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Let’s Game!
Super Game!
Ultra Game!
What’s your name?
You’re a Kamen Rider!


>All Questions will be answered after the Opening post, as well as voting for the options.
Click. Click. Click. The small plastic item, the Gashat, makes that constant sound as you spin it in your hands impatiently. You sent the order in weeks ago, what was the hold up? It’s not like you were some random nobody, it’s not like you didn’t know how to operate a gashat game. You made the things on a regular basis!

The light from your computer illuminates the otherwise dark room, the bright electronic light shining off a few baubles on your desk as you sit there, eyes scanning the delivery tracker on the screen.

In the corner of the screen, you could see that the download for the GENM dev suite was updating. Hell of a time to drop that, considering such a giant release is tomorrow, you think. You try to mentally write the desk off as an organized chaos as you hear paper rustle, but the sound of aluminum hitting the floor destroys that little delusion.

A sheaf of notes on your next game are loose and WAS held down by a long-empty can of soda until you knocked it off in your fidgeting state. The ringmark left by it was on full display, now.

A black box rested snugly between the paper and the monitor, with the pink logo proudly displaying GENM above the two slots in the machine. It was a dev kit you got by submitting a number of designs and GDDs to Genm through the proper channels(It…helps you knew people), already with a blank grey “Gashat” in one of the slots.

You had been meaning to transfer your recent project into it, but considering GENM sent a memo out to its (remarkably few) “trusted” independent developers to hold off on submissions until their next project was out, you didn’t really feel the need. Remembering that little tidbit brought a smile to your face, but…it also was a reminder of your current annoyance.

Where the hell was your Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat? You get up, the chair creaking underneath you as you turn, and opened the blinds. It was still dark…? You swore you’ve been up long enough. You blink, floored for a minute. Did…oh, hell.

You lost track of time again. Almost an entire day, be exact.

You’d been arms-deep in your newest project, and…well. Dammit, the servers were going to open tomorrow morning too. There’s no way you’re getting it now, there was a limited supply. A sigh. Figures.
Wait, hold on: Your phone’s going off.

Seems like you’re getting messaged by Ryoto. He’s an old friend of yours, a genius gamer that’s sponsored by Genm as a streamer and competitive player. You glance at the phone…

[Continued in Next Post!]

>George! c: Where have you been? I went to go pick up the gashat and you weren’t there…Are you alright? :c

You put the Gekitotsu Robots Gashat away(the one you were playing with earlier while waiting) and start typing.

>yeah. I just fucked up and totally forgot what time it was. Was working on Bouken Star since 3 am. -.- Guess I’m waiting till they get a new shipment in, then. Damn it.

> c: Don’t worry, I got your back! I knew you’d run late for some reason, so…I got two! One for me, one for you.

A breath of relief. Thank Christ you could rely on someone like this. With a smile, you respond.

> Thanks, man. You’re a lifesaver. Guess I should go over in the morning to grab it, then. I’m sure as hell not riding the Tail Magnet at night.

>:c That name’s still pretty…not good. But, hey! I guess that’s why you’ve got a higher HEART than me.

>Are you still going on about that stat system you put me and the others through? I mean, I guess I’m flattered you put my INT at 5 but it’s kinda rude to be putting numbers to people like that, don’t you think?

> I guess :c but it’s just for fun! You didn’t like the little pixel portrait?

…You got to admit, it was at least a nicely formatted stat card, and the chibi portrayal of yourself was cute.

>Maybe. Alright, it was an okay idea. OH YEAH! The update for the
GENM kits is coming in! It’s probably a good thing you nabbed KRC for me.
I’ll make sure Kijitsu Card is updated and bring it when I come over in the
morning. For now: Go to bed, nerd. It’s like midnight.

> Aww…Alright. You too, though! Night!

Seems he went to bed. Well, now that you know that’s taken care of…You could probably handle a few things before turning in. A bit of relief still lingering you didn’t miss your chance to play Kamen Rider Chronicle.

What will you do?
>Ponder the Gashats and Game Dev Kit on the Desk
>Take a glance at the Contacts in your phone and see who’s asleep/awake.
>Go play the Proto-Bouken Star Alpha Gashat plugged into your Gashacube.
>Use your computer and check on the status of the dev suite update.
>Turn on the light and look around in the room for your charger, maybe find those stat cards Ryoto handed you that you…misplaced.
>(Multiple actions may be taken if they can be done in a reasonable time limit. I.E Proto-Bouken may take a bit to play through.)
>Take a glance at the Social Links in your phone and see who’s asleep/awake.
>Ponder the Gashats and Game Dev Kit on the Desk
Always a good idea to take inventory.
File: 1490040251516.jpg (124 KB, 1280x720)
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124 KB JPG

>Take a glance at the Contacts in your phone and see who’s asleep/awake.

You take a scroll through your contacts. A lot of them are business related, but you’ve got a few friends here who you’ve had some talks with recently!

>Ryotaro Cuyler:
The guy who just messaged you. You’ve actually known each other since you were both small! Ryotaro’s a half-japanese half-german dude , one of the nicest guys you’ve ever met…until the moment you put a Genm console in his hands.
He doesn’t turn into some toxic salt lord, but he DOES become a lot more determined and intense during gaming. He restrains it to stay a good sport…mostly. You kind of figure it’s part of him being a chuuni, which you tease him about quite a bit.

