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Welcome to Tribes Evo, a game where you take control of a tribe and evolve it culturally, technologically, and historically through time. Lotta stuff has happened since last thread, But I'll let the map do the talking.

Previous Threads (please read if new): http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=tribevo
Discord: https://discord.gg/r36b7By

New Players Guide:
>Every turn is a new week
>Every turn each tribe can do two researches, and as many actions as there are population
>Research - Laws, Technologies, Arts, Customs
>Action - Trading, Hunting, Scouting, Organizing
>At least one player per tribe, no upper limit on tribe members in a given tribe
>Actions and researches must be agreed by majority
> Please read sheet to verify 1) whether a tech/culture has already been researched and 2) whether OP fucked up in updating sheets

Other Mechanics:
> Combat (NPC) - one commander per tribe, RP your battle with given troops
> Culture - Exposure to other player's cultures can have advantageous or adverse effects on your culture
> Nationhood - Once a tribe reaches 1000+ population, they are eligible for nationhood. They will then need a constitution, flag, currency, formal military, and more than one town. The constitution MUST include established geographic borders, name of your state, and governing body.
> Economy (Only when a civ researches currency) - One a civ implements a tax, there will be a stream of income to your treasury. You will be able to purchase additional actions with this income. Too high a tax, however, will affect mood.
Other things:
> I am going to attempt to run this with no dice rolls whatsoever. Whatever you scout around you is what you get because of location, not chance.
> Regarding the map: Keep in mind, I tried to give enough space between civs without being totally separate. One tribe should reach another within one turn. I also wanted to introduce diversity in biomes. Hence, as they say, 'suspend your disbelief'
> No team switching this time
> Not going to add new tribes, these four are it
> Throw on a name if you’re playing
> Discord not required unless you are warring with other players. No secret turns.

>Research 1: Higher education
Crafting room is expanded to make an area for engineers & learned bears to develop ideas. Their first creation is a stone battering ram with a copper head & frontal barrier to protect from frontal arrows.

>Research 2: Domestication of prey
At war times like this the hunters need to dedicate more time to other ventures. They create large wooden & bamboo enclosures for rabbits, foxes & seals to allow the farmers to collect meat every weak, freeing up the hunters for other ventures such as war, farming & craftsmanship.

Action 1: Increase border strength & build watch towers at the entrances to bear territory & the eastern coast

Action 2: Keep up stealth bear scouting, need to be on top of what the lions are up to on the front lines. information is key!

Action 3: Scout east of mine town along the peninsula

Action 4: Plant & grow bananas

Action 5: Quarry at marble cliffs

Action 6: Bears warn of the lions & sharks, they inquire about the surrounding area & gorilla history/culture.
Bears are interested in trading for wheat, horses & iron weapons. They have many goods to offer in exchange if the gorillas want
The bears & gorillas will carve stone together as they talk, to keep things peaceful and emphasis this common creative ground they share, which is a large part of bear culture. After any deal is struck, the statues can be traded as a peace symbol. Even if no agreement is made, bears respect fellow crafters & welcome a peaceful race for once after all the past disasters & bloodshed.
Action: Scouts reassure the miners that If they stay on course, the lions and bears won't hear them, as they dug their foxholes in the same manner and those were far closer to the base, and not underground.
Action: A armed group of 25 is set off to the home island, to resettle there. They have instructions to avoid contact with and species, and they are to find secluded spaces to rest when needed, one goat will always be on guard.
Action: Some cases of beer are put for sale in our tradepost, generating income from the pigs in the form of copper coins.
Action: A stone brick wall, at least two goats high, and one thick is constructed around the camp it is to be completely unclimbable without foriegn objects and torches are placed on the ground outside the wall and braziers ontop, it is to be guarded and patrolled 24/7
Action: Goats construct a shed for the purpose of storing food, fearing a bad harvest or other food shortages. The tunnel constructed to it will be extra wide and deep
Research: Mortar, for binding stone together.
Action: Some scouts are sent around to forage, hoping to collect new types of food or herb for medicine.
Research: Stew and soup, for feeding more with less.
File: pig chart Info Dump 3.png (90 KB, 1188x640)
90 KB
Well I'm sure we can deal with religious guys.

Researches/Cultural Developments: 2 Allowed
-Tech: Invent Pitch mortar. With this we'll be able to construct better and stronger stoneworks that are properly connected rather than just etched together.
-Tech: Invent The Barrel. With this we'll be able to store food and good for longer and transport it easier, especially on boats.

*Start building a wall around Swineburgh.

-Desert Wardens:
*Start the siege of The Alligator Town.
*Don't forget to bring our 30 Warthog Hunters so they can help support the siege too.

-Metal Smiths:
*Keep making Copper Chainmail.

Diplomatic Actions:
-Explain to the pandas that we're from an island really far west of this one, and that we too are trying to find other non-demons.
-The demons we know of used to be mortal people, but they eat other beings who can talk, and doing that turns them into demons.
-Ask The Pandas why divine banishment wouldn't work on us if we're demons.

-Go ask The Bats if they'd ever consider getting paid to come fight for us.
Just popping in to say that it's immensely cool that tribe evos are still a thing, and best of luck
This tribes is only big enough for one of us.
File: 1498676899237.png (75 KB, 1200x1200)
75 KB
Diplomatic Action: We agree to lease land to the Leopards to allow them access to the Pigs. Map attached. The red line would be our Sovereign borders, while the blue line would be the land we lease to the Leopards for hunting access to the Pigs, including the abandoned Jackal camp at no additional cost. They would pay us 200 gold pieces a week, or 70 copper units, or 100 stone units, whichever they find more amenable. Any Leopard found hunting outside of the blue border would be a violation of our peace and result in execution - any organized hunting outside of the blue border in our lands would be treated as an act of war.

Action: Build a dock at the Orangutan camp.

Action: Build more rafts for more efficient ferrying between Orangutan camp and Monkey Island. The ferries should be able to travel regularly every few hours.

Research: More efficient mining techniques - mineshafts.

Research: Integrating camels into our farming techniques to more efficiently till the land, reducing the work it takes to produce food.
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133 KB PNG
Pigs invent pitch mortar, and use it to make a wall around Swineburgh.

They create barrels to store food and water, increasing pop. growth rate.

Desert Wardens approach the alligator camp. They avoid the rivers after they find many pigs snatched up by fast swimming alligators. They approach the camp, open all around. The Alligators wield large wooden clubs and roped rock weapons. Thanks to the pig's armor, they are able to weather many of the blows. The most casualties have come from alligator's munching on the pig's helmets. The alligators are cornered around the stilted houses, weapons out. In the end, they are all killed, taking down many a warden with them. The pigs are freed, and are added to population, as well as the scrap logs, thirty five alligator carcasses, and camp!

The Bats are asked if they would ever be paid to fight for them. The Bats are only comfortable with night combat. They would fight for you yes, but would like payment in food. A lot of food.

You tell the pandas of your story. The zealots do not want to hear a word you say, as its demonspeak. More intelligent pandas find your stories as evidence of intelligence outside the island, and as your demon stories are unlike those of panda lore, it must be from a completely different culture.

The Pandas are split on the pig dilemma, including the King himself. He decides that a trial in the Bamboo Court will decide your fate. Your defendant will try and prove your sentience and mortality, but will need your word to help convince the Pandas who you are, and most importantly, why you have come to their lands. He also will point to the failures of the divine banishment, but ultimately has no authority on that matter as the head Priest deals with that ritual and obfuscates it with mystery.

The prosecutor will point to scripture. The Panda Deity is said to have given all his fruits to his children on the island. Demons haunt the waters, having swallowed the panda forefathers in the past, and its for this reason the pandas never dare cross the grand lake they are in. It is simple when it comes down to it; the pigs came from the water, so they are demons. They do not look like god's children, thus they must be monsters. Upon imprisonment of a few, more have been sent, as if a cosmically evil deity is going to threaten the kingdom.
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148 KB PNG
Bears create a university, developing a battering ram along with it. They can use an extra research action every month!

They domesticate seals, foxes, and rabbits. Along with their newly planted bananas, they gain a boost in population growth.

They mine out the quarry, having a stream of marble coming in!

The scouts are sent along the actual peninsula. Its prime earth to grow farms. The Gorillas know this for a fact and have built farms to populate the whole area. The Gorillas also regularly scout to obtain horses. They explain that a capture of a horse on the peninsula requires permission from the Gorilla King. There are also plenty of cotton, tobacco, and indigo crops, free to be taken at no large cost. The bears take some seeds from each.

The spy bears observe the lions over the course of the week. They identify the shift change schedules for the lion guards and road sentries!

Finally, they learn a little about gorilla culture. They are proud, strong creatures, sharing an appreciation of hand to hand combat with you, and invite you to gorilla wrestling tournaments! They tell you they used to be various warring clans in the jungle, until they were untied by conquest and marriage to the current dynasty. After encountering some disputes with jungle boars, the gorillas have decided to leave the jungle for the sprawling plains. With the discovery or horses and wheat however, they haven't looked back!

The gorillas will trade you the wheat products in exchange for copper. They are unwilling, at the moment, to give you the raw crop to plant. Perhaps when relations get better, they will be willing to give you the seeds for access to a resource mine in the mountains.

Two well fortified watchtowers are built near the mining camp and Grizzly Camp.
>Open Case
>Pig Representative: Captain Squealer, famed for his role as Mr Captain in The Play "The Vanishing Jackals"
>Leading evidence against Pigs Being Demons.

>Evidence one.
Pigs themselves use boats.
The sailboats that The pigs were brought to the island with were made for the purpose of keeping pigs out of the water when they move through The Great Pond, and are in fact powered by the wind's breeze. Had pigs been demons they would be able to breath in the water and would have no need for boats.

>Evidence Two.
Pigs eating Pandas is irrational.
The claims of demon pigs being able to swallow down pandas are unfounded, as pigs are vastly small in comparison to Panda Folk. Furthermore they posses a lack of physical strength needed to take down a panda independently, and a whole lack of mystical powers.

>Evidence Three.
Pigs have expressed a whole willingness to cooperate.
Not only once, but twice have pigs arrived on the island and proceeded to willfully become imprisoned by The Pandas. They have refused to fight and have not exhibited any desires to devour to eat Panda Flesh, and have denounced other apparent races that do practice eating the flesh of intelligent beings.

>Evidence Four.
The pigs have not yet been confirmed to not be God's Children.
If The Panda God gifted his fruits to his children then it would only be sensible that it would only be free and just for his children to devour them. In that, the bodies of pigs should wholly reject the food of the island, and only be able to subsist on flesh. As shown by the contents of The Ship's Food Stores there's evidence to support that the diet of a pig mainly comprises of various fruits and fish. Not to mention they've been imprisoned for two weeks now, and unless they've been starved the whole time there must be evidence supporting that they've eaten something other than flesh.

>Evidence Five.
The actions of the second pigs is wholly reactionary.
The pigs have been kept on the island and entirely isolated from their other pig brethren off the island. Had this been preparation for an attack this would be entire nonsensical, as why would demons, or any invading entity willfully send unarmed people to try and retrieve their other pigs. That's simply handing over hostages to an enemy force that you intend to attack.

>Evidence Six.
Pigs have Metal Jewelry.
Pigs have on jewelry that's crafted out of melting down metals over a fire. If examples are needed they can melt the silver that was confiscated, or the jewelry itself. Knowing this, metals can be reshaped into trinkets that pigs wear, however this is impossible to do if you live underwater, as fire cannot burn in the water. This means that pigs would need to go on land, find copper, then go through the whole process of melting and forging it into jewelry so they could wear it underwater.
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134 KB PNG
Miners continue to build their foxholes.

A group of 25 is sent to the home island to be resettled. They will reach by next turn.

Beer is offered in sale to the pigs. Do the pigs accept the import?

A stone brick wall is constructed around the camp. Using the newly developed mortar.

A food storage area is built as well, increasing population growth rate via increased stockpile.

Goats go around looking for herbs to be used for a new food or medicine. They return with turmeric, great for indigestion and increasing growth once more.
File: monkey.png (133 KB, 800x975)
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133 KB PNG
Monkeys create mineshafts to accelerate ore revenue and using camels to till the earth.

More rafts are made and a ferry system carries monkeys from South Island to the mainland.

The leopards pay you a fee of 100 stone for use of your land to hunt pigs. Starting next turn, leopards will regularly hunt piggus.
File: playermap.png (112 KB, 1200x1200)
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112 KB PNG
Action: Crafters are split in half, one remaining Crafters, the other builders.
Action:Builders get to work making more houses for the new goats, and installing air sirens along the wall path, one air siren every few paces so people don't have to run long before raising the alarm.
Action: Crafters make air sirens and more iron plate gambesons
Action: quarter Miners begin making troughs far outside the camp downstream for our shit.
Action: Those not working are to light torches along the wall before sunset daily, to help the patrols see down and around the walls at night.
Research: Pumps and pipes.
Research: hand crank air sirens.
Action: The Monkeys begin to construct a stone wall along their border, starting near the Leopards and working into the desert. The wall should be at least 20ft high.

Action: The Monkeys send a delegation to the Leopards in an attempt to establish trade with them, if they are willing to accept anything as payment or goods besides meat for hunting.

Action: We have tons of gold! Tons of it. The Monkeys begin to use it to adorn the top of their elevated spires to catch the sun and make their kingdom truly breathtaking. Clever monkeys inscribe things into the gold, murals and portraits telling the stories of their pantheon or their endeavors.

Research: Mortar using ground lime and other stuff to make our spires more aspiring. Also sturdier and stuff.

Research: Cultural festivals held at least once a month to celebrate our achievements. Feasting, dancing, games and storytelling will all take place. Hopefully this leads to some pop boost as well.
Replace pumps with just pipes.
File: pig chart Info Dump 4.png (70 KB, 1188x640)
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Well looks like the siege at least went moderately okay.
The gators fought to the last man, and did a damn good job of it with sticks and rocks. That's respectable.

Researches/Cultural Developments: 2 Allowed
-Tech: Convert our Wooden Runes into a proper Written Language with an Alphabet and Grammar Rules.
-Tech: Invent Scrolls out of wood rollers and sheets of our twine fabrics.

*Start replacing The Tent Houses of Swineburgh with proper Limestone Homes.

-Desert Wardens:
*Take some of our Jackals out into The Desert and let them set up an array of traps around Swineburgh. The only safe entrances to The City should be The Gates.
*Hang the corpses of the defeated alligators on the walls of Swineburgh so everyone can see them. Hang them high so thieves don't start picking them off the walls either.

-Metal Smiths:
*Start crafting a grand, silver statue of The Jackal God to stand up in Swineburgh. This precious metal depiction will please him and bless us with good trade.

Diplomatic Actions:
-Give our legal defense to The Pandas: >>1624532

-Accept the imports of Goat Beer. Give The Goats one of The Limestone Buildings to use as a Tavern.
The bears contemplate the captive goat situation, admitting to their failures and bad judgement. Why did they do those things? Why does anyone do things?

Research: Bears begin a social study of the mind: psychology

Research: Bears begin getting more fancy with their meals. They have a lot of resources! Let's use them! They begin culinary studies and stew, grill and combine flavors. Complex meals are born.

Research: Wheels and pully system. They run rope thru little copper wheels trying to think of ways to move around. They practice on snow at first to try to make it work. Bears attempt to build ziplines to move to each tower faster around the mountain range. If it doesnt work out, at least they got pullies out of it.

Action: They reshape the mold of the bearpaw gauntlet to have spiked knuckles to deliver more devistating strikes.

Action: They build molds that fit the bottom jaw of bear warriors. They cover the jaw piece with knifesharp edges to make biting attacks all the more devistating to their foes.

Action: Fishermen begin to use smaller fish to gain larger fish in return.
Been lurking in these threads for a while, decided to jump in
Should we build a palace for our king after were done with blinging out our capital?
Also, we should probably start up a archive
The powerful don't need gold, they have power. Gold is seen as a reward for skill, wisdom, etc, and used to elevate monkeys and give them something to aspire to. I think a temple / storytelling bazaar would come before a palace which is too formal. Fun and creativity are our trademarks !
We should also start testing the baboons and orangatangs for physical diffrences, what type of weapons they prefer or are the most effective for them to use, and their general state of mind
File: bear.png (151 KB, 800x975)
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151 KB PNG
Bears begin to study psychology, trying to uncover what makes a good bear from a bad bear, how raising a cub wrong could effect the bear in the future, and how to best manage stress and learn to live in a healthy community. Mood boost happens!

They learn to fry using their along untouched fat stores. They have a pop. growth rate boost!

They develop molds for their gauntlets and jaws. Scary stuff!

The other actions they don't do cuz they seem to research-y. Scouts notice lions seem to be drawing troops near their town, with camps spilling outside the walls of the town and a larger number of sentries. Most likely, they are going to attempt taking back the tower next week.
File: monkey.png (139 KB, 800x975)
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139 KB PNG
Monkeys begin construction of a Great Stone Wall, fueled in part thanks to the leopards hunting fees and discovery of mortar.

They use gold to adorn many of their great spires and buildings. Pretty!

They hold a cultural festival, which gives them a pop boost of 10% of their current pop every month. Neat!

They send a delegation to inquire to the leopards what they want. They are willing to trade for various exotic fruits, including guavas, avacados, lemons, apples, kiwis, and pineapples for at least one third of your total ore production, stone not included. The fruits given are all mashed and deseeded by the leopards to ensure you don't grow any yourself, but will provide the same bonus as regular whole fruits.
File: leopards hunt pigs.png (39 KB, 800x600)
39 KB
File: goat.png (138 KB, 800x975)
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138 KB PNG
Foxholes are finished, with a tunnel system included. Will be drawn next map post.

The goats invent pipes and air sirens. The air sirens are installed on top of the ramifications every couple of spaces. They are made from wood.

Crafters make more iron armors.

Miners dig troughs downstream.

Regular patrols are made to ensure the camp will always be aware of who comes nearby. Nobody dares to approach them now.

Goats reach the camp next turn. It is exactly how its left, though overgrown with weeds and mushrooms. That is to say, nothing exists there but the boats, as the goats had taken everything else with them weeks ago.

Goats feel more secure now. Mood boost!
File: pig.png (136 KB, 800x975)
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136 KB PNG
Pigs develop their language and alphabet to have proper rules and structure. They make a transition from tablets to twiny scrolls.

Swineburgh is upgraded! Tents are tossed for limestone houses. Traps are reinforced by loyal jackals. A grand statue is being constructed, but its estimated to be completed within the month's end.

The Pandas hear the legal defense. The prosecution appeals to emotions, emphasizing the pink skin and flat noses of the pigs, claiming that is the description of the demons the Panda God has told of. His accusation of demonic presence is greatly negated by the defense attorney, who points to the clear facts. Scripture says demons come from the sea, true. Most likely, this is meant of sea creatures with fishy scales. It is clear from evidences one and six. This seems to be the key evidence that has changed the King's position on the subject. He wholeheartedly apologizes to the pigs, wanting to keep you in court as 'honorable guests'. You sense no ill will, but find it strange the King doesn't let you be on your way, perhaps on account for fear that he will feed the 'demons' the pandas fear so much.

