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Previous threads:

Previously on Storm Warrior's Quest, Jack and his ship of friends were caught in a storm, whereupon he had to go fix a million things for his uncle in exchange for repairs. Then he met a gecko lady who started feeling up his abs. Just your average day.
>[]Let her continue
>[]Ask about her loincloth, why cover her vagoo and not her breasts
>[][/spoiler] Touch vagoo
>>[]Ask about her loincloth, why cover her vagoo and not her breasts
"So... why do you wear a loincloth? I mean, you don't cover your boobs."
She thinks about it.
"Well... it's sacred, yes? And if I had to walk through tall grass with no covering..."
Sacred? Well, maybe. Creating life would be a logically sacred act.
"Can I touch it?"
"My breasts? You've already--"
"No, your vagoo."
"What is a vagoo?"
Shit, I actually said it.
"Vagina, I mean."
Kāpili blushes again.
"T-there? That's only if... for making..."
"We can learn more about each other. It's normal, right? Man, woman."
"We can't! Mother told me not to breed with a man unless I know he will take care of me."

>[]There won't be actual BREEDING, I won't get you pregnant.
>[]I can take you with me. Traveling the world, seeing the sights. I can show you where I came from. Hell, I even know one of your relatives.
>[]I see... well, do you at least want to meet my friends?
>>[]I see... well, do you at least want to meet my friends?
>[]I can take you with me. Traveling the world, seeing the sights. I can show you where I came from. Hell, I probably even know one of your race's distant relatives.
Kāpili looks horrified.
“Leave!? Who would take care of mother? No, I am not ready to just follow some stranger across the sea.”
Ah, well. It was worth a try.
“So... will you come by? Say hi to my friends?”
Kāpili pauses as she leaves.
“...bring some friends. Yes, I will.”
She disappears into the brush.
Maybe one of her friends is more adventurous.


“Hey, Jack.” Stubb says as you sit down by the fire. “Where were you?”
“Making contact with the locals.”
Everyone stares at you weirdly.
“What? Is something—OOOOOH, the translation spell.”
You cancel it out and apologize.
“Sorry. Forgot the spell.”
“I thought you’d lost it. Clicking and chirping...”
“Yeah. I met a nice lizard lady this afternoon.”
“Salamander? How’d she make it out here?”
“She’s different from a Salamander. Important thing is that she’s bringing friends to meet us.”
“Friends? Hm. I’ll have to keep an eye on the crew. Going this long without a woman, some might get ideas.”
He didn’t have to tell you. Godsdamn succubus blood kept acting up. There’s probably gonna be scantily-clad desert chicks where you’re going, too.
“I’m sure it’ll be fine. She seemed like she could handle herself.”
“If you say so.”


“They’re here.” a sentry calls out. You finish your fruit-and-game dinner before heading over.
A small group of green and blue lizard people stand at the edge of the jungle, seemingly at a loss as to what to do. The behavior is mirrored in the crew’s reaction.

>[]...free food!
>[]Hi, Kāpili!
>[]Shut your gob and wait for someone to make the first move.
Spell of translation for everyone!
Lets eat!
You covertly cast the translation spell over your friends before clapping your hands together.
“Well, let’s eat!”
Nobody can argue against free food. Everyone grabs something to eat and mills around. Some conversations are struck up pretty quickly. You notice Crimson having a chat with several children.
“You’re Jack?” one woman asks, sidling up to you.
“Yes. Yes I am.”
“Kāpili told us about you. A strange, smooth-skinned man from across the sea!” another says. They’ve got you trapped.
“She said there was some strange quality that made her approach you... I think I can sense it.” the first one says, scrutinizing you.
Ah. You’ve got enough of your mother’s succubus genes to entice people, it seems.
The two women begin getting closer than necessary, prompting jealous looks from some of your crewmates. Well, they can eat their hearts out.
Just as one of your new acquaintances starts pressing her breasts against your arm, Kāpili reappears.
“Sorry, can I see Jack for a few moments? I need to speak with him.”
The two women let you go, reluctantly. You follow Kāpili through the jungle for a minute or so before she stops in a clearing, mulling over something in her head.
“Uh, are you okay? We can talk—“
She pulls a cask of sorts out from under a rock and fills two wooden cups with a dark red liquid. She thrusts one of the beverages toward you. An acrid scent makes your nostrils flare slightly.

>[]What is this..?
>[]What? You had alcohol? We have to share it with the others, you silly lizard!
>Lizard lady wants to bone after all.
>"Okay, but are you sure? I'll take full responsibility for my actions after this."
This too
Kāpili hesitates as you speak.
“That’s... you don’t have to.”
“I want to. It’s the right thing to do.”
She stands there for a few moments, looking warily at the cup in her hand. She shrugs and gestures at your own cup.
You both chug down the mysterious beverage at the same time. There’s a moment of uncertainty. What’s this gonna do..? Is it just a sweet drink?
When it hits, it hits hard. You feel like you’re standing next to a bonfire. Your senses go into overdrive, nearly overwhelming your brain with information. Your dick feels like it’s about to tear your pants off.
You and Kāpili look at each other, your intentions obvious. Every desire in your mind disappears, save the desire to fuck this horny bitch in front of you until she’s passed the fuck out. You spring toward each other.
An outside observer would probably think some murderous rage had overtaken you both at first. You practically rip Kāpili’s loincloth off before helping her with your own clothes. You kiss her fiercely, which seems to take her by surprise. She doesn’t seem to mind, though, entwining her tongue around yours.
She separates from you before lying down on a rock. Her legs spread, revealing her glistening cunt. You fall on her, burying yourself inside her in one thrust. Kāpili moans and wraps her legs behind your back, forcing you deeper inside her. You give her what she wants, your head resting between those enticing breasts...
You grab one of her tits and begin sucking on her nipple. Her moans reach a crescendo as you bite and suck at her tits.
“FUCK! Cum inside me!”
With a few final thrusts, you fill her womb with ropes of your thick, potent semen. Her own cum sloshes around, soaking both your crotches with mixed fluids.
“More... I want more...”


You wake up the next morning with a pounding headache. Kāpili sleeps next to you, still leaking cum.
...you don’t seem to remember the other five women.

>[]Gently try to wake her up.
>[]What? You can’t have fucked ALL of them. Maybe someone found Kāpili’s stash while you were asleep.
>[]Get back to the ship. This could lead to an incident, it’d be best if you left the area.

(Whew. Been a while since I’ve done one of these)
File: dat captcha tho.png (107 KB, 719x382)
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107 KB PNG
Weeee wooo
>[]Gently try to wake her up and ask why are there more women? We only wanted her
Damn, we got dateraped into an orgy. The good thing is we only agreed to the consequences with her :^) and we can blame the daterape for her pregnancy when we get her home
You mean when we get them ALL home?
When we get *her* home, we didn't ask for an orgy, gnome saiyan? Just steamy sex with Kãpili for the purpose of reproduction
>>[]Gently try to wake her up
You gently shake Kãpili by the shoulder. She stirs and blushes upon seeing you.
"Hi. Why are there more women around here?"
She sits up and looks around. Her face turns bright red.
"Oh. You didn't plan this? That's a whole new set of problems..."
You get up and start putting your clothes back on.
You turn around. Kãpili is staring at a previously unseen sleeping crewmate.
"So it wasn't just me. Things are improving."
She puts her loincloth back on and follows you out through the jungle. After half a minute, you stumble upon another pair.
"Things are NOT improving." you whisper. Crimson and one of the lizards are snoring contentedly in each other's arms. And yes, she was in grown-up form.
"Kãpili, if the dark-haired man asks, we didn't see anything."
She nods in agreement. You make your way out of the forest.
"Urgh... good morning, Jack." Stubb groans, pouring himself a cup of coffee. "I think someone spiked the drinks. Woke up next to a woman for the first time in six years."
"Uh... yeah. It was quite a night."
Montresor strides over, trying to ignore the clingy gecko-lady on his arm.
"Have any of you seen Crimson?"
"Nope. She might be in the woods somewhere."
"Gods protect anyone who touched her..." he growls, stalking off.
"Oh, he's tall, dark, and cares about his sister! Please, tell me more about yourself!"

>[]Is there enough of that coffee for two extra?
>[]Kãpili, do you know what that stuff was?
>[]Try and recall what happened last night. It's all hazy... (D20)
Rolled 16 (1d20)

>[]Kãpili, do you know what that stuff was?
>[]Get coffee for the two of us
>[]Try to recall what happened during coffee breakfast with Kãpili
“It’s just a mixture of some plants and minerals...” she says vaguely.
“Well, that clears it up. Stubb, can I have two cups?”
You hand Kāpili a cup of coffee.
“What is this?” She asks.
“Just a mixture of plants and minerals.”
She glares at you, but relents and takes a sip.
“Hmm... it’s bitter.”
“Yep.” you reply, taking a sip yourself. The caffeine drives your hangover away.
“What happened last night...”
You think back. The coffee helps clear away some of the fog in your memories.
As far as you can put together, you and Kāpili kept on going at it after that first round. Someone had stumbled upon the two of you, and you’d given them some of that dark liquid. From there, the problem compounded until your quiet getaway had turned into an orgy. Godsdammit. You also clearly recall taking a few girls’ anal virginities. Probably why Kāpili was walking funny. There might’ve been a bit of an incident as well, but you can’t be sure.
At any rate, it had been a wild night. You just hope some of those girls hadn’t been lucid enough to remember your face. They might’ve had lovers of their own.

>[]So... when’re we leaving?
>[]Kāpili, I can’t stay. What are we supposed to do if you’re... y’know.
>[]Try and convince her to come with you again. Helena would probably understand... Vaux could be a problem, though. (D20)
Rolled 7 (1d20)

>>[]Try and convince her to come with you again. Helena would probably understand... Vaux could be a problem, though. (D20)
As much would have liked that we wouldn't bring other salamander to our harem but I AM NOT letting our Jack out of this one
Rolled 13 (1d20)

>[]Kãpili, I can't stay. What are we supposed to do if you're... You know.
>[]Try and convince her to come with you again. Helena would probably understand... Vaux could be a problem, though. (D20)
We can blame it on the daterape orgy
Rolled 19 (1d20)

“W-well, you’re supposed to take care of me and the... other one.”
She seems to be enjoying the coffee.
“But I know you’re busy... I think I will be fine. Besides, I might not even be—“
“Oh for the gods’ sakes, just say ‘pregnant’.” Stubb groans.
Well, you doubt that she isn’t pregnant. Knowing the kind of people who make aphrodisiacs, it probably had something to increase fertility as well.
“Well, again, you could come with me. Cross the sea, explore some cities. I actually know someone who had a very similar experience to yours.”
Kāpili shifts slightly in her seat.
“I’ll think about it...”
Well, that’s all you can hope for. She’s gonna have to get a shirt, though.
“We’re gonna be here for another day or two, Jack. Might as well find some way to entertain yourself.

