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This world is a world full of magic. Each living creature possess magic and many can harness its power to use in daily life. This has led to the world being full of strife and challenge. The strong rule the weak and the weak serve the strong. You are one with the potential to be strong, but will you be able to reach it and guide your nation to victory while you do so?

Welcome to Magical Civilization Quest. In this quest you shall do your best to lead your nation to victory in a world full of magic and fantastical creatures. Last time you fought off a giant snake. You also ended up finding a bunch of crystals and some neat eggs. Currently you are facing off against a little girl. Here is a link to the archive.

Lance charges at the girl with his spear in hand. Sensing the danger the weapon presents the girl tries to move out of the way. However, thanks to her moving Tiberius is able to knock her off of him once more. The girl flies back and lands heavily on the ground. She picks herself up once more and begins to charge back into the fray.

Having had enough of this you raise your rifle. You calmly stare her down and wait for the right moment and it comes soon. The girl leaps into the air and as soon she leaps you pull the trigger. The bullet slams into her once she hits the peak of the leap and knocks her back to the ground.

The girl reverts to her human form before she hits the ground. She lets out a soft cry once she lands on the hard dirt. Despite her wounds she begins to crawl towards the woods trying to escape from you.

Roll 1d100
A. Kill her
B. Let her go
C. Capture her
D. other
Rolled 16 (1d100)

Kill her
Rolled 79 (1d100)

>C. Capture her
Something about her is... different. We can make use of her. Good use.
Rolled 62 (1d100)

2nd. She's one tough cookie. Kill her if it's too difficult.
>C. Capture her
“Come on guys,” you say walking over to the crawling girl, “let’s move her.”

Tiberius nods and joins you in grabbing the girl. She puts up a little fight, but it is more of a token effort and she is easily moved. You and Tiberius begin to carry her over to Angelica and when she gets there she lets out a gasp.

“How did this girl get like this,” she says in shock as she rushes to the girl’s side.

“Well she was trying to attack us and desired the destruction of our settlement,” you say looking at her.

“Who is she to say such things,” Angelica asks looking over at you curiously as she places her hands on the girl.

“She is a beastcursed, and from what she said I believe she is from the group that attacked us. We found her out in the forest looking around for the village. She also mentioned that the Asherans attacked her village.”

“Interesting, I guess we need to watch out for the Asherans,” she says nodding, “Now go so I can take care of her.”

You nod and walk away with Tiberius. You look up into the sky and see that the sun is lower in the sky. With that in mind you decide to…

A. Head out
B. Stay for the night and go out tomorrow
C. other
>C. Talk to the girl.
Try to get through to her. We're no angels, but possibly the least guilty people on the continent nontheless.
You decide that it would be best to try to talk to the girl. Despite the fact that she had tried to kill you and Tiberius she was a victim of the situation. The Asheran’s had taken her people and you may have harmed her direct family. With that in mind you start heading back to Angelica to talk to the girl.

When you reach Angelica the girl is still out cold. Angelica sensing your approach looks up at you with a curiosity in her eyes.

“I wish to talk to the girl when she wakes,” you say looking at her.

“Well that’s all fine and good, but what do you want to say,” she says raising a good question.

“Well I shall….”

Roll 1d100
A. Apologize
B. Ask her what happened in the village
C. Ask about the Asheran location
D. other
Rolled 53 (1d100)

>B. Ask her what happened in the village
First, we need details. We're kind of at war with the Asherans anyway, maybe we can convince her to help us with it. She seems like a good hero character. We need hero characters.
“Well I think I shall ask her what exactly happened at that village,” you say looking down at the little girl. “She didn’t really give us much info to go on when she mentioned it so I want to know more about it.”

Angelica nods and allows you to sit by the girl. You sit by her and think on what you’re going to say to her. After a while she wakes up she looks over at her and tries to move away. She is stopped by Angelica who holds her down.

“Hello I am glad to see that you’re awake,” you say to her, “now can you tell me what happened to your village.”

“Fine,” she says with a snarl, “I’ll tell you what happened to my people. After our troops went on attack your village the Asherans came and destroyed our village. They killed many of our people and enslaved the others. Are you happy with this information?”

With that said she glares at you from her seated position.

