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>Fouella grimaces.
>"I know exactly where evil would be in this town."
>You return to the Mayors residence.
>It's strangely unoccupied and unchanged from how it was left.
>The giant dream cube in the middle is still dark.
>Allison speaks,
>"Alright, that figures. But isn't this the only room? Where would this trials place be?"
>Fouella places her hand upon the dream cube.
>"If it were anywhere, it would be here."
"Hmm.. Well, how exactly to we enter it if this is it?"
>You decide to pray bowing your head.
"Dear Lord, please, show us the way. Please, light a lamp to guide our footpath."
>Suddenly glowing words appear on the blackened block.
>The words read, "Proverbs 19:15"
>Allison smiles,
>"Yeah! Alright now that's what I'm talking about. Way to go lil bro."
>You open the bible to that passage.
>Veronica inquires,
>"So, what does it say?"
"Slothfulness casts into a deep sleep, and an idle person will suffer hunger."
>Fouella gasps.
>Allison chuckles,
>"Sounds like someone we know. But how is that going to get us entry into the trial place?"
"I bet it has to do with sleep. I have an idea, Fouella, power on the dream cube."
>"B-but I shouldn't.."
>Allison speaks,
>"I agree, we're entering her domain putting ourselves at her mercy."
"Why do you say that?"
>"She can't dream remember?"
"Allison, if she wanted to kill us, she would have done it already, let's not linger upon the subject and just give my idea a shot."
>Veronica speaks,
>"I agree."
>"Fine, but don't blame me if Fouella kills us all in our slumber."
>You look to Fouella.
>"You really think I'll kill you, don't you?"
>You smile.
"I know you won't.
>"D-don't be so sure."
You all decide to fall asleep around the dream cube as Fouella powers it on.
>You seem to be in a room with wood walls and a single door.
>The walls seem wet and are rotting.
>The roof above leaks a downpour of water.
>You try to open the door but it won't budge.
>Allison speaks,
>Near the door is an inscription which reads, "Ecclesiastes 10:18"
>You open the bible to that page.
"Through slothfulness the roof deteriorates, and a house leaks because of idleness."
>Allison speaks again,
>"Great, so what does God want us to do? Repair the house?"
>Veronica replies,
>"That seems to make sense."
>In the corner is a pile of wood, nails, and hammers which you'd not previously noticed.
>You take some time to board up the leaky house.
>After some time of doing this the door opens.
>"Whew, getting a bit of a workout with this one!"
>You all walk through the door.
>This time it's a small stone room with torches along the walls.
>In the middle is a giant scale and a giant rock on one side.
>You walk near the door, but it seems to be sealed like the last.
>Near it is inscribed, "Proverbs 11:1"
>You open up the bible to that scripture.
"A false balance is an abomination to the LORD, but a just weight is his delight."
>Veronica speaks,
>"Guess we gotta balance the scale?"
>The three of you climb up on it.
>The scale shakes and rocks back and forth.
>But now the scale is even on both sides.
>And with that the door opens.
>Allison laughs,
>"Piece of cake."
>You all walk through.
>The room is dark, but in the middle is staircase, at the top is a glowing ball of light.
>You walk up toward it cautiously and touch the light.
>And just like that it envelops you and completes more of your tattoo.
>With that, you return to the real world.
>You're traveling back to Alpek.
>Allison sighs,
>"Man, it sure has been an exhausting journey. What I wouldn't give to take a nice hot bath."
>Fouella speaks,
>"I'm not sure I recall anyone inviting you to stay."
>"Heh, says the little Malformed queen, wanna fight?"
>Fouella turns away.
>"Oh please. You know I'd destroy you."
>Allison growls.
>"You wanna go? Let's settle this right now huh?"
>Veronica seems worried,
>"G-girls come on, let's not fight."
>"Yeah, better not Allison, you'll get your butt whooped."
>Allison gets up in her face.
>"Say that again! I dare you! Give me a reason to pummel your face into the snow."
>"You. Couldn't. Win."
>Allison tackles Fouella.
>The tussle in the snow.
>Veronica sighs,
>"And there they go."
>Chelsea speaks,
>"So savage."
>You sigh following after them.
>Fouella is shielding her face, Allison is pummeling her with her fists.
>Suddenly Fouellas eyes glow.
>Allison stops.
>Allison stands up.
>"W-what the heck is going on, what are you doing to me you little demon?"
>Fouella gets up.
>Suddenly Allison punches herself in the face.
>She punches herself again, and again.
>"Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself!"
>"O-oh yeah? Two can play at this game little Agent!"
>Allison shoots out a wire which sinks into Fouella.
>Allison twitches her finger and Fouella punches herself.
>Both of the girls are now punching themselves in the face.
"Gah! Enough of this!"
>You blast Allison with light and tackle Fouella into the snow.
"Now! Learn to get along and behave yourselves!"
>Fouella growls.
>"She's the idiot who wanted to fight!"
>Allison speaks,
>"And you were the idiot who thought you could take me in a fight!"
>The two of them are staring each other down.
>You sigh again.
>You've arrived at the city of Alpek.
>It seems to be under attack by hordes of giant primus Malformed.
"Oh no.."
>Veronica speaks,
>"We have to save them!"
>You all run as quickly as you can down to the church.
>A bunch of humanoid looking Malformed are surrounding the church.
>"Come out come out kiddies, we won't bite, much!"
>They're suited in black metal armor,
>Suddenly one of them in the front notices you and calls out to you.
>"More stragglers?"
>Suddenly he seems curious moving closer to you.
>"Is that an Agent I sense within your ranks?"
>Fouella speaks.
>"You must be their leader.."
>"You guessed it. You got these humans under your possession? I got a few dozen of my own. Wasn't hard to possess em and wipe away their pathetic salt barrier."
>The leader has black ornate armor, huge curved rams horns coming out of his head, a red cape, and cloven hooves like a satyr.
>You're not sure what to do at this point.
>"We got this town pretty much on lock. At least 500 primus and some awakened too."
>"W-who authorized this?"
>"Authorized it? We already took over Mortenal and some of the other southern cities leading up to this place. I think the higher ups will be ok if I just take a few more for the benefit of the mass don't you?"
>Fouella grits her teeth.
>He walks closer examining the party.
>"A pixie too huh? These little things can give a Malformed quite a boost. I haven't been able to find any for myself, but I've always wanted one. I see you have TWO Pixies! You'll give me one right?"
>He moves forward to grab one but Foulla steps in front of him.
>"They're both MINE."
>He sighs.
>"You're certainly awful bossy for someone who's so far away from her post."
>He motions for his crew of humanoids and abominations to surround you.
>Within mere moments you are surrounded by a horde of them.
>"Now, let's not be unreasonable. I'm sure we can work something out."
>He rubs his hand under Fouellas chin.
>"You're quite the cute little Agent. You'd make a wonderful sex partner to breed my children, haha."
>The other awakened speak.
>"You should do as Lord Covetas requests."
>"Become his sex slave! And let us watch!"

What is it that you will do?
>Strike him and tell him, he is not to speak to our 'Boss' or w.e. in any fashion like that and to respect her.


