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File: RainbowTribes4.png (40 KB, 1152x648)
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Welcome to Rainbow Tribes
In this game you will take control of a tribe and along with the other players of your tribe, you will develop culturally, technologically, and historically in order to progress and prosper.

> Each turn is 2 weeks
> Each turn you can do 5 things. Actions, Research, Trade, Diplomacy & WAR.
> Each turn you are limited to 1 research, 3 actions, 1 trade, 1 diplomacy & 1 war.
>If infrastructure is built you may do more of each (e.g. university, military barracks, embassy etc)
> To avoid salt from other races, turns must be feasible and believable considering the situation and knowledge of the race at the time ("Done IC"). Being specific in turns are also preferred as it reduces salt & helps writing
> WAR MUST be declared the turn before any war action happens, once war is declared, an attack may happen at any point until PEACE is declared
>No Secret turns
> You MUST be in discord to play

To clarify what the types of moves entail:
-Actions (Literally doing things, building, traveling, gathering).
- Research (Developing new Ideas & techs, Upgrading/changing old ideas & techs)
- Trade (Exchanging 1 thing for another
- Diplomacy (Making deals with other tribes/NPCs)
- War (Moves aimed at destroying another faction.)

>If a turn is viewed as particularly creative or well thought out, it will be given the INNOVATIVE or PLANNED bonus. Giving +10 to it's roll or a bonus effect. Both simultaneously may be given the INGENIOUS bonus of +25 on rolls & maybe a bonus effect.

>Last time on Rainbow tribes
- Maroons escaped the orcs and have begun anew
- Scarlets became paranoid of a purple attack
- Greens held a peace summit to become neutral and got into intertribal trade.
- Blues met and wiped out light blues, declared war and peace against the oranges and now wolololo for the great dragon god
- Oranges warred with blues, claiming the swamps in return and are attempting to rescue the final remaining light blues from annihilation.

Previous thread: >>1819749

File: Scarlett23.png (29 KB, 1152x648)
29 KB
Stoppu requests aid from grays for the attack he's convinced is immanent. Gray king doesn't have many troops to spare at the moment beyond what he's already provided as he's dealing with many problems across the kingdom. He won't give more to sate Stoppu's paranoia, but instead organizes a band of Cream Mercenaries headed by 1 more gray soldier to come to scarlet town. They are expensive, but he assures Stoppu that they are also the best. He also tells Stoppu he needs to unwind, he's been through a lot of stress recently. Finally, he reassures Scarlets that if anyone DOES attack grays will support them.

Grays still need that telescope shipment, and request farming tools

Reds purchase wood, coal, shovels, arrows and arrows from grays. They ask about medicine and are told to see Green shamans, or the pixies. Pixie medicine is better, but pixies are very mischievous, and can't always be trusted. Scarlets buy some medicine from the pixies anyway and give it to the sick. The tribe is cured! But 5 swell up rapidly, turn blue from the lack of oxygen and suffocate. What playful rascals those pixies are! Ha ha.

They send over 15 builders to greens and get paid!

Scarlets develop extra safe saferooms

Scarlets develop their defences, adding baricades and traps, manned by scarlets, grays and creams.

In the early hours of the morning when the guards are sleepy and everybody is tucked in their beds, the attack begins.
Rumbling can be felt, waking the sleepy soldiers at the front lines, Grays find their alarms have been disabled and run to manually tell the sleeping citizens to get into the safe rooms. Orange feathered Harpies swoop in, dropping quicklime upon the unprotected soldiers. Their military training allows them to form their phalanx fast, allowing much of the burning cloud to fall onto their shields, while Scarlet & cream archers attempt to shoot them down. Earth elementals erupt from beneath the phalanxmen and within the town. Many scarlets die in the initial ambush attack, but are able to kill all the harpies and assist the creams in felling the elementals.
After the battle scarlets regroup, send scouts to check for any further attacking groups, and do a head count. Greys and villagers report that as the attack happened at the front, many infiltrators attempted to infiltrate from the riverside, capturing 5 families and burning their houses before they managed to get to their safe rooms. Library defenders managed to stop orange furred infiltrators who had attempted to burn down the library!

Many scarlets return to the massacred and burnt town, counting themselves lucky to have been away working on projects at the time of the attack. Grays apologize to stoppu, sending out scouts to hunt down the convoy of captives somewhere in gray land. They send a diplomatic envoy to the purples, suspicious. Why would oranges attack?

Death count:
7 wolfmen
16 harpies
30 elementals
10 grays
70 scarlets (50 dead, 20 missing)
File: Marroon 23.png (25 KB, 1152x648)
25 KB
Red rat delves on a pilgrimage into the caverns. He leaves a small council in charge in his absence, giving instructions in case he doesn't return. The clan mood improves now that red rat has left.

Maroons expand their cave home, adding a second forge that pipes it's residual heat throughout the caves, helping warm the place up and helping cure the cold.

Maroons improve their armour.

Maroons send out scouts, cataloging nearby tribes and wildlife. They catalog:
Frogs, Rats, Rabbits, Boars, Bugs, fish and crocodiles. They also see Oranges, Pinks, Greens and Scarlets building a road. They are not found thanks to the hurricane helping cover all evidence of their exploration.
File: Green23.png (31 KB, 1152x648)
31 KB
Greens spend time developing a better understanding of creatures, in particular , their new hippalectryons.

Greens create larger transport ships.

Greens ask permission from many factions to build various structures this turn. They all say yes. They accept oranges into the treaty, and trade for their new advanced crossbows for horses, and road assistance for wheat

Greens send 45 citizens north to establish a new town. They begin building a road that will connect to the old town. This will take an extra turn to complete. While scouting for a settlement location, greens see orange wolfmen scouts in the fields, they discover pixies, and see the smoke from scarlet village.

Greens Hire help and start constructing the large highway connecting the pink towns. This will take 5 turns. If it remains uninterrupted, it will be completed on turn 28.

Greens begin searching for the black encroachment. They send 5 horsemen, 4 do not return. The 1 who does brings tails of large legions of zombies and monsters, dying land , and plots to spread the black death further into the mainland. Creams are relishing in the blood shed, Yellows are ignoring it as elves and violet refugees flee and die in huge numbers, while Grays are constructing a HUGE wall with all of their manpower, with many forward scouting camps. Blacks seem to be a small tribe in of themselves, but have large legions of seemingly endless minions. These minions are both humanoids and other beings. They seem to have traits and Armour of all the other tribes and creatures of the mainland, and cross the sea via a large bridge. A singular black troop is able to summon , control and see through the eyes of hundreds of minions. If the black necromancer is slain so does all of it's minions, with the exception of demons. Blacks also have many ruthless, suicidal weapons, that will destroy their own troops in addition to others, as their own deaths don't seem to matter at all. The final green rider is scared as he's been infected with leprosy.
File: Blue23.png (26 KB, 1152x648)
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Blues improve their shields

Blues improve their ballistas

Blues attack the final stronghold of the dieties, but find nobody there! They know the oranges must have something to do with this and begin searching for them. They are unable to find them and capture the orange troops for interrogation. They quarentine the orange ships. They increase the naval island blockade in case of any escaping ships.

Quetzalcoatl is furious at the missing other gods. Blues explain the situation, and develop a strategy to ensure consistent tributes to him with plots of land divided amoungst his followers, using goblin and non worshiping labour. This is acceptable for now. Quetzalcoatl will go on a rampage if he discovers the Dieties are escaping/escaped.

Blues use fireworks to attract a large orc horde to attack the pink town, laying bombs along the path, in an attempt to swoop in and save the day for pinks. They find that a horde was already building for some reason and succeed in increasing it's size. The orcs go on a mad one, with many in the front line dying the the bomb traps. Much to the blues suprise however, they completely ignore the luring towards pink citadel and b-line for the blue port. The port and all of it's inhabitants are massacred in a very orcish manner, and the goblins present are re-enslaved. A few orcs head towards the pink citadel, but upon finding the greens building a road there, they calm down and go home.

Death toll:
Orcs 25
Blues 60
Loss of northern port town
File: Orange23.png (76 KB, 1152x648)
76 KB
Oranges develop crossbows

Oranges improve their swords

Oranges swap horses for their new crossbows, and wheat for assistance in the roadworks with greens. They gain a pop boost!

Oranges do not have any infiltrators at the moment, and send a small force to camp near the small swamp monster's cave. Infiltrators from the purple covert mission should return next turn.

The isle oranges develop a plan to keep the dieties safe while they wait for rescue. They do a bait and switch, hide the dieties and send their main force to the ship. The force and ships are captured, but the Dieties, 5 light blues and it's orange guards are safely hidden in the jungle. They hear and see many blues scurrying around the isle looking for them day and night.

Oranges assist Greens with the Pink superhighway within the swamps, adding signs and towers.

