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Welcome to the country of Aliasia. Here we humans live and work together with mystical creatures known as pokemon. Pokemon like humans come in many shapes and sizes and interact with humans in different ways. From aiding us in the fields to helping us defend our homes pokemon are a daily part of life here in Aliasia. I am scholar Spruce and I have made it my life’s mission to study these incredible creatures. As such I roam the country to see as many kinds of pokemon as I can. Your journey is just beginning how it shall be shaped is up to you.

Last time the group investigated the castle of lord Navarre Minths and was invited to a party.

Last threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Scholar%20Spruce
You start to struggle against the crowd, but Evan motions for you to stop. You nod and allow for the villagers to move you along to the village. As they guide you many of them come up to you and offer you thanks and try to pet your Pokémon. Fe, Lucky, and Elaine enjoy the affection they receive from townspeople, while Rhiannon, Lucia, Juniper, and Callia try to avoid the reaching hands.

After a while you make it to the village you are led to the town center. Once you arrive the man you led you heads to a pedestal and begins to talk.

“People of Azure I am glad to say that we have been freed from the tyranny that our lord brought to us. These brave heroes defeated him and his men and saved our children from his grasp and it now falls to us to honor these brave heroes.”

With that the square erupt into cheers and people begin to bring food from some buildings.

Roll 1d100
A. Enjoy the party in full
B. Enjoy but try to pick some information
C. Focus on information
D. Other
Rolled 63 (1d100)

B. Enjoy but try to pick some information
As the party starts you mentally decide that you shall try to pay attention while enjoying the party. With that in mind you start to enjoy yourself. The food that is brought out seems to be a series of local delicacies from the surrounding areas. They include things such as grilled Magicarp and grilled Ducklett. To drink there are things such as Miltank milk and Oran berry wine.

The citizens of the town are extremely friendly to you and the rest of the group. Lisa, Earl, and Evan seem to get more into the party than the rest of the group with Elizabeth Jonathan walking away. However, after a while you are too caught up in the crowd of party goers. They all try to ask you questions and play with you Pokémon

As things die down you decide to take note of the situation. The first thing that you note as that Earl, Lisa, and Evan are all passed out with some of the other party goers. Next you note that a large amount of younger people are gone from the party. Finally, you note that everything is all nice is pretty and the ground looks very very soft right now.

A. Take a nap
B. Try to wake the sleepers (roll 1d100)
C. Talk to the awake ones
D. Try to find the younger folks (roll 1d100)
E. other
Rolled 27 (1d100)

>B. Try to wake the sleepers (roll 1d100)
You walk over to your sleeping allies in the hopes of waking them up so you can go check things out. Choosing to start with Lisa you begin to shake her gently. However, she doesn’t respond to you actions accept for a bit where she tries to bite your arm. The others give you similar results as neither Earl nor Evan wake at you prompting.

Sighing you step back to take a look at the whole situation. It is then that you note that Mary and Alexander are also no longer around the area.

A. Take a nap
B. Try to wake the sleepers again (roll 1d100)
C. Try to to the awake ones
D. Try to find the younger folks (roll 1d100)
E. other
>C. Try to to the awake ones
You get up and head over to the nearest villager.

“Excuse me do you know where the other people that I was with went?” you ask.

“Well the armored lady and the cloaked boy went in the direction of the marsh,” says the villager smiling at you. “I don’t know why they went there of all places nothing but mud and some rather unruly Pokémon in there. The boy in the coat and the girl went into the inn. Was that helpful for you?”

“Yes it was thank you good sir,” you reply smiling.

“I’m glad to be able to help you,” says the villager as he walks off.

A. Take a nap
B. Try to wake the again sleepers (roll 1d100)
C. Head to the marsh roll 1d100
D. Go talk to Johnathan and Elizabeth
E. Try to find the younger folks (roll 1d100)
F. other

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