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"God forgives those who ask of it, and show a desire to truly repeat. What you are doing now and shown when you aided us in that you wish to not be part of an endless cycle. Wither you know it or not, You have taken a step into the light of the Father and he in turn has started to take you in."
>"I hope what your saying is true. I can't tell. Normally I can smell lies. But you seem at least assured enough that you believe what you're saying."
>Allison speaks,
>"Wait, you can smell lies?"
>"Just about anyone who has committed sin just has a certain scent. If they have a history of that sin, we get sort of a brief look into their history."
"What the heck does that mean?"
>"It just means we know when you've done something bad basically."
"Oh.. Well, I'm curious, how did the Malformed come about?"
>"Well the most popular theory seems to be some kind of 'original sin' on the humans part. We sort of just came into existence and I guess behaved according to our inherent design in nature."
"That kind of lines up with what Gurnyop was saying."
>After a few more days and nights you finally see this place.
>"Brr.. A-anon, please.. Tell me we're close to our destination."
"We're close."
"You can see it over there, that large.. Large.. Really large. Dang, how big was this little northern town supposed to be anyway?"
>Veronica inquires,
>"What's it called?"
"Cydasis, guess the people there must have really thrived!"
Within an hour you arrive at the front gate.
>And it's pretty clear that something is wrong.
>Allison looks nervous.
>"C-can you feel that Anon?"
"Yes.. It feels like, sin, pure evil."
>"I wanted to say something earlier, this is one of our cities."
"A Malformed city?"
"You're an Agent aren't you? Can you get us in?"
>She places her hands on you, the Pixies, and Allison.
>You feel a tingling sensation.
>"There, you're disguised."
>"Malformed are the masters of illusion. You'll pass as awakened Malformed now."
>"Be warned, this city will likely be a place of suffering, torture, madness and death. To the humans it will seem like hell itself. A place where the damned can never rest."
>Your heart is pounding.
>"Do you still wish to enter?"
"We have to. I want to set this city free from evil!"
>"In order to do that, you'd have to kill the agent in charge. If the agent in charge dies the Malformed hold on it will be lost, and the souls of the humans will be freed."
"Then.. We must!"
>"Very well then human. But don't say I didn't warn you."
>She places her hand on the giant 40 foot door.
>It slowly opens up.
>You and the rest of your group enter steeling yourself for whatever unspeakable horrors lie within.
>Bright shining neon signs cover the city.
>A bustling city with a size that rivals Hausterien. Buildings that reach up into the sky.
>Horseless carriages with Malformed inside drive down the road.
>The 'ceiling' seems to be night, and is entirely different from the cold day you entered from.
>It's actually rather warm and comfortable here.
>You and the group cautiously explore the city.
>You can't seem to hear any screams of the damned or suffering humans.
"Uh.. This city certainly is.. Interesting."
>Fouella speaks.
>"This.. This isn't right. Look! Over there, a human out of his damnation chamber."
>"And then he tries to get me to come back to his place. I don't care what kinda automobile he's driving, with a face like that, I wouldn't sleep with him in a hundred years!"
>A horned human male and human female are walking arm and arm down the strip.
>"W-what madness is this? Who's the Malformed running this place?"
>Suddenly you see some kind of guy with big demon horns in a white suit and a crown on his head.
>He has a giant metal block which he's talking into.
>"Sorry, can't babe, not tonight! Look I know it's our anniversary but I'm busy! A-at the casino? What makes you say that?"
>Fouella angrily charges up to him.
>Upon her approach he puts his block away and seems nervous.
>"O-oh my, an agent! Er, what uh, perfect timing! Uh, how goes that whole conquering of humanity. You know, normally you guys drop off a letter before you arrive. It's just common courtesy."
>"Where are the torture chambers?
>"Babe this is torture."
>You cautiously approach the two of them.
>"Who are you and what have you done to this city? Why are the humans running free?"
>"Easy easy look, my name is Noaire, heres my card."
>He hands her a piece of paper with his name on it.
>She throws it on the ground.
>"You're gonna be in big trouble when the other agents get here."
>He suddenly grins.
>"Yeah, and what about those humans in your entourage? Pretty sure that's a violation of protocol too."
>"T-this is.. Well."
>"Come up to my suite, sounds like we got stuff to talk about."
>You're in Noaires suite up on a very high room which overlooks the city.
>He's pouring a glass of what appears to be wine.
>"This wine was made from the essence of human suffering 50 years ago. It's vintage."
>He hands her a cup.
>She sips it.
>"Wow, that's pretty good."
>He offers you a cup.
>"One for you too priesty?"
"I-i'm good."
>"Oh I forgot, you priest types don't like wine. Sorry, that was in bad taste."
>He gives a hearty laugh.
>Allison speaks.
>"So, you're awfully accommodating for a Malformed Agent."
>Fouella chimes in,
>"Yeah, what exactly is the deal here?"
>"The 'deal' my friend is.. Well to put it simply, I got bored! Here I had this rinky-dink town in the middle of nowhere we conquered about 100 years ago. We tortured the humans, made them suffer for a long time. Blah-dee-blah, and do the higher ups in Fauland EVER write? No! We just hold this position for them and do what they tell us. We got tired of the same things. And then the humans down in the torture rooms had these great ideas to build a new city! With better roads! Quicker transportation's! So we let em out for a little while to work on that. And I dunno, we kinda got used to em. But we still needed them to sin right?"
>"Yeah, how did you work past that sin thing?"
>"Easy! We built an entire CITY OF SIN. Gambling, crime, strippers, debauchery and let's not forget greed! I always say if you're not greedy you're gonna be needy!"
"So, none of that torture stuff?"
>He snickers.
>"Oh I wouldn't say that. Some of the humans are into that stuff if you catch my drift."
>He winks at you.
>Fouella has a worried look on her face.
>"But, won't you get in trouble if the higher ups ever come up here?"
>"They have! We usually just put on the show for them. It's kind of a tradition. Listen, those windbags are gonna fight their wars down in that forsaken pit till the end of time itself. I'm a Malformed for crying out loud! A demon! I'm greedy and I got one life! I'm certainly not gonna miss out on all this fun just because some guy miles away tells me I shouldn't!"
>Suddenly the door opens.
>"Honey. There you are! You should have told me you had guests."
>A pretty blonde woman in a short dress comes out.
>She slings herself over him smiling.
>Fouella raises an eyebrow.
>"Who is this?"
>"T-this is uh.. Well she's-"
>She reaches out her hand to Fouella.
>She shakes it.
>"I'm Darlene, I'm Noaires wife."
>"W-wife? You got married!? To a human!?"
>"I-it's not that simple! I mean, you know, one minute we were just fooling around and you know it just-"
>"You really fell in love with a human?"
>"Love is a pretty strong word Fouella! It's more like uh, a mutually beneficial coexistence where we see each other all the time."
>Fouella sighs.
>"And I thought I was a terrible agent."
>"Humans won you over too though huh?"
>"It's not like I asked for this!"