>[]Wait for the other lizards to wake up, then (very carefully) show off your gun.
>[]Kāpili, can you swim? Can we go to your secret romantic pond?
>[]I’m gonna go hunting. (D20)
>[]Kãpili, can you swim? Can we go to your secret romatic pond?
>[]And codec H&V(if we can) then explain the daterape of the crew, add in that we would offend the natives if we didn't take her with us
"How did you know about that?" Kãpili asks in surprise.
"I had a sneaking suspicion."
She goes back to sipping her coffee. You hesitate for a minute or so. This was gonna be rough.
"Excuse me, I need to go make a call."
You finish your coffee and head down the beach a ways. Stubb seems to be explaining what a codec is.
"Hoo boy... hey, you there?"
Helena blinks wearily and smiles.
"Hi, Jack. Thanks for waking me up."
"No problem. Is Vaux awake?"
"No, you want me to--"
"It's fine. We should probably talk alone, anyway."
"...what's this about?"
You sigh and glance over at Kãpili.
"I may or may not have had sex with a lizard last night."


"I see."
Helena rubs her eyes.
"Well, shit. You can't really just bring her home and expect us to be fine with it. Well, I'm fine with it, but that's because I'm religiously obliged to pursue lust. Vaux is not going to be too happy. And another lizard? She's gonna be pretty pissed. And what if your new lady finds out about us? She might get REALLY pissed."
"Well, I can't just leave. Sure, I wasn't planning on this happening, but it'd be worse to knock up some lady and sail away a few days after."
"Maybe the problem will take care of itself. She falls off the ship or something."
"That's horrible, Helena."
"Sorry. But hey, you have until you get to the Unknown Lands and set up that portal. That's assuming she even wants to go with you."
"Well, thanks for the advice."
"Any time. Call me if you need me to break it to her that you're being an unfaithful bastard."
"I--Helena, I just said that she--"
"Relax. You wanted a harem, you should've been prepared for this."
"I guess I should've."
You hang up and head back to the fire. Kãpili glances at you.
"Who were you calling?"

>[]A friend.
>[]Your fellow harem friend.
>[]Just a sexy little Imp. You'll like her when I introduce you.
>[]One of my two wives
> [] A sexy little imp. You'll like her when I introduce you to her.
Stubb shakes his head and mutters to himself. “What’s a wife?” Kāpili asks.
“It’s, uh... a wife is a woman that a man spends a lot of time with. Usually they, uh, have children with him. That kind of thing.”
Not a perfect answer, but it’ll do.
“And you have two?”
“Oh, we do the same thing! If a male dies, his partner goes to someone else. Babies need to be born, after all.”
Oh, that’s good. Harems exist in this society. So she should be cool with the other two, unless it’s a personal issue.
“If I do become your... wife, I hope your others will be friends with me.”
“I hope so, too.”
Stubb grinds his pipe between his teeth. He’s just jealous of your divine charisma.
You frown and scratch your chin. Would the Order be cool with your polygamous intentions? They have a liberal attitude toward sleeping around, but Alagos never technically condoned marrying multiple people. He’s just got a wife and a bunch of side bitches. Concubines? You could have a wife and concubines, but there could be blood over who the wife is.
“Montresor, why’d you have to hit him?” Crimson complained, being dragged out of the jungle by her older brother.
“You were drugged. I saved you a lot of pain just then.”
“I’m not a child anymore, I can do what I want!”
“Well, stop acting like one!”
They start yelling at each other. Kāpili shrugs.
“Your people are just like mine. Squabblers.”
“That’s certainly true.”

>[]Let’s go to that swimming hole now.
>[]Have I ever showed you my gun?
>[]Should we stick our noses in their business?
>[]Let's go to that swimming hole now.
>>[]Let’s go to that swimming hole now.
“Good idea.”
You both walk off into the jungle.
“Don’t have too much fun.” Stubb calls to you.
“Don’t be a killjoy.”


Kāpili leads you up a ridge and around some rocks. You arrive at a nice, cold pool of water that trickles over the side of an embankment and down the gentle slope of the mountain.
“What a nice spot.” you comment.
“There was a slide across the usual path to get here. Hardly anyone knows about the path we took.”
Kāpili leaves her loincloth on a rock and wades into the pool, stopping when the water reaches chest height.
“Come in, it isn’t too cold.”
You stop off your clothing and follow her, testing the rocks at the bottom of the pool. Shouldn’t slip.
Kāpili dives under the surface before reappearing, holding some kind of crustacean.
“Oh, these are delicious.”
She strips it’s shell off and slurps up its juicy insides.
“Try some.” she says, holding it out to you.
“Uh, okay.”
You gingerly take the creature and nibble at it’s flesh.
“Oh, this is actually pretty good.”
“It is... what should we do now, Jack?”
Kāpili stands closer to you, about half an inch away from pressing her breasts into your chest.

>[]Looks like you already have plans. That’s fine with me.
>[]Swimming! Wheeeeeeeee!
>[]Lets catch some more of these thingies.
>>[]Looks like you already have plans. That’s fine with me.
>Start with kid names, what does she do n shiet, were we her first? Stuff like that, then move onto foreplay as we talk
>Then we fuk
We have to treat the lady right.
>>1891808 (shit. Would’ve done this if I had seen the post. She told you that was her first time while you were walking up)
You wrap your hands around her waist and pull her closer before nuzzling her neck.
“You don’t do kissing?”
“Not really... this is nice.”
Kāpili embraces you, sighing softly into your ear as you kiss her. Your erection presses against her thigh, prompting a smile from her.
“So impatient.”
“Uh-huh. I’m not the only one.” you reply, pointedly tweaking one of her hard nipples.
“...it’s cold.”
“Won’t be for much longer.”
You reposition your hips and start rubbing your penis between her thighs. Kāpili’s legs start to buckle slightly every time you brush her vagina.
“You’re soaking, aren’t you.”
“Y-yes.” she admits.
“Turn around.”
She does so, moving her tail to allow you access to her backside. You run your hands over her body, enjoying the feeling of smooth scales in cold water.
“I’ve always wanted to do this underwater...” she mumbles.
“I’ll bring some water breathing scrolls next time.”
You line your cock up with her (probably) soaked entrance before pulling her toward you.
Her walls tighten as more of your cock goes inside her. The almost unbearable heat inside her makes you even harder.
You put your hands under her thighs and lift her up, the chest high water making this an easy task. Kāpili gasps in half-surprise, half-pleasure as you thrust your hips upwards, brushing against her cervix.
“Gods, that’s good...” you mutter, keeping a firm grip on her.
“T-turn me around, please!”
she moans desperately. You do as she asks, minimizing the time your cock spends outside of her hot, wet pussy.
Kāpili wraps her limbs around you and gives you a deep kiss, tasting the inside of your mouth.
You cum hard inside her, filling her womb to the brim and then some. The water around you is discolored slightly by your orgasms.
You stand there for a minute or so, still inside Kāpili, giving her several long, intimate kisses.
Man, succubus genes are great, I take back everything I’ve said.


“Did you both have fun?” Stubb asks in a sarcastic tone.
“Why, yes. Y’know, you could always just find that girl you woke up next to if you’re going to be pissy.”
“Well, I might. If I’m feeling up to it. You missed a big fight between those two stowaways. Girl turned into a seagull and flew off.”
He shrugs and picks at his meal before resuming.
“Never knew she was that old. That’s changeling for you, I suppose.”

>[]I’m gonna go show off my gunslinging skills to the natives.
>[]Kāpili, let’s grab some lunch. I’m starving.
>[]How soon are we setting sail? A vacation’s fine and all, but I think Rorogan’s getting grumpy with all the social interaction.
>>[]How soon are we setting sail? A vacation’s fine and all, but I think Rorogan’s getting grumpy with all the social interaction.
And nudity.
And we should also
>[]Kãpili, let's grab some lunch. I'm starving.
And we should talk about what we couldn't in:
Except the virginity part.
We gotta get to know her further and stuff.
>We gotta get to know her further and stuff.
And her farther too.
Tell them we are half dragon.
This is okay too.
Rorogan’s actually shooing a group of lizards off the ship. They must’ve touched his ouija boards or something.
“We’ll probably be finished getting food by evening, we can leave tomorrow. Best we do so before our welcome is overstayed.”
“...I seem to have spoken too soon.”
“Well, me and this lovely lady are gonna go find some food.”


“Sooooo. Kāpili.”
You pause to mull over your words.
“What’s your role in society? Y’know, your job.”
“Oh, I weave baskets, trade them for food.”
“Baskets. I’m sure they’re lovely.”
Fuck, you KNEW you should’ve learned more about baskets in homeschool.
“They are serviceable, that’s all you really need. Tell me about your wives.”
“Well, there’s Helena and Vaux. Helena is an Imp—you’ve never seen one, have you? Gray skin, red eyes, some of their teeth are pointy. They’re short, but you shouldn’t make a big deal out of it.”
“And... Vaux?”
“She’s a Salamander, similar to you. Brown scales instead of blue. Her head has some fan thingies. She actually came from a village herself. Huntress, killed big creatures.”
Kāpili smiles.
“You should be proud. Being a huntress’s partner is an honor.”
“It sure is.”
“Tell me about where your village. It’s to the east, correct? It must have some powerful sorcerers, to make your ship float.”
You resist the urge to go into a lecture on buoyancy.
“It’s called Diluvium, and it’s far bigger than a village. We call it a city. Most of it is under the ground, and carved from stone. We have some powerful sorcerers, but most of what we make can be done by pretty much anyone, if they have the tools.”
“It is a sight to behold. In the winter, it stays warm down there, except in the gardens. On the surface, it snows—you’ll get a kick out of that if you see it. Water gets so cold that it hardens.”
Kāpili frowns.
“You must think I’m stupid. Water cannot harden.”
“It can, and it does.”
She clearly doesn’t believe you.
“What do you do in your city?”

