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We continue with the adventures of the MkA:M in Canaria.

But first....
Last Thread: >>1735405

Links of Importance:
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/mkam/home
List of Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Mageknight+Academy
Basic Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bsZQwXen2cxxNOns3dqWRC86FdliXxKi-brEXTBQtWE
In-depth Rules Explanation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13unrqxqUiX3G0rau6CpEu7Pd5FxEsXz54pfVS9PfGEs/edit?usp=sharing
NPC Database for Madrid: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14Rf_RGpYIs0cdy1eUYYs-hr8_hqVaLrkSSvbzACtoFI/edit?usp=sharing
NPC Database for Amsterdam: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vHPyhTZJMOZpHViv4I6oCXsyrMmFHOY-920jbFSxQds/edit?usp=sharing
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/pEEkNkr
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112 KB JPG
[=== Canaria News===]

Dear Mageknight Academy Students,

Feel free to explore the Island, help anyone that you find and have fun!
With Love,
Antona Catalyna de Robledo
Canaria Native and Teacher.

[Davis Malachai, the confused]
Exploring the Mageknight Keep is somewhat easy. Everything is clearly signed and you can always find helpful employees that will guide you where you need to go. Everything feels extra luxurious here: marble floors, gold accents and fancy ornaments everywhere. You learn more about the Keep too: it was the first settlement and fortress in the Island.

Mageknight Keep Locations Found:
>Spa & Massage
>Swimming pool
>Light Gym
>International Buffet

> We gave the Pamphlet information here:

After reading the pamphlet you see that there are many thing to do in the Island, but at the moment you can’t decide what you want to do. Tana isn’t being helpful as she only gives you a “Whatever you want to do is fine with me.”

>[On the House] - Take a Free Action with Tana next turn.
>+1 [Tana]

[Aine Boros]
>48+15+5+3 = 71
Standing on the beach, you brought both girls here to talk. The moment is as right as it’ll ever be. There’s no turning back now. You open your mouth to speak, and explain to Helia that you’d like to date both her and Doroty. Doroty does her best to explain that she doesn’t mind sharing you with her. Helia looks to her and to you. You’re concerned at first, but then she nods.

“...Alright, Aine. I… never liked sharing, but I’ll do it for you.” Helia says, forcing a smile. Looks like she’s a little hesitant about trying, but at least you’ve convinced her. Doroty smiles and tells her that if you do anything wrong, then they would both punish you accordingly. This causes Helia to smile a little, and also sends a chill down your spine. Best not displease them, or you’ll be on the receiving end of two angry women.

There’s no turning back now.

>+1 Helia
>+1 Doroty
>Helia and Doroty have agreed to share you.
File: Boros(R)APPROVED.jpg (1.92 MB, 1920x1080)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB JPG
>>1783700 (You)
The Old Order Stronghold is a shadow of it's former self, or at least that’s what they say. Historians state that it was constructed from the finest granite they could find, magically enchanted to stand the test of time. Thousands of years later, it still stands, but it’s a squat, old, ugly building. Still, it has some grandeur to it, if you squint. You decide to begin your search. Boros weaponry won’t find itself, after all.

You move past the museum and viewing sections, opting to enter the unexplored areas. Guards are reluctant to let you enter, but after you show them your credentials as a Mageknight, they let you in, but warn you that they will not tolerate damage to the building. You nod and enter the building, borrowing a flashlight from the nearby table.

The place is damp and dark. The corridors do show signs of wear and tear, but it’s evident that the researchers have been here before. You search each room, but find very little. Looks like most of the artifacts were already taken by the archeology team. Just when you’re about to give up, you find something interesting: a faded Boros family crest on one of the footlockers.

When you reach down and open it, you find that the chest is empty. Damn, maybe it was too much to hope for. You’re about to leave, but then you accidentally put your hand on the sigil. The emblem seems to emanate a blackness, unable to pierced by normal light. You then realize what this is, and reach inside. It seems like your ancestor had some experience in pocket dimensions, much like yourself. You manage to retrieve the only thing left in that extradimensional space: a chain-sickle made of a strange, black metal. The metal is unnaturally cold to the touch. You leave the place, your new artifact in tow.

>Received Shadowsteel Chain-Sickle
>T3 Weapon
>[Chains of Harrow] This weapon can be used to bind, entangle, or disarm opponents. When you perform attacks of those kinds, you may add +15 to the roll.
>[Dark Reach] The chain of this weapon extends to about 10 feet. This weapon’s range doubles in dim light and triples in darkness.

[David Zatta]
Rolled 10, 85, 18 = 113 (3d100)
Sleeping with Ester is not easy: she moves way too much, sleep talks and she hugged you all night like one of those long anime pillows. Not a pleasant night for sleeping.

>[Sleep Deprived] - -5 to all actions next turn.
>+1 Ester

T2 Ester Relationship, Ester has [Long Crush] on me.
Ester seems heartbroken at hearing the words of not being serious with her, but she’s a strong girl. “I’m sorry David, but I only do things the right way.” As she explains everything she has done and learned you start to wonder why haven't you heard about her before. She mentions that you can still be friends.

>+2 [Ester]
>[Removed: Long Crush]

[=== Ester Campion: ===]

>[T3 Golden Armor] - Enchanted - Glows in the dark with an amber glow.
>[T4 Heavy Shield] - Made out of Ironwood
>[T2 Shortsword] -

>[T5 Master Shield Proficiency] - Active - Halves all incoming damage to her or a partner. Cooldown: 2 Turns
>[T5 Heavy Shield Proficiency] - Stuns an enemy for one turn - Cooldown 3 turns
>[T2 First Aids]
>[T2 Healing Theory]
>[T2 Taunt] - Directs the focus to Ester. DC60

>[T3 Cast: Expose Weakness] - Lets a partner critically strike next action. Cooldown: 4 Turns
>[T3 Cast: Heal Wounds]

>[T3 Stamina]

>See City Crawlers Section

An Item was found in your bed!

>Shanyrria Letter
"Dear Zatta,

I have heard rumors of your expertise and I have a sensitive situation where your skills would be of great use. I would prefer not list details in the letter and would prefer to talk further on this matter at a private location. If you would like to speak further on this matter, meet me at the large stone tower of Grim Woods. It's very hard to miss, since it's the only one not in disrepair.

From, Angelica Shanyrria
File: Ironwoods.jpg (220 KB, 960x639)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
Angelica Shanyrria
Focusing the summoning energies into your palms, you reach deep within the depths of your soul, calling out to your familiar. In a flash of green energy, the familiar silhouette of your adopted daughter appears. Rosen is dressed in a simple white gown, likely having changed into it recently. She smiles when she sees you. “Hello mama!” The young plant girl says as she embraces you. After taking in the strange new surroundings, she turns to you. “Where are we, mother?” You explain to her that you’re on an island, a small landmass in the middle of the sea. The child is practically giddy. “I’ve never seen the sea before… Some of my classmates say that there’s water as far as the eye can see and... “ Rosen says as she runs over to the window. She beams at the sight of it. You give her a pat on the head, take her by the hand and lead her outside.