What will you do?
>Laugh, and laugh but not evily but finding it all funny before smiling.

>The Lord works in strange ways, We actually presented her with a chance too see humanity at both sides which is why we we're traveling to rid the malformed who are simply feeding on madness and sin like wild animals.
>If you can permit us to look around and see if what you say is true, Then I would have no reason to harm you if it is truly as beneficial as you state Noaires, If I may call you that.
>Also are... malformed like you able to have children with humans? I know you are married and its not my place but I doubt you still have a preist here to bathize any child and you know, gotta make sure those who want it are provided in the lords light.

Greed? It sure as fuck ain't Wrath.
"I will admit, I did not expect an example of humans and Malformed living together without both sides locked in an endless and fruitless battle to show itself to us so soon. As a priest, I have to say I am against all this sinning. But as a human, I have to say that a mutually beneficial society where the sins of humans are eaten by Malformed is much preferable to the constant fighting and dying.
"Though I am worried about how all this sin stains a human's soul; does it not weigh against them in the afterlife?"

Because if the Malformed act as sin-eaters and basically clean up a person's soul right before death, then yeah, this is the best of both worlds: sin all you want in life, and then get your entire soul's sin zeroed out right before you have to go to meet your judgement.
But that sounds wrong.
It was one thing to have Malformed eat the desire to sin out of us, another to just sin without restraint and have them feed off of that.
I must say though, this is just a lesser version of Alpek, focused on Greed rather than Lust. Not what I expected from a Malformed city.
Noarie seems to lack any true loyalty to the mass, perhaps we can come to an agreement with him similar to that of Foeulla?
Let the people, without being manipulated, chose what path they want, and offer to give guidance to those that does.
This too.
Considering how he already married a human, it should be relatively easy compared to the Lust Priest.

True, although in this case he isn't trying to channel all the sin in the city for UNLIMITED POWA.
Yeah, Noarie isn't nearly as much as an asshole as Porn Guy
This place will serve well as financial center of the empire. Imagine all the tithe the church could collect here!

Ahem. Shoo. Well then.
>The excessive obsession with material things only drive us away from Lord. It's certainly less unpleasant for the people here to be fed upon in this manner, but the end result is the same - eternal separation from His light.

