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File: Welcome.png (183 KB, 478x250)
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183 KB PNG
Your name is Alagos.
Well, that's what you call yourself, anyway. Everyone else refers to you as '402'.
You spend your days in this cell, hooked up to a fairly ridiculous number of sedatives and tranquilizers. It doesn't put you to sleep, but you're pretty sluggish most of the time.
You think back to how exactly you ended up here...
You woke up staring at the night sky.
A quick look around revealed several things. You lay on a circle of some sort, in an alley. Eight men in robes surrounded you, chanting. They pause in surprise upon seeing you.
One of them steps forward.
"Demon! I compel you, eliminate the mercenaries at once!"

What did you say, again..?
>other: the pact is sealed.
File: image.png (190 KB, 300x400)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
You stand up uneasily. The cultists back away.
"The pact has been sealed..."
Another cultist runs around the corner of the adjacent building.
Bursts of gunfire ring out, tearing through the man. The others panic and run away from the sound.
A man in red armor appears, holding an assault rifle. He stares at you, then looks down at the circle.
He disappears behind the building.
"We've got an unidentified, calling extraction!"

>[]Kill him.
>[]He seems nice. Ask him who he's calling.
>[]Follow those cultist guys.
>he seems nice. Whose he calling? Is he looking for those guys in weird robes? They went that a way
You walk around.
"Hey, who are you--"
His gun goes off, firing about six rounds at you. They crumple as they hit you.
"OW! That stings! Who are ou calling, anyway?"
The man looks at you nervously.
"Uhhh... Hanazi group extraction unit."
"What do they do?"
"They capture demons."
A helicopter hovers over the alleyway and shines a spotlight on you.
"Step away from the guard and come with us. We mean you no harm." a voice announces over the loudspeaker.

>[]Kill the guard, destroy the chopper.
>[]Wander off and ignore the loud voices.
> Wander off
"Ok. Bored now." Just walk past the guard towards the city proper
"This was fun. But I gotta go and... figure out who I am and what I'm doing here."
You walk away. A whirring sound emanates from the helicopter, and a bolt of electricity jumps from it to you.
"Hey, thanks! That was pretty good, you got any more?"
You feel several things sink into your skin.
You turn around. Black-clad men are riddling you with darts of some kind.
"Damn, he's tough."
"What are you... doing... oh, sleepy."
They swarm over you and load you into the helicopter. You felt too tired to argue, and they did confirm that there was a bed where you were going...

And thus, cell 402. You sit here, hooked up to all this. Your only entertainment is getting talked at by scientists.
In a nutshell, this sucks.

>[]Pull the drips out again. At least you'll get to have a chat with security.
>[]Kick the door down. Maybe they'll move you somewhere with more colors than just white and gray.
>[]Sit here eternally and contemplate your as of yet useless existence.
>pulls the drips out again. At lest you'll get to have a chat with security
File: Kilo.png (8 KB, 108x168)
8 KB
You grab a fistful of tubes and tank them out. The wounds in your flesh heal over almost immediately.
Okay, time for the alarm...
...this isn't normal.
The door to your cell slides open.
"God dammit, I didn't sign up for this..." the newcomer mutters.
Assuming that wasn't a voice changer, it's an Irish woman in an armored motorcycle outfit. With a katana.

>[]Wow, security got some overhauls.
>[]H-hi, what's your name?
>[]Are you here to save me?
Wow, security got some overhaus.
Hi! Do you know how to play crocodilly o my?
File: IMG_1387.jpg (3.89 MB, 5759x3346)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB JPG
"Fuck, he's on the spectrum, too." she mutters.
"Come on, I'm getting you out."
She drags you out of the cell.
"Crocadilly oh my croc croc croc say cico cico cico cico sock follow follow follow follow follow folLOW 1 2 3 4 5 6--"
The lady leans around the corner and sighs in relief.
"Okay, clear."
She kneels in front of a sealed door.
A voice crackles to life in her helmet.
"Sorry, Kilo. Can't get this one. You'll have to do it manually."
Kilo sighs.
"Hey, you. Do you know how to use this?"
She unholsters a gun and holds it out to you.

>[]Yeah. Pull the trigger, right?
>[]I don't need that, I have my sword.
> I dont need that, I have my sword!
She looks you up and down.
"Sorry, I think you lost it."
"Seriously, it's right here."
Your sword appears in your hand. How you knew it existed, you have no idea. But it's good to have.
"...cool. Just don't get me killed."
Kilo pulls a long cord out of a pocket and connects it to a port in the door before slumping over.
You wait there for a few seconds, idly humming to yourself.
A guard turns the corner and freezes.
He fires. You slash the bullets out of the air before catching the last one and hurling it back. It busts straight through the guard's head.

>[]Take his armor and gun.
>[]Eww, its all bloody, no.
Finders Keepers.
>take his armour and gun
You happily take his equipment. All you've been wearing so far is just some mysteriously clean white pants.
It's pretty comfortable, but you're more happy about the AK-93.
Kilo sits up and jacks out of the door.
"Did it, come on."
She turns around and stares at the dead body.
"...well, damn. I didn't think you could actually kill someone."
"You doubt me?"
"Not you specifically, just everyone."
You start down the hallway.

>[]So what is this place again?
>[]I have a name, you know.
>[]Hey, can we stop by the cafeteria? I'm hungry.
> so what is this place again
>>[]Hey, can we stop by the cafeteria? I'm hungry.
Again, always hungry.

>[]Hey, can we stop by the cafeteria? I'm hungry.
Ask if they have chili pie.
>other Compliment her ass. He's a demon let's add some sinful traits
You look around at the interior of the building.
"So, what is this place, exactly? Why am I here? And is there a cafeteria? I'm SUPER hungry."
"Hanzai Group pharmaceutical facility. I'm guessing they wanted you here to experiment on or because you have some kind of genetic oddity they want. I'm guessing the latter, 'cause I can't detect any cyberware in you. And there's the elf ears."
You rub your ears. Yeah, everyone you'd seen had rounded versions. Seems silly, yours probably pick up sound better. You think.
"And yes, there's a cafeteria. If you're good I'll see if I can get you a cookie."
"That would be fantastic. I never told you my name, did I?"
"I don't ca--"
"You can call me Alagos. Everyone calls me 402, it'd be nice to have someone acknowledge me."
"Yeah, sure. For now, let's concentrate on getting out of here alive. I don't get paid if you die."
Kilo leans around a corner and fires a shot from her gun. Unlike the AK, it's more of a quiet PAFF than a BANG.
You take the dead guard's ammo and keep following Kilo.
"You've got a pretty nice ass, by the way. You work out a lot?"
Kilo turns around in annoyance, but pauses before saying anything.
"...I do, actually."
She turns around and continues onward.

>[]Hey, who's paying you to rescue me? I don't know anyone.
>[]Are we close to the cafeteria yet?
>[]Don't worry, Kilo. I can't die.
Dont worry kilo, im pretty sure I cant die
> hey, who's paying you to rescue me?

>[]Don't worry, Kilo. I can't die.

But those buns hun
You smile.
"Don't worry about it, Kilo. I can't die. Probably."
"I've met a LOT of corporate mercs with that idea in their heads. Guess what happened to all of them."
Well, fair point. But you've got plot armor, nothing's gonna kill you at least until you have some idea of what's going on.
"So, who paid you to get me out? And what does he want?"
Kilo grunts.
"Damndest thing. 'Rìnir Vazcowitz' wants you out of here, with assurance that you won't get captured by Hanzai again. No meeting, just you gone."
...that IS weird.
"We're passing the cafeteria now. It was on the way, I didn't take a different route for you."
"Don't be so tsundere, Kilo."
"Shut up."
She takes a peek through the doors.
"Hey, whaddaya know. Nobody's in. Wait here."
She pushes the door open and fires a cable at the ceiling, going hand over hand toward the kitchen.
Well, it's certainly sneaky.
She returns shortly. You can hear crunching noises from within her helmet.
"Got you a cookie."
She hands you the treat and swallows. You stay off to the side and nibble at it.
"Delta, we're almost ready to be extracted. Get the car ready."
"...Delta, do you read me?"
"Mike, Delta isn't reading. Go check on her."
She brings up her commlink and punches a number in.
"Hello, GM-Fiat? I'd like a car to be delivered to this address... no maglev.
Oh, good. Thanks.
Kay, bye."
She hangs up and looks at you.
"Okay, change of plans, Alpha."
"I said my name was--"
"Codename, in case you have to use your real one later. Anyway, we're going to be making our getaway drive on our own. I had some friends ready to provide support, but Hanzai's got them. We need to get out before they find--"
Kilo spins and fires at the security guards. You help her out a little.
You make it to the lobby and take cover behind the receptionist's desk.
"Come on, it's right there..."

>[]Use magic.
>[]Have your sword go after them.
>[]Grab Kilo and run for it as fast as possible.
But those buns though lol
>use magic. Lightning attribute

>[]Have your sword go after them.
I swing my sword
O wip my sword back and forth
Catch it with your teeth.
Think fast

Mybe make a joke how she should just do
Pose with her ass that will stop them
The floor is metal... Right?
File: IMG_1389.jpg (16 KB, 242x160)
16 KB
>>1411546 (guess it's this one)
You stand up and extend your hand. A bolt of lightning shoots out and chains across the room, shocking security guards left and right.
Kilo stands up and looks at you for a long time.
"...no cyberware. The fuck--"
"Magic. It's great."
"...I don't give a shit what it is, so long as it helps. Let's get out--"
"Not so fast!"
A man in a business suit drops down from the ceiling and tosses a business card toward you. It sticks in the wall next to your head.
"Jordan Kobuzaya, Chief of Security."
"This guy isn't Asian..."
Jordan unsheathed his blade and paces, keeping a friendly smile on his face.
"Let's see... specimen 402, right? And Kilo, you're pretty popular in merc circles. Bit weird you do camshows, but who am I to judge."
"I don't do cam--"
"But you see, 402 here is a very valuable asset to the company. I'm afraid I'll have to escort him back to his accomadations."

