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File: Rainbowtribes3.png (771 KB, 1600x901)
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Welcome to Rainbow Tribes
In this game you will take control of a tribe and along with the other players of your tribe, you will develop culturally, technologically, and historically in order to progress and prosper.

> Each turn is 2 weeks
> Each turn you can do 5 things. Actions, Research, Trade, Diplomacy & WAR.
> Each turn you are limited to 1 research, 3 actions, 1 trade, 1 diplomacy & 1 war.
>If infrastructure is built you may do more of each (e.g. university, military barracks, embassy etc)
> To avoid salt from other races, turns must be feasible and believable considering the situation and knowledge of the race at the time ("Done IC"). Being specific in turns are also preferred as it reduces salt & helps writing
> WAR MUST be declared the turn before any war action happens, once war is declared, an attack may happen at any point until PEACE is declared
>No Secret turns
> You MUST be in discord to play

To clarify what the types of moves entail:
-Actions (Literally doing things, building, traveling, gathering).
- Research (Developing new Ideas & techs, Upgrading/changing old ideas & techs)
- Trade (Exchanging 1 thing for another
- Diplomacy (Making deals with other tribes/NPCs)
- War (Moves aimed at destroying another faction.)

>If a turn is viewed as particularly creative or well thought out, it will be given the INNOVATIVE or PLANNED bonus. Giving +10 to it's roll or a bonus effect. Both simultaneously may be given the INGENIOUS bonus of +25 on rolls & maybe a bonus effect.

>Last time on Rainbow tribes

-Splintered red's got involved in the mountain war. Scarlets fled looking for protection & Maroons are standing their ground, risking it all for the glory of the rat goddess

Greens became Gray messengers, set up a town and are attempting to become switzerland

Blues liberated the goblin capital, pulled the strings in the goblin war, moved to volcano island and have just become religious fanatics of quetzalcoatl

Oranges dealt with a werewolf curse, allied with purples and waged war on the goblins.

Previous thread >>1733082

File: Scarlett17.png (24 KB, 1152x648)
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Scarlets develop shoes to help them walk further and keep their feet in good condition. They can now walk a little further each turn

Scarlets send a group to lie in wait for the purple in the long grass of the surrounding meadows. They ambush and kill him. Purples know what direction the scarlets fled in, but not where they went...for now. Scarlets have a singular horse which Red Leader Stoppu now rides upon.

Scarlets arrive at the gray town , begging for asylum. They have been hunted, traveled far and have women and children. They have sacrificed much. Scarlets offer grays their services as exceptional craftsmen in return for asylum, and a place to call their own. Grays agree, seeing no point in wiping out this small band of refugees. They dislike the purples anyway.

Grays place scarlets near the river by their capital, giving them the tools to build and craft. THey also give them a small section of land surrounding to grow their own crops.
Scarlets will be requested to create a commission for the king every turn, they will be paid and IF duty calls far down the line, grays expect scarlets to repay the debt by assisting grays. Grays will supply scarlets with crafting knowledge (if they know it) and the materials to create the commissions.

Grays use their new forges to finish their bronze tools.

The king wishes for scarlets to prove themselves decent craftsmen and requests a large shipment of iron horseshoes.
File: Marroon 17.png (24 KB, 1152x648)
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Maroons are in desperate times, they need to attempt to kill orcs from far away, close range they are completely fucked. Maroons create poor bow & arrows from animal sinew, wood & copper.

In the face of this huge threat and imminent death, the maroons are scared shitless. Many are tempted to run away and defect . Fuck red rat!

Red Rat gives them a rousing speech about the glory of battle, and the rewards of victory. The joy of the state and how they are the chosen, destined to rule. That they must prove themselves worthy and deserving of the great rat mother's titties.
The great painter draws an emaculate portrait of the rat goddess. This is his finest, and he fears, maybe his last great work. The maroons gather round and have a somber fap together for possibly the last time. Hand in hand some weep , others finish. This is their day of reckoning...there is no running... Rat mother be with us.
INNOVATIVE No maroons flee and despite their terrible mood, they are willing to die to protect what they love. This massive porn piece of the great rat mother. They are also able to actually make all the stuff they need thanks to the mystical powers of porn and facing death and OP's heartstrings.

Maroons position themselves at the tops of the paddy walls and attempt to shoot the orc army, ready to stab any who get too close. Many orcs laugh while others get angry with confusion. Orcs hold up their shields and sprint at the rice terraces, aiming to parkore their way up for that maroon booty. Orc crossbowmen shoot from behind and ramps are brought to the front to make scaling each tier easier. Reds manage to kill a few using their bows and arrows through the armour at each layer before being forced to retreat. Each terrace , less and less maroons survive the arrows. In the end maroons made a good dent thanks to the terrain advantage and the rat goddess liking them, each taking an orc with them at least. 15 orcs died for the 15 brave maroon defenders. Shot in the backs as they attempted to defend their right to porn.

Orcs have reached the maroon entrance! They rush in and are quickly killed by the traps. 10 more orcs die from stupidity before the orcs stop. Orcs set up camps at the entrance. Orc warriors and crossbow women are stationed outside the exit while orcs think of what to do. They occasionally send a goblin down the tunnel to double check the traps are still there. Yep.
File: Green17.png (23 KB, 1152x648)
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Greens improve their ships for the purposes of transporting cargo and goods by adding hulls.

Greens build a pier and shipyard for their planned naval activities, making green town a port. Greens have more ships

Greens begin to breed their horses. Greens have more horses

Greens deliver their message to yellow-gray harbor, greens get paid.

Gray's request you deliver food estimate documents between the mayors of gray towns this fortnight. Winter is coming, will grays be ok?

Greens love exploring the world and meeting people, but dislike the fighting. Greens decide to attempt to host a meeting between the known clan leaders. Greens want to be a neutral messenger and transport nation!
This meeting will take 2 turns to organise.
File: Blue17.png (24 KB, 1152x648)
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Goblins upgrade blue spears to decent quality.

Blues develop a crude spear launcher they call a balista!. It's mobility and range aren't great, but it's great for harpooning shit. Pew pew

Blues advise the goblins to build traps on the beaches in preperation for any orange sailors and to build ballistas on their walls.

Blues build a wall around their own town & add balistas to it.

Blues enter the light blue city of gold and attend the feast. They meet the 4 light blue leaders. Each are large humanoid beasts, covered in jewlery. There is a Tiger, Bat, Crocodile & Rat. They welcome the blues and ask what offerings they have brought and who it's for. Blues say they offer themselves as tribute for the sky god who resides in the volcano. In return for being allowed to live on the island and use the rescources beyond the city, blues will spread word of the sky god and bring HIM gifts. The leaders are taken aback. The sky god is feared by all, and only a very devout seers bring him gifts in his lair. They have a temple on the volcano. But so be it. Blues & light blues are allies, & Blues have converted to mesomurican. They are required to bring gifts to the Sky god within the volcano once a month or else face his wrath.

Blues build a temple to the Volcano Dragon, Quetzalcoatl. Their mood improves from religious drive and partying.
File: Orange17.png (73 KB, 1152x648)
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Oranges develop education, with a particular focus on military. Due to how thinly spread their population is, they create 1 main school and large academy on their main isle with extra living accommodation. Oranges board there for their education, going home for holidays and when they're finished.

In the academy shield formations are a particular focus of military drills.

Orange builders attempt to improve their structures with stone across all isles, this will be completed next turn.

Oranges attempt to be friendly with light blues & purples. Light blues are happy to have even more friends joining them on the isles! Oranges are told about the culture and dieties of the isles, as well as light blue hunting sports. Oranges are invited to a large celebration feast within the capital, but under NO circumstances are any abominations permitted to this isle any longer. Light blues warn oranges that they are evil and full of lies, light blues will kill them on sight, and oranges should too. Light blues will allow a small port & mango farm in return for consistent offerings to the island Gods. What say you oranges?

Oranges develop a strategy with purples to hinder the orcs war effort. Purples supply oranges with decent bronze weaponry for their assault on the 2 goblin towns while purples attack the mountainside tin mine.
Orange troops take heavy casualties upon reaching the shore from the extensive pre-set goblin traps at the shore line and surrounding the towns and marshes. They manage to cause blindness and burning, injuring many goblins thanks to their quicklime, but are otherwise unsuccessful in their assault. The lycan are unable to enter the towns are run off into the marshes, returning early in the morning. They killed many goblins in roadside outposts.

At the end of the fortnight, oranges lost 15 troops and 10 specials, infected the goblins with the lycan curse, and took the tin mine for the purples, cutting off goblin and blue tin supplies.Purples appreciate orange troops, intel and allegiance. Purples are now friendly
File: RainbowTribesMap17.png (112 KB, 1152x648)
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112 KB PNG

Year 1: Nov 2nd - Nov 16th

>Home Isles - Rain
>Southern mountains - Rain
> Northern mountains - Storm
> Great Plains - Rain
> Volcano Isle - Storm
> Desert - Cold
Action: We will promise the goblins aid if they choose to convert to the light blue god religion. Hopefully they will convert wholeheartedly. If not, then we will offer assistance if they give over some items of value for tribute, the item of value being whatever the goblin town or village holds most dear. Any refusals and we will not assist the goblins.

Action: We tell the light blues that we have already found ripe converts for their religion, being the goblins. However, their lands are being heavily assaulted on two sides by the oranges and orcs. We want to help them, and it is our duty as religious brothers to do so. We propose they send troops to the south and help lift the sieges in their towns. Naturally, this will include not helping the oranges who have landed.

Action: Build as many ships as we can with ballistas to be piloted by the light blues.

Research: Upgrade tin spears

Research: Ships

If sacrifices are due, we will sacrifice people, to be chosen by election of the masses.
Turn 18:
Research: Breeding
Action: Build some huts, plant all the carrots.
Action: Make the horseshoes
Trade: Using the rubies, buy everyone some coats, and buy another horse. Also buy some foreign seeds they may have, and ask the locals for some tips on harvesting? (tech)
Action: Start breeding the animals, plant the seeds we just got from them.
Back in the saddle again. Hah.

Research: Saddles to make long trips easier on both horses and rider. Paired with blankets this should save a lot of our horse stock from exhaustion, overwork, and being driven out to pasture too early.

Naval Research: Improve the quality of our transport ships by making them stronger and sturdier. We don't want winter storms to threaten our investments, or the goods we carry.

Action: We develop a proper Navy, making Sailor and Shipwright a profession that each account for about 12% of our population.

Action: We devise a Cavalry of horseback messengers and scouts, composed of about 20% of our population. The cavalry is drilled in caring for their horses, survival between outposts, and how to safely push their horses to top speeds.

Action: The Green leadership has never been really clarified, and they decide to adopt a council based system of government. Each settlement can elect a representative for the council, and the council elects a representative prime minister.

Trade: Greens attempt to trade with Greys, seeking to buy some of the horse shoes they have seen on the Grey livestock. They also inquire as to what else Greys have available for trade.

