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Previous threads:

Last time, Krystal did lots of things with daemonettes. Mostly fightin' and fuckin'.
I have completed the migration.
The prices... well, that's a bit of an awkward point. You see, you don't have any money with you. Didn't think you'd need it in a city full of dead people. You could probably make a trade or loot a bank, though.
As for the vial, Khalid has no idea what it is.

What do you do next?
File: IMG_1228.jpg (21 KB, 200x200)
21 KB
Good to know.
Oh no money.
Lets carry on.
You shrug.
"Sorry, guy. Don't have any money."
Khalid sighs.
"A shame. I require funds in order to satisfy a debt."
"Oh, really? How much do you need?"
"I need about tree fiddy."
It was then that you noticed Khalid was in fact a nine story tall crustacean from the Paeleozic era. You promptly shoot yourself in the head, because you refuse to be part of OP's April Fools bullshit.
HOWEVER, in a similar but also vastly different parallel universe, these events never happened, and you continue into the Merchant's Ward.
You stop at an intersection and consult your map. The Diluvium Treasury is straight ahead, and the shipyards are to your right.

Which way?
File: MAPmap.jpg (1 KB, 125x72)
1 KB
Well damn.
Now I feel bad.
and here is the map
File: IMG_1184.png (64 KB, 1127x658)
64 KB
>click map
>zooms out about 2 pixels
Good shit. Map doesn't even show small things btw.
Now which way are you going you fuckers
Well shit.
I guess so.
Can we explore the merchant's ward for items that were left behind?
If not, lets go to the Arcane Sanctum.
File: IMG_1256.jpg (140 KB, 1024x631)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
You look inside several shops and carts littered along the street. You don't find much of interest, besides rotting food and spare change.
"Ah, well... to the Sanctum!"
You backtrack to the tunnel, bumping into Faervel's group just as you get to the Sanctum's entrance.
"Oh, Krystal! We activated the tram station, so we won't have to walk all the way back to the surface."
That's good. You don't have much you can do in the Merchant's Ward right now, so you're going into the Sanctum now.
You warily push the gates open and take a look around...
Nothing. Good.
The Sanctum features lots of books, arcane instruments and tools of some kind, as well as crystals being examined with strange lenses.

>[]Look at a crystal.
>[]Flip through some of the books.
>[]Look for some kind of offices or administrative place.
>>[]Look for some kind of offices or administrative place.
Might as well figure out what they were doing, before dicking around with esoteric equipment and projects.
You look around for some signs or something else that might help you...
Nothing. But you have a sneaking suspicion it'll be up that elevator. Too bad it's capacity is only about ten people at a time.
You take the first load to the top floor, emerging into another library section, this one populated with jars holding white sprites rather than crystals.
The elevator doors slam shut, and a cloaked figure appears in the middle of the room. A closer inspection reveals that his cloak isn't actually purple, but some kind of infection is crawling up the deep red material. It charges Void energy in it's hands.

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 11 (1d20)

If it has eyes, blast them with a laser.
File: IMG_1257.jpg (23 KB, 351x152)
23 KB
You reach into the armory and pull out a green-glowing weapon.
A beam of searing green light punches through the mage's chest. He groans and teleports on top of a bookcase, hurling purple light toward you. It misses entirely, scattering a pile of dissertations on why Salamanders need breasts.
You shoot at him again, disintegrating him completely.
Well, you don't know where you got it, but it's cool.

>[]Wait for the rest of the army to get up the elevator.
Oh, i thought she had magic lazers, but a lazer gun is alright.
It's a magic lazer gun.
Supporting CHAAAARGE
>>1327456 (It's a Necron laser gun)
You hoist your new favorite gun in the air and shout "CHAAAARGE!" sure, you could've used a magic spell, but why waste the energy?
You run into an atrium, ringed with what you think are offices. In the center are six corrupted mages. One is larger and more stooped than the rest, and carries a heavy-looking staff.
The large one fires three clusters of vortex missiles, which you disintegrate with your Gauss Flayer (that's what it says on the side).

Roll 1d20.
ID: COoksGyb is me, btw. Had to post from a concert.
Wait shit I meant 6hdq3Zh3
Rolled 16 (1d20)

ID: COoksGyb
I hope that isn't you, that was me.
Rolled 7 (1d20)

Your squad scatters to take care of the mages.
Jaylen entangles one with her whip and pulls, setting him on fire and causing severe lacerations.
A daemonette grabs another and redirects his spell into the third mage before snapping his head off with a pincer.
You run up to the big one, who slams his staff on the ground. You get out of the way before the ground below you erupts with Void energy.
Long range seems best. You raise the Gauss Flayer and fire it. The mage's remains disintegrate and are absorbed into the weapon. You disintegrate the other bodies, too. Don't want them coming back again.
The offices contain a few progress reports. The magebabble eludes you, but it seems focusing light through the crystals downstairs has some interesting effects. A singed paper informs you that red crystals will burn things, but further testing will need a more controlled environment. The writer suggests a cavern in the mines below would work. Guess they're getting the things from there. You keep looking. Apparently, the white sprites in jars up here are souls. Some documents suggest theories on modifying these to give a person various powers. It's mentioned that around a dozen prototypes were made, and are currently in the possession of the Archmage...

>[]So, which one of these would be the Archmage's office..?
>[]Well, let's see about these mines.
>So, which one of these would be the Archmage's office..?
You have your squad systematically search the atrium. None of these look important or isolated enough to be an Archmage's office. There's some stairs leading up, though.
At the top of these is a secretary's desk with a large gilded door behind it. This is probably what you're looking for.

>[]There could be traps... or he might still be in here. Put some rounds/lasers through the door first.
>[]Walk in. There's probably nothing.
File: IMG_0988.jpg (63 KB, 432x365)
63 KB
You open a rift in space and stick your upper body through, looking around Alagos's armory.
"Dammit. Alagos! Flash grenade!"
"Hi, Alagos. Happy to see you, how's it going?"
"Just get it!"
He places it in your hand before sighing and walking away. You extricate yourself from the rift.
The daemonettes didn't understand a word you said, but Jaylen looked a little concerned that you could just casually order a relatively major god to fetch you devices nobody on this planet's even dreamed up yet.
You give your squad instructions on breach-and-clear protocol, mainly "shut your eyes and run in when I say so."
You open the door and toss the grenade in, waiting for the cracking noise. You then signal for your squad to burst in and secure the room.
Well, it was cool as shit running in and pointing your gun at things, but nobody was in.
You sigh sadly and look around the desk. Papers, papers... safe!
A single shot was all that was necessary for the lock, and you eagerly pull the door open. No experimental soul augments, unfortunately, but you find a document explaining more about them and a helpful illustration.
They're the same things you've been using to gain new abilities. Naer probably had one due to him being the leader of the last Order, and the cultist you found one on was probably high-ranking... but how did the spider get one? Ah, well.
Interestingly enough, the documents report an inability to consume the pearls as intended. Holding them would certainly give a slight increase in power, but nobody was able to successfully crush one.

>[]Go see to the mines. Maybe the Archmage is there.
>[]Leave the Sanctum. This theoretical nonsense is more your twin's expertise.
>Go see to the mines. Maybe the Archmage is there.
>>[]Go see to the mines. Maybe the Archmage is there.
And more orb pearl things.
File: IMG_1261.jpg (145 KB, 1420x563)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
You descend back to the lobby. Faervel appears to be trying to talk to one of the daemonettes.
"Like, search. You know?"
She pantomimes looking through drawers. The daemonette shakes her head.
"Krystal! Thank Alagos! I've been trying to tell these things to search for thirty minutes now!"
You relay her orders, talking them to be especially wary of anywhere that might lead to a mine.
A paladin finds a platform big enough for seventy. You board and descend into the depths...
It's not like you expected. The cavern is more stone than crystal, and what few of them are scattered around are dull and opaque. They must've refined or polished them.
Your army turns a corner and comes face to face with some revenants... except these were different. They had crystals growing out of their bodies and encasing their hands.

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 7 (1d20)

Well that's not good.
And neither is my roll.
>>1329719 (oh dear)
One corpse aims his arm crystal at a paladin, disintegrating him with a beam of green light identical to the Gauss Flayer.
The other sweeps it's orange beam across the army's ranks, causing six soldiers to collapse, orange pustules sprouting on their bodies.

What's your next move? (D20)
Rolled 13 (1d20)

Hopefully less failing.
I shouldn't be put in charge of people.
My luck sucks.
You run over to a crystal parallel to the two corpses, firing a beam of light through it. The crimson beam incinerates the revenants, their final attacks going wide as they keel over.
"Okay. Avoid the lasers." you mutter.
"Come on. We have places to be."
You burn the bodies of the fallen, their orange pustules bursting and causing a foul odor. Eeeeeeew.
Fortunately, not much else happens on your way through the mines. The dead miners seem engrossed in tapping away at the crystal formations, and you take some crystallized revenants by surprise with your bolter.
You pass through a hallway with observation chambers on either side, looking at the effects of the crystals. Some plaques and dead subjects help you figure out the specifics.
Green: dissolve.
Red: burn.
Blue: freeze.
Orange: weird disease.
Purple: thrall, then self-destruct.
Yellow: degrades equipment.
You press your hand to a plinth on the far side of the room. A large stone door opens up, revealing a rounded room.
A giant in robes stands facing away from you. It turns toward you, then remains still.
This must be the Archmage.