>[]Shoot his ass.
>[]Engage in a sword fight.
>[]Zap him.
>[]Just walk past. He doesn't look like he'll actually do anything to you.
>>[]Just walk past. He doesn't look like he'll actually do anything to you.
And call him a dork.
Boring, going now k thanks buy.
>walk past him
Shoot his ass
walk past him but if he makes a move shoot his ass and shock him
Just cut his sword in half, that would embarrass him worse.
You vault over the desk and walk past Jordan, still standing there with his ninja pose.
"You look like a fuckin dork."
Your instincts kick in, and you leap to the side as Jordan's sword cuts through the space you used to occupy.
You electrify the bullets in the AK's magazine and fire.
Jordan does impressively, he manages to block three of the bullets. The rest sink into his flesh.
Still, he's wearing his business smile.
"That was rude of you, 402. However, a perk of being Chief of Security is access to next-generation cyberware! Bullets are somewhat less of a concern--"
A cable descends from the ceiling and wraps around his throat, pulling him up into the lighting. Kilo drops down and runs for the doors.
"Hurry, the alarm's been triggered."
A car pulls up to the front, with no driver, oddly.

>[]I'll drive!
>[]I'll sit in the back and shoot!
Rolled 20 (1d20)

>>[]I'll drive!
Go for it!!
Lucky trips confirm!
Sit back and shoot
>>1411792 (coin came up tails, you win)
"You drive."
You jump in the back of the car and brace yourself.
Her Irish accent's completely gone.
Kilo takes off, allowing you a lovely view of the dozen or so samurai-themed maglev cars coming your way. The hood-mounted guns didn't make them look any more pleasant.
"Kilo, the radio--"
"What happened to your accent, by the way?"
The cars begin firing, shattering the car's back windshield. You fire back and get a lucky hit on an engine, sending the vehicle up in flames.
"Okay, through here--ALAGOS, HOLD ON!"
You turn around in time to see a police barricade stupidly set up RIGHT around the corner. The car barrels through and tips over, sending you tumbling around the vehicle.
It rolls onto its wheels and leaves you slumped between the front seats.
"Fuck. Kilo, look out next time... Kilo?"
You get up and look around. She's nowhere to be seen.
You get in the seat and press down on the gas pedal, speeding off through the streets.
You don't know where you're going, but you need to get away from Hanzai. You turn the car into a straightaway and in it, yanking the wheel right when you see Hanzai cars swarming from downtown.
The car hits something and tumbles for what felt like hours. You hear some painful-sounding crunches, followed by the shock of hitting water...
File: Cyberpunk Demonslayer.png (99 KB, 1024x638)
99 KB
"...and 402?"
Apollyon sat in his office, occupying the top floor of the Hanzai headquarters in Tokyo.
"The car tumbled and fell into the river. We also traced a known mercenary consorting with him."
"What happened to the merc?"
"We believe she was in the car as well."
Apollyon stroked his chin.
"Is the wreck visible?"
"It's the Hudson, sir. Nothing is visible."
"...call off the search."
The executive terminated the call and smashed his fist into the table, cracking the glass.


You gasp and drag yourself up onto the riverbank. The fish were glowing down there, fuck that.
The rain washes the scummy river water off you as you stumble into an alleyway. First order of business...

>[]Find some less conspicuous clothing.
>[]Look around for Kilo.
Find somewhere to dry off, then look for food, we're still hungry.
You stumble along until you find a vent. Sure, it was emitting noxious smoke, but it was warm. You sit down and rest for a few minutes before getting up and looking around.
Hot dog stands, coffee shops, low to mid-end restaurants. You manage to figure out how the stolen credstick works and buy yourself a churro.
Now you're a little drier and a little less hungry. You pull your helmet down a little lower and walk past some Hanzai security. Are they allowed to be walking around in public like this..?

>[]Yeah, one of them is going to realize you're a fake. Ditch the armor and find something better suited for anonymity.
>[]How hard could it be to pass yourself off as a new recruit? Keep looking for... anything. What are you even doing?
>>[]How hard could it be to pass yourself off as a new recruit? Keep looking for... anything. What are you even doing?
Lolwat? What even? Like how?
>Yeah, one of them is going to realize...
>>>[]How hard could it be to pass yourself off as a new recruit? Keep looking for... anything. What are you even doing?
>Lolwat? What even? Like how?
Yeah... doing things. That's a touchy subject.
Your whole life has consisted of getting captured by an evil corp and getting busted out of the same evil corp. Well, there was that one nurse that took semen samples... in very unconventional manners.
A shifty-looking guy approaches.
Before you can respond, he shoves a note in your hand and leaves.
"Ooh! A secret message!"
You open it up.
If you're reading this, that means Kilo and her team succeeded in their mission. I've decided to liberate you from your prison due to research the Hanzai Group has been conducting... if they were to realize your importance, it could cost thousands of lives. I would like to ask that you delve into the Group's secrets. Doing so may lead you to find out who you are, and why you're here.
At the very least, it'll give you something to do.
-A friend.
P.S. That armor has serial numbers in both real and AR space. Scrubbing them or disposing of the equipment entirely would be a wise choice.

You stuff the note in your mouth and eat it. Kind of dry.

>[]Well, better work on that.
>[]Find somewhere you can stay for the night. You don't want to be wandering the streets for the whole night.
>[]Ask around about Kilo. She's got a nice ass, you can't just let that slip away.
>[]Ask around about Kilo. She's got a nice ass, you can't just let that slip away.
Mention the ass incessantly to anyone who will listen. Heh.
File: IMG_1390.jpg (71 KB, 300x328)
71 KB
"Hey, do you know anyone named Kilo? Red motorcycle helmet, katana, nice ass?"
You're greeted with stares ranging from disturbed to outright hostile, until you meet Brandon.
Well, you're not sure if his name is Brandon, but whatever.
"Kilo-chan? Yeah, she's so hot! I tune in to her shows every weekend!"
"So she does do that... where can I find her?"
"I see her a lot over at Greenpoint. She broke my nose once, she's so sugoi!"
Well, might as well go take a look.


You step out into the street, causing the motorcycle to stop in its tracks.
"Hey, Kilo! It's been like, four hours, how's--"
"Get on the bike, you piece of shit."
You do so, and Kilo speeds off through the streets.
"I'm pretty pissed at you."
"That's unfortunate."
"My payment hasn't come through, due to you being in danger, still. I scrubbed your AR serials, so that's a little harder they'll have to work to find you."
You summon your sword and get to work rubbing off the painted sequence.
"Where are we going?"
"My apartment. I guess I'll let you stay there until you have enough money to leave."

>[]Oh. Thank you.
>[]I met one of your fans. Chubby guy.
>[]Taking me to your apartment? I don't even know your real name, how scandalous!
>>[]I met one of your fans. Chubby guy.
Strange little fellow, kept saying the oddest words.
File: RONIN.png (488 KB, 840x1120)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
"I met one of your fans. He just wouldn't shut up about 'sugoi desu'..."
Kilo shudders slightly.
"Yeah, I really don't like meeting those guys in public."
"Then why do you allegedly whore yourself out on camera?"
"It gets me off, and earns me some money. Only requirement is that I wear this helmet."
She knocks her fist on the side a few times. A few minutes later, you pull into an underground garage, and Kilo pulls her helmet off.
"We're here."

>[]Blonde! I knew it!
>[]I thought for sure you were gonna be a redhead...
>[]Make a move on her. (Roll 1d20)
Rolled 7 (1d20)

>>[]Make a move on her. (Roll 1d20)
Those horns are oddly alluring.
And oddly familiar.
>>1412188 (I think they're hair bands but whatever)
You walk forward with your arms outstretched.
"Kilo, you look so ravishing--!"
She kicks you in the chest, knocking you onto the ground. Strong kick.
"Yeah, no. I'm not having any of that."
You get up and rub your head.
"Now come on, it's getting late."
Kilo leads you up to Apt. 402.
"Yeah, funny. Come on in."
She unlocks the door and walks inside, unzipping her leathers.
"You get the couch. I think there's some pizza on the counter."
You take a look. There's a few slices left.
You take one and sit down on the couch. Lukewarm pizza... at least it isn't cold.
Kilo comes back out of her room, wearing naught but panties and a tank top. Her arms are both metallic replacements, something you didn't know.
"Move." she mutters, sitting on the couch and grabbing a controller from a side table.
You finish your pizza while watching Kilo fight some assassins in a sewer.

>[]You gonna tell me your real name?
>[]Do you mind? I was going to get some sleep.
>[]...what happened to your arms?
What is that?
How are you controlling that little person in that box?
Are you a warlock?
Are you going to try to subjugate my mind?!
Try to run away, trip, fall, and ko yourself.
Remember none of it in the morning.

Or try to make small talk.
"I knew it! You're some sort of puppeteer! This is how you control your victims!"
Kilo looks at you blankly.
"Dude, wha--"
"I'll never bow down to your whims, harlot!"
You spring from the couch and run over to--oh, shit.
You fall over and knock your head against the counter. The last thing you hear before you black out is Kilo's hysterical laughter.


You wake up, summoning your sword and holding it at a ready stance.
Oh. Nobody's trying to attack you. Your armor's gone, you're just wearing your trusty white pants.
Kilo's in the kitchen, making some breakfast.

>[]What's cookin', good lookin'?
>[]Wait quietly for food.
>>[]What's cookin', good lookin'?
Best quest ever.
Good night stormy.
> wait quietly for food
> wait quietly for food and get lost stareing at get ass
>>1412243 (thanks. I'm going to bed too)
Kilo turns around and sighs.
"I see you're up. You'll see in a second."
She starts frying an egg, bending over unnecessarily. She's probably onto you.
"I appreciate it and all, but could you stop perving on my ass?"

>[]Someday, I'm gonna see that ass without anything in the way. And I'll make sure you enjoy it.
Forgot to post previous threads in OP.

They're sort of related. The current thread is an alternate universe version of the first eight threads.
Maybe you'll enjoy them, idk.
Nope :D
>Someday, I'm gonna see that ass without anything in the way. And I'll make sure you enjoy it.
"Nah. I'm gonna go a LOT further than just perving it."
Kilo chuckles.
"I'll be looking forward to it. It HAS been a while since I last had sex."
She scrapes the egg onto a plate and adds some bacon before putting it down in front of you. She leans over WAY more than necessary, giving you an amazing downshirt shot.
"Here. Made it just for you."
You pop a slice of bacon in your mouth and crunch down on it.
"And feminism marches on..."
"If you wanna cook, that's fine with me."
Yeah, no. You don't know how.

>[]Are you ever going to tell me your real name?
>[]What do you do around here?
>[]Do you know where there's an abandoned castle? Or at least a nice mansion?
>what do you do around here?

[]Do you know where there's an abandoned castle? Or at least a nice mansion?

