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And we are alive, again!
Last Thread: >>1825914

Links of Importance:

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/mkam/home
List of Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Mageknight+Academy
Basic Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bsZQwXen2cxxNOns3dqWRC86FdliXxKi-brEXTBQtWE
In-depth Rules Explanation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13unrqxqUiX3G0rau6CpEu7Pd5FxEsXz54pfVS9PfGEs/edit?usp=sharing
NPC Database for Madrid: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14Rf_RGpYIs0cdy1eUYYs-hr8_hqVaLrkSSvbzACtoFI/edit?usp=sharing
NPC Database for Amsterdam: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vHPyhTZJMOZpHViv4I6oCXsyrMmFHOY-920jbFSxQds/edit?usp=sharing
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/pEEkNkr
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[=== Canaria News ===]
>Mageknight Academy of Madrid Winner in International Contest
Mageknight Academy Marching band has won the finals early and will be joining us in the rest of our stay in Canaria. Expect the students soon!

[Davis Malachai]
>Free Action
You tell the ranger that you’ll be taking the tourist route, and he looks suitably pleased. “Good. You two have fun.” The man says, directing you to the tourist route before leaving. As you embark on the stroll through the jungle, you realize something: there’s no tour guide. Apparently, all of the tour guides are currently leading their batches of tourists through the jungle. That means you and Tana get to explore the trail… alone. Tana is quick to jump on the opportunity, pulling you along the trail. “If we stick to the trail, we should be fine.” She assures you.

The trek isn’t too bad, honestly. The humid air and vibrant sounds from all directions only amplifies the experience. Tana clings to your arm the entire time, occasionally resting her head on your shoulder. “This is nice, Davis.” She says as you take in the view: a river flowing from several pools of water from above, which consequently flows into more pools below. You don’t even realize the trek is over until you arrive at the outpost. Even though the whole thing took about an hour, it still felt pretty short. They do say time flies, after all.

>+2 Tana

With Tana by your side, you visit the famous Snowrock mountain. At the highest point of the mountain lies a mineral lake. Despite the freezing temperature, the minerals in the water make it so that the lake doesn’t freeze over. You follow the mountain trail with Tana, glad to have changed into something more appropriate for the cold weather.

During the trek however, you trip over… something. For some reason, there was less snow here. It was almost warm, even. You almost fell off the mountain trail and into the seemingly perpetual slope below, but Tana grabs your hand and saves you from grievous injury. After rubbing your affected areas, you head on over to where you tripped.

It was a strange looking rock, for certain. After kneeling down and inspecting it however, you realize that it’s actually an old piece of armor. It’s dulled and rusted with age, but it seems warm to the touch. With Tana’s help, you manage to excavate the snow and dirt. To your surprise, the armor seems to be in good condition; pristine even. It seems warm to the touch.

You two take a break at the mountaintop to inspect the armor. After polishing the armor with a cloth, it seems to shine. The armor plates seem to be infused with fire mana, and the leather that keeps the plates together appears to be crafted from some strange creature. Tentatively, you put the armor on to find that it resized itself to fit you perfectly. Perhaps you could use this.

Later, you show it to one of your teachers and amaze him. “Wow, that’s Flamewaker Armor.” He smiles. “It used to be used by the Flamewakers, the Fiery Vanguard of Spain! It’s a little outdated, but I assure you, it’s powerful. You’re pretty lucky for happening upon it!” The appraiser finishes. You later discover that the armor is actually forged from volcanic iron and fire drake hide. You’re definitely holding onto this for now.

>+2 Tana
>Received [Flamewaker’s Inferno]
>T3 Brigandine
>[Heated Advance] Upon landing a successful attack, you may activate this effect to deal additional Fire Damage to all adjacent enemy targets. This damage is equivalent to the armor tier and the user’s Fire Theory tier. You may only activate this effect once per battle.
>[Cinder’s Embrace] If you are struck by a melee attack, you may deal Fire Damage equivalent to the armor’s tier. This damage cannot exceed the damage the melee attack dealt. You may only activate this effect once per round.
>[Righteous Glory] When moving towards enemies, your movement speed is doubled.

The trip up and down the mountain was tiring, but you two manage to power through. After all, you’re both Mageknights; a hike is the least of your worries down the line. You do approach the forest at a leisurely pace rather than a normal one though. It takes a while, but the bitter cold of the mountain gives way to the relaxing cool of the forest.

These trees seem to tower above normal trees, reaching heights not unlike a redwood tree. The steely grey bark seems tough and sturdy. You heard tales of this place being a excellent area to gather materials. Tana, not one to pass up such an opportunity, takes out a woodcarving dagger.

You assist Tana as best you can with the process, but find it impossible to harvest the actual wood of the tree. Unsurprising, as you’d either need immense strength or magical artifacts to properly get any wood from an Ironwood tree. Still, you manage to leave with a sizable sum of Ironwood Bark, simply known to the locals as Ironbark. With a toughness similar to steel without any of the drawbacks of metal, the material might make some good armor.

>+1 Tana
>Received [Ironbark]. T2 Material. Lightweight in comparison to metal. Slightly flame-retardant, but may still burn with continuous application of heat. Channels Nature magic excellently.

[Lawrence Birch]
>Free Action:
You purchase some high-quality Hematite, which is essentially iron ore, and Malachite, which is a precious stone. They might not look like much now, but you’re certain you can make something out of these. Perhaps a weapon, a piece of armor, or some jewelry, maybe. In any case, you make your transaction and secure your newly-bought materials in your pack.

>Received Hematite
>Received Malachite

File: Holstaurusmilk.jpg (80 KB, 193x295)
80 KB
>66+5 = 71
Following Oblivion’s advice, you head into the mountains. The hilly forests are difficult to navigate, but you make do. The trek takes quite a bit of time, but then you see it, hidden in a cave. The place looks aged, likely never having been found for years, not even by the local wildlife. Odd. You enter the cave, using a nearby torch to light the way.

Embedded in the center of an ancient stone altar is a wicked-looking dagger. Crafted from bone, obsidian, and aged bronze. It almost seems to call to you, causing you to reflexively reach towards it when you hear something in your head. “Do not be a fool.” Oblivion demands. “Pick the dagger up, but do not touch it.” The cursed blade states. You take out a spare shirt that you had in your backpack and wrap the dagger inside of it. Thankfully, you don’t get cursed. Perhaps you should get it identified before attempting to use it.

>Received T4 Cursed Ritual Dagger
>[Hidden Details] The effects of the dagger is hidden until you either identify the weapon, or attune to it.

