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The old man’s hands are steady and his gaze never leaves you. This is Miguel, the man you heard so much about back at the bar. He’s living in squalor, but you can believe from the way he holds his railgun that he once was a great man. You’re not sure if that greatness came from martial prowess, charisma, or just sheer luck. Maybe it was a combination of them.

“Please, relax. I’m with the government and I’m here to help.” You speak in your best calming tone, flashing your friendliest smile. You don’t much enjoy having the deadly weapon pointed at you, but you try not to let any of that discomfort come to the surface.

“I am the government, boy. How’re you supposed to help me, breaking into my house?” His hair is long and grey, though he’s mostly bald. He blows a strand out of his eyes.

“I tried knocking first.”

“Don’t joke, could be your last.” He doesn’t look amused.

You weren’t joking though. Let's just get this over with.

“I’m here on behalf of one of my clients, Alfonzo of the peacemakers.”

He jumps up in a fluid motion, knocking bottles around. “One reason.”


“Give me one reason to not kill you where you stand, boy.”

>I mean you no harm.
>Would you like a job?
>I’ll leave if you want.
>I can offer you power.
>Write in.

Last time on Anarchy Accountant quest: https://pastebin.com/W0wzeuvE

For anyone who want's to catch up: https://pastebin.com/edit/qKALhwX7
>Write in.
“Curiosity.” You give the reply without hesitation. He can make whatever he wants of it.

“What makes you think I’m curious about some damn peacer scum.”

So, he’s not a fan of the peacemakers, then.

“The fact that you asked me for a reason rather than just putting a hole through me."

"Try again."

"Besides, if it helps, I’m no peacemaker, I just have them as customers.”

“Makes no difference. If you’re here to take me away, I’ll be the one sending you somewhere"

"That's not why I'm here."

"If you’re here to put me down, you’re getting put down instead.”

"Again, not why I'm here."

"Get to the point and stop being cryptic, jackass."

>Write in.
"Sorry, always wanted to be the mysterious government agent who offers a job to the main character, like you see in movies."

"We want you to form a militia for this area, to help repel Utopian terrorist actions. You have the charisma and military background we need.
“Let me start over please. I’ve just always wanted to be the mysterious guy who offers a job to the protagonist. It doesn’t work nearly as well outside of movies, it would seem.” You hope he perks up at the mention of a job. All that liquor must not come cheap. You suppose everything is cheap down here, though.

“He’s less likely to fire on you if he knows there’ll be consequences. Cough if you want me to get a bead on him and step in.” Claire asks over your amplifier, whispering into her tablet.

You don’t signal Claire, not willing to take the risk.

“I don’t want whatever dirty job your peacer friends have cooked up for me. Find some other patsy.” He seems just as angry at the prospect of a job as he did when he thought you were an assassin.

“I’m legitimately here to help.”

“I don’t want your ‘help’. Inner city types like you are tall the same. There’s only one question asked. How can you profit off the suffering of us that have nothing?”

“I’m not just trying to help you, I’m trying to help the whole city. The poor included.”

“I’ve heard enough. It’s time for you to get the hell out. I’ll walk you to the door. No sudden movement, you know what will happen if you make any.” He begins to approach you confidently.

“No, wait. I’m only here to give you an opportunity. I’d say the opportunity of a lifetime, but from what I hear you’ve already had several of those. Don’t you want to give it one more try? Maybe this time it’ll stick.”

“I’m happily retired.”

You let him lead you out of his room and down the hall, Claire and Isabelle staying out of sight. But there must be a way to get through to him.

“Look, I chose you for your charisma and leadership. We need good, experienced leaders for a city militia. Utopia can’t go unpunished for this recent attack.”

“Let the peacers do it, earn their credits.” He prods you forward with the end of his gun, the end of the barrel already slightly warm.

>The peacers won’t go fight this time. (Deception)
>You’re the best of the best, we need you. (Flattery)
>Isn’t killing some commies worth leaving retirement? (Persuasion)
>This whole place will burn in nuclear fire if you rely on the peacers. (Intimidation)
>Write in.
Roll a d20 as well.
>You’re the best of the best, we need you. (Flattery)
If you still don't want to take up the position, someone else who isn't as decorated is gonna take it and kill a lot more people then necessary out of inexperience. Or even worse, abuse the position.
Rolled 91 (1d100)

That works. Roll a d20 next time though please.
Rolled 17 (1d20)

“You’re the best of the best, we need you.” You’re desperate, but it’s not even far from the truth.

He shoves you roughly in the back with his gun and you stumble forward. You nearly slip on a loose bottle but manage to keep walking.

“I’m done sending good men to their deaths!” Up until this point he’d been calm and collected, but he’s losing his temper fast.

“You’re killing far more by doing nothing.”

“How do you figure that? You won’t sway me with your silver-tongued nonsense.”

