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Room for a new player who wants to play a Revolutionary Chinese Republic in space

The war was a tragedy. The war should have never happened. The war was inevitable. It's been four years since the Citadel Corporations fought the Monarchists, and everyone lost. There is no central authority, only a thousand factions vying for power. Choose your side, manage your resources, and claim your place in the vacuum of power and space.

>>1610868 old thread
Gonna archive the last thread, gimme a description.
A faction rears its ugly head and those who can try to devise a way to deal with this new threat. Pirate shinanigans and Equalist parties form bonds.

Think it'll fit sempai?
Thread is now archived!
2nd Willhiem Empire
Turn 7


The Restoration
>The Chancellor's speech is broadcast to the four vassal-turned independent systems. His words, as well as the news of a new Willhiem, sends the populations into chaos.
The Lictenshiel System devolved into a brief civil war, resulting in the overthrow of its commanding admiral. The victors have sworn allegiance to the 2nd Empire.
Units Gained
>2 Frigates
>2 Housecarls
>2 FickStickPanzers

The Hamburg system's Admiral has been assassinated by his suborniates, who have sworn allegiance to the 2nd Empire.
Units Gained
>1 Frigate
>1 Cruiser
>2 Housecarls
>1 Saints

>The Ninstagg and Varj Systems refuse your edict, and have temporarily combined forces to oppose you. They have sent out calls to the other, fringe systems, claiming that the princess is a fake. Reports indicated they have sent a combined fleet directly towards the Refuge 2 system to neutralize "the pretender".
Varj-Ninstagg Fleet
>4 Frigates
>3 Cruisers
>2 Capital Ships

This Is Your Final Collection Notice
>Despite a strong show of diplomatic force by the Bailey's Quadrant powers, the Kireth Finance Confederacy is not backing down. They have indicated that their are sending a Seizure Fleet towards Empire Space, and if we oppose them again our government credit rating will be lowered.

A Matter of Ascension
>The Longitus Command Council is divided over when to crown the willhiem Empress. Some say it should be immediately. Others think we should wait until Ninnstag and Varj are assimulated.
Can i join OP?
Do you want Communist china?
Equalist Republic of Tang
Turn 7


>Sin the Silent Monk arrives at the palace of the Governor of the Han System, Wuxan Li. It is a massive building, towering into the atmosphere, and likely drilling far past the inner mantel below.
>Inside the Palace, the halls stretch on, and Sin is lead by a small cadre of officials in robes and headdresses. Eventually they reach a large central command space, adorned in luxuries and fountains. Sin is bid to wait among a grove of trees. He does, settling himself on the cool stones that make up the walkways.
>He closes his eyes, humming a tune to himself. They open again when Governor Wuxan Li appears from around an orange tree.
>"Ahh, a monk," The governor says. "The new leaders of the Tang send to me a monk." The governor now stands before Sin, sizing him up and down as the monk sits silently.
>"Well?" The governor says. "What sect of Taoism are you? Or perhaps you are one of the Buddhist, or something new? Tell me what order has whored itself out to the Equalists,"
>Instead of answering, Sin motions at a servant standing behind Wuxan. The servant holds a wrapped guzheng. Sin turns slightly, bringing out from behind him his own guzheng.
>The governor cocks an eyebrow. "You wish...to duel?" A slow smile spreads across his face. "Yes.....yes, I have not dueled guzheng since I was a young man. Servant!" The governor claps. The servant hurries to bring over the governor's instrument. The governor unwraps it slowly, then plucks delicately at the strings.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYTFUzATUJc [Embed]

Wuxan <rolled 1>
Roll 1d10 to out pluck him.

Consolidated Power
>The Next vassal system must quickly feel the authority of the new Republic. It is the Yangzhe System, and it is home to all production facilities and shipyards of the old Shogunate. It is currently occupied by KFC ships who want to seize it for debts incurred by the Shogunate.
>Send Units to Yangzhe
>Send team or Hero
>Other Vassal Systems

A matter of Progress
>In the chaos of the governmental transition, the science sector collapsed or fled. We are now seriously lacking in research and development capabilities. We've been recently approached by ForeverBolted, a prolific and powerful arms manufacturer. They wish to contract themselves out to us, exclusively selling us their products and research in exchange for protection from outside forces. As a show of good faith, they have gifted us a new elite unit type.
New Elite Infantry Unit
>Silent Guard
File: IMG_9353.jpg (484 KB, 1260x1008)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
Discord :

Absolutely, we have a spot open. You can kind of pick up the rules by how other people answer. If you choose to join, your first "situation post" is >>1625848
and discord is
Oh and you should probably join the discord for information from op that you don't want the rest of us to know.

Can you post the archive links?
Citadel Corporation
Turn 7


The Citadel versus The Eastern Economic Bloc
>The void of space is lit up in a myriad of colors. Atoms heat and steel bends, until a breaking point is reached and starships violently buckle. Despite the loss of the rest of their fleet, the Tanaka Frigates have managed to shield themselves against the Citadel onslaught. The capital ships do however manage to tear apart one of the Tanaka frigates, leaving only two left. Another of your frigates takes heavy damage.
>Roll 4d10 for boarding pods
>Roll 4d10 saves against Tanaka frigates

Tales From the Netsphere
>You Denial Barrage has utterly overwhelmed the EEB's abilities, rendering them defenseless. In response they have effectively sealed themselves off in a subspace from the Netsphere. Although this will keep them safe, it will also seriously damage their profits.
>The Alliance of Silk Guilds has lodged a complaint against you for bringing down portions of the Netsphere during your mud-slinging match with the EEB. They demand monetary compensation for disrupted services.

Looking Ahead to the Future
>The door to Chairman Kov's office slides open. You look up to see Head of Outlying Development Daniel Magreen poke his head through. "Chairman Kov," He says. "Do you have a moment?" He lets himself in, crossing the space to your desk and sitting down across from you. "So," He says, pulling something from a bag. It turns out to be a box containing two cigars. "I thought, what with the eminent collapse of the EEB, we should celebrate becoming the dominate power in the sector." He places a cigar in front of you, then throws up a hand. "I know, I know, a bit premature, but even the Odenstien Market Analysts are predicating our victory. Apparently we were absolutely ruthless with our netsphere presence." He winks at you. "But I suppose I don't need to tell you that." Daniel Magreen lits his cigar, then sits back in his chair. He takes a few puffs, getting comfortable. Staring at the ceiling, he begins to talk. "You know, in truth I didn't come here so much to talk about things happening in this sector, as much as the neighboring sector. I mean, The Second Willhiem Empire, can you believe that? And after the first caused so much trouble." The man takes another puff. "I'm actually a fifth generation clone you know, but with hereditary memories. I actually remember back several centuries. This doesn't ever make the history vids, but the first Willhiem, the famous one, arrived in the sector an ambitious but resource-strapped exile. It was only after partnering with local merchants that Willhiem managed to make anything of these systems. It was an alliance that worked; the merchants backed Willhiem's expansions, and in return he opened up new avenues of profit for them. After twenty years of this the merchants were pretty happy. But Willhiem...." The man pauses to ash his cigar. He finally makes eye contact with you.
>"He kept wanting more. It wasn't enough to have two systems. He needed four. Six. Eight. The centuries passed and Willhiem's Barony became an Empire. And the Willhiem family grew. Every one of them was just as ambitious and bloodthirsty as the last, without exception. The merchants saw this and decided to separate themselves from the beast. But it wasn't just the Willhiems. Their ambitions spawned an entire culture driven by military might. Academies in every system pumping out indoctrinated officers, from generals to grand admirals. The beast had many heads. The merchants cut off the one wearing the crown, but that just stalled the other heads. Now a new one wears the crown...." The man puts out his cigar, then stands. "Ahh, I guess I'm just rambling." He heads towards the door, pausing. "I guess all I'm saying is, keep an eye on this new princess. Twenty years ago, our territory was considered Willhiem space,"
Crimson Union
Turn 7


This Is Your Final Collection Notice
>Despite a strong show of diplomatic force by the Bailey's Quadrant powers, the Kireth Finance Confederacy is not backing down. They have seized two of our vassal systems in Union Space, and if we oppose them our government credit rating will be lowered.

The New Union
>We have successfully united all the vassal systems. Even the ones under KFC occupation swear fealty to the President and his councils. Our intelligence indicates there are not one, not two, but three major developments in the Quadrant. Besides the Tang Republic, there's been a new empire declared in Willhiem space, and the Citadel corporations have allegedly just emerged united after a brief civil war. Lines are quickly being drawn, and it might be prudent to establish diplomatic ties with the new powers that be.
>The Bura-Sanh Caliphate has always been out distant neighbor throughout the emergence of the Crimson Union. Our recent consolidation of power has their attention, and they have made repeated requests for an audience.

Last Days of the Church
>It is now paramount that we eradicate the church and all its forces. Please indicate how you wish to approach the entrenched Powun forces with the units you've sent
File: 1497396270836.jpg (166 KB, 1280x804)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Black Fleet
Turn 7


It's A Mad, Mad World
>The Raiders butcher the monks, driving them against the walls. There the pirates impale the would-be invaders, leaving them to hang like trophies.
>The monk Mao Lynn stares at the Chained Prince blocking his path. Using two fingers, the monk Buddha palms the vampire with the force of a cannon. The prince flies back, slaming against a bend in the passage and rocking the ship. He falls out of the crater, then gets to his feet. The ship rocks again as the Chained Prince tears down the hall. Mao Lynn raises his hands to defend himself, then finds that his hands have been cut off. He turns, looking for the Chained Prince. Mao Lynn finds the pirate in front of him, driving a sword into his chest. Mao Lynn slumps over, dead.

>Madams forces, seeing the monk's men get butchered, have retreated.

>You have acquired a new ship
Mao Lynn's Cruiser

Time to Skip
Roll 3d10 for an opportunity to leave the system and flee Tang Space.

You have acquired a cruiser
that was not the song I intended to include
Blackfleet turn 7 theme
Rolled 1, 7, 1 = 9 (3d10)

We will leave to fight another day. We have a job to do after all.
Or Fucking not.
File: 1498336166719.jpg (858 KB, 927x1280)
858 KB
858 KB JPG
The Spore
Turn 7


Ask Not Whom The Spore Comes For
>Jisham makes short work of the WereVarls. He walks down the corridor, cleaving opponents and kicking their halves to the side. The Jisham elite pick the ship apart, dragging out survivors where they can find them and infecting them. In only a few short moments, Tiberious's Cruiser belongs to the Spore.
Cruiser Acquired
>Those bounty hunters aboard Ji Ji's ship suffered similar fates. Another ghoul unit went down fighting the Molom Devils, but Ji Ji herself was slain, and her harpys and devils soon followed.
2 Frigates acquired

The Sporelords.
>The Spore hungers. They demand an assault either on the last planet in the mafia system, or an outlying system in Union or Citadel Space.
no it's fine, the threshold was very low for success since you trashed the bounty hunters and scared away Madam
Are my 10 ghouls and research finished yet?
ghouls are done, dm on discord on what your research was again
Thank you OP.

U r merciful god.

So my army count is
4 units of raiders
2 units of white fangs
1 unit of ogres
1 unit nightclan
2 units BloodMantis
0 Unit mounted WhiteFangs
3 units Jolly Rogers
1 Unit Blood Bats
6 Frigates (1 damaged)
1 Cruiser
1 Capital ship (The World Hunter)

Rolled 4, 9, 7, 10, 1, 5, 4, 6 = 46 (8d10)

I fucking love it. Op this is glorious.

>The Battle of the Citadel
Announce to the remaining frigates to lay down their arms. They are all people. And like any resource, their lives should not be wasted. Recommend they surrender and hand the ships to us and in return we lend them safety and asylum from any empty threats the EEB will be sure to make.

>Tales from the Netsphere
Report back to The Alliance of Silk Guilds that I have no responsibility on the matter. If they wish to point fingers and blame then they should turn to EEB who initiated this petty show of their true reckless character. Tell them to send me some numbers still, I do not enjoy making a mess especially unintended and with parties that deserve no wrath.

>Looking Ahead to the Future
I clear my throat and take the cigar before me, place the cap slowly and cautiously into the hand-held guillotine before quickly cutting it. Placing a lighter near the cigar, I warm it for a few seconds before placing it in my mouth and properly lighting it. Taking a long draw before I clear my throat again and begin, "Dr. Magreen, your worries are misplaced. Though, you do bring information to the table which will be useful nevertheless, always is since your occupation being R&D and all." Stopping and drawing a long breaths of smoke from the cigar before exhaleing slowly inbetween sentences. I then take it in my hand and inspect it and blow out a plume of rich smoke. "A man of good taste I see -- it's smooth."