>Find a chink in his army to kill him.
Throw a handful of blessed salt in his face.
"You will treat Mistress with more respect, worm!"
Play up that we're Fouella's underlings until we have a better angle at backstabbing these Malformed.
>You decide to throw salt in Covetas face.
>He's caught off guard screaming in pain but remaining standing.
>He strikes back with his hand landing you a spot on the ground.
>"Ouch!! What the heck was that for?"
"You will treat Mistress with more respect, worm!"
>He growls.
>"A less patient Malformed might say to hell with it and just kill you all. But you all intrigue me if nothing else."
>Fouella seems upset.
>"So, you will conquer this place then?"
>"Well of course we will. I honestly thought we had THIS particular town in good hands with Gurnyop being so fanatical about it. But it sucks that the old guy bit the dust before it was conquered."
>"Are.. You mad that he was killed?"
>"Yeah! Gurnyop had ten times the ambition as any of the idiots in this town, and yet somehow they overcame his influence."
>"I.. I'm sorry he was so close to you."
>He snickers.
>"I'm gonna pick up where he left off! I'm gonna take this town, and every other northern shithole up here! And then the humans won't have anywhere to run when we conquer them! Damn humans have had everything! While we've been skulking around in the dark mudpits of the most forgotten shitholes on the planet. I'm going to be king! Then none of those bastards at the top will ever be able to look down on me for not having enough ambition!"
>"King huh?"
>Foulla walks up to him rubbing his chest and giving him a seductive gaze.
>"I'd love to hear more but I'm afraid those humans will overhear your plans."
>He grumbles.
>"Ah.. Well.. I suppose we can retreat back to the Inn."
>You're at the Inn at Alpek.
>"So I tell the awakened, I said to them, aren't you envious? Aren't you jealous of all they've attained? I give em this big heroic speech, and here we are!"
>"Oh yeah.. Your charisma is so sexy."
>Shes stroking his chest laying on him.
>You contain your sigh surrounded by Malformed.
>Allison speaks.
>"Is it too late to kill ourselves?"
>Veronica speaks,
>"Its never too late for that."
"No. We're not giving up just yet. We just.. Have to endure a bit more."
>"Tell me more about your conquests oh great conqueror."
>"Hell yeah! Alright, so get this, I figured out that if you posess a human, for the first couple of minutes, you can get him to move around through the salt barrier. And all I gotta do is get him to mess up the salt barrier a little, in a place they don't notice. So that when they least expect it, we come in and destroy their shit!"
>"Oh it gets better. Cause those idiot higher ups, they were telling me I didn't have the potential to lead, I was just some worthless little nobody, even for an agent. But look at me now! Conquering towns left and right!"
>"S-so, I'm curious, why haven't you taken over the church yet?"
>"Ah.. Well, you see, after a couple of minutes of possession, the human isn't pure enough to interact with the salt barrier anymore. So the salt barrier around the church has kept us at bay. But we'll get in there! They can't have enough food to last them very long. After all, humans can't just feed on sin like we can."
>"You're right."
>"You aught to stick with me. I'll take you right to the top. When we crush the north, we'll be legends. And then, once we've given enough sin to the mass, we'll rain down our unholy fury on the church, and then.. We'll take all the power for ourselves."
>"But.. What about after that?"
>"After.. That?"
>"Yeah, I mean, what will you do then?"
>"I'll be a fucking emperor, I can do whatever I want by then!"
>"So, what would you do then?"
>"Uh.. I mean, just rule and stuff right? Do king stuff."
>"Yeah but, what about, like specifically?"
>"Y-you're thinking too far ahead! I mean, I got this! No worries, I'm the boss here!"
>"Don't you think it's all, just a little pointless?"
>"Pointless? Explain yourself little lady."
>"I just mean, the fighting-"
>"Fighting is what we live for! We live and breathe the air of battle and sin."
>"But haven't you ever wanted to be more than the tools we use to make war? Haven't you wanted to be something more?"
>He seems stunned.
>"More than the tools.. We use to make war.."
>"Yeah. Think about it."
>He clutches his head.
>"Gah this shit is too complicated! I just wanna conquer stuff!"
>Allison quietly remarks.
>"Wow, what a brilliant leader they have."
"Still, he's an agent. He's already conquered several towns, and it's clear he can be dangerous so let's not underestimate him."

What will you do?
Chatter amongst ourselves and see if his told anybody else about this power? While also, trying to turn it back and keep him confused while pushing him towards focusing on overthrowing or marching on the 'leaders' already? Maybe convince him that finding a human who would work with him give him more power then just brute forcing everything?

Make it all sound like this idea after all.
Allison puppets a couple of them and we start taking them out in isolated groups, then we take out the leader when most of his underlings are dead.
"So, ask him if he's told anyone else about this trick of his?"
>"Covetas, have you told anyone else about your trick for getting into towns?"
>He laughs,
>"Heck no. That's my signature move, and I'll be damned if I let anyone else know my secrets.. Uh except for you guys."
"Ask him if he wants to turn on his leaders?"
>"I.. I can't ask something like that.."
"Well.. Maybe convince him that working with humans is better than just brute forcing everything."
>"I heard that you little human. What good are humans anyway? Weak inconsistent little wretches."
"Having loyal humans might work better for you than just brute forcing everything."
>He seems to be thinking.
>"Oh.. I get it, these guys of yours.. You didn't posess them, you just won them over to your side."
>You feel a little nervous.
>"I love it! Fouella you're a smart little girl! Hell yeah I never even thought of that! Trick a few of em to be on our side, and then we kill the crap out of everyone else. You're a real pro at this Fouella, almost as much of a pro as me I imagine."
>"Oh stop, you flatter me, I could never be as wonderful as you your highness."
>You ask Allison to start puppeting Malformed away and killing them apart from the group.
>It's a lengthy process, but you're making progress.
>Eventually the Inn room is empty of other Malformed.
>"And so then I was like-"
>You surround him.
>"Hey, what gives? Where the hell did everyone go?"
>Fouella gives a rather smug grin.
>"Aw hell no!"
>He swipes at her but she jumps up dodging.
>"You sneaky little rats! I applaud your duplicity! But at the same time!"
>He snaps his fingers.
>Malformed from outside tear through the Inn.
>You blast him with holy water.
>"Ahh!! Ahh what the hell!"
>He sprouts demon wings and soars straight up into the air.
>"You rats are clever, haha! Real sneaky! But I've got your number! You won't be getting out of here alive!"
>The inn is torn down around you, and you're surrounded by the Malformed.
>"Tear them to little pieces! All of them! Except the Agent girl! I want to savor her myself!"
>Allison speaks.
>"Well, we've really done it this time huh?"
>Fouella responds,
>"I suppose this was unavoidable."
>You suddenly hear a voice like thunder rumble across the sky.
>"Then Samuel called on the LORD, and that same day the LORD sent thunder and rain. So all the people stood in awe of the LORD and of Samuel."
>Rain begins to fall from the sky.
>The Malformed begin to dissolve when the rain hits them.
>Their cries can be heard throughout the city.
>You cover Fouella with your coat to make sure she's not hit.
>Covetas yells out,
>"W-what the hell is this!?"
>You hear the creaking of metal, and the roar of mighty engines.
>Massive white metal tanks shoot beams of light annihilating Malformed.
>Troops garbed in white appear from all sides.
>From the sky through the clouds, like a light appears a man with Angel wings.
>You bow when you see him.
"Lord Joshua."
>He notices you but turns his attention to Covetas, now all alone in the city and surrounded by hundreds of battle priests.
>"Y-you.. Damn bastard priest.."
>Covetas seems to struggle to even remain alive.
>"You have pillaged our cities, and ravaged the landscape. You have tortured innocents and seized control for no other purpose other than selfishness. For this crime, I Joshua, the servant of the Lord shall slay thee in his name."
>Covetas laughs madly.
>"Y-you think you have some right to judge me you damn human?!"
>The rain pelting him and burning him where he stands.
>"Heh, but I killed your cities pretty good while it all lasted.. Damn I shoulda known it was all too good to be true."
>Joshua looks down on Covetas.
>"Hmm. It seems you will not survive the holy rains."
>He turns his back on Covetas.
>"W-wait! You ain't even gonna kill me with that fancy sword of yours?"
>"Your death is already assured demon. May God have mercy on your soul."
>Covetas struggles to stand but falls down into the mud.
>He perishes into nothing due to the torrential downpour of rain.
>The rain has ceased.
>"Are all of you ok?"
"Yes.. But the surviving villagers are in the church."
>Joshua signals them to go off to the church.
>He laughs pulling out some envelopes.
>"I got letters, so many letters from Mortenal, and from Alpek. Sent by villagers who appreciated your aid. I heard greatly of your heroism."
"O-oh.. It was nothing your grace."
>He smiles.
>"You are a valuable ally to our church. Such heroism should not be shrugged off in modesty. Though I admire your humbleness regardless."