You both exit the keep, Rosen wide-eyed at the sight of so many buildings. Platina is easy enough to find, as she’s relaxing in the shade of an old oak tree. The catgirl smiles as you approach, but that smile turns into a grin when she sees your child. “Hello there Angelica. Who’s this little cutie?” Platina says as she ruffles the girl’s hair. Rosen is wary, but does not shy away from it. You take some time to explain who and what Rosen is. By the end of it, Platina is playing with Rosen. It seems they’ll get along just fine.

>+2 Rosen
>+1 Platina

After long hours of traveling you reach the start of the Ironwood Forest. You help Platina and Rosen to set up a small camp and base of operations. You use an old picnic table to set-up a crafting station for Platina, use a large tent so everyone can sleep and you light up a Campfire. After all the prep work, you head into the wood for scouting using your Tree Stride spell.

The geography of the area is more rocky than you expected but there are some clear paths that lead to the camp you have set up. Also during your scouting session you find some old trees that might be perfect for harvesting. Remembering about the Ironwoods regenerative thing, you think it might be the best idea to harvest the oldest trees. Before sunset you go back to the camp and give all this information to Platina.

>+1 Platina
>+1 Rosenberry
>+1 Tree Stride

>Location Created: [Ironwoods Camp]:
>- A Tent for 4 people
>- A Cozy Campfire
>- A Canvas Canopy
>- A Small Workbench
File: Cathedral.jpg (210 KB, 900x506)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
[Gram Roderick]
You ask about in town about information about the Twilight Jungle, but no one has a clue about it. They give you information about some disappearances: a group of scientist with two Mageknights. They were investigating the magical properties of the forest when they did not came back after a few weeks. The headquarters of the operation is in the Twilight Jungle Firewatch Tower #3, located between the Twilight Jungle and the Starleaf Valley. You also gain a Map of the Jungle.

>[Twilight Jungle Map]

>Location Found:
>[Twilight Jungle Firewatch Tower #3]

>[See Jungle Party]

[Zav Erdna Greogius V]
While some summoners treat their summons as mere tools, you are not one of them. To you, these guys are almost like family. With that in mind, you decide to take a walk with them. The locals stare a little, and it’s no surprise. Two men and a white-haired little girl walking down the street? It’s almost like the opener to a joke. Still, Red loves taking in the sights, and even Jack stops and stares at some of the strange buildings. You all enjoy your stroll, and Red even plays with the other local children for a short while. After eating some local street food, you continue.

The trip has been enjoyable so far, but the sight in front of you virtually stops the two summons in their tracks. The great cathedral in the center of town is grandiose and elegant. Even you stop and stare at it. You feel like you and your “children” will appreciate and remember these moments.

>Free Action: You can take a free action to check the Markets
>+1 [Jack Passer]
>+1 [Red Forest]
>+1 [Location: The Cathedral]

>[See: Jungle Party]

[Lawrence Birch]
You find Eliza negotiating with a merchant in the stalls. The man looks nervous, and then you realize she’s ‘haggling’. In the end, she walks away with a new hand mirror. It’s made with ironwood, and presumably magical silver. She tells you that it should help her divination and illusion magic. With that out of the way, you spend some time talking with her. So far, she’s enjoyed the trip, and is taking the time to actually relax rather than do what she usually does. It’s a nice change of pace for her.

The girl in question beckons you to follow her, and you do. Eliza leads you to the beach, and after eating some ice cream(she apparently likes mint), she decides to kick back for a bit. You both end up lying together in a large hammock. While it’s uncomfortable at first, it’s certainly… close. You both end up sleeping in each other’s arms. It’s a far cry from the perpetually serious, yet sly attitude of hers. The markings you get from sleeping in a hammock become evident, but you know that it was worth it.
>+2 Eliza
File: REKT.jpg (162 KB, 640x480)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
As you expected, you find Julie poring through some old tomes in the Mageknight Keep. She smiles when she sees you, taking a small break from her foray into the ancient magics and history of Canaria. “Hello there Lawrence.” She says to you as she writes something on a slip of magical vellum. You exchange greetings and ask her how she’s doing. Julie tells you that she’s been doing well, both in her studies, and in general. As it turns out, she’s been delving into her own research into runes. Julie then asks you if she can consult you sometime, and you accept. You then spend some more time together before Julie gets back to her studies.
>+2 Julie

You go around, looking for anything of interest. It’s actually quite boring at first. Turns out secrets aren’t exactly easy to reveal. And looking for ‘random’ secrets are even more difficult, since you’d just be grasping at straws. Next time, you make a mental note to actually pick a target first before searching for secrets. With that in mind though, you look for someone interesting. Namely, a short blonde woman.

After breaking into her room, you rummage through the luggage, looking for anything interesting. This woman is apparently named Emilia Neunhause. You look into it, and find that she’s got the standard fare in terms of clothes. Bras, panties, dresses, skirts, that kind of thing. The strangest thing is, you look through her papers and find two passports: one that lists a person named Emilia Neunhause, and the other refers to a man named Dietrich Neunhause. It’s strange because there’s clearly nomale luggage in the room. Maybe you should look into this.
>+1 Investigation

You decide to be even more vague and look for dark secrets, hoping that that would increase the chances of finding something interesting. While you’re correct in that intuition, it certainly doesn’t make things easy for you. It takes several hours before you finally decide on a mark. Namely, a student named Matthieu Faust. He’s always been a little strange, never having been seen without his mask, but recently, some students are worried. You heard rumors of him carrying some strange cargo around the ship: a large wooden box with chains. When you try to search his room though, you find that he’s still inside. Maybe you should try again some other time.
>+1 Investigation

[Zoot Martingale]
The best way to see if the old wrecked ship is the kind you are interested in is to see it for yourself. You approach a tent filled with investigators discussing about the ship. Some believe it’s just a coincidence that ship so old just appeared othe believe in the curse of Günther and the possibility of it being a ghost ship. But the evidence is clear. It’s an old pirate ship from around 1670s. You help ‘em to relax with your charming words and they now think you could be valuable.

>+2 [Historical Society of Canaria]
>Location: [Abandoned Ship]
File: this could be you.gif (10 KB, 378x450)
10 KB
While hanging out with the historians and archeologist while discussing the boat they hand you out a Rusty piece of Metal. They tell you about the legend of Günther, a pirate that terrorized the coasts of Africa and pillaged the ships coming from the New World. They say he had a hideout here in Canaria, right before the construction of the City.