"Things are happening doctor. Enemies at our gates and friends behind them. This little slice of ours will be changing, I do so hope you will lend a hand in it." I lean toward, reach out my arm and tap the cigar meticulously over the ash tray sitting on my desk. Turning in my chair to face a large bay window looking out onto the Citadel I begin again, "In due time you will learn of my own agenda and I hope you will be pleased. Thank you for the gifts and the compliments, come by again soon -- your company is always a pleasure."

The Black Reply 1
>The Black Fleet has successfully left Tang Space. After traveling the gateways towards Union Space, they can travel towards any point of their choosing
>Select your destination
yes that math seems solid
I need to drop off my "delicate cargo" with their buyers.
It would be if I remembered
So my army count is
4 units of raiders
2 units of white fangs
1 unit of ogres
1 unit nightclan
2 units BloodMantis
1 Unit Leopold Heavy Mechs
0 Unit mounted WhiteFangs
3 units Jolly Rogers
1 Unit Blood Bats
6 Frigates (1 damaged)
1 Cruiser
1 Capital ship (The World Hunter)

Citadel Corporations Reply 1
>Those aboard the Tanaka frigates, seeing themselves hopelessly outnumbered, surrender upon hearing your ultimatum. They are quickly hustled from their frigates and processed aboard the Citadel Fleet
>Tanaka Heavy Industries has begun peace settlement overtures towards you under section 5 of the Active Corporate Hostilities Treaty.
Roll 4d10 for legal algorithms and diplomacy
>JiLoWu has effectively sealed themselves off from the outside world both in base reality and the net sphere. This is likely not the last we've heard of them.
>The Silk Guild Alliance has asked for 60 ingots for disruption to services.

A matter of Hierarchy.
>Moloch, GSP and Hammer have all sent representatives to you inquiring over how the new governing body of the citadel corporations should work
Recruit 2 more units of raiders
Recruit 2 more units of Ogres
Recruit 1 more Nightclan legion

Research a mid-level blend between the Leopold heavy mech and the BloodMantis called the Scorpio Tank.

Begin searching for rich, vulnerable systems to plunder after we drop off our delicate cargo.
Send a frigate with the delicate cargo to meet with the buyers and the benefactor. They know the meeting place.
Rolled 4, 6, 6, 7 = 23 (4d10)

Good. This means I now have 5 frigates.

Tell the good alliance that the debt is on Tanaka. If Tanaka will relinquish all authority in this quadrant to me then I will pay the price tag on their shiney vases. If Tanaka denies the deal then the debt will be theirs.

>A matter of Hiearchy
The Citadel will house the heads of the corporate leaders and will embody its name in the truest form. We will form a council of the leads. This extends to Sol Mova as well. Any smaller companies will be allowed to enter into a senatorial where the 5 members of the council decides on actions. This can be from some needed management and standardization of product to research and development. The council will have a Joint Task group which the private military personnel will be funneled into.

Management of this task group can be done by any of the council members and the units purchased by the member can be used privately by their own disclosure. I have slightly more power since it is my HQ and it is my idea though mainly in final say deals I'll break the ties or if a military action is contradictory and harmful I can step in.

[Usual process]
Problem -> Senate -Passed> Council -passed> Solved

[Unusual Process]
Problem -> Senate -passed> Council -in disagreement> My final say.

All council members can do as they please and I'm not their boss, just a tie breaker.
Can't forget the everso more important
[important Pressing Matter Process]
Council will decide fully on these matters. This will include emergency decisions that need immediate and superior care that a lesser corporation will not be able to handle.

Extend my offer I have given Tanaka to Consolidated Tresdon who attacked Sol Mova, our ally. All resources and authority they have in this quadrant is to be absorbed by the council members or partitioned off to the lesser corporate heads. Though both corporations can survive they are to be banished from this quadrant unless they wish to be stripped of all their military power and to be subsidiaries of the council directly and will still earn and have decisions of their own just their managerial hierarchy is to extend to the council. The managers will still earn money just not have any actual say in what happens to their company.

It's either Fuck off or you're my bitch because you're a bitch.

Contact The Lynden Family. Tell them they can work with the council but will only hold a senatorial position due to their lack of confidence in our ability they showed during this petty squabble.
>Addendum II
The council will also have a joint banking account. This account is for joint decisions and each turn the 5 Council members donates 10i. This will be used to construct military armaments for the joint task group (they will be purchased by the council unanimously), to construct important infrastructure i.e. Stations, mining rigs, satellites, etc, and to perform repairs on infrastructure or military vessels. Any corporate head can add additional funds into the joint account but every purchase the entire council, all 5 members, will all have to agree on it. Senate members can draw a request to use the account and then the process will be the same as a normal purchase.

>Amendment (Offer to Tanaka & Tesdon)
Dear respective companies,

I regret to inform you that you have lost the conflict which was initiated on your behalf. It's unfair, I understand and I wish to work with you. I have two options that I will make available to both of you.

1. You can relinquish all resources and authority you have in this quadrant to us and leave and not return. Your assets are to be partitioned off to the council and the senate through a reward system. You will survive but not in this quadrant as you wil have to take your business elsewhere.
2. You can relinquish authority in your hierarchy and become subsidiaries to the council. You can still make money, even gain more, but you have no control over any managerial decisions. This extends to the head and the staff that was prominent during this conflict and the events preceding. Your private military will be absorbed and all actions taken by you is monitored by our own personnel.

If you wish to further discuss this matter please submit a distress form and we will handle it personally.

Kind regards,
Signed Chairman Kov

Open channels with the JR&D team and establish initialization on research for cyber security. [Project C15]
File: images.jpg (11 KB, 222x227)
11 KB
>The Powun Church

For their insolence and greed, their assets shall be a seized and they will be sent to the gulag. Every faithful who “volunteers” for a Gulag Militia will be awarded with the option of relocation for up to three friends or family members to a CU city, where they will be granted citizenship after three years if either they ot the voluntary don´t commit crimes (death in combat does not count as a crime)

>Tanaka and Jilowu

-Gentlemen, I don´t know how to soften the blow, so I will be honest. You are dead men walking. Your war is lost, your men are deserting and your clerks are sending their curriculums to that Kov fellow. The Crimson Union does not negotiate with lost causes. You are not talking to me to make a deal. You are here to accept one. Either relocate your assets to the Union and enjoy a golden exile in here, perhaps in positions of importance or try for a desperate last stand. It wouldn´t be polite to rush you through such a “vital” decision, but I did not get my position by being polite. You have three hours until your living expectancy takes a turn for the worse. I will wait for your call. Goodbye and hope you choose wisely.

> The Bura-Sanh Caliphate

-In such uncertain times, having trustworthy allies is both rare and very advantageous. Let´s hear what they want to say.

>Executive Order number 343: Creation of the Brave Durruti´s Art Academy

-The renewal of the ruin formerly known as the Summer Palace of Emperor Eberhard the Second, used as a major battleground during the Revolution shall be given a complete renovation and repurposed as an advanced center for art promotion among young and promising talents of the Crimson Union. It shall be supplied with the latest technological advances and seasoned professionals of every art imaginable, from music to architecture.


Xuaco Riviera, President of the CU

Black Fleet Reply 1

>The Black Fleet stops on the fringe of Union Space to refuel and regroup. They will then travel towards the fringe of Citadel Space to pick up supplies before heading to the center of the quadrant for raiding. On the way from Union Space to Citidel space is the independent system of Quareeth, with two suns and the largest gas giant in the quadrant. The gas giant is home to the alien species the Oppal, as well as millions of floating human cities and settlements. It is ripe for raiding, though the planet sports an array of defense stations.
Roll 3d10 for smooth dropoffs and supply pick ups
Address how you would like to approach Quareeth

Pirate R&D
>One of your more, eccentric, nightclan members has locked himself in a lab inside the World Eater and begun tinkering with a Blood Mantis and Leopold Mech. He only leaves to grab young nightclan members to make assistants and fetch him things. Whatever could he be up to.

The New Citadel
>The next couple cycles are aflurry with activity. Accounts are opened, closed, and merged. Legal teams work for forty-hours straight with AI assistance to draft up bylaws and amendments. The market is in flux, and the Net Sphere is exploding with chatter and speculation. Truly this is the birth of a new quadrant power.
>Hammer and Moloch accept your terms of government, as they have been long swayed to your side by Ambassador Sera. Sol Mova also agrees, quite pleased with your treatment of Consolidated Tresdon. Even the Lynden Family seems interested in the new corporate hegemony. GSP execs drag their feet, as they are the largest corporate entity in the quadrant and unused to bowing to others. It is assured they will eventually agree, but Ambassador Sera could always speed that up.
Roll 2d10 for diplomacy.

>Tanaka has crumbled. Its investors have pulled out, and its chief economic officer injected enough TranQuil in his neck to kill a boxom beast. Our lawyers are already picking apart the pieces and processing our acquisition.
>Consolidated Tresdon upper management has fled the Quadrant, our lawyers are unsure of how to approach Tresdon's acquisition, at least until a sector court rules on its I-1-8 status.
>JiLoWu has still effectively sealed itself off from the outside world.

>The Alliance of Silk Guilds is happy, as long as someone pays them
Rolled 6, 3, 6 = 15 (3d10)

Send the Black Fleet in a three pronged attack (im assuming my damaged frigate a repaired by now). One pair of frigates attacking from each flank while the World Hunter and last pair of Frigates And Cruiser attack from the front. Send Fighter Squadrons (3 Jolly Rogers, 1 Blood Bat and 1 Pegger) to run interference and take down enemy defenses while the heavier ships bombard them from range.

When we close to boarding range land raiders, ogres and Nightclan to take the civilians hostage and use them as a shield till the defenses are down.

Crimson Union

The Powun Church
>Half have surrendered, half have further entrenched themselves. The Powun Fleet is likely hiding somewhere in Union Space
Units Gained
>3 Gulag Milita

Bura-Sanh Caliphate
>The Sultan has invited you to his systems, and lo are your diplomats treated to excess! Riches and power as far as the eye can see. The central system, Muraq, and it's capital, DesaDeen, are the center of the Quadrant, and home to dozens of gateways. The Sultan taxes these gateways, and as a result is the richest man in the qaudrant. He likes the Union, and believes the two of you can become powerful allies.
I would also like to broadcast a message to the system, for fear mongering and reducal of morale

"Citizens of Quareeth, human and Oppal, innocents and warriors alike. The shadow of the Black Fleet has fallen across you. Like a rabbit under a hawk you are now prey for a hunter. To those that would lay down your weapons and surrender, I, Captain Alucard of The World Hunter, offer you leniency. Mercy in fact. My men will spare those that do not fight. We merely seek a... Profitable resupply of our holds.

Resist us... And I will strike down your floating cities, crush your homes and spill your blood across the void. I will remove the leash from my hounds of war and scorch the life from this system. There fill be no survivors here after we pass through, only torn flesh and burnt metal. You will die and the galaxy will never know you even existed. This is my word.

My men stand ready.

The Nightclan thirsts.

The World Hunter hungers.

The Black Fleet WILL have its due.
Rolled 5, 8 = 13 (2d10)

What kind of resources does each company have and what do they all put in the Citadel JTF? I put all of my units except for my flagship and a single unit of Spec ops.

(Previously I mentioned that the special division has red armor, I redact that) This spec ops team will be re-fitted with similar gear only in a crimson red and slightly more decorated. They will be called the "Citadel Crimson Guard" and their assignments are usually to escort important people or deal with high profile targets working with spec ops teams to neutralize threats. They will also be given improved cybernetics and weapons. (I'm going to need the costs on that)

We claim all military personnel left by the EEB and put them into the Citadel JTF. What options do I have to deal with the rest of the EEB's resources and what can I do with the Consolidated Tresdon? (Tanaka pussied out)

I need to talk with the KFC.
Rolled 5, 9, 5, 9, 9, 9, 5, 3, 3, 9, 3, 3 = 72 (12d10)


Black Fleet vs. Qaureeth

>The Black Fleet nears the gas giant. The Net Sphere is ablaze with messages and activity as the billions of residents react to the dire proclamation. Hundreds of thousands of ships rise into the air to flee. Only time will tell if they escape the pirates.

Roll 10d10 defensive saves against Qaureeth Defense Station Network (DSN)
Rolling 12d10 saves for DSN against BlackFleet
Rolled 7, 2, 1, 5, 1, 9, 10, 10, 2, 8 = 55 (10d10)


The Spore Update
New Ship
Support Class:
Avatar of the Dark Star
>When used successfully, this ship(?) can instantly teleport an enemy ship to your side of the map, ensuring you can quickly surround and engulf it with other ships
Rolled 10, 9, 3, 1, 2, 7, 5, 7, 5, 5 = 54 (10d10)


>Four Defense Stations slowly sink into the atmosphere, in flames.
>One of your Frigates is severely crippled, and another has taken extensive damage.