Roll 1d100
A. Apologize
B. Ask about the Asheran location
C. Invite her to join
D. other
Rolled 85 (1d100)

>C. Invite her to join
We're not at fault in any way. Make her understand that. We never fought anybody that didn't attack us first. Which includes her tribe and the Asherans alike.
“Well in our defense,” you say looking over at her, “we did not attack them first. We have only attacked once we were attacked. However, I am sorry for your loss. If you so desire I am happy to offer you the option to join with us. We are currently at war with the Asherans so you would be most likely be able to achieve your vengeance.”

“I just told you that I want vengeance and you offer an alliance with me,” she says looking over at me. “You have guts for that so I shall accept. But know this I will be your downfall. Now let me speak.”

With that she falls asleep near instantaneous with you looking over her. With that done you decide to…

A. Go out
B. Wait till tomorrow
C. other
>A. Wait until tomorrow
I think we achieved what we wanted to. Now, we need a night's sleep to heal up. Also, this woman is dangerous. Could we somehow find a way to make sure she won't turn on us like she promised?
Having had a rather full day you decide that it would be best for you and Tiberius to rest up from it. You go and find him and tell him to meet you tomorrow morning and you head off. With that done you just go around the settlement aiding where ever you can. At the end of it all you head to your home and spend some time with your wife and child.

When you awaken in the morning you feel ready and refreshed. With a kiss goodbye to your wife you head to the village border to see that Tiberius is waiting for you. He gives you a nod and together you head off in the direction off….

Roll 1d100
A. The forest
B. The beach
C. The cliffs
D. The Lupus village
E. The Capra village
F. The waterfall
G. Try to find the beastcursed village
Rolled 84 (1d100)

G. Try to find the beastcursed village
You decide that the both of you should try to find the Beastcursed tribe. With things being how they are you feel that it could lead to finding something on the Asheran’s. Keeping that in mind you and Tiberius set out into the forest heading out towards the direction you recall the girl and the scarred wolf came from.

As the two of you walk you are able to enjoy the forest. The journey you take is nice and calm as little bothers you during your trip. The only issue that does appear are insects and they are easily dealt with your magic. Your journey continues for a good while before you take a rest by the river. It last for only a few moments, but after it the two of you are ready to head out once more.

Roll 1d100
Rolled 98 (1d100)

Rolled 22 (1d100)

The two of you move quickly heading towards where you believe the Beastcursed village is. Nothing bothers you as you move, but after a while things begin to go quite. The forest begins to thin out as you make your way. Soon you come across a tree that is marked with a black scorch mark. Taking this as a sign the two of you move forward into a clearing.

As you enter you are greeted by a large pile of bodies lying around. There are also many stones arranged in a way that suggests that they are graves. Other than the linger marks that signifies a battle that occurred here things are what you expected from a small village. There are a number of tents and what looks to be a communal fire in the center of all of it. You nod to Tiberius and begin to look around the village in hopes of finding anything

Roll 1d100
Rolled 11 (1d100)

Unfortunately the two of you have little luck in finding anything. As much as the two of you look you fail to find anything other than bones, ash, and the occasional piece of feathers or fur. After a while of searching the two of you meet back up again in the center of the camp. The two of you sit down to take a break and you notice that the sun is going down and soon it will be dark out.

“So do you want to stay here or head off right now,” asks Tiberius looking over at you, “If we stay then we will be able to have a relatively safe position. However, if we go then that means that we can get wherever you want to head next quicker. So which shall it be?”

A. Stay for the night
B. Head out(roll 1d100)
>A. Stay for the night
We need to be well rested. I sense possible fighting ahead.
“We’ll stay for the night,” you say looking around the ruined village. “If we stay we should be safer and it is getting late.”

Tiberius nods and the two of you head to the ruined tents. Using differing bits from other tents you manage to patch it up. After a while the two of you manage to finish and you enter the tent. The two of you grab your sleeping rolls and fall asleep.

When you wake in the morning you head out of the tent. You look over and see that nothing seems to have disturbed the village. Tiberius soon joins you out in the remains in the village.

“So what do you think we should do now?” he asks looking over at you.

A. Head out(roll 1d100)
B. Try looking around again
C. other

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