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New players are always welcome!

In this quest you assume the role of an aspiring student who is about to enter the Mageknight Academy. You must hone your skills, make some friends (and perhaps also some enemies) and fight battles in order to prove yourself worthy of graduating as a fully fledged Mageknight! Each year (every 100th turn) your character will be tested by the academy to see if your character is progressing well and meeting the Academy's high standards. After the 3rd year your character will head off into a their first mission for a final test.

How to Join:
New players must fill out their character sheets. The sheet must include the following information:
>Anyone can join at any time. Latecomers and laggers are given bonus action points to catch up with the other players.
1) Your character's full name
2) Your character's backstory, appearance and any other useful information.
3) You are given 3 Skill Points. Choose 1 starting spell and 2 other skills or spells.

How to Play:
1) Each turn you will be given 2 [Action Points]. Post your character sheet and your chosen actions along with a 2d100 roll.
>Normally your roll must pass the [Difficulty Challenge] of 25 in order to succeed.
>Getting a 10 and below is a [Critical Failure] while 91 and above is a [Critical Success]
2) All players must wait for the "TURN GO" post before submitting any actions posts. After which you must post your actions only to that post.
3) After all actions are processed and a new turn begins, update your character sheet.
Acquiring and Improving Spells & Skills:
1) Study, research, explore, train or take classes to discover and learn new spells.
2) Training an already learned spell or skill will raise it further to the next tier once enough [Progress Points] are accumulated.
4) The progress threshold is based on the Fibonacci sequence (1,2,3,5,8,...)
>Usually Spell and Skill tiers are named as Basic => Intermediate => Advanced => Expert => Master
>Alternatively you can label the tiers as T1, T2, T3 and so on.

Spellcrafting involves fusing spells with various skills, knowledge and even other spells that your character has learned together creating a new spell or skill.
>The name of the resulting new spell will be determined by the QM. By default it will be "Cast A B C..."
>Your dice roll will affect the result of the spellcrafting. Lower rolls will result in weaker or negative version of the intended spell and vice versa.

Social Interactions:
1) Role playing with other players is a free action. Role playing with NPCs, however, will cost an action point to do so.
2) Collaborative Player-to-Player actions like trading, tutoring and PvP, will cost an action point to do so.

1) Post 2 actions like you normally would. Your opponent will roll their own 2 actions.
2) To defeat your opponent, you must overcome their defensive or evasion roll and vice versa
>If you have not rolled an evasion or defensive roll then your opponent must pass normal DC to hit you and vice versa.
>If both combatants attacked successfully then it's a Double KO.
>If both combatants defended successfully then it's a Stalemate.
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/mkam/home
In-depth Rules Explanation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13unrqxqUiX3G0rau6CpEu7Pd5FxEsXz54pfVS9PfGEs/edit?usp=sharing
NPC Database for Madrid: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14Rf_RGpYIs0cdy1eUYYs-hr8_hqVaLrkSSvbzACtoFI/edit?usp=sharing
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/pEEkNkr
[Spoiler]Sorry about the delay on the updates.[/spoiler]

[===Academy News===]
Minor reports of attacks on nearby villages have been televised in local news. It doesn’t seem to be a very major threat, and most believe it is merely a few fey causing ruckuses. No reports of deaths or casualties have been noted, though a few people seem to have gone missing. Some hysterical conspiracists say that the eldritch gods have returned to kill us all, but it’s obviously just a few insane fear mongers trying to make themselves famous.

There have been reports by some students that the enchanted woods by the school have grown to be almost impenetrable. The trees have all turned black, and a steady mist expands from the area. Cobwebs have been seen on every tree, and some teachers have reported that the streams coming from the woods are entirely full of a black liquid, that would be extremely unwise to touch. The school administration has stated that examining the woods, or even nearing them, is extremely unadvisable. Teachers will be patrolling the borders of the enchanted woods from now on. First years are strictly forbidden from entering, second years may only come close if they are in a group, and third years have been tasked with examining what is occurring in the woods. Some third years have already vanished, to the dismay of the staff. Most of the students have taken to calling the previous enchanted woods the “Grimwood”. The Academy has set up an Outpost for investigation.

The Deertaur had stopped diplomatic communications with the academy several weeks ago, but now they have left a worrying message pinned to the front gate of the school. It was in some sort of black parchment, and written in blood. “We are coming.” Principal Hernandez states that all students and staff must be on guard, and that a curfew is now being put in place- all students must be in their dormitories by 10:30 PM.

Principal Hernandez has reestablished the old school organization, [The Watch]. You may sign up in order to help patrol the school, and see whether any problems are arising. However, being a member of [The Watch] requires that one spend at least one action every other turn to patrol the school, at little to no personal benefit. Every three actions of patrolling the school will earn the student a League Point, up until the cap of 9. A tenth League Point may be earned by finding something particularly important, or putting down a major threat. Missing one of these actions results in probation from [The Watch]. Missing two will result in being kicked from [The Watch].
File: Happy_slime.png (141 KB, 477x374)
141 KB
141 KB PNG

[==Madrid News==]
Breaking news! Students on the Academy’s missing list have started appearing earlier in the morning. Families and friends are now being informed of their whereabouts. Faculty members, medical team and local authority are on their way to evaluate and take care of the found missing students. More news as events unfold.

[===QM Announcement===]
Inter-Academy Tournament will be held in the next coming days. For those joining, please spend the action attending and the battle will either be held in thread or in discord. PLease stay active and wait for further information.

===Currently signed up===
Jozin Redregard
Joachim Johnson
Matthieu Faust
Suzanna Yossarian

[Matthieu Faust]
>Sign up for the tournament
The receptionist smiles, as you sign the required forms.

>Attempt to communicate with Joy using my telepathy spell (T1 Telepathy)
You commune with your little slime. You feel the plink and squishiness of it’s existence. It is happy and wishes to drink/absorb/bath in some very nice lemony tea. It’s thoughts and moods are much like the ocean.
>Gain +1 Telepathy

[Lawrence Birch]
>Gain [Heat Stroke] turn 119. -5 to all rolls. Should remember to drink plenty of fluids to keep cool

>Go to blacksmith area and make nice shield this time. [Improve blacksmithing skill]
It begins with your head throbbing and your vision blurring. Before you know it everything is simply scolding hot. Handling the superheated metal you dip it into the water. The resulting steam covers your arms and chest causing you to scream out. The metal you were working into a fantastic shield is dropped to the floor. You blackout. It is not Hephaestus that awakens you, but the blacksmith that was previously impressed by your work. You've been submerged in ice water chattering your teeth. Holding yourself you realized that your arms have also been wrapped in bandages, and they ache in pain more than anything else.
>You've gained [First Degree Burns], for the next two turns take a -5 penalty to physical actions or other strenuous activity from the pain.
>You've been barred from the Blacksmithing Forge for the next two turns while you recover from your workplace injuries
>You've gained [Cracked Shield], the metal you were working on cracked while you were out. It's created an interesting design, but you're unsure if you'd ever actually use it in its current condition.
>Gain +1 Fire theory You’ve learned a valuable lesson. Fire is hot

>With my new sword, I'll head to a training ground and practice some sword techniques.[Improve Swordsmanship]
The flashfire across your arms can't suppress the fire within your heart. You feel yourself overcoming previous limits and attending a level of skill you hadn't realized before.
>+1 Swordmanship
[Joachim Johnson]
>91, 17
It might be that this spell has its own personality. While harassing the fiery power within yourself, it will only reveal itself when the moment is most prefect. You continue to attempt suppressing that explosive moment for longer and longer stretches of time, watching the tail of the Firebolt shoot out in a straight line. You begin to think about the practical applications of such a spell. Obviously the effect is completely worthless in a real dog fight, you couldn't bust it out without your target reacting. Maybe if before shit hit the fan you were in a position unseen, you could be able to get that first shot off. Of course, after the shot went off everybody and their grandma would be on your ass. But at least you got that first shot off.

>You've gained Firebolt T2 (0/3)
>You've gained Basic Stealth Proficiency

>14, 28
There's nothing really like seeing something that you only imagined flashing to life. In order to achieve this feat you focus on moving and breathing with every strike and swing. You feel the magical energies build up and release like air within your lungs. Before long you exhaust your mental and spiritual reverses, possibly from working yourself raw earlier that afternoon.

You've gained Flying Crescent T1 (1/2)

[Ean Hawthorne]
[Determination]: You’ve overcome your previous failures. +5 to train the next skill you have previously failed at. One time use.
You find Lisa at the on campus bar. The [Witch’s Brew]
You apologize for calling Lisa a man beater, and for insinuating she broke your ribs. “When I was young my parents would get into fights, a lot of fights. Mom would hit dad.” She takes a long pull from her pitcher “Hard. Whenever she drew blood, and dad cried, she’s always called him a girly man. I, I’d never thought much about it. How much you become your parents.”

“Dad would just take it, said you can’t hit a woman.” a moment’s pause “I’ve been throwing my life into proving him wrong.” She slurs her speech a bit “The last one the one that finally got him to run away. She broke his ribs. You can’t bandage that. You got to get a doctor.”

“It wouldn’t be until Summer we’d get word from a Wiseman Construction, they do work out on the harbor. They say he slipped off the pier he was fixing up, but a part of me thinks he might have, well you know, jumped. During the autopsy, the bloodwork the doc did registered positive for mana retention. That’s how they IDed his body. Wizard is in my damn blood.”
“Mom used the insurance payout on my tuition so I could come here. It didn’t really ring in my head when your rib broke. And I was stoked when you raised the bar. But It landed home when you said it. It was like everything I wanted him to scream.” You don’t really talk to her as much as listen to Lisa speak her mind. “But that I get. But can I ask you something? Why did you call me a Succubus?”

>Gain +1 Lisa
>Remove [Lisa: Struck Nerve]
>Found location [Witch’s Brew] a bar on campus

>73+5= 78
Lisa’s story still fresh in your mind, you pump out the iron. All your determination pushes you over the top. And even if Lisa isn’t assisting you this time You feel her drive just as much as your own.
>Gain +2 Strength
[Devin Hines]
>I decide to pick Nina up from school. I hope she's been having a good time there and maybe made a friend!

You’re a little late getting to the middle school. But when you do arrive you are informed that Nina is in detention. The school marm informs you that She tricked a student into sticking his tongue onto an icy pole. On the way home she is pouty “Everyone loves Icys”
>Gain [Nina: Prankster]

>Go talk to principal Hernandez about what I know of the corruption and how I can lead people to where it's origin point is.
The Principal stands up and stares out his window towards the fields “As Principal I am responsible for the safety and well being of the students and staff here.” In the window’s reflection you can tell he’s furring his brow “Which is not particularly easy for practitioners of the Arcane arts. Curses Hexes Wild experimentation Monsters from other planes. Did you ever hear about the Kaiju?” He points to tower off in the distance ”Took off the top three floors of the voltration center before the strike team got to him.” In his moment of excitement he coughs and stops himself before continuing “Well maybe not, before your time. One man can only do so much.”

“But The school does have liaisons to the local Grimwoods outpost. As far as corruption, you might want to talk to an old friend of mine.” He prints out a contact information and hands it to you “Andres Romero did us a good turn a while back. Maybe he’s good for another”

>Gain Contact information Andres Romero
>Found Location [Grimwoods Outpost]
[Angelica Shanyrria]
>DO: Return to the water temple and attempt to improve on the ventilation and draining system. While there, try to make an appealing fountain out of the spire and pipes. Use artifact to strength spell, if possible.
(Stone Pillar +3, Stone Wall +1, Earth Crafting +2, Earth Theory +1, Structural Engineering +2)

You do the thing. Above grounds four mighty and impressive stone statues stand looking outwards towards the four directions. a lion to the north, a shark to the south, a bear to the west and a bull to the East. Each animal statue continuously spewing forth pink mana diluted pond water from their mouths. The plant women onlookers are in awe of your craftsmanship. They have never seen creatures like those before. The tunnel now has breathable air and the pink mana is being funneled out of the temple via a natural ventilation system that uses the wind from outside to push the pink mist out of a series of stone smoke stacks. Plus you have noticed that the local fauna has started producing mating calls… Well, more the usual. They’ve been like that ever since the pink mana appeared in that area.
>Pink mist concentrations within the temple has been reduced to manageable levels due to your efficient ventilation systems. People entering the temple will no longer need to roll to resist the pink mist.
>The pink mist that is being distributed into the air has made the local wildlife more fertile. Expect more animals appearing in the wilderness in the coming days.
>+1 Reputation (Plant Women)
>+3 Earth Crafting
>DO: Look in the library for some tombs on Conjuration. It's been so long...
(T3 Conjuration +3)

The stone librarian hands you a book dated back to the 14th~15th century. [Conduzione e voi]

It is written in non english romantic language. You realize it's a translation from a Latin tomb which would be more enlightening to summoning truly ancient beings. But still the information you can glean from [Conduzione e voi] could still be useful for modern applications

Lust Resistance Roll
(T2 Pink Mana resistance)
You feel as if you could handle raw mana and not feel a thing.
>Gain [Can’t Touch This] + 10 Mana Resistance for three turns
>Gain + 1 Mana theory

[Agata Stoneworth]
You set up the machine, and get yourself a nice, steaming cup of coffee. It really was quite delicious. You feel like you could drink it anytime, anywhere. In fact, you feel so pumped up that you feel like you should get right back into building tanks, but your logic and rationality remind you that everyone was quite tired, and pushing them further would lead to some issues. At least the coffee was damn good, though. You should probably be careful that you don’t get addicted.
>[Energized], +5 to magic related rolls and +5 to rolls involving concentration for 1 Turn
>19 (Failure)
>Catch up on some of my favorite knight-centric mangas.

It was far too bad that [The Adventures of Sir Knight-a-lot] had ended on that disappointing note with the barmaid, but at least it meant that you had time to move onto some other manga. You decide to pick up [I Was a Simple Merchant but Now I’m a Legendary Knight?] again. From what you recall of the first couple of issues you read, it had been fairly amusing, and a nice deconstruction of the traditional hero mangas. However, as you begin getting into Chapter 70, you quickly realize that it had begun to devolve into some trash-tier harem shit. How disappointing. You probably won’t pick up that one again.

[Markus Milton]
[Un-unrequited love] +10 to social interactions for next 3 turns

>DO: With Remi found, track down Ean and take him up on the offer to join his team of like minded students. If anyone was going into the woods in his graduating year it would be them, so he just had to wait it out.

Upon traveling about you manage to find Ean in the on campus pub, [The Witch’s Brew]. Looking inside you see him talking to a buff amazon.

>RP with Ean
>Found Location [Witch’s Brew]

>DO: Instead of worrying about studying or dealing with the clinic, just hang out with Master Kiru. Just a fun time of relaxing and clearing our heads. Or get spoiled rotten by his teacher. That was fair right?

Kiru is invited to the Principal's house for a meet and greet. You are invited as her plus one. While there you mingle with the highlife of Madrid. The wealthy and the Privileged. Which reminds a little too much of a previous rich woman. You wine and dine, and live the life of a respected medical official. You meet Cassandra, daughter of the Duke of Alba. Elegant, charming, and graceful talking to an old acquaintance of yours Professor Vlad Dumitru. You listen to his stories and about his newest lab assistant, a student he affectionately name stony

Nearing the end of the evening Kiru looks at you in her simple straight black dress “You know you’re too young to be loving this life of work and stress. Isn’t there something you really want out of life? Shouldn’t you be playing around with some tight little tushy, and lust for the world?”
>Gain +1 Kiru
>Gain +1 Vlad
>Met Cassandra
[Jozin Redregard]
>DO: Improve Psychology. Arthur may will need emotional support.
Today’s lesson is about Rage
According to psychologists, rage is an in-born behavior that every person exhibits in some form. Rage is often used to denote hostile/affective/reactive aggression. Rage tends to be expressed when a person faces a threat to their pride, position, ability to deceive others, self-deceptive beliefs, or socioeconomic status. This maladaptive conflict management strategy often stems from cognitive dissonance, most simply put, a 'no' where a 'yes' has been.