Mysterious reports come in of pig disappearances. Pig citizens point to the jackals, who they claim to be murderers as well as thieves, while the jackals claim the pigs are out to get them, and that the disappearances have nothing to do with them. Maybe an invader has come in. Yes! Thats it! How would they come in with all the defenses you erected though? How should you inspect this matter?

The alligator carcasses should be in by next week to be hung on the walls. Are you sure? I mean, they're quite old by now. Really? Ok, fine, we'll keep them.
File: playermap.png (115 KB, 1200x1200)
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115 KB PNG
File: pig chart Info Dump 5.png (114 KB, 1188x640)
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114 KB PNG
The Jackals are Citizens as well, and they have become loyal to our gods. It would be unjust to blame them all for what might be the act of only a few.

Something tells me that these pandas are trying to be hardcore isolationists though, so we need to bump out of here before we get stuck forever.

Researches/Cultural Developments: 2 Allowed
-Culture: Establish a Justice System headed and judged by Guild Representatives. This way if we actually do find out that our disappearances are the result of an internal disturbance we can trial them justly.
-Tech: Invent safe Street Lighting using Glass and Torch Heads on stone pillars.

-Desert Wardens:
*Enforce a nightly curfew and move all citizens into towns with walls, or towns that are on islands. The Warthogs are fine where they are at the moment.
*Since we've been kidnapped quite a bit before we'll break out some old practices and scout around the town for clues so we can start using our Desert Tracking Skills to track possible invaders down.
*I don't care if those gators are nothing but bones by the time we put them on that wall, you better nail those reptiles to that limestone or you're getting a demerit.

-Metal Smiths:
*Keep building The Silver Statue.

*Install Street Lights so The Guards can catch any would-be invaders trying to sneak around the town at night.

Diplomatic Actions:
-Accept staying for a period of time with The Pandas, but insist that a group of pigs needs to be sent back to The Mainland so they can tell the other pigs that they're okay. Tell the king that The Pigs have been held hostage by other clans twice before, and if they assume that The Pigs are being held hostage again they'll likely send warriors.
>Research: Longer ranged siege
Using their craftsmanship & dissection of the balista, the bear engineers have a good idea of the mechanics that make it work. They increase it's range & devistation by changing the design, using heavier wood & thicker leather string that bear strength can use, and creating a new king of bolt with a wooden sphere of oil inside, splashing it everywhere upon impact.

>Research 2: Tracking
Bears refine the tracking abilities they had for hunting so they can determine events after the fact, find & follow footprints & smells. Between this, how lit the area is, spyglasses, the constant guard & the fast response training, there's no way an attack on the bears can be surprise attacked, or the assailants escape without bears being able to follow.

Action 1:with he domestication of animals, the hunters are out of a job & aren't needed, they are split, 15% to the army & martial arts, & 5% to the other race roles.

Action 2: Increase bear defenses
Bears bolster walls & create extra bamboo watchtowers all over the bear kingdom. There are more guards & patrols, more sentries 24/7. Bears are on high alert for any attacks.

Action 3: Bear citizens will sleep only in secure walled placed, & food stores are hidden to keep them safe in case of rationing requirements in the future

Action 4: Attack the massing bear army asap.
Position the new increased range balistas within firing range of the town, send a squad of archers within range of the town & mass an army of 150 nearby with shields to defend against archery
Using the increased range & oil balista bolts. The bears fire upon lion town from the safety of their walls. The archers will fire fire arrows & set the oil ablaze. This should create a large amount of chaos & deaths in the densely packed lion town.
They will either die, retreat, or a few will attack the source of the attacks during the panicked stampede, where the bear army is ready to kill any counter attack alongside archers picking them off.

Action 5: Grow cotton, indigo & tabacco. Tabacco will be chewed to calm the nerves of injured soilders

Action 6: Scout down the route shown in pic
Action: i kinda want to steal some fruit from the leopards
Gonna need some inputs by the other monkey for that
Action: production of towers a long the great wall project begins
Research: orangatangs and baboons are brought to the capital for rigorous testing on their physicall capabilities, mental capacity, and which weapons would best work for them

>Attack the massing LION* army
File: Placement.png (85 KB, 1201x1200)
85 KB
Forgot pic of the scouting route & the balista placements
we JUST managed to broker a truce with the Leopards, why the fuck would we steal from them and endanger that and our people? listen. get on discord so you can actually talk to me before sniping turns, I've got the monkeys this far.

And studying our variant species is pointless, they're essentially for all intents and purposes the same as normal Monkeys, it's not like they're secretly poisonous or anything.


Research 1: More efficient carts - Wagons! Pulled by Camels. Wide, flat and able to carry more with a limestone wagon bed.

Research 2: Crude paper using coconut fibers! One Monkey accidentally runs over a coconut husk with a limestone wheel, and when it dries it's like a sheaf of paper perfect for writing down stories and stuff.

Action 1: Smiths create 60 swords so each of our Dervishes can be armed with a sword, spear and chakram.

Action 2: Smiths use the rest of our copper to create copper shields.

Action 3: We are less interested in the Leopard trade goods. We politely decline their chewed up fruit and return to the Orangutan settlement. We should really name that.

Action 4: Two bands of 12 Monkeys scout north and west from the Baboon oasis for anything of interest in that direction, heading hopefully as far as the border and shore in either direction.
Action: Scouts, clearly seeing the bear mobilizing, send word back through the other foxholes to to Don their armor and get ready for battle. The same day, they deliver a cloth picture of a map of the mountains, the bear camp, a armed bear with arrows towards the lion camps. The goats run up, place it on the gate, and run off out of view, carefully navigating as to not leave tracks or trails. In the event he gets caught he should kill himself using a copper dart through his chest.
Action: civilian Goats are trained in operation of catapults, Atlatls, and iron armor, as well as how to navigate the tunnels without triggering traps.
Action: Miners get back to mining more.
Crafters: craft more javelins, and iron armor.
Action: After delivering the warning, scouts are placed on high alert to watch for bear sneak attacks along the lion town, they carry air sirens to make alot of noise when the attack starts.
As usual, they are instructed to kill themselves if caught, but directly after using the siren they are to destroy it. They are also instructed to obstruct any attempts at bear settlements or fortification, to allow the lions a easier attack.

Civilian goats not working should go out and look for insects, specifically buzzing, stinging ones like scorpions or bees.

Research: Clay from the river banks
Research: Smokey, low quality oil from animal fat.
File: bear.png (155 KB, 800x975)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
Bears develop better ballistas by slimming the projectiles and strengthening the platform. They are able to fire longer range, at the price of increased weight.

They develop methods to track in the mountains, mainly by identifying signs of foot-travel on paths traversable by bears and lions.

The hunters are reassigned. An increase is put onto population growth rate.

Defenses are strengthened by the wood, and three bamboo towers are erected, weighed at the bottom down by stone. They all overlook the souther reaches.

Scouts go west, into the peninsula. They find prime spots for farmland and massive red trees that when burned give a heavy smoke. They also find a small tribe of black bears who join your empire! They plead you resuce their brethren, kidnapped by the wolf-lion coalition as slaves. They number 25 here, having previoulsy been a much larger tribe of 100 before the enslavement.

The massive bear army sets out, attempting to position their ballistas right outside the town. Mysterious sirens alert the lions, who quickly raise out of their tents to block the bear range. They know if the bears close the gap, they will be within range to hail fire and wood from above, so they charge as many as their troops they can muster to combat this.

Lions rush the shieldwall, targetting the ballistas. Martial arts bears manage to fend off the assailants, but are unable to completely prevent ballista casualties. Slingbears recognize that the lions are funneled to these points and throw heavy rocks to pelt down the mangy furbags. Heavily injured, lions are weaker and unable to have their necks and backs snapped by the capably strong bears.

Lion archers position nicely to pick off lone bears, of which there were few and far between. A brave big grizzly named Thunderpaw rolls down, knocking the lions out like cubs sliding on ice, knocking down seals. The lion archers scatter, finding they might be of more use back at the city.

Eventually momentum favors the bears, who are within range to fire hell upon the lions. Before they do, the bear commander notices a loud howl from the Town Mayor, who emerges alongside a huge wolf wearing a bearskin cloak over his shoulders. He calls down for a peace, saying that he will yield this town to you peacefully if you end this conflict, accepting the borders to be drawn in the anchor map, and have a mutual peace for a minimum of three months (12 turns). Depending on bear-lion relations at the end of the turn, new negotiations will be hatched about a possible continuation or not. What say ye, you mangy bear?
File: goat.png (141 KB, 800x975)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
Crafters are crafting so much shit, theres more shit to craft than goats to craft them! For now, they manage to craft all the iron armor they can, and like a little bit of javelins.

Goats deliver a map showing the bears in relations to the lions to the lion camp. The lion guards roar and some begin to leave and pursue them. The goats manage to escape in time. Who knows what the lions did with the map?

The miners are putting in the maximum effort they can mining.

The civilian goats find a nearby beehive. They note the location, not daring to take the beehive back to the goat camp.

They play the siren just as the bears look like they're approaching the lion camp. They stay and witness the results of the battle, though they aren't clear about how the negotiations are going.

The goats have access to clay and create oil from animal fat of their prey.
bear mood should be at most blue considering they lost like 1/8 of their pop.
File: monkey.png (142 KB, 800x975)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
Monkeys make a lotta swords for their dervishes. They have enough smiths to craft shields from the rest of the copper.

Monkeys are sent to explore north and west of the oasis. They find the following resources:

> Olives
> Desert Rabbits
> Plants with roots that save a lot of water and sugar

These resources are planted and contribute to further population growth.

They fail to trade with the leopards.

Carts are used to accelerate construction and trade. A week is shaved off the wall.

They make paper from coconut fiber.
File: pig.png (138 KB, 800x975)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
Pigs create a judicial system, realizing they need to be able to judge the legality of some immoral actions.

They create street lights and install them throughout all towns! The nights are lit better now. The establishment of the curfew seems to upset citizens. Wandering around, it seems most who disobey curfew are jackals profiting off of underground pheasant fights and fencing markets. Town traffic at night time seems reserved to citizens leaving the town, rather than entering.

Desert trackers make the following observations:
> Various small animal tracks around north of Oasis and east of Swineburgh
> Scuffles south of Oasis due to camel drawn wagons for the Monkey Wall
> Hunting tracks going south of Swineburgh
Any one of these tracks could be mistaken as what they are reported as. If any one of them continues, its most likely the pig trail! Careful how you observe them though, too much attention and they might catch on. Also, theres no indication whether the trail is from invaders coming in, or pigs out, or both...

The gators arrive, and are nailed onto the walls.
File: playermap.png (115 KB, 1200x1200)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
File: pig chart Info Dump 6.png (180 KB, 1188x640)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
Well Pheasant Fighting isn't illegal, and fencing is more so only illegal when the goods being sold are from Pig Citizens.

Researches/Cultural Developments: 2 Allowed
-Tech: Invent Whistles. We'll make distress whistles and hand them out to citizens so if they're getting attacked or kidnapped they can blow it to call The Guards.
-Tech: Invent Boots. These are mainly used to increase the mobility of our soldiers, but civilians are always free to put them on too. No more shall we need to walk on hot sand, or worry about getting our hooves getting worn down on long treks.

-Desert Wardens:
*Well the curfew didn't apparently slow down the disappearances at all, so lift the curfew, we'll find other ways to keep them safe.
*Well there are two trails heading south and only one heading north, so we'll follow down south first and kill two alligators with one sling stone. Plus the set of small animal tracks might just be jackals anyway.

-Metal Smiths:
*Keep building that Silver Statue of The Jackal God. This should be our third week building it.

*Start crafting and handing out stone whistles to The Citizens.

Diplomatic Actions:
-Ask those pandas if we can send a ship home to alert the other pigs and tell them they're fine. (This was ignored last turn, and I'm not sure rather it's because The Pandas themselves ignored the request, or if it was just overlooked, but if they keep silent on the subject we're going to do things to them with our spears they only thought possible in cartoons.)
Diplomatic action: We will send a delegation of monkeys wanting to establish an embassy to the leopards, consisting in:

The aprentices of the council, their sons to be precise.
30 Farmers with enough seeds to produce food for the monkeys who will reside with them, wanting to make full use of Olives.
30 live Toucans, half as a gift and the other as another mean of nourishment.
10 camels in order to carry all the supplies, food and water.

The embassy shall be accompained by 50 baboons sporting the new swords and shields so they defend the trek, but return after the delegation is well established.

Lastly, the leopards are to lend us some of their sons so they learn our culture but by no means they must be left unacompained, so we apply for strong veteran leopards to go with them, who also could teach us their ways in combat.

Action: Event! Event! All monkeys be happy but much more the smiths. The king wants a Gold Tiara fit for a princess so all who want to apply must begin making one. The best headdress will be handsomely rewarded but all accesories will be showcased.

Action: Scouts are to review the western shores if they have hidden beaches or caverns. Or plants that resist harsh conditions

Research: Olive Biology. In conjuction with the planting of olives in jaguar territory, we must study what conditions are best for them. sun? water? soil? In the shades?

Research: Improved astronomy in order to travel trough the desert during the night, which is colder and not as punishing as the day.
The Panda King nods politely, but hesitates to send you back. Even if you aren't demons, he fears the mistreatment you have faced may lead to retaliation, and you will return to the island.

The only options left would be to make you permanent guests of his majesty, and not have the risk of you alerting your brethren to attack the island.The only way he can let you go, it seems, is if he trusts that you will never return once you leave.
File: Bitch_displeased_2.png (150 KB, 340x479)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
Ugh fine I guess I'll have to play while richard is gone

Research: Ancient weather forecasting
By recognizing certain patterns goats can more accurately predict meteorological phenomena allowing them to avoid crop loss. This also gives them a stealth bonus as goats can predict then It's going to rain and scout during those days having rain wash away their tracks.
Research: pumps
Action: domesticate bees
Action: construct beehives
Action: make more javelins
Action: begin using honey for medical purposes as well as food. Honey can be used to accelerate healing of wounds. And It's antibacterial properties allow honey to be used to treat infections and even small ailments like cold.
I literally just got home and was writing a turn
Action: Builders add a new wall attached to our current wall, made of wood. This will be a residential district when it is done and will provide more living space for goats.
Action: Tavern in pigtown begins hosting OFFICIAL pheasant fights, as well as a betting booth. They also put word out that we are looking for brave Mercenaries looking for a fight. Will be provided weapons and armor upon enlistment at the cost half of first months pay, so bring your own for more copper.
Action: Crafters idle for a bit, letting resources stockpile
Action: Farmers plant wildflower beds along their orchards, hoping a bee hive will move in so they can pillage that sweet succulent honey.
Research: Learn pig Latin to increase tavern sales and put the merc advertisement out.
Research: Learn about the applications of honey, placing it in our beer, and on burns and other wounds.
Also if the Scouts don't have a turn that requires all of them, Scouts Should alwt stay in their foxholes, watching, waiting.
File: pig chart Info Dump 7.png (108 KB, 1188x640)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
=Turn Redo=

Researches/Cultural Developments: 2 Allowed
-Tech: Invent Whistles. We'll make distress whistles and hand them out to citizens so if they're getting attacked or kidnapped they can blow it to call The Guards.
-Tech: Invent Irrigation. Since a lot of our food base comes from farming, it'd be best of we started to expand some of our own research on the matter. By digging water ditches along our fields we'll better expand the reach of our farmland, and make yields all that much better.

-Desert Wardens:
*Well the curfew didn't apparently slow down the disappearances at all, so lift the curfew, we'll find other ways to keep them safe.
*Well there are two trails heading south and only one heading north, so we'll follow down south first and kill two alligators with one sling stone. Plus the set of small animal tracks might just be jackals anyway.

-Metal Smiths:
*Keep building that Silver Statue of The Jackal God. This should be our third week building it.

*Start crafting and handing out stone whistles to The Citizens.
*Make some Gatehouses so we can control and log who passes through our gates.

*Go occupy the Pig Sailor Party location where we found The Warhogs and rename it to Wartshog
*Bring our Acacia plants and start planting a grand field in The Savannah. Acacia are used to dry temperatures and minimal rainfall, if they can survive in The Desert they should flourish in Wartshog without being drowned in rain.

Diplomatic Actions:
-Tell The Panda King that pigs value food above all else and that we'll vow to never return if he lets us go home with some raw rice to give to our own ruler as a sign of no ill-intent. We can even let him keep the precious silver we brought along in good will.

-Tell The Bats that we may need their help fighting a foreign force soon enough and ask them how much it would cost to get them to come along.
Add bee domestication as well
you can't domesticate bees.
To this day we still just gas them and take their honey, this is the evolution of bee gassing
There are different breeds of bees you know some more docile than others.
Op what kinda breed do we have.
> Domestication is a sustained multi-generational relationship in which one group of organisms assumes a significant degree of influence over the reproduction and care of another group to secure a more predictable supply of resources from that second group.

So yeah bee domestication is in fact possible
>inb4 you can't domesticate something so fast
Well what didn't stop the bears now did It
Bears post your turn please

>Action 1:Agree to peace with lions & discuss terms.
-Trade lion & bear pelts to allow proper burial & respect of the victims of war.
-Discuss lion & bear cultures, what's the history, why do lions attack bears in the first place? What do lions like to do?
-Explain in return the bear versions, including history of lions initial attacks & the sharks, & how bears squashed a bear army before it was too late
-Request the release of bear captives we've learnt about from the black bears.

Action 2: Agree to gorilla terms of copper for wheat & invite gorillas to our biweekly art & hand to hand combat competitions to strengthen relations

Action 3: Create a fishing town at trout lake

Action 4: Both lion & bear workers will build a wall at the proposed lion border & man it with both lion & bear sentinels. This will show mutually peaceful & cooperative intentions while protecting both parties against the other.

>Research 1: study the psychology of all the captive races

>Research 2: Faster construction with bamboo scaffolding
Whenever bears build something new, they build a temporary bamboo version straight away before replacing it with better stone materials. This will allow the structure to be used straight away & improve the speed of construction with a prototype & scaffolding

>Squashed a GOAT army before it was too late, that would have threatened the mountain range
File: pig.png (143 KB, 800x975)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
Pigs create whistles to be blown when they are in trouble. Guards don't record any incidents so far of appropriate whistleblowing, more often than not used by rowdy jackals and pigs.

Gatehouses are built in all cities, and they record who comes in and out of the cities. Here are the most common groups:
> Desert wardens
> Jackal Traders with pig and jackal laborers
> Pig and Jackal Hunters
> Drunk pigs and jackals

The southern route from Oasis is scouted. The trail marks continue southwards. Definitiely not where the monkey builders are going! They follow the trail, and a warden makes notice of three damning pieces of evidence. One is a spot of liquid. Upon sniffing, its clear that the sand is wet from beer! Second, a hair from a non-pig. Perhaps a drunk jackal then? What significance is this?

The third evidence is the trail end, at the rented monkey land. The leopards stand guard, taunting the pigs to come in and partake in a hunt. You hear roars or glee and squeels of pain from inside. You interrogate one of the leopards. He tells you that if you intend to arrest him, they operate on monkey land, and monkey laws allow them to hunt pigs on their property. If you want to complain, best do it to them. When prompted on where he gets his pigs, he plays innocent, saying they show up 'willingly' at his doorstep. From the beer, somehow you think not.