You and he were both students until about 5 years ago. You see, you both designed Kijitsu card together, and you managed to get it through as one of your first legitimate Gashats.
He was an expert at the game, and steadily climbed the ranks of the game until he became the number one. He found that this skill was extending to other games, as well, and while he had a focus for the Card Game he quickly became an ace gamer.
Genm signed him on as one of their sponsored players, he makes his living and support his super cute single mother. You take pains not to mention the last part to him (at least, too often).
He just went to bed, as you made damn well sure he did.

>Hitomi Suzuki:
A young lady, aspiring voice actress and singer. She’s had some work for the minor characters in a few Gashats, she actually did a pretty impressive job for many of the female characters for Bouken Star Alpha.
She considers herself pretty plain, but she does have a fan following(albeit under a pseudonym.) You’ve actually picked up a few of her songs and they’re really catchy, though she admits she had some help for the actual music and only provided her own voice for the singing.
You’ve considered
A)Tapping that


B)Hiring her on to sing the vocals for your next game’s theme, but…as mentioned, that’s got a bit of a kaibosh on it for now.
She’s asleep, but we can assume most of the non-crazy people are actually in bed right now.

The last one you wouldn't call a friend, per se, but you talk quite a bit and you have a good reason to be in contact.

>Continued in next post, holy hell this was longer than I thought it'd be.
File: gekito-rev_orig.jpg (89 KB, 1024x578)
89 KB

>Rebecca Churchill:

One of your fellow devs, she’s always been an oddball. Mostly, she seems to have this weird fetish for the 90’s and while the music she puts on in her workspace and her home is catchy…the neon VHS-Got-Aged-Hardcore tropical beach aesthetic kind of gives you a headache.

Still, she’s interesting to talk to and a pretty skilled dev. The games to her name were pretty fun, if insubstantial, like Jet Planet, Midnight Tune and Karaoke Ninja.

Of course she managed to break out and become a big deal due to her latest hit(that took everyone, even you, by surprise): Edon Odyssey. The first proper open world game for the Gashacube.

It was pretty detailed and may have inspired you to step up your game to work on Bouken Star alpha. All in all, a friendly rival in the game development department.

She seems to be awake, but you have the feeling if you start trying to talk to her now you’re never going to find a way out of that rabbit hole.

Probably end up sleeping through the launch of Kamen Rider Chronicle, which…you’re not really prepared to do.

Those are the only people who really stick out
to you right now.


>Ponder the Gashats on the Desk
Ah, Gashats. A wonder of technological development! Genm came out with them a while back, and they still exceed most storage mediums when it comes to fidelity and storage. GENM more or less showed up the competition since their Gashats had the triple threat of being good, being plentiful, and being exclusive to their hardware.

It helped that the genius game designer Dan Kuroto had been making a number of flagship games and that their strong alliance with a few entertainment firms in Japan meant they were able to make a strong showing.

In any case, the Gashats you had on your desk were Kijitsu Card, Bancho Rumble, Viewtiful Pizza and Shonen Samurai. A momentary flash of pride as they reminded yourself that these were all on the shelves, your own work(as approved by GENM and distributed through them, of course.)

Of course, your greatest work was still plugged into your Gashacube, Proto Bouken Star.

You had the marketing for each one burnt into your mind. Some nights, thinking about how far your ideas had come made you shiver in delight…not that you’d admit that to anyone.

>Go play the Proto-Bouken Star Alpha Gashat plugged into your Gashacube.
>Use your computer and check on the status of the dev suite update.
>Turn on the light and look around in the room for your charger, maybe find those stat cards Ryoto handed you that you…misplaced.
>Go to bed

Pic related is what a Gashat looks like, specifically your own favorite: Gekitotsu Robots.
>Use your computer and check on the status of the dev suite update.
Nothing more frustrating than having to start an update over in the morning where a problem cropped up the night before.
>Turn on the light and look around in the room for your charger, maybe find those stat cards Ryoto handed you that you…misplaced.
> admire the chibi portrayal of yourself
File: 1490040219753.jpg (276 KB, 900x1200)
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276 KB JPG

This one was particularly annoying because it came damn near out of the blue. Seriously. They usually give you a day's advance notice of this kind of thing, but...

For some reason, this one was put out. It's a rushed update as well. The main mercy is that it doesn't seem to have a lot of changes, all it said for the changelog was:

*Kamen Rider Chronicle Compatibility Update.

You raised an eyebrow at that. It was true, that the marketing for Kamen Rider Chronicle mentioned being able to use your GENM first party Gashats to get bonuses in the game. But it was just that: First party, mostly made by the company itself.

Did they change their mind suddenly?

Who knows.
In any case, you check the news...nothing really of importance, just clickbait articles and the like.

Seems like the update's nearly complete, nothing's been stopping it and your net's solid enough to handle it. The Dev suite update should let you update your own Gashats in the morning and take them to Ryoto!

Still, you do wonder what the point of the update was the night before. Strange.

>Next action is being processed! Thank you for your patience.

>Turn on the light and look around in the room for your charger, maybe find those stat cards Ryoto handed you that you…misplaced.