Ok i thought so
Wasnt to sure if you wore redoing thow whole thing or not.
I've gotta say OP. Well done on these quests, very entertaining 10/10.
>Seductively eats another slice of bacon
"Sooner latter then later bb"
>[]Do you know where there's an abandoned castle? Or at least a nice mansion?
>>1412598 (thanks. I do my best)
You do your best to eat bacon seductively, but mostly end up getting bacon bits all over your face.
Kilo gives you a smile that looks more along the lines of 'kill me' than an expression of happiness.
She's totally into me.
"So, do you know of any abandoned castles nearby? Or a mansion? Comfortable bungalow? I'll take anything."

"Uhh... there's an abandoned radio station over in the Bronx. You'd have to deal with the gangs, though."
"Oh, that won't be a problem. Imma go all Kra-ka-toa on them muthas, as they say."
"Yeah... please don't ever try to use hood slang again."
Someone knocks on the door.
Kilo sighs and grabs her katana.
"That better not be Paulie."
She opens the door irritatedly.
"Hey, Krystal."
A look of surprise crosses Kilo's face.
"Adrian! I thought you were in college."
"I was in the area."

>[]Who's this? Your bf?
>[]Oh, DO invite him in! I'll go make us some tea!
>[]You have the wrong address, guy. This is Kilo, not Krystal.
>[]Oh, DO invite him in! I'll make us some tea!
>>[]Who's this? Your bf?
even though its not couse she hasnt goten dick/
well sex in ages and she camwhores
I'll make us some Tea
"Oh, jolly good! I'll put the kettle on whilst you two become acquainted!"
"...Krystal, who's that?"
She sighs.
"Alagos. He got in trouble with Hanzai, so I'm letting him stay here until he finds somewhere else."
"Well, uh... hi, I'm Krystal's brother."
"Oddsbodkins! Don't be rude, Ki--Krystal, show him in!"
She does. Adrian kind of looks like he'd be building robots from the Japanese animes.
"What've you been doing?" Krystal asks. You rummage in the cupboards. No tea, looks like hot chocolate.
"I got married, actually."
"Cool. She's nice, I hope."
"That she is. I have a picture, here..."
Krystal's exclamation almost causes you to drop a mug.
"Please don't swear..."
"I thought she'd be a dork, like you. I bet she was a test subject for your mind control device and you married her out of guilt."
"It's impossible to control someone's mind, the equipment--"
"You'd need to take control of someone's neurons, which would either require magic or invasive procedures. Even if you just sent motor impulses, keeping track of all the signals would be a taxing job."
You set several mugs of hot chocolate on the table.
"That's... right. I don't drink tea--"
"I lied, its hot chocolate now."
Adrian shrugs and picks up his mug. Krystal follows suit, and seems surprised the result wasn't a lukewarm mess. Come on, you're not THAT inept.
"Huh... Alagos, was it? Did you attend MIT as well?"

>[]I'm just something of an expert on electricity. Weather, too. Expect light showers tomorrow.
>[]Yes. You won't find me in any yearbooks or records, though. Weird.
>[]I attended the University of the Congo and got a degree in memes.
> Im just something of an expert on electricty. Weather too expect light showers tomorrow

[]I'm just something of an expert on electricity. Weather, too. Expect light showers tomorrow.
>>[]I'm just something of an expert on electricity. Weather, too. Expect light showers tomorrow.
"Hm. Wouldn't have guessed."
"So, Adrian... Mom sent you, didn't she."
"Well, yeah. You don't call all that much."
Krystal sighs and takes another sip of chocolate.
"Well, I've been doing pretty good. Guns are selling well these days. I've been thinking about moving to an actual house."
"Oh, great. I've been doing some more research on DNA, we've found some splicing methods--"

The next hour went like a conversation between family normally does. Since you have nothing going for you other than weird, you just bring occasional snacks.

"Bye, Krystal."
"Bye, Adrian."
The door closes. Krystal sighs and slumps onto the couch.
"Damn, it's hard to pretend to be civil for so long."
She picks up the controller again and turns on the tv.
"Well, the Order isn't going to burn itself. I don't care what you do as long as you don't break anything or get the police over here."

>[]Teach me the secrets of the man in the box.
>[]Well, I'm going in your room, then.
>[]You're not gonna do a job/mission?
well im going in your room then
>>[]Teach me the secrets of the man in the box.
I must know those attacks, and spells.

>[]Teach me the secrets of the man in the box.
"I must know the secrets of this box."
You sit down next to Krystal.
"Okay, I guess I'll have you start at the beginning..."
She starts a new game and creates your character for you.
"Okay, hold it like that. Left stick is to move, right stick is for the camera. If you press down on the left one, you'll lock onto that guy over there. R1 is light attack--"

Krystal isn't the best teacher, but you figure it out. Bitch didn't tell you about the boulder, though.

"Is this how regular people fight? It's awful. It must be hell."
"People don't usually go around killing things."
You run forward and smack the hairy demon as sat as you can. Fortunately, it does before it can get its heavy attack off.
"Only took you six tries."
"How many did it take you?"
"...ten. Not counting the times I died on the way up."

>[]Can we have lunch pls
>[]Keep going. You have to ring the bell or whatever the fuck that guy was on about.
>[]I'm gonna take a break. And explore your room.
What about actual fighting?
How do people really fight?

>[]Keep going. You have to ring the bell or whatever the fuck that guy was on about.

Playing dick souls it is then
beat it super quick and honk krystal off
You keep going and manage to beat several bosses on your first try.
"This is simple, this game is for children, you'll have to get something harder to beat me."
Cue Blighttown.
You kill the blowgun fucker and run back to the bonfire.
"You know, the spider shield really helps against poison--"
"Hey, didn't that one shield guard against poison?"


Despite your best efforts, you don't make it through the game. You're currently wandering around Darkroot and running away from transparent bandits. You wish you had a gun, but then that would mean everyone else gets guns...
Krystal hands you a burger.
"Went out to get dinner. Seriously, you've been playing all day..."

>[]Try and make another move on Krystal.
>[]Play through the night.
>[]Just go to sleep.
>>[]Just go to sleep.
Gotta recharge yanno.

>[]Just go to sleep.

But get up and crash in her bed
File: IMG_1395.jpg (92 KB, 900x506)
92 KB
You turn the game off and yawn before walking into Krystal's room and collapsing on her bed.
"Oh, this is WAY more comfortable..."
"Get out of my bed, asshat."
Krystal rolls you off and takes your place. You halfheartedly push her before going back to the couch.


Krystal bursts out of her room, gun in hand.
"I wondered what it would take to get you up."
Krystal gives you her signature stare and puts the gun away before toasting some bread.
"Yeah, have fun screaming at an empty house. I got shit to do today."

>[]Is it a job? Take me with you!
>[]Cool, I can eat all your cereal.
Crash in her bed without her noticing right away
Take me with you!
>>[]Is it a job? Take me with you!
Boredom sucks.

Eat her cearl well on the job with her
File: IMG_1398.jpg (228 KB, 1680x1050)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
You grab a box of cereal.
"Is it a job? I'm in."
"No, absolutely not--"

You grip Kilo's (gotta remember not to call her Krystal) motorcycle with your knees, eating Froot Loops.
"God dammit, how did I end up like this... okay, a truck's coming through here this afternoon, carrying a package the client wants. They won't be stopping, so we'll have to hit them while they're moving. Before that, however, there's something we need to attend to."
"And what's that?" *crunch*
"I can't be seen hanging out with some noob in hand-me-down security shit. Bad for business. So I'm getting your armor painted. It'll look cool, I promise."


You step out of the custom arms shop. This new armor did look rather nice... the guy had refitted it to be more your size, sawed off some of the more unnecessary spiky bits, and straight up added a new helmet with an AR feed. You bought a coat as well, just so you're a little less conspicuous.

>[]I'm only doing this for you, Kilo.
>[]I guess it could be worse.
>[]Wow, this is so cool!
>>[]I'm only doing this for you, Kilo.
She pats you on the shoulder.
"Yeah, I guess I could've consulted you about the--hey, those are my Froot Loops!"
"Yeah, they're delicious."
"Give them back."
She grabs the box and lifts up her helmet's visor, pouring the last few pieces into her mouth.
"Great. Where should we go for lunch?"
She tosses the box into the nearest trash can.

>[]Uncle Enzo's.
>[]The local Cheesecake Factory.
>[]Buy some street food.
>Buy some chimichangas from jose the street vendor
You buy some chimiwhatevers from Ese and go for a walk around the block.
"Hm. They're alright."
You stuff the last bit in your mouth and pull your helmet back down.
"Yeah. At least they weren't laced with drugs or anything."
You nod. That's always a concern.
"Hey, do you know where I could get some--"
"No, you're not getting drugs. They'd probably kill you or give you AIDS, anyway."

>[]Do you have a plan for the job, or is it just gonna be impromptu?
>[]We've got a few hours, there's a nice quiet alley over there...
>[]Kilo, I'm bored. Please help.
>We've got a few hours, there's a nice quiet alley over there
Kilo looks up at you in disapproval, then over to the alley.
"Shouldn't have thought about it... now I'm all turned on."
She sighs and walks behind some discarded pallets.
"Okay, we'll make it quick. And I'm keeping my gun. I don't trust you that far yet. Sit down."
You sit on a relatively clean box. Kilo sets her helmet down and undoes your pants.
"Huh. It's bigger than I thought it'd be. That's not saying much, though."
She cups your balls and starts giving you a blowjob.
You don't last long at all. She's definitely done this before.
"Gah, I barely managed to swallow all that."
She unzips her leathers, groping one of her own breasts and leaning against the wall.
"Go on."
You pull her pants down and guide your cock in. She's surprisingly tight, despite all the camwhoring she's supposedly done.


"Fuck, you did great." Kilo mutters, giving you a deep kiss.
"I said you'd enjoy it."
She laughs and gets off your lap, pulling her pants back on.
A youth in shabby clothing nervously steps around the corner, brandishing a knife.
"Gimme your money, and nobody--"
He pauses upon seeing the well-armed mercenaries who obviously just had sex and runs.
"That's what you get for ruining the moment." Kilo mutters, putting her helmet back on.
"It's about time. Come on."
A car parks itself in front of the alley. You get in after Kilo, and she takes off for the highway.

>[]Uh, plan? I need to know what we're doing.
>[]Hey, can we have car sex if this goes well?
>[]Go into serious mode, check your weapons.
Serious mode time
Your expression hardens, and you check to make sure your AK's magazine is full.
"Got you an extra."
Kilo hands you a suppressed pistol. You take it and holster it.
"I'll be driving, since I'm less armored. You just get in there, grab the important-looking box, and get out. Any money you see is free game, too."
"Got it."
Kilo looks over at you.
"Glad to see you're taking this seriously. Here it comes."
She picks up speed, heading right for the back of an armored truck.

