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New players are always welcome!

In this quest you assume the role of an aspiring student who is about to enter the Mageknight Academy. You must hone your skills, make some friends (and perhaps also some enemies) and fight battles in order to prove yourself worthy of graduating as a fully fledged Mageknight! Each year (every 100th turn) your character will be tested by the academy to see if your character is progressing well and meeting the Academy's high standards. After the 3rd year your character will head off into a their first mission for a final test.

How to Join:
New players must fill out their character sheets. The sheet must include the following information:
>Anyone can join at any time. Latecomers and laggers are given bonus action points to catch up with the other players.
1) Your character's full name
2) Your character's backstory, appearance and any other useful information.
3) You are given 3 Skill Points. Choose 1 starting spell and 2 other skills or spells.

How to Play:
1) Each turn you will be given 2 [Action Points]. Post your character sheet and your chosen actions along with a 2d100 roll.
>Normally your roll must pass the [Difficulty Challenge] of 25 in order to succeed.
>Getting a 10 and below is a [Critical Failure] while 91 and above is a [Critical Success]
2) All players must wait for the "TURN GO" post before submitting any actions posts. After which you must post your actions only to that post.
3) After all actions are processed and a new turn begins, update your character sheet.
Acquiring and Improving Spells & Skills:
1) Study, research, explore, train or take classes to discover and learn new spells.
2) Training an already learned spell or skill will raise it further to the next tier once enough [Progress Points] are accumulated.
4) The progress threshold is based on the Fibonacci sequence (1,2,3,5,8,...)
>Usually Spell and Skill tiers are named as Basic => Intermediate => Advanced => Expert => Master
>Alternatively you can label the tiers as T1, T2, T3 and so on.

Spellcrafting involves fusing spells with various skills, knowledge and even other spells that your character has learned together creating a new spell or skill.
>The name of the resulting new spell will be determined by the QM. By default it will be "Cast A B C..."
>Your dice roll will affect the result of the spellcrafting. Lower rolls will result in weaker or negative version of the intended spell and vice versa.

Social Interactions:
1) Role playing with other players is a free action. Role playing with NPCs, however, will cost an action point to do so.
2) Collaborative Player-to-Player actions like trading, tutoring and PvP, will cost an action point to do so.

1) Post 2 actions like you normally would. Your opponent will roll their own 2 actions.
2) To defeat your opponent, you must overcome their defensive or evasion roll and vice versa
>If you have not rolled an evasion or defensive roll then your opponent must pass normal DC to hit you and vice versa.
>If both combatants attacked successfully then it's a Double KO.
>If both combatants defended successfully then it's a Stalemate.
Links of Importance:
In-depth Rules Explanation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13unrqxqUiX3G0rau6CpEu7Pd5FxEsXz54pfVS9PfGEs/edit?usp=sharing
NPC Database for Amsterdam: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vHPyhTZJMOZpHViv4I6oCXsyrMmFHOY-920jbFSxQds/edit?usp=sharing
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/pEEkNkr

Previous Updates: >>1403938 , >>1403942 , >>1403943, >>1403944, >>1403946 , >>1403947 , >>1403948
Previous Live Action updates: >>1409913 , >>1410452
Turn 122 Go postLink your action her please: >>1403949
Taken from Madrid Thread
[=== Inter-Academy Tournament ===]

Congratulations Amsterdam! Thank you Nicholas 'Number' Noble for representing us and showing that Amsterdam skill. As the winner of
the tournament, You will be awarded with our cash prize pool. For the other contestants, we are sure you have improved in your skills and
maybe next time, you can have your chance to win big!

Third Bout Diet V Zav in the swamps goes to Diet
Final Bout Diet V Numbers
The winner is Numbers

All combatants
>Gain +2 Progression to a Combat Skill

Joachin and Dietrich
>Gain [not A winner is you] +5 to your rolls next turn

>Gain an addition +1 Progression to a Combat Skill
>Gain +1 Rep
>Gain [Prize Pool] One time use. Your next buy action gains a +10 to the roll
Diving under the water Adal would start to map out and check over the mana pool for any clues or strange artifacts. If he doesn't find anything he gets out of the pool before taking a sample of the stuff by empyting out one of the canteens they had brought along to use. At which point if there was a opening for them to go through Adal would of course poke his nose into it trying to see what other things there might be inside teh spooky cave.
Rolled 28 (1d100)


Convince Adal to explore the mysterious wet hole.
Are we sure this isn't some hidden obscure way to get into each other's pants, it really feels like it at times....
"The hole in the wall!"
You could be more specific next time then you goose! How was I supposed to know?!
Rolled 69, 68 = 137 (2d100)

Bio; Son of a family of ranchers that make their wealth in horse flesh and prize winning breeds, also owners of a few racing tracks. During one of the days out Adal found himself accosted by a troll in the woods of his family lands, only timely intervention from his up till now dormant magic was able to save the day.

