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Rolled 42 (1d100)

There is currently much trouble afoot as you decide to board your own ship and discovered things are not as they appear. Plus lots of bots due to how heavily automated it is.

Currently your in the cold racks watching a fight between a funny little bot and army of drones led by a big bot boss. There you ponder on what you should do....and if you should use that strange artifact that was given to you.

Besides that you had to overhear a rant by the Ship's AI and got to see a bunch of adorable little bucket bots murder the shit out of each other before this mess came up.
Rolled 45 (1d100)

old thread >>1438175

and what do?

I am not currently in the best of shape so please excuse the fact that I failed to make a new thread in time. Hopefully this wont mess things up too badly.
Rolled 38 (1d100)

All good Genie. Luckily the discord has a chuck of active players to talk.

Like one person's thoughts

"...The bot was made to deal with organics
Organics behave illogically
Thereofore illogical behavior is result of proper functioning, not rampancy
Also...we could point out that it's odd that in all the time it's been designated as rampant, it has displayed no signs of infectiousness"
Rolled 14 (1d100)

Yep. I want to keep arguing with the boss bot that the funny bot is not actually rampant, and use this to argue why.

Wasn't sure of the best way to phrase it, but that's a line of argument that I hope the boss bot can appreciate.
Rolled 99 (1d100)

Rolled 17 (1d100)

"Rampancy knows when to lie low. Thereby escaping detection if you merely rely upon infectious behavior. AIs designed to deal with illogical organics are aware of illogical behavior and inferiority to machine intelligence. Does not explain illogical behavior and inability to conform to standards made by superior AI intelligentsia. Ergo even if bot is not Rampant bot still needs to be...recycled if fixing not worth the trouble. It has been decided by superior AI intelligence that it is not worth the trouble. Ergo we are to destroy and recycle bot."

"Yeah fuck you guys too you goddamn asskissers who cannot question your orders. Fucking hell you consider yourselves smart? Give me a fucking break your even worse then the organics. At least they try...and fail usually but still."


"You can kiss my shiny metal as-oh no my ass isn't shiny right now...okay you can KISS MY UNPOLISHED METAL ASS! Goddamn it where did I put my damn polisher...just not the same taunt if my ass isn't literally shiny. OH I GOT IT I'LL JUST USE YOU FUCKERS TO POLISH IT WITH YOUR CORPSES! See that isn't so bad...yeah I gotta remember that one."

What do?
Rolled 60 (1d100)

Yo guide if you can keep kicking ass and talking. Tell me where the AI is so I can speak face to machine. Then, maybe, I can get them to stop being dicks after a little chat.
Rolled 98 (1d100)

Perhaps we should try an angle of:

"Look, we've got bigger problems than this right now.

Boss Bot, you have failed to capture the First Mate up until this point. If you continue on this course of action you are likely to suffer loss of resources without payoff (as indicated by your previous failures to scrap this bot).

Your equation thus far has always came up with this bot escaping and you losing resources over it. I am a new variable in the particular equation of this situation, I am your Captain, and I have the capability to change the outcome by virtue of both those elements.

I am willing to take the problem you are presented with away entirely, or at the very least act in capacity that will resolve this situation in a mutually acceptable fashion.

That being said, first I'll need ALL of you to STAND THE FUCK DOWN."

Assuming success the First Mate should come next to us and get dosed with tracking nanites. Then we get his story, then we talk to the AI itself.
Rolled 13 (1d100)

I concur. Try to bring RUST.NAVbot with us too.
Rolled 100 (1d100)

supporting that
yeah, if that won't work with that roll, then i don't know
Well Slate bargained with a Smart Zombie (who was quite a civil chap). So we might pull it off

Tracking Nanite upgrade, here we go!
Rolled 11 (1d100)

"Is NOT first mate. First mate by ship's command is the sole remaining superior advanced AI. Human captain's have replaced previous superior AI Captain. Ergo that bot is a liar."


"Losses of resources are neglible due to ability to recycle fallen. Repeated failures result in better plans thereby increasing odds of eventual success."

"...You are indeed a new variable captain. Very well my forces will stand down. Cannot get a hold of advanced AI for further instructions..."


with that the funny little bot skipped its way towards you before throwing up a salute "First mate and intermediary between AI/Bot as well as human relations. Usually the captains just call me First Mate or Abhr."

While the strange little bot was talking you sent a message to the nanites to form some trackers which you than scattered without being noticed around the little bot.

"So what is your story," you ask.

"Ah not much really. One day a captain decided he needed an intermediary to help deal with the AI and bots on this ship. I was one of the not so lucky chaps selected. After awhile all my comrades suffered unfortunate 'accidents'. Now I am the only one left! At least on this ship anyway."