>[T0 Rusty Piece of Junk] - This vaguely resembles a 4 barrel Blunderbuss. Can be used to hit people.
>[Pirate’s Hideout Map] - An Old Map locating a Pirate’s Cave

[Matthieu Faust]
“You have practiced this for hours. You can do this Matt.” You say this to yourself. After doing some rounds in your Mageknight Keep room, you mentally prepare for awaking Vampirella. Taking some strength, you prepare the ritual with the synthesized blood you have left. You hope that it works out.

But it doesn’t. Vampirella doesn’t even responds to the blood you have given to her. Weird...

>Quest Received: [Wake her up inside] - Vampirella is still in her Torpor state and can’t wake up.
>[Vampirella’s Body] - It’s resting in the box, inside your room.

> See [Big Rollers] section

[Jozin Redregard]
You just mention the word “hiking” and Kari is already dressed up and with a backpack of supplies on her shoulders. It’s like she read your mind. “Let’s go!” Before leaving you are advised to rest at a ranch near the base of the mountain and to get some clothes for cold weather, and so you do.

You arrive past midday at the ranch. Kari decides that resting is the best idea, and you could have all day for hiking tomorrow. You agree and start talking with the owners of the Ranch, they give you a bottle of their special Milk. They tell you it is used by Mageknights, fighters, and trainers to provide that extra boost that they need.

>+1 Kari
> Location Unlocked: [Mountainridge Pastures] - A small ranch of Minotaur people near the plains.
>[Decisions, decisions] - Use the next action to continue the ascend to the Snowrock Mountain or start from the Mountainridge Pastures.
>[Mountainridge Pastures’ Milk] - Boosts Strength by 1 tier for one combat.

>Take pictures with Kari on the way.
Taking pictures of this beautiful landscape would be so awesome…if you had brought a camera. But this way you can enjoy your hike with your beautiful companionship.
File: marketday.jpg (336 KB, 670x545)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
[Arthur Belrose]
Unfortunately you don’t manage to find anyone who knows much about weapons on the island. You see some kid rambling on about a super powerful katana that could cut through tanks, but you safely assume he’s just some crazy weeb.

The SHIP was nearing its destination, so you might as well get some rest now before you get there, right? You lounge about on the ship, listening to the calming sound of waves and basking in the warm glow of the sun. By the time you reach the island you’re at a state of ease, yeah that feels right.

>[Relaxed] +5 to all rolls next turn.
>+1 to well rested.

You go around town searching for clues. They said that the Monster attacked near the north slum. Other said that it was near the outside wall settlement and some say that it was near the east slum. You have no direct clue on where to start the search.

>Look for the Cardboard Monster.
>See City Crawlers

[Dania Nanato]
> Get Camping Supplies in town. We going Hiking.
Camping has always been an interest of yours, and with all the places to buy things here, you might find something of interest. You go to the town’s general store and purchase… a lot things. Eventually, you decide that it’s better to be overprepared than to be underprepared. You get to work, and with your haggling skills, even manage to get a few magical items.

>Received [Everflowing Canteen] A canteen that never runs out of water.
>Received [Pristine Spatial Tent] A small tent that is much bigger on the inside. Can fit up to eight people. Magically treated to prevent dampness, wetness, and other discomforting things.
>Received [Firestarter] A magical lighter that will never fail to produce fire.

>Explore the Markets!
The markets are bustling with activity. Locals and visiting Mageknights alike flock to the stalls, looking for items of value. You are one of them, eager to find something of interest.

>See Big Rollers Section
File: Forgotten Tower.png (669 KB, 1024x1448)
669 KB
669 KB PNG
[Ean Hawthorne]
The road from Canaria to the Starleaf Valley is well marked and it’s quite easy to follow. After half a day of traveling, you get there without much trouble. When you get there you are received with another group of tourists and you start a tour of the Vineyards. From the rows of crops to the process of bottling the wine, you learn quite a lot of winemaking in a general sense. After the tour is over you are invited to check the shop: they usually supply wine to the City, but they keep some of their finest wines to themselves. You bought a bottle of their finest wines.

>+1 [Winemaking Theory]
>[Area Unlocked: Starleaf Valley Vineyards]
>[T4 Bottle of 1995 Starleaf Valley Platinum Wine] - Serves up to 5 people and it is exquisite.

Luckily in the Vineyards they are used to explorers and travelers, they hand you a map and you buy a Vineyard Compass. They recommend you a place, [Mountainridge Pastures], a small ranch that supplies milk to the City of Canaria. They also receive travelers that are exploring the island.

You take a small rest and continue your way to the Ironwoods.

When you get there, you find a camp in place with some familiar faces: Angelica, Platina and Rosen.

>Location: [Mountainridge Pastures] - A Ranch Near the Plains populated by Minotaurus
>Location: [Angelica’s Campsite] - Platina and Rosen are there too.
>[Mountainridge Pastures’ Milk] - Boosts Strength by 1 tier for one combat.
>You may RP with Angelica

[Markus Milton]
>DO: Go shopping with Remi in Saint Cross.
>See Big Rollers Section

You arrive at the Forgotten Tower after a long way there. You were ill-equipped for such a long trek that you feel dehydrated. But you are finally there. A large dark tower surrounded by the dunes and eroded by time and a long forgotten battle. You can see some explosion and magical projectiles marks on the stone of the tower.

As you approach to the tower you notice that its doors are locked. Dammint.

>[Location: Forgotten Tower]
>[Quest: Unlock the Tower]
>[Mild Dehydratation] - Physical actions are at a -5 until you take care of this.

[Emilia Neunhause]
>Do: Lets go shopping in Saint Cross.

>See Big Rollers Section

>Do: Oooh, a spooky jungle!

>[See Jungle Party]
File: fishies.png (941 KB, 817x547)
941 KB
941 KB PNG
[Devin Hines]
The Fisherman Citadel caught your attention since you were on the cruise ship and your first action is to go and visit it. Sure, it’s filled to the brim with fish restaurants and fresh fish sellers. Here we have a mix of normal Atlantic species and some magical fishes endemic of Canaria. You decide to buy some fishes for later and ask around for some good fishing locations! The locals are reluctant to share their secrets but as soon as you mention that you are a fisherman too and you caught a Deus Fish in the North Coast near Saint Cross, people close their small stands and go to prepare sails for fishing. In exchange they give your three locations that are good reliable fishing spots.

[Fresh Fish] - You can buy fish as a free action while in the Citadel.

Known Fishing Locations:
>The Bay between Starleaf Valley and the Twilight Jungle
>The North side of the Small Canaria Island.
>Near Silvershade Town.

>Fishing Supplies Shop

Fresh Fish:
>Blue Marlin

>It's said that the potential older and more powerful relics lie within the Twilight Forest.

