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In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is only war. Imperium of Man, once strong and proud, now is slowly crumbling, whole regions of space are lost to the horrors that lurk in the darkness of the void. Sector Deus is just one of the thousands of Imperial provinces that form the front line in the war to defend Humanity itself. Corruption from within and aggression from without threaten it. But the Emperor sends us hope. High Lords of Terra commissioned a Chapter of Adeptus Astartes, finest warriors Humanity has ever seen, to defend this region of space. They are the last line of defence that hold Age of Ruin at bay. They are the Ghosts of Retribution and this is their tale.


Chapter Chronicles and starting point for the novice initiates:

Datalogs from the previous thread:

Battle voxcaster frequency, all allies are welcome to join:

+Your time is your most precious ammunition.+
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Okay so we wanna take the recently captured witch to the =][= so she can be interrogated with inquisitorial witnesses. I want one of the SoBs we have witnessing as well.

I'm sure the =][= knows what they're doing but priority questions are confirmation that she works for/with Ursus and tried to assassinate Hagen.

Secondly. Cagirates mentioned that Ursus gave all the honour guard marines personalised rings. Examine Cagirates' ring extensively, have Seran look at it.

Finally something I remembered from awhile ago. The crashed thunderhawk on Sygma-477, the one that was filled with dead blank armoured marines. The footprints from the crash led to a facility in a forbidden zone.
Now that Hagen is in our pocket, the Imperial Navy will allow us entry. I propose we send Geron, the revenants and a few scouts over there to check it out, low profile.
If we do send some forces why not include a Librarian

Because 5/10 it's usually Alien/Heretical/Demonic Voodoo bullshit
Ideally a Epistolary
now that we have 2 new librarians, i suggest sendin one of those as we might need trianon for big things and i dun wanna have him chasin errants.
also include chaplain apothecary and techmarine to have what we need. whatever we need
File: come here, xeno.jpg (140 KB, 452x751)
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140 KB JPG
Thy will be done. To whom exactly do you want to deliver her?

Roll secret roll for Seran, d100

>Downed thunderhawk on Sygma-477
That will be an operation, sir. Please present force, commander, etc.
second this composition. The librarian, chaplain, apothecary & techmarine are in reserve to offer technical expertise when needed
Rolled 7 (1d100)

>To whom exactly do you want to deliver her?
I don't want to deliver her exactly. She should never leave our hands or possession. We need the =][='s interrogation expertise and we need them to hear the answers first hand (as well as the SoB so she can tell Engel).
I figure Garant would be the person to go to.

Rolling for Seran.
Furthermore, we never actually heard the result of our talk with Sector Command over the attitude towards a Kruun Reclamation campaign.

>I don't want to deliver her exactly. She should never leave our hands or possession.
we should also tell hagen. She did try to kill him, not telling him would be a MAJOR breach of trust
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152 KB JPG
Libriarian indeed is a powerful asset. However they are more than just weapons - they play a role in the life of the Chapter. For example Laxenos, one of the newly initiated librarians, is known for his... [d4]:
1. Love of theater
2. Respect for the arts
3. Interest in philosophy
4. Oratory skill

Meanwhile Vortigan, known for his combat prowess, finds himself at home on the battlefield and even when back at the Chapter he is a passionate... [d4]
1. Hunter
2. Duelist
3. Regicide player
4. Mountaineer
Rolled 1 (1d4)

For Mr. Sensitive Laxenos!
Rolled 3 (1d4)

rolin for vorti
Rolled 3 (1d4)

Rollan Vorty.
Are we going to assign stats to the new librarians, psychic levels, psychic powers, etc.?
File: guns of justice.jpg (684 KB, 1500x2000)
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684 KB JPG
Seran sits down in front of you. His battle-scarred, augmented face is far from happy. He throws down the ring in front of you.
>22% gold, 58% steel, 7% bone, 11% onyx, 2% wraithbone, just barely more than a speck of dust. Well hidden, good quality psychic conduit. On the way I dropped by Laxenos, he confirmed it after a closer examination. It is psychically inert until approached in a certain way, also seems to be customised to work for individual psyker. Laxenos said, that this, even if used by a weak, low level psyker, would enhance the effect exponentially. Those... Those bitches literally have our brothers on psychic leashes.
Seran is furious.


Do you want to summon Lord Inquisitor Garant to Tombstone and perform interrogation there?