“This milita is happening with or without you. We’ll be forced to get a less qualified leader and more men will die.”

“That’s not on me, kid. People die every damn day!”

“I don’t even know if I’ll be able to find anyone else from the walls who can handle this job.”

“A butcher is a butcher. Who cares where he's from.” He gives you another jab, but you’re prepared for it this time.

“What will happen when they abuse the position? I’ll tell you. The people in these walls will suffer the most, can’t you see that?” You’ve reached the stairs and begin to fear he’ll push you down them.

“Boy, you test my patience. Shut it and keep walking.”

You start taking the stairs but refuse to remain silent, you have to reach him somehow.

“We want you because we know you’re capable of not being a butcher, that’s what we want to avoid.”

“I said shut your damn mouth! More walking, less talking; or no more walking or talking, got it?”

You heed his warning and continue silently until you reach his open front door. The girls have already slipped out and wait behind cover outside.

“Look. Here’s my info. Contact me after I have some time to think.” He pulls out his card, and you do the same. The data transfer is both ways. “Now get out of here before I change my mind.”

“Please let me know if you make up your mind before I call. I’m sorry we had to meet like this, but I’m under time constraints.”

“I said get!”

You beat a hasty retreat and meet up outside with your worried companions. They’re very happy to see you safe.

You don’t have time to both bring Tauri in for questioning, and make it to the appointment at Charles’ place.

>Call Charles and cancel, bring in Tauri.
>Take Tauri to your appointment.
>Have Isabelle bring in Tauri alone, go to the meeting with Claire.
>Write in.
>Take Tauri to your appointment.
“If we hurry back to the lift, and you drive quickly, we should be able to make it to our appointment with Charles.” You should at least try. How can you gain Charles’ trust if you can’t even make it to your first meeting with him on time?

You all break out in a run, back the way you came from.”

“Better idea! I can remote pilot the ship to meet us at the nearest hanger. Isabelle carry me.” The synth picks her up in a bridal carry and runs alongside you.

You’re soon at the elevator, riding upwards. The ride feels excruciatingly slow, but you eventually arrive at the level where the armored lift is waiting. A mad dash to the hangar later and you’re quickly flying off towards Charles’ facility. Claire swerves in and out of traffic.

“You ready to talk yet?” You ask the redhead idly. She just glares at you some more.

The location ends up being an entire building owned by Major Munitions. The facility taking up the top floor, the roof a dedicated landing space for vehicles. You arrive with a few minutes to spare, and let out an audible sigh.

Once more unto the breach.

>Contact Charles and let him know you’ve arrived.
>Just try to walk in and act like you belong there.
>Find someone to tell you where you should go.
>Write in.
>Contact Charles and let him know you’ve arrived.
Ask if they have valet service, and pay extra for anti theft services.
You whip out your phone call Charles. He picks up on the second ring.

“I see you’ve made it on time.” This isn’t a video call.

“Do you offer a valet service? We have some… important cargo on board. It’s important we can park somewhere with decent security.”

Seconds after saying this, your vehicle jerks slightly. “We’re in a tractor beam.” Announces Claire. She powers down the vehicle and the shaking stops.

“Of course, I’ll have someone meet you on the roof.”

The lift is carried by the magnetic beam until it is nearly touching the surface of the roof. You all get out, accept for Tauri, and the lift is carried to a garage. It opens and the lift disappears into it.

“Sir, Madam, please come this way. I will show you to your appointment with CEO Charles.” A woman wearing the blue and white uniform, gives you all a winning smile. The shit is blue on the left and white on the right. M.M. is embroidered over the chest in large letters, also in blue and white, but offsetting the color of the side it is on.

“Thank you. Please do.” You smile back at the woman.

“I’m afraid if you want to bring that android in with you, it will have to affix this.” She holds up a black metallic disk around two inches thick and twice as wide. “It’s a security precaution. Also, you will need to have any portable computing devices held for you in storage at the entrance.”

Your smile drops.

“Do you have any computing implants you would like to declare?”

“No, no computing ones.”

>Comply fully, declare your implants.
>Comply partially, everything but declaration.
>Call Charles to ask for leniency. (Say what?)
>Refuse. (What?)
>Write in.
Cooking some food.
Been back for a while. Sure is lonely in here.
>Comply fully, declare your implants.

Hey, I'm back. Sorry about the wait, extended family visited us.
Are you yAi3xZDC?
The woman guides you to one of the raise doorways, slick black metal doors sliding open to reveal a small room with another door across the room. You take the metallic disk and place it on Isabelle’s back, where it self-adheres. She doesn’t seem to mind it.

“I do have inner ear implants, an oxygenizer implant, and a magnetic shield implant. None of them have more computing power than is necessary to perform their functions.”

“I have retinal implants.” Claire adds.