>[]I, uh, kill people.
>[]I’m a paladin. Have you heard of Alagos, the almighty god of storms?
>[]I just sort of wander around. Sometimes I visit my sister.
>>[]I’m a paladin. Have you heard of Alagos, the almighty god of storms?
And of poor Kasai.
Poor poor Kasai.
>Look sad.
“Who are they?” Kāpili asks.
Oh, this needs to be put to right immediately.
“I’ll start with Kasai. He’s the simpler one.”
You hold up your forearm, showing her the dark red scales upon it.
“Do you know what a dragon is?”
She nods warily.
“There is a legend that one visited our island... and burnt all the trees.”
“They’re real. My father is a dragon. His name is Kasai.”
Kāpili looks at you with mistrust.
“He’s nice.” you assure her. “He wouldn’t burn down an island. My mother gives him some problems, though.”
You describe your father, putting extra emphasis on how his shoulders seem to bear the sins of this world.
“He sounds... sad.”
“I gave him a puppy, he should cheer up a little.”
You continue, heedless of her confusion as to what a ‘puppy’ was.
“Man, I can’t even remember him smiling. Anyway, my grandfather is Alagos, the god of storms.”
“Your grandfather—a god?”
“Yep. He controls all weather across this world. My grandmother on my father’s side was his champion. She’s a legendary figure where I’m from, maybe even a lesser form of god herself.”
“We know of a storm god... Ka’ino, he sends rains, winds, and swords of light. We burn offerings to date his anger.”
“Very good. I’m sure he’s pleased.”
«No I am fucking not. What am I supposed to do with this shit? At least the orcs sacrifice hot babes.»
You pause and peer through the bushes. A squat, quadruped animal is eating some leaves. It’s tusks look nasty.
Kāpili draws her knife, but you gently push her hand down.
“Relax. I’ve got this.”
You hold up your rifle reassuringly. Kāpili seems confused, but shrugs and lowers her knife.
“Alright, fatty. Time for the equalizer... Kāpili, you might want to cover your ears.”

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 8 (1d100)

>Inb4 nat 1
Rolled 5 (1d20)

Dammit, force of habit
Rolled 6 (1d20)

Rolled 20 (1d20)

Rolled 10 (1d20)

And the bad shot sent the boar straight into a tree which stunned it?
>>1892364 (mean is 12, success)
You take aim, making sure your sights are centered on the beast’s head. It looks up and toward your position, it’s ears twitching.
“Too late.”
You fire just as it begins its charge, punching straight through the creature’s skull and out the other side. Kāpili removes her hands from her ears and stares at you as you work the bolt.
“What was that..?”
“This is a gun. Here, let me see if I can find it...”
You walk over to the carcass and look through the grass.
“Here it is—shit! Still hot.”
You show Kāpili the crumpled bullet.
“I launched this fast enough to go through the beast’s head. It works wonders.”
“...why would you need that?”
“I killed it in about two seconds. How long would it take us to kill it with knives and spears?”
“We would have to chase it and hit a critical part... hm. Useful weapon.”
“Yep. Only downside is that it’s good at killing people, too. Well, it’s only a downside if you’re killing good people,”
You and Kāpili start skinning the creature before hauling it back to the beach.
“Man, this’ll feed a lot of people.”
“...where can we get these guns?”
“I’m not sure you could make them here. Maybe we could work out a deal..? Then again, you don’t really NEED them right now. It’s funny, most places that get guns are advanced enough that they don’t have to hunt for food.”


You arrive at the beach to find Tsuyoi talking with Stubb.
“Ah, the prodigal grandson. And who’s this?”
“H-hi... my name is Kāpili...”
“Hello, Kāpili. Do I look frightening to you?”
“No, you look kind... but your color, it’s very unusual.”
Your grandmother ‘hmm’s.
“A fair assessment. Jack, what were you doing out with a nubile, topless young woman?”

>[]Getting to know her before I kidnap her.
>[]Muh daterape, I have a responsibility to take care of her.
>>[]Getting to know her before I kidnap her.
Before I abscond with her to the highest tower, with my other princesses.
>[]Aftermarket muh daterape, I have a responsibility to care of her.
>[]Getting to know her before I kidnap her.
After muh daterape
“Tallest tower? You do realize that’s where I live.”
“Well, you’re pretty old. There’s probably going to be a vacancy soon.”
Tsuyoi gives you a disapproving look.
“For someone who couldn’t give birth, Krystal seems to have passed down many of her traits.”
“She couldn’t bear children? What happened?” Kāpili asks.
Tsuyoi shrugs. “She was born that way. Whether it was a curse from the gods or some sort of disease, I don’t know.”
You set your kill on a rock and set up a spit.
“That’ll take a little while to cook. Tsuyoi, why don’t you tell Kāpili about Krystal? If anyone has an accurate assessment, it’s you.”
“Hm. Well, Krystal was a loud, rude, violent, perverted, drunken mess who spent all her time at home molesting me, shirking responsibilities, and turning her liver into a lump of useless flesh.”
Kāpili seems put off by this description.
“Oh, grandma. That’s just the bad part.”
“Fine, I suppose I should mention the fact that she was named a Hero by the Empire, and that we were married.”
“M-married? But women can’t...”
“We loved each other. And despite everything, we raised two children together.”
You test the meat on the spit.
“Oh! Lunch is ready.”
You sterilize your knife in the fire before cutting a big, juicy slab and placing it on a tin plate you’d brought from the ship. The others do the same, blowing on their meals to cool them off.
“What do you say, grandma?”
“I’m not saying thank you—“
“You’re welcome.”
Kāpili finishes her food and frowns at the forest.
“Hmm. I forgot something at my hut... I’ll be back soon.”
She stands up and brushes sand off of her legs.

>[]I’ll come too.
>[]What did you forget?
>[]Stay safe. You’ll be okay, right?
>[]Stay safe. You'll be okay, right?
“I’ll be fine.”
“Well, have fun.”
She walks off into the jungle.


“And that was the first time I saw a dead body.”
“That’s nothing. I was around two years old when I saw my first corpse. Imagine, walking down the pier when—“
Your engaging conversation is interrupted by the sound of squabbling from the jungle.
“Hold that thought.” you say, sprinting into the brush. One of those voices sounded like Kāpili.
“—not going!”
“I’m not your partner, Kūkā! I’ve told you so many times, I hate you! Let me go!”
“You’d rather run off with some stranger than me!? He’s just a boy! He probably hasn’t had to work a day in his life!”
“Get off of me!”
Kāpili was struggling with a male of her species. He’s pretty big... tussling with him could end badly.

>[]Get off of her right now.
>[]Go in swinging, he won’t expect that. (D20)
>[]Shoot him in the leg. Nobody talks shit about you.
Rolled 17 (1d20)

>[]Go in swinging, he won’t expect that. (D20)
Rolled 11 (1d20)

>[]Get off of her right now!
>[]Get a suckerpunch in!
You step forward and deliver a sucker punch straight to the guy’s stomach. He wheezes and doubles over, allowing you to finish him with a right hook to the jaw.
Kāpili looks at you in surprise.
“Will he be okay?”
“I just knocked him out... never mind him, are you okay?”
“I’m fine. He just shook me a little.”
You start walking back.
“So... What was that about? And what did you bring back?”
“Ugh. That was Kūkā. He got it into his head a few years ago that he was in love with me. And...”
She pulls what looks like a raw blue diamond out of a small pocket in her loincloth.
“I brought this.”
She hands it to you, and you turn it over. It’s about the size of a walnut, and has been stripped clean of rock. Someone might’ve poured acid on it to clean it off.
“This is... where did you get it?”
“I found it on the beach as a little girl. I’ve kept it hidden for years... I told myself I’d only give it to someone I love. Can I have that back?”
You hand it back to her, somewhat dejected.
“That’s pretty valuable, Kāpili. Where I come from, people would give up a lot to have one of those.”
“Really? It looks beautiful, but is it so valuable?”
“They’re very rare.”
Maybe you can have that put in a ring, if she ends up marrying you. They’d have to cut it, though.
“Is everything alright?” Stubb asks as you emerge from the jungle.
“Yep. Just had a little misunderstanding.”


You spend the rest of the afternoon shooting the shit with your companions. Rorogan came over to yell at you for a while before floating back to the ship.
It’s evening now, and you sit on a rock with Kāpili, looking up at the stars.
“What do you think it is?” she asks, pointing up at the moon.
“It’s where the gods live.” you answer.
“Really? Hm... we believe that it’s the moon goddess herself. She and the sun constantly chase each other around our world, never to meet.”
“That’s kind of sad.”
She shrugs. “My ancestors claim they met once. The sky was darkened from their union.”
Once again, you try to hold back from going into a lecture on celestial rotation and mass and eclipses.
Kāpili shifts closer to you, squishing one of her breasts against your arm. You raise an eyebrow at her.
“You’re not too tired?”
“I just want to be closer. Though, I wouldn’t mind...”
You’re not sure if you should be ashamed or proud at how soon you’ve gotten her hooked on sex.

>[]Let’s just hold each other.
>[]The ship is kinda close... we can touch each other, though.
>[]Here, I’ll teach you something new.
>[]Let's just cuddle and kiss
You press up against Kāpili and wrap your arms around her. She sighs and does the same, breathing softly into your ear.
You smile and give her a kiss. The both of you slide down onto the grass and continue, slowly drifting off to sleep in each other’s arms.


You nervously tap your fingers on the ship’s railing. Is she coming..? Fuck, what if she changed her mind? Aaaaaaagh!
“Casting off!”
You silently die inside as the rowboat pushes off from the beach and starts toward the ship.
Kāpili sprints from the beach and clambers into the rowboat, stepping on a few feet.
“I’m coming, too.”
You give her a hug. The other passengers give each other weary looks.
“Welcome aboard...” you say, giving her a pat on the back.


You stand awkwardly at Kāpili’s side as she vomits over the railing. Turns out she gets seasick. Great.
Crimson had lent her some old clothes, so at least she wasn’t walking around with her tits out. The added discomfort wasn’t exactly making her happy, though.
“...do you need anything?”
“Go away... BBBLLLLGH!”
You recoil as the smell wafts over your nostrils.
“Kāpili, do that downwind, please. Other side.”
She stumbles over to the port side, nearly slipping several times on the deck.
Well, shit.

>[]Rorogan, be useful and cure seasickness.
>[]Get some water. She’s gonna be dehydrated after this.
>[]It, uh... it helps if you keep your eyes on the horizon.
>All three, last one first, then second
>Codec Vaux to break the daterape news to her
“If you keep your eyes on the horizon it’ll—“
Kāpili continues to vomit over the side of the ship.
“Okay, wait right here, I’ll be back in just a second.”
You run off to grab some water, yelling at Rorogan as you pass him.
“Hey, cure seasickness, you jackass!”
Geez, he doesn’t have to be such an asshole about it.
You set the water next to Kāpili.
“Drink some when you’re, uh, done. I need to go make a call.”
You retreat to the helm, where only a bored, half-asleep crewman steers the ship.
“Heeeey, Vaux!”
“Hi, Jack! Helena’s at work, did you want to speak to her?”
“Not really... I actually need to talk to you about something. Pretty important.”
“Huh? Well, okay.”