I believe I mentioned this in the chat, but generally Imperium is always in favour of reclaiming lost territory, but there are no feelings of overwhelming support, after all Kruun is a footnote and Sector Command have more serious things to deal with. I don't recall, have you requested any specific resources? If you are just asking permission to go and liberate a world - you will be hailed as heroes, you don't require permission for that. Talk gets more serious when you request specific assets.

Where do you want to keep Hagen for now? Tombstone? Do you follow through with his plan of "temporarily" relocating Imperial Navy headquarters to Mormark?
Mission Name: Operation Dustmite

Leader: Scout Master Geron

Members: Geron, Revenants, ~10 Scouts. Librarian Vortigan. Chaplain Omniscio. Random Techmarine, Random Apothecary.

Transport/Vehicles: Hunter Squadron Alpha. Fast and discrete.

Equipment: Extensive detective and reconnaissance equipment. Multi-spectral recorders, DNA examiners, that sort of thing.

Primary Mission:

Firstly, have Hagen use his influence to give us access to the area.

Follow the tracks from the crashed thunderhawk into the facility and scout the area. Revenants in front, scouts closely supporting. The other marines in noisy power armour keep away and stay in radio contact to provide technical support and reinforcements if needed. See what's inside, record everything you see. Get a general idea of what the hell the facility is for.

Retreat at any signs of actual activity that could pose a threat.
>Seran is furious.
I don't suppose we have access to any button that will blow a tiny charge up in the ring fingers of the honour guards' power armour?

>Do you want to summon Lord Inquisitor Garant to Tombstone and perform interrogation there?
That would probably be best. Make sure he knows he should bring his interrogators.

>Where do you want to keep Hagen for now? Tombstone? Do you follow through with his plan of "temporarily" relocating Imperial Navy headquarters to Mormark?
I think we should keep him on the battle barge and make sure any craft that enters or leaves the ship is extensively scanned and searched. He can command the IN from there.

Also any result from sending the soulword to Kasting as he ran off? We need his input on these damn imperial assassins going after Hagen.
Already been done Trip.
>Do you want to summon Lord Inquisitor Garant to Tombstone and perform interrogation there?

Does he have any strongholds near Mormark that we know of? I'd rather do it there imo I feel like it's be a show of even more good faith if we bought a high heretic apostate to him directly. Also maybe we can scout out some potential assets
Assign Vortigan to Shadow of Soul. I assume we're going to stat both out.

Relocate Imperial Navy headquarters but on no account is Admiral Hagen to be in a static location. Rotate him through ships in his fleet on a random and unannounced basis. Spin it publicly as he's giving random inspections to ensure optimum fleet readiness.

You may discuss
Scratch that Laxenos seems the better choice
Laxenos can be often found sitting in the Librarium, turning pages of some old, half-forgotten opera or play, silently whispering words. In his free time he will try to convince (unsuccessfully) other brothers to start a performance troupe and relive the glories and drama of the ancients. His understanding of the human mind and soul gives him a special bond with the common people of the Imperium.

Laxenos gains the following:

Friend of the Mortals(+10) to social skills while dealing with unmodified humans.

Meanwhile Vortigan spends his free time creating new stratagems on how to pursue different paths from those of the ancient masters of regicide. Chapter Master's skill at regicide is legendary. Surprisingly, Vortigan has never played him. This is because he doesn't believe that he is ready. Because of this reason while Chapter Master is busy with other things, Vortigan is honing his skill at regicide, waiting for that fateful day...

He gains:
Intelligence +10
Regicide (+0)
Every year Vortigan's Regicide skill will increase by (1d3-1). Also due to the Obsession, improving non-Regicide related characteristics (Regicide, Strategy, Intelligence) will cost double, unless they are acquired by other means. Acquiring Regicide related characteristics (Regicide, Strategy, Intelligence) is cheaper.
i am against using a new marine in such an elevated position. Its simply not the way to do things and the lack of experience will hamper his efforts
File: turn the other cheek.jpg (197 KB, 900x657)
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197 KB JPG
After you speak with Hagen regarding this, he asks you for a few hours and returns with a neatly closed folder with Vermillion clearance seal.
>If your men want to explore Sector D44, they might want to read this. There was an accident in 308.M41.The exact details are unknown or censored on purpose, but an Inquisitor was supposed to meet someone in that region of Sygma-477. An unknown craft was registered entering that area, but it's a blind spot - navy sattelites don't have clear access to it. Something happened, possibly rendevouz went south, maybe it was planned as an ambush from the very beginning, but the craft that arrived was destroyed. Nearest base, outpost "H", reported that they are under attack and then we lost contact with them. When reinforcements arrived 3 hours later, the facility was already engulfed by a strong warp disturbance. As Sygma-477 doesn't have an atmosphere, ground assault would have been problematic and approaching with Valkyries could be suicidal. As per psykers' recommendation, facility was observed from a distance and when no signs of life where noticed, it was shelled until everyone who could have been inside was killed. From that day the area was quarantined, but the warp disturbance is still there. I have signed orders to give your brothers clearance to roam freely around sector D44, but be careful.