“None of those should be an issue for us. Please place your computing devices, and anything which can pick up wireless data or store it, in one of these safety deposit boxes. They will lock to your biosignature. I can assure they are secure.”

You touch the surface of one of the walls black rectangles, the surface lights up at your touch and a drawer slides out from the wall. You place your phone inside and touch the surface again to close it. Claire is looking warily at her tablet, unsure.

“May I ask your name, miss?’

Claire reluctantly places her tablet in a drawer of her own before adding several electrons from on her person. She locks the box with a defeated sigh.

“It’s Beth, sir.”

“Call me Michael. What is your function here, if I may ask?”

“I am CEO Charles’ personal secretary. And on that note, I’m sure he’s probably waiting for you.”

You proceed through the polished hallways, always traveling forward or downward. The walls shine with a mirror like appearance, as if they were made of a black glass.

“How long have you worked here, Beth?”

“I’ve worked here for ninety years, with the last seventy employed directly by CEO Charles.”

You see a large set of doors in the distance, similar in appearance to the ones back at the capital building.

“That means you’ve worked here since before M.M. absorbed Second Strike? Yes?” Claire chimes in.

“I was here during that time, yes. This company has had some very good years.”

Close to the door now, you realize that it is practically a replica of the other one. What you thought was a difference in the door is instead sixteen of the contemporary tech security drones, hovering spaced out in front of the door, perfect spheres glowing lightly.

“May I ask what the device’s purpose is, the one on our android?”

“I’m sorry but that is proprietary. We’ve arrived, Charles will see you now.”

The doors begin to open, the drones compacting their formation to make room for entrance. Florescent lighting spills out, filling the hallway.

>Listen to what Charles says and go from there.
>Tell Charles the full extent of Claire’s abilities.
>Tell Charles about your loophole status.
>Write in.
Uh, no. I'm yAi3xZDC.
>Listen to what Charles says and go from there.
>Tell Charles the full extent of Claire’s abilities.
No need to tell him of the loophole status. I think he's the one who gave it to us.
You walk through the doorway and find yourself small, but high-ceilinged room. A bit father in it now seems to go upwards all the way to the roof, a whole floor of height. Further in than that is a genuine surprise, as it appears the room goes downwards as well, perhaps the entire length of the building.

The room is full of computers, and their operators suspended from the wall in chairs situated atop robotic arms connected to the walls. They occasionally move one of their occupants into a central pillar of the room, which appears to be eight elevators supported by a central beam. You look in awe for a moment, down into the seemingly bottomless pit.

“It’s through here.” You all step around the railing on one side of the rooms perimeter, coming to another set of doors, which glide open as you approach.

The next room is stark in contrast, not particularly high dimension wise, but very wide, and illuminated by the solar powered lights of the inner dome, through a large wall sized window. Charles sits in a chair at the long, curved desk, looking out over the city.

“Michael, Claire, I’m glad you managed to make it. I apologize for requiring your tech to be stowed away.” He says this as if he had not expected us to. Giving both of us a discrete smile.

“CEO Charles, I’m glad I could make it as well.”

Claire looks like she wants to say something, but holds her tongue.

“If you don’t mind let’s dispense with the formalities. Call me Charles’ please.”

“Of course, Charles.”

“I can’t help but notice that that android of yours is a synth. One of the few affordable types of post-contemporary technology. Though I suppose since it runs on pre-modern to contemporary tech it’s more art than tech at that.

“Why do you mention it?” How could he possibly know that? The black disk?

“Oh, she’s lovely is all. I’d like to meet whoever coded her.”

“That would be me.” Claire speaks up now.

“Ah, then you are indeed the very skilled programmer I hoped you would be.” Charles’ smile grows broader, but he otherwise just launches into the main topic. “You don’t mind getting straight to business, do you?”

“Not at all.”

“I hired you because I saw potential in you both to help me further my ends. As a customer, I expect to make significant use of your skills. But, I could make use of you both in a greater capacity if you decided to join me. Would you consider working here, at Major Munitions?”

"Don't worry I won't hold it against you if you decline. I just feel I must offer, before we get into more detail about your work here."

>Accept his offer after becoming a loophole.
>Claire accepts his offer after becoming a loophole.
>Decline his offer, remain his accountant.
>Write in.
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forgot pic
>Decline his offer, remain his accountant.
>>Claire accepts his offer after becoming a loophole.
keep the cards close to our chest
The offer is mildly tempting, but you don’t even consider it. “I’m afraid I’m a Firm man through and through.”

“A shame, but understandable.” He directs his attention at Claire.

“I stick with Mike, sorry. We’ll discuss it later though.” She gives you ‘the look’.