Roll 6d10 saves against DSN
Rolling 10d10 saves against Black Fleet (unless you want to keep the two damages frigates fighting, in which case 12d10)
Rolled 8, 9, 3, 3, 1, 9 = 33 (6d10)

Move the crippled ships back, have the World Hunter and Cruiser move to the front, supported by the frigates

>Four more stations go down into the gaseous atmosphere. There are now only two left, and the Black Fleet quickly invades the planet
>Almost the entirety of the planet has surrendered, with the exception of the Bassa. A strongly militant ethnic group, they have moved their army around the Qaureeth capital of Dishune-Abhed
Bassan Army
>5 Militia units
>2 Elite Defense Squads
>2 Bulb Tanks
>1 Crossfinder Mech division

Citidel Reply 1
>10 Ingots will be added by 4 corporations each turn into a central account.
>Ambassador Sera has skillfully convinced the GPS to ally themselves with the Citadel. It is a dangerous Quadrant after all.

Call to Arms
>As for the Combined Arms Treaty, when invoked, this command has the potential to summon;
>3 Frigates
>1 Capital Ship
>2 Frigates
>2 Cruisers
>3 Frigates
>1 Capital Ship

An Open Channel
>The KFC, currently experiencing difficulty reaching the Qaudrant in person, has agreed to meet you over the Net Sphere
Hit them with everything I have. They dared defy our mercy.

4 raider groups
2 units of white fangs to flank their infantry
1 unit of ogres to lead from the front.
2 units of Bloodmantis's
1 unit of Leopold heavy mechs
3 units of Jolly Rogers to engage in strafing runs
1 unit of Blood bats to do faster strafing runs
1 unit of Peggers to hit their armor.

Fuck it send in Valentine and Ishi. They haven't got to have fun yet.
As a member of the council what does Sol Mova have to offer in armaments?

What can I do to obtain the rest of the units that Tanaka has or did they only have 3 frigates and a capital? What do they have in the way of mining operations that I can absorb? What about the tresdon?

And the price to upgrade the spec ops to the guard?

>An Open Channel
"Greetings representatives. Now I would like to speak to you about a certain individual who you seem to have trouble with.. [STATIC - INFORMATION REDACTED] this brings me to a nice little tid bit about the EEB, they have been.. [STATIC - INFORMATION REDACTED] ..that's probably why you've been having trouble with the jump gate. I'll like to assure you that they have been taken care of in one fell swoop. The presence you have in my quadrant is, well if may say so, lacking. And if you want to get that debt of yours back here then you either have to use other quadrants and get here in a round about fashion or you can rebuild that jump gate. I can't help with the former.. but the latter can be negotiated. I myself have not the resources to undergo such a project.. though I hope you can have a hand in to provide if you wish. That and the billing for the workers would be.. extensive. I am however the closest one to the gate and can do it the fastest. "

"Options representatives. Options."

>Overwhelming Force Rule Invoked. Dice rolls forfeited in favor of narrative resolution.

Fall of Qaureeth, 3450 AL
Part of the "Events Leading up to the Burning Wars" see also Black Fleet Activities After Great War

>Great Qaureeth had only existed for 500 years, but the Jelly-fish like Oppal had existed for millennia. The gas giant, the biggest in the Quadrant, was home to thousands of their floating cities, as well as millions of examples of their unique art and culture.
>This impressive legacy ended the day the Black Fleet arrived. Hailing the Net Sphere channels of Quareeth, the reclusive and barbaric mercenaries boasted of their impending destruction of the planet. The vast majority of the planet fled or hunkered in their homes. The Bassa peoples however, having spent the last two centuries searching for a home they finally found on Qaureeth, did not budge. Assembling their private security forces, the Bassa Army formed a defensive perimeter around the capital.
>The battle was a massacre. The Bassan Army, while resolute and well-armed, lacked any sort of air capabilities. This made the ground forces easy pickings for the Black fleet fighters, who softened the Bassan up enough for waves of pirates and worse to mop up. The battle only lasted 2 standard hours, and once the Bassan forces crumpled the leaders surrounded.

Please indicate what you wish to do with the Oppal, the Bassan and the various other groups that have remained planetside.

Roll 4d10 for Valentine and Ishi shenanigans, they're itching to have some fun

Citadel Update

Sol Mova
>2 Frigates (gifted)
Unique Ability (Must use after Call to Arms)
>Net Sphere Phantoms

Upgrade Price for Spec Ops
>40 Ings

Open Channel
>The KFC and several other interested parties in the Orion Belt have agreed to involve you in rebuilding the Gateway. It will cost 50 Ings on your part, but you will benefit from <Direct Trade Involvement> each turn.
Rolled 5, 10, 3, 3 = 21 (4d10)

Summary and public executions for the leaders who orchestrated and led the defense.

Pressgang the more capable citizens into service. They will repair the damaged Black Fleet Frigates and then they will be returned home.

The Planet will be stripped of all wealth and value, monetary and material. The Black Fleet will take everything that isn't nailed down and many things that are.

As tribute the Quareeth system will pay a tithe to the Black Fleet to ensure they will not have to return. (10-15i or whatever is appropriate)

Survey the former Tanak Space for resources and take over the mining rigs they deserted. Same for the Tresdon.

Send my fleet to the Tanaka capital.

Send the JFC to the tresdon capital.

We will go planet by planet to secure resources and left over infrastructure.
File: Spoiler Image (127 KB, 601x508)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
JTF* as in joint task force.
Rolled 26 (1d36)


I, Chancellor of the Second Wilheim Empire, HEREBY COMMAND to act on the following issues,

PART I- On The Restoration
>We shall crush these puny rebels like flies! Their systems will burn like novas under the might of our orbital bombardment!

>Our Grand Fleet, composed of 1 Capital Ship, 3 Cruisers, 9 Frigates, 2 Moon Bomber wings and 3 Luftiger fighter wings, shall engage the enemy! We will take no prisioners.

PART II- On Our Final Collection Notice

>This nefarious offense will not be left unpaid. Activate Project C15.

PART III- On A Matter of Ascension

>Some renegade rodents will not stop the ascension of the new emperess! We shall crown her as soon as possible, to show the might of the Empire to the entire galaxy!

APPENDIX-Research and Development
>Our propaganda apparatus must grow further. We must investigate Supreme Propaganda Techniques.
>We must also begin building 1 Kriegkannon.

>100 Ingots plundered
>Fleet Repaired

Valentine and Isha
>The vampire siblings putter around the capital, taking in the sights and a lot more. Pirates congregate in groups on the corners of every street. The raiders are piling loot in the center of the roads, like great altars to a god of destruction. The few citizens who the pirates haven't corralled peek out from drawn curtains.
>"Cheriiiii," Ishi says, crossing her arms. "I'm bored, all this city has is colored rocks and the stench of the pirate men. What say we find a bazaar."
>Valentine smiles, hooking his sister's arm in his. "No no my Isha, no time for play. We must find something interesting. You smell it no? The wind? There's something stinking,"
>"Bahh non!" Isha says, pushing him away. "I tell you that is the stink of pirate men! Have your fun mon cheri, I will go shop," Ishi throws her chin up and walks away briskly.
>Valentine lights a glowgar, taking a deep drag. "Ah merdddd that sister o' mine" He kicks a rock and continues on down the street. After a few blocks and several more groups of pirates, Valentine encounters a group of Nightclan. They are Masters Line, and with them are the Ogres they command.
>"Hail Valentine," The commander says, drawing his cloak in against the wind.
>"And a hello to you," Valentine answers, flashing a smile. "Smell anything interesting?"
>The commander points at a distant, smoldering tower. "One of the Clan lords is fucking a witch, and she said not to approach that tower," The commander shrugs. "So we don't approach the tower,"
>Valentine's smile widens. "Perfect" He leaves the Nightclan and continues onwards. Eventually the tower looms before Valentine.
Roll 2d10

Citadel Systems

>"DataClerk Tann, dataclerk Tann!"
>"What?!" The dataclerk says, peering out from her chair. Her chair is suspended high in an oval room. The walls are covered in monitors displaying streams of numbers. Below the dataclerk stands a timid girl in a Artificer Uniform. "If you haven't noticed," The DataClerk said, motioning at the screens surrounding her. "I'm kind of busy with crunching the numbers for a coloSSAL CORPORATE ALLIANCE,"
>"Yes of course," The girl says, hiding behind her datapad. "But I have the results for several high-clearance initiatives."
>"Ugh," The dataclerk says, putting a hand to her head. "Yes, that's right, we send flesh and blood with highly sensitive data now. Gods above when will corporate trends end," The dataclerk moves her chair downwards, stopping it inches from the Artificer girl's face. "Well, get on with it, what do you have for me,"

>The Tanaka system has four mines, each mining 15 ingots a turn
>The Tresdon Capital has gone into lockdown in anticipation of your reprisal.
>Powun Church

High Presidential Office: Around the tea and word puzzles break

“It seems that, for all the weapons we got, stupidity is still one of our greatest obstacles”- a long sight- Well, it is their funeral, not mine. General Kava, being ahead schedule will do it no harm. The twenty fifth anyversary is around the corner and there is a bulge in the ground where the conmemorary monument will go. Flat it out, will you? Hail the Revolution and all that.”

Creeping Coffin “The Heathen”

“What did the President said, comrade general?”-said his aide as a smile creeped over general Kava´s face.

“Push the red button and lock into place with some tape, Comrade Peter”-told his subordinate as he hanged the red telephone-“It´s time for some fireworks”


“Mya? Send a message to the Heroes of the Revolution. You know, the usual. Congratulations on your success in the peace talks, hope you have enjoyed your time off service, heroes are in short supply, duty calls… Just, get all those forces except one regiment of the Iron Militia to meet the new acquired fleets from our vassal systems. Another frigate filled with troops will join them after they mop up those Powun.

>Bura-Sanh Caliphate

“It will be better to inquire about the nature that this alliance will take form, but if the Caliphate wants to strengthen our relations so be it. Let´s start by establishing a permanent embassy and inquire about possible trade deals. What do they want from us and what do they offer us in exchange?”

>Offer both the Wilheim Empire and the Citadels Corporation the possibility of opening embassies in their territories and ours in order to increase the diplomatic ties between our countries.

How much will the Art Academy cost me?
"The Wilhiem Empire is always willing to accept to strenghten the fraternal bonds between the nations in the Quadrant. We propose to open formal diplomatic relations between both countries, building embassies in each nation's capital"
>Four mines, each mining 15 ingots a turn.

Hmm sounds fun. Let's say put two of the mines product into the joint bank. The other two mines will have their products partitioned out equally between the five council members. Meaning each chairman earns and extra 6i. If they have mines then there should be storage for this bounty. Search for it. (Are my ships at Tanaka or are they still in transit?(and the JTF?)

I'm guessing this is the end of my turn?
File: 1490907771551.jpg (864 KB, 1417x2000)
864 KB
864 KB JPG

The Battle of The Gorge

>The Varj-Ninstagg fleet lines up before you, but your superior numbers and new imperial ambitions spur a sudden rebellion onboard the enemy ships. The Varj Ninstagg Frigate Captains are quickly killed, but the cruisers and Capital ships are in the midst of a chaotic interior battle.
>This is a unique opportunity to gain more ships. If we board elite infantry and heroes, we might be able to seize the rest of the fleet.


>Planet Vargo
>Refuge 2 System

>Over the last ten cycles, over six billion pilgrims from various planets in Willhiem space have arrived. They crowd the mega-hotels, the bars, the brothels and the streets. Banners flap in the wind, all the sigals and crests of the Willhiem Empire. The anticipation in the air is palpable.
>As per tradition, the newly born princess will become Empress Ellaine Willhiem the Fourth. Though she is newly born, she has been aged to eighteen and implanted with genetic memories from a specifically chosen set of Willhiem royals. She now stands in a massive throne room, at the head of thousands of officials and generals.
>On this day, in the month of Accurus year 3450, by the power invested in me by the Council of Guidance, I do hereby crown this girl Elainne the Fourth, Empress of the 2nd Willhiem Empire!
I, Chancellor of the Wilhiemian Empire and Admiral of All Fletts, HEREBY COMMAND, to the forces currentky fighting in the Battle of the Gorge:

>To scramble an elite boarding team headed by St. Ilya, composed of 2 Saints, 2 Nacht-legions and 4 Stormtroops. They shall board the enemy fleet immediatly.

