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Welcome to Dragonball: Blue Star Quest! Taking place in the world of Dragonball, This quest will differ in that it is set many years after the Buu saga and the Z-Fighters are nothing more than legends now. You, the Readers/Players, will control the destinies of Nodal, Mallow, and Roni and their adventures of exploration and growing stronger as fighters.

>>Previous threads


I will update the story. At the end of the update I will either give story progression options or you will battle against opponents with dice rolling based attacks. After an undetermined amount of time I will tally up the decisions and continue the story based on your choices. Battles/Dice Rolling events will be the best roll out of the first FIVE rolls (First roll, first served). Lets have some fun with this.

>>Current Saga

Senzu Stalk Saga
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Two long years had past since Mallow, Nodal, and Roni had started their training with the protector of the Senzu Stalk, Mother Senzu. In that time, the three fighters had grown in power and ability by mastering the basic harnessing power of Ki. They could control their inner power and knew how to use it in projectile form. Mother Senzu had grown as well, learning many things from her three students. She had taken a seat under the shade of the tall Senzu Stalk, waiting for the three students to return from an errand.

"Mother Senzu! We're back!" Mallow called out as the three descended from the air.

Mother Senzu opened her eyes from meditation to see Mallow, Nodal, and Roni flying in from the sky. "It still surprises me how fast you three learned to fly."

Nodal was the first to land. As he did he dropped to his knees in front of the fox. "We delivered the Senzu Beans to the village Mother Senzu. They were very thankful for your generosity."

Mother Senzu smiled as Mallow and Roni landed shortly after Nodal. "You three have grown so much since the first day I met you. It is time for me to teach you one final lesson before sending you back out into the world."

Mallow tilted her head in confusion. "One final lesson?"

Mother Senzu got to her feet and led the students into the open bay area where they all had fought and defeated Captain Tall Tide so many years ago. "Roni, You mastered the Blazing Fox Fists technique with ease, and while that is a great attack, its not the best attack for any of your abilities. The same goes for you two."

The three fighters nodded, giving Mother Senzu their full attention. "This final lesson will have you all develop your own created technique using your Ki."

A big smile washed over the three students faces simultaneously.

"Get in position and start channeling your Ki." Mother Senzu ordered.

>Roll three times to harness your Ki
Rolled 49, 52, 86 = 187 (3d100)

Sure, let's see how this goes
Nodal struggled but finally manifested Ki between his open hands like Mallow and Roni. "AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!"

The three fighters began to ignite their auras around their bodies as they grew the strength of their Ki.

"Good. Now focus your energy inwards and tell your body to produce this energy in its own special way." Mother Senzu followed her own instructions as she produced her Blazing Fox Fists.

Roni focused his energy and stepped forward.

>Tidal Wave - A wave of energy is created from Roni's hands

>Wild Fist - A blast of energy shot from Roni's fist as he punches forward

>Summoned Speed - Roni captures his so I within his body which then doubles his speed

>Create an attack for Roni
>Summoned Speed - Roni captures his so I within his body which then doubles his speed

Enemies can't hit what they can't catch. This seems like the most useful.
Roni closed his eyes and brought his hands together causing the energy in his hands to disappear. his aura turned into a blazing white color as he opened his eyes.

"SUMMONED SPEED!" Roni yelled as he exploded from the spot where he stood. The dirt and dust around him shot backwards as he sprinted forward in a blinding flash.

Mallow steadied her breathing and stepped forward.

>Depth Locker - A square box of Ki is formed as Mallow traps her opponent in the locker and explodes it

>Summon Fear - Mallow waves her hands in a spinning motion above her head and creates an energy construct in the shape of a sea monster

>Plunder Bomb - Mallow raises one hand above her head and creates a ball of Ki. She then spikes the energy towards her enemy like a volley ball

>Create an attack for Mallow
>Plunder Bomb - Mallow raises one hand above her head and creates a ball of Ki. She then spikes the energy towards her enemy like a volley ball
Mallow raised her hand above her head and puts her palm towards the sky. After a few seconds of concentration a ball of energy forms slightly above her hand.

"PLUNDER BOMB!" Mallow tossed the ball of energy up with ease. As the ball started to descend back towards her she reared back and slapped it with her opposite handsending it into the ocean where it exploded creating a giant splash.

Mother Senzu smiled at the current display of Ki from her students. She turned to the final display from Nodal.

>Spirit Daggars - Medium sized energy blades form at the ends of Nodal's hands

>Spirit Shield - A large circular shield made of energy forms at Nodal's wrist to protect him

>Spirit Stampede - Nodal charges toward his enemy and launches a blast of energy from the top of his head
>Spirit Shield

Need at least one defensive.
Nodal struggled but finally raised his arm in front of his body in a defensive stance. "SPIRIT SHIELD!"

A circle of Ki formed in front of Nodal giving him protection. Nodal whipped his arm back causing the Spirit Shield to dissipate. Nodal bowed to Mother Senzu respectfully. "Thank you for everything you have done for us."

Mother Senzu walked forward and hugged all three of the fighters. After parting from their embrace Mother Senzu handed each fighter a small bag. "Your journey is only just beginning. You will be traveling through the Diablo Desert. Its going to be harsh and these Senzu Beans will help you."

Mallow excitedly opened up her bag and inspected the treasure she had finally found. "Thank you Mother Senzu."

After saying their goodbyes, Nodal, Roni, and Mallow gazed into the landscape of the Diablo Desert.

>Head toward a large smoke cloud

>Head toward a large mountain formation

>Head toward a vast emptiness
Good to see you not dead Caff
Seriously? Get out of here
"The smoke cloud looks ominous." Mallow pointed into the desert toward the black cloud.

Mother Senzu covered her eyes from the sunlight to see better. "That's a village that I supply with Senzu Beans!"

Roni, Mallow, and Nodal understood their mission. "We'll check it out." Roni said.

The three fighters began their trek into the desert.


What awaits Nodal, Roni, and Mallow in the Diablo Desert? Find out next time on Dragonball: Blue Star Quest!

Thanks for participating in the quest. Feel free to question, comment, or discuss Dragonball BSQ. The next part will be coming soon.

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