Diplomatic Action: Send an envoy to the Pink tribe, asking if they would be willing to help defend our caravans and ships, offering to show them the world as we try to find the rest of the Pink people and giving them honest work in the meantime.
Research: After seeing the usefulness of the orcs Crossbows first hand, the Maroons use their godly hands and superior intelligence to make one of their own. The red rat dictates that ours must be much larger that theirs, as to destroy shields, siegeweapons, and orc charges. Maroons make a Ballista, and point it down the main hallway.
Action: Meanwhile, a few maroon soldiers and a miner or two form a tower shield phalanx, and push up to just behind our first pit & Barricade, holding the position long enough for the miners to dig another pit and put down more stakes, this time made of copper, making a second pit & barricade. Losses should be minimal due to the line of wooden stakes and the wooden towershields blocking orc crossbow attacks, while the pit and stakes themselves prevent melee fighters from engaging.
Action: We also install large stone doors infront of the ventilation/escape tunnels to prevent flooding and deserting.
First We accept the light terms with happiness. We tell them of our troubles with the green abominations called goblins. They arent human and have killed humans. Fucking bastards.
Research: Library where we may hold tomes of knowledge.
Dig canals around our cities and fill them with water. Make them as big as a human, and as wide as two men holding their arms out. It should be big enough to hinder the goblins.
Prepare bags of caltrops that can be easily thrown down at the enemy from the walls.
Set up Blades attached to ropes that can be swung down at anyone trying to climb the walls.
keep sending the lycans on rampages in goblin territory whenever the full moon comes around.
assassin training. Train spies and assassins of wolf men and the stealthy. They will need to be able to take out leaders and sabotage bases, supply lines and info.
organize a final raid in the night, use wolfmen to burn down the goblin science facilities and academy.
>War action
Take the fighting on our home turf. No more direct attacks against the goblins, wait for them to come to us and tire themselves out in the process. With our new defenses it will be much easier. But keep sending wolfmen out on small raids where they set fire to forests and generally harass the goblins.
File: Scarlett18.png (24 KB, 1152x648)
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Scarlet's are finally able to settle down near the gray river and begin constructing a small town. They build huts, some basic farmlands and a smithy for their commissions. Grays construct a road leading to scarlet town to allow the easier transportation of shipments.

Gray's instruct scarlets on how to make horseshoes. Scarlets create a large shipment for the grays and get paid.

Scarlets sell their rubies recieving plenty of king's marks. Using their money they send a few scarlets into the gray capital to buy coats , another horse for breeding, and spend the rest on crops (Including potatoes +5). They are given breeding advice from the grays who want to help them settle in. They arn't the best farmers and recieve most of their food from trade so can't offer much in the way of farming tech, BUT they say the river fish are very tasty. Scarlet's plant all the new crops receiving a size able pop boost.

Scarlets now also breed rats rabbits & horses.

Grays place an order for Scarlet craftsmen to journey to the grey estates and install insulation in noble's houses in preparation for winter.
File: Marroon 18.png (24 KB, 1152x648)
24 KB
Maroons attempt to march forward to expand defences and collect a dead orc crossbow to create a larger version of. They are all down the pits, so they hold a phalanx formation while maroons expand the traps, changing the wooden stakes to copper and dig a connection between them allowing them to collect crossbows. They bring it back to the main living area and attempt to replicate it's design.

Orcs shoot at the phalanx, injuring a few, but quickly see the formation combined with the tunnel will be difficult to penetrate. They seal the Tunnel entrance with a boulder. Maroons can hear muffled sounds of dogs, laughing orcs, and many metalic sounds echoing, clanking and crunching from the outside.

Maroons add stone doors to their other ventilation shafts to keep water out, and maroons in. They can hear echoes of orcs from the outside world. One maroon reports he got curious and saw that the orcs are sniffing out the exits and sealing them.

Maroons are now able to create crossbows and balistas, but are very short on wood thanks to being trapped and not collecting much on the way. They are able to cobble 1 large balista together using the remaining wood and those gathered from the replaced stakes, and orc skin/tendons. They point it down the now dark entrance tunnel.

Maroons are scared, murmers of uncertainty spread and the advisors are starting to sweat even more. Maybe we should flee? is it too late? what are the orcs planning? what will red rat do?
File: Green18.png (25 KB, 1152x648)
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Greens improve the quality of their boats and horses using improved hulls, saddles, horse shoes, blankets etc, allowing them to be less effected by severe weather.

Greens begin reorganizing their population, creating a system of government as well as devising jobs for naval and land travel. improving efficiency and granting them an extra travel related action per turn.

Pinks have been doing well and recovering nicely with green help and finally have a few troops to spare.They are happy to defend green convoys anyway, and combined with access to new rescources via the world markets, aswell as the possibility of finding more pinks, many soilders volunteer. Pink leader decides that they can't send too many as it would leave the main settlement with too little defenses, so green get to pick the cream of the crop from the volunteers. 25% of travel related earnings now go to pinks.

Greens buy some horse shoes. They also inquire about all available goods. Grays have access to almost any resource from across the kingdoms, as well as more exotic goods from far off lands. Food, wood, stone, metal, equipment, jewels, textiles, military gear and livestock of many kinds are some of the commodities offered. In addition to these, services of craftsmen and artisans are available for hire to construct and craft goods and structures. All is accessible for the right price thanks to Grays connections to creams, browns, purples, orcs, yellows and recently elves and scarlets. Tech is not available for purchase, but artisans and the finished products can be purchased to make research easier.

Grays invite the new green prime minister for an audience with the king. They still need the crop report delivered and also an urgent message to the creams.
Turn 19:
Research: Having a shield is not enough, as purples demonstrated us while battling them. We start to make like clothes, but made out of bronze. They named this armour
Action: Expand our crops
Action: Teach Scarlets how to swim
Action: Start digging inside the houses secret trapdoors in case an enemy loots the town that at least people can hide inside safely
File: Blue18.png (24 KB, 1152x648)
24 KB
Blues upgrade their spears to good quality.

Blues develop ships with mounted ballistas using their own boat, goblin, orc and light blue boat designs, increasing their capacity, speed and general sea worthiness.

Goblins whole heartedly convert to light blue religion . The blues are good, the blues are great, if the blues say this volcano god is supreme, it must be the case. Goblins will follow.
Goblins ask for help dealing with the new lycan curse oranges introduced, as well as the routine attacks on them. What should we do oh all wise and powerful blues?

The dieties are excited to hear there are many converts. They've never heard of this "Goblin" tribe, and don't know what "War " is. The people want to help, but the dieties demand they don't help. The goblins have offered nothing, and they have heard tales from oranges about them. They don't want to get involved for now. They are happy to pilot the ships for blues and help hunt these "orcs".

Coatzcoatl is pleased with the tasty human sacrifices he receives. Very few ever want to worship him, and he is pleased that the entire blue tribe do so. He grants them a large chunk of obsidian to line their tools with for war.
File: Orange18.png (73 KB, 1152x648)
73 KB
Oranges travel to the light blue temple and share a meal with the dieties and priests. THey agree to light blue terms of worship and sacrifice, and are permitted to set up a small port as well as mango farm. They warn light blues of the non human goblins. Oranges gain a pop boost!

Oranges create a library for the preservation and spread of knowledge to the orange public, improving education .

Oranges improved education is reflected in their military training and improvements to city defences. They add moats and prepare caltrops aswell as rope darts. They train wolfmen and lycans for stealth and assassination.

Oranges retreat from the swamp lands and instead opt to send small hit and run raids against the goblins. They are never able to penetrate any cities, but severely hinder their crops and make goblins scared to travel between towns at night. 5 wolfmen over the fortnight. No goblin attacks occur. They learn of the science facilities and academy. An attack plan is devised for next turn.

Purples attack and take the eastern most coastal town.
File: RainbowTribesMap18.png (112 KB, 1152x648)
112 KB
112 KB PNG

Year 1: Nov 16th - Dec 1st

>Home isles - Snow
> Southern mountains - Snow
> Northern mountains - Snow
> Great Plains - Snow
> Volcano isles - Rain
> Desert - Rain



OP could you provide a new Discord link?
Action: We send our ships to destroy the orange colony on the island on the pretext that they have attacked converts to the religion.

Action: Go north to the pink nation and introduce ourselves. We need to convince them of the glory of our new god and offer any help to them if necessary.

Action: Start building a road from our town to the light blue town.

Research: We will develop the church structure. We divide the volcano island and goblin lands into diocese for priests to oversee. The head of the church will live in our new town on the volcano island. The role of the priests are to collect donations and preach the word of our god, who the head priest will hear. The collected donations will be divided 90% to the god and 10% for the church to keep. Hopefully, their zealotry and education in preaching will convert many among the light blue kingdom. It is vital to push the idea (quite politely) that they must worship the dragon god directly and not the kings. We are effectively trying to segment the population so that eventually the light blue population lines up with us ideologically, since we can control the ideology.

Research: Obsidian spears

I'll allow this since Oranges have been at war with the goblins for a while & in the previous turn it specifically stated they'd be "Attacking" oranges next turn, so that'll count as a declaration of war. From now on please be more clear when declaring war.
>I'll allow this since Oranges have been at war with the goblins for a while & in the previous turn it specifically stated they'd be "Attacking" oranges next turn, so that'll count as a declaration of war. From now on please be more clear when declaring war.

Thats bullshit OP.

Goblins are a separate people/tribe.
Blue is neutral in relation sheet.

Now deliver the declaration or go fuck yourself
>Action: We send our ships to destroy the orange colony on the island on the pretext that they have attacked converts to the religion.

Also we told the light blues of the green abominations what now

Ye I suppose you're right with the war, need to be stricter. In order to attack blues need to spend an action declaring war on oranges.

>Also we told the light blues of the green abominations what now

?? idk what you're expecting ?? Need to wait until light blues actually interact with & see goblins. right now it's literally your word vs blues, plus blues are better at speaking & claim the goblins are converts. As of now they're refusing to help vs you, only against the orcs all because of your warnings
Research: University.

Action: Build A Castle in the Capital with our stone and masonry. A Beautiful marvel that will lie above the town and project power and wealth to all who come.

Action: Send Mermen explorers south of the home isle.

Action: Refine Writing and create cultural arts such as Plays and Poems. The people need entertainment by jove. We will give them plays based on war and our dealings, praising King Chadley, Romances between humans with humans, Satyrs, Mermaids, harpies. We hope to create plays that the dragons would enjoy. Create a Play about the power and majesty of the light blue divines and perform it for them.(Dip thing). Dont show light blue the satyr Mermaid and Harpy Romances at all. Those are to be kept on the home island.

Action: Send Harpies out to craft an accurate map of the islands and our homes. We will chart north and fly over the purple lands to graph it. We will create these maps for accurate battle plans, accurate travel and exploring in future.

Diplomacy: Give gifts of Bronze crafts like jewelry and trinkets to the dragon. Perform a the Dragon play for the divine one.
bring a Goblin in a Cage to discuss the abominations which plague us. Ask for their help wiping the goblins on mainland.