Pray and ask the Lord to relieve these beings from their dependency on evil.
Good night yall.
Do you ever just feel like the only awakened among a group of primus?
Anon, that's the sin of Pride speaking
Go home and pray.
I wanna fuck sloth. That's about it and gang rape the fairies
Ah man, I wanna reee too.
I'm actually a different anon, I know we cannot lewd them without going through the marrige thing.
Who will win the anonbowl?
The winged popette?
A penitent demon?
Someone not yet revealed?
>implying Clarity knows anon exists
>implying Winged Popette isn't pulling a Lucifer.
>implying that I implied such an implication
>You laugh finding it all funny.
"I will admit, I did not expect an example of humans and Malformed living together without both sides locked in an endless and fruitless battle to show itself to us so soon. As a priest, I have to say I am against all this sinning. But as a human, I have to say that a mutually beneficial society where the sins of humans are eaten by Malformed is much preferable to the constant fighting and dying. Though I am worried about how all this sin stains a human's soul; does it not weigh against them in the afterlife?"
>Noaire chuckles.
>"Wouldn't know. Glad you find the situation so tolerable priest. Frankly didn't expect that."
"The Lord works in strange ways, We actually presented her with a chance too see humanity at both sides which is why we we're traveling to rid the malformed who are simply feeding on madness and sin like wild animals."
>"You mean Fouella right?"
>Fouella has her arms folded.
>"I can tell you. A long time ago, I hated em. Wanted to see all humans suffer forever."
>He looks over to Darlene.
>She smiles.
>"If you told me 100 years ago I'd be doing the stuff I was today I would have called you crazy. It's hard to sum it all up. A will comparable to our own, and a vision beyond what most Malformed are able to see. I may be a Malformed, but I'd be a fool not to see it after all this time. After all, how the hell else do these physically inferior humans keep kicking our asses? I think if we had the ability to kill them we would have done it already. Nah, instead it's just going to be an endless war, I'm sure of it."
>"Thats.. How I feel too."
>Noaire laughs again.
>"You realize it too then? Wheres the sense in it? Fouella, we're not primus. We're no longer required to mindlessly consume. We can step back and rationalize our situation."
>"You're.. You're right."
"If you can permit us to look around and see if what you say is true, Then I would have no reason to harm you if it is truly as beneficial as you state Noaires, If I may call you that. Also are... Malformed like you able to have children with humans? I know you are married and its not my place but I doubt you still have a priest here to baptize any child and you know, gotta make sure those who want it are provided in the Lords light."
>"Sure, and hey call me what you like. On that note, first I'd like to speak to the priest alone. There's been some things that I've pondered for some time."
>He throws a suitcase at Fouella.
>"It's full of money. Enjoy the casinos, all of you."
>Veronica flies over to you.
>"Can you really trust this guy?"
"It's hard to say but I think so. Can my Pixie partner stay?"
>Noaire sighs.
>"I suppose I can allow that. It's only right that you be suspicious after all when you're hanging around a demon haha!"
>Allison speaks.
>"Come find us if anything happens."
>Allison, Fouella, and Chelsea leave the room.
>Silence for a moment as you're sitting on the couch.
>Darlene and Noaire sit across from you on the other couch.
>He takes a deep breath with a sort of stressed looking expression.
>"You're a priest right? You ever do confessions?"
"Sure. Got anything you wanna talk about?"
>He slumps his arms on his knees.
>His wife hangs over his shoulder.
>"I guess I'll just start at the beginning. Like I said. I never intended to fall in love with a human. When I saw her working though, something about her caught my eye. I made an excuse. Made her my secretary. The other Malformed became immediately suspicious. I made her work hard as my assistant. Sometimes I abused her in front of others to make sure they wouldn't get the wrong idea."
"So, is it that you feel bad about that?"
>Darlene speaks.
>"I haven't held a grudge. If you knew what the humans endured in the torture chambers, what Noaire did to me was mercy. He saved me from a life of pain and suffering. I did nothing but serve him for a while. And then, I caught onto his fondness for me."
>He laughs.
>"She was just always around. Always helping me. It was a kind of camaraderie I hadn't ever experienced before. And then before I knew it, I was a demon in love. It started with little things. Just lessening the punishments. Vouching for human rights. Eventually, I found myself doing anything I could to make her happy."
>She gently strokes his back.
>"Yes, and he's done such a wonderful job."
>Veronica is smiling.
>"Thats so sweet. I'm glad for you two."
>Noaire speaks again.
>"Anyway, you mentioned if humans and Malformed could make babies right?"
"Yeah.. Is that even possible?"
>"You bet. Although, there is a circumstance."
>"The Malformed cannot be a primus. Something about the two is just too incompatible. But if you're an awakened or higher it seems to be fine."
"Oh.. Alright."
>"The baby in question will already have this sort of "awakened" sense. He won't be a primus of any sort. The humans have noted a faster learning time in them, they pick up information easily. But they are a handful to raise."
"I see."
>"I have these plans see.. I want to leave this place behind."
"Wait.. Leave all this behind?"
>Noaire and Darlene look at each other lovingly.
>"I want us to travel the world together. We're not going to get involved in any conflicts. Our ideas are just to blend in with the humans and live a peaceful life."
>He puts his hand on the table.
>"I'm going straight. And I guess you could say I'm still greedy in that sense. I'm a Malformed, with a humongous city and all the power in the world. But I still want more. I want the one thing that no Malformed before me has ever had. A loving wife and children. So, that's why I've asked priest. For our sake, and for our future children, will you bless our union?"

That's wonderful, I'm glad you've decided to turn over a new leaf, of course I'll bless your union. I wish you both all the happiness in the world.

How disgusting. I could never bless such an unholy matrimony. I hope you roast in the lowest fires of hell you rotten demon.
>That's wonderful, I'm glad you've decided to turn over a new leaf, of course I'll bless your union. I wish you both all the happiness in the world.
How can you expect us to not be good.
Shame on you op
Give them a ceremony too
And good night
>Trust in Lord's mercy
>Grant them the blessing

Hopefully the divine light will guide them further away from the path of depravity.