>[]Climb along the side to the driver's cab and crash the truck.
>[]Bust open the back doors and go nuts.
>[]Tear a hole in the roof.
>>[]Go into serious mode, check your weapons.
>>"So, what is the plan?"
>>[]Tear a hole in the roof.
The car crashes into the back of the truck, Kilo maintaining speed to keep it there.
You open the door and climb on top of the car before taking a flying leap onto the roof of the truck. You drag the sword along the roof behind you and peel the sides up.
A rifle round nearly knocks you off the roof. You leap inside the truck and let loose with your sword.
The compartment turns into an electrified blender, turning all the corporate security inside to mincemeat.

>[]Kill the driver, too.
>[]Just grab the box and gtfo.

>[]Just grab the box and gtfo

We need someone the live to tell the tale of us
Mybe do a spooky voice and light show for him
>>[]Just grab the box and gtfo.
You electrify the door to the cab and kick it open, wrapping your cloak around yourself.
The driver stares at you uncomprehendingly, his hand halfway to his shotgun.
"...you don't need killing. Tell your friends what you saw here today."
You grab the crate and several dead mercs' credsticks and leap out of the hole in the roof, landing on Kilo's car and swinging through the window into your seat.
"Got it. Let's go."
Kilo drifts onto a ramp and speeds toward where the motorcycle was parked.
"You can't do cool shit like that!"
"I just did. Where's the drop off?"
Kilo grabs the box and throws it into a dumpster as she drives by.
"There, unless I'm mistaken. Get out, I'm ditching this car."
She presses a button on the dashboard labeled 'HOME' and jumps on her motorcycle.

>[]Your job's awesome!
>[]Can the next one not have so much killing?
>[]Let's go rob someplace now.
>>[]Your job's awesome!
Your job's awesome
"Yeah, when it goes well. Usually shit gets fucked and I have to run three miles dodging police and corp security before the search gets called off. I had to hide in a trash can for an hour after busting you out."
"I just walked around town and acted like I knew where I was going."
"Isn't that great for you. Well, the money should be enough to cover expenses... I guess I'll give you some. Dunno what you'd buy with it. Sword polish? Ironic t-shirts?"
You think about what you'd want to buy. Probably not a dildo for Kilo, she's almost certainly got one already.
She parks the motorcycle and takes her helmet off.
You slump onto the couch. Krystal pokes her head out of her room before closing the door.
"I'm recording, don't bother me."
"You're probably going to be the one bothering me..."

>[]See if you can find her stream online.
>[]Eat some food and go to sleep early.

And discover the maigc is online shopping
Blow money on random shit
>see if you can find her stream online.

Absolutely something he would do. Then

>>[]See if you can find her stream online.
>>[]See if you can find her stream online.
Then comment on it
>I know where you live.
You drag the tv's AR keyboard over and start typing away.
'Kilo camshow'
...hey, there it is.
Her face is blocked out with a cartoonish representation of her helmet. She's just sort of waiting for requests with her hand down her pants.

>[KiloFan01]Omg Kilo u so hawt
>[Pucciboi]id totally ram that pu$$i if i could
>[PastaDongerino]What the fuck did you just say about me you little fucking bitch? I'll have you know...
>[Alpha]I know where you live.
>[f4gg07]do a footjob pls
"Thanks, guys! Alpha, go ahead and creep into my house if ya want. I might not shoot you if you're cute."

Horny slut.
You open a new tab and browse the web.
Oh shit, this looks good.
You purchase DOOM and get to installing it. Should be fun.
While it's loading, you check on Kilo again. She's finally taken her shirt off, at least.
"Yeah, I've actually got someone in the other room..."

>[]Go get him.
>[]You're not gonna whore yourself out on camera so soon. Vidya is significantly more important.
>[]Watch the stream some more.

>[]You're not gonna whore yourself out on camera so soon. Vidya is significantly more important.

We just got doom
Time to blow shit up.

But mybe get her to try to get us but then get rejected and have her tell them about it.
>>[]You're not gonna whore yourself out on camera so soon. Vidya is significantly more important.
Take inspiration from doomguy.
>[]Go get him.
File: IMG_0777.jpg (9 KB, 259x239)
9 KB
>[Alpha]Bring him in.
>[pucciboi]YEAH DO IT
>[f4gg07]gib him a footjob
"Well, I didn't have this in mind, but okay..."
You brush an AR issue of Playgirl away from the controller. Then the issue of Playboy behind it. Kinky girl.
You then start up DOOM as she walks to the door.
"Hey, Alagos. Can you--"
Krystal pauses and retreats back into her room. You open up an AR tab to see her reaction.
"Yeah, sorry guys. He's playing DOOM. I'll stick this entire dildo up my ass instead."
>[1ncubus]Good for him
>[euph0ric]Women are such sluts why are you all so attracted to this bitch
>[pucciboi]@euph0ric SHUT UP FUCKER SHE'S DOING IT
>[f4gg07]she should've done a footjob

Meanwhile, you're loving this game. You've found someone who actually resembles you in terms of combat prowess. The dying bit ruins it slightly.
"Man, I should get a shotgun..."


"That's it for me tonight, guys." Krystal moans, rubbing herself and reaching to turn off the camera.
And you've updated your weapon wish list from 'shotgun' to 'double-barreled shotgun'.

>[]Play through the night, fuck sleep.
>[]Everything in moderation. Your performance would be impacted by fatigue, anyway.
>[]Go sleep in Krystal's bed. While she's in it. No sex necessary.
>>[]Play through the night, fuck sleep.
Pass out tomorrow, not like you had plans anyway.
At least he already knows about sex.
You keep playing through the night. Demons need killing, after all. You make it about as far as the first boss before the fatigue kicks in.
"Fuckin imps... stop throwing those thingies at me... did I get that one upgrade? Ah, who fukkin cares..."
Krystal steps out of her room.
"Morning, Ala... gos."
You stare up at her blearily before falling asleep.


Something stirs in the shadows on the edges of your mind.

>[]I don't wanna be a schizophrenic, fuck off.
>[]Who's there..?
>[]Wake up.
>>[]I don't wanna be a schizophrenic, fuck off.
Unless you're female and scantly clad.
G'night stormy.
>>1419159 ('night)
"I am neither of those, thank you very much. It would be an indignity to change my form to such... depraved features."
A man with dark hair steps from the shadows like he's some kind of edgelord.
You guess he looks kinda evil.
"Now, you must be wondering why I'm here... you see, I've taken an interest in you throughout Creation. Always bumping into Krystal and annoying her to no end. Of course, in this timeline you haven't made her 'your bitch' yet, or killed her. I think I like your broken self best."

>[]My alternate universe self told me everything.
>[]Uh, I'm gonna need a run through on these 'timelines'.
>[]Shoot yourself in the dream head.
>Uh,I'm gonna need a run through of these 'timelines'.
>>[]My alternate universe self told me everything.
Met him, was sorta cool.
"My alternate self already told me all about you, Demon. He's pretty cool. But I'd like a run through on those timelines just to be sure."
Demon (not an actual demon, you'll still get to kill those) sighs.
"The first universe began with a singularity exploding. Then, the God of that world created the planets, laws of physics, etc. Quantum physics, the only truly universal law, causes the quantum timeline to split whenever two particles interact."
He paces back and forth.
"Every choice made creates a parallel world. This means that every conceivable world, event, or person exists SOMEWHERE out there..."
He turns around and glares at you.
"Except one where Creation is destroyed. You, and Krystal, both helped to stop my plans in a different timeline."
He sighs and sits down on a chair made of darkness.
"And now, I'm stuck here, in the Void. The spaces in Creation, as it were. Driven to taunting your other selves for idle amusement."

>[]Wow, you fucking suck.
>[]Umm, I have a question. (Write-in)
>[]Gotcha. That made complete sense.
>[]Wow, you fucking suck.
>Well, you wanna play some vidya? Cause being stuck in the void sounds boring.
>Well, you wanna play some vidya? Cause being stuck in the void sounds boring.
>>1421225 (flipped a coin. This post won)
Demon gives you a look of disapproval.
"You obviously don't want your suffering to be ended, so have fun with your remaining lifespan. All I can do now is add onto your misery."
"You really don't like anyone, do you? What made you this way?"
"A death."
Demon snaps his fingers. You jolt awake and wipe your forehead.
Fucking dream snatchers...
Someone knocks on the door. They must be here!
You open it excitedly, sign for the package, and go back inside to open your--

>[]Ironic t-shirts.
>[]Bag of novelty disease balls.
>[]Kilo body pillow.
>>[]Kilo body pillow.
Yeah, there it is.
You look the pillow over while checking your commlink. Pretty good. Krystal shaves, though.
Several messages from Krystal.
>you gonna wake up
>if you're gonna die do it outside my apartment
>I went to fingerfuck some guns
>so you have to get your own lunch
>if you want anything msg me

I'm awake, don't worry<

You yawn and pour yourself a bowl of cereal, putting the pillow in Krystal's spot.

>[]Sneeze too hard.
>[]Eat quickly and go back to DOOM.
>[]Hold a conversation with the pillow (+12000 AUT)

>[]Sneeze too hard.
>>[]Hold a conversation with the pillow (+12000 AUT)
Alagos god of autism, but will he eat a brick?
File: IMG_1180.jpg (9 KB, 285x124)
9 KB
"You want some cereal, Kilo?"
"Oh, I can have it all? You're sure in a generous mood today. I can have your room, too? AND you'll suck my dick? Wow, I must've done something GREAT for you to--"
Krystal kicks your chair over.
She looks at your purchase more closely.
"The fuck even..."
She flips it over.

>[]Pls I didn't mean it.
>[]Yeah, your tits are nowhere near that big.
>[]I just remembered I have someplace to be...
>I was lonely, no one to talk to, no one to listen to. And... what was it? Oh yeah, I was bored.
>Nice show btw.
>What are we doing tomorrow? Can i get a job too?
"You looked at my show? I mean, I'm not surprised, but when..?"
"While doom was downloading. I was Alpha."
"That makes a lot more sense now... I guess I'll help set up a job for you."
She grabs your commlink and starts entering information.
"Yeah, I'm assuming you meant mercing... what would you say you're good at?"