However, this adddress would be uncomplete without acknowledging the glorious events that have taken place in Vargo! We have an Emperess! The Empire is back! Long live House Wilhiem! And may their bloodline never be quenched!
Rolled 5, 5 = 10 (2d10)

We shall finish the mafia system.
How much does the new ship cost?
I also wish to begin new research into making Jishams cheaper.

Crimson Union Reply 1

>Yukka Views and Instant News Daily Updater
>Greetings, I'm Dan Nelson. This cycle marks the third cycle in a row now that Crimson Union forces have bombed entrenched religious militants on the planet of Lennistev. Many have already surrendered, but certain sects have fled into the mountainous regions of the main continent. President Xuaco Riviera has promised renewed efforts to root out the militants. The conflict started over migratory fourth dimensional creatures known as Space Rays, which the church considers sacred

>The Bura-Sanh Caliphate wishes to establish three trades routes between Union Space, as well as a star gate outside of it. You will benefit greatly from the revenue generated.
>The Sultan has also requested your military aid should they ever need it, as well as options to buy weapons from you.

Willhiem Empire Reply 1

>The Varj Capital Ship
>The blast doors blow open, smoke pouring into the corridor. Through the smoke strides St. Ilsa, decked in armor and gripping St. Sebastian's sword. Behind her walk two dozen saints, solemn looks upon their faces. The boarding party crosses several hallways before entering into a large, internal hanger. There nearly two hundred crewmen surround a central command tower.
>The crewmen notice St. Ilsa and cheer. They point her and the saints towards the command tower, where fifty officers are barricaded inside.
>"They've locked themselves in with the launch codes!" A crewman says, tugging on St. Ilsa's cape. She moves the cape from his grasp and continues walking towards the tower.
>"I'm tired of petty men scrambling over scraps," St. Ilsa says, her voice barely audible. "The Empire has returned, and we will bring you into the fold if we have to drag your carcasses by the neck,"
>"What do you think Ilsa," Another saint says, siding up to her. "It's a pretty secure command tower. Tell them to surrender?"
>"No," St. Ilsa says, narrowing her eyes at the tower. "This has already taken too long. Tell the others to follow my lead,"
>Saint Ability, Telekinesis
>St. Ilsa pulls an officer through the top window of the command tower, his body breaking as it passes through the shock-glass. The other saints give each other a look, then moments later the rest of the officers are ripped out of the tower.
>The battle is over, the crews cheer as their commanding officers are hanged from the command deck. St. Ilsa watches, cleaning her sword with a nearby Varj banner. The other saints stand behind her, waiting on their leaders.

You have acquired
>3 Frigates
>1 Cruiser
>1 Capital Ship

>Valentine enters the tower. It is unusually clean, and undoubtedly abandoned. His nose picks up only industrial cleaner and traces of overburdened air units. Valentine roots around his kit until he produces a lightstick.
>"Ehh nothing in here," Valentine says, leisurely taking his time to move through the levels. He suddenly hears a noise. Valentine shines his light down the hall, where a small girl stands. "Petite cheri," Valentine calls. "It is not safe to wander these halls alone. I have heard that a witch thinks this place is bad ju ju,"
>The girl says nothing, then runs away. Valentine takes after her, keeping pace without much effort. "Little girl," Valentine says. "I know you may think you are fast but I am faster, just slow down and I will do the same,"
>The girl disappears around a corner, which Valentine quickly rounds. There is no girl, only two very large, and very thick looking doors. "Hello?" Valentine says, approaching the doors. "Little girl?"
>He hears a noise and spins, throwing the light back down the corridor. It shines on Ishi, who is standing among several bags. "The net-sphere system is down," She says, kicking at one of the bags. "None of my cards were accepted, so I just took the stuff and left notes,"
>Valentine motions at the door. "Well Cheri, if I could direct your attention to this large metal barrier, I would very much like to get behind it as I believe there is a little ghost girl in there,"
>Ishi stares at him for a moment, then rolls her eyes. She strolls over to the doors and sniffs at it. "Frere Frere you are empty in de head," She points at an access panel. "It's the electronic kind like the chicken money men use," She pounds the panel, which falls away. After staring at the buttons, Ishi grips the electronics and rips them from the wall. The doors grind open.
>Inside stands a large room. Electronics line its walls, and cables snake up into the ceiling. In the center rests a glass coffin connected to a bevy of machines. Valentine and Ishi approach it, then stare inside.
>The interior is lined in cushions. Resting on them is a boy, pale and slender. "My brother," says a voice. Valentine and Ishi turn and see the girl standing next to them. "For me there is no hope, but for him there might still be a chance. Take him with you, would you?"
>Ishi turns to Valentine. "Well my frere, should we do the little ghost girls bidding and bring a glass coffin back with us?"
>Valentine shrugs. "Eh, why not ma cheri, it's been awhile since we've pissed off the captain non?"


Accept their conditions, as long as they let Crimson Union citizens who carry no additional cargo except their luggage to pass freely an untaxed through their gates and worlds. Their citizens will be treated the same way regarding the worlds and jumpgates of the Union.

>Moping up

-Leave here:

2 Iron Militias
1 Budda
2 Crab Walkers

-Get the Two Spetnatz units from the capital and send them here

-The rest of the army here will join with the assembled fleet to attack the vassal system Kiev, in addition to two of my Creeping Coffins from the Capital

My final force on system Kiev is then:

Iron Militia: 6
Gulag Militia: 5
Spetnatz: 1
Chatchan Runners: 4
Chekover Tank: 1
Crap Walkers: 4
Perunes: 6
Creeping Coffins: 3
Cruisers: 3
Frigates: 7
I forgot about the Balloon Brothers (HEROES OF THE REVOLUTION)

They will send a message to the people on the systems controlled by the KFC to rebel when the time is right (when we are near)
File: 1490898613492.jpg (595 KB, 1500x695)
595 KB
595 KB JPG
Willhiem Empire
Turn 8


A Sector United
>The Lichtenshiel, Hamburg, Varj and Ninstagg systems are under your thrall. The empire is now whole. There are a few minor house-keeping issues that must be addressed
>What is to be done with the remaining officers of the four systems? The men who swore to our side were mostly low ranking enlisted men, and the command staff that weren't killed are under court marshal. To execute them would be the Willhiem way, but on the other hand we need experienced officers.
>There are huge food shortages in the Hamburg system, and the populations there are close to rioting. To amply supply the system would take 40-60 Ings
>There is a contingency of the populous who are tweaked alter-selves and clones. Under the old Willhiem empire non pure-seeds held little rights and almost no chance for upwards social movement. Tweaked gene lines and clones served in the Willhiem military towards the end of the Great War, and now many feel they have earned their place as equal citizens in the new order.

The Good Doktor.
>"I present to you gentlemen, something extraordinary," The Doktor stands before several seated generals. They are lounging in his lab, a rare invitation from the Doktor. "Several months ago I came across a strange anomaly, and through the gracious funding of our dear General, I have been able to study it to great extent. What's more though, while I was studying it," Doktor Cronenburg produces a device from his pocket, clicking it. "The anomaly took shape, and began to gestate. Eventually producing," He motions behind him. The wall recedes, and in its place rests a glass atrium. Inside a bright, glowing object sits on the ground. It shields itself with two massive, wings adorned in gold symbols.
>"Mien gott," One of the general says, squinting at the glass. "What is this creature?"
>"That my friends," Doktor Cronenburg smiles. "Is an angel,"
File: 1482076660645.jpg (371 KB, 1680x1050)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
Equalist Republic of Tang
Turn 7


Notable Events (Place Holder till new player)

>The Republic has consolidated its vassal system together under the Equalists party. They have expanded their fleet and taken on ForeverBolted as their primary weapons provider
>The warrior class, as well as the noble system, has been abolished. Samurai are now available as mercenary units called Ronin, as there are now plenty of them roaming the quadrant
>There is a huge divide over the fate of the Taoist priesthood, and whether it should be abolished or allowed to continue

>Sin The Silent Priest, as well as several teams of diplomats, are establishing a permenant embassy in the Crimson Union capital. They have asked the Union to do the same.
File: 1490673476478.jpg (485 KB, 1920x1080)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
Citadel Space
Turn 7


Internal Affairs
>The systems wait with baited breath as we emerge into a fully functioning governing entity. The Citadel Corporations are now the dominate power in the sector, but there a few internal matters that need attending.
>With the destruction of the Star Gate leading to Orion's belt, millions of refugees from the former Shogunate have ended up stranded in our system on their way out. They are overburdening our spaceports and threatening to crowd out into the surrounding cities. We could settle them here, or corral them off, but either would take Ingots.
>During the chaos of the Corporate Wars, groups of counter-culture citizens erected "rouge states" in the Net Sphere. These are annoyances at worst, but do send a bad message if we wish to take an authoritarian stance.
>Most Citadel cultures are divided into citizens and non-citizens. The former have everything, the latter live simply. To become a citizen is to immortalize yourself in the netsphere, as well as have access to the vast resources of the Paternal Corporation. Non citizens can still find work and live cozily, but their access to the netsphere and certain inheritance rights are curtailed. But the non citizens vastly outnumber the citizens, and recently they have been clamoring for easier access to citizenship. This would simply not work, as we do not have the resources to immortalize everyone.
Crimson Union
Turn 7


A True Superpower
>Project Dove-Bringer has completed thanks to the Union's fine teams of scientists and researchers. Such a....unique addition to our arsenal should be immediately tested. Scientists, generals and officials have gathered on a remote asteroid field to witness the next step in warfare.
Roll 3d10 for weapons test

The Caliphate
>The Sultan has agreed to your terms, and celebrates the alliance with a grand party being held in his capital DeesaDeen. He jovially invites each of the Union diplomats to try their hand at camel racing, a long-since extinct tradition the sultan holds dear. None of the officials can seem to get the hang of the creatures. But what's this? Coming in from the corner?
>Enter the Ballon Brothers
>They outdrank the Praedora, outwrestled the Cura, even the Sultan has heard of the "Heroes of the Revolution. Can they outrace the Caliphate's finest?
Roll 4d10
Black Fleet
Turn 7


The Great Summoning
>Captain Alucard has received word. Nepath-Ra, Khan of Khans and Father of All Nightclans has passed into the foreverdark on his adopted homeworld of Nemorica. With his death, a new Supreme Khan must be chosen. All Nightclan princes, including Captain Alucard and the Chained Prince, must travel to Nemorica to vote. The Firstborn Princes are:
>Captain Alucard, Chained Prince, Black Fleet
>Prince Ohmed, Blood Fleet
>Prince Imkiel, Blade Fleet
>Prince Oppenhiemer, Burgundy Fleet
>Captain Nemo, Bone Fleet

>Upon arriving at Nemorica, the princes will participate in the traditional battle of champions.
Please select your champion you wish to participate.

>Internal Affairs

>The Former Shogunate
First and foremost these people are refugees. They are fleeing from an oppressive government and I know of a few positions as well as a place which is available to house them. First we will screen all prospective residents at a moon near the Citadel. If they are found to be clear and clean then we relocate them to the formerly owned Tanaka space. Now renamed to 'Jing Tsai' sub-sector. This is where we will build a floating city which will be named 'Yún Zhōng' and where the new population will reside. Ask the council members if we should use the money from the joint bank now to construct the city.

>Anarchists in the Systems
I've never stated I was wanting an authoritarian governmental system. If those who wish to exile themselves from society can do so. Just don't let the door hit them while they leave. If they begin to act up then I will be forced to shut down the problematic coves and removing their citizenship, essentially unplugging them.. or rather liquefying their brains and liquidating their resources.

>The Net
This prompt has me questioning what the Net Sphere is. I thought it was something as an information highway similar to the internet itself but it seems completely different as if it is an entity of its own. I assume one who have immortalized themselves can also make clones of themselves and that is part of the process. What all goes into the immortalization within the net sphere? And how much does it cost?

All should know that wealth is not something generated over a few months. Wealth is a life long search and journey in which those who pursue it take actions which will in the long run generate the most amount of wealth. What does citizenship entail anyways? Non-citizens have the same rights or what is going on in this?
The Spore
Turn 7


The Last Apple on the Tree
>The last planet controlled by the crime families appears before the Dark System. The Sporelords have successfully moved the Syste right outside the planet Vurcosco.
>Vurcosco. The richest and most populated planet in the system. What starting as a large-scale mining operation turned into a thriving mega-city after the planet was stripped bear and only the support beams remained. The workers settled in, and soon after came the crime families.
>Now it is one of the largest black markets in the sector, and heavily protected to boot.
Vurcosco forces
>8 Exo-Thug Units
>2 Bigguyhuh Units
>3 Fugettaboutit Tank Divisions
>3 Anti-Air Wiseguys
>6 Orbital Defense Platforms
How do you wish to approach the planet?