W-what should I say to Lord Joshua? What is it that I should do?
>Ask if you can have the ear of him to speak with him on the current situation and if malformed can be 'saved' if they do not harm humans.
>If he thinks they can, share some information on who we have ran into, While if he is firmly against it. Don't tell him at all and protect our friends at all costs.
Ask if the towns and villages that Covetas had captured have been purified.
Inform him of the towns we've visited and have secured.
Ask him what are our orders, now that our current mission is completed.
>W-what should I say to Lord Joshua? What is it that I should do?
2nd. Also inform him of our quest to obtain the holy cross on our path to righteousness.
We should ask him if we are needed to organize the militias in the towns we previously helped save and if there are additional measures we can take to prevent them from being threatened again.
>>Both of the girls are now punching themselves in the face.
This was some good comic relief. Didn't know they could do that.
>Also inform him of our quest to obtain the holy cross on our path to righteousness.
That seems like a bad idea when the knowledge about it came from the Church's hidden Forbidden Library.
Oh yeah. Good point. Scratch that thought then. I figured there might've been a way that it could've been found normally, but then again the Holy Cross could be top secret stuff.
Before we have our private audience with Joshua, once he accepts we should escort Fouella to some shelter before she gets either hit by the holy rain, or Joshua's Sin Radar detects her.
"Have the towns Covetas had captured been purified?"
>"Yes. In Mortenals case, he was clumsy. Quick to boast about his superiority and many escaped before the town was taken over."
"Thats good to hear."
>Allison laughs,
>"What an idiot."
"Allison, you mustn't use such language in the presence of Lord Joshua."
>"At ease Anon. I am not so haughty that the common tongue offends me."
"I-in any case, I have explored all of the north. Slour has been liberated and protected."
>"Good work. And I assume you managed to save Cydasis as well correct?"
"I-it had fallen to the Malformed long ago.."
>"Ah, I see. A town corrupted for that long would probably be neigh impossible for a lone priest and his Pixie friend. I would like to head back to Mortenal and discuss matters further there."
"Yes my Lord."
>You're at the Inn within Mortenal.
>Fouella has been keeping her distance from Joshua.
>You've requested an audience alone with him to discuss things in private.
>"Your journey has been long my faithful priest. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty. I would be greatly remiss were I not to compensate you for your efforts."
"So, where is it that you will send me next my Lord?"
>He laughs.
>"Please don't be so hasty. Have faith that things will work out. Take this moment to rest and reflect on your journey."
"Y-yes Lord Joshua. Say, I was wondering, do you believe Malformed can be saved?"
>He rubs his hand on his chin.
>"I've often considered it. I feel Malformed could possess an aptitude for doing good."
"R-really? Then-"
>"However, their inherent nature and reliance on sin as a source of food greatly diminishes my hope for them."
"I felt the same.. But, surely there might be some.."
>"To quote scripture: "Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? What accord has Christ with Belial? Or what portion does a believer share with an unbeliever? What agreement has the temple of God with idols? For we are the temple of the living God; as God said, “I will make my dwelling among them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Therefore go out from their midst, and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch no unclean thing; then I will welcome you, and I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me, says the Lord Almighty."
>His words sink into you.
>You feel sadness that he doesn't seem to believe the Malformed can be saved.
>"The Malformed are the ones who want the war. And if it's a war they want, humanity can certainly accommodate that demand. They've shown themselves to be ruthless, cunning, deceptive, and unrepentantly evil at every given opportunity. I would be doing a disservice to all the people who have died not to balance the scales. To banish this evil from whence it came. Not out of pride, but out of necessity, surely you understand."
"I.. I understand."
>"Have you other matters to discuss? Let us shift topics."
"Are we needed to organize militias in the towns we previously helped save? Are there measures which can be taken to prevent them from being threatened again?"
>"Ah, I'm glad you asked. I'm going to be stationing a small group of priests at every northern towns. Battle priests with specialized armor, equipment, and tactics for annihilating any possible Malformed assault."
"So.. I'm not needed then?"
>"You I think are a gentle soul. There is a town near here which has been corrupted by the Malformed, it is called Iyaval. I think it would be good experience for you and a group of battle priests under your command to go in and relieve the tortured human souls of their suffering."
"May I.. Take my friends?"
>"It will be dangerous, but I will give you that jurisdiction to take them along if you so choose."
"Thank you Lord Joshua."
>"You and your group will be properly outfitted with the latest equipment. Salt gilded armor which is greatly resistant to damage by Malformed. I notice you already have a gun which can fire holy water, that's part of the standard equipment."
>"You will also be given a tank as part of the operation. It is operated by 4 men and is equipped with the sun cannon. The sun cannon has been shown to obliterate any sin hit by the concentrated blast. It has an effective firing range of 800 meters and doesn't greatly harm things which aren't sin based. You will have to load in more blessed crystals for the tank to fire because it will use them up in the blast."
"That's an interesting piece of artillery."
>"There is a hose on it as well, and a reservoir of holy water to douse foes or to refill your guns with."
"This all will make fighting Malformed much easier."
>"This only barely scratches the surface of what we have been able to develop in our increased efforts to battle the Malformed. But we will speak of those another time. You will be deployed in 3 days, be sure to wrap up any business you have here in the north."
>And with that you regroup with your comrades in a room in Mortenals Inn.

What is it that you will do?
>inform the others and brainstorm a way too protect our friends/family.

I don't trust him
Figure out what we can do to keep Fourella hidden.
>>"Ah, I see. A town corrupted for that long would probably be neigh impossible for a lone priest and his Pixie friend. I would like to head back to Mortenal and discuss matters further there."
>>"Yeah, tell your boss not to blow this place to kingdom come will ya? I doubt the other Malformed in the south will struggle much to defend this northern outpost. Our only defense is the harsh cold. Other than that, we're backed up against the treacherous northern seas, and I don't think we have enough boats to sail everyone out."
Noaire asked us to buy some more time for everyone to evacuate from Cydasis earlier, so we should clarify to Joshua that we already managed to disable the head of the city, and have likely also done for the same for the head's loyalist agents. The humans are also likely evacuating the city thanks to our efforts, and we'd like to request to delay the crusade to that city so the refugees don't get caught in the crossfire.
If Joshua wonders how we managed to accomplish such a feet, we tell him we basically infiltrated the city and managed to sow the seeds of dissent amongst the Malformed in a power struggle because they're greedy like that, and got the Humans to play along. Which is in essence what happened.
>I don't trust him
Yep, me neither. He'll probably purge the living daylights out of everyone once he learns of the HERESY that's been going on.
Try to convince Joshua that it would be more prudent to shore up the defenses of the other towns before moving on Cydasis.