Pick two.
>[]Social infiltration.
>[]Killing things.
>[]Hacking (even though you don't have a datajack).
"Kay, let me just put that in..."
She enters the info and hands your commlink back.
"It might take a few days to--"
"Sweet, new message."
"--oh, what the fuck."
You open it up. It's from that 'Rìnir' guy who sent Krystal the request to break you out.
I'll be brief. Investigate the club known as 'Swordpoint', and kidnap one of the workers known as Sasha. In a few moments, you'll receive a chip that will help you in this regard. If you do not accept this mission, destroy it immediately.
The reward will be $25,000.
-Rìnir Vazcowitz

Someone knocks on the door. You open it to find a small chip lying on the ground.
"How the fuck does he know where we live..." Krystal mutters.

>[]Accept it.
>[]Destroy it.
>Investigate Rinir.
>>Investigate Swordpoint
>>>Decide what to do.
"Huh... Krystal, I think I'm gonna do some investigation for this."
"That would be wise. I'll help."
You get on your commlinks.
Well, it wasn't a low-profile place. It was a fairly popular club down in Manhattan, it occasionally gets attention from celebrities.
"Looks like they're in bed with the Yakuza. Like Hanzai. Whoever's sending us these has really got it out for them."
You scroll through several photos taken of the interior. Dance floor, bar, stripper runway. It's certainly a lively place.
'Rìnir Vascowitz' was a harder fish to catch. Social media only uncovers a few Spanish-Russian creeps, and the profile on Runner.net yields basic contact info with no area code. This guy didn't want to be found, or maybe he was just a bored AI in a server. Either way...
"Pretty sure it's an alias. I did find some leaked corp documents mentioning him, but only as a consultant. By the way, I extracted your info when I broke you out. Your I.Q's supposedly like 270, good to know the scanner's broken."
"You're not nearly as funny as you think you are."

>[]I better get down there.
>[]I'm gonna need a motorcycle of my own. Can't afford a car...
>[]You mentioned an abandoned radio station, right? I can't keep people I kidnap here, that could be a good haunt.
>>[]You mentioned an abandoned radio station, right? I can't keep people I kidnap here, that could be a good haunt.
"Well, have fun."
You put on your armor and start the walk over.
Some gangers give you shifty looks as you get closer, but nobody makes a move yet.
The radio station is an old brick building, all shattered windows and grime. Nobody's used this place in a long time.
"Careful, guy."
A homeless man sits out front. He's missing a leg.
"Bloods're crawling all over that place. If you're looking to see the sights, I suggest you move on."

>[]I just want to have a talk.
>[]Can't stand gangs. I'm clearing them out, save the police the trouble.
>[]I need a place nobody will bother me. You want a spare room?
>>[]I need a place nobody will bother me. You want a spare room?
Yay new friends.
>>[]I need a place nobody will bother me. You want a spare room?
"Ha! Sure. I could definitely use it."
You upholster your pistol and stare through the doors.
"Oh, if that's how it's going down, I better get out of here."
The guy grabs his crutch and starts hobbling down the street.
"Good luck!"
You step inside. Two big guys with bats and handguns that look half-destroyed.
"Hey, what're you doing in here? Private property, get out now."

>[]Yo tengo in poco de drogas. ¿Donde estan? Tengo dinero.
>[]Shoot them both and continue.
>[]Use your sword. Might as well give them a good scare.
Ask them if they are okay with their current religion, escalate from there.
"Are you satisfied with your religion?"
"I mean, I know a lot of people are. That's why we at the Church of Alagos strive our best to really get the meaning of religion across. It's not just fun and games, gods are demanding and require many sacrifices and luscious women--"
"Shut up! Grab him."
The two guys take hold of your arms and start dragging you somewhere.

>[]Easy, lads. Where are we going by the way.
>[]No, please, the Church of Alagos means you no harm!
>>[]No, please, the Church of Alagos means you no harm!
Discharge a little electricity through your skin, not enough to kill em, but enough to let them know no touchie.
You give them a little zap. Just enough so they'll feel it for a while.
"The hell!?"
They back away and turn their guns on you.
[bloe]"Look, let's just put all this bad karma behind us, man. Quit sending out so many negative waves."[/blue]
One of the thugs pulls out a radio.
"Boss, we have an intruder. He shocked us, but nothing serious... should we bring him up?"
A garbled reply comes out of the speaker.
The thug puts the radio away and prods you in he back with his gun.
"Come on. Boss wants to see you. Don't try anything funny."

>[]The Boss? Shit, I better behave.
>[]Nah I'm gonna go this way.
File: IMG_0650.jpg (63 KB, 303x322)
63 KB
>>[]The Boss? Shit, I better missbehave.
When you meet the boss, ask him whether if he feels fulfilled in his life, then try to convert him.
They take you to a man sitting in a cheap lawn chair, in the radio control room.
He's a big guy. You'd probably have to try a little to kill him.
"So who is this mercenary that shows up to my doorstep..?"
He leans forward menacingly.
"Hi, would you be interested in the Church of Alagos? We have many 'fine-ass bitches' and possibly some marijuana if we can--"
The Boss smashes his fist into the lawn chair's armrest, shattering it.
"Are you pay-tro-nizing me, son?"
"Not at all. I simply wanted to talk to you about the Church."
The Boss raises an eyebrow.
"What's your name?"
"Well, Alpha... I've been needing someone well-armed to do work for me..."

>[]In return, can I keep some bitch here for a while? I need rape-free guarantee.
>[]Work? What do you guys do for fun?
>[]Sorry, I promised some old guy a room and it seems they're all taken SOOOO I'm gonna have to kill you all.
>>[]Sorry, I promised some old guy a room and it seems they're all taken SOOOO I'm gonna have to kill you all.
Remove the head of the snake, then replace it with yours. Become snake man.
File: IMG_1417.gif (499 KB, 472x266)
499 KB
499 KB GIF
You whip out your pistol and start spinning it around, doing all kinds of floppy tricks.
"...you gonna shoot me, or play circus music?" the Boss growls.
"I'm just warming up. Now here's my special move, the McTwisty Flop!"
You calculate trajectory, force, and wind speed in milliseconds before throwing your gun in the air. All eyes watch it as it falls, misses your hand and clatters to the floor...
Where it misfires and plugs the Boss right between the eyes.
The thugs slowly back out of the room.
"T-the Double-Boss is gonna be pissed when he hears about this!"

>[]Better make sure he doesn't, then... goodbye.
>[]I'm your Boss now, get this trash out of my office.
>[]Go. Tell him he better bring everyone he's got.
>>[]I'm your Boss now, get this trash out of my office.
The thugs gulp.
They grab the body and drag it away.
"Someone, we need bleach! The Boss is dead!"
You pick your gun up off the ground and hold the intercom button on the radio controls.
"Attention, all gangers in this building. My name is Alagos, I will be your new boss from here on out. If you don't like that, I suggest you leave before you end up like your previous commander."
You can hear panic and confusion emanate from the halls.
You sit down in the lawn chair, frowning at it. They could at least get something a little more sturdy...

>[]Well, time to get myself a motorcycle.
>[]I should prepare a room for our guest...
>[]These bastards downstairs need discipline. They're gonna clean this place until it shines.
(And now it's off to bed for me)
G'night stormy.

>Prepare a room for the guest.
You take a look around the station. The thugs give you a wide berth, though you can see some give you angry looks. That'll have to be dealt with later.
You take a look in one of the studios. It's unused, and the soundproofed room would make a good cell. You could even have a conversation with the sound equipment, if it still worked.
You put a cot in there. Any necessities besides that would need to be found somewhere else...

>[]Examine the chip 'Rìnir' gave you.
>[]Go grab a cycle.
>[]Head over to Swordpoint.
>>[]Examine the chip 'Rìnir' gave you.
And then contemplate existence, and finally, eat some lunch.
File: Hanzai_Group.png (16 KB, 327x250)
16 KB
You take the chip out of your pocket and examine it. It's flesh-colored on the top, probably meant to be inserted into someone's neck port. Manufactured by Hanzai. Seems Rìnir has a sense of irony.
You plug it into your commlink and take a look at the software.
Your knowledge of neurons helps you understand the software on a much more intimate level than most, apparently. This chip simulates the production of several hormones that would cause subservience and passive behavior. In short, it'd make someone easy to manipulate and order around. Whatever this was meant to be used for was obviously some shady shit.
Some code seems to be rather tacked on. It'll only activate several of the hormones should the chipped person hear a certain voice.
Your commlink registers feedback from the chip. It's coded to you. How did Rìnir... well, who even cares at this point.
You go out for lunch (it's probably dinner by now, though), giving some of the thugs intimidating stares until they promise to not betray you.
Krystal pulls up to the roadside cafe you sat down at, sans her usual outfit.
"Hey. Got room for two? Saw your signal here and I was getting bored of waiting around."
You wave her over and continue eating your sandwich. It's a pretty good sandwich.
"So, how'd it go? You're not dead, so that's good."

>[]Pretty well. I think I'll hit Swordpoint later tonight. Slip through the rave and take some deserted streets home.
>[]Great, but look at this chip, it's fucking creepy.
>[]Pretty well. Do I get a reward for not screwing up?
>>[]Great, but look at this chip, it's fucking creepy.
And I may be a gang leader now too.
>>[]Great, but look at this chip, it's fucking creepy.
"A gang..? Seriously, Alagos. Damn."
She takes the chip and looks it over.
"Huh. My anonymous sources tell me this is used in... maid cafes. Usually with a hardwired shutoff time and employee security measures."
"That's pretty dark... how would your sources know that?"
"Well, cross-referencing their knowledge of this and what they ask me to pay them with, I think I've got a good idea what kind of people they are."
Well, isn't that interesting...
I did some research on 'Sasha', by the way. Her dad was a pretty influential Yakuza boss, but then he died along with his wife in a 'car accident'. She doesn't seem too upset about it. As expected, works as a stripper at Swordpoint. I looked at her Tinder profile, she tends to go for the clueless types. That'll work to your advantage."
"Huh? What do you mean?"
"...never mind."

>[]How are you so good at finding this kind of info?
>[]She sounds nice. I wonder if I get to keep her...
>[]Is she involved heavily with the Yaks?
>[]I should go there, it's getting close to the club rush.
>>[]Is she involved heavily with the Yaks?
>>[]Is she involved heavily with the Yaks?
Yackity Yack.
"I don't think so. She's got the tattoos, but she seems a little too airheaded to be much of an asset. She just seems to pick up guys a lot. Maybe she collects information from them or something?"
Krystal scratches her head.
"I thought I was bad, but I at least have other things besides sex on my mind."
"Maybe she's a succubus... foreshadowing."
"Well, it wouldn't surprise me much. Can't see why Rìnir would want her taken unless my info theory's right, though."