Offer to baptise them, after warning them that you haven't baptised a malformed before and don't know what will happen. It could change them, or it could just kill him.
>That's wonderful, I'm glad you've decided to turn over a new leaf, of course I'll bless your union. I wish you both all the happiness in the world.
I'm against baptizing the children until we pray and sleep on it first.
>That's wonderful, I'm glad you've decided to turn over a new leaf, of course I'll bless your union. I wish you both all the happiness in the world.
This priest is 2 pure to not try giving them a chance.
Yeah, maybe some prayer and sleep would help us come to a conclusion on whether baptizing will hurt them or not, and if it'll be the right thing to do. We should try testing with one of their toes or other relatively expendable body part to see if baptizing harms them.
>Of course I'll bless your union
>Of course I'll bless this union, but I want too point out this..is uncharted territory for me as well. Nor will every priest if they find out be as understanding as us.
"That's wonderful, I'm glad you've decided to turn over a new leaf, of course I'll bless your union. I wish you both all the happiness in the world."
>"Really? Thank you."
"Although, I think I would be against a baptism of your children until we find out if it hurts them or not."
>"Lucky for us we don't have any together yet then. We've never tested holy water or anything like that on em, why would we?"
"I see. Still a relatively new field then."
>"The oldest child in the city is 25. We again don't know if they are affected by holy things. However we do know they don't possess as great of a talent for manipulating humans or wielding sin magic. They still can, but it hasn't shown itself to be quite as impressive. Humans can give into sin, but that doesn't give them any special powers. When a Malformed absorbs the sin or desire to sin, he is not only fed, but his power can grow depending on how great it was when he absorbed it."
"Can they feed normally then? Do Malformed actually eat?"
>"Malformed can eat normal food, but it doesn't provide sustenance unless what we ate was a human of course. But the half breeds seem quite able to eat either food or sin."
"A bit of the "best" of both worlds in your opinion then?"
>You throw them a sort of mock wedding and bless their union, and renew their vows.
>When it's finished he hugs you and gives you a suitcase full of money.
>The "night" is young as you rejoin the group.
>Allison is at the Blackjack table.
>You approach her from behind.
>She has a 4 and a 9 on the table.
>"Hit me."
>The dealer tosses out a 5.
>Fouella whispers into her ear.
>"Alright, well I think 18 is about as good as you're gonna do on this hand."
>"All in."
>"Yeah, you heard me."
>She pushes her stack of chips forward.
>Fouella facepalms sighing.
>"Hit me."
>The dealer tosses out a 3.
>Everyone around the table gasps in shock.
>The dealer counts out the chips and her big stack has doubled.
>She's grinning.
>Fouellas jaw is agape.
"Good job sis."
>"Thanks bro.
This might be a good chance to bond while you're out in the city.

I should spend the night with Veronica.

I should spend the night with Fouella.

I should spend the night with Allison.

I should spend the night by myself.
I should spend the night with Fouella.

We should watch the malformed, our Sister and the faeries can bond. After all, everything that happens because of her is our duty cause we never just killed her.
>I should spend the night by myself.
Pray that you have done the right thing, also pray for the safety of the people and malformed of this city.
>"Try not to get addicted to the feeling of gambling, sis"
>"It is a sin after all"