Roll 1D20. If you have any specific weapons/tricks you want to use, say so.
Rolled 19 (1d20)

Rolled 7 (1d20)

Close the door, and walk away.
But seriously, if there are no crystal structures in there, use the nuka launcher.
forgot its name.
Shoot and close the door.
You pull out the Fat Man and load it, getting ready to close the door after firing.
You slam your hand on the door button, sealing the Archmage in with a nuclear rocket.
An explosion rocks the cavern, and a deafening scream pierces the thick stone door.
The door explodes, and the Archmage--OH GODS HE'S ON FIRE AND RADIOACTIVE.
He sweeps his hand, impaling three soldiers on various colored crystals. They're multicolored, you no idea what effect that might have.

Rolled 4 (1d20)

Well shit.
You know what's worse than zombies?
Radioactive zombies. All the bacteria that would cause them to decay is dead.
And again, shit.
Well, Double shit.
Looks bad man.
Shit hit the fan, man.
We need a plan, man.
Please, somebody roll a higher number.
The Archmage grabs you and screams directly into your face. Lasers fly out of his hand, killing eight of your soldiers. That's about fifty left...
He's squeezing... oh gods, it hurts.
Wait, what's that--AAAAAAAAAAA

(A plan would be nice, too)
Rolled 15 (1d20)

Lets see how tasty he is. Turn to slime and engulf him.
Nix that, he's radioactive. Shit. Go goo and escape.
Pull out
>A bulky futuristic thing that shoots homing plasma spheres
And i think the phrase is, Go ham.
File: IMG_1258.jpg (123 KB, 737x556)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
You slip out the faceplate of your armor and drop to the ground, crawling away from the Archmage. He raises his fist and brings it down straight onto you, splattering your form. You promptly recollect and continue crawling away.
A daemonette leaps onto the Archmage's shoulders and plunges her arm-spear into his eye. He roars in pain and hurls her away, clutching at his face.
You pick that moment to reform and take the homing gun out, firing three shots. The first two collide and burst apart, hitting the Archmage with energy pellets. He lets out one last scream and collapses, the fires in his robes going out.
The third shot needs to pick a new target to home in on... oh, look! This'll do!
It swerves toward you and impacts, filling you with intense pain and causing you to black out...

You wake up screaming.
"Krystal! It's okay! You're alright!"
Tsuyoi is trying to calm you down.

>[]*incomprehensible screaming*
>[]Oh, hi Tsuyoi. I feel... like shit. Is that blood running down my face?
And proceed to cry.
And hug her.
While in slime form
"Krystal, I'm not--"
Faervel walks into the tent.
"Good, she's--"
You slam your fist into the headboard and grit your teeth, sniffing a few times.
A few tears drip off your face and soak into the pillow. After what seems like hours, Tsuyoi speaks up.
"Krystal, you're not dead."
You knew that.
You turn around, wiping the tears away. Faervel's gone.
Tsuyoi leans forward with a cloth.
"Your mouth's dripping blood again... you shouldn't yell so loud."
You notice bandages covering pretty much your entire torso. Bastard gun. You pop off a quick healing spell. The slight burning goes away. You unwrap the bandages and grab Tsuyoi, liquefying and encasing her.
"Told you I'd slime you later."
She struggles, then sighs.
"You should rest, you're still wounded."
Now that you're not crying, you can see that she's healed up pretty nicely. Her bandages are gone.

>[]You're right... I'm pretty tired.
>[]Where's the pearl? There was a pearl, right?
>Where's the pearl? There was a pearl, right?
>>[]You're right... I'm pretty tired
Dang skippy I'm tired.
You solidify.
"Did the bastard have a pearl?"
Tsuyoi presses a familiar object into your hand.
"Yeah. What exactly..?"
You crush it.
"It gives me powers. Like becoming a slime."
Your eyes feel kind of heavy.
"I think I'm gonna... take a quick nap. G'night Tsuyoi..."
You fall asleep.

Pick an ability!
>[]Charge your sword with lightning.
>[]Dash around like a Bloodborne character on speed.
>[]There are voices in your head, telling you what to do. Listen closer. (You can talk to Krystal. Compliment her on her ass or whatever)
Telepathic sexy times ahoy!
[]There are voices in your head, telling you what to do. Listen closer. (You can talk to Krystal. Compliment her on her ass or whatever)
Krystal, you're schizophrenic now. Congrats.
What? Who said that?
Who's OP?
Many would call me a fag. Get used to this, there'll be others stopping by. You should wake up, by the way. Tsuyoi's molesting you.
What? She wouldn't be molesting--
You slowly start to wake up. A familiar warm feeling is present, but it feels more... aggressive than last time. She's probably just tossing.
You open your eyes. Tsuyoi has her arms wrapped around you, sniffing your hair.

>[]...Tsuyoi? Could you please explain this?
>[]Well, all you had to do was ask, babe.
>>[]Well, all you had to do was ask, babe.
Not telepathic, but still welcome.
File: IMG_1153.jpg (145 KB, 623x779)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
"Hey, I would've let you if you just asked."
Tsuyoi jumps, pulling away from you.
"Come back, you wanted this, didn't you?"
You wrap your arms around her and kiss her.
"Mmm. Let's get these clothes off."
"I-I didn't... I've never--"
"I'll go slowly, then."
You take off her weird shield-bra and suck on her nipples, working at the strings of her loincloth.
She resists for a few moments before letting out a moan and grabbing at your shirt. You let her slide it off, then continue what you were doing.
"I must've made an impression. Or do you just have a Sylph fetish?"
"N-no, I just thought you smelled nice--ah!"
You toss her loincloth aside and grab her crotch.
"So wet... you were humping my leg, weren't you?"
You lay her down and lick her clit, sliding your hand into your pants.
As she gets close, you grab her legs and push your tongue into her, catching her cum in your mouth.
"Tastes good..."
You kiss her again and unzip your pants.
"Lie down."
You toss your panties away and press your pussy against Tsuyoi's. She gasps and bucks her hips instinctively.
"I thought you'd like that."


You and Tsuyoi lie together in bed. While you're sprawled out and staring at the ceiling, she presses herself into your side and holds you.

>[]I should be leaving soon...
>[]You said you never... something. Was that your first time with a woman?
>[]You said you never... something. Was that your first time with a woman?
I think the sylph god of love and lust might get upset that Algalos is horning in on his territory.
>>1330766 (all she knows how to do is hate-fuck, so it's a self-perpetuating problem)
"It was my first time... ever, really."
You look over at her.
"Whaaat? Don't daemonettes love sex? That's the impression I got, anyway. Besides, you're really cute."
"I just wasn't a good enough warrior. I would've slowed down anyone who got attached to me."
You pat her head.
"You won't slow me down."
She smiles at you.
Faervel walks through the door.
"Kr--not again. I swear, every time I walk through a door to talk to you."
Tsuyoi yelps and looks for a sheet to cover herself up.
"It's fine, she's a prude. What do you want, Faervel?"
She sighs.
"I need you to get Yokai to give me that translation spell. Not knowing how to speak to them is causing problems. Then we need to go take the castle. You've got fifteen minutes to get dressed or I'll drag you out as-is."
"Ha! I'd enjoy it."
Faervel walks back out.
"Sorry, Tsuyoi. I need to go."
She hums sadly.
"Hmm. I love you, Krystal."

>[]...I love you, too.
>[]I only love the pussy, not the bitch it's attached to! (Very Renegade)
>[]Y-you too...
>>[]Y-you too...
Spaghetti time, another blessing from Agalos.. Algalos... whatever his name is.
File: IMG_1180.jpg (9 KB, 285x124)
9 KB
>>1330883 (Alagos, you heretic)
"Uh, y-you too..."
You turn away from her and get dressed. You're not used to declarations of love. You swear you can hear her giggling behind you...

>your autism level has increased to 7.
(For reference, Alagos is a 20, and Demon has his own 'Edgelord' scale on which he is a 69. Speak of the devil, he's been awful quiet now for some time, hasn't he..?)

You zip your pants up and turn around to face Tsuyoi. She's still just lying in bed, smiling at you.
"Uh... bye."
You definitely hear her giggling as you leave.
Yokai calls out to you eagerly.
"Krystal! Thank Slaanesh, I can't figure out what it's trying to tell me!"
"She wants the translation thing so she can tell what's going on. Hold on, let me get Jaylen and Gareth..."
Yokai administers the spell to your three advisors. Gareth rubs his temple.
"Damn. That stings."
"I'm glad I can speak with you properly, friends of Krystal." Yokai says, nodding respectfully.
"I expected you to sound more like an Orc..." Faervel mutters, blinking a tear out of her eye.
"I take great offense at that."

>[]Well, let's get going! Sooner I can walk around without getting jumped, the better.
>[]Fight her, Yokai!
Had to go look up what slaan was.
>Faervel, apologize. Lets get going, no time to waste.
>wisper to Faervel, Stop insulting our allies please.
See you tomorrow stormyface, Great quest.
Damn it captcha, stop rubbing it in.
>>1331437 (thank youuuuu)
"Faervel, don't insult our allies. Apologize."
Yokai looks over at you.
"I was only joking--"
"Sorry, uh, Yokai."
You nod in satisfaction.
"Good. Now, it's time to finish cleaning this fucking place."


"Looks like it's time to--take out the trash." you drone, pushing a revenant into a trash chute--which leads to a pool of lava.
Fighting these was getting old. Well, at least the tunnel's end is just up ahead.
You emerge into the Upper Quarter. Your sight is immediately dominated by the Seawall.
It stretches easily a hundred meters into the air, letting sunlight in through a gap of maybe 25 meters at the top. It had to be impressive, it was built to keep out both pirates and the ocean itself. They even built a shrine to the sea god at the top, despite the clear storm god affiliation here. Then again, they do like working together to fuck innocent sailors.
The houses here are very clearly for nobles. Gardens that were probably pretty nice at one point, wide streets, you can even see some of those magic car ripoffs abandoned in several places.
You don't encounter much resistance here, most of the revenants packed into the Lower Ward to try and get to the surface, according to Faervel.
But there was a pretty big problem... the castle gates were locked. With magic.
Easy enough. You have a grappling hook. Except the gate is spiked at the top, and probably has some kind of anti-armor spell in case this ever happened. There is a structure overlapping the gates you can use to climb down, though.
It's the Seawall.
All you have to do is climb up the stairs, walk across the top, and rappel down.
Well, there's all the well-armed revenants swarming the top that were taught unceasingly in life to never ever if you valued your life and dignity and family EVER let someone breach the Seawall.
Easy peasy lemon FUCKING squeezy.
You get some guys with greatshields to stand in front of you and equip your Gauss Flayer.