Oranges fugg everything they can get their hands on. They fugg Horses, dogs, sheep and a snail. They gain MORE wolfmen & satyrs, and now have Centaurs and Nautilians. Nautilians are large, with a huge shell armour, feelers and produce mildley corrosive slime but are always sniffy, snotty, gloopy, slow and sad at their painful existence. Sad Snailmen. Hopefully he can atleast be useful to the glorious orange race.
File: RainbowTribesMap23.png (118 KB, 1152x648)
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118 KB PNG

YEAR 2: Feb 16th - March 1st

>Home Isles - Lovely
>Southern Mountains - Lovely
>Northern Mountains - Lovely
>Great Planes - Lovely
>Volcano Isle - Lovely
> Desert - Hot
>Plague Lands - Rain

Research: Things are starting to get out of control, and people who we considered as bystanders might not be at all. Our tribe is starting to realize how cruel and depraved some tribes out there. Measures have to be taken to militarize. We have to not only militarize in land, but also start taking into account naval warfare. We start researching hulls.

Action: Rebuild everything, now made out of stone. Buy from grays if necessary.

Action: Expand the barricade up to the river too, get some people behind the barricade just in case those things spawn again behind us.

Diplomacy : Ask grays about that wall they're building. Tell them that lately because of our crisis we are not able to deliver tools to them as we are completely committed to our survival. I hope they understand

Action: Build a university near the library where they can learn some stuff. Reds are employing gray teachers if they're interested
Research: Now that winter's grasp has broken, Greens research better ways to handle the waste of what are sure to be growing cities. Sewage systems are invented, isolating waste in an effort to control exposure, churning it out into the sea where the tides will carry it away. These are constructed in our main eastern settlements.

Naval Research: We upgrade our rigging so that all of our fleet will be able to move more adeptly at sea.

Action: Send Shamans to tend to the wounded among the Scarlet (and Orange and Purple) tribes in the aftermath of their attacks. The Shamans should wear green tunics to identify them as neutral, as if their hair wasn't enough.

Action: Begin actively breeding our hippalectryon and raising the offspring with scouts and messengers so that they grow together.

Action: Send about 50% of our Shamans out into the Gray, Scarlet, Purple and other nearby (peaceful) settlements to heal in exchange for money and goods.

Diplomacy: A particularly self-possessed Green decides to make overtures at wooing a member of the Gray royal family.
Action: Plant the wheat we got in the winter trade in our fields and use it ground up and baked into bread.
Action: We will pull off the rescue plan now. The oranges that are in the jungles with the deities will keep an eye out for the ships by sending a watchman. The brown fleet will move to the coast and land a boat on the beach for the deities and others to board. Some men will be on the beach as this happens. Their bows ready to take down those who interfere. The orange navy backed by a few of the great brown armada will approach the port town where our oranges are. We can see the ships and no jewry can sway us. We exchange letters with blue no talking on the whereabouts of our troops. We know they are here and we want them.
The brown armada + orange troops has made off with the deities to the fortified town + fort of leyawiin.
Action: Send the men outside the cave into the swamp monsters lair to kill it. The nautilians will make up the front line with knights behind and then lots of archers. The knights will be asked to throw axes at the beast. Try speak to it first and see if we can get it to join us against the orcs otherwise kill it. The nauts will talk.
Action: mine deep into the mountains. Use the rubble to the construction of a Great Wall which will keep out orcs and others from our swamp land.
Tech: Alcohol, Wheat beer now boys fuck yall lil nibbas we dont have barley yet.
Tech: crop rotation, the same crop year after year is weaker so we alternate the crops and see a massive rise in harvest.
Diplomacy: Send some men to the pinks on a mission of Peace. We just built the road and are in greens thing so they should open up. We want to learn about them and how their society works. We share our story. Try set up a trade agreement
Research: Catapults

Research: Better catapults

Action: Continually bombard the jungle where we deem the dieties could have escaped with bombs thrown via catapult. If oranges complain, we simply tell them that they are in a warzone and any losses they experience are a result of their presence there.

Action: Trade literally anything we have for new food items the pinks have and immediately start planting them

Action: Send an exploring mission north and east, beyond the pink peninsula, specifically to look for new resources, civilizations, and food.

Action: Begin rebuilding all of our towns if they are trashed, if not we'll just pretty it up with obsidian architecture and what not, hopefully all to improve the moods of the people.
Research: Better swords.
Action: In light of the recent orc/maroon conflict, the council decides that we need a place for armorsmiths, weaponsmiths, and siegeworkers to experiment and test new ideas, they decide to create a place where they can congregate and share ideas, fully backed by the maroon tribe, and all resources it has.
Action: Send some of our sneakiest lads out to capture a few of the slower animals and fish
Action: Create a small underground lake for the captured fish.
File: Scarlett24.png (30 KB, 1152x648)
30 KB
Scarlets decide they need to prepare for naval warfare. Last time Scarlets hit the ocean, it was on a chunk of wood, paddling with their hands. They develop a basic wooden hull like structure known as a poor canoe.

Scarlets attempt to rebuild the village from the bottom up, from sturdier materials. They pay grays for the quality stone as scarlet's have no mines of their own at the moment. This time they are sure to add barricades on the riverside too. No more flanking.
Stoppu is still very worried. 2 Scarlets vanish during the fortnight...

Scarlets develop a university for the curious and learned. Scarlets can now research 2 things per turn.

Green shamans show up to tend to the wounded, they are heartily welcomed.

Stoppu meets with the grays inquiring about the wall and apologizing for the lack of shipments. Grays explain that they understand, but hope scarlets won't slack in future. The telescopes were for the security and scouting, and their lack is likely what made the orange invasion able to sneak into and out of Gray land to attack the scarlets.
Grays say there is unrest developing in the north, and it is for the safety and security of the gray kingdom. They thank the scarlets with their assistance in it's construction. Now it's complete, scarlets needn't worry and should simply concentrate on recovering.
Grays request a HUGE shipment of telescopes.

The gray commander in charge of the inquest into the attacks comes to Stoppu at the end of the fortnight. He regrets to inform him that they were unable to find the missing scarlets, or the infiltrator company that fled the battle. At this point, they are either hiding in gray land, or have escaped to the orange isles. Both possibilities trouble grays greatly. They will increase border security immensely, and add more surveillance in their land.
They inform scarlets that after talking with purples, it appears they had nothing to do with it. Oranges must have attacked as an attempt to gain more favor with the powerful purple clan. Grays won't wage war against oranges as they cannot spare an army. Instead they will put their best men on the case and ensure that the oranges will pay for their transgressions against the scarlets & grays. Grays give their word...
File: Marroon 24.png (26 KB, 1152x648)
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Maroons improve their swords

Maroons attempt to sneakily capture animals, fish and collect buckets of water to construct an underground lake. gaining a pop boost from the fish! They also capture boars, rabbits and more of their precious rats.

Maroons attempt to be sneaky but have no sneaky training. They manage to avoid any direct interaction, but are spotted a few times by the finished orange watchtowers, as well as pink/green builders.

Maroons construct a building for their smiths and engineers to work and share ideas together. Maroons create a Smiths guild. Maroons can have a 2nd research each turn, but the 2nd research must be related to war equipment.
File: Green24.png (31 KB, 1152x648)
31 KB
Greens develop a sewage system, combined with their new healthcare, this vastly improves health . They gain a pop boost and are now less vulnerable to mild diseases.

Greens improve their ships further, giving them greater maneuverability at sea.

Greens put their shamans to good use. 50% begin selling their services commercially, providing reliable income for the tribe.

Shamans are sent to Grays, Scarlets, Purples and Oranges to treat the wounded. Grays and scarlets accept graciously. Purples are suprised at the greens arrival. They claim to have had nothing to do with the attack, but they DO have wounded for greens to attend to as they've started making pushes against the orcs. Greens assist wounded Purples. Lastly they go to the orange isles to tend to the wounded infiltrators. Oranges don't have any injured as the party hasn't returned yet. They are pleased to hear the details and that the mission went well.

Greens begin breeding and grooming hippalectryon's with their riders, allowing them to have a stronger bond, and meaning ALL greens now have 1 of their very own.

A self possessed green decides he's going to fugg the royal family. He's unable to even talk to them as they're always at invite only events , in castles and always highly guarded. He resolves to prove himself and become a noble.
File: Blue24.png (26 KB, 1152x648)
26 KB
Blues develop catapults, and improve it's design.

They attempt to trade with pinks for food, offering ANYTHING they have in return. Pinks don't grow too much, preferring to hunt for meat but are happy to trade plant for plant, and swap a large shipment for meats for shipments of Gunpowder and obsidian, as they seem very useful for defense. This will happen every turn.

Blues gain Wheat, Tomatoes, Apples, Pink Grapefruit and Chives. They receive large shipments of Fish, Boar meat, Rabbit, beef and chicken. All in all they receive a sizable pop boost and the pinks excellent axe design.

Blues begin exploring further north than the pink settlement, discovering a pink - cream port farming salmon and seaweed.