>[See Jungle Party]
File: wise old man.jpg (73 KB, 850x612)
73 KB

[=== CANADA NEWS ===]
Next turn it's the presentation of the Marching Band of the Mageknight Academy of Madrid in the International Mageknight, Enchantercavalier, Shamanpaladins, and Warlockmonks encounter of Marching Bands. Remember to support your school!

~Marching Band Teacher

[Joshua Gram Pendleton]
You take out one of your tomes and research about Great Wolves. While technically spirits rather than actual animals, they are embodiments of nature. They are larger than normal wolves, even larger than the naturally bigger Direwolves. At a normal standing position, they can be anywhere as large as 4 to 7 feet. Some of the Greater Wolves are rumored to be even larger. Unlike normal wolves, these spirits typically hold some intelligence, though some of the more bestial ones are less so.

Strangely enough, while most Great Wolves form packs, there are also a surprising amount that keep to themselves as Lone Wolves. Certain Great Wolves can also manipulate Ice, Wind, or Lightning, depending on their location and attunement to that element. It’s even rumored that some of these spirits can take the form of a human and walk amongst them undetected.

The book is a little less detailed on where to find them, though. It states that Great Wolves can reside wherever normal wolves do. In Canada, you can check a National Park, or head over to the wilderness and try your luck there.

>+1 Summoning Theory

As you finish reading your book, you’re approached by a large, burly, older man. His hair is a stark white, and his face is decorated with scars and pockmarks. “Great Wolves, hm?” He says as he sits next to you. “You’re not the first to take an interest in them. I doubt you’ll be the last.” The man says. You look at him and ask him where you can find them. “Hm, you can find them to the North.” He says, vaguely. You ask him if he could be more specific, and he chuckles. “The Great Wolves respect a good tracker. If you go look for them, you will find them eventually, so long as you don’t freeze first.” You press him for more info, and he smiles. “You want my advice? Stay on the road as long as you can. When you see wolf tracks, follow em, but don’t go too far.” The man smiles. “Otherwise the hunter may become the hunted.” The man gets up, and walks away. Peculiar, but at least you’ve got your info.

>+2 Tracking

Searching for things of interest, you only find things of mundane use. Souvenirs and trinkets that a normal man would appreciate. You take a few for yourself, but unfortunately, you find nothing magical.

>[Toronto Fridge Magnet]
>[Toronto Postcard]

Frostblade was a blade rumored to be carved from a magical glacier. They say it amplifies frost magic, and that it protects the user from fire. This sounds like an artifact that you might want. You do some research, and find out that the blade is actually here in Canada. The catch? It’s in an old, frozen vault. A treasure trove filled with loot and other valuables. Of course, a vault implies that it’s protected. It seems nobody has managed to clear the vault yet. Perhaps you’ll be the first?

>Quest gained: [Winter’s Bite]
>Location learned: [Icerift Vault]

The Horn of Fimbulvetr was the pinnacle of the summoner’s craft. It drew upon the magical energies of the Elemental Plane of Frost to summon allies to assist the user. You look for the Horn of Fimbulvetr, and are immediately disappointed. Apparently, it’s an artifact owned by the Magical Museum Society of Canada. That’s a shame. Just when you’re about to pack up, however, you get an idea.

While you know that the original Horn of Fimbulvetr is already owned and protected, you remember reading that the ritual area that was used in its creation still exists. Perhaps if you gather some materials and learn the skills necessary, you can forge a new Horn of Fimbulvetr.

>Quest gained: [The New Call]
>Location learned: [Shiverblood Druid Circle]

Despite the fact that it’s the mid-late spring right now, you know that as you go further north, things will get much colder. With this in mind, you use some of your meager funds to purchase some things. Winter jackets and clothes, thermal underwear, a firestarter, those kinds of things. You even manage to purchase a small trinket that supposedly helps protect against the cold.
>Receive [Heat Stone] Grants T2 Cold Resistance when equipped
>Receive [Winter Clothes]
>Receive [Firestarter]
File: totally not yugioh.jpg (190 KB, 1920x1080)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
[Lie Alius]
With the globe, you sleep and in a split second, you open your eyes to a cool world. The world is an island with seen landmarks around that resemble the pamphlet you saw for Canaria. It's all much closer together having quite a short walking distance. You don’t see her first and then it she pops up from behind shocking you a bit. “You like it? I made it all from scratch!” She says in excitement. “I can’t see the real thing so, BEHOLD MY CREATIONS!” she says in a with her hands up in the air. She starts showing you around and you start talking and explain quite some things about time and she asks question that you so obviously expect her to ask and that is the time to shine as you answer with enough info about time but in a mysterious was that makes her wonder about you and your affiliation with it. She doesn’t ask personally but she goes with subtle questions about your personal life and you do the best you can for being interesting but somewhat of an unknown variable to her. When you look at her to see her reactions, she seems understanding but yet her eyes looking up even more curious. Your mysteriousness plan looks to be working! You talk for a few hours about time showing her a somewhat mysterious side while roaming the large structures of Canaria that she’s built herself. Some areas you can enter but she seems quite captivated about you knowledge of time as you just eat dream food from a dream restaurant called “Szechuan”.
>+1 Kayla

You pass the registration phase with no problems, unlike your new slime friend Glubl. With luck and believing in the heart of the cards you manage an unlikely 7th place in the Tournament. Man, those Canadians sure know how to play their cards. And your normal strategies don’t work against the maple lovers.

>7th Place Medal in the XII Duel Monsters Tournament of Toronto.
>+1 [International Duelist Reputation]

As you fill out the sign-up sheet you notice that humans aren’t fluid regarding genders. Facing a binary option of just (X) MALE or (X) FEMALE you start to panic. How do I present myself to the organizers of this tournament? How do I explain the fluidness of slimes to the humans? Could they ever understand?!

In the end, they rejected your application to the tournament because they found you had 3 FORBIDDEN CARDS in your deck when you could only have ONE. You instead settle for playing some casual Duel Monsters with some of the other players. It’s pretty fun, and some of the more helpful people help you learn the rules.

>+1 [Duel Monsters Proficiency]

You find nothing like that. Looks like Canadians are into other Canadians. Bummer.
File: DeLaFontaine.png (631 KB, 800x1125)
631 KB
631 KB PNG
The Mageknight Keep of Canada is pretty similar to Madrid, just maybe a little smaller. While strolling around the school, you start to feel you aquous body being moved around, as if it was being pulled by strings, but how? As you turn around you see a girl raising her right palm towards the ground three fingers crossed, one fully clenched and one half clenched after that she holds her left palm towards you with her thumb and three fingers forming a circle and one finger fully clenched, above her right hand with the palm towards you, four fingers fully stretched and one half clenched. After that, you start to feel everything normal with nothing pulling on your body.

She comes to you and apologizes, she mentions being a water mage with a focus on manipulation of water. “I’m really sorry eh. I was just curious about the idea of manipulating a real being made of water...” The conversation continues on and despite the initial rudeness you find a ton of things in common with her. You exchange numbers and she heads back off to class.