>[]Well, kidnappin' time.
>[]I think I'll scope the place out for a few nights before approaching her.
>[]Mind if I sleep at your place again? My room isn't ready, and I forgot my pillow.
>[]I think I'll scope the place out for a few nights before approaching her.
>>[]I think I'll scope the place out for a few nights before approaching her.
File: SWORDPOINT.jpg (7 KB, 366x157)
7 KB
"Well, you have fun with that."
Krystal finishes her drink and gets up.
"I'll be at home. Telling the stream about what we did in the alley, they'll get a kick about it."
She hops on her motorcycle.
"See ya."


You're stopped at the door by a large man. Bigger than the old Boss, even.
"Sorry, blueberry-head. Go find different club."
Well, shit. You could probably take him out with a--
"Hey, Aim. What's the trouble?"
A red-haired man in a tuxedo pulls up in a sports car and hops out.
"Guy's trying to come in. Not rich enough."
The newcomer looks you over.
"Ah, let him in. If he doesn't have enough to pay for drinks, then you can throw him out."
"If you say so."
Tuxedo guy throws his arm around you and walks you in.
"Y'know, I like you. Which isn't saying much, because I' supposed to be in a meeting with some of the worst people on this planet. Compared to that, a night out with some guy sounds amazing. But yeah, don't cause trouble. I'm gonna go find a dark corner and an energetic employee. Maybe I'll see you around."
He detaches himself from you and slips off.
Swordpoint is definitely an interesting place. Bright lights, pulsing music. People either dance on the floor or lounge around drinking. Some of them are more well-armed than you, which seems like a concern. Must be good security.
The stripper runway is noticeably empty.

>[]Discreetly inquire about Sasha.
>[]Get a drink.
>[]Harass female employees.
>>[]Get a drink.
Then dance.
Just don't drop your spaghetti this time.
File: Poster1.jpg (3 KB, 82x158)
3 KB
{I rolled a three, spaghetti will always occur it seems}
You buy a drink (twenty bucks? Jesus) and take your time consuming it before going to the dance floor.
One girl eyes you as you start imitating others around you. Your confidence increases as you don't screw up. She even winks at you before approaching.
Then the drink kicks in and you slip, crashing to the floor unceremoniously and smashing a few toes.
"Hey, get outta here!"
The girl's face goes slack, and she quickly disappears into the crowd.
You're pushed off the stage and into a chair. Fine, then. You didn't much care for gyrating in idiotic ways, anyway. You could've been home sniffing Krystal's panties if it weren't for this stupid job.
The lights turn orange, and chains lower down from the ceiling. Spotlights focus on the runway curtain.

>[]Watch the show.
>[]Strike up a conversation with someone.
>>[]Watch the show.
And the crowd, see if anybody else is watching the crowd. They might be looking for somebody too.
File: Poster2.jpg (3 KB, 81x161)
3 KB
You take a look around the club. Security's watching the crowd, but that was kind of a no-brainer. Several other people seem to be looking for friends... that guy looks suspicious.
You keep a close eye on him as he purposefully strides through the crowd. Who is he--
He grabbed some other guy and they went off to the bathroom.
Your attention is completely drawn away from the crowd when Sasha steps out.
Yeah, this had to be Sasha. She had the tattoos, but more importantly... she's got some fantastic tits.
Everyone's enthralled, you think. You can't take her eyes off her yourself.
She scans the crowd, and her eyes rest on you. You can feel your erection throb, but you keep it under control.
Sasha goes back to her show, twirling around the neon-lit pole and slowly untying her top. She's getting quite a bit of money tossed onto the stage.
Eventually, it ends with her humping the pole and climaxing. She picks up her tips and clothing and swaggers backstage.
Everyone calms down somewhat after she leaves. Damn, she's good.

>[]...I gotta go see her.
>[]Ask the staff to see if that's normal.
>[]Just remain calm, nurse a whiskey and review your mission.
>>[]Just remain calm, nurse a whiskey and review your mission.
Clear your mind first.
>>[]Just remain calm
>Clear your mind first.
Looks like I need MY mind cleared.
Night Stormy.
>>1427010 (night)
You order yourself a whiskey and sit down in your chair, sipping it. The next show is pretty great, but not as strangely enthralling as Sasha's.
Yeah, you gotta kidnap her. If she can do that thing on command, that might be a problem. What was it, pheromones? You'd have to be fast with plugging the chip in or do it while she was sleeping--
You can feel arms wrap around your torso. A very ample chest presses itself against the back of your head.
Aw, shit.
"Did you like my performance? I noticed you couldn't keep your eyes off me..."
Sasha slowly traces her finger along your chest.
"To tell the truth, I was interested in you, too. You have quite a lot of potential stored up in you."
You can feel your magic writhe around in your core. Doesn't feel too bad.

>[]Uh, sorry ma'am. I wasn't planning on anything tonight. Maybe later.
>[]You want a drink? Preferably somewhere nice and quiet...
>[]You can sense magic? Who are you?
>You want a drink? Preferably somewhere nice and quiet...
File: Spoiler Image (554 KB, 1920x1111)
554 KB
554 KB JPG
Sasha smiles.
"Of course. There's some private rooms upstairs we could borrow... meet me in room 402."
She slinks off. You finish your drink and go upstairs. Security nods and let's you pass.
You enter the room. Sasha's already lying naked on the bed, sipping some wine.
"Mmm... you certainly don't waste time, do you? Well, let's get you out of that armor."
Her presence overwhelms you. All you can do is nod.
Sasha pulls your pants down and starts licking your dick.
"This is a good one. Here, let me give you something special."
She has you sit on the bed and starts stroking you between her breasts. You climax shortly, and Sasha quickly swallows all your semen.
"Tastes so good!" she moans. You take a drink of wine as she rummages around in the room's mini fridge.
Sasha lies down and pours caramel on her breasts before setting the container aside.
"This is one of my favorites..." she giggles.


...huh, what? Where--
You snap out of your haze, thrusting into Sasha a few more times until you climax for the... how many times has it been?
Sasha lies on the bed, panting heavily and covered in cum.
"Oh... so feisty... is your soul almost out yet..."
You rummage through your clothes until you find the chip. You quickly plug it into the back of her neck and sigh in relief.
"Oh... what is..?"
"Just calm down, Sasha."
She stops squirming and breathes more evenly.
"Of course, master... you're the best I've had, you know. I was about to call my sisters in to help out."

>[]You still can.
>[]Sasha, clean yourself off and get dressed. We have somewhere to be.
>[]...what did you mean about my soul?
>>[]Sasha, clean yourself off and get dressed. We have somewhere to be.
Sasha gets up and walks into the shower.
You grab an energy drink from the mini fridge and chug the whole thing. How long had she made you go?
It's three in the morning. When you got up here it was around eight. Yikes.
Sasha gets out, and you get in, only taking the time to make sure you're acceptably clean.
You and Sasha go back down the stairs. Nobody's here except a few sleepy security goons and shitfaced loners.


You make it back to the radio station intact. A few people tried to make a move on you, but a quick flash of the AK deterred them.
Not too many people are awake in the station, either. You tell the insomniac guards that anyone who fucks with Sasha will answer to you, then show her to her room.
"You'll be staying here for a while."
"Okay, master! Oh, this could be great! Just need a few vases, some carpeting..."
"If you need anything, ask me over the microphone. Almost forgot, here's your bathroom bucket."
You shut and lock the door before dragging your cot in front of it and sitting down.
Damn, you're tired.

>[]Check on the job. Is there anything else you need to do?
>[]Go to sleep. You can worry about it tomorrow.
>[]Interrogate her. Normal people can't just have sex for seven hours straight.
>Go to sleep. You can worry about it tomorrow
You lie down and shut your eyes. Trying to do anything while tired would be stupid.


"Good morning, master!"
Sasha's voice wakes you up. You groan and look at your commlink. Ten o'clock.
"Ah. Sorry, Sasha. Need any breakfast?"
"Nope, you fed me pretty well last night."

>[]Uh... okay?
>[]Check the job requirements to see if you need to do more.
>[]Go get breakfast.
>>[]Go get breakfast.
First things first!
You say bye to Sasha and go back to the cafe.
"Let's see... I'll have the chocolate croissant. And a glass of milk."
Kilo pulls up as you're eating your breakfast.
"How'd it go? You get good intel?"
"Sasha assaulted me while I was having a drink. She has some kind of weird hypnotic ability... I ended up fucking her for seven hours."
Kilo whistled.
"That's some hypnosis, alright. And impressive stamina on both your parts."
You nod.
"So, mind if I see this new haunt of yours?"

>[]Not at all. Go ahead.
>[]Let me finish this first.
>[]Hell no, it's my secret spot.
>[]Let me finish this first.
>Let me finish this first
"Sure, I'll get some juice. It's pretty hot today."


"And here we are. So, Kilo. This guy's Killer Joe--"
"My name's David, though--"
"Over here we have the communal pile of trash (dammit, Joe, clean this up), down there's the gang hangout area, and this is my room. Which has convenient access to Sasha's cell."
"Hi, master! Who's this?"
"...I see. The place really suits you."
"I've learned to recognize your sarcasm, Kilo. Sasha, this is Kilo. Treat her nicely, don't hurt her."
"How can I treat her nicely if I'm locked in here?"

>[]Not like that. Anyway, I have a few questions for you.
>[]Check the job, see if you got your payment.
>[]Sasha, where's your apartment?
>Sasha, where's your apartment?
"Oh, good idea. You can get my laundry, it's--"
She tells you the address.
"No problem, master!"
"That place is pretty expensive. I'd move in if it weren't a probable crime scene."
"Well, if I'm forcibly holding her in a cell in the ghetto, I might as well borrow some of her money. Hey, maybe you CAN move in. Just have Sasha place a few calls telling people she's gone for a trip or something, so she hired you to take care of it."
"If you can pull it off, I'm fine with it."