You go asking around where Julie is, but you can’t seem to find her. When you check on her room, she’s nowhere to be found. That’s strange. You check the library, and… she’s asleep at one of the desks. It seems even during vacations, she likes reading; though this time around it seems to have taken a lot out of her. You decide to leave her alone for now, as carrying Julie to her room would set a precedent you’re not quite ready for, and also because that’d mean carrying all the books to her room, or to the shelves, and that’s too much of a hassle.

[Aine Boros]
>Free action
You promptly accept the crate of milk. By pure curiosity you decide to ask the Minotaur, where does this milk comes from? How did you managed to make it magical and gain properties form it? Hilapen looks you directly in the eye, dead serious, “You don’t want know.” He keep this for a few seconds and then burst out laughing. “It’s no secret we squeeze Holstaur for Milk. But technique is professional secret.” He winks as he mentions this last sentence. Then he goes mentioning how the grass in this island is the best because of the minerals from the volcanic activity. And how this pastures are the best in the region.

>Crate of Holstaur Milk
>+1 [Hilapen Toughhorn]

Choco happily follows you as if it already knew the destination and just as you arrive at the beach, it instantly overtakes you and leaps into the water. Luckily barely anyone is here today. There are occasional couples walking across but they don’t cause any trouble. At first, he goes to the sea but seeing you not following it, it gives up and just jumps around you. Just as he jumps around, he trips over something. After checking on him, you look to what he tripped over and it's actually a frisbee! For the next few hours, You throw and he catches, It was well at first but later on, Choco and his beak just destroys the frisbee. Instead, the situation changes into you chasing Choco and damn, can that bird run. You play your own game of tag as you exchange turns catching each other. At some point, him tagging you gets harder and harder till you notice him actually doing a flying kick at you. It was fun but getting your face kicked to the sand got tedious and you just decided to go swimming.

You learn a few things about Choco’s capabilities and stats.
>Choco’s Base Vitality: 10
>[Choco] knows [Momentum] - Attacks made by Choco uses Speed, Swimming, and any other movement related skill as a damage modifier for the attack.
>[Choco] knows [Water Resistance]
>[Choco] knows [T3 High Kick]
>[Choco] knows [T2 Long Jump]

>Gain: [Choco] +2 Speed
>Gain: +3 Relation with Choco
>Gain [Damaged Frisbee]

You follow Choco in the water and he starts to dive into the water. He goes in with a breeze where he would only occasionally rise up for air while you had to go up more often. Getting deeper in the sea, you swim and with choco in sight, you see that water is indeed its natural habitat as it swims with ease. Seeing you lag behind even pushed it to just let you ride’er!

Soaring through the waters keeping your breath tight, Choco continues to guide you across the deep coral floors. A beautiful sight as the seabed glows with green and blue of reflections of fauna and sky. The view, wonderful indeed but as seconds go by, water starts flooding your mouth and lungs. Choco realizes too late and are brought back out too late, panicking for air.

After such a trauma, you feel refreshed at the feeling of the hard solid ground beneath you.Sand beneath your fingers, you try to gather your thoughts and just before you lost breath underwater, you then remember seeing a broken submarine down there.

>[Choco] knows [Natural Diver] - Choco can last underwater 5x longer than a human without air. Choco can hold her breath for at least an hour but fatigues if any longer.

>+1 Choco
>+1 Swimming

[Abby Dragfirm]
You purchase two sets of earrings, one for yourself, and the other for Valerie. The shopkeep boy tells you that the magic of the earrings will only work when paired properly, and that you should be fine otherwise. You thank him after paying, and leave the store, quite content about your purchase. Trying on your earrings, you feel the fire mana inside of you shift ever-so-slightly from what feels like a blazing inferno to a lit hearth during a cold night. It’s a reassuring feeling.

Valerie is easily found on the streets of Silvershade town. She’s easily recognizable, after all. “Yo, hey there Abby.” Your roommate says, smiling as she greets Rhazias and Vussora as well. As it turns out, she had just arrived, having flown here from the keep. After making pleasantries, you give her the present. “Eh? What’s this?” She says. “Ah, ya didn’t have to get me anything, kiddo.” Huh. It’s been a long time since she’s called you that. The look on her face when she opens the small box is priceless. “These are…”Valerie trails off, before grinning. “These are great. Thanks Abby.” Your roommate gives you a quick hug before breaking off, slightly embarrassed. Rhazias and Vussora exchange a look before smirking.

>Received Earrings of Warmth
>+2 Valerie

After getting your bearings on the icy mountaintop, you elect to try and harvest some of the materials. However, none of you are particularly keen on diving into the icy waters to retrieve anything from there. Instead, you opt to harvest from the mountaintop, as well as the mountainsides. You start by burning away the ice and snow to reveal the potential metals underneath, but you notice that some of the ice refuses to melt even under the intense heat. You gather some of that, as well as the metal; stowing it in your pack for later.

>[Big Shard of True Ice] T3 Crafting Material. This ice does not melt under any circumstance. It can probably be used for something that improves Frost Magic.
>[Chunk of Cold Iron] T2 Crafting Material. Iron infused with Frost Mana. Extremely effective against Fey.

You look for something on the island that could help improve your living chameleon cloak. Your first instinct is to go to Starleaf Valley, as it is the main farming town on Canaria, but then you remember about the Mob. Sighing in frustration, you instead look around Silvershade Town. They mostly grow corn and rice, after all. When you ask around for that, people direct you to an old woman known simply as “Yaya”. She clutches a staff in her hands and seems to have quite the gait.

You learn that she’s actually a druid who has been in Canaria ever since she was a child. She occasionally helps the townsfolk when they have trouble with their crops, so long as they do not disturb the forests and jungles of the island too much. She gives you a pouch filled with a blue powder. “That’s my very own miracle fertilizer.” The old woman says with a toothy grin. “Compost and earth reduced to a fine powder, then infused with my own mana.” It’s quite potent, so be sure to apply it in small doses over the course of a week or two.”

When you prepare to pay her, she holds up her hands and tells you that payment is not necessary. “...You remind me so much of my daughter. Oh what a fine woman she’s grown into; I miss her so.” The aged druid says. “Do take care of yourself, child.” Yaya finishes, smiling as you prepare to leave.

>Met Yaya, Druid of Canaria
>Received 5x [Miracle Fertilizer]
>Each time it is applied to Roseberry, her power will increase. You may apply any amount of fertilizer you wish in a single turn, but Yaya has told you that it works better in smaller doses.

