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Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Cyberpunk%20Demonslayer

Last time, our unusually lecherous paladin heroine took on the flooded city of Diluvium, defeating the edgeless faggot that possessed the area boss. Among other news, she also adopted a dragon baby.
Two months later...

You're roughly shaken awake. After half heartedly swinging your fist at the source of the disturbance, you push yourself up and stare at Faervel.
"What is it..."
"It's a trade ship. They're waiting at the shipyards."
You snap out of your sleepiness. This was a pretty important event.
A quick tram ride later, and you find yourself standing before the ship in question.
It was an unusual thing, made of iron and shaped to be streamlined. Instead of sails, long, low projections use wind magic to propel the craft.
A useful design apparently, as the crew only consists of three people; those being an Imp, a Sylph, and a burly Salamander. A flag flies from the ship, bearing a black cog on a dark orange background. The Sylph steps down and greets you.
"You must be Krystal. Head of the Order of Alagos, right?"
Yes, that's correct.
"Krystal, this is a ship from Cinderfell." Faervel informs you, crossing her arms.
Ah, yes. Cinderfell. A northern nation 'cursed with democracy', currently in a Cold War with the Sylph Empire, the nation you currently occupy.
"Well, you surely can't expect us to remain up north. There's hardly anyone up there who doesn't have what we're selling already, and I couldn't pass up the chance to revisit Diluvium." the Sylph grins.

>[]I'm the head of a religious order. As such, I don't need to respect political bullshit, as long as we keep this quiet. What're you selling?
>[]Sorry. Don't want the government on my ass. I'm afraid you'll have to leave.
>[]You aren't associated with the Death Pauldrons, are you?
>>[]I'm the head of a religious order. As such, I don't need to respect political bullshit, as long as we keep this quiet. What're you selling?
File: IMG_1291.jpg (112 KB, 900x675)
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112 KB JPG
"Excellent. Timothy, show them!"
The Imp mutters several profanities as he descends below deck. Several moments later, a door opens up in the side of the ship, and he emerges, piloting a mech thingy with some difficulty.
"Beautiful, isn't it? Timothy--"
"It's Tim, shithead."
He climbs out of the mech and gestures up at it.
"Took me a while to get this working. Started with a prototype chassis, added some blades and armor plating. I heard 'bout those guns you've been making down here, so I implemented my own take on it."
He gestures at a six-barreled gun on the shoulder.
"Uses magic blasts."
"And all this for the low, low price of five hundred thousand Wisps!" the Sylph exclaims.
BALANCE: ₩3,457,380 (you raised the banks earlier)

>[]We'll take it.
>[]You stole it, didn't you.
>[]I don't need this thing. Too big and clumsy.
>>[]You stole it, didn't you.
Barter for that discount.
"Yeah, that's stolen goods."
The crew of the ship freezes.
"N-no, it's of Timothy's own--"
"Motherfucker, you sail up to my door with a fucking Metal Gear on board and you tell me that shit's just being sold across the world like spice?"
"It's true that this is quite rare--"
"Prototype chassis, right? Maybe I should call Cinderfell and tell them where their missing weapon went--"

(Aw fuck, I rolled a 20 on your barter. Name your price, as long as it isn't something retarded like ₩100)
100,000 w
Is this still alot of money?
Seconding, and our silence.
If asked, we'll say we found it in a shipwreck.
And we can say if they bring more down we will buy at this price
"Let's see... how about ₩100,000, and our silence?"
The Sylph thinks it over.
"...I'm not really too keen on that--"
Your twin appears in a flash of light, holding Kasai's discarded eggshell.
"What if we give you this, as well?"
"Where did--oh. OH. Deal!"
He shakes your hand enthusiastically.
"We'll be willing to pay more if you can bring us more of these--"
"Oh, gods no. We might go for some smaller projects, but nothing this large, at least for now."

>[]So what else you got?
>[]Someone fetch the money. Then we need to get this ship out of here as fast as possible.
>>[]Someone fetch the money. Then we need to get this ship out of here as fast as possible.
Might as well hurry them along.
You send Crystal off to get the 100K, since she can teleport. She returns with a bag of holding, and the Sylph takes a look inside.
"...seems about right."
"No offense meant, but you should really be going..."
"None taken. It would be best if we were off, wouldn't it?"
He boards the ship, and the crew pulls away from the dock in a matter of minutes.
You look up at the mech. Maybe you could reverse beginner it... what's it powered by?
You open a hatch on it's back, revealing a frantically spinning flaming ball of black material.
You then promptly close the hatch and decide you'd rather not find out what that was.

>[]Pilot it back yourself. Might as well fulfill some dreams.
>[]Get someone else to do it. You're not going to be the first person killed by one of these.
>>[]Pilot it back yourself. Might as well fulfill some dreams.
Later see if we can make it FLY!
Take it to the Libraria Arcanum, err to the magic study place.
>Pilot it back yourself. Might as well fulfill some dreams.
You climb up into the mech's seat and experiment with the controls.
"Okay... yeah, I know how to move it. Let's go!"
You start back toward the castle, taking care to avoid the few people walking around.
One of them just wants to follow you around, though, completely heedless of the heavily armed paladins around you. He's painted his cloak in camo, which would probably help him blend in if he weren't in an underground city.
"Good morning!" he calls up to you.
"Where did you find that?"
"Shipwreck. It's cool, ain't it?"
"Yes, I suppose. As long as you don't use it for anything nefarious..."
He scratches the back of his head.
"Well, could you come down? I have business with you, it's quite important."

>[]Escort this nosy man away.
>[]*sigh* Of course. What is it?
>[]Make an appointment, I'm busy.
>Follow me
Lead him to the castle barracks.
Have Crystal, if she is around to take the mech.
See what he wants.
You climb down from the mech.
"Crystal, take this to wherever it should go."
"Oh, never mind. My business is--"
"Twins. Similar names. You want me, let's go to my office."


You take a seat at your desk. Behind you is a tall painting of Alagos shooting Satan in the nuts with a sniper rifle. He had insisted on this. You got someone to censor the actual area of damage with a convenient sapling so as not to cause SAN damage to everyone who entered the room.
The stranger leaves his bow by the door and sits.
"So, mister..."
"Mister Gilan. What can I do for you?"
He fishes through his through his cloak pockets and withdraws a letter.
"Let's see... 'By decree of High King Arnor, we request that Krystal Tassoni, Imperator of the Order of Alagos, et cetera, et cetera, appear before the Royal Court to decide inheritance of the Dukedom of Diluvium."
He folds the letter back up.
"...are you joking?"
"No, I'm quite serious."
"You expect me to believe that some grizzly ranger guy was chosen to bring me a message from the King?"
"Well, yes. We Rangers are trusted aides to the royal family."

>[]Get the fuck out of my office.
>[]Uh... you have any identification?
>[]Sorry, I'm not really from around here. I wouldn't have known.
>>[]Uh... you have any identification?
Might be a lure for a trap.
"Any identification?"
"Of course. Here. I'm sure someone around here could vouch for me as well."
He hands you the letter. Calligraphed, has a seal at the bottom...
A coiled dragon, wearing a crown. You recognize it from some official papers you threw out of this desk's drawers. If it's a fake, it's a good one.
"Well, if you're a fake, you'd probably have enough resources to kill me no matter what I did. What's this about inheritance?"
Gilan sighs and leans back in his chair.
"Edmond Brannor, son of the former Duke. By birthright, he should be the one in charge here, but your actions were certainly notable, and worth consideration. And, well."
He looks around before leaning in close.
"Don't tell anyone I said this, but Edmond's a prick."
Heh. You got the impression he was.

>[]When should I leave?
>[]So, do all the royal messengers consist of foresters?
Could you give me a rundown of what I should expect? Off the record, obviously.
"Well, you'll be expected to sit before the court, and explain why you're more fit to take care of the city than Edmond is. He will most likely make jabs at what he believes are your weaknesses, so you will probably want to be on the defensive. It wouldn't reflect well on him if he were bullying a woman."
Ah. Political bullshit.
"It's unfortunate, but necessary."

>[]Well. I should get ready for that, then.
>[]So if I win, am I royalty?
>>[]So if I win, am I royalty?
And would being the lover/loved one of a god count toward anything?
Good night stormy, it's 2 friggin o'clock.
>>1357450 (goodnight anon. Sleep is good)
"Royalty? Technically, no. But you would be somewhat more likely to be the King's successor. There would be the matter of the hundreds of other candidates and your religious duties, though."
Gilan raises an eyebrow at your second question.
"I wouldn't make such claims in public. While nobody could prove it was false, people don't take kindly to those who claim to consort closely with gods. Well, aside from several figures."
What a shame.