Blues begin rebuilding all the damaged light blue settlements, as well as decorating things with obsidian in an attempt to give more housing and pretty up the place. Mood improves slightly as the assimilated blues see that the blues have a plan for the isle to prosper.

Blues bomb the SHIT out of the jungles where they see harpies coming above the tree line. 5 light blues and 1 orange die. The Crocodile deity is killed. 3 dieties and 4 oranges are all that remain. Light blue tribe has been eliminated from the game.

At the end of the fortnight, a fleet of browns approach and sink all the blue ships. The brown and orange ship lands on the shore and give blues a letter expressing they want to know what happened to their rescue party. Blues explain they've not seen them and that they must have been sunk in the hurricane last week. Browns believe them and marvel at all that GOLD everywhere. Oranges know of the blue jewry and remain steadfast. They see the orange ship docked and know blues are full of shit. Still, blues are very convincing with there innocence...maybe it was the uncontrolled werewolves?

Quetzalcoatl is pleased to hear the croc is dead, but is unhappy with the orange-brown rescue party. If the dieties escape, quetzalcoatl will leave his volcano and REEEE over EVERYBODY indiscriminately.
File: Orange24.png (78 KB, 1152x648)
78 KB
Oranges plant the crops from the winter, gaining a pop boost.

Oranges develop Crop rotation, gaining a pop boost

Oranges develop alcohol, gaining a pop boost

Oranges send troops into the swamp thing's lair. Thanks to their training and high tech armour, only 5 die, but they fell the monster in the end. They receive access to Magic Mushrooms, Weed, Cinnamon, poisonous frogs & highly venomous snakes. Do they hear a goat bleat in the distance or was that their imagination?

Oranges collect rubble from their mine, and start constructing a wall to help defend against the orcs. This will take 3 turns to complete

Oranges chat to the pinks, learning of their history and explaining their own. Pinks panic. PURPLE ALLY, YOU'LL BETRAY US. Pink leader calms pinks down, but is now HIGHLY wary of oranges. Pinks improve their city defences. They are so close, they will not die now. He warns oranges that they must NOT trust purples. They will strike when oranges least expect it. They do not care about honour of companionship. They will try to cease power and control at all costs. Right now it's just the mountains, but in the future...who knows.

Greens show up to orange isles looking for the orange attack force. Oranges turn them away as the attack force hasn't returned. They ask purples if they've returned. Purples say no and that by the looks of it, they must have either died in battle, or something got them afterwards while attempting to return.

Oranges sail their rescue armada to volcano isle. They pass sunken blue ships that the brown mercs have dealt with. They arrive at the blue port and demand the light blue refugees and their orange rescue party. Blues claim ignorance and that they must have died in the hurricane, but the orange ship in the docks begs to differ. OH YES! the oranges DID come here looking for that, but they havn't returned after heading out into the jungles. We don't know what happened to them but maybe they died to the jungle creatures or the new lycan curse oranges introduced to the isle via the goblins.
Oranges are suspicious. This is convincing, but they know that blues are jews...
Browns on the otherhand are satisfied and now focused on the huge quantities of blue gold lying around. They are visibly distracted.
File: RainbowTribesMap24.png (119 KB, 1152x648)
119 KB
119 KB PNG

Year 2: March 2nd - March 15th

> Home Isles - Rain
>Southern Mountains - Rain
>Northern Mountains - Rain
>Great Planes - Lovely
>Volcano Isle - Windy
> Desert - Hot
>Plague Lands - Storm
Action: Kill selves and die
After talking to oranges & going over their previous turns, there's a correction.

While the oranges talk to blues at the port, the dieties a orange scout returns with news of a fleet on the horizon. They make a break for the rondevue point, taking bomb hits blindly being shot into the jungle. All the light blues and 1 orange die, the croc diety is heavily injured, but they manage to board a brown ship and set sail off the island.
Oranges have gotten the dieties off the island & have declared war against Blues. When the word comes back that the dieties have escaped, the orange/brown fleet attempt to sail away. Blues bombard them with bombs catapulted, sinking the orange ships. Thankfully the brown ship managed to rescue many of the orange sailors.

Light blues have been eliminated and coatzacoatl is going to be FUCKING PISSED if he finds out what oranges have done.
Hold up
No war
We didn't declare war
Research: With all the practice helping wounded forces with grievous injuries, our Shamans are getting better and better at caring for the sick and hurt. They've even begun doing something that could almost be called surgery due to their knowledge of anatomy!

Naval Research: We use our research to study the Brown ships we see sailing, to know how they sail, what their weaknesses are, if there's anything we can learn from them.

Travel Action: Travel to the Yellow port just to kinda check it out and see what's going on with all that noise. Are they afraid of the blight? Are they taking precautions? Have they seen anything yet?

Action: We send a ship to both of the islands south of our coastline to explore for new resources and just to know what's there.

Action: We begin expanding our agricultural footprint, shifting 15% (...half) of our Shepherds to being Farmers who grow food at our two eastern settlements. We make a shipment of food to the Grays as we remember how they struggled during the winter (that Plucky Green's idea).

Action: We begin offering our services as taxis using hippalectryon and carts, for a fee. We'll get you there in no time flat! Want to visit the grandeur of the Pink Citadel, but you're in Brown Town? No problem! Ever wondered what it's like to have an Orc bash your face in cause you cheated at cards? We can do that for you! We create a small outpost (if permitted) in the capital cities of the other known tribes to make this process smoother and earn more income.

Diplomacy: We can't give our bros the Pinks discounts on our services. BUT if they were to establish a TAX...
Research x 2: Start researching Balistas
Actions: Make all those telescopes for grays, and make also more for us.
Trade: Buy stone and bells from grays. Take loans if necesary
Actions: Build a HUGE FUCKING WALL. Make it thick. With towers on the sides with bells. The bells will sound when the enemy comes. Place another bell in the middle of the town. Place spikes and telescopes on top of the wall and towers.
Action: Make a lot of balistas
Action: Send diplomatic envoys of 5 men to each tribe we know about to set up embassies. They should have weapons and armor on just in case, and they should also gather political information, as much as they possibly can. Under no circumstances are they to give information about the position of the maroon people.
Action: Do the thing I proposed on disc, Oranges give us their ballistas tech and we improve it with both our reseaches then send it back, and we get the rat goddess, when they retrieve her.
Research x2: improve orange ballistas assuming they give them to us. If not:
Research: Breeding
Research: improve ballistas.
Tech: Study the human biology and how to cure ailments, illnesses and wounds. Use alcohol to disinfect cuts, use weed as an anestethic, learn how to make crude bandages with herbs and how to make medicine with wild plants.
Research: Plumbing and sanitation
Action: Capture the snakes and frogs with nets and wooden cages, to extract their venom. The poison will then be used to coat our weapons and arrows, making them even more deadly.
Action: build sewers beneath our cities to dispose of waste into mulch pits and the ocean.
Action: Through the course of the month, some chosen Orange citizens will be given very small doses of frog and snake venom. This is a practice to get them used to these particular substances. As their bodies become more and more resistant to the poisons, the quantity of each dose will increase. This treatment will continue until their bodies can withstand the poison for enough time to give those snakes and frogs a good dicking. More half-breeds for the Overgod!
Trade Action: Trade crops and food with the Pinks. We want a trade agreement with the town to supply them with spices.
Action: Begin digging catacombs underneath our cities where corpses may be set to rest in peace. The streets will be clean.
Diplomacy: The Pink tribe's words have put us slightly on edge. Go to the purples, and ask more about their history. Try to get an unbiased version of everything that the purple tribe has done, all of their intrigues and battles. Also, request some help, if they can spare it, with the blue menace.
We want purple to promise to maintain a fair and honest alliance, We seek cooperation not Distrust and conflict. We want our raid party back and scarlets for us when we get that news. Also that supply of special units will stop if they arent going to come to terms.

Free: Deities dialogue plz, also south scout rep
File: Scarlett25.png (31 KB, 1152x648)
31 KB
Scarlets do alot of buying this turn, taking out loans to make it work.

Scarlets Develop and mass produce ballistas with gray help. They now have decent ballistas.

Scarlets finally produce those telescopes. They purchase extra materials to make extra for themselves.

Scarlets build a large thicc wall surrounding the town. They add towers, spikes & strategic bells for defence.
> Action/diplomacy (2 actions used for extra help?) The blues realizing that they have failed, come up with a plan to avenge themselves and also lay off the heat..While around a small number (around 20.) kill themselves in shame. The more reasonable or levelheaded ones come up with a new plan.....Blame the orange tribe, by convincing their god before he REEES that it was their fault.
>Action: The blues realizing that the browns may have valuable metals trade with them some of their surplus gold in exchange for metals and cloth.
>Research: Some more inventive blues begin making the first steps towards gunpowder weaponry..A simple closed metal tube that gunpowder is packed and a metal ball is placed..The results both devestating to the wielder as it blew up in his face...But also very marvelous shooting a projectile injuring the target considerable...The implications are terrifying.
>War/action: The remaining orange ship is filled with some sneaky blues and headed to tail the orange escape ship..What may happen we may soon find out.
File: Marroon 25.png (26 KB, 1152x648)
26 KB
Maroons send diplomats of 5 out to the nearby tribes.