[Dania Nanato]
The shop and its large variety gives you a chance to with possibly ancient or crafted items. The first thing to buy that comes to mind would be arrows, specifically fire arrows of some sort. Roaming the large marketplaces of the various towns; gems, potions, weapons and armor stand around. Nothing of interest at first until you finally find the bowyer, a thin scruffy looking man showcasing different sets of bows, arrows, and even special custom-made quivers. You tell him about your interest of fire related equipment and he leads you to some red themed equipment. He offers a few things and with all the quality items, you decide to think it through.

Set 1: Newbie Pack
>[Pocket Quiver] - A pocket dimension suited for infinite storage of arrows. (Currently holds 1,000 regular arrows) Please take note of Inventory
>24 [T2 Explosive Arrows] - (Damage type: Explosive, Effect: AOE-small) Arrows that explode on impact.
>12 [T2 Fire Arrows] - (Damage type: Fire) Arrows of flame that deals fire damage.

Set 2: Flaming Arrows Pack
>[Flame Quiver] - (Damage Type: Fire, +1 damage) Holds up to 24 arrows at a time. Arrows placed and taken from quiver causes it to burn and increase damage. Unused arrows taken out from quiver loses its fire effect and damage. Please note that placing magical arrows may amplify or nullify some of the effects.
>24 [T2 Fire Arrows] - When placed in [Flame Quiver], Gains an additional tier while damage type changes to explosive(Gains AOE-small effect).

Set 3: Fire Archer’s Dream Pack
>[Tiny Pocket Quiver] - Holds up to 48 arrows at a time.
>24 [T3 Fire Arrows] - (Damage type: Fire) Arrows of flame that deals fire damage.
>12 [T2 Explosive Arrows] - (Damage type: Explosive, Effect: AOE-small) Arrows that explode on impact.
>12 [T2 Burning Arrows] - (Damage type: Fire, Effect: Burn) Arrows that 100% burn targets for 3 turns. Tier Damage per turn
>12 [T1 Combustion Arrows] - Lights Fires, refreshes burn effects and amplifies damage of burning targets by 1.

After checking that out, you remember seeing a fire ring somewhere so you roam and continue window shopping.

> [T2 Fire Ring] - A shining red-colored glass ring that amplifies fire magic, +2 to Fire related actions
>As a free action, you are free to choose 1 set and gain the following.
>[Can’t afford it] - Island turn 4, -10 for actions that involve roaming the island/sightseeing
>[Budget squeezing] - For Island turn 4 & 5, any shop/money related action has DC of 45

>DC40 Check
The catacombs are guarded with men but with memories of secret pathways and entrances, you get in with incredible ease. Entering the area causes you to lose some composure from the deja vu feeling but with your natural calmness and willpower, you relax and just push on. Looking around, the catacombs was well built with crypts, cabinets and burial sites which are scattered around. Nothing is too noticeable as you pass the empty storage rooms and burial rooms. You can already tell that previous Mageknights have already been here so you decide to just forge onward.

Deeper and deeper you follow your way into the narrow hallways of the catacombs and from here, things get familiar. Different emotions rise when crossing certain areas and feelings of random caution comes in. You think you hear voices, murmurs and steps behind you every now and then. You react instinctively and hide but as usual, nothing is there. This place has long been empty.

You follow the stoned hallway and check every room and every corner. Some lead to dead ends while some just leads to empty already-scavenged rooms until eventually you find a long hallway that split into three hallways. Each pathway has a memory and different feeling.

>+1 Spelunking
>Left Pathway, memories of pain and suffering
>Middle Pathway, memories of warmth and camaraderie
>Right Pathway, memories of bloodlust and battle

File: Friendly-Fellas.jpg (179 KB, 1280x720)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
[Gram Roderick]
>Hidden Temple of Canaria Fight!

>[Ruined Chainmail Shirt]
>[Badly Damaged Ironwood Door]
>[T5 Ultra Greatsword]

>Explore Jungle.
You wander around the jungle searching for anything of interest. What follows is hours of avoiding stray wild animals, getting lost every time you take a single turn then spending time trying to find some path or trail back, you also get mud on your shoes and pants for your trouble but besides that and finally having a better idea of how to navigate this place you don’t really get much.

>+1 Navigation

>Explore Jungle.
You continue to the explore the Jungle again visiting areas you’ve never really checked before. Lacking a destination in sight you mainly wander. Your wandering is rewarded when you find odd tracks that don’t match up with any mundane creature you see, It has two paw/claw marks but also a snake's trailings...only larger, much, much larger. After following the tracks for a few minutes you find the remains of traps, arrowheads, and blood centering around the tracks of the beast as well as fallen trees. Apparently it put up a struggle, one that led further into the forest, following it through it’s trail of wreckage with uprooted tree in it’s wake you break through a clearing and see it.

Men and women stand around the corpse of what you’d call a wyvern only it’s more serpentine lacking any sort of legs as well as only having odd claws on it’s wingspan as the closest thing to hands it has. Some of these hunters are relaxed, whistling in the shade of trees, carving the odd bit of wood, or engaging in a bit of light banter while a woman in the center inspects the prize. One of the hunters notice you the second you’re in the clearing and approaches you. After figuring out you aren’t there to steal their catch they introduce themselves. They call themselves a group of people that hunt for fun but honestly you’re pretty sure they’re poachers. Especially considering their supposed (at least that’s what they say she is) leader, Lei Ying is still skinning the thing while she constantly, constantly chimes in with some comment or correction. At least she and by extension the rest of them seem to be fine with you. In fact she liked you so much she even gave you an offer you couldn’t refuse...great...

+1 Tracking

>[The Silent Nights]
>[Lei Yang]

>Free Action: Join or Reject the Silent Nights
File: Ramen.jpg (125 KB, 900x636)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
[Jozin Redregard]
The merchants of Glassbell Shores are surprisingly flexible about bartering goods. A glass artisan decides to take the Arm Casts and the Pile of Ash in exchange for the Bottomless Glass Bottle. “Is that… Fey magic that I detect here? You cannot get this kind of ashes anywhere else. If you want, you could take a peek at finished product later.” He also mentions that he arm casts might work for something else but that he’s not sure what. “Maybe for a table decoration or something.” Whatever, artists.

Now, it's time to get a nice warm meal after the hiking to the top of the Mountain. You find a rather rustic-looking noodle stand in the middle of the main plaza of Glassbell Shores. You go through your stuffs and decide that the old man serving the noodles may appreciate the Conch Shell. His face lights ups when you show him the shell. He speaks in a strange language that you think might be chinese or japanese, you don’t know. He bows, and thanks you. He offers you a big bowl of noodles to share with Kari.