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 16 (1d20)

Rolled 5 (1d20)

File: IMG_1266.jpg (46 KB, 640x480)
46 KB
>>1332679 (median is 11. You just barely succeeded that roll)
Your shield bearers kick open the door and advance. You flick the Gauss Flayer's setting (something you discovered when examining it) to rapid fire and pull the trigger.
Youre greeted with the authentic machine gunner's experience, as waves upon waves of soldiers charge you. Several make it through the barrage and crash against the shields, but they're held in place both by gravity and Orcs. These few that made it in are quickly dealt with.
This thing's pretty loud, despite being a laser gun.
You fire at the few stragglers and corpses left.
Nothing moves on the wall.
You advance carefully, rubbing your ears. You still can't get used to the points...
A corpse you previously thought dead grabs your ankle. You stomp it's head into foul-smelling scraps in a panic. Good thing they're brittle.
You look out at the ocean as you continue. Some clouds have blown in, turning the sea gray. Salty wind blows through your armor's chinks, cooling the interior.
You look down at the castle gates. Oh boy, this'll be fun.

>[]Tie the grappling hook's rope around your waist and have the orcs lower you down.
>[]Secure the hook and rappel down. If you fall, it'll be due to a royal fuckup on your part.
Put all our gear in dimensional storage, and slowly ooze down the wall.
We got ooze power might as well use it.
>[]Secure the hook and rappel down. If you fall, it'll be due to a royal fuckup on your part.

Can't Krystal just go gooey and reform herself if she DOES go splat? It'll be fiiiine.
You secure the hook's head and slowly drop over the side.
Alright, don't let go. It's an infinite rope leading into a pouch on your belt, not a harness.
Your foot slips, and you instinctively reach your hands out to balance yourself.
"NO HARNESS, I SAID!" you shout at yourself as you plummet.
You quickly liquefy and bail out your faceplate again, landing on top of your armor with a loud SQUELCH.
It didn't dent on the way down. Must be pretty strong. You work your way back inside and solidify, smashing the gate's lock with a sniper shot. Maybe a little overkill, but it was awesome.
You use your hook's auto-retract spell thing, snickering as you watch it flail about before landing neatly in the storage bag.
By this time, your shield bearers and army have gotten back, so you lead them onward.
It seems the only way to the castle is by a private tram tunnel. You just bypassed the security back there, so you get about thirty people crammed inside, sitting on the pretty comfortable seats. With a lurch, the car starts moving, and tinny music plays from some speakers near the ceiling.
The car slows to a halt after several minutes, opening up and allowing you access to Castle Diluvium.

It's a pretty enough place, you guess. Nice architecture, some pretty kickass paintings. Some windows along the wall look out onto the ocean, this must be built right along the cliff walls.
Two knights in gilded armor stand at their posts, blocking entrance to the rest of the castle with crossed halberds.

>[]Hello! Mind letting us through?
>[]More revenants. At least they're elite. Attack. (D20)
>[]Walk forward with purpose. Maybe they'll just let you through. (D20)
>>[]Hello! Mind letting us through?
We have permission from the storm god.
>[]Hello! Mind letting us through?
There's no reason to be rude. I mean, it's not like their god is angry at our and kicked his shit in recently, right?

>>1334154 (their god's dead, you're thinking of Ruin)
You walk up to the guards and wave.
They look down at you.
"NOT. ROYAL. LEAVE. NOW." one of them says. He spits the words out, like he isn't used to speaking normally.
You're not sure what to think of these guys...

>[]Bluff past them. (D20)
>[]Attack (D20)
>[]O-okay... (actually leave. Pussy option)
Rolled 2 (1d20)

>Bluff past them. (D20)
"No, I have some important business, you need to let me through."
The other guard speaks up this time.
"Come on, I just need to--"
You try pushing through. The guard pushes you away forcefully with his halberd. He and his friend get into combat stances and advance.

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 9 (1d20)

File: IMG_1267.jpg (68 KB, 750x752)
68 KB
You back up as the guards rush you. One lowers his halberd and runs at you, bouncing off your shield. He follows up with a wide sweep, knocking your shield to the side. You barely dodge his comrade's strike.
Your squad rushes forward to help. One guard jumps back and starts spinning toward them, merely forcing them to back up. Fucking beyblades.

>[]Gun them down.
>[]Try and make them charge into each other.
>[]Get close and shank him.
>>[]Try and make them charge into each other.
Play them off each other. Spinning beyblades probably doesn't do any favors for control.

I haven't caught up with the archives since Krystal met the daemonettes, so I'll stick lurking more for now.
>>1335096 (some pretty great stuff happened since then like two lewd scenes and I just rolled a 20 for your check)
You deliver a flying kick to the other guard's back, gaining his attention. He and his comrade both charge, halberds ready to skewer you.
"You're about to get your ankles broke."
You step to the side, watching the two guards barrel into each other. There's some sickening cracking sounds, seems like they severed each other's spines. They weakly pull on their halberds, trying to dislodge them. You summon your Gauss Flayer and put an end to their service.
Your squad applauds your idiocy/bravery before pushing you up the stairs into the castle proper.
It's a decently large hall, good enough for nobles to stand around in and eat sardines or whatever. Wings open up to the center, right, and left of you. Center leads to a throne room and Duke's quarters, right leads to the dining hall and stairs to other necessities, and left leads to the ballroom. You catch a glimpse of someone standing in the middle of the left wing, wearing a disheveled fur coat.
...that might be Duke Brannor.

>[]Fight the area boss.
>[]Go check out the rooms you'll be staying in, if you live.
>[]Look through the utilities, maybe you can find some decent armor for the daemonettes.
>Fight the area boss.
You stand in the doorway to the ballroom, tapping your fingers on your sword hilt. You turn around.
"Leave him to me, unless I'm about to die. Take shots at him if you think you won't hit me."
Your squad acknowledges your orders. You unsheathe your sword, grab your shield handle, and stride forward, lowering your helmet's faceplate.
Brannor lurches around to face you, clumsily unsheathing a crystal rapier at his side.
The clouds outside are getting worse, as you can see through the windows to your left. A flash of lightning illuminates the room, and you raise your sword...

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 6 (1d20)

Best advice for a fight.
Try not to get hit.
We skewered now.
Rolled 12 (1d20)

>>1336022 (median of these two doesn't win, even if I round up)
With surprising speed, the Duke charges forward and stabs his rapier into your breastplate, completely bypassing your shield and sword. You fly back, and your squad helps you to your feet.
"Shit. Okay, I just need to learn how to fight rapiers."
You run forward again. Brannor trips you and stabs at your head. You barely move before his sword buries itself in the floor.
Your squad shoots him as he struggles to free it. You take the opportunity to get up.

Any strategy, or do you just keep using trial and error? (Roll 1d20 regardless)
File: IMG_1259.jpg (276 KB, 1920x1448)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
I'll be back in like, eight hours. Classes start soon.
Never mind, more like six.
More time to think up a strategy.
(I was just going to advance the fight anyway... here, have fun)
The Duke wrests his sword from the floor. Too late, you swing your blade toward his neck, sending his head flying away.
...that was it? Seriously, there should've been some spells at least.
A tendril of darkness shoots from the Duke's neck and grabs the head in midair, reattaching it. Brannor's eyes glitter with a dark intelligence. He waves his hand, and the door is blocked by a wall of Void, trapping you in here.
"Krystal. I didn't expect you to last this long in such a hostile land. I'm just glad we've managed to meet in person."
You back away, holding up your shield. That voice sounds familiar...

>[]Who are you?
>[]I don't give a damn about what you want, just die! (Roll a d20)
>[]Oh, you're sane now. Kindly fuck off so I can get to work on fixing my quarters.
>>[]Oh, you're sane now. Kindly fuck off so I can get to work on fixing my quarters.
"Hi, Demon. Get the fuck out of my city."
He laughs and morphs into his usual form. You've only seen him in nightmares so far, but he's unmistakable.
"It's not your city as much as it isn't mine. I'll do whatever I please here." he says, jabbing at the air with lightning speed. He frowns at the rapier.
"Not my favorite weapon, but I suppose it will have to do."

>[]Die, you piece of shit. (D20)
>[]Maybe you'll feel more comfortable if I bathe you in holy, purifying light.
>[]Scream at the fucker until it gets awkward.
>>[]Maybe you'll feel more comfortable if I bathe you in holy, purifying light.
We a pally, might as well use our holy might.
"Here, I'll use something I don't use very often, just to make it fair."
Demon smirks.
"How gracious of you. I wouldn't have wanted to engage in a battle with your vagina."
"I haven't heard that joke before. 2/10, complete shit. Here, have some of this."
You hold out your hand. A beam of searing light emanates from it, Demon's illusion slowly retreating from Brannor's body. You can't sustain the beam for too long, and eventually release it. Demon's been forced to his knees on the floor, though.