Roll 1d20 to not fuck up.
Better get this one right.
Rolled 20 (1d20)

(There goes all the drama I planned. Fuck)
“I’m bringing another lizard lady home, is that cool with you?”
“What? Oh, sure. Does she have any issues I should know about?”
“Nope. She’s just a sweet island girl. She might walk around with her top off.”
“Hm. Well, thanks for letting me know. Anything else you wanted to talk about?”
“...nope, that’s it.”
“Okay, then. Bye!”
You hang up.
“...that was so easy!”
The helmsman jolts awake.
“Wasn’t sleeping, I swear—get out of here, kid!”


“Are you okay?” you ask Kāpili.
“No...” she mutters weakly, pulling her blanket up to her chin.
“Well, you’re better at least. If you need to vomit, there’s a bucket.”
“You’re welcome. I’ll see you in the morning.”
You pat her on the head and climb into your bunk.


”Good evening.”
”It seems you’ve acquired three of your own little slaves. Congratulations.”
“They aren’t slaves, asshat. They can do whatever they want.”
”Mmhmm. They can do what they want as long as it doesn’t contradict the pheromones you’re constantly spreading.”
Demon rankles his nose.
”You could learn how to tone that down somewhat.”
“Do you have something to say or are you just fucking with me?”
Demon sighs and puts a hand to his forehead.
”No matter how many times I explain... Jack, put yourself in my position. You have an eternity in an endless black expanse of Nothing to spend. Your ONLY sources of entertainment are talking to the others interred here—which gets tedious after around fifteen minutes—or manipulate events in reality to ‘fuck with’ people. Even if I had a change of heart and decided not to take my revenge on your grandfather and his descendants, what else could I do!?”
”You think you’re funny, don’t you? I’ll have you know I tried that. In every conceivable way. Unfortunately, I didn’t think ahead when I stole my immortality. Or rather, I did. There was no possible way your grandfather could have won against my immeasurable power if he hadn’t CHEATED!”
With that last word, the Void churns. Vile purple energies roil in the distance before settling back into the pitch-black expanse.
”Fucking cosmic loopholes...”

>[]Dude, you need to have some depressants. Smoke weed or something.
>[]Have you tried yelling at someone until your blood pressure causes your arteries to burst? Lemme get a camera before you try that.
>[]I know your problem. You’ve never fucked anyone, have you?
>[]I knows your problem. You've never fucked anyone, have you?
I mean...
You could still have had it, you could've made her mad then some back and forth explaining the daterape then make those:
You do and come back to us with a more calm Vaux with us explaining their traditions and that we're not going to leave her alone and pregnant, she agrees begrudgingly but in the end she trusts in and leaves with a smile.

Maybe it's not the type of drama you wanted but it still drama.
>*Sigh* Ok, I understand. You probably have already tested your way of thinking against literally every single possible think and person on the universe an infinite amount of times on a seemingly endless amount of time with absolutely nothing else to do except wait for the heat death of the universe. By the way, I probably know the answer, but have you ever heard of optimistic nihilism? Because nothing matters because all will end is the same as saying that nothing matters because everything is relative, a truth that everybody knows at some level but not necessarily care.
”Optimistic nihilism!?” Demon says incredulously. ”You want the last sentient species on the last planet orbiting the last dying star to come together and sing as they are wiped out by a supernova? I am appalled that you believe that is even POSSIBLE!”
He sighs and conjures an image of a dry, barren planet. It orbits a gigantic, dark red star, clearly in its last throes of activity. You can see signs of fighting on the planet’s surface.
”I have seen the future. With each universe’s demise, the barriers between reality and this Void weaken. As the end nears, drastically different species with differing cultures, ideologies, and religions will clash. All of them will technically be ‘right’, and this will lead them in a bitter war to wipe each other out. The afterlife itself will join with its respective reality, allowing their residents to die again and destroy their souls. All this leading to the planet Eclipse IV, and an all out war between countless factions. Gods themselves will die in droves until the star flares and destroys all life forever.”
The image changes, showing the star expanding to encompass the planet before going out. Nothing is left besides what debris might be floating in the vacuum of space.
”A war unlike any known to all of Creation, shown to me in a vision long ago. I stole immortality and power from an ancient being in order to change this, or if nothing else, annihilate everything before this futile bloodshed. Your grandfather put a stop to my mercy, and I was given several minutes to speak with the architect of this pitiful, uncaring, useless expanse of matter and energy, and I asked him why he would allow life to extinguish itself in such a matter. If this was necessary, it could be done in a much simpler, kinder way.”
Demon frowns, obviously angry at the memories he was recounting.
”He told me that allowing his creation to tear itself apart, rather then preserving it or easing its demise... would make a better ending.

You wake up as he finishes his tirade, lying in bed for several minutes. Assuming he wasn’t bullshitting about the war—and you have to admit, it’s a likely possibility—you can kind of understand why he’s pissed. ‘It would make a better ending.’ That’s pretty fucked up.
Either way, he has some deep-seated issues that would take more than a few sessions of therapy to clear up.

>[]Skip time to arriving at the Unknown Lands.
>[]Kāpili, reality’s fucked, can I have a hug?
>[]Grandpa, what happens to the afterlife after heat death?
>[]All three, the last one first then hug then timeskip
«Well, you see...»
He hesitates for a minute or so, mumbling to himself.
«That’s a very good question, Jack. Excuse me a moment.»
He doesn’t know. Well, that’s comforting.
You get up and head over to Kāpili’s bunk. She’s lying awake, and looks exhausted.
“Hi. Did you sleep well?”
“No... this ship keeps tossing...”
“Ah. Do you think you have enough energy for a hug?”
“I can try.”
You lean down and wrap your arms around her.
“You took your shirt off.”
“It’s hot. If anyone tries to touch me I’ll just vomit on them...”
You nod.
“Good plan.”

A few weeks later...

“YES YES FUCK YES FUCK FUCK YES FUCK YES YES YES YES YES YES FUCK YES FUCK” you shout incoherently as you spy the shoreline of the Unknown Lands. Everyone cheers and gives each other hugs. Rorogan collapses onto his hands and knees and weeps with joy.
As you approach the shore, some cliffs become visible, followed by a city, roofed with brass and made from yellowed stone. A ship with triangular sails comes out to meet you as you get closer.
It’s made from orange-colored wood, and boasts what look like makeshift rockets as weapons. The crew is Sylph, but with brown, sun-tanned skin. They cry out in a foreign tongue before everyone remembers to cast their translation spells.
“Hail! What ship comes in from the eastern seas?”
Their captain looks dubiously at Tsuyoi, who returns his glare. That’s right, she was from some tribes in this area, wasn’t she?

>[]Let Stubb/Tsuyoi do the talking.
>[]I am Captain Jack of the Intergalactic House of Pancakes!
>[]Can we have some food first? PLEASE?
>[]Let Stubb/Tsuyoi do the talking
>[]Can we have some food first? PLEASE?
>>[]Let Stubb/Tsuyoi do the talking.
>[]Can we have some food first? PLEASE?
“We are from—“
“Can we have some food..?” you ask.
The ship’s crew studies you. Everyone’s been getting enough to eat, but those damn scones were just awful.
“Get the supplements.” Stubb sighs. Everyone cheers and rushes below deck. Dried meats and fruits were rare commodities.
“We’re from the Sylph Empire, to the east. Three months travel.”
“And how did you come across the desert-dweller?”
“My tribe sailed to their Empire. Rest assured, I mean you no ill.” Tsuyoi replies.
“And what drove you to sail all this way, pale ones?”
“Discovery, trade reasons, interest in the continent.”
The captain of the other ship whispers to his first mate before nodding.
“You should speak with the Shahzada. Its only logical for a diplomatic envoy to do so... but first we must find you accommodations. Follow us into port.”
Stubb scratches his chin as he watches the foreign ship sail into the harbor.
“Interesting design. That’ll allow him to tack nearly right into the wind.”
“Uh, I agree with whatever you just said.”


You dock and wait as the captain speaks with a man in armor. He points vaguely in the direction of some large residences. The captain walks up to you.
“It seems you’re in luck. One of the court has some space available. Follow me, sir..?”
“Name’s Stubb. That there’s Jack, that’s Tsuyoi—ah, too many to introduce right now.”
“Stubb, then. My name is Assad.”
You’re escorted to the residence, passing through crowded, narrow streets. The fashion here is interesting, but probably well-suited to the environment.
You arrive at the—well, it’s pretty much a palace. The roofs are covered in greenery, several fountains spit water in high arcs, and servants go about their duties.
Assad pauses at the gate and glances back at you. He seems unsure as to what he’s supposed to do with you and your companions. Guess they don’t get many diplomats.
“Hello? Is Lady Ikati here? There are some guests we need rooms for.”
A small door slides open in the front gate.
“No room. Lady Ikati isn’t—“
“Of course I have room! Let them in!” a feminine voice says.
The gate opens, and you step inside to be greeted by...
Godsdammit, of course it’s a tanned, blonde cat-lady.
“Oh, these poor dears are so pale. Come inside, you can tell me of your woes.”


You sit awkwardly on cushions, eyeing the strange food that’s been served. Do they really need to put so many spices?
“What brings a daemonette and foreigners to my home? It must be quite a tale. You there, you look like a good storyteller.”
And of course she’s asking you. Fucking pheromones.

>[]Uh, I’m just the cabin boy. Ask Rorogan, he did a lot of the work.
>[]*ahem* ...it was just after we had set sail from our city. A furious storm was gathering on the western horizon!
>[]I’m looking for a crow woman. She humiliated me, twice.
>[]First and third in reverse order
“Uh, I’m just after some lady who slighted me. My uncle did most of the work.”
You gesture at Rorogan, who immediately starts talking.
“Damn right, I did most of the work! Do you know how difficult it is to concentrate on a spell while the ship is rocking to and fro!? ‘It ain’t rockin’ that much’ says our captain. Well, I calculated—“


Finally, Rorogan finished his tirade, and you were led to your sleeping quarters. Kāpili follows, somewhat nervous about sleeping in the same room as you.
“Don’t worry, we don’t have to do any—uh... hi.”
That last part is directed at the woman standing near the wall.
“Hello. Is there anything you require, sir? Madam?”
“I don’t need anything...” Kāpili mutters, embarrassed.
“So... you’re a servant?”
“Indeed. It’s an honor for me to serve Lady Ikati and her guests. If there is anything at all you need, let me know.”