So drunk piggies, getting nabbed by the leopards. How did they get out here in the first place? The non-pig hair suggests a non-pig would bring the drunk pig out. The logical conclusion would be that a jackal gets a pig drunk, and delivers him outside the jackal camp. But which jackals? All of them? Just a few bad oats? And why? Whats in it for them? Do we prosecute publically? And how do we prevent it? Monkey negotiations? Heavy traffic regulation?

The silver statue is constructed. Irrigation increases the pop growth by a factor of 4!

Panda King comes up with a plan. He will send one pig at a time for a set number of weeks. The rice seeds will be sent with the last pig. The pigs are to be sent on shallow barges with a paddle for each pig to row across the lake. All the while, the Panda King will use the time to build up a navy modeled after your ships, just to defend themselves in case you don't hold your word to never return. The first set of pigs return, telling pig leadership everything. They can decide what they want to do now.

Lotta trees are gonna be planted thanks tot he acacias.
File: bear.png (155 KB, 800x975)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
Bears agree to an exchange of wheat products for copper. Along with their trout town settlement, this contributes to a population boost!

They find that the psychology of the lions and goats are all similar regardless of race. They feel very inferior, but insecure. They are quick to obey after long hours in the cells, but deeply distrust the bears.

The lions agree to a trade for bear pelts for lion pelts. They are outraged when you suggest that they had attacked first. Clearly, the bears were intruding onto lion lands. The grizzlies were first to get to it, clearing out the primal cave and creating monstrosities from their mother. Wait, you thought the grizzlies were being attacked? Ha! You don't know the truth, do you, dumb bear!

They explain all the mountains were former lion property, and with the encroachment of bear camps, they needed to strengthen their borders by placing a tower further north, as an intimidation tactic. Clearly, the warmongering bears took this as a challenge and didn't back down.

They care not for your version of events. They think its all excuses for aggressive bear expansion. If you want to impress them, you must not expand beyond the borders of your built wall.

All this, by the way, spoken by a wolf. He explains their clans are intermingled from a long established peace treaty, where a wolf was given a lion bride and they were united by marriage. The current wolves are sharp leaders and are capable of writing and strategizing, but are no match physically to the lions, who complete most of the tough work for them. The lions will not release the bear captives until you vow to stop expanding.

Lions appreciate the help, but are skeptical at bear eagerness to wall the lions in, almost as if they want to expand further south...
File: monkey.png (144 KB, 800x975)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
Monkeys improve their knowledge of olives, able to grow them more effectively and understand their properties.

A delegation of monkeys are sent to set up an embassy in the leopard camp. They give them some territory outside the town. The leopards send some cubs to the monkey camp, setting up an embassy outside near the wall. They learn of monkey culture, rather unenthusiastically, preferring to play fighting and hunting games with local chimps. They are guarded by leopards assigned at the camp.

Scouts go on the western shores. They find another cavern! It seems to be populated by some moles. Its unclear what treasures the cavern holds.

A gold tiara is crafted for the monkey princess.

They improve the science of astronomy, able to use it to navigate the desert at night time.
File: goat.png (144 KB, 800x975)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
Goats learn Pig Latin, increasing their beer sales. Hosted pheasant fights also brings in a decent income.

Mercenaries are advertised. You have 32 willing pigs, each wanting to be paid 55 coppers.

Another wall is being built to attach to their current wall for the residents.

Wildflowers are planted. Bees slowly migrate there. You think by next turn, a beehive will be built.

They learn the properties of honey, placing it in beer to increase demand, and using it in burns and wounds.
File: playermap.png (118 KB, 1200x1200)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
Action: Miners mine deeper. Find something good for trade god dangit
Action: Craftsmen make more catapults for the second wall expansion
Action: The goats in the volcano island have hopefully gone through the basics, setting up farms and whatnot by now. If not set that shit up, if so send a few lads (10% obsidian miners, 90% farmers and hunters). The first caravan (pigs are sent there along with a few goat Pathfinders) is sent to collect the obsidian for crafts back in the capital. Should they come across any species like deer they should capture it and bring it back to the capital also.
Action: A Scouts are sent to make hidden punji stick pitfalls around our territory, some sewage is redirected into those hole.
Research: Building architecture! Stop living in wooden huts with dirt flooring and no foundation! A tiny amount of builders are sent to size up the currently built houses, noting how many resources we need for or reconstruction.
Research: Pumps.
File: pig chart Info Dump 8.png (199 KB, 1188x640)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
Good to know.
We'll adapt to these Leopards.
Since we know that The Pandas will be equipping themselves with a navy, we will be sure to upgrade our boats so that the ones they've STOLEN from us will be obsolete by then. Their imitation is flattering though.
For now we shall wait for them to send the pigs over.
Oh, and we named The Pig Sailor Party area Wartshog.

Researches/Cultural Developments: 2 Allowed
-Tech: Invent Ship Rams. This will help seal our dominion over The Water if The Pandas screw us out of the rice deal.
-Tech: Invent The Sling Staff. By attaching our slings to a staff we'll make ourselves into mini trebuchets, able to sling stones harder and farther than ever before.

(Tailors and Wood Workers have been consolidated into Craftsmen)

-Desert Wardens:
*Enforce a sobriety policy. Nobody is allowed to leave The City Walls while intoxicated.
*Send 50 Wardens to occupy The Abandon Jackal Camp to start harassing the living hell out of Leopard Hunters.

-Metal Smiths:
*Make 20 more sets of Chain Mail.

*Construct a Library in Swineburgh.

*Put out advertisements to people going through the territory that The Pig Clan will commission people to stay in Swineburgh, learn Pig Latin, and help fill The Library with meaningful works of literature.

*Start building Ramming Ships.

Diplomatic Actions:
-We'll accept The Panda King's offer. I guess that means we'll just wait though, because if we went out to tell him that we accept we'd sorta be breaking the deal already.
-I want to check out what The Bats have going on down there, but I'll wanna handle all this Leopard Nonsense first. Just send a quick message down there when we drop off our trade goods. Tell them that The Bats have officially been given permission to enter Pig Cities and Territory, and that soon we would also like to send a scribe down to them to see what life is like in The Cave.
File: Marble Cliff Border.png (87 KB, 1201x1200)
87 KB

> Research: Intimidating Armour & behavior for soilders:
Using knowledge of animal psychology, the bears change their armor shape to make bear soldiers look really really terrifying, decreasing effectiveness of enemies in battle, as well as making races less likely to betray the bears or attack guards.

>Research: Green houses
Using glass, craftsmanship & knowledge of optics, bears create greenhouses to improve yield of all crops

>Action 1: Negotiate with wolves/lions for marble cliffs & a joint trout town
- Bears agree to cease expansion beyond walls in exchange for black bear captives BUT have 2 exceptions regarding their town at marble cliffs & town at trout lake.

- Firstly marble town has been there for many many weeks & bears will extend their current wall to incorporate this small mining town. This doesn't give much extra land or pose a threat to lions, but bears want to keep his place & propose new borders that stretches a little further down the coast (pic related)

- Trout town is new and bears don't want to give it up, however it is very far out of the way & unlike marble cliffs it'll be very unreasonable for them to extend to there. Instead they suggest that it becomes a joint farming/fishing village with the lions. This will help lion pop, let bears keep their new delicious trout & the shared zone will help improve peaceful lion bear relations.

Action 2: Invite gorillas, wolves & lions to the martial arts tournament this week. it will be expanded to include a large feast & entertainment to celebrate the peace treaty & encourage strong ties between the 3 races. They all excel in combat & will surely enjoy this fun event. They are invited to attend and compete every week from now on

Action 3:Plant the new redwood trees for more lumber

Action 4: Increase mining in bear mountain to expand the city & produce more stone

Action 5: Kill the matriarch & her cub, then burn the remains in her cell. This is the only loose end that could sour the lion peace. If asked, she was killed long ago
They are also encouraged to invite any other races they know of to the competition. Large bear festivities are fun for all!
Yes. This is the most important part.
Action: Begin crafting sheafs of paper from coconut fiber in order to record the stories of our folk pantheon. These written stories are offered to the Leopards and shared with their cubs as well.
Action: Use paper to allow young Monkeys (and Leopards) to draw and paint to express themselves, and incorporate this method of learning into our education.
Action: Set up a stall in Leopard city to barter olive oil olives, toucan eggs, feathers, vegetables for fruits, trinkets, parchment, anything that catches the eye of the Monkeys.
Action: Send the best tiara that was constructed to the Leopard matriarch/queen as a token of goodwill
Action: Interact with the Moles to determine if they are friendly or hostile. Send a gift of sweetroot and coconut as a welcoming gift.

Research: Olive oil

Research: Formal medicine. The Healers will be 5% of our population, taking 1% from everything but the Council, and practice healing arts and medicine in each outpost.
File: goat.png (148 KB, 800x975)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
Goats build more catapults. They research how to make proper structures. They will need either 30 wood of 30 stone to make one house. One house can host 15 goats.

Goats at the East Island set up farms and shelters, as well as an obsidian mine.

The goat territory is now scattered randomly with stick pitfall traps.

They invent pumps! They can route water through pipes!

Miners strike turquoise!
File: pig.png (145 KB, 800x975)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
Pigs invent ship rams and sling staff. All their ships are now outfitted with the rams, and they have a starting arsenal of the staves.

They make more chianmail, eating a bit into copper.

Desert Wardens settle into the Abandoned Jackal Camp. Leopards see this as invitation to play. Many rush over, scratching and jumping by the walls to hunt the piggies inside. A few make it in, running to hunt the wardens inside. Though piggies fell, the leopards hunted solitarily, one at a time, so it was easy to kill them. That didn't stop more from coming. Rather than being annoyed, they enjoyed the entertainment. They think that your warriors are sent as gifts for the hunt!

A sobriety policy is enforced. A drastic drop in disappearances result, with only two this past week.

A library is built. Some monkeys have answered your call.

The bats appreciate the invitation, but really, they like it down here. Its nice to be wanted though!
File: monkey.png (148 KB, 800x975)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
Monkeys practice formal medicine, assigning it as a profession. Birth rates increase!

Olive oil is invented, alongside another form of cooking! More pop boost!

Sheets of paper are already being crafted, now having Monkey Folklore written on it. They are stored in the Swineburgh Library. Leopards are given it too, but they scoff for the most part at the silliness of the stories.

Paper is used in drawing and painting. They are surprised to see the young leopard cubs being engaged in arts!

They try and set up a stall in the leopard city, but they push you away, saying they'd rather not have the stall inside the walls. Instead, its set up outside. They have some meagre income from curious cubs.

A tiara is sent to the leopards from the monkeys. Its unknown how they receive it.

The moles seem friendly enough. They accept your gifts graciously!

The Leopards would like to, with your permission, construct a stone road to the Pig Hunting grounds for faster travel to the area. They are willing to pay a toll fee of 200 gold a week, as they recognize it will run through your territory. It goes without saying such a request would greatly improve leopard-monkey relations, but may lead to more pig casualties for the pigs. What will the monkeys do?
File: bear.png (157 KB, 800x975)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
The wolf-lion coalition agrees to your borders granted they also use the lake for fishing. They insist all the grounds be neutral; these are Prey's grounds, to own them would take out the fun in the hunt. The black bear captives are handed over, changing population dynamics! Woo!

They expand the mines and start harvesting redwoods.

The matriarch is killed. So far, the lions haven't asked about her or the cub.

A martial arts tournament is hosted at the bear capital. The gorillas are reaaaaally excited, as they have wanted to test their skills against the bears for weeks. Relations with them improve, though its stagnant with the other races. Anchor will include the contestants, and rolls for each bracket to determine the winner, cause why not!
Rolled 12, 89, 32, 53, 86, 11, 33, 54, 4, 6, 17, 56, 48, 41, 48, 37 = 627 (16d100)

> Bears
Orsinicus - We know this bear. Brave hero, took the charge straight into a ballista's shot. This bear's gotta death wish, but he's still livin'!
Thunderpaw - A big 'ole bear. His lack of technique makes up in his massive size, which he exploits by tumbling down his opponents and pinning them down!
The Muzzle - A former prison guard, nicknamed so for his ability to take down lions the fastest, hugging their mouths shut and dislocating jaws!
Frosticus - A Polar Bear leader, and persona of a player! You know this bear folks!
> Gorillas
King Koko - The King of the Gorillas, and a huge wrestling fan. He is the largest of the gorilla race, and the second largest in the arena next to mgihty Thunderpaw. He may be older now, but remember, this gorilla wrestled his way into a kingdom!
Harambe - Brave mother gorilla, well liked by all the clans. Recovering from a fatal hunting accident by sheer willpower. She's angry and means business!
Mombo - Said to have invented the Bong Bong technique, which involves smashing the ground so hard that your opponents wobble from the impact of the earth shaking! His arms are enormous enough to make this ability quite deadly!
Godwin - Once your kind was introduced, Godwin was very curious to learn all about the bears. He's spent time studying the bear paw, and studied under a Bear Paw master, creating his own form. Watch out folks, heres a smart ape!
> Lions
Zahara - Dark skinned lioness, she is said to have been from a clan from the eastern badlands. The mountain lions adopted her, but the feistiness of plains combat lives in her soul. Careful now, she plays dirty!
Sher - Former lion chieftain, now sitting royal family member of the Wolf-Lion coalition, Sher has royalty written in his mane. The numerous scars on his face shows the price he had to pay playing politics in the prime years of the lion kingdom!
Puma - Another lioness, this one with a personal hatred against bears. She personally signed up to fight Thunderpaw, who had rolled over two of her cubs. Lets see how bad this mama bites!
Manemaster - Not really sure about this lion's fighting ability, but damn, he's gotta real cool mane!
> Wolf
Whitefang - Wolf hero, heralded as a succesful general in the first Wolf-Lion conflicts. Noted as the first wolf to kill a lion -- unarmed!
Lupus - Current Wolf Leader, playing in the tournament mostly to keep up good relations. He's a very cunning fellow, and his face doesn't say much about him. Watch out, he might be a dirty one too!
Caninicus - Wolf commander in charge of the former fallen tower, praised for his strategic defense of the tower with minimal casualties. He is one of the few heros to face the bears in war, and still has grudges he wishes to exercise in a...heallthy manner
Quicksilver - Now this is an oddball. One of the fastest wolves around, wearing completely silver fur. He hasn't said much, but isn't an idiot. Unlike nearly every other competitor, likes to go on all fours.
File: initial bracket.png (32 KB, 640x480)
32 KB

Don't wanna go through all the rounds, highest == winner

forgot initial bracket, filling it out after I eat

File: winner!.png (45 KB, 640x480)
45 KB
> No wolf made it to the Final Four
> 3 out of 4 lions were eliminated in the first rounds
> King Koko fought three different bears
> The winner is Thunderpaw, who fought every species except his own!
Research: Monkeys find that like coconuts, some other plants when crushed become fibrous! Some reeds from the Baboon oasis are very soft, and can be spun into a plant based linen!

Research: Monkeys are curious and intelligent, and some particularly curious and intelligent Monkeys begin crafting the basic theories of engineering. Basically a higher level of conceptualization and thinking regarding crafting, building, etc, that will serve as the basis to further advancements.

Action 1: Our delegation responds to the Leopards with an idea of our own - a grand arena, a weekly colosseum in which Leopards can hunt and kill prey of their own! Or, be hunted and killed. We hope they like the idea, because we and the Pigs devised it together. If the Leopard champions win, they get the corpses of their slain foes to eat! If the other factions win, a tribute from the losing factions will be paid to the winners. If this idea appeases the Leopards, we will begin constructing a road to Swineburgh that runs along the outside of our wall using stone. Once the road is done, if the Leopards like this idea, they won't need to lease our land anymore, but we'd still like to engage in trade and diplomatic relations with them.

Action 2: Our delegation to the Moles inquires about whether we can explore their caverns, or what resources they have and are willing to trade. We ask what they want, what their lives are like, and whether we can work together.

Action 3: Monkeys build a grand Library of our own inspired by the Pigs, out of limestone and gold. In it we will store all our secrets and advancements, our math, our astrology, our science and medicine in scroll form. This Library is only accessible to Monkey-kind, for the present. This Library is constructed on the Southern Island.

Action 4: Build a hospital! This is done in Orangutan settlement, where most of our population resides now. This will help us research more medicine and keep our populace healthy. Outposts in the Baboon Oasis and Southern Island may be constructed as well.

Action 5: Ask the Leopards if they know of any other nations or peoples in the desert who could benefit our alliances!
File: pig chart Info Dump 9.png (80 KB, 1188x640)
80 KB
Researches/Cultural Developments: 2 Allowed
-Tech: Invent Fireballs. By coating stones in layers of pitch and lighting them on fire, this way we can sling flaming balls at our enemies. This will surely help us keep our naval superiority.
-Culture: Establish Coin Exchange Rates. The Guild of Commerce shall oversee the minting of new coins within The Pig Clan, and shall maintain a standard of value between them. The coins shall officially be:

*The Pigget: The Copper Coin. It is the base coin of The Pig Clan in which all other values are based. It shall be minted with the image of The Pig God.
*The Jackala: The Silver Coin. It has a value of 5 Piggets. It shall be minted with a depiction of The Jackal God on its surface.
*The Hoggard: The Gold Coin. It has a value of 10 Piggets. The coin has not yet been minted, but is legally described as a coin with the depiction of Swineburgh's Library.
*The Swineletta: The Iron Coin. It has a value of 1/5th of a Pigget. The coin has not yet been minted, but is legally described as a coin with the depiction of a Desert Warden Soldier.

Foreign coins of similar metals are accepted within The City Limits, but local merchants are expected to get their coins stamped with official depictions to verify their legitimacy. This way The Guild can personally oversee rather incoming foreign coins are fake or diluted.

*Go out and tell The Wild Jackals that they're free to visit Swineburgh to come sell off their goods to The Pigs as well.

-Metal Smiths:
*Mint some of our Silver into coins to attract any traders that are not satisfied with just copper.

-Desert Wardens:
*Return from The Jackal Camp since it looks like that Monkey Wall is getting built pretty fast and we don't wanna be locked inside when it's all sealed up.
*Just return to normal guard duty.

*Start building The Grand Colosseum in Swineburgh.

*Get ready for another Voyage everybody!

*Get ready for another Expedition everybody!

Voyages & Expeditions:
-Send a group of Sailors up Route A in the turn Pic to check for coastal tribes.
-Send a group of Hunters up Route B in search of plants/animals. Mostly we're looking for our own beast of burden but any findings are good.