He pursues his lips for a second. “I see. Well, I had to at least offer. Moving on. The most pressing matter I called you here for is to discuss my investigation into the destruction of your building. I have a few leads.” He motions to the chairs in front of his desk, then looks to Claire.
“Let me just preface by saying that your keystrokes will be logged. If you want a backdoor into our systems, you’ll have to get it by working here.” He winks.

“I wouldn’t dream of installing a backdoor.” She puts on her best poker face.

At the desk, holo monitors materializing when you both take a seat across from him, you see that there is a static picture of what appears to be a factory or warehouse.

“This is footage from the day before the incident. Advanced Armaments’ main storehouse was robbed by a single agent.” The static image becomes a video feed.

A lone woman in a full body suit approaches the closed doors, a large slab of metal on her back. She sets the slab down on its side slightly behind her. Then she lifts her arms up above her head throwing them down in an ‘X’ motion before lunging away behind the barrier.

The doors go up in a blinding flash of light, the video feed going pure white for a second or two. When the video feed returns to focus, it now films from a sideways angle, the doors blown away in an ‘X’ shaped warped area. The woman pops up and runs through the impromptu entranceway.

Charles switches the feed to an alternate view, a camera inside the building, paused. “Any questions so far?

>Ask a question. (What?)
>Tell Charles about Tauri. (How much?)
>Stay silent and let him continue.
>Write in.
>Ask a question. (What?)
Do you mind if we get a copy of the recording?
Any idea who might be able or willing to send either their own agents to do this, or failing that, would be willing to buy the outside talent?
Do you have a list of what was stolen, and how much of a priority is it to retrieve it?

>Tell Charles about Tauri. (How much?)
"We have an infiltration specialist under our firm who we can talk to. She might have some idea who this might be, and their goals from doing this."
“First off. Is it possible for us to get a copy of these?” This is something Hendrik would want to see.

“I’m afraid not, we cannot allow this footage being traced back to us. We procured it from the Ad. Arm. network during a small, time sensitive, gap in their tech defense. We can’t risk them finding that weakness and correcting it.”

“You don’t trust The Firm?”

“I trust them as much as I trust anyone. It’s individual employees with ambitions whom I cannot trust. Was there anything else?”

“Do you have any suspicions as to who could be behind this, or at least funding it?”
“That’s what we are trying to ascertain. The primary suspect so far is that Advanced Armaments themselves set this up as a false flag. But I cannot trust that; the survivors here would blame Ad. Arm. for it If the sun went nova tomorrow.” He smiles a lopsided smile of contempt.

“We have an infiltration specialist employed with a similar M.O. to what I’ve seen here. I’ll question them to see if they have any input on this later. No promises on anything of value there, though.” You’re reminded that Hendrik is still waiting to interrogate her, but push the thoughts away.

“Is that everything?”

“One more question, do you know what was stolen? Would it be possible to get a list if there were multiples, for further reference?” Claire asks.

You’re wondering why she would want a list when you could just listen to the files from your implant tomorrow. You suddenly realize you aren’t picking up anything from your implants; they must be jamming them. You suppose it would be much more obvious for Claire, what with her vision being effected.

“An experimental device, if you can believe it. One of humanities most cutting-edge technologies.” He pauses for effect, and you’re practically on the edge of your seat. “An ultra-high-energy gamma ray device. There is almost nothing that it couldn’t be used to cut through. It can pass through even E.M. fields, with some disruption.”

“That was all that was taken?”

“It had a fuel source. One Kilogram of positrons, in containment. We believe the device could have been used to destroy the normally unshakable containment field of its own fuel source. Bypassing all the safeguards, and causing an annihilation event. Horrendous design flaws.”

“Are you implying that that thing could have been the cause of the explosion?”

“Yes, it is highly suspect.”

You finish watching the footage, the woman blasting though several barricades before making a new exit and escaping into the darkness beyond camera range.

>Ask a question. (What?)
>Excuse yourself and return to the firm.
>Ask if he wants anything from you.
>Write in.
>Ask if he wants anything from you.
Like to bring it back, find who has it, kill who has it, or some mixture of all three.

After that, head back to the Firm.

Got to go to bed soon, man. Sorry I couldn't stay with it the whole way, family kind of sidetracked me.
It's all good.

Are you the same guy whose always my single vote? Or do I have a couple and you all just can't show up on the same day.

I'll try to get one more quick update out for you.
“I’m sure we have more to discuss, but we have other matters to attend to. Is there anything you need from us? Any items, people, or combination?”

He stokes his beard thinking. “I could use an investigation into the crime scene at Advanced Armaments if you feel up to it. That’s no trivial request though. I’ll let you know if there’s anything else I need, but for the moment that’s all. You’d get a very large overpay on your first payment if you could manage that.”

“We’ll see what we can do. No promises.”

You and Claire are led outside once again by Beth, she’s as friendly as ever and thanks you for your help. “We live to serve.” You jest after picking up your phone from the deposit box.