>I should spend the night with Veronica
Praying with others is much better than praying alone, anon.
We should really make sure the malformed who feeds on sin, is watched while in a city full of sins.
You mean the malformed who's had dozens of chances to kill us, before we even arrived in the city, and has never once taken one?
we don't put off a city worth of sin, now do we ?
We met her in a city of sin, she could have easily killed us then, yet she didn't.
She was already as powerful as Porn guy was at his peak when we met her.
We've been in the city for quite a while now. If she wanted to pull something off, she would've done it while we were talking to Noarie.
The fact that we were in a room with two malformed agents, in the middle of a city of sin, yet were not attacked speaks volumes of there intentions.
>I should spend the time with Veronica
>I should spend the night with Veronica.
>I should spend the night with Fouella.
>caution Allison that greed is a sin, as is being too prideful and overconfident
>then go hang out with Veronica
>I should spend the night with Fouella.
Bonding and learning more about the Malformed would be nice. Fouella is the most alienated of the group, so we should try making her feel more welcomed. Maybe we can discuss more ways to potentially have the Malformed survive on anything other than sin?
>I should spend the night with Fouella.
>See, the solution here is to spend the night with both of them.
>You caution Allison that greed is a sin, as is being too prideful and overconfident and then decide to spend the night with Veronica.
>Deciding it's best not to partake in sin you casually observe the players at the tables.
>Nothing like this back home.
>The games seem interesting, the Malformed and humans seem happy here.
>"They.. Seem like they're having fun, huh Anon?"
"Did you, want to play?"
>She nods no landing a seat on your shoulder.
>"I'm happy just like this."
"You're right, just seeing them is enough to put me in a good mood."
>"Seeing Noaire and Darlene together and happy like that. Noaire, a Malformed agent turned over a whole new leaf because of her. Really makes you think that even two entirely different species can be happy together."
>You grimace.
"And I'm sure the reverse is true."
"Given the chance, a human could succumb to the darkness if he or she loved the Malformed enough."
>"Oh, I see."
"Love is a powerful tool. This time it just happened to work in favor of light."
>"But, love is.."
"Did you say something?"
>"It's nothing. Wanna go out to the roof?"
"The roof?"
>"It's a little noisy in here."
>You go up to the very top floor of the building.
>Even though it appears to be night, the temperature is still warm.
>Massive colorful buildings and lights make up the city.
>Down below you can see the bustle of the city.
>"It's so lively. You'd think for a Malformed city, it'd be a little more dark and Macabre."
"The lights are pretty yes. But as is all sin. It's meant to look appealing, to draw you in."
>Veronica sighs.
>"I.. You're right."
>She forces a laugh.
>"Guess I have a long way to go before I'm as saintly as you."
>"You're just.. So much more pure, more caring and concerned than I am."
"You cared about your sister."
>"That was just for my own sake. You've saved people you've never even met before and were willing to die for them."
>You walk over and sit on the ledge.
"Do not envy me."
>"What? Why?"
"I am what I am because I know that every other path leads to ruin and destruction."
>She sits next to you staring curiously.
"Everything I do, I do because I don't have a choice. Sometimes I feel I would like to give into sin, but then where would I be as a priest? We're in the middle of enemy territory. Surrounded by Malformed in the hundreds. Two of them are leagues above what you or I could handle, even given our best effort."
>"Yes, but Anon, they're not our enemies."
"I am not a battle priest. I'm not properly trained for that. If things go awry it is our folly. How foolish we are to walk so boldly into the mouth of the lion."
>"So your mission.. What will you do?"
"After our time here in Cydasis I will report back to Bellum papum Joshua and tell him everything about my encounters in the north."
>"And then?"
"I shall go wherever God wills me to."
>"But.. What about the people here? What about our friends, and your sister?"
>You laugh.
"I'm afraid as long of a journey as it's been, we'll have to part ways. I doubt Joshua will be ok with an Agent and a thief traveling along with me."
>"And.. What about me, and my sister?"
>"We have no place, I wouldn't feel safe going back to the village, not with the humans, and the Malformed.."
>You grimace.
>"I'm.. I'm being a great burden on you aren't I?"
"No.. I'm simply worried about the two of you. I wish I could take you back to my little church, back to my hometown where I loved to preach to the good folks there. But I cannot. Sadly we are in a desperate time where every priest must be sent to carry out the church's will."
>"But.. What about you?"
"What about me?"
>"Is that what you want?"
"Like I said, I would prefer to return to my little church, but I have the sneaking suspicion this will not happen for some time."
>Veronica hugs you.
>"I'll go with you then."
>Shes smiling.
>"I'll go with you, wherever you go. I promise I'll be right there with you!"
"But.. What about your sister?"
>"If.. You can convince Joshua to house a safe place for her, we won't have to worry about her being in danger right?"
>You look up at the false sky.
"I doubt he would refuse something so simple."
>"Speaking of which, what is he like?"
>You chuckle a bit.
"Joshua.. Is a lot like me in some ways, although verily his righteousness surpasses even my own. Strong, disciplined, dutiful, orderly, slow to anger, methodical and morally righteous. He's a shining example of everything a priest should be."
>"He sounds incredible."
"Although it was by his order to warn the north, I never doubted the righteous intention behind it."

After your talk with Veronica you decide to spend some time with Fouella.
>You're taking a stroll along the street with Fouella.
>"Your sister certainly has a wild side. She tells me at first that she's the sister to a priest, and that she could never stoop so low as to gamble in a Malformed city while he's away. But then there she is making wild bets and gambling left and right."
"Such is the nature of-"
"I was going to say Allison."
"Look at all of these horseless carriages operating on their own. Truly fascinating."
>"I've never seen them either. I had no idea what was going on in this city till we opened the doors. And I can liken the experience to a fever dream if nothing else."
>You sigh.
"I feel the same."
>"So Noaire, he-"
"He wants to turn over a new leaf. Wants to move away from this city and travel the world with his human wife. How do you feel about that?"
>"Doesn't matter to me what that oaf does."
"It doesn't bother you that a human and Malformed are getting together?"
>"He can pretend all he wants, but he'll never be a human. He may act like one, and treat them respectfully. But one day the real Malformed in charge are going to uncover his little operation and the whole thing is going to come tumbling down. It'll make it all the more painful to have the humans revert back to nothing more than tortured slaves."
"Sadly I can't disagree."
"Anyhow, it's not really my concern. I must leave after my time in Cydasis."
>"Leave? Why?"
"I have orders from the Bellum papum Joshua. My mission was not to eliminate all the malformed, or even to stop their spread. It was merely to warn the northern towns of their existence. And with the final northern town explored, I'll be able to report back and complete my mission."
>"You're taking me with."
>She grabs your ear.
"Ow ow ow!"
>"You TOLD me I could come with. It's not very priestly of you to lie like that. Besides.. I want to learn more about your society. The place you come from."
>You sigh.
"Well, I certainly hope your deception magic is as powerful as you say it is. Joshua has never been keen on allowing the Malformed to run around and do as they please."
>"I should be able to blend in well. Since I've been keeping my sin count low I won't radiate that dark sinful aura which gives other Malformed away."
"I hope you're right.."
>"If he does kill me, it's no skin off your back right? Just another dead Malformed.."
>She sinks her head.
"W-woah, hey now! What are you trying to say?"
>"Malformed are by nature, sinful creatures.."
>She lifts up her sweater.
>You can clearly see her ribcage.
>"I've.. Been trying not to eat.. Trying to overcome sin, and live more like you. But I'm afraid I lack the will to truly starve myself and will have to eat sometime."
"I.. I don't approve of sin, but you need to eat! I couldn't live with myself if you starved to death or were executed because of my negligence! No, this simply won't do!"
>You hug her.
"You will not die."
"As long as you are with me, I will not let you simply die. If the Bellum papum wishes to execute you, he'll have to go through me first."
>"B-but.. He's your boss isn't he?"
"I cannot abide letting you perish simply because you happen to be a Malformed. If you must feed on sin, then.."
>She stares at you quizzically.
"I will be the one who commits sins on your behalf."
>"You.. You can't.. You're a priest, you must maintain purity to the best of your ability."
"The Lord understands my mission. I won't let your attempts at redemption be for naught."
>"You truly are a gracious priest.. Thank you."
"I will be your friend Fouella."
>Her eyes stare into yours for a moment.
"You won't have to be alone anymore. I will lead you down a righteous path in the name of God."
>She chuckles.
>"Coming from anyone else I wouldn't believe it. But from you, you truly are righteous.."