Oranges hear the maroon offer & turn the diplomats away.

Greens allow them inside and lets them set up their embassy. Maroons are permitted to set up a small embassy within the defensive walls but outside of the main city. Maroon - Green can have their own diplomacy each turn, without either tribe spending their diplomacy action.

Pinks initially refuse to talk to maroons as they trigger pink's PTSD stranger danger. Upon seeing what greens are doing, Pinks still decline to allow an embassy within their own walls, but will use the green embassy instead. Maroons & Pinks are on talking terms.

Maroons improve their ballista design, making it more effective

Maroons develop animal breeding
File: Green25.png (32 KB, 1152x648)
32 KB
Maroons get +1 from their new boar food

Greens go hard on their medical knowledge, and thanks to their extensive medical experience and corpse disections, develop surgery. This further reduces mortality rates, giving them a +1 pop growth.

Greens get their hands on a brown transport ship and copy much of it's innovative design, vastly improving green ship's sturdiness, speed and capacities. Dispite using materials greens haven't come across, it's design alone seems impossibly advanced. How did those scummy pirates create such a marvel of nautical engineering?

Greens head to the yellow port to hear public opinion. Apparently the wealthy don't care about any of the harrowing black happenings, but many violet slaves are dead, deseased and dying, crops have been burning, and many yellow soilders are attempting to hold the blackness back. They will likely lose very very soon, and yellows will be in for a rude awakening.

Greens send a ship to the 2 isles nearby. It does not report back. Very similar to the stories they have heard of oranges vanishing scouts.

Greens change half of their sheperds to farmers, allowing them to shift their crop quantities. The plucky green comes to grays with large shipments and sells it to them to help all the struggling grays. Grays pay handsomely. As thanks, gray's Knight the plucky green. He has allowed greens and grays to grow close, helped eradicate plague, feed the hungry, and overall save many many gray lives. Thanks greens.

Greens offer a taxi service to all parts of the world. They establish a taxi outpost at Pink, orange, brown, yellow, grays, orcs, pixies, maroons and cream capitals. They are not allowed to set one up in purple land so are forced to simply use their nearby green town instead. Violets do not have a town anymore sadly. Greens still want to set up an outpost near the purple slums, but are denied by the yellows.

Greens and pinks sort out financial perks. Greens now pay less towards pink protection, & pinks pay less for transportation.

At the end of the fortnight the browns approach the greens again with a blockade. They want to increase their fee for not blockading them.
File: Blue25.png (27 KB, 1152x648)
27 KB
Blues notice how eager the browns seem to be around gold and offer to trade with them. THey want the best metals and materials available on the market. Browns say the best they know of is adamantite, although they'd have to buy that from creams directly. There are rumors of an even greater metal in the far east but browns think that's just a myth. Browns trade Yellow's steel to blues. They offer to open a port town here, allowing them to trade further. They are willing to go and acquire valuable materials from across the land on blue's behalf, such as cream's adamantite, Violet's Blood Silks, and Troll Ironwood, as well as anything else they can find. Blues also have very interesting materials the browns would be interested in buying. What say you blues?
Blues also acquire seaweed crops thanks to their negotiating bonus.

Blue's scholars and goblin smiths collaborate using the new steel and invent a shitty long barreled rifle. The first guns have entered the game bois!

Blues board the orange vessel and attempt to tail the orange/brown fleet. They will arrive at the orange isle's next turn

Blues attempt to calm quetzalcoatl down. 20 blues sacrifice themselves as apologies, while the rest convince him it was the oranges. FUCKING ORANGES, GET OUT OF MY GAME, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
quetzalcoatl bursts from the volcano and takes flight out into the world lava pours down on a nearby section of jungle, incinerating it. A few temple blues manage to escape while the rest burn. He is hunting oranges and will attack indescriminantly. His first victim is the swamp road builders, and a skirmish of purples and orcs in the mountains. He burns a little swamp in the process. At least he's spared blues for the most part?
pink - Green road will be delayed by 1 turn
File: Orange25.png (79 KB, 1152x648)
79 KB
Oranges begin to develop an appreciation for human biology. They develop crude medicines from wild plants, and disinfect wounds with alcohol before wrapping them in bandages. Oranges gain +1 pop and less likely to die from wounds.

Oranges develop sanitation and plumbing, adding sewers and ocean mulch pits. +1 pop growth & less impact from mild deseases

Oranges add catacombs tot heir cities, allowing proper disposing of the dead. They gain +1 pop

Oranges capture frogs and snakes, exstracting their venom for use in warfare. They also ingest the toxins themselves to develop a resistance and fall ill. 25 oranges die, but the survivors are now immune to orange toxins and will DICK the new creatures next turn.

Pinks turn orange trade away. They do not trust you and are convinced this is a way for you to scout out the pink city, or poison them or something.

South scouts were almost completely forgotten about. One washes ashore with all features and markings wiped from it's body. It is mearly a rotting, gloopy pile of flesh with orange hair. Fuck me , whatever did that is clearly not something to mess with. Guess the rest of the scouts must be dead too.

The dieties arrive at the orange isles. There is an almighty roar from the distance, smoke from the far off volcano is seen. At the end of the week, reports come that quetzalcoatl is spurging out. The dieties thank oranges for their help. They join oranges as 4 EXTREMELY strong units. Although they cannot be bred with, they offer their blessing to oranges. Orange half breeds can now breed with each other, and selectively breed for certain characteristics (Wolf scent tracking on ALL oranges for example) and allowing oranges to work towards their ultimate hybrid creation, as philosophized by their religion. Lastly, all pop growth from now on ALSO applies to special units. They also have a little gold to spare.

The deities explain that only materials stronger than Obsidian & Iron may penetrate the dragon's scales.

Oranges approach Purples with questions after the Pink warnings. Oranges want an explanation. They want cooperation not Distrust and conflict. Oranges want to know how the war agains thte orcs is going, where the scarlet raid went, and help with the blue menace. They just released a FUCKING dragon! If purples do not cooperate, then oranges will stop giving purples their amazing units.
Purples are hurt by orange's accusations and threat to remove their units. But they understand the need for transparency when working so closely to another tribe. They explain they sent the oranges to capture scarlets. They have still not returned, purples have sent out more scouts to find them but alas. Nothing.

Pink/purple history is a bloody one. Long ago they managed to cooperate and have peace. They discovered the ore rich mountain and there were disputes over who could mine what, trading etc. Ties became shakey. Reports of orc attacks on northern settlements began to trickle through and on the day a large orcish army attacked purple mountain, the pinks had somehow gotten wind of it and vanished. Many purples died and were convinced that pinks were waiting until they were weakened before swooping in to take the mountian for themselves. Purples are a proud and honourable race. They deal with betrayal of any kind with the greatest severity. They attacked pinks for this and hunted them out of the mountains. Purples want to know where oranges found the pinks. Purples have a score to settle for all those lost thanks to Pinks. Many purple families are still bitter about it.

With the removal of the goblins, orange help, and improved Armour however, purples have made great great strides against the orcs and their victory is in sight! They simply cannot lose the oranges help at this crucial point in the war. Purples need just 1 more turn. They are currently sieging 1 of the final orc holdouts. They invite for the Orange general to attend the frontline with the Orange loaned special troops and assist/watch the downfall of the orc menace.
Purples invite the Orange royal family to purple Mountain for a celebratory feast. Oranges and purple royalty are married after all and they barely know each other.
Purples will be happy to both celebrate the end of the orcs, and discuss terms for the future with oranges. They have been an honourable and strong ally. Purples want to include them in sharing the spoils of war and assisting them in ensuring the demise of Purple's other enemies. They know of the black horde and believe it is only a matter of time before grays will struggle. The earlier Purples can make preparations, the better. What say you oranges? Will you attend Purple's final victory and celebration?
Purples will help oranges against blues after they win the war against the orcs. That dragon is a menace and from what they've heard, blues will be a major thorn in future if not dealt with swiftly
File: RainbowTribesMap25.png (121 KB, 1152x648)
121 KB
121 KB PNG

Year 2: March 16th - April 1st

>Home Isles - Rain
> Southern Mountains - Misty
> Northern Mountains - Misty
>Great Plains - Lovely
> Volcano Isle - Hot
>Desert - Lovely
> Plague Lands - Hurricane
File: Friendship is magic.jpg (48 KB, 600x553)
48 KB
"Yea Bro, Im sorry I ever doubted you... Lets mount some pink and orc heads on spikes" sniffs back a tear
File: RainbowTribesMap25.png (121 KB, 1152x648)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
FORGOT PART OF ORANGE TURN. After rejecting maroons, they stalked the diplomats home with infiltrators