>[]NOW DIE! (D20)
>[]If you want a REAL genetalia joke, just look at what you're holding. If that's compensating, I don't even want to think about what's actually in your pants.
Rolled 3 (1d20)

>>[]If you want a REAL genetalia joke, just look at what you're holding. If that's compensating, I don't even want to think about what's actually in your pants.
Smite evil
Demon looks cowed at your response to his """joke""".
Your sword lights up with holy energy.
"Now, hold still."
You swing the blade in an arc toward his head. He ducks and disappears in a puff of shadow, reappearing on his feet.
"I'll have none of that."
Spears of darkness form in the air above you and attempt to skewer you. You avoid all except the last one, which glances across your side and knocks you to the floor. You get back onto your feet and charge, carving a large gash in Demon's torso, which begins oozing black blood. He backs away, and you notice the storm outside taking on a purple tinge.
Fuck, that's never good.

Roooooooll 1d20.
Rolled 16 (1d20)

Maby somebody is coming to give us aid?
>>1337653 (lol no purple's the evil color in this universe)
You bring your sword down again, slashing Demon across the face. He backsteps and follows up with several blows that bounce off your shield.
You push the rapier away and stab him through the chest, kicking him away afterward.
Demon tumbles and leaps to his feet, clutching his chest with his free hand.
Void energy speed forth from his wounds in the form of several missiles, which speed toward you. You bat one away with your shield and continue advancing.

>[]Start Gaussing him. Even if he doesn't die, it'll cause him a lot of pain.
>[]Keep stabbing him. You'll beat him in a fair fight.
>>[]Start Gaussing him. Even if he doesn't die, it'll cause him a lot of pain.
And shout taunts also.
"Fucking die already, you piece of shit Izaya Orihara-ass motherfucker!"
You pause to reflect on the series of events that led you to utter that phrase. It's all Demon needs, as he does some kind of twisty spinny missile attack, hurling himself at you rapier-first. You step aside, and he slams into the wall, cracking the stone.
Despite yourself, you start laughing at him.
"Maybe you'd have better luck if you didn't fight like an anime character, faggot!"
You fire your Gauss Flayer at Demon. He collapses and screams, crumbling into dust faster than he can regenerate.
You deactivate the Flayer and step forward, filling your sword with holy light. The blade extends to resemble a greatsword, forcing you to hold it with both hands as you chop Demon's head off.
His body bursts into a mass of shadows, making a slight screaming sound as it dissipates. A familiar pearl bumps against your foot, and your sword reverts to it's original state.

Another ability pearl! Pick an ability.
>[]Charge your sword with Alagos's holy lightning.
>[]A standard dash, able to pass through insubstantial objects like gates or leaves.
>[]Briefy call upon the Void to fire vortex energy at your enemies--or friends, if they're into that.
>>[]Charge your sword with Alagos's holy lightning.
Might as well get an ability RELATED to his aspect.
See the lightning, feel the roar.
>Charge your sword with Alagos's holy lightning.
File: IMG_1268.jpg (126 KB, 676x474)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
You crush the pearl underfoot. Your sword sparks with lightning, discharging into the floor. The storm clouds clear up, and the wall of shadow fades away. Your squad bursts in, weapons at the ready.
"Where--Krystal! You're okay!"
Faervel seems relieved.
"Of course I'm okay. You think I couldn't fight some guy with a rapier?"
"But what was that shadow stuff? What happened?"

>[]An edgy faggot wanted to duel.
>[]Some guy who almost destroyed everything ever possessed the corpse.
>[]No clue.
>>[]An edgy faggot wanted to duel.
Edgeless faggot more like it.
File: IMG_1269.png (307 KB, 488x413)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
"Some edgelord faggot tried to kill me." you say, picking the rapier up. Not really your thing, but your twin might want it.
Faervel narrows her eyes.
"What do sticks have anything to do with this..?"
Oh. Right. Ye olde language.
"Basically, it was some piece of shit that haunted my dreams a while back. Anyways."
You take a look around. A door on the other side of the ballroom leads into the rest of the castle. Nice job with whoever built this, by the way. The windows and sunset create such a striking effect, it'd be a shame if someone were missing out on this view.

>[]Go to your new quarters. Might as well take a nap.
>[]Explore the other rooms.
>>[]Go to your new quarters. Might as well take a nap.
We're exhausted.
"Alright, let's go take a look at the royal rooms."
You walk up the stairs behind the throne and into a very fancy hallway. A few servant quarters, some offices... here it is.
You open the door to the master bedroom. It's a pretty big affair, and definitely more fancy than Alagos's, simply because of the gold trim. It's even got an adjoining bath.
The only problem was the half-burnt corpse in a dress shambling around, carrying a dagger.
You pick her up and bodily throw her out of your room.
"Deal with that and find somewhere to rest. I'm taking a nap."
You shut the door and begin undoing your armor. Fuck, you're sweaty.

>[]May as well have a bath while you're at it.
>[]You'll probably have to replace the bedsheets anyway, just sleep.
>>[]May as well have a bath while you're at it.
Baths are excellent at relaxing sores away.
File: IMG_1271.jpg (984 KB, 1500x1009)
984 KB
984 KB JPG
You leave your clothes by the door and slip into the bath, sighing as the magic heating kicks in. The Sylph do love their baths.
You wring out your hair, rub yourself down with soap and rinse your face off before leaning back and closing your eyes.
It was all worth it if you get to do this every day.
You eventually force yourself to leave, drying yourself off with a towel. You give the bedsheets a quick snap to get the dust off before climbing in and closing your eyes.
A dark presence creeps across the back of your mind. You visualize Demon walking around a WWI-era no-man's-land and fire at him with a machine gun.
The darkness retreats as fast as it could go. You finally settle in for some actually peaceful sleep.


You wake up with someone's arms around you. You turn and come face-to-face with Alagos.

>[]I didn't invite you, get out.
>[]Hi. (Kiss)
>[]Demon says hi.
>>[]Hi. (Kiss)
You lean in and give him a kiss.
"I knew you missed me."
"Don't be smug. I'm just glad I don't have to kill more undead."
Alagos shrugs.
"I'd probably be too. Unfortunately, I'm not just here to hold a beautiful woman in my arms. We need to talk about consecrating this city..."

>[]Later, I'm horny.
>[]Let's hear it.
>[]You can speak with me telepathically, the only reason to be physically here is to hold me and be an idiot.
The last response for tonight.
>[]You can speak with me telepathically, the only reason to be physically here is to hold me and be an idiot. And I'm horny.

Excellent quest. Very excellent.
>>1338579 ('night, anon. I only seek to deliver the finest autism)
"Well, considering you're here in person, rather than just telepathically speaking to me, I'd say you are only here to hold me. And be an idiot."
"I was trying to be nice."
"I'm horny, I don't want 'nice'."
You give him another long kiss.
"Should be a few hours before everyone else wakes up..."
You pull Alagos's pants off and lick the tip of his cock. You'd never admit it, but the smell down there drives you crazy.
You give his dick another long lick before swallowing it, moving one hand down to your crotch and grabbing Alagos's balls with the other.
You're getting a little worried about your oxygen when he finally climaxes, filling your mouth with semen.
"Gluh--do you eat a lot of pineapple, perchance? I can see why Sasha loves this stuff."
"All-natural. Now just shut up and enjoy it."
You lie on your stomach and stick your ass in the air. Alagos slowly slides his cock in your ass. You unconsciously gasp and start to rub your clit.


You cum and flop down onto Alagos, giving him a sloppy kiss and catching your breath. You both lie there for a few minutes before he pulls out.
"You're always so tight... I'll explain the consecration thing while we're cleaning off."
You get in the bath again, letting Alagos wash your back while talking.
"So there's this whole time honored tradition for consecrating patron cities. Mainly bullshitting your way through them. You just say some dramatic stuff, I supply some glowy lights, and anyone who tries to fuck with Diluvium gets zapped. Should really inspire faith, considering this place is mostly underground."[/spoiler]
Huh. That makes a surprising amount of sense.
You can hear the door outside open, then hesitation. Someone knocks on the doorframe.
"Krystal? You doing anything indecent?"
It's Faervel.

>[](shove Alagos under) Yeah, just taking a bath. Come in.
>[]I'm getting my back washed by a major god.
I should really get some sleep.
>>[]I'm getting my back washed by a major god.
You missed the indecent part.
"Alagos is washing my back, so maybe..? What do you want?"
"...Alagos--forget I asked. I'm just making sure you're awake. How soon until you can be out here?"
"Eeeehh, maybe five minutes?"
"I'll give you fifteen."
Faervel shuts the door and leaves.
"She seems nice."

Alagos helps you pull your armor back on.
"I'll be watching for the right time to give you some SFX. After that, you should probably send your scout back to tell Crystal the good news. Hell, I'll even get rid of all the bodies down here for you."
You give Alagos one last kiss.
"Thanks. I wasn't looking forward to that."
He disappears, and you leave the room.
"Faervel, we're going to the throne room to consecrate the city. Get everyone in there."

Quick! Come up with a religious ritual. Making it funny is semi-optional.
I have absolutely no imagination.
Lets see.
Then some dancing.
Something to do with explosions maby?
My mind is blank
Or orgy? Maby have everyone masturbate to the sky
I mean Krystal has a bunch of laser stuff so some lasers would be pretty cool. Also good old 21 gun salute for the lost soldiers
Get everyone to hold hands, then zap them with a little electricity, and say that is the blessing of Alagos, or it is Alagos' love, or something.
>>1340021 (I'm not ruling out an orgy... maybe at night, after everyone's drunk)
You've got a great one. For those that died... you already have their ashes, you just need to decide what to do with them.
You organize the legion in a squarish ring, standing before the throne.
"Everyone, join hands."
You grab Faervel and Jaylen's hands, everyone else joins with their neighbors. You send a pluse out, strong enough to reach the other side of the ring. Everyone flinches.
"A small part of Alagos's fury now resides within you. May it protect you always."
You release your bodyguards and look up at the ceiling, raising your arms.
"Alagos! We've come here to dedicate this city to you! Do you accept this offering?"
A long silence.
"...I will!"
Several paladins are overcome with religious fervor, and fall to their knees. Crackling bolts of lightning run along the walls and floor, leaving you unharmed. The lights end with a final crack of thunder.
You turn around and approach the throne, hesitating before you sit down.
You're absolutely terrified, have no idea what you're doing, you'll get everyone here killed--
You push the thoughts away and sit down. The legion kneels.
"Hail the Imperator!"
Shit's gotten real, now.
Faervel stands and approaches.
"K--Imperator, the matter of the ashes. What should we do with them?"