Diplomatic Actions:
Action: Goat scouts lay waiting outside a bear town, waiting for a supply shipment of food/stone/lumber to be sent. When out of sight and hearing of bear town, they ambush the bears, killing those closest to the goats/towns, or those unlaiden with whatever they may be transporting with the first volley, then demanding the surrender of those still alive by not killing them if they don't run. One goat will slowly bind the bears with blindfolds and wrist bindings one by one, while the others watch the bears carefully for unexpected movements. Naturally if a bear somehow survives the first volley, the other goats should target it while those it's charging after lead it on, staying just out of melee range, but close enough for the bear to continue chasing the goat. As always if the plan doesn't go as expected the goats retreat and regroup at the tunnels. If the battle is a catastrophic failure, suicide is expected when captured. Once the battle is over the goats should remove any trace that they were there, covering tracks and collecting expended weapons, they will try to make it look like a predator attack, ripping the flesh in unusual ways and removing any goat weapons from the bodies. Pigs are there too, but act as a qrf incae the bears manage to survive the volley, because pigs aren't that sneaky
Action: Builders build a stone house, all it's locking mechanisms are built on the outside.
Crafters: Craft thick iron chains
Research: Glass.
Research:planned Marriage, a goats parents can marry their children as they will, making sure no goats are incel fags. this boosts population growth rate.
File: Warden Guide.png (51 KB, 600x756)
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File: goat squat.png (15 KB, 470x397)
15 KB

>Research 1: Chemistry
University bears break down samples of vegetation & distill / refine produce. They use this to develop medicines & toxins

>Research 2: Nets to increase fishing yield

>Research 3: Beacon towers/ lighthouses
Bears build extra tall towers that have small fires & mirrors at the top in order to send Morse messages quickly across the mountains & bear territory. These are placed on top of the 4 mountains in bear kingdom, & in all towns.

>Action 1: Survey & start mining in the 4 mountains within bear territory. Gorillas will be allowed to set up a mining op in 1 of our mines to mine their own copper as agreed on with the wheat trade

>Action 2: Trade wheat for a copper mine in bear territory with the gorillas. This will improve gorilla bear relations & allow bears to have full on wheat

>Action 3: Offer to trade with lions to strengthen peaceful ties & see what they have

>Action 4: Build a dock on polar island, at the end of bear peninsula (east of minetown near where we found the black bears) & in the cove on the coast north of marble cliffs & east of lion tower

>Action 4: Bear territory walls & buildings such as the bath houses & art museums are made of nice artistically designed marble
File: bear.png (161 KB, 800x975)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
Bears learn the properties of distilling down minerals. Its applications are vast, directly improving cooking and medicine, as well as saving time in mineral refinement!

Nets are developed to further increase fishing yield.

The idea of beacon towers are constructed. The first two are built between the Grizzly Camp and Mine.

You set up more mines, though you had enough ore income from one mine itself! Still, the gorillas appreciate the mine you gave them, and provide you with wheat seeds. Whoa mama, thats a big boost!

Lions are willing to trade logs for food. The trade would reduce your food input to 38, and increase log input to 125. You can negotiate this deal, or try and make another offer. They haven't shown you what they have, but you know they have iron mines.

The docks will be built within next week.

Marble is being used to better decorate bear walls and buildings. Complete renovation will be done soon.
File: pig.png (148 KB, 800x975)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
Pigs learn to create fireballs from pitch. They also formally introduce their currency, creating from their silver the equivalent of 1000 Hoggards. They gain revenue from outsider jackal traders.

The colloseum is being built. Gonna take a while to make it as grand as it is envisioned to be.

Desert Wardens leave the camp to avoid being eaten more and being trapped in the wall. They manage to leave just in time.

The Sailors go along the coast. They encounter the Llama Kingdom! They are the owners of corn, one of the three super foods in the world! They are also master builders, creating tall stepped platforms where they live in. They are very musical creatures, having mastered flute, drum, and vocal music.

Hunters scout the region, brining back silkworms, elk, and buffaloes.
File: monkey.png (150 KB, 800x975)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
Monkeys crush and spin plant fibre from coconuts. They also develop a system for accelerating engineering techniques.

A road to the colosseum in built.

The leopards agree to the colosseum idea. They kill a little fewer pigs this week. The leopards tell you they know of no civilizations. Its uncertain whether they are telling the truth; once relations improve, they may tell you the secrets.

The moles are asked what they want. They ask for simple trade of food for ores, or access to their caverns for any seeds you are willing to spare. They are eager to work together. Like the bats, they are cave dwellers but are less unwilling to come out of their caves. They are physically weak creatures, and too much exposure to the bright desert can injure their feeble senses.

A hospital is built, increasing the birth rates for the monkeys!

Finally, they build a library, only accessible to monkey kind.

(Are monkeys helping in colosseum construction? If so, they'll use up all their limestone and reduce construction time to 4 turns)

need to update the copper to 56 and limestone to 0
File: goat.png (153 KB, 800x975)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
Goats send a caravan back with some of their mined obsidian. They pass Wartshog, ignoring the pigs there. They reach the desert, camping by the Desert River by the end of this week. You see a caravan of lynxes and alligators from the south. They open relations, inviting you to join their town in the south. Will you accept, or continue your caravan?

Glass is being manufactured, along with some thick iron chains.

They create arranged marriage, improving population growth rate.

They build a stone house with its locking mechanisms outside.

Goats attempt to ambush and kill the bears. The fell down a couple bears in the first volley, but their request for surrender doesn't affect the bears. They continue throwing atlatls and darts, zipping up and down the mountains to avoid close quarters combat. The bears try to escape. Though they are slow, they throw a huge fight if they are approached close enough, so the goats manage to kill them from throwing many different atlatls and copper darts. They can do this because they can close the gaps between the bear to continue pelting them with darts and rocks. You manage to knock out a bear, wanting at least one conscious prisoner. The other nine are dead. They dress it up as a rabid animal attack. Bear pop will be adjusted for these deaths and capture next turn.
File: playermap.png (118 KB, 1200x1200)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
File: off by one.png (595 KB, 600x597)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
File: lmao.png (86 KB, 1200x1200)
86 KB

Research: The implementation of a production line in order to bring out the best and fastest way to produce linen. Engineers work!

Research: Architecture. Motivated by the building of the library, coliseum, and the new settlements, they begin to draw in their
papyrus blueprints of many kinds of building, even tree houses. They take into account also the type of materials they have, caring for the structural integrity of the design.

Action: Move a population of 300 monkeys of all trades to the western coastal jungle in order to populate it. Leopard Cubs will be distributed with the encampments to show them a new lifestyle.

There will be 3 encampments honoring the primate pantheon. The housing and aviaries are in tress but the rest can only be built on ground. Such a process will be a slow one. Many trees will be felled, rope bridges built, thatched roofs crafted, linen to be woven and farms to be planted.

Action: Send a camel wagon caravan to the pigs with the limestone they need and the 2nd and 3rd best gold tiaras enveloped in the first linen batches. We will travel through the fresh night thanks to our astronomy.

Action: Show the moles our types of vegetables and ask them which do they like the most, after they give it a taste. Ask them for what ores do they dispose of and what trade arrangements can we make.
File: pig chart Info Dump 10.png (111 KB, 1188x640)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
Looks like it's almost time to see how that Panda Diplomacy went. I'm excited to see how it goes.

Researches/Cultural Developments: 2 Allowed
-Tech: Fully domesticate The Bison near Wartshog. With them working as our food source and work animals, we will broaden our labor horizons.
-Tech: Invent The Lute. Since we've come to find that The Llama Kingdom enjoys various kinds of musics, we'll invent something new to impress them with when we try some diplomacy. The String Instrument.

-Desert Wardens:
*Send our Wardens down into The Cave to meet with The Bats. We shall insist that they naturalize into The Pig Clan and become proper citizens of Swineburgh.

*Keep building on The Colosseum.

-Metal Smiths:
*Make more Chainmail and Spears to keep up with the New Warden Recruits. We can cap our amount at 100.

-Scribes & Sailors:
*Go on a Diplomatic Mission to The Llama Kingdom.

*Start making ramming boats, now. We'll need to be ready to strike if The Pandas screw us over.

Diplomatic Actions:
-We have been long time friends with The Bats, and have supported them by introducing the gifts of language, culture, and food to them all the while. We shall send our delegation from The Guild of Warfare, consisting of 80 Wardens to tell them that The Bat Tribe is being officially annexed, and that they shall join The Pig Clan as full citizens. They can of course stay in their cave settlement, we know they don't like The Sun that much.

-Send a grouping of Sailors and Scribes up to The Llama kingdom with Lutes so we can make music together. Our scribes shall try to teach them Pig Latin so we may communicate with ease.

>Action 1: Track attack to goat holes
The bears discover the 9 dead bears mauled by a mysterious beast. The only beasts in the mountains are foxes rabbits & lions, but these bears wouldn't have been killed by mere rabbits & foxes, would the lions compromise the treaty THEY proposed so early? How did the bears not see a group large enough to fell these bears sneak into bear territory? No, it seems unlikely, bears need more evidence before accusing anybody. Their trackers confirm these wounds aren't consistent with lion attacks, & notice 3 things. Firstly there are 2 sets of different hoof tracks, one is goat just like the prisoners, & the other...they don't recognize at all. Secondly there appears to be 1 bear missing from this convoy, and thirdly, what's that smell? Dirt, sweat &....feaces?? The goats must be living very rough & be very bitter towards the bears defending themselves ages ago. They almost pity the dirty goats...almost.
There is something insidious at play here that involves the goat survivors. Niether of these trakcs belong to a beast big enough to deal these kinds of wounds & bears are suspicious of foul play. They follow the trail with an armed group with nets to see where the goats could have been hiding this whole time & how they got under bear noses & capture them or their allies.

>Action 2: Trackers comb all of the bear kingdom for any signs of goats & their holes, marking all found

>Action 3: Warn lions & gorillas of the new insidious goat threat to the mountain range & ask if they have seen any sign of them. They killed bears & attempted to frame lions, we must be vigilant against their sneakiness in case it threatens our peace & keep an eye out.

>Action 4:Build roads for all movements between settlements with guard towers at regular intervals.
Bears thought it was finally time for peace, but there appears to be a new threat & it has allies. What if they're in with the lions? Bears return to high alert, re-establishing regular patrols & construct guard towers along all roads ensuring nothing will be able to happen under bear noses without them knowing.

Action 5: All convoys will have military escorts & towns will have military escorts for the time being equip with fishing nets in order to capture any foes they come across for interrogation.

> Action 6: Negotiate lion deal
Bears have plenty of lumber & don't need it. They are interested in trading for iron as it seems a superior metal to copper. Bears would also like to know what else lions would be willing to trade & what for.

>Research 1: Windmills to produce wheat & barley products such as bread.

>Research 2: Train foxes to help trackers (like blood hounds)
Right, got told by OP that I missed some stuff SO, correction to the turn. Remove action 3 & change action 1 to just being a very strange sinister attack that doesnt match anything we currently know of, that given the current climate puts bears on high alert & leads to the other turns of roads, guards, patrols, watch towers etc etc
Action: Scouts are laying low in their holes, the pig mercs not with the caravans are also sent to bolster the fighting strength in the holes. Naturally, if anything gets to close to the hole gets fucking pelted with javelins and rocks from the inhabitants, then chased down and killed.

Action: Crafters craft more catapults
Action:Builders install existing catapults not already installed into the second wall.
Research: Alchemy
Research: By boiling piss, sending the vapours through water via a retort, and cooling it, the goats manage to make Phosphorus
Oh, and Miners mine out for a different metal.
Because op is mentally ill and can't seem to fathom boiling piss, we instead research salt.
File: bear.png (162 KB, 800x975)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
Bears train foxes to look out for the source of the attacks, as any animal that took down nine bears must be quite strong. They follow a scent trail to a tunnel. The fox goes in, coming out dead with copper darts. They bring word back to the bear capital!

The lions are very hesitant to give away their iron. They are willing to give you some, in exchange for enough food to reduce your pop growth rate to 25.

They create mills, increasing their pop growth rate!

Two roads are built, with more on the way.
Also, goats go to the desert city for trade.
The fox approaches a tunnel ENTRANCE and when it came too close, IT DIED FROM GOAT KILLING although the bears didn't know that its a goat tunnel. They see a collapsed fox and run away since they don't want any of that.
File: goat.png (153 KB, 800x975)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
Goats install all the catapults they possibly can on the walls.

A school of alchemy is built. They learn to pull salt from seawater by boiling.

They lay low in their holes pelting anything that gets too close. They manage to kill a fox led by bears. They now know the bears are suspicious.

They follow the desert lynxes and alligators. They are in a grand city, populated with their cousing gazelles. They share great interest in assimilating you in their city. If you want to trade, they are very interested in obsidian. What are you interested in; Ores? Spices? Cloth? Camels? Whatever you want, we got!
File: pig.png (150 KB, 800x975)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
Pigs succesfully integrate the bats into their culture. They gain their silver and copper income and population growth rate.

They invent lutes, sharing their music with the llamas. Its alright, but lacks something...not sure what. Maybe some diversity in your music, perhaps? Variety is the spice of life!

Pig Islanders are surprised to see a fleet coming from the north. Big, furry creatures are sailing out. By the end of the week, it seems a few landed on your shores. Care to say hello?

More mail and spears are crafted.
File: monkey.png (151 KB, 800x975)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Townships are being built around the desert. it will take many weeks to complete at the rate of current resource gathering.

They develop a production line to create faster linens. Blueprints are invented to plan for even more complicated but beautiful structures.

Wagons of limestone are sent to the pigs, alongside gold tiaras. More friendship!

The moles like some of your vegetables, and show they have a selection of iron, gold, copper, and quartz to choose from! For every ore stream you choose, the moles want more food (-2 pop growth rate per ore).

An envoy comes from the east! They tell you they are from a magnificent, multicultural, walled city of Zyradin! They are very mercantile, expressing interest in buying your lands. No? Okay, well how about trade? We have ores, spices, cloth, camels, foodstuffs, techs, you name it, we most likely got it! Provided you have the coin, of course.
File: playermap.png (120 KB, 1200x1200)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
File: pig chart Info Dump 11.png (291 KB, 1188x640)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
Looks like it's almost time to see how that Panda Diplomacy went. I'm excited to see how it goes.

Researches/Cultural Developments: 2 Allowed
-Tech: Invent Triangle Sails. With sails stretched out in a triangle formation instead of square, we should be able to sail faster, as well as into the wind.
-Tech: Invent The Hull. With our ships being put under more travel demands we shall assist in expanding the capacity of our ships. No longer shall they have flat bases, we shall construct hollow hulls to store more goods and transport more people in.

*Start crafting more Sailboats. Now that we have true proof that other people are stating to sail The Waters, we'll need to outdo their efforts.

-Metal Smiths:
*Keep on building Spears and Chain Mail until we have enough to outfit all 150 Wardens.

-Desert Wardens:
*Return a contingent of 80 Wardens to The West Island to prepare in case these new neighbors turn out to be hostile.

*Just keep working on The Colosseum.

-The Earthen Wares Guild
*Send some representatives to study the resources that The Bats had access to. Mostly, what did they eat and drink while they spent all their lives living in the depths of The Cave.

Diplomatic Actions:
-Send The Guild of Commerce and The Guild of Warfare to greet the new arrivals.
--Scribes from The Commerce Guild shall try to teach the newcomers Pig Latin if they remain peaceful.
--The 80 Wardens shall accompany them in the case that they turn out to be massive assholes.
Oh, and take those alligator corpses off the walls, it's been like a month.
Action: The Caravan master (now known as Harold Split-Eye, after his grandfather's battle wound.) Carouses the market with whoever the gazelles sent for diplomacy, trading obsidian for seeds, and telling them about the horrors the goats, along with multiple other species, one of them remarkably similar to the gazelles here, suffered at the hands of the bears. He describes the plight of his nation, telling the gazelles that assimilation will not be possible until the bears are wiped out, as the goats cannot dedicate themselves to anything besides that at the moment. He casually plays at a possible alliance between the two nations, and tells them they can expect a caravan with more goods in one or two weeks, provided he makes it home safe. In afterwards, he and his caravan spend 3 days in the city, mostly talking with the stall workers about their goods, how the seeds available are planted, and exchanging obsidian for goods before heading back on the trail home, their backpacks lightened, as they have probably sold off most of the obsidian in their shipment.
Action: Meanwhile, the Scouts booby trap the shit out of the areas around the foxholes, and inside the foxholes themselves. They are instructed to retreat liberally, leading bears into traps, if the bears have made it more than halfway to the main tunnel, they should retreat back and instruct the miners to collapse that branches input to the main tunnel.
Action: A few miners are put on standby for emergency tunnel collapsing, they will wait at the beginning of every tunnel branch, and if the Scouts say the bears have pushed in any considerable length, they will collapse the tunnels, making it so the bears fought for nothing but a dark stretch of dirt.
Action: Crafters build accessories to the plate armor, adding a iron helmet and padded cloth trousers to the set.
Action: Builders improve the residential district walls, thickening it with stone.
Research: The lone bear is given his first contact with goats beyond the routine delivery for the first time since being captured. It's the elder goat, he comes to hopefully make the bear feel a bit better about his situation, and learn his language.
The horrors the goats experienced at the hands of the bears.*
>Action 1: Bears are on high alert & lookout for mysterious hole creatures, they shouldn't be able to leave their holes anywhere in bear territory without bears seeing. They are to shoot them on sight & raise an alarm pointing out the hole location & what the creature was doing.

>Action 2: Well, bears know there's weapon wielding creatures underneath their feet now that are attacking them. They search the bear land for more, now knowing exactly what to look for, what it smells like, & to not stand over it or get too close.

>Action 3: They place armed bears outside of every hole in bear land ready with nets to defeat & capture whatever comes out.

Action 4: Bears warn lions & gorrilas about the underground threat of the mountain & their tunnels, advising them to do the same as bears in their territories & neutral land

>Action 5: They reason that considering all the holes, the bear killings & the fact whatevers down there had copper darts & is intelligant & hates bears, has survived underground while illuding detection, there might be a large interconnected web under the ground, or maybe even a city full of bear hating creatures. Rather than go down into the cramped deadly holes 1 at a time, they have a better idea
Groups of armed Bears block the 2 holes next to the sea with a large boulders (The hole directly north of marble cliffs, & east of grizzly camp) & dig a wide trench that funnels the full might and pressure of the sea onto the rock. They then remove it, flooding the tunnels & hopefully flushing out everything down there.

>Action 6: Bears capture escaping & unconcious pigs & goats from the tunnel mouths, taking their equipment & imprisoning them all in the bear mountain prison. They then sweep down the mountain range, following the trail of wet unconcious/dead goats & piggus, sunken ground & new seawater spouts, all the way to the edge where they can clearly see the armed town in the distance. Using a telescope they can(edited)
see it's manned by the angry goats , with catapults & traps. It must be where thet unnel leads

>Action 6: Bears tell the gorrillas & lions of the threat to mountain range & request a collaborative defensive assistance against this new threat. Lions have been fighting for peace for generations & now that it's finally starting to come to fruition these invaders are digging tunnels into their territory, threatening all

>Research 1:Small fishing boats to increase yield

>Research 2: Paper & linguistic in order to improve education, linguistics & diplomacy
Diplomatic: Monkeys choose iron and quartz, trading food for them. They also make a gift of scrolls to the Moles with information about medicine to begin bringing them into the fold.

Diplomatic: We inquire about the specifics of what these traders have to offer. We have plenty of coin if they have wares. Specifically, techs, spices and ores for now. Though we have a passing interest in other foodstuffs. Largely, we're curious about this walled city and want to see it and trade there ourselves.

Develop: Advanced mathematics (calculus). Monkeys develop a more intensive understanding of how numbers work, and can use this as the basis for greater developments down the line. For now it will improve our scientific understandings and our architectural aims.