“I hope to see you both again soon.” Beth waves goodbye before the roof doors close, blocking her from view.

Hendrik immediately calls you. “You’ve been out of reach for two hours. Your signatures disappeared of the face of the moon. Do you have Centauri?”

Your armored vehicle is already out and waiting for you, and you all clamber inside, checking to see Tauri’s condition. She’s just continuing to practice her glare. If looks could kill…

“She is still here, but not cooperative. It was Charles’ tech. I’ll explain my report.”

“Hurry back.”

“You wouldn’t happen to know anything about a robbery at Advanced Armaments, two days ago, would you?” She freezes up at that, glare replaces with surprise. But she quickly recovers and her silence doesn’t break the whole trip back to The Firm.

Hendrik waits for you at the hanger.

>Tell him everything.
>Bend the truth. (How?)
>Write in.
Pretty much the same dude. Sorry I'm not a whole bunch of people, boss.

>Tell him everything.

Alright, I've gotta head off to bed. See you around, boss.
I'll keep writing if you keep voting. Hopefully more people will pick it up some day.

Tauri has gone to sleep, or is at least pretending to. The hangar at The Firm is emptier than normal as Claire pulls in to park. Through the cameras of the mag-lift you see Hendrik, seated at a table with a brunette woman who wears the uniform of a Government compeller. It reminds you of the uniform that the old government’s enforcers wore, but with more contrasting, bright colors; red and blue. He appears to be in an animated discussion with the compeller, and as you pull up they both stand, shouting at each other unheard to you.

The temporary door of the lift opens, and you try to catch their conversation over your amplifier as you exit. You catch the very tail end of it, as they stop speaking at your exit. “-een decided. She’s ours.” Hendrik finishes. Isabelle caries the still sleeping Tauri.

Hendrik and the compeller approach you. “More than decent work, Michael. I assume your assistant is responsible for the damages?”

The compeller protests at the mention of assistant. “You can’t just steal out employees and reassign them new work.”
“It was over your head Elaina, just give up already. We haven’t had a chance to send anyone to check out the damages to the old complex, but I assume there are damages, yes?”

“That would be correct, sir.”

“We’ll get your full report later, we need to deal with this insubordination now.”

“She can’t be insubordinate when she’s not working for you. You’re holding her here against regulations.”

You have rarely seen or heard Hendrik angry, and the few times you have was with that anger directed at you. But he turns to Elaina and bellows. “That’s enough!” She takes a step back shaken at the short man’s violent outburst. “Either get with what we are doing here or get out!!” She takes another step back, head lowering, cowed. Tauri and wakes up, beginning to struggle until she notices Elaina.

“You have to help me Elaina. I didn’t do anything I wasn’t ordered to. They won’t let me tell the truth. I was-“ She closes her eyes, her face scrunched up as if in pain.

“Everyone follow me.” Hendrik leads you all to his office, opening a hidden back door into a room with plain white tile for walls, floor, and ceiling. A medical gurney with holding straps has been moved into the center of the room, its wheels locked in place.

“Place her there.” He instructs Isabelle, and she does as she’s told. He straps her in place as well before leading you all back into his office. Once he slumps into his chair and you get a chance to really see him, he looks more tired than he did the day your building was collapsed. Elaina sits in the chair you normally sit in, so you stand with Isabelle as Claire takes her seat.

You and Claire fill in Hendrik on everything that happened involving Tauri, Isabelle adding in the part where she captured her.

“I see. So, she claims this was all a conspiracy.” Hendrik has listened with rapt attention to the whole story, making no comments until you finish.

“But, Hendrik, what did she even do?” Claire can’t help but asking.

“I’m afraid I can’t tell you that. If you figure it out on your own we can discuss it then.”

>What is Elaina here for?
>What are you going to do to Tauri?
>What -can- you tell us that we don’t know?
>Ask something else on topic. (What?)
>Ask something off topic. (What?)
>Excuse yourself and Claire. (Go where?)
>Write in.
>>What is Elaina here for?
“Can I ask what Elaina is here for? I’m a bit confused by this whole situation, honestly.”

There is a pause, while Hendrik looks to Elaina. “Elaina was Centauri’s former superior.” You see Elaina grip the arms of her chair, but she remains quiet. “She’s done nothing but insist that she is still her superior but that’s not what my instructions have been. She was sent here to help with her… transition to The Firm.”

“What exactly does that mean. If Tauri is going to be our assistant, I need to know what’s going on.”

There’s a longer pause this time before Hendrik answers. “She still has the codes to Tauri’s brain chip, and is under orders to ensure that Tauri complies with her new position.”

“You’re going to brainwash her?”

Elaina lets out a grim chuckle at that. “It’s too late for that. I just need to adjust her conditioning.”

“This seems wrong. Isn’t there some other way?”

“You could try to convince her on your own if you want.”