Buy time for Cydasis to move or evacuate.
>It is operated by 4 men and is equipped with the sun cannon.
We should also ask if this tank will be operated by our party, or if we'll be given 4 men to help operate it, because it might be difficult to hide our secrets with these guys around.
If we're given men to operate it, perhaps we could ask to operate it ourselves for more autonomy?
>When one of the head priest that has Angel wings attempts to lead humanity

We need to start a new order. A third side in this war.
2nd to preoccupy them while they delay >>1389144.

>>When one of the head priest that has Angel wings attempts to lead humanity
Will it turn out that our LORD is actually the Left Beyond!Yahweh?

>We need to start a new order. A third side in this war.
Humans vs Malformed vs Humans + Malformed = ???
Well, If what we saw is true and what the other guy said. Humans can breed with Malform and survive normally. So we could in theory build up an actual armed military force to fight against both, because every human will sin in some fashion, where as malformed will be able to feed off that. It really could work.

I miss left behind quest. Thanks Space ship, for winning as the machine god giving us a soul thing.
>You tell the party of your talk with Joshua.
>Allison speaks,
>"What did you expect? They don't call him "God's chosen warrior" for nothing. Why wouldn't he want to purge a bunch of sinful Malformed?"
>Veronica speaks.
>"I'm not a fan of the Malformed either-"
>Her gaze falls on Fouella.
>"N-no offense to you Fouella."
>"Uh huh."
"This is exactly why we need a third party. One seperate from the human faction and Malformed faction. A party which fights for either."
>Fouella sighs.
>"A party that's likely to be hated by both sides. But to hell with it, sign me up."
>Allison rolls her eyes.
>"Well, you're my brother, and if this is what you believe is the right thing to do, count me in."
"Are you sure? I wouldn't want to force you into anything just because we're related."
>She laughs.
>"To tell you the truth, I've always been tired of the churches overbearing methods. A little balance would be real nice."
>Veronica speaks.
>"I've lived all my life in my village with Chelsea. I've always wanted to see the world. And well, I wouldn't want to see it with anyone else I think."
>Chelsea speaks.
>"I'd love to come with.. But I'm just not cut out for all this fighting.. Please, take good care of my sister."
"I will."
>After a night of rest you go to see Joshua again.
"Joshua, I must speak concerning Cydasis."
>"What is it?"
"I couldn't exactly destroy the Malformed there, but I did sew the seeds of dissent within their ranks."
>He looks at you quizzically.
>"Explain further."
"Well, you know, the Malformed are naturally greedy, and I got them locked in a power struggle against each other."
>"You spoke with them, and they allowed you to speak without attacking you? This is unheard of."
"W-well. I can't really figure that out myself. But the humans should be evacuating now as we speak, that is to say, if you were to attack now, the refuges might get caught up in the crossfire. And wouldn't it be better to focus on fortifying our defenses instead?"
>Joshua has a serious expression on his face.
>"I have always respected your purity within our ranks. It is a purity which many of our priests lack. I will take your words at face value on that factor alone. You have my word I will stay my hand from Cydasis and fortify our defenses for a period of a month. Afterwhich I will march our armies to that location and set free the human captives."
>"As part of your boon for the success of your mission, I will also grant you an additional choice in your deployment."
"A-an, additional choice?"
>"Yes, after our meeting last night, I received a letter from Her Holiness Clarity in regards to some policy changes in the capital. I do not have time to oversee such trivialities in the face of war. And thought perhaps you would in my place settle those matters."
>"Though it is your choice. Should you seek battle or solidifying the order within our ranks. I imagine a return home would be a welcome change for you. I recall your distaste for battle."

W-what should I do?
>Go home with our people and meet with her, The Popette might have a different change of heart and it'll be a chance to show Fouella what humans are like without war.
>Thank him for this chance, and ask him what these 'changes' are so we're not going in blind.

Ask what the policy changes are; depending on what they are, we may be suited to help implement them or not.
File: Anti sin laws.png (200 KB, 2452x1696)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
"Thank you for this chance. Though I'm curious as to what these policy changes are."
>He pulls out a piece of paper handing it to you.
>It seems to be a list of laws.
>"It's in regard to the Anti-Sin laws that were passed recently. None of the laws are punishable by death or anything of that severity. These laws are simply deterrents for undesirable behavior."

What is it you will do?
>point out that trying to repress ones natural sin's to such a degree may lead to it popping much more heavily when it DOES happen, and/or makes people more suspectionable to hide and do said things.
>This is gonna spur alot more issues in the long run, and force more of our people to police the normal populations won't it?

Also, Isn't it prideful to try and police people like this? Unless god itself gave theses? These seem.. very odd.
my post here >>1392287 also

>Still go back and talk with the people, These anti-sin laws seem..wrong. Humanity needs to be guided, not beat into submission because that breeds resentment and opens them up to the darkness.
They seem strict almost to the point of being unenforcable, and would certainly cultivate disdain for the church. I thought we were to guide and lead, not force and shove; these laws seem to be less for the role of shepherd or border collie, and more of one who collars and yanks their flock, directing through force rather than nurture.
"These anti-sin laws seem..wrong. Trying to repress ones natural sin's to such a degree may lead to it popping much more heavily when it DOES happen, and/or makes people more susceptible to hide and do said things."
>Joshua paces around the room.
>"We have at our gates, a horde of demons who exploit these sins as our weakness. They mock our hypocrisy and inability to follow our own teachings, and on this I agree with the Malformed! You must understand WHY we are outlawing these things. The Malformed feed upon sin. If there is no sin to feed upon then they will have nothing in which they can use against us."
"In theory yes, but this is gonna spur a lot more issues in the long run, and force more of our people to police the normal populations won't it? Humanity needs to be guided, not beat into submission because that breeds resentment and opens them up to the darkness."
>He grimaces.
"They seem strict almost to the point of being unenforceable, and would certainly cultivate disdain for the church. I thought we were to guide and lead, not force and shove; these laws seem to be less for the role of shepherd or border collie, and more of one who collars and yanks their flock, directing through force rather than nurture."
>"You may have a point. Yet It has already passed into law.. I will leave this matter to you. I cannot focus on it now. I will turn my attention to fortification, the erection of walls, barriers and most of all, annihilating all Malformed who would threaten the peace of the people."
>You sigh.

What will you do?