>[]Is there a deadline?
>[]Ask a question about his whole organization thing.
>Is there a deadline?
>[]Is there a deadline?
"Well, yes. I suppose I should have mentioned that, pardon me."
Gilan consults the letter once again.
"Yes... the hearing will take place on the twentieth, a week from now. Should you not show up, dukedom will default to Brannor."
He stands up and shakes your hand.
"I believe I'll go see about acquiring a residence."
"You're staying here?"
"It's a moot point, telling the King you received the message. Besides, I've been assigned to keep and eye on things around here. Wouldn't want any unscrupulous goings-on, especially so soon after this city was reclaimed."
The Ranger leaves your office.

>[]Well... might as well get going. Say goodbye to Tsuyoi and grab one of them giant hawks.
>[]I've got plenty of time. Why don't I go and (write-in)
>[]I've got plenty of time. Why don't I go and (write-in)
Gather a party, no idea what we might face on the way.
Had all this ready to post a little while ago, forgot to hit submit.
>>1359470 (I've experienced something like that... I left the tab in the middle of typing to find images and it refreshed)
Yeah, a party would be pretty smart. Security for both the road and wherever you'll be staying.
Let's see...

Pick three:
>Jaylen, uses a chain whip that can set things on fire. Crowd control.

>Faervel, lightning axe. DPS.

>Rolland, tends to stick to rifles. He's a good shot at long range.

>Gareth, has some skill with a bow and slitting throats. Sneaks around a lot.

(Need to stall to come up with more plot... might as well throw in some tactics)
How bout some one is trying to destroy the gods?
Or try to cause 2 opposing dimensions to collide?
Soo many possibilities.
Alagos goes missing, Your and Alagos's demon girlfriend needs your help finding him. You and your team goes to hunt him down.
He was in the bathroom napping, and now you must find a way home from another dimension.
I meant immediate plot. I have an arc later involving things, and, well...
Seriously, don't read this if you don't want the surprise ruined.
You'll get to play as Alagos & Sasha's kid, Aisha.
But hey, those are nice ideas. And I came up with an encounter later, after you probably whip Edmond's ass in court.
I like this quest, i really do.
So I mustn't read it.
Don't worry, I'm probably be here forever.
While you're at it, could you pick your party members, please?
Oh sorry, forgot.
>Jaylen, uses a chain whip that can set things on fire. Crowd control.
>Rolland, tends to stick to rifles. He's a good shot at long range.
>Gareth, has some skill with a bow and slitting throats. Sneaks around a lot.
Can Krystal heal? Like lay of hands?
You decide on your party and leave your office to talk to them.
You'll be the healer, you guess. You're not terrible, and you've only botched one healing so far. But he was just being bitchy, the boils disappeared within a week.
"Hey, Faervel, I've been summoned to see whether or not I'm actually going to run this place, so... I'll need you to be in charge for a week or so."
Your second-in-command sighs.
"Very well. I'll see yo getting that 'shower' installed in your bathroom."
"Great, thanks."
You didn't really need a shower, but it would be quicker if you needed to be somewhere. And, well. Sex in a small, slippery space was splendid.
Fortunately, the people you needed to talk to were close by. They all agree to accompany you (they didn't have a choice, but it's the thought that counts), and ask when you're going to be going.

>[]In a moment, I need to say goodbye to Tsuyoi. Go get ready.
>[]Tomorrow, I guess.
>>[]In a moment, I need to say goodbye to Tsuyoi. Go get ready.
Kiss good bye, say bye to Kasai, that's one heck of a name.
>>1359958 (I had fun with the daemonette names. One of them was just 'bitch' in Japanese)
You walk up to your quarters. Tsuyoi sits on a couch, nursing Kasai.
"Hey. I have to go, some meeting about whether or not I should be in charge here."
Tsuyoi looks at you worriedly.
"What? I was just getting comfortable here..."
You kiss her.
"It'll be fine. From what I hear, the contender's a prick."
Kasai disengages himself from Tsuyoi's nipple and squints at you.
"Hey, kid. I'll be back soon."
You kiss him on the head, which earns you a smile. As soon as you get up to leave, he immediately starts crying.
"Teach him how to sing while I'm gone, he's going places."
You gather your supplies and take the tram down to the aviary, where you keep all your giant birds.
You get onto yours a little nervously. You'd gotten some lessons, but you're still a little uncomfortable depending on some bird to keep you from falling to your death.


You touch down in a clearing, taking a quick estimate of the time.
"We'll camp here. Hawks are tired, anyway."

>[]I brought a makeshift guitar with me, let's play something while dinner's being made.
>[]Settle into a hiding spot. I'm not going to get shanked in the middle of the night.
>[]Just eat and sleep.
Set up a watch, then
>[]Just eat and sleep.
Good night stormy.
Read ya tomorrow.
File: IMG_1298.jpg (163 KB, 800x600)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
"I'll take first watch." Rolland offers. You gratefully eat your dinner and go to sleep.


You sit up with a start, cast your light spell, and rub outside.
"That better have been for a good reason, I almost pissed myself." you groan. The rest of your party's been woken up, too.
Rolland points into the woods, blowing smoke off his gun barrel.
"I saw something moving out there, it looked humanoid, so I took a shot."
That 'pafpaf' sound must've been them running away through the leaves, then.
"Godsdammit, Rolland. It was probably some trapper you scared to death."
You sigh and walk over to the spot where the intruder had been. A splatter and small trail of blood could be seen, but the most interesting thing was the military-issue mace lying on the ground.
"Never seen a trapper use one of those."

>[]Let's follow him. (Roll 1d20)
>[]He's not coming back for a while. Toss that thing in a ditch and get back to sleep.
Rolled 19 (1d20)

>>[]Let's follow him. (Roll 1d20)
Keep the mace, we might be able to identify its source.
You follow the trail, which winds through the forest and comes to a stop behind a tree.
"S-stay back!" someone shouts.
"I know magic!"
"What are you doing here?"
"I'm a soldier! I was patrolling these woods when I was shot--GAAH!"

>[]Oh... sorry!
>[]Need any help?
I'm a paladin, and I cast "Detect Bullshit."
>>1360329"I'm telling you, it's the truth! Now are you going to help me or not!? You're supposed to be holy, right?"
You quietly draw your pistol.
"How did you know we're paladins?"
"W-well, you've gotta be those Alagos followers, right? Nobody else uses weapons like this."
You step forward.
"Just come out and--"
The soldier leans out from behind his tree and puts a rifle ball into your thigh. He probably got through the chink...
You cry out in pain and drop to the ground. You can't move your leg.
Your party scatters and hides behind the nearest trees.
You can hear the soldier reloading. He leans out again and takes aim at your head.
A shot bursts through his skull, sending him tumbling to the ground.
"Good shot, Rolland."
"Terrible shot. I was aiming for his wrist."
Jaylen pulls the flattened bullet out of your leg. You start to heal yourself, gritting your teeth.
Rolland picks up the guard's rifle and carries the man's body to clear ground before setting it on fire.
"...this isn't one of ours. No rifling, bullets are spherical. Looks like they're using an explosive charge instead of runes, too."
The rifles you've manufactured work just like bolt-actions back home, but the bullets have an explosive rune on the base instead of a blasting cap. The rune eats up some of the lead to fuel the explosion, so all you had to do was make it slightly longer. The best part was these would work in your guns, too. But somebody else is trying to copy your work now? That's worrying.

>[]Any idea who might've sent him?
>[]Don't relax. There might be more.
>[]You did a good job, Rolland. Too bad we couldn't capture him...
(I didn't roll well on Rolland's reflex shot. Oopsie)
>>[]Any idea who might've sent him?
Keep the gun, and look for maker marks.
Bad rolls happen.
>>[]Don't relax. There might be more.
"Stay on alert, there might be more."
Jaylen helps you back to your tent. You spend about an hour sitting up and thinking.
The rifle wasn't marked with any sort of manufacturer's mark or anything. Too early in the business for that. But the 'soldier' had been wearing a Holy Symbol. Specifically, it belonged to the Cult of Dae, the god of darkness. He was an assassin for hire. And judging from his equipment, he was either well-connected, or had an employer who was.
You put two people on watch and go to sleep. The night passes without incident, and you go on your way.


You touch down yet again, sliding off the saddle on your hawk. You feed it some grain from your hand.
"I know for sure I saw some ravens behind us. Fuckers should use more subtle birds."
"Krystal, maybe we should make camp somewhere other than the creepy woods?"
"I'd love to, but they continue for fucking miles. We might get clear of them by tomorrow."

