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Previous threads:

We continue after Alagos's car was demolished by machine gun fire...

You get up and look down the alley. Looks like your attacker is a mercenary. Probably a good one, too, if he's alone.
"Nice reflexes, getting out of the car that quickly." he comments, putting his gun aside and drawing his pistol.
"Yeah, I'm pretty good like that."
Kilo gets up and flicks the safety on her uzi before drawing her sword.
"Kilo and Alpha, supposedly working together. You've been targeting Hanzai quite a bit lately... I've been hired to discourage you from doing so."
You summon your Bravo and brace it against your shoulder, peering down the sights at the mercenary.

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 2 (1d20)

Rolled 4 (1d20)

Rolled 7 (1d20)

File: IMG_1398.jpg (228 KB, 1680x1050)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
>>1465469 (lucky for you guys, the merc rolled ABYSMALLY, I spent like 5 minutes trying to get high enough rolls for someone to win)
You charge and immediately trip over some trash, slamming into the ground. Kilo promptly trips over you and slams to the ground.
The mercenary fires, but the combination of kickback and your fall sends the volley flying over your heads. When he stops, you and Kilo scramble to cover.
You throw your sword, which pierces the man's stomach. He groans in pain.
Kilo pops out of cover and sprays him with lead. The mercenary tries to retaliate, but his shots go wildly off course.
This continues for a while, popping in and out of cover, missing your target by a mile half the time, and hiding as soon as you see him turn toward you.
The mercenary eventually collapses from blood loss.
You retrieve your sword and examine the body. It seems just before you arrived, he sent an alert to HQ. They know you're coming, and they've had like 15 minutes to prepare.
You grab his ammo and get into his car. At least you got something out of this shitshow, it's a newer model.
Kilo climbs in after you.
"That was a disaster... please tell me you have a plan for attacking the place. I mean, you running in and killing everyone would probably work, but I'm more fragile than you."

>[]We're gonna sneak up to the mainframe, take EVERYTHING, and run.
>[]I'm gonna run in and kill everyone, after I ingest 'caffeine'. The people who experimented on me said that that stuff shouldn't be given to me under any circumstances.
>[]I'll hack the nearest military base and have them blow the defenses open! (D20)
>>[]I'm gonna run in and kill everyone, after I ingest 'caffeine'. The people who experimented on me said that that stuff shouldn't be given to me under any circumstances.
Maby even a super espresso?
Channel lightning into super compressed plasma blades to wield like lightsabers. Use the autism, Alagos.
File: Hanzai_Group.png (16 KB, 327x250)
16 KB
"Uh, I wouldn't suggest that you drink any coffee..."
"You're not the boss of what I can and can't drink!"
You pull over, grab an espresso, and speed back toward Hanzai HQ.
You slow to a halt a few blocks away and run the rest of the way.
The security's already in place, dozens of guards are positioned to fill you with lead as soon as you step inside.
"You are trespassing on Hanzai property! If you come any closer, we have full legal rights to shoot!"
You laugh and gulp down the espresso, the hot liquid scalding your tongue.

One thing that should be explained about Alagos.
This is an autistic blue-haired elf with a natural hyper personality. All he needs to break orbit is a ramp. Feeding this... thing caffeine in near-undiluted form has the effect of giving him fucking Superhot powers. That in mind, imagine him running through a building, slicing guard after guard into multiple pieces, and falling asleep where he started.
It basically looked like a hundred razor grenades went off in every room in the building.


You wake up. Krystal is hastily laying claymores in front of a large metal door.
"Finally! You're fucking heavy!"

>[]What happened?
>[]I was gonna get the data and everything, but I felt kinda sleepy and the world was getting faster.
Be all surly like the demoman from tf2.

Then ask if a bigass emp would help and aim it wherever she says is the general direction that needs to get shitfucked by electromagnetism. Assuming we can do an emp and assuming we can directionalize it. Y'know, like those claymores.
"They'll have ta' gloo them back tagetha, in HELL!"
"Yeah, great. But that stunt you pulled means the MILITARY IS ON OUR ASSES! I dragged us into this weapons vault, but they're gonna break in here, soon."
"...can an EMP blast help? What direction are they in?"
"Well, it's disable some equipment, but the thing is, guns and C4 don't need electricity to run. Well, the detonators do, but I'm pretty sure they have spare batteries for those. And they're... well, everywhere."
You send out a pulse, anyway.

>[]Look for weapons that might come in handy.
>[]Panic at the thought of competent combatants and hide.
>[]Brace yourself and wait for the tide...
File: IMG_1445.png (4.22 MB, 1920x2160)
4.22 MB
4.22 MB PNG
Goodnight, anons.
>[]Look for weapons that might come in handy.
File: image.png (822 KB, 1024x567)
822 KB
822 KB PNG
You run deeper into the vault.
"I'll just look for something we can use, kay?"
"Don't take too long."
You look through the racks and racks of weapons--is that a famas? No, no time for that.
Ooh! Prototypes!
You take a look at the guns and suits hung up on the far wall.
There's some information on a nearby terminal. 'COMPOUND 402' is used, it supposedly blocks small arms (unless there's a ridiculous amount of it) and regenerates should it be torn.
Paired with them are miniguns made from carbon fiber, save the essential parts. Krystal could probably carry one with her robot arms.
You bring the prototypes over to her.
"Bulletproof skintight suits and miniguns."
She feels the material.
"Well, it's about as protective as what I'm wearing now if you're lying, so..."
You both change. Krystal might've been groped a little.
She hoists up her minigun and faces the door. A few moments later, a welding torch starts cutting through.
"Well... here we are. If we die it's gonna be fucking awesome. I... it was fun, hanging out with you."
"K-Krystal, I'm gonna cry..."
"Shut up, they're almost through!"
You open fire right before the torch finishes its job. High-caliber bullets pierce the door and tear through unseen bodies. The door, having taken enough punishment, falls to the ground.


You fire down the stairway, toss a grenade for good measure, and slam the door to the mainframe shut behind you.
"Okay... gotta get a little rest..."
You brute-force your way through security, using a neglected admin's account to break into the finance systems.
A lot of Hanzai's assets are liquidated, but it looks like they've been building up for something. The current balance is $50 million...

>[]Take (specified amount).
>[]Give Krystal some for your vacation, then give the rest to charity.
Good morning stormy.
>Put small amounts in as many different accounts as you can. Just random people, your accounts amongst them.
You and Krystal hurriedly work at the system, creating new accounts and dumping some money in them, as well as stealing the passwords for pretty much every CEO and official in Hanzai. If all went well, you could probably get some of them in trouble for embezzling.
Your commlink beeps.
While you're there, would you mind going to the disclosed location and shutting down the machinery within? I can offer more money.

>[]Guess we better do that.
>[]We're done, we need to pull out and hide.
>Check it out, and if the resistance isn't coffee inducing, do it.
>>[]Guess we better do that.
Lets just fuck up Hanzai.
Try to summon the H.ARM suit?
>[]Guess we better do that.
But how did they know what we just did?
Are they watching us tight now?
File: image.png (1.61 MB, 1415x1000)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
>>1467911 Black magic
You try to summon the H.ARM suit...
Nothing. The minigun is probably a better choice for indoor warfare, anyway.
You take a look at the building's layout and plan your way to the 'location'. It's supposedly an experimental power generation system. Probably uses Hell energy. Fucking Hanzai.
Just as you're about to kick the door open, the ceiling explodes. Your ears ring as rubble covers you and Krystal.
Fortunately, it's not very deep. You push the drywall off yourself and peek through the hole that had appeared in the wall.
Aw, shit.
Artillery outside, the military's deemed you worthy of long-range strikes. The room you're in was in the center of the building, it looks like their first barrage was spent just trying to get to you. The guns are reloading, and you REALLY don't like Krystal's chances. You'd live, but they could probably scoop up your brains before you reform and keep you in a vault for the rest of forever.
Krystal grabs her gun and starts running for the stairs.
"Krystal... we're not gonna make it."
She screams incoherently and fires at the artillery crew. Too late...
An explosion next to you forces your suit's earpieces to block out the noise. Odd lack of pain...
You open your eyes. Pris stands next to you in the H.ARM suit, placing a well-aimed shot in one of the guns' ammo crates.