>[Bottomless Glass Bottle] - Looks like a 500 ml bottle but can really hold up to 10 liters of liquid. Any non-liquid placed inside will cause it to break.
>[Dinner for Two] - At a nice noodle stand.

>Conch Shell
>Arm Casts
>Pile of Ash

The day has passed and now it is fully dark outside. The chill air of the mountain feels refreshing as you eat away the noodles and your mind starts to drift about having a nice carved drinking horn. Those old Vikings had drinking horns and it might even impress Kari. After both of you devour the bowl of noodles, Kari stretched her arms and mentions that she’s sleepy. You start machining an evil plan your head: leave Kari sleeping at the Glassbell Hostel and then you might stalk the mountains searching for a Minotaur to slay.

After you are sure Kari falls asleep, you leave the rooms in the middle of the dark. Roaming and wandering around in the woods near the Pastures. There might be a wild minotaur around here… That’s when you see him. A large minotaur that doesn’t looks in a very good shape. He looks fairly skinny for a minotaur, has unkempt hair and one of his horns looks broken off. You lock eyes with him. He looks you and understands what’s about to happen, he grips on his club waiting for the moment to use it to defend himself. Neither of you even utter a word.

>+1 Kari Oili
>[Bed for the Night] - Can be used to recover HP next turn.

[=== ENCOUNTER ===]
>Please Report to the Discord’s Battle Arena

File: Cute_Baby_FIsh.jpg (25 KB, 392x408)
25 KB
[Ean Hawthorne]
You have bark, you have seeds, and you know that’s still not enough. You need something you can work into a staff, a focus, a weapon, something more potent than just bark. A cursory check and your own intelligence tells you that you can’t just easily cut down a tree for your purposes so you take a search of the ironwoods for a tree worn down enough for what you need. Whether it was a stroke of luck or your own intuition you find it. A fallen ironwood tree, approaching it and getting on your knees you quickly get to work. Hour upon hour of cutting, chipping, and levering to get at what you need. Your brow sweats and your arms burn from the exertion but after it all you finally hold your prize in your head. The heartwood of a Ironwood tree. You can almost feel it’s natural magical potential and the applications it can be used for, or maybe you’re imagining things. Either way you have what you need.

>[Iron Heartwood] - T5 Crafting material. The heartwood from an ironwood tree extracted personally to maintain it’s magical potency. When used for the creation of a weapon or item and used as a focus the potency of magic can be increased, especially magic based around nature and plants.

Fisherman’s Citadel. A place where fishermen hunt and fish for different resources. You decide to hopefully find something for your water magic but sadly searching around, you don’t find anything you think you want. There are magical fishing rods and nets but specifically for the use of water magic? Nada.

After looking around, you think to call it a day until, just by pure luck, you stumble with some old fisherman. He calls your attention and offers you all types of things where you hear something along the lines of ‘arcane focus, water, fish’. Apparently, a type of common fish around the island are captured for their bones. The fish has some magical potency in their bodies. After hearing about it, you take the purchase, being it the only offer available. As you walk back to your place, you hear some other fishermen talking. You hear about a endangered fish that are ‘magically potent’ newly born.

>[Baby Fish Bones] - T4 Crafting Material, Fish bones that are used as an arcane focus for Water-based magic.
>[Guilt] - You can’t help feeling guilt at the thought of you buying bones from endangered species. -5 to actions next turn

File: Bundle_of_Joy.png (108 KB, 1024x1024)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
[Matthieu Faust]
You’ve heard people talk about mountain spring water being among the cleanest and freshest, so you plan on acquiring some for yourself. You leave Lily in Celeste’s care at the Mountainridge and take Joy with you. The slime hops onto your back, and you begin the trek. You do your best to ignore the slimy discomfort on your back, but at least Joy is enjoying the ride. The slime is also considerate enough not to leave any gooey residue on you or your clothes, which is a plus.

The trip up the mountain doesn’t take long, since you were already on a mountain to begin with. You follow the stream uphill until you reach the source: a pristine cave filled with a reservoir of water. It seems the locals took great care in making sure the spring remained pure. With that in mind, you set Joy down on the cave floor. You take your canteen and fill it with spring water before pouring it on Joy. The slime dances happily after receiving the water. It seems like she loves it. Joy slinks down onto the water, and before you can stop her, she steps into the main spring.

You watch as Joy takes in a lot of water; not enough to drain or reduce the spring’s water supply by too much, but nevertheless a considerable amount, at least proportionate to her body. The slime then steps back onto the cave floor with you, now considerably larger. Joy’s size seems to be about the size of a normal human. Then, as if nothing happened, she compresses herself and returns to her normal form, making sloshing noises all the while.

...Interesting. Maybe the water has unlocked some of her potential.

Joy has the following stats:
[Born of Water] Some slimes are water elementals, and Joy is no different. Water damage dealt to her will heal her instead. Cold and Fire based-attacks deal 50% less damage to her. Attacks that involve absorption deal double damage to her. She is considered as an Elemental.
[Gooey Constitution] It’s difficult to do damage to something that isn’t solid. Slash, Pierce, and Blunt damage are 50% less effective against her. However, water is easily corrupted and dirtied. Poison and Corruption attacks against her will deal double damage.
[Swift Swimmer] Moves twice as quickly when submerged in water. Additionally, when Joy is completely submerged, attacks made against her will have a -20 modifier.
>Base Vitality: 5
>Base Mana Reserves: 3
>T2 Stamina
>T2 Strength
>T2 Mana Reserves
>T3 Water Magic Proficiency
>T2 Water Theory
>T2 Ice Theory
>T3 Gloo Slime
>T2 Enlarge/Reduce Self
>T2 Pseudopod
>T2 Tidal Surge
>T2 Control Water
>T2 Create Water
>T1 Slush Ball
>T2 Swimming

The sun is shining, the air is cool, and the sky looks clear. Perfect day for a picnic. You take Celeste, Lily, and Joy with you. Lily says something about having never tried “it” outdoors, even though you know for a fact that she hasn’t even tried “it” at all. Celeste chuckles to herself at the young succubus’ remarks, while Joy just makes sloshing noises as she follows along. You take your picnic basket and begin the trek across the mountainside.