The Dark Heart
>The Sporelords are in distress. It appears the Dark Star, the heart of the Dark System, is in flux. This can only mean something is happening on the White Plane, and the sporelords desperately want to investigate.
We shall send to Vurcosco.
10 ghouls
1 Jisham.
2 redcaps.
1 whitecap
4 winged jisham.
2 Natural selectors.
And the heroes Fadicus prime.

Alright, we shall investigate what is happening on the white plane.
How do i investigate?
send a hero or investigatory pod

Quick break for the night, more answers in the morning
Then i send the heroes Jisham and the twins,
I, Chancellor of the Second Wilheim Empire, HEREBY COMMAND to act on the following issues,

PART I-On a Sector United
>Our Empire shall offer these officers amnesty, however, they shall pay a price for their rebellion, albeit a minor one. All their assets shall be seized and given to the Imperial Treasury and their families shall be put under surveillance to ensure their loyalty to the Empire.

>We shall gladly pay to relieve our hungering subjects. Their welfare is a top priority. We shall also combine the humanitarian efforts with a propaganda campaign to boost their support to our government.

>A new era demands new reforms. The sacrifices made by alter-selves in the Great War shall not go unrecognised by our new restored Empire. I,Chancellor of the Wilhiemian Empire, in the name of Her Majesty, HEREBY PROCLAIM equal reights to all alter-selves and clones who have served under the Imperial Banner in the Great War.

>PART II-An Address to Doktor Croenenberg, Archduke of Vargo
>Outstanding! I requesta report on the full implications of this discovery and its practical applications.

>PART III- On Establishing Contacts
>The recent events in the Equalist Republic of Tang are of great interest to us. We shall begin contacting the highest ranking Ronin.

APPENDIX-Research and Development
>Once the territorial integrity of our empire has been secured, we shall begin reforming our administration. For long,tax revenue has been collected by the local lords of each planet in a feudal manner, with each system having its own tax collection laws and administration.
>This has caused headaches to the Central Imperial Administration, which has lost much revenue due to this absurd complexity.
>Thus, to ensure the access of reliable capital by our Imperial Government we shall pass the Tax Reform Laws, to standarize and centralize tax collection and increase government revenue.

>We shall also begin recruiting 1 Stormtroop division.
File: Camellos.jpg (40 KB, 330x308)
40 KB
Rolled 10, 1, 4, 1 = 16 (4d10)

With the pride of the Crimson Union in stake, the Balloon Brothers once more part to show the multidisciplinar prowess of the Crimson Union to the entire sector
File: TIEMFORSCIENCE.jpg (69 KB, 1280x720)
69 KB
Rolled 2, 1, 1 = 4 (3d10)

Salaam Monroe, Chief Scientist of the Dove Bringer Project: 5 minutes before the test

-Cross your fingers, comrades, because if this goes wrong, we will be busy cleaning every toilet from here to System Kiev.
File: Just kill me please.jpg (52 KB, 535x711)
52 KB
The chained prince will represent us of course.

Citadel Corp Reply 1

Roll 1d10 for intelligence roll

>The Netshphere is abuzz with chatter over the processing efforts. Millions of former shogunate citizens are given the option to assimilate. The vast majority do, filing on to shuttles and flying to screening centers. The effort is enormous, but with profit-minded efficiency the problem is slowly addressed.

Roll 1d10 for your efforts to convince the Citadel members to use the joint account

Anarchists in the System
>Your edict is sent, a fair but stern warning. Your analysts predict that all the Rouge States will simply bob along harmlessly, with the exception of 3Moons. Further surveillance will be needed, as many of the members are ex-netsphere ops and pose a legitimate threat if they grow hostile.

NetSphere Primer (Citizenship vs Non Citizenship, page 113 section A)

The rights of Citadel Citizens are as follows.
>1. The right to legal representation in court
>2. The right to hold office and management positions
>3. The right to a Netsphere backup consciousnesses, and the right to legally expand your personhood to up to ten alter-selves.
>4. The right to transfer inheritances to clones and alterselves.
>5. The right to own server-space in the Citadel Netsphere (very important, see pg. 70 section C)
>6. The right to a Netsphere Advocacy Review agent
>7. Personhood security is insured by the Citidel corporations for Original citizen and up to three alter-selves

Non Citizens
>1. Right to legal representation in a sub court
>2. Right to work visas
>3. Right to base reality protection under the Non-Citizen habitation clause

The Last Apple
>Roll 3d10 for landing-pod protection against Orbital Defense Platforms on your way to the planet

The Dark Heart
>Jisham gazes at the twins. They gaze back.
>"-so In conclusionnnnn," The Sporeservant standing next to them drones. It stops. "Jisham, sporetwins, are you listeninggggg?"
>Jisham turns his head towards the sporeservant and nods.
>"Ahemmm, as I was saying, you three will enter the white plannnneee and survey an anomolyyyy that has caused the Sporelords great distresssss,"
>"Sister," One of the twins says. "Does the little mushroom have trouble speaking?"
>"Sister," The other twin says. "I think it is because his tongue is itself, a mushroom,"
>The sporeservant narrows its eye. "The portals are openingggg, I suggest you get movinggggg,"
>Jisham cracks his neck, then moves towards a series of white flames bubbling over ceremonial bowls. The twins follow. Jisham pauses. One of his heads turns back and evaluates the twins. His voice rumbles out of his massive chest. "You are sporeborn,"
>"What is sporeborn sister?" One of the twins says. "Probably born with the seed sister," says the other.
>"When you were found in the crypts," Jisham says. "You should have been consumed. But you were spared, because the spore recognized you. Which means you were infected, or sporeborn." Jisham turns back towards the white flames. "But I realize now my question was uneeded. You are not sporeborn,"
>The twins glance at each other. "I think he just insulted you sister," The twins then follow Jisham through the flames

Roll 4d10
Rolled 4, 4 = 8 (2d10)


The fleeing citizens are not running from a just nation.. they are not running due to crimes.. and last I checked we were not at war with any of them since the Great War. They may not be citizens but if they wish to work then we have plenty of jobs as miners or farm workers or others that they have knowledge they can apply for. Besides chairmen.. [REDACTED]

>Anarchists in the System
3moons are citizens and should be treated as such. If they wish to become hostile then they are to have access to a judge jury and.. executioner. Perhaps all at once.

>Disgruntled Non-Citizens
These laws seem to be mostly those who have access to imortalization. All who wish to undergo the process and have the ability to pay for the procedure can do it. Also these people were born under our atmospheres or inside our infrastructure and can trace their liniage to those who originally colonized the planets then they are citizens and have access to all things barring the immortal-only rights.

(Newly stated Citizens)
>1. All who are inside Citadel space have the right to the legal system and will be provided a state-issued representative if they cannot purchase one themselves.
>2. Management should be based on merit and not liniage. This is in forms of all work. Those who can prove themselves worthy can hold a position as long as they have enough experience and ability to do so. This applies to those who are Citadel born.
>3. Server space is limited. Those who can purchase it can have it. Those who already have it keep it.
>4. The right to purchase anything if they have the money.

>1. All the above mentioned rights.
>2. The right to a Netsphere backup consciousnesses, and the right to legally expand your personhood to up to ten alter-selves.
>3. The right to transfer inheritances to clones and alterselves.
>4. Personhood security is insured by the Citidel corporations for Original citizen and up to three alter-selves.

Many managerial and administrative occupations can require up to 100s of years of experience but by the time one reaches to the chain of command that requires that level of experience are often already able to pay for the immortalization process.

Non-Citizens (Freelancers, Refugees, and other nomadic peoples of space.)
>1. The right to apply for citizenship. This requires a costly test which screens the applicant of their background, their general knowledge, their aptitude, and their knowledge of the sector. If they can trace their liniage to those who were previous citizens then a background check will also be done on the citizen who they are related to. If they pass they recieve the rights of a citizen.
>2. The right to apply for work visas. They can apply to work for those who wish to hire them. (This can range from menial labor to mercinary work)
>3. The right to the justice system. Again the will be assigned a representative if they are unable to pay for one.
I would like to use Sera for negotiations on that roll.

Mercenaries are required to apply for a mercinary work key to access mercinary work in the sector. This is to show the justice system that these people are contracted by people to execute a mission. These missions are in the form of a 'Warrant'. These warrants can be state issued or be issued by those who can pay for it. The pay is dependent on the job and the ones who are putting the warrant up. These contracts can be gray area in legality but if the justice system themselves have a warrant for the arrest of someone then it can also be a contracted work where the illegal person can be killed by mercenaries as long as mercinaries provide proper work keys and contracts stating they had a warrant for his execution.

Roll 1d10 for intelligence

A Sector United
>The officers are stripped of their lands and wealth, but allowed to keep their positions. Oddly enough, our intelligence reports they are okay with this, as apparently a title is more important then actual wealth in Willhiem space.
100 ingots seized from the great military families

>The news of the imperial reforms and disaster relief sweeps the sector. The Hamburg people are grateful, though there are reports that some of the interim officials are reportedly hoarding some food to sell on the black market
>Celebrations and parades are held all across Willhiem space by the alterted selves and clones. They are a proud people, as are all Willhiem citizens, and though some of the pure lines grumble, the celebration continue well into a second cycle.
>The tax reforms are heavily opposed by the local governance, but the might of the Willihiem military administration has them quiet for now

The Good Doktor
>The visiting generals could quite describe the creature they witnessed, and Cronenburg's report was not understood by our analysts. This is nothing new, as the doktor is one of the smartest (albeit unstable) people in the quadrant. We will have to wait one turn until his findings are interrupted however.
Rolled 4, 3, 3 = 10 (3d10)


Crimson Union Reply 1

Roll 1d10 for intelligence

The Superweapon
>The test backfires, and an asteroid dangerously close to the governmental delegation explodes with the force of several nuclear weapons.

The scientists attempt a quick system reboot (rolling 3d10)

To Please the Sultan
>One of the Ballon brothers does intriguingly well, spurring his camel on to place second in the race out of thirty. The other Ballon Brother, still drunk from the night before (he got into a drinking match with the sultan's sons) rides his camel into a decorative oasis on the inside of the track.

>The Sultan, pleased by the Ballon brothers, approaches them. They lounge about in his royal palanquin, enjoying slaves and a hookah made from the bones of a star-dragon. The Sultan leans in close after puffing on the hose.
>"My wonderful heroes, how my heart leaps to see you,"
>"Yeah," One of the brothers says, knocking back a drink. "My heart leaps everytime you bring in a new woman,"
>"Haha!" The sultan says, clapping and pointing at the brother. "It's a good joke!" His voice softens, and he acts jovial. "Funny thing, I recently heard word that the Willhiems are back,"
>The other brother shrugs, stuffing his face with a cake. "Yeah, we heard. The northeast sectors have always been a strange lot,"
>"True true," The Sultan says. "Strange, and also vile. One of their admirals has taken my daughter in secret,"
>The brothers spit out their drink. "Well shit," One of them says. "That's not good,"
>The sultan's eyes are hard, burning with a deep fire. "No, no my friend it is not. I have all the money in the world, but I lack true military might. And I could hire a thousand bounty hunters, but I do not trust a single one of them. I can not risk, how do you say, any egg on this face, or the death of my daughter if something goes wrong. So maybe the wonderful and great Ballon brothers would sneak into Willhiem space and rescue my daughter?"
File: 1485645425584.jpg (148 KB, 1184x1500)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Rolled 4, 10, 3 = 17 (3d10)


The Fielatt system

>6 Princes. Five Fleets. All the nightclan have gathered on Nemorica. There is a faint wind blowing down the causeways of the great tower city Tombus Ra. The planet is home to billions of non-nightclan humans, and tonight they stay locked in their homes, while death orbits above.
>The Chained Princes walks slowly down the halls of Nepath-Ra's fortress. His steps are halting, uncertain. Here, in the halls of the Nightfather, there is no need for the prince to be confined to his jar. His eyes dart back and forth as he slowly rounds a corner.
>Standing in the passageway is Prince Imkiel of the Blade Fleet, and Prince Oppenhiemer of the Burgandy Fleet. "Well, what have we here?" Prince Imkiel says, drawing up to his full, eight feet of height. "If it isn't the kinslayer out of his jar,"
>"How unfortunate," Oppenhiemer replies. "And without his protective brother as well. Tell us kinslayer, where is Alucard that you have gotten out of his sight?"
>"I hear the good captain of the Black Fleet has you as his champion," Imkiel says. "How unbecoming, for a great prince to fall so low as a gladiator."
>"Now now," Oppenhiemer says. "Prince Ohmed of the Blood fleet fights for himself,"
>"As to be expected of that psychopath," Imkiel murmurs. "Please, Prince Oppenhiemer, join me in a balcony so that we may watch the kinslayer do what he does best,"

>The Chained Prince watches them go, then continues down the hall. He reaches the end, a large arch leading out into a massive Colosseum. The seats are packed with hundreds of thousands of nightclan, as well as pirates who have earned their respect. A servant rushes up to the Chained Prince with a wrapped sword. The servant quickly unwraps it, then gets on one knee and offers it up to the Prince. He looks at the sword, slowly accepting it from the servant.