War: Attack the Food stores and Granaries of Goblin Cities and towns. Harpies can carry pots + bundles filled with hot coals and drop them on Stores and Roofs. We will target the Food stores with our trained stealth assasins first and just to be sure harpies will fly after the spies return to drop fire bombs on the stores using pots+ bundles.
Research: We advance our medicinal understanding, studying better responses to illness and first aid techniques as winter descends. Our Shamans share what works for them between one another to improve consistency.

Naval Research: We work to improve our poor transport ships! Reinforced hulls, stronger bows, ships that are capable of making it through the icy seas without crumbling like dry leaves.

Travel Action: We deliver the message from the Grays to the Creams.

Action: Deliver the crop reports to the Grays! But also take a look at the documents to ensure everything is in order. If the Grays are struggling despite their impressive size, we should be concerned.

Action: Attend the Gray audience with their King! They should already know about our summit, and we hope they are attending. We also thank them for their assistance and ask if there is anything else we can help with now that winter is here!

Action: Construct a palisade around our main town in the Southern mountains, ensuring we leave room to expand.
Research: armor consisting of a breastplate, sallet, and orc hide padding.
Action: the Red Rat always has a plan. Firstly he orders a relocation of the ballista, moving it up onto a cart, then moving the cart up to the trap tunnel above the main tunnel. If the ballista is too wide, he orders the miners to widen the tunnel so the ballista fits. Then orders his miners to dig out the 6~ feet of stone between that tunnel and the surface, with a phalanx formation just behind the miners, and the ballista cart just behind the phalanx. Once the entrance is open, the phalanx will push forward, spearing any resisting orcs and paving way for the ballista cart. Once the phalanx reached the mouth of the entrance (basically where they were at the beginning, but they are allowed to back up if the orcs get too thick) they are to hold position behind their tower shields, striking out at orcs only when needed as to not die to orc crossbows. The ballista should slowly push up until it reaches the entrance, and then proceed to fire on large massings of orcs firstly, and the orcish camp secondly, mainly at the largest tents or any tents that may contain a orcish leader. Salvaged orc crossbows are also to be put in use, firing over the phalanx from the cart to help them.
Action: Fortify the Ballista cart with copper plates.
Action: Starting from the first day of this month, whoever cannot fight (children and elderly) should be given pickaxes and told to mine a spiral staircase upwards, to the top of the mountain. They are told time is of the essence and that if they are not eating or sleeping, they should be digging.
File: Scarlett19.png (25 KB, 1152x648)
25 KB
After the Mountain Massacre, the scarlets are finally safe. They decide its best not to leave it to chance however and this time are going to develop some pre-emptive measures. They develop Poor Bronze armour for self defence incase anything like that happens again. In addition to this they create safe rooms in all their structures, so the townsfolk can quickly get to safety in the event they are attacked again.

Scarlets play in the river and learn to swim.

Scarlets expand their crop lands in preparation for after winter. They also learn to swim by playing in the water. Many grow sick from the cold afterwards in the poor cold scarlet shelters, but thanks to the new coats and winter food stores, nobody progresses past flu & cold.
File: Marroon 19.png (24 KB, 1152x648)
24 KB
Red Rat orders for those who cannot fight(children, elderly, sick and injured) to dig a spiral staircase upwards, aiming for the top of the mountain. 7 weak maroons do so. It's a long slow process, but they break through at the end of the fortnight. It is very cold and drafty, making the cold cave even colder. This plus their diet of exclusively mushrooms at the moment and being surrounded by death gives Maroons a cold.

Red Rat has a plan, but first maroons spend time developing Poor Bronze Armour consisting of a breastplate and Sallet, with orc skin to add padding. Every little helps in these dire times.

Maroons mount the ballista onto a minecart and reinforce it with copper plating. Red rat orders them to expand the oil shaft above the main entrance tunnel. 10 miners dig in front to expand it, while 70 maroons stand behind them in a phalanx formation, ready for battle when they break into daylight. Right at the back are 5 more maroons manning the ballista, now being wheeled through the thin tunnel.

Early in the tunnels expansion noises are heard echoeing from the shaft at their feet. A sword slashes out , cutting the ankles of maroon diggers, who are then slashed upon falling to the ground. orcs attempt to wriggle out of the small space and are stabbed before the can get up. The miners are rattled but continue forwards. This attack happens repeatedly, trading 6 diggers are killed and 2 phalanxmen are injured in return for 6 dead orcs.

Upon finally reaching the hole where the orcs had dug their way in,oil is splashed upon those pearing up, and a goblin attempts to set them on fire, succeeding but is stabbed in the process. unable to move backwards or scatter easily in the cramped tunnel with a large ballista behind them, maroons burn and attempt to stop drop and roll, or pat out their friends. A company of 10 orcs rushes down into the cramped choking maroons. all 10 orcs are killed, but 15 maroons are killed from the fire and burns. Thankfully, maroons military training means the orcs only killed 5 in the chaos before maroons were able to reorganize in the tight, chaotic room. The pile of bodies now acts as a choke point just past the hole, preventing further attacks. Orc archers attempt to drop down with crossbows and shoot at the maroons. They cannot attack back, but decide it's time to use this new ballista. 3 orcs are killed by a single balista shot, skewering them on the wall, acting as a warning to further orcs peering down.

Maroons stop advancing, and the orcs stop attacking, both poised at the hole in case the other attempts to attack again.

Maroons collect crossbows from the orc corpses in the pile of bodies and hold position in the tunnel. They are able to hear many orcs making noises from all around them. Red rat hears reports of noises coming from the blocked ventilation shafts on all sides.

Orcs - 19
Gobbos - 1
Maroons - 26
File: Green19.png (25 KB, 1152x648)
25 KB
Greens develop their medicine in response to the harsh winter times making them better at combating disease. Shamans share their knowledge with each other, refining techniques and improving consistency.

Greens improve their transport ships making them sturdier in icy weather and storms.

Greens construct a palisade around their main town, leaving plenty of room for growth.

Greens deliver the urgent report to the northern creams and get paid! Creams request greens head further north and collect another report, then deliver it to the king. It is urgent and they will pay you triple for it to be done swiftly and discreetly.

Greens deliver the crop reports to the grays. They take a peak. They discover that after crop blight and due to little preperations grays are having a famine and many of the poorer people are going hungry and dying. Desease is likely to spread if corpses pile up and arn't dealt with. A Gray mayor notices the documents are read, but doesn't seem bothered. The suffering population is plain for all to see, and spreading knowledge about it might open new avenues for help. Do greens have Doctors for hire or food to sell?

Green Prime minister attends an audience with the Gray King in his palace. The king hopes greens and grays will have a long fruitful relationship, congratulating greens on their prosperity. He states that Grays will happily abide by greens proposed peace treaty, although has 2 requests. Regardless of Greens answers, gray king promises to keep his word.

Firstly, many of the tribes dislike eachother, and some are even at war. Each tribe is likely to come with a small elite defence unit to protect it's diplomats. Gray king recommends in order to prevent conflict or misunderstanding, greens stagger the meetings next week, negotiating with them individually and all signing something, rather than having them all cramped together in a room.

Secondly, if the greens managed to pull this treaty off, they'd surpass browns as the trade and intelligence center of the world. Knowledge is power, and in this turbulent world, grays make a point of being the most knowledgeable tribe. It allows them to keep ensure peace, trade and stability across the world. They have many allies in many places, and fingers in many pies. Grays wish to finger Greens.
Gray king asks greens if they would be willing to sell other nations secrets to Grays...for the right price of course.
File: Blue19.png (24 KB, 1152x648)
24 KB
Blues build a road connecting to light blue empire.

Blues attempt to introduce themselves to the pinks. Pinks put up the drawbridge and tell blues to fuck off. They won't fall for anybody's shit anymore. Blues seem earnest so they won't attack on sight unless given a reason. But pinks have seen and been through much. They do not trust anybody.

Blues create infrastucture for worship on volcano island. They begin collecting donations to give the sky god a constant stream of offerings. He is pleased. Light blues and their dieties have long viewed quetzalcoatl as a monster, and deprived him of worship out of fear. It's nice to be pampered like those spoilt dickheads. Blues are gaining his favor.

Blues develop obsidian spears. These are far sharper than their previous tin, and cut through even metal like butter. Goblins are given them too and are able to barely fend off a purple attack on the 2nd swamp town.

File: Orange19.png (74 KB, 1152x648)
74 KB
Oranges build a university. They now have access to a 2nd research every turn.

Orange infiltrators locate granaries and food stores throughout goblin territory. Harpies then attempt to burn them with fire. A few harpies die , but the goblins are only able to save 2 of the main granaries. This will surely cause famine for the goblins. When combined with the purple assaults, the spreading lychan plague and the fear of leaving the towns, oranges shall prevail over goblins very soon.

Oranges explore using harpies and mermen and begin creating a crude map of the nearby land.

Oranges begin construction of a huge castle in their capital. It shall be completed next turn. They also finish improving their other structures on all islands.

Oranges develop culture and plays! Everybody enjoys these greatly and orange mood increases. They take special care crafting a play for the light blue dieties. It's a huge hit!

Oranges give gifts of jewelry and trinkets tot he dragon aswell as performing their play. They end the plays with a dramatic reveal of the insidious goblins! Light blues are shocked. The Dieties are outraged at this challenge to them and demand blue explanation. Surely THESE can't be the converts they made?! The goblin is killed and Quetzalcoatl flips his shit. These are HIS worshipers they're killing out of jelousy. The dieties, light blues and oranges are sent running from the volcano before they are eaten. Light blue society is in shambles. What's going on? Are the dieties not who they say they are? Why is the dragon OK with those heretical green things? Are there more of them? these outsiders are bad news...

A divide begins to emerge in light blue society. Some worship quetzalcoatl as supreme, some the other dieties as theyve long cared for the light blues. Some want all outsiders banished, others think they have been shown to truth thanks to them. Light blues begin infighting and rioting commences.

File: RainbowTribesMap19.png (111 KB, 1152x648)
111 KB
111 KB PNG

Year 1: Dec 15th - Jan 1st

>Home Isles - Blizzard
> Southern mountains - Blizzard
> Northern mountains - Cold
> Great Plains - Rain
> Volcano Isles - Cold
> Desert - Hail
Turn 20:
Research: Improve our armour more
Action: Try to capture some animals nearby to tame them.
Action: Make some wooden soldiers toys for the little kids.
Action: Help grays to insulate their noble houses.
Diplomacy: Ask them if instead of getting paid for helping them insulate their noble houses if they could hopefully teach us how to make paper?
Research: One shepherd invents a fancy new way to handle wool, inventing the loom! Our wool manufactured goods should start being less scratchy, more comfortable, and warmer. Just in time for winter!

Naval Research: We attempt to diversify our fleet, into our larger, sturdier transport ships and smaller, faster ships without much room for cargo.