Cases in which rage is exhibited as a direct response to an individual's deeply held religious beliefs, may directly be related to cognitive dissonance in relation to an individual's ability to manage the terror associated with death and dying. Many researchers have questioned whether Buddhist concepts, such as reincarnation and nibbâna, help ease death anxieties. Coleman and Ka-Ying Hui (2012) stated that “according to the Terror Management Theory, a religious concept of an afterlife helps people manage their personal death anxiety” (949). This suggests that rage, in relation to religious ideas, may stem from an inability to manage feelings of terror.

Some psychologists, however, such as Bushman and Anderson, argue that the hostile/predatory dichotomy that is commonly employed in psychology fails to define rage fully, since it is possible for anger to motivate aggression, provoking vengeful behavior, without incorporating the impulsive thinking that is characteristic of rage. They point to individuals or groups such as Seung-Hui Cho in the Virginia Tech massacre or Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold of the Columbine High School massacre, all of whom clearly experienced intense anger and hate, but whose planning (sometimes over periods of years), forethought, and lack of impulsive behavior is readily observable

>Gain +2 Psychology
>Gain [Rage] Turn 120. This condition does nothing.

>DO: Pack 3 flashlights, alchemical ingredients (it will make a great soup, i know). And a sleeping bag. And go to the Belrose mansion with Arthur.
You are now packed for adventures in the countryside, ready to go this afternoon. Nothing can delay you and Arthur’s ride across the broken fields
>Gain camping supplies
[Suzanna Yossarian]

>DO: Sign up for tournament
"With everything that's happened it might be a good idea to leave town for a bit. There's an inter-academy tourny that might be a good bet." Grab each of them in one arm
"But really Thank you." Shaking a bit "It a crazy thought, but for a second there I didn't know if I was coming back or not, ha crazy right?"

Casey and Danielle both look at you, and pat your back at the same time. It’s weird how synchronized they are. “It was no problem, Suzy.” Nice to know that Casey was alright with it. Danielle continues to look at you with a worried expression. “You alright, Suzy? You’re shaking quite a bit, after that hell pit experience thing. You didn’t get… changed by it, did you? I told you it was a bad idea to check it out so closely! It probably would be a good idea to get out of here for a bit, you don’t look so well.”

The next day, you sign up for the tournament. The receptionist smiles, and wishes you good luck.

>Class: Physical Education
Concentrate on Str training
The school coach puts you through your paces much like a work horse. Pull ups, push ups, the traditional fare. And soon your limp noodle arms are pumped up. Not exactly muscle bound, but no longer a couch potato, for sure.
>Basic Strength

>Spellcrafting: I need some kind of shielding effect that will dampen attacks.
According to Angelic theology. Ariel, "lion of God;" is angel of protection. and Umabel is angel of physics and astronomy
I already know Kinetic Blow a physics effect and Angelic Guidance an angelic effect
Therolically Requesting the favor of both of these guardians should be beneficial
[The Mothman Prophecies]
T1 Physics Theory [0/2]
T1 Magical Theory [0/2]
T1 Angel Theology [0/2]
[Angelic Guidance]
T2 [Kinetic Blow] [0/3]

Being broken out of the Chapel lends you more freedom to experiment without oversight or restriction. Paradoxically you have open a Physics Textbook covering vectors of different forces and how to present a counter force to negate it, as well as an Gnostic Grimoire reading the names of different angelic beings. As you continue daring to understand these disparate subjects, the Sigils of the lion of the Creator and the Kinetic Resistance Coefficient weave themselves together in an unfounded pattern. But being so sleepy and tired, your mind just can't make the leap to successfully tie these ideas together. And you end up collapsing into your own bed. It's seductive pillows and comforter lull you into a deep sleep.

Your soul feels lighter than air, floating towards the ceiling of your dorm. Below your body rests soundly as you continue further beyond the ceiling and even roof of the Second Resident Housing Building. Higher and higher you float a persistent torrent whips you above the Academy. From your perspective your entire schooling has transpired in only a few centimeters. Further and Further the Clouds themselves breeze past you as you dare to turn your gaze upwards. The Stars themselves remain so distant. These distant pinpoints of light in the ceiling of Creation move in complete obedience to elaborate, complex laws issued by the Almighty. To dare understand their movements is to see the hidden hand of the Creator.

The cosmic wind that swipe your soul from the Earth pulls your soul towards the Gravity Well of a Supergiant Red Star. The angry red inferno scorches your exposed skin, causing your soul to scream in agony. Closer and closer the cosmic wind mercilessly brings into the absolute wrath of the Creator's Laws of this nuclear fire. Until manifested within that burning star is a figure. A Divine Beast just as giant, potent, and graced with such authority. The Lion of the Creator, Ariel, spirit of cosmic winds, wielder of nuclear fire. Speak its name and it may deafen your soul. But today you are not the meek. Your soul invokes its Name and the following Blessing. Instantly the nuclear fire does not scorch your exposed skin.

Only now do you see the magnitude of this lion headed beast, its mane red and full of power. Its body covered in a thousand eyes all watching your every movement. And you understand, it is your appeal to laws and powers greater than it, and even moreso greater than yourself, that you stand unharmed by its presence.

You awaken with a start back in your dorm bed, completely covered in sweat. The Heater is on full blast and pointing at your head. You grumble standing up to turn the damn thing off. Looking back at your bed, you see how the buckets of sweat have soaked into the covers and you consider a wash before trying sleep again. A drink of water and shower later, and you're back to work at your desk with a new inspiration. These movements, these writings are your own. Unseen powers issue commands and the world spins in obedience. And you appeal to those cosmic laws of the Creator. But they are your appeals and formula. You are the miracle worker.
>You've gained T1 Lion's Shield [1/2], a protection spell that grants Armor against incoming damage of various sources. This spell provides an Armor Tier bonus equal to this spell's Tier level. This spell may also provide an immunity against harmful environments or weather, such as extreme heat, extreme cold, minor hazards like hail or harsh wind, even electrical currents. This spell does not automatically cover harmful effects not caused by these natural forces.
>You've gained [Inspired by the Stars], gain a +10 on rolls relating to the heavenly bodies, be they angelic or astral, for the next two turns.
>+1 Angel Theology
>+1 Physics Theory
>+1 Astronomy

>DO: YoYo tricks just want to get that last bit in. Feeling a bit more confident
Although this is the smallest task you’ve done today, it is one of most self satisfying. Smiling at your little Eiffel tower, you unspoil it hitting a crocked Can ten feet away. Pretty nice, if you do say so yourself.
> +2 Yo-Yo Proficiency

[Arthur Belrose]
>Notify Principal Hernandez that I will be heading out
Now that you have two teammates, you can finally go visit your parents. But first, you need to inform the principal. His secretary lets you in, and you enter his office, with a little apprehension. When you announce that Bob and Jozin will accompany, he sighs. “You won’t change your mind. Very well, I’m a man of my word. You may go.”

You can tell his eyes are piercing yours, even through his sunglasses. “However.” He lets a few seconds pass, then keeps on talking. “Be careful, and do not throw your life away. You’re a valuable student, Mr Belrose. You can bring a lot to this country, to this world. But only if you have to stay alive. A bus will drop you off at the nearest town, but you’ll have to walk to reach your home.” You thank him, and leave the office. All that’s left to do now is to gather your companions, and to finally go.

>Head out for the Belrose farm, bus through Madrid, walk through countryside
You gather your clothes, your swords, everything you might need during your trip. Early in the morning, you meet with Bob and Jozin, and, once they’re ready, you all climb aboard the bus. The driver gives you a nod, and you all get comfortable. The bus makes a few quick detours to pick up some more passengers, and then leaves for the countryside. It stops in most small towns along the way, and drops a few passengers every time, until eventually, you and your group are the only ones left. You look at the scenery, and rapidly, you start to fall doze off. After all, you woke up pretty early to prepare.

You slowly drift off, the curves of the road rocking you gently in your seat. You’re awakened by the sound of glass breaking, metal against asphalt, and the fact that the bus is doing barrel rolls. You hang on to the seat in front of you for dear life. The bus finally stops in the ditch next to the road. When you ask Bob what happened, he explains that the driver saw something on the road, tried to swerve, and lost control. Thankfully, no one seems badly wounded. The driver fainted, however, and the bus is on its side, stuck in a ditch. You retrieve your bags from the luggage compartment, and get the driver out of his seat.
>You are now entering Live Action Mode
>[Bob The Jester] [Arthur The Man-at-Arms] [Jozin The Abomination]
>You’re lost somewhere in the countryside. You don’t know exactly where you are, and you need to find your home, or any civilized location to drop the driver.
>The driver fainted, and will have to be carried, or left behind.

[Abby Dragfirm]
>Train the baby to make sure she doesn't act out again. Talk to her in draconic and make her understand what I want and the rules in the dormitory.

After the local residency staff gets to work repairing the acid damage done in your floor, you set yourself to actually taking care of this Baby Dragon like a responsible student. Speaking to the Baby Dragon, it doesn't seem to understand you completely, but your draconic baby cooing get its attention. After the first few days with the Baby you've learned that it is male, and you've been able to keep its messy bathroom business in the bathroom! Really you two bonded cleaning off the leftover eye yoke and peeling off the stuck pieces of eggshell in the bath.

It seems as if the more Dragon features you present to the Baby Dragon(Scales, Wings, Claws), the calmer it actually becomes. With your scales currently presented, it positively nuzzles against you.

You don't feel right strangling the Baby Dragon with a leash and therefore grab a baby harness and strap the adorable little fellow to your torso. He's like your favorite backpack! But a basic rundown of this creature is in order. It's male, has black scales, and has just the most adorable jade colored eyes you've ever seen. Those eyes give it a regal aura, even when it gnaws on the bathtub rim. Note to the wise, yes he will bite pieces off that porcelain tub given the off chance.

Thinking about what a Baby Dragon eats sets your head spinning. You ask your roommate and she comes up with the idea of raw chicken. So you set up a small chicken breast on a plate for the little fellow. He spits acid onto the plate and gobbles up the meat. The plate is significantly melted, but at least the little guy is fed. You'll have to consider a proper diet and meal time activity at some point.

>You've [Dorm Trained] the [Baby Male Black Dragon], it won't normally cause another destructive incident while in your presence.
>You've gained Basic Dragon Training
>+1 Relationship with the [Baby Male Black Dragon]
>You retain the [Pieces of Dragon Egg] in your inventory

>Go down below to apologize on what happened. Maybe there is something I can do for them in return.
Walking down stairs you feel a lump in your stomach. Standing before the doorway of your neighbor is a staff member of the school scribbling on a slip of paper. At hearing your story he’s not exactly pleased, “Well mam we’re going to chalk this up as an magical mishap gone arighy.” The campus officer hands you a slip of paper “Here’s an office warning, you can contest or repeal it at the administration, this isn’t a notification of expulsion merely a warning” the officer walks down the stairs towards his cart cruiser “Please be mindful of other students living areas and divert magical mayhem to the school grounds, not everyone signs up for volcano tuesday”

Flipping the paper over you note a few different methods of dealing with and possibly removing the warning from your record along with some of your rights as a student.
Repealing through exterminating circumstances.
Community Service.
Specific exemption from senior staff member

>Gain [Nuisance Warning] your first warning from the school. Accumulating many warnings can lead to worst punishments
[Caiden Matthews]
Astronomy, not to be confused with Astrology, is a natural science that studies celestial objects and phenomena. It applies mathematics, physics, and chemistry, in an effort to explain the origin of those objects and phenomena and their evolution. Objects of interest include planets, moons, stars, galaxies, and comets; while the phenomena include supernovae explosions, gamma ray bursts, and cosmic microwave background radiation. More generally, all astronomical phenomena that originate outside Earth's atmosphere are within the purview of astronomy. A related but distinct subject, physical cosmology, is concerned with the study of the Universe as a whole.

While Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events.

Most of this first class is explaining the very distinct difference. But also explaining that most of our practical knowledge did start from astrological beginnings. And the slow understanding that mars and venus are less ‘Gods’ in the sky and more planetary bodies. You also know that my very educated mother just served us nachos, and that it’s not our fault Pluto isn’t a planet anymore.
>Gain Basic Astronomy

The Black Hill Woods. It is a subsection of the Grimwoods. Not even worth it’s own region or notification. But it is a part of the greater forest with it’s own distinct, paranormal activity. Trees turn around while you’re not looking, Hills rocks and streams change places when not watched. This is a place where navigational compasses go haywire. Where you sense of direction is tested and discarded. Folk tales and legends tell of ghosts, demons, Yūrei and Yōkai haunting the forest, and in the 19th century, Flair woods was one of many places poor families abandoned the very young and the very old. It is said that to step off the path is suicide. … You step off the path.

Never one to heed caution or sense, when your curiosity and with a challenge presenting itself, you test yourself against this mighty puzzle. You are lost almost immediately. You turn and twist Every direction more of the same. After two days you swear you can hear the trees taunting you laughing. Elk look at you with disatisfaction. You swear to god that you even see the river sytx and a ferryman offering you passage for a fee. Time and time again, you call upon the Arcane Path. Each time you get a moment of clarity. You see the obvious and walk towards the next clear landmark. On the fourth day, you find your bursting out of the shrubbery to the sight of tents and a tree fort. You cry out to the fort.
“OY?” From over the wall you see an handsome face looking down. “One sec” After a moment the poles of the fort creak and groan as the gate is opened unto you. A young man in the local military uniform greets you “You’re a bit early, We were expecting mail till next week. I’m a new scout here holding down the fort while everyone is away, who be yourself? name’s Remi btw”

>Gain +1 Divine Path
>Gain [Clear Direction] After the Black Hill woods even the most complex directions are clear as day. Turn 120-122 +10 to any travel check
>Found Location [Black Hill Woods]
>Found Location [Grimwoods Outpost]
>Met Remi
Rolled 50 (1d100)

>FREE : First, drink some blood from my flask.
>Make some tea for Joy. Go shopping with her so she can pick her favorite.
>Attend the tournament
File: Janitors_BookCover.jpg (601 KB, 1611x2396)
601 KB
601 KB JPG
Nicholas Penn

Apprentice Member of the Mystic Maintenance Men, a group of primordial mages tasked with maintaining the World's Arcane Infrastructure. He was enrolled at the academy to further his training and gain a wider understanding of the different schools of magic. Seeks to prove himself as a MMM.
(Pictured: His Mentor)
Appearance: Large Framed, but not particularly built. Wears loose-fitting coveralls, has Mario-esque mustache.
Weapon of Choice: MMM Standard Issue Warding Wrench
T1 Mana Absorption
T1 Mana Theory
T1 Mana Buffing
He absorbs, compresses, and stores mana in his body, using it to improve his physical attributes.