Develop: Census. The Monkey King observes how vast and bountiful his kingdom has grown and requires that citizens be appropriately cataloged. Should a tax be implemented this will surely help.

Action: Monkeys begin collecting camel milk to feed our young.

Action: Build a road between the Orangutan settlement and the Oasis, and the mine.

Action: Send Monkeys to help in the construction of the Pig's arena.

Action: Use the rest of our gold to mint more coins.
File: monkey.png (154 KB, 800x975)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
Monkeys begin to build a road to the Oasis, Orangutan settlement, and mine. It will take some time to make, and eats into collisseum building.

They mint all their gold. The Zyradinians can trade the following for your coins:

> 1 unit Iron - 10 gold coins
> 1 unit Limestone - 5 gold coins
> 1 unit Marble - 5 gold coins
> 5 unit Copper - 1 gold coin
> 1 unit Obsidian - 5 gold coins
> Additional Tech - 50,000 gold coins
> Mercenary Group of 25 - 10,000 gold per turn
> Laborer Group of 100 - 10,000 gold per turn
> 1 crafted weapon - 15 gold coins
> Imported Food - 5,000 gold per turn
> Luxury Items - 5,000 gold per turn

Mercenary groups give you a temporary military boost, laborers give a temporary construction boost, luxury items given a temporary happiness boost, and new food sources give a temporary population boost.

Monkeys need to learn algebra before they learn calculus.
File: pig.png (151 KB, 800x975)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Pigs double down on sailing tech, inventing triangle sails and large hulls. They construct nine of these vessels.

More spears and mailed shirts are also crafted.

Wardens are positioned back to the West Island in preparation for war. They find that their new neighbors are wolves -- 300 of them! They aren't overly aggressive, but want to settle this island for themselves. They have already marked their territory, so recognize the whole island as theirs and not yours. They are in the process of leveling the forest, building up a stone border with their mason skills, soon to be drawn on the map. They have a fleet of 12 small ships, all equipped with some sort of giant wooden missile launcher. They don't want to use force, but are willing to if you don't evict.

The bats are studied thoroughly. They learn they are ceiling creatures, having built from the roof nice dwellings to sleep while hanging in the cave. They harvest moss and fungi that grow up there. A little cave river also supplies fish, which they regularly harvest, though the fish is weak and small compared to ocean fish. They like to play flying games and use the natural acoustics of the cave to create beautiful cave symphonies with their voices.

FInally, a caravan from the east comes, of both alligators and desert lynxes! They offer similar trade deals offered to the monkeys, adjusted for your currency

> 1 unit Iron - 2 Hoggards
> 1 unit Limestone - 1 Hoggards
> 1 unit Marble - 1 Hoggards
> 25 unit Copper - 1 Hoggards
> 1 unit Obsidian - 1 Hoggards
> Additional Tech - 10,000 Hoggards
> Mercenary Group of 25 - 2,000 Hoggards per turn
> Laborer Group of 100 - 2,000 Hoggards per turn
> 1 crafted weapon - 3 Hoggards
> Imported Food - 1,000 Hoggards per turn
> Luxury Items - 1,000 Hoggards per turn
File: goat.png (156 KB, 800x975)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
Bears learn to boil piss and the Bear language.

Bears attempt to flood the tunnels. The goat scouts are on standby, collapsing the tunnel when they hear the rush of ocean. The water seeps upwards, creating geyserous puddles where the collapses occur.

The obsidian is traded out for plenty gold, purchasing seeds along the way. They also now have access to the same purchasing menu as the pigs.

They use stone to strengthen the residential district.

More armor is crafter, along with a iron helmet and enough cloth padded trousers for all goats.
File: bear.png (163 KB, 800x975)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
Bears use pipes to flood the tunnels. No creatures have emerged as far as they know. Sentries are posted outside found foxholes in bear territory, but they don't come too close.

Gorillas are sympathetic, willing to send aid if too much destruction occurs. Lions are paranoid about the implications of the tunnels. Is a new threat here ready to undermine their lands? Some turn a cautious eye towards the bears, until they take into account the tunnel width would not be large enough for a bear to crawl comfortably.

Bears identify two seawater spouts, helping them identify the tunnel routes.

They build fishing boats and invent paper to record things on.

Obviously its goats not bears
File: playermap.png (121 KB, 1200x1200)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Action: Goats booby trap the shit out of the tunnels and those versed in bear will deliver a message from the safety of the tunnels surrounded by bears.
"Fuck u B.I"
After booby trapping, they collapse the tunnel and go home. The tunnels still active are every tunnel branching off from the tunnel east of liontown should be abandoned. To safely return the northern scousts, they dig straight south to link up with the tunnel west of lion town. Once they get there, they collapse that tunnel too.
Action: Farmers build massive farm fields outside the city walls enabled by our newest tech.
Action: The school of alchemy is halved into the school of warfare, which reseaches military applications to base material, and the school of remedy, which reseaches the healing properties of the world around us.
Action: Miners begin digging a moat around our walls.
Action: Builders build a pipe and pump system around the city for distributing water to crops. Farmers only have to pump these a few hours daily to water entire fields of crop.
Action: Farmers also spread the boiled piss vapour extract that glows in the dark and burns hot around the fields in small doses, improving fertility of the land.
Research: Sprinklers, for our pipe irrigation system.
Research: Crop rotation, giving the land time to breathe.
The only tunnels still active should be the ones south of the tunnel east of liontown*
Also obviously we don't collapse the tunnels fully, we just make it so it doesn't go anywhere.
Research: Calculus. We monkeys continue our pursuit of numbers, motivated by the trading and the value of gold as a currency.

Research: Optometry. Our older monkeys are having a hard time seeing and moles showed us a similar problem. With the apparition of quartz and it's odd propierties we find out that some things look bigger or smaller if we shape quartz in some ways.

Action: We hire 700 workers from the zyradinians where 200 go to each building jungle city and 100 in aid of the coliseum, with the last small caravan of the last limestone. We have given them more than enough. Spending 70k and to end up with our most holy number 420.

Action: We send linen robes to the moles to help them getting out of their caves and show them the leoard cubs. We instill the idea of embracing our culture and integrating into our people. We ask them to setup an embassy in our island with many of their children so they learn about us alongside the leopards, and so, we will do the same in their cave. Give them olives with the knowledge to nurture their growth and what can be done with them.

Action: Inquire about wether or not the leopards are interesting in the wares we offer outside of their city walls and if possible get monkeys inside to see what do they sell. We want to make leopards used to our presence.

Action: Fashion copper into copper enamelware, making bowls, jugs, glasses, kettles...
All of the copper.
File: pig chart Info Dump 12.png (102 KB, 1188x640)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Looks like it's almost time to see how that Panda Diplomacy went. I'm excited to see how it goes.

Researches/Cultural Developments: 2 Allowed
-Tech: Invent Copper Hull Armor. By coating our hulls in strips of copper we can increase their defensive capabilities immensely. At the moment Copper may be best for this, for it doesn't rust or corrode in water.
-Tech: Invent Battle Formations. By properly lining our units into functional ranks and sections we can better assault other forces of troops. I shall make an image depicting The Pig Battle Formation soon.

*Create more boats in preparation for an assault on The Wolves.

-Metal Smiths:
*Outfit The Ships with their Copper Armor.
*If we have copper left over from The Ships start making it into Chainmail and Spears.

-Desert Wardens:
*Send more troops to The West Island until we have 150 Pigs occupying the homeland.

*Keep working on Dat Colosseum.

Trade Actions:
-Buy lots of copper from The Caravan. We shall offer double the money if they can get 1000 units of Copper delivered to us as fast as possible.

War Actions:
-We got fast armored boats with fat rams on their tips. We'll send them out slamming into the ballista ships.
-Send The Wardens to hard siege The Wolves. We have good siege protocols and good battle tactics, so we'll be starving them out and pelting them with fireballs until they surrender.
File: Fotmations.png (38 KB, 810x900)
38 KB

Action 1:Bears surrounding the holes for a week are getting bored. Then they hear what sounds like a goat (or something similar) shout in a very broken accent "Fuck u B.I". What a relief, the bears thought it might have been something scary down there! They cover up the holes in bear kingdom & keep bears on high alert to keep an eye out for them. They create a squad with sniffer foxes to keep an eye out for new holes & goat activity.

Action 2: There's some rumbling & the ground collapses around the holes, showing there was a tunnel connecting the holes, leading out of bear kingdom....I guess that means the goats are gone? Bears put large stone caps ontop of the holes & begin to scout the neutral territory for more, with gorrila help. THey mark & cap all found.

Action 3: When asking in trout town for any goat signs a lion hunter claims to have seen a village in the distance from the top of a mountain at the edge of the mountain range. A scout with a telescope checks it out & sees the goats with their defenses & catapults...Well, at least we know where the tunnels lead now.

Action 4: Inform lions & gorrillas of the goat threat

Action 5: Bears know the gorrillas loved the arts festival last month & offers to let them host it this month, giving their own take, with their own events and feast types, as well as allowing a possible rematch between the races. Everybody loves competitions.

Action 6: Open up a bit to he gorillas wolves & lions, offering to take them hunting & fishing, or on a tour of the bear kingdoms. In exchange, bears would like the same treatment

Action 7: Rename the towns: Iceberg (polar island), Grizzleton (grizzly camp), Champions den (lions den), Paws reach (lion tower), Bear mountain (minetown), The White paws of Ursa, Bear country is called Ursalon

Research 1: Libraries & improved literature/education
The university begins developing the budding literature, teaching it to others, categorizing & protecting the books, developing libraries

Research 2: Marriage
Bears think marriage is a wonderful powerful tradition they admire from the wolves. They adopt it, giving the wolves & lions full credit for this display of lifelong kinship & love.
White paws of ursa is the marble cliffs
File: pig.png (153 KB, 800x975)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
Pigs make battle formations and more ships, some with copper hulls for the upcoming battle.

Colloseum is complete thanks to the efforts of the monkeys! Games will start in a month. The leopards are happy!

The seawolves sacrifice luggage for speed. They circle around your large hulled ships, launching log after log into the side. Once they slip however, their entire ship is rammed in half. You destroy four of their ships, while they incur more casualties for your sailors than your ships. For as many ships as you sunk however, the seawolves make that many more. Their numbers by the end of the week are practically unchanged.

On the island, the wolves recede a couple yards behind their wall, forming a sort of no-wolfs-land. Your fireballs scorch this area to smoky ash. So far, the siege hasn't yielded any response from the wolves. Your ships approach the shores, but are fended off by archers and primitive ballistas, as well as wandering ballista ships.
File: goat.png (161 KB, 800x975)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
Goats booby trap the tunnels more and deliver a message to the bears.

They burrow another tunnel to link up the Usralonian tunnels, primarily to exit as they collapse it once dug.

The goats invest heavily in farming, first using their boiled piss as a fertilizer, then researching sprinklers and crop rotation. They develop a school for military applications. Should add a bonus considering I did for the bears, so the goats get a free research every month (starting next turn) provided its military or alchemy related (so far, adding more schools will diversify it).

They dig a deep moat, further entrenching the town.

A herd of sheep flock to your city. They apparently are refugees, fleeing some big bad furry threat from the west! They keep repeating a phrase: "The wolves are coming, the wolves are coming!"
File: monkey.png (156 KB, 800x975)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
Leopard thinking has changed since the construction of the collisseum. Alliance? Sure. Integration? Hah! Never!

Monkeys build up on math by developing calculus, and learn optometry to use quartz for practical purposes. With quartz monocles and linens, the moles are more willing to leave their damp dwellings. Some enjoy the fesitivities of the Monkey Towns.

Leopards are more willing to allow monkeys into towns to trade. Commerce increases!

All the copper is transferred into art.
File: bear.png (163 KB, 800x975)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
Bears learn that their tunnel perpetrators sound kinda like the bighorners they met many weeks ago! They approach the holes to cover them up, but some fall prey to the traps laid out. The deed is done at the cost of some bear lives.

The foxes haven't sniffed out any goat activity recently.

Bear hunters close to the foothills report back of a large structure being built that ways. Some sort of fort. Perhaps linked with the found tunnels? Lions and gorillas are warned. The lions speculate it may be a coalition of wolves angry at the cross species nations and setting out to colonize the world with only wolves. If they are at the foothills, it would be quite serious aggression on their part.

The gorillas host the arts and martial arts festival this month. It provides a nice vibe! The tournament has some new, and old, faces!

Relations soften between lions and bears after offering to take them hunting and fishing. They seem to respect you more after witnessing your competition and compassion!

Finally, they research marriage and literature this turn. Marriage between lions seem to be a winning factor in improving relations.
Rolled 98, 96, 54, 43, 2, 47, 34, 14, 73, 99, 73, 22, 84, 44, 59, 88 = 930 (16d100)

Alright, here's the bracket, with new entries in! We have Icy Cap, another player, we know who he is folks!

Then there's Artemis, a female wolf with a natural talent for archery. Her fighting style is quick and packs a punch like her arrows!

The new gorilla is Jungle Jim. He is a laid back gorilla who like to train others for tournaments. He's mainly in it for the cubs to show 'em how its done!

Finally, Cub joins, nicknamed so for his youthful appearance (not even a mane? come on son!). But be warned, as far as this cat's concerned, size DOESN'T matter! Lets roll for outcomes!
> One of the first upsets was the fourth seed versus his brother, Frosticus!
> Finalists Thunderpaw and Sher had to battle their own species - TWICE!
> Lots of lions and bears seem to advance. Bears still keeping up the dominance, will the lion trend towards greatness continue?
> The winner is -- ZAHARA! A great win for Lionkind, and femalekind as well!
File: pig chart Info Dump 13.png (160 KB, 1188x640)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
I think this is gonna have quite a few actions in it, so prepare yourself.

Researches/Cultural Developments: 2 Allowed
-Tech: Invent The Rudder. With the ability to make quick turns while afloat we'll increase the mobility of our ships.
-Tech: Invent Hull Oars. Instead of our hulls carrying masses of cargo, we shall equip them with portholes and put out long oars to row with and increase the speed of our ships.
*Start clear cutting The Pigmie Jungle for increased wood yield.
*Create more Ships.

-Metal Smiths:
*Approve the minting of our Silver into another round of Jackala Coins to help with The War Effort.
*Continue Copper Armoring our Ships.
*Make those spears.

-Desert Wardens:
*Keep The Siege strong.

-The Sailor's Guild:
*Occupy The library in Swineburgh as The Sailor's Guild Headquarters.
*Establish the place as The Sailor's Academy. Send a message to all that we know, The Sailor's Academy is taking on new researchers.
Trade Actions:
-Ask the caravan to make the same trade run again. We'll buy up 1000 copper all over again.

Diplomatic Actions:
-Send a convoy up to The Llama Kingdom and tell them that we're currently in the middle of a big war. Offer to pay them in coinage if they come and help work our fields in Wartshog while The Farmers have been conscripted to War Labors.

-Send alerts to everyone we know, The Sailor's Academy is open. We're now taking in researchers to come and join us in discovering new ways to master The Sea. Any discoveries made as a result of The Academy's Work will be shared among all participating clans.

War Actions:
-Give The Navy 50 Sling Staffs so they can assault the enemy ships with fire.
-Hold The Siege strong.
-Attempt another attack on The Wolf Ships. This time we will return their ballista shots with literal fireballs of our own, as well as ramming them when able.
Keep forgetting my name.
Action: Builders, farmers, and Miners work together to expanding the fields outside the city. There should be a huge surplus of food.
Action: New Scouts are trained in the way of stealth by the best 5 old scouts, while new Scouts west to look for more refugees or goat survivor towns.
Action: The eldest goat continues to visit the bear, delivering updates on the various kingdoms. (Though the bear kingdom updates are heavily vilified, the news of the tunnel sinking would be "they sunk a mine, killing fifty innocent goats, there is a big memorial going on outside the walls for their sacrifice") He asks if the bear would like anything added to his cell, or any goods from Zahanka or what ever desert trade city is, basically making the bear feel at home in his prison.
Action: The sheep refugees are assimilated, firstly we teach them of our religion and culture.
Research: By adding flower beds to the area outside our crops, we improve both bee growth rate and crop growth rate.
Research: A huge festival is had every 3 months in honor of the second child of the queen Goatoria, and to the continued survival of all cloven races.
Research: wind instruments, for playing at the festival and at our tavern.
New scouts are trained by the best 5 old scouts, but those not in the best five or the new batch are sent west*

Research 1: Crossbows

>Research 2: Hospitals for health & happiness
Create a Hospital for medicine to be practiced in order to improve bear health, treat injuries, deseases & improve bear lives. Psychology shall also be practiced there in conjunction with meditative & temperature relaxation therapies to help bear well being & help deal with bear anxieties, ptsd, depression etc etc.

Action 1: Using telescopes, scout the lowland area & the clearly armed fortress from a distance. We're finally at peace & don't want to start any fights, but need to know if these fortress residents are preparing to attack

Research 3: Society restructure/religion expansion (i'll post a full description in the post after this 1)

Action 2: We JUST got peace, we don't want anymore fighitng over the mountain range. Request a colaborative effort between the gorrillas, bears & lions to create a large, deep dug, stone, marble & iron wall, with constant guard from the 3 races to ensure all activities at the entrance of the mountain range are seen. The long, tall wall, will have lions, bears & gorillas carved into it, as well as beacons on top to send messages to the towns.

Action 3:Bears don't want to give up too much food, but after learning to trust the lions (& vice versa), they will be happy to offer seeds to allow them to grow their own! Offer the same deal to lions as gorrillas did to us. The superfood wheat + a large marble lion statue of a lioness archer carved with muscles & features like a greek god for an iron mine. Offer other seeds lions don't have in exchange for seeds lions have that bears don't.

Action 4: Set up a new dock at the town of orso

Action 5: Large push to carve the marble cliffs into a large marble sculpture of a bear head & it's open paws, creating "The White Paws of Orso". The bear mouth is the entrance to the marble mines

Action 6: Build a large marble statue of gorilla farmers posing as "The Ape Team", for the gorilla town, in exchange for permission to catch a horse or 2 with gorilla guidance

>Society restructure:
-Combine Carpenter, Mason & ice sculptor council roles into a singular "Crafts". This is in charge of the arts & ursalon infrastructure
-Replace Hunter & Chef council roles with Agriculture. This is in charge of everything food related (Hunting, Fishing, Farming, Stores, cooking etc)
- Introduce Home Affairs, this takes the previous roles of the shamans, as well as in charge of technological innovations, citizens well bieng, hospitals housing etc
- Keep Shaman role, but it's now the head of poohdism & deals with festivals & religious affairs
- Keep General role
- Add "The Architect". This is the guy in charge of bear society that the council votes in & then advises during his reign. As an individual he is exemplary at all aspects of bear living, dictates the direction of the society, as well as handles formal diplomatic affairs.
- All roles have an apprentice they train to take their place should they wish to retire, die, or get voted out. . This apprentice is chosen based on being the best at the skills required for the job.

>Poohdism revamp:
Bears believe in the Cosmic Sculptor who designed the world as his ultimate art piece which he watches play out during the day (The sun). Everything here, everything that has happened or will happen is by his design.
In addition to the main art piece there exists the blueprints in the background that show the intricacies of the design & what is to come.