Travel Action: We ride north on horseback to collect the report for the Creams, ensuring our discretion. If it's what I think it is, it won't be secret for long anyway, but hey, gold!

Action: This is one heck of a long audience with the Gray King! We understand his concerns about keeping the peace, so we agree to stagger the summit to meet individually with groups of nations. We feel that making it an openly public summit instead of meeting in back rooms will lend some additional professional credence to the proceedings. On that note, we ask the Gray King to give us some time to consider his request. We feel that allowing Grays to finger our pies would betray our position as a neutral and trustworthy party, but the Grays have been very helpful and accommodating. Perhaps we can meet some compromise that exonerates us and still gets Grays what they want - what price are they willing to put on such an arrangement?

Action: Concerned with what we noticed about the Gray condition, we send 20 Shamans into the various Gray villages and towns to help tend to their sick for 2 turns.

Action: Scout the shore for shellfish to add to our stockpile/food source. Clams, cockles, oysters, scallops, you name it.

Trade: We offer the Grays a trade of 10% of our stored food. We cannot watch them starve! Hopefully this helps.
Action: We will take advantage of the chaos and organize, using our church structure as strongholds. All the worshippers and our tribe itself will march the streets and kill as many of the 'orange sympathizers' as possible. We should continually bring the bodies of our slaughtered enemies to our dragon god. As well as pampering the dragon, it should let him realize that if we lose, he will lose his supply of these sacrifices.

Action: Send messages to the goblins to help us fight against the worshippers. Their appearance should solidify fear in the eyes of the enemy, and associate with our allies that image of friendliness. The goblins who will come with us should not be the ones on the frontier, but those who are not attacked.

Action: Send our ships to sack the orange town on the island. If/when we win, we should declare victory and stop declaring war.

Research: Better obsidian spears

Research: Better shields
also since we have knowledge of it, if the orange focuses their efforts on defending their colony, we should urge the goblins to invade their home islands.
Research: As Dawn strikes, our kingdom is more than ever in need of defences. No longer we can sustain the whole brunet of a war with naught but flesh and steel. We must strike from a distance, soften the enemy before our forces can close in. Using wood and rope, our revealers invent a new instrument of war. The Ballista, that launches spears and pierces the enemy force.

Research: If we are to sustain proper warfare, we must not let the earth upon which we ride limit us. To wage war upon the seas... Something never seen before. We build new boats, light and made of strong wood, forged for battle. War Galleys. Upon them, we deploy batteries of ballistae, as to sink enemy ships under their relentless assault.

Action: Another reinforcement to the defenses of our cities. Ballistae placed on the walls and towers, ready to rain down hell upon the invading enemy. And a strenghtening of our gates. Reinforce them with solid metals.

Action: We bring our plays, music and revels to the cities of our Purple allies. Let us celebrate the ending of this war, that has lasted far too long already. Together, we have eradicated the goblin Menace!

Action: The king sends an expedition of mermen to the south, where we still cannot see. What hides beyond the border, we wonder. And let us hope that this scout will be fruitful.

Action: We send our new War Galleys with a precise objective. A toll must be paid by the blue scum, they who have declared war upon our glorious kingdom. A toll paid in blood. The Galleys shall perform continuous raids on the blue ships that pass through the blue trading lane that goes to the mainland. Our batteries will sink every last one of their blasted vessels, until there is nothing left but wood on the ocean floor.

Diplomacy Action: We unite our kingdom and the Purple nation with a bond stronger than any other. The bond of marriage. King Chadley's firstborn daughter, Stacylinde, shall be offered as spouse to the current Purple king or prince. A token of friendship and camaradery between military allies to ensure that our alliance may live on for generations to come!

War Action: Send a part of our forces to support the Purples in their attack against the second goblin coastal town, the one that they have unrightfully stolen from us oranges! TAKE BACK OUR PROMISED LAND!
Undoing the war galley action turn, changing it to:

Action: Trade with brown for sheep and cotton seed with the exchange of bronze and copper.
Research: Improve our armor, add copper boots, legplates, and more orc hide padding to help with the wintery cold.
Action: Tell the men to quickly gather everything of value, and to begin digging a squeeze (not big enough for a orc, barely big enough for larger maroons) entrance to a larger, tunnel, at the deepest point in the mountain home, the tunnel will go Southwest. (towards that red line thing.) Have miners on standby to collapse/block off long stretches of tunnel and intersections to temporarily hold orcs until the tunnel is long enough to begin trapping behind us. Once we collapse all the tunnels available, everyone save 4 who should be mining in the same direction, those two should hang back a while and make pitfall and spike traps to further stall the orcs. Should (rat goddess forbid) the orcs actually catch up to the two, they are to alert the rest of the formation, who will then have half form phalanx while the others dig. Every 3 days of digging, we are to dig a small spiral straight up to see where we are and determine where there is and isn't water (so we don't dig up there and flood everything), we also don't dig wherever there is especially wet or moist stone.
File: Scarlett20.png (29 KB, 1152x648)
29 KB
Scarlets make improvements to their Armour, refining it's shape and toughening vital areas, upgrading to decent quality.

Scarlets use their knowledge of domestication to attempt to tame nearby animals. They ask grays who tell them of nearby animals. They manage to capture and domesticate Cows from the fields, and Boars from the nearby forest. One Scarlet disappears in the forest and is never seen or heard from again.

Scarlets create little wooden toys for the scarlet children, as well as to sell to grays. This improves mood and gives scarlets some money.

Scarlets insulate Noble houses across the gray kingdom. They request that instead of being paid, grays show them how to make paper. Gray nobles are dumbfounded by this act and happily send a scholar to the scarlet village. The Scarlets are taught how to make paper, bind books, and improvements to their language and literacy.

Scarlets attend the green summit. Others to attend are Greens, Pinks, Purples, Browns, Creams(who bring valravn) Goblins, Grays (who bring orcs and pixies), and Yellows (who bring Elves and their Slaves, the Violets). Scarlets are now aware of all of these tribes, where they hail from and can understand them.
Purples raise a fuss over Grays bringing along scarlets and grays, but are not foolish enough to attack at a peaceful summit meeting near gray land.
Elves bring a dire warning for those present about a great evil spreading from the far east, requesting aid. All who fall become part of the insidious Black Tribe.Currently the elves, trolls, Whites & Celestials are opposing them but are losing. This unnerves a few tribes, but the rest are dismissive of this crazed rambling, insisting they have their own problems.

They agree to the Green Treaty and offer their own artisan services for hire to other tribes. This act, plus the insulation and lovely crafted toys for sale improves relations between scarlets and grays.

Grays request a large shipment of good telescopes. Grays will provide knowledge of the tech, as well as the materials and quality glass required to produce the shipment.
Grays build a road into Scarlet town

The scarlet flu remains stable, not improving or growing worse, but spreads throughout more of the tribe. If nothing is done about it soon, it will worsen
File: Marroon 20.png (25 KB, 1152x648)
25 KB
Maroons develop their armour further to cover their legs and feet, providing further protection and warmth against the cold.

Maroons pack up and dig for their lives. They dig southwest , trapping areas behind them and periodically digging up to check where they are.

Maroons dig well clear of their mountain and find no orcs pursue them thanks to their traps. Maroon mountain is taken over and occupied by the orcs.

While digging maroons encounter veins of tin, gold, marble and Sapphires. Their sickness is stable.
File: Green20.png (29 KB, 1152x648)
29 KB
Greens develop a loom! Their textiles and clothing are significantly improved. Very comfy for the winter! Greens are also able to sell excess on the gray market, providing money.

Greens diversify their fleet , creating cargo ships, and speedy boats.

Greens ride into unknown lands to collect the urgent cream report. The sky darkens unnatrually and the surrounding land is dying although it's been through blight and drought. There is an uneasy ominous feeling as they ride through the lands. In some places it is unnaturally silent, in others smoke can be seen from the horizon, and distance sounds of battle and horns can be heard. Many dead or dying animals are seen scrambling out of the way of the green messenger.
Green messenger comes across a small cream outpost and is directed to the cream citadel. It stands as a large well lit city on the shore, with a large harbor. It stands at stark contrast to the surrounding land as it's well lit, teeming with life and animals, heavily fortified, and everybody inside is full of vigor and gusto, seemingly invigorated, standing in defiance to the surrounding lands.

Green messenger finds the cream commander leading a eulogy to the fallen, the corpses are burned and it's followed by a black haired individual being dragged out in chains and beheaded. The crowds roar, invigorated. Green messenger is given a bag full of scrolls and reports for return to grays, as well as a bottle of strange silver powder, and adimantine chain chest for protection. Green messenger makes the delivery to Gray king and is paid handsomely.

Greens and Grays come to an "arrangement". Greens are gifted with a small shipment of iron and silk.

Greens trade grays 10% of their stored food, and send 20 of their best shamans to gray villages for a month. Greens are paid handsomely for these services.

Greens explore the shoreline and nearby oceans for food, acquiring oysters and edible seaweed. Greens gain a pop boost.

Greens host their peace summit. They encounter Purples, Browns, Creams(who bring valravn) Goblins, Grays (who bring orcs and pixies), and Yellows (who bring Elves and their Slaves, the Violets) and Scarlets. They hear a warning of the insidious black tribe and fighitng to the east from the elves. They de-escalate fighting between purples, scarlets & orcs. All tribes present accept greens treaty except Orcs and Browns. Browns are outraged at greens attempt to usurp browns position as the trade capital of the world. Browns declare war on Greens. They will do whatever they can to hinder green trade and travel, with the ocean being their domain. Arrrr
Greens inquire about other tribes from the leaders present about other non present tribes, in particular Pinks. Greens learn of Blues, light blues and oranges from goblins, as well as Maroons from the orcs. Orcs, goblins and creams mention a large citadel of pinks on north eastern peninsula. Pinks are ecstatic but try not to get their hopes up. The mountains lie in the way.
File: Blue20.png (25 KB, 1152x648)
25 KB
Blues improve their obsidian spears with flexible longer handles, and better shaped sharper tips, as well as feathers on the end to help disorientate enemies.

Blues improve their shields to be thicker, with a boss at the centre allowing for blunt force attacks.

Blues bring in goblin reinforcements. Many die in transit to the island thanks to orange raids, until the orange ships are finally sunk.

Blues attack the small orange port on the island. They take many casualties attempting to break through the defences, but upon getting within range, are able to slaughter through the orange troops with their highly developed spears, and greater numbers. Oranges are removed from light blue isle, but blues & goblins take heavy casualties thanks to their city defenses and raids on reinforcement ships.

Blues use the chaos of light blue riots to attack orange sympathizers. A small radical group of 20 light blues joins the blues, but the rest are horrified by this attack and declare war on blues. They unite under the 4 deities against the blue demons, quetzalcoatl has gone mad and is trying to kill them all for defying him. We will fight back! We will not be suppressed by this mad god!