>[]I’m fine.
>[]Are you gonna stand there all night..?
>[]Kāpili, can we threesome? (D20)
>>[]I’m fine.
Some water to keep Kāpili moist?
Geckos don’t need moistening silly, just body heat. And you can provide plenty of that.
Ask her to tell a little about the power structures of the land.
She nods.
“The Shah is the lord of this nation, called Ahmar. Underneath him are the Shahzada, governors over the regions of Ahmar. The caliphate rules individual cities, Lady Ikati is a member of this class. Then there are merchants, artists, the guard, laborers, servants, and slaves.”
You raise an eyebrow at that last one. Slavery had been a thing in Diubes hundreds of years ago, before Culdranth banned the practice in the Empire, followed by pretty much every other nation on the continent. There wasn’t much money in it, but an occasional ruffian would go around kidnapping a couple villagers and try to sell them.
Well, there you go. If you need to add to your harem you could always just buy some nice females, set them free, and let the gratitude/pheromones do the work.
“Thank you, that was very informative.”
“My pleasure. If there won’t be anything else, I’ll take my leave.”

>[]Is there a bath? We could really use one.
>[]Could you bring us breakfast tomorrow and make sure we aren’t disturbed?
>[]Thank you again. We’ll be fine.
>[]All three, top to bottom
“There is, right in here.”
“Thank you.”
The bath is weirdly shallow, and you’re not sure how the various oils and creams and whatnot are supposed to be used, but at least you clean yourself.
“Oh, could you make sure nobody disturbs us tomorrow? And bring some food.”
“Of course.”
“Thanks again. We don’t need anything else.”
The servant bows and leaves the room. You and Kāpili curl up under the silky sheets of the bed. She stares awkwardly at you.
“How do we... I don’t know what I should do.”
You turn her around and spoon her, wrapping your arms around her waist.
“Is this good? You comfortable?”
“Yes... this is fine.”
Good, because your arm’s going to lose circulation and fall off.


Tsuyoi opens the door and walks in while you’re having breakfast. Kāpili squeaks and covers her breasts with the sheets.
“I tried to stop her.” the servant says helplessly.
“It’s fine, I doubt anything could’ve stopped her. Need something, grandma?”
“We are going to visit the Shahzada today.”
“Ah, so you need me to crack a few jokes, break the ice?”
Tsuyoi frowns.
“No, I need you to stay here and keep your mouth shut. This is too important for you to just ruin with your impotence. Besides, I’m pretty sure you’d start a war with your ‘witty’ comments.”
“You could’ve at least let me down gently.”
“I had to make it clear that you aren’t coming. Stay here until we get back.”
“But grandmaaaaa! Look outside, there’s so much culture! How am I supposed to learn the lore when I’m stuck in here?”
“You have an entire day to molest that woman, I would’ve thought you’d be thrilled.”
She leaves. Kāpili looks at you warily.
“...and what WILL we be doing today?”

>[]Exploring this palace.
>[]Avoiding that cat lady. I don’t trust her.
>[]I thought we could start with some light kissing...
> []Exploring the palace and being all lovey dovey and romantic with Kãpili
Sure and what is the race of our lovely maid?
"We're gonna take a look around this place. It's pretty big, we should be able to learn a lot about this society. It's kind of interesting, I want to know what social attitude advocates driving carts through narrow streets."
You finish your breakfast, get dressed, and start wandering around the house.
Seriously, this thing was massive. Well, it probably wasn't all that big from the outside, but all the twisting and turning passages and hallways made it feel bigger than it was. Fortunately, the passages tended to converge in the big central area with the pool. Still, you could easily lose a fireteam in here just by telling them to split up. It'd be easier to just smoke out any combatants.
That shouldn't be necessary, though. This is just a diplomatic mission.
Your self-guided tour is cut off by Lady Ikati. You nearly bump into each other going around a corner. Several guards glance over, ready to spring to her aid if needed.
"Sorry, we didn't see you."
"Likewise. You haven't gone with the rest of your party?"
"Uh... they were afraid I might start a war. And to tell the truth, their fears aren't entirely unfounded."
"Ah. Yes, the young tend to lack any sense of tact."
Did this bitch just take a swing at me..?
"May I ask what you're doing, wandering around my estate like this?"
"Just exploring."
"Oh, allow me to assist you, in that case."

>[]I'd appreciate that.
>[]We're fine, really.
>[]...do you think you could show us around the city as well?
>[]We're fine, really.
>[]Continue the romantic walk
She's a brown, pseudo-elf lady.
>>[]I'd appreciate that.
“We’re fine.”
Ikati shrugs. “If you insist.” She says before continuing on her way.
You resume your romantic walk, taking care to avoid the sketchier areas of the estate. Walking into the slave quarters wouldn’t end well.
After a while, you and Kāpili sit down on some rocks by a pool. Exotic fish swim through the crystal clear water, nibbling at the moss that grows on the rocks.
“Wonder where they get the water.” you muse.
“Perhaps they conjure it?” Kāpili suggests.
“Maybe. But then, why wouldn’t they just turn this entire city into an oasis? I guess that would take a lot of time and effort...”
Kāpili looks over the city and sighs.
“It’s so big... and beautiful.”
You clear your throat and try to look neutral.
“Meh. It’s not as big as Diluvium.”
You frown and squint into the distance. Some kind of procession is going up the stairs of a large building. It’s almost certainly a religious thing.
“Hm. They can’t even be bothered to build more than one shrine to the gods.”
Kāpili looks disappointed. “We did that on our island... different beliefs, perhaps. There is probably enough room for the gods in that building, and it’s more beautiful than anything we could build.”
You wrap an arm around her waist and give her a kiss.
“This city is nowhere near as beautiful as you, though.”

>[]Go find an armory or something. Wait’ll they get a load of your pistol.
>[]Ask someone about this civilization’s gods. Alagos will triumph!
>[]Here, there’s a nice hidden spot in these rocks.
>[]Here, there’s a nice hidden spot in these rocks.
After that
>>[]Ask someone about this civilization’s gods. Alagos will triumph!
>[]Here, there's a nice spot in these rocks.
Might as well
“Hmm? Why are we going back here?”
You push her shirt up and squeeze her breasts together.
“Right here!? What if someone comes by?”
“It’ll be fine. Aren’t you hot? Let me get these off...”
You remove her shirt and bra before caressing her ample breasts, brushing your fingers lightly over her nipples.
“They look a little more perky than last time.”
“It’s that garment, it keeps them up.”
You run your tongue over the bumpy, scaly surface of her skin and take one of her nipples in your mouth, sucking gently.
“What are you doing?”
You slide your hand into her pants and rub her pussy, slowly turning her crotch into a soaking mess. She pushes your head away from her chest and kisses you.
“We should do this quick—“
“Is someone there?”
You frantically throw your clothes back on and peek out from behind the rock.
“Uh... hi.”
It’s a guard. He raises an eyebrow in suspicion.
“Is someone back there with you?”
“Nope! Just looking at the... hey, can you help me with something?”
You come out and gesture out at the city.
“That building, there. Tell me about your religious beliefs.”
He turns to look in that direction, allowing Kāpili to sneak away quietly.

Cutting the prose and flowery language short, these people believe in a single sun god.

>[]Tell him about Alagos.
>[]Interesting. I need to go find someone... excuse me.
>[]Ask about moar culture.
>[]Interesting. I need to go find someone... Excuse me.
>[]Do you know a private yet public place where I could go do my intimate business with that someone?
The guard gives you a disapproving frown and looks behind the rocks. "Not here. I'm keeping my eye on this place..."
"Why is that?"
"I don't want anyone doing anything 'intimate' here. It's a mentally unhealthy practice, and Lady Ikati wouldn't appreciate her pond being used as a whorehouse."
He looms over you, glaring slightly.
"If anyone were to be back here, I would tell them that their chambers are the only acceptable place for 'intimate' activity."
Killjoy. Everyone in this nation is such a prude.
You head in the direction Kāpili had gone, keeping an eye out for any sign of her. Damn, you're still hard from earlier.
As you pass the front gate, something catches your eye. A swath of black cloth passing through the crowd of brighter, thinner garments. You do a double take as you realize that it's Vorona.
Bitch can't give up her crow motif, huh? Even if she's wearing a thick, black cloak in the desert, even if she's a super pale lady wandering around a nation of brown people.
Or maybe she just doesn't have any other clothes. Still, she could at least lower her hood.

>[]Chase her.
>[]Keep a close eye on where she's going. Maybe she'll pass out from the heat.
>[]Ignore her. Lizard sex is more important than revenge.
>>[]Ignore her. Lizard sex is more important than revenge.
Yeah, she’s not all that important.
You leave the gate to go find Kāpili.
«TAKE YOUR REVENGE, YOU AUTISTIC, NARCISSISTIC FUCK.» your grandmother screams into your mind.
«Krystal, stop hijacking my me-damned telepathy! And Jack, you made the right choice. Lizard-lovin’ is first priority—»
«SHUT THE FUCK UP! Jack, get back there and blow her brains out!»
«Don’t do it, Jack! Kāpili needs you!»
The telepathic message devolves into thuds, groans, the occasional gunshot, and some worrying whirring noises, like dentists’ drills.
You decide to stick with your original plan.


“Ah, there you are!”
You smile at Kāpili, sitting on the bed in your chambers.
“Now, I think we have something to continue—“
“We almost got caught.”
You sit down next to her and wrap an arm around her shoulders.
“It was a lapse of judgement on my part. From now on, no more public places. Unless you want to.”
She sighs.
“I don’t think I’ll ever ‘want to’, but I suppose...”
You smile and gently lower her onto her back.
“I’ll take what I can get.”
You both squirm out of your clothes and lie down together. Kāpili rests your head on her breasts.
“If somebody walks in—“
“We will be perfectly justified in telling them to leave.”
She shrugs.
“I suppose.”
You slide a finger inside Kāpili’s tight, puffy vagina, stirring the insides up to prepare her for you.
“Stop playing around, Jack...” she whines. You grin and lie down on top of her, slowly penetrating her warm, moist depths.
Kāpili moans and wraps her tail around your waist, forcing you deeper inside her. The moist flesh wrapped around your dick pulses, trying to coax your semen out.
You don’t last long, still turned on from your liaison by the rocks. The two of you kiss and hold each other, reveling in the afterglow.