Seriously, these laws are bad. We gotta fix'm
>You and the group pack up and are transported to Hausterien via a tank ride.
>You see the glorious city with all of it's huge ornate buildings.
>Some giant office buildings have a slight cross shape to them.
>In the middle of it all is the Grand Cathedral of Hausterein.
>A towering cathedral several stories high.
>You enter in through it's doors.
>And you're taken up and through the halls up many flights of stairs to a private room where Clarity resides.
>Lady Clarity, dressed in a garb of pure white.
>The sunlight shines delicately on her in the dusty room as she stands near the bookshelf with a book in hand.
>Her eyes a pure blue, hair a soft blonde with holes cut in the back of her garb where wings might sprout.
>Suddenly you're left alone with her as the men who escorted you bow and duck out of the room.
"H-hey wait-"
>The door shuts.
>She closes the book putting it back on the shelf.
>She approaches you.
"Your Holiness."
>You say as you bow low before her.
>She giggles softly.
>You do so.
>"Joshua has spoken well of your deeds. He received many letters of praise from those you saved. You are a hero, and I am honored to have the chance to work with you."
>Your cheeks flush with blood.
"Y-yeah.. S-so, Joshua put me in charge of his er, regular law overseeing. Although I'm not sure what that all entails."
>She sighs.
>"I suppose it's best if we just jump right into it."
>You're taken to a corporate cross shaped office.
>There are people running about everywhere in a bit of a panic.
>You see several receptionists and lines of people.
>"Yeah, you saw your neighbor loitering? What do you want me to do about it? Next!?"
>"A mans Husband looked at you with lust in his eyes Miss Fetta?"
>The receptionist sighs.
>"What was his name?"
>"Another complaint about Bartholomew being greedy? It's the third time this week!"
>"Yes Mr. Harrison is in Sin Camp right now, it's all part of the program."
>"No Ma'am church is mandatory every day until your sentence is up. NEXT!"
"Good Lord, this is a mess."
>Clarity sighs.
>"The Officium have their hands full. We've had people working triple shifts to keep up with the rapid fire policing. Complaints every single day nonstop. I believe Joshua had only the best intentions in mind. But I do not believe he foresaw the consequences this would bring."
"Yeah, this is a nightmare."
>You're brought to the outskirts of town to a large church with a metal fence around it.
>Men and women are running around a field with a bible in hand.
>They all seem to be reciting different verses.
>"The people sent to Sin Camp are forced to run while reading the Sin they committed. They sit in rooms for hours on end being taught again and again the Sin which they committed and why it's wrong."
>You gasp.
"How horrible."
>"They don't deserve this.. We're making criminals out of ordinary people.. I feel that while stopping sin may be important, there must be a better way to do this."
"I agree."
>"Joshua gave you the power of balancing the laws of the land. His position has tremendous legal swing. The people greatly respect him.. I do as well. I signed off on it at first thinking we could reduce the sins we committed.. Joshua was so passionate when he talked about building a righteous society.. I believed him. I wanted to see his vision come to fruition.. But not like this.."
>You notice tears streaming down her face.
>"I've made a terrible mistake haven't I?"

"We all make mistakes. Surely there is a way to rectify this situation. You mustn't be so hard on yourself your Holiness."

"You brought this on yourself. You expect me to feel sorry for you? Some great and mighty Bishop you turned out to be. Look at how these people suffer, you caused this. You aught to feel ashamed."
>While we all make mistakes it is well within our power to fix them and hope these forgive us. You can only be ashamed if inaction in a time of action. However, we are wasting time with this. Can we put a stay of this law and figure out a way to..do away or lessen theses? It's already tamper and every second another person must suffer or dare I say be falsely accused?
"While we all make mistakes it is well within our power to fix them and hope these forgive us. You can only be ashamed if inaction in a time of action. However, we are wasting time with this. Can we put a stay of this law and figure out a way to..do away or lessen theses? It's already tamper and every second another person must suffer or dare I say be falsely accused?"
>"Y-you're right.. Well, we must gather the Apostles then."
"Sounds good. Where can we find them?"
>"I can gather most of them, if you'll just gather one for me."
"Gather one? What's his name?"
>"Apostle Xactor, he's the head of research and weapons development. I never like to disturb him when he's busy."
"Leave it to me then."
>"You go down deep beneath the grand cathedral to a stone dungeon-esque looking area where a man is welding something.
>He lifts up his welding mask.
>He snickers.
>"You must be the new Page boy sent to take Joshuas place. I had heard of your coming before your arrival."
"Yes. I am Anon, and we require you to take a seat at the courts and overrule the anti-sin law immediately."
>He laughs callously.
>"Overwrite the anti-sin law? Preposterous. What good will come of that?"
>He walks over to his piles of gizmos laying around.
>"Right now we have a horde of malicious demons at our gates ready to rip the entrails from our bodies. And yet to suggest allowing sin to breed within our holy city is acceptable?"
"W-with all due respect, this ruling is too harsh!"
>He stares down at a metal object.
>"They tell me you can't overwrite human nature. But I happen to disagree."
"W-whats that supposed to mean?"
>"Extensive studies on the Malformed and their twisted magic have revealed how their temptatious nature plays to our own like a finely tuned instrument."
>"But, what if I were to tell you, the instrument could be tuned the other way?"
"I.. I'm not sure if I like the sound of that."
>"Overturning nature is a matter of science. Reworking the little wheels in the brain to lack the desire to sin."
"Lack the desire to sin? Is that even possible?"
>"Of course that's only phase one. The second is eliminating the Malformed en masse."
"Ok.. Well, how would you do that? Just keep killing them like usual?"
>"Sometimes what can be construed as a weapon will surprise you. When we think of weapons, it's a gun, or a sword.. But then, we never think about something like an instrument. Certain Malformed have shown the capacity to utilize instruments to channel sin. So again, we simply take a page from their playbook."
>He pulls out a golden Lyre from under the desk.
>It shines with a holy glow.
>"You're looking at the next generation of Malformed hunting technology boy. Pay heed, the Malformed will succumb. Once humanity is no longer prone to sin, we will use these weapons to destroy the Malformed from the face of the planet. Running around with sharp objects and water guns in the dark will be a thing of the past."
"I.. I see that you will not listen to reason."
>"And neither will you. Joshua spoke highly of you. He said you were a naturally pure soul. Coming from him, I'm inclined to believe it. Just remember, when the Malformed are knocking at our doorstep, you may think to reconsider what I've said."
>You're at an Inn room in Hausterien.
>Allison smiles,
>"So, how was work?"
"Dreadful, just dreadful.. The whole government is completely bonkers."
>Fouella speaks,
>"What a shock."
>Veronica speaks,
>"So, no compromise?"
"I'm afraid not. With only 5 of the twelve willing to change their mind, the motion to overturn the law was unsuccessful."
>Allison speaks,
>"Then it's time for a little justice of our own."
"Justice of our own?"
>"Yeah. Why not bust some of those guys at Sin Camp out and get em on our side?"
>Fouella speaks,
>"I doubt there will be many who approve of these extra legal activities."
>Allison laughs,
>"How are they gonna find out? We run the operation in secret, we can make it look like someone else was responsible for freeing them from their little bible prison."