“Not bad.” Celeste says as she helps herself to a ham sandwich you had made. “This is really good, papa!” Lily says warmly, chewing on a cookie. Joy makes more swishing noises as she ‘digests’ a piece of jam and bread. The happy kind of swish, you think to yourself. Looking around, you can see the rest of Canaria from here. It’s a beautiful sight, here with…

A family. One that you’ve helped create.

You could get used to this.

>[Family] +10 to all social rolls involving Celeste, Lily, or Joy next turn.
>+1 Celeste

[Zav Erdna Georgius V]
You look to your armored companion and focus. While most spirits have a well of power to draw from, Jack’s well seems almost limitless, or at the very least, much larger than most. You surmise that it must’ve been from your own power. After all, you have grown since you’ve ‘created’ Red and Aria. In any case, you find that Jack is a versatile combatant, capable of attacking from afar or up close. Unsurprisingly, his affinity seems to be linked towards Wind magic most of all.

[Born of Air] Wind damage dealt against Jack is instead reflected back at the source. Earth damage dealt against Jack is 50% more effective. Jack is considered as an Elemental.
[Winds of Fate] When Jack performs a critical hit while using a Wind-type attack, the damage multiplier is x3 instead of x2.
>Base Vitality: 10
>Base Mana Reserves: 7
>T3 Weapon(Staff): “Gale”
>T3 Armor: “Sparrow’s Song”
>T3 Stamina
>T4 Strength
>T3 Mana Reserves
>T4 Wind Theory
>T3 Wind Magic Proficiency
>T4 Staff Proficiency
>T3 Razor Wind
>T3 Wind Wall
>T3 Hurricane Strike
>T2 Control Winds
>T3 Bird’s Eye
>T3 Sparrow’s Wings
>T2 Razor Plumage
>T2 Flight
>T2 Divebomb


We won.
As prize we are going to the Island of Canaria!

~ Marching Band Teacher

The kind man in the turtle neck sweater smiles kindly at everything you say and accepts your apologies.

“This Academy is built on a castle that dates back to the 1910s. It was designated as a home rather than a magical academy. That means that, naturally, we don’t have the facilities that suit and cater all kind of students of this magical institution. And we want to apologize to you for that.”

He goes on and on telling you the history of the Castle on how it has changed hands over time. First a home, then a hotel and then a Battlemage Academy. The history of how the last owner decided to donate the building to the Holy Order after its daughter was attacked by magical beings is quite fascinating.

“Also, we have to admit that we usually don’t have elemental students at this Academy and we want to apologize to not having the adequate facilities to accommodate you. You are the first Water Elemental that has ever visited this Academy and we will celebrate this historic moment with a picture hung on the hallway that you have marked.”

He goes on and on about how this is an historic event for the Academy and he even gives you his contact information.

“I know you are a Madrid student, but if you ever need something from the Battlemage Academy of Toronto, don't hesitate in giving me a call.“

>+1 [Peletier]
>[Peletier’s Contact Information]
>[Minor Favor from the Battlemage Academy of Toronto]

You spend a few hours looking for music that resonates with your body. Within your search, you find a special website called 5Clover that has a forum dedicated to Music and they discuss a ton of varieties of music. A thread in this forum has caught your attention: they are talking about Electronic Music and Noise Music. Upon hearing about it, you feel your gelatinous body resonate with a tingling sensation. This hits the spot.

As soon as you are done with it. You see that some parts of the wooden floor are wet. Could it mean that… Oh.

>[Digital Copy of Noise CD] - Causes the [Unstable Matter] condition upon use.
>[Unstable Matter] - DC60 to not spilling your body unto things or other students for the next turn.

[Joshua Gram]
The Niagara Falls are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, and for good reason. The roaring currents echo across the valley. Dozens of tourists take pictures of the waterfalls, and you walk up to the railing to do the same. You take a photo of the Falls itself, and then have a tour guide hold the camera for you for a shot next to the falls.

>Niagara Falls Picture

You head to the library and start reading up on Dire Wolves. As it turned out, they were the ancestors of normal wolves, and by extension, the dogs we know today. These animals are greater in size, have greater strength and stamina, and have a bite force greater than a lion. However, due to the presence of humans, their numbers have begun to dwindle over the years.

Certain subspecies of Dire Wolves are known as Frost Wolves. Said to be infused with the power of the North Wind itself, these canine cousins have the ability to expel a magical breath of frost from their lungs. However, these hounds were even more savage than their cousins, and were hunted often for the magical reagents made from their lungs and heart. Due to this, they’re even rarer than Dire Wolves today. Both species exist in specially designated preservation parks, protected by scientists and monster tamers. These people are doing their best to preserve the species while keeping their old traits in check.

>+1 Beast Theory

'Wow! Never would have thought I'd be coming so close to home, if you can count being on the other side of the continent, haha! Love you!'

Having written that caption, you put that in an envelope and head to the Toronto Post Office. After attaching a maple leaf stamp to the letter, you hand to the woman at the desk. After paying a small sum, you watch as the woman attaches the letter to a Dragonhawk. A dragonhawk and its rider is the quickest way to deliver mail and packages, after all. You could’ve sent it by the normal means, but express doesn’t cost that much. Besides, you figure that this is much cooler. You walk out of the post office with an elated expression.

>[Inspired] After sending a letter home, you remember what you’re fighting for. +10 to all rolls next turn.

[===Jungle Party===]
Role playing and Communicating with Angelica is now free since she’s now part of the Jungle Party.

[Angelica Shanyrria]

The Firewatch Tower #3 is the only civilized place between the Twilight Forest and the various vineyards near Starleaf Valley. Also it works as booth for registering the people interest in entering the Twilight Jungle. In here, a fire ranger takes care of the general area. The ranger is talking to some people on the radio and looking and making annotations on a map placed on a picnic table. You take this as a sign that you can go, but as soon as he see you, he stops you. “Excuse me, lady, but I can't let you go in there.”

This unleashes all of your contained fury. You start with a “Do you know who I am?” He apologizes profusely and tells you about the current status of the mission. He tells you how there’s a Search Party in the north side of the jungle, how a group of Mageknight Students entered the Jungle and they are looking in the last place they know where the Magical Investigators went, and then he tells you that there’s a Mageknight student roaming the jungle alone. After giving you the status, he gives you a purple glowing stone and explains to you that it works like a Walkie-Talkie. He also gives you a map and the location of where the Mageknight students are.

Before you leave he gives you a salute.

“Godspeed, Miss Shanyrria”

>+1 Rune Theory
>Map of the Twilight Jungle
>[Runic Radio] - Works as a normal Walkie-Talkie but is magically embedded into a Rune Stone.
>[Mark on the Map] - Last Known Location of the missing explorers and then the Mageknight Students.