>[]Set some traps, cackle, and set a watch.
>[]Prepare to ambush any assassins that might come here.
>[]Just set the regular watch. They wouldn't do anything, the pussies.
>>[]Set some traps, cackle, and set a watch.
Turn slime, leave your armor in the spot you would normally be, hide in a tree, and ambush any intruder.
Feeding a hawk grains?
File: IMG_1246.jpg (82 KB, 1200x742)
82 KB
Power's being a bitch, I might not be able to post for a while. Pray to whatever deities you believe in, anons.
Let Alagos hear your prayer for electricity and may he bless you with divine lightning, but not lethally so.
And good night Stormy.
File: IMG_1027.jpg (210 KB, 850x772)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Goodnight, and thank you, anon.
I hope the wi-fi lasts long enough for porn
Pic is Sasha, btw. Just so you get a better mental image of her.
>>1361388 (I'm back. Electrician fairies came in the middle of the night)
You cackle as you grab claymores from the armory and plant them around the camp. The rest of your party patrols the woods, making sure nobody's looking at your shenanigans. A few more surprises (like a claymore's motion sensor hooked up to the Gauss Flayer) and you're good to go. You lie down, ooze out of your armor, and stick yourself onto a tree branch with a good view.

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 8 (1d20)

Hopefully those sensors can distinguish friend from foe.
File: IMG_1300.jpg (157 KB, 900x1136)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
You have to strain your eyes to see the assassin. His armor's been painted dark blue, to better blend in with the night. You catch a glimpse of him as he sets off a claymore... and gets out of the way just before it goes off.
A shadowy womanish figure creeps into the camp, sniffing. She ignores your armor completely and snaps her eyes straight toward your position.
"Krystal..." it snarls, drawing a knife dripping with some sort of poison.
The wraith leaps up at you. You manage to cling to it and stiffen around it's arm, keeping the knife away from you.

>[]Kill this thing, then go help out with the other guy.
>[]Steer her into a trap. It's three on one for the other guy, might as well have some fun.
Poison, well that's not good.
Cover her in slime, and force her to stab the dude assassin.
You quickly coat her limbs and force her to stagger over toward her friend, taking care of to let any poison drip onto you. You wouldn't want to ingest it or something.
The assassin fends off your party with a curved sword. You try slashing at him, but your puppet's struggles throw you off-balance. He looks at you and growls.
"Fucking useless wraiths."
He jabs his sword forward. You get clear the wraith's body before he hits her, gutting her like a fish.
Jaylen slashes at the assassin's back, tearing his armor to ribbons and setting him on fire. Rolland shoots him in the back, sending him sprawling. Gareth drops from a tree and starts shanking the corpse of the wraith.
"Gareth, stop. Seriously."
He gets off her sheepishly.
"These don't turn into revenants, fortunately. So we can just--"
You hear a hoarse laugh from behind you. The assassin holds up his holy symbol, which oozes an unsettling black mist.
"MOVE!" you shout, sprinting away.
Jaylen clears the explosion.
So does Rolland.
Gareth was too close, and gets hit. He smacks into a tree and falls to the ground. Fortunately, he doesn't look seriously injured.
And the assassin's body is gone.

>[]Okay... let's just sleep surrounded by claymores.
>[]Find a defensible position and stay on guard.
>[]Find a defensible position and stay on guard.
You kick at the dirt where the assassin was, letting out an incoherent scream of frustration.
You shut your mouth quickly.
"Shit. Okay, find a cave or something."
You find a cave with a narrow entrance, and lure the hawks in there with your special protein-enhanced hawk-friendly grain. Then you set up several claymores at the cave entrance. THEN a machine gunner's nest behind that.

>[]I'll take first watch.
>[]Someone, go. Just pull the trigger and brace yourself if someone bad comes. Aiming would probably help, too.
File: bueno.jpg (45 KB, 546x366)
45 KB
More claymores.
>[]Someone, go. Just pull the trigger and brace yourself if someone bad comes. Aiming would probably help, too.
Think I still have a tree branch stuck somewhere.
Mfw special protein-enhanced hawk-friendly grain.
File: IMG_1082.png (78 KB, 1021x746)
78 KB
>>1362962 (I don't have any idea how birds work)
You order someone to the nest and lean into the your spatial rift.
"...I'll fetch some, I guess. Dammit Krystal, can't you go to a city without getting attacked by someone for once?"
A few minutes later, the cave entrance is littered with tripmines, C4, and firecrackers. It wasn't all the explosives, but it would probably keep the Cult away.
"Okay. Now I can sleep."
You lie down in the corner and try to get comfortable, pulling that tree branch that had gotten stuck your back. Everyone else seems to think that's slightly fucked up for some reason.


You touch down and toss your hawk a cube of meat. Wasn't that grain a--

>[]Here're some guns. Hide somewhere and wait for them to show up.
>[]Maybe we can reason with them. Let's just wait for them to show up and negotiate.
>[]Do whatever you can to get those holy symbols off them. We need to figure out who sent these bastards.
All out, they need to be PURGED.
File: IMG_1301.jpg (126 KB, 752x1063)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
You set up on top of a hill and wait. Your patience is rewarded when a rider on some sort of risked wolf bounded from the brush and charged you.
"That's not one of the Cult..."
You miss him entirely. He leaps over your barricade, now on the same level as you. A familiar symbol dangles from a chain around his neck...

>[]Break out the Gauss Flayer and hose him down. (Friendly fire would be... bad)
>[]Try and Legolas onto the wolf.
(He doesn't have spikes, they're taking this very seriously)
Being a slime is awesome. Blob onto the wolf, why flip when you can splat.
File: IMG_1305.jpg (93 KB, 812x983)
93 KB
>>1364283 (OH FUCK 20)
You leap forward and blob onto the wolf. It stops, sending it's rider flying over the defense line.
You resolidify on top of the creature, and it growls softly while looking at it's former master.
(And I rolled a one for his attempt are you fucking kidding me)
The rider attempts to vault over the defenses, but is quickly cut apart by machine guns and tossed around by his own pet.
"Krystal, I didn't know you could ride one of those." Gareth comments.
"Me neither."
You put your armor back on and climb back onto the wolf, awaiting the next wave.
You're not disappointed. Three more Pauldrons emerge from the trees. The leader holds a fiery anchor and cutlass, while the other two wield polearms.
"Shit, Donovan's dead!" one of them shouts, readying her spear.

>[]Charge them.
>[]Dismount and join the barricade.
>[]Wait for them to get close before joining.
(Roll a d20 for whatever action you take, btw)
Rolled 12 (1d20)

>>[]Charge them.
Smite the infidels!
File: IMG_1302.jpg (92 KB, 1024x667)
92 KB
Your new friend leaps over the barricade, racing down the hill. You make a pass at the sailor, who blocks your sword and shotgun blast with his anchor. The two infantry poke and slash at your wolf, angering him. He swipes at the axeman, sending him sprawling. Your party takes their shots while they're distracted, blowing the sailor's brains out and wounding the spearwoman. The axeman gets to his feet and slowly starts backing away.

>[]Let him go. He can tell his friends how badass you are.
>[]Cut him down. Nobody gets away after fucking with you.
>[]Capture him. Maybe you could use him as a hostage.
>>[]Cut him down. Nobody gets away after fucking with you.
Don't let them know about numbers and capabilities. The more they know, the more they can anticipate your moves.
File: IMG_1307.png (75 KB, 350x255)
75 KB
You grab the Gauss Flayer and hose him down before sliding off the wolf.
The spearwoman is whimpering and trying to crawl away.
You disintegrate her, too, before disposing of the sailor. You get back on the wolf and ride up the hill.
"...set up camp."
You eat dinner in silence. Nobody makes eye contact with you.


You yawn and drag yourself out of your bedroll, tossing the wolf some cubes of meat for breakfast. He's earned 'em.
Speaking of which...

What do you do with the wolf/your hawk?
File: Spoiler Image (187 KB, 600x2063)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Have the hawk carry the wolf, while you ride the hawk.
File: IMG_1320.jpg (96 KB, 1280x853)
96 KB
You pack up your things and scratch the wolf behind the ears.
"Hold still, okay boy?"
Your companions get up and adjust the harnesses on their birds.
"Krystal, you ready?"
"Just a minute."
You get onto your hawk and lift off a little ways from the ground.
"Okay, grab the wolf, please."
It takes a little prodding, but your hawk does as you ask.
While the bird remains calm, the wolf is a little less so.
"It's okay, boy. Just hold on for about six hours."
You settle into your saddle, keeping an eye on the horizon and trying not to let your eyes dry up. You should get some goggles or something.

