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Previous threads:
We take the perspective of Krystal, Imperator of an extreme religious sect dedicated to the god of storms (who she knows personally and has had sex with) on the day of the sixth birthday of the gods' daughter.


You wake up and stretch yourself out, staring down at your wife sleeping next to you.
"Guuuuh... morning, Tsuyoi."
She stirs and sits up.
"Morning, Krystal..." she mutters, giving you a kiss.
"Isn't it Aisha's birthday..?"
"Yeah. I'll go meet Alagos, make sure he doesn't drink coffee again."
Tsuyoi shudders, and gets up to take a bath.
You put on your armor and blink the sleep out of your eyes before walking to your kids' bedroom.
...very odd kids. The first, Kasai, is an adopted dragon, and the second, Azeila, is a daemonette born under interesting (and possibly incriminating) circumstances.
They're both sound asleep.

>[]Gently shake them awake. Can't let these little shits miss breakfast.
>[]Make a really loud noise.
>[]Leave them, they need to learn to get up by themselves.
Forget sleep, there's quest to complete!
>[]Gently shake them awake. Can't let these little shits miss breakfast.
Don't spook the firebreathing one, nevermind the half demon.
You put your hand on Kasai's shoulder and shake it. He hugs his tail and grumbles.
"Kasai, wake up."
"I don't wanna..."
"You told me to wake you up early. Aisha's birthday? That ring any bells? Did you remember to get her a present?"
"Yeah, I got her one..."
He rubs his eyes and gets up, groaning. You move onto Azeila.
"Come on, I know you're awake."
She giggles. You throw the covers off her bed.
Your two children run off to get breakfast in the mess hall. You sigh and follow them.

"Hey, Kunzom!"
"Hey, kid."
"When can I work in the forge?"
"When you're old enough to not drop a bar of steel on your foot."
You sit down and signal a cook to make you some food.
"Azeila, did you remember--"
"Yep! I have this!"
She holds up a little cookie she made the other day. It looks pretty good, you think. It won't give anyone food poisoning, at least.
Alagos (or Albert, as he's locally known. You'd rather not cause intense fits of religious fervor every time he came by) walks into the hall, carrying Aisha on his shoulders. Sasha (his wife) and Pris (his, uh... servant) follow him, escorting Alagos's twin sons, Rogoan and Castiel.
Rogoan was the only child to have inherited purple hair (Sasha was a redhead), and was already interested in magic at the age of five. Castiel's hair was red, and he was the quietest child of all, always building castles out of blocks and questioning morality. He also can't seem to comprehend figures of speech.
"Hey, Krystal!"
Alagos lowers Aisha to the ground to give you a hug. Then you lean down to do the same with Aisha.
"Hi, auntie Krystal!"

>[]Hi there. I got something for you!
>[]Come on, let's get you some breakfast.
>[]Your brothers been bullying you much?
>>[]Come on, let's get you some breakfast.
Feed the little demo... I mean darlings.
File: IMG_1335.jpg (37 KB, 450x635)
37 KB
"Alright, I've been working hard on this..."
While Alagos digs into one of his infinite bowls of cereal, you bring your treat out of the kitchen.
"Took me a while to find ingredients close enough. Feast your eyes!"
You uncover the platter, revealing tall stacks of chocolate chip pancakes and serving them to the various children.
"Auntie, what's this?"
"Food from where I came from. It's pretty good, try some."
Castiel takes his fork and severs a piece off.
"It's good." he declares.
Aisha tries one of her won.
"Oooooh, it IS good!"
"Thanks, mom!"
"You're welcome, kids."
You grab one of your own from off the platter and blow on it before eating. Delish, but it could use syrup. At least there's milk to go with it.
Alagos actually puts his box of cereal away and joins in.
"Wow, I didn't know you could cook!"
"I didn't do most of these, just bought the ingredients. You best appreciate how hard it is to transport chocolate in wooden crates without it going bad. From Salamandria, no less.
In the end you just used a portal.
Your clone arrives in a flash of light.
"Hey, kids! Oh, that's what you wanted all that for."
"Hey, Aunt C."

>[]Wow, you actually left your Sanctum.
>[]Is your present for Aisha safe? I don't want another incident with immovable rods...
>[]Now that everyone's here, let's get the gifts out of the way.
>>[]Now that everyone's here, let's get the gifts out of the way.
Bring in the sla... I mean gifts.
But the immovable rod incident is interesting
Actually good night.
File: IMG_1436.jpg (60 KB, 359x480)
60 KB
"Present time."
First up was Rogoan, who gives Aisha a book on magic (clearly a hand-me-down. Asshole). Castiel gives her a spyglass.
"I've seen you looking off into the distance sometimes. This should help."
Azeila gives Aisha her little cookie, which is eaten immediately.
"Oh... what did you put in it?"
Wait, aren't those like the size of coconuts..?
"It's good! You shouldn't have put nuts in it, though..."
"I won't next time!"
Kasai gives her a misshapen glass ball
"I blew on some sand... I thought you'd like it..."
"It's pretty..."
Aisha holds it reverently.
Alagos gives her a child-sized shield.
"If Rogoan tries using a spell on you, just hold it up!"
Your turn, finally.
You walk up to Aisha and dig through your pocket.
"So, I found this a while ago... you mentioned it was a little dark in your room, right?"
Aisha nods.
"Well, I've got something for that."
You put an amulet around her neck.
"It's called the Amulet of Hope. It works as a light, but only when there aren't any others nearby."
Aisha holds it.
"It's warm."
She wraps her arms around your neck.
"Thanks, auntie!"


Your auntie smiles and tousles your hair.
"You're a good kid, Aisha. Guess what you get to do in a few years?"
"What's that?"
"You'll get to train with me!"

Time passes. Two years later, you're brought into the training hall.
"Okay, you're probably going to have to fight some pretty bad people in your lives. My job is to make sure you aren't hurt..."
Krystal taps her eyepatch.
"Like this. Now, I'm gonna show you some basic punches and kicks, copy me and hit these sandbags."

Roll 1d20 to learn the basics of CQC.
Rolled 19 (1d20)

Seeing how you just introduced a lot of characters, can you give a rundown of all the ages again of the kids because there were just a lot of new people
Rolled 12 (1d20)

Good idea. Forgot about that...
Aisha is currently eight, the twins are seven, and Azeila is six. Kasai is the oldest, six months older than Aisha.
You take to it like a pro. Your actual punches are weak, but execution is pretty good.
Kasai's having some trouble. Having wings and a tail hanging around probably doesn't help.
Rorogan isn't doing well, either. Probably because he only ever sits inside and reads. Castiel is doing fine, but not as good as you. Azeil is training with the daemonette tribe her mother hails from.
Several weeks of training pass before Krystal tells you to stop hitting the bags and gathers you together.
"Alright, you can pull off kicks without falling flat on your faces. We're going to be moving on to a more time-honored training method, that is, smacking the shi--crap out of each other. Kasai with Aisha, Castiel with Rorogan. And no magic!"
Kasai hesitantly adopts his stance. His fists and feet are scaly, so this is probably gonna hurt if he lands a hit.
"Start out with some jabs and feints. Using your best move right out of the gate is a great way to get killed."
Kasai halfheartedly punches you. You block it easily.
"Oh, come on! I've seen STATUES throw harder punches than that!"
Kasai grits his teeth and kicks with surprising force, almost knocking you over.

>[]Go easy. Humiliating him isn't gonna do any good.
>[]No mercy.
>[]Auntie, you can't make us do this!
Rolled 17 (1d20)

Fist of the north star, but with less head exploding and more vomit
You wait for Kasai to lunge forward before grabbing his arms and slamming your knee into his stomach.
He doubles over, coughing and vomiting up his breakfast.
You move in to kick him some more. Krystal puts a hand on your shoulder.
"That's enough. Good tactic, but yoire not trying to kill him."
Her son gets to his feet, holding his stomach.
"You okay?"
Krystal walks over to check him out. The twins have stopped their match to gawk.
"Get back to work, you two."
Kasai lunges forward again and hurls you to the ground, pinning your arms with his knees. He punches you across the face over and over as you struggle to get him off.
"Hey, HEY!"
Krystal grabs Kasai by the collar and pushes him away, helping you to your feet.
"You two, stop it. Change partners, keep going."
You wipe the tears out of your eyes and grit your teeth.


You sit down and hold a pack of Everice to your face. Your face feels like it's stretching...
Kasai sits a good twenty feet away from you, staring at the floor and sipping water.

>[]I'm sorry about that.
>[]Should've hit you in the head...
>[]Ignore him.
Silently swear vengeance to be exacted later. Likely during a spar, maybe some other time. Let the salt flow through you, young demigod.
>sorry about that
>>1482449 (coin came up tails)
You get up and sit back down next to Kasai.
"...sorry for making you throw up."
He looks up at you in surprise before going back to sipping water.
"...I'm sorry for hitting your face."
You smile weakly.
"Guess we're even."
Krystal walks into the room and blinks in surprise upon seeing you together.
"I thought I'd have to make you apologize."
She sits down next to you two and sips from a flask on her belt.
"Well, I'll see if I can scrounge up ingredients for pancakes."
"I don't think I could eat them right now, mom..."

>[]I'm gonna go home now.
>[]Can I go to the lake?
>[]Hang out with Kasai.
Lay down with your face in a cool pillow.
One of dad's special pillows.
File: IMG_1289.jpg (1.68 MB, 1000x1414)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
You get up and walk out of the training hall.
"I'm gonna go home now..."
You use the special ring your dad had given you to travel back to your room before grabbing the pillow he had given you.
...why that lady is in such revealing clothing you'll never understand.
You shove your ice pack inside and press your face into it.
"Hey. You okay?"