Blues take more of the island, and fortify volcano island, providing gifts to the happy quetzalcoatl. He grants them access to gunpowder

The southern goblin town and southern swamp is taken in a joint attack from purples and oranges. The goblins fought valiantly but in the end fell as all goblin reinforcements were drawn to the light blue isle. The remaining goblins fortify the northern swamps, they are struggling with famine and the lycan curse, but are now closer to the blues and in a better fortified position. They will die no longer!

Blue - 35
Goblin - 70
Orange - 45
Purple - 15
Light blue - 85

This turn was a bloody turn.
File: Orange20.png (75 KB, 1152x648)
75 KB
Oranges develop the balista. They mount their kingdom walls and boats with them for city defence. Creating a war galley from their poor raft chariots

Oranges develop their relationship with purples, introducing plays and doing a political marriage. Oranges and purples are much closer now. They are united in removing the Green Gobbo & orc plague from these lands!

Oranges do a 2 pronged attack. Firstly they harras the blue trade lines to the volcano isle. The balistas and speedyness prove very effective and allow them to sink ships of suppllies and goblin reinforcements. Both galleys are sunk after being boarded by the goblins with superior weapons, but not before they have killed many.

Oranges and purples attack the southern most town of goblins. Although they fall to the traps and wall defences, the goblins are completely cut off from supplies and reinforcements. They are alone. They are unable to fend off the horde of beasts, purples and oranges that march for them, and broke through the walls. Upon taking the town, purples and oranges search the nearby land for more goblins, killing any they find and burning their infrastructure. The southern swamps belong to the orange-purple alliance!

Orange port town is taken by blues. They have great defenses, but the oranges present there are alone without backup. Blues flank around their walls with boats from the sea and slaughter the oranges with their deadly spears.

Oranges scout south from the isles, they do not return for now.

Purples request orange aid. With the goblins removed and orcs being quiet, they want all wolfmen assassins, harpies and quicklime for a fast night time raid upon the arrogant scarlets who spat in their face at the recent peace summit. This is deep within Gray territory so will take 2 turns to attempt. But they don't want scarlets to provide arms for the meddlesome grays . Grays have long been a thorn in purple's side and help orcs. This will weaken them so when the time is right, they too shall be crushed beneath the mighty purple boot, just like all others who wrong purples. What say you oranges?
File: RainbowTribesMap20.png (113 KB, 1152x648)
113 KB
113 KB PNG

Year 2: Jan 2nd - Jan 16th

Weather :
>Home Isles - Cold
> Southern mountains - Cold
> Northern Mountains - Blizzard
> Great Plains - Storm
> Volcano Isle - Storm
> Desert - Cold
> Plague Lands - Cold
Research: Improve armor with more winter padding and chainmail underlayering.
Action: keep digging. Reminder to collapse or seal stairwells whenever we are done using them.
Action: We see the plight of the goblins in their mainland and offer them a choice. As their homeland is being torn asunder my hostile aggressors, and we lack the resources to effectively fight a battle in two fronts, we offer them to join us and live in land we designate for them. This is all conditional that they will join us to defeat the heretical light blues.

Action: Have ships sail around our island to protect us from any unwanted invaders. They will be released from our two port towns.

Action: We continue the campaign against the light blues, now with goblins and bombs. We precede every attack with a religious message, that we will not attack if the light blues join us and wholly accept the dragon god as their lord and savior. We will send a peaceful envoy to the oranges informing them that we are sorry that we had violently ejected them, and in return we very generously yield all the swamp territories for them.

Research: Bombs, by packing gunpowder into tin containers. We can get the tin from leftover armor or weapons we forged.
Second research is better obsidian spears, being the best as they possess a skinnier tip an are serrated to inflict maximum pain and damage without getting stuck in enemies.
This month, our Revealers will dedicate themselves solely to the betterment of our armor. The good quality bronze supplied to us by the purples is simply not enough. We create sturdier protections for the hands and legs in the form of gauntlets and greaves, fitting everything with leather paddings to make it more resistant and comfortable. Furthermore, for a better protection of our shoulders, we fit our suits with pauldrons.

The last step for the creation of Bronze Armor. The orange Blackfingers invent a revolutionary way of forging suits of armor, making plates that connect to one another, as to protect our whole bodies while still keeping us mobile. This new design will be called called Plate Armor, and it will be the pinnacle of protection.

We have learnt from the Blue attack to our fortress. Once more, we upgrade our defenses, constructing seawalls around our ports to protect from invading ships. Furthermore, we plant huge spikes of wood into the ground, laying them horizontally, and tie them to a pole on the shore. When enemy ships are sighted hearing for our shore, our men can easily raise these spikes to make sure that whatever ship crashes upon the land will be perforated and destroyed, along with its crew.

In the past days, the "Cult of the Overgod" has begun to spread in our kingdom. It has taken foot quickly, and most people seem to have taken it to heart. His Great Orangeness Our King declares the belief of the Overgod to be the state religion of our kingdom!
What is the Overgod, one may ask. This is simple.
When the world known to us was birthed, the Overgod came to life along with it. The Overgod was the embodiment of life on our Earth. This divine entity possessed a feature of every single living being that roams the land today, from the lowl animals to the cunning humans. The Overgod despised to be alone upon this world, and decided to split itself into multiple shards, to create the species that we known today.
Eons after The Great Split, we, the Oranges, have been selected as the Overgod's chosen. With our bodies, we have the singular possibilities of creating the ultimate breed. By taking the genes of two different species and then putting them into one single body, then taking that halfbreed and mixing its genes with another species, we may arrive to a point where we can hope to replicate what the Overgod once was: a being with the features of ALL creatures existing on this earth.
And this is our holy mission.

Our generals create a fighting style for our soldiers. This technique has been studied to create an impenetrable defense through smart positioning of the shield (as to hide our sword-arm while still protecting the body) and quick attacks to keep the enemy on the backpedal, making it impossible for them to guess our next move.
This style will be called "Armstrong Technique", and those who are proficient in it are named "Steelskins".



We accept the blue offer, and send men over to occupy the goblin marsh town. There, we will celebrate our victory!

>Diplomacy Action
We accept the Purples' deal, and grant them the secrets for the creation of our Plate Armor, but on ONE condition.
We offer a trade agreement. An "exchange" of sorts. We share with them all of the technology that we possess and they do not, while they shall do the same with us. Everyone wins, everyone is happy.

Research: Continue our research on armour, add legplates to it
Diplomacy: Stoppu is concerned about purple´s threats. He expresses his concerns that purple might attack his people. He asks if they can count on them in case they invade us, telling them if they could deploy some of their units for protecting our town just in case.
Action: Have the elderly write about our history, our knowledge on things, our religion & our religion. We must ensure our legacy goes down in history
Action: Scarletts intelectuals and priests spread their knowledge on preventing illness. They claim that touching an ill person may be contagious, because "that person's fate is in our rat goddess, and touching their skin without any precautions it's intervening in god-like affairs". This doesn't mean that this precautions have to be strictly followed, as it's "the duty of a mother is to close any wound that may have been self-inflicted by their own child. However it's dangerous to be in contact with any corporal fluid such as saliva, sweat, blood or even sperm, as it likely to have been cursed by our goddess".
Action: Improve our safe rooms even further, making them soundproof, less notieciable, with columns holding it and with most of our stockpiling there. They also recomend to start growing some mushrooms there too. Build a tower a few miles to the west from the town and have the fastest runners guarding the town for when the time comes they will we able to warn eveyone that they are coming before they reach us. Have everyone practice for when the time comes they will be able to hide & follow the protocol within minutes.
Slightly Modifying this Action.
We don't want to occupy the goblin town, but we will open up mines all across the marshes for them sweet sweet minerals.
Research: We begin studying anatomy, using sheep and boar carcasses, then freshly deceased human bodies provided willingly for the Shaman's examination.

Naval Research: We work on improving the quality of our smaller ships, striving to make them faster and more hydrodynamic.

Travel Action: We send an envoy of 12 to the Orc town by the lake, waiting for the blizzard to die down before continuing onward toward the Pink Citadel to verify its whereabouts to we can unite the Pink tribe. But for now, to the Orc town, to learn a bit about them.

Action: We are pleased with the results of our summit, but concerned by some of the other developments. The Browns reaction in particular warrants response, and we send an envoy to the Gray King asking if he will help broker a peace. We did not mean to offend the Browns.

Action: Send a group of 12 to stay in the Gray Capital, to try to establish an embassy there and begin doing running work for the Grays, trying to make some more money.

Action: Recall our fleet to our settlement in the southern mountains. No transport ship should leave the dock without two smaller ships accompanying it, scouting ahead and ensuring that there is no Brown force waiting for them. If they encounter any Brown naval forces, they are to turn tail and return to port at top speed.

Trade: We trade sheep for goats with the Oranges, and 3 transport ships for a sum of bronze.
File: Scarlett21.png (29 KB, 1152x648)
29 KB
After the summit, scarlets are concerned about their long term safety after the direct threats from purples, & the looming threat from blacks.

Scarlets improve their Armour and safe rooms

Using their newly developed books and writing Scarlet elders begin recording scarlet history for preservation and for future generations to appreciate and learn from.

Scarlets create a small outpost to the west, giving the clan some much needed peace of mind.

Elders begin claiming that interfering withe diseased people is interfering with the rat goddesses divine plan. This helps reduce spread of disease.

Scarlets send a message with it to grays asking if they can count of them in case of purple invasion. Gray king doesn't like getting involved in other people's fights, preferring diplomatic routes. A purple army marching into gray territory will however be treated as invasive and hostile, regardless of their Target. Scarlets need not worry. Grays send a small group of 5 soldiers to give advice, helping organize effective scarlet defenses. They also send a Green shaman to help tend to the Scarlet's sick.
Dispite the poor scarlet shelters and the storm, the new ideas of quarantine, plus the green Shaman ensure that the scarlet's flu doesn't worsen, although it doesn't improve either.

Grays still need their telescope shipment, but now also request 40 Scarlets come and assist on a large Gray defensive project that will take 3 turns. They will be paid well for this service, and help ensure their safety in future.
File: Marroon 21.png (25 KB, 1152x648)
25 KB
Maroons with little else to do other than dig, improve their Armour, making it warmer and adding chain mail under layering.

While digging Maroons come across coal, limestone a large hot cavern with noises coming from the darkness. They dig on but note it's location.

Finally Maroons emerge from their hell at the entrance to the swamp. Out of the war torn mountains and back where they started.

Maroons are extremely unhappy. They are cold, starving, covered in dirt and had their friends killed in defense of the "Rat goddesses mountain", and for what? They ran away and backtracked. They should have never split from red leader to follow this madman over "Carts and Bows". Now that they are out of harms way, murmurs of usurping red rat begin to spread.
File: Green21.png (30 KB, 1152x648)
30 KB
Greens develop a knowledge of anatomy from dead sheep, boars and gray peasent corpses. The shamans were unable to save them all, but were granted them in hopes they may save more in future. Greens improve their medical knowledge.