>[]Help her.
>[]I didn't know you could shoot.
>>[]Help her.
Hello Pris, fancy meeting you here.
File: image.png (458 KB, 543x768)
458 KB
458 KB PNG
You stand up and fire at the loading mechanisms. Together with Krystal's panicked shooting, you manage to destroy or cripple every last cannon.
Pris takes out her earbuds.
"H-hi, Alagos..."
"Fancy meeting you here! Good thing, too. I thought we were goners."
"Well, I thought you could use my h--WAIT! I need to tell you, they broke into the base right after you left and then they..."
She shakes her head.
"They took that chip out of Sasha's neck! She said she's coming here to kill you! I got here as fast as I could."
Krystal swore and paced the room.
"Dammit, I knew I should've told you to get rid of her! Stupid libido..."
"We'll deal with that when the time comes. For now let's just get to that generator."
You kick the door down, knocking over a technician who had been planting thermite. Bullets ping off your suit as you gun down the rest of the squad.
Pris puts her earbuds back in and hoists the suit's railgun.


You slam the security door shut, engage the lock, and weld it together with magic for good measure.
The generator is a tall glass tube with orange-red energy writhing throughout it. You can feel the demonic energy from here.
A man enters from the other side of the room. He's decked out in a creepy robe, carrying two blades.
"402. Kilo. Pris."
Sasha steps out from behind him. She snarls at you and flicks her whip.
"I am Apollyon, CEO of Hanzai Corporation. I must say, you've been causing us quite a few issues."

>[]And I don't intend on stopping! (Destroy the generator)
>[]Is this the part where you explain why a Japanese-based corp is heavily involved with Christian demons?
Rolled 6 (1d20)

Might as well and try.
Rolled 16 (1d20)

File: IMG_0843.jpg (135 KB, 867x921)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
>>1469466 (you rolled just high enough that the median barely succeeds)
You sigh and remove your helmet, giving Sasha a sad stare.
"Look... I was wrong to do that to you. Stick a chip in your neck and make you do whatever I said. I fell in love with you, Sasha. I was just an asshole trying to get off, but then it--I took it too far. I can't justify that, but... I hope that you can forgive me, and just maybe, we could still be friends. "
The succubus blinked, and looked at you in shock before bursting into tears.
"Oh, for Hell's sake..." Apollyon grumbles.
"I thought she was better than that. And you, Pris! I thought you could at least follow a simple instruction. Going so far as to resist remote commands, even."
"No, I--"
"Uhh, what's he talking about?"
"She's a robot we had built to help us recapture you. She was meant to inject you with a potent tranquilizer, allowing for your recapture."
"D-don't listen to him, Alagos..."

>[]...and you hid this from me?
>[]Bullshit, she's not a robot!
>[]Maybe she'd be more inclined to follow orders if she hadn't been RAPED AND TORTURED BY DEMONS!
>>[]...and you hid this from me?
We coulda installed sex mods.
Think of all the attachments you could of gotten, well, still get. We coulda been having BETTER fun. When we get home, we'll order some, but you'll have to wait a week tied up.
"Alagos, I don't think Pris has common sexbot configuration--"
"A week... t-tied up? If you say so..."
"She does, actually. Design team insisted BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT WE'RE TAKING ABOUT! We're still in the 'revelations' phase of the big encounter..."
"Please tell me I'm not a brainwashed employee."
"No, Kilo. You've been ruining our plans all on your own."

>[]Who am I, exactly?
>[]Why is a weeaboo corp using Christian demons for shit?
>[]I don't care, let's begin our epic battle of Jojo-style trickery.
>>[]Why is a weeaboo corp using Christian demons for shit?
Isn't there a greater variety of your own?
"Well, you see--"
"OH GOD NO." Krystal shouted.

"Thousands of years ago, the Christians had begun to gain a foothold in Japan. Their ways were interfering with the ruling class and the way of life on the islands.
Therefore, a solution was required. A group of soldiers, loyal to the Emperor, travelled to the West to learn more of this new ideology. When they returned, they possessed extensive knowledge of the demonic. Reveling in the irony, they unleashed the forces of Hell onto the Japanese Christians just as the Empire's purge had begun. The effort was successful, driving the Christians out of the nation entirely for an extensive period of time. In return, however, we would come back in the future to exploit the nation for our own cause.
First was the spreading of radiation sickness, then the anime (and subsequent erotica) boom in the 90s, then finally, Hanzai. A corporation dedicated to developing new ways of suffering. That is why a Japanese company is run by Christian demons. Also we told the oni to buzz off when they moved in on our territory. I'm not sure where they went, but I have some suspicions about a few American corps..."

>[]Wow. What a clusterfuck.
>[]Cool, now who am I and how do I factor into this?
Rolled 19 (1d20)

File: IMG_1517.jpg (76 KB, 1280x720)
76 KB
You summon your sword. Then you summon the rest of your swords.
The wind lifts you off your feet. Your swords crackle with electricity, and start to spin violently around you.
You back Apollyon into a corner. Thirty seconds later, he's little more than mush, most of it covering you.
You float back to the ground, have a seat, and banish your swords.
"Phew... inner peace... count to ten."
You stand up, completely calmed.
"Ewwwwww it's all gutsy."
Your companions give you wary looks. At least they aren't puking.

>[]Destroy the generator.
>[]Guys, I'm sorry. He insulted my waifus, though.
>>[]Guys, I'm sorry. He insulted my waifus, though. And yours
>[]Destroy the generator.
Lightning that mush until it's Apollyn hamburger helper
"Yeah... I'm really sorry about that scene, but he insulted our wa--"
You turn and blast the puddle until it's little more than charred goop.
"--ifus. Thought I saw something twitch, there. Anyway, time to destroy this unholy thingy."
You turn around and blast the generator with lightning. It shatters, and you're immediately sucked toward it.
"What the fuuuuUUUuuuuuUUUU--"
You manage to grab onto a support beam.
"Enjoying yourself, are we?"
That one guy from your dream appears and hovers in front of you.
"Alagos, who is that?" Krystal asks. Seems the sucky-zone doesn't reach her or the other two.
"Demon? Get out of here! Don't you have a Phantom of the Opera lookalike contest to get to or some shit?"
"How did you--well, that's not why I'm here. Good job with all these Hanzai raids you've been doing. And yes, it is I, Demon. Or as I was once called, Rìnir Vascowitz!"

>[]I was wondering how you knew all the shit I was doing. I suppose you're gonna explain yourself now?
>[]I don't give a shit, fuck off so me and my bitches can chill in Hawaii as I was promised.
>>[]I don't give a shit, fuck off so me and my bitches can chill in Hawaii as I was promised.
>If you weren't such a dick, we might of sent Ranir a nice present, maby even that H.ARM suit.
G'night stormy
"Oh, but I haven't even told you about yourself! And you're supposed to be falling into that Hell portal..."
Demon starts smashing your knuckles. Surprising no one, it doesn't do a thing.
"If you'll leave after telling me 'who I am' and all that shit, I guess I'll listen."
"Excellent. Basically, you were meant to replace a god of storms in another universe. Before you could be transported there, some cultists managed to grab you with a spell, prompting Hanzai to capture you."
"Of course I'm a god, nice fucking hunch."
"How eloquent. Just know that your world is going to be plagued with constant storms until you find a way back. Also, have fun wth the Devourer."
Demon disappears, along with the Hell portal. Some distant screeching emanates from the sea.
"It seems I'm just that good."