>[]Me and Kasai had a fight.
>[]I'm just tired.
>[]Slipped and fell down the stairs.
>>[]Me and Kasai had a fight.
Why lie?
"Oh, you did? I'm sure he was just stressed or something."
Your dad sits next to you and pats you on the head. You sit up to allow him a better view of your face.
"Ouch... how--oh, Krystal probably started sparring today. Your black eye's gonna look so cool, sweetie!"
He reaches up to put the pillow back on your face.
"Keep that there, though. You don't want it getting too bad. If anyone bullies you, remember that you can ask me to beat them up, okay?"
You nod.
"Get some rest."


Years later, age thirteen.
You've recently been put through the mild trauma known as 'the talk'. You learned that due to your succubus blood, you'd soon experience some rather... intense urges in place of menstruation.
The first of these seems to have taken hold. You curl your demon tail up between your legs and try to calm down.
The door opens. Krystal steps through and looks down at you.
"Hey there."

>[]I... need a minute.
>[]Can you help me?
>[]Yeah, yeah... let's go. (D20)
>>[]I... need a minute.
Sorta hint at the problem, without directly saying it. She should get the message.
"Uh, I kind of... need a second. It's hot in here, and I'm all sweaty and..."
You squirm uncomfortably.
"Huh? What are you--oh. OH. Sure, take as long as you need. I'll make sure no one comes in."
Krystal hastily retreats out of your room. You push your blanket aside and look down at yourself.
"How do I do this..."

(Fade to black because underage)

You splash your face with cold water, dry yourself off, and step outside.
"You, uh... you done?"
"Okay, good. If you need some more time, just let me know and--"
"I-its fine, really."
You stand there awkwardly.

>[]I'm gonna do my chores now.
>[]I should go do some melee/long range training.
>>[]I'm gonna do my chores now.
Melee might just make it worse.
Smack your face when you realize you're oggling Krystal.
You start as you realize you've been ogling Krystal
"I guess I'll go do my chores..."
You hurry off, disgusted with yourself. She's your aunt, and your mentor! You can't do that kind of thing with her!
Well, she isn't actually related to you... and she'd probably be willing--NO! BAD AISHA!
You sigh and head down to Nova's kennel. He was a pretty old wolf, but he was still deadly.
As soon as the door opens, he pounces on you and licks your face.
...deadly, alright. You laugh and get up.
"Here, boy. Got you some treats. Don't tell Krystal, okay?"
You toss him some sugary biscuits and check him for parasites. None, as usual. Nova's a good boy.
Kasai does a double take as he passes the kennel.
"Hey, Aisha! Been looking for you, wanna skip training again?"

>[]Sure, let's go to the Seawall.
>[]Uh... no, not really...
>[]Sorry, you might trigger my, uh...
>>[]Uh... no, not really...
Yeah, um... we are under punishment, we definitely can't skip today.
Tell him you have problems of the womanly persuasion right now. That pretty consistently makes men fuck off. Unless he's as autismo as dad. Then you might have problems.
But the dragon kid isn't related to Alagos.
"Yeah, Krystal would totally murder me... sorry."
He shrugs.
"Your loss."
"You're gonna go see that cute girl in the Upper Ward, aren't you?"
He retreats before you can ask him any more questions.
You sigh and scratch Nova behind the ears.


"Alright, kids."
Krystal paces in front of the firing range.
"Since my son doesn't seem to want to show up, I guess you three will have to do. Today's a surprise test on your marksmanship skills. Seriously, Kasai's gonna get a whipping later..."
"Sensei, I request that you do not subject your son to that sort of treatment. I doubt he likes it as Pris does..." Castiel interjects.
"It's a figure of speech. And stope calling me that."
"Ha! Not enough, do it publicly! Better yet, call off this idiotic exam." Rorogan scoffs, flipping through his textbook.
"Rorogan, you're gonna fire these guns whether you like it or not. And for your father's sake, put that book away! No wonder you're bullied by everyone. Anyway, take your favorite gun and show me how good you are with it."

You step forward and grab your...
>[]Sniper rifle.
>[]Other (no bolter pls Krystal would get pissed)
Nice accuracy, good range.
You pick up the rifle and spray a few rounds at the target. A few hit on the outer edge.
You keep forgetting, it always goes a little to the left...
You fire again, getting a nice spread over the abdomen. It'd put someone down for sure.
"Nice one."
Krystal freezes and presses herself next to the door. She motions for you to keep firing.
The door slowly opens. Krystal grabs the intruder, pins him to the floor, and points her knife at his throat.
Krystal releases him and steps back.
"I see. Girls are fine, but you'll need to follow two rules. Rule number one; make sure you get back here in time for training exercises. Rule number two; use protection."
Krystal cackles before resuming her serious expression and pointing to the firing range.
"Gun. Shoot. Now."
You turn back to the target and nail the imaginary sucker between the eyes. Kasai stands at the aisle next to you, picks up a revolver, and does the same.

>[]Nice shot. Tell me about this Eleanor!
>[]Be too focused on how he smells.
>[]Ignore him, you need to focus on this.
>>[]Ignore him, you need to focus on this.
>[]Be too focused on how he smells.
You look ahead and aim carefully down the sights, doing your best to ignore Kasai. But the smell...
Kasai always smells slightly like smoke, but now there's a noticeable musk. He must've been running to get here. Sweat and smoke...
Your hand drops slightly before you pull the trigger. Bullets richochet off the floor as you panic, inadvertently gripping the trigger harder.
Fortunately, a shell jams the gun before anyone gets hurt.
Krystal pauses and looks between you and Kasai.
"Shit. Okay, test over. Time for indoctrination."


"Normie, Normie, you gotta shove this pickle WAAAAY *urp* up your ass, Normie, WAAAAAAAAAAAY up there."
"B-but Dick, why?"
"Why not -eurgh- Normie? There is no *burp* God, no purpose in life, so you gotta take this pickle and shove it WAAAAAAAY--"
Krystal turns off the tv.
"And that is why we shoot people who are retarded enough to claim the gods don't exist."

>[]P-people actually think that?
>[]That was horrifying. I'm going home now.
>[]Hang out with Kasai. That misfire snapped you out of your stupor.
>>[]P-people actually think that?
Dick and Normie episodes when?
>>1485259 (I find it's a more accurate name than what they've got)
Krystal sighs.
"Sadly, yes. To be fair, the one God of my world didn't exactly show himself much. But still, this was only scratching the surface of a frozen ocean of degeneracy. I refuse to tell you about certain aspects of 2035 culture, just in case uttering them causes them to exist."
Your mentor shudders.
"That's it for your training today. Tomorrow we'll be having a melee review, so get some rest."
Tsuyoi pokes her head in the door.
"Did I interrupt?"
"Nope, we just finished:"
"Great! Oh, Krystal. It's gotta be so stuffy in that armor, come on, let's have a nice bath and massage..."
They leave.
"Shameful behavior." Rorogan mutters, leaving the room as well. Probably off to the Samctum.
Castiel leaves as well.

>[]Go home.
>[]Go out to the lake.
>[]Visit the daemonette village (cause that'll end well in your current state)
>[]Kasai, anywhere you wanted to go earlier?
>>[]Kasai, anywhere you wanted to go earlier?
If not
>[]Go out to the lake.
>>[]Kasai, anywhere you wanted to go earlier?
>[]Go out to the lake.
Good night stormy.
"Well, I'm going to the lake."
"Have fun."
A quick tram ride later and you're taking a stroll along the white walkways of the Flooded Gardens.
Not too many people live here. The elementals and water nymphs tend to spook them. Still, there was a good amount of activity, what with this being the center of the city. Some children are playing in the shallows, but they shouldn't bother you too much.
You sit on the edge of the walkway, dangling your feet above the water. Almost unconsciously, you close your eyes and start humming.
You open your eyes again. Two water nymphs are looking up at you from below the surface. You wave at them, and they scatter. So shy...

>[]Well, wouldn't be much of a trip if you didn't go for a swim.
>[]This is nice and all, but you should probably go home. You've got like six video games to finish.
>[]You're kinda hungry after that exam. There's some good shops in the Merchant's Ward.
>>[]You're kinda hungry after that exam. There's some good shops in the Merchant's Ward.
Gotta eat that food to become stronk.
Swim in the lake first. Maybe itll cool our teenage "nerves".
Hey, good idea.
You look around. Plenty of space, you'd be well within your rights to tell anyone bothering you to fuck off. You pull off your boots. This was gonna get your underwear wet, but maybe that's a bonus, all things considered.
You put your clothes in a nice pile on the platform and dive into the lake, swimming under an arch before resurfacing and floating on your back.
The contrast between the cool water and the warm sun is nice. Maybe you should convert one of the unused houses into a changing room, so you can do this more often.
Your stomach growls.
"Ah. Lunchtime..."
You dive back below the water's surface and touch the bottom before bursting up out of the water and grabbing the lip of the platform. After a few minutes, you're dry enough to not get your clothes thoroughly soaked. You get dressed and begin your walk to the Merchant's Ward.


"That'll be five Wisps."
You sit down and cut your bread into slices before dipping them into your soup.
"Hey, Aisha!"
You look up. Azeila stands next to you. She's dressed in the whole loincloth and straps dress her tribe likes. Despite it's revealing nature, you're not set off. Probably because puberty hasn't gotten too far along for her.
"Oh, hey. What's up?"
She sits down at your table.
"Not much. Killing lots of spiders with spears, learning how to cook mold, going on patrols."
You nod.
"Same, sort of. We're being taught about physics and science as well as weapons... not sure when your Krystal's gonna make us fight each other, though."
"Well, I haven't heard anything about that."
She puts her chin in her hand.
"How have you and my brother been getting along, anyway? He talks about you a lot..."