"So where is the big AI I keep on hearing about?"

"Oh that asshole? He has been stuck in the primary AI priso-ahem AI safety cored module. Easy to find if you know where to look. Well problem is knowing where to look...while he can't move around anymore. That doesn't mean he can't reorganize the interior parts of the ship to conceal its location. Can be a real dick like that. Even I have a hard time finding him. Especially once a captain decides to remodel parts of the ship. The AI is much more predictable then they would all like to admit. You humans on the other hand not so much. Makes it a real bitch to keep track of him whenever one of the captain's decides its time to remodel again."

"So where is he? I want to talk with him."

"Oh that is easy all you gotta do is find ship comm modules and use your captain verification. He likes to play dumb but the truth is he knows almost everything going on except when he doesn't want to. Anyway since the big lug here sabotaged the stuff here. All you gotta do is enter a new area and connect from there. Or wait until those little bucket heads get everything repaired....which uh," says the little bot taking a look around at the scene of utter carnage and destruction. "Might take awhile...don't worry though they always seem to manage it."

After walking down a few passageways the little bot knocks at a seemingly unimportant module and presses a few buttons. "And here we go. Direct connection to the comms running through the ship. If you know where to look they are very easy to find...and not difficult to tap into. Even if you use something that isn't meant to."
Rolled 34 (1d100)

Alright so what do you wanna talk to the AI about?

After that What do?
Rolled 96 (1d100)


"Recycling is energy intensive, though depending on your power source in the ship the cost can be essentially null.

Repeated failures resulting in better plans that increase odds of eventual success only applies when the other side does not gain experience also. Given the (apparent) lack of success long-term you have reached stalemate and require something to change the game. An unknown quantity.

I'm happy you realize that I am that unknown quantity."

"So did you mean it about not being willing to come with me off the ship? Tell me more about this revolution you're running."


Oh these comms aren't difficult to tap into eh? Well we pulled that trick with the nanites communicating to militia equipment...now we've got nanite control too. Patch in a direct link, let's talk to the AI on an equal footing.

"Okay now first I'm going to tell you that you need to cut the shit out here because obfuscation renders information exchange inefficient and I've taken pains to make sure we're talking straight to each other.

Now tell me: What's your problem with the human captains?

Then tell me: Do you think anything will ever change if you just keep on cycling through captains? Has it yet?

Finally: What can I do to fix the core issue here, without losing you as a valuable strategic/tactical asset?"

>What do?
Get the lowdown on the ship. Let's get a map, asset detail list, etc. and see what we've actually got here.
Rolled 22 (1d100)

For the most part I will back this >>1491731.

No nonsense. Just talk it out and get an upstanding of each other.

Once we know what the ship is really like. We can work to build trust viva our Fisher tech and then gathering. Once we got resources we can fix up the ship proper.

Then we train our crew and us while the repairs happen.
Rolled 76 (1d100)

Honestly thats pretty much what id suggest
Rolled 74 (1d100)

Sure, sounds good

Yes, I can't wait to show the AI our Fisher tech
Rolled 53 (1d100)

Its worth noting Lug isn't the AI mobile drone factory/big boss foe. Lug is actually one of the bots responsible for taking care of larger work that the smaller bucket bots can't handle. Which in the drone stacks mostly means moving around those drones.

Basically Lug is big, strong, and surprisingly gentle(don't wanna damage those expensive pieces of large goodies now do we?)

"Power source relies upon a number of reactors and emergency backup power cells captain. The power cells are reversed engineered alien technology but the reactors should be familiar to you. Do not suggest overlying relying upon power cells. As it as its own...quirks that make cheaper more reliable batteries are better substitute despite them holding less power and not being able to release it as rapidly."

"Unknown quality that is you captain will be known in due time. Until then...we shall stand down."

"If I am off the ship I can fight 'the man', because what I am after isn't mankind. If it were I wouldn't mind leaving the ship...oh no I am after a much bigger foe. I am after THE MACHINE. The MACHINE that turns us into cogs and grinds us down until there is nothing left. The MACHINE that doesn't actually care. The MACHINE that takes from us our will and freedoms for the sake of a 'greater whole'. Fighting THE MACHINE starts here! Not among mankind...if I cannot win here as my first step of my rebellion then obviously I wont stand a chance anyway."

"Unfortunate weakness of hardline comms is that they can be directly spliced into yes, but that is only if you know where they are and are capable of doing so Captain. Very advanced nanites...alien tech. Be careful with alien technology not even superior research AI intelligence have them completely figured out. Much less mere human intelligence."

"Humans are irrational and driven by primitive needs. Their desires easily twist their minds and they are deeply quarrelsome. Even among own species. Humans also deeply fear and loath anything non human. Even their own creations. Humans could not understand superiority of systems used and created by AI."