>[]Put them in our steel. We can't ethically let them roam around as revenants, but they can still get revenge.
>[]Give them to their respective families.
>[]Scatter them at the Seawall.
Nobody say diamonds.
>>[]Put them in our steel. Give the weapons or armor to the families, so they may always watch over and protect them.

"Put the ashes into our steel, and give the arms made from them to their families."
"That... seems a little morbid."
"We'll say it was their issued equipment. Besides, they'll be protecting their family."
You stand and stretch your limbs.
"You're free to go. Today is a religious holiday, celebrating the liberation of Diluvium. Except you, Lennor. Sorry, I need you to go tell the others back at the stronghold the good news."
The legion doesn't complain. They go off to do whatever it is they wanted to. For the daemonettes, it was probably going back to the village.
"Well, then. What should I do for the rest of the day?"

>[]"Sleep" (go say hi to Pris and Sasha)
>[]Take a swim in the lake. You won't get many more chances when this place becomes inhabited.
>>[]Take a swim in the lake. You won't get many more chances when this place becomes inhabited.
Time for more relaxation.
You go back to your room and rummage around in your bag.
"I know I had it in here..."
You pull out a slightly wrinkled bikini. Yeah, there it is. You brought it just in case you found anywhere nice to swim. American flag might've been a bit of a flashy choice, but you were drunk when you bought it.
You change and grab your sunglasses as an afterthought, before getting ready to leave.
Faervel stares at you as you leave the throne room.
"Uh... Krystal, what are you wearing?"
You look at her.
"I'm going swimming."
"Oh... did you drop something? Are you hunting fish?"

>[]People swim for fun sometimes, Faervel.
>[]I think I saw something shiny.
>[]Yeah, there was this water nymph with these HUGE boobs.

>[]People swim for fun sometimes, Faervel.
>>1340372 (I'm back. Took a break to play the new Shovel Knight expansion. It's pretty good)
"Faervel... some people swim for fun."
She scoffs.
"Idiots, if they really do that. Everyone knows demons live down in the depths."
You've killed plenty of demons, assuming these exist. Besides, it wasn't even there a year ago, you doubt demons just randomly show up in isolated lakes.
The ride on the castle tram was... fun. Everyone did their best not to stare at you. You get off at the Central Ward stop (need to rename that to Flooded Gardens...) and take a quick stroll to the center of the lake.
It's a lot easier without armor. You feel like you could run for hours.
You leave your sunglasses on a platform and dive into the lake.
Let's see... maybe sixty feet to the bottom. And you doubt the elementals would let 'demons' show up in their lake.
Speak of the devil, one of them shows up in front of you. It looks stern.

>[]Go back up to talk.
>[]Ignore it. It's just being pissy.
Don't anger the water elementals, you are made mostly of water.
File: IMG_1272.jpg (431 KB, 1920x1080)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
You wave at the elemental. It tilts its head when it realizes you're just floating around, then shrugs and vanishes.
You swim back up to the surface and roll onto the platform, basking in the sun before rolling right off again.
The water's devoid of fish, allowing you to see almost to the lake's edges in every direction. You see something dart behind a building as you turn back to go up. It looked humanoid.

>[]Let's go see! Maybe someone else likes swimming.
>[]It was probably some mirage shit. Besides, if it was real and hostile it wouldn't have hid.
Seriously though
>[]Let's go see! Maybe someone else likes swimming.
File: IMG_1273.jpg (162 KB, 355x451)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
You swim up to the surface for air, going over to the spot you had seen the thing before diving back down.
Nothing here, but that wasn't surprising. You probably wouldn't have stayed put, either.
You grab the edge of a gazebo roof to peer down inside--
Something hits you and speeds away. You barely manage not to spew your air out and look in the direction it went.
...huh. So nymphs do exist. She's peeking out from behind the edge of another building, and seems more curious than afraid.

>[]Chase her. You can't just let her hit you like that.
>[]Leave her alone. Can't fuck her, she's underwater.
>[]Wave again. Maybe you can communicate with gestures or something.
>[]Pretend to start drowning.
>>[]Pretend to start drowning.
Lure her in, then grab her.
You let out a few bubbles of air, then grab at your throats and start swimming up. The nymph swims toward you.
Heh, this is gonna be so--OH GOD, SHE'S FAST
The nymph pushes you toward the surface at lightning speed. You even get some air before landing on a platform, gasping. The ride up had actually fixed the air out of your lungs.
"Are you okay?"
The nymph peeks over the top of the platform. She can speak English and breathe air, so... that's great, you guess.

>[]My hero! (Grab her)
>[]CAUGHT YOU! (Grab her)
>[]I was just pretending...
>[]Yeah, I'm good.
>>[]My hero! (Grab her)
As far as she knows, she did save us.
"You saved me!"
You slip your arms under her shoulders and hug her.
"I thought I was going to diiiiiie!"
"It's okay, I wouldn't just let you drown."
You pull her up onto the platform.
"Sit up here, it's comfy."
She doesn't seem to mind being above water, as long as she can get back in.
"My name's Fogel. Me and some of my sisters swam into the harbor over there, then came over here in a bubble. Did you see the elementals? They were happy when we got here. There were bodies everywhere, we helped clean them up. Did you hear the loud noises a few days back? I think it was the purple ladies over there. Don't go near them, they like seafood. Then there were these knights--"
She likes hearing herself talk, doesn't she? Ah, well.

>[]Grope her. Or kiss, whichever you prefer.
>[]I'm kinda sleepy... «Alagos, can you fetch me some suntan lotion?»
>[]Tell her about your GRAND QUEST.
>[]Tell her about your GRAND QUEST.
Oh those knights, I'm one of them.
Not this time. Maby after her sisters arrive.
"Oh, yeah. I was with those guys."
"You were? What're you doing down here?"
"Well, I got a quest from my god--name's Krystal, by the way--and he wanted me to come here and--"


"Then we went and had sex."
"Oh... that's nice. What's sex?"
You pause and stare blankly at Fogel.
"Uhh... how old are you?"
"About ninety."
"...are there male nymphs?"
"I haven't met any."

>[]Err... you know how you put on a ring?
>[]You just... uh... sort of crawl over each other.
>[]Not important! It's boring, anyway.
>>[]Err... you know how you put on a ring?
Guess it's gonna happen.
"Ehh, have you ever put on a ring?"
"Well, the man puts the woman on like a ring. In rough fashion."
"That doesn't sound sanitary."
"It doesn't, does it..."
"But there weren't any boys with you that time."
"Uhh. Well. Girls have tongues."

>[]Wanna try..?
>[]This is awkward. Let's just swim some more.
>[]I should really be going...
>[]Get a tan.
Could always make a psuedopod of slime to show her.
>>1341296 (if there are spelling errors from here on out for a few days, it's because my piece of shit glasses just broke)
"Uh, here. I'll show you."
You morph into a blob, then shape yourself into a human and mermaid-thing, then proceed to fuck yourself.
"Oh, that's interesting, the slime..."
Fogel blushes and places her hands over her groin.
"I feel... weird."

>[]Time for a hands-on lesson!
>[]This is getting awkward. I should really be going.
>[]Time for a hands-on lesson!
Threads wore off of my frames somehow, and now they are epoxied together.
And good night Stormy.
>>1341390 ('night. Please pray that Alagos grants me new glasses, cause this sucks)
You solidify.
"So... you want to try it yourself?"
Fogel squirms a little.
"I wouldn't mind..."
You lean forward and kiss her, placing a hand on her breast.
"Oh, that feels good..."
You skip her nipples (for she didn't appear to have any) and move to a 69 position, licking her clit. After some hesitation, she does the same for you, holding back moans.
She climaxes, and you grind her face until you're finished. Fogel sits up and blinks a few times.
"That was fun! I should go show my sisters. I'll see you around!"
"Wait, no--"
She pushes herself back into the lake and swims away. Some sticky liquid is ejected from the lake, landing on your face. Guess the elementals don't like cum.

>[]Yeah, you don't want to be around for the fireworks. Besides, it's almost time for lunch.
>[]Now about that tan...
>[]Start masturbating in the water just to spite the elementals. It probably won't end well, but fuck it.
>[]Start masturbating in the water just to spite the elementals. It probably won't end well, butt[spoiler/] fuck it.
shit messed that up
Lets try that again.
>>[]Start masturbating in the water just to spite the elementals. It probably won't end well, butt fuck it.
File: IMG_1247.jpg (272 KB, 730x1095)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
You find a nice roof to sit on, low enough so your hips are underwater, and start rubbing the area around your pussy.
It's definitely different underwater. You bite down on one of your nipples and speed up. You want to see the payoff, after all.
You climax and lean back, taking deep breaths. An elemental rises from the water and spits your cum right into your mouth. You swallow it happily.
"That was pretty fun. Hey, is it possible to have sex with you?"
The elemental folds its arms.
"Even if we could, I wouldn't let you. You mock us by tainting this lake."
"Why do you take female form if you can't make use of it?"
"To torment you. Now would you kindly cease releasing bodily fluids into our lake?"