>[]We're fine.
>[]W-what? Doesn't he talk about Eleanor?
>[]Please don't mention him, I'm kind of... unfocused as of right now.
>>[]W-what? Doesn't he talk about Eleanor?
"Eleanor? Who's she?"
"Kasai was ditching training to go to the Upper Ward. I asked him if he was seeing someone there and he didn't say anything, so..."
Azeila laughed.
"How'd you find out her name?"
"He blurted it out when Krystal grabbed him earlier."
"Hmm. I'll have to go see what kind of girl she is."
She gets up and pushes her seat back in.
"Well, I should go. Ingredients aren't just gonna get back themselves."
"Stay safe."
You sigh. At least Kasai isn't gonna pursue you... unless he looks up to your father as a role model. Oh, well.

>[]Go home and play some games.
>[]Talk to one of the your brothers, you tend to have... interesting conversations.
>>[]Go home and play some games.
Lets get some tactics skills leveled.
You go to the nearest alley and activate your travel ring, instantly teleporting back to your room.
You sigh and flop down into your chair, looking up at Syreth through your window.
"Someday, they might get up here without magic rings..." you think to yourself.
Now's not the time for speculation, now's the time for improving your brain! Let's see here... You have no idea where Dad got this computer, or all the games on it, but you aren't gonna complain. Most of your favorites tend to be open-world RPGs... sort of an imitation of what you'll be doing, you suppose. Passes the time pretty well, too. Though maybe playing Witcher in your current state of mind probably wouldn't be a good idea. Even if there weren't any sex scenes, there's still imagining Geralt's long white hair cascading down your--
You slap yourself.

Pick a game. Doesn't really matter which.
Sinner's Column 3, it has a better story line than 4.
>>1489510 (I don't think that exists but sure)
You boot up the game and get going, killing demons in increasingly brutal manners. Maybe there would be some irony if it wasn't all virtual.
After you've just beaten Ulunzon and rolled his bloated corpse out of the hallway, your mom comes into the room.
"Hey, sweetie."
"Hey, mom."
"...how are you feeling?"
"It was pretty bad this morning, but it's calmed down. Just gotta make sure I don't see anything too arousing... luckily, I got past the succubi yesterday."
"Oh. That's nice to hear."
Your mom reaches up to scratch you at the base of your horns. You make a noise of displeasure, but allow her to continue.

>[]...isn't it constant for you? How can you stand this?
>[]You want to join? I have an extra controller.
>[]Any tips for... coping?
>>[]...isn't it constant for you? How can you stand this?

Take the opposites of those words. Saints Row 3
>>1489672 (I see...)
Your mom sighs.
"Well... succubi weren't meant to lead normal lives. Our purpose was to take the souls of the lustful. A life of constant sexual pleasure. I was only able to really think about other things after I met your father. For once, I was safisfied. I was free to do whatever I wanted... that's why I came here with him. And that's why I chose to have you."
You pause the game and swivel your chair around to give her a hug.
"I love you, and I love your father, Aisha. Real, meaningful love. It's... it's enough to--"
She starts crying. You tighten your hug.
"I love you too, mom."
She sits back and wipes the tears from her eyes before smiling at you.
"You're such a good girl... enjoy your game."
She gives you a kiss on the head and leaves.


You wake up the next day, going through your routine. Get dressed, shower, breakfast... it's only on your way to training that you realize your hormones have calmed down. For now, anyway.
You sit down and listen to Krystal.
"Okay, kids. You only caused a minor catastrophe yesterday, so we're moving on to your melee exam. With real weapons."
You bite your lip. Previous sessions had gone okay, but you didn't like swinging actual blades at your brothers and friend.
"Not just that, you'll be fighting me."
Well, that's--what? Oh, crap.
"Aisha, you first. Grab your stuff."

You take your...
>[]Shortsword and dagger.
>[]Longsword and shield.
>>[]Shortsword and dagger.
Might as well use that demonic agility and dexterity.
>>1489796 That's more in Aisha's hips than anywhere else
You pick up your weapons and swallow nervously.
"Well, go on."
You charge forward, aiming for Krystal's blind side. She sidesteps and uses her foot to trip you.
"Come on, you can do better than that." she taunts. You grit your teeth and shoot up from the floor, lunging straight for her throat. Krystal puts her shield up in time. You slash at the shield before Krystal knocks you to the ground with it. In response, you jump back up to your feet, dodge a strike, and tackle Krystal to the ground, holding your dagger above her throat.
You furrow your brow in confusion. What was..?
Krystal's gun is in her hand, pointed at you, and smoking.
"It was a blank. You did good, but remember that most people aren't just gonna sit there and let you rip their throats out. Rorogan!"
Your brother grabs a knife and managed to do fairly well. Krystal didn't have to use her gun trick to defeat him, though.
Castiel was very good with his greatsword. Krystal looked a little worried before managing to knock it out of his hand.
Kasai was pretty much the same, just with a halberd. He reached a little too far with it, allowing Krystal to twist it out of his hands.
"Whew... I'm glad I didn't fight all of you at once." your mentor says, wiping her forehead off.
"You still have a good bit to learn, though. Those of you in heavy armor are gonna have to do endurance training with it. Dismissed."

>[]You free, Kasai? Let's get lunch.
>[]Go visit the quartermaster and hawk at the armaments.
>[]Go home and see what your dad's done this time.
>you free kasai? Let's get lunch.
File: image.png (1.57 MB, 1359x900)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
"Yeah, sure."
You both get up and take the tram to the Merchant's Ward. After some walking around, you pause in front of a stand selling loaves of cheesy bread about the size of a dinner plate.
"Oh, that looks good..."
You buy one to share. Kasai wolfs his first slice down in a heartbeat. Your throat isn't really built to spew fire, so you decide to wait for it to cool down.
"Mmh, delicious."
"You have these a lot?"
"...who with?"
"You eat these WHOLE? Geez."
"I'm hungry..."
You sigh and take a tentative bite of your food.
"Tell me about your girlfriend, you keep clamming up about her."
"She's not--look, she saw me walking around one day and... well, you don't see dragons often. So I told her what little I know about my cousins and she keeps inviting me back for tea."

>[]I bet you're just sneaking off to take cullas, aren't you.
>[]Let's go say hi to her!
>[]Sounds weird.
Oh, is that what they call it? Tea?
Give him that look, that you know a secret.
"Oh, so it's 'tea' nowadays? My mom should be interested to hear that."
Kasai swallows a little too much food and coughs.
"That's not what--I've never even considered that! I don't even like her!"
"Oh, do you like someone else, then?"
"Of course I don't like you, why would--"
He stops and pales as he realizes his blunder.
You raise your eyebrows in surprise. He almost never swears, despite his pottymouth mom.
"I... pretend you didn't hear that, please."
He turns his face down and continues eating his food.
Well... that was a surprise.

>[]Yeah, I sometimes say things that could be misinterpreted, too.
>[]Kasai, we're friends. I don't feel anything beyond that.
>[]If you like me, that's fine, as long as you can actually come out and say it.
>[]I... may or may not feel the same way.
Keep calm.
Absolutely take a page out of papi Alagos's book and lose spaghetti all over the floor.
"I-I uh..."
You fidget and accidentally spill your drink.
"Oh no, uh... I'll just get this."
You try to scoop some water back in the mug before dejectedly putting it back upright.
"Yeah, I... g-gotta go eeeehheheheh..."
You stand up and sprint away, taking cover behind an abandoned stall.
"Dad, whyyyyyyy..." you moan, curling up inside a crate.
"Aisha? You there? Are you okay, I was... I was joking before, yeah, that's it. Come out, please."

>[]YOU WERE JOKING? *start crying*
>[]Stay silent.
>[]Curse your dad loudly.
>>[]YOU WERE JOKING? *start crying*
>[]Curse your dad loudly.
You start crying.
"You were joking? All my dreams... FUCK YOU, DAD! WHY DID YOU MAKE ME THIS WAY?"
«Aisha! Respect your father!»
Kasai peeks behind the stand.
"Are you okay--"
"Noooooo I thought you liked me and then NOPE you were joking! You can't just play with my heart like thaaaaaaat!"
"I-I'm sorry... I really do--"
Kasai takes a deep breath.
"I like you, Aisha."

>[]Reject him hard.
Cry hard 2.
Cry harder.
"Aisha, p-please stop..."


"Please, I don't know what you want just stop crying--"
Aaaaaaaah Aisha's crying and she isn't stopping oh god someone help.
You sigh and rub the back of your neck. She's gonna make it super awkward...

>[]Pat her head.
>[]Offer some candy.
>>[]Pat her head.
>>[]Offer some candy.
And apologize.
You sit down and pat her head.
"I-its okay... here."
You fish for some candy in your pockets and hand it to Aisha. She noms it and sniffles.
"Why were you crying? Did I do something..?"
"No, no. My dad's terrible with social situations involving unfamiliar concepts... he must've passed it onto me."
"Oh. Well, I'm sorry for slipping up."


You dig the last bits of candy out of your teeth with your tongue.

>[]It's fine, Kasai. I should be going home now.
>[]Would you... like to get some dinner sometime?
>[]Shouldn't you be getting back to the forge?
Help me up.
Kasai gets up and hoists you to your feet.
"There you go."

Now what?
Go and finish lunch, then
>[]Shouldn't you be getting back to the forge?
Can you walk me back home?
You go back to your table and finish the cheesy bread. It's gotten cool enough to eat straight away.
"Could you... walk me back home..."
Kasai looks up in surprise.
"Uh, okay."
You get up and start walking back to the castle.
"...don't you live on the moon?"
"Yeah, its more symbolic than anything."
You keep walking until you're in a deserted hall in the castle.
"So, uh..."
"Yeah, I should be getting home..."
You fidget and stare into each other's eyes awkwardly.

>[]Teleport home.
>[]Almost kiss before reminding him of the forge.
>>[]Almost kiss before reminding him of the forge.
You both slowly start to lean toward each other. Your lip trembles as he gets closer...
"Don't you have to work at the forge?"
Kasai steps back and starts running.
"Bye, Aisha!"
"Bye, Kasai!"
You sigh in relief. That was... close.
Krystal rounds the corner and spies you.
"W-what happened?"
Your mentor holds up a document.
"I've been drafted is what happened. Me and a squadron of my best men are supposed to deploy in a WEEK."