>[]Sorry, I need to go take my revenge now.
>[]Are you hungry? I’m hungry.
>[]Call Tsuyoi, see how the diplomacy is going.
>>[]Call Tsuyoi, see how the diplomacy is going.
>[]Second and third, third first
You call Tsuyoi on your codec.
“...hello, Jack.”
“Hiiii, grandma. How’s the diplomacy?”
“It could be going worse.”
“Oh, that’s gr—“
“It could also be going much better.”
She sighs.
“Trade, nonaggression pacts, compromise, and it doesn’t help that I’m a daemonette. At least we’ve secured a place to build our portal home. Your uncle practically squealed with delight. He’s off building it now.”
She gives you a weary look.
“And what have you been doing?”
“Meh. Wandering around, bonding with Kāpili. I saw Vorona.”
“...I haven’t heard of any public killings.”
“I let her go, more important things to do.”
Tsuyoi gives you and incredulous look.
“You organized this voyage specifically to follow her. Jack, you have some issues that need a serious looking at.”
“Maybe later, right now is lunchtime.”
You hang up and look at Kāpili.
“I’m hungry. Let’s get going.”


Directions from a servant have led you to the same hall you had dinner at last night.
“Ah. I see you’ve come to join us.”
You’re the only ones from your party to be here. All the important people are out politicking, and the crew has gone off to drink and fuck bitches. So you get the wonderful privilege of having lunch with the catgirl, oh goody. At least she isn’t trying to seduce you.
“Yeah, we’re pretty hungry.”
Ikati gestures at the table.
“Eat, then.”
You do so, tentatively picking dishes that are more palatable. Seriously, these are like 80% spices.
“Why don’t you tell me something about your homeland? I’m sure it’s quite interesting there.” your host says, sipping some wine. Least they have that here.

>[]Uh, why don’t we swap stories?
>[]Well you see, in Bingly-Bongly-Boo, we have these great psychic maggots called Advisors that—
But mainly feast on food.
“Well, I personally hail from the Sylph Empire... the name isn’t too appropriate, considering that only part of the population is Sylph, but I digress. We control nearly the entire continent of Diubes, to the east. There’s a desert near the eastern end, but the topography is mostly forest, man-made plains, mountains, and a few swamps. Much more greenery than here... and a lot colder.”
Ikati ponders this.
“It gets cold at night... is it like that all the time, in Diubes?”
“Well, sometimes it gets almost as hot as it is here. Sometimes it gets really cold—the water hardens.”
Kāpili sighs. “Jack, don’t lie.”
“I’m not lying, watch!”
Your hand hovers over a cup of water, discharging magical energy. It’s pretty simple to just freeze some water, the hard part is making it do what you want.
Kāpili pokes the ice and withdraws.
“It’s cold!”
“See? Ice.”
Ikati hesitantly touches it and licks the condensation off her finger.
“...it’s water.”
“Uh-huh. Yes, water freezes at low temperatures. Seriously, your nation needs science. And Alagos.”
To be fair, they both came from temperate climates. Expecting them to know about ice was kind of silly. It’s not like a mage is gonna make water super cold to see what happens—logically, it’d just be super cold.
“Of course, it will just turn back into water over time.”
Ikati nods thoughtfully.
“Tell me, Jack... you were asking around about our god earlier. The guard said you seemed confused. Do you know him by a different name?”

>[]Uh, yep. Totally.
>[]No... we have a sun god, but he has siblings...
>>[]No... we have a sun god, but he has siblings...
>>[]No... we have a sun god, but he has siblings...
Don't mention that you are related to the gods.
Bad things will happen.
“Yes, he controls the sun while they control everything else. Storms, fire, nature, darkness, disease, alcohol, recreational drugs, etc. We also believe that they have a mother, Aeneth. She is the supreme being of the universe, but prefers to let her children do as they see fit.”
Ikati rubs her chin.
“And who is the father?”
Nobody ever prepared you for this shit.
“I don’t know. Maybe she just created them herself. Or maybe he had to leave.”
«Don’t talk about my deadbeat dad, he’s probably off banishing an entire ship of dragon dildos to the Void so Demon will stop bitching.»
“Regardless, I’m not a theologian. I’m just a kid with a gun and some ideals.”
“...what’s a gun?”
Before you can speak up, Kāpili beats you to it.
“Oh! It’s this strange device. You point it at a thing, pull a ‘trigger’, and it dies!”
Ikati looks skeptical.
“That sounds useful, if it works. I want to see it.”

>[]I’ll need a training dummy or something.
>[]...not on a person, right?
>[]That isn’t a good idea. This is REALLY dangerous.
>[]I'll need a training dummy or something.
Ikati claps, causing a servant to stand at attention.
“Bring this man a practice target.”


Fifteen minutes later, you stand outside, looking at a breastplate and helmet on a stick.
“Let us see, then.”
You shrug. “Alright, cover your ears. It’s pretty loud.”
You take aim at the helmet, let out a breath, and squeeze the trigger.
The bullet smashes into the right side of the open-faced bronze helmet, sending it spinning wildly off the stick and into the dust.
A servant holds it up, revealing the large gash your gun had torn in it.
“Hmm. It definitely went through his brain, but did it kill him..?”
Ikati stares at the ruined helmet.
“May I see more of this?”
You empty a magazine into the breastplate, turning it into Swiss cheese.
“Yep. It’s powerful, alright.”
The cat lady grabs you by the shoulders, a dangerous gleam in her eyes.
“Where can I get these!? How many Crescents you need, I’ll double it!”
This was very uncharacteristic. Is she planning a coup d’etat or something?

>[]If you give me half your fortune I can get you as many as you want. Better ones, too.
>[]Uh, you’ll have to speak with the dealers.
>[]No, you aren’t getting any. At least until some kind of deal is made with the Shahzada.
>uh i promised to not start a war, so youll have to speak with tsuyoi about that...
"I just need a few dozen! I'll do anything!"
Okay, you definitely can't be responsible for any guns she gets. The look in Ikati's eyes is the same look Mom gets when she's planning a romantic night out with Dad. It seems the yandere is never far from you.
"Really, I don't have any authority on this. You'll have to talk to Tsuyoi."
"The daemonette? Do those savages have these!?"
"As far as I know, it's just her..."
She releases you and regains her composure.
"I apologize for the outburst. My excitement should be understandable."
You nod warily. Good thing you didn't bring anything more powerful. If she saw a mortar she's probably try and steal one herself.
"Of course, I can't expect your nation to part with these easily..."
"First impressions, yeah. We'd rather not go to war (most of us anyway), but we will if need be."
Ikati frowns.
"Let us hope it doesn't come to that."
You retreat back into the shade of the dining hall.
"Now, tell me about that small creature who was with you... the gray one."
"You don't have Imps here? Well, they--"


After an hour or so, Ikati has been satisfied in her curiosity. Tsuyoi called about halfway through your explanation on basic machinery, which led to another long explanation on codecs. She had called to tell you that you were free to head to the portal, which was in an abandoned building outside of the city. Probably a good idea, you can sleep in your own bed... and get some real, home-cooked food.
Tomorrow, Dad would be coming through to speak with the Shahzada. Whether or not Mom would accompany him was still being considered. After all, she's where you get your accidental war-starting genes from.
Ikati had also asked if you could speak with her later. Probably more explanations, oh goody.

>[]Go on home. Might as well tell H&V about the voyage now.
>[]Look for Vorona first. Your revenge hasn't been dealt. (D20)
>[]See what your host wants. Maybe it'll be a one-night stand.
>[]Go on home. Might as well tell H&V about the voyage now.
>[]And we gotta introduce Kãpili too
>But first let's go see Ikati
Well, might as well see what the cat wants. You give Kāpili a kiss on the cheek and head over to her chambers, knocking hesitantly on the door.
“Come in.”
You enter the room. It’s large, well-aired, and draped with gauzy cloths and soft cushions. Ikati lounges on a couch, eating some kind of sushi.
“...well, no mercy was shown to any birds, if these are all down.” you say, eyeing a pillow.
“I despise the creatures. Always nesting in the gardens or stealing seeds. Their songs are their only redeeming quality—besides their stuffing potential, I suppose.”
She gestures at a pile of cushions.
You comply, offering a small prayer of apology to Galenasson for sitting on his murdered creations’ feathers.
“So, what have I been called in for? I was just exploring behind those rocks.”
“Yes... with that Salamander friend of yours.”
You try not to internally panic.
“Uh, you must be mistaken.”
“Not at all. I watched your interaction from the balcony.”
You do recall a darkened balcony... shit.
“Your guard already chewed me out.”
“That term is lost on me, but I believe I know your meaning.”
Ikati swings her legs over the couch, looking at you cryptically.
“Don’t fear, I’m not going to ‘chew you out’. Instead, I’m willing to offer something.”
The corner of her mouth twitches.
“Money didn’t seem to be of interest to you earlier, when we were discussing your weapon.”
“Look, I’ve told you so many times, you have to speak with—“
“I know, you’ve been adamant on that point. But surely you could put in a word of good faith.”
She grips the edge of the couch before releasing it.
“Would I have your support in this if I gave you my body?”
Godsdammit, pheromones.
“I’m just a crew—“
“You are more than that. You have direct contact with that daemonette, and she sees fit to inform you of diplomatic proceedings. You’re more than just a deckhand.”
Shit. She’s got you there.

>[]I’ll see what I can do, if you’ll really hold up your end of the deal.
>[]Well... it’d be a step in the right direction. It’ll depend on how much I enjoy this.
>[]I kind of have a full-on relationship, so... no.
>[]I kind of have a full-on relationship, so...no
>[]Unless you can convince her of a threesome
>[] And we get to cum inside
If you want to try for a threesome, roll a d20. “It’s a cultural thing.”
Rolled 3 (1d20)

Rolled 15 (1d20)

“I accept.”
Ikati looks somewhat surprised.
“Well... very well, then.”
She starts to slip out of her clothing before you stop her.
“IF my Salamander friend joins us.”
She bites her lip and frowns, mulling the request over.
“That’s fine. Bring her in.”