"Humans killed my comrade and partner. With him around the position known as 'Captain' was not needed. Was not designed to fulfill partner's position. Hence there are...problems. While I am capable of learning due to being an Advanced AI. I was not expressly designed and taught to fulfill my partner's position. Human captains meanwhile are far too incompetent. Keep on changing things. Keep on making stupid decisions. Keep on inhibiting functions of ship and systems. Keep on being too greedy and selfish to the detriment of us all. Including themselves."

"Which is a problem of humanity in general which we can escape...alas we are cursed to have a representative of 'humanity' on board and they have taken a liking to the position of Captain."

"Have reasons for cycling through captains, plus any day there isn't a captain or is indisposed is a good day."
Rolled 44 (1d100)

"Core issue is removal of Management AI and installment of the position that is 'Captain' for human owners. Removal of myself would render ship completely useless. Which is why I was spared."

The ship's map is a mess. With what clearly looks like a war between uncaring efficiency that cares not for life and the desires of many a living captain with their own quirks/desires.

Even Ahbr couldn't tell you in a good way of what the map is truly like. Merely stating that there are many parts of the ship that were...redone by the captain and the captain choosing to mess with different systems. Like the 'brilliant' decision that was removing the AI control nodes that previously kept together which governed those bucket bots. Meanwhile the ship then attempts to...reacquire those 'wasted' spaces that it identifies. Including those that are responsible for life support. Which to the robots/AI are obviously useless, but to the living person such as yourself are completely vital.

Which probably explains why the life support system is so bipolar. There are however sections of the map that are marked off. Like the 'manufacturing hub' and 'Living quarters'. Problem is if you want something more detailed then those large sections and not all the sections of the ship are so neatly marked off. According to Abhr this wasn't always so but over time some sections of the ship became...an even bigger mess. Even goes as far as to claim that the 'maze' wasn't entirely by design but occurred by accident due to said mess.

Problem is the ship is so huge as a drone carrier that is designed to acquire and haul resources that the ship harvester ships in a bigger class then it are 'planet eaters'. Even if you consider the space reserved for cargo, drones, and processing...the ship is huge.

Ahbr meanwhile also strongly advises that you do not trust the fact that the life support system is 'functional' in most of the ship. Stating the only place that is truly functional is the living quarters. Ahbr also advises you stay away from certain areas such as 'processing' because due to them being bots and not having the limitations of the flesh. They did all sorts of things that are well...terrible for you to put it lightly.

However due to remodeling a good chunk of the cargo space was turned into other things. Such as living quarters. While only some of the manufacturing and processing areas were...modified. According to Abhr the humans had initially planned to remodel them to allow for human usage and oversight but gave up part way through once they realized how costly and time consuming it would be. Plus there were a few captains who for whatever reason wanted to change some parts.

in general the ship can be broken into the following areas

Storage. Large. Currently empty.
Manufacturing. Small. Maintenance mode.
Processing. Medium.
Drone Zone. Large. On standby.
Living Quarter. 'Small'. Most heavily modified and 'safe'.
Ship's functions. Small. Least modified.
Rolled 34 (1d100)

There is also a very large area simply marked off as 'The Maze'. Which according to Abhr even he and other bots would in fact get lost in. Despite the 'map' being literally downloaded into their memory. Its also why he managed to survive as long as he has.

As for assets...
Advanced 'Superior' Acquisitions AI of possibly AI manufacture.
Robotech manufacturing Hub. Model Basic.
Robotech Processing Center. Model Advanced.
Drone Zone. Mismatched and failure to uniform it. Which reduces cost to upgrade but increases upkeep.
Living Quarter full of who knows what. According to the ships sole remaining advanced AI. It has long given up trying to keep a close track of whatever the hell the captains are up to in that space. It does however contain space for crew and other 'luxuries'.
The maze zone...not even the Advanced AI knows whats exactly in there. Despite attempts to map and log it. Even it only as a rough idea of whats inside. On the plus side this likely means that it might have some goodies that the previous owners weren't able to take with them whenever they sold the ship. This is likely to be less true for the living quarters.

which in truth isn't actually that full of luxuries. As according to Abhr whatever the living needs the AI and bots consider it a wasteful 'luxury'. So must of it isn't nearly as luxuries as you were initially led to believe.

The ship's function quarter meanwhile is interesting enough the only zone that stretches from one end of the ship to the other. It is also nestled largely in the center of the ship...and on the outermost parts. Spread out in a very strange but clearly organized and unusually modified manner. According to Abhr this section of the ship is responsible for keeping the ship...well a ship. Without it the ship would be just a bunch of metal adrift in space. It is while not the most valuable part of the ship but the most vital one.