>[]Now perhaps we should investigate that screeching... I don't like the sound of that Devourer thing.
>[]Well, Hawaii time.
>Have sum 4sum for old times sake, then watch the news to see what that devourer thing is.
Do whatever the other guy's vote for, but make sure to crank up the smug and the swagger so high that we'll be a meme as soon as someone manages to snap a pic.
You quickly evacuate the building and jump into your car, taking a direct path back home. As soon as you get there, you grab Krystal's ass and dig your two middle fingers into her pussy before doing the same to Pris.
"Alagos, I don't think this is the time to--"
"It can't be that important." you say, ignoring the distant gunfire and screams.
"Sasha, do you..."
She hesitates.
"I guess I'm kind of hungry..."


You roll away from the pile of women (much to Pris's disappointment. The other two find something for her to do, though) and check your commlink.
Uh... heh.
The headlines basically read SHIT A FUCKING KAIJU IS ATTACKING NEO YORK CLENCH YOUR BUTTS. It's accompanied with blurry pictures of a giant beast.

>[]Guys, we really should be checking that out...
>[]Yeah, it totally won't destroy our place. Let's ignore the millions who live here.
>[]Now seems like a good time to go on that vacation.
Go climb to the top of a tall building and fling lightning at it. If you can manage to make the lightning musical like the nerds who hook up tesla coils to play music, mega bonus points.
4chan's being pissy.
"Yeah, I'm gonna go take care of that... have fun!"
"Mmmmmh! <3"


Well... your plan had been to stand on a roof and hurl lightning bolts down upon it.
You'll need to rework that a little, as the skyscraper your on barely clears its toes (I had a pic, but 4chan doesn't like it).
Seriously, this thing was HUGE. You're a little concerned about how you're even gonna defeat it. You hurl a bolt at it anyway, which bounces off its shell with a little *ping!*
Right on cue, the thing opens its mouth and fires a laser at you. You immediately make a run for it, but you're caught by the beam before you can get clear.
A few minutes later, you've reformed and started staring at the permanent shadow you left on the ground.

>[]Become... big.
>[]Go Thousand Swords and see if you can poke it to death.
>[]Dive down its throat with a bomb.
>[]Write-in. (I have no concrete plans for how exactly to kill it)

>[]Become... big.
But do it as flashy as possible
Withy cheesy line and shit from hlcartoons.
Call on the power of the gry skull
This but then
>Thousand swords and see if you can poke it to death

Make it seem power rangers as fuck
Rolled 6 (1d20)

May as well live up to our divine heritage.

I roll to fuck the beast.
It would seem that the beast is not impressed.
Rolled 8 (1d20)

Rolled 5 (1d20)

Just checking.
Man with rolls like that I think we might have just jabbed the back of it's knee with our dick, came on its leg after the single poke, and then passed out.
Rolled 16 (1d20)

The kaiju is not for dicking.
They do the dicking

Rolling for how much dicking it gives us
File: IMG_1519.jpg (286 KB, 1600x998)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
You look up at the Devourer. It roars, shattering the windows of every building in Manhattan.
"What are you... some kind of bug? Guess I'll have to squish you like one!"
"By the powers vested in me by myself, I shall vanquish you!"
You make a long jump into the sea and focus, slowly growing to match the size of the demon.
"I suspected something like this would happen, so I previously hung razor wire from nano-drones. You will be unable to move without shredding yourself!"
The demon stretches. You can hear the tiny sounds the razor wire makes as it snaps.
"Skreeskreeskree skree."
"Truly, you are a worthy opponent! I never would have expected you to plant mines in the surrounding ocean! Unfortunately for you, I DID expect you to plant mines in the surrounding ocean!"
You hold up the handful of now-tiny mines and hurl them at the demon. The explosions don't bother it.
"However, it is now time for this battle to end."
"Skree! Skree-skree?"
You summon your swords.
"Each one of these blades holds 100 million volts of electricity, and narrows down to a single molecule at the edge. They can penetrate any armor."
You point your original sword at the demon.
"Your next line will be 'impossible'!"
"Impossible! N-NANIIIIII!??[/i}"
"Flickering Deleting Enchantment Protective Imprisoning Cancel Shocker Deception!!!"
*a poorly-made miniature of the Devourer explodes*
You shrink back to normal size and land on a rooftop. The thousand battleship-size swords disappear, and the creature dissolves into ash, which immediately covers the city. You turn to look at the ocean and say...

>[]...that takes care of the cremation.

(I already wrote this up before the dicking was discussed... I guess I'll write about getting sodomized by the Devourer when I have some free time. The things I do for you fuckers, seriously)
Every time this happens I feel an unhealthy amount of hate for myself.
rember kis eat your cearal or you wont be able to do this
There are services that make glass things with ashes. Usually they make fancy things out of the cremated remains of pets or loved ones.

Scoop up a literal ton (or a hundred tons) of Devourer ashes and commission the production of man glass sex toys, but mainly dildos of a great variety. Also a glass Devourer anime girl waifu sculpture.

ithinkyour thinking of something likethis?
>>1471897 (send a glass dildo made of your ashes to a female family member, ???, profit)
You mutter the first Japanese phrase that comes to your mind before running around the city with some jars, grabbing as much ash as you can.


"Hey, guys! I'm home, I destroyed the evil demon!"
"Yeah, I heard." Krystal replies. She's chilling next to a suitcase.
"Better get packing. I made an executive decision, we're leaving before any more shit can go down."
You look in on Sasha and Pris. They're packing up their belongings as well.
"Hey, there! I gotta order some toys for you, Pris... you want anything, Sasha?"
She looks like she's about to say something, then shakes her head.
"No, not right now."
You shrug and starts stuffing waifu pillows into your pocket dimension. You also preemptively order Pris's toys to the condo you'll be staying in, they should get there a little while after you do.
You have a quick layover in LA, where you go the the in-airport movie theater and watch The Twin Worlds again. Krystal thought it was okay. The rest of the trip was uneventful, you managed to behave yourself on the plane, for the most part. Sasha did get hungry, and you've already received your certificate from the Mile High Club.
You slowly open your eyes, wincing as the sun blinds you. Late afternoon, it seems. Jet lag wasn't very fun.
You sit up and take a better look around. Tasteful decoration adorns the walls, turtles made from driftwood, that kind of thing. The scene is enhanced by the three hot women snoozing around the house, the glass doors leading to a private stretch of beach, and your dozen or so waifu pillows arranged in a mountain.

>[]Get some food. Actual, non-airline food.
>[]Spend time with one of your harem (or all three).
>[]Check the web to see what everyone thought of your epic battle.
>>[]Check the web to see what everyone thought of your epic battle.
we should get a go pro and start streaming and uploading the shit we get up too
You take a look at the news. The military and Hanzai are both remaining silent about why their regional headquarters was destroyed with the prejudice of the fucking Spetznaz, but that's slightly overshadowed by the giant demon that rose out of the water and killed thousands before getting stopped by a giant in futuristic spandex.
The country's on high alert (you somehow managed to get here before the whole state of emergency was declared), and the President's due to give a press statement in a few hours.
All that pales in comparison to your Pornhub video labeled 'KAIJU BITCH IS GANGBANGED BY A THOUSAND LONG THROBBING SWORDS'. It's currently one of the hottest videos on the site.
You eat a bowl of cereal while watching it.
"Is that orange text on a black background I see..?" Krystal asks sleepily, peering over your shoulder.
"Oh, your fight. Damn. Try the one down there after, that bitch is tight."
She rummages around through the cupboards. You can't help but stare at her ass as she does so.