Greens make their small ships better and even faster.

Greens send a group of 12 to the grays who will just carry out whatever messenger services the grays require, as well as acting as a direct line of contact with grays. This helps solidify relations and provides greens with consistent income.

Greens are concerned about Browns. They ask gray king to assist in diplomacy. Gray king will try and convince browns it's simply healthy competition and will be in the long term, better for everybody. He's not hopeful though and warns that while peace talks continue, it'd be wise for greens to stick to land. Browns have triple speed in water, and almost complete dominion over the oceans and it's trade routes, rivaled only by the firepower of creams. If Greens are caught too far away by browns, he cannot garentee they will return home.

Greens heed this warning and develop a strategy of having speedy scouting ships ahead of any transports. Upon their first voyage, the speedy ships return with news that a large brown fleet is blockading the green port.

Greens want to trade with oranges, but the blockade proves as they can't get any ships out to sea. Instead they send greens over to the orange home isles via the purple mountains. They will build the ships there and trade sheep in return for goats and a large supply of bronze. This will happen next turn.

Greens send 12 to the orc town for rest and directions en route to the fabled Pink Citadel. The orcs town is more diverse than greens expected. A gray mayor helps manage and run the town which has many goblin labourers tending fields and mining, recieving daily fish supplies from Creams. Orcs themselves spend most of their time fighting, shouting and traveling into and out of the mountain range. THey challenge greens to many fights. Pink leader is the only one who beats orcs with shear strength, while 2 greens best the orcs using fancy footwork and well aimed blows to the jaw. Good thing greens work out so much! Orcs respect and have fun with the victorious greens and pink leader while the other loser greens are given goblin food.
They are given directions to the pink citadel. Pink leader is visibly giddy from excitement and orc mead.
File: Blue21.png (25 KB, 1152x648)
25 KB
Blues use their newly gifted gunpowder to develop primitive bombs using tin containers.

Blues upgrade their obsidian spears once again with a longer shaft, better balance and a skinnier serrated tip. This is a scary masterfully crafted weapon, and will inflict a lot of pain on any unprepared individual who falls victim to it.

Blues begin patrolling the island with ships released from both ports.

Blues ship the remaining 200 goblin population away from the swamp into the blue isle, allowing them to better protect them, as well as gain support against the remaining light blue forces.

Blues & Goblins negotiate PEACE with oranges in exchange for the swamp territories! Their big mouths also bag them some pears in the negotiations.

Blues begin their crusade across the light blue holy land. Their new bombs and troops allow them to break through light blue land with ease, heralding every attack with a sermon about the dragon god. Blues accept 15 new converts into their ranks and trade 5 blues and 20 goblins for 40 light blues. The light blues retaliate with burning blue food stores in the night, claiming 5 more blue lives.

The light blue border is pushed back , demoralizing and pressuring them further. The lack of granaries , large new population, and newly introduced lycan curse may prove to take a toll on blue food rations.
File: Orange21.png (75 KB, 1152x648)
75 KB
Oranges go hard on their on all fronts. thanks to the combined efforts of the revealers and the blackfingers, orange bronze plate armour becomes masterful quality. That's some thicc armour!

Oranges make 3 deals this turn. They end the wars, achieving peace with blues & goblins, claiming the swamp lands as their own in the process. They make a trade with greens, but thanks to complications thanks to the brown blockade, they won't have their goats or transport ships until next turn. Lastly, they agree to purple's request, donating their harpies, wolfmen and infiltrators for 2 turns for the covert mission. They also grant purples their new high quality armour, asking in exchange for technology. Purples admit they've not been upfront with oranges and have been holding back a lot of tech from them. Purples upgrade all orange's equipment to IRON, and grant them schematics for catapults, and give them some dogs. They still hold more technology and skills from oranges, but are sure oranges will understand. Never show your full hand without being absolutely necessary. They do not want all of orange technology, and believe this trade should more than pay oranges for their help in the war effort.

Oranges create anti-ship defences around their islands.

Oranges develop a new fighting style, with specialized soldiers who use it.

Oranges develop a religion. The "Cult of the overgod". Their goal, to create the ultimate lifeform and recreate the Overgod. An ultimate being split apart long ago.

Oranges and purples now hold the swamps and begin planning what to do with their new territory, with them moving troops to the now vacant goblin towns. They arrive at the end of the turn and see the odd orc scout milling about on the horizon.

Oranges gain a pop boost from being around purples so long.
File: RainbowTribesMap21.png (117 KB, 1152x648)
117 KB
117 KB PNG

Year 2: Jan 16th-Feb 1st

>Home isles- Snow
> Southern Mountains - Snow
> Northern mountains - Snow
> Great Plains - Snow
>Volcano isle - Cold
> Desert - Rain
>Plague lands - Hurricane
Action: We split several of our soldiers as grenadiers, skilled at throwing our grenades far and accurately. We also split our most skilled students in diplomacy to the towns, giving them the responsibility to convince towns we target that resistance is futile and that they should submit to the cult of the dragon god. We also must raid every town we come across to keep our food supply up. Finally, if theres any werewolf incident we should utilize to the max when we take over towns.

Action: We try the pink walled city once more, offering as many fucking gifts as we can. Im talking about our entire assortment of foods, entertainers, ships, tools, weapons, etc. I want to convince them as much as I can that we come in peace and that if they open borders we will be in a long and beneficial relationship.

Action: Identify the locations of several orc towns throughout the mountains, specifically the ones in the very north that divides the peninsula from the rest of the continent. I want a full report on their numbers, equipment, and strength.

Research: Larger bombs, with longer fuses and larger containers for gunpowder. The goal is to make them able to destroy walls for easier entrance in these light blue towns.

Research: Quarrying, in order to accrue mass materials of ores and shit. If I cant do this for whatever reason I want to make a university.
Revising the war action. We will enact the following strategies:

- Train grenadier soldiers that can throw far and accurately
- Raid every town we take over for food
- Demand the absolute and total surrender of the light blues. They must at least give up the worship of the other deities, but we will insist they worship the dragon god. We send our most skilled at diplomacy this responsibility
- Send any soldiers that turn into werewolves to savage cities that do not surrender, or if no rebellious towns are left, to the deities themselves.
Research: Composite bows, Improve the materials of our bows and increase their Strength and efficiency.

Research: Advance our ship design and tech. We want ships that are tough and with good catapult firepower. Hatches along the side reveal mermen mariners who will swim under an enemy ship with puncture with iron stakes and board the vessel.

Action: Make a deal with the Browns for a mercenary fleet to dock at our fort port on the Isle closest to light blue Isle. Dark times loom ahead.

Action: Train our satyrs and fastest Archers in a tactic of Firing and retreating, firing and retreating never letting the enemy in close enough to strike. Also, make sure that in war archers are always positioned together with an unit of Steelskins, who have mastered their defensive technique.

Action: Move an army of Knights and Archers (mostly archers) to the light blue lands and build a fort by the coast close to us. We want to move refugees to our islands. The refugees will be ferried across using the Transport ships that greens have graciously supplied us, and protected by small mobile groups of War Chariots. The northern isles will be demarked as no go zones for demihumans, and the refugees will be placed there.

Action: Build forts and mines in the swamp. We want to mine and be defendable with a larger garrison than usual. Move some people around from the isles villages which dont do anything cool.

Diplo: Stop the Purple on Scarlet attack by urging the purple king that calm and collected would be a better approach. We could secure the help of these weaponsmiths instead of killing them.
File: medium.jpg (32 KB, 500x315)
32 KB
Research: Start to make armour that protects the head. They called this helmet (Spartan helmet)
Action: Build a library
Action: Teach our soldiers to develop a defensive phalanx that like in pic related.
Action: Send those people to build the fortress for the grays
Diplomacy: Have a scout go west along the coast
Research: We slap wheels on a box and invent THE CART. Holy crap, we're gonna be so great at land travel you could literally just die.

Naval Research: We work to develop a sturdier ship type that has defensive reinforcements in case we don't find a better solution to the Brown blockade.

Travel action: The delegation from the Orc town continues in the direction of the Pink capital. If a familiar Orc, cream or Gray would guide us through the mountains, we will pay them for their services.

Action: Ask a Gray envoy to accompany us to the Browns, sending a delegation to ask if we can resolve the conflict financially. Perhaps the Browns would be willing to accept tariffs on sea trade through their territory in exchange for letting us do business and resolving the blockade. We are willing to pay 75 Kings Marks per turn for the blockade to be lifted. We also parlay so that our passenger ships can be allowed to travel out of the blockade - families have been ripped apart! We must be able to reunite them - Greens with Greens and Pinks with Pinks between our two settlements.

Action: 10% of our people (formerly Shamans) become weavers, advancing our loomwork to outfit our people and sell to other tribes.

Action: Begin building a road to connect from our eastern settlement to the nearest Gray town with a road.

Diplomatic Action: Ask for details about the Gray royal family, we'd like to become closer to our new friends.
Research: Improved swords.
Action: Send some scouts south, to observe the climate on our home isles.
Action: The red rat makes his stance known on the traitor problem. He States that no one said it was easy, infact, we expected hardships on the trail to the rat goddess. He also states that it was his strategic ability that lead to the continued existence of the reds, implying that the scarlets are dead or worse, as the maroons were the strongest of the red tribe. After this, he states that he is going on a personal journey into the cavern, to commune with the rat goddess (next turn)
Action: In memory of the fallen Maroons, the red rat commissions a marble monolith, inscribed with the names of every fallen maroon.
Action: Begin expanding again, firstly digging out a mushroom growing zone and a housing block, and establishing a small guard to patrol the tunnel and further fortifying it.
File: Scarlett22.png (29 KB, 1152x648)
29 KB
Scarlets develop helmets to help their defence.

Scarlets further develop their phalanx to work better with rounded shields and allow easier movement, making it more mobile it battle without losing defensive capabilities

Scarlets build a library to store all the new knowledge they're pumping out

Scarlets fulfill the gray request and send 40 workers for 3 turns to help the grays. Scarlets are paid well for this service. 10 marks per worker per turn.

Scarlets are very cold in their shitty shelters. The coats help delay worsening of the condition, but if nothing is done, next turn the flu might progress to pneumonia.

The Scarlets at the guard tower disappear in the night without a trace. Grays have no idea where they went, but recieved reports of howling. Red leader is unnerved and on high alert.
File: Marroon 22.png (25 KB, 1152x648)
25 KB
Maroons further develop their swords incase they need to defend themselves.

Maroons begin to create an area to re-establish themselves, including crude housing, a mushroom farm, and a patrolling guard to check the tunnels.

Maroons send scouts south to see the state of the swamp and their home isle. They will arrive home next turn. As they travel through the swamp they see many signs of battle. skeletons of unknown creatures and orange haired people, destroyed buildings and burned trees are dotted throughout the swamp.