Detect Traps (d100)
Climbing (d100)
Awareness (d100)
Secret (d100)

>Tiny charge? Well, I guess sufficiently powerful psyker could try to do that, but I guess our brothers would lose a finger or two. But that is not their purpose, so it would be very hard.

Thomas Garant replies with a soulword saying that he is [d3]:
1. ...going to arrive within a few months
2. ...next year
3. ...is very busy and will send one of his subordinates in his stead, he should arrive next year.
One of the strengths of Inquisitorial secret bases and strongholds is that they are (usually) secret, so unfortunately you don't know of any, but you can ask him. However you are right - you can offer to take the prisoner to him and it will definitely please him more than dropping all of his business to come to you.


Note: scanning all of the craft and passengers every time will be VERY time consuming create a lot of problems in the long term, also efficiency will decrease with time.

Kasting remains silent.

For now this decision is a draw, so Laxenos will remain a common Librarian.
Rolled 2 (1d3)

Garant's arrival

The marines on Sygma-477 are to be EXTREMELY cautious.

Fine make Laxenos Shadow of Soul.
Rolled 48 (1d100)

Detect traps
Rolled 50 (1d100)

>Climbing (d100)
Rolled 75 (1d100)

Secret (d100)

Rolled 13 (1d100)

>Awareness (d100)
For the sake of expedience we will assume that over the following year Ghosts of Retribution have arranged meetings with all of the major faction leaders. Some meeting were very secretive, others were very official, in all cases precautions were taken to make sure that no information is leaked back to the Ursus apart from what he might already suspect. Below you can see descriptions of positions that all of the factions have taken so far on the issue. Some of them are more, others less pro-Ursus. Depending on this, getting some of them to join your camp will be harder than others. These negotiations will use up a lot of time, so next thread we will celebrate new year.

Astrobelus Kest & the Ecclesiarchy wants the following in exchange for their support (any 2, must pick either 1 or 5 among them):
1. Alliance with the GoR, dismantle alliance with Nestorium OR dismantle Nestorium power structures – forbid deployment of troops unless mandated by the Sector Governor
2. Crackdown on merchants, intelligentsia & artists (will anger Merchants & Nobles)
3. Institution of additional Ministorium taxes across the Sector
4. Extermination campaign of all non-humans (includes abhumans) across the worlds of Sector Deus
5. Breaking of Eldar accords

Nobility has less demands, but they want at least 2 out of 3:
1. Establishment of Noble Council that could veto Sector Lord
2. Special privileges from taxation (clashes with Ecclesiarchy's no. 3)
3. Permission to own personal regiments & small fleets

Merchants & Financial elite will be content with 2 of these 3 conditions:
1. Reduce Sector-wide taxation on merchants (clashes with Ecclesiarchy's no. 3)
2. Implement price controls that will force Nestorium to sell machinery cheaper (angers Nestorium)
3. Lift prohibition to trade in xeno artifacts with frontier worlds (clashes with Arbiter's no.3)
4. Massive bribery campaign [500W (can be reduced with skill rolls]

Arbiters are neutral on the issue. You have met with Chief Judge Heliostramus and discussed with him possibility that there might be a big conspiracy in the upper levels of the government, without revealing names. Heliostramus claimed that he will not interfere unless two of the following three conditions are met:
1. Creation of special anti-corruption unit that would have unlimited authority in monitoring Imperial Nobility (angers Nobility)
2. Retaking of Kruun and establishment of an Arbiter-led penal world
3. Tighter laws on xeno-artifact trade (clashes with Merchant's no. 3)

