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This world is a world full of magic. Each living creature possess magic and many can harness its power to use in daily life. This has led to the world being full of strife and challenge. The strong rule the weak and the weak serve the strong. You are one with the potential to be strong, but will you be able to reach it and guide your nation to victory while you do so?

Welcome to Magical Civilization Quest. In this quest you shall do your best to lead your nation to victory in a world full of magic and fantastical creatures. Last time you fought a little girl and managed to subdue her. Afterwards you and Tiberius went out in search of the beastcursed village. Here is a link to the archive.

“We’ll stay for the night,” you say looking around the ruined village. “If we stay we should be safer and it is getting late.”

Tiberius nods and the two of you head to the ruined tents. Using differing bits from other tents you manage to patch it up. After a while the two of you manage to finish and you enter the tent. The two of you grab your sleeping rolls and fall asleep.

When you wake in the morning you head out of the tent. You look over and see that nothing seems to have disturbed the village. Tiberius soon joins you out in the remains in the village.

“So what do you think we should do now?” he asks looking over at you.

A. Head out(roll 1d100)
B. Try looking around again(roll 1d100)
C. other
Rolled 96 (1d100)

>B. Try looking around again(roll 1d100)
There has to be something interesting around.
“I think we should take another look around the area,” you say.

“Ok then,” he replies walking away to look around.

You head off in the other direction and begin to search around the ruins of the village. Starting from the center you carefully examine the camp. You use your wind to help you move items to the side to help you in your search. After a while you come across a collapsed tent. Using your wind you lift it up and are met with a rather interesting sight. Before you is a pair of knives that are unmoved by your magic.

Their blades sparkle in the light and seem to slowly be turning green.

A. Take them
B. Tell Tiberius
C. Leave them
>B. Tell Tiberius
These knives remind me of a certain girl. We should ask Tiberius for advice on them. Who knows if they might be useful? Or dangerous to us?
“Hey Tiberius I think I found something,” you shout as you look down at the knives.

You wait for a couple seconds and Tiberius shows up at your side. He looks down at the knives and then looks over to you.

“So what’s the matter with these,” he asks. “The only thing that seems to be any bit special about them is that they seem to be made of crystal. I mean they are nice knives, but they don’t seem like something you should call me for.”

“That’s not it though,” you reply. “In addition to being made of crystals I was unable to move it with my wind magic. It was sort of like that snake that attacked the settlement. Also, when I used my wind magic it turned from a clear color to the green that it is now.”

“So it’s probably the fact that it’s made of crystal then? I guess that is rather interesting. So what should we do now?”

A. He takes the knife
B. You take the knife
C. Leave the knife
D. Decide who gets the knife later
E. Other

Where to go next?
A. Try to follow the Asheran’s tracks
B. Head back
C. Look around
>A. He takes the knife
He's far more versatile in close-quarters combat, so these knives should serve him better than us.
>A. Try to follow the Asheran’s tracks
Try to mark out a general direction, maybe the next camp or city as a whole. We might need it later.
“I think you should take the knives,” you say looking over at Tiberius. “You could make a better use of it as you do close quarters combat.”

“Ok then,” he says grabbing the two knives and placing them into his belt. “So what shall we do now?”

“Well I think we should head after the Asherans. I want to try to follow their tracks. It might lead us to where they are."

“Well that sounds good enough let’s get started.”

With that the two of you start looking around the camp for any clues that could lead to the Asherans.

Roll 1d100+10
Rolled 47 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

The two of you look around the perimeter of the camp for a while before you come across anything. However, after a while you come across a path of blood and feathers. Nodding to each other you start to follow the trail.

The trail goes on for a while into the forest. Every once in a while you lose the path, but you manage to find it after a while. However, after you make it to a river the path goes cold completely. You look around the whole area, but you can’t seem to pick up the tracks of the group.

You look around and see that the forest stretches out in front of you. In addition to that there is the river which flows gently/

A. Head into the forest
B. Follow the river
C. Head back
D. Other
>B. Follow the river
The blood and feathers stop, which means something carried them away. Something like running water.
“Well I think we should follow the river,” you say looking over at him. “Since the trail ends here it makes sense that we should check down the river.”

“That’s sound enough,” says Tiberius looking over at the river. “Let’s be on our guard though. We need to make sure that we don’t get jumped by the Asheran’s. We don’t exactly know whether or not they are at the end of this river.”

You nod in agreement at this and start walking down the river.

Roll 1d100+10
Rolled 32 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

As the two of you walk down the side of the river Tiberius spots some bloodied feathers on its banks. Encouraged by the sign that they came this way the two of you start to examine the river more intently. However, your search turns up nothing of any valuable.

After walking for a rather long time the two of you come to the beach. Nothing greats you upon your arrival other than the calming sound of the ocean’s waves and breeze. As the sun begins to set bringing night to the world the two of you decide to….

A. Head to the clifftop settlement
B. Camp here
C. Head back to the settlement
>B. Camp here
The night is dark and full of terrors. Especially in these woods. We should rest here for now.
“Let’s camp here,” you say looking around the area. “We can decide what we need to do tomorrow in the morning.”

“Ok then,” comes his reply as he looks around the area. “We will need to move a bit up so we don’t have to deal with the tides, or with the sand.”

The two of you move back up to the top of the beach and set your tents up once again. Once you have that all done the two of you sit down and eat the last of the rations before heading in for the night.

Roll 1d100
Rolled 8 (1d100)

Rolled 4 (1d100)

Guess we didn't just not find the Asherans, they found us, too.

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