>Met [Vivianne Delafontaine]. Water Mage from Canada.
File: Jungle.jpg (375 KB, 1280x800)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
[=== Twilight Jungle Expedition ===]
[Gram Roderick]
>Whether I learned anything or not, head off into the jungle.
[Zav Erdna V]
>[...] the island hosts quite a huge jungle named Twilight Jungle[...] I'm going there (I will bring Jack and Red, of course).
[Emilia Neunhause]
>Do: Oooh, a spooky jungle! lets go investigate it!
[Devin Hines]
>[...] Twilight Forest. It be most opportune to check it out myself![...]
The Firewatch Tower #3 is the only civilized place between the Twilight Forest and the various vineyards near Starleaf Valley. Also it works as booth for registering the people interest in entering the Twilight Jungle. In here, a fire ranger takes care of the general area. Gram, you are detained by him. “Sorry kid, I can’t let you go and wander alone in the jungle alone, right now we are in the middle of a search party trying to find the missing investigators.” As you leave defeated and try to find a way to sneak out to the jungle, another three students arrive to the tower: Zav, Devin, and Emilia. The ranger gives them the same scold that he gave to Gram but then he receives a call from the radio. “If you [...] kids [...] make [...] useful”. The ranger asks all four of they are students at the Mageknight Academy of Madrid. And all of you answer yes, truthfully.

After a few moments of deliberations on the radio the ranger gives each one of you a radio that is in frequency with the Tower 3 radio system. Emilia, you naively asks for locals, but the ranger seems more worried about the investigators. He mentions that there are some natives scattered about, but they are mostly nomads and don’t have a specific settlement. Devin, you asks for relics and the ranger mentions that everything you find is yours to keep, at least until you graduate. You know, the Mageknight tradition. And with a small blessing from the rager you, the Jungle Party, are now free to explore the Twilight Jungle.

Devin, you cast your [Detect Artifact] spell and find an old serrated machete lodged in some trees roots. Nearby Zav, you see a shiny thing in the bushes. You need the help of Gram to get it out of the bush and taking a good look of it. It looks like a piece of scrap metal that has been ripped and shredded, maybe it was a chestplate. But nearby the shredded metal, Gram, you found what it looks like a pierced helmet.

Everyone Gains:
>[Party Formed] - Unless someone decides to break, all of you are forming a party helping with the search party. All of you can RP with each other.
>[Radios] - Connected to the frequency of Tower 3
>[Maps of the Area] - Marked with the last known location of the Investigators

Devin Hines Gains:
>[T1 Jungle Machete] - Used to cut through vines and jungle flora. Has a serrated spine.

Gram Roderick:
>[Pierced Helmet] - Looks like someone was caught with this.

Zav Gains:
>[Scrap Iron] - Was part of a chestplate.
File: beware.jpg (74 KB, 450x281)
74 KB

[=== City Crawlers ===]
[David Zatta]
>18+5+3+1 =27
T5 Stealth, T3 Investigation, T1 Scouting
>Go find this cardboard monster thing but just wait hidden to see who else comes.
[Arthur Belrose]
>Look for the Cardboard Monster.
Arthur, you are walking through the streets of Canaria with your Mageknight Cape, patrolling the street in signs of The Cardboard Monster. You diligently light up every dark corner with you flashlight. While walking through the Outside Slum you hear some rattling from behind some trash cans could it be the Monster?

Two figures emerge from behind the trash cans. A chubby girl and a delinquent looking guy. Huh?

You, David, introduce yourself and Ester to the confused loooking Mageknight that is shining a flashlight right in your face. You start to explain to him that you are also searching for the Monster with your new friend: Ester.

As both of you chat away a howl rips through the night. You both manage to catch a glimpse of the beast as it ran away. Damn it. Both of you ran as fast as you could but couldn't find the creature again.

>[City Crawlers]- You are in a Party, you can RP with each other if you want to.
>[Clue: The Monster was last seen near the Slum outside the walls of the city.]
[=== Big Rollers ===]
>Now that that's said, take Lily, Joy and Vampirella to the markets of Saint Cross to shop for... Stuff.
You stroll. through the markets with Lily and Joy. You hold Lily hand and Joy sits on your shoulder. You find a large amount of items in the Markets and you even found a sex shop, Lily seemed eager to enter but you know that a place like that is not good for the development of your daughter.

>[Choices: Everything] - Choose Items from the Central Market’s Loot List
If you choose an S+ Item, you can not take other items or you will get a major economic debuff. No extra items. You can take up to 2 S items and you can add up to 2 A-tier or 4 B-tier items or 1 A tier and 2 B tiers. Adding more items will have minor economic debuff. You can take up to 4 A tier Items and you can add up to 4 B-tier Items. Or you can just take 8 B-Tier items.

[Dania Nanato]
>Explore the Markets!
The markets are bustling with activity. Locals and visiting Mageknights alike flock to the stalls, looking for items of value. You are one of them, eager to find something of interest.

>[Choices: Everything] - Choose Items from the Central Market’s Loot List
If you choose an S+ Item, you can not take other items or you will get a major economic debuff. No extra items. You can take up to 2 S items and you can add up to 2 A-tier or 4 B-tier items or 1 A tier and 2 B tiers. Adding more items will have minor economic debuff. You can take up to 4 A tier Items and you can add up to 4 B-tier Items. Or you can just take 8 B-Tier items.

[Markus Milton]
>DO: Go shopping with Remi in Saint Cross.[...]

You held hands with Remi all the way, while you were exploring. You were trying to focus on finding books about medical practices and you found some, you also took a peek at the city’s brewer and enchanter and you also found some pretty interesting things. Remi urged you to check the Salvage and Antiques because he wanted to look at cute things for his room. On your way out of the market you see a familiar figure in the distance: Emilia. She’s alone and with some bags of stuff, probably shopping too

>+2 Remi
>You may RP with Emilia if you’d like.
>[Choices: Books] - Choose Items from the Central Market’s [Gem Vendor], [Book Seller], [Brewer and Enchanter] and the [Salvage] List
If you choose an S+ Item, you can not take other items or you will get a major economic debuff. No extra items. You can take up to 2 S items and you can add up to 2 A-tier or 4 B-tier items or 1 A tier and 2 B tiers. Adding more items will have minor economic debuff. You can take up to 4 A tier Items and you can add up to 4 B-tier Items. Or you can just take 8 B-Tier items.
[Emilia Neunhause]
>Do: Lets go shopping in Saint Cross.
You explore the Markets in Saint Cross and found a ton of pretty useful stuff. Even thought you wanted to find some Vietnam-Era Military artifacts you find nothing similar to that except for a few old jackets. But, with the sell of your Adamantoise Crystal, you end up with more money that you had expected and you can now buy anything you’d like from the Market. So you explore trying to find something useful.