Red Rat hears the concerns and rumours of his people and takes a diplomatic stand. He gives a speech about how they pulled through and the other reds are likely dead. That they expected and faced inevitable and insurmountable odds and lived! That their brothers sacrifices were not in vain and have ensured the continued existence of red tribe. He commissions a marble statue to be crafted to commemorate the fallen.15 maroons desert the tribe in disgust, seeing no point in further bloodshed. The rest of the tribe perks up slightly at the idea that their suffering has ended and it's time for a fresh start. This was a dark point in red history, but they have grown stronger and will prosper. Red rat and all of maroon kind showed true fortitude in the face of annihilation.

Maroons very basic housing doesn't shelter them well from the elements, but the warm Armour helps prevent their sickness from worsening for another fortnight. If nothing is done, the sickness will develop.
Red rat explains he will go on a pilgrimage down the tunnels to commune with the rat goddess next turn.
File: Green22.png (30 KB, 1152x648)
30 KB
Pop should be 95 (+11 per turn)
Greens develop CARTS and are now able to transport goods on land.

Greens build a road connectng to the grays for easier travel and transportation

Greens develop a defensive ship as a backup in case peace talks with browns fall through.

Greens reassign half of their shamans to being weavers, allowing them to sell more clothing to grays and increase income.

Grays and Greens attempt to solve the brown dispute with the one language browns seem to speak. Gold. Browns agree to stop war in exchange for payment every turn, and will instead view this as healthy competition. Yarr, browns are the best and will win fair and square!

Greens inquire about the gray royal family. They are a long line who have always ruled with wisdom and are well respected. They marry nobles, and nobles are individuals who have been of great service to the gray kingdom. Other than requiring a noble status, gray royalty prefers to marry for love rather than political gain, as all those of noble rank are already deemed worthy. As a result, there are many who attempt to impress grays, and almost all of the successful ones attempt to seduce gray royalty. It's tiresome but can be fun. It gives Grays a lot of power over people.

Greens are escorted across the mountains by the band of orcs they have bested. They see the glorious pink citadel on the shore! Pink leader is ecstatic. Greens thank the orcs and proceed towards the capital. Orcs see the blue habour and run back into the mountains.
Pink leader introduces greens to the large pink citadel and it's leader, Pink King, aswell as the newly met Blues, long time no see blues! Pinks celebrate with greens and blues. Greens are given a breeding pair of hippalectryons! These are the fastest ground mounts and will allow greens to traverse the distance from their settlement to the pink citadel in a SINGULAR TURN! wowee that's a speedy mount.

Pinks request 1 last thing from greens. Help building a road from pink citadel to the swamp pink town.
File: Blue22.png (26 KB, 1152x648)
26 KB
Blues develop larger bombs.

Blues develop quarrying methods, giving them far more resources when mining

Blues specialize some of their soldiers into grenadiers, skilled throwers adept at using the newly developed bombs.

Blues use goblins to develop a map of the orc mountain towns. They know that before the goblins defected, they had around 100 orcs per encampment, all military trained, decked in high grade armour and with fast response times and scouts on the roads. Goblins do not know if the orcs have done much since then, and the blue scouts do not return from the mountains .

Blues begin to strip conquered towns of rescources, helping them stave off starvation and rebuild their lost graneries. They spend time intimidating the dwindling light blues before attacking them. Although many resist at first, they soon fall in line, surrendering to the unquestionable will of the blues & their big mouths.

Light blues have lost faith in the dieties, leaving them hauled up in a temple town with their 10 most zealous worshipers. The rest fall in line and are captured by blues. They are marched to the dragon, either swearing allegience to him and joining blues, or being eaten.

Blues gain control of almost all of the island, losing 20 blues, but gaining 120 new followers. Their mood dips due to the newly demoralized citizens.
Quetzalcoatl is very pleased with his zealous blue followers and the horde of worshipers he's recieved. He shows blues how to create paints out of island plants, and how to create fireworks!

For the next sacrifice, quetzalcoatl wants a celebration and the execution of the 4 arrogant dieties, who long abused his power to keep people in line.

Blues plead entrance to the pink citadel. Fiiiiiine. Blue diplomats are granted entrance to the pink kingdom on good faith, and are being watched carefully.
File: Orange22.png (75 KB, 1152x648)
75 KB
Oranges develop better bows

Oranges , with the help of greens, develop much much better sea galleys, with catapults and weaponry. Greens also receive this ship, and trade goats for sheep. Oranges give greens their shipment of bronze as agreed. Greens sail home with their magnificent new jointly crafted war ship. Screw browns!

On the topic of browns. Oranges approach them with a request for a brown fleet to dock at leyawinn. As they do not have any gold, they exchange many other resources for this, but worry little for the future as they plan to start mining HARD.

Oranges create a large fort and mine at the mountain side with purple's permission. They draft many citizens from the less useful isles, leaving them scarcely populated. This garrison has 50 oranges as opposed to the usual 12.

Oranges train their satyrs to be more efficient at stutter stepping backwards as they shoot.

Oranges request Purples halt their attack on scarlets, advising instead to forge an alliance with them for their superior crafting abilities. Purples decline stating it's a matter of principle, and they've already sent the mission on it's way, so it's too late. Purples are not foolish enough to simply mindlessly slaughter scarlets however as that would enrage the powerful grays. Purples have a much better idea, which will secure the scarlet's crafting abilities...

Oranges sail some ships towards the light blue isle in hopes of evacuating refugees. They come across the blue patrols who say that light blues do not exist anymore & their search is futile, debating oranges at sea for days. Oranges proceed to the island and arrive at the end of the fortnight, discovering that blues have almost entirely overthrown the light blues. After hearing there is a singular holdout left, oranges venture to the light blue temple, discovering the 10 remaining light blues and their dieties. They beg oranges to save them, promising GREAT rewards.
Oranges set up camp nearby while they decide what to do. IF they are able to get the light blues to their new ships, they will certainly be able to escape. However, the ships are docked at the ex-orange port, crawling with blues. Blues KNOW oranges came here, & a rescue attempt will mean blues can KILL the oranges without inciting war. If they died, the rest of orange kind would likely never know thanks to blues managing to convince them that the orange rescue ships never arrived. Their military intuition tells them the decision cannot be delayed, as blues will likely attempt to finish off the deities next turn. Is it even possible to sneak them across the whole island, through blues, completely undetected? Even if they did, blues would know it must have been them. Are the deity lives really worth risking war again? On top of all this, any reinforcements would likely arrive late.The orange rescue troop of 10 knights and 20 archers talk late into the night...
File: RainbowTribesMap22.png (117 KB, 1152x648)
117 KB
117 KB PNG

YEAR 2: Feb 1st - Feb 15th

>Home Isles - Hurricane
>Southern mountains - Rain
>Northern mountains - Rain
>Great Plains - Windy
> Volcano Isle - Storm
> Desert - Cold
>Plague Lands - Rain
Research: Improve armor.
Action: The Red rat leaves for the cavern, taking a lantern, a couple refills of oil, and his personal suit of armor and weapons, leaving his son, daughter, and most trusted military advisor in charge in the meantime. If he isn't back by next winter, they should decide the new leader in debate, non-fatal personal combat, and a vote.
Action: digging deeper, the reds set up their second forge, this time adding a series of pipes and vents throughout the new home, to help heat it up.
Action: Send more scouts in all directions to catalogue animals and other civilizations with orders not to come in contact with any other life.
All directions besides towards orcs.
Research: With our new gifts from the Pink tribe, we decide to dedicate some time to understanding animal husbandry, specifically for our Hippalectryon stock. What they eat, how they function and breed, how to best facilitate their development and training. We assign this task to Shepherds so that the knowledge will be readily disseminated as we populate them.

Naval Research: With the blockade lifted, we expand our transport ships, designing a ship that can fit more cargo or people. Browns may have naval superiority, but we like having options.

Travel Action: We send scouts on horseback to discover how far the black has spread and learn anything useful we can about it, starting with where we experienced it firsthand near the Creams.

Action: Now that winter is starting to abate, we need to find a new place to build a settlement. We send a party of scouts to the east of our eastern settlement, trying to find a place in the rolling foothills of the Great Plains region. We ask the Grays if they would mind us settling the location we find, and then send a group of 45 Greens to establish a permanent town there with the basic structures that entails.

Action: Build a coastal road to connect to our new settlement.

Action: Hire help (Gray, Scarlet) to begin constructing the road connecting the Pink citadel to the swamp town, ensuring we get the appropriate allowances from Blues, Purples, Goblins, Orcs etc.
The swamp is orange land :^)
Adding a
DIPLOMATIC ACTION: Greens offer Oranges the treatise terms they offered the other nations - neutrality, offering services, etc. Almost every known nation has accepted said terms. We include Oranges in the list of people we discuss the intended Pink road with, telling them we are striving to reunite a separated tribe after all this time.
Action: We complete the final assault on the sole outhold of the demigods. We will send all of our werewolves to kill them, that way if they die they will not be a threat to the rest of our society, and their ferocious monstrousness will inflict extra damage. Regular soldiers should also accompany them, obviously. Ships will circle and block any escape. We will bombard them with bombs and set up ballistas to shoot any escapers. Soldiers with shields and spears should be behind the ballistas ready to confront the gods if they come out. Once we capture the town, the deities should be sacrificed to the dragon god in a huge colorful festival with fireworks and dance.

Action: We organize our society now, rewarding all worshippers of the dragon god a plot of land, to be worked on by obedient goblins and non-worshippers. Any willing converts will be granted a plot of land, but their sacred duty will be to either oversee the mine or farm and give the church a portion of their product to be sacrificed. Hopefully this will appease the dragon god before we find a more acceptable sacrifice.

Action: We will use fireworks to attract the attention of various orc tribes. We should use whatever methods we have to gather the orcs in a humongous horde, including strategic bombing, taunting, and spouting insults. The ultimate goal is to herd the horde in the direction of the pink citadel, hopefully allowing the orcs to connect the citadel as the source of the harrassment. The internal blues should act surprised at the arrival of the orc horde, by now furious at the pinks. The luring of the orcs should stop just outside the range of the city so that the pinks do not know the truth. We will humbly offer our assistance to ward off the orcs from the pinks, hopefully improving our relations and taking care of the orcs in one fell swoop.

Research: Better Shields

Research: Better Ballista
Research: Crossbow, Using the design of our ballistas we will endeavour to create a crossbow.
Research: Upgrade our Iron Swords
Action: Build The road to connect to the old blue coastal road and the pink road. We will build Signs and Towers along it. Its part of the pink road to join Pink city and pink Town

Action: We hurriedly escort the light blues and deities out of the temple. Our scouts are to be on the lookout for blues and any scouts. We will the take them to hide in the jungles on the southern south of the isle. The men will create a encrypted orange map detailing their journey to the spot. A harpy will stay just out of sight of the deities, 5 knights will strip down to their clothes and give 5 light blue their armour. The 5 orange knights will stay with the deities and the light blue. They will hunt for food and be on the lookout for blue. If blues are spotted they are to hide deep and then once the blue search teams pass they can come out and be on the lookout again. The storm will delay the rescue armada. The rest of the rescue party will head back to the boats at the town (and fuck a few blue women in a fuckboi chad manner). The light blues in knight disguise are to stay in armour at all times and confined to the ship bunks. They cant sail yet but when storm clears they will head south to join the armada. They have maps of the location of the deities. Their Reason for staying is the bad weather prevents them. They stick to themselves during the day and guard the ship.