>[]You mind morning sex, Krystal?
>[]So, what's your plan for today?
>[]Aren't I brave? Saving the city from a monster like some kind of superhero.
>>[]Aren't I brave? Saving the city from a monster like some kind of superhero.
"Yes, I'm really looking forward to the saga of Autismus the mighty."
Krystal heats up some oatmeal and sprinkles brown sugar over the top. Sasha yawns and rubs her eyes as she sits down in front of the tv.
"Morning, Krystal. Morning... Alagos. Or, afternoon."
She blinks hard several times and flicks through the channels, settling on some cartoon.
Pris emerges a few moments later.
"Gaaaah... I'd ask for my sleep patterns to be programmed out, but it's too nice..."
She gets a bowl of cereal herself. On that note, they really did make Pris pretty believable. The food probably travels down to a fusion reactor or something, but still.

>[]What should we do? Can't just hang around, there's a beautiful beach outside.
>[]Plan your Autismus costume for Halloween.
>[]Hey, (name), you want to talk? A one-on-one would be good for us.
Go to the beach. Walk around in a small bikini with a design of some children's cartoon on it (small like we got one made for little kids, not one of those floss things) and ask random people if they'll rub sunscreen on you. Make sure to wear your waifu print water wings and a safety helmet. Don't wanna have a danger at the beach! The helmet can have a camera in it. Set it up to livestreamed as autismo the mighty
we gonna be the hottest retard there
After the incident, on a certain website...

>Be me
>At the beach
>Some bitch runs up to me
>BRIGHT blue hair, pretty nice body
>wearing a bikini about two sizes too small
>and water wings
>and a helmet with a GoPro
>all covered in crudely-drawn chibi characters
>no bulge, she isn't a trap
>probably isn't trans either
>so wtf does she want
"Nyaaaa, Anon-kun, could you spread some sunscreen on my back?"
>she lies down and unties her top
>probably jailbait but I have to do it
>the ass was fat, practically begged me to grope her
>as soon as I'm done she squishes my face into her tits and runs off giggling
>a few minutes later a blond chick in running clothes stops by
"You seen a blue-haired girl around?"
>yeah she went that way
>watching the newest videos on YouTube for the 'gone sexual' prank I was just part of
I think she probably hit her head surfing. Autistic grills thread?


Krystal tackles you just as you're about to ask the drunken hobo to rub sunscreen on your sensitive bits.
"Sorry, sir. My friend's not feeling too well. You and me are going to have a LONG fucking talk at the condo you bitch..."
She drags you back and pushes you onto the couch.
"At least I got exercise out of that... Alagos, do whatever the hell autistic shit you want, but PLEASE do not get into sexual shit with people you don't know. That guy could've raped you and given you AIDS! You probably would've killed him and healed yourself through sheer willpower, but still! It's just... concerning."

>[]Krystal, I don't need to worry about anything. I'm invincible!
>[]...I guess you're right. I can't just pretend my actions don't have consequences.
>[]I'll stop if you let me sex you up.
>[]Are you WORRIED about me, Tsundere-chan!?
I believe the go pro is still running. Hug her and make [autistic cooing noises]
You hug Krystal and gently stroke her back.
"Thanks for caring... you're all sweaty."
You lick her neck. Salty.
"Hey, how about you--never mind. Lick away if you want."
You make some bbbbbbb noises as you wrap your arms tighter around Krystal.
"Hey, what's your favorite anime?"
"Black Lagoon."
"Awfully willing to answer that question... I could've guessed. Mine's Trigun, they showed me that in my holding cell."
"Oh GOD, your personality was dictated by what they showed you?"
"Just reinforced."

>[]Keep talking about personal stuff.
>[]I'm gonna go talk to Pris/Sasha now.
>[]I'm gonna go swimming, now.
Invite her swimming. You wanna show off your sick water wings and make splashy splashy. And make everyone at the pool feel really awkward about the autism girl playing herself with the water her in front of everyone without shame. Unless we're restricted to ocean swimming at the beach. In that case dog holes. Autisms always dig holes at the beach.
>playing herself with the water her
With the water jet.

I still feel massive shame because I used to do it in the pool in front of people when I was like and I had no idea what I was doing until I was like 15. Nobody told me, they just laughed about it behind my back. The day I finally got told what masturbation was featured a massive OH GOD WHY moment.
>when I was like
When I was little. Autocorrect pls stop.

>[]I'm gonna go swimming, now.
Time to surf
On the swords

Also y is this so much fun
I cant even whats happening
>>1472993 (I feel strangely relieved I've never gone through shit like that)
You give Krystal a quick kiss.
"I'm going surfing now. I'll stay out of the public areas just for you."
"Come back soon. It's gonna get dark and I have an idea for adjusting to the time zone."
You gleefully run out into the beach, angling your GoPro to look at you.
"You ready for this shit?"
You reach down and dig with your hands, quickly creating a hole that would fit you nicely. You toss some crabs you found into the ocean and climb inside, hugging your legs to your chest.
The water promptly starts pouring in. You sputter and cough as you claw your way out, spitting seawater onto the sand.
You summon a few swords and step onto them, mentally commanding them to lift off the ground.
You glide forward and slim the waves, shooting down a tube as it breaks.
"This is amazing!"
The wave catches you and carries you along with it. After tumbling along the sea floor for several meters, you lie still on the sand. Fucking wave stole your top, too.
"Nice ride, man. Nice ride." Krystal calls out from the condo.

>[]Like you could do better!
>[]Go inside dejectedly and take a shower.
>[]It's about having fun, Krystal. Which I did.

>[]It's about having fun, Krystal. Which I did.
But if you gona be like that

Then do better
Better yet lets get a beach surfring comp and swimsuit happening all the people on beach can jude us
Also volleyballs teams!!
Grt all the people
>[]Like you could do better!
I only pick this option because it narratively demands she does better
"I could do better, if I had a surfboard. As it is, I'd rather not use your Green Goblin thingy. Maybe later."
Krystal walks up to you and shakes her head as she stares down at you.
"Well, at least I had fun... you wanna do some beach volleyball?"
"Sure. Not going to sleep anytime soon. I'll see if the other two are interested--"
Pris and Sasha chime up from inside.
"I'll go!"
"That sounds fun!"
Krystal sighs.
"Yeah, I guess I should've expected that. I'll go get my suit... and for fuck's sake, put on a top. Or stop being female and put on some shorts."
She kicks some sand onto you and walks back into the house.

>[]Go find a top.
>[]Change into some trunks.
>[]She can't tell you what to do! You'll walk around buck naked if you want!
Keep current outfit, but turn into a male.
You get up and transform, instantly regretting your decision. It had been too small even without having to fit a dick down there.
Sasha bounces out in a sling bikini.
"OOOOOH you look so CUTE! I just want to take you back down to my dungeon and keep you there!"
Pris follows in her own swimsuit. Lots of straps.
"You can do w-whatever you want... but I think you'd look better in something else--"
Krystal's response is a volleyball to the head, which knocks you back down.
"Oww... if it makes you feel better, my balls are being crushed."
"All is right, then. Let's get going."
You stagger back to your feet. Krystal's gone for a good old fashioned American flag look.
"Setting up a net would be a bitch, so... just huck it over this line in the sand. Try to hit it high, I guess."
Krystal draws a line with her toe.

Roll 1d20 and pick someone to be on your team.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

File: IMG_1532.jpg (48 KB, 680x1022)
48 KB
"Pris, my team."
"I'll do my best!"
Krystal spikes the ball toward your side. Pris jumps up and smacks it back at high speed, leaving a small crater where Sasha had been standing.
"Keep forgetting you're a robot." Krystal remarks. She serves it again, only for you to hit it back even harder than Pris had.
"You're gonna destroy it, calm down."
She serves it again. You hit it, then Sasha hits it, then Pris hits it, then Krystal hits it, then you hit it, then etc etc and finally you subject the poor volleyball to a roundhouse kick, sending sand flying.
"Hey, that's cheating!"
"Is there a rule?"
"There shouldn't HAVE to be a specified rule!"
"You're just salty because you lost."
"You're the fucking superpowered ones! I'm not exactly weak, but come on! Sasha, shouldn't you have like, demonic strength or something?"
"Only around my hips and wrists!"
"I don't know what I expected."