>Talk to Tauri alone.
>Let Elaina adjust her conditioning.
>Try to hold off on both.
>Write in.
>>Talk to Tauri alone.
“I have to at least try.”

“We’ll be discussing what to do if you fail.” Is all that Hendrik says.

You exit the office through the back door, into the white room with Tauri. You close the door silencing the discussion outside. She lies on the table but lifts her head to look at you when you enter.

“Why are you here? Is this where you kill me?”

“No, Tauri. I’m here to save you.”

“Why do you even care?” She sets her head back down, staring at the ceiling, so you move to stand over her.

“If I can’t convince you to work with us, Elaina is going to use your brain chip to control you, to make you join us.”

“No, you’re lying! That’s not allowed.” She starts to cry and you clench your fists.

“Whatever it is you know must be a threat.”

“But no one believed me.”

“I just met you today, but I know something is going on. I will believe you. Just tell me what it is I need to believe.”

She takes a slow breath calming herself. “Can you at least let me sit up?”

You know this will probably be frowned upon, but doubt she will do anything rash, and so undo the restraints on her arms and chest. She sits up, long red hair covering her face before she brushes it away.

“Is it about the robbery at Advanced Armaments? You seemed to know something.”

She starts out slowly, but pace picks up until she finishes speaking in a flurry of words. “I was deployed there on orders. It was a normal job, the only strange thing about it was being sent here, to Bordercity. I’d never been out of the capitol city before. I had to steal a device and hand it off to someone else. But, they never showed up at the location for the hand off. I waited and waited there all alone. I got scared after they were an hour late, something was wrong. The air was spiked with something, I started to hallucinate, I think.” She tears up again, then devolves into panicked weeping. “I-I d-don’t even know w-what it was that I s-stole.” She manages to stammer out the word.

You reach out and lay a comforting hand on her shoulder.

>What happened after that, tell me everything you can.
>You just must trust me, we’ll figure this out.
>Let me help you. I have resources.
>Just pretend to be my assistant and they won’t mess with your head.
>Write in.
Have to go to the store, next update may take longer.
I'm back.
>what happened after, tell me that
You give her a moment to gather herself. She cries for a while. “What happened a after, tell me that.”

“I started seeing all the horrible things I’ve done. The people I’ve killed. I left the drop-off ran, it was all I could think to do.”

“And that’s it?”

“No, they found me. I don’t know if they were the ones who messed with the room, people who knew about the drop-off, or just randoms. But they found me, they chased me. I couldn’t run fast enough; the device was heavy. So, I dropped it. I just dropped it and kept running. I failed my mission.” She cries out in frustration at the memory.

You wait again as she recovers, needing to know more. “But you said it was a setup.”

“When I got back they told me I had stolen the wrong thing. That the drop off was in a different area. That my contacts had been waiting there for me. No one believed me. They all said I’d went rogue, told me I should be too ashamed to return to base. But I followed my orders. I did what I was told. I did.” She sobs now, and doesn’t stop until you pull her into a hug.

“I don’t know why this happened. But I can help you figure out why. I believe you, things can be changed, orders can be tampered with.”

>Ask her to work with you as your assistant.
>Tell her you will clear her name if you can.
>Ask something specific. (What?)
>Write in.
>tell her you will clear her name if you can
You let go of the hug and step away. Tauri looks over in your direction, taking a deep breath, calmed down now. “Where do we go from here. You say you believe me, but what can anyone do about this?”

You think on that. It’s wrong what happened to Tauri, but there’s so many suspicious facts about her coming here. Why assign her here after she fails a job, is it really just a punishment. Does Elaina just happen to be here, working the same job Tauri was. Is her threat to ‘adjust her conditioning’ just an excuse to remove the memories she has about her job? What’s going on here, you need to know, and beyond that you have a Client investigating the same thing. Double the pressure for answers.

“I will clear your name. I will do everything in my power to set this right.”

“Do you really mean that? I guess you gain nothing from having them not reprogram me.” She pauses for a moment. “What is your name, they never told me.?”

“I’m Michael.”

“Can I trust you Michael?”

“I meant everything I said. Every word of it.”

“Then I will. That means I really do have to be your assistant then, or lose my will.”

“I’m afraid so. They’re talking about how to do it right now, outside this room.”

She flinches at this. “I see. Well,” She holds out a hand. You take it in a handshake. “It’s a pleasure to be working with the government.”

Now you need to convince Hendrik of Tauri’s sincerity.

>Tell them everything.
>Leave out Tauri’s account of the job.
>Tell them only that she is complaint now.
>Write in.
Going to bed.
>tell them only she is complaint now
Trying out running on Anonkun instead under the same name Anarchy Accountant.

If I get no players there too I'll either come back here or drop the quest.

I'll post here either way.