Action: send stealth wolfmen down the swamp cave to investigate. They are to be extra sneaky beaky. Assemble a raid party of 30 knights and 10 archers with gifts to camp nearby the entrance of the cave with whatever purple troops purple gives us. Depending on whats down there we will go down and attack or Diplomat next week.

Action: Breed with the horses, dogs and Sheep. Create pens for the horses with stables.

Diplomacy/trade: Green trade deal, Horses for bows, Wheat for Road work.
Building the road will give us the chance to meet the pink as we building it from their front gate
Adding to the breeding turn. Rabbits from the swamp.

And one very perverted and slightly deranged orange called Malric decided to jerk off in the swamp. He saw a snail nearby and decided to cum on it until it was slithering in white genes. 0/
File: 8.png (10 KB, 500x200)
10 KB
Diplomacy: Stoppu is clearly concerned about this situation. He talks with gray telling him how many of his men were getting killed. He tells him that he knows how much he´s asking him to do, but he wants more soldiers protecting the town. We would be very grateful and we would owe him a huge favour for helping us out in these rough times.

Trade: Buy some wood, coal, shovels, arrows and apples from gray. Also go and try to buy some kind of medicine against flu & cold from pixies.

Action: Create a barricade around the town (Like in image n.10). This barricade must be tall enough that the enemy cannot see what´s behind it in case they are spying us. The barricade will be mostly made out of wood, but with some parts out of stone (like in image n.6), so that in case the barricade get sets on fire that it doesn´t burn completely (like on image n.7). There will be a phalanx in front of the barricade, and on top of it archers and soldiers with long spears, divided in groups of three, with 2 spearmans on the sides and one archer in the middle (like in image n.9). The heads of the spearman are protected by spikes, except the archers, apart from the helmet of course, however, although the function of the spearman is to stab the enemy from up there, one of the spearman can protect the archer just by raising the spear upwards. Until then archers can practice shooting at birds or something.

Action: Start making traps behind the barricade like digging holes with spikes at the bottom covered in grass. In case reds have to retreat there will be small triangular figures signaling that there´s no traps around. There will be fires nearby during the night so reds can see them.

Action: Red Leader suspects that our missing scouts might have been tortured so they might know about the secret trapdoors, We make another secret room inside that secret trapdoor room just to be completely safe.

Apples are given daily to the ill until the medicines come in (hopefully in less than two weeks).

When fighing starts grays will be protecting the town while reds in the barricades. If we win this very likely battle we should try to take at least one prisoner hostage. If succesful, try to comunicate with him and then torture him until he answers us who is he working for.
File: 6.png (3 KB, 500x200)
3 KB
File: 7.png (3 KB, 500x200)
3 KB
File: 9.png (5 KB, 500x200)
5 KB
Forgot to mention to fortify the library so like if in case they manage to break through that the will stay there defending it
File: 10.png (3 KB, 100x100)
3 KB
Also the name of the images is in the file name
File: Scarlett23.png (29 KB, 1152x648)
29 KB
Stoppu requests aid from grays for the attack he's convinced is immanent. Gray king doesn't have many troops to spare at the moment beyond what he's already provided as he's dealing with many problems across the kingdom. He won't give more to sate Stoppu's paranoia, but instead organizes a band of Cream Mercenaries headed by 1 more gray soldier to come to scarlet town. They are expensive, but he assures Stoppu that they are also the best. He also tells Stoppu he needs to unwind, he's been through a lot of stress recently. Finally, he reassures Scarlets that if anyone DOES attack grays will support them.

Grays still need that telescope shipment, and request farming tools

Reds purchase wood, coal, shovels, arrows and arrows from grays. They ask about medicine and are told to see Green shamans, or the pixies. Pixie medicine is better, but pixies are very mischievous, and can't always be trusted. Scarlets buy some medicine from the pixies anyway and give it to the sick. The tribe is cured! But 5 swell up rapidly, turn blue from the lack of oxygen and suffocate. What playful rascals those pixies are! Ha ha.

They send over 15 builders to greens and get paid!

Scarlets develop extra safe saferooms

Scarlets develop their defences, adding baricades and traps, manned by scarlets, grays and creams.

In the early hours of the morning when the guards are sleepy and everybody is tucked in their beds, the attack begins.
Rumbling can be felt, waking the sleepy soldiers at the front lines, Grays find their alarms have been disabled and run to manually tell the sleeping citizens to get into the safe rooms. Harpies swoop in, dropping quicklime upon the unprotected soldiers. Their military training allows them to form their phalanx fast, allowing much fo the burning cloud to fall onto their shields, while Scarlet & cream archers attempt to shoot them down. Earth elementals erupt from beneath the phalanxmen and within the town. Many scarlets die in the initial ambush attack, but are able to kill all the harpies and assist the creams in felling the elementals.
After the battle scarlets regroup, send scouts to check for any further attacking groups, and do a head count. Greys and villagers report that as the attack happened at the front, many infiltrators attempted to infiltrate from the riverside, capturing 5 families and burning their houses before they managed to get to their safe rooms. Library defenders managed to kill 2 oranges who had attempted to burn down the library! It was the oranges who attacked scarlets!

Many scarlets return to the massacred and burnt town, counting themselves lucky to have been away working on projects at the time of the attack. Grays apologize to stoppu, sending out scouts to hunt down the convoy of captives somewhere in gray land. They send a diplomatic envoy to the purples, demanding an explanation.

Death count:
2 Orange infiltrators
5 wolfmen
16 harpies
30 elementals
10 grays
50 scarlets (40 dead, 20 missing)
40 dead, 10 missing* the panic rooms helped them escape the infiltrators quickly
File: Marroon 23.png (25 KB, 1152x648)
25 KB
Red rat delves on a pilgrimage into the caverns. He leaves a small council in charge in his absence, giving instructions in case he doesn't return. The clan mood improves now that red rat has left.

Maroons expand their cave home, adding a second forge that pipes it's residual heat throughout the caves, helping warm the place up and helping cure the cold.

Maroons improve their armour.

Maroons send out scouts, cataloging nearby tribes and wildlife. They catalog:
Frogs, Rats, Rabbits, Boars, Bugs, fish and crocodiles. They also see Oranges, Pinks, Greens and Scarlets building a road. They are not found thanks to the hurricane helping cover all evidence of their exploration.
File: Green23.png (30 KB, 1152x648)
30 KB
Greens spend time developing a better understanding of creatures, in particular , their new hippalectryons.

Greens create larger transport ships.

Greens ask permission from many factions to build various structures this turn. They all say yes. They accept oranges into the treaty, and trade for their new advanced crossbows.

Greens send 45 citizens north to establish a new town. They begin building a road that will connect to the old town. This will take an extra turn to complete. While scouting for a settlement location, greens see orange wolfmen scouts in the fields, they discover pixies, and see the smoke from scarlet village.

Greens Hire help and start constructing the large highway connecting the pink towns. This will take 5 turns. If it remains uninterrupted, it will be completed on turn 28.

Greens begin searching for the black encroachment. They send 5 horsemen, 4 do not return. The 1 who does brings tails of large legions of zombies and monsters, dying land , and plots to spread the black death further into the mainland. Creams are relishing in the blood shed, Yellows are ignoring it as elves and violet refugees flee and die in huge numbers, while Grays are constructing a HUGE wall with all of their manpower, with many forward scouting camps. Blacks seem to be a small tribe in of themselves, but have large legions of seemingly endless minions. These minions are both humanoids and other beings. They seem to have traits and Armour of all the other tribes and creatures of the mainland, and cross the sea via a large bridge. A singular black troop is able to summon , control and see through the eyes of hundreds of minions. If the black necromancer is slain so does all of it's minions, with the exception of demons. Blacks also have many ruthless, suicidal weapons, that will destroy their own troops in addition to others, as their own deaths don't seem to matter at all. The final green rider is scared as he's been infected with leprosy.
File: Blue23.png (26 KB, 1152x648)
26 KB
Greens should have shitty Crossbows on their sheets
Blues improve their shields

Blues improve their ballistas

Blues attack the final stronghold of the dieties, but find nobody there! They know the oranges must have something to do with this and begin searching for them. They are unable to find them and capture the orange troops for interrogation. They quarentine the orange ships. They increase the naval island blockade in case of any escaping ships.

Quetzalcoatl is furious at the missing other gods. Blues explain the situation, and develop a strategy to ensure consistent tributes to him with plots of land divided amoungst his followers, using goblin and non worshiping labour. This is acceptable for now. Quetzalcoatl will go on a rampage if he discovers the Dieties are escaping/escaped.

Blues use fireworks to attract a large orc horde to attack the pink town, laying bombs along the path, in an attempt to swoop in and save the day for pinks. They find that a horde was already building for some reason and succeed in increasing it's size. The orcs go on a mad one, with many in the front line dying the the bomb traps. Much to the blues suprise however, they completely ignore the luring towards pink citadel and b-line for the blue port. The port and all of it's inhabitants are massacred in a very orcish manner, and the goblins present are re-enslaved. A few orcs head towards the pink citadel, but upon finding the greens building a road there, they calm down and go home.

Death toll:
Orcs 25
Blues 60
File: Orange23.png (76 KB, 1152x648)
76 KB
Oranges develop crossbows

Oranges improve their swords

Oranges swap horses for their new crossbows, and wheat for assistance in the roadworks with greens. They gain a pop boost!

Oranges do not have any infiltrators at the moment, and send a small force to camp near the small swamp monster's cave. Infiltrators from the purple covert mission should return next turn.

The isle oranges develop a plan to keep the dieties safe while they wait for rescue. They do a bait and switch, hide the dieties and send their main force to the ship. The force and ships are captured, but the Dieties, 5 light blues and it's orange guards are safely hidden in the jungle. They hear and see many blues scurrying around the isle looking for them day and night.

Oranges assist Greens with the Pink superhighway within the swamps, adding signs and towers.

Oranges fugg everything they can get their hands on. They fugg Horses, dogs, sheep and a snail. They gain MORE wolfmen & satyrs, and now have Centaurs and Nautilians. Nautilians are large, with a huge shell armour, feelers and produce mildley corrosive slime but are always sniffy, snotty, gloopy, slow and sad at their painful existence. Sad Snailmen.
File: RainbowTribesMap23.png (118 KB, 1152x648)
118 KB
118 KB PNG

YEAR 2: Feb 16th - March 1st

>Home Isles - Lovely
>Southern Mountains - Lovely
>Northern Mountains - Lovely
>Great Planes - Lovely
>Volcano Isle - Lovely
> Desert - Hot
>Plague Lands - Rain


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