You turn on the light. The posters for the various GENM corp games are proudly displayed on the wall, you got them at a discount of course. The apartment is pretty small, but you live alone and you don’t really need a lot of space.
Your shelves next to your desk hold most of your game and media library(with little statues of some various mecha from your favorite shows, with the main centerpiece being Mazinger Z if only for his iconic look.)

Your bed is pretty much right across from your desk, and if you wanted you could even backflip onto it from here. (and probably even break your desk. Yay.) You walk away and head over towards the kitchen. You wince at the display, a pile of pots and pans unwashed. Oh well, you’ll probably have time once you get a good few hours with Chronicle and head home.
You grab the card for yourself, since…well, ego.

George Beaumont
INT: 4
Favorite Gashat: Gekitotsu Robots

From what your memory of how Ryoto explained it…
3 was the average human stat, maybe above average at best. The Low B-student of that statistic.
POWER: Your combat ability. Weird, you didn’t think he could actually see you in a fight. Hum. Leave it to him to make that a tangible stat. Seems like it measures both strength AND the killer instinct, the urge to fight and win.

INT: Intelligence and academic knowledge. You figured this one was pretty high up for you, since it takes a bit of knowhow to work with Gashats. It’s something you’d never admit but you were the Gashat equivalent of a ROMhacker back in the day. You’re pretty sure you could still do things like that, if you needed to.

HEART: Charisma, presence, force of personality. That jazz. The kind of things that make people like listening to you and being around you. You felt like Ryoto was too harsh on himself, giving himself a 2, but it might factor in confidence. If that’s the case, then…Makes sense.

GUTS: Okay, you have NO idea how he freakin’ judged this one. This is apparently heroism and luck, maybe a bit of determination as well? Still, if anyone can figure it out, it’d be Ryoto.

SKILL: Gamin’ skill, this is for things that require knowledge and ability over games. This includes stuff like power up combos, knowing how to get past enemy strengths and weaknesses, and the coordination to pull that off. The kind of thing that Ryoto is good at, and it’s something that he’d consider important, of course.

You have the rest, but, you’re not really in the mood to read any more. It's getting late, so for now it's best you head to bed.

>New day is beginning! All questions may be answered now while the next part of the story is prepared.
Do people still die when they are killed?
Have actual Kamen Riders appeared from the vidya before in this setting?

Indeed. This is going to be a LOT like the canon Chronicle, so...expect some people to get destroyed and not know how or why.


Kamen Rider is a fictional franchise in this setting, but Ex-aid wasn't released. It's a bit of a Digimon Tamers situation, if that makes sense to you.

Kamen Riders themselves, to the MC's knowledge, are an ongoing superhero franchise in Japan that GENM has a strong association with due to creating adaptations of ongoing seasons constantly.

The reason they're interested in Chronicle is because it's a massive crossover between previous Kamen Riders as well as many of GENM's flagship characters.

The main appeal was that GENM promised "the fusion of the real and digital worlds", a "completely immersive" game experience where people who played could "become a Kamen Rider and defeat monsters."

AR technology's come a long way, George figues, but he's not aware of how true those words are going to be.
Is that AR Augmented Reality? And if so, is it the kind like Pokemon Go, Shadowrun Matrix, or something like a HUD?
File: George.png (744 B, 96x96)
744 B
744 B PNG
>The Next Day

You get your clothes on(a simple red jacket over a white t-shirt, you're not getting gussied up for something like this) and walk down the flights of stairs to the apartment's parking lot.

You made sure to update a few of your gashats(including Ryoto's Kijitsu Card) before heading out, of course.

There awaits you the Tail Magnet, as you called it last night. A bright red motorcycle you loved to drive around in.
(Un)fortunately you were pretty close to where Ryoto was waiting with your copy of Kamen Rider Chronicle.
For now, you shrugged and started tearing through the streets until you got to the public park(A strange place to have this, you thought...but if it was an AR game maybe a big open space was good for this.)

There were numerous stands here and there where boxes containing the game were set up, and you could see clusters of people all waiting for then they opened up. Thank christ you had a priority copy.

Seems you have some time...What's your main focus going to be, before the game launches in earnest?

What will you do?

>Check out the promotional and marketing material for KRC, maybe see if that girl who was playing Poppy Pipopapo was around getting people hyped.

>Mingle, see who's waiting for the game launch.

>Try and find Rebecca, you know she's going to be here, maybe you'll be able to challenge her right away.

>Get Kijitsu Card to Ryoto and pick up your own Kamen Rider Chronicle gashat at once. You could put this off but you might feel like doing it immediately, who knows?

Since I forgot it earlier: Pic related is Ryoto's chibi version of our main character here.
File: IMG_0696.jpg (52 KB, 1280x720)
52 KB
It's being marketed as such. The actual product is likely to be a bit more immersive than that. For reference, the developer pitching the game in private.
>Mingle, see who's waiting for the game launch
Seek the STRONGEST gamers
>Try and find Rebecca, you know she's going to be here, maybe you'll be able to challenge her right away.
Show her that the age of 90's is over! The time of the Edge, has come!
> Check out the promo material
May as well check it out while you're here.
> Check out the promo material
Should be fun to see what they're claiming is the function. Also gets us an idea of any major new subsystems. I mean Chronicle has been out for all of one episode, so there's likely some improvised stuff of interest.