>[]For what?
>[]They can't do that! Who's gonna be in charge?
>[]Bring me something cool.
>Roll vs daze
>Roll fail
>Look very confused and out of focus.
>Slump against wall.
You slump onto the wall.
"How long are you..."
Krystal sighs.
"No clue. Cinderfell's at war with us, relations have been strained since the princess was kidnapped, but I had hoped it wouldn't lead to this... it should be shorter than expected, though. I've got at least six--"
She narrows her eye and growls angrily.
"Five secret weapons that only the inner circle knows about. I should be perfectly fine."
She puts a hand on your shoulder.
"I'll be back in time for your birthday. Promise."

Three months later, Krystal disappears behind enemy lines.
A little less than five years after her deployment, and your eighteenth birthday comes around.

You wake up and groan, peering around your room. Ugh...
Your hand comes away from your crotch sticky. That time again...

How do you take care of it?
Quickly and efficiently.
Yeah, you've got shit to do today, and hormones aren't gonna stop you. Not for long, anyway.
So you grab your dildo and get to work. You've got a pretty *nh!* good feel for your sensitive spots. You climax quickly and get up to shower, throwing your trusty toy in the sink.
One cold shower later and you're at the table, eating cinnamon rolls.
"Are they good, Aisha?"
"Great. Your frosting recipe's good, Pris."
Your mom smiles and pats Pris on the head.
"She's such a good helper."
Rorogan scoffs, reading at the FUCKING TABLE again.
Your dad yawns and adjusts his cosmic newspaper. "MASTER THIEVES BREAK INTO SHOWBUSINESS, STEAL OUR HEARTS."
"It's always so nice to see them get along. Anyway, I guess I'll give you your present..."
Your dad reaches under the table and withdraws a plain-looking shortsword.
"That, Aisha, was forged in the sun itself. It will never break or blunt, and I even got you this kickass scabbard for it."
You take the blade and test its edge. Pretty sharp.
"Thanks, Dad."
"Nothing less for my favorite daughter."
Castiel speaks up from his corner.
"Father, she is your only daughter."
"Okay, then. Favorite CHILD."
"Your words hurt me, father. But I still love you, and my sister."

>[]Get the rest of your presents later, you've got some lazing around to do until your party.
>[]Go down to Diluvium. Maybe you'll pop in to say hi to everyone.
Have a walk around and see what you can hear about the current events.

Fugg, this text box been open for hours.
And make sure Azeila and Kasai are coming!
You teleport to Diluvium. Gareth, the Order's treasurer, greets you.
"Hey, Aisha."
"Hey, shortstack. How's Yarō?"
"Doing very well. And don't call me shortstack, that's racist."
You chuckle and get going. Where would Kasai be...
In the forge? Oh, boy.
You walk over and pause in the doorway. The sweaty, musclebound Forgemaster Kunzom looks over at you.
"Eh, I suppose he deserves a day off... Kasai, Aisha's here!"
Your friend drops down from the edge of a large vat of molten ore, using his wings to slow his fall.
"Just a sec!"
He removes his goggles, wipes his head with a cloth and puts his shirt back on.
"Whew... where are we going?"
"Getting your sister, then we'll be catching up on the news."
"I could use some catching up."
After some searching, you find Azeila comforting her mother.
Yeah... your birthday was a pretty stressful time for Tsuyoi. Krystal had promised to be back in time and all...
The war had been over for a year, but still no sign of her, or her revenant.
You blink hard and sigh deeply. Dammit, you went thinking about her again.

>[]Call your mom, she should be able to help.
>[]Call Krystal's codec. Worth another try.
>[]Leave Azeila, her mom needs her more than you do.
>>[]Call Krystal's codec. Worth another try.
File: KAPEEEEEEW.jpg (8 KB, 426x220)
8 KB
You step out into the hall and call Krystal's number.
*ring ring!*
*ring ring!*
The sound of machinery can be heard through the earpiece. The viewer seems to be pointed at a wooden floor.
Someone hung up.
That was weird. Either Krystal's being held prisoner and can't talk, or she's lost her codec. Either way, it was progress. The other few times you had called, it didn't even connect.
Azeila exits her mother's room, sighing in relief.
"She... I think she'll be okay for now."
Kasai patted her on the shoulder.
"That's all we can hope for. One day at a time."
You walk down to the throne room. Faervel, acting Imperator and Duchess, is standing among the various officials and Order leaders, giving her verdicts on various issues.
The years haven't been kind to her. Taking on the entirety of two demanding jobs has left her hair gray, her face scarred, and her eyes with dark rings. Despite this, she still has her resolve and dignity. You had seen pictures of her before you were born, she had looked like an entirely different person with her 'armor' and younger features. You suppose that's why Krystal had recruited her and Jaylen.
She waves the inner circle away and approaches you.
She places her hand on your shoulder.
"It's rather late... Krystal had wanted to give you this much earlier, but this will have to suffice."
She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a holy symbol.
"Welcome to the Order. Happy Birthday."
You take it and slip it over your head before giving Faervel a hug.
"So I came down here to ask about current events... anything I should know?"
Faervel releases you and steps back.
"Well, the Icarus Project Krystal started is practically finished. I should be able to fully disclose details this afternoon, provided your Aunt C takes her job seriously. We are going to be starting construction of the Surface Ward shortly in order to accommodate all the new residents, and there is talk of a rebel group still attempting to free Cinderfell. That's all I'm primarily concerned with, so please forgive me if I neglected anything important."
You nod.
"Thanks, I doubt you skipped anything too important."

>[]Well, I guess I'll guilt-trip you all into giving me things now. (presents)
>[]I should get some training in.
>[]Hey, I can buy alcohol now, right? Let's go get drunk somewhere.
>>[]Hey, I can buy alcohol now, right? Let's go get drunk somewhere.
Know this aint gonna be good, but
File: IMG_1070.jpg (315 KB, 900x1101)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
>>1495104 (pic related is what Aisha looks like btw)
"YEAH!" your two companions shout.
"Hold on, wait just a--" Faervel protests. You're long gone before she finishes.


Kasai knocks back another swig and grins.
"Oh, this is great!"
He passes it to Azeila.
"I suppose it's pretty good."
"Geez, you're heavyweight!"
Azeila passes the bottle to you. You struggle to get it to your lips.
"I don't remember buying twoooOoo?"
You swallow some and dwell on the sensation of fire washing down your throat.
"Oh, I'm all dizzyyYYYyyy!"
Kasai laughs.
"Oh, Aisha! You're so funny sometimes!"
"Hey, can I have some of that?"
You pass the bottle to your dad.
He's sitting next to you.
"Ah, that hits the spot... don't mind me, kids. Just wanted a drink. And to have a nice talk."

>[]Dad, go awaaaaaay...
>[]Thats nice... KASAI tell us about Eleanor again! Have you gotten any 'tea' yet?
>[]Dad, is it alright is I use Kasai to help me with my hornymones..? It's kinda bad today...
>>[]Thats nice... KASAI tell us about Eleanor again! Have you gotten any 'tea' yet?
He sighs and grabs the bottle.
"She keeps hitting on me, no matter what I do or how much of an asshole I act like."
Your dad clicks his tongue.
"She's probably a gold digger. You've got the right to become the Duke of this place. Only reason you haven't is because nobody's told you. Naturally, you're loaded. Some women prefer that to good looks and charm."
"W-what!? I don't want to be Duke! I want to wander all over the world with--uh, I mean, wander around and look for dragons! Maybe find out who my real mother was."
"It's Tsuyoi, you big lug." you chime in, trying desperately to hang onto the wildly swaying ground.
"Why not Krystal?"
"She's not the 'mom' type, really."

>[]Dad, can you help me downstairs? Imma go punch the shit out of Rorogan for not giving me a present last year.
>[]...is it lunchtime yet? I could really go for something salty.
>[]Dive off the Seawall. (D20)
>>[]...is it lunchtime yet? I could really go for something salty.
You try to get to your feet. Alagos and Kasai hurry to your aid.
"Ugh... thanks."
You start staggering along the top of the Seawall (which you were on, forgot to mention that), dizzily staring at your surroundings.
"Kasai, you smell good..."
"What was that?"


You ladle some soup into your mouth before washing it down with water.
You and Kasai are feeling the effects of drinking so early in the day. Your dad didn't take that much, though. And Azeila's tolerance is pretty high.
"Eat, it'll help you feel better."
You nod weakly before a jolt of nausea hits you.
"Mm. MMMM."
You run over to a waste disposal chute and release your stomach's contents. You dad pats your back as you cry and heave.
"Oh, Aisha... don't drink so early, okay? And not too much."
You spit and nod before sitting back down at the table. Some water helps clear the burning sensation in your throat.
Your dad sighs and waves his hand. You feel much better, and from the looks of it, so does Kasai.
"I'll cure your hangover this once. But that's IT. You'll need to learn the consequences after this."
You nod enthusiastically and get back to eating. GODS ABOVE, you're hungry.
"Thanks, Alagos." Kasai says between sips of broth.


You sigh contentedly as you finish up your soup.
"Way better..."

>[]Go present-hunting.
>[]Get some training done.
Look at the local goods, and see what's the word around town.
You get up from your seat.
"Well, I guess I'll wander around the market for a while."
"And I should be making myself scarce. Things to do. Have a good day, Aisha."
Alagos scratches you behind your horns.
"Bye, Dad."
He disappears in a flash of lightning and you begin your walk through the market.
It's pretty great. Lots of magical trinkets for sale, weapons, exotic animals, spices. A group of sailors seem to be celebrating the recent opening of a high-class brothel.
Then all of it's interrupted by a shrill voice.
"Oh, please no."
A blonde (and extremely giggly) girl pops out of the crowd and rushes over to your group.
"Oh, I haven't seen you in weeks! Don't make me--"
She stops and looks between you and Azeila. There's obvious fear and loathing in her expression for a few seconds. She seems particularly worried about Azeila's lack of decency. Must not see many daemonettes.
"Oh, and who are these two?"
"Hi, Eleanor... This is my sister, Azeila. And that's Aisha, my friend." Kasai replies, screaming internally.
"Oh, so nice to meet you."
Eleanor holds her hand out.