The voter you've got is another loyal reader, I'm out at Annual Training for the Guard so I've only got internet every couple of days or so. You do what you need to for the quest but just know that I've enjoyed reading immensely and the universe you've built is fascinating
>>Tell them only that she is complaint now.
>Tell them only that she is complaint now.
If it really mattered to them, they'd have bugged you anyhow.
Moving back here. Akun didn't work out and I didn't write any updates over there.
New thread tomorrow or Friday.
Might do some updates if anyone is here. Think this thread is autosage though.
You let go of her hand, relieved that you could gain her trust. “I happy to have you. You feel up to going out there with me? Might make things easier.”

She bends over to untie her ankles and you take that as a yes. You open up the door and all the eyes in the room turn to you. “She’s my assistant now. There’s no longer any problem.”

Elaina is very surprised, she looks almost worried. “What did you do?” She suddenly half-shouts at you.

“She is compliant with orders now, and that’s all that matters.” You stare directly at her. Tauri comes out of the room to stand beside you during this. You continue to stare until Elaina looks away.

“I never doubted you, Michael.” Hendrik smiles despite having spent the last twenty minutes devising countermeasure for if you failed. “Now I shouldn’t have to say this, but if you were lying and act on that lie, well, I will be forced to have Elaina here fix the problem.”

“Wait, how long is Elaina going to be here for? Do she have any authority over me?” You begin to worry.

“She’s being posted here as a compiler under contract to the four peacemaker companies and to us.” The Government must be angry at her as well, for what happened. “She’s the head of, and only member of for the moment, our new investigative-policing branch. You can make requests of each other, but neither of you has authority.”

So, she’s your peer then. That reminds you, you should probably go to the location of the accounting branch, now that you’ve been made head of it. You haven’t met any other branch heads yet, you’ve been too focused on field work for the longest time. But your search for loophole status is over, and you can do things you never had time for, now.

“Just send over what logs you think I need to see from your implants, and you can all head out.” He yawns. “Long day. Your account should reflect your first payments from your new clients.”

“Oh, I almost forgot. Your client Ezekiel sent a message. He gave a time and location for meeting you. He wants to see you at midnight tomorrow, on the seeker’s floor of the capital building, I sent the room-number over.” Back to the capital building so soon.

>Introduce yourself to Elaina and ask her and Tauri out for drinks with Claire.
>Go to mechanics to ask Alice about parts for Isabelle.
>Go to medical and make sure you’re healing properly.
>Head back to your apartment. (Sleep or do something else.)
>Go do something in the city with Claire. (What?)
>Write in.
>Introduce yourself to Elaina and ask her and Tauri out for drinks with Claire.

Let's get to know who we're working with
“Thank you for letting me know, sir. I hope you can get some rest.” You all stand, excusing yourselves and leaving the office. You stand in the hallways with Claire and Isabelle while Elaina apologizes to Tauri. You tell Claire your plan and she seems fine with it.

“I fine Ela, orders are orders.” Tauri still looks a little bit hurt as she says this, but puts on a reassuring smile afterwards.

“I don’t know what that man told you, but I wouldn’t have done anything drastic, I would have held back.”

“He never said you would. Just drop it, I understand.” She puts a hand to

You approach inserting yourself into the conversation. “It’s nice to meet you. We don’t see many Government types around here often.” Trying to stay neutral is a good bet. Elaina shakes your hand.

“I’m sorry for my behavior, thank you for convincing Tauri. How much do you know?”

“Let’s not talk about business right now, I just got off work.”

“Fair enough. I suppose I was just dismissed too.”

“You two have any plans for the night?”

“Nothing so far. I was going to just head to the place they set up for me and get some sleep.”

“Listen, I’d like to get to know you two better. Claire and I were going to go out for drinks. Would either of you be interested in getting some, to talk over, I know a good place.”

“I suppose I did catch a decent nap. You know, while you had me tied up on the floor and left alone for hours.” Tauri gives a small mocking smile to Elaine while delivering the line.

“Elaine looks shocked at this, but also something else, embarrassed maybe.

“So, is that a yes?”

“Sure, why not? I’ll go get changed.” Tauri motions to her ragged clothing, burn marks where the lances of electricity caught her. She walks off saying she’ll meet you in the hangar.

“How about you.”

“I suppose if Tauri is going, I will as well.”

You motion at her compeller uniform, the bright red and blue being noticeable anywhere. Then you take a moment to look at your mildly dirtied work clothing.

You have a few places in mind to go to, either could be a problem.

>Ask her to change as well, the bar isn’t in the best neighborhood.
>She should be fine in the uniform, you’re just going a quadrant over.
>Change into nice clothing. You just got paid and know a high-class place.
>Write in
>She should be fine in the uniform, you’re just going a quadrant over.