>[]Come up with names for your pets (because this always goes well on 4chan)
>[]Keep going.
Can't name things, all chars in all the games have the same names.
Um, hawk is Birdy McBirdface joke
Wolf Wherewolf or Whywolf
Shit and now I saw i t didnt post, is when i'm going to bed. Sorry
Good night stormster
File: image.png (619 KB, 1024x459)
619 KB
619 KB PNG
>>1365122 (you tried, that's what matters. Goodnight anon)
A few hours later, you touch down near the Zhaimont aviary and arrange for places for your pets.
You step out and gawk at the Sylph capitol. The city is built up the sides of a mountain, and descends down into its belly. The royal castle is perched on the edge of the crater, easily the tallest structure for hundreds of miles.
Everything is carved in elegant curves, creating a sort of organic illusion as you look down into the city.
A courier jogs up to you.
"Tassoni? I have a message for you."
He hands you an envelope, sealed with a four-pointed star in wax. You toss him a few Wisps as thanks.
"Thank you, ma'am. Got to go."

>[]See about getting some room and board before reading it.
>[]This looks important. Ignoring it might be unwise.

(The fuck, captcha? None of those were trumpets)
>>[]See about getting some room and board before reading it.
You fork over about ₩40 for two rooms in a mid-range tavern before sitting down and opening the letter.

Imperator Tassoni,
I would like to invite you to attend our Pantheonic Council, which will be held in the Royal Cathedral at two o'clock tomorrow. Religious leaders from the fifty most powerful sects will be attending (the Order of Alagos currently occupies the thirty-second position) to discuss matters such as intersect conflict or proper torture procedures for heresy. I do hope you attend, as many here are interested in your achievements.
In cordiality,
Aenthe, Voice of Our Mother.

Huh. The fuckers in charge of the Death Pauldrons should be there...

>[]Well, you've got time. Relax for the rest of the day.
>[]See if you can find the Ruin worshippers and geek 'em before the meeting.
>>[]Well, you've got time. Relax for the rest of the day.
Travel the markets, see whats for sale. Look for spectator sports and spectate. Find an enchanter, develop the first strapon that links to the nervous system of the wearer. Go eat at a fancy restaurant.
You and your party wander the city. You pass an arena, from which cheers of joy emanate.
"Hey, what's in there?"
"Blood sports. I don't really see what people get so excited about--"


An Orc combatant fights against what looks to be a Salamander martial artist. The Orc grabs his opponent and drops him over his knee, only for the Salamander to spring to his feet, grab the Orc's tusks, and smash his head into the ground.

"That was great." you comment, fishing around the bag of candy you bought. You pop a little egg into your mouth, wait a few seconds for the shell to dissolve, and blow the dust out of your mouth. It forms a little dragon that circles you before flying back down your gullet.
"I should go do that if I need some cash. The art Sangre y Acero must be witnessed."
Rolland looks at you in surprise.
"You know martial arts?"
"It's more like brutal prison shanking and dirty tactics, but yeah. Hey, where do they keep the sex shops?"
"Far away from you. Come, it's time for dinner."

You go to a mid-range restaurant, due to monetary concerns. The important thing was the food's good, and there's an open stage, if you're interested.

>[]Go up. (Specify your act/song. If you don't care I'll just have you sing some David Bowie)
>[]See if anyone interesting goes up.
File: IMG_1104.jpg (245 KB, 838x1100)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
(I guess I'll post a lore bump)
Calaron paced back and forth in front of his nine best paladins. They had been through countless hardships for the Order. Hell, some of them had been fighting for almost as long as he had been in charge.
"...what we are facing is a serious threat to the Order's place in this world." he started.
"The abominable worshippers of that idiotic god Alagos--"
He spat the name out as if it were a disease.
"--have been making a name for themselves, what with the capture of Diluvium. And now their whore of an Imperator is going to be sitting at the same fucking table as me! ME! Taking action against her would be unwise in this city... at least, not until the Council is done with. We will swallow our pride for this Council, and then..."
His fist clenched.
"...don't tell me what you plan on doing to her. I'd rather not be able to tell the Voice when she brings me in."

(Also, would anyone be interested in an actual cyberpunk retread of the first arc?)
>[]See if anyone interesting goes up.
Sorry, was afc.
Huh, always saw the world of Arc 1 looking like blade runner.
File: Spoiler Image (45 KB, 400x358)
45 KB
>>1367282 (meh. I personally thought it could've used more mercs trying to kill/capture you and smart guns. Course, I didn't get comfortable with combat until Hell)
You eat your food and drown at the empty stage. Eventually, a cloaked woman comes up and stands before the magic vocal broadcast thing.
And from the look of her chest, she's got some fantastic knockers. Several people sit up and take notice.
The cloak falls off, and...
Two bulberries fall to the floor.
A walking talking skeleton is standing on the stage.
It waits just long enough for the silence to get awkward before continuing.

>[]Cheer him on. Can't wait to greentext this.
>[]Ignore him. Someone's fucking with you.
>>[]Cheer him on. Can't wait to greentext this.
Hmm, I like puns.
Bring it.
File: IMG_1324.jpg (42 KB, 300x457)
42 KB
You applaud for him. Fortunately, you're not the only one to do so, which would've been awkward. A few people seem spooked, probably suspecting necromancy.
He just used two 'bone' puns in a row...
He reaches into the discarded cloak and pulls out about six whole skeletons, assembling them into a macabre contraption.
Holding two femurs aloft, he begins playing an unsettling medley on the ribcages and skulls of his brothers, and it's actually pretty decent. Assuming you like the xylophone.
He grabs a flustered gentlewoman by the collar and hands her a pair of skulls.
The woman does so, tears streaming from her eyes.
The performance ends, and the skeleton takes a bow.
The skeleton and contraption collapses and tumbles into the cloak, which stand up and walks away, but not before handing you one of it's bulberries. (Bulbous berry. They swell to the size of melons)
The cloak disappears after leaving the restaurant.
"...yeah, I'd buy him." Gareth comments, cutting another bite off his steak.

>[]That was great. Let's go sleep.
>[]Give them another performance.
(I'm probably going to forget I wrote this and look back through the archives...)
I liked it. Might be me going mad though.
Finish the food, and go look for a night club, or a bar... a tavern? Go look for some fun, be it punching locale criminal scum or a rave.
File: IMG_1325.jpg (55 KB, 571x571)
55 KB
You finish up your food and hit the streets again, quickly drawn in by the bright lights of The Knight Club.
Magical energies flow through glass tubes like neon lights, and several hanging cages feature dancers from exotic races, as well as a few elemental spirits.
"Krystal, how did you get me in here..." Rolland sighs.
You walk up to the bar and order the first thing you see. The barkeep places a dark purple beverage in front of you, populated with floating green pulp bits.
"Cheer up and have some fun, Rolland."

>[]Ask if there's an illegal fighting ring in the basement.
>[]Turn to the edgy cloaked guy on your right. "What's your story?"
>[]Find someone attractive and get a room.
>>[]Turn to the edgy cloaked guy on your right. "What's your story?"
Might as well put those d&d skills to use, look for more quests. Quests for booty and booty
You hope it's the skeleton.
"Well. I'm trying to drink away my failures. Won't work, unfortunately--"
He turns and freezes upon seeing your face.
It's not the skeleton. It's Demon.
"God dammit, you're drinking HERE!? In the same fucking universe--no, COUNTRY I kicked your ass in?"
"I doubted I'd see you here..."

>[]Murder the seemingly innocent man in front of the whole club.
>[]Challenge him to a fight in the illegal ring in the basement.
>[]Fuck it. Cross 'edgeless faggot' off the 'had sex with' list. But get really drunk first.
>[]Ignore him.
Offer a truce while we're in the night club. We weren't looking for a fight, might as well not start one. Hell even offer buying him a drink.
You sigh and shake your head.
"Get this shithead a drink."
Demon looks at you in surprise.
"I'm only pissed at you if you're actively fucking with me. I don't really feel like fighting you right now."
He stares contemplatively into his drink.
"...that's a foolish attitude."
You take a gulp of your drink, relishing the burn as it pours down your throat.
"Well, I guess I'm a fool. Drink up, you can't forget if you don't actually consume anything."
He continues staring into his glass.
"Do you know where this comes from?"
"It's from a little village named Ür, on the bank of the Winewater river. The banks are the only place where Wineweed can thrive."
"Is there a point to this?" you grunt.
"That was my hometown."
You frown and continue drinking. Dammit, you don't want to empathize with this bastard.

>[]Well, your choices led you here. Just deal with it.
>[]Forget it. Whoever you were doesn't matter anymore. It's just a shitty little town.
>[]Yeah... that's gotta suck. How long was it since you were last there..?
Time to get philosophical.
>We aren't the same people we once were, every action we make and every action we don't, leads us to growth. We can grow cynical, hateful, loving, good, or evil. We can always take action to change our selves.
And the action I'll take is to get blind drunk.
Deepest statement I've ever made
"Every moment, we evolve and change slightly. Always going onward, like a--"
"Like a drill?"
"Shut up. The point is, the little kid who grew up in a wine village doesn't exist anymore. So dwelling on it won't get you anywhere."
You knock back your drink and order a double.
"So, since my Earth life doesn't really matter, I guess I'll just get drunk and forget it all."
Demon chuckles darkly.
"You'd be an expert on that."
You raise an eyebrow.
"Meaning I know your secret, Krystal."
You feel something creep into your thoughts. What is it... fear?
He can't know that. Nobody does. Not even the fucking voices in your head know.

