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Welcome to the country of Aliasia. Here we humans live and work together with mystical creatures known as pokemon. Pokemon like humans come in many shapes and sizes and interact with humans in different ways. From aiding us in the fields to helping us defend our homes pokemon are a daily part of life here in Aliasia. I am scholar Spruce and I have made it my life’s mission to study these incredible creatures. As such I roam the country to see as many kinds of pokemon as I can. Your journey is just beginning how it shall be shaped is up to you.

Last time the group dealt with Lord Navarre Minths. In addition to that we meet Callia the friendly Misdreavus.

Last threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Scholar%20Spruce
“Oh hello Callia it is good to see you.” you say looking over at her.

“As it is to see you sir knight,” comes her smiling reply in your head.

You wake the rest of your Pokémon and introduce them to Callia. They all greet her with smiles except for Juniper. Juniper looks at Callia with distrust and the two of them seem to begin some form of silent communication. With them like this you decide to see if anyone else is up right now. You head out and seeing nobody go down to the main hall.

When you arrive in the hall you don’t see anyone down yet. With that being the case you decide to take it as a chance to talk to Callia.

“So do you know about anything interesting in this castle,” you ask her.

“Hmm, well I know where the filth kept his treasures, would you like to see it?”

A. yes
B. not yet(roll 1d100)
C. Wait
D. other
Also what pokemon do we have again, if any
I meant

I choose A
Fe- aron
Lucky- Dewott
Lucia- Pikachu
Rhianon- Vespiquen
Elaine- Psyduck
Juniper- Spoink
Callia- Misdreavus
“Yes,” you say looking over at her, “I would love to see whatever you have to show me.”

“Ok then follow me,” she says as she floats away.

With that you begin to follow her as she flies around the castle. Soon you come to a stairway that leads down. She flies down the stairs and you and the rest of your Pokémon follow her carefully. At the end of the stairway you see that there is a hall with a large door at the end of it.

“That door is trapped and looked with a password,” says Callia. “However, I could try to manipulate door or you could to destroy it yourself with your Pokémon. Which would you like to do?”

A. Have her manipulate it
B. Try to destroy it (roll 7d100”
C. Tell the others
D. other
Rolled 7, 90, 45, 9, 6, 51, 19 = 227 (7d100)

B. Try to destroy it (roll 7d100”
“I think we can break it down,” you say as you begin to gather your aura.

“If you believe you can do so sir knight be my guest,” comes Callia’s cheery reply as she smiles at you.

You look over at the door and make sure you gather as much as you can. You then blast it towards the door. The blast hits the door and coats it in ice. However, the door still stands firm in front of you. Seeing how the door still stands Fe rushes at the door and leaps. Before she hits the door she pulls an arm back and brings it down with a crushing sound.

The door shatters from the force of her blow and she lands gracefully. She turns back to you with a smile as she moves aside some frozen door chunks.

A. Enter the room(roll 1d100)
B. Tell the others
C. other
Rolled 49 (1d100)

A. Enter the room(roll 1d100)
You walk over to her and give her a pet as you look into the room. In front of you is an interesting sight, that of a number of chests. You move over to one of them and start to examine the chests with your Pokémon. After a while you go through all the chests and lay out all that you found. At the end of it all you come across a box full of small gems, a rather fancy looking sword, and a strange black stone. Unfortunately, most of the chests were empty of anything other than, dust.

“Thanks Callia for showing me this place,” you say giving her a little bow.

“It is no matter good sir,” she replies giving a smile. “What shall we do now sir?”

A. Train
B. Wake the others
C. Explore more
D. other
>C. Explore more
We aren't a man of gold exclusively. Knowledge, power, love, honor all are things to strive for. Is there anything truly special in this castle?
“I believe that we should spend more time investigating,” you say looking over at her.