File: Drakkon smiling.jpg (156 KB, 800x800)
156 KB
156 KB JPG

Sisters of Battle will only join coup if there’s clear evidence of heresy or corruption and one of the following conditions is met:
1. Direct stipend from Sector Treasury to establish a major covenant on Tachion Primaris (greatly increased SoB presence in Sector Deus)
2. Sector Forge Worlds are ordered to supply the Order with equipment free of charge (angers Mechanicum)
3. Chapter Master of the Ghosts of Retribution gives himself up for 10 years of penitence in the dungeons of the Order of the Bloody Tears

The trickiest of all factions to approach is the Imperial Guard, after all it is commanded by the brother of Larion Ursus, Drakkon. Here you have a few different, but all dangerous, approaches:
a) Get Drakkon to help you with the coup. You suspect that he will want either to become Sector Governor or to have unlimited power as an eternal advisor to the puppet on the throne.
b) Organise a group of officers in the Imperial Guard to overthrow Drakkon as the coup starts – this might be very dangerous and could lead to a civil war, but if successful would be very beneficial to you. Also you could pick whoever would become the next head of the Imperial Guard.
c) Use an outside agency, possibly Inquisition, secret police or Tachionian PDF to arrest Drakkon and confuse Imperial Guard for long enough that they would be faced with the fact of the successful coup and wouldn’t have time to react. This might require additional favours and careful planning.
d) Assassinate Drakkon, sabotage communication networks, possibly create further chaos using different means and keep Imperial Guard occupied while the coup is happening

For the purposes of getting legitimacy from the HLoT only options A and B will work. Options C and D will remove guard from the picture, but will not make it count towards your final support.

Also I believe that you already have conditions from Inquisition and Adeptus Mechanicus, please repost them here so that we could have everything in one thread. Imperial Navy is already in your pocket because of Hagen.

So if we acquire strong, concrete evidence that Larion Ursus is a heretic (ie rogue witches in his court) can we expect to see these demands lessened?
AdMech demands:
Two of the following:
1. Dismantling of Ministorium power structures
2. Help in convincing Mars to legitimize Nestorian Learners (might cost Favour)
3. Subjugation of all other Forge worlds within Sector Deus under Nestorian influence
4. Giving up 50% of your Vardan cybernetics industry output for Nestorian machines

Garant's/Inquisition's demands
1. Get support from the High Lords and legitimise your coup, ideally before you start it. I don't want to be a rebel.

2. You will permanently second me a squad of your marines to act as my bodyguards and followers on my missions. This will take effect as soon as coup will begin, I prefer to survive it.

3. Your new Sector will require a government. Allow me to have an input when forming it, I have a few people in mind that will be loyal and capable.

4. Serenia will be abandoned by the Imperium. Aforementioned people in the government will help us do that.

5. Chapter will owe me a single favour. It might be something serious, that could potentially require the whole Chapter to mobilise. If you are unwilling to do this, I will require a compensation of sufficient value that would allow me to get such firepower through other means, let's say around 400W. I understand that Chapters don't hoard riches, so I would be willing to take this amount directly from the Imperial treasury, through my proxies, ofcourse, after the fall of Ursus administration.
Correct. Especially Imperial Law factions (Arbitres, SoB and Inquisition) will reduce their demands significantly or outright support you with no questions asked, because it will look less like you trying to arrange a coup for a personal power grab. Other factions will care about it less, but their demands will decrease.

Thank you!
We will resolve Disaster at D44 next session. Also Garant will arrive next session - next year. Laxenos accept the position of Soul Shadow gratefully, please roll d100 on how Vortigan, older brother, reacts.
File: why even live.png (131 KB, 288x339)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
>Disaster at D44

>Brother Vortigan, I believe your skills would suit the chapter best on the front lines of battle where you can unleash your full fury. I think Laxenos is better suited to supporting my own psychic efforts in battle. Please do not take this as any judgement on your respective powers.
Rolled 49 (1d100)

Rolled 65 (1d100)

Vortigan is a loving and understanding brother
File: 1268498003658.jpg (321 KB, 609x804)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
>I... I will not, Chapter Master. He is worth it, I know it in my heart and I am proud of him. Very much.
He leaves.