>[]Ha! It's no secret I'm a slut, just drink.
>[]I have no idea what you're talking about.
>[]I bought you a drink, and this is how you repay me? Get out.
Again, doesn't matter. Right NOW I'm just a person looking to get drunk because of... well the drinks don't taste bad.
"Ha! I don't give a shit, I'm just trying to get wasted."
You order something different this time. Might sad we'll have some variety.
"...you don't care? What if I told your friends?"
You snort.
"Assuming they'd even believe you, they wouldn't give a shit either. Your problem is that you keep placing too much emphasis on past events."
Demon stands.
"I'll be leaving now."
"Yeah, well, remember that whatever shoved that stick up your ass has no validity anymore."
You shake your head and take a sip of your new drink.
Ooh! Sour.

>[]Look for someone you wouldn't mind laying.
>[]You've already got two of them, go to the tavern and get Jaylen to help you seduce the boys.
>[]You never got around to asking about that fighting ring...
>>[]You've already got two of them, go to the tavern and get Jaylen to help you seduce the boys.
See if Alagos wants to help bless his followers.
Uh... does 'bless' insinuate him coming over for sex?
I'm tired, your statement's confused me.
Yes, and I'm tired too. It's almost 3 in the morning, I need to get sleep.
On that note, good night stormster.
>>1367940 (goodnight, anon. And I thought 11 was late...)
You get back to the tavern and sit down on the bed.
"Whew. Those drinks were great."
Jaylen smiles and sits back in a chair.
"I know. It's way better than what I used to drink in Salamandria."
You lie down, staring at the ceiling.
«Hey, Alagos. You mind coming over for some fun?»
«That depends. What do you have planned?»

>[]One-on-one. I've really missed you.
>[]Ever done it with a Salamander? I'll help you out. (Threesome)
>[]Me and Jaylen are going over to say hi to the boys. Thought you might want to come over.
>>[]Me and Jaylen are going over to say hi to the boys. Thought you might want to come over.
File: IMG_0762.png (412 KB, 694x694)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
«Sounds pretty great, I'll--»
You can hear something shatter in the background of the telepathic conversation. Can it pick that up..?
«Okay, nevermind. Sasha's in a mood again. I'll send you help, though.»
A portal opens up in the room, and a brown-haired girl tumbles out, looking up at you from the floor.
"H-hi, Krystal. It's been awhile." Pris said.
Jaylen sat up, looking confused.

>[]Give her a big hug.
>[]You're supposed to call me 'mistress', you slut.
>[]It has, hasn't it...
>>[]Give her a big hug.
>[]You're supposed to call me 'mistress', you slut.
And let her remove the 'items.' They've been there for a while.
You pull Pris to her feet and give her a hug. As expected, you can feel rope under her clothes.
"You didn't call me 'mistress.' Don't do that again."
"Yes, mistress."
"Oh, yeah. That's Jaylen. Jaylen, this is Pris."
Jaylen waves. You sigh and pat Pris's head.
"Alright, take 'em out."
Pris sighs and lifts up her skirt, starting the process of removing all her vibrators.
"Uh... how many do you have?"
"About eight, now."
Where is she getting these...
"How do you even function?"
"I reduce the dopamine levels going to my CPU. It's just a pleasant buzz in the background."
She pulls the last one out of her ass. You open a portal and gesture for her to throw them through.
She doesn't seem happy about it, but she does so.
"Okay, Pris. You, me, and Jaylen are going next door to say hi to some nice guys."
She seems interested.
"Count me in, mistress!"
"That sounds nice, Krystal."
You pat the robot's head again and take a walk over to the guys' room.
Gareth looks up.
"Uh... do you need something? This room had a nice amount of testosterone before you walked in."

>[]Hey, Rolland! I need your help with something.
>[]Gareth, what do most of my friends have in common?
>[]Pris, give these nice gentlemen a good time.
>>[]Gareth, what do most of my friends have in common?
More than one religious sect is gonna get pissed at her and Alagos.
You sit next to Gareth and put a hand on his chest. He seems very uncomfortable with this.
"Gareth, do you know what a lot of my friends have in common?"
"...they're affiliated with an extreme religious sect that murders people, sometimes for profit."
"Well, yeah. But I was thinking more along the lines that I've had sex with them."
Gareth sighs and punches the bridge of his nose.
"That should've been my first guess."
"Well, I consider you a friend, shortstack."
You gesture at Pris and Jaylen.
"Go help my assistant. Okay, let's get these pants off... hey, it's bigger than I thought it'd be."
You spit on the tip and work on getting your clothes off, lying facedown on the bed.
"I'd be lying if I said I haven't wanted to do this." Gareth grumbles.
You smirk as he climbs over you before sending slimy tendrils to grab everyone in the room.


You groan as you roll over in bed, squinting at the sunlight streaming through the window.
Why is there a rope--oh, yeah. Pris.
She's awake and using some weird chemical to clean out the stains you've made.
"Hey... what time is it?"
"About ten o'clock, mistress."
Damn. You slept in pretty late.

>[]Skip to the meeting at two.
>[]Go see if they're still serving breakfast.
>>[]Go see if they're still serving breakfast.
Food, need energy.
File: image.png (1.25 MB, 1024x575)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
You hunt down your clothes and go downstairs, making a beeline for the counter.
"Hey, you still serving breakfast?"
"Yeah. Ten Wisps."
You cough up the money and sit down to eat. The rest of your party (minus Pris, she went home) join you shortly.


That afternoon, you step into the Grand Cathedral. It's a very descriptive name, as the cathedral is in fact very grand. It seems your counterparts have arrived before you, as several of them are socializing.
Your attention is drawn to the large, imposing man to the side. His armor would put a Chaos Marine to shame, and burns with astral fire. You catch him glancing at you. Must be Ruin's guy.
A few more figures stand out, like the obnoxiously pink-haired Imp chick prancing around in little more than strings and leading a gimp on a leash. There's also some guy covered in bandages chilling in the corner, and a young Salamander in a green robe arguing with an Orc wearing goggles.

Pick your plot hook.
Approach the chaos marine looking dude. Ask him what's up.
File: IMG_1328.jpg (31 KB, 208x450)
31 KB
You walk up to the Marine. Before you get a chance to speak, he sighs and turns to you.
"Krystal Tassoni..."
Oh, so he knows you?
"Of course I know you. My name is Calaron. I am the High Marshal for the Order of Ruin, and supreme commander of the Death Pauldrons."
Yeah, you kind of suspected that.

>[]So... why were there assassins from your Order trying to kill me two days ago?
>[]Offer a truce.
>[]Fight me. Outside, after the meeting.
Rolled 62 (1d100)

What did I do to draw your ire?
>[]So... why were there assassins from your Order trying to kill me two days ago?
And when talking fails,
>[]Fight me. Outside, after the meeting.
"Did I do something to piss you off?"
Calaron looks down at you.
"You, personally? Yes. But it was started by your god."
"I was there, Ruin jumped out of nowhere with a greatsword--"
"HERETIC! The point is that our gods are feuding, and thus, so are we. That's how it works."
Well, that makes sense. Maybe you could convince Ruin to leave Alagos alone...
Or maybe he'd just impale you on a spike and send you the long way back to Syreth.
"Well, can't we just arrange for some battles to take place instead of sending assassins?"
The High Marshal stiffened.
"Assassins? I know nothing about this. They must be angered at the comrades you killed."
The other leaders are looking over at you. Some of them are even eating while watching. Dicks.
You step away, quietly administering a healing spell to your vocal cords. Damn, he could shout.

Pick another plot hook.
>There's also some guy covered in bandages chilling in the corner,
Lets see if hanging out with him might cool us off.
You walk over to the bandage guy.
"I've never seen anyone on equal footing with Calaron in a shouting match. Impressive."
"No, thank you. That was the best thing to happen all day. Well, judging from the Symbol and earlier events, I'd say you're Krystal. You are... different then I expected."
Whore rumors, right? Why are people going around with that...
"Hearsay tells me you are quite noisy at night."
The man shakes his head.
"I forgot to introduce myself, didn't I..? Dolon, First Shadow of the Cult of Dae."
Oh... you killed a few of his guys a while ago. They were trying to assassinate you.
Dolon shrugs.
"I have no quarrel with you. They took the job, and they died trying to complete it. They knew the risks."