>[]Beating you was boring. I'm gonna go inside now.
>[]I'll allow you a rematch, if you really want one. (D20)
>[]Even discounting the roundhouse, it's still 7-1. Since you lost, you get to (write-in)!
>What game do YOU want to play.
>Wiggle hips suggestively.
You change back to female form and wiggle your hips.
"A new game? I've had something in mind..."
Krystal grabs you by the arm and starts pulling you inside.
"You two have fun, I need to borrow this manchild for a few hours."
"Hours? Oh, my!"
She shoves you onto the bed, leaves the room, and returns with a bottle of wine.
"Alagos, there's something I've wanted to do for a while, now. Actually, it's kind of one of the reasons I wanted us to come here in the first place."
Krystal gets up, sits next to you, and takes a gulp of wine before handing you the bottle.
"Drink. Anyway, long story short is you're gonna fuck me until I pass out."

>[]Okay. Let's do it, then.
>[]Pretty kinky. Might I ask why?
>[]Let me think about it... nah.
>>[]Pretty kinky. Might I ask why?
Get them feelings, get them in the heart.
Krystal sighs deeply and takes a long swig of wine.
"Ever since I met you... how long has it even been? Feels like years. Ever since I rescued you it's been nothing but stress and conspiracies and dealing with your bullshit. I'm just... really pent up. You've helped, but I need something more than a few rounds."
She unties your bottom and tosses it aside.
"Get your dick out."
You oblige her. Krystal takes one last bracing shot of alcohol before giving you an open-mouthed kiss. She pulls away, and you swallow down the wine that had gotten in your mouth.
You reach around and untie her suit, tossing both pieces into the corner. Krystal lies facedown on the bed, spreading her cheeks. You crouch over her and slowly slide into her pussy.
"Damn, how do you keep it so tight?"
"Lots of exercise... do it harder, my gynecologist gets me off more than this."
You pull out most of the way and slam back into her, eliciting a low moan. You keep going until she's already come at least twice before finishing.
"Unh... I'm totally gonna get pregnant now..."
"Yeah, you--WAIT, WHAT!?"
Come to think of it, she never uses protection... what were you thinking, this is bad, this is so bad--
Krystal snickers uncontrollably and doubles up.
"Hehehe, oh my GOD, you should see your face."
She sits up and gives you another kiss.
"Don't worry about that. I'm completely sterile."
"That... kind of makes me feel bad. That's terrible."
She shrugs.
"I've dealt with it. But that's enough of that. No talking about our problems."
Krystal digs around in a drawer and pulls out a bottle of lube, squirting a good dollop into her hand.
"Let's move onto my ass, now. I know you love it."
She grabs your cock and starts coating it.
"Doesn't that feel good? So nice and cold... mm, you mind rubbing that into my asshole for me?"


Krystal's sweat-soaked body weakly flops around underneath you as your cock slams into her again and again. She screams something as her eyes roll back in her head and her pussy tightens up.
You cum for what seem like the thousandth time before finally pulling out. Krystal's eyes light on your fluid-coated cock before flicking up to your face.
She weakly tries to push herself up.
"I... I'm so tired..."
Krystal collapses, heavy breathing soon fading to a more gentle pace. You open up a window, letting the sea breeze blow the stink of sex and alcohol away.

>[]You're all dirty. Pris should be perfectly fine with cleaning you up.
>[]Get some much-needed nutrition.
>[]Take a shower, then watch some tv.
>>[]You're all dirty. Sasha should be perfectly fine with cleaning you up.
You mean Sasha?
She needs to eat, maby get her to clean Krystal too.
You step out of the bedroom and sigh, wiping sweat off your forehead.
"Sasha, you hungry? I'm all dirty."
"Well, I could use a little..."
She kneels in front of you and gives the underside of your cock a long lick.
"Oh, this is delicious!"
Her tongue snakes out and curls around the shaft, the very tip tickling your balls.
"We haah lahn tuns, don' ee?"
She sucks all the cum (and some droplets of sweat) off of you and beams.
"Krystal's got a lot more, if you want it."
"Oh, I do!"
The succubus runs off to torment Krystal. Pris looks up at you from the couch.
"I could hear you... Krystal likes screaming, doesn't she..."
Pris perks up and holds up a box.
"Oh, and all those things you ordered came just now!"

>[]We'll try them tomorrow, I'm kind of tuckered out. Whatcha watching?
>[]Yeah, Krystal's a screamer. Jealous?
>[]Lemme see that... I've got some plans for you tonight.
>>[]Lemme see that... I've got some plans for you tonight.
Punishment for keeping secrets.
File: IMG_1533.jpg (30 KB, 600x600)
30 KB
"Naughty Pris! Should've told me we got it."
"B-but you were busy..."
You open the box. Quite a few things in this one. Butt plug, cat ears, a collar and leash, sexy underwear, and a few vibrators for good measure.
"Oh, that's..."
Pris blushes and rubs her thighs together.
"Here, let's try these out on you. Strip and kneel."
Pris takes her clothes off, leaves them on the couch and sits in front of you, staring at the floor. You gently put the cat ears on her head, then lift her face up.
"Sit on my lap now, this is a special occasion."
She sits facing you. You can feel her wet pussy grunt against you a little.
You take the collar and slowly clasp it around Pris's throat. She swallows, trying to get used to it.
"Now you're all mine. That clear?"
"Y-yes, Alagos."

>[]Now, let's get you tied up and see how long you can last...
>[]Good girl. Get on your hands and knees, facing away from me.
>[]I'll let you choose how many times I spank you.
>[]Let's watch some tv and let things escalate.
(Also, if you want her to call you something specific, Master, Milord, etc. now's the time to tell her. If you want to call her anything specific, let me know about that, too)
>>[]I'll let you choose how many times I spank you.
If she choses a low number
>I'm disappointed in you, i thought you knew how upset I was.
Then double it.
G'night Stormy
Whatever she chooses say that.
>(Also, if you want her to call you something specific, Master, Milord, etc. now's the time to tell her. If you want to call her anything specific, let me know about that, too)
Didnot see this.
>Call me Stormy
>>1475200 (I rolled a 57 on a d100... then I decided to use a smaller die)
"Um, s-six?"
You sigh.
"Pris, that'll barely hurt! For that, you're getting twelve. And they're gonna get progressively harder. Bend over."
Pris whimpers slightly and bends herself over your knees. You take two lengths of rope and tie her wrists and ankles together before drawing your hand back and give her a smack across the bottom of her ass, but mostly her pussy. She helps in surprise.
"That's one..."
You give her another, slightly harder spank.
She's starting to get wet. You can't blame her, your boner's pressing against her stomach.
As you keep spanking her, Pris's reaction turns from yelps, to squeaks, to whorish moans. Droplets of her pussy juice start to fly with every spank.
You rub her clit, almost to the point of orgasm, before spanking her across her swollen red pussy one final time.
Pris gasps and bucks her hips as she climaxes, moaning and squirting all over the carpet. After several seconds, she calms down and looks up at you. Despite the tears, she's obviously in love.
"Call me Stormy." you say out of nowhere.
You lift her up and sit her back down in your lap. She clenches her thighs around your raging erection.