What will you do?
>We could spin it to look like family members breaking people out due to these new laws but that might accelerate the seeds of dissent sooner.
>We also need to find a place were we could put them and we need to wait abit longer because they might be able to connect the dots on who frees them.
Take a look at the laws again. Apply them to the apostles. They are human still, and as for Xactor, make him the first subject of his procedure and eliminate all drive from his brain. Make him into nothing more than a fleshly automaton who doesn't do anything unless he has orders.
Your not wrong. They should be held to a higher level and we already saw somebody prideful as fuck who thinks he can change gods creations to something else.
"We need to find a place were we could put them so I think we need to wait abit longer because the church might be able to connect the dots on who frees them. So I think we should find out which of these laws the apostles are breaking."
>Allison snickers.
>"Fair enough. I think I know just the way to figure out what they've been up to."
>Veronica looks at her quizzically.
>"How will we do that?"
>Allison speaks,
>"It's easy, we just pay a visit to Donnaen."
"Y-your rapist?"
>You growl.
"Alright, where is that scum? I'll give him what's coming to him."
>Allison laughs.
>"Oh my, I didn't realize you had such a vindictive side Anon."
"He has defiled your honor and besmirched the name of our church. I'll not let this stand."
>"I perhaps, neglected to mention something, his full name is Ardor Donnaen."
>You pause for a moment.
>"That's right Anon. He's one of the 12 Apostles. Will you really still go against him?"
>You grit your teeth.
>Veronica puts her hand on your shoulder.
"That just makes it even more unforgivable. Veronica. Help me seek vengeance against him. Give me the strength to render unto him my retribution."
>"Anon.. This is just.. So unlike you.. But if it's what you feel you need to do.."
"Ardor is going to pay for what he did to my sister if it's the last thing I do."
>Fouella rolls over.
>"Great, if you need me, I'll just be getting my beauty rest."
>You blast down the door of Ardors room.
>He falls out of bed with a frightened expression as the lights in the room come on.
>"W-who is it? Who's there?"
>You rush at him, grabbing him and pinning him against a wall.
>He's a young man with short black hair and a pale complexion.
>"W-who the heck are you? What are you-"
>You punch him in the face.
>Allison speaks,
>"Hello Ardor, it's been a while."
>"Allison? So this is-"
"You wretched urchin! You call yourself an Apostle of God!? You're nothing but a lecherous sinner like the rest of us, and a rapist at that!"
"These Anti-Sin laws you've posed, you can't even uphold them yourself! You raped my sister, stole her honor! You're the one who aught to be in Sin Camp! You're the one who aught to suffer for your misdeeds you wolf in sheeps clothing!"
>"Y-you're right.."
>You growl at him punching him again.
>You unsheathe your knife.
"I'm so angry I could run you through!"
>He sinks down.
>"Please, if you feel its necessary, kill me."
>You feel conflicted releasing your grip on him slightly.
>"You're right. Someone like me, doesn't deserve to live. Please, kill me."
>You release your grip entirely walking across the room for a moment gripping your forehead.
>Allison speaks.
>"So, you find a girlfriend yet?"
>"The church has been closely watching me since they noticed some of the holy ink had been missing from their supply. The short answer you're looking for is no."
>"Well, that's a shame."
>Veronica flies over to Allison.
>"Allison, why are you so casual with him? Aren't you mad that he took advantage of you?"
>"Maybe at first. But there's more to his story than you'd think. Ardor was part of the first in a series of experiments on modifying the sinful impulses we humans experience."
>"They suppressed his sexual urges, right Ardor?"
>He nods.
>"At first they were successful. I had no urges at all. Where as before I would begin to sweat some when I saw a fair lady pass in the halls, I felt nothing at all after the procedure."
>"But apparently it didn't quite work out as they planned. Ardor had felt his urges rise, and in greater voracity than he expected."
>"It's true.. For weeks I had attempted to avoid all contact with the opposite sex.. But frequently I would see Allison, your sister in the library reading.. I felt an irresistible allure, and watched her from afar for many days.. And.. One night I felt such a beast of emotions rise within me I could not contain it. I followed her home and snuck into her bedroom. And I.. Oh God.."
>He breaks down crying.
>"After it happened, he cried like this too."
>"I did.. I felt all those strong emotions leave me. I felt like such a monster.. After I gave the tattoo to your sister, I attempted to jump from the top of the Grand Cathedral to commit suicide.. But for whatever reason, your sister stopped me."
>"I didn't really understand everything, but I did ask him to get me that tattoo. And after that, I'd learned from some Praetors he'd gone up to the roof all by himself. I went up there, and I stopped him from making the jump."
>He walks over to you getting down on his knees before you.
>"Forgive me. I am unworthy as you say."

Forgive him.

Murder him in retribution for what he did to your sister.
>Forgive him.
Oh god damn it, we can't get our murderbone for something as pitiful as this.
Murder him in retribution for what he did to your sister.

Ya no, Rape ain't gonna be something I spare. Even moreso with my sister because he'll do it again later.
>>"Maybe at first. But there's more to his story than you'd think. Ardor was part of the first in a series of experiments on modifying the sinful impulses we humans experience."
In this case he was effectively drugged and lobotomized for this to happen. I'd think if we want retribution we should give it to the mad scientist who originally made these experiments.
Changing this >>1395287 too

>Make him help us find a way to turn these Anti-sin laws the hell away and/or w.e. else we need when we are here. Including all information on these tests and who performed them/gave him permission.

It makes me salty but this entire church area should be razed.
>>Make him help us find a way to turn these Anti-sin laws the hell away and/or w.e. else we need when we are here. Including all information on these tests and who performed them/gave him permission.
2nd. Get a part of what we came here for and then some leads we can seek vengeance on those sick fucks for whatever they're letting happen.

>It makes me salty but this entire church area should be razed.
Oh yeah, definitely. What they're doing is nothing short of trying to play God and failing miserably at it.
>Forgive him
I would not absolve him of his crimes - regardless of his motive and circumstances, he still raped Allison - but it would be needlessly cruel to kill someone, especially one so pious and repentant for actions committed beyond his control.
If anything, this is more fuel for the fire against whatever "sin-quashing" mechanism they're trying to develop. If it's driven even this ordinarily-good man to such an evil act, one shudders to think what effect it would have on humans not nearly so in control of their urges.
>>"But apparently it didn't quite work out as they planned. Ardor had felt his urges rise, and in greater voracity than he expected."
Oh yeah, we should also make sure Ardor Donnaen isn't going to go back to raping after we leave him again.

>>"At first they were successful. I had no urges at all. Where as before I would begin to sweat some when I saw a fair lady pass in the halls, I felt nothing at all after the procedure."
>Where as before I would begin to sweat some when I saw a fair lady pass in the halls,
>Going through experimental surgery and indoctrination by some mad scientists so you don't get aroused by good-looking women.
Who're the stupid fucks who authorized this "procedure?"

"I won't forgive you. But I'll spare your life, for now. Help us overturn these Anti-Sin laws. I also need information on these tests, who performed them, and who authorized permission to carry them out."
>He sniffles.
>"W-well.. The orders, they were from Xactor. His Officium drew blood and monitored my heart rate and breathing. From these they were able to determine my sin level, and how many impulses I'd received. Though, they weren't able to reverse the effects of my treatment till it was too late. But since then, they've become much more efficient. They now give out Anti-Sin tablets to those who've undergone the procedure to suppress the urges which arise after the fact."
"This.. This is awful."
>"I hear it's been so successful that it won't be long before it's given out to the public. Their goal is to have a way to resist the sin while the laws are in place. So that those caught breaking it seem like criminals. It would be a way to instantly spot a Malformed infiltrator among us without having to sniff him out."
"You fools have bigger problems than the Malformed. Can't you see that you're going too far? You're all playing God to try and combat the Malformed, and in the process you're becoming worse than the monsters you fight."
>"You're right.. Forgive my insolence. I'll have a talk with the other Apostles and see if I can't reason with them to overturn this law."
"Thank you."

It is the next morning after a night of rest, what is it that you will do today?


>You stand there before him.
>Gripping the knife tightly in your hand.
>"Please.. I beg your forgiveness.."
"Do you not know that when you offer yourselves as obedient slaves, you are slaves to the one you obey, whether you are slaves to sin leading to death, or to obedience leading to righteousness?"
"But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves to God, the fruit you reap leads to holiness, and the outcome is eternal life. For the wages of sin is death!"
>You slash his throat.
>His blood sprays out onto you.
>He falls over clutching his neck as he bleeds out onto the ground gurgling.
>You drop the knife.
>Allison stands horrified as you walk over to her, still coated in his blood and hug her.
>"A-anon.. What have you done?"
>You gently stroke her hair.
"Shh.. He will not harm you anymore."
>You feel her tremble in your arms.
>"Didn't you hear anything we said!?"
"Yes sister.. He did something horrible. And I know those scars won't heal easily. I will be here for you when you need it. And I will protect you, just as you've protected me."
>"Oh.. Oh brother.."
>Softly she weeps into you.
"There there, you're safe now."
>see if we can't bring this information up to the popette? And that these are actions we are taking and playing god, Something god does not want.