>Astrobelus Kest & the Ecclesiarchy

1 seems doable if we can get Mormark on the council
2 is skip but maybe fallback plan
3 is doable depending on how large

1 skip sector needs money but might be backup
2 maybe depending on how severe. We can take a small hit to our rep with Nestorium
3 nope
4 get Eliam Bellisarius to pay as revenge for the extermination of his family

>Arbiters seems easiest of the group
1 would be a good check on the nobility especially if they are allowed ships and regiments
2 we were planning to do this anyways
3 I'm generally in favor of this anyways
reminder to ask about chapter xp costs and time limits for giving NPCs additional psy rating
>Sisters of Battle
Seems hard. I'd skip unless we get big concessions from revelations of witches in the sector court

>Imperial guard
B seems the only long term option but maybe c if we show Drakkon that the governor is diddling his daughter

1 well ministorum hates us anyways....
2 probably a good idea anyways and our mission to mars suggests that it probably wouldn't cost too much
3 eh. Feel like we might regret this later
4 I'm willing to make a personal sacrifice here

1 already have it
2 we've already had this discussion. Secunding bodyguards has gone very bad for us. We will guarantee a squad for any legitimate mission
3 fine. The price of doing politics
4 o-o-ok?
5 either is tough but livable. Deployment is probably cheaper so long as it is a legitimate target
File: force recce.jpg (342 KB, 720x1200)
342 KB
342 KB JPG

Which do you want to resolve first?

>Sygma-477 operation
>Inquisitorial interrogation of the prisoner
>Inquisitorial interrogation of the prisoner
Really interested in this personally.
File: 1341875203620.jpg (127 KB, 900x608)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
+New Year+
As the Chapter dedicated the rest of the year to negotiate with different factions around the Sector, year 357.M41 rolls around.

+Chapter loses 1d3% heresy
+Chapter Master gains 1 XP
+d100 for Sector events
+d100 for Chapter events
+Generate income as appropriate

Also, Inquisitor Lord Tomas Garant arrives to Mormark to conduct interrogation on your prisoner, one of the ladies who served Ursus dynasty and helped to pacify the marines of the Honour Guard... How do you prefer to conduct the interrogation?
a) Allow Lord Inquisitor full autonomy
b) Participate and interrogate together
c) Interrogate and allow him to observe

If you want to participate in the interrogation yourself, what kind of questions you want to raise?

Also, what kind of methods do you want to use?

a) Mild, make her talk, but she must be unscathed
b) Usual drill, don't do her anything that will not heal in a few months
c) Truth is an expensive commodity, but it can be bought with body parts
d) She is expendable, the most important thing is to have her give up everything she has
Rolled 6, 2, 1 + 75 = 84 (3d10 + 75)

show me dat monies

3d10+75 from vardan cybernetics (rolling)
+d3 from vardan food

All of the above gets an additional 25%

+10 from Artoria
Rolled 3 (1d3)

But Onii-chan that's heresy!
Rolled 90 (1d100)

>+d100 for Chapter events

Lets see what merit and training did to us
Rolled 2 (1d3)

>b) Participate and interrogate together
Chiefly we want answered "Do you work for or with Larion Ursus" and "Did you try and assassinate Tyrel hagen on his orders"

Then additional questions like how long they've worked with Ursus and the nature of their relationship with him, and what are the witch coven's origins.

Also have an SoB present, so she can testify to Engel.

>b) Usual drill, don't do her anything that will not heal in a few months
We might need her unharmed in the future.

+d3 food income
Rolled 68 (1d100)

Sector events

Let's hope the emperor protects
>b) Participate and interrogate together
its better to ask questions of our own.
>If you want to participate in the interrogation yourself, what kind of questions you want to raise?
in order of significance
-How far the corrpution spread, ESPECIALLY the IG commander.
-Who is behind it?
-how it started

>Also, what kind of methods do you want to use?
e)Let Inq decide
File: wanderer.jpg (150 KB, 900x977)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Bad omens plague the Chapter recently. There are reports of statues crying blood, ravens leaving their usual home at the towers of Tombstone and some whisper of a dark figure wandering through the canyons of Mormarkian mountains, bringing message of doom to all who meet it. Chapter morale falls (-1 level), what shall you do?

a) We need to hold a celebration to inspire our Brothers! Let’s feast and make speeches! (roll Leadership(-20) and pay 5W)
b) Send a party out to look for that dark figure, order chapter serfs to clean up the rust from the statues and order some new ravens to be imported (roll d9, you don’t want to roll 6,7,8 or most importantly 9)
c) Let’s invite a well-known soothsayer to read the signs (d10W, roll d100)
d) Chapter Master will try to read the signs himself [cast Visions, 7,8 and 9 are dangerous for this roll]
e) It's time to put superstitions behind us, ignore all of this
>c) Let’s invite a well-known soothsayer to read the signs (d10W, roll d100)
Voting for this
A strange mutation was noticed among some of the Lemurian Tuskbears, highly valuable, very dangerous predators living on Lemuria… Nestorian techpriests received a collective letter from the landowners of Lemuria asking to send Magos to investigate. Fabricator General Regon is happy to do it, but for safety reasons is asking you to provide a few marines or the protection of Magos Geneticus Fram, same Magos whom you rescued a few decades ago from the Sisters of Battle.