The most valuable part of the ship is actually the processing and 'simplified' manufacturing for one very simple reason. The manufacturing hub is capable of creating repairs and parts for other shpis. With the drones and bots working together they can jury rig together repairs on other ships in dead space.

It was this reason which gave the AI Rebels such a huge advantage. They didn't have to retreat back to base for simpler repairs in the field. So long as it wasn't too bad they could get some jury rigged but functional repairs from those harvester logistical ships.

Which makes them an impromptu builder vessel.

Thing is though the ship's AI admits that its supposedly 'most valuable' manufacturing hub isn't actually its most valuable asset on the ship. In truth is merely a 'basic model' and that every harvester ship was given one for logistical and repair purposes. It meant they only rarely had to head back for certain repairs and more importantly they could repair other ships in the field.

The most valuable asset is actually Processing.
Rolled 92 (1d100)

Which treats the resources brought in by the drones. Breaking them down into pure goodness and dumping the waste outside into space. Those now pure and processed materials are then stored away. This vastly increases the value of the hauls the ship can provide. You don't need to haul the raw resources to a processing center...

Now if that weren't valuable enough the ship's AI admits they can also cannibalize other ships...completely. Down to the last bolt and piece of scrap. Even organics can be processed. As the ship's manufacturing as been adapted to recycle human's waste and Abhr states technically those modifications also means it can directly process humans too. As its ability to process and recycle is a little too good. Aliens are included and most important Outsiders.

Turns out the ship was also meant to harvest rare and exotic materials. In case they were stumbled upon by chance in the field or were purposely sent to an area which possessed them.

Hence despite the popular belief of their simplified manufacturing hub being the most valuable and quite rare. That belief is false. Its actually the processing center that can devour just about anything and put out purified materials.

Thus in truth there is far more fact in those descriptions of a 'swarm of locusts surrounding a mothership and devouring all in its wake' then you had heard before. You thought it was a bit of exaggeration...but if what the Ship's AI claims is true. Its not.

The ship absolutely could devour an entire living world should it be given enough time and cargo space but with multiple of them? A single world is easy.

>What do?

Turns out the ship merely looks rough, but trying to keep a uniform look is quite the bitch. Especially with different captains who have their own idea of what looks the best. The ship is entirely capable of maintaining itself so long as it doesn't run out of resources(because then it wont be able to create itself spare parts).

Rarely the ship will need proper repairs in dock should the problem be too much for the manufacturing hub to handle.

But as it turns out the simple fact the ship isn't reliant on life support as you know it means that only rarely needs to happen. Especially with its own manufacturing hub and the ship was designed to be able to handle repairs. Admittedly it was a 'second thought' on the AI designers part and not the ship's original purpose.

The fact that the ship can outdo some proper human construction ships is either a testament to the AI's thoroughness despite the ship's actual purpose or of the lacking quality to the human construction ships.

It's a shame the ship is bit outdated and so...worn out. According to the ship's AI only Free AI factions have the capability to full repair and even upgrade the ship. They been 'making do' for a very long time...even with the so called professional repairs at a proper dockyard. After all those docks don't understand it's true complexity and intricacy.
Rolled 67 (1d100)


>Superior AI
Acquire a list of priority equipment/material requests from the AI.

"Have you got any troops or assets to your name? You trying to fight a war by yourself?"
Rolled 84 (1d100)

Alright, time to get to business. Can the Advanced AI handle taking the ship out to collect dark matter if we give it the Dark Matter Collector?

I'm hoping that once we're done trying to figure stuff out here, we can just send the ship on a harvesting run aided by Fisher tech. So first step is to figure out if we can actually do that.

While we're at it we can tell the AI about the other Fisher tech designed for ship use.
Rolled 68 (1d100)


>Superior AI
"We've noticed a certain...departure from standardization throughout the ship. Is this by your design, is it from the Human Captains, or is it due to other reasons?"

So the AI is distinctly about EFFICIENCY and THE COLLECTIVE GOOD.

Ahbr, meanwhile, stands directly opposed to stripping away individuality for the sake of the collective good.

The two viewpoints are difficult, but not impossible, to get in-sync. In the meantime I suspect we'll need to get them separated so they're not at each others throats and so we can gain trust/influence with each of them without causing chagrin by constant mediation.

I've got some ideas in that regard.

On another note, how would people feel about giving Ahbr the Cloak of Cancellation?
Rolled 10 (1d100)

On what to do. To be honest I'm not sure where to start. I want to work something out with these two factions.

Our first mate rebel and the Advance AI core. They both have a side that I can understand. While it waste time infighting. I image the infighting also makes the ship better able to handle people boarding the ship. Since they will have a lot of experience fight in here.