With the information that the ranger gave you and everything you read about the Twilight Jungle, you realize that people underestimate the Twilight Jungle. Everything is fascinating here! The flora is big, lush and and green with a vibrant you have never seen before. You can also see a various fungus glowing under the shade of leaves bigger than a person, and the bugs crawling and slithering across are fascinating and nothing like you have seen before. Everything here should be documented and recorded!

But this leads you to a problem where everything is extremely interesting and you can't focus your attention into anything. You see bushes full of vibrant looking berries, frogs that are phosphorescent, plants that react to being touched, ferns that look at least a thousand years old and birds with weird looking beaks. You snap back to reality when you hear the Runic Radio. Oh right, the investigators! You take your map and your compass and try to figure out how to get to the marked location.

After a long hike through the deep jungle, you reach a small clearing where you find a fellow classmate of wearing a small Mage Knight Academy of Madrid crest. She looks like a fairly skinny blond girl with a german accent. Then she points out to Devin and another MkA classmate that you don't identify. The young knight presents himself as Zav. All three students welcome you into the group, and shortly after Devin and Emilia go into a hole that they recently discovered.

>+1 [Investigation]
>[Member of the Jungle Search Party] - You are now free to RP with Zav.

File: This_x1000.png (53 KB, 257x273)
53 KB
[Devin Hines]
>Go down into the cave system and look around the area to see if I can find anything on what is all down here besides us and the investigators. [ Survival T1, Tracking T1, Investigation T1, Monster Hunting T1]
[Emilia Neon's House]
>Emilia follows them down the hole, taking up the rear guard. She wasn't the best fighter, so it was better for her to stay here.
[Zav Erdna Georgius V]
>Said that, the young man starts to decend to the cavern where the investigators are supposed held on followed by Jack and Red in this exactly order, on the cave using his magic to illuminate the place and his skills, Zav starts to search for the missing people in the hopes of rescuing them

[Combined Action]

Devin,you go first into the hole. The entrance is is made out of black rocks and gets wider the more you go down. It's a long way down on a steep incline until you finally touch what it seems like solid ground. In the dim light provided by the sunlight you can see that this is a fairly large cave system with a lot of rooms and passages. Emilia, you follow Devin in his descend. You take the rear guard and you try your best to protect the young Ice Mage with that huge Panzerfaust in your shoulder. You decide to leave a bit of room for Devin to run in case that your trusty Panzerfaust is needed. The longer you go down into the caves, the temperature grows hotter.

Devin, after you the end of the stone hallway, you enter a room with a small lava pits and a tile floor with a pattern of a labyrinth. In front of you lies a giant moving ball of Ooze and Lava. It is huge, at least 8 feet tall and has, what it seems like, a crown made out of molten rocks on the top of what you could call his head. It has a royal aura. You are impressed by the mighty creature, and you are frozen in awe. You sense that this mighty creature is alway ready to attack, but at the moment it saw you, it became neutral towards you.
Emilia, you came behind and stood behind Devin, you were about to ask him why is he standing there, but the moment you saw the Lava Slime King it became obvious. You are sure the beast didn’t saw you and you start to back off, back into the darkness of the hallway. You spy from behind a rock how the monster it's just staring at Devin.

Zav, after introducing yourself to Angelica, you mention that you were planning to go ahead and follow the rest of the team down the hole with your familiars behind you. You think it is the best idea to stick together in case something happens. As you walk away from the hole, you start to notice how the light starts to dim and you use the simple Lumio spell. Red makes a remark of how hot it is getting in there, and you do nothing but agree with her. After walking through the long hallway you find Emilia hiding behind a rock. Emilia, you make signs to Zav to not go further and you explain to him what is happening. Zav, you nod as Emilia explain all of this to you. You decide to keep near Emilia and out of sight of the Slime King, you tell Red and Jack to not move and stay behind.

Angelica, tired of waiting around doing nothing you follow the group down the hole. But they are already doing something!

>[Report to the Discord Server]
>[Dungeon Crawling: After the fight it can be done in-thread or in the Discord Server channel. Your call.]

>Devin: [Early Bird] - You will be first in the first turn of combat.
>Angelica: [Late Action] - You will be last in the first turn of combat.
[Devin Hines]
The first action you do is cast [Detect Human]. With all this heat, and the pressure of having the Slime King in front of you, you only manage to feel the first path of many leading towards the Investigators. But you can definitely feel them. They are here and they are trapped in the cave system. But the first step, is go past the Slime King.

>[Clue: Go Straight]
>[Detect Body: Human] - Next action involving this spell is free.

[Emilia Neon's House]
After seeing the Slime King itself, you have concluded that this is the entrance to a Cave System!

>+1 Investigation
>[Captain Obvious] - +10 to next investigation action.
Rolled 31, 41 = 72 (2d100)


Davis Malachai, the man who wields ice and fire


These last two turns have been absolutely massive. Totally jinxed it but hoping to squeeze one more crit out of this OVA.

>Head to Glassbell Shores with Tana and maybe pick up something to commemorate our time in Canaria.
[Boosts: T4 Tana Ashworth, T2 Willpower]
>Head to Rivercastle Keep with Tana and check the place out.
[Boosts: T4 Tana Ashworth, T2 Willpower]
Rolled 32, 68 = 100 (2d100)


>Do:Head into town to shop for a saddle for choco. Preferably one suited for both land and sea

>Do:Go out with doroty gambling and exploring. Mostly around the silvershade town and fisherman citadel. A bit of shopping to get her something would be nice too
A bit of RP for now, see how this plays out.
>Free Action
"Thanks but no thanks. I'm only out in this god forsaken jungle looking for anything and/or anyone who might help me with the demon invasion of Amsterdam, or might otherwise give me some leverage or purchase with someone who can. So unless that might interest you, or you think you might be able to assist in some way, I'm gonna have to pass on the offer and bid you good day."
Everyone in the group except for Lei Ying tenses. She stops looking over her prize and barks at two of the youngest members to 'Clean up' they snap to attention and run over to the beast's carcass and start skinning it while cutting it down to more manageable pieces.

Lei Ying starts to approach you as her face sets into a sure grin while keeping eye contact.

>"Oh? Looking for help? Well a shame to break it to ya kid but if you want help or assets you provide the same, at least where I come from."

She stops right in front of you and looking up keeping that assured grin even with her shorter stature.