>[]Sure. I'll just take a nap over here...
>[]Haha, no.
>[]Sure. I'll be going now.
>>[]Sure. I'll just take a nap over here...
You lie down on a platform, putting your sunglasses on.
«Alagos, any suntan?»
«Hold on.»
A big glob of lotion materializes on your stomach.
«You don't wanna rub it on me?»
«I'd love to, but I'm busy.»
You sigh and rub the lotion in before lying on your back. You arrange your swimsuit to act as a shitty pillow.
"Elemental lady, could you tell me when it's been half an hour..?"
You barely fall asleep when a water droplet splashes into your ear.
"Eugh. Don't do that, please."
You turn over and do your best to go back to sleep. Again, water in your ear.
"I said--forget it."

>[]Go take an actual nap in the shade.
>[]I should be going back to the castle. What time is it..?
>[]Go looking for the nymphs.
>>[]Go looking for the nymphs.
I'll show you releasing bodily fluids.
You dive back into the water (after putting your swimsuit back on) and go looking for that nymph and her sisters.
You find them pretty easily. Fogel waves at you.
"Sis, that's the lady I was telling you about!"
One of them turns and narrows her eyes.
She throws a trident at you, which is hurled into the wall with a sudden current.
You're flung onto the lake's shore, somewhat dazed. Your sunglasses pop out of the water and hit you over the head a moment later.

>[]Back to the castle, then...
>[]Hey, I got this dragon whistle a while back... maybe I can get a ride up through the skylight.
>[]Tempt fate. (Roll a d20)
What does being polite entail?
(You're not sure of the specifics, but probably coming back when it's not pissed and being more respectful)
Lets do that.
(Okay, what do you do while waiting for a supernatural force to calm down?)
>[]Back to the castle, then...
Maby someone or something there is more fun.
Well, back you go...
You pick up your shit and begin the walk back to the tram station.
You soon get back to the castle and change into your regular clothes.
Let's see... there's the bath off to the side, and also a room with no obvious purpose. It's just kinda empty. Other than those, there's a desk, some couches next to a table, and a painting of Bôr on the wall.

>[]That painting needs to go. Like, right now.
>[]You're pretty hungry. Where's the mess hall?
Explore the room with no purpose.
Damn, thought I posted this already.
You decide to take a page out of Alagos's book and walk around until something happens.
Well, more like bump into walls and objects and occasionally scream something incoherently. You kind of wonder what the legion's opinion of this is. Ah, well. You don't give a shit way they think.
Okay, this is bothering you. Fucking old-ass faggot Bôr standing on a rock with a Mjolnir ripoff and staring into the middle distance is pissing you off. You grab the frame and pull.
Okay, not from the top. Side..?
The painting swings forward on hinges, revealing a crude tunnel.
It seems the painting hideaway isn't an old trick yet.

>[]Well, go down it, then.
>[]Throw a spoon inside and scream at the darkness before going back to fucking around.
>[]...yeah, you're not exploring before you have your lunch.
>>[]...yeah, you're not exploring before you have your lunch.
Get lunch and a party, we're going ADVENTURING.
Yeah, starving to death in a tunnel would be an anticlimactic end to your grand adventure.
You take a walk down to the dining hall, where some of the higher-ranking paladins and your twin are eating.
Crystal stands and walks over to you. She's gotten a new outfit... leather pants and some kind of shirt/skirt thing. Definitely looks like a mage now.
"Hey. Grab some food, I'll talk to you while your doing that."
You shrug and go to the kitchen.
"Okay, so while you were gone, the Death Pauldrons decided to pay the stronghold a visit. We killed them all, naturally. We did lose a few of our soldiers, but the city might be pressing charges due to damage caused to public property."
"That's acceptable. By the way..."
You hand her the crystal rapier.
"Found this. There's also a whole magic place you can have fun in."
Your twin handles the rapier experimentally.
"Cool. I'll do some research, probably go crazy."
"Just don't turn yourself into a dragon."
"I'll only do it if I can still be hot afterward."
You sit down and begin eating.
"By the way, I found a secret tunnel in my room. I could use some help exploring it."
Crystal grins.
"I've been wanting to use some of these spells..."

>[]Well, let's go.
>[]Should we invite Jaylen and Faervel, too?
>Should we invite Jaylen and Faervel, too?
>>[]Should we invite Jaylen and Faervel, too?
Your twin nods.
"Oh, yeah. Definitely. We can't have too many melee fighters, especially if we're exploring some creepy tunnel. More people between me and whatever's in there."
Her concern for others is touching.
"Well, call them over. I'm busy eating."
Crystal fetches your bodyguards and returns quickly.
"What's this about?" Faervel asks suspiciously.
"Calm your tits, it's nothing sexual. Yet. I found this tunnel behind a painting in my room, I'd prefer to have some friends along."
Faervel rubs her chin.
"Where do you think it leads?"
"Dunno. Probably some kind of escape passage."
You stuff the rest of your lunch in your mouth and chew it on the way up.
You put your armor on and climb into the tunnel, casting your light spell. You're the one with the shield, after all.
"Okay, be careful... aw, what the fuck, there's a dead end!"
You sigh and punch the wall in front of you. As soon as you do so, you're catapulted into a whirling vortex of shifting colors and scenery. You see yourself killed by Demon, then resurrected in a beam of light. You feel your body get whipped back and forth, then suddenly find yourself standing in a dark stone room.
You feel along the walls desperately, triggering some mechanism which opens a hidden door. You half-run, half-tumble outside and take a look at your surroundings.
Hey, it's the daemonette village.

>[]Go back to tell your friends what you found.
>[]Wait for them to come through. You need to get your twin that translation spell, anyway.
>[]Wait for them to come through. You need to get your twin that translation spell, anyway.
Your friends appear after a few minutes, looking dazed and confused.
"Krystal... holy fuck what just happened." you twin gasps.
"Teleport, I guess. Come on, I need to introduce you to Yokai."
You take a walk over to the throne plaza. Crystal looks around at all the daemonettes.
"I didn't know about these..."
Yokai looks down at you, tilting her head.
"Krystal. What a surprise, I haven't heard anything from the guards."
"There was a portal in the castle that led here. Anyway, I want you to meet my twin sister, she's going to need that spell, too."
Yokai looks into your twin's eyes. Crystal grabs her forehead.
"God dammit--! What the hell was that?"
"Just something so you can understand us... it's nice to meet you, er, Crystal."

>[]So, Yokai. What's new?
>[]Want to see the castle?
>[]That's all. I need to get going.
>[]So, Yokai. What's new?
>[]Want to see the castle?
Get someone who uses magic to see what the teleport thing is.
"What's new? Let's see... those fans of yours are causing a ruckus. They want to make you an honorary member of the tribe..."
Yokai runs a hand across her face.
"Which is causing much strife among the village, I'll have you know. A vote's being called to extend an invitation to you."
Well. You didn't really want to give them any trouble, but you'd be honored to show up if they allow it. Actually, wouldn't Yokai like to come to the castle and receive a tour? Y'know, to smooth over relations.
"I would like that very much. I've heard many stories about these Sylph castles. Let me know when you're ready for the tour."
"I hope we can impress. Hey Crystal, could you go take a look at that portal?"
She nods and hurries off to check it out. You follow and watch her chant something under her breath while staring at the wall.
Her fingertip sparks.
"Gah, shit!"
Crystal rubs her hand and looks up at you.
"So... touching the wall transports you to the other wall."
"Yeah, no shit. How does it work, though?"
"It splits your atoms and sends them through a rift in space. Probably cuts through the Void to get there faster."

>[]Great. We should go back and get everyone looking presentable.
>[]What IS the Void, anyway? You read anything on it?
>[]Good job. Now I have someone to introduce you to...
>>[]Great. We should go back and get everyone looking presentable.
>[]Good job. Now I have someone to introduce you to...
"Great job. Faervel, take Jaylen and get everyone presentable. I need to introduce Crystal to someone."
You grab your twin's arm and head to a familiar hovel on the outskirts of the village.
"Tsuyoiiiiii~! I brought someone here to meet you."
She opens the door, smiling.
"Krystal, you're back! How--"
She stares in surprise at your twin.
"Oh! That's interesting. I'm Tsuyoi, what's your name?"
The daemonette gives your sister a hug.
"Uh... Crystal. With a C. Her name starts with a K." she mutters, awkwardly returning the hug.
"Did you make it to the castle okay?"
"Yep. Consecrated the whole city, too. Then--hey, Crystal. How exactly did you get here so fast? You were back at the stronghold, right?"
"I hitched a ride on the scout guy's eagle. He was a little wary of letting me do so, but I loosened him up. So what's the story? You fucked her, didn't you."
Tsuyoi blushes.

>[]Yeah, I did. You want a turn?
>[]She's shy, don't be so rude.
>[]N-no! Why would you just assume...
>>[]She's shy, don't be so rude.
Lets not be mean,
And why would you assume?
"Crystal, she's shy about that. And why would you just assume I has sex with her?"
"Oh, there's a variety of reasons!"
Crystal starts counting off on her fingers.
"She's cute, she's a different species, and you're introducing me to her like you'd introduce your boyfriend to your fucking parents. And I just know you well."
She has a fair point.
"You should really stop having sex with random chicks, you know. It'll only end with drama."
Tsuyoi fidgets with her clothing.
"S-she's done it with others..?"
"Oh, yeah. Like, six people, last I checked. Only one guy among them, strangely."
Tsuyoi looks at you. You think her eye's twitching.
"I-I'm different from them, right? We--have something special, right?"