Pic is updated map. Forgot to remove orange ships from volcano isle & that purples have conquered many more orcish towns
Research x2: Armor improvements.
Action:Leave a note for the green embassy message runners, stating that we are "Going back home" in our native language then collapse the entrance tunnel.
Action: Gather the people, tell them we are going to move again, and prepare their items and themselves for more fighting probably. Make sure to emphasize that we are much stronger and much more prepared now. Then begin moving back up the tunnel and excavating through the collapsed areas, but be careful not to open a entrance to the outside, as orcs will probably still waiting like the idiots they are.
Action: Send 11 advanced scouts into the place we sent Red Rat into, catalogue the wildlife and take stone/ore samples.
Action: send out the 3 green massive transports we have and 3 war galleys to head to the green coast past brown city. We are on our way to the elves. Whilst in that area set up a camp of some fisherman and some harpy scouts. We want our harpies to scout for that raid party that went to Scarlett
Action: make better, warmer clothes using animal furs and leather
Action: make better housing for our people, with proper stone bricks and chimneys for warmth
Action: Expand the catacombs and dig deeper, with some extra rooms to serve as panic bunkers in case of dragon attack. Close them with thick doors of bronze and instruct our people on how to reach them as quick as possible
Tech: Steel.
Tech: Upgrading our ballista to hurl a steel bolt with a head that aims to pierce and make removal hard. Make one that that shreds wings too. Which gets tangled in the wing. Then a bolt that fires a pot of quicklime.
Diplomacy: attend purple feast and the push on orc capital. Tell them we found a pink town
Trade: Brown our gold from the mine for steel and crops. We want barley and sugarcane, potatoes too. We want more types of food reee. Hire two of their warships to guard our ships that are heading to the elves.
>Trade: We are interested in this new type of cloth that may be able to aid us in our efforts...Perhaps we may be able to acquire some and in return, well we can negotiate it i am sure. [Begin trying to acquire blood silk.]
>Research: Far to long have our warriors ran into battle wearing nothing, but their own clothes on their backs let us amend this by making a form of cloth armor. With the new silk that will be produced but for a special type of people.
>Action: The orange menace has been quite worrying, let's fortify our city to where we can keep an eye on everyone going in and out and be able to include more defences.
>Action/War: Now that our god is angry so must . Round up the ones sick with lycanthropy, we will give them a chance in which they can redeem their sickness, whether it be the psychotic sickness or real werewolves. First let us build a dedicated barracks for them in which we can quarantine them. And arm them with battle axes and blood silk armor or simple cloth armor. And give them the chance, wade into battle and kill as many as you can in a form of sacrifice to our god. The more kills that you obtain, the greater the glory. (Make werewolf beserkers armed with battle axes and cloth/blood silk armor,and name them the [quetzalcoatl's Wrath] )
Trade: Ask blues for a diplomat in exchange for improved phalanx. Use green transport services.
Research x2: Improve ballistas more
Action: Have our men practice with the balistas
Action: Get rocks and put them in the walls to be dropped in case those things spawn behind our backs again that they get smashed by rocks the instace that happens.
Action: Start building a hull.
Research: We advance our crossbows, hoping to be better able to protect ourselves in the event of future attacks. We do not wish to militarize, but with removing a nation from our treaty brings new threats.

Travel Action: We evacuate the Yellow outpost, bringing with us any Yellow merchants or refugees willing to pay their way or offering us advancements that would be useful. We also accept Violet refugees. The two are kept separate.

Action: Build an embassy in the Gray kingdom capital, with permission from the Grays of course.

Action: We invite Pinks and Grays to join us for a feast, hoping to foster our mutual interests and discuss recent actions. We use our transportation to speed their arrival.

Action: We are concerned with what happened to our road builders, and formally remove Blue from our treaty. They are no longer able to benefit from our services or goods, though we stop just shy of actively supplying anyone who moves against them. We cannot permit this offense, and we are extremely wary of the rampaging dragon. We do NOT declare war.

Diplomacy: Greens propose a treaty with the Scarlet tribe -
> Scarlets will upgrade Green carts to masterful tier.
> Greens will use their (upgraded) carts and speed to deliver and sell Scarlet goods across the various lands for a reasonable shipping and handling fee. Goods transported by Greens are subject to the neutrality treaty, meaning that sacking a shipment violates its terms.
Pink and Gray leadership, I should clarify. And Green transportation should (one hopes) preclude any untoward attacks from tribes who shall not be named.
File: Scarlett26.png (31 KB, 1152x648)
31 KB
Scarlets build a large hull in the middle of a field.

Scarlets significantly improve their ballistas

scarlet's get their men to practice with ballistas, improving their aim

Scarlets begin storing baskets of rocks ontop of their walls to drop on assaulting foes

Scarlets make a deal with greens to use their services, they speed away to the orcish port near pink city. They will cross the ocean next turn and be able to ask blues for a trade. Scarlets must upgrade green carts to masterful tier next turn in addition to their current gray commissions. Greens will sell scarlet goods.

Gray's ask scarlets to produce Large cauldrons and silver arrows.
File: Marroon 26.png (27 KB, 1152x648)
27 KB
Maroons Upgrade their armour by alot

Maroons leave a note for greens. MAROON'S ARE GOING HOME. God's speed maroons.

Maroons prepare for another migration. Wow we thought we were done with this when red rat left...

Maroons send scouts down to where red rat ventured. They catalogue glowing mushrooms, worms, moles, and take ore samples. The caves are rich with diamonds and silver. They discover the corpse of Red Rat. They find that earthern elementals inhabit the deeper areas of the caverns. They appear to be fighting with Fire elementals from the lava lake very far down. Red rat must have been killed by these.
File: Green26.png (32 KB, 1152x648)
32 KB
Greens improve their crossbows

Greens attempt to evacuate panicing yellows and violets from the main city outpost. Many yellows scoff at this notion, claiming there IS no black threat. Few yellows come, but many many many violets are eager to get on board. They are brought to the Green city while greens & violets decide what to do.
Grays give greens permission to build a green embassey.

Greens decide to remov blues from their treaty...Oh wait...Blues were never on it to begin with. Greens transport a group of scarlets to the ex blue, orcish port.

Greens attempt to sail a rescue party to save elves in partnership with oranges, But they are stopped by the Brown blockade. Where do you think you're going matey?

The north western swamps are set alight by the angry dragon. Many oranges come running to pinks and greens for asylum with heavy burn wounds as the other orange towns are too far to get to alive. Pinks refuse orange entry. It's a trap. What do greens do?

Greens host a feast and invite Pinks and Grays. Pinks trust Greens whole heartedly and attend with the whole pink royal family. Grays send the prince. They don't want to risk ending up like oranges...
Wait, you haven't heard? Grays explain the situation at purple mountain and Pinks are unsuprised, this is EXACTLY how purples are. Pinks panic, they must warn the pink tribe before it's too late! This also explains what happened to the Scarlet captives
File: Blue26.png (28 KB, 1152x648)
28 KB
Blues allow browns to create a port town on the volcano isle. They wish to trade for Blood silk. Browns have a small shipment on them and happily trade a few samples for blues to work with while they head off to gather more.

Blues Fortify down. They must be prepared for the orange menace should they return again. That fleet was scary.

Blues develop a new type of troop using their "Cursed". It is now considered a gift. They quarintine the infected in a special brracks and equip them with large steel battle axes and flowing blood silk armour. This will allow them to move swiftly, look menacing and completely avoid burning, oil, venom, quicklime or any other dangerous substance as it all slips off instantly. These new troops are Quetzalcoatl's Wrath. For the Sky God!

The sneaky blue ship arrives at the orange port of lyawinn. They see the Dieties (with less clothes on) and oranges talking to a large group of solemn looking purples. Some are crying, others hug each other. Some shout and some kneel or raise a sword , swearing an oath.
File: Orange26.png (133 KB, 1152x648)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
Oranges improve their standard of living with animal fur & leather clothing, as well as improving how they create houses, using stone bricks and adding fireplaces and chimneys.

Oranges send rescue ships to save the elves with the help of greens! They are cock blocked by the brown blockade and cannot pass with greens.

Oranges expand their catacombs, adding panic bunkers in preparation for the incoming dragon attacks.

Oranges trade gold with browns for steel & crops. They receive many new crops and gain a pop boost. Browns refuse to help them help the greens.

Oranges develop specialized ballista bolts fthat should be useful for anti-dragon use and who knows what else. They make hooked bolts, razer wire bolts, and quicklime bomb bolts. This should make a dent in that scaley bastard!