This blueprint is home to the animal guardian spirits (Prime bear, Prime lion, Prime gorrilla prime goat, prime wolf, bighorn, seal etc etc) that watch over their child races of the world & represent an art form themselves. Poohdists who die become one with the world & are added to the stars above the home of the animal spirit that best represents the masterpiece of their life, & get to watch the whole art piece develop at night, until it comes to an end and 1 new star spirit is chosen as the seed of the next sculpture.

Bears worship through appreciating the art of the world & paying homage with their own art & totems/statues depicting it's elements, guardians, inhabitants etc. They practice meditation & shamanistic rituals in order to grow closer to the true design of the world.
During their meditations they appreciate the beauty & grandeur of the world, while during their rituals, shamans ingest specially brewed potions in order to allow them into the world schematics & converse with the guardian spirits for their wisdom for what they are meant to do next by the Sculptors design.

(Shamans basically just get really high to talk to their subconscious, helping them invent creative solutions. Gift statues such as the lioness archer, ape team, white paws of orso double up as worship for the guardian spirits of that location)

- DO NOT replace the 3 crafting races, hunter or chef council roles. Instead just add a fisher/sea faring council role, a farmer, an engineer, & healthcare

everything else is the same

So the Leadership structure will have:
> The architect as a voted leader
>Carpenter, Mason, Hunter, Ice sculptor, Shaman, War, Cooking, Farmer, Fisher, Engineer, Healthcare, General,
>Each council role has a skilled apprentice

Sorry for the mistake OP, For the 3rd research you just need the poohdism revamp, & this post
File: pig map.png (4.69 MB, 1472x1118)
4.69 MB
4.69 MB PNG
Here's what Pigs think The World looks like.
File: overlay.png (117 KB, 1200x1200)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
And here's the same map on top of the actual map.

Action: The Council sees less of a brotherhood in the Leopards than in the Moles, we ask the mole embassy to show some of their culture to ours; to introduce the food they eat, how do they live, what stories can they share ¡All they are proud of! We also offer them protection, allowing them an opportunity to become part of the Greater Ape Empire.

Action: Do not renovate the contract with the zyrandinians but give them plenty parting gifts so they remember the stay and the festivities.

Action:The Monkey King thinks that the Coliseum in Swineburgh or should be properly appointed with art and instruct our craftsmen to make art of all types avaible to propperly decorate it.

Research: Quartz Mastery. The monkeys study the mineral and device the tools needed to shape it, to engrave it and change it's colour with ease, allowing it's fast production.

Research: Cartography. Nearing the completition of the cities, monkeys set their sights on the shore to comunicate all the cities, so they begin mapping our coast.
File: bear.png (171 KB, 800x975)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
Bears create crossbows and build a hospital.

They scout the lowlands and are able to observe the fortress from afar without being caught. They see a stony wall with many catapults atop, scouted by goats and sheepfolk.

The lions agree to help in the building of a great wall. The gorillas help, providing more labor than actual stone.

Lions accept the offer of seeds and give access to an iron mine west of Trouton. Gorillas, hearing of this, refuse your offer for exchanging their horses for the Ape Team sculpture, asking for a cut of the Iron you get instead. The sculpture is appreciated, of course, but we need something more useful, you know?

A dock is set up in Orso. Sculptors work hard to carve a bear into the cliffs, and a lioness archer in the Lionlands.

Society is restructured and Poohdism is revamped. You gain some Gorilla and Lion followers as a result. Wolves follow their own strict ancestor worship, with no room for other species guardians, so do not participate in your religion as much.
File: goat.png (162 KB, 800x975)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
Goats work hard to expand the fields. Along with the flower beds expanded, this helps them gain generous population growth.

Scouts are trained in stealth and scout around for more refugees. They find several small shepfugee camps.

The sheepfugees are assimilated, but once inside the city there seems to be a problem. Ever since inviting them in, many sheep seem to disappear. They count the refugee numbers reducing, as well as actual goat citizens. Guards notice fluffy shapes running from the city in the distance by the end of the week, but not running like sheep! It turns out many opportunistic wolves throw on sheep disguises, enter the city under the guise of innocent sheep, and devour many prey before they leave once more! Better be careful who you let in!

A huge festival is to be thrown in three months. The festival will yield a 15% boost in population growth once thrown.

Wind instruments are developed to be played at taverns and the festival.

The bear is asked if he wants anything. He says all he wants is to go home, and asks why he is not allowed to go back. He refuses to cooperate until he gets his answers.
File: pig.png (154 KB, 800x975)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
Pigs invent rudders and hull oars, both aiding greatly in speed and maneuverability.

More silver is minted for the war effort, along with copper armoring and a LOT of spears.

The library is occupied and restructured as the Sailor's Academy. Word spreads out to hire new researchers. Bats and jackals answer the call, while the goat and monkeys can, if they choose to, send help and gain whatever naval techs they help the pigs research.

Another shipment of copper is ordered.

The llama kingdom is asked for help. They aren't comfortable with you quite yet, so politely decline to help.

The siege is held. Still no sign of retaliation. Are these wolves even holding the wall?

Wolf ships are attacked by literal fireballs. With additional speed and rigging a ranged weapon, they manage to sink more ships than the wolves manage to build! Wolves lose ten ships and build four, their total at the end of this week being six this week! They don't manage to kill as many pigs in the meantime, and still fail to sink pig ships.
File: monkey.png (157 KB, 800x975)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
Moles accept your invitation to join your great empire! They offer skills in burrowing, and like the company of their deep caves. Their culture is based on the accumulation of shiny rocks, but they aren't greedy, instead liking to mine for days and weeks to see if their efforts can pay off finding the gems. They call this the Great Game, because it is fun for them to search for these rocks.

Plenty of monkey artisans are sent to decorate the coliseum.

Monkeys learn cartography, mapping their coasts better, and master quartz art and bifocals for their new mole citizens.
File: playermap.png (124 KB, 1200x1200)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
Action: Builders build Scorpios on the wall.
Action: Crafters craft Scorpios and more chain.
Action: our new Scouts are put through a hazing, they are sent to find and raid wolves, starting by following the tracks left by wolves from the sheepfugee villages or tracks from wolves running from our town. Old Scouts will also be there.
Action: The military academy for application of alchemical processes in warfare is expanded to University of Warfare, Chemical or otherwise. They now build prototypes of siege weapons and armor.
Action: Miners mine for a different type of ore.
Action: following the festival, the second child is named count of east island, but only after he pledges his allegiance to queen Goatoria the first, the second, and the first born of every child of the first born of Goatoria the second, and relinquishes his claim to the throne. This should auto upgrade island town. Another festival is had, bit this time it's a one off.
Action: Builders also make a school.
Action: The elder decides to enlighten the bear, if he doesn't remember the goats, he must be young. He tells the bear of our journey, and how we settled down atop a mountain. He tells how we originally didn't mind bears coming and going near our camp, and he tells of how the bears attacked us in the dead of night, and of how they indescriminately slaughtered men women and children all unarmed. He tells the bear out of the original nearly 400 goats, only 50 made it out alive. After finishing his story he tells the bear that he can't go home because there is a war going on, and if he were released nothing would change, and that he is the only hope for redemption and ultimately peace between our people and his, and that's why we want to make him feel at home, because bears have only attacked our every attempt at diplomacy we cant safely say he wouldnt be killed by his kin if we escorted or released him. We also explain that until the day we captured him, we hadn't made a single attempt to harm bears, but bears have made multiple attempts to harm us. The same day the bear is taken out of his cell for a few hours to witness the crowning of the count, and the subsequent festival, under the conditions he submits to having his claws trimmed, but he can refuse and stay in the cell if he would like. If he does come out, he will be given a modest amount of chain binding to move his arms about, and guards will be following him close to prevent a escape or attempted murder.
Action: Builders build a drawbridge over the most using chains and pullies and shit.
Research: Scorpio
Research: Public education for children, teaching math, rune reading, sexual education, and basic weapon skills.
File: pig chart Info Dump 14.png (298 KB, 1188x640)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
Looks like either those wolves have access to food over that wall or they've somehow vanished. Doesn't look like we'll get them to break by waiting.

Researches/Cultural Developments: 2 Allowed
-Tech: Invent Siege Ladders. By crafting strong ladders that we can lean against tall walls we can better infiltrate enemy territory during our sieges.
-Tech: Invent The Short Sword. As it turns out, our military formation only holds a few flaws, namely that of what happens when an enemy gets between the ranks of spears? Well now we shall invent a short sword that can be drawn in the compact space of military ranks and be used to stab enemies that get too close.
-Desert Wardens:
*Send an additional 50 Wardens to occupy The Island. There should be 200 Wardens.

*Make some Siege Ladders for our Wardens to climb with.
*Make one final round of new boats.

-Metal Smiths:
(We minted a bunch of Silver into coins last turn but it didn't get updated on our treasury. Just wanted to remind you.)
*Armor the new ships.
*Forge the Iron we bought into a collection of Short Swords. (I'm not sure if the rate of making swords is 1 iron for every sword, but if it's not just stop making swords once we reach a stock of 250 and keep the excess iron.)

*Start prospecting the area around Wartshog to see if the Savannah has any mineral value.
Diplomatic Actions:

Trade Actions:
-Buy out 250 Iron for 500 Hoggards. We'll be turning this iron into Short Swords.

War Actions:
-Send The Ships to break down the remaining Wolf Navy and sail about their half of the island looking for their settlements that we can toss fireballs at.
-Send some Jackal Scouts out to see if The Wolves have set up traps around the No Man's Land
-Send The Warden Forces over The Wall to march upon The Wolves.
Research: Bears further engage with their fox friends and teach them to forage and to guard crops from pesky critters for a little pop boost!
Research: With psychology, an established religion and religious goats in a cell the bears develope an anti-conversion of religion, realizing how wrong others can be and promote spreading their own to friends!

Action: They begin to treat the prisoners in a kinder manner, offering their religion to them as well. Its not entirely their fault they were spiritually mislead.

Action: They offer the statue as a gift to the Apes and apologize for asking for such an obviously flimsy trade.

Action: They follow up with offering some trained foxes in exchange for horses. Surely this would be of equal value? Goat sniffing, crop guarding and foraging critters.

Action: Build carts and string them to horses (If they accept our offer of course)

Action: We begin a trade route to the lions and set up anti-goat towers, but only with lion permission. Horses should make trade faster and more abundant between races, increasing yield for all 3 tribes.

Action: Bears wish to try and participate in other Ape sports aside from combat.
File: dervishes lookin good.jpg (15 KB, 236x334)
15 KB

Quartz and iron have not been updated. We should be at 45 for quartz and 60 for iron. Stone at 400 if there has been no use of it but dunno about that one.

Action: Send moles to explore our cave to see if there are more ores of interest.

Action: Set up shops in Swineburg to sell our fashion, cuisine and varied craftmanship.

Action: Send rafts to scout and map the eastern shore to see if the desert ends somewhere. Do the same trek with scouts on ground.

Action: Barter the leopards samples of their fruits and plant them in our island (I guess there is a better enviroment there)

Action: Set up the dervishes to patrol our land. The roads, shores and wall. Have them lightly geared up so they don't tire and can move quickly if needed. They will have tents packed on camels.

Action: The smiths will make chakrams out of iron

Research: Incorporate our mathematics into the use of the chakram, erecting the skirmishers seminar! (acrobatic monkeys, light infantry i guess, very precise cus' muh math and art)

Research: Study the new iron ore and learn to smith it.
File: bear.png (175 KB, 800x975)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
Bears develop their foxes to learn how to forage for food and guard crops, further increasing population growth rate!

They develop their religion so its hard to leave, and promote conversion. They can influence other cultures with their religion now!

Prisoners are treated kinder, and offered religion. The goats are confused as to why they have such treatment. Some wonder if this is indication they might be leaving soon, and ask if the bears are willing to let them go.

A statue is offered to the apes. Foxes are traded, and the bears have access to horses now!

Rolling platforms are stringed to horses. They are not as sturdy as full on carts, and passengers can easily topple off, but they can carry cargo if they move slow.

Bears are now nation eligible! They need to use a research to formally declare a constitution establishing their borders, name, government, flag, currency, and military.

Bears are invited to horse riding competitions from the Ape lands. A trade route is being built to the lions. It is delayed due to the great wall.
File: monkey.png (157 KB, 800x975)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
Monkeys use iron to make iron chakrams. They use maths to be more accurate. Monkeys who have studied maths can estimate a trend in what angle you throw a chakram to determine how it hits.

Moles are sent to explore the cave. They don't find any more ores of interest BUT, they find a tunnel northwest! Upon following it, they find it connects to Swineburgh Mine! They don't alert the residents yet. The moles also have a hatred for the flying bats, who they compete for cave space with.

Shops are set up in Swineburg, increasing income.

Rafts are sent out to the eastern shore. They find the desert edges, with a tribe of gazelles. They have knowledge of iron weapons, live near an unnatural geyser, and are paranoid as heck.

Dervishes move around the lands regularly now.

Leopards trade you some seeds at a cost. More population boost!

Zyradinans give you a curious offer. They want to sell you rights to the upper river delta, near the bay, for the price of 200,000 gold coins. Not only does the location provide control over the river entrance and the bay, but its rich soil is prime for growing numerous fruits and vegetables! The proposed land will be drawn in the anchor.
File: goat.png (168 KB, 800x975)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Goats build scorpios and man them on the wall. They construct chains, but will need to wait a little bit until they can make the drawbridge.

Builders make a school. Education makes them happy, and sex education increases pop growth rate.

Miners mine for a different type of ore. They dont find any other types here.

The bear is told the goat history. He sobs, saying repeatedly over and over that he and the bears are sorry, and that they didn't know. He insists if you tell the bears your side of the story peacefully, they will probably not be as hostile.

A goat is named leader of the East Island. The island will be upgraded to the level of Rivertown in seven turns, complete with walls and Scorpios, with the Island's own sources of stone and wood.

Finally, goat scouts locate and assassinate many wolves. They lose a couple along the way, but the wolves act alone, and are often unarmed to make travel easier. They are taken down by goat ranged weapons. Many sheep flock to the town for safety. Will the goats take them in?

Some robed gazelles approach goats in Swineburg bars. They ask if they can help them with a task, given your shared bloodlines. They want to establish an independent Gazzealand, ideally far from the grasp of dull Zyradin. They want your help establishing the state, but they don't have any resources or ideas for a location. Perhaps if you help them, they will serve as a worthy ally over the years...
File: pig.png (157 KB, 800x975)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
Pigs scout the Savannah around Wartshog. Success! They find an iron vein.

A lot of iron is purchased, and all are made into shortswords, transferred over just in time for the war effort.

More coppery boats are made.

Siege ladders are crafted to raid the wall. Jackals sniff out many traps, but the open land beyond the wall, completely cleared by the wolves, make it open season for a line of ballistas to shoot log after log at the poor bastards. Enough pigs march over and use their shield formation, though tough it is to brace the impact of logs crashing into them. Once close enough, a wolf throws a torch and a bottle of flammable stuff, setting alight the wooden battalion. Pigs scatter, some going over the wall, other crisping into bacon. The wolves hold their position, but at least some pigs know whats beyond the wall now.

On the bright side, the superior Pig Navy is able to flush the Wolf Navy down the drain! Wolves have lost most of their navy, only operating on two ships at the island, one of which has been spotted going north. Signs of a retreat? Or sounding for reinforcements?

Coastal towns are shot with fire. The towns are very difficult to attack, as they have many defensive machines capable of firing logs, and one newly built capable of firing large stone. Two of your ships were heavily damaged by this, fortunately the pigs were picked up once the ship sank down. Enough fire causes the civilians and army to retreat further inland, into the rocky terrain of the Island. One town is yours!

Pigmy scouts go north, finding the Gorilla Kingdom! Pigs can make correspondence with them now.
File: playermap.png (126 KB, 1200x1200)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
Action: We decline the Zyardin delta offer. It's very thoughtful, very nice, but we prefer to maintain our current position.
Action: We build a road from the outer green belt towns toward Orangutan settlement (1->mole->2->3->orangutan), creating one long road for traders and travellers, as well as patrolling Dervishes.
Action: We begin harvesting more wood within the green belt, making sure to replant all fallen trees to reduce deforestation.
Action: We build a naval shipyard out of limestone on the Southern Island, allowing innovation for boat types and faster boat construction.
Research: We develop proper boats inspired by the Pigs tales of seafaring and observation of their ships, using both of our researches to begin catching up with their level of seafaring technology, as far as that gets us. With our advanced blueprints, math and understanding of construction I think that's hopefully a close approximation to a big step up from basic rafts.

Additionally, we name our settlements.

Orangutown (Orangutan settlement)
Baboonopolis (Baboon oasis)
Moleshire (Mole cave)
Sapien City (Settlement #1, furthest)
Party City (settlement #2, middle)
Bananaville (settlement #3, nearest)
Additionally, Monkeys send an envoy to the Pigs, working out details of a treaty after many hours of negotiations.

Monkeys and Pigs will sign a treaty of mutual non-aggression. Pigs and Monkeys will be allies and take no military actions against one another. Military actions against one of our tribes will be met with retaliation from both of our tribes.
Monkeys will help Pigs retake their western island through military means.
Monkeys will trade Pigs 5 pop growth/week worth of food in exchange for 75 logs/week. Pigs get pop growth, Monkeys gain naval potential.
Additionally, we will construct gates in our wall along the far western end and build a road between Sapien City and the Swineburgh road to allow trade between our people.
Pigs also gain access/entry to the Royal Library of the Monkeys with the blessing of the Monkey King.
File: monkey wax seal.jpg (40 KB, 591x591)
40 KB
Swildler Yaya, representing the counsilmonkey reluctantly gives the king the wax seal.
File: pig chart Info Dump 15.png (277 KB, 1188x640)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
There shall be no opportunity for a glorious death for these wolves.
They shall not fight to the last man like more honorable people may do.
They shall be punished and beaten, made into proper dogs by the weapons of war.

Researches/Cultural Developments: 2 Allowed
-Tech: Research Basic Engineering. Seeing our opponents fight like cowards does instill a sense of necessity when it comes to evening out the playing field. We shall invest our time studying the usage of machines in war.
-Tech: Invent The Trebuchet. We already have The Sling Staff, which works on the same principal as The Trebuchet. Now simply we shall take that tool and make it massive enough to fling wall breaking stones, or masses of burning pitch right at our enemies.
*Ship a grouping of craftsmen to The West Island to construct a few Trebuchets on the siege site. They shall be too large and weigh too much to actually mount on ships.

-Desert Wardens:
*Siege The Wolves by operating our newly constructed Trebuchets.
*Offer revenge for their own flame attack by throwing flaming fireballs into their ballistas.

*Create a proper dock out in Wartshog. We sail there all the time, we should really have better ways of landing ships there.
Trade Actions:
-Initiate a trade deal with Monkeys at a rate of 75 Wood from Pigs in exchange for 5 Population Growth worth of food from Monkeys.

War Actions:
-Send a contingent of our smaller, faster boats to chase down the fleeing craft. We shall not let them send reinforcements.
-Keep the larger hulled ships occupying The West Island. No ships are allowed in or out of these waters unless they're ours.
-Pelt the wolf territory for days with masses of stone and flaming pitch from our siege engines. Leave no wolf left un-harassed by the constantly falling rocks, and constant assault on the shoreline from fire flinging ships.