>"And fighting for the Black Fleet, The Chained Prince!" The announcers voice echoes around the stands. "And on the other side, the champion of Blade Fleet, Xao Xao!"

Roll 3d10
Rolling 3d10
Rolled 10, 5, 6 = 21 (3d10)

Rolled 6, 6, 10 = 22 (3d10)


Citizen Rights
>The new distinction between immortal and non-immortal citizens has thrown Citadel Space into chaos. The other members, Moloch, Hammer, GSP and Sol Mova, agree to adopt your new distinction to ease protests in their own systems. Although groups of citizens are angered, the billions of non-citizens who have lived in the sector for generations are overjoyed.

>The Mercenary warrant clause goes into effect, and millions of warrants are issued in only a couple cycles to accommodate the many mercenary groups working in citadel space

Roll 2d10 for Sera
Rolled 9, 10 = 19 (2d10)

Rolled 1, 4, 3 = 8 (3d10)


Black Fleet Reply 2

>The Chained Prince approaches Xao Xao, who charges the Black Fleet champion. The Chained Prince watches as she brings her sword in diagonally, slicing him from shoulder to stomach. The Chained Prince glances at the wound. His arm snaps, bringing up his sword and decapitating Xao Xao.

>The Colosseum is silent, then erupts in cheers. "And the winnnerrrrrr, The Chained Prince, Black Fleet!"

>Burgundy Champion beats Bone Champion
>Blood Fleet Champion beats Burgundy Champion

>Next round, Chained Princes vs. Prince Ohmed

>The Chained Prince pauses at the archway leading out to the Colosseum. He turns, seeing Prince Ohmed of the Blood Fleet.
>"The last time two royals fought, one died with your sword in her chest." Prince Ohmed says. "There will be no death of royalty today, but I will carve your limbs one by one off your body, and drink your blood. Not because I desire vengeance for others, but because I desire to taste your blood and defeat. And if I do not see the shame of defeat in your empty eyes, I will rape the socket with my hilt."

>Prince Ohmed leaves. A beat later, the Chained Prince follows him out into the open air.

>"Annnddd there is he isssss, Champion for Black Fleet, The Chained Prince!"

Roll 3d10
Rolling 3d10

Thanks for joining friend, but this is a multi civ game with preselected players. We have a spot open if you have some time and want to be the Equalist Republic of Tang though, just throw on a trip and reply to >>1625848
Rolled 7, 9, 2 = 18 (3d10)

Rolled 6, 8 = 14 (2d10)

That's a fucking awesome roll. God damnit what a waste.

>Disgruntled Citizens
What are their demands/what do they want. Violence, if there even are violent riots, are to be met with extreme caution. All those who participate will be banned from the Net Sphere for a week. If they want to be children then they will be dealt with like children.
Rolled 10, 4, 7 = 21 (3d10)

Do you want to be communist space china?
idk i just jumped on becouse i sore the too roll

havent read anyof this qyest
how are they doing?
Pretty good, theyre a decently powerful faction with a large amount of citizens that just went through a brief coup
il give it a try
iljust have to read up on things
Rolled 5, 5, 1 = 11 (3d10)

Landing pods.
Rolled 8, 9, 6, 10 = 33 (4d10)

And the other roll
and i havent played a faction in this type of quest befoe ether
Intelligence roll
Rolled 7 (1d10)

Intelligence roll now for real
Rolled 1 (1d10)

Rollan for int
Rolled 6, 6, 7 = 19 (3d10)


-Comrades, you may as well be the luckiest men of the whole Union. The president was busy stuffing himself in the buffet and missed the test. Find what went wrong and remedy it or your next assignment will be a rather cold and lonely one.
Welcome aboard! Just throw on a trip while you're in here if you want, join our discord for highly intelligent, classy government talk, and if you have any questions just ask me or one of the other guys, they know what they're doing
>>1625856 <---

Here's the discord mate. Come join so we can have secret conversations or for the secret op stuff.
Im on my phone now
And wont be able to use pc till monday so i dont know how this will work out

I really want to put the gtrl back back where she should be.
Discord is fine on mobile, that's how I use it, and you can phone post if you want too, it's not as difficult when you're a player
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Cant download it makes me a sad bunny
Updoot for my Champion?
Sorry cursed, proper deserving updates tonight after work, 11 central burger time
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And the chan man was there today

Black Fleet Reply 3

>Prince Ohmed fingers his spear-handle in anticipation. A single nightclan member drops a white hankerchief into the arena. It drifts down, swaying back and forth.
>"I cannot wait," Prince Ohmed says, giving his spear a whirl. "To see if you can still make sounds from your throat."
>The hankerchief lands, kicking up dust, and the two princes explode at each other. The audience are unable to see what happens next. The weapons are moving too quickly, the blows sending out waves of dust towards the stands. The people hear strange noises, like metal passing speed barriers it should never pass. Then a sound, like a comet impacting against a mountain. The dust clears.
>The Chained Prince stands over Prince Ohmed, holding his sword to the Blood Fleet captain's throat. The audience watches as he lowers his head down. No-one watching knows, but the Chained Prince begins to murmur.
>"The last time two royals fought," The Chained Prince whispers. "One died with my sword in her chest. And I loved her more then anything else in creation." The Chained Prince edges his sword closer to Ohmed's neck. "What do you think I'll do to you?"

>"And the winner of this year's battle of champions issssss, The Chained Prince of the Black Fleet!"

The Gathering
>The games are done, the ancestors satisfied. Now it is a time for deliberation. The princes gather in the fortress of Nepath Ra, to vote on the next Khan of Khans.

>Prince Ohmed will likely vote for himself. He hates you, your brother the Chained Prince, and everything else that has ever existed.

>Prince Imkiel will likely vote for Prince Ohmed. He dislikes your brother, and will likely not change his mind.

>Prince Oppenhiemer will probably be convinced by Imkiel to vote for Ohmed, as he too dislikes your brother. However he does respect you. He could be convinced to vote for someone else.

>Captain Nemo is hard to read, as he has been doing the silent shtick centuries longer than your brother

You may indicate who you wish to nominate, and who, if anyone, you wish to speak too
gonna get some rest, updates starting with the spore tommorow at 1 central burger time
Prince Oppenheimer will be spoken to by Captain Alucard (if I can do that) Valentine and Isha if I can't.

Captain Nemo will be spoken to after Oppenheimer.

Does the Chained Prince have any diplomatic ability? They seem like they would mesh well. Two silent warriors who just want to do their duty.
File: Tactics.jpg (287 KB, 1024x768)
287 KB
287 KB JPG

Spore Reply 2

The Last Apple
>The Defense Platforms are ruthless, filling the atmosphere with heated kinetic rounds and chunks of sporepod. Two units of ghouls are shredded on their way down, but there are still 8 more divisions. In under an hour the spore army has deployed and fanned out, ravaging the strange conglomeration of mining mega-structures that make up the planet. The Spore army is headed for the capital, and falls upon it quickly.

Please indicate which zones your units are in

Vurcosco forces
>8 Exo-Thug Units (Zone 1)
>2 Bigguyhuh Units (Zone 1)
>3 Fugettaboutit Tank Divisions (Zone 1)
>3 Anti-Air Wiseguys (Zone 3)

Spore Reply 2 cont

The Dark Heart
>Jisham and the sporetwins enter the White Plane. It is quiet. There is no light to see, but no dark to obscure either. It stretches on forever, and nowhere. It is now, always, before and never.
>"Sister," One of the twins says/said/will say. "This is an odd sight"
>"Indeed sister," the other twin answers/answered/ will answer. "My thoughts are having fun,"
>"Have you never been to the White Plane?" Jisham says/said/will say.
>"Oh we have, just never your White Plane,"
>"Then follow closely little spores,"
>They cross an eternity in a moment. An inch in an eon. They climbed a mountain bigger then the universe, and upon reaching the top found it no taller than a blade of grass. But from the summit the grass parted, and Jisham and the Twins could gaze at the entirety of the White Plane.
>And there was light.
>Outside of the White Plane, on the Dark System homeworld, the sporeservant waits by the portals. It hears music, and knows that Jisham and the Twins are returning. The white fire flickers, then three forms sprout up from the floor. It is the heroes.
>"Welllll?" The sporeservant says, perking up. "What did youuuuuu learn?"
>"The starborn," Jisham growls, barging across the marble floor. "They're here, now, in this reality. They're about to flood it,"
>Jisham disappears, leaving the sporetwins alone with the sporeservant. It turns to the heroes. "The s-s-starborn? It cannot be. It has never been, for the starborn died before they were born!"
>The sporetwins ignore him. They turn towards each other, placing their forheads together. "Sister," One says. "I don't think this reality will be fun anymore. The bright ones always turn everything to ash,"
>"Agreed sister, shall we leave?"
>"No, no, not yet. "Let's stick it out. These Spore people are quite interesting are they not?"
>"True true sister, they play in other dimensions, like us!"
>"Annnnddddd," One of the twins puts up a finger. "Is not one of the monkey tribes about to develop a peculiar weapon?"
>"You're right!" The other says, clapping excitedly. "Oh sister let's stay and see them fight!"

Crimson Reply 2

>The weapon successfully reboots, runs through the charge protocols, and fires. Well, fire is the wrong word. The gathered officials and command staff see no beam, nor evidence of any discharge. But thousands of kilometers away, an asteroid explodes.

New Weapon Acquired
<Pierce Engine>
80 Ingots to build planetary towers
80 Ingots to install in Capital Ship

Citadel Corp Reply 3

>After a particularly tiring conference on the netsphere with the other members, Sera secludes herself in a sub-space. She duplicates herself into four alter-selves, who immediately set out to transform the sub-space into a thriving club. Elite immortals and celebrities who have passed clearance are invited in, and this being Ambassador Sera, they all accept. Finally, after the party is shaking the foundations of the sub-space, Sera invites representatives from Hammer, Moloch, GSP and Sol Mova.
>After ten hours, and two server fires from overload, the party concludes. The elites and celebrities pull out, as do the reps from the other member corps. Ambassador Sera is left alone to lounge in her sub-space with her alter-selves, a look of satisfaction on her face.

>The other members have agreed to use the joint account for the refugee relocation efforts.

Black Fleet Reply 4

>You walk down the long halls of the nightclan fortress. A cool breeze drifts through the large windows near the ceiling, sending the chandeliers swaying. You encounter a door, and knock.
>"Come in,"
>You push it open. Inside is Prince Oppenheimer, hooked up to a neuro-massager. He glances at you, then signals at the human standing behind him. The servant removes the messager plates and sets them to the side.
>"Bah," Oppenhiemer says, motioning vaguely at the neuro massager. "Our devil gods have a sick sense of humor no? Immunity from sickness, aging or natural death, and yet we still suffer brain deterioration every century or so. If it weren't for our chattel's love for science, we'd be reduced to the mighty vegetable clan." He motions for you to take a seat, then brings out two glasses. The servant produces a decanter and pour you both a drink.
>"So," Oppenheimer says, leaning back. "I can guess what this is about. I have always respected you Alucard. The lengths you have gone for your brother. The extent of your bloodthirst in battle. And I cannot forget who it was who pulled me out of the maw of the sand-worm." Oppenhiemer takes a mighty swig of his glass, which the servant promptly refills. "So, who do you have in mind for the title of Khan of Khans?"
Awesome! end turn then right?
Can I send the fleet I gathered >>1628748
into the Kiev system to kill those KFC bastards?
Free moves are always allowed as replies are wrapping up, but I'd wait a turn, your intelligence roll indicated something sinister was in the works
>Zone 1
8 Ghouls.
1 Jisham.
2 redcaps.
1 whitecap.
Zone 3.
4 Winged jisham.
2 Natural selectors.
Rolled 7, 7, 2, 9, 8, 8, 2, 2, 1, 2, 6, 9, 5, 8, 6, 5, 5, 4 = 96 (18d10)


>Ghouls pour over exposed metal beams and damaged structures. The Exo-thug units pour round after round of high-velocity k-shards into the spore ranks, but the mass of fungal invaders does not stop. Supporting the exo-thugs are the Fug-tank divisions. Their rounds send tremors through the earth, and light up the horizon with bright blue explosions. They only expend a few shells before the redcaps and whitecaps are upon them.