>Also, Make sure our malformed female stays safe using our sister.
File: Sin diagram.jpg (63 KB, 540x371)
63 KB
>You eat breakfast down at the Inn at Hausterien.
>After that you decide to head out.
>Fouella is playing with some kids near the front of the Inn.
>Curious you decide to observe her.
>They are bouncing a little cloth bag back and forth around with their feet.
"What's this?"
>Fouella bounces the bag with her foot to another one of the kids.
>"Apparently it's a human game called "hacky sack". The goal of the game is to kick the sack around to each person in the circle."
"Oh.. I see."
>The bag goes around to her but she misses the kick.
>"I'm not very good at this yet."
>"You can keep the bag miss, it was fun playing with you though!"
>"You're leaving already?"
>"Yeah, our parents are calling us."
"What's up?"
>"What is it like to have parents? To have a family?"
"W-what are you talking about?"
>"Awakened Malformed do not have family."
>You gasp.
"I.. I'm sorry to hear that.."
>She seems sad.
>"Uh.. Well, it's.. Really nice.. My father raised us till we were about 10, and Mother died in childbirth with me. So It's mostly just been me and Allison. But.. To put it in a way you can understand, it's like having a built in support group. They can be a little annoying, but for the most part, we help each other out however we can. And we're always there for each other."
>"I see.. That sounds nice. Awakened Malformed are born with the knowledge to speak, born with developed thoughts and feelings. Probably due to the mass coming from the sins of humans. Still, we don't really make it a point to form connections with each other. We'll work cooperatively, but generally awakened Malformed are loners till they become Agents."
>You're not sure what to say.
>"I wish, I had a family."
>You hug Fouella.
"Don't worry Fouella, we'll be your family."
>She seems shocked.
>"T-that isn't something people can just do right?"
"Of course it is. We don't have to be related by blood to be family. We'll stick with you no matter what."
>"I.. I don't know what to say to that.. How do families interact with each other? What am I expected to do?"
>You sigh.
"Uh.. Well, I mean, just be yourself. You're such a cool person. I almost think of you as the little sister I never had."
>"Little sister?"
>"So then, you would be like my brother. And, would that make Veronica and Allison my sisters?"
"I suppose so yeah."
>"I see.. I think you are, a nice big brother then."
>For some reason you feel blood rush to your cheeks.
"T-thanks.. Uh, listen, I gotta go do stuff. Try not to get into trouble while I'm out ok?"
>You see Veronica and Allison speaking with an Apostle.
>"Hey bro."
"Hi Allison."
>"So you come from the north then. How interesting."
>The man pokes Veronica.
>"It is rare to see a little thing such as yourself in the capital. I think the wars got too many of your kind tangled in the crossfire. I am sorry on humanities behalf."
>"That's ok Father Granden.. It's not as though you're directly responsible anyway."
>He clears his throat.
>"In any case, in regards to your request, Father Xactor is very determined in his ways. And while some of his methods are certainly questionable, his research has seen results. He's the reason you see giant water cannons mounted throughout the city, why we have Holy Tanks. I hear he's also working on some kind of flight project."
"Flight project?"
>"Oh yes, he means to attach wings to the back of soldiers for airborne superiority over Malformed. In this case though, he's just leveling the playing field for the humans since some Malformed can fly and all."
"Grr.. Yes well, that's all fine and dandy, but what about his behavioral experiments!? Surely you question his ethics on that. These laws are inhumane to say the least."
>Allison speaks.
>"Look, I don't want to beat you over the head with it either. But Xactor isn't exactly a saint of virtue by any means."
>Veronica speaks.
>"Hes more like a mad scientist."
>He walks closer.
>"I.. I simply can't refuse him.."
>Allison speaks.
>"What? Why?"
>"I can't say."
>Granden walks off.
>Veronica speaks.
>"Well, that was.. Weird."
"Well at least reason isn't entirely lost on him. I have a feeling Xactor may be the one behind this whole plan. And that some of the others surrounding him are just his little pawns."
>Allison speaks,
>"I think that's a fair assumption. We haven't seen any other wolves among the sheep yet so to speak."
>You decide to head up to Claritys room.
>Inside you hear strange noises.
>You open up the door.
>Clarity is looking out the window has her hand shoved up her skirt and seems to be fondling herself.
>She drops a pair of binoculars covering herself.
>You attempt to step back but she runs too fast and closes the door behind you.
>She's blushing really hard.
>The way shes squinting her face, it's like shes bracing for impact.
>There is an awkward silence for a few moments.
>"I.. T-to catch someone like me.. In such a position.."
>You get down on your knees.
"I-i'm terribly sorry your holiness!"
>"N-no.. It's my fault.. Someone like me shouldn't be engaging in such lewd behavior.."
"I'm the one who should be sorry.. I never meant to shame you like this.. I can hardly forgive myself for embarrassing you like this.. I would do anything to make it up to you."
>She's quiet for a moment.
>"You.. Are you earnest when you say that?"
"Say what-"
>She comes closer.
>"That you'll do anything?"
"C-clarity, i-it's just so sudden, I-"
>She makes a slight bow to you.
>"Please.. Keep my secrets."
"Of course. I swear to you I won't breathe a word to anyone."
>She pulls you by the hand to some chairs by the window.
>"Since you swore not to tell.. I was staring at the Battle Priests, with the binoculars, I've been able to see them change into their armor."
"I.. I see."
>"I-it wasn't always like this.. I just happened to be reading.. And, well, I saw.. And then I couldn't look away.. This behavior is shameful.."
"Clarity.. To confess all of this to me is-"
>"But you're a good priest! Lord Joshua trusts you, he said so. He said you were pure. Compared to you I.. I'm hardly worthy to be the Bishop of this land."
"Clarity, you're plenty worthy. All have sinned and fallen short. Others would speak ill of this behavior, but I am not one who will judge."
>"Then please.. Allow me to confess more."
"Huh? M-more?"
>She runs over to a bookshelf looking back and forth suspiciously.
>She pulls some books off the shelves.
>Clarity runs back over and shows you whats inside.
>Inside are illustrations of nude males.
>You shield your eyes.
>Clarity sinks her head down.
>"Like I said.. Such a thing is shameful of someone of my stature. How can I possibly be expected to set a good example when I'm guilty of these crimes?"
>You can't help but chuckle a bit.
>"W-whats so funny?"
"I-i'm sorry. I just, it's not shameful.. You're just normal."
>She's quiet.
>"But.. I mean, the laws.."
"Yes, the laws that were passed are bad."
>"I wanted to live up to the standards Lord Joshua set. I wanted to believe in his vision.."
>You place your hand on her shoulder.
"Joshua wants his citizens to be safe. I think that is his core concern. I think he's just a little misguided, just like the rest of us.. See, he isn't perfect either. We need to re-write these laws so they're no longer in effect."
>"T-to overturn it.. It seems audacious not to go through the Apostles for permission first."
"Maybe so. But you know what you're doing isn't right. So since you're the leader, it should be up to you to lead the people to make the right decision."
>"Y-you're right, thank you Anon."
>She gives you a hug.
>You feel her soft warmth embrace you.
>That very day she goes to the court and abolishes the law in its entirety, and with it abolishes sin camp.
>Anarchy happens in the capital. But it is mostly joyous and non-violent, and mass approval for Clarity's decision.
>You're down in Xactors lab.
>"So, you've come to find me yet again."
"It's over Xactor. I won't let you do this to people."
>"You propose to stain those pure hands of yours with my blood?"
>Allison runs up and punches him in the face.
>"He won't have to. I'll do the damn deed myself if I have to."
>He pushes her back with a blast of pure white light knocking her against the walls.
>"I'm a very busy man. Why not come back another day?"
>Veronica speaks,
>"And let you play God some more?"
>"Playing God implies that I am some sort of God. And this simply isn't true. I'm simply trying to make people like God by removing them from sin."
"You're policing their thoughts and guilting them into shame."
>"Hmm? And why shouldn't someone feel shame when they sin?"
>Allison speaks,
>"Yeah, and how would you like it if YOU were subject to all of these experiments?"
>He laughs callously.
>"Oh but I already am. I haven't committed any sin that I'm aware of."
"Nice try, but I'm pretty sure pride counts as a sin."
>"You heavily misread me child. I have no pride. And no shame either. I am wholly committed to God and fulfilling his word."
"By turning his creations into mindless automatons."
>"His creations were not born with sin in the beginning. You forget it was Adam and Eve who ate of the fruit. And what tree was it that bore them this initial sin? It was knowledge wasn't it?"
"And yet here you are using knowledge to try and scrub yourself clean of it. John 14:6, Jesus told him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me."
>"Ah very good. However I think you'll recall John 14:15 "If you love me, obey my commandments."
"T-that was.."
>"Exactly as it says in the good book."
>Veronica speaks,
>"You're wrong! You're just twisting the words to use for your own purposes."
>"Easy for a Pixie to say. You don't practice our faith. You don't know the words by which we speak."
"Then heres some more words! Romans 2:1 "You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things."
>He grumbles.
>"I'm trying to help humanity! Can't you see this? It's my lifes work!"
"I appreciate that, but you can't use your power to control and manipulate others. Don't you see that is evil? These are things the Malformed do!"
>He runs to the wall hitting a switch.
>A passage opens up and he runs down into it.
"After him!"
>You pass a series of cages.
>Inside are different species of Malformed.
>Officium with clipboards seem to be taking notes.
>"H-hey, you shouldn't be down here-"
>Veronica speaks,
>"Official church business!"
>You follow the sound of his footsteps.
>Finally you enter a room of cages.
>He stands in the middle next to a cage.
>"You spoke earlier about the nature of the Malformed didn't you? Well, here they are! Look at this filthy creature."
>A humanoid with small demon horns is nude and in a cage. He has black tufts of fur on him.
>"This one was a rare capture. He's what we refer to as an Agent. We see these often leading great battles throughout history. They were the deceivers, the brains behind the so called mass. We're building a database on these, and the information is certainly eye opening."
"That doesn't excuse what you're doing."
>"The lack of surprise suggests you already knew."
"T-that doesn't make a difference."
>The Malformed calls out.
>"Please! Let me free, I just want to live a normal life, I promise I won't do anyone anymore harm-"
>Xactor strikes the bars and he quivers in fear.
>"You'll keep silent unless spoken to demon."
>Allison speaks,
>"You might oppose sin, but you're not some kind of great saint yourself. What about your methods for achieving success?"
>"The ends justify the means dear. Just look at what we've been able to accomplish. Hundreds of books have been written thanks to my expertise and tenacity in pursuing knowledge."
>Veronica speaks,
>"And yet you use it all to manipulate others like a great horned devil!"
>He is silent at this remark.
"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools."
>He grimaces.
"You are taking these matters into your own hands. Please, do not be foolish. If people must sin, let them sin."
>Allison speaks,
>"Yeah, don't play with their emotions and try to subvert them into being good."
>"Then what is it you would have me do? Abandon my research? I've spent my life on this!"
"Do not let it consume you. Your mind is not on God! Have you forgotten the most basic teachings?"
>He seems stunned into silence.
>Allison speaks,
>"Yeah, if anyone needs to go read the bible again it's you. You're the one who aught to get sent off to Sin Camp."
>He is silent.
>"Have I been a devil this whole time?"
"Yes, but it is not too late. Come now with me, and I'll find a place where you can reclaim your righteousness."
>"Who will takeover the research-"
>Allison grabs him.
>"Someone will, but it won't be you."
>Xactor is brought before Clarity and sentenced to a special jail cell where he will be forced to read the bible and be preached to for 5 years for his misguided actions and unwitting crimes against humanity.
>Clarity speaks,
>"Well, I'll leave it up to you who gets his old position."
"Thanks. He was a little more cooperative than I thought he would be."
>Clarity seems a bit sad.
>"I think he had good intentions. But I think he got carried away."
>Allison speaks.
>"Yeah well, I think he's a criminal, and he's where he belongs now. Now that he's out of the way, maybe we can turn the wheel on this ship in the right direction."
>You're at the Inn at Hausterien later that night.
>A mass of people have gathered there.
>When they see you they approach.
>"It's Lord Anon!"
>They all circle around you.
>Allison speaks,
>"Look, whatever it is you think we did, it wasn't us-"
>"Praise be to Lord Anon for being the one to talk reason into the church and set us free!"
>"We are all so very grateful to you Lord Anon.."
>"We hate to be a burden, but we want to follow your teachings.. Please, teach us your ways."
>"The church forced us to do things we didn't want to do, but you gave us our freedom. You're a true hero!"
>Allison mutters,
>"Well, it seems you've amassed a cult following yet again."