Diplomatic Actions:
-After five days of bombardment, if no surrender has been made, send a diplomat to demand a surrender.
If that diplomat does not return, march in for another ground assault with suppressing fire from The Trebuchets.

-Accept the terms of The Treaty with Ape Kind as posted here: >>1639722 >>1639729
Also we'll send a diplomatic convoy up to The Gorillas. We'll have our Scribes try to teach them Pig Latin so we can actually talk.
Action: The scout-warriors are sent to sheepfugee ville, and yell at them from a safe distance to come, one by one, towards us. We will then inspect them thoroughly, teeth, pupil size, if the wool is actually connected to skin etc. If they pass, they get admitted to our town at once, if not they are calmly told to leave goat land and next time a disguised wolf comes near our capital we will raid them thoroughly.
Action: Goats ask why the gazelles would want to leave that city, and tell them all the land we know of is torn by war, but certainly not boring, lastly we offer they can stay with us for a while if they would like, but otherwise they would have to find land on your own.
Action: Builders take a small break from their usual work, instead cutting down trees while we don't have any.
Action: The bear is told that his leadership know of the event, and that he can be sure, because they are the ones that planned and ordered it, and if we sent him back home, they would kill him for telling anyone who isn't aware, and that he must wait until tensions die down before we can send him back. For now, if welcomed to stay with the goats and stroll around the town (under guard, obviously.) We also begin the first step of assimilation, we teach him goat, so he can communicate with the commoners and shopkeepers.
Action: Some miners are sent a few miles out of town south to set up a mine.
Research: Soup, now we can feed more for less! Sure to come in handy when winter or a siege comes.
Research: Water Mills. Now we can saw logs to planks for easier building, and don't even have to saw it ourselves.
Goats also trade Hoes, Cogs, and knowledge of hoof to hoof combat to the pigs in exchange for rice.
File: pig stamp.png (180 KB, 401x372)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
Pigs accept this trade of:
Rice seeds from Pigs for Cog Tech, Hoe Tech, and Hoof to Hoof Combat teachings from Goats.
Research: Bears begin to build mining tools out of iron for greater yields!

Research: Currency is considered and enacted in the bear economy now. Using copper and marble bears begin to fashion coins, marble being the more valuable of the two. A single copper is known as a Rilla, 10 as a Grizzle, 20 as a Pride, 100 a Pack. A single marble is called an Ice Cap while a 5 is Frosty Cap, 10 Thunder Cap. A copper Pack=1 Ice Cap. The concept of this is Bearconomics.

Action: Bears enter relationships with lions and wolves and wish to marry into each other's ribes. (Also if OP could explain why wolves and lions dont have abominations from their unions that would be cool)

If lions agree to give bears a chance they will drop the border entirely and let them walk in and out as they please as well as join our universities and be treated as equals. They would appreciate the same for their land as well. They also promise not to claim anything in their borders.

Action 2: Bear merchants pitch the concept of Caps currency to the apes and lion/wolves and asking them to be part of this great and growing Bearconomy.

Action 3: Seeing as marble is now an important resource 5% of the copper mine bears are sent to the marble mountains. Another 5% is sent to the iron mine. This should make roughly 10% pop inside each mine.
I goofed on my denominations.

A Pack is 50 copper and 2Packs=1 Ice Cap

File: bear.png (178 KB, 800x975)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
The transfer to iron tools greatly increase resource income.

The bears develop currency from copper and marble. They start with a simple 100 Thunder Caps.

Bears begin to enter relationships with wolves and lions. They learn that with tenderness and mutual consent, their crossbreeds do not turn into monsters, but pretty cool creatures, though still incapable of creating their own offspring. They also learn that though the lions and wolves are officially joined by marriage of the clan leaders, the clan leaders still have lion and wolf consorts to carry their generations, marrying more their families and children than just themselves.

The apes and lions become a part of the Bearconomy. Some income attributed to trade rolls in.

Restructuring miners increases marble and iron input.
File: goat.png (167 KB, 800x975)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
Goats manage to succesfully filter through the sheep, scaring off finicky wolves. Population increases!

The geeky goats at the University develop a water mill, using their knowledge of how wheels work, how water pushes things, and theorizing how continuous water can be as powerful as goat axemen.

They try and learn soup, but already know that, so learn how to chop their foods into little pieces, helping goats digest things faster so they can grow more.

Gazelles are told they cannot help them settle nearby. Disappointed, they leave, not even considering your offer to live with them. Shame.

Miners set up a mine south. They strike gold!

The bear is told that he will die if sent back. He decides to try and make the best of a bad situation, slowly getting to know goat culture, though very solemnly, almost suicidal. Some goats suggest maybe with a nice ewe to entertain him, he can be easier to befriend, even keep with a family of his own to look after down the road.
File: pig.png (157 KB, 800x975)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
Pigs make a trade with goats AND monkeys. Yay diplomacy!

They research basic engineering and trebuchets. The trebuchets are set up and used to batter the wolves into submission in the north island. Scouts notice by the end of the week the lines further up abandoned, and immediately move up to seize and control the area.

Ships are sent out and manage to destroy the fleeing craft. How terrible!

Large hulled ships defend the coasts, blockading any entry or exit. A rather ugly, scarred wolf takes some sort of primitive wooden loudspeaker and talks.

"Okay you filthy pigs, you can have your stinkin' island. Please, just let us out of the way and we'll leave forever. We've got families, pups here, please don't fire!"

What do you do?
File: monkey.png (156 KB, 800x975)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
Monkeys refuse Zyradin's delta offer. Ah well, the Zyradins think. Another day, another deal!

A road is built from the outer green belt towards the Oragutan settlement.

More wood is harvested, in addition to those imported.

A naval shipyard is built out of limestone in the Southern Island.

Boats are built inspired by the pig's ships, somehow using maths but mostly using understanding of pig construction.

Settlements are renamed.

Monkeys help the pig war effort. Many are impressed by how ferocious the pigs defend their homeland.

A gate is constructed in the wall and a road is built from Sapien City to Swineburg. Increased trade!

Pigs also know hoof to hoof combat.
File: playermap.png (125 KB, 1200x1200)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
File: pig chart Info Dump 16.png (333 KB, 1188x640)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
Researches/Cultural Developments: 2 Allowed
-Tech: Invent The Millstone. We'll start grinding up our Rice into flour so we can start making baking products and such with it like a proper grain.
-Culture: Instate the Three Day Festival of Hoggard to coincide with The Gladiatorial Games. I shall post the celebration rituals soon. All the nations we know that aren't hostile will be invited.


-Desert Wardens:
*Remain occupying The Island.

*Go on an expedition to find our own gem type. Prospect all around The Savannah until we find an appropriate deposit.

*Travel to The Great Monkey Library to study in the way of their Mathematics.


War Actions:
-Keep The Island occupied with The Wardens. These Wolves might be starting to give in, but we're not ready to let them leave yet.

Diplomatic Actions:
The wolves have occupied our lands long enough, and now that they have been pushed back they shall offer tribute for the pigs they have killed, or we're going to make sure they never leave this island as free wolves.

-We shall let The Wolves leave our island under the following list of demands:
*We demand a formal apology for this invasion of Pig Lands.
*We demand that The Wolves swear they will leave this island and never return.
*We demand that they teach us everything to do with their military so that they can never invade again, even off The Island. Everything, culture and tech alike. We want to know how to make ballistas, their fighting style, what weapons and armors they've invented, what's that fire weapon they used against us, what that stone throwing machine they used to hurt our boats with was, everything.

-Pigs will not accept counter proposals of:
*Giving pigs their weapons of war instead of being taught how to make them directly.
*Letting the majority of the population leave The Island before we are taught all their military expertise.
*Refusals to apologize for the invasion.

If these conditions are not met, the siege continues.
File: Days of Hoggard flat.png (43 KB, 810x613)
43 KB
not naming it hogswatch? baka
What's that man?
Action: A small group of scouts are sent out far west to collect seeds and herbs, and are permitted to go deep in the forest to catalogue.
Action: The Caravan master Harold Split-Eye stops by Zyradin with some more obsidian, firstly buying a breeding pairs of camels, then looking for more seeds.
Action: Given the recent advancements in farming techniques and technology, life as a farmer is easier than ever! However, now we have a bunch of farmers who are doing nothing, so it's time for a statistics revamp
30% Farmers
30% Miners
5% Lumberjacks
10% Cooks/Diplomats
25% Craftgoats
Action: The new miners are sent to the new mine, where they dig for different types of ores.
Research: Every week, people who haven't been wed yet gather for a meal under the monolith for conversation and mate searching. The bear is invited, but as usual he can refuse.
Research: We begin the process of updating our tools to more modern standards, molding metal copper heads to pickaxes and hoes.

>Research: Nationhood united with the gorrillas & lions/wolves.
Bears are on the cusp of nationhood. They invite their close allies the gorillas & the lions/wolves to join them & form a united mountain empire, with shared resources, land & tech, with freedom of movement & all races being treated as equal citizens of the mountain range.
Gorrila & wolf/lion leaders will be married to bear leadership to give political unity, as well as they will have council members corresponding to gorrilla & wolf/lion affairs specifically, who can be voted into The Architect role just like any other council members (who can also be lion/gorrilla).

Nation name: Ursalon Empire
Currency: Caps
Governing body: Council + Elected leader
we have a military, more than 1 town (if lions/wolves & gorrilas join, we'll have their towns too). I'll draw up borders that use the newly finished wall (pic related) & a flag (next post). A small tax is implemented to increase the nation's coffers & help keep the empire running smoothly.

Research: Anti-Goat religion
Upon learning of the goat fortress & the tunnel goat attacks, university bears begin to interview the goats to try to learn about goat society, & things they can learn about the final threat to the mountain range (know thy enemy). They learn of the goat religion & pick it apart for illogical inconsistencies & counter arguments, making Ursalon citizens harder to convert & goats easier to de-religionify.

Action: Foxhole scouting (make sure they're all gone)
Action:Wall is finished, man it
Action:Builders are free, install beacons & trade roads
Personally I would have chosen the "Mighty Paw" Alliance, since we dont really have a king.
File: Ursalon Flag.png (30 KB, 1201x743)
30 KB
Changing name from Ursalon Empire to Ursalon Union. Gives a better abbreviation of UU + doesn't give the idea this is a dominion thing. It's the mountain range joining together to protect the land they've worked so hard for peace
File: Ursalon Border.png (98 KB, 1201x1200)
98 KB
Union Border, includes all the member states land up to the co-operative wall.

Also the Flag's design has the Great Mountain at the centre, representing the literal land the races share + being a metaphor for the strong, large & sturdy races. The 4 stars show the 4 races that are part of the union, with more stars being added if we ever expand. It also acknowledges & honors the fallen of each race, with the sun on the right being the great sculptor, watching over us
Checking if we're back.
Bear niggers.
Research: Smaller, faster ships using our increased understanding of seafaring, and asking the Pigs for some input. The result should be similar to a Dhow or Felucca, crafted for speed.

Research: Anatomy. The healers at our hospitals begin to catalog what makes Monkeys, Moles, Baboons and Orangutans tick. If access to a Pig or Leopard specimen is available, we wouldn't mind researching that as well so that our healers can more effectively do their jobs.

Action: Build 12 small ships.

Action: Appoint a head to the Naval Academy and task them with innovating our ships and researching new ways to better construct them. The point of this building is to make sea and ship tech easier to research and build.

Action: Build a university deep in the desert, far away from distractions. Here we will allow our brightest thinkers to gather and engage in all manner of thought experiments, the way philosophers of old used to. Thinkers of all known friendly races are invited, and the Leopard cubs we are responsible for are brought to stay for a month. We dub it The Academy. We hope to benefit with extra research, or at least gain a potential bonus to research actions.

Action: Begin irrigating inland from Orangutown, trying to expand the green belt by degrees.

Action: We produce sails with our linen.

Action: We build docks out of limestone on each city.

Action: Have our ships continue scouting and mapping the eastern shore, further along from where we found the Gazelles.
Goat diplomats in Swineburg receive the message, and promptly throw it in the trash. No great minds of goat stock would betray Goatoria and work for a foriegn power with no rewards. Especially if they never actually get the invitation.
File: pig-scribe_png.png (3 KB, 177x166)
3 KB
Pigs shall be accepting The Monkey's invitation and sending scribes over to do research with them.
File: goat.png (170 KB, 800x975)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
Goats search the jungle for seeds and herbs. They come back with cinnamon, mangos, and pineapples.

The caravan master hero Harold Split-Eye attempts to buy camels, but theres a problem -- civil war! The Zyradin minority of baboons, gazelles, and jackals have overthrown the predatory ruling class, outnumbering them two to one. All the alligators and desert lynxes are either dead, or migrating north where they sail off into the bay to god knows where. With the big cats and gators away, the three races look at each other -- and vye for power! Harold does manage to leave with two breeding pairs of camels in all the chaos.

Gazelles approach goats in the bars, asking for support in the coming war. They promise to limit Zyradinian trade to you at a heavy discount if they win.

Goats are reorganized in roles.

A new weekly festivl for soulsearching is established. It seems our furry big clawed bear has found a match with a young ewe of the name of Dolly. He seems to be brightening up now!

All tools are converted into copper.

Goats find silver.
File: pig.png (160 KB, 800x975)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Wolves looked at your terms and decide instead of negotiating, to take their chance. They have crafted fifteen small ships, each with only fifteen wolves, to hopefully sail past the pig armada. They contained not only wolf soldiers, but families and pups. Pigs and monkeys were heartbroken at the order to fire upon them when they wouldn't yield. They are all sunk. At the final descent of the leading vessel, the wolf captain gets up on his deck and pisses into the water. The wolf symbol for owning territory. Even upon his death, he insults you, saying the sea belongs to the wolves.

A festival is thrown. Population bonus is implemented.

Scribes go to the Monkey University and return with knowledge of all of the Monkey's mathematics.

Masons find a deposit of diamonds in the savannah! They hack at the gems for now.

Jackals from Zyradin approach the pigs. They vow if they gain pig support in the civil war, they will only trade with pigs at a huge discount.
File: monkey.png (158 KB, 800x975)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
Monkeys produce sails, docks, and irrigate Orangutown.

Another university is built in the desert. They give a free research every month, and all other attendees of the university will also learn that free research, but no regular researches.

They make as many dhows as they can, as well as research into the monkey body. A naval head is tasked to innovate the ships. They can learn to make ships faster.

Monkey scouts go further east. They find a jungle with Sloth Bears on the coast! Theres an island in the distance they see.

Coliseum games have started! The results will be in the anchor.

The baboons from Zyradin come to you, asking for support in the coming war. They promise to limit Zyradinian trade to you at a heavy discount if they win.
File: bear.png (193 KB, 800x975)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
The Great Wall is complete.

The bears make a nation. This causes great turmoil for some lions and wolves, who wanted to maintain their independence. Territory is disputed for the southern reaches of the wall, far from Ursalonian aggression. About half of the lion/wolves join here. The other half join you, along with all the gorillas.

While you inherit the people, you also inherit their problems. You learn gorillas are agitated by the wall's construction, blocking them off from the jungle. King Koko had a long term ambition to retake the jungle from Pigmie tribes that settle there. Gorillas had hoped by gaining your trust they could ask for your support in this endeavor. Now that you are one people, it steps should be there for jungle expansion--right?

Lions are concerned with domestic matters. They want to import large prey inside the mountains, like deer, buffalo, and the like. To make it seem more homely, you know. Of course, there is also the trouble with the runaway wolves and exiting lions, who've made their own nation from yours.

Bears learn about the flaws of goat religion, up until the point where they captured the goats many turns before. They have no knowledge of goat religion's anti-bear rhetoric, or their fun festivals.

All foxholes inside bear territory are scouted.

Bears party. Despite the celebration, the problems of the realm plague them. Still, a population boost is granted.

Builders have just finished the wall this turn. They will build trade routes later.

Gorrilas accept the Pig's invite to the gladiator games. They are shocked to find their primate brethren. Slowly, a movement is formed for some apes to migrate to the monkey lands.

Finally, bears also have a tournament. Including that in the anchor.
File: gladiator.jpg (120 KB, 700x447)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Rolled 70, 73, 9, 63, 69 = 284 (5d100)


"Welcome, boars and sows, bats and apes, cubs and mutts, to the First Monthly Gladiatorial Games! We have a lot of battles to go through,, so lets dive right in!"

1. Boaricus the Bold vs. Leopard Larry
2. Batsimus Maximus vs. Spotted Spike
3. Bacon Billy vs. Fanged Fellow
4. A Dozen Piglets vs. One Leopard Cub
5. Jack the Jackal vs. El Gato

If <50, left wins, else right wins
Rolled 91, 87, 66, 31, 53, 25, 31, 65, 56, 7, 45, 63, 43, 9, 9, 57 = 738 (16d100)


The tournament's got some new faces and old! Cub, Harambe, Caninicus, and Whitefang retire after heavy injuries and terrible nightmares.

> Crescendo - a wolf who was born with a birthmark of crescent moon. Notable for his wild howling ritual before and after his fights.
> The Growl - similar to Crescendo, THe Growl likes to make noises, except his are frequent and much louder. Has a special move where he oins opponents down and growls in their face, stunning them for several minutes!
> Meredith - grandmother gorilla, used to be a notoriously good horse tamer because of her nimble speed and strength to pin down horses.
> Timber - another wolf, very successful in the underground wrestling games, where competitions end in death. Has a huge fanbase who chants "Limber Timber!" because of his acrobatics and ability to strangle with his hindlegs.

Looks like a big, happy, delicious day for leopards! Even one leopard cub managed to eat up all twelve piglets. Leopards are happy, citizens are kinda freaked out, Gorillas are APE-mad.

Incredible tournament! Zahara and Thunderpaw make it to the finals once more; the first two time finalists! Zahara is the first two time champion, and the first back to back champion!

Wolves are more ferocious this tournament! More make it past the sweet sixteen, in fact, more than other races! Wolves are happy to see a she-wolf make it to the semi finals!

Bears bite their claws at the semi finals with Icy Cap and Thunderpaw.
File: playermap.png (127 KB, 1200x1200)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
File: pig chart Info Dump 17.png (439 KB, 1269x666)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
Researches/Cultural Developments: 2 Allowed
-Tech: Advanced Castle Architecture. We shall develop not only ways to fortify ourselves, but ways to specifically construct castles that are resistant to attack and siege alike.
-Culture: Found The Murder Guards. They shall occupy The Alligator Town we conquered long ago and turn it into the foundation for a class of elite warriors.

The Murder Guards will live by a collection of rules:
1. The Guards shall dedicate their lives to becoming grand soldiers loyal to The Pig Clan.
2. The Guards as an order shall have a level of semi-autonomy. They will self govern under an elected Military Lord until called upon for combat.
3. The Eastern Frontier is an un-integrated territory of The Pig Clan
4. The main method of recruitment shall be The Blood Tax. The Blood Tax is a demand for tribute placed upon The Local populations of non-citizens, and is paid for in young children. These children will be raised as Guards, converted to worshiping The Pig Gods, and adopt Pig Culture along with its language. These children will be given proper citizenship when their training is complete.
5. The Guards shall be tasked with lording over the tribes of The East that become subjects willfully, and tame those who do not.