Rolling 8d10 for exo-thugs saves against the ghouls
Rolling 2d10 for bigguys saves against Jisham
Rolling 2d10 saves for Fugtanks against Redcaps
Rolling 2d10 saves for fugtank against Whitecap
Rolling 4d10 saves for exo-thugs against Natural Selectors

Roll 8d10 saves for ghouls against Exo-thugs
Roll 2d10 saves for redcaps against the fugtanks
Roll 2d10 save for whitecap unit against fug tank unit
Rolled 10, 3, 9, 3, 4, 4, 5, 3 = 41 (8d10)

Ghouls first.
Rolled 4, 6, 2, 10 = 22 (4d10)

And then caps.
"Myself of course my friend. I have visions for us. Grand visions. Entire star systems paying tribute. Legions of slaves pouring in from every system. Our mighty forces feared and worshipped throughout the stars. You can assist me with that my friend. Prince Ohmed would burn the galaxy to deny another the chance to rule. He would kill you for the slightest modicum of power or advantage. You are more than that. WE are more than that. Join with me, vote for ME and we can bring the Nightclan to heights we have never before dreamed of.

Do I have your loyalty my friend?"
Rolled 2, 8, 5, 5, 10, 2, 1, 1, 2, 10, 2, 9, 9 = 66 (13d10)


>The ghouls rip into the clusters of defensive structures the exo-thugs are using as cover. They quickly overcome them, falling down on top of the exo units in waves. The troopers fight fiercely. Their discarded clips litter the ground, and by the end their rifle barrels have melted. The vanguard of exothugs falls back, only to be caught in a wall of plasma from the natural selectors. The bigguys, elite units, are hunted down to a man by the Jisham and torn apart.
>The fugtanks pour into the Redcaps, stopping their advance. The Whitecaps though ravage the tank division in their path, moving on quickly to assist the Redcap units.

Rolling 5d10 for exo units saves against ghouls
Rolling 2d10 for Fugtanks saves against Redcaps
Rolling 2d10 saves for Fugtanks against White Caps
Rolling 4d10 saves for units in zone 1 against natural selectors

Roll 3d10 saves for ghouls against exo-thugs
Roll 2d10 saves for redcaps against fugtanks
Rolled 6, 1, 5, 10, 4 = 26 (5d10)


>Oppenhiemer nods. "I can see it Alucard, you would be a good leader. Ohmed would make a fine one too, but a bloody one. I have no wish to live under one of those kings. The Night Clan has had too many already. But I cannot give you my vote just yet. You know well how close I am to Prince Imkiel, and he is with Ohmed. Convince Nemo to cast his vote in your favor, and I will join him. But if Nemo does not find favor with you, then I'm afraid I will have to help vote Ohmed into the throne.

Go To Nemo?

>It is a gruesome scene. Trapped between the Spore armor units and the ghouls, the rest of the exo units are slaughtered. They take another ghoul unit down with them, but then quickly succumb to the numbers. The Fugtanks fare no better. Their shells glance harmlessly off the RedCaps and WhiteCaps. The fungal monsters tear into the tanks, ripping off their hover jets and flinging them in every direction

>You have defeated the crime families' private armies and overrun Vurcosco. During the battle you lost six units of ghouls, but utterly destroyed their infantry and armor. Once free to ransack the mega cities, you gain
100 Ings
>And have discovered a private fleet being built under the capital. It is composed of
3 Frigates
1 Cruiser
>None of the sporeservants can guess why there is a fleet under a city of 1 billion, but if we turned them on and brought them up out of the city, millions would die.
4 divisions worth of infected that can be transformed into ghouls
the 4 infected divisions will be made into ghouls.
I end my turn.
Go to Nemo.

>You find him exactly were you knew you'd find him, onboard his flagship, Pride of the 7 Hells. It is moored to one of the high-towers of the fortress. You enter, breezing past halls full of Nemo's crew. They peer out from doorways and corridors as you sweep past. They know you. Some nod in greeting.
>You arrive at the door to Nemo's cabin. It is promptly opened by two large Ogres. Inside sits Nemo at a large, ornate desk. Plunder and trophies adorn the walls of his cabin, and priceless artifacts shine from inside glass cases.
>Nemo is carving a figurine out of the tusk of some beast. He pauses upon seeing you, and motions with his eyes towards the chair on the other side of the desk. You take the seat, and a slave is dragged in and thrown over the desk. They scream, but only for a moment as you and Nemo tear into the slave. It is a gruesome ritual, but an old one. And Nemo still honors the old ones.
>Afterwards you're both handed handkerchiefs to wipe the blood from your mouths. You finish, handing the cloth back to a servant.
>"I will speak briefly," Nemo says, his voice low and scratchy from disuse. "For the first time in many years. The next Khan of Khans should be either Ohmed the Bloody, or you, Alucard the Bold. If you desire my vote, you will tell me one thing, and you will speak truth." Nemo leans across the desk, bringing his head close to yours. "Why Alucard, why did you protect your brother when he killed Jessa? She was the best of us, the greatest of the Princes. We all loved her," Nemo's voice lowers. "When he killed her, your brother should have been staked. That is the law Alucard. You were stripped of the title Prince for opposing it. So tell me why. Why do you protect your brother, instead of dolling out the justice the nightclan demands?"
"I could say I protected him because of his abilities as a warrior and thusly his worth. That I saw the value of a warrior who had lost all reason to live or reason for mercy. But that would be a lie.

I could say I protected him because I thought someday he may be able to redeem himself and return to the fold. That his soiled honor could somehow be repaired. But that too, would be a lie.

I could even say that his hand was forced. That he would have never killed her unless he had no other option. That I saw his sentence as.... Excessive for a crime that he surely would never have done otherwise. Alas Captain Nemo.... That would be a lie as well.

I protected him, truthfully, because he was my brother. My family. I could not bear to see him die in agony when he had already died inside... Her death shattered him. He died at the moment she did, her heart upon his blade.

Perhaps leaving him alive is a punishment I continue to bestow upon him. He accepts it. He remains in a jar until he is required. He is alone otherwise. Alone with his thoughts... Alone with his guilt... Alone with her ghost... Perhaps I should have let them kill him.. But like I said..... He is my brother captain Nemo. I could not bear it. I would join him in death before allowing him to die like that.

I hope you can understand... In our eternities our family is everything. No matter his crimes, no matter his past. He is my brother. Forever and always. I would die to keep him safe."

>Nemo is quiet for a long time. You hear the ticking of an ancient terran clock among the war trophies. The prince of the Bone Fleet is staring off into the space beside you, as if remembering something.
>Finally he takes a chalice from his desk and fills it with a dark red liquid. Nemo takes a long drink from it, then wipes his mouth with the sleeve of his captain's cloak.
>"Family," He says, handing you the chalice. "The oldest tradition of all. You have my vote Alucard. I will never forgive your brother for what he did, nor will I forgive you for protecting him. But I will respect that now that Jessa is dead, you are the best among us, and the one who should lead the Night Clan in the coming centuries."

>The votes are cast, the winner is picked. Captain Alucard of the Black Fleet is now Alucard Khan of the Fleet of Souls, Khan of Khans, Lord of Princes, Leader to all Nightclan.

>New Ability gained
The Call of the Khan
>You may summon any number of the Prince Fleets to aid you
File: 1498890258542.jpg (2.53 MB, 1920x1080)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB JPG
And that concludes turn 7

Turn 8 dropping after a break
Does this bolster my numbers with any ships or introduce any units?
Gonna post my unit list so i can remember it.

Ghouls: 9
Jisham: 2

Redcaps: 2
Whitecaps: 1
Pollinators: 0

Winged Jisham: 4
Natural Selectors: 2
Spore Bags: 0

Frigates: 7
Cruisers: 1
Capital Ships: 1
Yes, you won't have them all the time, but when you call each of the fleets has ships and unique units
File: maxresdefault.jpg (351 KB, 1920x1080)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
Baley's Qaudrant
Turn 8
33rd cycle of month Tycurus, 3451 AL


Developing Situation: Priority 1 Master Post

2nd Willhiem Empire
>At 09:00 standard time we lost contact with the entirety of the Hamburg system. A total system signal blackout is not only unprecedented, but impossible. What's more, instruments outside the system recorded the Hamburg system's star going super nova. We have no further information at this time
>Send team
>Send Hero
>Sen Units

Equalist Republic of Tang
>One cliq ago, the Yangzhe System went dark. We have been unable to make contact with anyone inside the system, and a passing military patrol recorded the twin-suns going super nova. Our instruments can not pierce through the light that has enveloped the system.
>Send Team
>Send Hero
>Send Units

Citadel Corporations
>As of 09:00 standard time, we have lost contact with Moloch on both the Netsphere and base reality. We have been unable to contact any of their representatives, and their headquarter system has gone net-dark, as well as signal-dark. There is incoming data of a possible super nova. The GroupAI advocate immediate action.
>Send Team
>Send Hero
>Send Units

Crimson Union
>The Moscovite System has disappeared from our instruments. All attempts to contact anyone inside the system have failed. Our deep stations have detected a supernova in the suncluster at the center of the massive Moscovite system. Our scientists detect traces of higher-dimensional waves, similar to the kind the Space Rays emit.
>Send Team
>Send Hero
>Send Units

Black Fleet
>You sit in Nepath-Ra's fortress, now your fortress. Hundreds of the most elite Night Clan have gathered in your throne room. A science-slave is explaining to you why the star Nemorica orbits is going super-nova. He cannot actually explain it. The science-slave suggests a total evacuation, and for the fleets to move out of the system before the blast waves reach the planet.

The Spore
>They are here, now and forever, and they are forming their bridges. What they do not realize, is as the higher planes bleed in and fuel their frenzied feeding, so too, is the Dark Star strengthened. For everything they do to strengthen themselves, strengthens us as well. The Spore will not burn.
>The Dark Star is now able to bring us anywhere in the quadrant, without the Sporelords focused efforts.
>We now have the SpawnEbb ability, rolling 1d10 to spontaneously generate units.
Full evacuation. Muster the Fleets and gather all troops. We must take a new home planet.
File: IMG_9787.jpg (160 KB, 1024x672)
160 KB
160 KB JPG

Quarantine the system. No one gets in without a proper order form. We send an investigation team in with all ships on standby. We don't know what hit us and we don't know who hit us but it hit hard and it hit fast. What I want to know is why the fucking head of Moloch left the Citadel. Ask around at the Citadel to see what they were doing before it went dark perhaps someone has some answers or the investigation team finds some for us.

All personnel on high alert until we understand what happened.

Black Fleet Reply 1

>The Fleet of Souls, The Blood Fleet, The Blade Fleet, The Burgundy Fleet and the Bone Fleet, as well as a refugee fleet of those on Nemorica hastily put the system behind them. The nearest stargate is one system over, and leads back to the Bailey Quadrant at the edge of Union Space. There are however, other star gates leading to other parts of the galaxy.

Citadel Reply 1
>Our initial report states that the head of Moloch was using a remote operated alter-self at the citadel, while his prime form rested deep within a super fortress in the Moloch system. When the system went dark the alter-self ceased functioning.
>We lost contact with our investigatory team the second they passed the first planet of the system. Our long range observatory gear cannot get a clear picture of the system because of an unusually high light output emanating from the supernova.
We can wait to see if they come back out, try something else, or simply maintain the quarantine.
Maintain the Quarantine. If the alterself died then there may be no hope at retrieving the prime unless it's entirely based on the net sphere system which would make sense due to the systems Star interference.

Run scans on the Star from afar. What are the readouts? If we can get a team past the jump gate the we can move a telescope to just the edge of the system.
I'd like to begin a survey of the mafia system for resources, the construction of 1 redcap and 2 jishams and a new research into making our mining better.
My research on making jishams cheaper should be complete yes?
Rolled 4 (1d10)

Forgot SpawnEbb roll.
Equalist Republic of Tang

I just finshed yeard work
And just cleaning up
Il post things then if its ok
Also what im into do?
File: 1498164932176.jpg (219 KB, 1000x1414)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
Welcome back dustbunny, hope canada day was amazing

>You can respond to this crisis one of several ways. You have investigation teams, diplomacy teams, heroes and units.
>Sending an investigation or diplomacy team will usually give you an idea and the perimeters of the situation. If you want a dice-boosted indepth sidequest you can send heroes, or if you want to go scorched earth solutions you can send units. Heroes can also tag along with teams and units for extra dice power.