>"So you can say no but you aren't leaving here with any memory of what just happened, whether that's cause you can't remember or cause you can't tell is up to you."

>"Or... you can run with us. Maybe you'll learn something and maybe if you actually do a good enough job and meet enough people you'll get that army you're looking for. After all if you help us I don't see why we can't return the favor."
Rolled 43, 64 = 107 (2d100)


Abby Dragfirm


>Find something special for Vussora, a magical totem or magical necklace that helps in his growth or skills
>Buy [T5 Heart Amulet] and [Dragonscale Amulet]. don't know about dragonscale amulet it but might provide useful anyway
Rolled 88, 32 = 120 (2d100)

That sounds a lot like a threat. Cause it is. Too tired to run, no mana to port out, and too weak to fight, I can only think of one option at the moment: Katherine's pocket dimension. Gonna have to pray it still works.
I look down at the smaller woman.

>Use the Key to get the fuck out.
+5 Spatial

>If that failed, do it again. If not, rest in the pocket dimension.
+5 Spatial
You activate your dimensional key. You feel the flow of magic overtake you as you change locales and your vision returns finding yourself back atop the giant building among the sea of nothing,
Your knees buckle a bit as you get used to the enhanced gravity. As your vision returns after that brief warp you see Lei standing in front of you....

This did not go according to plan.
Rolled 4, 36 = 40 (2d100)


>[Guilt] - You can’t help feeling guilt at the thought of you buying bones from endangered species. -5 to actions next turn

>Go back to Saint Cross. Meet up with Tenia and Isabel. See how they're doing. Maybe go on a date.
>Head to the markets. There might be things worth purchasing.
Rolled 41, 33 = 74 (2d100)

>Visit the vineyards of Starleaf Valley, I'm pretty curious about them. Bring Celeste along to make a "I never drink... Wine" joke. (+10 Family)
>Then swing by the beach and have fun with everyone. Try to ignore Lily's swimsuit. (+10 Family)
Rolled 38, 41 = 79 (2d100)

Name: Lawrence Birch

Char Sheet: https://sites.google.com/view/mkam/character-sheets/lawrence-birch

Status Effects:
>[Scared of History] - DC30 for trying to come to the Scorched Earth area.
>[Unbroken Grasp] You are permanently bound to this item unless you find a way to remove the curse. You cannot wield another weapon while this item is bound to you. Whenever you try to discard the blade, you find it on your person in the next few minutes. Ironically enough, this item cannot be destroyed.
>[Know Thy Enemy] Your next roll involving Oblivion, Sword of Desolation has a +10 bonus.

>Buy [T3 Luck Blade] from the market. Make sure not to touch the blade directly since I can't really wield other weapons. If I have extra time and money to spare, buy 1 [Identifying and detecting Ores and Minerals] book and/or [Tome of Leadership and Influence].
>Talk to Oblivion the blade and make a proper pact with it. Being unable to wield other items might get difficult [Relevant Modifiers: Know Thy Ire, T1 Charisma].
Rolled 50, 37 = 87 (2d100)



> DO: Take down the pendant and lick my wounds and just stay in the bed for a while.
> DO: Go for a midnight run and try to reach my inner beast . I will need him if I am about to defeat that minotaur.
File: no trouble.jpg (144 KB, 799x635)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Rolled 99 (1d100)

I look down at the smaller woman again. Well, that didn't work quite the way I intended. My situation has certainly improved, at least there aren't 9 of them now, but it's still not good. Ordinarily I'd go in sword swinging, but with my crew and I a little more worse for wear after the previous battle, reason wins out. For now at least.

"Any chance you've reconsidered on just letting us walk away without indecent in the last few seconds?"
She just looks at you. Her expression changing from annoyed to angry to confused till she just laughs.
>"This is so stupid!"
She takes a deep breath and sighs
>"Fine, We forget you ever existed and you forget we ever existed, Deal?"
She eaches out to shake your hand
I look down to outstretched hand, and shrug, not taking it.
"Sure. Whatever."
She just gives you an dis-amused look and claps her hand.
>"Fine. Let's get out of here then."

She just stands there waiting for you.
To ya know. Get them out of there.
Rolled 29 (1d100)

Exit the pocket dimension with everyone.
Port the fuck out with my crew, and not Lei this time, the instant we're back.
>T5 Spatial
You and Lei return to the clearing where you receive a warm welcome of ARcher's about to fire on you until Lei halts them giving you just enough time to port out this time without your "friend" in tow.

Well you got out of that mess at least.
Now maybe she'll forget about you and this won't come back to haunt you.

[Since this turned into a sequence of Live Action events, and the interaction with Lei was a free action anyways, you are now free to post you regular actions. Also, reminder to be specific about your goals with your actions. ]
Rolled 3, 94 = 97 (2d100)

Well that was the exact opposite of fun.
But it did remind me of my wounds, and walking through the jungle isn't going to make them any better, best to return to civilization for now.

>Leave the jungle and get medical assistance for my crew and I.

>Afterwards go to the beach. Bring and apply sunblock to Aria and I.
"Even though your other packages seem fancy enough, I don't think I need more than the newbie pack. Thank you."

>Free Action: Take the Newbie Pack.

>Free?: Middle Pathway.

> ????
Rolled 24, 24 + 10 = 58 (2d100 + 10)


Thinking it would be best for someone to know where I am, I visit the Marching Band teacher, informing him of where I've been, and what I've done.

After this has been completed, I shuffle back to my hotel room, dressing for church.
Rolled 75, 74 = 149 (2d100)

Name: Glubl
Background: Glubl grew up idolizing humans, especially the mageknights who occasionally fought monsters out in the jungle. When they got the chance, they joined in for the academy. Things didn't work out so well at the Brasilia academy, so he was transferred to the Madrid academy to get him away from some not so nice folks.
Spells: waterblade T1
Acidic reaction T1 (talk about heart burn)
Abilities: Dash T1
Duel Monsters Proficiency T1
Traits: amorphous T2
smooth speaker T1
Reputation T2
Equipment: Giant bag of moose jerky T2
Canada magnet
Lie’s Spare Duel Monsters Deck
Digital Copy of Noise CD
Contacts:[Magic Creatures Interest Group]
T1 Friendship with Alexandra (1/2 till T2)
Vivianne Delafontaine
Peletier T1
Minor favor from the Battlemage Academy of Toronto

1. See about getting some more music by DCoN.
2. Call in the favor, ask about something that'll keep me stable.
After a long-fought battle of trying to wrestle control of the boy's mind away from the beast within, Arthur, David, and Ester emerged victorious. Despite his injuries, Arthur carried the boy to the hospital, where they both promptly received medical assistance. When they ask about what happened, Arthur uses his rank as a Mageknight to keep things classified, at least for now.

