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Last time, on Fire Emblem: Blazing Quest, we:
>Found out that Migal is still alive, and looking for revenge.
>Captured Carjiga.
>Killed a guy named Ludwig and rescued a bunch of prisoners from the Ganelon.
>Finally returned to the Mani Katti's shrine, only to discover the sword has chosen Lyn to be it's wielder.
>Decided to split up to bring the prisoners to Bulgar, while the rest stayed behind at the Mani Katti's shrine.

And now:

>Flynn turns to you once the guard is appeased.
>"I guess this is where we part ways."
>Now turning towards Wil, he speaks.
>"It was nice fighting with you, kid. Tell that purple haired girl that I said goodbye."
>Wil replies.
>"What? C'mon man, don't tell me you're still going to Bern."
>"There's nothing left for me here. I'm gonna go to Bern and make my living as a mercenary."
>"Why don't you just come with us? I'm sure Bob won't mind. Right Bob?"

A. "I do mind."

B. "I don't mind."

C. Something else.
I don't mind, but it's his choice.
>B. "I don't mind."
>"See? He doesn't mind."
>Flynn sighs, and puts his hand on his face.
>"I guess there is no arguing with you, is there?If it's really okay, I'll continue to accompany you."
>Flynn has decided to continue to go with you.
>Wil cheers.
>"Sweet. Now that that's settled, let's get out of here."

A. "Actually, we need to go inside the town to repair weapons and get supplies."

B. "Yeah, let's go."

C. Other.
Also, here's the link to the old thread.
Holy shit I fucked that up.
>A. "Actually, we need to go inside the town to repair weapons and get supplies."
How are we going to repair the staff and tome? They don't physically wear, but their uses deplete. Could we recharge them at a magic shop somehow?
Also, as a reminder, we have a discord.

Yeah, pretty much this.
"Actually, we need to get supplies and repair weapons."
>"Oh. Well, let's go do that."
>You try to walk past the guard, but again, he stops you.
>"You can't bring him in with you if you plan to come inside."
>Again, he's talking about Michael.

A. "Sure. We'll leave him behind."

B. "Is there any way I can change your mind?"

C. Other.

Gnight guys.
"Michael, why don't you stay out here and wait for us to return?"

Give him a wink.
"Michael, why don't you stay out here and wait for us to return?"
>As you say that you give him a discreet wink.
>You walk forward past the guards with the other three, leaving him behind.
>Now you have to repair your weapons and buy supplies.
>Where to first?

A. Magic Shop.

B. Weapons Shop.

C. Other.
>A. Magic Shop.
>The magic shop is run by a woman who looks to be in her late 30s.
>It takes her a minute to notice you, as it seems she was invested in a book.
>"A customer? What would you like, hun?"

A. "I want to look at your merchandise."

B. "I want to repair my equipment."

C. Other.
>B. "I want to repair my equipment."
>"You want to repair your equipment? Show me what you have."
>You pull out your lightning and heal staff.
>"Hmm, i'll repair it for you for about 650 G. Does that sound right, hun?"

A. "Yes."

B. "No."

C. "Something else."
>A. "Yes."
"Could I look at your wares first?"
>"Alright hun, I'll repair it for you."
>"It might take a couple of hours though. Come back later when it's done."

>"Why yes, you certainly could."

>Heal Staff 36/36 600g
>Fire 40/40 560g
>Lightning 36/36 630g
>Flux 45/45 900g

Would you like to buy anything?
What's our current gold balance?
4623 g

Get a lightning
I have no idea how but the weapon inventory got completely fucked for a second. Lightning is supposed to equal 36 and heal =30.

>You now have 3997 g
>Bob Smith gained Lightning (36/36)
>Bob's inventory:

Bob Smith:
Lightning (36/36)
Elixer (1/3)
Vulnerary (3/3)

Now what?

A. Weapons shop.

B. Other.
>A. Weapons shop.
>You return to the weapons shop that you arrived at last time.
>As you approach the weapons shop Michael appears alongside you, covered in dirt.
>"That took too long."
>The shop owner does not recognize you.
>"Would you like something?"