>[]Good girl. I think you deserve a reward.
>[]I'll leave you tied up with a vibe for the night. This better not happen again.
>[]Beg me for it, bitch.
fuuuuuuck I want a slave that'll call me Stormy now
>Good girl. I think you deserve a reward.
Is that thigh fucking she's offering? Who are we to refuse! Get fuckin them thighs.
"I think you deserve a reward for taking that so well. What do you say?"
"Thank you."
"Good. Now let's get your hands untied..."
You undo the knot on her wrists but keep her ankles bound.
"Stand up and place your hands on the couch."
She does so. You get up and stand behind her, rubbing your cock along her pussy, pausing a few times at the entrance only to move on.
While doing this, you take a moment to appreciate her body. While Sasha's got better tits, and Krystal's got a better ass (not that you'd ever tell them that), Pris's pussy is probably her best trait. Nice and puffy, sensitive, and tight.
"Please..." Pris moans, sticking her ass out a little more.
"Yes, I suppose I promised you a reward, not more teasing."
You slowly push the first inch of your cock in before thrusting forward, slapping your pelvis against Pris's ass. She moans in ecstasy, her head hanging down to watch you fuck her.
In this position, she's tighter than ever. You sigh happily as you thrust in and out of her, enjoying the heat and wetness.
As Pris starts to edge, you place your hands on her hips and slide your thumb into her asshole. She moans harder, actively thrusting her hips back to meet you as she cums.
You grab her as her arms buckle and hook your arm under her knees, lowering her helplessly onto your glistening cock. Your free hand wanders up to squeeze her breasts.
After she climaxes again, you turn her around to face you and give her a passionate kiss as you pump her full of semen. You both flop down onto the couch, holding each other.

>[]Now clean me off.
>[]Does your ass hurt too badly?
>[]Oh, I love you so much, Pris...
Get a sleeping bag and get in it with her while watching movies and fucking for a while. Never leave the bag. Bag is love, bag is life. It the others want sex at some point they have to get in the bag as well. Nobody leaves the bag. If they protest then they can shove off. No sex if not bag sex.
You take a look around the house. Fortunately, there was a two-person sleeping bag around here. Previous tenants must've forgot it or something.
Pris stares at you as you climb in.
"Uh... what are you doing?"
"I'm in a bag."
"Okay. But... why?"
"I saw it earlier, and I felt an irresistible urge to climb inside... no, not just an urge. It was my destiny to be here; in the bag!"
Pris smiles.
"Good for you. I'm glad you're happy."
"I can't really put it into words, but I feel... safe. Like this is where I was meant to be. Like I've found the key to inner peace."
Pris seems confused.
"You should come inside the bag. Then you'll know what I mean."
She climbs in and snuggles up against you.
"Oh... this is nice."
You maneuver her so she's reclining on your lap and take a look at the tv listings.
"Let's see... Predator's on in like twelve minutes? Hell yeah!"
You wrap your arms around Pris and sigh.
"...hold on, let me get some snacks. Preferably sugary ones."
You leave the comfort of the bag for a few minutes to grab your snack stash.
"That's better."
Sasha emerges from the bedroom, licking her lips.
"Oh, so delicious--"
She looks down at you both and squeals.
She whips out her commlink and snaps a picture of you both.
"Oh, I need to go masturbate now~"

Anything you want to do after the movie?
Lets get some sleep.
Enjoy the bag for a few hours until you want something and then whine for Kilo to go get it for you so you don't have to experience the horror of leaving the bag again.

Also fondle Pris while watching Predator and saying Arnold quotes. Finger her bellybutton and compliment her on the lack of lint. Dryhump her rump at some point and if she asks why you're not doing proper sex just say you wanted to do this. Then do that Amish bullshit where you stick it in and then don't move at all. It's not sex if you just stick it in and don't put any wiggle in the jiggle! Except it is, and you're going to make the dick gently pulsate with electricity to massage her robopussy. Gentle, make it nice not something that will fry her. Pay no attention to how it will turn the cum in her into something like scrambled eggs.
Would Sasha enjoy it scrambled?
Lets find out.
File: image.png (10 KB, 344x326)
10 KB
>>1476217 (while this is... interesting, it's also hard to write for such excruciating detail without basically copy-pasting)
After Arnold... wins {should've actually seen Predator before writing this}, you shift around to lie lengthwise across the couch, wrapping your arms around Pris and popping some candy in her mouth.
"Mmm... goodnight."
You drift off to sleep.


You wander the twisted halls of the castle you've found yourself in, created from mashed-together bits from all sorts of buildings. What strange and warped windows look outside reveal a pitch-black Void.
You squeeze through a charred blast door and push bulbous growth out of your way as you enter a larger hall.
Demon sits on a dilapidated throne, which might've been gold in some distant age. He looks up in surprise.
"I... wasn't expecting this. I didn't think anyone else could get in here."

>[]Your taste is pretty fucked, I think I saw a few colors that don't exist back there.
>[]I don't want to be here. Please tell me where the exit is.
>[]What IS this place? I've seen it before, but not with all the non-elucidian shit...
What up. Want to play some vidya games?
"...do you even have--"
"I do, in fact. Things tend to trickle here when they are lost... I suppose I'll take up your offer, not much else to do but talk to the others."
Demon gets off his throne and starts walking off.
"Don't blame me if you get lost."
You follow him perfectly fine, hell, he didn't know you could just teleport through most of the doors.
As you walk through the halls, you can hear distant sobs.
"I will become canon, I will I will I will I willllllll!"
A loud sound of crumpling metal can be heard.
"Nobody likes you, Bogon! Shut up and get back in the oven!"
"Uhh... so what games do you have?"
"I believe we will start with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Hopefully that will cause you to vacate the premises."

>[]Okay. And who were those guys?
>[]Mario Kart? You're in for a surprise. (D20)
>[]You don't have anything else?
Rolled 1 (1d20)

>>[]Mario Kart? You're in for a surprise. (D20)
Want me to try and bring you something next time?
Like beer, or drugs?
>>1477532 (oh, dear)
"While I would appreciate it if you somehow managed to bring some, I doubt I would even be granted the pleasure of drunkenness."
How edgy.


"Mushroom Gorge... MUSHROOM GOOOOORGE."
The selector thingy jumps back and forth between your selections, those being Mushroom Gorge and (?)
It eventually settles on (?), which turns out to be Rainbow Road.
"OOOOH I love this map."
You take off, doing your best to swerve around the curves.
"First place." you mumble, the life slowly fading from your soul. Demon hits you with a green shell and zooms past you.


"Mm-hm. Quite an extensive vocabulary you have there."
"Now, that level of rage is about what I feel for you constantly. And you had to kill me for that to happen, your temper must be quite short."
You calm down and take a few deep breaths. Mario Kart's shit anyway.

>[]Let's play something else. (Name a game, roll a d20)
>[]I'm going now.
(Fun fact, I'm currently undefeated at the original Mario Kart because my siblings can't play for shit)
Can we invite some more people, and have a party, snot good for you to be cooped up here by yourself all the time.
We could go out and... uh... possess some people? Can you do that? Go for a damn joyride.

last racing game I played, was a racing demo on the Sega Saturn
"Can we invite more people for a party?"
"I don't think that would be wise. Most everyone here's done terrible things. Can't figure out how to bring outsider here, either. They're usually banished, like that Horus guy, or just wander in."
"Huh... well, can we possess people and take them for joyrides?"
"Me, no. I only snatch dreams. I doubt you could possess anyone, and your life is enough of a joyride, anyway."
You lie down and sigh.
"Man, this place is boring."
"It's a realm beyond all Creation. Technically, nothing is even supposed to BE here."

>[]Well, guess I'm going, then. To a nice beach house, with hot women instead of evil people.
>[]Let's go meet this Horus guy!
>[]You have anything else we can play?
>>[]Let's go meet this Horus guy!
And see if he wants to play some board games or stuff, and have you tried to summon a succubus? Want me to try to summon one for you?
Cause you need some company.
File: IMG_1538.jpg (166 KB, 755x717)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
"I'd rather you not summon any succubi. Sexual matters are of no concern to me. Besides, I'm monogamous."
"How long have you been in here? Isn't your wife long dead?"
"Let's go meet Horus, then." Demon replies, ignoring you.
You pretty much just jump out a window. Falldamage is of no concern to gods.
In the distance, a large figure in black armor is roaring and hammering at the pitch-black ground with a scary claw.
"Horus. This one wanted to meet with you. Outsider, he's somehow managed to get in."
The scary Horus man looks down at you.
"You remind me of my brother... the desire for speed."
He spits at the ground.
"What did you do to get in this hell?"