a) Send one of our brothers, it should be enough
b) Let's send a squad, just in case
c) More? You must be kidding
d) We have more pressing matters, let's decline
>b) Let's send a squad, just in case
Dispatch a squad from 8th company, they can use the experience.
>c) Let’s invite a well-known soothsayer to read the signs (d10W, roll d100)
voting for soothsayer, seems least problematic one.
Fram is problematic
send a squad from 8th an experienced squad AND an astropath incase of sudden SoB trubles
also an techmarine, if we can AND a thunderhawk to GTFO fast.
furthermore have the techmarine and scouts record the activities of Magos Fram the thrice suspicious.
See if we can find any evidence for the accusations against him.
If not we can give the recording to the SoB as they suspected him, show them we take their accusations serious.
if yes, we talk to regon and only to regon
Roll 1+d4 for the duration of expedition to Lemuria and add their return to the expected events.

You decide that omens should be left to professionals and organise a professional soothsayer to be brought. Please roll d10 for the compensation and d100 for Divination (skill is 40+5x[WealthCost])

Lord Inquisitor Garant is neither pleased, nor offended by your decision to join him during the interrogation. You decide that it would be prudent to keep prisoner alive, at least for now. Within minutes from the start of the interrogation you figure out her name - Larissa Mahian, disinherited daughter of a minor trader from Templos. Very soon you manage to confirm that her mind (as checked before) is partially fortified through some sort of psychic influence. However, suprisingly, she is not what you would call a "real" psyker. After careful examination Garant proclaims:
>It seems that she now has certain qualities that almost qualify her as a latent psyker, however the nature of her abilities seems to be artificial, rather than natural. Have you ever encountered a drug commonly known on the street as spook? Depending on the dosage, purity and usage habits, it can temporarily create minor psychic link with the warp, possibly unleashing that minor latent psychic potential that every living being has. I suspect that Larissa here must have been using spook for long enough that it permanently changed her psyche.
Further interrogation reveals that almost all of the 'brides' that were given to the Space Marines have either no or negligible levels of psychic power, but are constant spook users, this way they get the powers to affect them more than usual, especially with their rings acting as bounded psychic foci. However when interrogation turns towards deeper questions, you notice that prisoner is starting to claw at herself and is becoming erratic, refusing to speak. You also feel, that she is getting more psychically active. Xenya is not far, you can invite her into the interrogation room, but you are afraid, that this might shock the psyker, worsening the situation. How do you want to proceed?
a) Examine her (Roll Medicae)
b) Threaten her into submission (Roll Intimidate)
c) Concentrate on Immaterium (roll Awareness)
d) Continue with the questioning in a different manner (roll Torture)
Rolled 3 (1d4)

Dispatch a squad of marines and a techmarine, keep an eye on Fram to see if he doesnt anything questionable. See >>1796563
If Fram doesn't have his own shuttle make sure we take one.

>c) Concentrate on Immaterium (roll Awareness)
vote for this
Rolled 1 (1d10)

soothsayer payment, we buy the best we can find, maybe the only one we can find
Rolled 93 (1d100)

Rolling for soothsayer divination
Rolled 1 (1d4)

duration for expedition, make sure to bring amble data storage
Interrogation of Larissa
>c) Concentrate on Immaterium (roll Awareness)
also IF possible try to calm her. maybe through her faith in the emperor (impresses SoB?) that she can repent, and lessen the sin she has commited
cheapass soothsayer is worthless. should have bought a better ones services
File: I fockin 'ate pikeys.jpg (184 KB, 870x549)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
>Oi oi guvnah lemme tell ya future only two bob!
Rolled 64 (1d100)

Rolled 86 (1d100)