The Orange Royal family attend the purple feast, and orange generals attend the front lines. Oranges and purples are having a great time. News returns that victory has been achieved from the front lines and there is a toast.
Thankyou oranges, if it wasn't for you, non of this would be possible. You have many excellent assets that purples think are invaluable. It's too bad you're so headstrong and rebelious, thinking you can leave when you want to. You really should have listened to the pinks Pssh. Nothing personal kid.

The Orange commanders are killing at the front line. King Chadley and his whole family are killed at purple mountain. As the sole surviving Hair to the orange throne, Orange princess now controls oranges. Purple king is her husband and controls her with an iron fist.

Purples have usurped oranges! Purples Have won the war against orcs! Purples now control the whole mountain range, the swamps, the home isles, and all of the orange kingdoms and assets.

Orange citizens are told that the king and his family were killed by the dragon. Purples attempted to save Chadley but were unsuccessful. They return the corpse of chadley for burial to oranges. They assure oranges that they will not allow oranges to splinter without leadership, and will adopt them into their culture as though they were their own. Oranges will be brought up with purple schooling and history. Purples know how lusty oranges are and will facilitate with many war prisoners to fuck.
Oranges will make excellent purple citizens.

Oranges tribe has been eliminated and are now part of Purples.
File: RainbowTribesMap26.png (126 KB, 1152x648)
126 KB
126 KB PNG

Year 2: April 1st - April 15th

>Home isles - Lovely
>Southern mountains - Lovely
> Northern mountains - Lovely
> Great Plains - Rain
> Volcano Isle - Rain
> Desert - Storm
> Plague lands - Mist
The purple's arrive at leyawinn and gather all the occupants together.
They lay a set of charred skeletons before the citizens and tell them of the fall of chadley and his family on their peaceful mission. This is all blues fault. Worry not though, purples will help oranges rebuild and continue to thrive. Oranges have earnt as much.

Oranges have a mixed reaction but are glad the purples are their sworn allies. They feel safe with them.

The Rat dieties voice booms through the air, claiming purple's to be dirty liars. The Snake and tiger dieties destroy the purples on the island, with a few escaping via the sea, leaving only the diplomat alive. Rat diety picks him up by his hair and begins chanting something. Her and his eyes glow and they speak in unison. The purple lays all the purple lies bare.

Purple's double crossed Pinks, they double crossed Oranges, they double crossed Grays, They double crossed Orcs, and they were planning how to double cross browns. They are full of shit, manipulating for their own agendas and want supreme power. They plan to destroy or enslave every other race and now control abundant rescources and land. They believe themselves supremely powerful. They have many plans to fuck everybody.

Oranges are shocked and snake sucks the remaining life out of the purple.

Oranges are pale with grief and rage. The dieties will help oranges regain their power. THey will not stand by while another race they favour is slaughtered by heretics. Tiger diety roars empowering the remaining oranges, making their hair and eyes glow gold.

Oranges have been defeated, but the GOLD rebellion has begun! They have 20 citizens, 20 soilders, 10 mermen, 1 galley, current orange tech, and 1 of each special unit. They have their diety breeding bonus.
Gold's have access to 1 research and 3 actions per turn again.

The Dieties warn GOLDS that time is short. They will likely have a singular turn without an attack before purple's attack. After peering into the mind of the purple, rat goddess says that will also likely do something to prevent the oranges being convinced of purple's treachery...So are the ways of the purple betrayers...
Golden Turn:

Research: Upgrade our weapons, armor and tools to Steel

Action:Sneak the rat deity into the villages on the two closest isles, If there's any purple guards we kill them and dress oranges in their armour and clothes. They are farming villages with low pop since they were taken to the swamp fort. Brainwash them but no power up. Tell them we cant act yet but we want you to slowly redpill the population. The purples wont suspect you. We then want you to spead the word to the elders and go from there. We will leave 3 mermen here too. They are to infiltrate mermen society, Bringing them the joy of reproduction thanks to deities. We want a free mermen atlantis base.

Action: Send a team of 5 to the Swamplands and back to our Fortress, We find it abandoned and head for the pink, and green towns and maroon hideout. We tell them of the orange fall by purple. Purple seeks to destroy you all. I suggest we arm and mobilise to head north. Gather those oranges that fled the fort from greens and any weed knights near the Cave.

Action: Strategically place coals, dry grass and wood around and inside the homes and main structures of Leyawinn (particulairly around the wooden pillars holding up the buildings). At a moment's notice, men armed with torches will be able to set everything aflame, covering our escape and leaving nothing for the purples once they come for us.

Diplo/war: Send some of Orange farmers to the capital(regular everyday isle hopping via mermen chariots). They are to raise the council. Spread the word that We are Overgod believers, and Will not be ruled by a pagan. We are orange not purple... Muster the strong families in the capital. We want a Orange leader not some foreign ally purple.

Trade: Send a Golden ship to blue, We want the 25 oranges for some Gems and we Would like Gunpowder if you are willing to trade that too. We will give you Food and Metal
Research: We research covered wagons for defense (after Scarlets upgrade our wagons hopefully), using leather, hide and wood to better protect who or what we transport over land.

Travel Action: We send an envoy to the Orcs, delivering a message inviting them to join the freshly minted Coalition to destroy the Purple menace. We're just the messenger, yo.

Action: We welcome the Golden tribe and are astonished by Purple's betrayal. We invite them to the Coalition of Grays, Pinks and Scarlets.

Action: The road construction is halted, and we evacuate all Pinks and Greens from the marshlands by ship, sailing up to the Pink citadel. We cannot allow Purple to destroy our allies after all we've been through. We evacuate the Green outposts in the former Orange settlements, leaving Purples with one Green outpost in their capital manned by 8 Green messengers.

Action: We build camps for the evacuated Yellows at our easternmost settlement, and camps for the evacuated Violets at our western plains settlement. We try to get to know both to figure out what led to their enslavement, what they have to offer, and how we can help each rebuild. We offer Violet a chance to become their own tribe again, independent of Yellow.

Gray Diplomacy: We introduce Grays to Maroons as potential trading partners and vice versa.

Maroon Diplomacy: We agree to help the Maroons find supplies, and warn them of the Purple settlements throughout the mountains. Are you SURE you want to dig yourself into a pit HERE? Okay then...

Diplomacy: We stop paying the Brown tariff altogether, our ships are docked for the moment. Fuck off, Browns, we've got bigger issues to tend to, being so neutral and all.

Trade: We acquire chickens, pigs and new kinds of mushroom and moss from Grays and Orcs to trade to the Maroons for silver. We also offer them some of our own mushrooms, domesticated boars and sheep. (We keep some chickens and pigs for ourselves too).
Research: Bandages.
Research: Nets, for capturing animals.
Action: Send a advanced group of maroon miners and fighters into the Old Keep to begin excavation and habilitation procedures. Bring along siege veterans to help with the careful procedure of not breaking into the surface. They are to first excavate a line to the forgery, where the civilians will stay during the following excavations. Using green info, we are to firstly attempt to subdue and negotiate with any orcs or goblins remaining, telling them that purples control the mountains around us and they are to lay down arms and help the maroons.
Action: Send the green a hefty amount of silver (as their payment) and smaller amounts of gemstones (for use of getting what we want) in return for whatever they can get us.
Action: After introduction with the Greys we present a give of a suit of armor and as about the political climate and nearby independent nations, and ask if they can introduce us to them. We also talk some trash about the scarlets when we see them.
Action: Using maroon message runners information, we begin digging a underground road towards greens.
Research: Catapult improvement

Research: Shackles

Diplomacy: We will gladly continue in free trade with the browns on the conditions that we are allowed to build a church in all their towns.

We also want to offer the browns a contract, offering them high rewards if they are willing to raid the coasts of the mainland and sell us humans as slaves. The young will be indoctrinated into our society, the rest are to be given to the dragon god as a sacrifice.

We will not force conversion on our trade partners, but we will secretly offer better deals to brown traders who are also our brothers in the church.

Action: We refuse the offers of both orange and red unless they convert and worship the dragon god.

Action: We will have our blues return from the orange islands to us. They will tell everyone that the old deities are dead. The only ones who are to know the truth are the dragon and the church leadership. We will tell the dragons we are deeply sorry about our disastrous failure to retrieve the gods, and that we are planning to recover them at all costs.

Action: Cut off the trade with the pinks.