A. Buy something.

B. Repair weapons.

C. Other.
>B. Repair weapons.

ha, poor michael
>"What would you like to repair?"
Can't remember our inventory but get everyones shit repaired and updated as best we can.

Does the weapon shop sell vulnerarys?
probably not
There's like a final shop where you can buy vulneraries and shit if you want.

>"Everything? Hmm, let's see."

You can repair:

>Lockpick (10/15)
>Slim Sword (20/30)

>Iron Bow (27/45)

>Iron Blade (32/35)
>Iron Sword (41/46)

>Javelin (18/20)
>Iron Lance (44/45)

for 600 g. Is that okay?

holy shit wil, goddamn
>"Alright. Come back in a little bit and i'll have them good as new."
>He winks as he says that last bit.

A. Leave.

B. Buy something.

C. Do something else.
>A. Leave.
>Where to now?

A. Item shop.

B. Other.
>A. Item shop.
>The item shop woman, well, you can hardly call her a woman, brightens up as you approach her.
>"A customer! We haven't had one all day."
>"Ahem, what would you like?"

A. Buy something.

B. Other.
>A. Buy something.
>"What would you like to buy?"

Door Key 1/1 50 g
Chest Key 1/1 300 g
Vulnerary 3/3 300 g
Antitoxin 3/3 450 g
Torch 5/5 500 g
>Vulnerary 3/3 300 g
>Antitoxin 3/3 450 g
>Torch 5/5 500 g
2 vulnerarys and 1 of the other 2
>"Thank you!"
>You now have 2443 g

What now?

A. Return to the magic shop.

B. Other.
>A. Return to the magic shop.
>You return to the magic shop.
>The owner speaks to you as you approach.
>"Ah yes, your items are fixed hun."

Your Heal and Lightning are now fully repaired.

A. Return to the weapons shop.

B. Other.
>A. Return to the weapons shop.
>You return to the weapons shop, but the shopkeeper appears to be busy with a javelin.
>"Hold on a moment! I'll be there in a jiffy."
>Soon he brings your party the weapons you ordered him to repair.
>"Here you are."
>Your party's weapons are repaired.
>Now what?

A. Leave the city.

B. Other.
>A. Leave the city.
remember to be careful with michael
>The guard let's you pass by unhindered.
>Mostly because Michael isn't with you.
>You wait outside the castle's walls a bit before Michael finally appears, covered in more dirt.
>With his arrival, you all begin to head back towards the Mani Katti's shrine.
File: 1.png (11 KB, 300x200)
11 KB
I thought about doing the color coded thing, but decided that it wouldn't be necessary here since the bandits are pretty greatly spaced out.

>You are now Lyn.
>Currently, Sain and Kent are approaching you quickly.
>"Lady Lyndis! Bandits are approaching."
>You didn't want to fight without Bob here.
"Kent, gather all the civilians and bring them into the temple."
"Sain, rally everyone up outside the front of the temple."

>There are six of you.
>Yourself, Sain, Kent, Florina, Eileen and Blaise.
>You have to drive off these bandits and protect the people inside the temple.

>Sain speaks to you.
>"Lady Lyndis? What shall we do?"

What are your orders?
Get kent and sain sword equipped and stand in the north west part of the forest on the right with florina behind them. have lyn guard the door while eileen and blaise stay behind her ready to react.
Rolled 9 (1d20)

>You send Sain and Kent, sword in hand, into the forest with Florina behind while you, Blaise and Eileen retreat behind the door.

File: 3.png (11 KB, 300x200)
11 KB
>The Brigand in the mountains attacks Sain, but is unable to hit him.
>Meanwhile, a couple of brigands are attacking a crack in the temple's walls.

Your move.
Rolled 18, 12, 20, 17, 6, 3 = 76 (6d20)

Lyn moves up to guard the wall when it falls with eileen and blaise behind her.
Sain and Kent strike at he bandit with florina flanking him from the south.
File: 4.png (11 KB, 300x200)
11 KB
>Two swings from Kent and Sain end the Brigand's life.
>Florina arrives just too late to do anything.
>You hear the wall being attacked, and move towards it, mercs behind you.
>Two Brigands are moving towards Sain, Kent and Florina from the north.
>The bandits continue to attack the wall.

