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Rolled 61, 49, 31, 73, 2 = 216 (5d100)

The Raiders – Part 22

Your Cadre, as you asked, is ready to travel almost at once. Each of them possesses an extradimensional container of some sort or another, where much of the personal items they may need are stored. You're no exception of course; you have always preferred to travel light, though. Self-reliance has prevented you from falling into a variety of bad habits you have watched others indulge in.

The Silver Swords transfer the knowledge of the lair's location into your minds, along with the territories nearby. The greatest difficulty is always the same: arrival would ordinarily place you anywhere from a few to a few hundred miles from the Lair itself. As a result, making the Lairs deep beneath the ground is the most expedient method of getting there accurately. It usually ends up with many suffering from painful injuries as their bodies attempt to materialize in solid rock, but it is far better than arriving in the open and attempting stealth to get to the Lair unnoticed.

Especially on the back of dragons.

The ability isn't entirely natural to your species, of course. The development of the ability to project oneself from the Astral to the Physical entirely is innate now, but the method and secrets of how it was hardwired into the githyanki body or mind are lost secrets. Or at the very least, secrets that are well kept. Those spellcasters and gish of a more philosophical bent argue over the source of the ability indefinitely, but the only one who might actually know....well, seeing Her Majesty up close has a way of changing a githyanki. Assuming they survive the experience.

The Guild of Acquisitions has dispersed, flying throughout the Conclave and delivering the forked metal rods that will allow you to focus upon the correct material plane to commence the Raid upon. While not strictly necessary to use the ability to shift to a material plan, the possession of such a rod guarantees that one will not end up in a different material world than one's brethren. The inherent difficulty of selecting one particular material plan to invade is the duty of scouts; building a fork to guide the raiders to the correct realm is another part of their job.

You most likely aren't the first to wonder about creating a rod unseen and untouched by others, you imagine, but you can't help but wonder at that very thing once more as you take the bronze rod with tips of colorfully banded agate in hand. The rod resembles a tuning fork, used to make the sound of an instrument a specific tone as you understand it, but greatly enlarged. The heavy bronze is warm to the touch, and you can feel the intense latent energies of the thing the pull that it generates through the Astral towards a curtain of flowing energies somewhere out in the Fundament. The prongs are tipped with cylindrical hooks of the banded agate, and lozenge shaped one covers the base of it.
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You grip the soft metal firmly, though not tightly, and offer it to your companions as they rise from their seats or step closer if standing. They touch it, eyes closed, feeling the alien energies of the rod, attuning their minds to the sensation it imparts. They open their eyes and look to you, awaiting your first command as Leader on Dunzamn's Great Raid.

[] Have them all meet on the field immediately and prepare for transition.
[] Give them one last Turning to complete any leftover tasks before meeting while you prepare Yzia.
[] Ask them if there are any last warnings for their companions anyone wishes to deliver....
[] Draw Siobhan and make them repeat their Oaths to Serve you.
[] Discuss strategy for carving out a niche in the Lair for yourselves upon arrival.
[] Write in?
All Siobhan can think and sing about is spilling all that rich elven blood.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/XsQuestmistress

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/5H8tWFRe

Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1617969/

>Akko, like all her kind, has a measure of psychic ability. She will simply use most of these powers without prompting, instinctively, when appropriate. Her spells are another matter.
>She is a high ranking Gish, and may give orders to low ranking Knights; mid-ranked Warriors; high ranking Spellcasters, Skulkers, and Murderers; and any Gish lower ranked than herself.
>True Silver Sword: Siobhan
Siobhan offers her opinions and advice on matters when a vote is called for, drawing on Akko's potent intellect and voicing subconscious thoughts for her to consider.
>Current Spell Selection
Slaver Set Enhanced (Marauder) – heavy subdual and mass combat, moderate utility, moderate defense/buffs + a few really destructive spells.

>Current Cadre:
Yzia: Adult Mythic Solar Dragon, lover and companion. She may carry Akko and five others.
Falna: Mid-ranked Warrior (Unstable position); Class:Slayer, bound by Oath.
>Silver Sword: Malnae
Yashi: High-ranked Illusionist (Your Spellcaster); Class:Illusionist Wizard, Bound by Oath only; you have a Not-Silver Sword for her.
Tzanzi: High-ranked Murderer (First in Command); Class:Pureblade Slayer, Bound by Oath and Friendship.
Auena: Mid-ranked Gish (Yzia's new quarry); Class:Psychic Warrior, bound by Oath.
Schechei: Mid-ranked Gish (mated to Falna); Class:Magus, bound by Oath, due to receive her Silver Sword soon.
Kteine: Mid-ranked Gish (your adoptive daughter and acolyte); Class: Psychic Warrior, bound by Oath, due to receive her Silver Sword soon.

>Akko's Current Supreme Leader
Dunzamn, a Lord Knight with a True Silver Sword (Voorsi), leader of the Raid upon the Elven and Human Kingdoms of Iridaiya and Boggsteading, respectively.

Character Sheet always In Progress: https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=1009380

Spell Book: http://pastebin.com/WjH8UfyY
Shit, I missed that you were starting earlier tonight, my apologies
>[X] Discuss strategy for carving out a niche in the Lair for yourselves upon arrival.
Does Aeuna have the most recent experience with raids? I know she's been in the Material long enough to be curvy (by GIthyanki standards at least), because she might have some tips.

[] Ask them if there are any last warnings for their companions anyone wishes to deliver....
Also could you elaborate on what this means, I'm having trouble understanding it.
Akko is not the only githyanki to have enemies. It's literally a request for any warnings or concerns that your Cadre members might want to warn the rest about.

I forgot the holiday.
In that case I'd like to vote for that as well.

And yeah the date could be a factor.
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Given the lack of responses and the date, I will call this thread a failure, and try again next Sunday, hopefully with more sleep.

Many apologies.
Sorry it didn't work out tonight, and for being late. Hope you have a good 4th of July, even if that just means it being relatively quiet where you are.
No dice. I work in the hotel industry in a very intensely traveled location.

I will keep the faith. We'll see what happens next weekened.
Thank you for running, XS.
But I failed to do so. Hope to see you next weekend though.
Oh boy, I'm awake! Aaand too late. Damn.

I'm really sorry to not have been here. I thought about this thread when I woke up, but then I've done something else and forgot.

Don't think of this as a failure.
Sorry for not being here either. I should probably get used to using twitter for something.
Thew stars were merely misaligned for this weekend is all. It happens, usually on holidays. I work all of them, so I never think about them, myself. I appreciate the support, and will continue this premise next weekend.
Looking forward to it! Hopefully you spent your free questing time on relaxing instead.
Not as such.
My building has free fiber, but it's on a dynamic ip, thus no shitposting asset home. I'm usually busy at work when you're running, so I mostly get to read. See you next week, and I'll try to post cuteness when I get home tomorrow in the morning.
Reading is appreciated as well.

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