keep up with. Every time Tall Tide would swing his hook, Roni would duck and deliver four punches to his ribs. If the Captain aimed his arm cannon, Roni would sidestep and deliver five kicks to his chest. After the flurry of strikes the Captain could barely stand.

"Wow. Just Wow. You have one heck of a temper, boy. The problem is-" Tall Tide struggled to take a breath. "The problem is that you just used up all that energy and I'm not finished with you all yet."

Captain Tall Tide struggled to raise the arm cannon and tried to aim at Roni.

1. Mallow jumps in front of the blast, protecting Roni

2. Mallow gets a Senzu Bean to Nodal

3. Mallow helps Mother Senzu recover with a Senzu Bean

4. Write in option

I posted the wrong address for the archived threads.
4. Write in option
Can we jump in front of the blast and try to bounce it off course or fire our own and push it back?
Rolled 29 (1d100)


Mallow, as fast as she could move, jumped in front of the energy blast intended for Roni. She crossed her arms in front of her and braced for the impact. She could here her adoptive father laughing from behind the energy as it slammed into her. She struggled as she tried to take control of the blast, but as she tried it suddenly exploded. Mallow's body flew over Roni and fell to the ground with a thud.

Roni watched in horror as Mallow, Nodal, and Mother Senzu all lay on the ground. He wondered if they were still alive or dead. Roni got to his feet and clenched his fist. "You're going to pay for this. For all of this!" Roni turned and ran as fast as he could.

"RUN LITTLE BOY!" Captain Tall Tide roared with laughter.

Roni skidded to a stop next to the Senzu Stalk and picked a fresh Senzu Bean from the plant. The Captains eyes grew wide with fear as he watched Roni eat one of the magical beans.

1. Charge into battle against Tall Tide

2. Grab three more beans and help your friends

3. Write in option
Roni could feel a surge of energy and power going through his body. He flexed a bit and smiled at the sudden increase to full power. Running at top speed, Roni flew by Captain Tall Tide. The captain turned only to realize that Roni had stopped right next to him sending an after image right by.

1. Unleash a flurry of punches to the Captains face.

2. Break both of Tall Tide's knees with kicks to their sides.

3. Write in attack.
File: 1490757747263.jpg (482 KB, 1152x2048)
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482 KB JPG
Here is a picture of Mallow. Got it from the drawfags on /a/. I think it turned out great.
Since we now have an image of Mallow, I'm trying to get one made of Roni. Also, needing a Roll.
Rolled 56 (1d100)


Since the other DB quests are going fast, this one is hurting bad. /qst/ can be a fickle mistress
Yeah. Ill stick with it until absolutely no one is playing though. Thanks for the roll.
Roni reared back and with blinding speed delivered a kick to the side of Captain Tall Tide's knee. Roni could feel the knee crack and crumble from the force. He then slid to the other side of Tall Tide, sending another after image, and sent another kick towards the pirates knee. This time Tall Tide was ready and caught the kick with his hook.

"Not so fast now, are ya?" Tall Tide roared. Roni fell to the ground face first as the Captain yanked his foot back knocking him off balance.


Roni rolled, dodging the energy blast, as Captain Tall Tide shot for the kill. "Enough!"

Tall Tide turned in time to see Mother Senzu spinning heel kick him in the face, knocking him away from Roni. "Get these to your friends and help me take him down."

Roni agreed to the order and took two Senzu Beans to Nodal and Mallow.

Tall Tide got up off of the ground and waved the fox on in a challenge.

1. Charge up Blazing Fox Fists

2. Charge him and attack, distracting him from Roni

3. Write in option
Mother Senzu dropped into her stance and began to emit a fiery energy from her hands and forearms. "Yeeeeaaaaagggghhhhh!"

Roni dropped to a knee and forced the barely breathing Nodal to eat one of the Senzu Beans. Once he was sure that Nodal was fine he did the same to Mallow.

Nodal got to his feet and examined his torn clothing. "What's the plan now?"

Mallow stood, transfixed on Mother Senzu, and dusted herself off. "We all need to hit him at once. He's going to kill us one on one."

Roni and Nodal agreed and readied themselves. All three fighters ran to each side of Mother Senzu.

"NOW!" Mother Senzu ran straight towards Tall Tide with her hands ready to attack.

"BLAZING FOX FISTS!" Just as she was within striking distance, Mother Senzu stopped in her tracks throwing the pirate off guard. Mallow, Roni, and Nodal flew past the energy wielding fox and unleashed a multitude of attacks on the unguarded Tall Tide.

Captain Tall Tide took the beating trying, with no luck, to block any attack he could. He eventually dropped his arm cannon and fell to his knees bloodied and beaten. The Captain laughed while spitting up blood.

"Is that all you got?"

Mother Senzu had heard enough and charged.

Rolled 98 (1d100)

Mother Senzu's fiery arm punctured right through Captain Tall Tide's chest and exploded out his back with an authorative force. As she pulled her hand out of the wound, the pirate toppled over. "Nobody is going to steal these Senzu Beans. Ill always make sure of that."

Nodal patted Mallow on the back. "What do you want to do with him?"

1. Let him die and cremate him with what's left of his ship.

2. Give Captain Tall Tide a Senzu Bean and save his life.

3. Leave him. He deserves nothing better.

4. Write in option.
>2. Give Captain Tall Tide a Senzu Bean and save his life.
Mallow looked down at the beaten pulp she once called her father. "Give him the bean."

Nodal knelt down and gave Captain Tall Tide a Senzu Bean. With in seconds his wounds healed and he opened his eyes. He gave the fighters standing over him a perplexed look. "Why?"

Mallow reached down and yanked him up by the collar of his shirt. "You used me. You didn't see me as your adoptive daughter, you saw me as a means to an end. I have shown you mercy because some part of me feels sorry for you. If I ever see you again, you'll get no mercy from me. Take the Woodwind, and never come back."

Captain Tall Tide scrambled to his feet and made his way to the small boat that the fighters had used to get here on. He looked back longingly at the Senzu Stalk one last time before setting sail.

"You shouldn't have saved him." Mother Senzu spoke up. "Making that choice, despite everything, earned you a lot of respect in my book though."

Roni smiled and tapped Mother Senzu on her shoulder. "Are we going to finish our fight now? After eating that Senzu Bean I feel like I'm unstoppable."

Mother Senzu smiled back at the young fighter. "Let continue where we left off."


With Captain Tall Tide defeated, what's next for our warriors? Tune in next time for Dragonball: Blue Star Quest!

This ended up being a very slow thread but we eventually got through it. I'm excited to continue this quest and I'm hoping to start the next part tomorrow and get some more involvement since it will be a weekend. Thanks to everyone who played and as always feel free to ask questions, comment, and critique.

New thread!

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