You Heroes
>Sin the Silent Monk (multi class)
>The Sharp Pawed Cat (combat class)

Your Forces
>Equalist Milita (10 units)
>Equalist Guard (6 units)
>Grasshopper Droids (3 units)
>Grasshopper Mechs (2)
>Divine Spear (2)
>Divine Hammer (1)

>Divine Wind (3)
>Heaven's Wrath (1)

> Frigates (8)
>Capital Ships (2)
>Capital Ships (1)

Spore Reply 1

Roll 1d10 for resource survey of Mafia System

>Research for better Jisham spawning has been completed.
>A Redcap unit has begun growing.

>You rolled for one unit of your recon class infantry unit. The unit has manifested in the orbit of the Dark Star, where you quickly pick them up.
Hay yer it was pretty good

Il send
investigation team
>Sin the Silent Monk
>Equalist Guard 2
Equalist Milita 4
Grasshopper Mechs1
Divine Wind1

Frigates 3
Capital Ships (1)
Hows this?
Also y are 2 of the capital ships in differnt things?
Search the other stargates. We must select a isolated, defensible system to claim as a new home.

(Large asteroid fields, rogue planets, etc will do)
Rolled 10 (1d10)

Do i roll?
Op is having internet problems. He said on discord he'll be back soon.
Looks like Op's shit is fucked right now. He'll probably update tomorrow. Said so on discord.
No worrys see you guys then
I, Chancellor of the Wilhiem Empire, HEREBY COMMAND to act on this pressing matter,

>To dispatch an inestigation fleet headed by Dr. Croenenburg composed of 1 Capital Ship, 5 Frigates ,2 Cruisers and 1 Luftiger. They shall be manned by 1 Saint, 5 Housecarls, 1 Stormtroop and 1 Nacht-legion. Let's hope to solve this incident as soon as possible.
>Unfinished Business

“A sector wide catastrophe, you say? Mya, get me on the phone with those KFC ships on the Kiev system. Time for some sweet debt relief”:

-Hello, pathetic capitalist swine. You may have detected that an entire star system has gone into supernova. You might have also detected that that system held an impressive amount of troops of the KFC. I assure you that those “accidents” are not in fact coincidence. Though the aim of our new superweapon was a little off and we did not expect such unfortunate reverberations across the sector, our aim and control of it are, in the moment, much more polished. If you still value your lives and do not want us to get this device out of the sector and into your company´s face, you will immediately abandon the Kiev system never to return. I will expect a delegation of yours to reach my capital next cycle in order to renegotiate the conditions of debt payment. Goodbye and think of how your loved ones would cry if we killed all of you.

(make this a private self-destruct message, don´t want to get this kind of bad press)

>Okay, now let´s get into this sector wide catastrophe

Research: offer all factions (including the Black Fleet and the Caliphate) to get a joint research into this thing, whatever that is. Freely offer to share data of our knowledge of extra-dimensional beings and happenings.

Black Fleet:

-Some Comrades have questioned my state of mind when I offered the deal to Black Fleet. While I do not want to turn this session into a pointing-the-finger match, I would like to remain our fellow Equalist that the danger supposed by the simultaneous supernovas happening all around the sector. We need to achieve full cooperation between every faction in order to devise a solution that will get us out of this mess. That is why I have sent an offer to the Black Fleet that allows them to temporally lay their headquarters in Preada, if they promise to stop all raids in Union or Caliphate Space and they agree to join the joint research enterprise.

Black Fleet Reply 2

>A quick survey shows that your sector north eventually contains a gate to the Orion Belt. The sector east is the gate leading to Union Space in the Baley Quadrant. To your south, a long ways away, is the gate leading to Hadrian's Wall. And to the west is the gate leading to a region of space called The Forrest, heavily populated sectors all crammed together in a never-ending cycle of growth, prosperity and destruction.

Equalist Republic of Tang Reply 1

>Sin sits in a chair on the command deck of the Capital Ship <Insert Name>. Next to him sits Admiral Lao Min. Below them, the wall of the commandroom contains one giant viewing screen giving a crystal clear image of space outside. And through that screen, both watch light flicker out from the Yangzhe system.
>"What do we know?" Sin says, his eyes still transfixed by the waves of the super nova. Next to him Admiral Lao Min shakes her head.
>"Nothing. We know nothing."
>"Nothing is very dangerous," Sin says, breathing deeply in a meditative way. "But so is knowing." He opens his eyes to give the Admiral a wink. "Everything will kill you, so why not just see what happens?"
>"That is idiotic, I should have never allowed you on the command deck," The Admiral says.
>"I beat the governor of this system at gankshe without playing a single note. I have a habit of being helpful in interesting ways,"
>"Admiral!" A crewmen shouts from a control panel. "We've passed into the range of the supernova wave residual!"
>"Comms down!" Another crewmen shouts. "Signals are completely ineffective!"
>"Switch to flash commands," The Admiral orders. "We'll have to visually order each other around."

>Ahead of you is the Yangzhe sun going supernova. The instruments that still work record the explosion is stalling, but cannot determine why. There are strange streaks arcing out from the explosion, as well as strange rings of fire wider then some moons. The rings seem to be rippling aimlessly around system, almost like jellyfish.
>There are three planets in the system not engulfed by the supernova. The gas giant Pao, the small rocky planet Tiges and a medium sized planet with many moons called...Many Moons.

>"Admiral!" A tech shouts. "Observation posts on the prow report an arc of light shooting from the supernova has changed course!"
>"That's impossible," The Admiral murmurs, loud enough for Sin the Silent Monk to hear.
>"Admiral!" Another crewmen shouts. "Bottom observation posts report one of the giant rings is slowly turning itself towards us!"

Roll 2d10 for Sin the Silent Monk's specialties
Choose in which direction you want to go (one of the planets, towards something, etc)

Citadel Reply 2

>Wave Scans are the only instrument not rendered ineffective by the supernova's energy output. They record spikes in power that have the GroupAI's practically frying themselves in fascination. The analyst predict that in only a couple cycles, a strange expanding series of anomalies, if they continue their current trajectory and speed, will exit Moloch space at lightspeed heading towards other systems.

Spore Reply 2

>Through Surveying the Mafia System, you have discovered a series of untapped veins of Unobtanium on the Crypt world. Interestingly enough, had you not completely absorbed the crypt ISP's, the Unobtanium would have eventually slow poisoned them all.
Rolled 3 (1d10)

Intelligence roll
Rolled 1, 10 = 11 (2d10)

Well then
Move away from the jelly rings mybe fire off a round to see what happens and then go to many moons to watch aome more
The moons should help hide us
Is the rolls bashed of thr total number or do crits help ether way?

2nd Willhiem Empire, Reply 1

>Doktor Cronenburg stands in a lab aboard the Willhiem Capital Ship leading a fleet towards the Hamburg system. He watches a large screen dominating one of the lab walls. It displays the system, and what little information the ship's instruments have gathered.
>A lieutenant stands behind the Doktor. "What do you think it is?" The lieutenant says, peering at the same screen.
>"Hmrph," Cronenburg says, turning away from the screen. "Who knows. I am not an astronomer nor do I understand the physics at work in celestial bodies. I am a surgeon and an excellent chemist, so I will not guess."
>"But doktor, are you not also a physicists? Surely you can,"
>"I will not,"
>A low hum rebounds through the ship, and several lights in the lab flicker in warning. "Ah," the doktor points up at the ceiling. "And that would be communications. It is as I thought, we will not be able to send transmission inside the effect field of the supernova,"
>"So you do have a guess," The lieutenant says, gazing intently at the screen as if enemies were about to reveal themselves.
>"Let us pray I am wrong, for at best it is a wholly natural and wholly destructive force, and at worst it is an intrusion of malicious intent,"
>The door to the lab clangs open, and a ship-runner leans against the frame breathing heavily. "Doktor Cronenburg," She gasps, accepting the arm of the lieutenant for support. "They need you at the command deck, right now,"
>After a short ride aboard the transit rail, Doktor Cronenburg, the lieutenant, and the runner arrive at the Command Deck. "What is the situation?" the Doktor asks. The fleet admiral turns to him.
>"According to the techs, the supernova has stalled, but is emitting strange arcs of energy and light in random directions. There also appear to be rings of fire surrounding one of the planets, interlocking in ways we can't understand."

Choose an action or a direction
10's in any situation are always good in this setting

A Threatening Transmission
>The KFC are incredibly alarmed, as they have apparently had intelligence on your weapon's test. Reports indicate they are retreating all across the Baley Qaudrant back towards the Orion Belt. Whether this is because of your threat, or something else, is anyone's guess.

>The Black Fleet is not responding on the normal channels, but the Caliphate has completely turned to you for assistance and research collaboration. Most of the Sultan's scientific teams are geared towards gate optimization and control, but he quickly retasks them with the supernovas happening in his own system. So far his scientists share with you that the supernovas are following an as-not-yet-understood pattern of energy spikes and then stalling. The energy spikes send strange arcs headed out in all directions towards other systems.
Thats good to know but i rolled a 1 as well and thats bad then
So something bad happens but also something good?
Or would they just block each other
With multi class hero's like Sin the high number is what matters, think of it like rolling 2 chances
>Hadrians wall. We will require a safe space to reestablish ourselves
Thats nice
Im doing yeatd work
But il keep posting when i see
File: 1498885196098.jpg (317 KB, 1011x727)
317 KB
317 KB JPG

Equalist Republic of Space

>"Target, fire!"
>The capital ship releases a single round from its HIK Cannon. The high velocity shell shrieks towards the ring at incredible speeds.
>"5 clicks till impact! 4 clicks! 3 clicks! 2 clicks!"
>"Instruments detecting increased energy generating inside the ring! Energy at at 10,000 Megahexes and rising!"
>"We've lost track of the HIK shell!" Eneregy inside the ring is now at 16,000 megahexes!"
>"The light arc we've been tracking has increased speed and zeroed in on our trajectory!"
>"20,000 megahexes and rising!"
>The Admiral leaps from her chair. "Evasive Maneuvers! Now!

Roll 4d10 for evasive maneuvers

>You will arrive at the Gate to Hadrian's Wall next turn. Strangely enough, two beams of light are emitting from the system Nemorica was in. They've changed course three times in the last hour, which is of course, impossible. Certainly something to keep an eye on, as they appear to be angling towards us.
What the hell am I supposed to do?

Let's think. A star eating thing is on a rampage throughout the quad and I'm guessing they use stars as a fuel. Stars create heat. Can we build a hypothetical bucket and pour water on it?

Research something that can freeze a star.
Rolled 6, 4, 7, 2 = 19 (4d10)

Rolled 8 (1d10)

rolling for intelligence

I, Chancellor of the Wilhemian Empire, HEREBY COMMAND:

>the expeditionary fleet to fall back into a safe position away from the arcs and begin studying the emissions. The fleet shall not lower their defenses, we do not know yet the origin of the supernova.

The Wilhiem Empire accepts this offer. This issue affects the entire quadrant and no factional differences shall affect this.

>Your fleet ignites all thrusters, scattering at four angles. Moments later a large column of white fire appears where the fleet was, heating the surrounding space to 100,000 Kelvins in half a second.
>"Visually signal to all ships to head for the moons!" The admiral says.
>They do, and the arcs of light grow dark behind them, as if powering down. A moment later they explode, growing even brighter, and pursue after the fleet with renewed vigor.
>Below, the ring of fire interlocks with another ring, and a third one floats towards them, as if to join as well.
>The ships arrive in Many Moons gravitational pull. It is quite substantial. You could hide among the moons and asteroid field that surrounds the planet, or any other action at this time.
Send one friget ship far enguh to use coms to inform other people
About what is happening
We can use morse code to keep them updated

Hide in the moons and keep watching what happens

Also is there anything i can do back on home base with upgrading or things?
Let's mine that Unobtanium.
Also i forgot this last time, start moving the 1 Billion pop to another planet to we can get those ships.
>Start Evacuation Protocol Liennenstag and the Central System

Use the whole assembled fleet in order to carry them to a safe place, leaving only two frigates to monitor the supernova being evolution and direction

>Built a second Tower in Kiev
Continue to evade, all ships on high alert. The Nightclans are being hunted. Send a messenger to Citadel and union space. We will assist their efforts
++++++++++SECRET COMMUNICATIONS+++++++++

With our newly acquired we shall arm ourselves with [REDACTED]. We shall also begin negotiations with our partners for Project Chrysanthemum, to be completed next turn.

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