>>1339833 is mostly correct. The entire premise of the game is to become a Kamen Rider, it's just not being made clear how literal that premise is.
Speaking of, we can do this action:
You take a gander at the promotional material, it’s a video that’s been on loop for a while.
It’s Poppy Pipopapo, an idol character for GENM’s own “DoReMiFa Beat”, which is a rhythm game.
“It’s the new age of gaming!
A true multiplayer game, where real and virtual worlds collide!”
She does a cutesy spin.
“Become a Kamen Rider and battle the Bugster!
You are the hero of your own story!”
Seems that they’re pushing the idea of everyone being able to pretend to be a superhero. A smile on your face, it’s a pretty fun idea!

Reading a bit more, you can see a few more promises not given in the promotional video, on a poster near the distribution stand.

>Free Open-World Game!

>Level up by collecting GashaTrophies, which are customization items and weapons based off of hit GENM games! Get a chance to win REAL Game Gashats, which unlock new powers in Kamen rider Chronicle as well!

>Win a free Gamevisor with the defeat of your first Bugster in a Boss Battle! Gamevisors can be used as a powerup in Kamen Rider Chronicle and is the newest in mobile gaming for GENM gashats!

>Party up with your friends to become the kings of the game world!

>Defeat the legendary Game Gods, GENM's own elite professional gamers, for a special prize!

Whew. Seems like they're promising a lot. How can they actually do all this, though?

Guess you'll find out soon enough, you spot Ryoto off in the crowd and go meet up with him.

"Hey George.." He said, his shy voice a bit hard to hear over the crowd. He held up the Kamen Rider Chronicle gashat for you, which you take.

"Are you excited...?"

>"Hell yeah, I can't wait to see how they're going to pull this off!"
>"Something about this is a bit...off. I feel like this is going to be a pretty disappointing launch, for some reason? They're promising a lot."
>"We'll just have to see how it turns out, right?"
>>"Something about this is a bit...off. I feel like this is going to be a pretty disappointing launch, for some reason? They're promising a lot."
>"Something about this is a bit...off. I feel like this is going to be a pretty disappointing launch, for some reason? They're promising a lot."

Ryoto pouted, but...A nod.

"N..not just me, then. It's really pie in the sky, isn't it?"
The young man glanced at the cover of the gashat. "Free games, free consoles, using all of our old games as power ups? Why..?" He said, obviously a bit worried. It seemed...too good. But nothing really could be bad about this, right? It was only a game.

...The stands were opening up, and people were heading to get their copies. Already they were flying off the shelves. Whatever Kamen Rider Chronicle ended up being, it was going to be big.

That was when you saw him approaching the group, everyone admiring their new gashats.
Your heart skipped a beat.
It...It was Dan Kuroto! He arrived personally to this? B-be still your heart. He was in a dark suit and approached with utmost confidence...
It seemed he was heading towards the center of the display stands to make some kind of announcement.
Ryoto froze up, both fear and wonder and awe dancing in his gaze.

What do you do?

>Let him get going, he's got something important to do.
>Greet him and say what an inspiration he is
>Ask him about Kamen Rider Chronicle
>Take Ryoto aside and geek out
>kiss him, you fool
>Take Ryoto aside and geek out
>Take Ryoto aside and geek out
File: Ichiban Da.png (1.08 MB, 1077x624)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Ryoto looks over and starts breathing really hard, shaking. "I-it's Mr. Dan..! Oh my god I saw him once when I was doing the world finals for Kijitsu and...Ah He's going to actually start this!? We're so lucky!"

You laugh. "Yeah, right? It's great! I wonder what he's going to say...? Man, without him I wouldn't have even bothered getting into this scene. But, I'm glad. He's always come off as really passionate about his work, and...YOu can feel it, you know?

That man loves games more than life itself, doesn't he?"

You nod, in agreement...Dan Kuroto passes you by and stands at the foot of some statue, a state of nobody important. At least, more important than the man standing in front of it.

He speaks up, greeting the captive crowd.

"Everyone. Thank you all for coming to this, my greatest project yet.

See, all this time, I had worked and toiled. But, I had not made the greatest game in the world. I started Kamen Rider Chronicle with this thought in mind:

I will make the game to end all games. A game that lets ANYONE be a hero!

One that allows the world to become an adventure!

After years of gathering data from my other games as the basis, after years of integrating every bit of lessons learned from GENM's long and proud history...Kamen Rider Chronicle is that game! My blood, sweat, and tears, all put into this.

A game where fantasy and reality are intermingled!

Please, everyone, me show you monsters and heroes.

Everyone...Press the button. Let the game start!"

Mr. Dan was seeming a bit overeager on this. But, if it's really his life's work...I guess it makes sense.

So, this was how he was going to kick this off, right?

Guess there was only one thing to figure out now:

Do you press that button?
Wait and watch everyone else press it first
Push. The. Button.

We're massive fanboys, have no reason to not press it, and he's an inspiration to us.
>Greet him, ask about Kamen Rider Chronicle
>Press the button

With a press on the Gashat's button, you hear a low growling voice speak.