Your move.
Rolled 9, 3, 11, 10, 15, 19 = 67 (6d20)

Sain moves north west to the hill for the terrain defense traits before the bandit can and strikes at him. Kent and florina try to follow and stay behind him.
Lyn blaise and eileen continue heading for the soon to fall wall.
Rolled 15, 19, 17, 5, 20, 17 = 93 (6d20)

File: 5.png (10 KB, 300x200)
10 KB
Rolled 12 (1d20)

>The Brigand swings at Sain and misses.
>The wall in the temple is about to give in.

Your move.

Goodnight guys.
Rolled 3, 6, 17, 4, 9, 16 = 55 (6d20)

kent and sain try and attack the brigand closest to them while florina stays behind them.
Brace the throne room team for battle.
File: 6.png (10 KB, 300x200)
10 KB
Rolled 1 (1d20)

>Kent and Sain kill the bandit that attacked Sain.
>Florina lingers behind them.
>You brace for the enemies that are going to break through the temple's wall.
>A bandit charges at Sain but misses.
>The wall finally collapses.
>A large red haired man walks through the debris, ready to attack you.
>He is stopped as Natalie throws herself on him.
>"Dorcas? You are with these bandits?"
>The man is surprised, to say the least.
>"Natalie? What are you doing with this people?"
>She replies.
>"I was looking for you. These people took me in and protected me while I was looking for you. The priest even said that he'd be able to fix my leg. Isn't that great?"
>Dorcas goes wide eyed for a moment, and then sighs.
>"I can't fight your group Natalie."
>He turns to you.
>"Allow me to attempt to make up to your group for all that you've done for my wife."
>He throws his handaxe out the hole in the wall, killing a bandit instantly.
>Dorcas is now on your side.

Your move?
File: 7.png (11 KB, 300x200)
11 KB
Goddammit I forgot image.
Rolled 3, 13, 17, 12, 13, 16, 16 = 90 (7d20)

Lyn strikes the brigand and if eileen or blaise use swords then they help to. Dorcas stays behind lyn and strikes with his hand axe. Kent, sain and florina surround and strike the brigand near the hills from 3 opposite sides
File: 8.png (10 KB, 300x200)
10 KB
Rolled 8 (1d20)

>Sain and Kent kill the nearby Brigand, and Florina is left with nothing to attack yet again.
>You jump forward, sword held high and attack the remaining Brigand.
>Eileen not far behind brings her sword in an upward slash at the Brigand.
>A hand axe crashes into his chest, curtesy of Dorcas, killing him.
File: 9.png (10 KB, 300x200)
10 KB
>An arrow comes from the nearby forest, embedding itself into your thigh.
>A Brigand and a myrmidon are headed your way.

Your move.
Rolled 8, 14, 10, 18, 17, 11, 5 = 83 (7d20)

kent and sain go into the woods and aim for the brigand west of the forest, florina stays far behind them to avoid the archers.
Eileen and blaise attack the archer and dorcas takes the lead and attacks the brigand that left the fort with his iron axe while lyn supports him
File: 10.png (10 KB, 300x200)
10 KB
Rolled 16, 16, 20, 16, 16 = 84 (5d20)

>You and Dorcas charge at the nearby Brigand.
>He proves to be rather resilient though, and is still alive.
>Meanwhile, Eileen and Blaise charge the archer.
>Eileen is the only person in range to attack however, and does massive damage on the archer.
>Kent and Sain position themselves in the woods, with Florina far behind to avoid archers.