>>1st Double Turn

Heads to the library and spends a good deal of time pouring over its section of books on Mana theory, attempting to improve his Understanding and Control of the Primordial Arcane Force.
Rolled 76, 44, 68, 99 = 287 (4d100)

Cause I'm Smart.
Rolled 59, 82 = 141 (2d100)

Name: Lawrence Birch
Character Sheet: https://sites.google.com/view/mkam/character-sheets/lawrence-birch

[First Degree Burns]- for the next two turns take a -5 penalty to physical actions or other strenuous activity from the pain. [Turn 120, 121]
You've been barred from the Blacksmithing Forge for the next two turns while you recover from your workplace injuries [Turn 120, 121]

>I go to the grounds and start working on improving my Rune barrier spell
>I have nothing else to do right now so I start reading on the the [Diary of ???] I found in the spring vacation. Maybe I can find out who owns it.
Accidental link on Nicholas' post
Rolled 45, 79 = 124 (2d100)

Angelica Shanyrria

>DO: Attempt to make a simple wall surrounding the oasis, to give the area a bit of privacy and protection. While doing so, make a few neat stone paths connecting the main points of interest in the stone oasis.
(Stone Pillar +3, Stone Wall +1, Earth Crafting +3, Earth Theory +1, Structural Engineering +2)

>DO: The book looks interesting, may as well study it. Look into Conduzione e voi.
(T3 Conjuration +3)
Crap mine wasn't a reply to >>1412466
[=== Inter-Academy Tournament ===]
The inter-Academy Tournament is being held onto of a battle field of Old, a sunny stretch of land where men ran into a hail of machine gun fire. You the contestants are escorted to A Great stoned Wizard Tower. As you pass through the arch way you feel a soft red light gently pass over your body. Looking up you see the light comes from the seams of a giant Wizard Hat.

A man in robes and sunglasses greets you "After the Combat Sorting Hat determines your combat ability, you will be assigned into brackets. We are running a simple single elimination bout. Fight continues until you fall or surrender. This is not a war lethal maneuvers and final blows are Prohibited. We will know." From behind the wizard a Bulletin board is presented.

Exhibition 1st - Joachin vs Suz

2nd - Dietrich vs Zav
3rd - Matt vs Numbers

4th - 2nd round winner vs 3rd round winner

[[Battles will be done on Discord. please flag yourself when ready. RP and banter as you wish]]
Rolled 74, 70 = 144 (2d100)


>Get in contact with Andres Romero about going into the woods with Alpha Squad. Tell him what I know and what can we expect resistance wise within.
>Go spend some time with Kyoko. Maybe see about showing her somewhere or something in Madrid she may have not seen before. She's not from around here after all.
Rolled 72 (1d100)

[Arthur Belrose]

[Live Action Mode]
>Try to pick up the bus driver, and carry him on my shoulder
"Well then, I certainly didn't expect us to crash while I was sleeping. We should probably go to the nearest village or wherever, to drop off the bus driver. I don't really recognize where we are right now, but if we can find a village, I can probably find the way home pretty easily from there. Bob, you were awake, did you see any signs that we passed by that might give an indication to our present location at all?"
Rolled 49 (1d100)


" I knew this wont be easy, but the trouble came a bit early..." Jozin whispers to himself.

"Its gonna be alright guys we just need to find out where we are." Jozin shouted as he looked at the injured bus driver.

> Search the bus for First Aid Kit and Driver's Map.
File: AC3Ballistic_Vest.jpg (47 KB, 400x476)
47 KB
[=== Inter-Academy Tournament ===]

Minor clarification attending the Tournament costs an action.

First Bout

Suzy V Joe in a volcano Goes to Joe

Second Bout

Matt V Numbers in the full moon light goes to Numbers
Rolled 76 (1d100)

roll for stuff
Rolled 94, 56 = 150 (2d100)


>DO: Train The Divine Path Spell [Expert Spatial Theory (T4)] [Master Sympathetic Link Theory (T5)] [Basic Spellcrafting (T1)] [+10]

>DO: Help out around the Grimwood Outpost's Defenses by strengthening the Wards with my own knowledge and techniques. Let's create some Flood Lamps that produce a Warding effect. So long as the light of the Lamp is running the ward will stay in place.
[Basic Runecrafting (T1)]
[Basic Sigilcrafting (T1)]
[Basic Enchanting (T1)]
[Basic Mana Theory (T1)]
[Basic Warding Theory (T1)]
[Intermediate Electronics Theory (T2)]
[Intermediate Mana Circuitry (T2)]
[Expert Spatial Theory (T4)]
[Master Sympathetic Link Theory (T5)]
[Reverse Ward Observations] +10 to the next attempt to create a functioning ward.
Rolled 41 (1d100)

You pick up the unconscious man. Surprisingly, he's not that heavy, for a grown man. Or maybe you've just grown strong ? In any case, you feel like you can carry him for quite a while.
>Thanks to your Stamina stat, you'll be able to carry the driver for one live action turn before you need to roll again.

By rummaging through the driver's stuff, you manage to find a map of the area in the glovebox, and a small first aid kit under the seat. Rolling to carry the man won't take your action.

The driver seems mostly fine, except for a few cuts from the broken glass. You give around a few bandaids to your group, then try to consult the map. Sadly, you have no way to actually know exactly where you are.
>You got a [Map of the area] (+5 to all pathfiding checks, will upgrade to a +10 once you figure out your own position)
>You got a [First Aid Kit] (can be used to provide [First Aid] in combat, healing 1d6 Vitality and curing most status problems. The kit can be used three times)

[Bob the Jester]
Once Jozin finds the map, Bob climbs a nearby tree, attempting to get a better look at the area, and comparing it to the map.
Bob manages to pinpoint your location on the map. From there, you can tell that there's a small village a few kilometers from here. Bob estimates that it'll take you about two hours to reach this place, by walking slowly. Thankfully, you just have to follow the road.
>You learned about the [Small Village]
>You can now start your walk, or do something else at the accident site before you go.
>The Darkest Live Action Turn 2 is go
Rolled 68, 94 = 162 (2d100)

Name: Abby Dragfirm
Backstory: Abby lived in the mountain with her family which was known to have had connections to old wyvern in the far past. Now she has to go into the city school into a new world and become the magic user that her family expects her to be


>Fix the room, the hole in the floor needs it the most.
>I go to bring the big moonlight plant tree to the Gardening Club. if its too difficult to transfer, bring the club here and ask for help. While I'm at it, ask what they know about it. I'm not giving them this plant but maybe, helping me in keeping it in check.
Rolled 80 (1d100)


"Alright, standing around wont do anything. Let's get moving." Jozin makes sure he goes in front.
"Arthur if you get tired, I will carry the driver, ok?"
Rolled 18 (1d100)


"Alright, man, sounds good."

>Head to the Small Village
Rolled 80, 79, 65, 68 = 292 (4d100)

Character sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YHrYtD80tdDAWjZoC4fczNcZYlRs3ADB1LkjQcZ-lGw/edit?usp=drivesdk

>>14026333'n # Turn 119
Do: Zephyr asks me what I wanted, so I just tell him that I'm looking for help patrolling the school grounds just in case I'm not on duty. [T1 Windspeak]

Do: Patrol the school grounds.

>>1412466 Turn 120
Do: Try and get more information about the Grimwoods and how it all came to be in the first place.
Do: Patrol the school grounds.
Rolled 29, 26 = 55 (2d100)


>Go and buy some new furniture for the condominium. A bigger bed, a new couch, maybe some new kitchen appliances if necessary.
+3 Spare Change

>Break out the wine, and have a date with the girls. Let's find out more about them. T5 Character Quest, perhaps.
+10 Bottle of Château El Toro Blanco 1995
File: EChampion.jpg (48 KB, 604x434)
48 KB
Rolled 50 (1d100)


>Attend Toury

>DO: Practice Lion's Shield. Wait for a thunder storm. Go out into the Storm. Singing in the Rain. [T1 Physics Theory] [T1 Angel Theology] [T1 Somatic Spellcasting]
Rolled 49, 1 = 50 (2d100)

Name: Markus Milton (I'm super freaking sick)
From: USA
[Un-unrequited love] +10 to social interactions for next 2 turns

>DO: Work as intern
>DO: Flirt with Kiru
File: HighlanderSeanConnery.jpg (25 KB, 296x290)
25 KB
[=== Inter-Academy Tournament ===]

Third Bout Diet V Zav in the swamps goes to Diet
Final Bout Diet V Numbers
The winner is Numbers

All combatants
>Gain +2 Progression to a Combat Skill

Joachime and Dietrich
>Gain [not A winner is you] +5 to your rolls next turn

>Gain an addition +1 Progression to a Combat Skill
>Gain +1 Rep
>Gain [Prize Pool] One time use. Your next buy action gains a +10 to the roll

Amsterdam takes home the Trophy
Rolled 51, 99, 3, 37 = 190 (4d100)

>Read [The Arsonist]
>Read [The Arsonist] again
>Train [Flying Crescent]
>Join tournament
Rolled 67 (1d100)


>[Energized], +5 to magic related rolls and +5 to rolls involving concentration for 1 Turn.

>Seeing that I'll be heading out into battle with my inventions soon, I should come up of a new spell that I can cast to repair them. I'll go to the ritual room and begin spellcrafting the repair spell.

Spellcrafting components: +6
>+1 Materialize (So that the spell can recreate spare parts when if they are needed.)
>+1 Basic Spatial Theory (So that the spell can make more room for its spare parts to put in when needed.)
>+1 Restore (So that the spell can repair damaged parts and restore them back)
>+1 Force (So that it can move and assemble the pieces back together.)
>+1 Reinforce (So that the spell can protect the object from further damage as it reassembles it.)
>+1 Scan Object Schematics (So that the spell knows and remembers what the object was like before as a basis for its reassembly.)

Practical Skills: +6
>+2 Intermediate Meditation (Spellcrafting would require great concentration.)
>+1 Basic Tailoring (Resews and mends torn fabrics)
>+2 Intermediate Machining (To help in it's repair process)
>+1 Basic Blacksmithing (To help in it's repair process)

Arcane Knowledge: +11
>+3 Advanced Golem Theory (So that the spell knows how to mend golems. Not just their physical form but their anima/Animus as well.)
>+1 Basic Mana Theory
>+1 Basic Magic Theory
>+1 Basic Enchantment Theory
>+2 Intermediate Spellcrafting Theory
>+1 Basic Transmutation Theory
>+1 Basic Arcane Programming (So that the spell can restore corrupted arcane programs.)
>+1 Basic Magic Earthcrafting (So that the spell can also restore things made from the earth such as stone pillars and statues.)

Conventional Knowledge: +15
>+4 Expert Body Armor Theory (So that the spell knows how to repair armor.)
>+1 Basic Weapon Theory (So that the spell knows how to repair weapons.)
>+2 Intermediate Mechanical Theory (So that the spell knows how to repair machinery.)
>+3 Advanced Mathematics (So that the spell is precise and accurate in its repairs.)
>+1 Basic Structural Engineering (For repairing buildings and structures, preventing them from collapsing from damage.)
>+1 Basic Electronics (For repairing wirings and circuitry of electronic devices)
>+1 Basic programming (So that the spell can restore corrupted programs back to their working state.)
>+1 Basic Robotics (To restore functionality in robotic entities)

Workshop Assets: +11
>+1 Ritual Room (Magic Circle)
>+10 Archives (Based on an earlier spellcrafting experiment: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1379671/#p1380143)

Total: +43
>+5 Energized

Rolled 58 (1d100)

>Just in case in situations where I'm unable to cast spells or use magic, I should also make a personal tool kit so that I can have the tools to build and repair my inventions the old fashion way in the field. Well, not exactly old fashion as I'll be innovating the process with robotics and automation. I'll modify my truesight goggles and robot arm backpack as well to enable me to hook the repair kit up to them and use the goggles as an Augmented reality headset interface and to improve precision during repair sessions. I'll design it so that I can still use the automated repair kit on its own as a conventional robotic tool kit or as a magitech artefact. I'll also add some hooks, a sling and clamps on it as well which would enable me to attach it on my armor or on a utility belt or backpack just in case I need all of my arms on something.

Practical Skills: +4
>+1 Basic Tailoring
>+2 Intermediate Machining
>+1 Basic Blacksmithing

Arcane Knowledge: +9
>+1 Basic Mana Theory
>+1 Basic Magic Theory
>+1 Basic Enchantment Theory
>+1 Basic Transmutation Theory
>+1 Basic Runecrafting
>+1 Manasteel Forging
>+1 Basic Spatial Theory
>+1 Basic Divination Theory
>+1 Basic Arcane Programming

Conventional Knowledge: +9
>+2 Intermediate Mechanical Theory
>+3 Advanced Mathematics
>+1 Basic Structural Engineering
>+1 Basic Electronics
>+1 Basic programming
>+1 Basic Robotics

Total: +27
>+5 Energized
File: Join Us.jpg (12 KB, 264x191)
12 KB
[===Academy News===]
There have been reports by some students that the enchanted woods by the school have grown to be almost impenetrable. The trees have all turned black, and a steady mist expands from the area. Cobwebs have been seen on every tree, and some teachers have reported that the streams coming from the woods are entirely youwillburninhellfire full of a black liquid, that would be extremely unwise to touch. The school administration has stated that examining the woods, or even nearing them, is extremely unadvisable. Teachers will be patrolling the borders of the enchanted woods from now on. First years are strictly forbidden from entering, second years may only come close if they are in a group, abandonhopeallyewhoenterhere and third years have been tasked with examining what is occurring in the woods. Some third years have already vanished, to the dismay of the staff. Most of the students have taken to calling the previous enchanted woods the “Grimwood”. The Academy has set up an Outpost for investigation.

The Deertaur had stopped diplomatic communications with the academy several weeks ago, but now they have left a worrying message pinned youdidn’tpayattention to the front gate of the school. It was in some sort of black parchment, and written in blood. “We are coming.” Principal Hernandez states that all students and staff must be on guard, and that a curfew is now being put in place- all students must be in their dormitories by 10:30 PM.

Principal Hernandez has reestablished the old school organization, [The Watch]. You may sign up in order to help patrol the school, and see whether any problems are arising. However, being a member of [The Watch] requires that one spend at least one action every other turn to patrol the school, at little to no personal benefit. nowyousuffer Every three actions of patrolling the school will earn the student a League Point, up until the cap of 9. A tenth League Point may be earned by finding something particularly important, or putting down a major threat. Missing one of these actions results in probation from [The Watch]. Missing two will result in being kicked from [The Watch].

[==Madrid News==]
Minor reports of attacks on nearby villages have been televised in local news. It doesn’t seem to be a very major threat, and most believe it is merely a few fey causing ruckuses. No reports of deaths or casualties have been noted, though a few people seem to cthulhufhtagn have gone missing. Some hysterical conspiracists say that the eldritch gods have returned to kill us all, but it’s obviously just a few insane fear mongers trying to make themselves famous.
In other news, the doctors and local authorities have finished evaluating the lost students found in the academy earlier. Doctors have reported no health issues. In fact, they have even stated that their overall health is better than before based on their past medical records according to the local doctors. Anyone with scars, damaged or missing teeth, amputated limbs or any other lasting medical issues have been miraculously healed “As if they were never there to begin with” says one of the doctors responsible for their check ups. “Hmpf, this is all seems very suspicious to me.” said a local homeless conspiracy theorist “They went missing for a long time then suddenly they all started popping up everywhere, all at same day no less, as healthy as they can be. Like they just went on a magical health spa vacation or something. [He spits at the side, hitting a small brass pot.] Are we really sure that they’re really them and not some sort of imposter pretending to be someone else? I’d watch them closely if I was yous. You’ll see. [the old bearded man coughs a few times before taking another swig of his beer bottle and burps on live television.]”. In the police department’s side during the interview sessions the investigators have found no solid clue as to what happened to them during their disappearances. All of them have reported visions of pink and purple for some reason. As to what this means no one at the local police department has a solid lead as to what these visions means. The investigation for their mysterious disappearance is still ongoing. As of now, the formerly lost students have been sent to their respective families and loved ones. More news as the event unfolds.