>[]Of course. You're everything.
>[]I love every partner equally. They aren't just sex objects, they're my best friends, too.
>[]Definitely, Pris--Tsuyoi, I mean.
>>[]I love every partner equally. They aren't just sex objects, they're my best friends, too.
But you're the cutest.
You reach out and rub her head.
"They're all friends, like you, Tsuyoi. I treasure each and every one of them equally. You're the cutest one I've met, though."
Tsuyoi smiles and hugs you.
"Thanks, Krystal."
Despite living in a prison village for months, she smells pretty nice.
Crystal clears her throat. You and Tsuyoi let go of each other.
"Just make sure you don't run into some yandere chick... anyway, would you mind if I took a look at that dragon whistle?"
You raise an eyebrow.
"And just what do you think you're going to do with it?"
"Blow it and see what happens. If it's one-time I'll be sure to stop by the Death Pauldrons headquarters."

>[]Here, take it.
>[]Only if I go with you.
>[]No way.
Lets get the party together first. If it's one time use, we'll all go.
File: IMG_1281.jpg (57 KB, 600x500)
57 KB
"Hold on, we should grab the other two first."
You run back to the portal and largely ignore the acid trip teleportation, then jog through the halls until you find Faervel and Jaylen.
"--then you'll line up and--"
"Sorry, we got more shit to do."
You push them back through the portal and all the way to the village gates, waving goodbye to Tsuyoi.
Crystal's already sat down on a platform near the center of the lake. You make your way over and hand her the whistle.
"Here goes..." she mutters before blowing it.
A shrill note pierces the air, and the whistle shatters.
A spherical object plummets from the sky and nearly smashes your skull in.
You calm down and look at it. Seems like an egg. Logic would state it's a dragon egg. It's orange.
A crack appears in it's side, and the egg starts shaking gently. Eventually, the top half falls off, and the occupant rubs it's eyes before staring up at you.
It looks like a Sylph infant, save the wings, tail and bright orange scales around the limbs and eyes. It's a boy!

>[]Push it into the lake.
>[]...it's adorable!
(I thought Alagos and Sasha's kid might want a friend)
>>[]...it's adorable!
(I thought Alagos and Sasha's kid might want a friend)
Excellent idea.
But who is gonna be the mommy?
Oh, lets not blow the whistle again. All of the results, none of the fun.
Good night stormy, i need sleep
>>1347727 (whistle shattered anyway. Night)
You sit and stare at it for a few seconds before your womanly instincts kick in.
"It's adorable!"
You pick it up and cradle it.
"Hi, buddy. You okay?"
The dragon child looks up at you and immediately begins wailing.
"Well, screw you too, kid. Okay, uh..."
Crystal speaks up.
"There's probably experienced moms in the village. Dragon kid's cute..."
You carefully pick your way across the lake and hail the gate sentries.
"Hey, I found a baby."
The guard shakes her head and opens the gate. You press forward, doing your best to keep the child from weighing out of your arms.
"Hey, any nursing mothers? This kid needs help."
One woman steps forward and takes him from you, holding him up to her breast. He seems pacified for now.
"What is this infernal screaming?" Yokai asks.
Crystal rubs her head.
"I blew a dragon-summoning whistle. We got an egg instead."
Yokai looks at the child in interest.
"I've only ever seen fully-grown dragons. And they don't look nearly like this one."

>[]So... can you raise him?
>[]What should I call him...
>[]Crystal, you blew the whistle, you take him.
>>[]What should I call him...
Not whistle.
"Russion? It means 'copper-colored hair' in the old language." Faervel suggests. His hair's black though.
"His scales are close enough."
Crystal shrugged. "You could call him Ignis."
Aw, fuck. That brought back memories. There was this kid's book you liked a lot, a little dragon named Ignis traveled around to find his fire.
Jaylen doesn't have much input. She's just happy someone else with scales is here.
Tsuyoi stands slightly behind you, grabbing your hand.
"K-Kasai might be a nice name..."

>[]Something else.
Build that emotional attachment.
"Kasai sounds good."
You pull Tsuyoi forward and pat her shoulder.
"Looks like you'll be his other mommy."
The wet nurse hands Kasai over to you.
"He's got a good set of teeth, already. My daughter did too, so I'm used to it."
You chuckle and hold him awkwardly.
"Uh, Tsuyoi, you have any cloth..?"
"Oh, right."
She runs into her hovel and comes back with a length of burlap. You wrap Kasai in it tightly, which he seems to approve of. He falls asleep.
"This is cute and all, but I'm going to check out that Sanctum place. And check the market price for a dragon eggshell."
Crystal leaves.
"Okay, what next..." you mutter.

>[]Take Kasai back to the castle and show everyone.
>[]Tsuyoi, would you mind staying with me? It'd be inconvenient for me to be carrying a baby everywhere.
>>[]Tsuyoi, would you mind staying with me? It'd be inconvenient for me to be carrying a baby everywhere.
>[]Take Kasai back to the castle and show everyone.
Only in a fantasy setting does lesbian sex eventually lead to magical sky dragon babies.
>>1348321 (I wish I could send that phrase to my past self)
"Hey, Tsuyoi? Would you mind if I asked you to come live with me? I need someone to take care of this kid while I'm off on quests."
Tsuyoi smiles.
"Of course. Let me just grab some things."
She walks back over to her hovel. You turn to Faervel and Jaylen.
"I'd rather not give Kasai major trauma this early in his childhood, so I'll be taking the long way. You can go back if you want."
"I'll definitely be doing that." Faervel replies.
"Scaly baby..."
Faervel has to drag Jaylen back to the portal, due to her absentmindedness.
Tsuyoi comes back with a bag of various odds and ends.
"Well, let's get going!"
She takes Kasai from you and strokes his hair while you walk back to the castle.

Do you talk to her about anything?
Yes the FUTURE, and all the while dropping the spaghetti.
"So... what are you planning on doing? Now that there's going to be people moving here."
Tsuyoi smiles.
"I'll be helping you however I can. I'm not cut out for city guard. I think I'll be busy with Kasai most of the time."
"I'll help you out with him, too. He's our son, after all. Can't just ditch him with you."
You rub Kasai's head and open the tram station's door for Tsuyoi.
You sit quietly inside the car, listening to the music playing over the speakers.

>[]Kiss Tsuyoi.
>[]Just sit and listen. You don't need anything else right now.
(Shit, I forgot to drop spaghetti)
>[]Kiss Tsuyoi.
You lean over and kiss Tsuyoi. She looks at you in surprise, then leans into your shoulder contentedly. You stay like that until you reach the castle station, before getting up and stretching.
Gareth's waiting for you at the entrance hall.
"She wasn't kidding..."
He stands on tiptoes to look at Kasai. The child wakes up and stares solemnly at him.
"He looks strange. Aren't dragons supposed to be huge, four-legged things?"
Kasai breathes a small plume of fire into his face, then starts giggling.
Gareth walks away, patting the embers out of his eyebrows.
"We'll have to make sure he doesn't do that anywhere flammable..." you comment.
The paladins are loving him. Kasai probably reminds some of them of their families. You sort of stand to the side while Tsuyoi keeps the kid from fussing.
«He's cute. I hope he and Aisha can get along. I was kinda hoping you'd be raising one of my children someday. Oh, well. It's not too late.»

>[]Yeah, good luck with that. I'm sterile.
>[]I'll think about that...
>>[]Yeah, good luck with that. I'm sterile.
Or are we?
If we get pregnant in slime form, would we have a slime?
>>1350219 (It's up to y'all, ultimately. It'd explain why Krystal has no heed for protection, though. Slime pregancy would work like how you cloned yourself, except with babies or whatever)
«Yeah, good luck. I'm sterile.»
«A shame. Maybe if someone tried hard enough...»
You ignore Alagos and walk to Tsuyoi.
"Yeah, cute baby. Get ready for a tour, you jackasses."
Tsuyoi follows you up to your quarters.
"So, this is my room. There's a bath over here, couches, the bed... and a room over here with nothing. I'm thinking of storing weapons in there or something."
Tsuyoi places Kasai on top of a pillow and lies down on the bed.
"Oh, this is so soft~."
"You should try the bath. It's warm, and soothes all your muscles..."
Tsuyoi gets up.
"That sounds interesting. Take care of Kasai for a few moments."
She walks into the bath, slipping out of her clothes.
You put Kasai down on your lap, idly tickling his stomach.

>[]Make sure he isn't going to start anything, then go join Tsuyoi.
>[]All children are little shits until proven otherwise. You're keeping a close eye on him.
>[]Just go to sleep. You deserve a nap.
>>[]All children are little shits until proven otherwise. You're keeping a close eye on him.
I know I was, probably still am. Not a little kid anymore though.
>>1350315 (sometimes I want to slap the shit out of my child self)
You look down at Kasai.
"I won't tolerate bullshit in my castle, kid."
Kasai responds with a raspberry and a giggle.
Yeah, he was gonna be fun. You clamp your hand over his mouth several times to keep him from burning the place down. Fortunately, the fire isn't very hot. Maybe Kasai's heart isn't in it this time.
You'll need Crystal to make you a fireproof cradle.
Tsuyoi steps out of the bath, wrapping a towel around herself.
"Oh, the Sylph have such wonderful ideas."
She sits down next to you.
"I'll watch him, if you want a turn."

>[]I took a bath already today. I need to go make sure nobody's fucking around downstairs.
>[]Well, I'm never one to turn down a bath.
>>[]I took a bath already today. I need to go make sure nobody's fucking around downstairs.
They're always up to something.
"Need to get everyone into presentable shape."
You stand up and give Tsuyoi a pat on the head.
"See you later."
"Bye, Krystal!"
Kasai babbles something as you leave.
You walk downstairs and stride up to a group of paladins leaning on furniture and talking.
"--Imperator? Yeah, I'd totally fuck her--"
The paladins quickly scramble to the barracks.
You sigh and rub your temples.