Holy shit.
File: 158815.jpg (31 KB, 326x326)
31 KB
C-can you roll again to see if it's just a fluke?
File: 11.png (10 KB, 300x200)
10 KB
The rng gods have spoken, and they do not favor us.
>The Brigand that Dorcas attacked retaliates, giving him a nasty hit.
>A myrmidon comes from behind and hits Lyn.
>The archer that Eileen attacked nocks his bow and fires an arrow at Eileen, knocking her down.
>Eileen is in Critical Condition.
>Meanwhile, Sain is attacked by an archer and a Brigand.
>The brigand doesn't do too bad damage, but the archer does.
>Sain is almost in critical condition.
Your move.
Rolled 2, 1, 20, 9, 3, 9, 2 = 46 (7d20)

Kent attacks the brigand while sain retreats and takes a vulnerary.
Blaise attacks the archer and blocks the archer from hitting eileen and florina. florina goes to eileen and tries to stabilise her with a vulnerary.
Lyn and dorcas double team whichever of the two enemies near them looks the weakest
Rolled 5, 14, 8, 17, 17, 7, 17 = 85 (7d20)

Uh, everyone that's hurt and can drinks a vulneary (including Eileen, hopefully.)

Dorcas goes after the near dead Brigand, Lyn gets the Myrm, Blaise tries to finish off the archer, Kent picks up for him if he has to but if not moves towards the unhurt archer, attacking the bandit along the way. Sain keeps at getting his brigand down. Florina.... rolls intimidate from where she's hiding?
This is a much better plan.
Dammit, didn't mean to link my own post.
File: 12.png (10 KB, 300x200)
10 KB
Rolled 9, 19 = 28 (2d20)

>Sain retreats. He has no vulnerary to drink.
>Kent takes his spot and kills the brigand instantly.
>You and Dorcas team up on the Brigand and kill him.
>Blaise gets between the archer and Eileen and finishes him off.
>Florina flies to Eileen and heals her with a vulnerary.
>Eileen is now in stable condition.
That 19's the archer shooting Florina, isn't it?
Actually it's the archer shooting Kent.
Plus he wouldn't be able to get a good shot anyways, considering the forest between them and the fact that Florina is on the ground tending to Eileen.
File: 13.png (10 KB, 300x200)
10 KB
>The archer still alive fires an arrow straight into Kent's shoulder.
>The myrmidon attacks you, knocking you down to the ground.
>You are now in critical condition.

File: 14.png (18 KB, 550x200)
18 KB
>You are again Bob Smith.
>And it appears that you have stumbled upon a couple of bandits on your return.
>Ganelon bandits at that.
>They're most likely attacking the shrine right now.

Your move.

Ps you can still control Lyn and her group.
Rolled 5, 20, 3, 18, 4, 16, 9, 6, 4, 15, 20, 13 = 133 (12d20)

Michael and Wil go for a sneaky instakill on the Brigand close to the bridge so we can sneak past. I'm hoping it succeeds so everyone can hug the bottom wall and gank the Shaman before it can do anything.

Dorcas stabilizes Lyn, Eileen and Blaise go after the Myrm, Kent and Sain move for the Archer. Florina moves behind the wall and waits at the end so the archer can't get LOS of her and she can jump him next turn. There are 12 characters now, right?

I'm off to bed.

Also you accidentally named Isaac Blaise OP.
File: 15.png (17 KB, 550x200)
17 KB
Rolled 2, 18 = 20 (2d20)

>Michael is too far away to attack the Brigand.
>Will fires at the Brigand, giving him a nasty hit.
>He turns around and notices you.
>Meanwhile, Dorcas pulls Lyn back and uses a vulnerary on her.
>Lyn is in stable condition.
>Eileen and Blaise attack the Myrmidon.
>Eileen misses however.
>Blaise does nice damage to the myrmidon.
>Kent finishes up the archer.
>Sain rides over and joins him, deciding that, despite his injuries, he wants to help.
>Florina is hiding behind the wall.

File: 16.png (17 KB, 550x200)
17 KB
>The Brigand charges at Wil, but does not manage to hit him.
>The Myrmidon counterattacks Blaise, almost taking off his head and giving him a nasty horizontal cut across his chest.

Your move.

Goodnight anon, also thanks for pointing that out.