Action: We establish a new profession, of cooks. They will be tasked with providing delicious meals and serve them after sermons to loyal worshippers. The cooks will of course, be specially trained from our university. Hopefully this will promote the growth of religious families in our nation.
We will supply the brown slavers with shackles and our melee weapons if they accept
To specify, by free trade I mean that we do not impose tariffs on their products. We will trade our gold for whatever products they bring, which we desire food, metals, and exotic materials.
Research: Improve carts
Trade: Ask for a cart from greens. We need a sample
Research: Improve ballistas
Action: Produce large cauldrons and silver arrows
Action: Try to learn how to maneuver those kinds of ships. How to stop them or quickly change directions. Practice in the sea.
Action: Build another ship, add ballistas to both ships
Changing the first action to this:
We introduce ourselves as a new tribe to the purples, arriving there on a hastily built ship, made to look completely different from the orange galleys (or raft, if we don't have enough time to make a ship) and wearing some spare copper armor we had lying around. We are the Golds, hailing from the far south where evil beasts have chased us out of our holy land. We wish to settle these lands, become stronger and take back the treasures we left behind in our escape.
If the purples accept us and let us enter their cities, we secretly, we redpill the orange population on the truth. The purples are treacherous scum, you should not believe them! Heed our call, or you may suffer the same fate as King Chadley, stabbed in the back by a former ally. If they understand and support our cause, we direct them to Leyawinn, where the Overgod's chosen will reveal to them everything that happened (but not transform them into Golds yet). After that, we leave back to our fortress (taking a wider route as to not make the purples suspect that we come from there). We will await the coming oranges with open arms, and welcome them to the revolution. Their mission will be that of spreading the truth to more and more Orange citizens.

HOWEVER, if the Purples do not let us in their cities we will take our first course of action and sneak into the towns during the night to take them over violently.
>oranges thought purples where their bros
>gets backstabbed immeidatly
As a lurker,im rooting for the blues
File: Friendship_is_magic.jpg (14 KB, 326x300)
14 KB
We expected betrayal, but not this.
Pic related, from the Discord chat.
File: bluecurrent.png (61 KB, 1600x600)
61 KB
Your response to getting jewed was becoming the jews
The purples will probably just beat the shit out of you
Maroons best tribe.
We stand tall in the face of total annihilation.
Purples fear the maroon warrior.
File: Scarlett27.png (31 KB, 1152x648)
31 KB
Scarlets trade with greens and improve on their carts using wood and leather, and covering them.

Scarlets improve their ballistas

Scarlets produce the gray order of cauldrons and silver arrows and get paid! Grays place an order for excellent Iron maces. The purple Armour is too good to be reliably penetrated, so bludgeoning them would be a FAR more efficient tactic while were behind on material quality.

Scarlets cart their large hull to the ocean by greens & craft a second boat to go with it, adding balistas. They practice naval maneuverability in the small patch of sea enclosed by the brown blockade.

Scarlets join the anti purple coalition with grays, greens, pinks , golds and their long lost brothers. MAROONS. They learn of the purple betrayal , mass land takeover & their long term goal of enslaving all. They learn from gray's spies that purple's have all the missing scarlets and are using them to upgrade all their gear to the highest quality imaginable.

Maroons and scarlets argue. Stupid scarlets, your incompetence has lead to an ultra powerful enemy! Fuck off Maroons, you've done nothing but hide underground and still got massacred by dumb orcs. Maroons are lucky they didn't go right towards purples instead of the orcs. Scarlets would have farred much better against orcs!

Maroons and scarlets jab at each other as strategies are formulated.

Scarlets are rejected their trade with Blues thanks to their dedication to furrism
File: Marroon 27.png (28 KB, 1152x648)
28 KB
Maroons develop Bandages

Maroons develop nets for capturing people...Since they are only allowing an additional military related research...not for animals...

Maroons make deals with greens. They exchange lots of silver and a few gems in return for information from purple territory and goods. Maroons recieve delicious cave mould, chickens, piggus, sheep potatoes. Green intel indicates that Maroon mountain is now a large purple bathhouse, with maroon terraces being converted into relaxing gardens and expensive apartments. There are a few broken orc and goblin slaves there. Purple's have adopted Maroon porn for their horny nobles and their new orange citizens, but adapted the idea from the barbaric bestiality to normal female porn.

Maroons begin digging tunnels for the greens. This will take a few turns to complete.

Maroons send a small group forward to maroon mountain. They find they cannot penetrate the steel used as part of the foundry renovation. Its not a boiler room. Maroons begin digging a space underneath.

Maroons attend the coalition meeting, presenting their most GLORIOUS example of armour. Wowee. Grays are impressed. Dispite scarlets and marrons chatting alot of shit, the other tribes find their history interesting and abit silly. Regardless, they are happy to have more allies, with maroons position somewhere UNDERNEATH purple land being of significant potential strategic use. Obviously maroons haven't specified anything further on their own location. Maroon mood increases to finally see some of their family members again...even if they're fucking stupid and made the purple's a superpower
File: Green27.png (33 KB, 1152x648)
33 KB
Greens are given improved covered wagons by scarlets

Greens host a decisive tribal coalition meeting, helping facilitate trade and cooperation to bring down the purple menace. Grays have developed a plan and request greens build an outpost at the new cream holdouts in front of the gray wall. Grays will need to keep close tabs on the black menace while they sort out the purple threat.

Greens attempt to evacuate pinks from the swamps. They cannot die now, not when so close to getting home. The road is too dangerous and obvious, teeming with purples (Ex orange and forever purples). their ships are at the coast and their best bet. Greens load up their covered carts with the pink population. A green scout rushes in with news of 2 large purple forces. One holding the coastal road choke point, and another large army coming from the mountains. Fuck fuck fuck. Pinks are panicing. The purple's are coming and they shall all die. They're so close to going home, so close to seeing their families again. Pinks are crying and the pressure is on. Pink chief looks solemn. He apologizes to greens for asking this of them. They must help evacuate as many pinks as they can. Only greens are fast enough to have a chance of outrunning the reeeing dragon. Pink leader and 50 of his most trusted men will use the extreme pink defences to attempt to hold off the purple army long enough for greens to evacuate the pinks without being seen helping. Purple's will undoubtebly see this as betrayal and it'll put greens on the chopping block.

Greens agree ofcourse.

Pink chief thanks greens deeply, giving them a letter for pink king. He is glad to have known greens. They are true allies to pinks and will be decisive in the downfall of purples and continuation of pinks. Thank you, friend.

Greens cram as many into their carts as they can and speed away as the purple forces loom in front of the rising sun.
Greens rush through the charred swamps, faster than they've ever traveled before, the carts bumping and jerking erratically, barely able to stay on their wheels from the breakneck speed. The pinks lives in their hands, greens gotta go fast! They avoid as much known orange/purple territory as they can, speeding through the blackened, charred burning swamp. As they approach the port town see the dragon incinerating all below him in fire. Shit he's going to destroy the boats!
Chained ballista bolts fired from the purple town ahead at the dragon, who is jerked abruptly off course and stops breathing fire, sweeping down to the ground. It's the purples! They're trying to stop the dragon!

Greens use this as an opportunity to load the pink citizens onto the green ships, taking pity on 2 purple families. Right that's enough, we can't fit anymore on, we MUST set off!
The smell of burnt wood, caustic lime and boiling flesh fill the night air as greens set off, away from the screams of the doomed port. Many avert their eyes. The Dragon's REEE's can be heard late into the night.
File: Marroon 27v2.png (29 KB, 1152x648)
29 KB
Greens go to orc lake town. They discuss trade, but only get delicious cave mold before the town is invaded by purples and the orcs are slaughtered. Greens are spared but given a message from purples for the green capital.

After many days and nights pink town falls. Greens worry about pink chief and his men. Purples surround green town and approach greens. Where are the rest of the pinks. Greens must have seen something. Purple's are suspicious of greens helping pinks escape, dispite their pledge of neutrality. Purple's Inform greens that for their help of orcs and suspected help of pinks, Purple's are going to leave the treaty. They will of course still allow greens through, but to pass through the mountains, their cargo will be inspected for enemy supplies, and a toll must be paid to purples. If they find anything, purple's will take action and seize the cargo. Greens are being evicted from purple swamp.
Purple's see the Red Diplomats and break out into a sweat. W-where did you get those from greens......we've heard of a second red tribe near here. We are going to take them for...questioning.

Maroon's embassy with pink and greens have been dissolved as the towns are evacuated and the diplomats are captured for interrogation.

Greens tell browns to FUCK OFF, refusing to pay their payoff. Browns say okey dokey and re-declare war on greens.

Lastly, Greens facilitate the violet and yellow refugees. The violets take up a largel camp to the west. Yellows say thank you to the greens, but have heard news of a happening in yellow land and need to meet their families fleeing to the gray gate.

Violets don't know much of yellow-violet history as violet history is prohibited and evidence of it has been destroyed. Violets only know through whispers. They were once a highly honourable race, who'd never back down. Constant competitions and sport allowed them to excel at many things, in particular sword fighting. No violet knows what happened, but now all they're good for is farming plants and appeasing their kawaii yellow masters. Yellows beat us until we call them kawaii....
File: Blue27.png (30 KB, 1152x648)
30 KB
Blues improve catapults

Blues invent shackals

Blues say sure to browns on the condition they allow blues to set up churches in their towns. Arrrr, sure thing matey!

Blues counter the scarlet and golds offers with requests of religious conversion. Both tell blues to fuck off and sail away. Browns sail back with enslaved golds, scarlets, elves, and that iron wood they promised. Browns are paid handsomely. One elf doesn't look too well...