Middle of the road works best for coworkers, especially for a get to know you deal, we can save fancy for a cause for celebration
“Well, let’s get going then. You like seafood?” You have a good spot if she does.

“I have no problem with it.” Good enough.

Claire walks behind you, fully immersed in her tablet, as you and Elaina turn a corner. She continues forward anyways, the whole remaining length of the hallway, coming within inches of the wall before you speak up. Isabelle gives you a look when you stop walking to watch her. You break into a smile at her confusion.

“Hey, Claire, there’s a turn coming up soon.” She pivots in the direction of your voice and takes a few more steps your way before finally looking up. Elaina just rolls her eyes.

“Thanks, sorry for not paying attention, but something big is happening on earth right now.” She flips the tablet around. A stream is playing, showing some kind of military action in progress. Power-armored troops run across an open rocky expanse, dodging artillery, while flashes proceed falling vehicles. “Dystopian Canada’s. Volunteers fighters are still flooding over though to help. It could go either way.” She explains.

“Hope we win.” You can’t really muster up more enthusiasm. But patriotism demands at least that much.

“Of course, we will. They won’t hold position there. Canada has way too many loners up north.”

‘Still the cities will never be the same.” Claire puts her tablet away in a show of willpower.

“War does that. Alright let’s go get some drinks and be grateful we aren’t being invaded too.”

You find Tauri waiting at the hangar, talking with Alice outside your mag-lift. The doors look good as new. “Hey, Claire. I fixed your ship.” Alice waves to Claire when she sees her.

“Hey Alice, we’re all about to go get some drinks, want to tag along?” You throw out the offer knowing she’ll be hurt if you don’t.

“I know, Tauri told me. I wish I could but I have more work to do tonight.” She pouts at this but cheers up when Claire goes over to say hi.

You all get into the lift, heading off in the direction of the north-west quadrant, where your old home was. You introduce Isabelle to Elaina and Tauri, explain that she’s a synth. Then spend a few minutes trying to stop Isabelle and Tauri from apologizing at each other for their actions earlier. In the end, it seems like Tauri’s began to like Isabelle.

The bar is in a small building right up against the dome and underneath it’s curve. You’re soon parked safely in a hangar and heading for the elevator.

“Not too many people know of this place, so don’t go spreading it around.” You joke as you use the touchscreen to select the lowest basement floor. The place is popular enough, but never crowded. On the way over you all agree on getting a table rather than hanging out at the bar. You catch sight of the place’s sign, and lead the group to Saltwater Sal’s.

You head to the bar to order, and find a table.

“If you like oysters this place has the best.”

“It says they’re serving real seafood, never frozen, on this menu, how could it possibly be fresh?” Tauri sounds skeptical.

“Don’t worry, this place is right over the sea-ring under the dome. They farm everything down there. I guaranteed the food’s great here.” Punctuating your statement, a server sets down the extra-large plate of oysters in a multitude of flavors, before setting down all your various drinks. “Dig in, my treat.”

“It must be difficult being in a new place like this. Anything you guys want to know?” You remember Tauri saying she had never been out of The Government’s capitol city. “I’ve been here most of my life, but things have only now started to get really interesting for me. You could say this is a new chapter for me as well.” You take a long drink of beer.

Tauri’s already eaten six oysters before you finish saying this, definitely approving of them if the noises she made are anything to go by. “I like this place, it’s quiet here. Good food.” She goes in for another one, as Claire grabs her fourth. Might have to order more.

“Thanks for taking us out. I didn’t realize how stressed I was, arguing with Hendrik, and all, for most of the day.” Elaina sips at an Irish coffee.

“So how long do you two think you’ll be staying here in Border for?”

They look to each other for a moment, Claire catching up with Tauri on oysters eaten as the seconds pass. “I really have no idea. Just three days ago I was a compeller on the fast track to join the enforcers. Now I’m head of a non-existent office of The Firm. I don’t know what to think anymore.”

“And I want from an infiltrations operative to an accountant’s assistant in the same space of time.” Tauri frowns, before sighing, shrugging her shoulders, and picking up another juicy oyster. “Things could be worse.”

You hurry and plate a few oysters for yourself, before calling over a server to order some more substantial food for the table. Elaina takes a few oysters as well, before the other two women finish off the plate.

“What did you guys do for fun back at the capitol?”

“We spent most of our free time planning for the next operation. Other than that, we’re sim-heads. Survival challenges mostly, camping in harsh conditions, that kind of stuff.”

“Ah, so you two are always together.”

Tauri laughs at this, but Elaina coughs on her drink. Saying, “We’re just friends.” After she recovers. Tauri winks at you.

>Oh, you’re just like me and Claire then.
>Come on I won’t judge.
>Ask something. (What?)
>Finish up here and head home.
>Finish up here and go somewhere else. (Where?)
>Invite them over for a simulation. (Of what?)
>Write in.
New thread.

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