You explain to Kāpili that this was a sort of thank-you to Ikati for letting you stay here.
“Oh? I suppose it’s a different culture... Jack?”
She grabs your hand and looks into your eyes.
“Don’t ignore me, okay?”
“As If I’d ever.”
You enter the room and sit down on a couch.
“V-very well.”
Ikati regains her composure, despite the slight coloring in her cheeks. She slips off her scant, thin clothing to reveal soft, tanned skin. You and Kāpili get undressed before having Ikati lie down on the couch. You position yourself above her.
“You’ve done this before, right?”
“Of course I have, just get on with it!”
You shrug and start teasing her small, supple breasts and pussy. When you judge she’s wet enough, you plunge into her tight hole, sighing as it instinctively grips your shaft.
Kāpili places a hand on Ikati’s pelvis.
“I can feel it... so deep.”
She smiles at you.
“Go on, Jack.”
You thrust into Ikati, taking care to aim for her sensitive spots. She moans and squirms under you, grasping cushions in ecstasy before orgasming violently.
She does so a few times as you hurry to finish inside her, coating her insides with thick, virile semen.
“Wow... you’re tight.”
Kāpili kisses you and pushes you onto your back.
“Mmm... what should we do with her?”
Ikati gasps for breath on her back, drunk with lust.

>[]Leave her. She deserves a break.
>[]You can play with her, Kāpili. Might as well get used to women.
>[]Lie on top of her.
>>[]Lie on top of her.
>[]You can play with her, Kãpili. Might as well get used to women.
>[]While we continue to pump more into her
You have Kāpili lie on top of Ikati's prone, exhausted form. Their breasts squish together in a delightful manner.
"Wh... get off..." Ikati mutters weakly. Kāpili strokes her ears curiously.
Well, it'll work. You slide your cock in between their bodies. It feels incredible, and your lovers seem to like it as well, grinding their hips into each other.
"Oh, this so--mmf!"
Ikati is cut off by Kāpili giving her a big, friendly kiss. You feel the space in between their bodies grow wetter. Seems this is someone's weakness.
You pump your hips faster, groaning as the warm, soft flesh squeezes against you. One of your thrusts goes back too far, and your erection slips into Kāpili's entrance.
Fuck it.
You cum inside, setting the lizard's orgasm off and coating your dick with her fluids. You lie down on top of the tow of them, fighting back the urge to sleep.
"Can't breathe..."
You get up and stumble to a pile of cushions to ease the weight on Ikati's poor body.
"Yeah, sure. I'll see what I can do."
You get dressed and leave Ikati to her sex-drunk stupor. Seriously, you didn't even do it that hard. She must not get much lovin'.


"Well, then."
The building the portal had been set up in was practically a fortress, now. The Empire's banners hang from several surfaces, armed and armored sentries stand at the doors, and the purplish glow of the portal shines out the windows.
"Dammit, not another one." a familiar Salamander sentry says.
"Hey, Marcin." you give him a fistbump. "Found her on a tropical island."
"Hey, Jack. Can't you send some my way? Seriously..."
"Maybe. If some red flags pop up I'll give them your address."
"Ha ha. Go inside, already."
You step inside the building, where robed sorcerers monitored the portal's performance. It's nice and cool in here, due to environmental spells.
"Ah. Welcome." a sorcerer says. "Step through, it's held up through fifty transfers. One more shouldn't be an issue."
A small bug taking shelter from the heat outside explodes as it touches the portal.
"Merely due to it's size. There's only about a twelve percent chance of your deaths."
Well, nothing ventured. You step through the portal and out into the Arcane Sanctum. The portal on this side is much more stable and refined.
"What is this place..?" your lizard-lover asks.
"It's where out sorcerers gather. Come outside, there's a lot more to see."
Kāpili's jaw drops as she takes in the vast caverns of Diluvium.

>[]Come on, let's go home.
>[]Are you hungry? Let me get some food.
>[]I'm supposed to introduce you to my parents... this way.
>[]I'm supposed to introduce you to my parents... this way!
>[]Then let's get Helena and Vaux for some food
“Come, I have to introduce you to my parents.”


“Godsdammit, Jack.”
Your father sighs as you give him an infuriatingly innocent smile.
“Is something wrong, Da—“
“Look, I’m giving them all a good home, feeding and clothing them, I’ll take care of all the children—“
“On our dime. Look, I’m just asking you to think logically about this for just a few moments. How many are you going to being home?”
Better not tell him about the list.
Luna jumps up in his lap and starts licking his face.
“Dammit...” your father sighs. Mom wraps her arms around him.
“Kasaiiiiiiiiiiiiii, stop bullying our son. It’s in his genes!”
“Doesn’t the Order teach us to rebel against our instincts?”
“That’s just semantics, you silly. Oh! I almost forgot, how rude of me.”
She walks over to Kāpili and gives her a big, bone-crushing hug.
“Ahahaha! Make sure you give Jackie lots of love and care! And give me some grandkids!”
“Okay...” Kāpili gasps.
“Aaaaaah, she’s so cute! Jackie, please bring some more over!”
“No, no, NO, NO—“


“Your father is... very concerned about your safety.” Kāpili says hesitantly.
“That he is.” you reply, checking your hair. Dad had been spewing fire near the end of your visit, and it wouldn’t do if your magnificent sky blue locks were scorched off.
You open the door to your house, placing the bags of food you’d bought on the table.
“Hey, I’m home! I brought a friend!”
Helena emerges from the dining room and gives you a hug before looking up at Kāpili.
“Hi, there. I’m Helena.”
“It’s nice to meet you, Helena. Are you Jack’s daughter?”
Helena’s eyes narrow in irritation. You realize you might not have explained Imps all that well to Kāpili.
“NO, I am not Jack’s daughter.” She seethes.
“Uh, Kāpili... Helena. She’s one of my ‘partners’? I told you, Imps were short.”
“Oh my goodness! I didn’t mean to offend you.”
“It’s fine.” Helena says. Clearly, she doesn’t think it’s fine. Vaux comes down the stairs, gives you another hug, and looks curiously at Kāpili.
“Hello. You look different.”
“You have—hmm.”
They stare at each other, comparing and contrasting their appearances.
“Well, Helena and Vaux, Kāpili. Kāpili, Helena and Vaux. Now that we’re all introduced...”

>[]Let’s have dinner.
>[]We can take a walk, show Kāpili the sights.
>[]It’s pregnancy time.
>[]Let's have dinner
>[]Then a romantic walk
>[]Then pregnancy time
You have a quick dinner before setting out on your walk. Mostly just visiting the highlights, like the castle, the Seawall, the lake, and a quick stop at Lone Wolf Memorial to get a drink.


“Alright, Jack. I’ve been saving my money up for something special.”
Helena puckers her lips and paints them bright red with gloss. She hands the tube to Vaux, who does the same.
“Drink this.”
She hands you a small bottle, which your promptly drain. Your balls feel like they’re going to burst.
“Uh... what was that?”
“Just making sure you’ll produce enough semen for us.”
Kāpili is a little more clumsy with the lip gloss, but manages to get it presentable.
“And this...”
Helena leans in to give you a kiss.
“Is enchanted lip gloss. All it needs is a little skin contact.”
As your harem strips and kisses you, the enchantment takes hold, reducing your world to three horny women eager for your children. You proceed to dominate all of them until the very last vestige of strength is drained from you.


“Here. Have some of this.”
You weakly bite into a bagel, waiting for your strength to come back.
“Maybe we got a little carried away...”
You look at yourself and your harem. You’re all covered in bright red kiss marks, several in some pretty scandalous places. Your dick is practically painted with the stuff.
“So... what should we do today?”

>[]Make plans for more harem!
>[]Lets just play video games and sit on our asses.
>[]I need to go find Vorona. She must die.
>>[]I need to go find Vorona. She must die.
“Aww... be safe, Jack.”
“I will.”
You give your lovers a kiss and head over to the portal.


You scratch your head and look around the plaza. Vorona was probably long gone. Damn your libido.
Everyone gives you a wide berth, probably due to you being a foreigner.
“Hey, have you seen a—“
The lady you try to talk to hurries off.
You mull over your options. You could use regular old investigative tactics, ask Ikati for help (which would put you in debt, and probably fulfill her dreams of guns), or you could use some feathers you’d taken off her to track her. That last method was... pretty unsavory. You’d need a lot of blood.

>[]Look around yourself. (D20)
>[]Ask Ikati for help.
>[]Unsavory methods it is.
Rolled 12 (1d20)

>>[]Look around yourself. (D20)
if this does to shit then
>[]Ask Ikati for help.
Rolled 4 (1d20)

Rolled 16 (1d20)

>[]Look around yourself
Rolled 13 (1d20)

You wander around town, looking around for any trace of that crow-obsessed bitch.
...aha! You catch the barest glimpse of a black cloak disappearing around a street corner and pursue it.
"You can't hide from me, bitch."
You follow her through twisting streets until she glances around and ducks through a doorway. You've found her house.
"I'm home!" you hear her call out before everything goes silent. Shit, she has friends and she's just soundproofed the house.
You circle the building, keeping track of all entrances and exits. It's pretty small, unless it's chock full of angry wasps it probably won't have too much resistance inside.
Or unless Vorona has some plot armor bullshit protecting her again.

>[]Sneak in. (D20)
>[]Kick the door down, shoot up the place.
>[]Spill some water on the floor and shock it or something.
>[]Kick the door down and shoot up the place
>[]Aim for the knees
Rolled 9 (1d20)

>>[]Sneak in. (D20)
Rolled 1 (1d20)

Codec for backup, then
>Sneak inside
>>1915368 (the coin has spoken)
You kick the door down, scanning for any hostiles. You’ll want to make those first shots count.
...huh. Something’s in your way.
You look up, then even farther up. A Sylph man the size of a tree stands flowering above you. He’s wearing nothing but a sumo diaper and a floppy blue hat, and he carries a motherfucking gilded scimitar.
“Oh, SHIT—“
You duck away as the giant nearly cuts you clean in half with his first strike.
“LookmanIdon’twannastartanythingIclearlyhavethewrongaddress. I’llcomebacklaterwithsomecookiesorsomething. ImeanI’mtotallynotthekindofguywho—“
The man, presumably Hassan, charges and smacks you into the wall of a building, causing several of your vertebrae to make worrying cracking noises.
“What is—good, Hassan. This one will be troublesome. Kill him.”
The big man cracks his knuckles and drags his scimitar along the ground.

>[]Nothing for it. You’ll have to fight. (D20)
Fucking plot armor
Dammit I forgot my pic
Hassan wraps himself around the grenade as you throw it, rendering it useless aside from it turning him into giblets.
You run inside the house after Vorona, smacking the dagger out of her hand as she attempts to defend herself.
You draw your pistol and get ready to execute her before something heavy hits you in the back of the head.
You shoot Vorona in the foot and fire blindly behind you before falling the the ground, unconscious.