>c) Concentrate on Immaterium (roll Awareness)
Focus on the Emperor. We have a Sororitas nearby, have faith. Try and calm the witch's spirit. Quench the fire inside her and allow her to regain control.
additional question to Inq : What do we know about this drug and how dangerous is it?
Especially where it originated?
I have the suspicion its of triachy originn
One would assume using or manufacturing it is heresy. I hope the SoB are paying attention.
File: future.jpg (66 KB, 500x669)
66 KB
As situation develops rapidly, you are forced to summon a soothsayer from the plains surrounding the Great White mountain range. He is an old man dressed in torn miner's fatigues, babbling to himself and shaking like a leaf in late autumn. He stinks of alcohol and dead meat, but on the upside finding him wasn't that expensive. Despite this, Chapter Master is suprised to realise that the connection to Immaterium seems to be a lot stronger when the old man is around, despite the fact that he himself bears no psychic taint. Soothsayer examines the omens, then disappears in a tent on the mountain outside Tombstone. When you visit him a few days later, he silently returns from the trance and proclaims:

>Warriors with white shields are threading the path of sin and deceit. They are going to break oaths to forge new ones, and greatness awaits them, but unless one of their champions, throws himself into the grave for the good of all, a great tragedy will befall the brotherhood in three times three years from now.

When you return from the tent, your brothers are eagerly awaiting for you to share the message. Do you?

You can feel, very vaguely, as if something is circling Larissa's soul in the warp. Every time you come close to asking her anything more sensitive, it grows closer. You guess (roll is too bad for anything else) that you can ask her a few questions, before it becomes too much. You think so.
>When you return from the tent, your brothers are eagerly awaiting for you to share the message. Do you?
Confide only with Trianon, Klementhos and Brethorius. What are their thoughts?

>You can feel, very vaguely, as if something is circling Larissa's soul in the warp. Every time you come close to asking her anything more sensitive, it grows closer. You guess (roll is too bad for anything else) that you can ask her a few questions, before it becomes too much. You think so.
"Perhaps we should let her rest a little Inquisitor? We could ask some more questions once she's recovered."

So do we have enough testimony to state that Ursus is surrounded by spook-using witches he's in league with?
Bring Laxenos in as well, he's a telepath. See what he can sense.
Thoughts on divination:
>Nothing concrete, ramblings of a low quality soothsayer. It is true, their art works differently from the psychic arts and has some power, but I don't think that this is the case.
>Divination might be important. It clearly refers to us and asks us to sacrifice one of our... Captains, maybe? Officers? Soothsayer had enough power, luck, faith or whatever drives him, to see that we are going to break our oath to Ursus. What if the rest of what he says is true? I am not superstitious, but I have seen prophesies come true not once before.
>Our men don't need to hear this nonsense, especially before the upcoming challenges. However I am slightly worried, that not telling them might be the "path of deceit" old man was referring to... Dammit, divination always confused me. I am honestly unsure what we should do.


Inquisitor Garant confirms that Ursus is now under suspicion of condoning illegal drug use in his court, but there's no evidence just now that it was him or under his orders that this happened, so it's still not enough to outright call him heretic.
>I suggest we push for more information while we can, but she is your prisoner.
Do you want to leave her for a few days to recover on her own?

+Session Over+

Thank you for playing, apologies about a short session. I will try to show up on Friday for an extra follow up session or otherwise - see you on Monday!
can we ask some trusted non-marines who are familiar with the chapter and mormark. maybe they have a clue because of their wider perspective
Do our officer's have any idea how 'white shields' relates to us? Because I don't see any relevance to the chapter.

Any other organisations they think it could be?

>Do you want to leave her for a few days to recover on her own?
"Perhaps we should gently suggest she give up the info under her own will? We need to know if it's Ursus at the head of this. Or perhaps Deidara?"

One last question. Does Ursus wear any rings like the Honour Guard had?

Thanks Skarg.
Can we ask our SoB guest about her thoughts on recently gained information? Does she think Ursus is guilty?

>I suggest we push for more information while we can, but she is your prisoner.
Do you want to leave her for a few days to recover on her own?
I would prefer to observer her shadowy thing. ie.e dont leave her alone.
>>Warriors with white shields are threading the path of sin and deceit. They are going to break oaths to forge new ones, and greatness awaits them, but unless one of their champions, throws himself into the grave for the good of all, a great tragedy will befall the brotherhood in three times three years from now.
We should ask Harmatos of the ice wraiths if he knows anything. Just in case.

Also the Silent guardians have white and black as chapter colors, however their symbol is not a shield.(but looks similar to a round shield from afar)

Furthermore check records of guard regiments for symbolism similar to that presented here.
Ask Alderon Belladon about the symbolism, he is a student of both art and history.

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