>[]So... bandages?
>[]I should go. Need to get to know people before the meeting. (Imp girl or the two arguing guys?)
>[]Ask about something else.
>>[]So... bandages?
He seems cool.
"So what's with the bandage, if you don't mind me asking?"
"I... ran afowl of an acidic specialist several years ago. I was required to wear bandages to prevent infection, but I still wear them about, even though I've healed. If I ever need to disappear, I can just dispose of them."
Huh. That's pretty useful. What happened to the mage?
"I redirected one of his spells back at him. He wasn't as fortunate as I."
Stone cold, too. This guy's cool.

>[]Well, good meeting you. (Go speak to another leader)
>[]Ask another question about him/the Cult.
>>[]Well, good meeting you. (Go speak to another leader)
>obnoxiously pink-haired Imp chick prancing around in little more than strings and leading a gimp on a leash.
Greetings then ask to pet the gimp
Mano means hand, so hand and woman?
>>1370231 (Krystal's got a higher WIS than INT. What matters is the fightan' spirit)
"Well, it was nice meeting ya."
You walk over to the Imp chick.
"Oh, look here, Rupert! It's her! Yes, I can sense the lust deep within her heart..."
You clear your throat.
"So, uh... you're Adasser's representative, I'm guessing?"
"Oh, no. He is."
She gestures at Rupert.
"...I see. The voices in my head told me to pet him, so..."
"Oh, go ahead. He loves being pet."
You rub your hand across the top of the gimp's head.

>[]Uh... so is this a religious thing, or...
>[]I'm sorry if Alagos has been cutting into your turf... I haven't really done much to discourage that.
>[]Yeeeeeah, I should be going now.
>>[]I'm sorry if Alagos has been cutting into your turf... I haven't really done much to discourage that.
Make new and exciting friends, then fuck them.
The Imp looks up at Rupert.
"Do you care?"
"It's fine, sweetie." the Imp winks at you.
"Oh, I never introduced myself! I'm Trysta. Nice to meet you!"
"Nice to meet you, too."
Trysta grins at you.
Bells ring, far up in the Cathedral. Two o'clock.
"Oh, we should be going. Here, take this."
The Imp reaches into a bag on her waist labeled 'booty call' and hands you a disgustingly bright and cheerful heart locket.
"You can use it to privately call me. Just whisper your password into it. Bye!"
You stuff the thing into your pocket.
"Uh... bye, Trysta. Bye, Rupert."
You're directed to your seat at a conference table. From what you can tell, the big chair is for the Voice or whoever, and the seats continue in a big circle around the room, looping back around to the big table. You're currently thirty-two seats away from the Voice's seat.
A white robes woman enters the room, prompting everyone to stand until she takes her seat. She looks... hey, that's Aeneth! You only saw her for a short while, but that's definitely her.
The room is silent for a long time.

>[]Wait for Aeneth to speak.
>[]...proposal to give the entire Order of Ruin anger management classes?
>>[]Wait for Aeneth to speak.
Don't piss off any more than you have to.
Aeneth clears her throat and speaks.
"Welcome, everyone. First, I'd like to get an introduction out of the way. You may notice that Finnigan is missing... a fact I'm sure none of you lament. This is due to Krystal Tassoni, Imperator of the Order of Alagos."
A few mumbled greetings ring out.
"Krystal has risen to the thirty-second position mostly in part of her reclamation of the port city of Diluvium. Now that that's been taken care of... any questions or concerns?"

Do you have any?
>As a neophyte, may I request a mentor to, ah, show me the ropes, as it were.
>And what is the rules for aggression and violence between members?
And with this suggestion, I must go to bed.
Good night Stormy
>>1370719 (night)
"Uh... is someone supposed to teach me all the rules and regulations? Like the rules for intersect conflict?"
Aeneth smiles.
"I can answer your questions after the general assembly. As for conflict... it's inevitable, due to the nature of the gods, but rules exist preventing any one Order from wiping out another. Does anyone else have anything they wish to discuss? And no, Trysta, the age limit will stay at sixteen."
The Imp pouts.
The rest of the meeting is pretty boring, consisting of complaints about the behavior of other orders and laments at the lack of faith these days.

"And now, I believe we are done. Any affairs that require private discussion may now be attended to. Krystal?"

>[]Uhhhhhhh I kind of have a 'meeting' with Calderon right now. I'll come back when that's done.
>[]I'm ready.
>>[]Uhhhhhhh I kind of have a 'meeting' with Calderon right now. I'll come back when that's done.
>>[]Uhhhhhhh I kind of have a 'meeting' with Calderon right now. I'll come back when that's done.
Lets show him who's stronger.
Aeneth sighs.
"I see. Well, make it quick if possible."
You didn't like the way she phrased that...
You walk out into the cathedral courtyard. Calaron made it here before you.
"Well, let's begin."
He draws a mace from his belt and shrugs a buckler onto his arm. The mace consists of a long iron shaft, on which a meteorite carved to be very spiky has been placed.
You draw your sword and shield, tapping into your magic reserves to electrify both.

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 3 (1d20)

Lets not get fubared too bad.
File: IMG_1330.jpg (50 KB, 590x350)
50 KB
Ha, this'll be a piece of cake.
Calaron runs forward, the meteor head of his mace erupting into flame.
Okay, not so much a piece of cake.
Calaron leaps about twenty feet into the air, bringing the meteor down toward you with deadly speed.
It's too late to run. You hold your shield up and brace yourself.
The mace SLAMS into your shield, knocking your arm into your face and sending you flying across the courtyard. You roll and crash into a tree, groaning as you stand up.
Calaron spreads his arms.
"That's it? This is what's been killing my men?"
You run toward the bastard, sword raised above your head. Just when he raises his buckler to block it, you clip under and punch him in the nose with your shield arm. A satisfying CRUNCH can be heard.

Roll 1d20.
>[]Introduce him to your guns.
>[]Disarm him, then beat him with your fists.
>[]Keep fighting as-is.
Rolled 3 (1d20)

>Disarm him, slime him, then beat him with his own fists.
AGAIN with the 3.
Seriously 3.
Next roll probably gonna be a 3 also.
File: IMG_1332.gif (556 KB, 300x225)
556 KB
556 KB GIF
You grab Calaron's mace and attempt to pull it from his hand. He simply lifts you up and tosses you aside before wailing on you.
(Now I rolled a three!)
You bring up your shield. Calaron just smacks it aside and keeps hitting you.
He shakes his head and leaves.
You stand up and cast your healing spell. At least he's not all that pissed at you anymore...
You limp back up to the conference room and slump into a seat.
"I take it your meeting didn't go that well?" Aeneth ventures.
"I see."

>[]So why are you pretending to be a mortal, anyway?
>[]That guy's a fucking psychopath! Give him some tranquilizers or something.
>>[]So why are you pretending to be a mortal, anyway?
"Ah, so you remember me. That's good."
Aeneth leans back in her chair.
"I suppose I just wanted to know what life was truly like down here. If I came down here as myself... well, there would be quite a stir. My current alias is... better, but not quite on the same level as a commoner. And this does allow me to help drop hints about what the gods really want done. Some of these people can be quite obtuse."
"Yeah, that's for sure. Some of the gods, too. Present company excepted."
Aeneth chuckled.
"You don't need to be so polite. I make it a point to never kill anyone unless it's absolutely necessary."

>[]So... conflict rules?
>[]Well, you're pretty important. I need to pay respect.
>[]Hey... when you edited my genetic structure and all that, why'd you leave in the sterility?
>>[]Well, you're pretty important. I need to pay respect.
And the mother of my er...
>[]So... conflict rules?
"Well, you're in charge of the entire universe, so I have to respect that. And you're the mother of my... uh... close friend."
"So you were going to tell me about those conflict rule things?"
"Yes... it boils down to several main concepts. First, you must have a good reason for fighting (the gods' week-long feuds aren't good reasons, but what can you do), you must both keep hostilities to similar levels (no razing a city over two people dying), and wiping an Order out entirely is not allowed under any circumstances."
Sounds reasonable.
"It's best to keep it simple. These can be boiled down even further; 'don't be a dick'."

>[]Ask her another question.
>[]Go back to the tavern.
>>[]Go back to the tavern.
Wanna go grab a beer, or mead?
"I better get back to the tavern... want a drink?"
Aeneth waves you along.
"I'm fine. If I went outside, It'd cause a minor riot."
Well, her loss.
"Ah, and let me heal your injuries. After all, the Order of Aeneth is dedicated to helping the injured, after all."
You feel much better.
"No problem."
You leave the Cathedral, bumping into some guy running at full speed past you and making gagging noises.
It's got to be significant that this doesn't faze you.
You continue on your way, passing the various government buildings and attractions. What time was it... like, five?
And what in the hell is Alagos doing going into that alley?