Blues cut off trade with pinks, stopping them giving out gunpowder & obsidian, & reducing pop growth by -5

Blues invent cooking and gain a pop boost. They dish fine dining it out exclusively to dragon followers. This encourages further conversion, cementing the mesomurican religion.

Blue boat infiltrators sail back from leyawinn with news the dieties are dead. Blues rejoice and mood improves as the whole isle is finally under blue rule. To a glorious future!
File: Orange27.png (77 KB, 1152x648)
77 KB
Gold's upgrade their current equipment to steel using the supplies left behind after the brown trade . They do not have a consistent source of steel on the island, so cannot change their equipment further afterwards.

GOLDS debut in the orange town claiming to be from far away with tales of treasure. Ye sure that's cool , we're evacuating because of the massive dragon coming this way. You should probably settle elsewhere. Gold's won't leave empty handed and the farmers are boarding ships to leave. They won't be here tonight for sneakiness. Gold's grab some oranges for brain washing as the other panic and sail away with news of the gold attack.

Gold's brainwash the farmers and begin sending them to the capital to discontent about purples. They are arrested and turned into chits and glonks.

Golds send a group into the swamplands. It will take until next turn to arrive at the orange fortress. They go to the weed cave instead and see a large troop of orange soldiers giggling talking about their new purple lords. They giggle more at the gold's accusations of destruction and encourage golds to relax and smoke some.

Golds send a ship to blues for trade. They are captured

Golds set up defences at leyawinn for ignition.
File: RainbowTribesMap27.png (132 KB, 1152x648)
132 KB
132 KB PNG

Year 2: April 16th - May 1st

>Home isles - Lovely
>Southern mountains - Lovely
> Northern mountains - Lovely
> Great Plains - Rain
> Volcano Isle - Rain
> Desert - Storm
> Plague lands - Mist
File: GreensevacPinks.png (1.34 MB, 796x1280)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
Research: The Maroon currency. Coins made from Tin, Silver, and Electrum (gold, silver, and copper alloy) shall be minted. The exchange rate being 6 Tin = 1 silver, 12 silver = One Electrum.
Research: Improve Swords.
Action: Purchase from browns any non-human slaves, as many as we can with whatever we have, offer extremely high prices for species endangered by the blacks, or species that no longer have a nation, like the orcs.
Action: Set up a embassy in cream capital, Offer a Maroon decorative Sallet to their leader. Open negotiations about buying raw Adamantium ore.
Action:Offer embassies to every new faction we meet.
Action: Begin digging a tunnel to every embassy available assuming whoever is in charge approves it.
Action: Begin cultivating glowing mushrooms along our tunnels, providing much needed light to the maroon towns and underground highways.
Action: Send some maroons to scarlet capital. Publicly offer scarlets SAFE homes in the maroon kingdom, highlighting the capture of scarlets and their availability on the slave market, all they have to do is help dig the highway to the maroon from the nearest embassy. If the scarlets attempt to remove them from the capital, they are to leave peacefully, but fight their way out if they try to imprison them.
Action: Begin digging out small underground villages in a circle around the maroon capital, we are to free the slaves we buy under the condition they recognize the maroons as their government (and thus, accept that they are maroon citizens) and the village as maroon territory. If they accept they are free to do what what they please, save going to the surface.
Action: Trade moles and glowing mushrooms with greens in return for molemen and wood elementals.
I will also add that we will be AVOIDING making tunnels to trans-oceanic embassies. Instead we will stop the tunnel a few miles offshore.
Forgot an action: Attempt to feed/tame the Earth elementals, offer them various gems and ores.
Research: Sterilization of wounds. We strive to understand disease further, and learn that wounds won't fester and sickness will spread more slowly if we sterilize via heated water or liquor. We hope to improve our Shamans medicinal capabilities before they rush off to the Plaguelands.

Travel Action: We deliver Pink Leader's message to Pink King along with the Pinks we rescued from the swamp. Our condolences, Pink King, you lost a hero and we lost a friend. We swear we will avenge his sacrifice, and Purple will know his name. (Wait, what was his name?)

Action: We discover that among our Purple refugees are some former Oranges! We're not sure how to feel about this, but all of the threats that might have stood against us have crumbled, leaving only Purple and Brown in our way. We decide to breed Molemen and Ratmen using our captive Oranges, I'm sure there are some rats around our storehouse somewhere. [good at digging, good at sneaking?]

Action: We establish outposts of 20 Greens with Hippalectryons at each Cream camp, complete with Shamans to help tend to the wounded and sick.

Action: We ask Creams if we can build an embassy in their capital, and ask them if they can train our Violets in swordsmanship. We hear they used to be very good at that sort of thing, and they may prove helpful against the Black threat.

Diplomacy: We pull all remaining Greens away from the Purple lands and outposts. We refuse to be treated like this - we did nothing wrong even if we did admit to helping Pinks. They "paid" for the service, and it would've been un-neutral to do anything but accept the fare. Purples are rude, and we didn't like that smelly swamp anyway.

Gray Diplomacy: Ask the Grays for insight into their plans so we can be most useful. We are willing to militarize to help deal with Purple, and then with Black.

Trade Action: We accept moles from the Maroons. We offer Ratmen and Molemen to Maroons to cement our alliance while keeping some for ourselves and Grays.

I'm stealing a second

Trade Action: Fuck it, pay off the Browns so they fuck off. We haven't even been doing naval trade due to the blockade and still they're up our asses? Remind them that Black is the bigger threat, and that infighting between the forces of the living only bolsters the forces of the dead. We're trying to ensure everyone survives to squabble about trade rights later.

[Notes to OP: Adjust our income for no longer paying Brown tariff as of last turn, make berry good covered carts instead of covered boats. Also, you never finished the coastal road connecting our two Plains settlements on the map, but it should be done.]
Research: ships from ironwood

Research: better big bombs (used in catapults)

Action: manufacture ironwood ships with bomb capacity and catapults. We will teach the browns how to make these, and then gift them to entrepreneurial blues, light blues, goblins, and browns who wish to make a healthy profit bringing back slaves from the mainland and the southern islands. The goal here is to massively increase the number of inputs of slaves. We will still offer large amounts of gold for such contracts, regardless of the increase in competitors.

Action: Begin construction of walls with ballista and catapult mounts around our island. Just in case these browns decide to be sneaky deaky.

Action: The chefs are given an additional responsibility. As we expect a healthy income of slaves coming in, we will task the most skilled to prepare the sacrifices in creative and delicious ways for our dragon deity. Perhaps a simple human skewer? Or a traditional soup with pinky matter? Or perhaps raw flesh smoked to perfection? The chefs will work with the dragon healers to understand what ingredients they should avoid and what is the best way to prepare these sacrifices.

Action: We start a new profession of healers. Basic healers will offer free healing services for all members who enter churches. Furthermore, the most skilled healers will live with our dragon deity to make sure he is perfectly healthy, be it injuries, illnesses, or mentally.

Diplomacy: We send word to our new brown town missionaries. They will offer our skilled chef made food for free to encourage conversion of browns. Hopefully this, along with the free healing services, will increase conversions of browns.
The first sacrifice chefs should create meals from the fifteen slaves we bought previously.
Action: Make those maces for grays
Research x2: Upgrape maces EVEN FURTHER BEYOND
Action: Train my units to use those maces. We'll soon start smashing purple's heads!
Action: Pray to our rat goddess to guide us in battle!
File: Penor-Populi.jpg (38 KB, 549x864)
38 KB
Research: Hot Air Balloons, supported by flying harpies
Action: using the blessing of the Gods, we begin taking upon ourselves the features of the mermen. In particular, their ability of breathing underwater. We wish for an auxiliary pair of gills, that make it possible for us to breathe underwater while still being able to live upon the land.
Action: As soon as the treacherous Purples are sighted on the horizon, the Golds spring their plan. Leyawinn is set aflame, while everyone piles into the Hot Air Balloons, flying away to the swamp wastelands, where nobody will think of looking. The Golds will set up a temporary camp there. When they arrive, the Purples will find the smoldering ruins of the Gold fortress, and a message that awaits them.
Just outside of Leyawinn's main gate, stands a great statue. It depicts the ideal form of a True Orange. A giant of a man, tall and defiant against everything. His features are sculpted to perfection: a strong jaw, steely eyes and long locks of hair. But most importantly, a great phallus. Erect, pointing up at the rising sun. Bigger than the greatest of Orange schlongs. Hard and imposing, the spear that is destined to pierce the Purple oppression. This, is a symbol of freedom. The symbol of the Gold Rebellion.
Action: Using our underwater skills and our powerful weapons and armour we board and take control of some Purple ships. We reveal the truth to any and all Orange crew, while murdering the purples.
Changing the gift to the creams from a Decorative Sallet to a actually battle ready sallet with detailed engravings depicting the valiant last stand in the maroon stronghold.

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