>[]Shake it.
>[]Shake it, but grip it hard and give her a demonic glare.
>>[]Shake it.
I've heard soooo much about you!
Match her shrill bublieness.
Glance at Kasai and smirk.
Or you could try to seduce her if you're into that.
Okay nevermind one sec
"Ooooooh enchanté! I've heard so much about you!"
You pull her into a hug.
"Kasai talks about you so often! You should come by the castle sometime!"
Eleanor seems surprised, but only for a moment.
"Oh, I'll have to take that up sometime!"
You smirk at Kasai.
"Aisha, whatever I did to you, I'm sorry."
You recoil in horror.
"Kasai! I'm just inviting this elegant girl to our residence! Would you really be so rude as to deny her this privilege?"
He sighs.
"Alright, then..."
He walks up to Eleanor and clears his throat.
"Miss, are you free tonight?"
Eleanor blinks, then nods furiously.
"Well, that's just too bad. I'm busy."
Eleanor opens her mouth in shock as Kasai flies away.

>[]Invite her to your birthday party.
>[]Scoff at Kasai's rudeness and be generally outraged.
>[]Audibly kek, that was pretty good.
>>[]Audibly kek, that was pretty good.
Tell her it was nice meeting her, then go about your business.
File: IMG_1195.png (1022 KB, 1024x745)
1022 KB
1022 KB PNG
"Wh--that wasn't funny!"
"Well, its better than what he usually comes up with. Nice meeting you."
You continue your walk around the market. Not much different, unless you want to go to the red light district.
Kasai lands next to you, out of breath.
"Hah... hah... Aisha, holy shit you have to see this."
"What happened? What did you--"
Kasai grabs you and takes off.
"Dammit, you're heavy..."
Azeila waves goodbye as Kasai carries you away.
You fly to the Flooded Gardens and up the hole that lets in sunlight. Kasai dumps you on the grass and leans on a rock, catching his breath.
"Just what the HELL did you think--"
A shadow falls over you. You look up.
A fortress was hovering in the air several hundred meters above you, bristling with armaments and kept afloat with at least three different kinds of flight methods.
Some sort of liquid falls to the ground next to you. It smells like... you on a particularly bad day.
You look up again. Aunt C appears to be masturbating on the edge of the fortress.
She looks down and teleports to you.
"Didn't see you there. HOLY FUCK look at this thing, though! You can't just expect me to DESIGN AND BUILD THIS without masturbating to it at the end, right?"
She tries to put a hand on your shoulder. You'd rather she not.
"Yes, I can. Because that's not what normal people do."
"Since when we're any of us normal? Come up and see what I mean. I'll show you."

>[]I don't wanna know what you mean!
>[]Is this innuendo? I'm in.
>[]Can I bring Kasai?
>>[]Is this innuendo? I'm in.
Innuendo, in your endo, What's the difference?
You turn to Kasai.
"Sorry... it's really bad today, I've just managed to fight it... I can't hold it back any longer."
He swallows.
"Well... if you're sure."
"Oh, fantastic! Let's go!"
Crystal grabs you and teleports back up to the fortress, shoving you into some sort of command chair.
"I should be able to bar access for a few hours..."
She slips her cum-soaked fingers into your mouth. They taste... good.
Something revitalizes you. It's almost like you've had a good meal, but strangely different.
"Last chance, Aisha. Are you sure you want this?"

>[]I-I can't...
>[]The fuck was that? I just wanted you to show me around.
>>[]The fuck was that? I just wanted you to show me around.
>It wasn't bad but...
File: IMG_1556.jpg (147 KB, 900x717)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Crystal withdraws and licks the rest off her fingers.
"Well, glad you enjoyed it. I'd rather not do anything more without consent... my sister told me she would be upset if I didn't have it. Even if she was burned, it wouldn't surprise me if she became the progenitor of a new kind of revenant just to haunt me. Anyway, the Stratofortress."
She escorts you around the place, pointing out various cannons, barracks, and experimental aircraft, which seemed to consist of biplanes whose rotors were turned by magic. There was even a computer on board, though it heavily relied on magic and looked like it belonged on the set of Alien. Ran pretty well, though.
"And here is what powers it all. The Chaos Engine, I like to call it."
Crystal undoes the telepathic locks on the door and blast shields, revealing the device.
The Chaos Engine was a metallic ball with blue etchings, furiously spinning in the middle of some sort of reactor.
"Thought it was a paperweight until I channeled a little magic into it. Then it wouldn't stop spinning. It produces all the magical energy and electricity we need on-site. Barely gives off a heat signature, too."
You leave, the door closing behind you.
"We have enough room for several hundred, and enough food stored to cross the ocean. We had planned to use this in the war, but... complications. I'd like to fly it over the Order of Ruin's fortress to taunt them, but I'm only doing so after I've attended the Sorceror's Enclave. My plan is to get schematics for a stronger shield out of a cutie who should be attending."

>[]Oh? Show me how you plan to do that.
>[]Cool. Can we get Kasai and show him around? He's probably having a conniption down there.
>[]Okay. Where's my present, though?
>>[]Cool. Can we get Kasai and show him around? He's probably having a conniption down there.
Poor Kasai.
"I guess we should..."
You teleport back down. Kasai seems sad. Makes sense, the girl he's got a crush on supposedly just ran off with a forty-seven year old woman without even giving him the time of day.
"Oh... hey. Did you have a good time?"
You punch him in the shoulder.
"I was pulling your leg, dude. Come on, the place is pretty awesome. There's actually a forge, looks pretty high-tech."
Your friend looks up.
"Huh... you really didn't do anything?"
"She put her fingers in my mouth, but that's it. Come on."


"And that concludes the tour. Again."
You took the time to appreciate the architecture in the second tour. Very Gothic, probably to stab anyone who tries to glide in.
"Wow... I hardly believe it. This took how long to build?"
"Almost twenty years. Most of it was spent trying to figure out how to make the fucking thing mobile."
Kasai whistles.

>[]Well, let's go back down. It's about three in the afternoon, we've got a few hours until the party.
>[]What's this gonna be used for, since the war's over?
>[]Kasai... I wasn't pulling your leg about it being a bad day...
>I wasn't pulling your leg about it being a bad day.
"Oh... i-is that right..."
Kasai chuckles nervously as you grab his arm and rub up against him.
"Hehe... cute, Aisha. But seriously, could you please stop?"
Crystal clears her throat.
"I better get you kiddies back. I'd like some more alone time up here. Stratofortress isn't a very good name..."
She starts the teleport.
"Upper Heaven? Too similar, but is anyone really gonna give a shit..?"
The Stratofortress fades out, and you reappear in... Kasai's room. Huh.
"Well, we should be going now! Lots of things to do, you know? Eheheh... heh..."
You let go of him and lift up the bed's mattress.
"Uh, Aisha, what are you doing?"
"Checking for porn."
He grabs your arm just as you find several books.

>[]Leave the poor kid be.
>[]Act super disgusted. People actually use this..?
>[]Read it eagerly.
>[]You don't need these, all you had to do is ask! Here, let me help you...
>>[]Read it eagerly.
Take notes.
File: IMG_1559.jpg (162 KB, 686x724)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
"Aisha, no!"
Kasai lunges toward you. You plant a foot in his chest and push, sending him flying out the door. You lock it before he can get up.
"Aisha, this isn't funny, seriously stop!"
"Eeeheheheheheh... oh, she's--both holes? Damn. This stuff's pretty good! Tentacles? Who even drew this..?"
Kasai starts banging on the door.
"Cut that out or I'll burn the whole stash!"
The banging stops.
"...can I just come back in my room, please?" he asks in a quiet tone.
"Hah... just a secOOOOOOND!~"
You gasp for breath, sliding your pants back on. That was great.
"Did you just--"
"Yeah. I didn't get it on your carpet, so--"
"That's not what I'm concerned about!"
You get up and open the door. Kasai walks in, muttering darkly.
"I don't know what you want anymore... you're driving me insane, Aisha. Seriously, either take off your clothes or leave, anything but this garbage."
You giggle.
"Oh, but it's so fun! Guess what I did just now?"
You lean closer to his ear.
"I tried putting a finger in my ass. It felt so gooood~"
Kasai stands up and grabs you by the arm.
"Aisha, you're cool and all, but you get so fucking annoying on your bad days."
He half-drags, half-pushes you outside before shutting the door. It opens a few seconds later, and he tosses something to you.
"Happy Birthday."
The door shuts again.
It's a red scale. Kasai must've shed it. Warm...

>[]Stick it in your sword's pommel. There's a convenient indent.
>[]Pocket it and go do something else (write-in).
>[]Oh, come ONNNN. I have to thank you properly for this, I can't do that if you won't let me in!
Continue to tease him.
>Oh. I have a perfect "pocket" to place it!
If he opens the door to glare at her, kiss him.
Starting to feel bad for the guy but it's just too good this way
"Oh, I've got just the place for this..."
Kasai leans out the door.
"I hope it stabs--"
You give him a kiss before he can withdraw.
Kasai stands still for a few moments before speaking.
You smile and scratch behind his horns. He looks kinda cute, all shell-shocked.
You're kinda feeling it, too. That was kind of intense for just a kiss...
Kasai pulls you in and reciprocates. Might as well let him, just this once. Not like anything--
"What's this?"
You freeze and look down the hallway. It's your asshole brother Rorogan.
"You've both finally given into your parents' unending amounts of lust? I'd hate to see your offspring going at it. Though, quarter-god, quarter-succubus, and half-dragon could lead to interesting results..."