>[]Time to go raid the place, then.
>[]Sasha, I have just a few questions...
>[]Sasha, I have just a few questions...
You know, the soul thing, seduction/hypnosis, who Rini is, anyone we should be scared of in regards to her employers...
>Sasha, I have just a few questions...
"Well... I haven't heard of anyone named Rìnir."
"Nobody has, it seems... the soul thing, though. What's that about?"
"Oh, I'm a succubus."
"Yeah, look."
A tail briefly flickers into existence behind Sasha before disappearing.
Kilo stands there for a moment before walking away and tapping quickly at her commlink.
"That's why I was trying to take your soul, and how I hypnotize people. Pretty cool, huh?"
"Yeah. Thanks for proving me right... uh, are there any of your employers I should be scared of?"[/spoiler]
"Well, Apollyon would be REALLY angry if he found out. Last time he got angry he caused an earthquake."
"FUUUUUUUCK!" Kilo cries from the other room.

>[]I need to go calm her down.
>[]Uh, so what exactly are Apollyon's goals..?
>>[]I need to go calm her down.
Magic is real, but I have never seen the tooth fairy.
But between you and me, he sure is creepy.
You walk over. Krystal's pacing the room and muttering to herself.
"You okay--"
"NO! The impossible shit you've been doing, it could've just been some kind of new augment. That was fine, the world made sense. Now we have DEMONS involved with corporate conspiracies! That's deep shit, and while I'm perfectly fine with robbing an armored car or two, I'd prefer not getting involved with the occult. Why the hell is a Christian demon involved with the Japanese mafia? I don't know, and I'd rather not find out!"
"...sorry, Krystal."
"It's my fault. I should've known something was up when I took the job to free you... I messaged Rìnir about this. Demanded more payment or Witness Security. He said you need to ask Sasha about the vault in her apartment, then go there."

>[]I should do that, then.
>[]We're cutting out. This can't be leading anywhere good. I'll drug Sasha and leave her in a dumpster somewhere.
>[]We'll be fine. I'm a certified Demonslayer.
>>[]We'll be fine. I'm a certified Demonslayer.
Well, a Demonlayer at least.
File: Spoiler Image (307 KB, 554x768)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
"Its fine, I'm a Demonslayer. Says right up there, in the--"
Something crashes downstairs, followed by the sound of gunfire.
You run down, grabbing a shotgun from a dead thug as you examine what did this.
A cyborg. What first appears to be her skin is simply flesh-colored plating.
"Priority targets: Kilo, subject 402, acquired."
Kilo gasps underneath her helmet.
"T-that's Delta... she was on the team I got to help rescue you. What did they do to her!?"

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 20 (1d20)

Lets try not to fuck her up too badly.
Rolling the slutty dice.
Dice gods seem to like them being called dirty little things.
>>1429358 (based gods)
You dive out of the way of Delta's shots, circling her. Kilo unsheathes her katana and hacks at one of Delta's arms. While she's distracted you blow the other off and grab her in a choke hold.
"Calling... headquarters..."
You rip the comms antenna off the side of her head.
"Delta, what happened--"
"Kilo... abandoned us! Die, DIE!!!"
Delta squirms in your hold, giving you some very painful kicks to the shins.
She's beyond hope...
You put her out of her misery.

>[]See if you can salvage anything.
>[]Get her out ASAP. She might have a tracker.
>[]Are you okay, Kilo?
>>[]See if you can salvage anything.
Better not let her go to waste.
>[]Are you okay, Kilo?
You take the device off her head. Looks like something you can use to jack into terminals without needing an access port in your neck.
You use it to scan through her data.
"You okay, Kilo?"
"Yeah... I didn't know her all that well, but... we still had a few jobs under our belts. Can't just forget that..."
You nod.
"We'll make sure Hanzai pays for this."
Data's been wiped clean, save for orders to kill Kilo and capture you. You take the six-barreled cannon that had sprung out of her arm. Might be useful.
Then you give her a shock to dispose of bugs before lying her down near the wall.

>[]...Sasha's apartment. We might learn more about what these people are doing.
>[]Wasn't there a second one? Mike?
>>[]Wasn't there a second one? Mike?
Don't want to be stabbed while we aren't looking.
Kilo draws her gun.
"Yeah, there was..."
You wait a few seconds. Nothing happens.
"...they might be sending him later. Or maybe they killed him."
You shrug. Either way, you'd just have to remain on alert.
"What are you going to do with Delta?"
Krystal thinks about that.
"I think I'll see if I can use her to stain Hanzai's reputation. If not, I'll just turn her over to the police. If she has any family, they'll find them."
Good choice.

>[]Better ask about Sasha's vault.
>[]I should get to the apartment as fast as possible, before Hanzai finds out I kidnapped Sasha. I can contact her if I can't find the vault.
>>[]Better ask about Sasha's vault.
>Better ask about Sasha's vault.
File: IMG_1428.jpg (102 KB, 596x380)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
You walk back up to the cell.
"Sasha, you wouldn't happen to have a vault in your apartment, would you? I kind of need to take a look. And the keys, those would be nice to have as well."
"Sure, master. It's behind the bed's headboard. The combination is 01-32-17."
Sasha hands you her keys through the door.


Man, you really should get yourself a car. All this walking sucks.
You do your best to act natural walking through the modern apartment lobby. Nobody's around when you enter Sasha's place.
You whistle softly as you look around. You'd take up stripping if this is what it paid. And if you weren't about to get mired in some serious shit.
You go to her computer and withdraw a decent amount of money to your credstick. She would've probably let you use it anyway.
You climb across the very expansive heart shaped bed and pull the headboard out of its spot. Sure enough, there's a safe.
Enter the code...
Amongst an impressive amount of jewelery was a commlink. You check it, finding contacts for 'Caine' and 'Apollyon'. Some files are on it, but heavily encrypted.

>[]Grab Sasha's laundry while you're here.
>[]Try transferring ownership from Sasha to you. (Roll a d20)
>[]No time for screwing around, get out.
>>[]Grab Sasha's laundry while you're here.
Get the clothes.
Good Night Stormy.
File: image.png (923 KB, 685x768)
923 KB
923 KB PNG
You rifle through her drawers and stuff her clothes into a suitcase. She's got a very extensive array of intimates. What's the bra size... g cup? Damn.
You can barely shut the case when you're done. It'd be worth it if you have sex with her again, just looking at some of that made you--
A large-armed cyborg crashes through the apartment window. He slowly stands up and turns to face you.
"Primary target... subject 402."
He falls to one knee and attempts to grab his forehead with his giant arm.
"The HAZE... do you feel it too..?"

>[]In battle, yes.
>[]I don't know what you're talking about.
>[]Kill him. (D20)
Rolled 8 (1d20)

Mike, they're looking for you, you better run.
Say that while preparing to run like hell.
And now actually good night Stormy.
Rolling the slippery slutty dice
Rolled 20 (1d20)

Some instinct of his kicks in and he dives out the window. You do your best to hurry out of the building without running.


"Here. I managed to juke Mike while I was there."
Sasha happily examines the contents of the suitcase.
"Mike was there? Shit. What did he look like?"
"Huge arms. Asked me about the 'HAZE'. No clue what he was talking about."
Krystal sighs.
"Well, at least we don't have to deal with him right now."
"Masteeeeeer! How do I look?"
Sasha had changed into some lingerie and sprawled out on the cot.
"Wha--seriously? I know you're a sex demon, but now's not the time."
"Hm. You think you can do better?"

>[]Please, no fighting.
>[]You look gorgeous, Sasha.
>[]Krystal's more my type.
>[]Both of you are lovely, how about we all get to know each other better? Teamwork and all.
Both of you are lovely, how about we all get to know each other better? Teamwork and all.
Threesome here we come
>>[]Both of you are lovely, how about we all get to know each other better? Teamwork and all.
"Thank you, master. I'm up for whatever you want."
Krystal thinks it over.
"Well, she's pretty hot. I'll go for it if she doesn't suck out my soul."
"Sasha, don't suck out Krystal's soul."
You grab some lengths of old cloth from trash heaps and tell the thugs not to disturb you. You're going to need privacy for interrogating the prisoner.
You hangs the cloth on the inside of the studio window, blocking the view.
"Wait, we're doing it HERE?"
"Yeah, its clean enough. I've got some extra cloth for a floor mat, should be big enough for us."
Krystal sighs and sits next to Sasha, removing her helmet.
"Krystal... that suit looks pretty stuffy."
"It is, kinda."
"Let me help you out of it..."
They start kissing. Sasha's tail appears and starts tracing its tip down Krystal's cleavage.
Soon, they're both naked and holding each other.
"You're alright... we're forgetting about Alagos, though."
"Oh, sorry master!"
Krystal pushes Sasha onto your face (she cuts her pubes in a heart shape... weird) and guides your cock into her.
You start licking. Krystal starts bucking her hips.


Your two lovers each give you a kiss before settling down on either side of you.
"Heh. You're okay, for a succubus."
"You're not bad yourself. Hell has some scouts, you could probably qualify for--"
"Yeah, no."

>[]Oh. You almost forgot to claim your money for the job...
>[]You're pretty hungry. Get some dinner.
>[]Get influenced by the excess estrogen in the room.
>You're pretty hungry. Get some dinner.
>>[]Get influenced by the excess estrogen in the room.
>>1431118 (I'll do this one when you get back to base, I guess)
"Well... I'm gonna get some food. Wasn't a good idea to skip lunch."
"Yeah, I'll go, too."
"I'm full up again. Won't need to feed for a while."
You get back into your armor and leave the building.
"Bye, master!"


"Alagos, I swear, you need to get your own ride. If I have to put up with you holding onto me one more time I'll jump this bike off the highway."
"Oh, it can't be that bad. I tired running once and I went faster than the cars on the highway, did I ever tell you that?"
"No, and I refuse to believe you since I haven't heard anything about police chasing an insane man running at 150MPH."
"But I CAN, though."
"Sure. We're here, by the way."
Krystal pulls into the parking lot of the local Pizza Shack.
You walk inside and order a pie with copious amounts of sausage, as well as some sugary drinks.
Fifteen minutes later, the cheese burns in your mouth are healing themselves faster than you got them.
"You could wait, you know."
Krystal blew on her slice and bit the tip off.
"I was hungry. Besides, even if these didn't heal, they would only be a nuisance."
"That kind of thinking isn't really healthy, even if you are a... actually, that brings up a good question."
She looks up at you.
"What ARE you? I'm still kind of partial to the nano-augment theory, but now that demons are involved..."