She gives you a nod as you walk over to the stairs. As you begin to climb back up with your Pokémon you begin to think on where you should be looking. You know that the castle has a library, the guard’s quarters, the lord’s room, the main hall, and the maid quarters. Keeping that in mind you decide to…

Roll 1d100

A. Head to the library
B. Check the guard’s quarters
C. Lord’s room
D. Main hall
E. Maid quarter’s
F. Explore more
G. other
Rolled 47 (1d100)

>E. Maid quarter’s
Something seemed to be controlling them when they attacked us. Let's see if we can find somebody we didn't meet yet. Civilians' wellbeing comes first.
You decide that you should try to check out the maid’s quarters. Given that they seemed to be under the control of force. With that in mind you start walking over to the maid quarters. As you walk you notice that there is no sound as you move towards the room. Worried you start to run towards the room.

When you get there you see that there is nobody in the maid quarters. As you search through it you find nothing other than maid outfits. Sighing you sit down on one of the beds. It is then that you notice something strange under the covers. You remove them and find that the bed seem to have chains attached to them. You go through each and see that each of the beds had them.

With your investigation of the room you decide to…

A. Head to the library
B. Check the guard’s quarters
C. Lord’s room
D. Main hall
E. Explore more
F. Tell the group
G. other
>F. Tell the group
We should split up and cover as much ground as we can. There are lots of things to discover, I guess.
You feel that this is something that the rest of the group needs to know. With that in mind you head out of the room and begin to head to the stairs. As you go you begin to overhear what sounds like group talking.

“Does anybody know where Donn went,” asks what sounds like Evan.

“I have no idea,” responds what sounds like Mary, “we should look for him carefully.”

“I’m over here guys and I found something rather interesting,” you say as rush over to them quickly. They all turn over to you as you join them. “I was looking around the castle and I found two things. First I found a treasure room downstairs and after that I headed over to the maid quarters. When I went in I found that each of the beds had chains on them. Also, the maids are all gone.”

“Well that is interesting, though I must say I believe the maids left,” comes Alex’s response, “But, with that in mind I feel that we should probably investigate more. So which area does everyone want to take?”

A. Head to the library
B. Check the guard’s quarters
C. Lord’s room
D. Main hall
E. Explore more
F. other
>A. Head to the library
Knowledge is power. Also, take someone with us who is a bit more knowledgeable in magic and such.
“I’ll head to the library,” you say.

“Ok that’s fine then,” responds Evan, “does anybody else want to go with him?”

“Oh I’ll go,” says Elizabeth jumping up excitedly.

“That should be fine then. The two of you shall investigate the library. Meet us back here when you are done,” as Evan says this the two of you bow and head off.

The two of you don’t talk as you walk to the library, but you can feel excitement radiating from Elizabeth. After a while the two of you make it to the library and she heads off to start searching for anything.

Roll 1d100
Rolled 92 (1d100)

File: Strange pokemon.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
You quickly manage to find a rather interesting books. Hidden away is a book that is one aura techniques. You take some time to look at the book and you see some rather interesting techniques. First, is a technique where you send your aura into the air around you. You try this and it results in an area of mist that forms around you. The second technique that you decide to try is one where you send your aura out in short blasts. When you try it you form three icicles that fly forth and knock down a pile of books.

You walk over to the books and start putting them back on the table. As you do you notice that two books are on the table. The first shows an illustration of one of the strange Pokémon that was with the lord. The other mentions that it is possible for certain Pokémon and those with a matching aura to control people with their minds.

“What was that noise,” asks Elizabeth rushing over, “is anything wrong.”

“No, but I think I know what happened with the maids. It is all in this book right here,” as you say this you point down at the book.

She walks over to the book and starts to examine it and after a while she calls out in surprise.

“This is rather terrifying,” she says turning to you. “Should we return with this information or keep looking.”