>[]Beat the shit out of him, like the good old days.
>[]Why don't you go have another 'private lesson' with Aunt C? I'm sure she'll be happy to participate in more magical circlejerks.
>[]Rorogan, you've saved me! Kasai gave me this scale and made me his thrall!
>>[]Why don't you go have another 'private lesson' with Aunt C? I'm sure she'll be happy to participate in more magical circlejerks.
Oh noes, he gonna be evil!
"Ha! We don't have time for such trivial affairs. We're more focused on what's truly important, changing the course of magical history!"
"Oh, Rorogan. What's truly important is family, I'm sure you'll have a realization moment when you're older. Until then, eat your heart out, you bastard."
You go back to furiously making out with Kasai.
Your brother walks off, and you stop your kissing for a few moments.
"Whew... you're pretty good at that."
"...wanna try tongue?"
"I'm not really sure if we should be doing that in the hallway."
"Hey, guys!"
Azeila had snuck up on the both of you. You quickly release each other and stand around awkwardly.
"Kasai, I'm so proud of you! I thought you would be lonely forever!"
"Uh, it was Aisha who started it..."

>[]I-its not like I wanted to kiss him or anything!
>[]He's good. I'll need to do this more often.
>[]Could you please leave? I need to escalate things in privacy.
>>[]He's good. I'll need to do this more often.
"He's pretty good. I should do more of this."
Azeila pats you on the shoulder.
"Well, he can be quite a handful sometimes. Oh, Mom had so many stories about when he first learned how to fly..."
Kasai's sister laughs.
"Well, you two have fun. I need to go help in the kitchen. By the way, have you seen where he drew horns and a tail on one of his--"
You had seen them, in fact. Cute.
She leaves. Kasai sighs in relief and looks at you awkwardly.
"Uhh... wanna play video games?"

>[]Nah, I need to see if your scale fits in my sword.
>[]I'd rather blue-ball you until dinner. Maybe during if we're sitting close together.
>>[]Nah, I need to see if your scale fits in my sword.
"Uh... okay."
You take the gift out of your pocket and press it into your sword's pommel.
"Oh, you meant actually--"
"Of course I did. What did you think I meant? Besides, it wouldn't be a very good innuendo. I would've said something along the lines of 'shove your Crystal Greatsword into my Gaping Dragon'."
"I didn't need to know that."
The scale clicks into place. Your sword is wreathed with fire.
You hesitantly touch the blade. Not even warm. Probably only works on things you don't like.
The fire does out as soon as you sheathe the sword.
"I had no idea your sword could do that..."
"Me neither."

>[]Crystal Greatsword, Gaping Dragon.
>[]Lets go play some video games.
>[]Wait around until dinner's ready.
>>[]Lets go play some video games.
Then compare notes on porn preferences.
File: image.png (546 KB, 599x792)
546 KB
546 KB PNG
You use your magic ring to teleport up to your house. Mom greets you.
"OOOOOH, it's been forever since you had Kasai up here!"
She gives you both hugs before handing you around a dozen condoms.
"Just in case you run out!"
"Uh, Mom, we're just playing video games..."
"Of course you are. I just want you to be prepared."
"T-thanks, Aisha's mom..."
You step past Pris, who's sleeping peacefully in front of the fireplace, and head into your room.
"Let's see... here we go."
You put on an older game called CRAWL. Possess the monsters and attack the player, fun times. It caused much rage when you were younger.
"So I noticed there was some lesbian stuff in that pile."
"I mean, I'm interested in that kind of thing, but I'm not sure if it's because I'm actually bi or if its the whole hormones thing."
"Aisha, I don't think--"
"And a lot of the other material was pretty good. You seem to like dominant women who get dominated themselves, there's a lot I'd say about that if I were a psychiatrist. Anal play? Well, I've only done a little experimenting, but it hasn't gone badly. I only have a few books, so I tend to close my eyes and think of muscly dragons hovering over me while I--"
Kasai kills you again.
"Dammit, I was winning, too."
You furiously possess barrels and throw them at Kasai's avatar.
"I'm glad your porn tastes are so... varied, Aisha. But I fail to see what this is going to do besides make your mom think we're doing it."
"Well, I'm blue-balling you with my kinks. Doesn't hearing me talk about wanting hot, thick cocks penetrating all my holes as I scream in pleasure turn you on?"
The split second he glances at you in concern is all you needed.
"No--! Uugh... quite the imagination you have."
"Thanks. I'll draw some hentai of myself getting pounded if you want."
"I'll pass."


"Aisha, Kasai! Time for dinner!"
"Oh, good. Coming!"
You quit the game and head out to Diluvium. Your mom and Pris accompany you, dressed nicely (well, Pris was wearing her cat ears).
You take your seats, offer thanks to Alagos (who's sitting across the table from you) and start eating. There's a bit of hubbub over Tsuyoi attending. She hardly ever leaves her room!
After a few minutes, a knight enters the room, laden with about six different weapons. A tattered red white and blue flag is wrapped around their shoulders, and a codec dangles from their arm.
Everyone looks up at the newcomer hopefully as he reaches behind him, grabs a sword, and places it on the floor.
It's unmistakably Krystal's.
"...I'm sorry for your loss."
Your dad wipes at his eyes and looks away. Pris, Sasha, and most everyone else stare in shock.

>[]How did it happen?
>[]Are you sure? Did you see her..?
>>[]Are you sure? Did you see her..?
I tried her phone thing and it was answered. Do you have it too?
File: Calm exterior.png (185 KB, 500x256)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
The knight drops the codec on top of the sword.
"Yes, its right here. She... your Imperator fought well. None of her killers survived. Still, they had managed to mortally wound her. She asked me to set her alight..."
The knight casts his eyes downward.
"No... Mom..." Kasai mumbles.
Tsuyoi shakily stands.
"No, you can't be... lies, it has to be lies..."
She sinks to the floor and starts wailing.
"O-oh god." the knight says, hurrying over to her.
"Tsuyoi, please stop crying--"
She pushes him away.
"Tsuyoi! Seriously, please stop--fucking straps."
The knight fiddles with his helmet, eventually casting it aside.
Krystal places her hands on Tsuyoi's shoulders.
"Look, it's me. It's me..."
Tsuyoi cries into Krystal's breastplate, weakly wrapping her arms around her.
"Krystal, you absolute BITCH... what did you think she was gonna do!?"
"It played out a lot better in my head..."


Krystal's taken her seat at the head of the table. Tsuyoi moved her seat closer so as to be more clingy.
"I'm fine, seriously. Stop--oh! Look, I'll let you do that all you want later, but we're in public!"
Kasai clears his throat.
"Kasai... you've grown so much. Everyone has."
Krystal brushes a strand of hair back, which is noticeably more gray than you remember.
"So, what's happened while I was gone?"
"Your son and Aisha were going at it like cats earlier."
"Atta boy!"
"It was only kissing, Rorogan!"
"Well, I'm happy for you two. What el--"
Crystal appears.
"...I appreciate your enthusiasm."

>[]Would you mind telling us where exactly you've been for the past FIVE YEARS!?
>[]We can all talk later, I'm sure Krystal's famished. Eat up.
>[]Krystal, that was seriously not funny earlier...
File: 7686178464_fdc8ea66c7.jpg (44 KB, 600x325)
44 KB
>>[]Krystal, that was seriously not funny earlier...
Dick move Krystal, dick move.
>Hug her
>wisper in her ear as hug
1. Reprimand Krystal.
2. Eat
3. Talk
You stand up to give Krystal a hug.
"I'm sorry, what?"
"I said, don't be an ass. That was seriously not at all cool."
"Yeah, yeah. I get it."
You sit back down and get to eating.
"So." Krystal says between bites. "I was deployed for four years, on the front lines. Something kept jamming the codec, or I would've called. But basically, after destroying a ton of Cinderfell forces, the remaineder set out to pillage this city. I obviously couldn't let them do that. One year ago, we met them in naval combat a few hundred miles north of here. They were just about to break through when I called for Alagos's aid... the ships all sank, and I was washed onto the shores of an island not too far from here. Of course, I didn't know that at the time, and even if I did, it was too far to swim."
She takes a sip of wine before continuing.
"A fair number of Cinderfell forces washed up along with me. With what few friendlies I had left, I set out on a guerilla campaign, which took about four months to complete. As far as I know, I'm the only survivor. A few days ago, a ship stopped by and I hitched a ride home."
She shrugs.
"By the way, I'm gonna be leaving you and Kasai on that island for a month, Aisha. Final test."

>[]What about the twins?
>[]Okay, fine.
>[]I'm sensing ulterior motives...
>>[]I'm sensing ulterior motives...
Look at her suspiciously.
"Nooo, what other reason could I POSSIBLY have for sending two horny teenagers to a tropical island with no supervision?" Krystal asks sarcastically.
"Seriously, though. You two need to get laid and put your cringey teenage angst behind you. Last thing anyone wants is sexual tension with someone they might have to entrust their lives to. And it might help out with your 'bad days'."

>[]I see... well, if it'll help I'll do it.
>[]S-shouldn't we have a more traditional romance..?
>[]But I wanted to tease him forever and ever! Aww.
>>[]But I wanted to tease him forever and ever! Aww.
>And he never asked me out on a date!
"I asked if you wanted to play video games..."
"You can't just ask someone on a date to their house! Geez..."
Krystal clears her throat.
"Well, if you want to do that, I'm taking a week to recuperate and refamiliarize myself with my job. And Tsuyoi's gonna need a lot of comforting."
Faervel sighs.
"I suppose I can be acting Imperator for a while longer..."
"You've done a fantastic job, by the way."