*Construct a Castle on the site of the conquered Alligator Town. Rename the site to Porkine Keep

-Murder Guards:
*Begin surveying The Eastern Frontier and introducing The Blood Tax to its tribes.

-Desert Wardens:
*Amass in Swineburgh.
*Rest as we wait to see how Goats and Pigs feel about our offers on Zyradin.

*Start creating Wooden Shields and more Sling Staffs out of wood.

-Metal Smiths
*Create a proper mine in Wartshog to increase our iron yields.



War Actions:

Diplomatic Actions:
-The Pig Clan offers to Guarantee The Independence of The Goat Clan in exchange for access to their seeds.

-Agree to assist The Jackals in their control of Zyradin under the condition that they shall continue to trade openly with other clans, and they will adopt Pig Latin as their official language.

-Propose to The Goats that they shall take their fellow horned brethren and relocate them away from The City to avoid future racial turmoil in Zyradin.

-Propose to The Monkeys that they shall take their fellow apes and either integrate them or assist in relocating them. Maybe they can take them in during the founding of their nation and give them a place as the first new citizens. This is the best way to avoid Racial Turmoil in Zyradin.
Rest as we wait to see how Goats and Monkeys feel about our offers on Zyradin.*

(Little correction there.)
File: Murder Guard.png (20 KB, 608x364)
20 KB
Picture of some Murder Guards.
Action: Begin reworking the tunnels, slowly, quietly edging tunnel under the bear wall, no connecting foxholes besides the main hole near our fortress
Action: Goats attempt to reason with the gazelles, stating that their enemies have contacted one of our allies to help them, and they will be destroyed under them. We offer a (not) newly discovered plot of land on the south side of where the river splits, but only if their leader swears fealty to Goatoria.
Action: Before the bear gets married, he must undertake a ritual to gain a actual soul, as detailed in our religion. After about a hour of burning various things, chanting, and maybe a little dancing, he is personally blessed by the elder, allowed to chose a traditional goat name, and given permission to marry and begin a new life in goat-ville
Research: Alloys.
Research: A new holy order is developed, The Cloven Ones. They are trained from the time they are children to be unbreakable infantry, all their days are sent either being indoctrinated to follow the orders of the royal family, whatever they may be, or undertaking brutal training to become a very strong unit on the battlefield.
Research: while doing their daily "mix materials together", one of the students in the University makes white phosphorus.
Also we send the seeds minus barley

Right OP, the new ursalonian union has alot to do & thankfully the numbers to do it. Sorry for this long post, i've tried to split it up as best I can for you.

817 military, 350 fishermen, 467 farmers, 700 miners

>Research: Sea worthy ships
>Research: Banks
>Research: Steel from coal + iron alloying

Action 1: After the lion disagreements & talks of small groups of gorrillas thinking of leaving for monkey kingdoms, The Architect makes an emotive motivational speech on the benifits of the union, why we fought so hard for it & how by staying united we are stronger, safer & will create a haven in the mountains for all of the ursalon citizens. It's time to get to work building a brighter future

Action 2: No hard feelings with Liontopia. We're all part of the same mountain range & want peace, even if we disagree as to how. Give them some rabbits to hunt & offer bear services to help them start building a town for pay, to help show that a peaceful, co-existance similar to the previous lion society is possible & benificial for both parties
However, even before the union was formed, the lions & wolves agreed to the wall in order to defend the land from the outside, Ursalon requests they assist in staffing the full length of the wall, & if they don't want to, then allow ursalon to staff it & defend the region & the lions without hinderance. 200 military will always staff the wall at all times

Action 3: After hearing of the piggu society from gorrillas, the ursalonians know of the perfect solution to help their lions. Through the gorrillas they trade 3 breeding pairs of horses for 3 breeding pairs of buffalo.

>Food & resources:
Action 4: 600 miners set up and staff a mine in each of the 8 mountains of ursalon + marble cliffs. They are hopeful for many new ores & plenty of stone & marble.
Action 5: 233 farmers expand farmland across the eastern bear peninsula & northern gorrilla peninsula in order to accomodate for more food for the citizens. A Dock is built at the pinacles of both.

Action 6: Instead of killing bugs on the plants, farmers collect them & bake them to make tasty gorrilla & bear snacks. They are also grinded at the windmill to make insect flour, increasing the amount of bread & it's nutritional value.
Action 7: 50 military will explore the jungle to collect fruits, vegitation & most importanty tree saplings in order to grow more jungle for the gorrillas for now.


Action 8: Now that the nation is formed & the gorrilla jungle is high on the list. For now the border wall is extended to encoumpass a small section of the jungle for the gorrillas, with a port on the coast. Nobody owns this land as far as ursalon knows so it shouldn't cause any problems & will please the gorrillas for now. 100 military will build this

Action 9: 50 military remove the wooden barrier at the north eastern coast of ursalon. This area will be made into the new lion/wolf hunting grounds as not to cause problems with liontopia. They populate this area with rabbits & Buffalo

Action 10: 100 military convert trouton into Unity Market, a place for trade & commerce in the ursalon empire

Action 11: 300 military construct a school + Hospital in Lion city, Unity market & Gorrilla city

Action 12: 100 miners finish construction of the trade routes to current & new ursalon towns
Action 13: 5 military craft the obsidian into a fine ornate statue to be placed at the centre of unity. It depicts all 4 races together

Action 14: 50 fisherbears + 12 military bears get into a boat at the jungle docks & sail east towards an island on the horizon

Action 15: Thunderpaw & zahara get married

Pic related with all the new mines, docks , the manned wall/border & where the sailors are heading.
To clarify, we just want the Gazelles to say they WONT attack us so long as they remain on that land.
To clarify even further, this will be a town of purely gazelles, ruled by a gazelle. The only catch is that the gazelle leader will have to promise not to attack us
Pigs will agree to trade out Domestic Buffalo for Domestic Horses with bears.
Research: Improve the skirmishmen seminar into the metaru gearu soriddo seminar, where they will sport black linen and learn to sneak.

Research: With the aid of pigs, we invent rigging and implement them to our ships, increasing our maneuverabilty.

Action: Our smiths make iron bracers and shin guards to make full use of our ape agility in combat. Also, we make 200 copper chakrams.

Action: Scouts and rafts explore and map the eastern island.

Action: Our docks continue producing dhow.

Action: Make telescopes from quartz.

Action: Focuss our mining on iron.

Action: Prod the leopards if they fear zyradin, and instill them to tell us histories of it. Of course they have raided it before.

Action: Tell our baboon brethern to rest easy, but be patient for our council is still deliberating to what to do. Meanwhile, send our new snakes (seminar) to travel through the night alongside the starts to infiltrate and chart the city.

Action: Start irrigating all our towns to expand the jungle belt. Orangutans are hopeful it will work with the combined effort.

Action: A patrolling dervish unit explores the jungle belt north of sapien city, across our wall in search of new seeds and fruits.
File: monkey.png (161 KB, 800x975)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
Monkeys train their skirmeshers to be super sneaky, utilizing their acrobatics and black clothing to their advantage.

The monkeys invent a sort of rigging to increase maneuverability at sea. Naval superiority, here we come!

More chakrams, iron bracers, and iron shinguards are made. By the might of the ape army!

Scouts explore farther, visiting the Goats at East Island! They've mapped the whole coast, and dock on the opposite mainland shore this turn.

Docks begin to produce dhows. They make five.

They make as many pairs of iron shunguards and bracers as they can.

Many telescopes are made from quartz. Neat!

More iron is mined out.

The leopards tell you that long ago, Zyradin had been a small village of desert lynxes, forever feuding with alligators. After much bloodshed, they decided to come to peaceful terms by a trade of delicious rabbit meat. Eventually, a culture of trading emerged between the two. It mattered not your race, as long as you loved commerce, you were welcome!

Over the years, the alligator and desert lynx cabal has gained power in the government, holding most of the prominent positions in the city. This had led to some resentment from the other races, resulting in the collapse and current civil war. The strength of their economy had built up massive stockpiles of ores, military tech, and people.

Baboons settle down, attempting to attack and win the city. The Snakes are sent throughout the city, charting every corner and alley of the massive settlement.

You begin to irrigate more. Pop boost!

A dervish unit scouts north of Sapien City, returning with watermelons, tomatoes, and avocados.
File: bear.png (194 KB, 800x975)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
Bears research ships, banks, and steel.

They build a lot of things, putting them in debt, since they learn as a nation if they want to build too much shit they gotta pay up.

A speech is made enforcing the benefits of the union. Supporters cheer! Opponents respond however, appealing to the destruction of cultural identity as a result of the union, and obvious bear supremacy that the bears will face.

Liontopia agrees to help man the wall. They enforce their own border with you with their own.

They trade horses for buffaloes. Lions are cool.

They move into the jungle. Gorillas are cool, but kinda want a larger bit of jungle. Just north of the Pig's Marble Road if possible?
File: pig.png (163 KB, 800x975)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
Pigs make a castle. Its the headquarters of their newly formed Murder Guards. They call it Prokine Keep.

Pigs scout the eastern frontier. They find the gazelles and sloth bears. None want to join your Murder Guards.

The Desert Wardens amass at Swineburg, waiting at a word's notice to interfere in the Zyradin civil war.

Craftsmen make more shields and sling staves.

They create a mine to increase iron yield.

They offer a guarantee of independece to goat in return for seeds. Goats refuse.

They agree to assist jackals if the Jackals continue to trade openly and adopt Pig Latin. They almost agree, but are skeptical when you mandate a pig language for the jackals to learn. Jackals have no nation of their own, understand? Why does the pig man want to oppress the poor jackal? Haven't they suffered enough?

The goats hear that the pigs offer to take the gazelles off their plate by relocating them. I think goats are going to relocate the gazelles themselves.

Monkeys are asked to relocate or integrate their fellow baboons. No word back from this offer.
File: goat.png (174 KB, 800x975)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
Goats make white phosphorous. They found alloys, able to make steel and bronze. They also develop a holy order known as the CloveN Ones.

A ritual is performed to give our bear captive a soul. Happiest day of his life!

Goats reason with gazelles and manage to separate them, pulling them out of the conflict and into new territory! They pledge to never attack the goats. Zyradin's fate is now between the jackals and baboons.

A tunnel is slowly being crafted to bury underneath the bear wall.
File: playermap.png (130 KB, 1200x1200)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
File: playermap.png (132 KB, 1200x1200)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
updated with bears and gazelles
File: pig chart Info Dump 18.png (70 KB, 1269x666)
70 KB
Researches/Cultural Developments: 2 Allowed
-Tech: Invent Flag Communication. With Flag Signalling on our ships we'll be able to better communicate between them, and overall speed up the relay of orders. With any hope this will assist us in out maneuvering and ship chasing. We plan to blockade some shorelines to keep them from sending out calls for help through messenger ships, maybe this will help us catch them.

-Tech: Invent Shock Tactics. Now that we have horses on our side we shall breed and train them specifically to be used as war horses. The Murder Guard shall be the early adopters of this shock cavalry method of combat.



*Create a set of Stables in Porking Keep so The Murder Guard can start breeding up War Horses.

*Craft more ships for us to float out in preparation for The Llama Conquest.

-Metal Smiths:
(Last turn said we had an increase in Iron Yield but we're still receiving +10 a turn. Just wanted to remind you if it was overlooked.)
*Craft more suits of Chainmail.

-The Guild of Warfare:
*Bring 50 Murder Guards and 250 Desert Wardens and 5 Trebuchets to station about The Llama Kingdom.



War Actions:
-Amass in preparation for an assault on The Llama Kingdom.
-Send a series of ships occupying The Bay Area. Keep on watch for any messenger ships The Llamas send out.

Diplomatic Actions:
-Tell The Jackals that we are not mercenaries, and that our offer does not change. They are free to return when they've decided to accept our terms.

-Tell The Llama Kingdom that they are being annexed by The Pig Clan, and we wish for them to be fully integrated without aggression. Meet acts of retaliation with bombardment.

-Tell The Monkey Clan that The Llama Conquest is not a defensive war, and in that The Monkey Clan is not obligated to assist in our assault if they do not wish to.
Action:Goats begin to wall off the river, firstly building a arch over it, and using a pully contraption to raise and lower a grate and allow ships in and out. The Grate should be big enough to allow fish to swim through, but small enough so bears or other similarly sized animals cannot come through.
Action:We offer a portion of our scouts to help the pigs in their annexation, or act as a friendly face (to the llamas) in any pig-Llama diplomacy, free of charge.
Action: The Goats begin making a building dedicated effeciently melting ores into workable metals to increase metal income.
Action: The Cloven Ones, in conjunction with architects, begin making designs and material estimates for a keep across the river, dedicated to housing the royal family and training their order.

Research: A new armor is forged for use in the Cloven Ones order, It is a actual suit of actual plate armor made of iron (which should cover the entire torso, upper legs, and upper arms), worn over a bronze chainmail dress(Should cover the chest, shoulders, and and most of the legs, stopping just below the knee), and a cloth gambeson (Should cover the entire torso, the arms down to the wrist, and the waist), the hand protected by studded leather gloves, the lower legs protected by shinguards. The head should be protected by a burgonet, specially crafted to fit to the specifications of the individual goats head.
Research: Wall and bridge building architecture.
> Research 1: Upgrade pickaxes to steel
> Research 2: Pasturization for Milk, butter & cheese production

Action 1: Now that the trade routes are finished, those extra 100 miners are split & sent to iron & marble mines, more than doubling the miners present at both.

Action 2: Take some buffalo to farm for meat (with lovely ursalonian seasoning*), milk, butter & cheese. If game buffalo numbers get too low, more can be bred using these farm buffalo

Action 3: Sell liontopia hunting permits to allow them to come & hunt buffalo game. They are taxed on kills. Lion residents obviously get all this for free as ursalonians.

Action 4: Send 3 boats with 50 military bears & 10 fisherbears each east of jungle port towards the island in the distance

>Pop Happiness
Action 5: Grow more jungle for gorrillas. Ursalon will make diplomatic ties to known southern residents to see if more jungle can be peacefully aquired for them.

Action 6: Gorrilla, wolf, bear & lion Pride festivals to celebrate each union race's culture

Action 7: All new ursalonian military are given martial arts training aswell as training from lion & gorrilla combat

Action 8: Split army based on specializations. Sneaky wolves are the scouts/assassins, Bear are tanky infantry, Lion are ranged & siege, Gorrillas are cavalry & commandos

Action 9: Scouts on the wall see large flocks of sheep & gazelles refugees roaming around the goat town, white fang suggests the age old tactic of dressing wolves up as sheep to get scouts into the goat base. 20 will infiltrate the goat town & scout for information about defences, culture, plans, infrastructure, any other goat towns, & any more god damn fucking tunnels. They should remain undetected at all costs, with permission to kill only when under threat of discovery.

Correction on action 9, 20 wolves break in as the races they captured last goat attack. 5 as sheep, 5 as goats, 5 as gazelles, 5 as bighorns
File: oil.jpg (48 KB, 450x640)
48 KB
Research: ¡We are a nation! We are conscious of our autonomy, unity, and particular interests, between us apes and our new brothers the moles. We've coexisted for long and we are expressing it now, declaring this nation Apepopotamia!

Research: Oil lamps. Thanks to our smithing, oils and quartz we invent many desings; delicate golen ones, bullseye, small, large, hanging... any kind our monk intellect devises.

Action: Interact with goats of the eastern island. The scouts are tired of the long trip and they ask for food since their supplies are running low. They have little to offer, but one has the idea to barter their gold accesories. They are common and not that well made. For monkeys

Action: Build grappling hooks out of copper and rope to outfit each dervish ape.

Action: Send dervishes in dhows, using the charted shore for speed to dock in the llama kingdom. 100 dervishes suited with grappling hooks to scale the walls is a good idea. We even invite leopards to travel with us.

Action: Set up a base of operations in empy gazelle zyradin and start silently killing jackals and investigating for new tech inside the city. Weapons, food, medicine, structures, all that picks the interest of the snakkus.

Action: Continue our irrigation in hopes of expanding the jungle and winning land against the desert.
File: stuff.png (98 KB, 1200x1200)
98 KB

Our walls pretty much do the trick, but we also consider the sea near us to be a part of what we consider *us*.

Also, I don't remember about the leopard camp. The "new leopard camp" is inside the walls but what is it, since the leopard city is the one where the road to the coliseum starts

Correction: All wolves are dressed as sheep, they will scout/explore/infiltrate the goat territory, the surrounding lands, & IF they get the chance, the goat fortress, the goat mines, & the gazelle town. Chances are only 1 or 2 will manage to have a good look around inside & return with the info. By spreading out & splitting up, detection should be far more difficult, & we get more knowledge of more of their territory
The Pigs tell The Bears we're not okay with them claiming more jungle southwards.
File: pig.png (165 KB, 800x975)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
Pigs invent ship to ship communication using flags. They build up their navy and invent shock tactics. They create stables from lime and bring 50 murder guards and 250 desert wardens along with 5 trebuchets into the llama kingdom. The llamas are not pleased. The first week the pigs are able to push through half the Llama Kingdom's territory with minimal losses. Llama kingdom has never warred as frequently as the pigs, and as such their military capacity is outdated.

Jackals are overcome by the baboons. Zyradin is a baboon city now! The baboons immediately set about establishing their kingdom as well as extended borders. They have a very close relationship with Apepopotamia, only trading with them. They control the land route east, forcing the pigs to use their ships to cross the bay and invade via Wartshog.
File: bear.png (195 KB, 800x975)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
Bears upgrade picks and discover pasteurization.

They move miners to iron and marble to get even more materials

Buffalo is farmed for meat

Liontopia kindly rejects your hunting permits.

Boats are sent to the eastern jungle. They see a wall of bamboo around the perimeter before a wall of boulders descends on the ships via catapults, sinking your ships and killing the explorers.

Jungle is grown for the gorillas. They appreciate your efforts, but...the best jungle is still down south.

Festivals are thrown. Unity!

Military is trained in combat.

Army is split in specializations.

Sentries are sent to infiltrate the goats, dressed as sheep from their workplaces. They manage to get in and out during the busy hours, identifying the fort structure and village interior. They also identify the mining locations, more easily as they are unfortified.
File: goat.png (176 KB, 800x975)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
Goats use stone to wall off river, with an iron grate to allow for ship entry.

Goats are sent to aid the conquest of Llama Kingdom.

A building is created to increase ore income by refining.

The Cloven Ones are building a keep across the river, also using stone.

A new armor is built using iron and utilizes actual plates.

(gotta run actually, just know all the ore incomes are not updated.
File: monkey.png (172 KB, 800x975)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
Monkeys formt he nation of Apepopotamia.

They create oil lamps.

They interact with the goats of the eastern island, asking for food and willing to trade. Will the goats accept?

THey fashion grappling hooks, which the dervishes use both in the Zyradin campaign, helping give the city to their baboons, and the llama kingdom campaign. They don't find any walls to scale so far, as most of the llama kingdom is really flat open farmlands. THey also continue to irrigate, hoping to expand jungle in the desert.
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