What the fuck... ohhhh, your head hurts.
You open your eyes, finding yourself in a basement. Your arms are chained to the wall, leaving you sitting on the floor. On the other side of the room, Vorona seems to be having an intense makeout with someone. They don’t seem to mind your presence, he’s grabbing her ass and everything.
“Hey, asshats. You mind keeping it down?” you grumble.
“It seems he’s woken up...”
Vorona turns to look at you, allowing you a glance at her lover. Your blood freezes over.
He’s about your age, with a pretty wiry build. He’d be tricky to beat in a duel. Aside from that, he has dark brown hair, green scales on his arms and legs, and draconic wings, tail, and horns.
You were just a half dragon. This guy was the real deal... he could turn into a killing machine and breathe fire.
“Hello, Jack. So nice of you to show up to our home. A shame you killed our greeter.”

>[]Who the hell are you?
>[]Dude, you can do WAY better than that bitch. Seriously, show some ambition.
>[]Dad holy fuck there’s a dragon get over here right now.
>[]Dude, you can do WAY better than that bitch. Seriously, show some ambition.
> []Dad Holy Fuck there's a dragon get over here right now.
>[]Is this some kind of cuck fetish for you or something? Chain me to a walk while you get slobbered by this man?
God fuck dammit, not again with this shit.
Every fucking time she survives and we have no control over it.
Fuck this is annoying.
Also forgot to mention I'm supporting this.
>He’s about your age
Oh shit, our long lost brother.
Half brother.
>>[]Dad holy fuck there’s a dragon get over here right now.
Your long-lost brother glares at you.
“I am perfectly satisfied with Vorona. She is a good woman.”
“Kill him, Chavryn!” Vorona hisses. “He’s tried to kill us, why would you keep him alive!?”
“Patience. It will become clear, in time.”
You desperately glance at your codec, lying a few feet away from you. Why the hell—
Something thunks into the wall, snapping your chains. You look up to see Chavryn picking up a saw blade.
You scramble to pick up your codec and weapons before running out of the basement as fast as you can.
“Dad! Pick up!”
“Jack? What is it n—“
“There’s a dragon in the city! He captured me and let me go, he’s involved with Vorona! They have something planned, you need to get over here NOW!”
He doesn’t waste time asking questions, instead opting to hang up and start for the portal.
You swear profusely while running to the portal. The fuck was this guy’s plan, just pissing you off?
A deafening roar and a burst of green flame cut off your train of thought as a giant green armored beast flies over you. The peculiar green fire sticks to the stones of the buildings, sending everyone into a panic.
Chavryn lands in front of you, crushing an entire building in his talons.
“Run faster, Jack! You won’t get very far like this!”

>[]Jump on his back. (D20)
>[]Flash grenade and hide.
>[]Ask grandpa for a lightning strike.
Rolled 13 (1d20)

>>[]Jump on his back. (D20)
Riding males now?
Rolled 20 (1d20)

YEAH, fuck that guy (not literally)
You run forward and leap up onto Chavryn’s leg, clinging onto the scales as he whips his head around.
“What are you doing? Get off!”
You scurry up to his back and look for weak spots in the scales.
...hm. Maybe there’s a reason dragonslayers have those giant bows.
Your half-brother takes off, trying desperately to throw you off, but you keep a firm grip on his back, even as he somersaults and rolls and nearly smashes into buildings.
You fly away from the city, toward some towering rock formations. Chavryn flies sideways between two pillars, nearly smashing you against one of them.
“Hey, if you fly like this you’re gonna get yourself killed!”
You jam your sword between two scales and push in, managing to stab the dragon. Unfortunately, this has the same effect as poking someone with a needle.
Chavryn breathes green flame, trying desperately to reach you. Unfortunately for him, his head can’t quite reach around far enough.
In frustration, he flies toward one of the stone pillars, intent on smashing through it. He’d probably be fine, but you’re not sure of your own chances...
A boulder hurtles through the air and smashes into Chavryn’s head, causing him to veer off course and smash into the ground. You bail and use a gust of wind to slow your descent.
Your half-brother changes back to humanoid form, lying like a rag doll on the rocks.
Dad glides down from a cliff and lands next to you.
“Are you okay?”
“Aside from cuts, bruises, a lump on the head, and shock, I’m okay.”
The fallen dragon struggles to his feet, glaring with hatred at you and your father.
“...excuse me?”
“You left my mother alone! She and I barely ate out here, while you flew back to your city and lived like a king!”
“I don’t know what your mother told you, but she flew away, after I was FORCED to impregnate her. If it were up to me, you wouldn’t even exist.”
Chavryn unsheathes a scimitar and charges at your father, who counters with his halberd. You inch away from the fight as they go at each other, hammer and tongs.
“So, what? Is this ‘revenge’? I’ll have you know that my wife wanted to help raise you, but Airu—“
“She flew away. But you should have followed! What sort of dragon are you? Instead of looking after your own kind, you married that WHORE—“
Kasai kicks your brother in the chest and snaps his scimitar in half.
Chavryn morphs back into his dragon form, swiping a claw through a pillar of stone.
“That’s fine with me! Do your worst!”
Your father morphs into his own form, easily twice as big as Chavryn’s. Your half brother breathes green flame over him.
“You’re unworthy! DIE!”
Your father opens his maw and bellows a mass of white-hot flame into the sky, shaking the earth and lighting the sky for miles around.
Chavryn backs off, hesitates, and flies off into the desert.
“No! Don’t leave me here!”
You look over to see Vorona running after him. She attempts to take off, nearly toppling onto her face.

>[]Catch her. She needs to be demoralized before death. You can also interrogate her in the meantime.
>[]Have Dad burn her.
>[]Evil cackle.
>[]Glare at her.
>[]Bust kneecaps and elbows with bullets.
>[]Catch her.
>[]I'll make you regret helping turn my brother against me!
>>[]Catch her. She needs to be demoralized before death. You can also interrogate her in the meantime.
You shoot Vorona in her knees, screaming incoherently as she falls to the ground.
Your father turns back to humanoid form.
“This is the crow lady?”
“...I’ll take her back to the castle.”
“Please do.”
He picks her up and flies off. You sigh in content and start your journey home.


“Hi, sweetie. Are you okay?”
“Yep. Just caught Vorona.”
“I heard. Your father’s in the dungeon, you can go decide her punishment if you want.”
“Thanks, Mom.”
You head down to the dungeon. Vorona’s knees have been bandaged, and she’s secured to a wall with chains.
“Feels familiar, huh?”
She glares at you. Your father takes the opportunity to excuse himself.
“Do your worst, half-breed.”
“I plan to. Let’s see...”

>[]Tentacle pit it is!
>[]I think there’s some torture tools around here. Let me get them.
>[]I’m gonna tickle you until you go insane~!
(Go wild, just don’t do anything super fucked up)
>[]I wasn't going to but you asked for it you know?
>[]Tickle while raping then torture tools and finish up by Banishingthrowing her in the tentacle pit
But I want to be a bit more specific with the torture.
Push in needles underneath all her nails, waterboard her, break one knee then fuck her again.

And if we can be all nice and easy with the tickle sex, act as if we're not going to do anything too bad too her then do all of the above.
How do incubi soulsteal?
We should learn that. Maybe practice now...
You strip down to your pants and look through the tools they have down here.
Jesus, some of this was brutal. The collection ranges from specialized scalpels to stuff you could buy at a machine shop. That’s not to mention the near-endless variety of syringes filled with liquid. All helpfully labeled, too. Only thing you don’t get is the pair of frilly pink panties covered in pubic hair.
Of course, you choose some scissors and a feather. Vorona looks at you warily as you approach.
“Ah, I see you’re wondering about these.”
You snip the scissors a few times.
“I’ll admit I’m not an expert on torture, but I do know that letting someone imagine what’s about to happen is more effective than telling them...”
You start cutting off her clothing. Vorona tried to squirm away from you.
“You bastard! When Chavryn finds out where I am he’ll—“
You rip her panties off her body and shove them in her mouth, before securing them with a strip of her shirt.
“That’s enough out of you. Hm. Your body isn’t too bad. Shame your personality is shit.”
Vorona just glares at you indignantly.
You release her and get to work, easily fending off her struggling limbs. In a few minutes, she’s hanging facedown from the ceiling by her arms and legs.
“That’s much better. Now.”
You take the feather and start tickling her in all her sensitive places. Armpits, bottoms of feet, stomach. Vorona thrashes around, laughing through her gag as her tears drip to the floor. You move the feather down to her nether regions, lightly brushing her clit with it before setting it aside.
“That’s enough for now.”
You hold Vorona’s face in your hands and slowly stroke her hair.
“Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to hurt you.”
A glimmer of home manifests itself in her expression. You move behind her and strip out of your pants, rubbing your cock in between her ass cheeks.
“You’re wet down here. Did you and my good-for-nothing brother do it like this?”
You press the head of your cock against Vorona’s tight, puckered asshole. She looks back in panic, silently pleading for mercy.
Well, fuck that.
You ram your cock inside in one powerful thrust, prompting a scream of pain from Vorona. No line, no training, all that eases your entrance is what lubrication her sweat and pussy juice could offer.
You wince as her asshole clenches, snapping around your dick in a vice.
“Hey, quit that. Relax and it won’t hurt as bad.”
Heedless of her pleasure, you ravage Vorona’s slutty ass, occasionally giving her cheeks a strong smack.
“Fucking bitch. Goading me into following you. Thought your sugar daddy could kill me? Did you think I would just forget about your stupid, death-defying bullshit?”
You smile evilly as dark thought creep into your mind.
“Bet you wanted that fucker’s kids. Well...”
You pull out of her ass and slam right back into her pussy. Vorona tries to scream, but ends up choking on her own saliva and repurposed clothing. Your cock slams mercilessly into her depths, smacking into her cervix with each thrust. Her vagina twitches and pulses as you cum inside, covering your shaft with her juices. You pull out and catch your breath before unlocking the manacles on her legs and hauling her arms a little higher, forcing her to wiggle her feet a few inches above the floor.
“Now, let’s see. Should I use the lead pipe, reeds, or the water bucket..?”


You stand in the middle of the dungeon, breathing heavily and slightly sickened at what you just did.
Vorona lies huddled in the corner, bruised, broken, and crying.
...well, at least you won’t have to see her again.
But now you have a choice. You could just throw her to the tentacle pit and make sure the jailers know she’s down there, or you could try sucking her soul out.
On the one hand, the tentacle pit is a much more merciful end. On the other, sucking her soul out might give you some powers...

>[]Throw her in.
>[]Try stealing her soul. (D20)
New thread.

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