[===QM Announcement===]
[Nicholas Penn]

>76 , 44, 68, 99
Start T1 mana theory
>+2 mana theory
T2 mana theory
>+1 mana theory
T2 [1/3]
>+1 mana theory
T2 [2/ 3]
You head over the the library and meet a stone woman. She is the librarian. When you ask from information about mana she hands you a stack of book, and for the rest of the day you are either studying or fiddle with a local leyline.

Mana is a word found in Austronesian languages meaning "power, effectiveness, prestige", where in most cases the power is understood to be supernatural. The exact semantics depends on the language. The concept is a major one in Polynesian cultures. It is part of contemporary Pacific Islander culture. The term came to the attention of western anthropologists through the reports of missionaries in the islands. Its study was included in the topic of cultural anthropology, specifically in the anthropology of religion. Links were seen between it and an earlier phase of western religion, animism at first, then pre-animism.

The first modern day reference of mana came from Larry Niven in the 1969 short story "Not Long Before The End", in which mana was a finite resource that wizards used to perform spells.

Mana in the practical sense is the energy to call upon the arcane might. In it's rawest application to bring 'Truth' to the shadow of reality

>Met Athena
>Gain T3 Mana Theory [2/5]
>Gain Basic Enchantment theory
>Gain Spell [Enchant Tool] Spend a Mana, Enchant a tool to gain a proficiency bonus equal to the Tier of the spell.
>Gain [Mana Conduit] You also believe you could make a spell to enchant or channel mana into other things. +10 to your next check to spell craft a mana based spell
File: Rune barrier.jpg (201 KB, 1024x676)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
[Lawrence Birch]
You head to the training grounds and trace the runes and sigils into the air. The barrier flickers to life in front of you. You practice holding the spell for long periods of time, and even doing so under duress. It looks like it can hold against most attacks, but don’t expect it to last long against anything particularly powerful. Still, that’s what training is for. Improvement.
>+1 Rune Barrier

Love Devin. Lick Devin. Eat Devin. Kill Devin. Die Die Die. Murder. Kill Devin. Stab Devin. Fuck Devin till Devin dies. Strapon down. Pump all Devin’s sperm. Milk Devin dry. Make Devin Love me. Hypnotize Devin. Pink Mana? So wet for Devin. Huff Pink Mana for Devin. If Devin Doesn't Love. … Kill Devin. Die Die. Murder.

Devin Devin Devin DevinDevin Devin Devin DevinDevin Devin DevinDevin Devin DevinDevin Devin Devin Devin Devin DevinDevin Devin Devin Devin DevinDevin Devin Devin Devin Devin DevinDevin Devin DevinDevin Devin Devin DevinDevinDevin Devin Devin Devin Devin Devin Devin Devin Devin Devin Devin Devin Devin Devin Devin

At the front of the diary you do find written in the name label Martha. And acting as a bookmark a soaked boy’s gym sock

>Gain +1 Pink Mana seeped sock
>Gain +1 Investigation
>Gain [Diary of Martha]

[Angelica Shanyrria]
You provide a modest Privacy wall. You also arrange large stepping as a pebble path. All in all it brings the place together very nicely.
>Gain +1 Interdesign

A lot of the reading is a little convoluted but you are able to trace the circles on some of the pages and recognize them from other texts
From your notes you’re able to summarize the follow:
Each conjuration spell belongs to one of five subschools. Conjurations bring manifestations of objects, creatures, or some form of energy to you (the summoning subschool), actually transport creatures from another plane of existence to your plane (calling), heal (healing), transport creatures or objects over great distances (teleportation), or create objects or effects on the spot (creation). Creatures you conjure usually, but not always, obey your commands.
>Gain +2 Conjuration
[Matthieu Faust]
>Free Action
You take out the flask and drink the crimson contents. The metallic, coppery taste of the ichor fills you with a sense of satiety. You feel reinvigorated, and your strength returns to you.

You make a lot of different teas. Joy crawls up to each cup and sits in it. The tea is slowly absorbed by her body at different speeds, depending on the tea. As it turns out, Joy seems to prefer mint tea over the other teas, as she absorbs it the quickest.
>Gain +1 Relationship with Joy
>Attend the tournament

>Special 76
You masterfully deflect the oddities of the battle. Nighttime? Tactical choice. Bites? Overzealous attacks. Shot to head? Ha, enhancement and healing. In a world of magic, anything can be explained. The opponent's comments? In the confusion of battle what was or was not heard is not important but there is One man who knows. One man that has taken you under his wings. He gives you the gaze of a parent disapproving of a child’s pranks “You should be more careful. Your existence is directly tied to my own. For now.” He sighs letting out breath and air he does not need, “It is my own fault and my own worry. These plebeians may not know the tell tale signs to look for, but I do, and others have also picked up such knowledge despite our practiced disguises. When I gave you the choice to walk away from all of this, there must have been some reason you didn’t. Why?”

>Gain [One Blood Vial]
>+1 [Sated]
>Gain [Ean: Connection] Turn 121. +5 with rolls concerning Ean. After drinking the vial your mind creates fleeting memories of Ean and a park bench.
>Gain [Vlad: Disappointment] Your next interaction with Vlad is at a -10

[Devin Hines]
“Grim Woods? Oh THOSE Grimwoods You see I hear that phrase all the time so it’s hard to be specific. Well honestly I haven’t really spent too much time in the area, but I can give you a few of the basics. Mutation of common wildlife, Bones protruding at odd angles, loss of hair, discoloration. Violence and suspicion from the locals. Follow the lines of greed. Typically these kinds of things have a ground Zero. That’s the place the black icor stuck comes out. Then one or two woodland creatures catch it and they start spreading it, and it just becomes a mess.
File: Temple_of_debod_spain.jpg (441 KB, 1024x586)
441 KB
441 KB JPG

If you’re Lucky you’ll have a zombie necro outbreak which is pretty simple and straightforward to take care of, call the Holy Order, they love turning undeads. And all you really got to worry about is breaking bones or shooting heads. BUT If you’re not lucky well that’s an entirely different thing. If it’s not straight undead then you’ve got to watch out for ‘signs’ some kind of direction. And Also you got ta watch yourself and your mates for funny business in the head. If you start seeing stabbing eyeballs, puking black blood, or little wiggly worms crawl out of people’s flesh. Just start shooting. They’re probably too far gone. Really just burning the place to the ground is a smart move. One more thing, Try to collect some Holly berries. I hear they can be grinded into a Nature / Holy element powder. But they have to be fresh and uncorrupted. OH and lastly there’s an Outpost out in those woods a few of the military boys have got set up. I’d start there first.”

“Look buddy I’d love to help out cept there this thing about a werewolf popping up during a futsball match has really got me tied down at the moment.”

>Gain 2 [Holly Berries] One time use. +5 to a nature or holy effect
>Gain +1 Monster Hunting
>Met [Andres Romero]

You think a little, trying to find a place Kyoko might not know. The Grimwoods are a terrible idea, and you’d rather not visit the Earth elemental outpost if you can afford it. He already works at the marketplace, and visits the parks in her spare time. Finally, you have an idea. If she’s usually working, she might not have visited some of the most touristic spots of Madrid. And at this time of the year, they’re usually pretty deserted.

With that in mind, you bring her to the Temple of Debod. You heard about it, but never visited it yourself. It is an egyptian temple dedicated to the goddess Isis that was later gifted to Spain by the Egyptian government, in 1968. It is quite impressive, how they moved such large structure from Egypt to Spain. The temple itself is now in a park, near the royal palace.

You spend the afternoon with Kyoko visiting the temple. She’s impressed by the temple. “That’s crazy to think that at some point in the past, this was a place of worship, in Egypt. It’s so different from my shrine, and yet... How can I say it, it has the same feel. It’s a place close to Heaven. Isis is the goddess of magic, right ?” Kyoko then seems to have an idea. She takes some incense out of her pocket, approaches the nearest altar, and lights her incense. When you ask her why she did that, she laughs, and answers : “Well, it’s an offering. I was taught to respect gods and spirits, no matter their origins. And I’m sure Isis will appreciate it.” She joins her hands together, and closes her eyes for a few seconds, then comes back to you. “Thank you Devin, that was really interesting.”
>+1 relationship with [Kyoko]
File: Why_the_sky_is_blue.jpg (259 KB, 1280x1113)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
[Caiden Matthews]
>94 + 10 = 104
You hop into your Tank and start trailing around the tree and hills. It asks you all sorts of questions: What the green stuff? Why is the sky blue? What are birds? Is honey -really- all that sweet? Why does everything taste like chicken? You attempt to the best of your ability and knowledge to answer all its questions. While at the same time driving it to the next landmark. Slicking through every branch and stream, You almost navigate by second nature as it were. The distance between two points is merely the illusions and the process of steps and images from one point to the other. Your spell is giving you a distance and an action to take. And then note an odd thing. The more mana and arcane might you throw around the more the tank responds naturally and loses its mechanical robotic qualities.

And then it asks slightly more piercing questions. Where do babies come from? You answer the biological question easily enough, then it asks Where do souls from from. That one you have a harder time with but you basically give it the Term of Self and Essence arguments of who you are. Then it asks, Where did I come from? You made the tank in a garage and say so.

… “Does that mean you’re my daddy?” In a way, you built him with your own two hands and his AI is based off of your ideas. But you don’t give him a complete answer. “So those other Walker Tanks are like my little brothers and sisters right? They’re based off of me right?” Well they do hold a number of key similar features. “So I should protect them right? I mean that's what Big Brothers do for their little Brothers and Sisters” … “Does that make Camilla my mommy” ....

>Gain +3 Divine Path
>Gain +1 Sympathy
>Gain +1 Spatial
>Gain +1 Pilot

>56 + 32 = 88
After your brief stint in the Black Hills Woods you get a few ideas of how to conceal a place with misleading mental cues. You Start looking at the electrical boxes and generators as a base and god’s head or the spell. You align the flood lamps as a part of the Sigil Circle. Along the breaker box you imprint the sign for out of sight out of mind. Almost effectively erasing the camp from the forest in the minds of those around the Outpost.

It is a few hours later, a rather confused patrol of men pass over the threshold. “Aw, could have swear we moved the tent poles out of alignment.”

>Gain [Outpost Ward] Attempts to Discover the Outpost without a map have a -5 modifier
>Gain +2 Warding Theory
File: Squeeeek.jpg (20 KB, 500x333)
20 KB
[Abby Dragfirm]
Luckily, it seems that the acid spit did not hit any required ducting. There are areas where the floorboard still made creaks but overall it’s pretty solid and durable. Ah well, every place has the occasional odd noise anyway.

>Damage to the floor has been repaired.

The tree is now taller than a man and is firmly rooted on the rooftop. It will take Herculean feats of strength to uproot a whole tree out of the concrete. Even if one somehow manages to do such a thing, the damage that it would cause to the dormitory roofing would be significant. Not to mention, you’ve already received a letter of warning the other day. Better not risk it.

And so you did Plan B and went to the Gardening Club for advice. You told them of your experiences with the plant. Afterwards you’ve managed to convince a small group of club members to follow you to the tree. As they examine the tree, you noticed that it fidgets and flinches as they poke around with it. One of the steps forward and approaches you. She’s wearing a gardener’s hat. “I have to admit. Of all the times I’ve been on the club, discovering weird flora and fauna, but this one?” She points towards the tree behind her. “I’ve never seen the likes of it before.” she then walks to the side of the roof and looked down. “Though, we do have discovered plants in the garden that uses moonlight as their source of photosynthesis before.” She took out her phone and showed you a picture of a dark blue flower with light blue luminescent petals. “We called them Jena flowers. After the club member who discovered it.” She then drew an invisible hill in the air. “We saw a field of it north-west section of the Fey Wilderness. These plants seem to like growing on top of rock formations and stone.” she then returns to the tree and looked at it from top to bottom. “If my hunch is right, I’d say this tree you got here is a soup’d up cousin of these flowers or at the very least it came from the same region of the fey realm where they originated from.” She then looked at the moon. “Probably from a place where it’s night 24/7. Who knows.” She shrugs.
>You’ve learned about the [Jena Flowers].
>You’ve learned of the general location of the [Moon Flower Fields] within the [Fey Wilderness].
File: Tree_on_Boulder.jpg (94 KB, 550x413)
94 KB

“Oh! almost forgot.” she then opened up her pouch and took out a vial of glowing light blue liquid and showed it to you. “We’ve been collaborating with the Alchemy Club when we found the flowers. Tryin’ to figure out what stuff we can do with it. Turns out it has quite a number of uses. This one, for instance, is a pretty potent sedative. Made from transmuted and brewed Jena flower extract. Makes even the most the angriest of monsters to a calm and chill house pet.” she then put her hands on her hips and smirked “Heh, though the other half of our club managed to make cupcakes out of it. They even have a nickname for it; The “Midnight Snack”. Because it’ll make people relax and eventually fall asleep after a eating a few of them.” she scratches her head. “Pure concentrated vials of the stuff tends to make people unusually sad and depressed. Bawling their eyes out on petty reasons in worse cases.” She put back the vial into her pouch “Hey, come over here for a sec.” A dark skinned students with a long ponytailed cornrows hairstyle hurriedly approached you. He then pulled a baseball sized metallic polyhedron from his backpack. Its markings emit the same glow as the flowers and the tree. He then spoke “This thing’s pretty whacked. Had the Magitech Club make it for me. Used the flowers as a vital ingredient. May looked like a pretty looking glowing paperweight but it can do this.” He then pointed the artefact at a nearby tree on the parking area and began transferring his arcane energies at it. Soon a grey cloud began to form above the tree which soon produced rain. “The plant’s a pretty good catalyst for weather magic too.”
>You’ve learned that [Jena Flowers] can be used in a myriad of purposes such as brewing various alchemical potions, cooking enchanted food and crafting arcane artefacts.

You then asked them if there is anything you or they can do to keep in check. “Have you tried trimming it? Usually works. Though not always. Especially for fast growing plants. Have to trim it on a regular basis.” You asked them if there was some way of moving the plant. “Hmmm, you said it tends to move on its own when you aren’t looking right? Maybe we can coax it to move to a much more suitable realastate. If this plant is indeed related to the Jena Flowers then it’ll most likely look for a much more suitable place to take root in. A large enough stone boulder placed on top of fertile soil would do. Said boulder should come from a place with high concentrations of fey energies preferably. Makes it feel right at home. Problem is, you’ll have to figure out a way to transport the boulder near your place so that the tree can sense its presence.”
>Objectives received:
>Acquire boulder.
>Transport it near your dorm.
>Wait for it to move to the boulder.
Another one of them approaches the conversation. She is wearing thick reading glasses. The grade of the lens is so high that it distorts her visage underneath, making her eyes look a lot more larger than it really is. She talks in a heavy lisp “Thith ith a fathinating thpethimen that you got here, Mith. Ith it okay to you if we let uth thtudy it? We promithe not to damage it. Jutht a few tiththue thampleth and hourly obthervation will do.” the hatted girl from earlier intervened and then spoke. “Oh, don’t mind her. She’s pretty enthusiastic when she discovers new species of plant. Though allowing us to the study the plant would be much appreciated.” bugged eyed girl then peeked behind her and whispered “Pleathe thay yeth.” with restrained excitement.
>The [Gardening Club] is asking you permission to allow them access to the tree for study each turn.
>This is a free action.