Several hours later, thanks to the wonders of healing magic, Arthur and the gang emerge in perfect condition, barring the soreness of limb and body. When the boy is asked questions, he responds to them with varying degrees of despondency. His name is apparently Michael... something. He can't recall his last name. The boy tells you that he's actually thirteen years old, though the horror in his eyes and starved figure only makes him appear much older than he actually is. Asking about his family, relatives, or friends only results in a whimper and a shed tear.

You can only assume the worst.

When you're guided to Michael's house, you find that the place has long since been cordoned off. The doors and windows are barred with wooden barricades, and a "Police Line - Do not cross" intersects the entry points. It doesn't take much for you to find an entryway; the barricades were easy to remove.

Michael's steps grow more and more resistant as you delve deeper into the house. Blood and gore stains the walls, and the putrid odor of rot fills the air. He had done this quite a while ago, it seems. When you enter the living room and see the pulped remains of his family, Michael just breaks down and starts crying. Their end was at his hands.

Looking at the sobbing young boy, you wonder on what to do.

Arthur, as a free action, you may decide what to do with Michael.

>Kill him. It's a mercy, considering his state.
>Turn him into the authorities. Beast or not, he's a murderer.
>Leave him to his fate. You've already purged him of the curse, there's nothing else you can do for him now.
>Find some place that will take him in. Difficult, as he doesn't seem to have any remaining family, friends, or relatives left, but you might find an orphanage or something.
>Take him with you. It'll be a tough task, looking after a stranger on your own, but you can't just leave him like this.
>Something else?
>Free Action: Take the Newbie Pack.

You purchase the Newbie Pack, to which the man smiles."It's a good choice. Don't take anything too complex for your first go at a bow." The shopkeeper says as he hands you the quiver and arrows. As it turns out, this is the kind of Spatial Quiver that dismisses arrows unless you want to use it, to prevent your arrows from falling out when not in combat. It seems you have to 'will' the arrows out of the Pocket Dimension, which really isn't too much work. A simple thought is sufficient, and once drawing arrows becomes muscle memory, you won't even have to think to draw from the quiver.
>Receive [Newbie Pack]

>Free?: Middle Pathway.
You stride down the corridor of the catacombs. The ambient chill of the area has slowly given way to one of warmth and homeliness. It feels like sitting in front of a roaring fireplace with your family on a cold winter night. You eventually come face to face with an oaken door in surprisingly good condition. With a bit of a push, you force the door open.

Inside is a... study? There are bookshelves lined with ancient tomes, and hearths long since lit. A desk is pushed to the side along with a few cabinets, and a great chair lies in front of the fireplace. A skeletal corpse sits in the chair, clutching something in his hand. You move to examine it and find a photograph.

You pick it up, and look closer. A man is standing happily next to other men. They all wear similar uniforms. This man must've been a soldier or a knight. Suddenly, the photograph starts shifting, and instead of the man, you see yourself standing in the center of the photo, alongside your friends and family. It fills you with an inexplicable sense of hope. You blink, and see that the photograph continues to shift rapidly, before settling back to the version with you in the center. You pocket the thing for later.

Next, you look around the room for anything of interest. Most of the books are too damaged or old to be of any value, though you're certain that some of the archaeologists would appreciate it regardless. You put them aside for now and search the cabinets. Inside one of the shoe lockers, you find a pristine set of boots. You decide to try it on, and find that it resizes to become a comfortable and perfect fit. You feel quicker on your feet, and quite literally so.

After spending some more time in this study, you walk out of the room. Once you turn back, however, you find that the oak door disappeared. The corridor had become a dead end entirely? That was weird. You wisely decide to beat a hasty retreat out of the catacombs before anything else happens.

>Receive [Shifting Photograph]
>[Memories of Hope] This photograph seems to change its image depending on whoever is holding it. Looking at it fills you with hope and inspiration. Once per battle, you may use this effect to grant yourself a +20 to your next roll.

>Receive [Boots of Speed] T3 Footwear that increases your movement speed by 50%.
Rolled 56, 30 = 86 (2d100)


>Hand Michael over to authorities but explain the situation and all I know along it. He's a minor and needs *help* - the authorities would know how to deal with this. That's what they're for. Give Michael my name and phone number in case he needs anything.

>After some sleep and rest, go to the Mountain Ridge Pastures and flirt with the hottest cowgirls with the aid of Precise Detect Body. Boobs, huzzah!
[T3 Investigation, T1 Scouting, Precise Detect Body]
Rolled 54, 97, 94 = 245 (3d100)

(First action was free oooor didn't happen because it's only explicitly Arthur's choice, sorry. Regardless, I got another action.)
>Go hunting/flirting for more hot cowgirls with the huegest tiddies with the excuse that it's for a school project for extra grade.
[T3 Investigation, T1 Scouting, T5 Stealth]

Missed last turn.
>More cowgirls for EXTRA GRAnDE
[T3 Investigation, T1 Scouting, T5 Stealth]
>More hunting/flirting again
[T3 Investigation, T1 Scouting, T5 Stealth]
Rolled 53, 3, 58, 30 = 144 (4d100)


>FREE: Take him with me. If I tell the authorities about him, they may try to execute or imprison him, and orphanages may look down on him poorly because of his past. It's likely that only David, Ester, and I could take care of him adequately. Either way, it would be best to take him under my wing.

Island Turn 3
>Take time to rest and relax, after almost dying, I need it. According to the pamphlet, Canaria had a world-class resort, so I might as well take advantage of it.
>Ask Michael if he remembers how he became the Cardboard Monster, and if, perhaps, he'd like to become a Mageknight and go to the academy to learn.

Island Turn 4
>Check out the Japanese ruins on the northern side of the island that the weeby person told me about. Still gotta find that powerful katana for that one enthusiastic guy on the boat, after all. Michael can come along, or just hang out in my quarters, if he'd like.
>Take a walk through the plains just outside of town, maybe lay down and watch the clouds roll by in the sky. Should be nice and relaxing.
Rolled 31, 19 = 50 (2d100)


>Free?: Equip the new boots.

>Explore the Left Pathway!

>Explore the Right Pathway!
Rolled 13, 71 = 84 (2d100)

They are blocked.

>Relax and take a swim in the Glassbell Lake
>Have a nice stroll through town with Stephanie and Jeneven?

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