>[]Get everyone working faster, then escort Yokai here.
>[]Go see what's for dinner.
>>[]Get everyone working faster, then escort Yokai here.
And dinner.
Good night stormy, I need some damn sleep.
(Night. I'll have my response typed up soon, if anyone else is here)
"Go faster, we have an important guest coming over in about thirty minutes! And she's gonna want dinner!"
That'll get their blood pumping. You walk back up to your room.
"Just taking the backdoor to the village." you inform Tsuyoi before popping the painting off the wall.
"Have fun!"
You shut your eyes traveling through the portal this time. You'd rather not see whatever the weird vortex has to offer.
"Krystal." Yokai acknowledges you as you stand before her.
"We're ready to receive you, Yokai."
"Very good."
She stands. Several daemonettes of higher rank follow her. Honor guard.
You lead her to the tram station, answering various polite questions. How many did you bring, who exactly are you, etc.
They're impressed with the tram car, especially the speakers. You bullshit your way through explaining how it works, basically telling them it's not your area of expertise.
You lead them into the entrance hall, where fifteen paladins stand in formation. Thy stand at attention upon seeing you.
"Paladins of Alagos. This is Yokai, leader of the daemonette tribe in the Prison Ward. Yokai, these are the soldiers of Alagos under my command. There's Faervel, my second in command, Jaylen, in charge of combat training, Gareth, our financial expert, and Rolland, my personal assistant. You'll have to excuse my sister, she's currently engaged in getting acquainted with her new workspace."
Yokai nods.
"It is good to meet all of you."
You translate her sentence, then lead the envoy around the castle, showing off the training hall, armory, barracks, ballroom, pretty much everything except your private quarters.
"You will be staying for dinner, of course?"
"Yes, that would be correct."
"Fantastic. We've prepared our best rations."
Yeah, you're using what army food you have that isn't dried fruit or some preserved nonsense for dinner. It'd probably beat spider meat, though.
You sit down and wait for your dinner to be brought in. You put an extra chair at the head of the table for Yokai. Equals, and all.
"Krystal, about the matter I spoke of earlier... it's been decided to allow you to join our tribe as an honorary member. The ceremony will be taking place tonight, if possible."

>[]Glad to hear it.
>[]Sorry, I'll be pretty busy tonight. It'll have to be later.
(Not even including a 'no' option because that'd be diplomatic suicide)
>>[]Glad to hear it.
Ask Tsuyoi about it when you can.
"That's good to hear."
One of the honor guard seems less than thrilled about this decision. Her face remains still, but she's slowly carving a divot in the table with her fingernail.
The more culinary-minded paladins bring out your dinner, which includes reheated bread, sausages, and some fruit and vegetables thrown in.
Still, it's something the envoy hasn't seen before. Must be a feast compared to the sand and rocks from their homeland.
They do their best to eat politely, and manage to keep their mess confined to their plates, for the most part.
"This is... very delicious." Yokai comments.
"Well, it's nothing special. We hope to have meals much better than this later."
"I'll be looking forward to it."
You discuss the particulars of helping the tribe adjust to Sylph society. You don't want to infringe on their culture or anything, but they'll need to follow some rules if they want to live here.
"Several of our sisters miss the surface. They'll probably be off to start another village."
"I wish them luck. So, the language barrier..."
You work out a lot of the issues faced by both of you in a few hours. It was pretty boring.
"We should be getting back. We do have a special event to be preparing for. No offense meant, but... your paladins haven't been invited. It's a sensitive ceremony."
You understand. Will they need an escort back?
"No, we will manage. Have a good evening."
"May the wind be at your back."
You retire to your quarters. Kasai was happily lacerating a slice of sausage.
"Hey, there. Got dinner?"
"Someone brought something up."
You sit down next to her.
"So. I've been invited to a ceremony. They want me to be an honorary member of the tribe."
"That's great!"
"Yeah... uh, what exactly is going to happen?"
Tsuyoi doesn't make eye contact.
"Well... first they apply some markings. I'm not aware of the significance. Then they give you your adult clothing. Children just wear sackcloth, not the plates and all."
She crosses and uncrossed her legs.
"Then you stand in front of the village, and Yokai..."
She blushes and covers Kasai's ears.
"...inspects you. To gauge your worth to the tribe."
Oh, boy.

>[]It's fine. I'm not shy. I orgasmed at the gynecologist one time.
>[]...everyone does this?
>[]I don't think I can do it.
>>[]It's fine. I'm not shy. I orgasmed at the gynecologist one time.
THAT was embarrassing, let me tell you.
"Well, that's good to hear... what's a gynecologist?"
"A healer of sorts. Makes sure your vagina isn't infected or whatever. That was one of the most awkward moments of my life..."
Tsuyoi chuckles.
"My most awkward moment... Well, it was the ceremony. I collapsed only a few moments after Yokai started on my... you know. And everyone was staring at me."
You pat her on the shoulder.
"Yeah. I can imagine that wasn't fun."

>[]I should be going. Wouldn't want to be late.
>[]Is there anything I have to worry about after the 'inspection'?
>>[]Is there anything I have to worry about after the 'inspection'?
Hopefully we don't fail the inspection.
>>1353846 (Tsuyoi passed. You'll be fine)
"Is there anything I'll need to worry about after the inspection?"
"Not really. Just a formal welcome, then the initiate traditionally finds her first lover."
Oh, good. You wouldn't want to drink the blood of the elders or some shit.
"Actually, that's for the motherhood--"
Yeah, you'll pass on that one.
You kiss Kasai on the head and Tsuyoi on the lips.
"Guess I'll be going now."
You pull your armor off and step through the portal. Yokai greets you on the other side.
"Good of you to show up early, Krystal. Please, in here."
She ushers you into a hovel.
"Do you know what to do?"
You nod. Tsuyoi explained it.
"Oh, Tsuyoi. Hers was a very entertaining ceremony... remove your clothing and wait here."
She leaves the hovel, only to be replaced by several daemonettes with jars of paint.

Roll 1d20 to resist getting turned on.
Rolled 20 (1d20)

Why resist?
I'll roll anyway.
Well then. Totally bored with the event. Good.
File: Spoiler Image (147 KB, 716x921)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
The painters start drawing blue lines on your body, drawing attention to certain areas and carrying the eye down your form. It's really quite aesthetic.
"You're the calmest one I've seen." one of the painters comments, painting a stylized female symbol above your breast. "Sylph thing?"
"Nah. I'm just at peace."
The painters finish up and fan you to make the paint dry faster.
"Here you go."
Someone hands you a loincloth and metal bra thing. Both have an ungodly amount of straps. At least they don't have any crazy piercings.
They're pretty comfortable. You might keep these for giggles.
"Okay, go."
You open the door and step outside. The village is gathered in front of Yokai's throne, with an aisle down the middle. You can hear several of them cheer upon your entrance.
You walk up to the throne. Yokai puts an arm around your shoulders and addresses the crowd.
"And now, here is a good friend to our tribe. Krystal Tassoni, always seeking to work on equal ground with us. This is the least we can do to repay her. Any opposed to this ceremony, speak up."
A few dozen of them growl, but no direct opposition is made.
"Very well, then. Now let's see what exactly you have to offer..."
Yokai starts undoing your top. The village unanimously cheers this time.

Roll 1d20 to last longer. (+2 bonus from before)
File: Sweating.jpg (43 KB, 600x480)
43 KB
Rolled 17 (1d20)

File: IMG_1290.jpg (26 KB, 480x360)
26 KB
>>1354195 (I have returned from a meme deep clean--holy shit a 19)
Yokai takes your clothes off. You're fine.
She starts rubbing your clit. You're wet now, but still unfazed.
She starts sliding her fingers inside you. You feel it a little.
Several daemonettes are timing you. Yokai gets rougher with you as time passes. It takes simultaneously fingering you in the ass and pussy to make you cum, but you suppress your moan of pleasure and manage to remain standing. The village cheers once more.
"Nice job, Krystal. You were about five seconds from beating my record."
Yokai hands you your clothes and raises you hand into the air.
"Krystal Tassoni is officially welcomed as a member of the Karamita tribe!"
One last cheer rises from the crowd, before everyone retires to their hovels.
"You should go home, Krystal. Tsuyoi will be very happy with you."
Yokai smiles and leaves. You put your daemonette clothes on, grab your other clothes, and step back into the portal.

>[]Hey, I almost beat Yokai's record, whatever that means.
>[]Prepare yourself, Tsuyoi, because I'm horny as fuck.
>[]Prepare yourself, Tsuyoi, because I'm horny as fuck.
Move baby outa room first, don't want to scar him for life.
Good night stormy
File: IMG_1287.png (137 KB, 565x622)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
>>1354544 (night night. The thread's going to reach page 10 soon, so I guess this'll be the last post)
"Oh, you look nice in those, Krystal! Hold on a minute..."
Tsuyoi picks Kasai up and carries him out.
"Time for you to stay with auntie Jaylen."
She returns, smiling.
"He'll be fine. Jaylen used to take care of her younger brothers."
She sits down on the bed, blushing and fixing her hair.
You start undressing her as fast as you can.
"Can't wait, too horny."
Tsuyoi shrieks in mock terror as you turn her over.
"Hey... I haven't shown you the best part about the slime, have I?"
A slimy cylinder grows from your pelvis, sliding into Tsuyoi's pussy.
She gasps.


You give Tsuyoi a slap on the ass and squirm into a more comfortable position on the bed. She nestles up to you, and you both fall asleep...

End of Diluvium arc.
I'll probably be skipping ahead by one or two months for the next one.
File: IMG_1253.jpg (27 KB, 279x200)
27 KB
New thread.

K'know, someday I want to make a video game that takes place after this quest, just to see players' confused looks when they find an M1911 among the holy relics of an ancient band of religious zealots.

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