“Hey, seeing that you’re the first to discover this plant. Might as well name it yourself. We’ll even write it down on our catalogues for you to make it official. Thanks for letting us take a good look at your tree here. Pretty fascinating stuff.”
>You’re free to name the tree.
>This is a free action.
>+1 Reputation (Gardening Club)

[Ean Hawthorne]
>29 + 3 Spare Change
>Go and buy some new furniture for the condominium. A bigger bed, a new couch, maybe some new kitchen appliances if necessary.
With a new place, new furniture would be nice. You head out to a mall and find good shops for the items you need. There was this promo that if you did buy the california king sized bed, you’d get a waterbed for free, but sadly, its out of budget. After some time, you decide on the regular king sized bed. This bed would surely fit for you and the girls. The next thing you look for is the nice sofa that would be used for the living room. The things you find is pretty standard and after some time, you decide and order the L shaped sofa which would not just fit you and the girls but would be enough for visitors if there ever came some. The color was decided on you. As the staff boxed and tagged your orders, You head to a different area go the kitchen appliances. You buy the necessary materials that would include everything to pots, pans, and electronic devices like blenders. You think of buying the girls special utensils but with everything you’re buying. Its would be out of the budget. What you have is good enough. After payment and delivery, they help you set up and everything is set. The girls would be happy to see this.
>Gained [Nice Place]. the next social roll in the condominium gets a +5 from new furniture
>Gained [Unused Kitchen], The next cooking roll in the condominium kitchen gets a +5 from the shiny new appliances.
File: Good_wine.jpg (49 KB, 380x509)
49 KB
>26 + 10 Bottle of Château El Toro Blanco 1995
>Break out the wine, and have a date with the girls. Let's find out more about them. T5 Character Quest, perhaps.
You decide to stay in for the evening and as the Tenia and Isabel sit beside you, you see them throw daggers at each other for a second but end up going back to clinging and leaning on your shoulders. You start the night with a movie. It wasn’t the best and really, it doesn’t look like the girls are interested either. You start to notice the glares they throw at each other as if it was a death stare competition. Now would be the best time to bring out the alcohol. It would easily lighten the mood. You bring out the bottle that Tenia gave to you and after you bring it out, she squeals in delight. Isabel also remembers this and looks excited.

“You still have some of wine the wine I gave you!” Tenia saying happily. The thought that you would share the rest of the wine seems to excite her.

You pour the wine for everyone and you leave the bottle on the living room table. Isabel starts to test and swirls the drink only a little and tastes it. You can see her face of satisfaction after taking the sip. “This really is a wonderful drink. Maybe you can acquire more of this?” She asks Tenia. Tenia responds unsurely “This was a special request from my parents to the oenologist. I don’t know if they can do that again.” From this, you start to see Isabel’s face somewhat disappointed. Tenia notices this and adds on to what she just said, “BUT, I think they might still have an extra bottle at home. I’ll ask them about it” You just stare at both of them as this conversation continues. They are actually getting friendly. Why can’t they always be like this? Are they like this when you're not around? Is it the alcohol? You’re not really sure about it so you decide not to think about it too much. You are here to have fun tonight as you take a sip from you cup. The drink really does taste great.

After a few drinks and conversations later. You don’t notice instantly but you start to hear them being somewhat passive-aggressive in their talks. They throw weak accomplishments and Isabel throwing memories she had with you when you were still children. As this becomes more apparent, you jump in between them and start ask them how they are. “I-I’m fine.” Tenia says as she leans on your shoulder. Isabel on the other hand, not responding clings to you leaning much lower on your arm. You look to her and see her cling down as her eyes are closed. I guess she isn’t as strong to alcohol as Tenia. You take a sigh of relief thinking that the night is almost over and has been great, mostly from the girls looking from having bonded a little. You start to close your eyes but it gets interrupted as you head Tenia start talking from your shoulder.
File: Thunder.jpg (148 KB, 1024x576)
148 KB
148 KB JPG

“You know, Isabel isn't that bad.” Wait… did she actually say that? “This was a great night with you (and her). I really appreciate what you’ve been doing for me. I might not be able to do this in the next couple of weeks. Maybe even a month or two.” surprised and curious from this, you just ask why. “As a student council member, I’ve been busy dealing with all the problems from everything that's going on. Grimwoods, complaints on the some plant people and I am still in the works of finding the ‘Jatropha fruit’ for my thesis on poisons. I heard you and your friends are going to go for the Grimwoods, I know I said I was supposed to not involve myself in your personal life but I couldn't help it. I love you and care for you. I would even burn down the whole forest for you.” She gets up from your shoulder and seeing the worried look from your face, she just says “Nothing that I, your top girlfriend can’t handle!” as confidently as she can. She goes and hugs your arm as tightly as you feel her body squeeze on to you. “I love you.” you hear in a fading voice and as you look down, she’s fast asleep. I guess the wine was stronger than you thought for Tenia to get tipsy. You soon fall asleep with Tenia hugging your arm and Isabel now on laying your lap. A supposedly uncomfortable position to sleep in but that doesn't matter when you’re with the people who love you.
>Gained [Tenia’s helper Quest [0/10] ], help her in what she does or find ways to keep her stress free.
>Gained [Tenia: busy], Tenia is busy with school, Interacting with her now has a DC of 30 until quest is finished.

[Suzanna Yossarian]
>Attending Tournament

>50 +1+1+1
You intentionally get caught up in the thunderstorm. The rain pounds the pavement in a torrent soaking your leggings and torso. Not that it matters much to you. You dicker to the drenched campus skipping in the growing puddles. Half-humming and half singing a golden oldie classic. And as the storm grow threatening with mighty clashes of thunder, you don't give a single care. The rain attempts to soak you in freezing water, but you give no care. The wind attempts to blow you off your feet, you simply respond in laughter. You face the highest peak of the storm having weather an ever growing terror that sent more sensible persons inside.

Much like your dream, you face a phenomenon greater than you in all aspects. And yet again you invoke a phenomenon higher in dominion and authority. For the briefest moment, you imagine the Divine Beast roaring in the thunder. In response you spin, repelling the drenching and chilling rain from your shoulders. And yet, in the rain, in the clapping of the rain on the pavement, the thunderous clatter against stone and the mighty crash in the black clouds, you imagine hearing a coherent message. You can only imagine because there are too many disparate elements to make sense of it.
File: Work and work.jpg (325 KB, 1200x1486)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
Like a thousand screams a hundred miles away, "We- ...are-calling." In your mind is a brief flash, the [Occult Gamebroad]. It feels like something wicked, like the smell of burning crockpots gripping your nose and being unable to get a breath of fresh air. But the sensation is fleeting, and soon forgotten in your revelry.

>+1 Lion's Shield
>+1 Somatic Spellcasting

[Markus Milton]
On your rounds you do the Following::
Identifies patient care requirements by establishing personal rapport with potential and actual patients and other persons in a position to understand care requirements.
Establishes a compassionate environment by providing emotional, psychological, and spiritual support to patients, friends, and families.
Promotes patient's independence by establishing patient care goals; teaching patient, friends, and family to understand condition, medications, and self-care skills; answering questions.
Assures quality of care by adhering to therapeutic standards; measuring health outcomes against patient care goals and standards; making or recommending necessary adjustments; following hospital and nursing division's philosophies and standards of care set by state board of nursing, state nurse practice act, and other governing agency regulations.
Resolves patient problems and needs by utilizing multidisciplinary team strategies.
Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations; calling for assistance from health care support personnel.
Protects patients and employees by adhering to infection-control policies and protocols, medication administration and storage procedures, and controlled substance regulations.
Documents patient care services by charting in patient and department records.
Maintains continuity among nursing teams by documenting and communicating actions, irregularities, and continuing needs.
Maintains patient confidence and protects operations by keeping information confidential. title:nurse, registered
Ensures operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements; following manufacturer's instructions; troubleshooting malfunctions; calling for repairs; maintaining equipment inventories; evaluating new equipment and techniques.
Maintains nursing supplies inventory by checking stock to determine inventory level; anticipating needed supplies; placing and expediting orders for supplies; verifying receipt of supplies; using equipment and supplies as needed to accomplish job results.
Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.
Maintains a cooperative relationship among health care teams by communicating information; responding to requests; building rapport; participating in team problem-solving methods.
Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
On thing of note A student has been hurt on a training exercise. Massive amount of fire damage. He’s still breathing in hoarse choked breaths. You almost swear he was shallow laughing. That just means the fire hadn’t taken his lungs. A very good sign. The toil fire takes on the body is impressively devastating. You and Kiru work through the night tending to the ruin tissue. You note that the skin seemed to be frying in flickering ‘whip’ scars. The damage doesn’t disturb you as much as the ‘laughing’ he did coming in.

>Gain +1 Bedside Manner
>Gain +1 Fire Theory
>Met [Joachim Johnson]

>Nat 1
After the hectic and stressful treatment of the burn victim. You have a moment of quiet with Master Kiru. You’re feeling particularly spicy after finding Remi and a successful application of your chosen craft say something to the effect. You take one of the Aqua Bandages you used on the student and drape it oh so suggestively across her shoulders. You say something to the effect, Oh aren’t you the hot nurse maybe you need a few treatments, let's play Doc and Nurse

Kiru does not take this well. Or in good spirits, Snatching the bandage away from from hands. “One taste of wealth and prestige and you turn out just like all the other doctors.” There is cold kind of anger there, but it scorches to life very quickly “I didn’t spend ten years in med school, five years in residence, three years a mistress, two FAILED years of marriage for this kind of … ” She’s twisting and wringing the Aqua Bandage “Just to be a plaything for some upstart ” There is a small puddle forming and trailing out onto the floor. “I want to help people but I can’t be the Giving Tree” And then her tears join the puddle “I have had to scrape and scratch to get this level of Respect, While My EX sits in some playboy Jackalope's Lap with his name all over the newspaper’s”

Shaking anger and ill focus takes over “I’m not doing this again. I’ve given my blood, my tears, and my soul and my life, to this profession.” The puddle snakes it’s way over to the stairs “And I have nothing. I have no social life. I have no kids. I have no husband. I don’t have any major thesis with my name on it. Get out of my face.” She turns appropriately and starts to storm towards the stairs. … She trips. …

The next time you see Nurse Kiru she is hooked up to life support in a Coma. Dr. Vlad who you met at the meet and greet has taken personal responsibility for Nurse Kiru. Vlad “Kiru and I have been good friends for years. We haven’t seen eye to eye a lot of the time. But I wouldn’t leave her in such a state”

>Gain [Hello Nurse] Nurse Kiru’s Fate is undecided for five turns
[Joachim Johnson]
>51 >99
By this point in the story Felipe Ashworth has been building a train company using the money he had taken from the Masters. He has grow older into his late 20s, with a health and luxury enjoyed by every few people. He particularly enjoys designing and building the boilers used in the trains.

His company was doing pretty well until the economic downturn. and his wild lifestyle burnt his small savings like tinder. With debts piling up, Felipe knew he had one recourse. His favorite recourse. His plan was simple burn the station after the last train. It'd look like an accident and the insurance will payout.

One steamy humid night, he goes over to his failing rail station. He takes his hands up to the wood brick and stone. "FUEGO" almost instantly the place catches fire. As the last train leaves the station, behind the flames claims the housing. Without a piece of evidence of wrongdoing the fire is claimed an accident and the insurance pays out to Felipe another small fortune.

Fire is Wealth

After completing the chapter and setting the book down you note a blonde woman eyeing the book “Are they still handing out that old thing as reading material?” She waves and smiles at you “I’m Danielle I read [The Arsonist] in my first year as well. Didn’t finish it thou. I’m with the Athletics club. Have fun with you book” And she runs off in her gym attire

>Gain +4 Fire Theory
>Gain +1 Economics
>Gain [Humid] Turn 121-122. The air around you feels muggy and humid
>Met [Danielle] Another student who also read [The Arsonist]

You do your wizard thing slicing up dummies left and right at the local training grounds on campus, when you accidentally light a trashcan on fire. The small fire catches the partitioning wall on fire. It is not long before you find yourself in a superheated fire storm. The flames lick you with their red iron whips. As you scream and scream and scream. Throwing out kicks and punches to the offending strawmen, but they Laugh. They laugh at you with their flaming whips. “You’re the whipping boy now. HAHAHAHA”

You awaken days later in the medical clinic. When they claim to be medical wizards they mean that in the very much literal sense. They tell you most of the worst of it has been healed and you’re lucky the clinic on campus is so well stocked. This isn’t the first nor will it be the last time a student burns off half their skin.
>Met [Nurse Kiru]
>Met [Markus Milton]
>Gain [Bandaged] Turn 121-122. You are healing from fire damage. Removing the bandages before healed will cause permanent scarification. Increase the DC for social rolls to 40 for the duration of [Bandaged].
>Gain [Burnt] Turn 121-122. -5 to all actions. Actions related to Fire gain a +10 instead
>Join tournament
Fire is really your only friend and lover. So much passion so much heat. How did you win your fight? Firebolt. Can you blame it for being a little rough with you? She’s a wild thing that you need to tame.

Agata Stoneworth
>67 + 43 =110
>Seeing that I'll be heading out into battle with my inventions soon, I should come up of a new spell that I can cast to repair them. I'll go to the ritual room and begin spellcrafting the repair spell.

You’re practically an engineering Firm all by yourself. You take all the actions and procedures that you know and practice everyday and Internalize them into one Arcane Practice. Crystallizing that element of yourself you start to image little Nano bots crawling into each and every joint and plating of your creations and reattaching broken components. Putting out fires and soldering electrical malfunctions

>Gain T1 [Arcane Repair] [1/2]. This spell restores the Functionality of crafted items such as Golems and Robots, and the strength is based on the casters understanding of the object they are repairing. This understanding is represented by the Crafting Proficiency. For example, a caster with Basic Robotics would have a Crafting Proficiency of one. When the spell is cast, the amount of Functionality restored is 1d([Arcane Repair Spell Tier] + Crafting Proficiency).
>Gain +1 to Robotics
>Gain +1 to Golems
>Gain +1 Reenforce

>58 + 27 = 85
>Just in case in situations where I'm unable to cast spells or use magic, I should also make a personal tool kit so that I can have the tools to build and repair my inventions the old fashion way in the field. Well, not exactly old fashion as I'll be innovating the process with robotics and automation. I'll modify my truesight goggles and robot arm backpack as well to enable me to hook the repair kit up to them and use the goggles as an Augmented reality headset interface and to improve precision during repair sessions. I'll design it so that I can still use the automated repair kit on its own as a conventional robotic tool kit or as a magitech artefact. I'll also add some hooks, a sling and clamps on it as well which would enable me to attach it on my armor or on a utility belt or backpack just in case I need all of my arms on something.