Another press of the button to activate it, and a voice from the Gashat cries out:


What? What did that mean-

Before you could consider it in-depth, you saw small... 'pixels' form around your body, light enveloping you. W-was this the hologram tech?!
Pretty soon, you could see the same process occurring all around. Everyone was transforming...into someone in what looked like armor, each person with a rod at their side.

The same "pixel" effect was forming out of thin air, and a number of creatures seemed to be forming through the same "transformation" light you were put through.
Orange heads, vaguely like a cooked chicken's. You recognized them as the basic enemies from Mighty Action X, but they weren't alone in that. They were dressed as cooks, surrounding what could only be
called a monster. A familiar one...A top hat, a cape, blue and white coloring.

He was Salty, the final boss of Mighty Action X. In the flesh. He raised up an arm and it seemed to spark with powerful electricity. W...what the hell was going on?

Ryoto looked at his hands and seemed confused, but, then realized. "They weren't joking...We can really fight monsters in real life!" He said, his confident voice now rising. He took the rod and took a stance. Looks like he was going to start fighting Salty, or at least his bosses.
Many other people seemed confused at this, and didn't know how to handle the new development.

Dan simply held his arms out. "This is the game! Be a hero, and fight these monsters! Use everything you have and everything you can find, and be the number one Hero!"
Seems he was indicating a number of strange coin-like objects that were also spawned in the mass "transformation", they were symbols. Powerups, like in Mighty Action X.

As for you...

What will you do?

>Help Ryoto. He's going to fight, it looks like, and he's not going to be able to do it alone.
>Start collecting the powerups, see what's available. If this is really a fight, you're going to need some help.
>Get people together and tell them that there's nothing to panic about, it's part of the game.
>Help Ryoto. He's going to fight, it looks like, and he's not going to be able to do it alone.
>Start collecting the powerups, see what's available. If this is really a fight, you're going to need some help.

Don't see why we can't do both.
>Help Ryoto. He's going to fight, it looks like, and he's not going to be able to do it alone.
Save the cheerleader, save the world.
>Help your husband. He's going to fight, it looks like, and he's not going to be able to do it alone.
Seconding >>1340051
File: KREA-Salty_Bugster.png (200 KB, 203x486)
200 KB
200 KB PNG

"Too weak!" Salty cried out as he moved swiftly through the courageous souls that moved in to attack him, he gave a few of them some rough-looking jolts...Seems he was able to use electricity to fight!
"You're not fit for an appetizer!"

Ryoto took a flying leap with his Rider Rod and smacked Salty with a vengeance, it seemed he was the best shot out of most of these people to do damage. "Oof..You're a spicy one, then! En Guarde!" They battled it out, Ryoto giving a confident laugh.

As for you, well...You never considered yourself that much of a fighter. But you weren't going to let him down!

You glance around at the Energy Items.

>Speed Up

Seemed to be your options. Salty and his minions have eyes for you, though. You're going to need to be on your toes for this one.

>Roll 1d6, best of 3 rolls will be counted!
Rolled 3 (1d6)

>speed up
All about that DPS.
Rolled 1 (1d6)

Oop, forgot my text. Best to grab Speed Up for now, and then throw Ryoto either Muscle or Restoration for next move.
Rolled 3 (1d6)

Type Speed
We can't really throw anyone a power-up; once you touch it, you get the power-up. No exceptions.
Throw Ryoto into the power up?
If we can get a weapon we might be able to. Remember Snipe's trick with pulling ridiculous marksmanship to throw a shrink into a Bugster? But yeah, for now we can't.

>3+SKILL = 6
>Minor Success with a Cost

It's not hard to see that getting that Speed'll be an advantage in this fight, but before you can get too far you're surrounded by Bugster Virus mooks...They swing at you with ladles and spatulas. It doesn't hurt much, but Salty is converging in. You take a HARD shock to the back, propelling you forward towards the Energy Item. "Easy as pie." He quipped.

Before he can follow up with a coup de grace, on your form, Ryoto leaps up and starts choking the Bugster boss out with his Rider Rod. "Go for it..!" He screams in pain as Salty punishes him with a zap, but the momentary lapse gets you your power up.

Salty huffs. "Don't put your hands on me, you swine Ride-Player!"
SPEED UP! A voice says from nowhere.

You feel a jolt of energy through your form! You're not going to let him hurt your friend like this.

>You took a good hit there, but can keep going. As long as you don't get hurt too much it shouldn't be a problem!

>Let's screw him up! SPEED Advantage! Best of 5 rolls will be counted, due to speed advantage. A good hit may let you and Ryoto start whaling on him.
Rolled 1 (1d6)

Rolled 2 (1d6)

Rolled 4 (1d6)

Speed Up!

Are you the same guy who ran Kamen Rider Sengoku Quest?
Rolled 1 (1d6)

>Let's screw him up! SPEED Advantage! Best of 5 rolls will be counted, due to speed advantage. A good hit may let you and Ryoto start whaling on him.

Rolled 2 (1d6)

Ooga booga!
I wish. I've actually been reading that for inspiration and guidance on how to handle a Kamen Rider Quest.
I'm just your average everyday kamen rider nerd who got REALLY into the idea of Chronicle.
Rolled 6 (1d6)

Fuck, too late.