-T1- [Wrath of the Wendigo] - [0/2] Spell that foes forth in a line, those caught in it are damaged by a stallion made of ice and mist. [crushing, frost]
-T2- [Frigid Defiance] - [1/3] Ice resistance spell done via Channeling Wrath of the Wendigo
-T1- [Basic Frost Armor] - [0/2] Upon hit enemy takes -1 to accuracy rolls, negative increases with each tier of spell. T5=-5 for accuracy. Lasts one Turn.

Skill Set:
-T3- Long Sword - [1/8]
-T1- Horse Riding - [1/2]
-T1- Combat Theory - [1/2]
-T1- Basic Animal Whispering - [1/2]
Dania Nanato - Acquaintance
"Mercy" T2 - Crazy Horse that works fine without a rider, but goes nuts when ridden. [2/3]
Aila - Crazy beast of a girl that kicked Adal's ass
Olivia - Nice Nurse
Cornelius - Head of Security, rather serious.
+1 Rep

Status Effects:[Bravery] perk. Gain a +10 on any rolls to resist fear. Note that this only affects fear, any other mental effects remain unaffected.
Long Sword
School Effects
Every Day Clothes

A1 After the live action cave diving Adal would try to work on his passive ice sheild some more [Spell Practice]

A2 Also try to tame these silly horses from WRath of the wendigo as this is just getting silly. [Spell PPractice]


As you reach the bottom of the mana pool you notice a spherical object on the ground. Could this be an artifact? You grab it and bring it closer to your face to see it better what it is. It is a small skull. Probably once belonged to a children. You try not to panic, but you swallow a good amount of the mana before you swim to the surface.

You are infused with [Death Mana] you have an increased critical range of 80-100 until the end of live action and this effect will also modify your spells.

Decide if you want to keep the skull or throw it away.



You try to convince Adal after he emerges from the mana pool to go into the hole on the wall hole, but he doesnt seems fully convince

Either try to convince him to go in, go in yourself or go in together.

Adal also looks pale and shocked.
Rolled 21 (1d100)

Adal keeping all the good loot.

Explore the hole myself.
You detect the enemies and can see that there's a large group of people but something feels off about them.
File: undead_knight.jpg (416 KB, 647x1000)
416 KB
416 KB JPG

Adal just sits there shocked while you venture forth into the wet hole. It is really dark in there and even if you dont know what are you exactly touching you push fortward and eventually the hole leads to a room. The room is illuminated by a faint glowing blue light. Bats are bursting through the hole, they are bruising the delicate skin on your back and you consider turning back, but your curiosity about the source of the light gets the better of you. You emerge from the hole and the room is filled with blue firefly like creatures or spirits maybe? You are not sure but a small spirit comes to dance around you. Suddenly the lights fade and only the small blue light around you remains. And this was the moment when you heard an ungodly screech from the other end of the room.

Report to Discord battle area.


You can join in any time if you can allow yourself to be active, unless we close this adventure before that time.
File: The Mare.jpg (47 KB, 400x267)
47 KB
Rolled 81, 47 = 128 (2d100)


-After the intense fight with the Demon Scouting Unit, Zav returns to the academy with a interesting document in his possession, the Demonic Manuscript that was in possession of the commander were in a different language than he and Elbert knows. With that he goes to Rachel, the linguistics teacher to inquiry about the document, maybe she can find something about the relation with the document and the scout unit.

>1x [Demonic Manuscript]

-With the translation matters dealt with the young only needs to find a for the ho- the mare to to stay. The School Farm & Zoo is not a place really frenqueted but is perhaps the biggest place of the school with the With the main goers of this area being students interests in studying or specialized clubs. Zav goes to the local stable where he could leave the mare more comfortable with food, water and a place to sleep during the night.

-1x Horse (A Mare, Slightly Used, Once possessed)
At hearing the scream Adal chucks the skull behind him tearing into the hole after Dania, "Shit shit shit shit!"

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