While walking through the market you see a familiar figure: Markus. And he’s accompanied with someone else a small and skinny figure. Could it a friend of Markus? Why are they holding hands?

>You can RP with Markus and his companion.
>[Choices: Everything] - Choose Items from the Central Market’s Loot List
If you choose an S+ Item, you can not take other items or you will get a major economic debuff. No extra items. You can take up to 2 S items and you can add up to 2 A-tier or 4 B-tier items or 1 A tier and 2 B tiers. Adding more items will have minor economic debuff. You can take up to 4 A tier Items and you can add up to 4 B-tier Items. Or you can just take 8 B-Tier items.

=== Central Market’s Loot ===

Gem Vendor:
>1 [T4 Elemental Accuracy Shadowruby] - S+ - Boosts Critical Hits to 70+. Cooldown: 2 battles
>1 [Ring of Weakness] - S - Lowers the wielder Vitality and Strength by half.
>1 [T3 Ivory Necklace with Gems] - A - Magical Item. The seller isn’t sure about its magical properties.
>1 [T3 Jade Tiara] - A - Boosts Earth Spells and Conjurations.
>1 [Black Pearl] - A - Crafting Item - Boosts Dark and Water abilities and spells when put on a weapon or instrument.
>2 [Blue Quartz] - A - Crafting Item - Boosts Water and Mana abilities and spells.
>[Adamantoise Crystal] - A - Crafting Item - Deeply Boosts Earth Abilities and Spells.
>3 [Hematite] - B - Crafting Item - Boost Blood or as a connection to the Earth Plane.
>5 [Malachite] - B - Crafting Item - Boosts Protection and Earth Spells.-

Brewer and Enchanter:
>1 [Scroll of Teletransportation] - S+ - Let's you teletransport between locations you know. Can be as specific as a seat in a classroom to traveling great distances you have visited before. 3 turns cooldown.
>1 [Decanter of Endless Water] - S+ - Provides an infinite amount of water.
>1 [Bowl of Water Elemental Control] - S+ - Provides a bonus to commanding actions to water elementals.
>1 [Scroll of Binding] - S - Enchantment - Makes an item unable to be removed by the wielder unless it is at 0 Vitality.
>1 [Scroll of Fire Aspect] - S - Enchantment - When infused into a weapon, lights the opponent on fire.
>2 [Potions of Invisibility] - S - Makes the user invisible for 2 turns
>1 [Potion of Eye Serum] - S - Restores Magically Induced Blindness.
>3 [Potions of Water breathing] - A - Lets the user breathe underwater for 3 turns.
>2 [Potions of Fire Resistance] - A - Makes the user invulnerable to flames for 1 Combat.
>1 [Oil of Weapon Enchantment] - A - Boost the enchantment of an item by 1 Tier.
>1 [T2 Bottle of Common Wine] - A -
>1 [T2 Bottle of Starleaf Wine ] - A -
>1 [Cauldron] - B - Basic Cauldron for Alchemy
>1 [T1 Scroll of Remove Minor Curse] - B -

Weapon and Armor Maker:
>1 [T4 Light Catapult] - S+ - Hits for double of Tier damage. Cannot be used with other modifiers except magical/runic/alchemical projectiles, and accuracy modifiers.
> 1 [T4 Vampiric Dagger] - S+ - Stores the Vitality points dealt for extra damage or healing the user.
> 1 [T4 Unholy War Axe] - S+ - Triples the Damage against Holy and Light.
>1 [T4 Ironwood Composite Bow and Quiver] - S+ - Made of Ironwood. Use strength as a bonus. In case needed, it can also deal melee damage.
>1 [T3 Rod of Cancellation] - S+ - Cancels a spell. Cooldown: 3 turns.
>1 [T3 Heavy Steel Shield] - S - Enchanted with a Gem that block an extra +1 Damage.
>1 [T3 Bastard Sword of Light] - S - This sword emits light
>1 [T2 Heated Armor] - S - Provides T3 Cold Resistance.

Book Seller:
>1 [Curing Critical Wounds] - S+ - A War’s Surgeon experience
>1 [The Big Book of Blood Magic] - S+ - Author: Vlad
>2 [Book of Curing Serious Wounds] - S -
>1 [Encyclopedia of Battle Afflictions] - A - Edition of focus on Crowd Control Effects
>3 [Identifying and detecting Ores and Minerals] - B
>3 [Dictionary of Medical Afflictions] - B
>9 [Nurse’s Handbook] - B
>2 [Scroll of Cold Resistance] - B

Salvage and Miscellaneous Seller (B-Tier):
>1 [Large Glass Chandelier]
>9 [Sacks of Wheat]
>1 [Small Sack of Corn]
>5 [Pack of Fishnets Stockings]
>1 [10’ Pole]
>1 [Gas Lamp]
>4 [Bag of Incense]
>2 [Unframed paintings]
>1 [Ivory Drinking Horn]
>2 [Vial of Perfume]
>1 [T1 Silver Shortsword]
>1 [Rabbit Fur Shortsword Scabbard]
>1 [Silver Choker]
>2 [Porcelain Vase]
>1 [Leather Hunter Cap]
>2 [Dragonscale Amulet]
>2 [Carved Wooden Staff with Silver Details]
>10 [Bags of Rare Spices
>2 [Tents]
>3 [Sleeping Bags]]
>1 [Sarcophagus]
>3 [T1 Vietnam Era Jackets] - Serve as T1 armor
Tattoo Shop:
>[T2 Runic Tattoo of Darkvision] - A - Permits the user to see in the dark.
>[T2 Psionic Tattoo of Danger Sense] - A - Warns the user about upcoming danger.
>[T2 Tribal Tattoo of Energy Ray] - A - Lets the user shoot an Energy ray from its hands.
>[T2 Tattoo of Protection] - DC8 - Roll a d10, if the roll passes the DC. It may block half of the damage dealt.

>[LOCKED] - Seen by Matt
Rolled 10, 15 = 25 (2d100)

Name: Glubl
Background: Glubl grew up idolizing humans, especially the mageknights who occasionally fought monsters out in the jungle. When they got the chance, they joined in for the academy. Things didn't work out so well at the Brasilia academy, so he was transferred to the Madrid academy to get him away from some not so nice folks.
Spells: waterblade T1
Abilities: Dash T1
Duel Monsters Proficiency T1
Traits: amorphous T2
smooth speaker T1
Reputation T2
Equipment: Giant bag of moose jerky T2
Canada magnet
Lie’s Spare Duel Monsters Deck
Contacts:[Magic Creatures Interest Group]
T1 Friendship with Alexandra (1/2 till T2)
Vivianne Delafontaine
1. Hang out with Vivi some more
2. Get some speakers that'll make my resting body jiggle like a gelatin.
Rolled 92, 54 = 146 (2d100)


>team up
Nope. Grab the helmet and immediately leave with my group.