A. Keep looking(roll 1d100)
B. Return
C. other
Rolled 89 (1d100)

>A. Keep looking(roll 1d100)
'Somebody' is still here. Alive and lurking for a chance to cause trouble again. We need to deal with them quickly.
“I think we should keep looking,” you say as you start to go through the books again.

“Ok then,” responds Elizabeth, “I shall also look around. Call me if you find anything again.”

With that she walks back over to the part of the library she was checking before she came to investigate the crash. You return to examining the stack of books you were looking at. As you examine the books you note that most of them were maps of the area. However, as you get to the bottom you note that there are some notes of trade transactions.

You look at them closer and see that it says he received a Malamar and two Inkays. He got them from something called the Merim trading company. As you close the book you note that there is a piece of paper sticking out. You pick it out and see that it mentions a meeting in town with someone called Reveri in two days’ time.

“Well I couldn’t find anything what about you,” say Elizabeth sneaking up on you.

“I found some transaction notes,” you say, “but other than that I got nothing.”

“Ok well we should probably go to see everyone else.”

You nod and the two of you head to the meeting point. As it turns out the two of you were the only ones who found anything besides Alexander who found a strange pendent and a note for a meeting in Marina with a “Wave” in a week.

“Well those are all interesting leads,” says Evan, “Which do you all think we pursue first?”

A. The meeting in the village
B. The meeting in Marina
C. The issue in town
D. The angry swamp people
E. other
>A. The meeting in the village
I think we dealt with one, maybe two of these mons yet. (Mind telling me the exact number, Spruce?)
There's still stuff to do here. This Reveri guy could be helpful with this.
You took out both of them. They were the strange Pokémon he had.
“I think we should check out that meeting in town,” you say. “The town is pretty close and even if we went to the town meeting we should be able to check out the meeting in the city.”

“That is a good point Donn,” says Evan. “Does anybody disagree with this idea?” Nobody brings up an argument against your idea so he nods. “Ok then grab your gear and let’s move.”

With that everyone goes to get your stuff. You guide everyone to the treasure room and together you all grab up the treasure. Once all of the goods are all packed up all of you head off to the village.

Roll 1d100
Rolled 75 (1d100)

Your previous post said 'A Malamar and two Inkays', meaning three in total. I remembered killing two. So what happened to the last one?
needs a roll, right. Here you go.
The lnkay's were called the two strange Pokémon. Malamar was called the strange Pokémon.
The Inkay's were the two small strange Pokémon.
The trip goes rather smoothly as you all head towards the village. However, after you make it about half way to the village before you begin to hear a loud crowd. You all stop to listen and to your surprise the crowd seems to be rather happy.

When they make it into your line of site you see that a number of people from the village are walking forth in the crowd. Many of them are pulling or guiding empty carts while others are dancing around cheering. When they see you the ones at the head of the group rush over to the group.

“Oh greetings and thanks upon this greet day,” says a man shaking Evan’s hand. “Today our lord has been overthrown. He has been controlling us and stealing our daughters, but some brave adventures made him meet his end. We wish to invite you to our village for a feast. Will you join us?”

A. Yes
B. No
C. Tell them that we killed the lord
D. Other
>C. Tell them that we killed the lord
But keep up your guard up. We need to find this Reveri guy and possibly not die a horrible death in the meantime.
“Should we tell them?” you whisper to Evan who gets a look contemplative look on his face.

“I think we should,” he says as he turns to face the group. “Speaking of the lord we were the ones that took care of him. Is there anything we could help you with?”At his words the people around you grow silent before the leader of the crowd walks over to you all.

“Is this true?” he asks looking over at you all. You all nod and the crowd shouts even louder.

“This is most joyous news,” says the leader, “you all need to join us for the celebration.”

With that the crowd surrounds you all and begins to guide you over to the town. The towns people press up against you all making it difficult to move.

A. Try to get out (roll 1d100)
B. Just go with them
C. Other
>B. Just go with them
For now, we just have to go to town anyways. We can care about more details once we arrived.

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