>It will probably be a long journey back.
>Is there anything I need to do in this city before I go?
>Any other things I should consider?
What type of sin is the priest thinking of?
And Get provisions for the road.
And pray.
>Is there anything I need to do in this city before I go?
Get confessions, make sure the people are taken care of, ect.
>Any other things I should consider?
Food, supplies, What comes when I return back, Praying, Will these places just get bombed?
He's gonna do what we've all been waiting for.
What we've refused to do before, but will now do for a righteous cause.
Supporting this, plus give us the juicy details on Anon's sin.
>mfw Fouella has been fasting, a religious act considered pure and good
>mfw her purity level is increasing exponentially
>mfw by being born of sin and yet overcoming sin, she's becoming more saintly than us
>mfw Virgin Mary chose Fouella as her successor
>mfw when this is all part of God's keikaku
>mfw Fouella will die giving birth to the man who will die for our sins again
Ya, adding onto this >>1380085

What IS our sin so far?

>mfw Fouella will die giving birth to the man who will die for our sins again
>Fouella die giving birth
I would suppose it would be vanity. The idea that we can save everyone we meet is a folly within itself. But, perhaps no one that's all that bad.
Maby even a little pride that we did so much, while not being a battle priest.
Good night yall.
>Not knowing that Fouella is the next Virgin Mary
>Not knowing that Fouella will immaculately conceive a child
>Not knowing that when that child is born, a radiant blast of holy energy will sweep across the land
>Not knowing that thr blast will kill Fouella, but her soul will be absolved of all sin
>Not knowing these things
Get it together, anon

Wouldn't it be somebody else. Mary never had any of that but 'sudden' baby. Unless these is new Jesus fanfiction somewhere
...well, to be fair, the radiant blast part is hyperbole, but I'm pretty sure that giving birth to the reincarnation of Jesus is an instant death for a malformed.
Does the book of Mormon count?
Well we don't know that..yet?

Special underwear and ayyylamos please go
The book of mormons is the original fanfic, so I believe so
What little evidence we have (Holy = less malformed, and Jesus = (7Holy^7)^7) supports my conclusion.
Unless we go to the conclusion that Fouelle would die in the middle pf pregnancy, instead of at birth.
But other than that, my hypothesis is flawless.
By your logic, her and the child would die before being born. I doubt that very much.
>Ask Noaire and Fouella if they knew Father Gurnyop and any other Malformed Agents, or if they all do their own thing.
>Ask Noaire what will happen to Cydasis and its inhabitants once he leaves.
>Ask Noaire if he will need any help going off the radar, and to exchange contact information to make the arrangements easier.
Noaire's plan seems to have a few question marks to actually making it work and not having both the Human and Malformed Inquisition on their collective asses.

Once we deal with that, we should purchase as much gear as we can here since this seems to be one of the most modernized places around.
>Buy those talking blocks (phone) Noaire was talking into.
>Obtain more winter-appropriate clothing and gear for the party.
>Purchase more hiking and camping equipment, backpack, and rope.
>Purchase some portable secondary weapons like collapsible batons or holy pepper spray for the party to use if our primary weapons are disarmed.
>Purchase some hidden or holdout weapons like boot knives for the party to use in the event of an ambush.

Then some party member-specific gear:
>Ask Veronica and Chelsea if there's equipment we can purchase for them to make their ride safer with us.
>Purchase some sort of protective bags or pouches for Veronica and Chelsea to ride with us in, safer than hiding out in our hoods.
>Ask Fouella if there are other ways to obscure her identity as a Malformed, such as reducing her physical visibility.
>Try getting a cloak, obscuring articles of clothing, or other items for Fouella to make it more difficult to detect her Malformed nature.