>Explore the Jungle.

>Explore the Jungle.
Rolled 32, 95 = 127 (2d100)


Upon hearing the missing investigators, Zav was intrigued. It reminds the young man of his investigation stories alongside adventuring tales about a group of explorers, but in this case it is some type of odd mix of story genres. It doesn't stops the knight of course, taking the map he had received from the ranger he goes with his party to the investigators missing location.

(With Devin and Emilia/Dietrich too if they want to)

Investigate a little about the missing investigators, and explore the jungle a little along the way.
Rolled 96, 43 = 139 (2d100)

>Free : Grab the Big Book of Blood Magic
>Slit open my wrist, and give my blood to Vampirella. She said she liked it, maybe it'll wake her up. And I can fix the wound later.
>Go visit Mountainridge Pastures. I want to see how non-humans adapt in this plane. And cute cowgirls
Rolled 96, 95 = 191 (2d100)


>DO: Take Helia and Doroty and explore the wilds and mountain of the island further inland(T5 Relationship:Helia, T5 Relationship:Doroty)

>Do:Ask around and see if my family has any history on the island.
>T5 with doroty
Meant T4
Rolled 8, 31 = 39 (2d100)

Nodding at the man's advice, he thanked him for it. He left to his hotel room to put on his thermal underwear and warm clothes, along with putting the Heat Stone around his neck.
>DO: Go North.
>DO: Attempt to find wolf tracks

Forgot my sheet tho
Rolled 26, 76 = 102 (2d100)

[Arthur Belrose]

>Look into that super powerful katana that the weeb was talking about. It's probably a sham, but hey, you never know.
(Relaxed +5, Basic Investigation +1)
>Look for the Cardboard Monster in the slums with the other City Crawlers.
(Relaxed +5, Basic Investigation +1, Basic Urban Monster Hunting +1)

"Nice to meet you two, David, Ester. I'm Arthur." Arthur smiled at them. "Oh yeah, if we find the Cardboard Monster, would you guys mind holding back, and not attacking it right away? I faced something like it before, and I'm pretty sure that they used to be a human just like us, and may be able to be saved."
Rolled 96, 95 = 191 (2d100)


>With the other students with me interested in forming the party, I proceed with them into the forest towards where the missing investigators went on the map. [Survival T1, Invesigation T1, Tracking T1, Map of the Area]

>Keep an eye out for anything of interest while searching for the missing investigators. Perhaps even my detect artifact spell can help me find the missing people too! [Detect Artifact, Investigation T1, Tracking T1, Survival T1]
Rolled 3, 73 = 76 (2d100)


Dania Nanato

- - -
The only daughter of a currently kidnapped Mexican Inn owner and a Japanese Acrobatic Dancer. Fled from Mexico and enrolled in the Academy. Has a birthmark with the shape of a dragon, some say it looks like a chicken.
- - -
CAST: Cures Minor Wounds [T1 0/2], CatWalker Enchant - [T1 0/2]

- [Fading Blow]: A quick hit that does 1d(Technique Tier)+1 damage, and grants you +10 evasion until the start of your next turn

Intermediate: Unarmed Combat [T3 1/5], Dancing [T2 1/3], Combat Theory [T2 1/3], Stamina [T2 0/3], Hammer Proficiency [T2 1/3], Investigation [T2 0/3]

Basic: Meditation [T2 0/3], Magic Theory [T1 0/2], Stalking [T1 0/2], Swimming Proficiency [T1 0/2], Stealth [T1 0/2], Enchanting [T1 1/2], Blacksmithing [T1 0/2], Persuasion [T1 0/2], Strength [T1 0/2], Tracking [T1 0/2]

Potent Willpower [T2 0/3], Dojo Reputation [T1 0/2]

- Roommate Stephanie Moore [T3 1/5]
- Senpai Jeneven [T2 0/3]
- Mystical Beasts Professor Selene [T2 0/3]
- Librarian Athena (T2 0/3)
- Zav Erdna, Ean Hawthorne, Abby Dragfirm, Angelica Shanyrria, Aine Boros, Gram Roderick, Zoot Martingale
- Met Harold, Principal Katherine, Nurse Olivia, Ponytail, Helia

- Cat plushie, Catlike Enchanted Pair of Boots, MkA:Amsterdam Map, Pair of Crutches
- [Basic Spelunking gear], which includes Helmet, gloves and 35 ft worth of rope with 2 hooks,
- [T2 Standard Spelunking Hammer] and [T2 Long Spelunking Hammer]
- [Assassin's Contract] - Signed by J. Roderick
- [Tiara of Gold and Ruby] - This item holds ancient magical power, but you are not sure what it does exactly. It will require some research to find out.
- [T1 Heat-Resistant Earrings] - Helps keep fire out of you.
- [Confessions of a Steelcharmer] - Book by Platina.
- [Yellow One-piece Swimsuit]
- [Sunhat]
- [Small Bottle of Sunscreen] - 3 uses
- [Tote Bag] - Holds stuff
- [Sunglasses]
- [Parasol]
- [Deflated Beach Ball]
- [Photo of Me and Stephanie]
- [Everflowing Canteen] - Never runs out of water
- [Pristine Spatial Tent] - Fits up to 8 people. Magically treated to prevent discomfort
- [Firestarter] - Never Fails to Produce Fire

[ Dragon Lady ]
- Convince Selene I can meet a dragon without dying. Natural 100 will be considered for completing the quest.

[Mental Block]
- Stronger Meditation Needed [T3]

- [Friendly Child Spirit]
See him as a blue firefly. He casts spells independently. He can Quick Cast Regeneration (T1), Quick Cast Light (T1) and he cannot be harmed by normal weapons. You can see him in his true form (headless child) if you obtain a way to see ghosts. You are Acquaintances (T1 1/2 - Friends) with him.

>Free: I'll take the Ironwood Composite Bow

>DO: Hike to the Old Order and end the Hike at Glassbell Shores

>DO: Explore Glassbells Shores. Maybe there's something to do there.
Rolled 68, 89 = 157 (2d100)



"Wow... there are actual minotaur people living here. Maybe we will find wild ones in the upper regions. "

>DO: Cast Resist Elements on myself and Kari before we start to ascend.
>DO: Continue to ascend to the Snowrock Mountain top.
>Look for the Cardboard monster
>If I find it, use my darkness and sense-renoving stuff to incapacitate it. Ester could stun/taunt or shimmy her blubber at it or something.