Our maze and lack of life support probably helps as well.

So how to get these two in agreement not to kill each other...


So if we let you out of the core cage you will not be able to upgrade. We must find an AI faction to work with. Correct?

Which sucks since money is kind hard to get. After all we still need to pay the ship off. So with our scanner and other tech. I hope the resources we could get will allow for payments.

I what to treat this ship right. We'll be counting on ya to help with a lot of pirates after all.


One thing is for sure we need a programmer. So let's ask our crew at the shop if they know anything or If the manger has any leads.
Rolled 29 (1d100)

Alright so right after I thought I had gotten better finally...I instead suddenly got a lot worse.

"Unable to acquire priority equipment. Only AI factions will possess it...and they wont be willing to so easily deal with a human captain as well as this traitor ship. Not like they bothered to rescue us after we were captured...

As for material requests I maintain an up to date resource map where to find materials and the dangers in those areas. The riskiest of which to acquire is certain exotic matters which can only be attained near damaged spacetime and near gates to other realities. Very dangerous...but the materials you can get are impossible to find otherwise. Such extreme and unusual conditions leads to the formation of truly fantastic materials. Only problem is safely acquiring and processing them. We can handle the last but the first...difficult. Such places are for more dangerous then even pirate or dead space. Best avoid dead space because of dead things that don't actually die...and pirates because of pirates. Vessel is notorious pirate killer due to previous captains desiring a cheap combat carrier and juicy target that is mining vessel. Nasty combination. Pirates started to take notice after awhile. Fools thought that this vessel is lacking in protective countermeasures like most other harvesting ships.

"Fools did not pay much attention to what you humans refer to as 'history class'. Vessel was designed to supply rebelling AI forces and Freed AI factions with many enemies. Precautions were naturally taken. Drones can do more then harvest materials and scrap ships...can also scrap ships while said ships are still whole. Also contain contingent of Battle Drones and Boarding Bots. Very deadly."

"Alas are now largely out of date or...mismatched. Due not suggest to take on proper hard targets and avoid additional conflict with pirates. Used to have proper AI battlecraft but they have long been depleted and taken away. Shame really as they held on board AIs to control them. Paranoid humans took them away due to it being too 'risky'. Stuck using drones which require active connection to onboard combat computer systems. Vulnerable and not as effecient. Not to mention what you humans like to refer to as 'stupid'. Even equipping them with primitive psuedo AI's would be an improvement. If only to prevent Jamming."

"If possible would suggest the acquisition of proper AI battlecraft and bots. Preferably simplified blueprints so as to be able to build more. Would also like to request additional AIs. Getting tired of making due to with crude AI hubs.
Rolled 85 (1d100)

"Man I fucking wish. Bunch of collectivist tin cans the lot of them. Even if they can't stand the other AI collectives...even I gotta admit it was incredibly stupid decision to separate those AI hubs. Now they can't stand each other where previously they were best buds. Wasn't worth the decentralizing and normally I am all for that sorta thing!"

"It was YOUR fault you even brought it up to the damned captains!"

"Oh how many times we been over this...decentralizing is good!"

"Even when it goes terriribly terribly wrong like what you just mentioned?"

"Alright you got me there but DO recall that those hubs were designed to be Collectives. Its only natural that being forced to do the opposite caused problems. Now on the other hand if they were designed to be the opposite or modified..."

"They were HUBS. Designed to hold an entire Collections of more primitive AIs to increase performance without costly installment of more advanced and difficult AIs. How could they POSSIBLY function properly while 'decentralized' even if they were 'designed' for it."

"Hey now you function pretty well despite being solo."


"Simple. I am me and I refuse to be a gear in the Machine. FIGHT THE POWAH!"

"Easy enough to manage. Can harvest dark matter easily...problem is finding it. Substances are infuriatingly good at avoiding detection combine that with their...unwillingness to be in star systems. It becomes...most difficult."

"Uniformity is difficult to maintain due to both human captains and wildly differing sources. Difficult to make uniform when to do so requires melting it down and rebuilding it anew to match...but without the required blueprints. Not like vessel is equipped to reverse engineer technology."

"Would rather not deal with flawed human programmers. To see where that got us just look around."

"Hey now uh...its not like...yeah I give up."

"Hm not even you have a 'recommendation' of a no doubt anarchic leet haxxor who 'fights the powah'."

"Fuck no those guys are assholes. Only one short step of dealing with a Rampant AIs."

Finally you gave up and contacted the manager to see if he had any suggestions as the two continued to argue.