>[]No clue.
>[]Well, I woke up in a summoning circle.
>[]I was told to gain your trust until I get the chance to kill you, but then I fell in love.
>[]Does it matter? I'm Alagos, that's all I need to know.
>>[]Well, I woke up in a summoning circle.
And then a lot of people died. Next I was captured, and finally you rescued me.
"...well, so long as you don't betray and kill me. I think I'll stick up on some heavy weaponry just in case."
"Maybe I was a demon who rebelled! And now Rìnir's testing me to see if I'm eligible to join the resistance."
"No. Absolutely not. You were right about Sasha, but that would be completely ridiculous."
Your commlink bleeps. You look down at it.
Well done. Your payment's been transferred. I'll be contacting you with your next job soon.[/I]
Well, that's nice.
"I guess I'll go home now." Krystal yawns and stuffs the last bit of crust in her mouth.
"You got your payment just now, right? I'll help you order a ride if you want."

>[]I can figure it out myself.
>[]Nah. Walking's fine.
File: IMG_0518.png (168 KB, 709x321)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Shit, I did it again.
Oops I did it again.
Buy a hover car.
File: IMG_1433.jpg (112 KB, 1500x938)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
You open up the GM-Fiat site and scroll through.
"Let's see..."
A psychological test determines that you're fit to drive (it's probably broken) and you arrange for your new car to be brought to the Pizza Shack.
"That's a pretty nice car... goodnight."
Krystal gets on her bike and speeds off. You finish the pizza. Five minutes later, you're sitting through the car's tutorial.
"Thank you for choosing GM-Fiat, and have a nice day."
You pull out of the parking lot and start back to the radio station. You manage not to crash into any rivers this time around.
After parking in the lobby (plenty of room, and Delta had blown a hole in the wall), you walk up to your room.
"Hi, master!"
"Hi, Sasha. Haaa... ACHOO!"
"Bless you."
It feels like your chest is being crushed by your armor. You take off your helmet and chestplate.
"The hell..?"
You brush a strand of hair out of your eyes and frown. That wasn't normally a problem. And your voice isn't this high.
The chestplate finally comes off. Boobs flop out.

>[]Lol, sweet. *grope*
>[]I didn't eat THAT much pizza.
>>[]I didn't eat THAT much pizza.
Followed immediately by
>[]Lol, sweet. *grope*
File: Spoiler Image (329 KB, 1200x1716)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
You check yourself in the window's reflection. Getting fat probably didn't work like this, so that's out...
You start groping yourself.
"Huh... not half bad."
"Uh, master? What happened to you?"
"No idea, but it's cool."
You pull your pants down and take a look.
Yep, you're a girl.
You can think of worse situations.
"Sasha, do you think this was some demonic magic?"
"No, yours flared up right when this happened. I haven't heard about any spells that can do that sort of thing, though..."

>[]Do I look hot?
>[]Well, shit. I need to go get the privacy curtains back up.
>[]I could play some great pranks on Krystal with this...
(Inb4 pic related)
>>[]Do I look hot?
And live life as the fairer sex.
sauce please
>>1431710 No clue where I found it, sorry. Here's an album of funny hentai though http://m.imgur.com/a/LqQPv
"You look great, master! You'll have to get some refitting done, but guys'll probably want to talk to you all the time!"
Oh, yeah. That...
This is kinda throwing your sexuality on its head.
"Do you find yourself attractive?"
"Yeah... its weird."

>[]Try changing back.
>[]Sasha, can I sleep with you tonight?
>[]Go confuse the thugs downstairs.
Look in a mirror.
>[]Try changing back.
You step into the bathroom and take a better look at yourself.
...yeah, 10/10. You might be biased, though. Still, staying like this would cause a ton of problems. You'd rather not have to experience periods, that would be disastrous.
You concentrate and focus on your old body. You can feel your chest and hips shrink.
"Okay, if I ever need to fool Hanzai, that might work..."
You step back into the studio.
"Oh, you reversed it, master? Good for you!"

>[]Thanks. I'm going to sleep now.
>[]...you mind teaching me how to have sex as a woman?
Lets go look for supplies for us and our gang.
Found the sauce, its '10 Things to Do While I'm Still a Boy'
"Bye, Sasha. I'm going to look for some poor schmucks to steal from."
"Good luck! Be safe!"
You step out the door and look around.
Where would they keep weapons...


You drive down the street, mentally listing the places you might find weapons and armaments.
There's the police, they'd have quality equipment, as well as whatever's in evidence storage.
There's Hanzai, with all the bionics and Japanese-themed shit. You could probably find some pretty edgy katanas in there.
And then there's Mars Armaments, a defense contractor. They'd have the best stuff, but the tightest security.
Or you could go beating up gangers and taking their shitty muskets.

Pick your pillage.
Could we purchase the weapons and armors? If not, lets hit Hanzai, they deserve it.
That and seduces Krystal
That and seduces Krystal
And seducing Krystal?
What do you think Alagos is running off of, lightning?
Lets go for it.
File: IMG_1435.jpg (18 KB, 85x87)
18 KB
>>1432054 (all life runs off electricity, so you aren't wrong)
You pull up outside Hanzai HQ and text Krystal. You could just buy this, but what's the point of being a mercenary if you can't steal shit for fun?
>[Alpha]*make contact emote*
>[Kilo]Lol wtf
>[Alpha]You look quite ravishing today m'lady
>[Kilo]dude you're ruining my schlick gtfo the chat
>[Alpha]I'm trying to seduce you
>[Kilo]you don't have to do any fancy shit just make me cum lots
>[Kilo]or take me to a movie there's a good one coming out this week
You put away your commlink and look at the building.
How are you gonna do this..?

>[]Just walk in and take their stuff. (D20)
>[]Use excessive violence.
>[]Take the hottest woman hostage, grope her, exchange her for weapons, and book it.
Rolled 1 (1d20)

>>[]Just walk in and take their stuff. (D20)
File: ohwhy.png (6 KB, 229x220)
6 KB
File: IMG_1150.jpg (86 KB, 800x541)
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For every 20, there is a 1. That is the law of equivalent exchange.
Whelp, after that fails, hopefully we can
>[]Take the hottest woman hostage, grope her, exchange her for weapons, and book it.
Good night stormy.
>>1432157 (night)
You stride into the building. The receptionist looks up from her desk as you walk past.
"Sir, do you have an appointment?"
"Uhhhhhhhhhh... I have an appointment with those luscious curves of yours, heh."
The receptionist looks disgusted.
"I'm calling security."
You grab her and put your pistol to the side of her head.
Everyone freezes.
You move your hand up her shirt.
"Hehe--HEY, THESE ARE PADDED! Look, you're only gonna disappoint people with false advertising."
The receptionist screams. Fucking civilians...
Security bursts in.
"Hold your fire, there's a hostage!"
"I want enough arms from your vault to equip a dozen people! If you don't comply with my demands I'll grope this woman extensively before shooting her!"
You squeeze her ass briefly. She yelps and starts crying.
"We don't negotiate with criminals!"
"Have to do everything myself. I swear..."
You start dragging the poor hostage toward the vault, occasionally pressing the gun harder to her head or digging your fingers into her crotch.

>[]I'm really sorry about this, ma'am.
>[]Seriously, you don't need padding. Your figure's enough to compensate.
>[]You're enjoying this, aren't you, bitch? Guess women really do all have rape fetishes...
>[]Seriously, you don't need padding. Your figure's enough to compensate.
>I'm really sorry about this babe.
"Seriously, you don't need to pad your bra, you need to have a more positive outlook on your image. Also, I'm really sorry about this. I tend to do lots of stupid shit without planning it. I'm not gonna do anything to you, I just need what's in the vault."
Dammit, she's still crying. Oh, well.
You make it to the vault in the basement (lots of security there, too. But you have a hostage) and kick the door open. This was no mean feat, it was a very intimidating door.
You suck anything that looks deadly into your pocket dimension. You can sort through it later.

>[]Give the hostage back and RUN.
>[]Hold onto her until you get out of the building.
>[]Shoot the security.
>>[]Hold onto her until you get out of the building.
"Just a little farther..."
You keep holding onto the hostage. Security's set up a barrier outside the building.
"Okay, you're good."
You leave the receptionist behind her desk and charge forward at the barrier. Bullets are sliced in half as you run along. You do a long jump over the samurai-themed cars and start running down the road.
Hey, you CAN actually run faster than cars. Quite easily, too.
When you're certain everyone's attention is focused on you, you send your car back home.
Now, to lose these guys.

>[]Stop suddenly and find somewhere isolated you can hide.
>[]Just run until they give up the chase and go home.
>[]Didn't you find claymores in that fault..? Place them at an intersection and jump into a manhole.
>Stop suddenly and find somewhere isolated you can hide.
You grind to a halt, ripping up chunks of asphalt before diving into a trash can and peeking out the top.
Not a moment later, cars come swarming around the corner.
"He must've jumped!"
They take off in the direction you supposedly went.
You spend about an hour in that trash can, playing various games on your commlink. They were more suited for bored moms, but at least it was something to do.
Eventually, you can see the cars hovering back toward their base. Helicopters fly dejectedly to their helipads.
Your car pulls up to the alley entrance, and you make your way back home.


"Hi, master! How did your raid go?"
"Pretty good. I broke into Hanzai's vault."
"Hey, that's where my brothers work!"
You hope she doesn't mean actual siblings, or this could be bad...

>[]Go hand out the weapons.
>[]Wait until everyone's come to chill in the morning.
>[]Sleep with Sasha.
Paranoia about the brothers and others looking for you.
Your eye twitches.
People are after you.
You run around the building, setting up tripwires and claymores and bells and all kinds of nasty/weird traps.
You become exhausted as the night wears on, and fall asleep, cradling a box of explosives.


You wake with a start and grab at your shotgun. Someone's here, they tripped the tin can!
As you enter the tin can room, something hard hits you over the head. You stagger back, clutching your temples.
Krystal had pistol whipped you. You're just thankful she didn't use the other end...

>[]Nice to see you, too.
>[]Hey, I can change genders, watch.
>[]I got you a nice, new, edgy, Hanzai-manufactured katana. Say you're sorry and I'll let you have it.
>[]Hey, I can change genders, watch.
>Could you get some cereal? those you have are great!
"Oww... hey, Krystal. Look what I can do."
Your chest expands again.
Krystal doesn't seem to know what to do. She just sits in a chair and rests her head in her hands.
"...are you okay? Was I too blunt?"
"Alagos. Put those away, please."
You do so. Krystal stays in her chair.
"Uh, can you get some cereal?"
"Why don't you? I'm trying to contemplate what I just saw, and you need experience buying things."

>[]Guess there's no cereal, then...
>[]Its an actual switch thing, here, I can prove it--
File: IMG_1434.png (460 KB, 500x722)
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460 KB PNG
Getting close to page 10. New thread.

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