You craft a box to your specifications. You fill it with the necessary tools you would need in the field along with some replacement parts should you need it. It's also equipped with a cord cable attachment to your goggles for VR assisted repairs

>Gain [T2 Repair Kit] You may attach to your rig or belt, +2 when plugged into goggles
>Gain +1 Mechanical Theory
[Onesworth Dawson]
Turn 119
You turn to your Sylph, and ask him if he wants anything. Zephyr then asks a request of you. He’d like to go someplace with lots of wind. You’ve got a couple ideas on that front. Maybe a top of a building, or the school’s Central AC unit. You feel a little closer to him, now that you’ve asked.
>Gain +1 Zephyr

You hand in the Follow Incident Report
I was standing in the middle of the store between the two main entrances when store shift supervisor Maria Carats asked me to keep a watch-out for two African Americans who just entered coming from the North end entrance. One was a male, roughly 50 years old, wearing black jeans and a white top; the other was a female, approximately 30 years old, wearing blue jeans and a red blouse. When I followed them around the store as they picked-up various items, the man saw me, and whispered to his lady friend (the African American female). Quickly, they separated. I followed the man who headed toward a cashier. The woman past us, approaching the north exit, carrying two Tide detergents and a gift bag. She had not paid for her items so I quickly went to her and, about ten feet from the north entrance, asked politely for her receipt. She said she did not have a receipt. I asked her to show me the cashier who rang her supplies. She refused. Meanwhile, the man approached us, blocking my way so the woman could leave the store. I took hold of the items that were not purchased. The two suspects fled the store. I discovered that inside the bag, the female suspect had placed many items that she intended to take (please see separate sheet detailing all the items recovered). The two suspects drove away in an old Chevy truck( license plate # 6N69222), which I was able to make out by standing near the front of the store. Shift Supervisor Carats called the police and they arrived within three minutes time. Five officers were present. Four quickly left to find the suspects. Officer Kimly, the remaining officer, interviewed me. (Please find his card attached.) Officer Kimly asked shift Supervisor Carats if she wanted to press charges. She said she did, and asked me to be a witness. Officer Kimly then collected my personal information, including my license and guard card, and said he may be getting in touch with me in the near future.
>Gain +1 Paperwork
Turn 120
As you look for more info on the grimwoods, you come across a geomancer professor who explains to you how forests come to be over geographical conditions and human tampering. He tells you how plate tectonics soil development and climate tides is what likely caused the grimwoods to be geographically speaking. “The blight you see going on right now coming on naturally would be… very unlikely. There would be... specific conditions for this things to happen.”
>Gain +1 Geomancy Theory

Your patrol was fairly uneventful. Nobody out on campus by 10:30, as per usual. You don’t even see any other members of the Watch. You look around for anything that is remotely suspicious. You hear a rustling in the bushes, and moments later, something pops out of them. It’s a racoon. It gives you the stink eye, but you decide not to report it.
>Gain +1 Alertness
Rolled 18, 87 = 105 (2d100)

Name: Lawrence Birch
Character Sheet: https://sites.google.com/view/mkam/character-sheets/lawrence-birch

[First Degree Burns]- for the next two turns take a -5 penalty to physical actions or other strenuous activity from the pain. [Turn 120, 121]
You've been barred from the Blacksmithing Forge for the next two turns while you recover from your workplace injuries [Turn 120, 121]

>Go back to the grounds and train to speed up the cast time of my Runic Barrier Spell [Spellcraft Quickcast for Runic Barrier spell]
>I don't really know Devin but I guess I should talk to him about this. I've heard of him fair amount of times, even from the beach pit fiend incident. [FInd Devin and show him the Diary]
Why can't I roll good when getting stats. xD
Rolled 37, 27 = 64 (2d100)


>Welp, go get beer for the slime, who am I to decide if she's allowed to drink alcohol or not ? Get a few different brands, so she can find what she likes (+5 Water Elemental Beacon).
>Let's try to power up the impling. Go at the Witching Hour mana junction, and start harvesting the demon mana that lingers here for the impling (+3 Demonology)
Rolled 55, 83 = 138 (2d100)


Name: Abby Dragfirm
Backstory: Abby lived in the mountain with her family which was known to have had connections to old wyvern in the far past. Now she has to go into the city school into a new world and become the magic user that her family expects her to be


>Free action: I give them permission to allow access to study the tree but I tell them not to cut down or inject the tree in anyway. I don't want to hurt her. Roseberry did say it was a she.
>Free action: "I name this type of tree the Abfirmaleon tree. I did find it so why not name it after myself. I tell this to the Gardening club members
>Find a boulder, Maybe check the earth elemental settlement. I would also introduce myself and ask them to help me move it to the dorm close to the plant.
>I've been neglecting my studies for awhile now so i go to martial arts club and spar with Natasha or Gurion. Maybe I can get a rank higher than white belt
Rolled 35, 10 = 45 (2d100)

Angelica Shanyrria

>DO: Read more into the book I received, there's sure to be more information to offer...
(Conjuration T3, +3)

>DO: Meet up with the others in Alpha Squad. It's time to purify this corruption...
Rolled 74, 45 = 119 (2d100)


>Meet up with the others in the Grimwoods Outpost. Take my gear with me. Everything should be ready.

>Use my knowledge of Life Theory and Nature Theory to devise a Nature-based spell that purifies Poison or Corruption. It's a little last minute, but a spell like that will be important when heading into the Grimwoods.
>Relevant Modifiers: T3 Life Theory, T3 Nature Theory, T2 Magic Theory
Rolled 1, 6 = 7 (2d10)


>Time to meet up with the gang so we can finally take care of these woods.

>Try to spend some time with Lucia. Maybe help her out with her nature reserve.
Rolled 74, 37 = 111 (2d100)

Whoops wrong dice.
Rolled 15, 98 = 113 (2d100)


>Call up for more volunteers within the academy. I wouldn't want to force this one anyone unwilling but the more manpower that we have at our disposal the higher chance of success. If nobody else decides to join then that's fine by me.

+3 Advanced Leadership
+2 Reputation

>Ready all of my golems and spider tanks for battle then mobilize them. We're finally going to the forest. Call the rest of the team that I'm about to arrive with backup.

+3 Advanced Leadership (For leading the march.)
+3 Advanced Golem Theory (Readying the anima/animus for the trials ahead.)
+1 Basic Mana Theory (To power up their magitech components)
+1 Basic Arcane Programming (Making sure that their Arcane AI is up to speed.)
+4 Expert Body Armor Theory (Making sure that their armor is properly prepared.)
+1 Basic Weapon Theory (Sharpening blades, loading up guns, etc.)
+2 Intermediate Mechanical Theory (Last minute tune-ups.)
+1 Basic Military Tactics (Brief them of the plan into their memory storage.)
+2 Intermediate Ballistics Theory (Calibrating guns for percision)
+1 Basic Electronics (Making sure that their wiring are right.)
+1 Basic Healing Theory (Loading up the medibot spider)
+1 Basic programming (Last minute debugging for errors.)
+1 Basic Robotics (Making sure that their optics-servos coordination is precise.)

Golem Roster:
>Glem the child golem
>Mag the armored golem
>Unnamed Golem (The one with the claws and mana blaster)

Spider Tank Roster:
>Scrap MedBot
>Otouto Filtration Tank
>Oniisan Filtration Tank
Rolled 98, 68, 87, 57 = 310 (4d100)

>I heard that the nurse who healed me after my last trainin accident is in a comatose state right now. Borrow a book about mana circulation from the library to make a new spell that might help her.
>Train my stamina at the club
>Train my [Street Fighting] skills at the club
>Make a new spell. I hovered my hand over a bucket of water. Then, I immediately absorb heat around it in hopes that I could flash freeze the water.
File: boktai008.jpg (89 KB, 1024x1024)
89 KB
Rolled 92, 9 = 101 (2d100)


[Suzanna Yossarian]

>Collaborate With [Nicholas Penn]:: Study mana transfer/ SpellCrafting Absorb Sunlight. Sun bath using the [Maroon Order Overcoat]as a beach towel. Noting the sign of Zerachiel. Transform Sunlight into Sun mana
[Inspired by the Stars] +10 Celestial Body Sol
(Witnessed)[Midnight Mass Ritual] - [Collection plate] Mana direction and collecting
[Maroon Order Overcoat] - [Lamp of Faith] Mana sensing
[T1 Physics Theory] UV Sun Rays
[T1 Mana Theory] mana
[T1 Astronomy]The sun counts right?
[T1 Angel Theology] Calling upon the Angel of the SUN Zerachiel
[The Mothman Prophecies] Angels in general
T2 [Kinetic Blow] Projecting mana outwards into energy. Gathering energy inwards into mana
T2 [Lion's Shield] Protection from elements. Opening self to the elements

>Study the relation between the celestial bodies and Angels. Starting with Rahatiel an angel prince of the constellations, who's name means "to run."
[Inspired by the Stars] +10 Celestial Body Sol
[T1 Astronomy]
[T1 Angel Theology]
Rolled 98 (1d100)

File: LXeCzJeAN10He.gif (3.09 MB, 480x270)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB GIF
Rolled 8, 52, 58, 90 = 208 (4d100)

Nicholas Penn - Initiate of the Mystic Maintenance Men

>Collaborating with [Suzanna YoYo]. Watch and record the mana flow. While also directing as much sun light towards her. Absorb mana from her every so often whilst applying tanning oil, so she can take more mana from the sun. Use this Additional Mana source to train personal capacity for housing mana, as well as practicing his mana buffing, giving him a full on crazy beach bod for the day while he learns how to become solar powered.
>>Also he’s keeping a copy of the pictures, for purely academic reasons, of course.

Wear Swimsuits, train, and photograph a scantily-clad and well-oiled Suzy on the beach.
>Train: Mana Reserves by spending and absorbing mana
>Train: Use extra mana to Practice Mana Buffing
>Train: Solar Absorption by Observing Suzy and Applying what is learned towards attempts
>Train: Double down on Solar Absorption ability

Nicholas Penn
Apprentice Member of the Mystic Maintenance Men, a group of primordial mages tasked with maintaining the World's Arcane Infrastructure. He was enrolled at the academy to further his training and gain a wider understanding of the different schools of magic. Seeks to prove himself as a MMM.
Appearance: Large Framed, but not particularly built. Wears loose-fitting coveralls, but his physique becomes quite muscular and imposing when he uses his [Mana Buffing]. But, as a result, much of his body is covered in stretch-mark like scars that are particularly visible when out of his ‘Muscle Form’. He generally opts to wear his loose-fitting coveralls to avoid bringing attention to them.
Weapon of Choice: MMM Standard Issue Warding Wrench

Present Condition - [Mana Conduit]: +10 to your next check to spell craft a mana based spell

[T1 Enchantment Theory]
[T3 Mana Theory][⅖]
[T1 Mana Buffing]
[T1 Mana Absorption]
[T1 Enchant Tool]

Standard Issue Mystic Maintenance Men Coveralls
Standard Issue Mystic Maintenance Men Warding Wrench
>18+10=28 Pass
Jozin puts the driver on his back, and the group gets moving, Bob keeping an eye on the map. Thankfully, following the road is easy enough. After about an hour of walking, Bob mentions that the kilometric markers seem to indicate that you're about halfway there.

You carry the driver on your shoulders with ease. You feel like you could carry the man on your shoulder forever without any problems.

>Random encounter : 98
Suddenly, as you're walking down the road, you're stopped in your tracks by a girly voice. "Halt !" In front of you, a young girl with red hair stands. She doesn't seem that threatening. Suddenly, you notice that she's armed with some sort of revolver, and it's trained on Arthur's head. "One more step, filthy cultists, and I'll splatter your brains on the asphalt !" She starts twirling her gun around, while monologuing. "This is the greatest handgun ever made ! Six shots. More than enough to kill anything that moves. Especially a bunch of no-good cultists !" Suddenly, she makes a wrong move, and the gun clatters to the ground. The girl scrambles to pick up her gun. Looks like this is a misunderstanding. While she's getting her weapon back, you explain that you're just here because you had an accident. She looks at you for a few seconds, then nods. "Yeah, you seem pretty banged up. Sorry about that, I've been pretty twitchy recently, with the cultists going around. My name's Madison, I've been hired by the villagers. I can escort you to the village, if you want, and find you a doctor."
>You've met [Madison the gunslinger]
>Accept her offer ?
File: invisible-tachikoma.jpg (17 KB, 400x245)
17 KB
Rolled 20 (1d100)


>CLASS: Let's get some last minute coaching about Piloting

>DO: Since that Out of Sight Out of Mind(OSOM) ward seemed so useful around the Outpost, let's see if I can't replicate that effect with the W-Tank.

[Basic Runecrafting (T1)]
[Basic Sigilcrafting (T1)]
[Basic Computer Science (T1)]
[Basic Arcane Programing (T1)]
[Intermediate Programing (T2)]

[Basic Robotics (T1)]
[Intermediate Electronics Theory (T2)]
[Intermediate Mana Circuitry (T2)]

[Basic Spellcrafting (T1)]
[Basic Enchanting (T1)]
[Basic Mana Theory (T1)]
[Intermediate Warding Theory (T2)]
[Expert Spatial Theory (T4)]
[Master Sympathetic Link Theory (T5)]


Rolled 98, 67 = 165 (2d100)

Onesworth Dawson: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YHrYtD80tdDAWjZoC4fczNcZYlRs3ADB1LkjQcZ-lGw/edit?usp=drivesdk

>>1422793 Turn 121
Do: The Watch Patrol duty. Might try asking Zephyr to accompany me while I'm on duty. [T2 Alertness, T2 Zephyr relations]
Do: After doing patrol work, I try to get some personal work done and create a Song of Rest [T3 Bass, T2 Meditation, T3 Musical Theory]
Rolled 41 (1d100)

"Thanks a bunch, Jozin, for taking him off my back. He was getting a bit heavy."

Arthur stopped. A rather unimposing girl stood in front of them, blocking the path- wait a second holy shit a gun was pointed at his head. Arthur put his hand on his sword. He most likely wouldn't be able to cut any bullets out of the air or anything, like in those movies, but it would probably be his only hope if she fired her gun. He listened to the girl carefully. Cultists? He didn't know what that was all about. Then, she dropped her gun. Well then.

Hmm, so her name was Madison. She was hired by the villagers? Interesting.

"That sounds like a good offer, Madison, but before we head anywhere, who are these cultists you were talking about? And, why were you hired by the villagers? To protect them?"

>Accept her offer unless her answers to my questions are suspicious.
File: amiens_gargouille_1.jpg (193 KB, 513x733)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
[===Academy News===]
In current news, the Grimwoods threat continues to necessitate regular patrols to ensure the safety of the Academy as well as the greater Madrid community at large. The Principal's Administration previously reestablished [The Watch] as a precautionary measure. But is it enough? Most recently some Second Year students have taken it upon themselves to travel to the [Grimwoods Outpost] in order to tackle the threat where it spreads. Arguably the lost of diplomatic relationship with the Deertaur has hindered investigation of the source of the [Grimwoods Corruption]. Would they not know better what plagues their home? For First Year students and all others this is a reminder that the Curfew of 10:30 PM is still in effect. Please sign in with your Residential Assistants, so that we know you are safe.

>Mechanics for [The Watch]
>Principal Hernandez has reestablished the old school organization, [The Watch]. You may sign up in order to help patrol the school, and see whether any problems are arising. However, being a member of [The Watch] requires that one spend at least one action every other turn to patrol the school, at little to no personal benefit. Every three actions of patrolling the school will earn the student a League Point, up until the cap of 9. A tenth League Point may be earned by finding something particularly important, or putting down a major threat. Missing one of these actions results in probation from [The Watch]. Missing two will result in being kicked from [The Watch].

In other news, students have witnessed a strange arrangements of the Gargoyles atop of Academy buildings. The stone guardians have been seen across the campus perched on the Library. It is known that the Holy Order commissioned the creation and placement of these stone guardians. So we asked the attending priest whose roof is the creation's original perch to help us understand. In response, "Please do not be too overly concerned, unless you are a roofer, haha. These what you might call Gargoyles, or Golems, will not harm anyone. We allow them to roam the campus every do often so that their mobility is tested. And so that if there are problems, we may restore that mobility."
And Now returning to news stands after a very long time:
[==Madrid Enquirer==]
"Harvester of Sorrow"
Daniel Olson, discusses his work researching Electronic Voice Phenomena as well as his morbid transformation from skeptic to believer. After the death of his father, a series of strange events piqued the author's interest in life after death.