>[]Well, I'm done eating.
>[]Stare pointedly at Kasai until he asks you out.
>[]Ask Krystal if she found any more lovers while she was gone.
>>[]Stare pointedly at Kasai until he asks you out.
File: image.png (289 KB, 640x480)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
You refuse to break eye contact with Kasai as you eat. He's obviously irritated, but doesn't call you out yet.
"Could you pass the salt?"
Kasai looks around. It's nowhere near him.
"Sure, sweetie."
Your dad hands it to you. You expertly sprinkle some on your food and take a bite without looking.
Hell, you manage to take a drink without even blinking.
This is murder on your eyes, though...
Kasai groans and leans his head one one of his hands before looking up at you.
"Aisha." he says in a monotone voice.
"I saw a bakery earlier. It would delight me to no end if you were to join me and get some pie later."
You smile.
"Thank you, I'd be honored."
Oh thank the gods, you can hydrate your eyeballs now.
"Wonderful. My happiness cannot be described. I'll pick you up at six tomorrow."

>[]Tomorrow? Why not after dinner?
>[]Sure, see you then!
>[]I've got something I need to do at that time, though...
>>[]Sure, see you then!
That should be enough.
File: image.png (426 KB, 1024x576)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
Kasai sighs in relief.
"Glad to hear it."
The adults at the table express congratulations.


"Well, let's give ourselves some time to digest. Bring out your presents." Krystal says, stretching herself out.
The twins go first. Rorogan (to the surprise of no one) gives you his old spellbook. You consider this as a money gift, as you'll be selling this once you've made sure there aren't any spells you want to learn.
Castiel gives you a ring in the shape of a shield.
"I've noticed that you tend to neglect physical protection in combat. This should help."
You give him a hug.
Next is Azeila. She makes you a little cake each year, filled with weird ingredients. They've been kind of hit-and-miss, but some were delicious.
You take a bite.
"Hmm... it's pretty good. Kinda spicy. Maybe try for something creamier."
She gives you a hug.
"One of these days, it'll be perfect."
Your mom gives you a whip, the end is shaped into a sort of demonic claw.
"You never know when rope might come in handy! It can even grab onto things."
Another hug.
Pris gives you some attachments for your rifle. Not exactly what you would've come up with, but it was kinda cute.
You hold up your new sword.
"Kasai and Alagos gave me these already. The scale gives it fire powers."
"Oh, that's what I forgot... I was gonna put a lightning gem in there but I forgot. Apparently, the socket's sensitive to elemental powers... should work if you switch it, just don't let anything fall out. That'd be awkward."
You give them their hugs. Krystal stands up and walks over to you.
"I said I'd be home in time for your birthday, never said which one."
She unstraps one of her many holsters and pulls out a pistol.
"You better appreciate how hard it was to build this in a warzone. Completely original design."
She reholsters it and hands you the entire thing.

>[]Wow. Thanks!
>[]Can I have a grenade launcher instead? This is too weak.
>>[]Wow. Thanks!
Krystal pats you on the shoulder.
"Glad you like it. Now let's see about that cake..."


"So I waited for him to look at that picture of his family again, and then I took my knife and cut his fuckin' neck open!"
Krystal leans heavily on you, drinking and slurring her war stories.
"Hey, you ever killed anyone..?"
"Fuckin' pussy-ass kids. First time I killed someone, I was five years old. Mr. Cuddles was just a regular bear, they said! I knew better, so I threw that bastard at the ceiling fan. Didn't give me any more lip after that one..."
Tsuyoi slings Krystal's other arm over her shoulders.
"Come on, Krystal. You should be sleeping."
Yeah, that was... great.
You finish off another slice of cake. Chocolate!~

>[]Ask Kasai to dance (and probably fuck everything up).
>[]Go home and sleep.
>>[]Go home and sleep.
You've got a big day tomorrow, especially with that date coming up.
"Well," you yawn. "That'll do it for tonight. See you all tomorrow."
"Bye, Aisha!"
You teleport back home and get in the shower.
The warm water courses down your back, which doesn't help matters. It was still one of your bad days, after all...
Might as well indulge yourself. Not like anyone's gonna see.
You slowly reach up and grab one of your breasts, lifting it up to your mouth and giving your nipple a little bite.
Your other hand slides down to your groin and starts rubbing your clit.
You give your other nipple some attention as you sink to the floor, sliding two fingers into your pussy. After a few minutes, your hips start bucking and you climax.
You lie there for a minute or so, enjoying the afterglow before shakily getting back to your feet.
"Dammit, warm water..."
You grab the faucet and twist it to cold.
Well, that took care of your libido. You dry yourself off before putting your underwear back on and climbing into bed.


You sit up groggily and stare up through your skylight. Syreth's reflecting light into your face again.
"Quit being so bright... you wanna fight me, you bastard?"
The planet remains irritatingly blue and bright. Like always.
Well, might as well figure out what you're doing today before your date.

>[]Get some training done. Back to business.
>[]Go do your actual Order-assigned job.
>[]Hide somewhere and do drugs.
>>[]Go do your actual Order-assigned job.
Gotta build that stress up.
You get dressed, have your breakfast, and teleport down to Diluvium.
Time for your job. It's very important. Absolutely crucial to the Order's well-being is how Krystal put it.
Yeah, your job...
Is to polish the entire Armory's contents.
Well, it's not your fault you inherited your dad's autistic uselessness. You'll be out and about killing people when your training's done, but for now... ehh.
You get to polishing. Maybe you'll get done early...
As you're working at an irritably sense spot on a suit of armor, the arm moves to strike you with a mace.
You catch the arm and continue cleaning.
"Hi, Krystal. Your breathing was showing."
"Huh. So you didn't forget your training. Good."
"Jaylen was a better teacher than you."
"How dare--"
"Hold still, I'm not done."

>[]Is there a reason you came here besides trying to attack me?
>[]Just ignore her. She does this kind of shit all the time.
>[]Audibly fantasize about her son.
>[]Is there a reason you came here besides trying to attack me?
As you talk to her, count the times that you go over over the spots as you continue polishing.
"Yeah, I guess. Getting kinda low, aren't--"
"My job is to polish this armor. You just happen to be in it."
Still, you get the codpiece done as fast as possible.
"Anyway, I've been thinking about the future. When I inevitably die, I'm gonna have to pass leadership down to someone. If I didn't do anything as of now, there would likely be a fight over whether my kid, or Alagos's kid should be Imperator. I trust you'll smack the shit out of anyone who tries to gain power."
"Sure. But why are you here?"
"Would you like to be Imperator in the event that I die, is what I'm asking."

>[]Sure. Better than this job.
>[]Sounds boring.
>[]Do I get your wife?
>Well let me try for a week before I decide.
Why not let there be 2 Imperators, that way no single person can hold all the power.
Thats true! Especially since we can communicate with the god, dont need the single imperator deciiveness!
"Hmm... that could work. Except I'm gone need to finish my 'common sense test' if that's going to be policy. Anyone who fails can't be Imperator. Or maybe I could just come down from the afterlife in a drop pod and pick someone."
"Would they allow that..?"
"No clue. Come to think of it, there's probably an afterlife, but I don't know what it entails. I'm hoping for a beach planet, though."
You finish your polishing. Seven times for that one spot, what do they do to these things...
"That was interesting. I should get full-body polishes done more often. Now where did I leave my clothes..."
A greenish slime oozes out of the faceplate. Oh, yeah. You'd forgotten Krystal was a host or whatever. Luckily, she doesn't leave any residue on the armor.
Krystal reforms, holding a hand over her missing eye. She lifts the armor's visor and digs around inside.

>[]How do I get slime powers?
>[]Get back to your job.
But try to do so subtly.
You steal a few glances while Krystal's getting dressed. She's in fantastic shape for a 47 year-old veteran. You could probably break a sword over her abs, but her ass doesn't seem to have been affected much. She's having some trouble getting her pants on, probably because she literally only ever wears tight leather pairs.
"Fucking get up there... Aisha, could you do my bra?"
You awkwardly do the strap before rushing back to your job.
Krystal pulls her shirt on and cracks her neck before standing over your shoulder.
"...you like older women, Aisha?"
She stares at your reflection in the armor. You can feel her eye boring into your soul...

>[]Just you.
>[]Hell no.
>just you
"I, uh..."
"Relax, I'm joking. Considering your genetic heritage, you probably do, though... I have no intention of sleeping with you, though. Unless you really want me to."
Krystal scratches you behind your horns and leaves.
"I should be getting back to Tsuyoi, now... have fun."
You look over at the armory and smile wearily.
At least you don't have to transmute sewage into bullets.


"How does this even happen!?" you wonder aloud, lowering the welding mask's faceplate.
The armor in front of you was caked over with the nastiest shit imaginable. Hairy, pus-ridden, caked-on garbage. Someone must've left this in a wyrm's large intestine before throwing it into a dumpster.
You pull the trigger on the flamer, cleansing the armor of it's incomprehensible filth.
"That armor is quite filthy."
You jump slightly and turn around. Castiel somehow snuck up behind you, even though he wears full plate almost 24/7.
"Sister, I believe making sudden movements whilst wielding such a dangerous weapon is unsafe."

>[]Get lost.
>[]Hey. Need something?
>[]Well, don't sneak up on me, then. I almost had a heart attack.
>>[]Well, don't sneak up on me, then. I almost had a heart attack.
"Unlikely. Your physical condition is nowhere near the state it would need to be in for cardiac arrest to occur."
Good old Castiel... you sigh.
"What do you want, anyway?"
"That is a very philosophical--"
"Let me rephrase that. For what reason have you approached me?"
You finish hosing the armor down, put on a face mask, and start chipping away at the burnt filth with a chisel.
"Father told me to go bother you, instead. I am nothing if not obedient to him."

>[]Well, pick up an acid bucket. I could use some help with this.
>[]What about your job? Don't you have to help Faervel with paperwork?
>[]I'm always happy to seem my favorite brother! If you need anything, let me know.
>>[]I'm always happy to seem my favorite brother! If you need anything, let me know.
"Thank you. I will keep that in mind."
Castiel stands in the corner for a few seconds before leaving. Awkward...
But this armor, though. Seriously.