>Get your hits in where you can, stay on the defensive.
Let's play it safe for now. We're the lowest possible level, and this is a boss.
>6 on Sixth Roll.
So it begins.
If you want to get technical about it, this is the 5th roll because my previous roll was for the vote that closed.

I actually ran a Kamen Rider quest around that time under the name Writer Arms. Didn't last for long, though.

>4+POWER = 6
>With Ryoto's help, this is a success!

You both are battered and hurt by the force of this boss, but...You're also both gamers. You won't lose to someone this early on!

With your Rider Rod out and ready, you swing with wild abandon. Salty shouts in surprise at your viciousness, he strikes out at you, and gets some hits in...but nothing substantial. He can only flail as you send him reeling back from the constant impact.

Ryoto recognizes this opportunity and...while it's a bit looney toons, he bends and allows you to send Salty with one forceful strike over the gamer's back.

The Bugster is sent onto the ground from the maneuver, and while your powerup has run out...You have free reign on him.

You and Ryoto give a high five before striking at him on the ground again and again, Ryoto even going so far as to stomp on his top hat.

"Q-quit! You vile ruffians, stepping on someone while they're down...!"

Your moment of relative ease allows you to see he's not the only boss out there...a bunch of other parties are trying to fight Alhambra(from Taddle Quest), as well as Charlie(from Shakariki sports). Everyone is here...as a boss?!

Before you can think too hard, you and Ryoto are both sent off-footing as Salty (in a rage) sends a zap while on his back...it courses through the ground. It's not a painful zap, but...You're both stunned for a moment, allowing him to stand up.

"Now, is my final meal!"

What will you do? It seems like he can take some more damage, but if you are clever you can finish this now.
He's limping.

>One final rush to bring him down before he can regroup with his minions.
>Attempt to build advantage again with an Energy Item
>Keep-away game. Your fiddling with the Rider Rod shows that it can be a gun, maybe laming it out is the best idea.
>Kite him and let Ryoto take swipes at him while he's focused on you, alternate between kiting and striking.

(apologies, Captcha is being difficult)
>Keep-away game. Your fiddling with the Rider Rod shows that it can be a gun, maybe laming it out is the best idea.
>>Keep-away game. Your fiddling with the Rider Rod shows that it can be a gun, maybe laming it out is the best idea.
>>Kite him and let Ryoto take swipes at him while he's focused on you, alternate between kiting and striking.
Kite with a Ranged Weapon. Ryoto seems to be better Melee anyways.

>Send Ryoto to grab a Muscle power-up while you kite with the Rider Rod's gun mode.

>Chicken soup acquired for the QM

>>Keep-away game. Your fiddling with the Rider Rod shows that it can be a gun, maybe laming it out is the best idea.
>>Kite him and let Ryoto take swipes at him while he's focused on you, alternate between kiting and striking.
>Send Ryoto to grab a Muscle power-up while you kite with the Rider Rod's gun mode.

>Interpreting as "Kite with the Gun while Ryoto does what he has to to finish Salty off"

Time to play a lot smarter. You shift your Rider Rod to a gun and start opening fire, Salty seems a bit put off by this. He doesn't really have any answers to this pea shooter, other than chasing you down.

You give a thumbs up to Ryoto, he gets the signal and moves on towards the power up with no issue whatsoever. You DO recall Ryoto's own stats for himself...They seem to be accurate.

Ryotaro Cuyler
INT: 2
Favorite Gashat: Kijitsu Card

Seems his GAMER SKILL is what's letting him do it with such ease. Still, you have to focus on Salty not getting you while you're holding him off. This is relatively easy, since he's a melee Bugster.

Off to the side, the final boss of Jet Combat (Vernier) is utterly decimating a group all trying to shoot at him. Their marksmanship wasn't enough and they get hit with heavy explosives. You're quietly thankful you're not having to face Vernier yet, but it's clear that this was the easiest fight you could pick. Your shots ring out and hit Salty in the face.
"You...you utter cad! I'll erase you from this world!"

>Best of 3 rolls to keep him away effectively!
Rolled 6 (1d6)

Rolled 3 (1d6)

File: potato.png (600 KB, 900x637)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
Rolled 6 (1d6)

It's time for him to die.
File: CRITICAL DEAD.png (1.5 MB, 1184x653)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG

>two Sixes
pic related.

You're an amazing shot, actually, and he simply can't keep up as you continue to harass and harm him from far away.
You actually even get him onto his knees with your shots, a bold strike as you jump in and swing at him, he falls back.

"How could I, the great chef...!"
You then hear Ryoto screaming "ATATATATATATA!"

MUSCLE UP! The power-up sound rang out.

Ryoto leapt up with his Rider Rod in both hands, then brung it down with the wrath of an angry god. A shock of red electricity through Salty, before...He shouts.

Ryoto backed up, watching as Salty exploded. "YATTA!" He said, giving a fist pump.

"Ah?" He looks down where Salty had been destroyed. It was a little top badge of a top hat!
Right next to it, was a strange device. It looked like nothing you'd seen before...

>Continued in next post!
Question; is this incarnation of Dan Kuroto still a raging chuuni with a god complex, or is he somewhat more benevolent than his canon self?