"The Men Who Sell the World"
Bob Estulin, offers commentary on the upcoming 2018 Bilderberg conference just getting underway in Denmark. Members of the global financial oligarchy meet for three to four days to decide the economic policies for the next ten years.
File: AkuSmile.gif (835 KB, 500x375)
835 KB
835 KB GIF

[Lawrence Birch]
After a lengthy training sequence you movements are still much too slow. Maybe incorporating a few somatic components would assist in the casting. Regardless you don’t make much progress. Feeling detached you notice for the first time an older looking gentleman in proper wizard regalia. He speaks to you

“Too much wasted movement. and much too slow. Do they teach you choirboys nothing. Do it again but this time form the imago essentials first and THEN flux the barrier?” Gesturing with what looks like an old smoke pipe

You try the spell one more time, and you feel like you could Almost get it, but your arcane will is exhausted and tapped out. “Yahyah Like that, now you just need practice.” The wizard taps his pipe against his boot “I’m Professor Waffling, if you want a proper demonstration of arcane principles please drop by my class. Metamagical theory and application”

>Met Professor Adalbert Waffling

Talking to a few other Second Years, you rediscover some of the old horror stories and rumors that surround him. Some tales claim he a masterful archer of the Frozen Arrow. Others that he's a lady's man of repute. Some say that he's just a collector of artifacts and that he keeps to himself. You go from one student, to a professor, to finally the man himself. You manage to catch Devin right before heading off campus towards the dreadful Grimwoods.

>Gain +1 Tracking
>Gain +1 Investigation
>You may RP with Devin freely.

[Mattheiu Faust]
>37 + 5

At the store you get Estrella Damm, Alhambra, Cruscampo, and San Migual beer. Joy rolls from one liter to the next. At the end of the eventing the slime is rubbish and pukes rainbows into the bathtub
>Gain +1 Joy

>27 + 3

At the witching hour the Imp drinks in the mana and he turns and taunts you with a piece of flesh in between his fingers “Got your Noes ha ha aha ahaha I got your noes I got your noes. Dude seriously I’ve got Your Actual Nose here HA. Opps Now it’s gone again hehe”
>Gain +1 Imp
File: heartPlant.jpg (188 KB, 1023x1688)
188 KB
188 KB JPG

[Abby Dragfirm]
You tell them that they can come to your dorm room and study the plant when they need to. You also add that you prefer if they wouldn't harm the tree in anyway through cutting or experimenting.

“YETH! Thank you Abigail!” The bug-eyes girl squeals in excitement as she hops around the hatted one.
We never intend to harm the plant in any way. As Sophie said, just tissue samples and constant check-ups with hourly observations will be done. We will start next week. Oh and nice to have met you. I never said it before but My name’s Mira.” as she throws you a smile while tilting her head slightly.

“Ah! I never introduthed mythelf either. I am Thophie. I really do hope we thee each other again” Sophie says as she grabs your hand and shakes it up and down rapidly.

>There will be at least 1 Gardening club member visiting or studying the plant every hour.
>Every other turn, The gardening club will report to you on what they find about the plant.
>+1 Reputation(Gardening Club)
>Met Mira of the gardening club
>Met Sophie of the gardening club

With a new discovery of a plant, the gardening club suggests on naming the plant and with some thought, you tell them that you would name it after yourself, “Abfirmaleon”, “That’s a pretty good name for the plant” Mira tells you. She then tells you that as they research this tree, they may likely write a proper thesis on abfirmaleon for learning more about its phytochemistry.

“For now I will publish the name of the plant online but don’t worry, this is like a patent for naming the plant. Better that some random bloke doesn’t ‘discover’ the plant and take it for himself.”
>+1 Reputation, for discovering and naming a new plant species after yourself
File: kung-fu-fighting.jpg (46 KB, 500x610)
46 KB

Originally you had planned to make the trip over to the Earth Settlement. Half the day is spent on the journey. On the road you do find a nice large to medium sized rock not as big as a house but about the size of a motorcycle. You believe it is about the right size. Completing the trip to the settlement however you have less luck. The earth elementals are currently engaged in a ‘beauty contest’ of sort. Making statues of marble and lime. The most beautiful will be given life and made the new queen of the earth settlement for the reigning leader.

Due to all this hype and excitement, very few of the larger elementals are interested or willing to leave the settlement. “A boulder is a boulder. It’s not going anywhere it don’t want to. Trust me. When we move you hear the avalanches. This’ll take some time. Sorry”

As you make the walk back home and the afternoon light fades behind the mountains. And you see the full moon in the distance. And coming from ontop of the boulder a figure stands
“The sun has gone down
and the moon has gone up
and long ago someone left with the cup”
The figure appears to be cloaked hiding his face, but you can see a portly stomach attached to strong legs and arms, along with a flickering tail. He holds out a clawed and scaly hand, and speaks in a heavy scottish accent “AY little Miss. I hear you be wanting some assistance.” He gestures to the boulder “This being the Day of Hard Heart. I can move this night for a trade.”

“There be a stone greek goddess in the house of wise folded trees. I have looked upon her and have found her pleasing.“ He hands you a simple letter “We shall barter, I deliver thy boulder to your place, and you shall deliver the letter to the goddess? Ay? A simple trade?”

>Gain +1 Golem Theory
>Free Action Deliver Letter

You hit the Martial Arts Club for a quick spar with Natasha. She's quick, but you're quicker. On the sound system of the Club you hear some funky beats that make you hip hop around the ring.

And then the Gang from Chinatown walks in. There was funky Billy Chin and little Sammy Chung and they challenge the the Mageknight students. Not backing down, you all decided to go for it.
Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those kicks were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightening
But they fought with expert timing

>Gain +2 Krav Maga
>Gain +1 Disco
>Gain [Disco Fever] Turn 122, Turn 123. +5 To Training Dance or Fighting
Rolled 39, 67 = 106 (2d100)


Jozin carefreely whistles a cheerful melody to pass the traveling time faster when he notices the girl. He halts but doesnt says anything except for a low growl when he notices the gun. When the girl drops the gun he reacts with a mean spirited laughter.

I sot a quick glance at Arthur and note that he is willing to accept her offer, so i do the same. But I do send her a Telephatic message that I am watching her and I will kill her if she points that gun on Arthur again. (Its telephatic to dont stress out the others).

>Send T2 Telephatic message
>Accept her offer if Arthur is satisfied with her answers.
File: BridgeFog.jpg (34 KB, 480x720)
34 KB

[Angelica Shannyria]
You’re finally getting that the book is written in Italian. A few rough translations here, there and one all night later, You get the story of Doctor Faustien and his dealings with demons. It is a cautionary tale of Redemption and Damnation. The author uses the tale to demonstrate the care that must be practiced when summoning and bargaining with non human entities. The author Snow reiterates “Their ways are not our ways. Their minds are not our minds. Their food is not our food.”
>Gain Basic Italian Language
>Gain +1 Conjuration

The Trek towards the Grimwoods Outpost isn't kind to you. Already you can feel the oppressive and awful taint filling your lungs unlike the others you travel with. Your limbs feel heavier and heavier with every single step. At some point during your travel you leg slips and you fall down a short ditch. You feel a shrap pain that shoots up from your foot. At the bottom of the ditch are some brambles that tangle you worse than barbed wire. Not only that, but these barbs are coated in a sickly purple sap that only intensifies the sensations of the taint upon you. The others help you up, but you don’t feel so well.

>You've gained [Grimwood Taint], this is not the full blown corruption that the woods suffer. Until you are purified or cleansed of [Grimwood Taint], you will suffer a Speed penalty of one. This taint can be made worse with further contact with creatures or materials similarly corrupted, which may increase penalties to Physical Traits.
>Found [Grimwoods Outpost]

[Ean Hawthorne]
Put the last few days aside, you venture out into the woods. You make to the camp in post haste. Without too many distractions. You also meet Devin Hines on the way there.
>Gain +1 Survival
>Found [Grimwoods Outpost]


Calling upon old druidic traditions, you drum the old beats and chant the purification rites. Over and over again until hoarse and exhausted. And in the exhaustion sleep. You dream of your past and the self you knew when you first began this year is standing in front of you. Your younger self is covered in mud and leaves, blowing cherries. You ask and plead to him “What can I do? I need help. Please teach me!” he answers “You don’t know? Did you already forget?”

>Gain [Spring’s Renewal] Remove Spell tier level of corruption with a spell check DC (35 + corruption level)
File: ZEKE.jpg (135 KB, 1160x817)
135 KB
135 KB JPG

[Devin Hines]
On your journey you actually meet up with Ean Hawthorn on the trial. You and him have a few words and your troubles help soothe each other.
>Gain +1 Survival
>Found [Grimwoods Outpost]

As you enter the reverse the woods are springing back to life. The end of winter and the coming of spring is fast approaches. Lucia thanks you for your time. You and her uproot a fallen tree and help right a dam for some beavers. You can tell she is more worried about the larger woods. “If what’s over there comes over here. What chance does our little reserve have?” You hold her and comfort her, saying you will go into the forest and correct the horrible disaster. Her eyes look at you pleading “If you were my Hero? And no one else’s ”

>Gain +1 Relationship with Lucia

[Agata Stoneworth]
>15+5 = 20

Bringing the weight of your personality to bear and your reputation around the school, you head out to the various clubs and ask the student body for able bodied adventures. You unfortunately don’t get many takers or interested party member. The Grimwoods are proving to be a harder sell than anticipated. Even when you think to call upon Bob the friendliest most helpful person you know. He is already on some other worldwind adventure. Although you do see a few sunbathers. A little early for spring, one of them looks new to you as he deadlifts a boulder

>98 + 22 = 120

T-9 minutes and holding
This is the final built-in hold, and varies in length depending on the mission.
Final launch window determination
Activate flight recorders
Final "go/no-go" launch polls conducted by MageAcademy Test Director, Mission Management Team and launch director

T-9 minutes and counting
Start automatic ground launch sequencer
Retract tank access arm (T-7 minutes, 30 seconds)
Start auxiliary power units (T-5 minutes, 0 seconds)
Arm solid rocket booster range safety safe and arm devices (T-5 minutes, 0 seconds)
Start tank aerosurface profile test, followed by main engine gimbal profile test (T-3 minutes, 55 seconds)
Retract gaseous oxygen vent arm, or "beanie cap" (T-2 minutes, 55 seconds)
Crew members close and lock their visors (T-2 minutes, 0 seconds)
Ground launch sequencer is go for auto sequence start (T-31 seconds)
Activate launch pad sound suppression system (T-16 seconds)
Activate main engine hydrogen burnoff system (T-10 seconds)
Main engine start (T-6.6 seconds)
Ignition and launch!

>Gain +2 Leadership
>Gain +2 Pilot
>Gain [SCRAMBLE SCRAMBLE] +10 to Mobile Tank or Golem rolls turn 122
File: what-are-chakras.jpg (735 KB, 800x720)
735 KB
735 KB JPG

[Joachim Johnson]
Gain [Burnt] Turn 121-122. -5 to all actions. Actions related to Fire gain a +10 instead
Thanks to the wonders of the lending library you walk out with a book on the 7 Chakras. These 'chakras' are actually whirling, vortex-like points of energy in which mana circulates within our bodies. It is useful in many spiritual and healing disciplines to understand how Chakras are aligned and how they interact with the physical body. The book explains how you can think of chakras as invisible, rechargeable batteries aligned vertically along the spine supplying the entire body with spiritual energies. Should a chakra become blocked because of stress, emotional or physical problems, the body's spiritual energy can not flow causings a whole range of issues from common cold, depression, or even severe headaches.

>You've gained [Anatomy of the Spirit], a book covering spiritual healing and the interaction of mana within the body. Studying this tomb may increase knowledges such as [New Age Medicine] and [Chakra Theory].
>Gain [Library Express Card]
>Gain +2 Chakra Theory
>Gain +1 Mana Theory

Slipping on your ear nubs for some rocking tunes, you jump on the treadmill.

>+1 Stamina

>87 - 5 = 82
Today you try something a bit more mundane and rote to really get into the swing of a bigger brawl. Taking all comers you practice all the blocking maneuvers you can think of. Most of these moves are all in the elbow and not exposing your head too much. From the "Triangle Train" to the "Kiss and Catch," it seems like nobody can land a sure strike. But eventually one or two of the suckers get lucky, sending you to the ground with a bloody nose. Getting right back up, you continue an actual fight with the poor sucker that did knock you out. You repaid him the favor and he stays knocked out while his buddies drag him away.

>Gain +2 Street Fighting

>57 -5 = 52
Not having too much practice manipulating heat directly, this is one step forward. When you pass your hand over the bucket of water, you can see the surface collect condensation. The wisps of fog continue to collect until you can feel the heat dissipate, chilling the area. After minutes of pressure you see the formation of ice around the edges of the bucket.

>Gain [Basic Heat Theory]
>Gain [Heat Thief] You can lower the temperature of an area or object. Continue use of the spell can chill an area or object. Roughly 10 degree C per tier level
[=== Collaboration Action===]
[Nicholas Penn]
[Suzanna Yossarian]
>92 + 22 = 114
>58 + 17 = 75
>(114 + 75) / 2 = 95

The Spring Season is out in full force. It's temperate enough to enjoy swimwear and go get an earily tan before the summer months make sunbathing unbearable. The Beach is mostly empty allowing you some privacy for your experimentations. There's also the possibility that the local population is completely afraid of this beach due to rumors of Fire Elemental attacks. But it's peaceful right now. While Penn struggles setting up the camera stand. Yoyo relaxes on her impromptu beach towel silently invoking the signs of the angels with hand mundas, which only give her an ethereal and mystical presence.

The sun is a powerful presence in the sky muting all over points of light in heaven's veil, a perfect sphere of hot plasma radiating heat and energy which basks over this terrestrial plane. For ages, wise and mad men have thought to steal its power from themselves, creating simple heat ovens and even solar energy collecting panels. Today you both make your bide to steal Promethean Fire. And you succeed.
Yoyo, in the air around your body, their appear wisps of light like ribbons floating in the air. All bright and shining like the sun above. Starting sluggish, they whip themselves into a whirling vortex of power with the focus on yourself. Soon enough, these ribbons descend upon you. The rush as your enveloped by these powerful ribbons of light is unbelievable. You feel completely subsumed into the Burning Daystar above you. Your skin starts to glow white accepting the awesome power into your Mana Resources, which itself grows to expect this new surge of energy.

Penn, you have a similar experience after Yoyo. Instead of invoking the Angels or performing mudras to focus your intent or call on the laws of the cosmos, you flex. Like a man on a mission for salvation, you raise your arms to the heavens. You focus on the theories you've learned, you endear to become the conduit for Mana to flow through. From the Burning Daystar into your spiritual self and finally into your physical muscles. Picking the biggest stone you can find, you attempt to deadlift it. Your arms strain and scream until you feel that momentary surge of strength that allows you to lift it a foot off the ground, before letting it fall back down.

[Suzanna Yossarian and Nicholas Penn]
>Gain Absorb Sunlight Spell (T1)[1/2]. Instead of waiting for your mana to naturally restore itself, you may stand in the sunlight to fill your mana reserves with Solar Mana.
>Gain +1 to Mana Reserves.

[Nicholas Penn]
>Gain +1 to Strength, go pump iron son. Make your body more powerful to be a proper vessel for Solar Mana.
>Gain [Psyched Up], gain a +5 bonus to training physical Traits and Skills for the next two turns.

File: rainbow-bridge4.jpg (21 KB, 550x546)
21 KB

[Suzanna Yossarian]
>Gained +1 to Charisma, sunbathing has given you a healthy tan that screams energy and vitality which has given you a bonus to social interactions.
>Extend [Inspired by the Stars] by one turn, but at a lesser version of +5 bonus instead of +10.

[Suzanna Yossarian]
>9 + 1 + 1 + 10 = 21

Unfortunately, it seems like only so much genius can be had in one week. Your efforts to study are sidetracked by the many compliments from your admirers about your suntan.

>Gained [Swarmed], -5 to study rolls for the next turn.

[Nicholas Penn]

>8 +3 =11 reduced fail
[T3 Mana Theory][2/5]

In your haste and meditation, you pull … something? And you get something stuck in your ethereal pipes. So to speak. Cough cough apparently you were a bit too eager to demonstrate your worth in front of the ladies.