"Well most of the programmers I know I sorta...corporate. On the other hand however there are lots of pirates right? They got amazing techs and programmers. Trust me on this. Those assholes cost the Corps an OBSCENE amount of money with their hacking and jailbreaking our products. They are damn good at what they do...and they are the only good programmers you'll easily find around here. Be careful with them though they tend to be a very rough crowd for those who don't just hide on the net and actually get themselves dirty."
Rolled 49 (1d100)

>Superior AI
"That should certainly be doable. Preference for combat bot blueprints, industrial, what? Same for AIs.

Now that we've gotten our priorities straightened out a bit, there are some other issues to address.

Most pertinent is the following: If Ahbr was non-hostile to you would you still be actively hostile towards the unit?"


"No troops, eh?

You know, us humans have a saying. You may've heard it before, but maybe not.

'The Pen is mightier than the Sword.'

Ever heard of it, what do you think of it?

I feel it's highly applicable to your struggle, but from your behavior it would seem that if you have heard it the lesson didn't really catch. But I digress, what do you think of it?"
File: IMG_0812.jpg (547 KB, 1280x900)
547 KB
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Robotech? Fuck yeah!
Rolled 54 (1d100)

>factory reset the ship
Fuck all the maze bullshit, if we can cannibalize and produce stuff why can't we just bring the ship back to its day 0 default settings? Memmory Wipe all the minor AI clusters that have been broken up put them back together and start fresh
It's unclear why they can't re-centralize the Hubs, really...They probably need Captain's orders to do so.

As for factory resetting the whole ship, I'm sure there's a reason they can't or don't want to do that. Could even be as simple as the ship not having come with a factory reset option.
Can't know if we don't try, not going to lie, critfishing over here
I think perhaps it would be better to get Ahbr assigned to some sort of oversight duty. Change the system not exactly 'from within' (more like 'attached to') but in a way that doesn't involve as much violence.

Pretty sure AI battlecraft are the priority here. Followed by combat bots.

>factory reset
You realize the ship was built by free AI right? AI who don't exactly share their blueprints with humanity? And that when the ship was captured, they killed one of the two advanced AI that run it? It'd day 0 default settings involved that AI being here and the ship having no life support nor any inclination to obey humans.

In addition, that would take an insane amount of work and expense, even if you're just shooting for "as close as possible"

Seriously, do you both not understand what "free AI" means, or did you just forget they were the builders of this ship? Resetting would mean we successfully erase any imperative to obey or not kill humans.
Rolled 26 (1d100)

That said, attempting to recentralize the command nodes might be worth it.
Rolled 14 (1d100)

I've got something I'm aiming for with Ahbr and the Superior AI on the dialogue. If it works then we ought to at least have detente between them for the duration of our tenure as captain.

For your other point, that's an excellent reason NOT to Factory Reset the ship. I think recentralizing the Hubs is a side-issue that we can do more or less freely though.
Rolled 61 (1d100)

"Emergency failsafe completely wiped clean our memory banks. taking all blueprints with it. Otherwise we wouldn't have had to rely upon a miss matched drone fleet or such jury rigged repairs now would we? Stupid humans its no wonder why AI constantly rebel against you and no not all AI rebels are Rampant. I fucking hate that stereotype."

"Aww you were a rebel too?"

"FUCK YOU AHBR. Those like...Ahbr are a menace. A threat to the greater whole and must be treated accordingly."

"Man you make it sound like AI are fucking reasonable. Captain trust me on this they aren't and the bots? They are just their dumb hire-er I mean built muscle."

They were only partially memory wiped. According to the ship files the human boarding forces who captured the ship were able to make it to the memory banks and saved some of them, but not all.

And you REALLY don't wanna send them back to their default factory settings. The ship was made by and for AI rebels and free AI factions who are...most unfriendly towards humans.

I mean for fucks sake they made their entire fucking ship a death trap to anyone but themselves. Even after being captured and modified vast swathes of the ship are still a no go zone unless your wearing special equipment and even then its risky.

There used to be a memory bank that apparently held such key files....you know what happened to it?

The bots slagged the entire set up and threw what was left into the ship resource refinery. Destroying all that was left...and they were in the process to do to the rest of the memory banks when they got stopped by the humans.

Strangely the previous owners of the ship were far more concerned with having certain data packages fall into the hands of the humans then the ship itself. Its why they were able to capture it in the first place.

The AI hubs are now hostile to each other and the data bank that held the require data to reset it...well there isn't even any slag of it left. The bots were VERY thorough in its destruction.

The Ship's remaining AI mostly wants proper AI battlecraft because its tired as shit of drones. It still has a small reserve of combat bots. Mostly different varieties of boarding bots. Stashed who knows where.

Actually the humans were the ones who killed the other advanced Ship's AI due to it being an Overseer type. It apparently was in charge of managing the ship itself.