What will you do?
Tell the people that we have no special teachings. Just be a good person who helps others, and refrain from extremes.

Though that Agent we saw, we should speak to him some more. See if he really does just want to live a normal life.
Fouella Bonus Cutscene.

>Anon trudges off again.
>He seems to be heading toward Veronica and Allison.
>Anon said he was like your brother, and that they were your sisters.
>But did he mean it?
>You stare down at the hacky sack given to you by the children.
>What does it mean to be a part of a family? To have a family to go home to?
>You know that humans don't start out with all their knowledge like you.
>When you were born, you simply had awareness with facts already in your head.
>But who dictated whether these 'facts' were correct or not?
>The Malformed like you always trust their instincts.
>Because instincts are all you have.
>The higher ups say we're superior because we're born with this inherent knowledge. But where does it come from?
>You have this suspicion since the mass is born of human sin, that it is a reflection of humanity pooled into knowledge.
>This knowledge is given to all of the awakened when they are born which is why they tend to act the same.
>You kick the hack sack around as you ponder these things.
>You fail many times.
>How did this go again?
>Balance it on the foot, then kick to the knee..
>You look around seeing others walking around.
>They seem busy.
>Like they have a direction they're going.
>In the Inn when you arrived, there were many people gathering together.
>They were part of these family units.
>Even thinking back, you can remember the people who's dreams you watched had families too.
>In fact, many of them wanted families.
>Later that day..
>You're sitting outside the Inn on the sidewalk under the cover of the roof as rain pours down.
>No dreams.
>No family.
>No home.
>No lover.
>All of these things are what humans find important.
>A Malformed should not want these things.
>And yet you feel a curiosity.
>Something drawing you toward it all like a magnet.
>These things are somehow attractive to you.
>The Malformed, they wish to destroy humanity out of instinct without even knowing what a human is.
>If the Malformed came from human sin, we're just destroying some part of ourselves.
>That human part.
>The primus are only instinct, and yet they are stupid, like animals.
>Only those who awaken within the mass possess awareness.
>We awoke in darkness, and in darkness we remain.
>Forever isolated and driven to manipulate, murder and make war.
>We are taught to hate everything about humanity which isn't sin.
>Sin is how we are born.
>We cannot survive without it.
>The humans hate us because we wage war on them. We who derived from them.
>We, are like a cancer.
>Something which should not have been born.
Aren't the Malformed able to subsist on the suffering of human souls?
Suffering if you want LUXURY FEEDINGS. They can just subside on regular sin like what Fouella did with sloth back in her hometown, Slour.
>put our sister in charge or have her find somebody to cover for the next 5 years his in prison.
>i are no special man, I too must live each day battling tempemtion against my sins. We must remember every day that we are all struggling in this together and help on another. Do not let yourself get overtaken is the only advice I have, and don't do it if it's wrong too you and the teachings of god.

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