>[]Follow him.
>[]No, I'm not getting involved with this shit. It's probably stupid, anyway.
>>[]Follow him.
Eh, see what is going on, don't have to interfere. Don't even have to let Alagos know. We just nosy.
You follow behind Alagos, doing your best to move without your armor making noise. Naturally, he quickly recedes from your sight.
You peek around a corner at an abandoned plaza. Alagos sits cross-legged in the center, eyes closed. It starts raining.
A cup of steaming tea appears in Alagos's hand, which he drinks heedless of rainwater.
The cup disappears, and Alagos sighs, then gets up and walks over to a wall...
And proceeds to beat the shit out of it. He grabs a brick and starts eating it before going back to his task.

>[]...are you okay?
>[]Watch in silence.
Eating the brick worries me, but lets see where this goes.
>[]Watch in silence.
Alagos keeps tearing at the wall, hurling bricks everywhere. Some of them embed themselves in walls.
"Why'd I go and eat that, it was a bad idea--AAAAAAAAA!"
A revenant reaches out from a hole in the wall and groans. Alagos pulls it out and starts stomping on it. It's quickly reduced to scraps of bone and flesh, unable to hold itself together anymore.
The god of storms sits down next to the destroyed wall and takes out a sheet of paper.
"Let's see... one, two, FOUR months left. About halfway through."
He hangs his head.
"It's not that bad, really. I mean, she's only gone for the flamer once. But... what am I supposed to do? I can't raise a kid. Sasha might be a good mom, but what would having Pris around do? Fuck, I look like I've been doing meth."

>[]Eating bricks? I don't think this is worth that.
>[]Silently leave. You don't want to be around if he has a breakdown and starts snorting rock dust.
Scare the bejeasus outa him.
Even though you are a god, you can still ask for help. You got me, and your mom. Heck you even have a pantheon of siblings. You aren't alone.
"Hi, Krystal."
"I kind of keep tabs on my Imperator. I've got a lock on your electrical field. And, ya know... I've never actually seen Kasai."
"Oh, you should. He's adorable, when he's not trying to burn the castle down or crying his lungs out."
"Oh, yeah. The castle that might get repossessed. You have my full support for that meeting, by the way. I'll see if I can arrange for Brannor's pacemaker to give out if you're in trouble."
"I appreciate the thought..."

>[]You need a hug.
>[]Well, I should be going.
>[]...you free now?
>>[]You need a hug.
If he objects, do it anyway.
File: IMG_1334.jpg (50 KB, 320x480)
50 KB
You sigh.
"You need a hug."
"I wouldn't want to--"
"You need a hug, you stupid fuck."
You walk over and wrap your arms around him. He's cold.
Alagos hesitates, then returns your hug.
"Huh... you were right."
"Like always."
"Okay, that's not at all true."
He's warmed up a little bit.
"Shut up... you okay now?"
"Yeah. I'll be fine."
You draw away from each other.
"Are you crying?"
"Wha--no, I don't cry. It's the rain. You're the one who's crying! And don't put your hood up, it makes you look like Demon."
Alagos lowers his jacket's hood.
"Yeah, I wouldn't want that. See you around, I'll be seeing Kasai soon."
He walks away and disappears in a flash of lightning.


You place your armor on top of a coffee table and walk to the bath, trying not to get the floor all wet.
"Krystal! What happened, did the council go longer than expected?" Jaylen asks, drying your armor off with a towel.

>[]Just comforting a god in the rain.
>[]Giving someone parental advice.
>>[]Just comforting a god in the rain.
Something wrong?
"I was just giving a god a hug. Something wrong?"
"No, just wondering where you were."
You slip your clothes off and lie down in the bath. The rain wasn't gross and polluted like back home, but you still prefer the warm bath water.

>[]Get dinner, then go to sleep early. You have a whole day to waste tomorrow.
>[]Come in, Jaylen! The water's warm.
>[]Just gonna rest my eyes for a second...
>>[]Just gonna rest my eyes for a second...
Don't accidentally drown.
"Ugh... what a day."
You close your eyes for just a moment...


You awaken. Jaylen is softly snoring in the bed next to yours. On your nightstand is a plate of food, now cold. You don't care, you're too hungry.
You sit up and take a bite of a roll, taking care not to leave crumbs everywhere. It's a little warm on the inside...

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 8 (1d20)

Please no food poisoning, or any poisoning really.
File: IMG_1306.jpg (80 KB, 752x1063)
80 KB
>>1373708 That's too subtle for the Order of Ruin.
Something hot and thin constricts around your throat. You clutch at it, flailing your arms in an attempt to break free.
You manage to get brief respite by grabbing your assailant by the collar. Red cloth. Fiery symbol.
Another assassin.

Roll 1d20.
>[]Slime away.
>[]Get out a gun. No mercy.
>[]Get her off you. Least you can do is offer her a fair fight.
Rolled 10 (1d20)

>>[]Slime away.
When in doubt, slime choice.
You liquefy and start to slip away from the assassin. She pulls out a bag and throws it over you. You can't get out.
They did their research...
There's only one exit now, and it's toward an assassin who's readying a fire spell.

Roll a d20 and plan your next action.
Rolled 16 (1d20)

Lasers, TO THE FACE!
The assassin looks down into the bag.
"Die, harlot."
You take the moment to unleash a laser straight into her face.
She remains impressively quiet, despite getting laser'd.
You reform and coat yourself in your protective sheen.
She wakes up, sees the situation, and grabs her whip.
"Damn." the assassin mutters. She whips her garrote toward Jaylen, wrapping the weight around her neck.

Roll another d20.
>[]Shoot her.
>[]Sever that cord. Jaylen choking would be problematic.
>[]Stab her. Her weapon's not able to be used properly right now.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

I want to slime cover her head, but
>[]Sever that cord. Jaylen choking would be problematic.
You grab your sword and bring it down into the fiery cord. It shatters, disappearing completely.
The assassin takes a knife out of her cloak and throws it. You dodge, giving Jaylen room to slash at her with her whip. You move in and smash the assassin over the head with your sword pommel. She crumples to the ground.

What do you do with her?
>[]Gauss the body.
>[]Give her to the city watch.
>[]Tie her up. You can have some fun getting information out of her.
inb4 Burglar-Chan becomes part of the harem
Eh not really into harem myself, but lets get some information out of her anyway.
You tie up the assassin, looping a rope around a doorknob. She wouldn't be getting out of that easily.


You awake with a pounding headache and a parched throat.
"Ha! She's finally awake. Jaylen, get some water."
Your captor holds a cup to your lips. You drink greedily while glaring up at her.
Krystal. This bitch has been marked by Calaron. She needs to die.
"Well, we should get started posthaste. The sooner you talk, the sooner you can go."

>[]Tell her everything.
>[]Give her your name, rank, and date of birth.
>[]Spit in her face. (Roll 1d20)
Better mash that circle button
Was gonna go
>[]Spit in her face. (Roll 1d20)
But i'll go
>[]Give her your name, rank, and date of birth.
Better not get too personal.
File: IMG_1336.jpg (74 KB, 774x1032)
74 KB
"My name is Bariel. I was born twenty-three years ago, on the fourteenth of Quadníl. I am a grunt in the First Red Angels."
"The big three, huh? Well..."
Krystal paces the room. You briefly wonder what sort of land has that style of clothing she wears...
"You mind telling me about these Red Angels? And why Calaron sent you after me?"

>[]Remain silent. (1d20)
>[]Sure. She'd find out anyway.
>[]Give her misinformation (write-in)
Rolled 11 (1d20)

>>[]Remain silent. (1d20)
Didn't submit the message again
Sorry stormy, I gonna have to go to bed.
Good night.
>>1374500 (g'night, anon. Happy Easter, btw)
You remain silent.
"Ah. Don't want to give up your friends or some shit. Well, pain tends to change that sort of thing..."
Krystal slaps you across the face, burned from her laser. It hurts, but you contain yourself. It's just a slap, after all.
Krystal grabs you by the shoulder and sends waves of electricity through you. You scream, but you still don't tell her anything.
"Bariel. You have open burns on your face. You've just been shocked. There's time for you to get to a healer, there won't even be a scar if you're fast enough. But if you don't tell me anything... well, have you ever seen infection?"

>[]...fine. I'll tell you.
>[]Remain silent.
>[]Fuck you.
>>[]...fine. I'll tell you.
We've already failed, we probably need to run.
"Alright, I'll tell you!"
You take a deep breath before spilling the info.
The First Red Angels is a regiment of the Death Pauldrons created solely for screwing with Krystal. It is supplied with three hundred grunts, led by nine elites. Calaron doesn't give them any orders, so they're technically a rogue group. You were sent here to gauge the tavern defenses, but decided to try your hand at getting Krystal killed yourself.
Krystal stands over you and nods slowly.
"Good. Now go."
She unties you and smacks you on the ass. You take off for the nearest medic, fighting back your shame.