Probably try to obtain forbidden knowledge from the book that keeps trying to corrupt him.
>It's the morning of the next day.
>You're in Noaires suite.
>"So, you're leaving so soon?"
"I can't linger for longer than I have to. I've completed my mission. I must report to my boss as soon as possible. But before I go, I noticed you were talking into a block."
>"A block? Oh, yeah, my phone."
>He pulls it out.
>You, Allison, Chelsea, Veronica and Fouella stare at it.
>"Ain't she a beaut? Latest in modern technology. Good luck fitting it in your pocket though heheh."
>"If that's a long range communication device, may we use it?"
>"Sorry babe, I would if I could, but there aren't any land lines outside of this city. They'd be useless to you."
>"Anything else?"
>Allison speaks.
>"Yeah, some supplies would be nice your demonship."
>"Heh, and what happened to all that cash I gave you last night?"
>Fouella sighs,
>"I tried to warn her."
>"I was on a roll!"
>"Well, in any case, surely the good priest here kept his money."
>Silence throughout the room.
>Allison speaks.
>"I uh.. Maaaay have slightly borrowed all of it."
>You facepalm.
>"You kids are gonna run me out of life and luxury if you keep this up."
>With great timing Darlene hands you another suitcase.
"Thank you your graciousness, we will not forget this."
>You bow slightly to him.
>"Theres just one little thing.."
>"Yeah, tell your boss not to blow this place to kingdom come will ya? I doubt the other Malformed in the south will struggle much to defend this northern outpost. Our only defense is the harsh cold. Other than that, we're backed up against the treacherous northern seas, and I don't think we have enough boats to sail everyone out."
"I'll.. See what I can do."
>"Very good! Now, scurry on outta here, I don't like long goodbyes."
>You take your leave.
>You look around the stores in Cydasis.
>You buy sturdier winter clothes and gear, hiking and camping equipment, backpack and rope. Several guns and a few extra knives.
"Say, Veronica, Chelsea, is there anything you two could use to make yourselves safer?"
>Veronica frowns,
>"No, not really."
>Chelsea speaks.
>"We can make ourselves big though, watch this!"
>She glows for a moment and becomes the size of a normal teenage human woman.
"Huh.. So why don't you so that all the time?"
>Veronica speaks.
>"It requires a lot of our magic. I could at best hold that form for about an hour, and after that I'll have no energy left to boost your spells or heal you."
"Ah, so thats why you haven't done it yet."
>She sighs.
>"If the situation ever calls for it though, I wouldn't mind doing it for a while."
>You're still out and about in Cydasis.
"So, is there other ways to obscure your identity as a Malformed?"
>Fouella responds.
>"Not really. If the more spiritually aware humans are stressed or distracted they may be less likely to notice. But it's really a matter of luck and not acting suspicious."
"I see."
>"Have you thought about the sins you're willing to commit for me?"
"W-well, I'm still deciding.."
>She smiles.
>She puts her hands on your waist.
>"I can think of some pretty easy ways to commit sins."
>You brush her off you.
>You feel your face flush.
"T-that would just defeat the purpose of me committing the sin."
>"Right, I nearly forgot."
"Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of reading the book."
>"The book?"
"Right.. I might have forgotten to mention it to you."
>You take a few minutes to explain.
>"I like this plan."
"You do?"
>"Yeah. It'll be an easy way for you to sin without sacrificing too much of your priestlyness."
"Of course. I-it's way better than having sex."
>"I'm sure you'd like it."
>"I can smell your desire to commit the sin."
>You clear your throat loudly.
>"With the right kind of girl. I'm sure it'd make you very happy."
>You exhale.
"I'm sure you're right.. But now isn't the time to be thinking about such things."
>You decide to leave the shop.
>Everyone else follows behind you.
>You snicker.
>Allison looks at you quizzically.
>"Whats up bro?"
"I just committed a sin."
>"A sin?"
"Yep, just now we all walked through that door, and guess what? I didn't hold it open for any of you."
>They all sort of give you blank looks.
>Allison responds,
>"And? How is that a sin?"
"So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin. I committed a sin now so that Fouella will have a lovely dinner tonight, what do you think?"
>Allison chuckles.
>"Watch out agents, we got a real sinner over here."
>Fouella speaks.
>"I didn't even know not holding the door open for someone could be a sin. You're more of an expert on sinning than I am."
>Veronica and Chelsea both chuckle slightly.
"W-what? Why is everyone laughing at me?"
>Several days of harsh winter travel pass.
>You return to the mountain town of Slour.
>Everyone seems to be hard at work.
>You walk through the town to the Inn.
>You all decide to book a night at the Inn.
>While there you wait in the lobby.
>Allison speaks.
>"So, what's it like being back in town?"
>Fouella is slumped over looking miserable.
"Why? Aren't you happy for the townsfolk?"
>"They.. Don't remember anything.. I could tell you each of their names, and their dreams and aspirations.. But now, they'll never remember who I am. But then.. I took away their lives too. Maybe it's for the best that none of them can remember."
"What was Bawes dream?"
>"He wanted a pretty wife who would love him unconditionally. Someone he could raise a family with."
"That sounds like what Noaire was after."
>"Why should Malformed get to be happy? All we do is bring despair. Even now I.."
>She clutches her head and seems to be in pain.
>"I remember how much I hated them at first.. I wanted them all to die.. I didn't know about their dreams.. And I can't stop thinking about it.. We the Malformed.. How foolish we are to try and take away those dreams. I remember now.. I remember those positive feelings, the happiness they felt while dreaming. I wanted to know what it was like to feel the way they did. Thats one of the reasons why I've started fasting on sin. Why I've tried so hard to overturn my sinful nature. Because.. I too want to dream."