>Gain [Empty Mana Slot] Turn 122 Turn 123. Your mana pool is reduced by one.(from base 5 to 4)
>Gain [Drained] Turn 122. Mana projects have a -5 to the roll.

Even without the extra mana to go around You FLEX your muscles beautiful, with your scars framing the strong arms and legs. You get one or two looks from the social student body. Not unpleasing. One or two of the local sororities even ask for your contact info. While a similar well built man challenges you to join the athletics Club.

>Gain +1 Mana Buffing
>Found Location [Gym]

Doubling down on training you Solar Absorption ability. You returned to the beach where the magic happened and lift that damn stone again. You make much more progress lifting it until it reaches your waist before putting it down as quickly and safely as you can.

>Gain +2 to Absorb Sunlight Spell
>Gain +1 to Strength
File: cockpit.jpg (2.51 MB, 2732x2127)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB JPG
[Caiden Matthews]
During a lull of active and training. Thank Wtank pipes up and asks you to read it’s training manual to him. Humoring your AI companion, you go over and read the breath of the operations and maintenance logs and procedures while also doing some maneuver exercises with it’s legs and arm joints. You do gain a bit more of a knack for the steering and for what the WTank can do.

You also start thinking about a means to bypass the redundant manual steering by directly linking your shoulder and arm processors directly to the steering column and the transmission box.

>Gain +1 Piloting

Out in the field you don’t have much to particularly work with, but what you do have you put to use. Pulling out the servos in the leggings, you take some electrical tape and put the OSOM sign on them. You realize the natural wear and tear of operation will erode and destroy the effect. You estimate they should work for the next million rotations. Million rotations is about a thousand kilometer trip.

As reality adapts to this duality of the Tank being in the forest but at the same time trying to ignore it. You feel good about your chances thus far. The tank phasing in and out of the visible spectrum annoys you but it’ll work for now.

>Gain [WTank: Phasing] Turn 122. Stealth attempts with the tank have a +10 to the check. Turn 123 The effect reduces to +5
File: baton.jpg (47 KB, 640x480)
47 KB

[Onesworth Dawson]
You must search for a while, the Wind Elemental really enjoyed spaces where the wind could simply whip around like crazy. Initially it is nowhere to be seen and you begin your patrol anyways. The night seems a little darker. You can't put your finger on why thou. Flicking on your flashlight on, you beat the pavement down the streets of Madrid. The cityscape surrounds you like a concrete jungle where anything could pounce from any corner. Still traveling down the darken streets you hear the familiar voice of Zephyr, however turning around you see nothing.

The Wind Elemental explains that it can send messages on the wind, and apologizes that you couldn't find them. He offers you a few instructions on how to find him atop of a [Corner Store]. You take the fire escape up to see your recent Wind Elemental Acquaintance speaking with the AC unit about just how beautiful it looks this evening. You begin talking to Zephyr quickly feeling like a third wheel in the conversation. Wandering over to the rooftop edge to sort of scout out the rest of your patrol you realize why it's so dreadfully dark.

From your vantage point, you see every single street lamp dimmed or just completely out. And that's also when you notice the disgusting nauseating smell. To your left you notice a horrible sight. A body clutching the fuzebox of what you presume to be the whole block. It's mutated. You can see animalistic features of deers, its antlers. But you can also see the human features of a stretched out nose where its snout extends outwards. Is this the [Grimwood Corruption] at work? Before you can wonder more at the question, you hear an animalistic jeer and glass breaking on the streets below.

>It seems as if you've discovered some possible vandals, or worst, raiding the [Corner Store] below you.
>You may take a Free Action to decide how you wish to proceed
>Do you:
>Combat: Drop down to the streets below and charge at whatever horror dares threatens the community
>Tactics: Call for backup, we can take on this threat much more safely with numbers.
>Magic: Well you're the Mageknight, if you have an idea for a third option...

Taking inspiration from your nightly nocturnal patrols. And listening to the calming children of the night as it were. You take out your bass and attempt to imitate the crickets and the baying of wolves in the distance, creating an interesting chord

>Gain [Song of Respite] The target loses any mental or physical exhaustion Conditions. This spell also allows the target to recover it’s Stam tier in hit points to a minimum of one.
Rolled 38, 93 = 131 (2d100)

Name: Lawrence Birch
Character Sheet: https://sites.google.com/view/mkam/character-sheets/lawrence-birch

>Go to the blacksmith and create a nice shield.[Improve Blacksmithing skill while attempting to make a shield]
>Start working out and do some exercises to get good.[Train some stamina]
Rolled 50, 5 = 55 (2d100)

>DO : Craft gloves to augment my striking power. We'll use normal silk gloves, and add some strength runes on the palms, and some protection runes on the back of the hand. The strength rune should power up my unarmed attacks, while the protection runes will keep my bones from breaking, even after powerful strikes or dangerous actions. (+1 Basic Runecrafting)
>Study Blood Magic under Vlad (-10 Vlad : Disappointment)
Rolled 76, 57, 85 = 218 (3d100)


Name: Abby Dragfirm
Backstory: Abby lived in the mountain with her family which was known to have had connections to old wyvern in the far past. Now she has to go into the city school into a new world and become the magic user that her family expects her to be


"A stone Greek goddess in the house of wise folded trees? Hmm... Wise folded trees... would mean books so maybe the library then."
>Free Action: Find this "Greek goddess" in the library and give her the letter.

>Find and go drinking with Valerie. I have not seen her for awhile now. I've been too busy with plants and baby dragons
>Start training the dragon to listen to me. I'll train it so that it would respond to commands while feeding it with treat rewards.
File: snowflakes.png (194 KB, 2480x2480)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
Rolled 55, 84 = 139 (2d100)


[Suzanna Yossarian]

[Swarmed], -5 to study rolls for the next turn. Turn 122

>Do: Try studying the connection between Angel theology and Astronomy again. Take a Telescope. Go out at night. Set up a Electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) Radio. Call out to Rahatiel and Umabel.
[Inspired by the Stars] +5 Celestial Body Stars
[T1 Astronomy]
[T1 Angel Theology]
[The Mothman Prophecies]

>Do: Go to the Academy Cafeteria. Volunteer to work in the Walk in Freezer. Walk in, study Ice magic. Invoke Baradiel - angel of hail.
[T1 Charisma]
[Inspired by the Stars] +5 Celestial Body Angels
[T1 Physics Theory]
[T1 Angel Theology]
[T1 Magical Theory]

[T2 Lion's Shield]
Rolled 76, 21, 86, 81 = 264 (4d100)


>Read [Anatomy of the Spirit]
>Read [Anatomy of the Spirit] again
>Train [Heat Thief]
>Create a new spell. With the understanding of heat with [Heat Thief] as a basis, I channel Heat and Fire magic through the mana flow of the body to boost physical strength and regeneration from injuries.
File: xMzoX3m.jpg (73 KB, 700x554)
73 KB
Rolled 57, 62, 31, 70 = 220 (4d100)

Satisfied with his Energy experiments for the moment, Nicholas decides to focus on physical improvements for the next while, as well as some socializing. Fortunately, both can be accomplished at this gym he recently heard about.

(1st Action)
>Ingratiate himself with whomever best understands Magically Enhanced Physical Training at the Gym, discuss opinions, theories, and techniques for Physical Optimization Via Transmutation, RE: both changing the composition of the human body, as well as transmuting mana into Additional Flesh, Blood, and Pathways.

(3 Actions)
>>>Rotate Training Strength, Speed, and Stamina(Vitality) at Gym (Ideally with his new friend) using his [Enchant Tool] Spell to mystically bond himself to the workout equipment he’s using to ensure his technique is perfect, as well as Targeted use of [Mana Buffing] to increase the intensity and impact of exercise. Periodically, he uses [Solar Absorption] in order to speed the rate at which he recovers.

Nicholas Penn
Apprentice Member of the Mystic Maintenance Men, a group of primordial mages tasked with maintaining the World's Arcane Infrastructure. He was enrolled at the academy to further his training and gain a wider understanding of the different schools of magic. Seeks to prove himself as a MMM.
Appearance: Large Framed, but not particularly built. Wears loose-fitting coveralls, but his physique becomes quite mumanascular and imposing when he uses his [Mana Buffing]. But, as a result, much of his body is covered in stretch-mark like scars that are particularly visible when out of his ‘Muscle Form’. He generally opts to wear his loose-fitting coveralls to avoid bringing attention to them. His weapon of choice is his wrench.

Present Condition:
>[Empty Mana Slot] Turn 122 Turn 123. Your mana pool is reduced by one.(from base 5 to 4)
>[Drained] Turn 122. Mana projects have a -5 to the roll.
>[Psyched Up], gain a +5 bonus to training physical Traits and Skills for the next two turns.
>[T1 Strength]

>[T1 Enchantment Theory]
>[T3 Mana Theory][2/5]

>Spell: [T2 Mana Buffing]
>Spell: [T1 Mana Absorption]
>Spell: [T1 Enchant Tool]
>Spell: [T2 Absorb Sunlight][1/3]

>MMM Coveralls
>MMM Warding Wrench
File: Rain.jpg (50 KB, 1280x720)
50 KB

[Live-Action Mode]

A hooded figure stood in the Grimwood, watching the Outpost the Mageknights had made from afar. He reached into his robes, pulled out an obsidian sword, and stared into the dark gem in the center of its crossguard. He sighed. "Ava... I-I still miss you..." The man sheathed his blade. Rain began to fall. The man looked up into the pouring skies. "I've cast aside my humanity, and I've done things that you wouldn't be proud of. But this is all for you, my sister... All for you." The man's face hardened. "I can feel it. They have arrived, to stop everything I have been working on." He let out a broken chuckle. "I suppose it's time to begin." The man turned away from the bright lights of the outpost and walked deeper into the woods. He stopped for a moment. "Oh, and Pappiliodya, you can begin with the attacks, now. I know you've been itching for a slaughter, and I'm sorry for holding you back. The time wasn't right quite just yet. Now, it is. Have fun." The deertaur roared into the night, and the man continued on his way.


Colonel Aldana stood at the gate of the outpost, watching the group of students approach. "Well well well, what do we have here... A girl who managed to get herself infected with the Grimwood taint already, a white-haired pretty-boy with a bow, a glasses-wearing nerd with a sword and armor too big for him, and a little girl in some fucked-up looking magic armor. And you're all second years to boot!" The man snorted. "Well, I have no idea what the fuck you children are doing here, but I'm assuming you're here to help us out however you kids can or something. Certainly, none of you are soldier material, but I suppose we'll need all the help we can get. If you could at least help out as much as that Caiden kid managed to do with the wards, then you'll be useful enough."

Rain began to fall, and a deertaur roared off in the distance. Colonel Aldana began to look around, alert. "Well, you kids can come on in, it's looking to be pretty dangerous out there. We don't have that much food, so if you want to eat, you're going to have to work for it."

>Head inside the Outpost.
>There's no time to waste. Head immediately for the spring that Devin had seen the hooded figure corrupt in order to begin your plan of purifying the woods.
>There's no time to waste. Try to head to some other part of the Grimwood.
>Do some other thing.

Feel free to RP this out.
Rolled 14 (1d100)

"Thanks Colonel. We'll take a moment to confer first." Ean said as he turned to his friends. "So what's the plan, guys? Want to head over into the outpost, or should we go straight into the woods?" He asked.

Afterwards, he turned to Angelica. "I think I've got a spell that might help remove that taint. Hold still for a moment." Ean said as he channeled the energies of nature and life within himself. The mana swirled, and the Nature Mage reached over and put his hands on her shoulders.

>Cast Nature's Renewal on Angelica.
Relevant Modifiers: T3 Nature Theory, T3 Life Theory, T1 Nature's Renewal.
"Thank you. Hope you don't mind. I brought in my creations with me. Don't worry. They can pull their own weight around camp." Agata hears about Caiden's contributions "Caiden? He's a member of my club. He's pretty good with wards among other things." she then looks at the spider tanks. "These guys? Their template was based on Caiden's design. He's pretty impressive." She then changes topic. "If you need help arming your men with weapons and armor, fortifying the outpost or if any of your equipment are in need of repairs and upgrades then I'm your girl." She then salutes with confidence.

"We could let them know what we're planning in there first before we go. Their help would certainly be nice or at the very least any useful advice from them. They'd probably scouted the area from time to time so they'd probably know more about the place than we do. We'll need all the help that we can get."
Rolled 93 (1d100)

Angelica Shanyrria

Angelica said nothing to the man, ignoring him entirely as she walked past him, wearing a displeased expression. She quickly walked up tot the closest tree she could find and studies it for a moment. She extends her hand and lightly places it on the bark, muttering words in the tongue of the Fey.

>DO: Angelica attempts to use Restore Plant life on a corrupted tree, to see the results.
(Abjuration T1 +1, Nature Theory T2 +2, Restore Plant +1 Blessing of the Fey +5)

Regardless of what happens, after that she pulls a small sack from one of her satchel's, releasing the contents into her hand, and spreading at across the surface of the tree.

>DO: Angelica completes the summoning ritual.
File: TrigunBadlandsRumble2.jpg (126 KB, 1280x720)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Caiden for his part was resting his prosthetic arm flipping through a trashy paperback novel mostly about an extended metaphor of Life hitting ya like a Train. The team of protagonists being a bunch of Bushrangers on the Australian coast planning a bank heist. It was the morning before the heist would go down, and the Bushrangers were being as civil as they could with the hostages. The train would be coming in second. The gold bars would be transferred. The train would leave thinking they'd past the gold to bank tellers who were in reality the Bushrangers. However as the clocked speed up to the top of the hour, there was no train bell or whistle. At the top of the hour would be no train, only the sounds of gunfire as a lifetime of robbery caught up with Ted Bundy.

It was the feeling, the tension of having a plan, not a tenuous plan but a well crafted plan, and just waiting to spring it into action. Whether it would be subverted by extraneous circumstances, possible but unknown, the clock hadn't reach the top of the hour. Caiden singlehandedly flipped the page feeling that tension in his stomach. It was only the sounds of action at the front gate that caused him to lift himself off his ass and plug the prosthetic back into its sockets. A masterpiece, well crafted and designed, that allowed him the functionality to do anything. It's developer, Caiden owned quite a lot to. She ought to be arriving any day to the Outpost, and maybe that was her, an Agata Stoneworth, at the front gates.

For the past week or so, Caiden had settled himself to pitching in around the Motorpool of the Outpost when not fiddling with the different Wards. At the moment, the Motorpool only consisted of the one W-Tank, Curiosity, but he still considered it a Motorpool. Activity around the Outpost always seemed to flow downwards. He was sure that Colonel Aldana woke up before the dawn to hand out people's marching orders, whether it was marching or just standing on the fence watching the front lines. In anycase, Caiden for his part was less Bushranger and more Private to be ordered about checking off long list of plates and silverware in the mess. He put in the work where he could, ate his share at the mess, slept, and repeated it next day. The tension of the train building steadily each day.
File: Flourishanime.jpg (29 KB, 408x350)
29 KB
The sight of Alpha Squad, and of Agata, produced mixed emotions. Most of these students, Caiden didn't know personally but had heard the stories. These were the Heros, a mixed bag of swordsmen, conjurers, inventors, all tested in harrowing combat. Having no real combat experience, he swallowed the apprehension around these proven heros. The paperback stuffed in his vest pocket reminded him that this could be the train whistle or the gun fire at the top of the hour. "Stone," he said with a smile excited about her presence, "Great to see ya again. And great to see the personal you brought with ya and the hardware. It seems you're much more prepared than me, rushing out here on my lonesome." Turning to the rest of the group and reaching out with his right prosthetic arm, "Hello everybody, I'm Caiden Mathews. Nice to finally meet all of you."

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