>If I dont find it, as we continue to look around, ask Ester what she sees in a piece of shit like me and what she believes I wouldve seen in her.
Rolled 22, 42 = 64 (2d100)

File: Heygotpartsforthis.jpg (130 KB, 640x480)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Rolled 37, 12 = 49 (2d100)

Name: Zoot Martingale
From: The USofA

A 20-year-old charismatic stoner that likes to party, gamble, and be social. His family is renown for their potion making and they expect him to carry on the legacy. Likes to listen to swing music.


>DO: Well this is not much of a gun, but I can work with this. Restoration here I come. Let's go to the markets around here to look for parts that might work with this rusted hunk of a gun. While I'm at the market, I might as well look at everything that is for sale.
>DO: This Gunther dude sounds spooky. Let's go check out this pirate cave using the map. Who knows, maybe I'll find a coolio pirate gun that actually works. Modifiers: [Pirate’s Hideout Map]
Rolled 75, 67 = 142 (2d100)

Angelica Shanyrria

>DO: Attempt to harvest a decent amount of the iron wood. The stuff would be amazing to use for tons of things.
(Blessing of Fey +5, Nature +2)

>DO: Attempt to harvest a few seedlings of the ironwood. If we can manage to grow some near the tower, we wouldn't have to keep coming to the island to harvest it.
(Blessing of Fey +5, Nature +2)

>RP: "Good to see you, Ean! I imagine you're here for the same reason as me? Our campsite has room for one more, if you want."
Rolled 3, 59 = 62 (2d100)

Name: Markus Milton
From: USA
[Mild Dehydratation] -5 to physical actions until taken care of

>Free: Pick up, [Book of Curing Serious Wounds] - S -
[Ring of Weakness] - S - Lowers the wielder Vitality and Strength by half.
[Encyclopedia of Battle Afflictions] - A - Edition of focus on Crowd Control Effects
[T3 Ivory Necklace with Gems] - A - Magical Item. The seller isn’t sure about its magical properties.
[Nurse’s Handbook] - B
[Dictionary of Medical Afflictions] - B

>Quest: It's a long shot, but give it try opening with my Open lock spell. Never know? (Relevant Modifiers: [Basic Cast Open lock], Basic Mechanical Theory +1)
>Quest: When that likely fails, attempt to find clues near by that might shed some light on how to open this door. (Relevant modifiers: [Minor Dehydratation] -5, Intermediate Intuitive pathfinding +2, Intermediate surival +2)

[On Boat] "That's alright, I had drinks ordered that should be here shortly." The young mage said as he stood to meet his dinner companion, moving her chair out for her and waiting until she sat. "You look lovely. I'm looking forward to finding out more of your homeland this evening."
[Boat RP]
>Emilia blushes. "Why thank you. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to do my hair." After taking her seat, she continues. "I find it so delightful that someone other than me has finally taken an interest in Deutschland, especially someone as gentlemanly as yourself."
Rolled 24, 25 = 49 (2d100)

Name: Lawrence Birch

Sheet: https://sites.google.com/view/mkam/character-sheets/lawrence-birch

>Head to the The Forgotten Tower and Scorched Earth, Since there are rumors about secrets. I can hopefully read this old ancient runes if ther are any. Maybe soem artifacts!
>Research about the island and maybe find an artifact related, similiar or connected to my cursed sword, Oblivian. Make suer to be very careful as to get an artifact but not get cursed by it
Rolled 27, 44 = 71 (2d100)


>Free Action: Take [Potion of invisibility] -S, [T3 Heavy steel shield] -S, [T2 Psionic Tattoo of danger sense] -A, [Potion of Invisibility] -A, [T1 Vietnam era Jacket] -B [Silver Choker] -B

>Do: Join the jungle party. I may not have many useful skills, but an extra body is always useful. At the very least I might be able to keep an eye out for danger. (T2 Danger Sense Tattoo)

>Do: Continue the search for the missing investigators. I doubt we will see any locals, but we might be able to ask them if we see any. I keep looking out for danger (T2 Danger Sense Tattoo)
Rolled 52, 63 = 115 (2d100)


>See if I can acquire some Ironwood from the trees. It'll be useful for my later endeavors.
Relevant Modifiers: +3 Nature Theory, +1 Gardening Book, +1 Research Notes, +3 Herbalism

>Harvest a seedling or two from the ironwood trees. They're of a different climate, but that's nothing nurture and care won't fix.
Relevant Modifiers: +3 Nature Theory, +1 Gardening Book, +1 Research Notes, +3 Herbalism

>RP: "Oh, hello Angelica." Ean said to his friend. "I'm looking to snag some ironwood for myself, which is probably what you're probably trying to do too..." He smiled. "As for the camp... I would appreciate it, but..." The Nature Mage looked towards her companions, a larger woman with cat ears, and a small girl with dragonfly wings, presumably the one that she had mentioned at the party. "...Only if you won't mind my company."
Angelica waved his thoughts away. "No, I assure you, we won't mind your company. I made this tent a bit larger for a reason. "
Rolled 97, 12, 74 = 183 (3d100)

Davis Malachai, the explorer


>Visit Starleaf Valley with Tana
[Boosts: T3 Tana Ashworth]
>Explore the Starleaf Valley and maybe try out some of the wine with Tana
[Boosts: T3 Tana Ashworth, T2 Willpower]
>Explore the Twilight Jungle with Tana
[Boosts: T3 Tana Ashworth
Rolled 25, 51, 94, 20, 1, 90, 73, 92 = 446 (8d100)


Name: Abby Dragfirm
Backstory: Abby lived in the mountain with her family which was known to have had connections to old wyvern in the far past. Now she has to go into the city school into a new world and become the magic user that her family expects her to be


Note: I am always bringing Rhazias and Vussora around me with the island :)
Boat Turn 1
Status Effect: [Confident] +10 to all social rolls
>Find Valerie and introduce her to Rhazias in his human form!
>Ask Rhazias about his capabilities as a human
Boat Turn 2
>Find Natasha and talk with her. Try to get to know her more
>Get a nice drink and just sit in the port to admire the sea.
>Go to Starleaf Valley. Maybe show my fruit to them and ask what they think of them and buy a some of that starlead wine
>Roam Silvershade town and find some magical earnings that fit me and Valerie
>Go to Ironwood Forests and maybe study and find the core of the forest and find if remnants of the tribes still exist
>Use my wings with Rhazias, Valerie, and Vussora to get to the top of the Snow Rock mountain and find what I can in the mineral lake
"In that case, I'll be glad to join you. Thanks." He says to Angelica. Ean then turns to her companions: the prodigal blacksmith Platina, famous in school for her high quality work, and... he didn't know what the little girl was named. "My name is Ean. Ean Hawthorne." The Nature Mage smiled, introducing himself to the pair. "I'm Angelica's squadmate in Alpha Squad. We're pretty good friends, if I do say so myself." He says, reminiscing about the past.
We apologize but next update will be likely posted in a new thread.
Rolled 63 (1d100)

dice for tattoo

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