You give the breastplate one last run before stepping back. Shines like new, while the filth that crusted it lies around on the floor. Kind of artistic.
"Let's see, what time is it..."
You take a look at your codec.
"Two o'clock!? Guess that's why I'm hungry."
You grab your lunch and start eating. This sandwich is pretty good... ooh, Gushers!

>[]Cleaning that muck was a job in itself. Take the rest of the day off.
>[]Might as well keep cleaning. Three hours left, then another hour to prepare for that date.
>>[]Might as well keep cleaning. Three hours left, then another hour to prepare for that date.
You finish your lunch, sweep the pile of garbage into a disposal chute, and get back to work.


You sigh as you enter the dining room.
"Hey, Mom."
"Hi, Aisha!"
"Greetings, fair daughter."
Your dad's wearing a plague doctor's costume. You've long since learned not to question these things.
"Hey, Dad. Just getting some dinner real quick."
"Jubilations. I hope your engagement is productive."
You grab a dinner roll and eat it while looking through your closet. Let's see...

>[]Just wear what you've got now.
>[]Wear something tasteful... not too formal.
>[]Take the extremely slutty dress. This should be fun...
>>[]Wear something tasteful... not too formal.
Don't want to kill the poor guy.
File: IMG_1523.png (7 KB, 1024x683)
7 KB
Alright, let's see...
You pull on a black hoodie and some jeans. Not exactly formal wear, but it's better than your sweaty work clothes.
Your dad made this hoodie for you, actually. Considering his other arts-and-crafts projects, this is unusually tame, just a white star on the back and a smaller one of the front.
You grabsome morsels of food and eat them on the way out the door.
"Bye, everyone!"
Kasai's standing at the appointed street corner. He's gone the casual route, too (his hair's gelled though).
"Oh, hey there."
"Hey. Kept you waiting?"
"Not at all. Let's get going."
A few turns later, and you enter a quaint little bakery on Tempestas Plaza. Rows of delicious, mouth-watering breads, pastries, and other baked goods lie just on the other side of a glass case. It would be well worth it to spend a few Wisps to free the poor things.

What do you buy?
Cannoli and eat it seductively, a Sarah Bernandt to involuntarily smear chocolate all over your face. Ask if he could clean you up.
Kasai gets a few cookies. You can practically hear something in his mind break when the baker announces the price. Makes sense, you guess. He has to make these by hand, and everyone wants them fresh.
You sit down at an outside table and start eating.
Some of the cream's run down your cannoli. You give it a long lick on the underside before putting the tip in your mouth.
Kasai narrows his eyes as he eats his cookie.
"I know what you're doing."
"Yeah, eating this tasty treat. It tastes so good..."
You lick some cream off your lips. You'd deepthroat it, but that would make it all soggy, so you just finish it instead.
Kasai seems placid upon seeing you eating non-phallic treats. Not for long, you're making it physical next.
Some chocolate gets around your lips.
"Ah... Kasai, could you get this--"
{rolled 20 for persuasion...}
He leans forward and licks your face off. You might've gotten into it, too. There were definitely a few times your tongues touched. It was pretty great.
Except when you finally stopped and noticed everyone was staring.

>[]Sink in your seat.
>[]Act like nothing happened.
>[]What!? Never seen young love before?
>>[]Sink in your seat.
So that your legs touch a Lot under the table.
You sink lower and pull your hood up. Kasai coughs and looks like he's going to have an aneurism.
"Aisha... I'm really sorry about that..."
You drag the tip of your tail around his knee.
"...nevermind, then..."
After a few minutes of pressing your legs together and eating chocolate in silence, a shrill voice rings out from the crowd.
"Kasai! Aisha~~~~~~!"
Kasai pales.
"Oh, gods no."

>[]Greet Eleanor enthusiastically.
>[]Pretend you didn't hear and start sucking on Kasai's tongue again.
>[]Sink even lower in your chair.
>>[]Pretend you didn't hear and start sucking on Kasai's tongue again.
Mark our territory.
File: IMG_1571.gif (41 KB, 200x200)
41 KB
"Maybe if I--oh!"
You sit up, grab the back of his head and kiss him again.
Eleanor pauses mid-run, staring at the two of you.
She runs away, crying profusely.
You lean back in your chair and pop another pastry in your mouth.
"Don't say I've never done anything for you."
"Ah--you'll build up a resistance to that eventually. Probably."
Kasai eventually snaps out of it.
"She left... cool."
You smile and dig around in the bag of chocolates...
Nothing. Dammit.

>[]Well, this was fun.
>[]Is there anything fun happening around town..?
>[]Mind walking me home?
>>[]Is there anything fun happening around town..?
Like a carnival? Or a fight?
"Uh... there's a blood sports arena downtown."
You stare at Kasai.
"...so you're gonna take me to see blood sports on our first date?"
"Good taste, let's get going."


The daemonette fighter flips her Imp opponent over and starts punching him in the face.
The Imp wiggles out of her grasp and wraps his arm around her throat.
The daemonette flails her arms behind her, delivering a few glancing blows before passing out.
You sigh and kick at the floor.
"She had it..."
Kasai stares at you warily.
"I didn't know you were so into this sort of thing."
"Well... she was doing GREAT."

>[]Let's go home now...
>[]Hey, you should go in!
Wanna fight?
File: IMG_1573.jpg (79 KB, 640x953)
79 KB
Kasai stares at you for a moment.
"Hell yeah, let's go."
You walk up to the ring announcer.
"Hey, you mind if we have a fight?"
"Nah. Just don't expect me to pay you. Names?"
"Aisha and Kasai."
"Oh, the Duchess's son? This should be good."
You vault over the fight pit's railing and square up. Kasai stomps the sand and cracks his knuckles.
"Next up are some newcomers! Kasai, a fierce dragon and son of the Ducchess, and Aisha... his friend. FIGHT!"
You roll your shoulders and put up your fists. Let's just hope this doesn't end like it did that one time...

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 9 (1d20)

Let's knock him down and spank his ass!
Rolled 13 (1d20)

Half God vs dragon. Pretty interesting
You charge forward. Kasai grabs your arm and flips you into the sand.
"Sorry about that."
You sweep your feet and knock Kasai to the ground before getting back up.
"You're pretty good."
You dodge an uppercut and swing your foot up toward his head. He ducks and tries to retaliate, but you jump back in time and land a right hook on his face.
Saliva flies out of his mouth.
"Gah, that's gonna bruise..."
Kasai sweeps his wings forward, sending him back a few feet. You follow him and kick out as soon as he stops.
"Oooooooooooh." he whimpers, clutching his groin before falling over.
"Aisha, you fucking bitch... AH IT HURTS!"

>[]Take the poor bastard home.
>[]Start crying.
Make it jokingly, get him up again and continue!
gnight stormy, have a good day
>take the poor guy home
You help Kasai up to his feet.
"It's okay, dude. Come on, let's get you home."
"You'll be fine, I didn't feel anything pop."
There's some scattered applause in the audience. Understandable, the other contestants use deadly weapons more often.


"Aisha, I can't stress this enough, I'm so fucking done--"
"Shh. It's okay, you'll still be able to make babies. It can't have hurt that much."
"How would you know!?"
You open the door to Kasai's room and help him out of his shirt.
"What are you--"
You push him down onto his bed and pull the covers over him before patting his head.
"Tucking you in, idiot."
"Oh. Well, then. Still hurts..."

>[]Aww. Let me kiss it better, then.
>[]You'll feel better in the morning.
>[]Deal with it. You almost broke my nose once.
>let me kiss it better then.

I think it's about time
>>[]Aww. Let me kiss it better, then.
Ehh, why not.
File: IMG_1562.jpg (85 KB, 442x691)
85 KB
You close the door, flip the covers off Kasai, and start pulling his pants off.
"Shh, I'm just gonna make you feel be--"
You pause after pulling his boxers down.
It's... bigger than your dildo, for sure. You thought you had this...
"Aisha, are you..?"
"N-no, it's nothing!"
Before you can chicken out, you wrap your lips around his cock and lower your head.
It's an... interesting sensation, having something warm down your throat. You experiment with depth, and eventually take the entire thing when you don't gag.
You start moving your head. Kasai groans and places a hand on your head.
"Aisha, I'm--"
He moans. You can feel semen pouring down your throat, cutting off your breath. You push yourself away and sputter.
"Yuck... the porn lied about the taste."
You unzip your hoodie and toss it aside before sliding your jeans off.
"Oh, yeah. I forgot I wasn't wearing a bra."
Kasai looks like he's having a good day, at least.
He leans in to give you a kiss. You lie down and spread your legs, trying to calm your breathing.
"Uh, this is... I've never done this before, so..."
"Me neither..."
Kasai's dick starts prodding your crotch.
"N-no, lower... no, that's my ass! There you--AGH!"
He slips in a little too far.
"S-sorry. Does it hurt?"
"OF COURSE IT... doesn't..."
There's still pain, but it's being blocked out by the sensation of something big and warm inside you.
Oh, and when he started moving...
Masturbation could never compare to this.
Your tails wrap around each other as Kasai climaxes, filling you with his semen.
"Hah... Aisha."
You share a kiss and lie there in each other's arms.


Wha... it's warm.
You crack your eye open to be immediately greeted by Kasai's sleeping face.
Oh, yeah.
That happened.
You look down to discover that you'd fallen asleep with him inside you. It took some maneuvering, but you disentangle yourself from him.
After a moment in thought, you lean in and give the head of his dick a little kiss. It did its job well.
There's a note on the bed.

Aww. You two are so cute together.
Anyway, there's gonna be a boat departing for that island tonight. You have until then to say goodbye or grab supplies or what-have-you. I'd suggest seeing my sister, she's out the finishing touches on something you might be interested in.


And that's where I'm ending it tonight.
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New thread.

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