>[]I'm dreaming this. Can I have your gun?
>[]I (insert horrible deed)
>>[]I'm dreaming this. Can I have your gun?
So that I may slaughter those in my way.
And do you want to play some video games? There's nothing else to do here.
So, wanna tell me some stories?
How bout, lets try learning bout what is "here".
And see if we can shape it with our minds.
And where are you from?
File: IMG_1252.jpg (8 KB, 480x360)
8 KB
Horus looks down at you.
He hands you a twin-barreled automatic rocket launcher.
"Good luck finding ammunition."
You admire the weapon before storing it in your pocket dimension.
"Thanks. So what IS this place anyway? To me it just seems like eeeeh."
Demon sighs.
"This place is the space between universes. Separates them. In time, the last vestiges of civilization will coalesce here and live out the End of Everything."
"It also works fine as a prison for those who don't exist." Horus growls.
"Gods are both here, as well. The process expends a lot of energy, and since there's nothing of note here..."
He shrugs.
You think you've got it... so it's a purgatory where lost shit sometimes ends up.
"Horus, you wanna play video games?"
"No. Last time I did so was with Demon, and the experience was excruciating. I am fairly certain he and Tzeentch have regular chats."
"I wouldn't be surprised. Is Demon the Void king or something?"
"I was... contacted by an intelligence from here. The essence of the Void itself. It offered me power in exchange for eradicating you. It has not been pleased since I failed."

>[]Well, this was fun, but I think I'll go find someplace with less edge. And significantly more soft, fleshy curves...
>[]Cool. Can I see your JRPG collection now?
>>[]Well, this was fun, but I think I'll go find someplace with less edge. And significantly more soft, fleshy curves...
But if you want to hang out again, just call me, I'll try to bring some games and stuff if yall want. Maby even try to bring some more company.
G'night Stormster.
File: He's very proud of it.png (21 KB, 447x421)
21 KB
"I'll be sure to keep that in mind..."
Horus looks at Demon.
"He's leaving? Hey, tell me how I can get out!"
"Uuuuuuuh gotta skedaddle if you sniff my drift!"

You wake up curled around Pris, slowly getting out of the sleeping bag so as not to disturb her. The house is still, looks like the sun is up already. Krystal's tossing in her sleep.
"Mmh... Alagos..."
You take a shower first thing. You did not smell very good... then you put on some boxers and sit down at the table with some cereal and drawing supplies. Pic related.
Krystal emerges from her room wearing nothing but a towel. She rubs her ass as she walks over to you.
"Damn, that was pretty rough last night... what's this?"
"A self portrait I made. I'm very proud of it."
"I made one of you, too. Wanna see it?"
"I guess."

File: IMG_1529.jpg (21 KB, 640x559)
21 KB
Krystal stares at you in disappointment.


Krystal mercilessly whips you with her towel.
"Like domming Pris, don't you? Fucking whore, bet you're liking this, too."
"No, I'm really not!"
"Liar. Fucking switch, bet you want me to go get a strapon. Fuck that, stop drawing people."
"But I like drawing people..."
"No. Never do things you like."
She whips your ass one last time before walking away, rubbing the bridge of her nose. Sasha comes through the front door a few moments later.
"Hey, master! This coffee's too large, it'd make me have to pee... want it?"

>[]No, caffeine turns me into a psychotic Quicksilver ripoff.
"Kiiiiiiilo, Sasha just gave me coffee~"

Then toss the entire thing back like a giant shot when she looks at you. Then run around revolutionizing the art world with lots and lots of pictures with your manic coffee powers.
You chug the beverage, heedless of the scalding liquid.
"Wha--SASHA, NO!"
"D-did I do something bad?"
"Wha... what's all that shouting..."
Pris rubs her eyes as she emerges from the living room.
You finish the coffee and let the cup drop to the floor, intensely staring at a tile.
You turn slowly to look at Krystal.
"How are you--"
You breathe heavily for a few moments before raising your arms to the sky and flying out the door, doing circles above the house.
Krystal stares out the door in horror.
"What have I just let happen..."

You fly though the patio door and pin Sasha to the ground.
"How you doing?"
"Uh, pretty good, but I got hit by Alagos and fell."
You rip her shirt off, motorboat her tits, and promptly take off through the house. Hey, that light socket's got some great aesthetics! You make out with it before running off again.

"...eighty-six, eighty-seven, eighty-eight, eighty-nine..." you recite, banging your head against a wall.

"I'm having a good day!" the runner declared, adjusting his watch.
You scoop the guy off his feet and run toward some dumpsters.
"Uh, huh? What're you doing?"
"Aww, now I'm having a bad day."

You hang from the ceiling fan and spin around Pris, making police siren noises.

"Hey, Krystal!"
"You've got a little something on ya!"
You point at her shirt front.
"No there isn't, what are you talking abou--"
You fire a blank right next to her. She falls over onto the floor.
"Alagos, you almost shot me!"
"I know, it was funny, right?"
"Pfft. Fine, be a fun sucker."

(1/2 this is pretty fun)
You reach through the computer screen, grab the neckbeard by the collar, and shove his face into the wall.
"That right there is a painting."
You shove him back to his side of reality and make an about-face.

"Okay, guys. I think we'll be safe if we just stay hidd--"
"He violated meeeee!"
"Oh, shut up, no he didn't."
You yank the closet door open, eliciting a shriek from the occupants.
"HEY GUYS! What're yall talkin' about?"
"We were just--"
You crack your neck and grunt.
"Aaah, please don't kill me :("
"We were just hanging out, Alagos."
"WERE you, Krystal? WEEEERE you?"
You pull out your gun and aim it at nobody in particular.
"Where'd the gun come from--"
"Quiet, you! I'm not gonna take no for an answer!"
"Wait, what?"
"I said... I'm not gonna... take, no... for a... exlaxr... ZZZZZZZZZZ"
The crash hits your brain hard, and you pass out.

"Well, gotta love caffeine."
"I think we should burn all the coffee on this island."
"Good idea, Pris! You do that, I'll comfort him when he wakes up."


You slowly open your eyes. Your head's lying on a soft surface...
Sasha smiles down at you, patting your head.
"You're up!"

>[]I'm very sorry about that. Is there any way I can repay you?
>[]What happened? I think something happened... who are you, again?
Pat her cheek and say "Stay gold, ponyboy". Who cares if it doesn't make sense?
>I'm very sorry about that. Is there any way I can repay you?
You notice her shirt's still gone.
"Sasha... I'm really sorry about that. Anything I can do to law up for it?"
"It wasn't a good shirt, anyway. But, well..."
Sasha thinks about it before smiling and tousling your hair.
"You can give me a massage. I could really use one."
Sasha lifts your head off her lap and gets up to take off her pants.
"Let's see... the floor will work."
She lies down on her stomach, undoes her bra, and puts her arms beneath her chin.
You get up, kneel next to her, and start rubbing her back. She's pretty tense, you think. The only reason you're not failing is because you can 'see' the pressure points.
Sasha sighs and arches her back a bit, getting into a more comfortable positions you finish up with her neck.

>[]Do her front.
>[]Go a little too low on the back.
Leg massage! And head and arms! And then sex and then full body massage again.
You give Sasha's legs a good rub before flipping her over.
"Need to get your arms."
She sighs contentedly as you rub her biceps.
You finish off with a little tummy rub. Sasha sits up and pushes your face into her breasts.
"You've been working hard. Let me do the work this time..."
She peels off her panties and pulls your boxers down.
"Been having so much fun with those other two. I've been so full lately!"
She eases yourself down into your cock and leans down to kiss you.
"I'll forgive you for putting that chip in me. There are worse things then having such a nice Master."
You grab her hips and relax, letting Sasha do all the work. It feels nice.
Sasha lasts a little longer than you do. When she's done she dismounts and licks you clean.
"Let me do one for you, too. Oh, so tense!"
She presses her knuckles into your abs, kneading the tension away.