Hug her and tell her God will surely allow her to dream someday.

Laugh at her and say that a Malformed can never have a dream.
>Hug her and tell her God will surely allow her to dream someday.
>hug her and give head pats.

Yo qm what time zone are you in?
Seconding the head pats.
>Hug her and tell her God will surely allow her to dream someday.
We should try reading the book or otherwise commit more sin to feed Fouella.
>Hug her and tell her God will surely allow her to dream someday.
3rd. Head pats are good.
Yeah. Reading the book will help us on our path to obtain knowledge the Jedi monks and priests normally wouldn't tell to us.
>hug her and tell her God will surely allow her to dream someday
You hug Fouella her pulling her close.
"God will surely allow you to dream one day."
>She grips you tightly.
>You pat her head rubbing gently along the scalp.
>Veronica speaks,
>"Anon is right, I'm sure God will allow you to dream."
>Allison chuckles.
>"I wonder what demons dream about?"
"I think in Fouellas case, it would be something pleasant."
>Allison has a smug grin.
>"Humans can have nightmares too Fouella. That's where you have a really bad scary dream. You sure you wanna dream if that happens?"
>"I think having a nightmare sometimes would be better than never dreaming at all."
"I agree. I'm sure the Lord will give you mostly good dreams when you rest."
>"I'd just be happy if he gave me any dreams at all."
>It is night.
>You take the book.
>You sneak dowstairs feeling it's dark power.
>Fouella is standing nearby.
>You open it.
>You feel beads of sweat drip down your forehead as you turn the pages.
>Inside there is a spell.
"Angels sacrifice spell."
>"Angels sacrifice?"
"The angels sacrifice requires a pure soul to be sacrificed under a full moon. 12 others the same gender as the sacrifice must stand with a candle in hand and recite the chant around the soul to be offered. The one who obtains the power of the offering must deliver the killing blow to the sacrifice. And upon doing this, the power to control Malformed will be granted. They will obey your will unquestioningly."
>You feel a sharp bite into your shoulder.
"Ah! Get off!"
>But it is no use.
>She pins you down and feasts on your sin.
>You feel the evil drain from your body till you become pure.
>By the end you're breathing heavily and covered in sweat.
"T-the.. The angels sacrifice.. Is this truly real?"
>Fouella wipes her mouth.
>"I wonder where the priests learned of such methods?"
"I.. I don't have a very good feeling about it."
It is the next morning after a night of rest next to Veronica and Chelsea.
What is it that you will do?
>Keep reading.
Breakfast, I suppose.
ignore this >>1384189

>breakfast and ask sister how many more trails to finish this mark?
>Eat breakfast
>Start Packing
>Let's go home
>...maybe talk to Veronica and hold hands with her
No hand holding you slut.
>You decide to have breakfast at a recently re-opened restaurant in Slour.
>A guy walks up to you carrying your tray.
>"I-i'm sorry it's a little late, our waiter was sick.. A-and I'm sorry if the food is a little weird."
>You take it biting into your omelette.
>It certainly does taste a little off..
>"I-i'm sorry. I guess I'm just a second rate chef after all haha."
>He begins to walk away but Fouella tugs on his sleeve.
>"Jeremy. Don't give up on your dreams."
>He seems stunned for a moment.
>"Just because it seems impossible.. Doesn't mean you can't try. I know this because.. Because I haven't given up either."
>Y-you're right.. Thank you for your kind words miss.."
>She smiles at him.
>He laughs a little.
>"Maybe this is gonna sound weird, but I feel like somehow I know you."
>Silence at the table for a moment.
>"Heh, must be my mistake. I think i'd remember someone as nice as you."
>Fouella turns away hiding behind her hair a little.
>"W-well, in any case, I hope you all enjoy your meal!"
>As he's walking away you can hear him say,
>"Now that's weird, I could have sworn I never told anyone at that table my name."
>Allison speaks,
>"You're just gonna let him go like that?"
>"He deserves his own life. I took everyone's lives here away. I don't have any right to try and be their friend after everything that's happened."
>You sigh not knowing what to say to her.
>Later as you're walking through Slour you ask a question to Allison.
"How many more trials do I need to finish this mark on my back?"
>"I'd say two more. Last time we found a mark it was at the bottom of the well where the leftover evil was. Maybe theres a place of concentrated evil in Slour too."
"Hmm, I wonder where that would be?"
What is it that you will do?
>Find the place of evillll
Since Malformed feed on evil, maybe Fouella can smell it out?
>needing to smell it out
Slour is Fouella's hometown, man
Whatever place of concentrated evil is here, she put it there.
She knows exactly where it is.
New Bread

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