It looks a bit like pic related.

You pick it up in confusion, looking at it. "What is this...?"
Ryoto follows, picking up the GashaTrophy badge. "A loot drop?"

Then, you hear a strange sparkling sound behind you.
You turn...Poppy Pipopapo, the idol and mascot for Kamen Rider Chronicle! Is she a boss too?!
You put your dukes up, but she says simply

"Poppy will guide you through this game!
That is a Gashacon Gamevisor! It's a potent weapon on its own, a gun and a powerful blade...but if you combine it with a compatible Gashat, it can let you become even stronger! With a compatible GENM gashat, you can place your Gamevisor on your belt slot-" Indicating the slot on your Ride-player form where the Bugvisor fits... "And unlock the power of Level TWOOOOO!" She spins!

"With that, you become a true blue Kamen Rider, with abilities based on that game!

GashaTrophies can also be used to increase your stats and customize your Ride-player form! Aim to be the number one hero, both of you! and remember...in this game, there are no continues!"

You and Ryoto are both taken aback. It seems there's only one...Wait, what was that about no continues?
She's gone, though, in a flash of sparkles and music notes.
Ryoto patted the back of his head, still a brown Ride-Player.

"I guess...only one of us can really use it until we kill another Bugster?"

What will you do?

>Claim the Gamevisor. Ryoto's shown himself as good enough to handle himself until another one's dropped...meanwhile, you're not that good and you're pretty weak. You'll need the edge of Level 2 to survive and help him.

>Let Ryoto get the Gamevisor. He can make the most use of it, and he'll probably be able to carry you for as long as you need to while using it.

He's...got a god complex, it'll be evident once the bodies start piling up and he reveals the REST of how Kamen Rider Chronicle works.

As it stands, you can hear him laughing madly in the background as the fighting goes on.
"Isn't this the ultimate game?!"
He said, to the ones still fighting onwards. The group that was attacked by Vernier is limping...You don't want to know what that'll lead to.
It seems you can confront him for an explanation on the game after you decide the Gamevisor situation.
File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (114 KB, 1280x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG

And of course I forgot my pic.
>it looks a bit like pic related
>pic related
>Let Ryoto get the Gamevisor. He can make the most use of it, and he'll probably be able to carry you for as long as you need to while using it.
Let gamer husband protect you.
>Claim the Gamevisor. Ryoto's shown himself as good enough to handle himself until another one's dropped...meanwhile, you're not that good and you're pretty weak. You'll need the edge of Level 2 to survive and help him.

He's the one that quantified our skill level in stat form in the first place, so I think he'd at least understand why we'd want an edge.
>Let Ryoto get the Gamevisor.

We'll be the Secondary Rider when our time comes. And make that position actually WORTH SOMETHING.

>Let Ryoto get the Gamevisor. He can make the most use of it, and he'll probably be able to carry you for as long as you need to while using it.

Seems to make sense. He's saved your ass more than once, and while it's a bit of a bummer to not get Level 2 you're pretty sure he'd be worth 5 of you at the same Level if he had it.
You hand it over.

"It's yours, man. I know I can rely on you." Ryoto gingerly takes it, placing it on his wrist to activate its weapon mode.
"T-.thanks..." His voice soft, a bit of a wobble before he took a breath. "Let's go talk to Dan." The genius gamer said, turning around and approaching him. "What is this about..?"

Dan turns, with a giant grin.
"It's what I told you. I made a game, in which you become heroes in real life. And I?" He takes out a gashat. You've..never seen it before.

"I will be the God of this game world, ensuring that it runs just as intended."
He clicks the button.


He transforms before your eyes.

"Heroes fight. Heroes struggle to succeed, and get stronger.

They also are on call to save others. Bugster will spawn ALL across this city, unstoppable by anyone but a Kamen Rider. The only ones who can keep the people safe, are you."

He points at you both, Ryoto giving a hissing breath.

"The Hero will rise triumphant, and have an adventure where he becomes the strongest and defeats evil! Only my genius could make such an adventure real!

And for those who do not get stronger? For those who fail?"

With a slick turn of his hand, he's indicating the party that was fighting Vernier...They take one last round of blasts from the flying Bugster before it laughs and flies off into the distance to see more victims. They are sprawled on the ground, the Rider armor disappearing off of them. They...they're fading?

It's the opposite of how the Bugster formed into existence. Instead, these people are fading...out.

"With REAL adventure, comes REAL danger.
In the world of this god?
There are no continues."

The people start panicking, a woman shrieks "I don't..I don't want to die..!" As man starts trying to go for his phone. His hand disappears fully, dropping it to the ground and shattering it. With a collective scream, that party vanishes into ether.

This..this was citywide?

"For now, however." The other bugster fade away at the dismissal of Dan(as Dangerous Zombie)'s hand. "This instance is cleared. You are safe to drop your transformation."

You DO feel your phone rumbling, even if you can't reach for it right now.

What will you do?

>Call him out: This is madness, you can't put people into a game to the death.
>Drop your transformation and check your phone. If bugster are all across the city...
>Attack him with Ryoto. He's a madman, and he has to be stopped while you can.
>Drop your transformation and check your phone. If bugster are all across the city...
Don't want to piss off the game master just yet.
>Call him out!
The game master would obviously have one of the most OP transformations, so it's best to NOT try and take on someone stronger than the final boss yet.