You sit on the porch and stare out at the ocean. Krystal's busy getting a tan over there.
This was fun and all, but you can't help remembering that there's supposedly a whole world whose storm systems you have to govern.
«Alagos? Can you hear me?»
You look around. A voice you don't recognize... it always seems to come from above and behind you.
«Are you there? I'm here to help you come home.»

>[]I'm here.
>[]Hey, I'm probably off doing weird shit or just don't want to answer right now. Leave a message! *beep*
>[]Remain silent.
>>[]Hey, I'm probably off doing weird shit or just don't want to answer right now. Leave a message! *beep*
More voices? Really, I already have enough.
«Alagos! Do you remember me?»
«Oh... I guess you wouldn't. My name is Aeneth. I am the goddess in charge of maintaining your home universe. You could call me your mother, in a sense. Are you alright? Do you even know what--»
«Yeah, I'm fine. Some cultists managed to grab me or something, then I got captured by evil people and held for... months? I was mainly there because I didn't have anything else to do. Then this nice lady named Kilo broke me out and--»
You explain everything that happened.
«I see. Well, if you stay out I'll come get you as soon as possible.»
Pris sits down next to you and hands you a can of apple juice.
...pretty bitchin' apple juice, too. Especially since it's cold.

>[]Is it alright if I bring my harem and alien technology with me?
>[]Pris, you wanna talk to my mom?
>>[]Pris, you wanna talk to my mom?
What about you Kris, Sasha?
Pris looks at you in panic.
"Y-your what?"
Krystal shoots up from her beach chair and stares at you.
Sasha pokes her head out the door.
«Who are these three?»
"Oooooh, not AGAIN!"
"They all just kind of showed up in their own special ways. Say hi to my mom!"
"Hi, Alagos's mom!"
«Hello. What is your relationship... yes, I see. I'll need to have a private talk with each of you. In person.»
A rift tears open in the air, and a woman in white steps out.

>[]Hi, can I go home? I can't wait to annoy all my siblings.
Huh, I was imagining blue hair.
If she has blue hair, say another color, like red or green.
Are you sure you're my mother? What are your qualifications? How many siblings do I have, do I have any aunts and uncles? Do you believe in Jesus? Can I have a pony? What is my real name? What is YOUR name?
Your mother's hair is white as snow. Seem like her whole theme.
"I am sure that I am the closest thing you have to a mother, as I am the one who created you. You have approximately two thousand siblings, most of whom are minor gods. Your aunts and uncles (my counterparts, such as Elohim) are near infinite. Yes, I do believe in Jesus. I met with him and his father to discuss your retrieval, actually. No, you may not have a pony unless you get it yourself. I suspect you wouldn't want one as soon as you saw the dragons, anyway... Alagos is your real name, while mine is Aeneth."
Your mother takes a long breath. You DID ask a lot of questions.
Pris speaks up.
"S-so what'll happen to us? Can we go with him?"
Aeneth sighs.
"I suppose. You're emotionally attached, know too much about multiversal physics, and none of you would've made much of a difference in this world anyway."
Krystal sputtered.
"Yes, you can go if you want. Elohim said giving up three insignificant beings was well worth getting Alagos off this planet."

>[]Awww, he doesn't like me?
>[]Let me get my pillows before we go.
>[]Oh, Krystal. Objectively, even if you were going to make a quantum communication device but died before doing so, some guy in Australia would've made his own like a year later.
>>[]Let me get my pillows before we go.
And Pris's pillows, and my dvds and my computer... Can't for get the manga. Definitely the ropes, maby alcohol? Coffee yes!
While he runs off and collects stuff, let the ladies talk.
File: Sasha.gif (78 KB, 800x600)
78 KB
"I'll go get ready."
You walk back inside.
"Just gotta get my mange and anime and waifus and all this candy and video games and deadly weapons and cereal and cooking ingredients SHIT we're out of eggs and Pris's toys and Sasha's toys and all the whips and ropes and chains I didn't buy any of this shit and then just stick the stripper pole in here and we're done!"
You finish loading everything into a shopping cart, get dressed, and go back outside.
"--probably just a facade to make people underestimate him... probably."
"I'm ready!"
"Good, it's about time--oh Christ."
You push the shopping cart through the sand.
"...well, let's be going." Aeneth said, turning and opening a portal. Some sand gets sucked in.
Pris and Sasha step forward with you. You turn around and look at Krystal, who's standing there with her arms folded.
"You're not coming?"
"Pfft. No, I'm gonna stay here and be a rich asshole for the rest of my life."
You shrug and toss her your commlink.
"Your loss. Don't need this, so you can have it. I'm gonna miss your ass."


You stare at Alagos as he walks through the portal, sighing to yourself.
"Yeah, like I'd ever..."
You walk back inside and shake your head slowly, looking through Alagos's commlink.
That fucking picture of you is on here.
Despite its... interesting nature, it was obviously done with intent. Alagos is really just like a kid, when you get down to it...
Before you know what you're doing, you've stuffed a suitcase full of clothes and other supplies and run toward the portal as it closes.
This is insane this is insane this is SO FUCKING INSANE--
One of your cyber-arms is cut off as you leap through. Hopefully Aeneth can grow you a new one...

Bit of a short arc, but it was certainly... an interesting one. Definitely flushed out Alagos's personality some.
Next time, we'll be going a fair ways into the future to play as Alagos's daughter (Sasha was a bit careless with absorbing all the semen, pic isn't really related but still funny), Aisha.
Timeline-wise, the events of Storm Paladin Quest are right after this. Krystal starts developing some psychotic tendencies.
Hmm, too bad we can't play as Sasha. On the way to Alagos's realm, she gets snatched like Alagos first did.
If this thread is still up then, please link.
Good night Stormy, see ya next thread.
File: IMG_1531.jpg (97 KB, 479x640)
97 KB

Sasha Quest:
"Hey Sasha, could you suck my dick?"
"Sure thing!"

Anyway, the new thread's up. Reading SPQ first is strongly encouraged.
Shit, I should post that Devourer/Alagos porno. One sec.
You unzip your pants and leap off the building, smacking into the Devourer's leg and jumping it with wild abandon.
The thing lifts its leg up to inspect you.
A ten-foot tall naked woman with bat wings appears in the air beside you. A bloody hole in her chest reveals that her heart's been torn out.
"Oh, what a cutie! Wanting to give it to such a magnificent beat as the Devourer! I have something else in mind..."
She snaps her fingers. You change to female form, making your humping a lot more pleasurable.
"Come here..."
The demon grabs you and holds you to her breast.
Might as well have some fun...
You suck on her nipple as she flies over to the ass end of the Devourer.
"Lucky for you, he's got genitals!"
A crevice opens up in the Devourer's armor, revealing a dark chamber full of pale, half-blind, sex-drunk women writhing in a pit chock full of tentacles.
"Have fun in there! I might come check on you in a few years..."
The demoness hurls you in. Immediately, tentacles swarm over you, carsssing your breasts and forcing themselves into your orifices.
This isn't half-bad... you think.
The plating closes, leaving you in total darkness. Two tentacles latch onto your nipples and start sucking. To your dismay, you start lactating. Must be something in the fluids...
Then the tentacles start to swell.
You feel something big and round push itself up through your insides, depositing itself in your womb. Shortly after, more follow, flowing through you to stuff your stomach and womb. You try desperately to remember what you're supposed to be doing.
Wait, what's your name..?
I-it feels so good...

Alagos has been turned into a demonic spawn-mother.
Aeneth manages to free him, but only after Manhattan is completely destroyed, along with Pris, Sasha, and Krystal.
Despite considerable amounts of therapy, Alagos was never quite the same again, and kept offering him/herself to bear other gods' kids.
Aeneth was forced to start from scratch to create a new god of storms... AGAIN.

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