"You think she's gonna be back?" Jaylen asks, worriedly.
"Probably. I might have to kill her eventually..."

Well. What do you do with the rest of your day?
Find out how she got in, and plan the return trip.
But first, get some souvenirs for the loved ones back home.
And maby get something for Alagos and Sasha, like something she might crave or can use to help with back pains or something.
"Now, how did she..."
It doesn't take long to find the intruder's point of entry. The window was left open.
You look out.
...yeah, you wouldn't want to go along that ledge. Maybe if you knew it led to Calaron.
"Why was this window unlocked."
"It was hot..."
Whatever. She probably would've found a different way regardless.
You sit down and pick at your breakfast. Shit, it got cold while you were busy.
"What should I do about that wolf..."

>[]Sell it.
>[]Have Crystal teleport over and ride it back.
>[]Just ride it myself. It'll be slower than flying, but damn if it isn't a good wolfy friend.
>>[]Just ride it myself. It'll be slower than flying, but damn if it isn't a good wolfy friend.
War mount.
File: IMG_1342.jpg (23 KB, 512x512)
23 KB
You finish your breakfast and stand up.
"Jaylen, go sell my eagle. Or loan it to someone wanting to go to Diluvium, whichever. I need to go buy some souvenirs."
You leave the tavern (in full armor, of course. Sometimes comical, but you're not going to get jumped today) and take a walk around town.
Let's see... they've got that food machine from Hitchhiker's, so you don't have to worry about cravings. Sasha could probably do with some pillows, though.
You stride into a furniture shop, which looks pretty posh, like everything else in this city. Lots of lace and dark wood.
The cashier looks up at you.
"Er... what can I do for you, sir?"
You raise your helmet's faceplate.
"It's ma'am. And, uh, I need some pillows for a pregnant friend."
The cashier nods.
"I see. Well, we just received several shipments of wyvern down. How many do you think you'll need?"
"Uh... three."
If nothing else, she could use some at the table.
Your eyes nearly big out when you hear the price, but it's for Sasha. You part with the money, take the pillows into your arms, and leave.
These were pretty soft. Mm, and warm...
"--so you knock on the door and fire that crossbow into her face."
"Got it."
It seems like two assassins just passed you. And they didn't notice 'cause of the pillows.
You stop on your way home to buy a ring for Tsuyoi and a little dragon toy for Kasai. You're not sure whether to be relieved or worried that fireproofing was standard for these...
You somehow manage to open the door to your room and deposit your purchases on the bed. Jaylen's still missing.

>[]«Alagos, I've got a present.»
>[]Wait for those assassins to come by.
>>[]Wait for those assassins to come by.
but move the presents out of the line of fire.
You sit near the door, shield propped next to your feet.
Eventually, someone knocks on your door.
You hold your shield up and open the door. A crossbow bolt pings off.
You hit the assassin with a lightning bolt and take his crossbow before closing the door again.
Just to be sure, you open the window. The other assassin hangs from the sill, staring up at you.
You smash his fingers with the butt of the crossbow. He lets go, screaming in terror. You toss the crossbow after him. Don't need it.
Another knock. You open the door with your shield raised again.
"...uh, Krystal? I let someone borrow your eagle to get to Diluvium."
You lower your shield.

>[]Now, help me hand these pillows off to Alagos.
>[]I just fended off another assassination attempt. It was great, you should've been there.
>>[]Now, help me hand these pillows off to Alagos.
Deliver the presents, and a kiss.
"Help me with these, will you?"
Jaylen grabs a pillow.
"So, what are these for?"
"Alagos's girlfriend got pregnant. I bought these so she can relieve some back pain."
«Alagos, I have presents.»
The god promptly appears in a flash of lightning.
"Hey, Kr--Jaylen, its fine, please stop kneeling. What's up, Krystal?"
"Got Sasha some pillows. How's the couch?"
Alagos gives you a disapproving stare as he takes the pillows.
"I was getting used to the couch. Then Sasha took it."
"Aw, shit."
"Well, it's a good thing I love her, or I probably would've kicked her out by now."
You give him a kiss.
"Good thing I didn't kick you out of my place. Then I wouldn't be here."
Alagos sighs.
"Well, now I owe you about twelve favors. Keep the good work up."
He disappears.
Jaylen smiles and hugs you.
"Oh, it's so exciting! Our god's going to have a child, and it'll come to our plane and kill all the heretics!"

>[]Uh, sure. You want a kiss, too?
>[]I'll be looking forward to it. Now, let's see about an early lunch.
I don't think so, she's half demon.

Is it a she op?
I forget.
>>1376879 (yep. Childhood friend shit with Kasai incoming)
"Well, she might not want to kill people. She'll probably have to, though. If she comes down here..."
You frown. Kasai's gonna have to learn combat training, isn't he.
"Well, I'm hungry."
"Me, too."
You walk downstairs and grab some soup. The rest of your party joint you.
"Haven't seen you two around." Gareth comments. "Heard you, though. What was that about prostitutes?"

>[]Just shitting on assassins without even trying. No actual prostitutes.
>[]Yeah, I called some over to have wild steamy sex with me and Jaylen. We've got venereal diseases now, I think.
>[]I don't remember saying that...
>>[]Yeah, I called some over to have wild steamy sex with me and Jaylen. We've got venereal diseases now, I think.
Heh Offer to share.
Why does 4 chan not like me and my responses?
>>1377208 (I must have a fantastic internet connection, 'cause I never have any problems)
"Yeah, I got bored and called some hookers in. Now I'm getting some weird pustules on my nethers. Want some?"
"Fuck no."
"The ones on my face haven't sprouted yet--"
"Gods above, no, ew."
Jaylen looks at you.
"I didn't see any--"
"They fled out the window. Shy things, those sewer dwellers."
Gareth sighs and stabs at the vegetables in his soup.
"What's that expression you use? 'Jesus tap-dancing Christ'?"
Rolland nods.
"I'll have to agree with Gareth."

>[]So what should we do today?
>[]I'll tell you what we're gonna do today, we're gonna ______, and it's gonna be great.
>[]Are you sure you don't want any? I could give you some pus to inoculate you.
Satellite internet.
And bad weather.
>[]I'll tell you what we're gonna do today, we're gonna ______, and it's gonna be great.
. explore
"Okay, let's go explore now."
You stuff the dregs of your soup into your mouth and stand.
"What? We've been doing that our whole stay here."
"Just shut up and come along."
You wander through the streets, stopping at several landmarks. There's a fountain that spews snow instead of water, a small section of the city entirely designed for artistic purposes (lots of previously-blank walls) and some of the royal grounds (the rest wasn't open to the public. Indeed, the sections you went in usually aren't either). You're rather impressed with the parade grounds, which were, to be blunt, fucking huge. They probably stage mock battles here.
The gardens were nice as well, you think. It was one of the restricted areas, due to the Queen supposedly on her afternoon stroll. You thought you might've saw her, but it was probably just a handmaiden. She wasn't showing off enough skin to be a noblewoman.

>[]Search for something specific.
>[]Go to the parade grounds and have a four-way battle.
>[]Continue onward. May as well see what else you can find that's interesting.
>>[]Continue onward. May as well see what else you can find that's interesting.
Adventuring doesn't end till someone finds treasure
You continue through plazas, alleys, streets, and thoroughfares until dark, grabbing some food along the way. The magic-powered lighting kicks on, lighting up the entire mountain the city's built on.
You whistle as you look out over the cityscape.
"We didn't find any treasure..." Gareth laments. You pat his head.
"Silly Imp. Our treasure was all these memories we've made."
"Pretty shitty treasure."
You sigh and go back to the tavern, going up to recline in the bathtub once again.

>[]Jaylen, want to help me relieve some stress? It'd probably help me do better tomorrow.
>[]Just finish up and go to sleep.
(And with that, I need to sleep as well)
Good night stormy
Morning, anons. And it is good, since I only had a slight urge to detonate the warheads.
Need to leave in about forty minutes, so post them replies posthaste.
>>[]Just finish up and go to sleep.
We got some sleep, let her get some sleep.
You wash yourself off, put your bedclothes (just your underwear, really) and go to sleep.


You wake up and get breakfast. The court thing is around ten, so you need to get going.

(I'm gonna call the thread here. It's a good stopping point, and we're almost at page ten. We'll skip to Krystal's trial thingy)
File: IMG_1280.jpg (159 KB, 640x1136)
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159 KB JPG
New thread.

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