>Drop your transformation and check your phone.
>Call him out: This is madness, you can't put people into a game to the death.
"You call this a game? Games are supposed to tell you a story that you help reach its conclusion, or let you explore whole new worlds. Games are something that should bring a smile to everyone's faces! Games are supposed to be fun for everyone! This... This isn't anything like that!"
You drop your transformation, hitting the button on Kamen Rider Chronicle and returning to normal. Ryoto does the same, he's shocked for a minute at the blatant display of death before him. You give him a pat on the shoulder to return him to reality before you check your phone.

It's both Hitomi and Rebecca.

They're more or less saying the same thing: Some monster appeared out of nowhere near where they were and is attacking people. Poppy told them about how Kamen Rider Chronicle worked and how they could fight it with their Ride-player forms...Hitomi isn't sure and doesn't want to risk herself yet, while Rebecca said she fought the boss of Giri Giri Chambara before she had to withdraw, it was too rough and from what she heard from Poppy there were "no continues." She immediately read that as what it was...

>Do you remember where my apartment is? Go there, I'm taking Ryoto there too. We can meet up and plan this out, we're stronger as a party. God dammit, Dan.

You close your phone, a snarl as The Dangerous Zombie walks away. Nobody dares attack, it's obvious he's bad news.


Ryoto said, fear in his voice. "He's really not going to stop, at all. This is crazy. I...I don't know if we can do it." You walk up to him and put a hand on his shoulder. He was distraught, especially watching those people fade away. "We're going to make this right, Ryoto. I promise it. They said only a Kamen Rider could save people, and maybe that's playing into their plan but. They weren't lying. Those guys were really strong, even Salty who was probably the easiest out of them all.

People are going to die unless we do something." You said, tension in your voice. "I'm going to be there for you, every step of the way." Your eyes wandered down and met the Gashat in Ryoto's hands. Kijitsu Card. "I know together, we can do this."

Ryoto looks at you, wiping his eyes. "..Y-yeah. If that man wants a Hero...We'll show him the best heroes he's ever seen. W-we're going to put a stop to this, however we can!"

You nod. "Yeah. First, though...I need to figure something out. Poppy said compatible Gashats, right? She meant it like only GENM Gashats would work with this, but." You tapped his Gamevisor. "The dev update was for ALL Gashats updated with it to be compatible. If he meant that, I think he'd have put that in the marketing. Which means..."

It could only mean one thing. "Someone on the inside knew what this was and tried to do what they could to mitigate it. We need to find them. "

Ryoto looks out to the streets. "How are we going to head back? There's going to be Bugster out there, for sure." You look at the Gamevisor. "I guess it's time for you to transform." You said, and Ryoto agreed. "Here I go."
>cont next post.

He placed the Gamevisor onto his belt, and said "Henshin!" as if he knew what to do, before placing the Gashat into it.

He began to transform, shining with light.

"GACHAN! LEVEL UP! Monsters GO! Maho To Shokan! Kijitsu CARDO!"

His eyes alit with light as his form became obvious.

He said, with a confident tone.
"Let's ride."

You nod, and head off towards your motorcycle alongside him...a confident one.
Dan thought games were a way to gamble your life, or to have a thrill.
But you didn't believe in that. You knew they were meant to relieve people of their fears and worries, to be fun. Not to be a way to lose their life.

You'd teach Dan that lesson personally...In time.



Thanks everyone! Sorry this is a bit short, I wasn't sure how long to have this story go on for. I'm open and available to answer any questions now, I wanna hear your comments and concerns!

I'm planning on running again on Saturday the 8th, not sure about the time.
Does this mean that we could hypothetically program Gashats specifically for bonuses?

Yep! You can program Gashats to give certain advantages, Kamen Rider Magic's is that it can 'set' Energy Items down as traps for enemies.

I should mention that every Gashat also spawns specific kinds of power ups! Since Kamen Rider Magic can set traps, this means that he spawns stuff like Poison and Confusion.

You could also theoretically and with the right data, create a Maximum Mighty-ish form. That's an entire quest of its own, though, and will take a whole lot of rigamarole to get going.

I figured it might be fun to be the one creating the henshin trinkets in this kind of setting, yeah?
Seems fun to me. Most of my kind of experience with thing comes from Megaman Battle Network, and I always thought it'd be fun to create my own battlechips, so this definitely interests me.

Hell yeah. I've been using OC stuff from various people as materials, so it should allow for a number of options. By next thread the plot and the...I wouldn't call it a sandbox per se but the options should open up.
Oh you are bookmarked as hell.
I appreciate it!

Be sure to come back on Saturday, then, I'm going to be holding episode 2 throughout the entire weekend into Monday, hopefully we can get some real progress going.

I'm gonna be available until then to speak and if you want to get some more info or sneak a cheeky sidestory into there I'm more than happy to take a shot at that. I was really happy with the way this turned out, and I feel like it'll only get better from here on.
we should do some hilarious shit like place a copy of Wikipedia inside a Gashat

New episode here, already in progress!

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