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You decide to call Kokonoe with an intervention ars.

"Kokonoe... you there?" you ask.

"Huh? Yeah. I've been listening in on everything," she responds.

"So... got any plans?" you request.

"Just wait..." she comments.

"Okay; there's a clinic in Orient Town. It belongs to Dr. Litchi–she was that Chinese woman who ran off with Terumi. A former student of mine."

"Here's hoping she doesn't have any qualms with us staying there again..." Ragna mutters.

"So, what is it you're planning on doing there?" you ask.

"Briefing everyone on the mission plan from here on... giving Ragna another prosthetic with a new Idea Engine... and making some adjustments," she answers.

After a few hours' worth of walking, you finally get there.

>"Anyone home?"
>Knock on the door.
> Barge in without knocking on the door.
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You grow weary of all the waiting, resolving to kick the door in.

"Serpent's Infernal Rapture!" you scream, recalling the name for said technique through a conveniently-resurfacing memory.

"You could've just knocked, y'know," Noel comments.

"Sorry about that, but I figured this was the most time-efficient way, and it's not like we'll be staying here for long."

You hear footsteps echo throughout the clinic.

A pink-furred beastkin woman wearing glasses and lab attire enters the atrium.

"The door was unlocked, you know," Kokonoe adds.

>"Still worth it."
>"Sorry for having disturbed you."
>"Well, it doesn't make any difference now."
> At least I left the door intact, which is more than I can say what Terumi would do pussy cat.
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"Sorry, but at least I left the door intact, which is more than can be said for what Terumi would do, pussy-cat," you answer.

Kokonoe lowers an eyebrow, almost looking concerned for your state of mind.

"Well, it doesn't matter now," Kokonoe responds. "Let's get started."

You wait a few hours while the pink-haired scientist gets a few tools and retrieves a few mechanical-biological aberrations from a few relocated stasis tanks. She gets gauze and stitches from Litchi's cabinets. She starts by fastening a mechanical humerus to the empty socket where Ragna's left arm had been.

After a few hours, his arm's patched up–in impressive time, but you expected nothing less from Sector Seven's premiere scientist.

"All right, try moving it."

"Yeah... it feels a little weird, but I think it's good to go," Ragna replies.

"Just don't push too hard; it'll tear itself right off," Kokonoe admonishes. "I've got some equipment for you and Noel, too, Ryouma."

Noel emphatically turns and faces her, arms at her side.

>"Just hope I've shown that I'm responsible enough for it."
>"Sorry for pissing you off earlier; I haven't the slightest idea what came over me."
>"Calm the fuck down, Noel."
>"Sorry for pissing you off earlier; I haven't the slightest idea what came over me."
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"Sorry for pissing you off earlier; I haven't the slightest idea what came over me."

"No need to worry about it. You're a vessel for demons, after all," she reassures you.

Kokonoe reaches for her pockets, pulling out a couple round, blue devices that resemble the red ones on Ragna's hands.

"Here, Noel: I got you a couple hairpins to suppress your emotions as Mu-12."

"What?! Why would I need those?" Noel requests.

"Are you sure you want to go into 'I want to kill everybody in the world' mode again?" Kokonoe asks.

"Point taken," Noel responds, setting them in her hair.

"Anyways, Ryouma, I got you a gift for all the hard work you've done: a replica of the Snake Pair: Ouroboros."

She points to a chest in the corner.

"Don't worry; it's artificial. There's no damning 10,000 souls just to forge Causality Weapons here."

You look away from the ars, letting her decide when to bring it to you.

"Care to give it a name?"

>"Got any ideas?"
>"I figured someone as meticulous and thoughtful as you must have already given it one."
>Yes - pasta and noodles. AKA Danger Noodle and Friendly Pasta.
File: IMG_9519.png (424 KB, 1280x720)
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"Yes: pasta and noodles. AKA Danger Noodle and Friendly Pasta."

"Yeah; most folks aren't going to respect that, so I'm just going to call it the Resurrected Dragon: Nidhöggr."

She reaches for the chest and enters a code. You reach out and look away.

"Here you go."

She hands them to you.

You shove the knives into your pocket and lean back, awaiting further instruction.

"So, why are you helping me? There's nothing in it for you," Ragna wonders.

"Somebody who isn't in the habit of asking for favors asked me a favor," Kokonoe responds. "It's been twenty years since we saw each other in person... Guess neither of us gets old real fast."

It can't be Rachel, you muse.

Another beastkin. Probably one of her parents.

"I see..." Ragna replies. "Well, thanks... I guess."

"Ragna, the stuff I used to make that arm came from Lambda's regeneration tank," Kokonoe mentions. "Take care of it."

"Gotcha," Ragna answers.

>"Thanks again."
>"Where do we go from here?"
>Where do we go from here?
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"So, where do we go from here?" you ask.

"A member of the Duodecim has a base of operations in Ikaruga," Kokonoe answers. "It's situated within the 6th Hierarchical City: Yabiko. We're going to discuss the game plan to take down the Imperator there."

"That's where I'm going, then," Ragna responds. "Thanks again for the prosthetic. See you."

"Should I go with him?" Noel asks Kokonoe while Ragna treads out the door.

"Nah; don't worry about it. We've got an airship with your name on it," Kokonoe responds. "Ragna's just going on his own because the less attention he draws from the NOL, the better."

>"Am I going with her?"
>"How do you plan on getting there?"
>"Guess I'm going to the port, then."
>Am I going with?
>How do you plan on getting there?
>>Am I going with?
>>How do you plan on getting there?
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"Am I going with her?" you ask.

"Yeah. As if you had to ask. In fact, your job from here on out is to be a bodyguard for anyone in our midst," she answers.

"Glad to hear it. So, are you going to accompany us?" you reply.

"I'm using a teleportation ars," Kokonoe states.

"'Kay. Guess we're going, then," you respond.

The door opens for you and Noel on the way out.

After about an hour's worth of walking, you reach Kagutsuchi Port.

You meet up with Makoto and Tager. A yellow-cloaked, dual-wielding bakeneko swordsman leans back against the safety rail next to them.

You identify the swords he's carrying as the Dream Blades: Musashi.

"Hey, Mr. Jubei!" Noel comments, waving.

"Glad to see you're both feeling better," Makoto says.

>"Hey, Makoto."
>"Who's Mr. Jubei?"
>"Nice swords."
>"Wait; what was wrong with me?"

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