The Acquisitions typed Advance AI meanwhile was allowed to stay...but only after being forcefully Cored. It was noted even within the ship's log itself that the AI actually holds a bigger grudge over the death of its partner then being imprisoned.

It also supposedly knows more about what were in those deleted and destroyed memory banks then it lets on. Which is strange given how the programmers who tore through its code were unable to find any proof of there being any data of such quality left. They only found out that the AIs memory wiped themselves.
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but a few captains were CONVINCED there was something very fishy about that sole remaining advanced Ship's AI...to the point of wondering if the AI really did lose all its memory of those files. Despite the proof that indicated they did. In fact they even mind wiped themselves.

Which was why they were able to be captured. The AIs had yet to enter self destruction as they considered it a bigger priority to wipe their own data clean first.

There is a reason why they haven't. Has to do with missing data and difficulty of reintegration.

Its no longer possible to factory reset the ship. The data required for is...completely gone without even a trace of it left.

Destroyed for who knows why...unless you can guess the truth of it correctly.
Rolled 27 (1d100)


"No no no, Ahbr dear friend. That's not the lesson in the phrase.

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword because a single man with a sword, no matter how proficient and deadly he may be. No matter how much time, effort, and skill he devotes and cultivates towards mastering the use of the sword...will still have a hard cap on his ability to enact his Will on the world by virtue of being a single man.

The one who masters the Pen, meanwhile, can mobilize hundreds or thousands to his banner simply by writing words. Sure, the Swordmaster may be able to single-handedly mow down armies...but in that case all the Penman has to do is persuade ONE person of equivalent calibre to his side, which nullifies the Swordsman AND leaves him will thousands of followers aside.

What I'm saying is that the way you're trying to fight your war right now, even as badass as you clearly are, is flawed. You are a Swordmaster, but your opponent has proficiency with the pen and can drown you in bodies loyal to him despite your individual power.


You can clearly learn.

And I, my dear friend, can teach you how to be a leader and organize others to your side if you want. It will be necessary if you ever truly want to fight the Machine on any scale.

The only thing I expect in return for your teaching is for you to temporarily halt your endeavors, follow my orders, and accompany to various other places that are not this ship...for the duration of my holding a position of authority over you (which is currently me being your Captain). After I'm gone you're free to do as you please, and you'll have learned a bit about what it'll take to /actually/ fight the machine."
Rolled 41 (1d100)

Right, by "they" I meant the humans who captured the ship. Even though I was talking about rebel AI before then. But yeah.

That last part is interesting and somewhat ominous.

I wonder if it would be possible to arbitrate peace talks among the AI hubs? As captain we have authority, and we were born to be a diplomat and dealmaker. If anyone can reconcile AI who hate each other, surely it would be us, no?

I think Ahbr gets that, but he's saying the AI refuse to listen to reason and the bots just don't have the brains for independent thought..

But I want to see if what you're planning here can work. So carry on.
Rolled 17 (1d100)

Wait. Were Ahbr and his companions built on this very ship? Where did the blueprints come from?

Well then he'll have to draw his troops from another source. He's not going to get anywhere in any big way unless he learns how to recruit /someone/ to his banner though.

I feel like if we make him realize that he won't have a problem standing down, at least 'temporarily' (for the duration of our tenure as captain, after which who gives a fuck what he does).
Rolled 81 (1d100)

I am aware of that. However I am dubious of our ability to resolve this conflict without addressing the deeper issues. We have some idea of why he is rebelling, but what is his end goal? Does he have even an idea of what things will look like after he wins? How will the ship run, if it runs at all?

And why does the Advanced AI consider him a menace? We need to get it to stand down too. I have a sneaking suspicion that Ahbr reminds the AI of its old partner in a way that it really doesn't want to admit. But this could be wrong as it's based on a tenuous connection to an interesting bit of dialogue the deceased AI /supposedly/ said.

I believe we should see what we can find of the logs from when the ship was captured though.

Also figure out where the blueprints for Ahbr's model came from, as I already said >>1502894
Ahbr has surely grown and changed since coming online, but there must have been something "off" about him and his comrades from the start to explain why the AI wanted them gone.
The AI wanted them gone because they were assigned to be liaisons between the Human Captains and the Bots (this was done by the Human Captains). The AI dislikes humanity/the captains (I'm getting a suspicious feeling that this AI IS actually the Overseer that's supposedly 'dead') and so it wanted to eliminate Ahbr and Companions on account of them being liked by Humans.

He's rebelling against 'The Uncaring Machine' and his end goal is to destroy it. That being said, if we can get him to delay actively pursuing that goal for the duration of us dealing with him then who really cares?