I'm off to bed.
Rolled 14, 14, 3, 7, 13, 18, 17, 20, 18, 6, 15, 4 = 149 (12d20)

Florina and dorcas hit the myrmidon, dorcas from a distance with his hand axe. Lyn helps if hes not down, otherwise she goes to the fortress for defense and healing. Eileen and blaise help as well if hes not going down, otherwise put the most healthy one north of the fort and the weaker one on the east side of it and blaise will need a vulnerary as well if he didn't need to attack the myrmidon
Kent and sain move to the tiny forest near the houses and kent gives a single dose of vulnerary to sain.
Everyone in the south west group strike the brigand and any that didn't attack move south east hugging the river.
We can take out the druid between the just arrived and the 2 knights group if all goes well.
Rolled 14, 20 = 34 (2d20)

>You kill the Brigand, and your group begins heading southeast, hugging the river.
>Meanwhile, Florina finishes off the Myrmidon that Blaise and Eileen were working on.
>Sain and Kent begin heading southwest towards the Houses, and Kent slips Sain some of his vulnerary.
>Blaise, Eileen and Lyn head towards the right fort.
>Dorcas gives Blaise some of his vulnerary.

File: 18.png (17 KB, 550x200)
17 KB
>You are attacked by a brigand that noticed you.
>He gives you a decent injury.
>Meanwhile, Eileen is attacked by a Brigand while in a fort.
>She takes decent damage.
>Eileen is almost in critical condition.

Your move.
Rolled 14, 12, 3, 14, 18, 7, 10, 18, 8, 1, 5, 17 = 127 (12d20)

Everyone on the left side continues going along the river and just out of range of the shaman, with us and michael staying on the edge of the forest to take advantage of the terrain and deprive the brigand of it.
Sain and kent keep going to the forest and switch to lances if the fighter is using a sword.
Lyn takes eileens place in the fort and attacks the brigand while dorcas strikes him with his hand axe. blaise and eileen strike him from southside if hes not down yet.
File: 19.png (17 KB, 550x200)
17 KB
Rolled 1, 16 = 17 (2d20)

>Eileen has recovered some health from her stay in the fortress.
>Despite the threat of a brigand, you order everyone except Michael to continue past the trees, and you and Michael hide in the trees.
>Meanwhile, Kent and Sain go into the small forest near the houses.
>Eileen moves north of the fort, and Lyn takes her place, attacking the Brigand.
>Dorcas attacks the Brigand with his handaxe, killing him.
>Blaise moves to the east of the fort.
>Florina does nothing, surveying the situation.

File: 20.png (17 KB, 550x200)
17 KB
>The Brigand attacks you again, but misses and hits a tree instead.
>Meanwhile, Eileen is hit by a mercenary.
>Her wounds have opened up again, along with a new one.
>Eileen is in critical condition.

Your move.
Bob and Michael double team the brigand on the edge of the forest near them while everyone in the newly arrived group try to reach the forest near the shaman, especially wil. kent and sain double team the fighter from opposite sides.
Dorcas or anyone else puts a vulnerary on eileen. Florina and everyone else available in the top group should straight gang up on the guy that hurt eileen.
The weakest from whoever didn't get a go at the merc should take the right fortress to rest and heal

Night all
Rolled 16, 7, 19, 15, 13, 9, 3, 10, 11, 19, 3, 5 = 130 (12d20)

Forgot roll
File: 21.png (17 KB, 550x200)
17 KB
Rolled 7 (1d20)

>You and Michael double team the Brigand and kill him.
>Meanwhile, Isaac, Flyn and Wil head for the forest.
>Sain and Kent take out the Fighter near the houses, alerting the Shaman to their presence.
>Florina flies up and tries to attack the mercenary, and does minor damage.
>Lyn follows suit and wounds him as well.
>Finally Blaise finishes him off.
>Dorcas treats Eileen again in the fort.

File: 22.png (17 KB, 550x200)
17 KB
>The shaman attacks Kent, injuring him.

Your move.
Goodnight anon.
Rolled 20, 6, 1, 9, 19, 17, 6, 5, 12, 18, 17, 6 = 136 (12d20)

Kent and sain attack the shaman from north and south to flank him. the rest of the new team keeps heading for the shaman with bob healing anyone on the way while moving.
Move the weakest of the old group into the other fortress while keeping eileen in the fort to heal from the fort healing. move some higher health sword users to the west side of the left fort to guard whoevers healing in the fort.

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