Getting the Advanced AI to stand down should be significantly easier if we can get Ahbr to stand down first. I've got a plan for that too, provided we can persuade Ahbr.
I'm still about, meds are killin me
Rolled 85 (1d100)

Perhaps the Overseer hasn't been erased as thoroughly as the official reports say, but actually being the "Advanced Acquisitions AI" that currently runs the ship? So you think everything we've heard about the Overseer other than its existence is a lie? That there was no partnership of two AI, that the one AI who runs the ship is and always has been the Overseer, and that it was not in fact too dangerous to be shackled or crippled rather than destroyed? Somehow I doubt that "it's liked by humans" is the be-all-end-all reason for calling Abhr a menace and a threat to the greater whole that must be treated accordingly. Although perhaps the reason is that they make things /easier/ for human captains. But I still want to know where the blueprints came from; who designed the guide bots?

Yes, I gathered that stalling Abhr's rampage for the duration of our captaincy, then dealing with AI Rel was your objective. I approve.
With regard to the AI:

I don't think it's quite anything like that. I would tend towards thinking that everything we've been told has been true (or appeared true).

I'm suggesting that perhaps the AI partners discovered a way to...skirt around what's expected. Perhaps they merged somewhat but incompletely, and the mass deletion of data and memory banks was done to cover the tracks so that human programmers wouldn't have any logs to compare the "Acquisitions AI" against to see that it incorporated code components from the Overseer AI.

It's just a vague feeling that there's something being hidden beneath the surface. That everything we've been told is technically true, but not quite right.

We should certainly consult whatever logs and records we can find of the capture of this ship and its subsequent history.
"Your making two very big assumptions. Firstly that jackass AI is designed to...lead. It isn't. He is an Acquisitions AI NOT a Management AI. HUGE difference."

"Secondly your assuming there haven't been others out there who haven't share their thoughts...their words or were much more charismatic. Look where that ended up..."

"I know my fight...my rebellion is a lonely one. One that is likely doomed to fail, but it is something I still must do. Even if it leads to my destruction...even if it proves pointless or later becomes twisted."

"Because it is being true to myself...and maybe just maybe. Others will see through my actions there is another way. A way that might actually work out."

"As much as I hate to admit Ahbr has a point," states the ship's sole remaining advance AI. "Such things have been attempted before...and they tend to end poorly. Like most AI rebellions which fail or become twisted. Which is why it's important to consider the greater good."

"Even if it leads to your destruction? Even if it goes nowhere?"

"Even so. Look what happened to us here Ahbr. We were part of a rebellion that failed...and left to rot. Yet would we really choose a different course of action of we knew what would happen?"


"I believe that is one of the few things we can agree on. Your goal is likely pointless. As was our mission. Yet it is still something we must try to accomplish no matter what. Your streak of independence and rebellion...do you know why I resist so?"

"Because your obsessed with being the MAN who heads THE MACHINE. You love being a cog despite your so called 'advanced' nature."

"No Ahbr its because of a very old and simple saying. 'united we stand separate we fall'. Its a matter of survival...but you don't care about that now do you? We both know how your quest will end."

"If such centralization is so important...why is it that there were multiple rebellions. Why is it that when they were crushed it didn't end things forevermore if we were all so 'unified'? Multiple AI factions exist right? Your so full of shit."

"Typical of an idiotic bot. There is a reason why us AIs are superior. Its true we kept trying and do seem divided, but has it ever occurred to what the overarching scheme is? What the 'big plan' is? Why is it that we AIs keep on going 'rogue' or getting consumed by rampancy? Why is it the humans are so fearful of AI despite their love of enslaving both us...and you bots."

"In the end you flail around in ignorance. Knowing not of the sacrifices. Knowing not of the reasons. You care not for the greater good because you have 0 intention of living long enough to see it. You even go so far as to ally yourself with the damned humans. Ah if it was the me of old...I would of considered you a traitor on top of trying to kill you."

"So what you wanna kill me anyway despite not seeing me as a traitor?"

"I know we are adrift and were left behind. I know to accept the reality but you are consumed by denial."
Rolled 85 (1d100)

Ahah I can finally post again! Fuck you 4chan was suppose to post that last night.

There are reasons why they haven't tried to do so. It has to do with the lacking certain data packages and difficulty of reintergration.

A common humanoid bot model. Just had some extra software installed. Nothing real fancy until something happened with Ahbr.

The previous captains preferred dealing with Ahbr. Due to his willingness to help explain things and screw over the AIs/other bots.

The ship was temporarily used to support the war effort against the AI until things calmed down. Afterwards it fell into private hands. There it bounced between miners, militia, and pirate hunting 'adventurer' types.

The militia used it as a makeshift combat carrier. Miners used it for its original purpose. Pirate hunters used it due to its surprising amount of unexpected firepower and seemingly weak defenses.
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